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How do you respond when temptation comes? Join John Bradshaw as we look at two examples from the Bible. One man buckled under the weight of temptation, while another stood for Christ. This is a message with real relevance for the times in which we live.


John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written



  • April 4, 2020
    11:30 AM
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Thanks so much for joining me we are about to open the Bible together this is God's would we're going to pray 1st that God will speak to us and give us the ears to hear Let's pray together now Father in heaven we're grateful for you Would we have thankful for the presence of your Holy Spirit I pray you touch on. Both speaker and here and we might be transformed by your grace by your presence by your would by your power bless us we pray for your glory in Jesus name a main if you have a Being scuba diving you'll know that the deeper you go into the ocean the greater pressure you experience from the water above now that makes sense because the deeper you go you have an increasingly larger blanket of water pressing down on top of you water or naught scuba diving or not wherever you are right now there's precious our atmosphere created on day 2 of creation week by God is is a huge layer of gas it's about 300 miles thick although most of it is within 10 miles of the earth the higher you go the thinner the atmosphere gets so the pressure caused by the atmosphere lessens the 3rd the you get from the Earth this is one of those occasions way you want more pressure not less at sea level air pressure is about $14.00 pounds per square inch that's one kilometer per square centimeter at 10000 feet the pressure is 10 pounds per square inch. Well that gas weighs something you know as you know the atmosphere is made up mainly of what's what's what's the primary component of the Earth's atmosphere it's not all it is nitrogen 78 percent oxygen makes up 21 percent of the Earth's atmosphere then you have some Agong a little bit of c o 2 tiny amounts of several other things that atmosphere exerts pressure if you have a barometer you understand that a barometer measures changes in atmospheric pressure you don't notice it but the barometer notices it it notices that pressure changing remember that pressure is good for you without that atmosphere we don't survive it's essential you go too far up there you could get altitude sickness and altitude sickness can be fatal we are safe where we are in spite of the pressure being exerted maybe because of that pressure being constantly exerted we survive because of it our existence is oh due to a certain amount of pressure. But there are times in life when the pressure increases when the heat rises it's not the pressure that's the problem you understand it's how we relate to it when the pressure increases how do you react you know it doesn't always work out well and we see this in the Bible in fact as we look today in the Bible we see something that quite frankly is alarming when there is a hint of pressure a strong man with good reason to be confident in himself speaks up and boldly declares that he will do what any Christian believer would want to do what you'd naturally think that you would do what you'd hope any believe would do. But when the heat went on when the pressure rose this man fell apart like a house of cards like a tower of Django blocks when one to many has been pulled out of the base down he fell Let's begin our Bibles in Matthew Chapter 26 that as we turn to Matthew Chapter 26 we remember the setting the context it was the night before Jesus' death Judas had been promised 30 pieces of silver for his cowardly be trail of Jesus selling him for the customary price of a slave in today's money Judas realized around $200.00 for the sale of them us the one who spake and it was done to commanded and it stood for. The disciples had broken bread together with Jesus Jesus had conducted the 1st communion service they sang to him wouldn't you love to know what it was they saying and then they went out to the Mount of Olives just across the Kedron Valley and Jesus says some things that had to have absolutely astounded them this is Matthew 26 and 31 Jesus said all ye shall be offended of me this night for it is written with smite the shepherd and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad Jesus quoted Zechariah 13 in verse 7 and by the way after Isaiah Zechariah is the most quoted prophetic Old Testament book in the New Testament all of you shall be offended Jesus said the Greek would. You will be scandalized and then he adds in verse $32.00. But after I'm risen again I will go before you into Galilee tries he might to get this into the hard heads tries he might to convince them that he was going to die there in Jerusalem the disciples simply couldn't wrap their minds around this concept must sign of wasn't supposed to perish in their thinking Messiah was go to restore national greatness to Israel drive out the hated Roman and yet he is Jesus telling them that he is going to die he said after I am risen indicating he was going to die and Peter heard this now you can expect Peter to react in a certain way this is the same man of whom it says in Matthew 16 and mock 8 and Luke for then Peter took him Jesus and began to rebuke him saying Be it far from the law do this shall not be until day this is when Jesus said get the behind me Satan the text implies that Peter took Jesus off to one side to talk to them by Himself Jesus told Peter in the others at that time about his divinely appointed destiny from that time forth began Jesus to show unto his disciples how that he must go into Jerusalem and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes and be killed and be raised the 3rd day Peter couldn't take that the Bible says He rebuked Jesus now the Bible says Jesus rebuked the winds and the waves the multitude rebuked the blind men the disciples rebuked those who brought little children to Jesus Jesus rebuked the devil Peter wasn't playing he was very serious he got in Jesus face he rebuked Jesus back here in Matthew Chapter 26. He's up to is usual antics Matthew 2633 Peter Ronsard sit on to him the wall main shall be offended because of the yet will I never be offended and you know what never means in the Greek it means never he was pita just fine when the winds were calm just fine when the sailing was plain just fine when they're breaking bread and they're singing him. Jesus speaks to his heart he's not trying to upset Peta he's just trying to warn him Peta I wish you knew what you were really made of Peta you need it you need a trifle more humility and a little less bravado Peeta verily I say and today that this night before the cock crows thou shalt deny me drive us 3 time. And here comes the big one this is Peter speaking Peter says though I should die with yet will I not deny the and likewise said all of the disciples not me no not me either no way in the world I would never dream of doing such a thing and it was Peter leading the brigade of deniers I'd sooner die than deny you you see Peter and his friends were not prepared for the test now they thought they would. But they would they were self-confident to the extent that they were ready to deny the plainest statement of the Son of God you know don't you that when Jesus speaks all when the father speaks what he what they speak comes to pos let there be light and there was a light rise take up your bed and walk and so he does it's going to rain Noah tell them even though it's never rain before it's going to rain and it did it rained and rained and rained and Jesus said you are going to deny me so this is really the opposite of faith Jesus speaks we believe what he says that's faith but Peter's self-confidence was so strong he was ready to Dean the plainest statement of Jesus and live by his own works by his own wits and not by faith pizza meant what he said there's no doubt he was sincere but he didn't understand the test that was coming he didn't understand his great need he didn't understand the true state of his heart and he didn't understand what God was willing to do for him in that moment you know how it played out it came to the God of get 70 Jesus and Peter and James and John Jesus Praise the disciples wait it was a cool night you'd expect one would think a quiet night no one's home entertainment center could be good no noisy vehicles driving by. Dumping of somebodies cost area and in that quietness the disciples. All. Salie it's interesting that in verse 40 Jesus says to Peta specifically why could you not watch with me one hour watch and pray that you enter not into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak that's verse 41 it happened again Jesus prayed and prayed the disciples slept a 3rd time Jesus prayed and the 3rd time he returned and he said you still sleeping I want you to see a contrast Jesus prayed and prayed. Both knew they were approaching a serious trial one didn't take it very seriously let me ask you Can you recall a time when you prayed and prayed probably can when was that was it when your child lay in a hospital bed was it when your parent or a sibling was desperately ill was it some time when somebody was getting treatment for cancer we can all get up for that but that's not what Christianity looks like that's what needs looks like a lot I need you now so I discovered this thing called prayer. What was your Pray time like the small thing if it was appropriate if it was as it should be we thank the Lord but I ask that question in a church if there was a show of hands which of course there should not be if there was you know that not many people would be able to say with sincerity that they had prayed that day as though they were bracing for trial. My friend we as a people are approaching a time of great trial Jesus is coming back soon we know he is we believe he is we must not forget it we don't talk about it as much as we do but Jesus is coming back soon verily the fact is that every day we face great trials let me ask you this what is temptation think about it like this temptation is an attempt on your life that's what it is temptation is the devil trying to strangle the spiritual life out of you you know I say that according to Roman 6 in verse 23 the wages of sin is. Its death a life of sin does not see you walk on the streets of gold a life of sin without repentance and your a life of sin separate from God a life of sin where there's carelessness towards faith in God that's lethal that's deadly we talk about social distancing these days too many people are practicing spiritual distancing friend told me that staying away from church spiritual distancing staying away from God spiritual distancing staying away from prayer spiritual distancing staying away from those who love God and live like they do spiritual distancing Come on friend now is the time to press closer to God closer to the church closer to your fellow believers we need each other in a time like this we need the church and we need God. And. Well we know what happened to Peta saying Jap to Matthew 26 Peta sat outside in the palace at a damsel a young lady a maid servant came unto him saying. Was with Jesus of Galilee and he said I don't know what you're talking about nun not against Pete of this there's a little Peter in all of us there's a lot of Peter in a lot of us we're good we mean well but man we'll wait and we don't know how weak we are it's not until the pressure comes that we truly realise what we made of you think you had a good day because you didn't rob a bank Well that's good but take a close look at what's going on in your house you think it was a good day because you didn't get high you know that is good but God wants to do a complete work in our lives we need help Peter didn't realise how much helping needed you deny me Peta never never deny you and here he is that same night he's done Naing he ever knew Jesus the pressure is rising for Peta and so he gets out of there but we need to relocate himself another one says in verse $71.00 this fellow was also with Jesus of Nazareth Now Peter denies it with another I do not know the man that's as plain as you can be I do not know the man another one says surely a lot of them your speech gives you away now you know how accidents can be you know it's 100 miles in a straight line from burning in England to York which is also in England but put the 2 actions together and it sounds like they're from Worlds a pod a Brahmin a Yorkshireman very different. It's about 70 miles from New York north to Newcastle in England again but the absence of a different New York and Kentucky saying planet's sounds like a different. Setting to Peta You sound like one of them and what does Peta do you know. It's very typical of a human being you want to get out of trouble naturally enough stand too close to the fire you move you don't want to get burned that's that's appropriate that self-preservation. You're driving along the freeway you look into the mirror and you see that there's a police officer other behind you a way back then you look down at the. At the speedo speedometer. And you say to yourself I need to slow down exhibit and slow down it's not going to end up well self-preservation that's natural in many cases it's helpful but when you read the Bible the Bible doesn't really encourage us to self preservation it encourages us to glorify God as a matter of fact you read in the Beatitudes and Jesus said bless you when men persecute you and speak evil of you fall my name's sake so Jesus doesn't promise us a life without trouble as a matter of fact in John 16 in verse 33 Jesus said in this world you will have tribulation the question is what happens when the pressure comes on and what did Peter do so very human he'd been caught in a lie but he's motivated to get out of a jam he's not made it motivated to tell the truth same man a few hours earlier he's ready to die for Jesus and now. 74 says then began he to curse and to swear saying I know not the man the text indicates he may even have been threatening with his language and then the rooster crows he remembered the woods of Jesus while his off color language was still echoing off the stone walls and he went out in the passage says he wept bitterly as you might expect the pressure was intense thats true but Peter buckled under the weight of the pressure of sports teams with his often measured by how they respond to pressure anyone can beat easy opposition but when the pressure comes on that's when the test is. Can look good during peace time but it's all towards on that you find out whether that fighting force is worth $0.10 if the training has been right in the preparation has been good if in a time of peace you use that time to get ready for the time of stress well that's good you are ready when the pressure comes on pressure is often good if you've ever used a pressure cooker you know how helpful pressure can be pressure has increased the boiling point of water boiling point of water is usually $212.00 degrees farenheit pressure increases the boiling point to $250.00 degrees Fahrenheit so that pressure. Produces a high temperature and the higher temperature is what causes the food to cook foster that pressure. Is good. So now that switch this pressure might be in a Christian experience temptation temptation anybody can be a Christian when you go to the store and you pocket and there's a parking space right out in front and it's 72 degrees with just a gentle breeze blowing in it's good sunshine and somebody complimented you for the way your hair looks or the song you had song or some reason and now you feel like you're 10 feet tall and bulletproof and you're ready to go about your business and everybody's good and you love the work. Then temptation comes and then temptation comes and then those are lousy friends call you and then things are troubled at home and then you have financial trouble and your pockets are empty when they ought to be full and the kids get in that show maybe it's your parents getting at. You know Jeremiah this question if you have run with the footmen and they have wearied you then how will you contend with the horses and if in the land of peace where in you trusted they wearied you how will you be in the swelling of the Jordan he is saying if in a time of relative ease you're struggling then what's it going to be a line when the pressure comes on my friend encourage you to think about some of the things that are written in the Bible we know the Bible says there's coming a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation and I don't say that to be doom and gloom the patriarchs and prophets look towards the end of time a wishing that they could be there we have talked about the return of Jesus and we've sung about the return of Jesus and we've preached and and listened to some and about the return of Jesus in our hearts have thrilled man the closer we get the more excited we ought to do we praising God He Jesus is coming back soon. But before that great deliverance there's going to be some pressure in this world and I understand people worry about that you've heard the story I'm sure and I have about the dia sister who spoke to the great preacher and said great preacher you said in your sermon and this may have been moody was it Moody was it Spurgeon you said that you don't believe that you have the faith to be a martyr if you don't have the faith to be a model what hope is that the me and the great preacher answered by saying Oh I don't have the faith to be a model right now but if God calls me to be a model he will give me the faith to be a martyr at that time so we don't want to look ahead with misapprehension the last thing we want to do is look ahead with. The Bible says what time I am afraid I will trust in the we have nothing to be afraid of the Bible says God has not given us a spirit of fear but a spirit of courage and of a sound mind thank God for that in Christ there is hope there's hope for us today but the precious going to come on. How we going to be in that great day in the Book of Revelation and in Chapter 6 The question is. Shall be able to stand what a question the great day of His wrath is come and who shall be able to stand I want to give you now a biblical example of somebody who's. Now you're ready because this example ought to be greatly encouraging to us we are turning in our Bible to Daniel Chapter 6 and verse one it pleased Darius to send over the kingdoms $120.00 princes which would be over the whole kingdom and over these 3 presidents of whom Daniel was 1st that the princes might give accounts unto them and the king should have no damage this was quite the position for Daniel to be and he had shown himself to be trustworthy man and a steady man he had demonstrated that he was a man of God in this new king trusted Daniel 3 then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes because an excellent spirit was in him and the king thought to set him over the whole realm let me just say this when you're in a difficult situation or any situation let your light shine it will be seen people will notice I'm not suggesting everybody's going to fall at your feet but in every situation in which you find yourself God is giving you the opportunity to shine as a light and that's why we're in this world to let others know that there's a dog who sent his Son Jesus to save this world from its terrible fate. Daniel 6 and those 4 then the presidents and princes sought to find occasion against Daniel concerning the kingdom but they could find none occasion nor fault for as much as he was faithful neither was there any era all fault found in Him This was frustrating for them they wanted to take Daniel down but they couldn't find any fault in his a life and so they came up with a plan and it was an effective plan this is Bush 5 then said these men we shall not find any occasion against this Daniel except we find it against him concerning the Law of his God and you know what they did they went to the king and they said getting Let's pass a law that nobody is able to worship anyone or anything except for this given period of time and the king was eagle to stickle enough to be able to say that good idea he didn't think it through maybe didn't know Daniel well enough to realize that because of this law he was being hoodwinked into losing a very good man so now what happened the law has been pot. Don't let anyone would ship anything or any body except you and if they do they'll be put to death fine with me said the king fine with me and how to Daniel react I've been in some pressure situations I really have but nothing like this you've likely you've no doubt been in some pressure situations. But most likely not like this how would you react it's clear right on a dog we do the right thing oh no man would ship the king wouldn't do it there is only One God One True God and he says You shall have no other gods but me don't bow down and worship graven images Oh there's no way in the world that somebody like you or me would ever do that but do we know ourselves Peta had spent 3 and a half years living in Jesus shadow and I mean that practically literally he had traveled with Jesus He had worked miracles at least God had worked them through him he had learned a lot he had been humbled he been around other men who were as human as he was and they were all pressing towards us one thing that would disciples of the Messiah they were representing him they had driven out demons. And. Didn't even have the wherewithal what could he have done you one of his. He could just run he could have said to his friends without a bit of shame that we're going to kill me I had to run with a been any shame in it I don't think so I think we would have said oh thank God that Peter didn't die they could have killed him out there they might have nailed Peter to a cross it even run and they said you've been with them 3 and years you must be a great man of faith by now all not maybe let me demonstrate to you what a man of faith lessness I n. and p. that came up Potts came. No longer we see this great man this big shot. Or other die wonder what I would have done if I was in Daniel's shoes I wonder what I would have done I wonder what he would have done there's a way to find out I think. And that's by going to the Bible and reading the. Let's start in verse 9 of Daniel Chapter 6 showing with. Sign the writing and the decree verse 10 says no when Daniel knew that the writing was signed he understood he got it when Daniel was fully cognizant of the law and that the law was now in forced with understanding the Bible says He went into his house would you do that if you were about to break the law and put your life at risk no you go into a friend's house you have gone into the woods you have gone into the wilderness Daniel went to his home he was saying they will know where to find me and so when you did the writing had been signed and he went to his home his very high. His windows being open in his chamber toward them now why is that significant because if the window was facing the great big pagan temple in downtown Babylon and Daniel had been seen praying people would have Zoe's he's praying to the king he's praying in the direction of the rock Palace he's praying in the direction of the temple he got the memo he has come into line Daniel was not a conform. It was a non-conforming or a nonconformist he was going to be pressed into a mold by anybody who was demanding that he break the law of God So Daniel knowing the law had been signed it was in effect he went to his house where he could be found the windows were open facing toward Jerusalem so that nobody would misinterpret what he was doing he kneeled upon his knees now I've thought this through many times I'm not a sat down found a comfortable chair reclined a little bit maybe I would a closed my eyes and silently prayed maybe I'd have done that and so I just imagine there are some spies speaking from behind a bushel looking up through the window and they see Daniel in his chair. Close mumbling silently not enough you mumble silently but but you get the point they see Daniel maybe saying something but they don't know what and his eyes are closed he's reclining you know what I think God have done. Knowing me as well as I know me I would have said in my heart there's no way I'm going to disobey God there's no way I will honor you Lord I will do the right thing and other gone home all right and gone into my bedroom and gone in my closet and closed the door shut the windows put the blinds kept all of the lights off and knelt down in the corner out of the right in a corner surrounded by the hanging clothes done out of said Lord you knew that you could count on me didn't you and here I am as faithful as the day is long not Daniel he goes home into his house window is open he kneels down on his knee he not sitting in the lazy boy he kneeled on his knees that's a prayer position for Daniel what's she doing do you think What's he going to do oh there he comes he's walked into the room no question he's praying because he's on his knees he knelt down not once said the brother for God not twice King might have said he still might have forgotten. But 3 times a day Daniel was in a groove and he one coming out for anybody not once not twice this is what I do yes I'm praying and I'm praying to God I might have been down here in Babylon for decades but I have not forgotten who I am I'm a follower of the most high God nothing you can do can dissuade me from that or turn my feet out of the pot I'm looking at this deep prayed the Bible says and he gave thanks before it's gone Thank you God they're going to throw me into a den of lions thank you laud got spotted looking through my bedroom window Thank you Jesus my life is coming to an end I thought what. Can we do this. And I certainly don't think that he was thanking God that he was going to end up in the belly of a lion thanking God that he was thanking God that God was thanking God that no human being could save a tenuous relationship with the God of heaven Daniel was in with God and nothing was going to get him out and you and I we think of that story we read it to the kids and we said good old Daniel Good Old Faithful down you dare to be a Daniel Yes they're to stand Sure. But you can't stand without a foundation you can't stand without your feet on the ground the building doesn't stand unless before the 2nd on the 3rd in the 4th and the flaws are built there has been work down here there's been digging in the ground it's grunt work thankless dirty but it's what has to happen in order for something to stand up. Why was Daniel able to stand if we look there's a danger if we tell it obey. A you tell it to a 5 year old 5 year old can obey at times other times that's a hopeless cause you tell that to an 8 year old or a 10 year old or a 4 year old or a 66 year old a and that it would for that long and after that. Down it goes because nobody has the ability in herself or himself to stand and be a Daniel when the pressure is on unless something fundamental is happening in that person's experience let's find Now the key to Daniel's spiritual success it wasn't simply that Daniel said not obeying him of a bagel now that resoluteness was part of it remember it was Joseph who said How then can I do this great wickedness and sin against God understand that there are times you've got to say no to the devil yes to God In fact many many times but before that. There's got to be something that goes on ladies and gentlemen we are pressing towards the law states and if we don't understand this simple thing there was no way we are going to be able to withstand the pressure let's understand what enabled Daniel. To when he stood by God let me read all of Daniel 6 and verse 10 now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed he went into his house and his windows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem he kneeled upon his knees 3 times a day and prayed and gave thanks be for his God and here it is as he did for time. Daniel gave thanks and pray to his God just like he always did as his custom was Daniel all stood up on that day because he stood up on day one and day 2 and day 3 and day 4 and day 5 he plugged into God connected with the Most High and he grew in the grace of God Now I remember you know when I was in high school I think I remember at least it's been a while on any kid knows if you're in school high school or university you have to and then you have finals Well let me ask you a question Did you ever go to school and on opening day opening day is when the teachers as well are you doing what's your name this is my name what do you like to do have some cookies Let's talk about the way the year is going to go that's opening day right. Until the middle of the term no teacher ever see it on Opening Day Here's the. No teacher ever said on the 2nd day of the school year today is the day we set the final because there's got to be preparation until the midterms and then there's going to be preparation until the final right and you know how it goes there are some freaks of nature who just front up to the final without studying and they pass Well let's let's let's not worry about them there are some who are able to cram the night before but but that doesn't work spiritually you cannot roll up to the final exam your spiritual final exam without having put the work and done the study and think you're going to face it you cannot this was pita he fronted up to the exam oh what are you talking about I would rather die than deny you but then when they started asking the hard questions shredder Oh shriveled up because they hadn't been enough of the preparation that had been done you see. You do you study on day one and on day 2 and on day 3 you get to the midterms you can be all right you just. You get to the final and you're going to be Ok we don't do the final on day one day one this getting to know the parameters of the Class Day 2 is a.b.c. you know it's day something else that you studying Pi Fagor says theorem. Advanced Calculus and so forth that's laid out. It's really important to start at the beginning that's where Daniel stood started that's where Daniel started he started with my Father in heaven he started with reading the scriptures and getting into his mind the things of God He started with walking by faith he started with. Others and Daniel grew Come on now there's going to be a final exam one day I hope you don't mind me putting it that way are you doing the study day to day this is going to be a final test one day I will be preparing now are we putting in the time with Jesus now how do we think we're going to stand then when we barely give Jesus the time of day today and not as though it's only last days it's only the final test what about the joy that we experience what about the love of God that floods our heart and the love for God that we respond to God with where does that go with we are connecting with God on a daily basis experiencing his blessing understanding his grace experiencing his power living the life that God designs for you if you get in a car in San Diego California new study driving east it won't be too long and you're driving through the Imperial Valley and it's part of a desert system and you're driving out of San Diego there are boulders and rocks on it's dry and arid it's desert. But suddenly you get to the Imperial Valley and over there they are growing the lion's share or at least an enormous amount of the produce that we have that we consume on a daily basis all around the country they're growing lettuce isn't cabbages and watermelons and Cali flowers and stuff is growing like crazy what happened they just added water and. Take the water away there's nothing going to grow at maybe weeds and was off it's a dead it out there thank you to the people out there who are feeding the nation thank you just add water just add Jesus and your life thrives just add the Holy Spirit and you'll at the same person anymore just add the presence of God into a life your outlook changes the woods he used change the things that interest you change you find yourself getting on God's program and less on your own program friend what are you doing with the days one of the greatest talents that dog ever gave us was time imagine during a time of isolation people cannot say to God Oh I didn't have time to read the Bible yet you have got time I don't have time to think about heavenly things oh sure you do. You don't have time to experience to create a love of God you know Jesus before his great taste spent time with his father yes that was in preparation for the test but also this Jesus needed the life giving water of the presence of his Heavenly Father I need that. You know I was my my grass the other day and I think it was the 2nd time for the year that we cut the grass and I noticed something looking out into the yard you know was open it wasn't concern of scruffy but could have been wood except there was this one patch. The grass was freakishly long. I wondered about that I thought how in the world would it be that there's one patch in the entire a yacht is a lush green it's like it being the 1st to lie. And I got over there and we had this oddball thing in one patch about backyard it's kind of throughout the neighborhood where water just gonna seems out of the ground after a heavy rain you would call it a spring but it's a it's not a spring it's a poor excuse for a spring this is water sort of uses out of the ground right there and that kind of Grosse There was getting water would constantly after a rain so they'd been rain and now after the rain in the beautiful warm weather there was water flowing to that patch of grass what you water thrives what you feed drives feed your Connel nature your Connel nature will thrive feed your spiritual nature and your spiritual nature will thrive What do you thieving today Peter was feeding his ego. I'll be fine Peter should have said when Jesus said You go to deny me Peter Peter should have fallen on the floor grabbed the feet of Jesus Oh don't let it be I know how weak I know that I I flash like this I get angry I know I have my my problems my inadequacies Oh Jesus I can't deny you know don't let it happen please oh god don't let it happen but he didn't say that. The children of Israel everything that the law has said we will do oh boneheaded they should have said we us man. We lowed we need your help that's the King Lord we need your help you've read Philippians one in verse 6 it says He who has begun a good work in you is faithful to perform and until the day of Jesus Christ that's what we need Jesus doing his work and our life if Peter had thrown himself at Jesus' feet and said you work in me Jesus what I said I gotcha but Peter didn't pray that prayer Daniel was praying the prayer every day Lord I'm leaning on you and feeding on you and trusting in you I am nothing without you see that's Christianity law none of me and all of you that's Christianity that's right just as by faith I have no righteousness of my own but I accept by faith the righteousness of Christ I believe now that he lives his life in me and will do His will in my life in the end until I'm God is going to have a group of people a group of Daniels and not because they've gone to the spiritual gym and they have bulging spiritual biceps but because they have come to Jesus and they've said I'm nothing without you they've gone to God and they've said baptized me with the Holy Spirit daily they've gone to the presence of the Almighty and they've said let me be dead to self I know it's easier said than done but if we don't start practicing this now if we don't start praying the prayer if we don't start experiencing Jesus living his life in us then we will never demonstrate to the world the wonders of the character of Jesus we will never grow up into the into the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ and Jesus awful is that to us today he offers it to us he said I can do in your life exceeding abundantly above all that you could ask all day to think I can do it Jesus says you're willing to have it done that's the key. You're willing to have it done Peter learn from his mistake God forgave him you've denied Jesus just like Peter has we all have thank God it wasn't long after. Jesus. That he loved him still and had a great work for him it's not about whether you've failed an audit it's a question of will you come back to Jesus and receive him again and receive His Holy Spirit again if you've wandered far from God he have your back if you're playing church God can give you a new spiritual experience some spiritual backbone and if you having thoughts that there are weak spots God can help you with that and remember that we're sin abounded Grace did much more abandon We still have a mighty and a loving God He wants to do in your life what he did in Daniel's life he wants to do in your life what he did in Peter's life I forgive you Peter feed my sheep where you today what do you feed him What's that flourishing green spot in the lot of your heart I hope it's not weeds let Jesus grow when you his character let Jesus produce in you his righteousness which eases do his work in you the pressures are on the pressure is all and it's only going to increase and this is our opportunity to shine. We go to take it a think we got to Jesus to do in our life what we cannot do in our own this is Christianity writing the check is the easy part getting the day right that's the easy part understanding the doctrine is the easy part but day to day denying self letting Jesus will be done. Turning from temptation and saying Jesus strengthen me now not my will but your will be done that's where the rubber meets the road what are you watering what's the pressure doing to you pushing you away from Jesus or pushing you towards Jesus Come on let's pray together let's pray like we mean it and ask God to do what we could never do ourselves Come on we're going to pray Father in heaven. We understand something about pressure it's good. Or bad. Depending on what we allow that pressure to do in our lives and so I would pray now for myself. And friend I'm praying for you too I'm praying for you Father in heaven allow us to have that experience Daniel had let it be said of us. Today or tomorrow or in Earth's last days we stood for you because that's what we did for time that was our custom El habit that's just how we lived our lives. Right now I know there's a there's a lady somewhere a man somewhere who's saying but I'm weak and I keep missing this thing up for him to be encouraged God's strength is made perfect in your weakness father take that hot take that hand there are too many of us is that all of us we get frustrated because we're not what we ought to be so Lord do in our lives what you want to do in leave us live in the peaceful assurance that we've surrendered to you you have us we have you we claim your righteousness not to excuse our sin but to take away our sin. And to present us what was in your presence we thank you for the certainty of their soon return of Jesus keep us now keep us until the end we pray and we thank you as we claim Christ as our own in Jesus' name come on and say With me now a May and bank you so much for joining me listen I want to encourage you to avail yourself of more spiritual resources be sure you visit it is written dot t.v. you can watch whatever is streaming you can watch watch on demand we have Simmons and programs and Bible teaching programs of all kind and for more spirit filled resources visit us online at it is written dog com One more thing coming up starting April 17th revelation today hope awaken a goal Lobel online virtual evangelistic series we're encouraging you to join us online and put to supply visit us it is written dot com to find out more and and be sure April 17 you join us on it is written t.v. for opening night tell somebody you know it's going to be wonderful this is an opportunity given us by God to reach souls for that kingdom of heaven in a time of real distress and crisis and planet to 17 revelation today hope awakens be sure to join us then.


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