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Keys to Peace in Uncertain Times

Taylor Hinkle


If you would have told most people that we would be facing great physical, economic, and socialally uncertain times just three months ago it would have been hard to believe. However, we are facing unpresetented uncertainty today. What instruction does the Bible give to find peace in uncertain times.


Taylor Hinkle

Pastor of two churches in Michigan Conferences and currently serves as the General Vice President of External Affairs for GYC.


  • April 11, 2020
    12:15 PM
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Father in heaven we thank you so much for the privilege of spending time in your word the Sabbath Lord we thank you for the blessing of rest in the midst of an uncertain and chaotic world Father so thankful for your word that can minister to our heart the living word that speaks to us today with power and with life and Father I pray that your word would give us wisdom and comfort that you would give us instruction and guidance for the days that were living in Father we need you to speak to our hearts into our minds and we pray that you would open our hearts and minds that we might be receptive to your word to your will and Father we pray that your word would be transformative in preparing us for your soon return in Christ's name we pray and then well if I had one word to describe the world that we live in today that word would be uncertain you know we live in a world that just a few months ago was drastically different than what we're experiencing today as a nation we've experienced great stability for centuries sure we've had little ups and downs but now more than ever we're living in unprecedented times and people are experiencing more and more uncertainty every day now this isn't just like opinion you could look in just read the major headlines of news agencies and you will recognize that this uncertainty underlies the majority of articles that are being put out today the 1st thing we can recognize very clearly with the covert 1000 crisis is that there is physical uncertainty there is specially for health care workers and essential workers who are still trying to keep the bare bones in the sesa days of America functioning people are uncertain they're asking questions and one of the most common questions is will I contract this virus. And if I do contract the virus and my helmet hugs my body going to respond to my going to be asymptomatic like some people are fortunate to be or will it be fatal in my situation as it has been for thousands around the world others might want to know well maybe on the carrier of the virus I might pass it unknowingly on the someone else and it might injure one that I love how is the virus going to impact me and my loved ones well that brings a great bit of uncertainty in the physical realm of this world with our physical health but then there's another crisis that people are recognizing that coexists with this health crisis and that's the economic uncertainty people are being the laid off at rapid rates unemployment is exploding with numbers they haven't ever seen before people are wondering when they'll go back to work again when they'll be able to get a paycheck will they build the pay their mortgage or their rent will people be able to make ends meet some people are wondering if this is just the beginning of a great depression type era that the world is getting ready to go into. You know we live in a time and place we're very fortunate here in the United States that just a few months ago you never had a question about the a veil ability of a product that you might want in the store if you wanted something you simply walked into a retailer and you purchased it but now today you go to purchase certain items and they don't they're not there they don't exist we also live in a time where you used to be able to click and order something that would be delivered to your house in a few hours at the most 2 days off of Amazon and now you're looking at periods where it's going to be one to 2 months to get certain items all of these things are leading people to a feeling of uncertainty and the question is when will this pass when will this crisis peak and when will we come out of it and return to life as normal or is this maybe the new normal that we have to get used to my friends all of these things are troubling many people in the world there are people looking for answers trying to understand what's taking place I've had multiple people message me asking whether or not these are the beginning of what the Bible describes as the end times now my friends I don't know exactly when the end will come it is very clear that Jesus says before he comes back in Matthew chapter $24.00 verse $78.00 that there would be famines and pestilences and we recognize this pestilence or disease of the code but 19 virus is one that has had an unprecedented response and Jesus says that these viruses the pestilences in the the earthquakes and all these pandemics that they will be like birth pains in other words they get more intense and more frequent to the near miss of the coming of Christ my friends could it be that in the midst of all of this uncertainty God is trying to get our attention. Oftentimes throughout Scripture you can think of the passage in 1st John Chapter 2 Jesus says Love not the world neither the things of the world if anyone loves the world the love of the Father is not in him for all that is in the world the less the flesh in the lust of the eyes in the product life is not of the Father but is of the world there's a continuous desire of God calling his people to not love this world or the things of the world but my friends can we be honest that here as we live in very comfortable societies it's easy to become complacent with spiritual things and sometimes our love for the world increases and our longing for heaven decreases but could it be that God is using this pandemic experience to disconnect our love from this world in the cause us to long for another world that is to come you know it's very interesting just this last week I read an article by a person that I never thought I would quote in a sermon his name is Hall Kogan many of you might be familiar with him as a celebrity wrestler and I'm not saying this to endorse wrestling or anything of that sort but it's very fascinating what this whole pandemic has caused him to reflect upon spiritually notice the words that he shares in one of his recent posts he says in 3 short months just like he God did with the plagues of Egypt God has taken away everything that we worship Hogan began. God said You want to worship path leads all shut down the stadiums you want to worship musicians all shut down the civic centers you want to worship the actors all shut down the theaters you want to worship money I'll shut down the economy and collapse the stock market you don't want to go to church and worship me I will make it where you can't go to church and noticed this interesting conclusion to a statement he said maybe we don't need a vaccine maybe we need to take this time of isolation from the distractions of the world and have a personal revival where we can focus on the only thing in the world that really matter Jesus and my friends I think there might be a lot of truth to the saying could it be that God is using this time of the crisis in earth's history to poll away our love from the world as we're experiencing so much uncertainty the uncertainty should prompt us to look for something else within we can trust for years people have been comfortable trusting that they would receive a consistent paycheck trusting that they would be able to keep the nice comfortable home that they live in trusting that they would be able to drive the cars that they've been used to driving for years they've been used to all of these things but now as economic uncertainty hits and as political uncertainty hits and physical uncertainty hits the question comes where does my certainty lie and all of these things should draw our mind to the fact that we can no longer trust in the physical things of this world and we must find our peace and our purpose and our security and something must much more consistent than what this world has to off. My friends this world should become growing strangely dim to us and I have to confess that God has been reminding me of how attached I am to this life and he wants to use this time of uncertainty to connect us to the source of all certainty you know the verse comes to mind and especially in the times that we're living in today from Mark Chapter 8 verse 36 where Jesus says What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul my friends many people worship the God of money and spending their time their life energy and even robbing God of the things that he deserves just so that they can gain a little bit more but in a few moments the earnings of this world can evaporate and during this time when we recognize that we can't have peace in our financial security we can't have peace in the midst of physical uncertainty we can't have peace during social distancing because of the support of others we can only find peace when we look for it in the right place in the Bible tells us in Hebrews chapter 11 talking about the people in the hall of faith as the Bible describes that heroes of faith and in the giants of those who have gone before us spiritually it describes the experience of Abel and of going of no one of Abraham and Sarah and all of the others throughout time and one of the things the Bible says they consistently had in common is what we find in Hebrews chapter 11 in verse 13 the Bible says in Hebrews chapter 11 verse 13 it says these all died in faith not having received the promise but having seen them a far off were assured of them they embraced and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the air. For those who Stickler such things or those who say such things declare plainly that they seek a homely Now this is interesting language and says these people talking about Abel and talking about in Iraq and talking about Noah these people were all considering themselves as strangers and pilgrims on this earth and other words they recognize that this world was not their place of long term membership or dwelling but they were literally just passing through they were nomadic people upon this earth and they had one purpose and it was to know God and make him known to others but my friends couldn't be and could you admit as I've searched my own heart I recognize this is a reality for me that sometimes it's so easy to get comfortable in this life and that it takes things where we recognize the uncertainty of this world to cause us to start longing for that true homeland of heaven and to recognize that this world is just a temporary response notice how the Bible continues Hebrews chapter 11 verse 15 it says and truly if they had called to mind that country from which they had come out they would have had opportunity to return but now they desire a better that is a heavenly country therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God for He has prepared a city for their. My friends these heroes of faith are not much different than what you and I experience today you might say well it was easy to be a person of faith during the time of able or doing the time of during the time of Noah but my friends we must recognize that a knock stood out in Biblical history because he was so much different from those around him he was a man of faith who walked with God but those around him didn't have the same experience you think about Noah who being divinely warned of things not seen says move with godly fear and prepared an ark in the Bible calls him a preacher of righteousness but in the midst of where he lived or as he lived in the midst of a generation who were getting ready to suffer under the judgment of God because they were so godless these people lived in faith looking for a better country longing for a heaven detached from this earth but useful for the service of God as they started to see the heavenly realities my friends could it be that God is trying to help us what really matters today could it be that God wants us to long for heaven to want the experience of holiness and happiness and wholeness and Jesus more than we want the stability in this law you know I find it very interesting as I look at what the Bible teaches about the end of the world Revelation Chapter 7 is such a sobering picture but also a loving picture of a God and Father who cares for his people Revelation Chapter 7 verse one some people as they ask is this the end of the world are we meeting the beginning events of the end of time I don't know for certain but we can see that what we're experiencing is surely lining up with what Jesus has foretold Could it be that God is trying to prepare us for the greater crises that are getting ready to come upon this earth absolutely notice the language of Revelation Chapter 7 verse one beginning in verse one Revelation Chapter 7 beginning in verse one. Notice what the Bible tells us Revelation Chapter 7 in verse one as poles back the curtain beyond what's seen with the human eye what's really taking place in the world today Revelation Chapter 7 of verse one it says after these things I saw 4 angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth holding the 4 winds of the air that the wind should not blow on the Earth or on the sea or on any tree then I saw an angel ascending from the East having the seal of the Living God and he cried with a loud voice to the 4 angels to whom it was granted to harm the Earth in the sea saying do not harm the Earth in the city or the trees to we have sir till we have sealed the servants of our God on their forehead my friends the symbolic language should move us to understand the realities that we live in as God is looking down the timeline of History and as he sees the events getting ready to unfold on this earth the Bible pictures it as angels for angels standing at the corners of the earth holding back the winds of strife that are about to blow and before God allows the unfolding of the major events of verse history he pleads an angel come and pleads that the other angels would not allow the strife and chaos to come before God's people are sealed until their decision is made who they're going to follow with their entire heart. My friends I'm so thankful that we have a God who is willing to hold back the strife that we have a God who is waiting for his people be prepared but yet we do have the sobering description Revelation chapter 22 where Jesus finally declares as he's been holding back those winds as he's been longing for his people to prepare we recognize there comes a day where it's those who are ready who stay ready notice the language Revelation chapter 22 verse 11 he says he who is unjust let him be unjust still and he was filthy let him be filthy still he who is righteous let him be righteous still and he who is holy let him be holy still my friends we recognize in Revelation Chapter 7 that God holds back the events of verse history to keep from destroying God's people before they're ready but yet we recognize there comes a point where there will be no more delay and God finally says the decision you made is the decision you'll have for eternity whether that's the piece of gun that passes all understanding or whether that's the doom of destruction and on righteousness that you've been reaping and my friends as we think about these things especially in the midst of the crises that we're going through our hard should be a longing for a deeper experience with go you know it's interesting we recognize and Bible prophecy that the Bible has foretold many events that would be coming upon the earth many people look at events for told the Revelation Chapter 13 talking about the religious freedoms being removed in and pushing a religious agenda that's against the will of God and many people for years have set off that these things and said there is no way that a country like America or a country that has religious freedoms could pull all these things away. Well I remember it wasn't many weeks ago that I was actually maybe about a month and a half ago I was sitting in our home reading an article about what was going on with the coronavirus in Italy and as they were talking about the whole country was under lockdown and people weren't allowed to go to the grocery stores except for if they really needed it or they weren't allowed to do just extraordinary travel and the news commentator was saying this is one of the only ways they can think of how to stop this virus in places like China or Italy and they said but the problem is if it ever came to America America would never exist under a stay at home order no American would give up their freedom for something like this but as we fast forward today just about a month and a half after that article was written here many people the u.n. I'd today sit at home separated from each other's physical dwelling because we recognize that we're living in a time period that was unheard of just a few months ago. All of this should help us to understand the instability and uncertainty of the times that we're living in the chaotic nature of what's going on in the world today the rapid movements in life should help us to realize how quickly life can change could it be that God is holding back those 4 winds but he's causing us to awaken to the fact that things are coming and we must be ready for Jesus to come you know all throughout Scripture and his parables talking about the last days Jesus talks about a delay the bridegroom delays his coming or my master delays his coming talking about different parables that Jesus told and even Matthew chapter 24 and 25 and sometimes it's during those delayed periods where people say well I thought Jesus was coming and it doesn't seem to be coming as quickly and so they start to relax spiritually my friends here's the point I don't know if Jesus will come in one year 5 years 10 years I don't know how that works I can't deny the fact that what we see in the world today is unprecedented it lines up with what Jesus talks about is the end of time but here's what we need to understand our desire to be faithful and follow Jesus our desire to disconnect from this world's materialistic lifestyle all of these things should not be prompted because we just think that Jesus will come back soon but here's what we need to understand we need a faith that endures if Jesus comes back in a year I pray that we're ready if Jesus comes back in 5 years I pray that we're ready if Jesus comes back even after we go and sleep the sleep of death then I pray that we're ready we need a faith that's consistent and that's getting right with God and the best time to do that is today now because of the times that we're living in you know you say thanks for sharing all those news reports and and how the uncertainty of our world is unfolding now I have higher blood pressure than I did before I started listening to the sermon. But the reason why we share all of this this morning is because we see what's happening in the world today we would have to bury our head in the same and if we weren't hearing any of these same things and as we see the uncertainty as we recognize we can't trust the things we thought we could trust and as we're seeing that maybe God is trying to pull our hearts back to him the question is how can we have peace in the midst of such uncertain times and what does the Bible give us as a key to having certainty in peace in the midst of these chaotic periods of life turn in your Bibles with me to Isaiah Chapter 26 chapter 26 we find a beautiful key that the Bible gives us of how you and I can experience peace how you and I can experience joy and stable life in the midst of uncertain times notice what Isaiah Chapter 26 and verse 3 tells us as in chapter 26 in verse 3 The Bible says you will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the you because he trusts the new. To me this is a powerful passage the Bible says that God will keep us in what kind of peace it's perfect peace you know there are people in our world today who have the largest bank accounts who would trade everything that they had in these uncertain times for some peace and certainty God tells us that he will keep us in perfect peace he can keep our minds perfectly at rest if we have what the next part of the verse says Notice what it says whose mind is stayed on you what does that look like look at the end of verse 3 because he trusts in the. Now this is something that is such a simple idea in simple concept that a mind even sound cliche to us today but God is telling us that if we trust in Him If we have an enduring consistent faith in him that he can keep our minds in perfect peace the only way to have that perfect peace is the have that perfect trust to have that ability to believe that God can take care of us even in the midst of uncertain Tom but it's very interesting some people might read this passage and say Ok Well Isaiah is saying that we can have perfect peace of our mind state upon God they must not know anything about what it's like to go through difficult times like what we're going through today but I want to take you to some passages of Scripture in our remaining time together that help us to understand how God can give us perfect peace how God has done that in the lives of people of scripture and how God can help us to have that same experience today if you ever Bibles turn a solemn chapter 62 some chapters 62 is a beautiful Psalm of David and the language that he uses is talking about a beautiful piece that he has in gun notice some chapter $62.00 beginning in verse one some chapter $62.00 beginning in verse one the Bible says Truly my soul silently waits for go now I find this language very interesting when he says my soul his we recognize this is not a separate entity from a person but it's really who we are right I myself my soul silently waits for go and sometimes when you don't have answers very quickly it's easy to get restless and anxious and then patient but here David says that he waits silently and it can be translated or waits patiently for go. And then it continues on from him comes my salvation he only is my rock and my salvation he's my defense and I shall not be greatly moved you say Ok David I recognize you can say that you can have patience and you can you can wait silent on God You must not know of anything very difficult going on or you must be in a very easy part of your life but notice the context notice the experience that David is going through in which he needs to wait silently for God and to wait for God to bring salvation or deliverance to him notice verse 3 psalm chapter $62.00 in verse 3 How long will you attack a man you shall be slain all of you like a leaning wall and a tottering fence they only consult to cast him down from his high position they delight in lies and they blessed with their mouth but they curse inwardly now most commentators would agree that who it is that David is talking about who is being attacked and whose being consulted who others are consulting together with the cast down from their high position who are delighting in line is the person who is the object of these attacks is none other than the psalm is David himself so you recognize they've been says that his soul silently waits for go patiently waiting and what's the condition is waiting he's waiting in a life threatening time people are waiting to attack him there they're consulting together to cast him down from his high position they're finding joy in line to one another for David's demise they they bless David with their mouths but inwardly they're conspiring against him. My friends it sounds like David knew what it was like to go through some inconsistent or unstable time and it sounds like David knew what it was like to go through times of physical uncertainty and we know we knew knows what it's like to go through an economic uncertainty we read about tons of his life where he was running for his life and looking for where God was going to provide for him but you know what's beautiful David learned the key to finding peace in waiting silently even in the midst of these attacks if we look at verse one again it says Truly my soul waits for God for him from him comes my salvation you know it's interesting when we think of the word salvation we often think of the theological word or some people have even less than the idea of salvation is God just giving me the right into heaven but really this idea of salvation that is being talked about here is not just that God is saving me from the server the know it's that God is going to deliver me David found encourage me in the midst of his crisis because he believed that God could deliver him from the life threatening economic threatening all of this uncertainty that God was able to deliver him from these things and not only deliver him notice verse 2 that God was his rock his stability his defense my friends would it be good for us to have a trust and done believing that God could take care of all of our needs that he could consistently provide for us notice we see the side idea again in Psalm chapter 62 in verse 5 it says my soul waits silently for God alone my friends and there comes a point when we recognize that it's truly only God alone who can bring peace and stability to our law. It's during times like these and crises like these were isolated where we're stretched we were brought out of our comfort zone where we start longing for someone to help us and it's so natural that we start reaching out to other people but what David recognized that it was truly only God alone who could deliver him and he says continuing on a verse 5 my soul wait silently for God alone for my expectation is from him here was the key to David's peace he was the key to David certainty in the midst of uncertainty it was that his expectation his hope and his faith was in God alone to be able to take care of the problems my friends I don't care how smart you are healthy you are whatever situation you might find yourself in even better than someone else it doesn't matter when we come into uncertain times we realize that our only hope of getting through these times is through God alone once again in verse 6 David says that God is his rock in his salvation or deliverance he's my defense and he says I shall not be moved my friends David didn't vacillate he was not moved by every turn of events David had stability and it was found in God in God's ability to deliver him and notice in verse say David gives an injunction to people how they can experience the same thing that David found found and notice what he implored us to have some chapter 62 in verse 8 and says Trust in Him at all times you people pour out your heart before Him God is a refuge for oh yes. Well my friends this verse is packed with meaning and we can see its ideas spread throughout the rest of Scripture it's actually consistent with what we've already read and I was in chapter 26 and verse 3 the Bible told us and Isaiah Chapter 26 in verse 3 that God would keep us in perfect peace if our mind was stayed on him because we won because we trust in Him Well notice what David says trust in him at all times you people and pour out your heart before Him because God is a refuge for a you know all throughout the Old Testament you can read about the City of Refuge the cities of refuge where the place that you ran to when you were in trouble and here's what we find God is our refuge God is the one that we can come to when we have nowhere else to turn when we have no certainty in anything else we can flee to God and when we trust that God can deliver us God is our safety then we can wait patiently and silently in perfect peace just like the psalm missed was experiencing now it's interesting David says trust in him at all times you people need to add something else to it in verse 8 it says pour out your heart before Him Now it's interesting Paul picks up on this idea and continues to expound upon it in even more practical language than what we see in Psalm chapter 62 turn your Bibles to Flippy and chapter 4 flip in chapter 4 we see Paul explaining the same idea to the church of Philip on the church of Philip I was struggling with anxiety and uncertain times they were experiencing some issues in their scenario Paul was imprisoned their beloved leader they were having disruptions in their church and notice what we find Philippians chapter 4 the Bible helps us to expound upon this. Pleading with you gone then Psalms chapter 62 verse 8 brings out look at Philippians chapter 4 and verse 6 the Bible says Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to go on and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus I think this is a phenomenal verse with so many practical injunctions for how we can experience this notice the 1st little phrase that we just read together it says Be anxious for how much for nothing you mean don't be anxious I mean come on you know Paul must not been pumice the not knowing what it was like to go through difficulty he didn't live through the Kobe 1000 price crisis Well it's interesting that Paul is actually writing that very passage of scripture from a Roman prison and yet he's able to say Be anxious for nothing well what do I do with my anxiety then notice the exchange that the Bible tells us when you when I experience anxiety it's often that we make that anxiety known to others we might share with people and our own family we might share it on social media we might vent to other people but the reality is is the Bible tells us that we're to be anxious for nothing but we are to take those anxieties to a certain person in prayer and it's God alone notices Philippians chapter 4 in verse 6 again be anxious for nothing. But in everything but I pray or in supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to who to go my friends. Here's the options the gun lays out for you and I can carry all of our anxieties we can allow that to create high blood pressure and hypertension and drastic health complications mental health issues we can allow the stress and anxiety of this world to wear us down or we can be anxious for nothing we can experience perfect peace we can like the soma sent in some chapter $62.00 in verse 8 we can pour out our heart before God we can trust in him and we can experience that God is our refuge in a time of trouble my friends like never before now is the time for us to be experiencing practical connection with gone through prayer God is able to protect us God is able to deliver us God knows our problems he's not surprised by anything we go through in this life and God can use these things for good my friends I believe that there is no way that God designed the coven 1000 crisis I don't believe that God is the mastermind of chaos and destruction but I do believe that God can work all things together for good Romans chapter 8 tells us that very thing that all things work together for good for those who love God and to those who are called the cording to his purpose and could it be that God during these uncertain times has a very certain purpose that he wants to teach us that in the midst of instability we can have stability in him in the midst of anxiety we can have peace and God in the midst of uncertainty we can have assurance and God's faithfulness to us could it be that God is going to use this crisis to help us to strengthen our faith muscles my friends the things that are coming before Jesus comes back the last piece is that the Bible Prophecy lays out to us of what is going to be going on in this world Daniel tells us it will be a time of trouble such as has never been and many people are anxious as they think about them but notice this. If God can teach us to trust him today and if gun can teach us to trust him in the easy times and in the times that are more difficult than by the grace of God will be able to trust gone even through the most chaotic periods of Earth's history God wants to strengthen our faith muscles God wants us to exercise our faith in him so that we can grasp hold of him by faith and not let go through difficult my friends Philippians Chapter 4 verse 6 is very practical for each one of us be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God And here's the promise and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus my friends it's not just coming to gone with your anxieties and dumping it upon him hoping that he might be able to help but it says that we come to God with Thanksgiving in the reason why we can be thankful in the midst of a period of time where we would have anxiety is because we realize that when we bring our anxieties to God that we're not just speaking to a wall or speaking to someone who doesn't have the power to help us but we're praying to the God of the universe who has all power and unlimited resources and so in the midst of our anxiety there might be those who don't know whether next paycheck is coming from but they can come to the Lord in prayer. And you can ask God to give you the help that you need and you can thank God because you can remember the Bible promises where it says that he owns the cattle on the 1000 Hills where it says he will never leave us or for sake as God has given to sell many reasons for stability there might be those who are terrified of the physical illness and the impacts of covert 19 but did you know that the Bible has promises of physical help for people in need notice what Psalm chapter 91 says so in Chapter 91 is a beautiful promise God doesn't just tell us we can have peace in the midst of certain crises but we can have peace at all times and in all things because we serve an all powerful go some 91 noticed the beautiful passage laid out here some chapter 91 verse one it says He who dwells in the secret place of the most time Shell abide under the shadow of the all mind my friends its that close connection with gun that brings the promises of the rest of this passage and notice 1st 2 I will say of the Lord He is my refuge and my fortress my God and in Him I will trust. Surely he shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence he show cover you with his feathers and under his wings you shall take refuge his truths shall be your sword and your shield in your buckler you shall not be afraid of the terror by not nor of the arrow that flies by day and notice the language of or 6 nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness now what would have pestilence be that walks in darkness could that be a pestilence that even unperceived almost like the transmission of the coronavirus or notice verse 6 the last part it says nor of the destruction that lies waste at noon day so whether you see the pestilence in broad daylight the destruction of broad daylight or you can't even perceive the pestilence whatever is going on God promises protection notice the very next verse a 1000 may fall at yourself and 10000 and your right hand but it shall not come near you only with your are you shall look and see the reward of the wicked my friends this is the promise that you and I can claim God promises that he can deliver his people from pestilence he can deliver his people from destruction he can do live are his people from all certain a raise of terror gone can protect his people now my friends I recognize that there are many people in there some might even be faithful people of God who are still suffering with this pestilence. And here's the thing that we have to understand we serve a God who can deliver us we can have assurance and God to live friends but my friends I believe we need to have assurance and John's deliverance just like the 3 Hebrews and Dana chapter 3 my friends I want you to think about this we find the promises of scripture gone assures us he can take care of us but are there times when God has allowed people that he loves to suffer what looks like defeat in this law you know Jesus calls John the Baptist the greatest of the prophets but yet John the Baptist died in prison not delivered even though Jesus easily could have delivered him and sometimes people say well if God can deliver Why doesn't he my friends here's what our mind needs to turn to we need to trust in God's deliverance and we need to trust in the goodness of God even if he does not deliver notice the language of Dana Chapter 3 look at Dana chapter 3 verse 16 turn there quickly then in chapter 3 verse 16 we find one of the common passages or common stories of the Book of Daniel Shen wrecked me shack in Bendigo and they are brought into a place of complete uncertainty and of physical distress so to speak they're told that if they don't bow down and worship that they'll be thrown in the midst of the fiery furnace you know the story well they chose not to bow down and here they are brought face to face with the most powerful ruler in that time period King Nebuchadnezzar King Nebuchadnezzar offers them one second chance to be able to balance down so that they can save their lives but notice their response and then a chapter 3 verse 16 Shadrach me shack and Bendigo answered and said to the king. Oh never can as are we have no need to answer you in this matter if this is the case our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and he will deliver us from your hand oh king those are powerful words I mean they were certain that God was able to deliver them but notice 1st team notice the language here but if not let it be known to you. That we do not serve your gods nor will we worship the golden image which you have set up my friends you and I can have absolute certainty in the deliverance of God but sometimes God chooses not to deliver his people and here's what we can have we can have absolute certainty that God will provide the strength necessary either to be delivered or not delivered we can by the grace of God do all things through Christ who strengthens us we can experience success or difficulty we can endure or we can thrive God can give us the strength that we need regardless of what we go through so people with physical fear today fearing the pestilence fearing the disease that's coming upon this world we can have certainty from Psalm 91 God promises in his word that he will deliver us from the perilous pestilences in my friends I believe God can do that for us today. There are those who are terrified by the impact of the economic uncertainty and they think well I'm not so worried about the disease I'm more worried about the economic implications my friends let me remind you of a few promises of God's faithfulness to deliver his people even in the midst of economic uncertainty flippin chapter 4 flippin chapter 4 in verse 19 The Bible gives us a beautiful promise that it would do us well to memorize if we haven't already flippy in chapter 4 in verse 19 it says and my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus my friends this is a promise that we can count on we have never seen a time in Scripture where the righteous have been neglected by go God has never let anyone go hungry who needed food without his permission God provided for his people God gives the ability to provide whatever they need. And my friends God wants us to have this is surance that God can take care of us he might not provide for us in the same way we want to be provided for we might not get a 5 course meal but the reality is that God will take care of our needs think about it let your mind go back to some of the precious stories of scripture if you think about a lie just in the time of Ahab Ahab was looking to kill a lodge of physical uncertainty there was a famine in the land economic uncertainty and Alijah runs to the place that God prepared for him by the brook as a line just there by the brook chair the water is there for his supply on a daily basis the Ravens feed him twice a day Scripture tells us but then there comes a time where the river dries up or the brook dries up and you could think if you were a human to be tempted in that situation to think that maybe God said he would provide But now look there is no provision but in the time when the provision of the brook dried up God had another place God was not surprised by the drawing up of the brook and God directed the lodger to the woods Arafat who had no means for which to provide for herself let alone for the prophet but God worked a miracle and provided for both of those families my friends to think beyond can provide for us today you know one of my favorite quotes comes from desire of ages page 330 and notice what it says it says worry is blown and cannot discern the future but Jesus sees the end from the beginning and every difficulty he has his way prepared to bring really. All our heavenly Father has a 1000 ways to provide for us of which we know nothing those who accept the one principle of making the service an honor of God supreme will find perplexities vanish in a plain path before their feet my friends I believe with all my heart that God truly does have a 1000 ways to provide for us of which we know now I believe that God can take care of his people I believe that even if God chooses to allow us to suffer through some of the most unthinkable challenges I believe that we have a God who we can find refuge in I believe we have a God who can give us strength to endure I believe we have a God who can provide for us everything that we need. You know Jesus tells us in his 1st sermon the Sermon on the Mount Matthew chapter 6 some very powerful words of encouragement to people who are worried Jesus says Matthew chapter 6 verse 25 he says Therefore I say to you do not worry about your life what you will eat or what you will drink nor about your body what you will put on is not life more than food in the body more than clothing. Look at the birds of the air for they neither so nor reap in the gab nor gather in the barns yet your heavenly father feeds them are you not of more value than they you know it's interesting the language that Jesus uses here he says just look into nature you see the birds and they fly so freely but yet they're not anxiously storing up in the barge but yet they have food to eat God provides for them and then it turns intention to the lilies of the field this is you look at those and you might be worried about what you're going to wear and I can tell you they look more beautiful than even Solomon in all of his glory here's the point Jesus is making just as we see God's provision for the things of nature God will provide for his people notice the attention and the focus that his people should have in the midst of times when they are tempted to worry Matthew chapter 6 verse 33 in the same context at the end where Jesus says don't worry your Heavenly Father knows that you have need of all of these things Matthew chapter 6 verse 32 verse 33 here's our encouragement But seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you my friends sometimes it might seem to make more sense that maybe we should put the things of the Kingdom of God on hold and just worry about our own problems maybe we should stop worrying about reaching others and and supporting the work of God in missionaries around the world but maybe this is not the time to relax our focus upon building up the kingdom of God Maybe we need to redouble our efforts into investing into a heavenly kingdom and viewing this life as truly just our part of our pilgrimage. Could it be that if we trusted God enough that if we put his kingdom 1st instead of our own desires and our own wants that we would experience the promise of this passage that all of these things are food in our clothing and all of our necessities would be provided for by the gun of have my friends I believe that during the times that we're living in we have 2 great needs we need to draw closer to the Lord than we ever have before we need a deeper connection and trust in God than we've ever experienced we need to put away sins that nothing is standing between us and beyond that there's nothing separating us from that the flow of the blessings of heaven and number 2 Secondly we need to experience that peace that gun can give us so that it can be demonstrated to the rest of the chaotic world that God can give peace in the midst of chaos that God can bring hope and the midst of uncertainty that God can give stability in the midst of a shaking society my friends I believe now more than ever people are looking for answers in the word of gone people are looking for peace people are looking for certainty it seems almost an eval and so easy to have spiritual conversations at this point and could it be that what God wants us to have is that close connection with him so that we can be a conduit of blessing and the light and hope and truth to others you know we have the exciting opportunity of teaming up with it is written for revelation today hope awakens and sharing that digital series of hopeful Bible prophecy meetings with other friends when the spear great opportunity to start sharing this with friends and family and encouraging others to be there and be involved I believe by the grace of God that this covert 19 crisis can end up being a blessing for the preparing of our own souls for heaven. And then it can aid us in being more earnest in the work that God has called us to do my friends I don't want this experience to pass by without experiencing what the Lord had intended for I don't know the struggle that you're facing I'm not sure of the uncertainty or the fear exactly that you're dealing with but the beautiful thing is that the Lord know my friends you and I can take our cares and our anxieties to the Lord there might be no other earthly soul that can help you but we serve a God who was able to create the world out of nothing that has all power that is able to work tremendous things and my friends in order for us to build that hope and faith and certainty in God You and I must be in the Word of God like never before the Bible tells us that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God If you want to have this trust you want to have the security you want to have this is surance and go it's not going to come through just listening to another sermon it's not going to come just from being in fellowship with other like minded believers it's truly going to come in that didn't daily connection with God and his were my friends is this your desire Do you have a desire to be closely connected with God more than ever before they have a desire to be a conduit of light and blessing to others that's your desire want to invite you to pray with me as we close Father in heaven we thank you so much for your faithfulness to us Father we pray that you would have mercy upon our souls Lord we want to be ready for when Jesus comes but Lord we don't want to just be ready for that day that he comes in squeak into heaven Father we want our lines to be ready now we want to be ambassadors on your behalf father you have done so much for us. Lord help us know how we can minister to others more there are people around us who are hurting and who are suffering who are terrified who don't have the hope of scripture Lord show us how we can minister to them Help us Lord to see beyond the cares of this law and help us to long for heaven like never before in Christ's name we pray. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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