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Finding Purpose in Pain

Dee Casper


How do we find purpose in the painful experiences that come to us in this life? What hope does Scripture offer us? 


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • April 17, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Her study this evening cull finding purpose in pain finding purpose in pain let's pray Oh sweet Jesus thank you that you've been so good to us this week I know many of us have fared better than others people are grieving the loss of family members right now. They're grieving the loss of their own health right now and so I just praise you for the blessings each of us have received a pretty good ministry Those are the adroit now and I presuppose civically as we embark to address a very difficult topic the topic of pain Lord I pray that you would minister to us that you would help us and that you would speak life into these dark chapters of our experience I don't really feel like my mind's in the right place to do this justice Lord this is something I need you to do and a reminder the lyrics of a song that if you would choose to use me my savior in spite of my fears and all of my failures I'm not much to look at but whatever I am I be yours I'm yours Jesus using me and I'm yours is my plea in Jesus' name amen all rights. Well welcome everyone Thank you Kyle for helping us out there click on that there link you can learn more on Facebook at least. One So again this evening's topic is the topic of finding purpose in pain is pain and heartbreak and disappointment have led you to have negative beliefs about yourself and about your value as a result of your pain if they rob you of hope in different areas of your life that are hoping and praying that this study will be a blessing to this evening and show you that there is hope that whatever you know storm has come into our lives has left us feeling pain heartbreak and loneliness and greed than has led in asking the question of why I hope and pray that this evening can have a healthy grav 7 provide some answers and some encouragement to us. It will be in the doing a follow up study on another topic this somewhat similar to this because I'm not going to be able to do all this justice but these are some things that come to my mind a place in my heart for a while the whole thing can be helpful we're told in Romans Chapter 15 a verse 13 now mean that God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing and that you may have a valid in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit so if Griese in pain in difficulties come into your life in and robbed you even of hope itself the Bible says that he is the God of hope and we can pray for him to fill it with all joy and peace in believing and that we would have bound in hope by the power of His Holy Spirit of the whole Roman 5 bided who does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who is given to us now this is very good news because the Holy Spirit is actually referred to as the comforter in for reason and I would encourage you this evening to let him this is the comforter the Holy Spirit pour God healing love into your light and allow that hope to grow in your heart this evening. To keep trusting that is able to pick you back up again and to strengthen your divider what you've gone through we're told as a chapter 40 verse 31 that those who wait on the Lord shall we knew their strength not might they shall we knew their strength for waiting on the Lord that we shall mount up with wings like eagles we shall run and not be weary and we shall walk and faint and Jesus actually warned his disciples and John Chapter 16 of verse 33 that in this world you are going to have tribulations so long as he wasn't preaching this prosperity gospel that if you follow me everything's going to be easy he never said that he said in this world your governor had tribulations it's going to be hard is going to be difficult but be of good cheer why because I've overcome the world beloved of Jesus overcome the world he can overcome whatever pain has been brought into your life today. And he give them a very specific warning if you versus earlier than John 1633 about the heartbreak and disappointment that they were going to go through regarding his betrayal and death and he used a very interesting analogy. Regarding his purpose and eventually and this is from the judge Chapter 16 beginning of verse 20 and also verse $21.00 it says Most assuredly I say to you the you will weep and lament and you will be sorrowful but your sorrow will be turned into joy a woman when she is in labor has sorrow because her hour has come Jesus says that joy will come evil you want to deal with difficulty in trial and he promised in the illustration he uses here seems to be childbirth and we've got a new mom who just joined us on Instagram who I'm sure can testify to the pain of childbirth. But anyway he says a woman when she is in labor has sorrow because her hours come but as soon as she has given birth to the child she no longer remembers the in which her joy that the human being has been born into the world so Jesus here promises that yes a time of difficulty is coming but I will equate that difficulty to childbirth that it's difficult it's painful but the other individual going to forget the pain that you've gone through over joy for what you have received in the 1st 22 it says there for you now have sorrow but I will see you again in your heart will rejoice and Innes's in your joy no man can take from you. That when we come to find purpose in our pain and see with Jesus was doing on the other end of this we're going to forget all that nitty gritty gory details of what we've gone through and just find a sense of gratitude and peace and and then fullness because of what we received on the other end of it this is what Jesus promised the disciples in John 16 I believe you promised that as well and this also tells me something that I think there's a very practical lesson we can draw from this in John Chapter 16 that our pain when it's original to God that is directional it's not the final destination it's directional it has purpose to it it's leading us somewhere it can help us and. I find 3 consolation and I believe on the other end of our people experiences God is going to help us forgive all those excruciating details of how hard it was and appreciate that this is what it was required for us to receive what we needed to receive and to become who we needed to become there is purpose in our pain that allowed to come our way that Jesus equated to childbirth it's directional there is purpose there is meaning it will make sense on the other in and if we allow God. The the ability to do so and I believe that God can redeem our pain for good this is why I believe it Romans chapter in a verse 20 is alluding to that God works all things together for the good of those who love God in a cold according to his purpose notice not everything happens for good for everybody but for those who love him it can be turned into something good right anything that comes our way God is able to bring good out of those circumstances we're told for those who love him and are called according to His purpose and what I have come to find is a he is what I find and what I need in those dark moments sometimes it takes pain and difficulty for us to realize just how much we need Jesus because we're in a world we get deceived by the deceitful his of riches and glory in other things and we just forget the fact that I was created with a purpose to be a child of God to live up to that purpose and sometimes painting is the avenue to remind us of why we're here in the 1st place and what matters most I've heard many testimonies and even had testimony my own experience then this is a difficult season that our country world is going through and this is a coronavirus crisis people are being reawakened to what the real purpose is and what the real important thing is a life that I'm a child of God that God is there. All of my life not riches not glory just fame than not building my own empire or something else that that I'm here as a child of God and my life is important has meaning and I believe that God can use circumstances like this even global crises to open our eyes to the fact that there's something more that there's someone more that deserves our attention we're told of Proverbs Chapter 13 a verse 12 this hope deferred makes the heart sick but when the desire comes it is a tree of life. I believe that we're going through difficulties and it's difficult for us to believe that there is hope because we're in the midst of pain trial agrees and loneliness and so forth that it's difficult right it makes our heart sick to have to wait on that hope to come back and or experience but we're told that when that desire comes a tree of life is the gift that keeps on giving right the Tree of Life is indeed a gift that keeps on giving it sustains your life forever not just a meal for today our pain can be something that could actually be a gift that keeps on giving if we allow it to be bringing to God to life and to redeem that pain and I believe that God is asking us to surrender the pain in fear to hope anymore to got right the pain in our lives the difficulties that we experience in life can lead us to be afraid to hoping or we lose hope we let go of our whole because we're just. It's difficult right is anything good could come out of this could anything good ever come by way of good will go to a story in Scripture about this very soon. But if we surrender that pain in our fear to hope to be more to God and trust that what's on the other side of this can bring us new life it will it can help us and God also read deems our pain by using what we learned in the comfort that he gives us to help others again redress the topic of finding purpose in pain this is found a cigarette in chapter one versus 3 poor I was studying this this morning and I wish I had my mind better after reading all what's happening here in chapter one chapter to chapter 7 because I'm just scratching the surface right now but I found some gold day 10 times the word cover is used in chapter 1. 10 times now when we're in pain or wrestling with difficulty in trials right and disappointment in grief and loss and loneliness and everything else of discouragement we come right that's why Jesus called the Holy Spirit the comforter he brings a very comforting Jesus into your life but in 2nd when this chapter one God shows us one of the ways that we can find purpose in our pain we covered some of them but here's another one so you can use one because 3 or 4 it says Blessed to be the God of the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ the Father of mercies and then it says And God of all comfort. Notice God the God of comfort since the Holy Spirit Who was the comfort her and that comforter brings a very comfort of Jesus Christ himself the entire god is it a ploy to end dispatched to bring comfort to broken pain filled humanity and you can take great consolation that this evening I certainly do that he is the God of all comfort. If you remember Romans had her 15 a verse 13 is called The God of pope he's also called the God of comfort so for people who are in pain we can find answers in God we can find hope in God we can find comfort in God but it says that the father of mercy is in God of all comfort who comforts us and all our tribulation pain difficulty why we made the ill will to comfort those who are in any trouble with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God One of the reasons why God seems to allow pain and difficulty and trials into our lives is so that when he shows himself faithful by being that God of comfort that God of hope in our trials and difficulties that we will just keep that to ourselves we want we want to share is that to say thank you Jesus and keep it to us but in the very God will bring people into your path guaranteed he will bring people into your path who need to hear the story of how God comforted you when you were going through something dislike them. I guarantee you that's going to happen this is what God does for us and gets us into situations where he is a created them but he really deems them a reason good at them as the God of hope and God of comfort and he unable us to not just receive his comfort but also be the vehicle through which the comfort that he gave us can now comfort another party right that beautiful gift that brought healing comfort to you now Bruce heal in comfort to somebody else and what it prove Lidge and have been an honor that God could use you to bring his comfort to someone else when he could just do that himself be and he allows you to be the person who carries that blessing next to somebody else it continues in verses 5 to 7 for as the sufferings of Christ a ballad and so are consolation I thought that's a bummer he doesn't use the word comfort Well when you look at the original language it's actually come it's the same Greek word that uses cover early in the chapter it just translated differently so it's still the same thing consolation it is comforting in a way to but the point is the same word so that Mark it says for is the sufferings of Christ abound in us so our consolation of comfort also about all those through Christ now if we are afflicted it's for if you're consolation and salvation just just sit back and think about that for a moment then we are afflicted for somebody else's comfort why had this ad happen God comforts us in our trials and the comfort that we receive we don't just keep to ourselves we share with someone else who suffers in the same ways that Sal so were afflicted it's for your good your consolation your comfort and salvation which is effect different during the same sufferings which we also suffer so the cover that God gives me not only helps me in but it also helps this person and that helps that person keep going and I can help somebody else. So if we are comforted it's for your consolation or comfort and salvation and our hope for you is steadfast right it's steadfast we have hope for you because we know that is your protectors of the sufferings so you also will partake of the consolation and only someone who's been through pain can give a testimony like that and can be that confident guard comforted me and my pain and I guarantee you he can come for you in your pain that does that faith and that testimony is part of the means through which he comforts those people that make sense that's how this works 10 times the word comfort is used here this is so encouraging to me There we go through tribulation distress trials pain and heartbreak there is a God of comfort of vailable to us who is be able to redeem this pain and allow it to be used to comfort someone else in their pain which implies then that God sees in you the ability to make it through this in the 1st place right God knows him believes that you could make it through whatever it is that you're dealing with right now and that's going to help somebody else and he believes in your ability to use the purpose of healing you find to bless someone else if you allow it to right we have a choice in this matter we can choose to keep the comfort to ourselves we can choose to not receive the come from the Goddess trying to give us or we can go out to be used for good that's 2nd Cribbins chapter one back on the turn there's I don't think there's anything else on the ground for this but just to double check because again this is still. Fresh Amanda and my wife right now. Yeah Ok then we need to secure this chapter 2 and the 2nd can this chapter once and pretty gnarly stuff it happened at the church according to core it was a pretty gnarly place anyway the lot of why City just innocent sexual sin and sin she well of the just crazy stuff that was happening there was very difficult place very cosmopolitan area in very culturally diverse areas but with a lot of different belief systems and so forth but he wrote in the 1st Corinthians that there is a guy in your church who is committing sexual morality in such a sexual morality that is even committed by pagans right even unbelievers don't even engage in such with good dastardly deeds is that he says a man has his own father's wife. You do the math right best case scenario it's a step mom and that's probably who it is a stepmother a man has his own father's wife and he says you've got to deal with this right you can't have fellowship with sexually immoral people and then he clarifies on the part about people the world right the need to feel should result from everybody about talk about people the church you've got to deal with this and so they do and then he follows up on that in the 2nd Corinthians and Tara is talking about church discipline and has were addressed in the topic of pain we're not just talking about pain that comes into your wife through tragedy or difficulty there could be pain that comes into our lives because we're receiving discipline. Right there can be pain that comes into our lives of receiving discipline from God and discipline isn't easy and about you right if you would when you're a kid it doesn't feel too good but it had a purpose we hope I'm not going to get it to my positions on child disposal for this other point but here's what he says in Chapter 2 a 2nd printings he says I want this very thing delist when I came I should have sorrow for those who might not to have joy having confidence in you all that my joy is the joy of you all and he said I did most of Bush's War tribulation that were tribulations use a lot of 2nd Christians and admits tribulation affliction an English of the heart I wrote to you with many tears not that you should be greedy but that you might know the love which I have so abundantly for you so I had to tell you difficult things that even that were hurtful seemingly because I love Right because things are happening that are not will Kay this is as if it will cause grief he's not grieved me but all of you to some extent but not to be too severe then he says this punishment which was inflicted by the majority is a vision for such a man so the on the contrary you are rather to give in that says come for him this is a grandiose to verse 6 you are rather do forgive and comfort him lest perhaps such a one be swallowed up with too much sorrow he says is your ministering church discipline right you've got to deal with what needs to be dealt with but now that you've done that and you dispel it shipped him I'm telling you to to reaffirm your love to him right to forgive and comforted sorry comfort him right now he's our to talk about comfort earlier this chapter but now he's saying to forgive income for this offender this guy who had sexual relations with the stepmom and best his own mother at worst right. And he says therefore person I urge you to reaffirm your love to him for this if I also wrote that I might put you to the test with you or be hidden in all things and then he says know whom you forgive I also forgive 3 of Indeed I have forgiven anything I forgiven that one for your 6 in the presence of Christ so there was purpose there was a reason behind this trial this pain that even I as your pastor had to inflict upon use a congregation when I had to discipline you can spur you to discipline him that wasn't easy for me but I had to do it because I love you and I want the help of the body and he makes it clear Don't be too hard of this guy so that you never comes back but reaffirm your love to him and specifically he says to comfort him because certainly when he's been disciplined he's feeling pain too right and the goodness of God should lead us to repentance right that since of repentance is going to do something we'll cover that here a 2nd chapter 7 but then he says if I forgiven anyone I've forgiven that one for your sakes in the presence of Christ but that was not a close and personal letter he says lest Satan should take advantage of us for we are not ignorant of his devices so if if we don't understand the purpose of discipline and informed up mature when we are disciplined signal can use the act and pull us away and if we are not careful it ministry discipline we can cause unnecessary pain which state can use to cause problems you notice in this right our unforgiveness our heavy handedness or our stubbornness and refusing to accept discipline all of those can be used by seeing the cause additional pain. Even though discipline is painful it up so there can be pain that we experience and discipline but God is quick to ensure that we see the purpose for it and that we find comfort in his forgiveness as well he was told tells us that if we endure the cheeks in that God is dealing with us as sons if we endure chastening that shows us and it reminds us that while being chased under disciplined that God views me as a son now is a loser not a soul whose cast off and so even that pain can be directional to lead me to repentance and allow him to comfort and fill me in the heal me of my simpleton see in that area and to set me free for what for a prophet he says that he was 12 the God These were the sons for our prophet that we may be protectors of His Holiness and then he says no no chastening your discipline seems to be joyful for the present but painful nevertheless afterwards it yields that peaceable fruit of all right just as to those who have been treated by him so that even the pain that we receive in discipline. Can be used for good right to make his partakers of God's holy this and bring fruit of righteousness if we allow it to they were going to Chapter 7 the 2nd Caribbeans this idea of comfort in pain. Significance on a brief allusion Chapter 6 The removal reach every step of a divorce a web a Chapter 6 Sigma 6 Alyssa spoke really as we have spoken openly to you our heart is wide open our hearts are open to you we're not restricted biased but you're restricted by your own affections and now in return to the same I speak as the children you will also be open we have borne our hearts to you and we're nasty you also to be open he says and it's because whenever we're disciplines we can harden ourselves off and not respond accordingly if we're not careful so Paul explains himself and why he did what he did he says a Chapter 7 so you can the 7 the universe to open your hearts to us pinion from Chapter 6 we have wronged no one we corrupted no one we cheated no one and I do not say this there's a reason for why he's had this conversation Chapter 7 at a time before but one of the is we talk about chapter 2 but he says that we'd rather no one we corrupted no one we cheated no one and I do not see this can to condemn friends since before that you were in our hearts to die together in to live together great is mind bold as a speech toward you agreed with my boasting on your behalf and then he says I am filled with comfort. And I'm exceedingly joyful in all our tribulation or pain or trials but he's given the comfort he says in this trial for Indeed when we came to Macedonia our bodies had no rest but we were troubled on every side outside recover Flix inside were fears the end that's a topical covered future week nevertheless guardian who comforts the downcast he referred to him as a guard at home of comfort earlier and said Caribbeans Now again he says that God is One who comforts the downcast come 1st us by the coming of Titus and not only by his coming but also by the consolation or comfort with which he was comforted and you you notice how he picks up on this theme he had in Chapter 2 right because we were comforted by the comfort that someone else received we were comforted by the coverage you gave to Titus. When he told us of your earnest desire your more than your zeal for me so I rejoiced even more for even though I made you start with my letter he said I don't regret it though I did regret it I was afraid that maybe you would completely harden your still to this discipline that would receive the benefit right and I would lose children in the faith or with this fright received the same apostle that made you sorry the only for a while but now I rejoice not that you were made Sorry but that your sorrow led to repentance So we feel pain good through difficulty because we're being chastened by God just remember the fact 1st of all that he's viewed as a son if out of love that he does this so that you can receive His Holiness and bear fruit or righteousness and it leads us to repentance if we allow it to right we respond accordingly don't harden ourselves if we as he says be open Ok now for you have made sorrow and it is sorry in a Godly manner that you might suffer loss from us in nothing for God The star we produce is repent. That's leading to salvation in the King James it says not to be repented of her repentance that doesn't need to be repented of because some of us that have a pittance that needs to be repented of right and explained a little more he says. But the sorrow of the world produces death right if you're just trying to get out of trouble because you don't want to work that you've not really understand understood discipline as God intended. But true godly repentance a true sorrow lead us to God The repentance for exert this very thing that what sorrow that you sought in a Godly banner and what diligence to produce to you what clearing your skills with indignation what fear what vehement desire what c.e.o. What did the occasions in all things you proved yourself to be clear in this matter so when you were convicted right about what was happening in your church you dealt with it you didn't harden yourselves you dealt with it and I'm proud of you for that and it's producing fruits of righteousness Ok Therefore I also rude to you I did although I wrote you I did not do for the sake of him who did the wrong though for the sake of him was suffered but that our care for you in the sight of God might appear to you and I believe the same thing applies to God It's not because God's just trying to deal with the sin in your life or to the harm it causes somebody else he's wanting to make it clear that I love you and care for you and I don't want you to suffer right so there has to be a short tide of pain right now and you being disappointed that it's going to alleviate a lot of big pain later if you respond accordingly Yeah. And this is verse 13 therefore we have been comforted in your comfort I love that God is a God of comfort and if we allow him to in our discipline difficulty he can bring forth fruits of Rights is this and great good are that the good is Chapter 7 now I want to share an example of Jesus helping someone who is going through pain that will go through story the Old Testament things very very religious but go to Luke Chapter 7 right so there's different forms of pain that we can experience pain from trial or pain from tragedy right there's the coronavirus There's the tornado that is with the sound the Chattanooga area the other places as for family this was a precious little boy from head trauma. But there's also pain that we can feel our lives you're looking to find purpose and pains we talked about the fact that God comforts us in our pain so that comfort can be used to cover someone else who goes through something very similar that's one way that God brings purpose out of pain and he draws us closer to a self we talked about the beginning the message but we also see that one of the purposes of pain is actually to discipline and grow and sometimes I'm not saying that a tragedy in your life is necessarily God disciplining you but there are times when there were there is pain and we in court with that we incur that is God disciplining us and how we respond directly impacts how we in through that purpose of that pain right thing can lead us to repentance and growth can bear fruit to holiness and righteousness but look at how Jesus dealt with someone who was in pain there's middy samples of this but I just don't have time to go to that this evening but I would encourage you to just just read through the Gospels and just observe how it is that Jesus helps people who are going through pain we would go a lot of example to Jesus last week you know he directed people who are lonely this week I want to use an example recent more time on in the Old Testament it's a beautiful story. I hope will find new purpose of meaning to use it has for me but there's one example use of Jesus because you got to talk about Jesus is just amazing look 7 beginning of Ursula this verse is actually one of the ways in which God led me to the Arise pretty good through bible college but Luke Chapter 7 vs Whether there's no one happy the day after that he went to a city called me and many of his cycles were with a and a large crowd and when he came to the gate of the city behold a dead man was being carried out the only son of his mother and then it says and she was a widow right Awang losing a child that is on thinkable you painful right just unthinkably painful but then they add this pair that will statement and she was a widow so she has watched her only son the other person carry on the day she's lost her only child there's no one to cure her in her husband's God she is alone we're talking about loneliness no Jesus last week no Jesus minister to people here's another example Ok And she was a widow. And a war trout in the city was with her but when the warden saw her support when he saw our then he had compassion on her and said to her Do not beat up then he came and touched the open coffin and those curious stood still and he said Young man i.c.t. you arise so and he is to heal who was dead sadder and began to speak and Jesus presents him to his mother then fear came upon only glorifying God. She says cares about people who are a pain and as Jesus minister to people their pain this can lead people to glorify God this is one of the ways that we can find purpose and pain is recognizing that a greater glory is brought to God through situations like this big give. Fully understands he would allow for with that not the case he will bring good out of it and they say the great prophet is risen above us and God has visited his people and this report about a windrow all Judea and all the surrounding region is a change of a bit dear friend of my joy this will be want Tomba to walk and I never forgot it the Jesus sees the pain that the woman is going through and then his mood with compassion right he feels her pain Jesus doesn't just look at your pain and say they're there to tell what a shame remember Jesus suffered in all points as we have Jesus is acquainted with the grief of the heartbreak the loneliness the difficulties of humanity Jesus felt and insane amount of pain while on this earth emotionally spiritually psychologically and physically for your benefit and for mine since Jesus not only sees what this woman is going through Jesus feels her pain and then he does something about it and I believe the same thing is going to be true for your story if we come to Jesus and show it Jesus I the pain I am hurting I'm going through difficulty will you help me we're told in John chapter 6 I believe in verse 33 of the stone 63 that he who comes unto me I will in no wise cast out Jesus says you can take it to the big guys if you've got pain and difficulty in trials and all of that you can bring it to Jesus and he can set us free to do something about it Jesus does something about this Will Cain we're about to cover now is the story of Ruth and Naomi. This I think is a very telling story of what happens to us we go through trials and difficulty right we can be followers of Jesus and long to do the things of God But when trial comes into our lives some of us we lose faith we get discouraged we get hurt we get heartbroken and we don't really know what to do with it in times right in our pain that we can literally start shifting blame on God that God did this to be God doesn't care about me so I want to walk through the business story because it's beautiful and I hope you will read the story can I do tomorrow sometime with a new high but it says this after she loses her husband 2 sons she devastated right she's in a really rough situation and she prays this is the interesting thing that when she loses her family her husband and her 2 boys she says this regarding her daughter it was a deal of will go with you just as no no no don't go with me right just go go back to your families I'm no good to you now in a way for me to have kids again like I'm an old woman and she said this is interesting Lee inverses. In verse 8 to 9 she says this go return each 2 are mothers house the Lord deal kindly with you as you dealt with me with the dead and with me in that she says again the word grid that you may want to receive each one in the House of or has been so she kissed them in the lives of their voices and wept so she prays a blessing over them that God bless them but the interesting thing is her response in verse 12 shows very clearly that she does the feel that God thinks that way about her she is willing to believe that God give less other people based on what you've gone through she no longer believe that God blesses her hears about her and this could happen to us in her pain can't it she does a 1st of all talk and the only our talking to Ruth turned back my daughter go to all they have a husband if I should say I have hope right I don't have a word if I should say have hope if I should have a husband tonight you should also bear some of would you wait for them till they're grown when you restrain yourself from having husbands know it grieves me very much for your sakes that the hands of the war has gone against me God has done this to me I can't help but even if I could help it's way too long God is against me I can't help you so just move on go to somebody else she says. And her daughter Naomi will her daughter in law Ruth will leave she says Your god will be my guide isn't that interesting the very God you're saying that it isn't with you it isn't helping you it's brought this curse upon you that God is going to be my God she says. Someone says Oh yes a different struggle is shifting blame not because God is the cause of my suffering because I thought he didn't care enough to intervene appreciate your vulnerability there we all can have those feelings at times right this is someone who's a follower of God and she wrestles with this is so but she says Your god will be my guide and this gives it being a huge blessing to nail me as it comes back around she says. Actually interestingly enough the name Ruth means companion or friend so was she feels for sitting of guy the one companion she has ins of leading her back to her feet that God as we'll see here read the paper she receives she says I'm not going to leave you alone I will be a companion and a friend to you and we will follow God together God will in the using Ruth mightily do spirally only is weak and faltering fear there's a story goes on so she returns to own land and this is in chapter 2 and actually in chapter one and this it is this Naomi in verse 20 she says don't you call me the only the word the only actually means pleasant Don't call me Dale me my experience is in it but close it now she says Kourtney Mara which means bitter cold meat bitter and the good she says for the Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me I went out full and the Lord has brought me home again empty right God blessed me as I left but he kicked me as I was go. Right suffered a comeback in the why do you call in to help me says again The Lord is testified against me in the Almighty has afflicted me I love her vulnerability and honesty here God can work with that right if Moore does harboring feelings but we don't talk about them we don't do anything with them it could make our experience even more difficult she leads on this does not a good witness treated unbelievers but at least being on this is my point. But with a word gets to blow s. about Ruth and she can't it is her showing your favor she can't understand why his favorite hurt he replies and says it has been fully reported to be all that you have does your mother in law since the death of your husband and I left your father in your mother in the land of your birth and he'd come to a people whom you did not know before and he says the Lord repay your work and the full reward be given you by the Lord God of Israel under whose wings you have come for refuge right she says of the fall you're gone and we're going together and he knowledge is that sacrifice that Ruth makes and even the only things that God sees that sacrifice and you come under this week direct use and you not love to hang him I will provide for you I am God's answer to your faith that God will provide to puke story and news of what happened sparks faith intending to Libby's experience she gets revived right in verse 20 then they only said to her daughter in law blessed be He is the Lord who is not 1st to give his kindness to the living and the dead and he only said to her this man is a relation of ours one of our close relatives this awakens Naomi to the idea that there is actually purpose in her pain this directionless something good can come from this and she experiences it whenever Ruth brings forth the child is called male the child does the project for. It says there is a son born to Naomi. And verse 17 right so whenever it is referred to her child it brings her great joy and this testimony right of God turning her trials in difficulties into something beautiful has inspired who knows how many people over the centuries right so many people been inspired by God's amazing dealings with someone who is in tremendous pain and grief the question in their own experience with God The question God's goodness this story is aspired so many people why 2nd create this chapter one God comforts us in our trials in our pain so there we can comfort others with the comfort that we ourselves have received from him or a purpose comes out of this and not just that because this very baby that comes for Ruth and Boaz is part of the lineage of King David in Jesus the very promise see the right who brings his comfort to us through the Holy Spirit and whose father is referred to as the God of comfort what it precious in puta full story of how Godly deeds are paid for good so what we're hurting in losing faith is just like Jesus to seduce people to remind us of where we came from and where our home truly is and maybe some of you can speak to that that you were going through trials and difficulties and even questioning God but God since someone into your life who helped you be reminded the fact that we would be God has been good to me I don't understand what's happening right now but I know God well enough to know that I need to trust of the things I don't understand. God brought Ruth ever allowed Ruth to be that reminder today only and guys you can do that for people who are hurting right now you could be that rude the point some other nail the someone who's hurting who feels that God is afflicting them and doesn't care about them God can use you to remind the vector there's a God in heaven who cares for the living in the dead and if you happen to be they will be deceiving embrace the fact that God has it people into your life and this is even maybe this work right now into your life to bring faith and hope into your experience embrace it no longer let yourself be Komarow in this or but let yourself be called the Opi plans allow God to bring something good out of the story so good he's picked up on this again in chapter 4 verses 1618 therefore we do not lose heart even though our outward made a spare issue yet the inward man this being renewed day by day for our life afflictions he refers to stuff we go through life as the light of looks but it hurts like crazy which is but for a moment he says is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of Lori remember earlier he referred to his going to bring forth fruits for a holy there's a 2nd for these Chapter 2. And I think check into that also a couple is a Chapter 7 brings through for repentance and so forth but it can be for good and eternal weight of glory all we do not look at the things which are seen but the things which are not seen for the things which are seen are temporary the pain we go through in the here and now is temporary but the things which are not seen are eternal. Right God is able to breed eternal bit of it in the face of temporary pain and hardship and difficulty and I'm so thankful for this of a friend of mine posted this here the day I was I said Hey can I permission to share this is it yeah I want username with me with this what they share they said this is what they're talking about the topic of pain and they gave such a beautiful response to what made this so beautiful to you my story a moment was the guard is opening my eyes to the fact that I can't run from pain anymore I see my whole life free from pain trying to numb pain and avoid pain in the faces but there is tremendous power in the healing if we learn how to feel hard guys if we don't learn how to feel with things that hurt us of the past if we don't learn how to feel the pain of our past how are we going to deal the pain of the present right and the pain that will come of the future and I did understand them with their business with helping with this in such an amazing web so thankful for him so my friend posted this it was so relevant to the things that might there with a just show me like a day before there's a Honestly I needed a good beating stay with me I never thought of looking back to the last few years and be thankful for that I never thought I'd be grateful for the beating of life I've always wanted to escape pain as every human does and I think quite many conscientious people I immediately equated pain or hardship of life to God's disapproval of be his displeasure or his punishment for not being well perfect I guess reminds us of the only doesn't she continues but looking back I realize it wasn't just punishment it wasn't punishment at all it wasn't his displeasure and truly it really wasn't hard ship it was life and it was wife with God and life with God means yes ups and downs but it also means that he takes the downs any flings them so high that the normal ups are nothing compared to this the damn. Now give context to the ups and you learn to thank God for both I've learned it is best to not try to escape pain but to embrace it to not push it away but to pull it into your very heart and soul to face that no belief and with courage in this reminds me of Jesus my therapist tell me about those that Jesus and assuming he didn't I mean he was seeking a way out but when he surrendered fully to god did he face that pain head on when he was offered wine Mitch was vinegar which is a pain numbing agent on the cross he refused Jesus lead to get into his pain it occurred a far greater weight of glory for you and for me his pain and a far greater weight of glory for you and for me they continued into word that in a sinful world pain becomes an unwanted and yet accepted companion and so instead of running away I open my arms to the one true companion of this life pain and this reminds me of e.t. Joel 23 gospel preacher to lead hundreds in the 7th day of this church this is from a book that from I put together this is a compilation of his sermons from the 89th regional conference sessions but listen to this just a few highlights here and how he talks about troubles is his legacy you my brothers and sisters that the trial of your faith I care not how we get maybe meeting your fish is more precious in the sight of our wonderful counselor it is more precious in the sight of God in all the golden jewels in all the seed deposits that are on the earth and picking out here he says then when he tells us let us not think it strange concerning the fiery trial as though some strange thing happened to us we are not to meet them and deal with our pain and trials as strangers but as acquaintances not only that but we are to meet them as helpers on to Zion. And he closes with this idea he says this is why he holds us brothers meeting Jesus and why we're here to tell us all joy we've all diversifications through Jesus has been there he met every one of them he met each 10 pages to his full extent he passed through all these things for us then comes back and said to us I will pass through them with you he passes through them for us in the past so you can pass through them with us in the here and now he passed through them alone for us 1st and now he passes through them with us I have trodden the wind press the loan of the people there was none with me but thank the Lord God was with him for the father has not left me alone he says then the world that he had the world curse to do it alone trusting only the father to be with him and oh how good he is not only oh how good he is. Not only to be to ask God to try to Lono he comes and said I will go with you through all these trials my brother he will go with you so then this is why we're not to call them strange he calls us his brethren and he's passed through every one of these trials as well acquainted with been there for we're not to count them the strangers but if old friends that were to look at our trials our pain and our difficulty literally as as friends in this journey because they draw closer to Jesus who's been there and is there with them that's how the Holy Spirit comforts us in our pain he brings us the very presence of Jesus into our pain to walk through it with us my friend picks up again they say and I embrace the pain of who I am with all the disappointments because if you'll need to become better I embrace the pain of heartbreak because that leaves a void that God is eager to fill I embrace the pain of failure because it is a stepping stone to success I embrace the pain of loss because it keeps my eyes off of this earth. And I embrace the pain of discipline because it enables me to give up what I want the al to have what I want most What a beautiful beautiful point they say I'm not there yet but I hope one day this unwanted companion call pain will become to be a welcome companion and even a gift the gift that was so necessary to give a simple world when love was vanquished from our hearts I hope one day to see pain for what it really is the path to joy the path to purpose and yes even the path to truth we don't need God Guys that's why he has to our because we were to lean on him in trust him in ways in our pain that we never would if things were good he doesn't want bad things to come into our lives but he is able to use to the draws even closer to him and I had to go through an experience the last 2 weekends it has challenged me deeply but also brought tremendous amount of healing of mustering up but I need to give a disclaimer here I'm going through therapy with the very 1st who has had to take been a journey for months to get me to a point that I have now been ready to do what I had to do the last 2 weeks so I want to can text your wise that before I say what about to say but I've had to go back and face the painful experiences of my life that I've avoided feeling. So I just blew through the idel the pain I escaped the pain I didn't want to face it 2 weekends ago I did it one area of my life and just ugly cried and lost it it was like giving birth I've never had kids I'm not married or beside a wife who's had kids either I do want to painful please ladies don't be offended by this was the closest I can go in my own personal experience to intense. Pain but again it's that analogy that Jesus uses directional in John Chapter 16 that a woman when she's a labor feel sorrow because the hour has come but when the child is brought for she forgets or sorrow for joy that a child's were born into the world and the closest thing I can equate it to is that in this last week it went to another area of my life versus deep heavy stuff that happened and God in his grief mercy is doing an amazing amount of work of healing in my life right now in the last few weeks by alerting to not view paint is the enemy by learning to not avoid pain and run from it and escape it but to lead into it and where in the story that is trying to tell me and learn just how good God could be to me in those situations now I'm not encouraging you to go look for painful experiences I got encourage you to stay in abusive relationships or circumstances that is not my point but with pain comes to our doorstep we have a choice cowards do we allow it to work out its purpose for good or do we run from that pain in lose the blessing and also lose the comfort that Jesus longs to give us a 2nd create these one they did cover their people their pain I did it for over 30 years of my wife nearly 30 years of my life because I didn't understand. Who I was what I was believing a why I was doing what I was doing but by seeking professional help of a Christian God leaned on 40 and psychologists are not psychologists a therapist is made a massive difference in my life and for some of us it may take that the pain we've gone through is bigger than us I had to come to terms with that a year ago last July that what I'm dealing with and what's happened in the is bigger than I am and I need help and maybe that's your story in it that is to get a godly counselor right anon for me in Bible believing counselor and I'll go through that process but either way pain is not your in in me it can lead you to your bestest of friends Jesus and you can see him an experience in a way that you didn't even know were possible if you allow him to redeem this pain and then see the joy in the piece this is your story can bring to somebody else who's going to the same thing to the cover that you receive can cover them this is where we can start finding purpose in meaning what we've had to go through we're told even Jesus a bill that he refiled a though it was a son learned obedience by the things that he suffered even Jesus had to go through pain and it taught him things right of on the list of this is from desired ages to all who are reaching out to feel the guiding hand of God the moment of greatest discouragement is the time when with divine help is nearest from every contagion every trial he will bring them forward with fervor faith and a richer experience. If we bring this pain the God ask of what lesson is this to teach me what are you trying to show me it can bring is forward at having a verb or Fate is a richer experience if we allow it to but she doesn't then there that she says we can look back with the same from this apud the darkest hour of our way desired ages page 52520 that we can look back with thankfulness apud the darkest hour of our way and guys the last 2 weeks I'm coming to see that in my old story that God was there with me and all that pain and difficulty that I felt and I don't wish that for anybody I don't wish it for anyone but I can say that when I have learned to find meaning and purpose is that pain it is drawing me even closer to Jesus than when I was running from that pain I can testify to that David insult 35 says that when God delivers him from a diversity that he would testify of God's goodness before the assembly right that call a 2nd Christians one and I believe this is one of the reasons why the writers are permitted to suffer write it ranges of the we get it and the just we're told because the writers will bring glory to God through the trial the victory they got to force the wicked don't write the guy that will and can through the writers do their. And but certain inter pain can be scary it can be hard it could be something that we really don't want to deal with do right now. But through experiences I've had the last 2 weeks remind me the words of a song from a guy named desire of ages Yeah I think probably there asked for a page 52520 so this is from Jason grid I prefer his acoustic stuff personally I find acoustic versions of his stuff on youtube but he was a brilliant songwriter just brilliant he says this is from a song called why you brought me here to talk about finding purpose in pain he says I know I get an answer that I can't understand if I asked it your attentions be big careers to God I know your plans are greater and enact reader play in the light of the reasons why you brought me here this story would be different if there were only mind to rides there are secrets I would never volunteer but secrets lose their power when they have no place to hide maybe that's why you brought me here oh I have all I see are the ruins yeah as the smoke starts to clear oh well I hope you know what you're doing because you brought up here it's a mess of my own became That's not the case for everybody there are stories but this was hard with his situation it's a mess of my own making this I won't deny and though the consequences shake my heart with fear if I was happy with the way that things were I give up more of a fight I guess I'm grateful that you brought me here. Oh I view the ruins Yeah I had the smoke starts to clear oh I hope you know what you're doing because you brought me here and it's hard to raise the white flag is even harder to believe this Arista really is worth the sacrifice and the very thing I always feared would be the death of me was a way to come alive when I just die alone and if it's hard to raise the white flag it's even harder to believe the syringe or ng is worth the sacrifice and the very thing I always feared would be the death of me was a way to come alive was the pain that we've been avoiding our entire experience could actually be a means through which we actually come alive what is that reported. And says now it hurts to be this broken but it's variables of how as a chance to prove I'm worthy disappears I always heard you love me but I think I know it now is that the reason why you brought me here I guess I'm grateful that you brought me here guys our experience at times is going to involve pain Jesus didn't promise freedom from hardship he said very clearly that in this world you're going to have tribulation but be a good cheater because I've overcome the world he's able to recover in peace in media and understanding the best of our pain difficulty God is able to do that and God longs to do that for us but we lessen whether the pain of tragedy or trials or discipline or something else what we do is nat mist of feeling pain. It's it's going to tell us. It's going to be what decides what we receive what we come to God for the comfort the only he can give will we run from the pain and never receive cover when we seek to numb our pain with nonsense and then see you know years down the road that it wasn't worth it God wants to heal us of our pain he longs to comfort us and help us at our trials and difficulties but will we let him that's the question will we allow God to bring healing freedom peace and purpose into our sufferings and on top of that we choose not keep that to ourselves but as David did declare before the assembly how God Father for us how God was good to us and have a very guarded comforted me can comfort you will you allow the pain this comforted you to come for others that's the question guys God wants to heal you God wants to help you God wants to bless you to up to you what you receive to you so. I will say this what I'm coming to 5 minutes of my story is the we all need to learn how to handle pain we need to learn how to feel good that Linux My therapist told me specifically it was the only way to deal with pain is to feel it and when you learned understand there's a t. Jones is mentioning that Jesus with through it for us so that he can go through it with us changes everything what I was trying to do was use God as a divine sedative to still escape my pain and not feel it but one coming to find the Al is that God the only thing that Job's friends really did that was of the help was at the very beginning they just sat with him in his pain. And it's when they open their mouths that they got themselves in trouble but God always willing to sit with you through your game but he's also willing to help you find purpose and and I believe this in finding purpose through our pain that we actually find healing from our pain citrate to avoid it we lead into it we lean into him but as we're going through it they realize that he's with us every step of the way and then we can find purpose in it and it only is something that just brings healing to you it also brings healing to others so our vulnerability can make a vast difference in the eyes of others as well so I hope and pray that this study has made sense of it this is been a help for me to pray and they will open this up to discussion God in heaven I just want to thank you for what you're teaching me about pain that there is purpose in our pain whether it be discipline or tragedy or trial or other things tribulation. There's a far greater weight of Corey this be carried out in the midst of our difficulties and I pray that we would never forget that Lord Jesus I pray that you would forgive us if we responded as they only that we've become bitter and that we've blamed you for the trials and difficulties are to come into our life and I pray that through your great goodness and undeserved goodness or that you would bring Bruce into our life with or be the best to do it for the seeding become pretty good word for people with the Spirit of God is called the comforter what I pray that you would help to revealing in joy and pleasant us back into our experience. And I pray that you would help us to see the purpose of what we go through the if you allow that healing to bless the others you're going to sue situation this is our plea to the word we ask these things. You know. 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