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Why Does God Allow Difficult Trials?

Christian Martin
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Christian Martin

Lead Pastor of the Living Hope SDA Church in Haymarket, Virginia.



  • April 18, 2020
    11:15 AM
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In all things and all things let us praise the name of the Lord as we gather together to worship the spire heads in prayer and ask God to give us a special blessing through the scriptures it's pretty to gether Father in heaven how thankful we are that we can praise here in yes in the good times when it's easy but also in the difficult times when it's not so easy you are always praise worthy and today the Lord right in these very strange circumstances we find reasons to praise here holy name and I asked Lord that is we take a moment now to hear a word from you so we open the Word of God we ask that you would tune our hearts to listen to your voice give us understanding of the message that you would have us understand today for such a time as this and we thank you in Jesus' name made. A. I want to share with you a story about chippy Tippi the Perry kid Chippy was simply my being his own business and singing his song there in his cage one day when his own are decided to clean out the cage using a vacuum cleaner the phone rang in the lady went to answer it in that so when things begin to go terribly wrong for chippy you see poor little chippy without the guidance of the woman the end of the vacuum cleaner sucked up the bird and send him to the dust bag. Realizing what had happened the woman came back in and she tore open that vacuum and ripped apart the bag to find chippy fearing the worse however Chippy was not dead but merely stunned covered with dust Well the woman decided that she needed to revive the bird and so she ran to the bathroom sink and she turned on the water in and stuck a chip be under the flow now to pee was cold and wet from the sudden bath so the owner decided to drive the bird of but not with how she got out heard hair dryer and blew the bird off chippy went from being sucked up to nearly drowned to being blown over Fionn or was asked by a friend to sue a few weeks later how to pee was doing she replied Well chippy hasn't been singing very much any more he just sits and stares. Does this sound familiar life had time scums to us at an alarming rate and we are blind sighted just like poor chippy one won't one moment we don't have a care in the world and then the very next were sucked up by trials and problems then difficulties there are times when life just seems to suck out the sawing right out of our hearts I believe that each and every day each and every day we are reminded of the fact that life. It's just not clear it's devastating enough to hear about the thousands of deaths are happening on a daily basis all around the world I check the news and the numbers in the last several days and weeks well they have gradually continued to increase and it's it's very hard breaking but when infants like Aaron a 6 month old infant baby an innocent little baby suffers from Coburg 19 and it's tested positive for it was heartbreak the greatest concern for Erin Erin smother right now is is catching coping 1000 herself so dear mother of Aaron she said if I show any symptoms I will I will then be taken to another hospital and my baby Erin that will be here alone when she needs her mom and dad by her side. Came back to a most difficult trial for any parents you know life can throw you unexpected curveballs things side you don't expect at times as we said earlier your life seems to go going quite well things are in place everything's being done on time things are being accomplished you're having great success in life when all of a sudden boom it's like you hit a wall or something unexpectedly that's happening to many people today more than 22000000 people have applied for unemployment claims in the last month alone that's about 14 percent of us workforce that's a drastic number and it's happened in just the last 30 days life in this world is filled with trials life in this world is filled with difficulties but bullets pos for a moment let's put the pen Demick aside let's just put the pen Demick aside and what do we find we don't find better news people are murdered for no reason at all and family in them members are left to ask the question why why why traffic acid accidents lead to tragic disabilities for life hunger hunger is not just a condition in the 3rd world countries no in the recent stat that I came across did you know that over 40000000 Americans go hungry face hunger eat every day. Difficult trial most are an experience for all human beings and difficult trials can also lead well to suicide with over 250000 deaths only since New Year's Eve just nearly 4 months ago or so these are the times so we're living in devastation happens difficult trials happen and they happen in various ways even by natural disasters and you know home was the Philippines for about 6 years my parents served there is missionaries and I lived there for 6 years and one of the experiences I have of living in the Philippines is there were only 2 seasons there we had the the dry season and the rainy season to season 7 and the thing about the rainy season is that we always anticipated these these terrible storms sees these rain storms sees typhoons and they would happen every single time and a few years ago the Philippines was hit with the strongest tropical typhoon to make landfall anywhere in the world in recorded history Super Typhoon Yolanda it was caused made landfall with gusts of 235 miles per hour even imagine that kind of wind the governor of that region said this when you're faced with a furious wind you can only pray pray they and pray live can be very difficult when the wind blows. And we can discover that the wind blew throughout the Scriptures in Exodus a mighty strong east wind I should in the all consuming locus of the 8th plague when the wind blows and 1st kings great and strong winds tore into that Melton where alights who was fighting for his dear life he was running he was a refugee he was running as fast as his legs could carry him when the wind blows in the Book of Job a great wind blew across the wilderness and it struck that house where his children were having a feast and it killed all of job strolled written when the wind blows in Psalms the wind blows in chapter one and in chapter 148 the wind blows and several times in between when the wind blows and revelation for angels standing on the 4 corners of the earth they hold back the winds of strife to 4 Winds of Strive when the wind blows life can be very difficult and you can never predict when the wind will blow and exactly what store rection its coming from Jesus said it could make a Demas these very words the wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes but then ceases as these words so is everyone who is born of the Spirit so Jesus takes his word picture this imagery of wind and compared it to the work of the Holy Spirit Now keep that thought in mind. Because we find that in the scriptures we find a completely different picture is well you see the devil is also associated with wind the devil himself in the thesis chapter 2 verse 2 the Apostle Paul calls the Devil Satan the prince of the power of the air or of the wind and today as we consider why God allows difficult try us in our life I like to explore to people cool stories we're going to look at together today to biblical stories where with the wind blows soon we're going to examine who is behind the scenes and why on the one hand we're going to discover whether it's the Holy Spirit who who moves with the wind or that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan or the prince of the power of the air the sick you look at these 2 stories our 1st story takes us to the Gospel of Mark so I invite you to come with me to Mark Chapter 4 Mark Chapter 4 today we may be looking at wind in a way that we never have before as we go to Mark chapter 4 and will read versus 35 and 36 Mark Chapter 4 versus 35 and 36. And the Bible says on the same day when evening had come he said to them let us cross over to the other side now when they have left the multitude they took him along in the boat as he was and other little boats were also with him let's pause there for just a moment Cheesus and his disciples have been ministering to people all day long they've been healing the blind Jesus has been meeting the needs of people emotionally and physically and yes spiritually Cheesus has had a stream Lee busy day earlier that day a great multitude from Galilee have been following Jesus they followed him from to d.m. from Jerusalem and from beyond the Jordan the Bible says in fact Mark records of the crowd was so thick that they were concerned this that they were concerned that the crowd would crush Jesus That's how thick the crowd was I'll take you there Mark Chapter 3 notice here a few verses versus 10 and on it says wearing heels many so that as many as had afflictions pressed about him to touch him keen mention that 1st 11 and the unclean spirits whenever they saw him fell down before him and cried out saying you are the Son of God but he sternly warned them that they should not make him known so you can imagine it's been a very intense day in every sense of the word These demons have been out and he's been delivering people from demonic oppression and he's been healing teaching and everything else. And that was in all he went on to preach and teach and heal some more into the afternoon and into the evening and it was a long day but a good day and let me let me let me just give you this the big picture it's been a joyful day for Christ and His disciples because they've been able to witness men and women being set free and healed but because that's the case we have somebody who's very angry someone who is furious someone who has so much hatred that he wants to do whatever it takes to put an absolute end to the work of healing that Jesus is performing day in and day out it's been a day of joy for Christ but it is Make no mistake about it a day of anger for the enemy and he's angry and so now with that with that context let's continue with the story as they set saile the Bible says that the great wind storm a rose of a deadly was unpredictable The only reason that we can safely conclude that it was unpredictable is because the fisherman chose agreed to get on the boat to get to the other side if this storm had been predictable if they had seen it coming from a distance I have no doubt that Jesus and His disciples may have chosen to wait until the storm it's passed by before they continued on but not in this case not in this case the experience fishermen are out sailing across the lake. Mark Chapter 4 Notice what happens next in versus 37 and 38 and a great wind storm arose and the waves beat into the boat so that it was already filling this pos their notice notice how intense this the scenario has got the waves are beating into the boat. Team magine the boat waves are just beating into the boat and he says and so they was already filling this water getting into the boat implying that they're about to drown this boat is about to go down and the disciples are frantic they're yelling at the top of their love and sprees to save us Jesus save us there's $38.00 but where was Jesus he was in the stern asleep on a pillow and they will go up and sit him team sir do you not care that we are perishing and what was his response 1st 39 then your rose and rebute the wind he repute the wind and said to the sea Peace be still and the wind ceased and there was a great call don't miss with Jesus stood with it he do it's there in the text he repute the wind to hear rebute the wind the Greek word for Rheem. As T.-Mo b t m and it's the same word that is used when cheeses repeat demons. For example Matthew Chapter 17 verse 18 says and Cheesus repute the demon and it came out of him and the child was cured that very hour same word in the Greek translated Repu Jesus rebuked the demons and immediately they were cast out but in this context she says repute still when any mediately the wind cease could there be something happening behind the scenes in the suspicious old realm that could not have been seen with the eyes but there were forces at work in a very powerful way right there in the midst of that storm could it be that bad when was not merely just when did that happen to this blow their way but could it be could it be that this was a wind that was directed towards them by the prince of the power of the year himself 4 2nd story would come to Mark Chapter 6 we don't have to go too far Mark Chapter 6 is where we find our 2nd story emerged chapter 6 and we give you a little context something miraculous has taken place on the mountain side Jesus is just fed 5000 people and this miracle just excites the crowd they can't believe what they have been watching here is Jesus who has turned. A couple of fish and 50 so bread into enough food for thousands of people and you can only imagine that this gets the crowd all worked up they can see they can't believe what they're witnessing and John tells us the Gospel of John tells us that they wanted to take keys is by force to Jerusalem to crown him King I mean that's how that's how intense the scenarios become you can only imagine and so the disciples put yourself in their shoes you're one of the 12 you can imagine that they're wondering you know this is it this could be the time come on Jesus you've got thousands of people on your side this is your moment to take the throne you've got multitude on your side we can do this Jesus take the throne but instead notice would Cheesus does in verse 45 March after 64045 it says immediately he made his disciples get into the boat and go before him to the other side Tippit saida while he sent the multitude away picture Jesus telling this is Sipos disciples Now go down to the boat get in the boat and get to the other side of me to later go to school and then he turns around and Jesus begins to send the multitude home please everyone please please please go home he mentioned Jesus please please no no no no this is not this is not the time this is not why I came no no please go home the people are sent home and this made the disciples rather for St. And rightly so I mean they had high expectations of would Jesus was to do in their mind and they probably debated at that very moment where they were given the command they probably baited in they probably wondered if this was the time to disobeyed for the sake of something better you know let's let's disobeyed Jesus because he'd start she doesn't see the big picture that we see in fact they were mad for finally having obeyed in a parallel Gospel we see the same story where it says that finally evening came and they got into the boat you know what that implies that the took their time to get to the boat you know they didn't quickly obey Jesus they took their time and as are walking towards the boat I can only imagine them stopping and saying Man Jesus doesn't give it to once it's problem and then they were probably just frustrated in the press to check did they had feelings in their hearts that shouldn't be there they entertained and believe they had to taint a lack of faith and one of the disciples were doubting and entertaining and believe what is cheese is doing at the same time notice with me verse 46 and when he has sent them away he departed to the mountain to do what you see there in your text he departed to the mountain to pray he is praying he is interceding for them. We can only estimate but we can safely conclude that cheeses would have been praying for maybe 6 mean as many as 8 hours in prayer at least until 3 o'clock in the morning about the 4th watch of the night that's about 3. Cheeses has been praying for hours for his disciples so if you can picture this scene with me after our supreme by Jesus and after hours of doubting by the disciples is great and mighty when it begins to blow someone and someone once wrote these words when God is going to do something wonderful he begins with difficulty if it is going to be something very wonderful he begins with him possibility in the midst of a tremendous storm and the disciples found themselves in the midst of an of and possibility they realize that in order to survive it would be impossible without Jesus if they're going to get through this storm alive it has to be would Jesus it's impossible to survive without him so they got to a point where they recognize maybe more than ever before in their fishermen experience undoubtedly this is one of the this tops them all this storm is carrying them to the core but they came to a point where they realized how much they needed their master how much the needed she says. And when they longed for him as he was. Not not as they wanted him to be as they cried out desperately to us I need be we mean the right here right now at that very moment he came to he walked on troubled waters and he came to rescue them in their desperate need take a good take courage she said to them Be of good cheer do not be afraid any god into the boat and in verse $51.00 it simply says that he went up into the boat to them and the wind is sees and the wind sees here where I found very curious I just find it interesting if you look at this story in all the gospels where it's mentioned guess what Jesus gets into the boat and the wind ceased You know what that's what's not there it's missing in this particular story he doesn't command the wind to stop he doesn't repute the wind he does and commanded take a look in all gospels of this story it simply says he got into the boat and the wind seas I find that very very interesting in contrast to the our 1st story where he deliberately and intentionally with boldness and no fear he rebuked to the wind assy often did with demons. Did you notice some similarities and differences between the 2 stories in both instances it is Jesus' initiative to get into the boat he takes initiative to step into their lives as it were he steps into the boat in the 1st case he gets inside the boat before the storm hit. In the 2nd case after praying for them in the mountain and then walking on the water to get to them during the storm if he gets into the boat with them in both instances there is a testing of faith in the 1st case there's a test to see if they're still going to believe that Jesus cares in the midst of a difficulty in the 2nd state case it is a test to see if they will still believe that Jesus will answer their prayer despite their unbelief and doubt and there's also a few differences between the 1st between the 2 stories a few differences that we can point out unlike the 1st case when the disciples knew that Jesus was in the boat with them the disciples were tempted to believe that Jesus had left them alone in the 2nd story there's also the difference that though the wind blew in both instances they ceased differently as mentioned earlier than the 1st case the wind is rebuked and then it ceases and the 2nd case the wind ceases without even a command and you know what as we take a look at these 2 stories when when examined spoke of these you know what I notice at the character of the unseen forces is clearly revealed. You see Satan struggles Satan's trials are in are enticements for the purpose of leading to sin and disbelief when trial that come from say tense power when he comes and strikes us with difficulties in life is for the purpose of causing us to to doubt the goodness of God He comes as a thief with the spirit of fear to try to sway us under his control if he can get a stupor leave his lie that God does not care if he could get us to believe his lie in the midst of that difficulty that God must be must be out caring for other people but not me with a win win see didn't get says to believe his lie that God does not love he doesn't care for your well being Satan is seeking to destroy he seeking to steal and he seeking to kill when the use of the word rebuke in this 1st story one could conclude that Satan was using wind just as he did in Job Strachey remember the Book of Job God gave him permission to go and to cause great harm to Joe but don't touch don't touch a disco and he did and what did he do he caused that went to come and destroy that house in the same manner being an end to a means to an end and that is to destroy the disciples faith Satan attempted to strike hard while on the other hand. God's trials are external afflictions for the purpose of leading us to surrender and trusts in other words when God allows difficult trials in our life it's for the purpose of strengthening our faith in troubled times as the very days that we are living is the purpose of trials when they come from God It should be able for us to examine our lives and recognize that without Jesus we can't do nothing it's for the purpose of recognizing that in our lives self effort is not going to get us anywhere is for the purpose of recognizing that when I try to handle things. With my hands and with my wisdom and with my abilities and with my determination the reality is that I am going to make I mean I'm going to get nowhere fast the Bible teaches that without she says we can do nothing in God often times will allow difficult trials in our lives so we can come to that reality why does God allow difficult trials. So we will come to the place where we admit our weaknesses and confess his strength the disciples were led to recognize to step down from their arrogance to step down from the pride of wanting to sit next to Jesus as he sat on the throne that's what that's a thought they have in their mind they wanted cheese to rise to power so that they themselves could be sitting on the left sand handed right hand of Jesus on the throne but it took a storm like this to get them to step down from their thrones of arrogance and pride in and be able to recognize that they were in a situation where they desperately needed Jesus more than ever before for who he was not who who they wish he was and that's why Paul wrote in 2nd Corinthians Chapter 12 1st and 2nd Corinthians Chapter 12. Verse 10 the Bible says Therefore I take pleasure in the infirmities in reproaches in needs in proper persecution in distresses for Christ's sake Paul then continues for when I am week then I am strong whenever you find yourself facing a difficult trial call on sees us call on Jesus take it seriously seek his face like you never have before drop everything else but hold on to Caesar's with both of your hands could it be that God would permit a covert 1000 pandemic ask the very one that we're experiencing right now to costs us to recognize how hopeless we all are in the face of such a minute virus and to find that dog the Almighty God and God alone is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble could it be that for your sake for my sake we're experiencing these troubled times so we can recognize that we desperately need she says to take an active role in our lives as King of Kings and Lord of Lords sitting on the throne of our lives I believe so why does God allow trials I'll give you another reason why he allows trials not only for us to recognize our weakness and and confess his strength but he also allows struggles he also lost trials so we will mature in our Christian character development you see it's the only way that God can develop keep develop character in our lives that's why chains. James Chapter one versus 2 to Ford seems chapter one versus 2 and 2 to 4 says these words my brother and counted August sure way when you fall into various trials knowing that the testing of your faith produces what pay since but let pay since have its perfect work that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing in the universe to Word says that you may be perfect and complete with that what that means is that you would become spiritually mature but you would that you would grow in transition from being even mature spiritually to being a mature or Christian God allows trials said we can face difficulty for the purpose of leading us to surrender and to trust Why does God allow trials I'll give you a 3rd reason why he allows trials not only so that we can come to recognize our weakness not only so that we can face trials and know that that our characters being developed Why do we face trials and why does God allow trials could it be that he allows trials we will part week of Christ's sufferings so we may also partake of his joy when Christ came to earth Christ the divine Son of man he walked upon this same earth in the midst of a humanity that was suffering and Christ himself suffered with us Christ suffered with us. But Christ had the joy that was set before him and as we partake of Christ's sufferings we also part of is surely that is why Peter would write in 1st Peter chapter 4 verse to 12 come with me through 1st Peter chapter 4 1st 12 it says beloved did I think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you as though some strange thing happened to you news 1st 13 but read Joyce To the extent that you partake of Christ sufferings then when his glory is revealed you may also be glad with exceeding the joy with exceeding joy what Peter is saying is this if Christ suffer you can expect to suffer to do it cries had to go to trials you can expect to go through trials too but know this one thing there is a joy at the end of the journey there is a joy for when you suffer with Christ you also partake of is. And that choice promise to us that assurance that inheritance be is being researched for us in Heaven is being promised to us so remember this there might be circumstances in your life right now this very moment the good to simply don't understand you're facing trials in your life these are trials that have hit chu from nowhere you didn't see them coming I'm not just talking about the coping 1000 pandemic which is a trial that's impacting all of us I'm talking about personal circumstances in your life right now that you're facing but believe this one thing. That there is someone you can trust his name is Chief says if this true of these if these troubles are happening in your life right now and they're coming from the enemy know this one thing that there's a savior there is a lord there's a friend who stands by your side in this world you will have tribulations because we live in a world of sin and Satan the prince of the power of the air will strike will attack but know this one thing that he who is with us is greater than he who is in the world he who is with us and in us is greater than he who blows the winds of strive and destruction he is greater and the Lord Jesus is by our side he will take a hold of our hand and he will not lead go if these trials are coming our way because God and His mercy and His Grace sees us more and he knows as more than we know ourselves I can tell you this that when we look at our eternal perspective and then we look at life here on earth God is more concerned about our eternal destiny then he is our well being today on planet Earth he he's more concerned about our eternity in being prepared to be welcomed into the New Jerusalem and to receive eternal life he wants us to be ready for that day and he's more concerned about your readiness for that day that he is about your comfort in this life today right now. And you can trust Him when He allows difficult trials because in doing so it is time for us. To search our hearts and like the sama say Lord search us to know was if there's any we could way it is simply is lead us in the way everlasting elenchi white sin spired and prolific writer in the 19th century one of my favorite Christian authors he she wrote these words you may take all your trials all your troubles all your sorrows to Jesus in prayer you may feel that he is at hand to help you and every emergency and he and you can tell him all about it and he will give you just the help you need isn't that a one of 4 inspiring quote My friends we have a nagging cooler that keeps the soul steadfast and sure while the billows roll fasts into the rock that can not move grounded deep and firm in the Saviors love my friends only Only you know and only God knows we're going through in life right now the winds are blowing in your life. And you're wanting to discern where this is coming from. Today I want to tell you this at though there is an enemy who wants to steal kill and destroy there is one who is grader at the of bytes in your heart and He cares for you and he will be there with you surrounding you with this presence and anything that he did see you has to go through Christ 1st who surrounds you with this presence. And if there's something in your life that God wants to take care of something in your life that God wants to re saw who wants to cut off from your life which you seek Him like you never have before and that is your prayer will you told me right now lift up your hand saying Jesus take a hold of my hand take a hold of my hand. I want to hold on to you more than ever before Jesus I will trust you and I see trust and hear a voice for you have been saying trust me trust me trust me you can you can how thankful we are. Truly beyond words. To know that the my clock to the Everlasting Father the Prince of Peace. Has. Us in his arms. Jesus you have a place in our life right now step into our lives come into our boates. And just knowing that your presence is with us is enough it's all we need to know. Carry us through this Lord and if there is something in our lives that you want to reveal you. Want to make clear you want to be song if you want to put off from our lives Lord you have our permission. Step into our lives be the strength. And the fortress. A tower of fresh fish where we are safe against the attacks of the enemy thank you both for speaking to our hearts me your word remain living and powerful in us as we continue on with this day. And stay in Jesus and we pray. Bless are very much so you can explain this this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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