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What to Do with Loneliness

Dee Casper


This crisis has only furthered our battle with loneliness. What hope can we find in Scripture, and specifically the life of Jesus?


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • April 10, 2020
    7:00 PM
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What to do with loneliness so let's pray God in heaven I think you'd love us so much. And that as we're living in a time we were socially isolated and prone to feel even more alone than usual and that's in a society that is already feeling quite alone Lord I just pray that you would speak into that pain tonight that you would speak in that experience and that you would bless us that you would help us that you would fight for us and Lord I pray that we you give us a picture of your heart this evening and it would do something for us that none of us would soon forget father I don't have with these people who need it I can't help them and so I just pray that you would speak and that you would do something wonderful in Jesus' name amen. All right welcome you all and I'm sure more people will join us as we go which is totally fine but I'm glad that you're here and so what I'd like to do is is begin this thing of well this is something that's been on the rise in the last few years we see that with the Evan a social media has only made matters worse but without make us more social and more available and more connected has made us feel more alone than ever but now that we add on top of this social distancing quarantine and so forth it's made it really really difficult very difficult for people and so. I think that mental health challenges Israel to follow what's going on are on the rise even more and we need to be checking in with people we need to be looking in to see how they're doing and so forth but so I want to speak into this particular topic of loneliness in the beginning in Genesis chapter 2 the Bible begins with showing that man is alone in Genesis chapter 2 verses 18 to 22 that Adam is brought into existence in the state where he's alone there is no hope or comparable to him in fact it says that twice in the narrative of Genesis 2 and seen the animals all having mates and partners seems to awaken him to this reality that he himself does not have a helper comparable to him but I'm coming to believe that had that not been the case had there not been animals that would show him that they had partners and he didn't have a partner. I would assume that Adam would have no idea that his relationship with God left him with any other vacancies he would have no reason to believe that and he could have been content with that and I think there's a lesson for us there that many times it's our looking at everybody else and the expectations of society that could make us feel more alone than is healthy or necessary right we feel alone because so and so has a relationship and we don't we feel alone because all these people the movies have relationships and we don't and so forth but God does affirm the fact that being alone is not in mans best interest right in all cases if you go with that's not the case and after developing a relationship with God 1st then Adam receives a wife tailor made to the call that God has given him after that takes place once you come to know who he is in Jesus now in Psalm Chapter 25 verses 16 to 17 says this is his turn to me and be gracious to me for I am lonely and afflicted the troubles of my heart are the largest bring me al of my distresses and David knew what to do with his emotions sometimes we don't know how to handle it we don't know who to talk to who to share it with the navigated but David knew to bring his emotions to God We see very clearly it's all one and I do this just mad Superbad like knocked that teeth that I may end in these make their children childless like he's easiest really bad but he's not airing his grievances of social media or even to the people he's got beef with he brings it to Jesus to see this place so he brings his loneliness to go up life killer is down and really lead us to feel alone and King David truly understood this his brother spoke of belief in him while he was doing the right thing King Saul turned on him when he was doing the right things and the result of a similar back Shiba a curse is going to come now to this. I only line his son ends up turning on him and had to flee for his life now when you've been rejected or hurt by family or people who should be leading you for good it can make you incredibly low being right with the very people that you would think would be there for you aren't It hurts right and it can lead us to feel incredibly alone but there are the songs we see that David knew that he could find his answer in bringing those feelings to God I think is a very important lesson for you and I in that very thing. Here's another example Moses in excess Chapter 2 Moses is born in a Jewish home and in Israel I uphold the wall there in the Egypt in the book of Acts as it begins with this idea that this Vera knew nothing of her for gotten Joseph and so these 2 budgies Huber's you here what do we do with the in the in that making them into slaves and Moses there's a decree given to kill all the Hebrew boys and Moses place this basket and along the river and so forth into being adopted by pharaohs daughter. I believe this pharaohs daughter and as a result of this Moses is in that in the higher echelon in the Egypt he is a very high status in society but he also seems to realize that his call is to deliver his own people from Egypt he senses that this is the call that God is given and I think it's and accept or 7 when Stephen is giving this boom in historical discourse and treaties on the nation of Israel and he says that he seemed to believe that the people would know that he was to deliver them so not only was Moses convinced of his call he also was convinced of his ability to carry out that call some of us don't have that right God places a car when they go I could do them just as I don't think I could handle that but in this situation Moses is sure of the fact that he can do it needs to be done and then when it all blows up in his face and he has to run from Egypt to see his wife you can imagine that he was just overwhelmed with a crippling amount of loneliness he had to leave this family the family he had made in Pharaoh's family he had to leave his own Israelite favorably his own people group and he's just out in the wilderness on his own doubting everything he's ever known to have to be a crippling amount of wilderness. And maybe you've even lost the promise maybe everything you thought about your call is wrong right so Moses was very well acquainted with loneliness disappointment grief except we see that most in x. this chapter to tell you somebody else was acquainted with loneliness Alija old man in chapter 18 of 1st kings Alija though he has to stand alone because you security guards called who he is is not by that a load this right with great boldness in Seal he declares to the people on top of Mount Carmel if God is God worship him if Bill is God worship him and yet in this situation we're told in the prophets in Kings that none one person stands in allegiance for Jehovah there is your lights on top of this mountain not just prophets of Bale and all why it is standing by himself prophets of bail Ahab is your lights no one claims allegiance to Jovo but Alija and yet this does not cause him to sure or waver at all the call that God has given him he stands with boldness for Jove but once hardship comes this way in his life this is threatened he's overwhelmed with feelings of loneliness and helplessness and he wants to die he doesn't even want to live anymore is enough will or I want to die as my fathers and prophecy of kings points out to us that he never wanted to set eyes on a human being ever again. What a crazy experience to be unafraid bold and developed and not fuel load even though you're only a person standing for God and then within hours of this you're running for your life you're depressed you're lonely you're discouraged you want to live to be more man even when God since an angel to help all I did 1st king Shepherd 19 he takes no consolation in the hope that he's given he just keeps running he keeps running and how God deals with them is still gentle in the margin reference in our verses usually it says that God speaks to him with the still small voice but in the margin reference it says with a gentle whispering voice but oh I just still wrestles right and tell us God how he feels and he's done all this work for God and that call has made him alone right he's totally other grateful for the miracle food that God has given him for the angelic visit the water that he's given and in this situation he's just just done just absolutely out of it and he says I'm alone I'm the only one there's nobody else the call that you've given me is difficult and I can't do this anymore and for those of us who are in full time ministry you know that ministry can be one of the loneliest places on the planet are you giving give it give and give and people don't understand the battles that you're facing of what you're going through it can feel like will I just feel like this call that you've given me is too much and I'm all alone but God speaks to him in this moment and tells him that he's not alone that there are many people with similar burdens that you have and that they need you to go back. Notice God doesn't tell me I'm so disappointed in you Alija I was so ashamed of you he literally tells him I still need you and go back to live in this isolation to stop running and making excuses and they help these people and lead them I still need you and so do they I love how God dealt with them and that's example now as you look at people she's invested in who could be tempted to be overwhelmed of feelings of loneliness which by the way is pasted with everybody but the 1st ones found a marked chapter one with a leopard's Mark chapter one verse as 40 to 45 and Jesus here ministers to this man's loneliness are the guy comes up to his as Lord if you're willing you can make me clean and I praise God for the fact that Jesus is willing to make us clean and then help us and he says I am willing be cleansed but Jesus doesn't just stop there by saying Clinton there is creative power in God's word he can create a universe at of nothing but he doesn't just say I am willing to be Clinton's The text says that Jesus reaches out and touches that man why is this significant if you are a leper in 1st injury Judaism you are an outcast in society you have to leave your family your job your friends your whole your talent everything and you're now living in a camp outside of the city where other lepers live you completely separated from intimacy from family from physical contact and it's very difficult right it's a very lonely and discouraging experience and yet Jesus when He tells the man. Be cleansed that would be enough to give him access back into society because he is indeed cleansed but Jesus isn't content to just resource what he had before Jesus doesn't just minister to his leprous easy he ministers to his loneliness and he reaches out and touches this man I don't know how long he was a leper and only the text tells us but to have someone restore your didn't in this show intimacy a wife that had a bit of a life changing for this man when you've been isolated for years and years what a precious way to minister to this man but you also have the 10 lepers who are healed by Jesus he speaks a word in all of them are healed the one returns to give thanks to God Yes sign a leper a pastor who contracts leprosy goes this difficulty so Jesus ministered to many people who had leprosy and I'm sure there are more than just those that we've listed here his ministry largely consist of investing in people that were marginalized and left to feel a load which is good news for you and I this evening that Jesus wants to minister to the marginalized to the lonely to the afflicted and to the Hurdy but. Were they not they not only were feeling isolated or misunderstood by the people around them. But they also were beginning to feel that maybe God himself didn't want them there was a view in Judaism that if you have leprosy it's a sign that God's disapproval of you how horrible with that be and so Jesus restored to their own heart and mind not just the fact that hey you can be back with society God has always been available to you God has always loved you in cared for you in the even though you felt alone in society because you're separated from it you are not alone because God is near at hand Jesus God with us came to move their point clear and he came to make the point clear to you and me that we feel separated because we live the life of sin or if we've just been misunderstood with the bullied or heard or ostracized for other reasons or abused Jesus is willing to speak life into that loneliness for you and I today the next is John chapter 4 the woman of the wealthy permute preacher before I talk about her all the time that this woman's story is not of itself a well that doesn't run dry just so much good stuff in this so in John chapter 4 this will govern itself in trouble with multiple marriages right she's been married and divorced 5 times the guy she shacking up with now is not her husband and there's only 2 options here either men keep kicking her to the curb or she keeps leaving but based on the culture of her day women had no power in the little voice so my guess is that she's continually living in experience that filled with rejection and with abandonment. And the story gets around certainly to the people the community that this woman's got issues in so that the chances of her finding someone who will love her truly just for who she is are slim to none and she's alone can you imagine being in a relationship and yet feeling alone. And she's coming to this well at high noon we're going to find out in the text to escape people right no one in their right mind is going to be that well at that time of day and that's why she's there to get away from people to get away from her problems and just escaped it all and Jesus shows up at this point in time and tells to just show her a love and acceptance and freedom that she's never found anywhere else in fact it says in verse 4 that she says needed to go through some area now no Jew in his right mind needs to go through some area right the places that develop is full of people who who just are not to be associated with we don't have anything to do Samaritans Why on earth would you go there Jesus is on a mission to heal a lonely and broken woman you know that tells me that tells me that even if or in a less than desirable place of life right now that Jesus is more than willing to come and set us free Jesus deal why it's to go through some area and so if you feel that why circumstances are put you in a situation where you're in some area and no godly personal in thing to do with you I praise God for the fact that John chapter 4 verse 4 tells us that Jesus needs to go through Syria. And all of this woman is again that she's experiencing seems to be in the given the context of relationships you can be in relationships and yet feel alone and maybe some of your acquainted with that experience today Jesus is here for you but once Jesus heals her I love her testimony to the community was that she had found a man who knew everything about her what's implied is that he still chose to love her even with that knowledge you know sometimes our loneliness is based upon our own choices to isolate to separate because we're so filled with shame for who we've been what we've done what's been done to us and that's what's led us to fuel lean and her testimony was that Jesus knows all that he doesn't care he still loves me he still came looking for me and the same is true for you this evening his point to her was that I have water that can fill you in a way that no one or nothing ever could what I have to offer you is way better than what if you run into Diskeeper pain in your loneliness there are so many lessons in the story that just are beautiful and helpful. My guess is there's people watching right now are going to do this later that yes a water pass in your life right her waterpot was her means of escape from the problems of her life and the pain of her life and whatever your story may be with every bit of running to the good news is you can leave that water pot with Jesus tonight and he can fill you the ways that those things never could your addiction the source of media your addiction human sympathy write your desperation to be loved and accepted by a man or a woman a looking for a relationship your prerogative substance abuse or whatever your situation may be Jesus is pleading with you tonight what I have to offer you is vastly better than what you're coming to this well for leave it with me and the woman does just that the text literally says that she leaves her waterpot and goes and bears testimony to a city and it winds the entire city so whatever you're running to Diskeeper lowliness it cannot fill you like he care and he's asking you to leave your water which Jesus then we get to the demoniac with the one he accepting of all which text that you're reading in Matthew Chapter 8 or more chapter 5 this is a really lonely experience right if you're living in isolation in the 2 have been the only companionship of demons and pigs hates you were overrun by demons people the community tried to change you you broke that shames loose and now you're living in a similar Terry amongst the dead bodies and with pigs. Now what a horrible rough experience 1st of all and I'm sure the disciples when the boat lands on this doctor probably in the dock but when the boat lands on the shore at this area and if you are bit in the situation where you you know your g.p.s. takes you into the wrong neighborhood or someone has an address that you typed it wrong take to the wrong place your median value is I need to get out of here in the right now this place is not safe I'm assured that the disciples are they need Jesus what are you thinking man this place is a dump turn that boat around and get us addy here a graveyard equals unclean to a 1st century Jew pigs equal unclean to a 1st century Jew and the guy himself or the guys themselves are completely stark naked they're bleeding all over themselves which is unclean everything about the situation is just bad of offensive and unsteadily to someone in the 1st century Jewish contacts but it seems as though Jesus is just desperate to seek out those who are isolated and alone and I praise Jesus for this and he cast the demons out of this man the text later says it looks account that he was seated and clothed in his right mind what a blessing they were to John Chapter 8 The woman caught in adultery this woman has been said that from the get go. She has basically the whole thing is a sham the whole thing has been orchestrated to get Jesus in trouble they don't care about her they don't care about that guy really that the man that she was just with clearly does not value or he's used her to bring about the scenario the church leaders don't care about or they're using your situation to trap Jesus and her assumption is going to be that even Jesus doesn't care about her right I'm in awe of horrible place in life why would you want me. And those feelings of not being good enough in our lives being a mess can lead us to a terrible state of loneliness shame can do that to us can't it Jesus why would you even want me I don't deserve you and yet Jesus responds in such an unexpected way he tells her neither do I condemn you go and sin no more not only does Jesus forgive her but he also believes in her and offers her his own power to keep her free and not just set her free but a precious encounter Jesus' ministry to the lonely it was the Mary Magdalene Mark Chapter 14 in Luke Chapter 7 even her own family really gives her to a class of unworthiness right Simon tells Jesus he thinks it is all mine if this man were a prophet he would know who and what man or woman this is that she is a sitter now Christians by the way this guy's a pastor in his ideas that if people have issues in sin and brokenness in their life that God wants nothing to do with them and stay away they practice social distancing Unfortunately religious people did in Jesus' day and this is all a letter to feel even more along even more ostracized and even more shame filled and rejected but. Jesus doesn't allow this to go on he says Leave her alone when people start criticizing her for the elaborate give the she gave Jesus she gave it everything that she could and it's the least that she could do because Jesus changed her life I delivered her from 7 demons were told she's been filled the demons and this can really lead a person to feel that they are cut off from God and they certainly feel cut off from people right in the way that it's implied in the text in the Desire pages in the Texas Scripture seems to leave me with the impression that Jesus had to have multiple encounters for this lady for her to finally be free right multiple encounters and it's really a book about this not about the specifically said book of the ology but they make this point about this encounter with some of this the demoness cast out in Mary feels a since Beverly talked with the 1st demon It would appear that perhaps she's wholly given hope revived in her young heart like the blood in the flowers in the springtime but by and by she discovers that her problem is not entirely a thing of the past soon Mary Falls again and with that fall another demon takes up residence in her soul the devil is a let go easily. Another demon takes up residence in her soul and with that fall she is forced to the realization that she is still a sinner in the to God's grace it must have been a devastating almost like the feelings of failure in despair which came over her when that awful event had 1st taken place so long ago she was abused as a literal her life styles in the 1st place but listen to this no fault of hers quite so much as the fall which occurs after one thinks that he or she has been converted. You ever been there you're to sure the fact God gives you some amazing breakthrough in your experience and you just think up other never going back they're going to maybe give a testimony in church or testimony or some other group you start telling your friends like God has set me free. And then you find yourself falling back into that same magical into that 7 times. It's crippling It's heartbreaking I've been in those situations but imagine 7 times and have it done by demons imagine the shame that must overtake a person when you find deliverance and yet fall back into your dark condition that shame if you feel like you're alone in that no one should love you or could love you and accept you even God And yet Jesus keeps pursuing the laboring for her and till she's freeness it says and Johnny $37.00 that when the sun sets you free you are free indeed they wanted to Mark Chapter 2 obviously this is a chronological but Matthew the tax collector now the mentality is some of the Church leaders of that stage and most of the really was that we need to distance ourselves from sinners and people with the issues of tax collectors these guys are just absolutely horrible human beings you're exploiting your own people right in giving financial gain by stealing from them for the Rowlands Oh it's just shameful God wants nothing to do with these people is what they're going to feel based upon the way the religious leaders respond right that the pastors in the elders in the deacons are practicing social distancing was sinners. How do you think they think God feels about them he wants nothing to do with me either right to feel that God will even accept you based upon how people in your church treat you can make one feel incredibly a little but thankfully Jesus God with us came to dispel that very Beth and not just for the benefit of Matthew the tax collector but for the benefit of you. Listen to this this is from the book of this day with God You are never alone you are never in a place where you have no one to have interest in you our heavenly Father has given His Son to die for you the cross of Calvary testified that he takes a deep interest in your welfare for you are the purchase of the Son of God and you are the subject of many prayers if you ask the help of God You will not ask in vain The Lord is at work in many ways to win your hearty confidence in nothing does he take more delight that as you unburden come to him for light and strength and he has promised that you shall find the rest to your soul if you will find a heart and voice to pray he will be sure to hear and in our will be reach down to see you there is a God that hears prayer and one all other resources fail he is your refuge a very present help in the time of trouble. So Jesus didn't just help people who felt alone though right he didn't just come to help people who felt alone Jesus Himself had a life that was filled with perpetual agonizing loneliness and this is addressed in the book desire which is page 565 the loneliness of Christ separated from the heavenly courts living the life of humanity was never understood or appreciated by the disciples as it should have been. He separated from the heavenly courts your people who didn't understand and appreciate him and his living a life of humanity amongst people who didn't appreciate him and this this will loneliness was never understood or appreciated by the disciples of Jesus as it should have been and he was often grieved because his disciples did not give him that which he should have received from them they took they took they took but they didn't give the consumer mentality religion made him feel even more alone but as we're about to see it wasn't just their lack of appreciation or compassion of Jesus as loneliness that he felt when they were around that heard him Jesus also has to adore completely utter and total loneliness as the closest people to him on earth leave him and for sake. Jesus tells them in John Chapter 16 in verse $32.00 indeed the hour is coming yes has now come that if you will be scattered each to his own end will leave me alone and yet I am not alone because the father is with me the disciples of literally in double leading Jesus to suffer long. Not only do they leave him in a situation where they didn't appreciate the loneliness he felt when they were there now to add on top of that they completely 1st saved him in his greatest time of need but notice here that Jesus declares with confidence and surety that when they leave him alone that is father will be there for him he's sure of that unfortunately that surety changes as his experience changes in Matthew Chapter 26 when Jesus gets into the garden ooga 70 he starts to change Jesus is physically distraught and shaken he nearly fall to the ground and collapses when he sets foot in the garden because of the weight of the sin of the world has now been heaped upon his shoulders and it is killing him literally he tells the disciples that my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even to the point of death and Jesus now begins to experience something that is overwhelmingly unfamiliar to him the deafening silence of God. He pleads with all of his heart and he gets no answer from Garber guarding his prayer to be spared of this bitter cup father please take this cup for me and there is no response 3 times and there is no response but thankfully there is at least one answer from heaven God literally since the means are from the right hand of the throne down to point the earth to cradle the head of Jesus in His bosom and to speak tender words of encouragement to him reminding him of the promises of God. Because at this stage as Jesus is wrestling with this car he is longing for human sympathy and affection. And the disciples give him either they give him silence there are overwhelmed with sorrow and sleep as a result of what the narrative says because friends are basically worthless at this stage God has to send an angel from heaven to do for Jesus what we did do and this is the only reason he can even make it out of that garden but it this stage Jesus begins to since his father's frown from this moment forward and then at the end it is overwhelmingly unfamiliar to him You are my son in whom I will please seems like a far fleeting memory right now right those words do not resonate in his heart right now the disciples are there for him to remind of that he is loved and appreciated in their own into will give them strength to keep going he now feels farther from his father than he has it ever felt not just for $33.00 and a half years but for all of eternity but he makes a bold decision after that 3rd prayer that is a paramount importance to you and to me we're told is our biggest paid $690.00 that his decision is made. And he will save man at any cost to himself no matter what it costs no matter how much it hurts no matter how alone I feel no matter how for seeking of God I am tempted to believe this train will not stop having loved design who are in the world Jesus is going to love them to the end Jesus is going to love you to the end he's decided to tread this wine press along if I have to go through everything else of this agony that is before me by myself I will do. While it's a fear of Jesus guys he sees something in you that you don't see in you and he's going to give you what he feels that you deserve whether your life is in harmony with that or not he treads the wine press along we're told his army to 690 that God suffered with his son and there was silence in heaven Heaven is not a place that is known for being silent if you're not aware just read the book of Revelation there spellbound they can't believe what Jesus is going through and could mortals have you the amazement of the in Jellicoe posts as in silent grief they watch the father separating his beams of light love and glory from his beloved son they would better understand how offensive in his sight is. If we saw what these are the foreign and scary and just. Strange act of God separating his light love in glory from his only begotten Son if we saw what they saw you and I would do what we do we would see how offensive in God's sight is. Jesus is going to tread this wine press along without any human supporter compassion and he's going forward while enduring that deafening silence of God Guys this is a loneliness that you and I will never be able to understand we will never be able to wrap our minds around us but then Jesus gives to the cross in John Chapter 19 Alou Chapter 23 n. G.'s us as he's being crucified by the way this is Good Friday right on this day many years ago. In as he's being crucified Jesus looks down at his own mother and doesn't think about himself doesn't think about the pain is going through physically doesn't it where the pain is going to motionless psychologically and spiritually and he looks it is mother and ensures that she has someone to take care of them her in his absence poised to jar and tells or this is your son points to John and tells of this is your mother and John takes care of her from that point forward and another tech solution every 23 we see that Jesus as he's being crucified with the thief on the cross pleads for mercy he says assuredly I say to you that today that you're going to be with me in paradise you will be saved she says shows this others sintered love in the most intense loneliness that anyone has ever experienced and ever will experience and yet he still chooses to put other people's needs above his own you know that tells me. That by God's strength you and I can be given his other centered love for others in the midst of our crippling loneliness that while we're being overwhelmed with how hard and difficult and challenging this season of our life is and always think about is how painful it is we can't get those thoughts out of our mind we can come humbly to Jesus and ask him to give us his love for the people our lives that need it the most you think it into that prayer you better believe it the way to Matthew Chapter $27.00 Jesus in verse $46.00 says about the 9th hour Jesus Christ al the loud voice saying Ellie Ellie love us about thing that is my God my God. Why have you for see me Hussein Yes God God in human flesh she guys the Godhead was torn asunder for you and I have been in eternal Co fellowship throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity but yet in this moment for your benefit and for my benefit the Godhead is torn asunder and Jesus is tempted to believe that he is fully in completely separated from his father can you imagine Jesus is feeling abandoned and alone it was not a good Friday for him I assure you we've given a cute name to it but there is nothing good about it for him we're told is our biggest chapter's 73 that in that dreadful hour. Christ was to be comforted with the Father's presence guys for $33.00 and a half years that was the only thing that kept him going when the disciples didn't give him that which was due him when the people that heal didn't give him that which was due him the only thing that kept Jesus going was the approval and presence of his father but in this hour of the hardest hour of his wife he was not to be comforted with the Father's presence and he trod the white press a little. And of the people there was none with him and I would add that his own experience will mind it seems as if the father isn't with them either in the experience of life to Jesus he is fully convinced of the fact that the father is the farthest from him that he has ever been in 33 behaviors but this reminds me of this powerful quote from Timothy Keller. He says that Jesus was truly abandoned. So that you will only fuel abandoned Jesus was truly abandoned so that you and I will only feel abandoned guy something that we cannot overlook here is that Jesus went through a loneliness that you will never have to experience he's promised this that he will never leave us nor for saviors that he through his spirit was called the comforter by the way is always with us and he says that I will not leave you orphans I will come to you. But in this moment Jesus had to encounter true and real and literal viewings of abandonment. In which every $23.00 immersed $34.00 Jesus Praise to the father in that context father further gives them for they do not know what they do Jesus prayed to his father that you and I would be forgiven in a time when he was tempted to believe that the father had appeared to him that's what he's fully convinced that the father has abandoned him why is he even praying to him that's faith right if that isn't faith I don't know what is and not just faith that's the faith of Jesus even in his most excruciating experience of loneliness he's still pierces through that darkness and chooses to focus on you he chooses to focus on me want to God then we in our darkest moments would pierce of the darkness and choose a plague about Hell and and choose to think about his precious children who also are hurting. We're taught the book from heaven with all of our Never fear only helper does not leave us alone to struggle with temptation and be finally crushed with burdens and sorrow the now he is hidden from mortal sights the ear of faith can hear his voice say fear not for I am with you I have endured your sorrows experienced your struggles encountered your temptations I know your teachers. I also have wept. And the grief that lie too deep to be breathed in the human ear I know you are not for safety though your pain touch no response of chord in the heart on earth look to me and live this is from desire being to use credit I posted this today. At all times and in all places and in all sorrows and in all of look sions when the outlook seems dark and the future perplexing and we feel helpless and alone the Comforter will be sent in answer to the prayer of faith circumstances may separate us from every person friend but no circumstance no distance can separate us from the heavenly comforter wherever we are wherever we may go he is always at our right hand to support sustain hold and cheer him in the matter where we are how alone we may feel he is always there one of the things I was going to mention is presentation. When looking at how Jesus reached out to those who are prone to fuel on is at arms so thing full for the fact that Jesus didn't practice social distancing but then it dawned on me. That he left the security of his relationship with this father to come to our world where he continually fell of the whole even believing that he was separated from God Himself Jesus did practice social distancing for your healing and salvation in him for mine he had to cut off all contact with the eternal fellowship of His Father for you and for me. And were so concerned with how old that we can feel but we give little to no thought of how Although Jesus feels when they quote him we don't think about him they say one of the best ways to get out of these fog so we good. That we can get into or alone his to focus on others and that's true and Jesus did there but I would encourage us to prioritize our time of making sure that Jesus doesn't feel up to make sure that he isn't feeling abandoned and left by you and our broken business and our loneliness and in our pain we can focus inward and forget the fact that there is a savior in heaven who is walking the hear from us who wants to comfort us and we don't run the I believe that if we were to focus on giving Jesus what he deserves something is going to change in the deepest depths of our own hearts that we focus on filling him I believe also come to find the only he can fill us guys part of that perpetual war the mess that you and I feel is because there's a void in here that we're not letting Jesus into the reason why we're feeling alone is because we don't realize what's available to us in Jesus. He understands your loneliness guys more than you'll ever know because he had to adore truly ness that even God could comfort him but he can cover you maybe your friends are failed you maybe your family has failed you maybe your pastor and spiritual mentor is a failed you God hasn't and he has never left you and never will leave you Jesus was truly a bear didn't so there you would I would only feel abandoned but what are we going to do with there will we lead Jesus into their broken space in our hearts and Philip's or we continue to tread the wine press along. And ever be no one to fall but. That's the question was What are you going to do are you going to place your focus on Jesus when you focus on ministering to his loneliness and growing your relationship with him during this time or you just focus on you because if you just focusing on you it's not helping He's your solution Jesus is fully and completely acquainted with your loneliness and is able to set you free will we come when you leave that water part with Jesus assuming that's the question guys that's the question let's pray one of supreme discussion God have a huge been so good to us Lord you see something in me that I don't see in me. And what I feel like a lie that I'm all all will remind me is your mind is him that that's not true then when I feel home. That must mean that you're feeling alone because I'm not coming to you and about being filled by you as you would wish so Jesus come. Coming to those deepest darkest wounded and lonely areas of our hearts and Phyllis Today we pray do for us what clearly nothing else has done and make us whole Jesus we ask for forgiveness for being so selfish so biopic in our pain and not choosing to look at you. And God I pray that that would change then we would not only look at the pain that you're feeling in our loneliness but Lord I pray that is you are willing to pierce through the darkness. Of your own cripple it loneliness and minister to the thief on the cross and to your own mother Lord I pray that you would give us your other centered love so that we can pierce of the darkness of our own loneliness and minister to the needs of those around us as well. God help us we pray we asked us in Jesus name. 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