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The Gift of Hindsight

Jim Ayer


Jim Ayer

Vice President for Advancement, Adventist World Radio

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share with you you would broadcast into all for some time week two years ago we went onto FM radio stations across all the major cities of the Paula we received a letter from someone that said I am so excited he said I never knew in all my life there was any religion other than Hinduism Buddhism says thank you thank you you've introduced me to Jesus Christ thank you he said for allowing me to taste the sweetness of God while thank you for allowing me to taste the sweetness of God we serve an incredible God about who wants to reach into every corner of every crack and look up later and share the good news that God is love that God loves you and me no matter who you are what you've done God loves you can't love you supremely are our text this morning in Isaiah remember the former things old for I am God and there is none else I am God and there is none like me declaring him from the beginning from the ancient things the things that are not yet done imagine what kind of God is that you know he can step in and out of time he seen it all he's done it all already and for all of us he has your best interest in mind and heart but the devil I tell you today does not want you to know that the devil is so full of life he wants to live you and tell you that God does not love you God does not care for you matter fact but a sentimental vengeful God he did throw UN in the fires of hell and burn you for all eternity your lost your worthless you can never make because you are too big in the center both of the things the double would like you to believe both of the things that the devil wants to bring it to you and to me continually hold them right up there in front of your two biggest center by God now here's the truth God came to reconcile you and me to himself when he read your text Colossians chapter one verse twenty and throw him Christ having made peace through the blood of his cross it pleased the father to reconcile all things to himself through him whether the things on earth or the things in heaven there is Jesus came to reconcile us to the dross back the double separate the devil tears God wants to be and on once the polis back to him things in heaven and things in earth the devil tried to destroy everything in heaven it destroy perfect harmony of heaven but God wants to reconcile all things to himself he loves us so much the devil 's tactics the same yesterday today and and forever he doesn't change same tactics he uses doubt he uses ridicule uses lies right here in the church matter-of-fact nobody in the front you today I'm told that this brought evil Angel sit in the front pew with nothing to think about those things too often doing you know but understand it's right here in the church the devil the devil tries to separate the devil tries to break the communication the devil lies he does all the think Jimmy and I when we first came into the church we just knew that every Adventist was selling their sentient runs and for some you'll do what you can know what that means you know we just want while it was just so wonderful we just knew everybody was a Satan is waiting for Jesus Christ in translation we had one of those dear Saint Charterhouse we had a little business and we just built a brand-new five thousand or more the big thousand and thirty two square feet and was really pretty was about three quarters of acres and it was our house in all it was so wonderful we're visiting with this dear Saint one night he happened he said to be a contractor he's looking at houses that you know Jim Jeannine while he said if you sold this house he said I can bill you build your house three times the size for the same oil of Jenny love your house and you thought this in a good one a move from her house while three times the house for the same money on many people in here would not say yesterday and we said well praise the Lord you know we put our house up for sale we sold the house and we handed in the cash and he went off in the heat he started buying materials the drive down down in Southern California need by materials comeback started up construction he's building up we got a three-story frame down it's looking pretty good you know we are aware out of our house now we had to rent a place well after a while one of the people that's working on house comes to us and Jim Christian said Jim I was rummaging through his truck for for some tools and so I came across the stack of books pornography whole stack of pornography so I just don't understand you while some of the things happen other things occurred much on down the road and I've decided what maybe I should I should share with some of the people of the other church board because his wife now is also our schoolteacher and while the head elder said to be all your problem Jim it can't be him because I know the father very well and can be must be you I'll let and seem quite right but okay pretty soon I bet the bank is calling me and said you know or we can find so-and-so so well yeah he is working for me several were going to repossess is the only stopping the payments on it one right either well as time went on few things went further and pretty soon there is no more money and we still have a three-story shell and thinking maybe I should talk to the church again it's all your fault Jim and Jenny it certainly can't be him I know the father the father the really upstanding man it's all your fault well praise the Lord to go to the bank and it's still those days where you know you're your word and bond and everything is good the banker comes outlooks of the houses assure all of you to rest the money to finish it so I became a owner builder hard everybody and praise the Lord we got that house finished we get it finished and were in the house the first night after a year of struggle a year of trying to year praying God where are you we got another house in Jennings mixing up a big old shotgun blasts John one gallon jug of orange juice and she should exit here honey let me do it for you the sweet husband shaken up all of a sudden it slipped out of my hands dropped in the brand-new porcelain sink breaks all over and ships to bring you portions Janine I look at one another tears begin to come in rise we grab one another and we just broke down sobbed and sobbed and sobbed it's like a whole year 's worth problems and strain in trials is poured on us all at once and it's like we cried out to God and God wasn't there God was silent God was silent the church was a silent they said it's all your fault now while we can certainly left the church at that time we discussed that more than once if there was an opportune moment to lead the church and since so long that was a that was it but I believe God gave us the Sarah Phoenician woman as an example of an interesting sample to the whole list in the church you know Mark seven verse twenty four Denmark seven verse twenty four Jesus shows up the tire interest in placed higher in a tire Jesus traveled are probably a hundred miles out of his way to go to tire now Tyr is the place brings you that you couldn't say enough bad ties that place with all the life fallen plainer it was not the place you want to go and it certainly wasn't the place to go for vacation well second half of that verse and that Jesus you went there but he could not hide apparently he tried the hygiene he wanted to get away they wanted to get away you think about think about it here's here's the Lord would recently fed five thousand people why he'd he'd taken his quivering disciples you know he admits the storm of the Sea of Galilee he'd save them he gave been kicked out of the synagogues be been tried to run over the cliff he been chased out of his hometown his his mother and family tried the last alignment and pulling back and take him on backing up back to the quiet anonymity of the carpenter shop just leave well enough alone and then to top it off his cousin John the Baptist adjustment beheaded there is no doubt it was time for Labor Day weekend time to get away time to come apart and relax a little bit but you see in Mark seven verse twenty five the union of basically Jesus came here for a specific purpose this woman kingdoms of glory my daughter is grievously next with the devil Jesus came here for this purpose it says this is the way walk ye in it the father every day told Jesus this is the way this is the way walking in Jesus listen listen to what it says herein desire of ages it was for the performance of the fact that he went to the borders of Tyre inside he wished to read we visit the woman at the same time to leave an example in his work of mercy toward the despise people for the benefit of disciples when he should no longer be with him he wished to leave them from their Adventist exclusiveness to be interested in working for others I got one smile over here faster Rob Leary then again he wished to leave them from the ravenous exclusiveness to be interested in working from no it says Jewish dead it was deleted from the Jewish exclusiveness what Matthew fifteen Matthew fifteen could turn there with me verse twenty two the story is also continued actually in more detail and behold a woman of Canaan came out of the same coast and cried him him have mercy on me oh Lord thou son of David my daughter is grievously the next with the devil that normally a woman would not talk with a man and in this case especially a Jew there would purpose there was great hostility back and forth but this woman's got a problem she needs help she needs help and she cries out to God for this help now grievously vexed with the devil I don't know how many of you have had dealings with demon possession it's not a it's not a fun thing I was over an Indian edit doing an evangelistic series before it was fashionable like the it was a lot of fun it was before those days old matter fact Don Grady was working on the set of the but the DVD presentations he didn't even have enough done yet he he gave me fourteen and I said here this is all I've got you know go test it out and try it out having a great great time there when they were up baptizing people this friend of mine he's a big guy it was the ministerial note when the ministerial director that the division by the pastor of the University church is out there baptizing this lady and all of a sudden I see him struggling struggling this woman ripping winners about eighty pounds he can get a wrap out of the water and what's going on all of a sudden he finally gets rep into Vulcan port interfaces with Jessica Gideons Luckett gets over this story I just I don't know why I went over grabbed a hold of her and the man of the demons to come out of this woman and all of a sudden she's just fine she wipes her face takes a breath and she walks up the bank had other situation where just over filming it in Tanzania recently and as I'm interviewing these people all of a sudden overhear this Maasai warrior slams on the ground he's even calling out knees crying out everyone over there grab a hold of and demand the demons to command the next moment this is the situation at encrypt this woman -year-old daughter imagine -year-old daughter -year-old son what would you do payments are casting the child all over the place situation but now you look at verse twenty three but he Jesus answered her not a word not a word this woman comes to God the creator of the University recognizes who he has the Lord help me and God is site to do how does your faith hold up when you cry out to God in pain and anguish in God is Damon Samuel comes today that he anoints him he said you're going to be the next king you're going to be the next King David overall of Israel at four thirteen years he's hunted and pursued like a dog funny and new women in Psalms twenty two says oh my God I cry by day but you do not answer and by night but I find no rest and then Joe look at poor job jobs you notice having a wonderful time is he's been making offerings to God he's worshiping God and all of a sudden you know that the servant start showing up left and right insane all the camels are gone the fire came from heaven to destroy the sheep the oxen that are taken and now all the children are gone and finally the devil smiting with boils from the foot and the devil leave the wife and the wife said John a death curse God and die gophers thirty seven chapters thirty seven chapters of the book of Job he's looking for relief from God and God doesn't seem one Intel chapter thirty eight personal then God speaks what we do what we can Martha and Mary send a messenger Lord the one you love he's dying please come help and where's Jesus these are camping he doesn't show up the cancer a couple more days Jesus was silence certainly could be interpreted as neglect could not Jesus didn't care that's what the devil take Jason Dunham care Jesus doesn't care for you if you make a sailor didn't have time for you your problems are not big enough to take him to the King of the universe Matthew Monday just imagine that they Lazarus come forth while you could hear a pin drop there in the dust and all of a sudden Lazarus one thousand and two the Jesus care audio he did he did think about those disciples there on the Sea of Galilee there failing and failing hard fisherman were told the boat is ready to sink the boat is going to say and all of a sudden the lightning breaks across him a look and there is Jesus what a sleep asleep when men working there and then bailing them in fighting that and enrolling trying to save everybody's life on the boat and Jesus just as a sleep on magic and then I make the same Lord don't you care what you do from a human standpoint that isn't too bad question it seems more about you care were going to die and I would like you to think that's just the way God was going to do much of the Oswald Chambers and book my utmost for his highest then when you cannot hear God you will find that he has trusted you in the most intimate way possible with absolute silence not a silence of despair but one of pleasure because he saw that you could withstand an even bigger revelation of an even bigger revelation and it's about time for this woman to have now a bigger revelation she standing there before Jesus Jesus doesn't say a word but look at this next part of verse twenty three you miss on insane send her away for two cries out after the twelve general conference vice presidents they get member she's bothering we don't want around send her away how would you handle it how would you sorry kid and then well lately just backup just for a second and then my mom and dad here's I guess before I was born that used to go to church I'm not an Adventist church they went to a different church but it could happen anywhere by the way unfortunately every week pastor Jake my mom 's hand and a lot of times my dad loved hunting and fishing more than he like going to church course opening their season what data settled on Saturdays opening of fishing season when it is open on Saturdays and it's a weekend you know so you Saturday and Sunday boy that's can be fishing day because otherwise these work so special and almost fancies out fishing this this week preacher meets my mom at the door six or has a well where's Jim today I saw these out hunting and fishing again Ha but I was the last time my folks went to church for probably either note forty year last time just just one statement at the door as they are leaving the state it can happen to you it can happen to me that I'm not saying all happen here after all but the preacher might say something that just only drives you crazy ahead elder might say something that just offend you the deacon might threaten your child one day and said you should keep that can quiet I mean there can be thing after thing time after time they can offend us holy and the double was because the devil of think about brand that and he'll try and work it into your heart to God doesn't care for you this charts doesn't care for you and then Jesus or salt the one woman you're a dog jerked off God 's is your thought how many of you would stay in church the Lord walk inherited your bunch of dogs that the GC vice presidents already said you should leave adjacent lots of the year bunch of dogs well how often how often someone in the church you felt like they're just an absolute hypocrite how often the church so many people we have more people outside of the church it used to be Christians that are inside because of taking offense because of feeling badly because of something or other nitrate even that's not you don't ever leave don't ever let the devil chase you from God 's presence because that is determine thing to do he worked day and night to do that very thing to drive a wedge between you and God but this woman always could come between them because she understood he's the God of the universe she understood his power she understood his great love of all this woman what is she saying have mercy on me what a prayer have mercy on it short it's humble it's full of faith it's for its modest its reverential respectful reliant on the mercy of God and most of all it's persevering its persevering she was not going to let anything move her away from standing there by the disciples thought that they can hang up on this woman they could put her on hold and she would just go away they weren't listening they were mistaken this woman was not going to go away all there so many issues that come there are so many things that happened in our lives you know we prayed the night to find relief and then go we have friends that are dying for seems like no apparent reason of a friend right now is I can understand what's what God is doing why me why me there are so many things to God wants us to be persistent in our prayers God wants us to hang on God wants us to have no some religion Jesus they are in the Garden of Gethsemane while in a wonderful opportunity to be in that garden some of those olive trees essay or two thousand years old they can't know for sure because all entries don't have growth rings but they sure look like they could be and sit there and you think about Jesus Barry was kneeling down crying father if it's possible let this cup pass from me let this trial Galway there's any other way three times and there's there's no recorded response from the recorded response hanging on Calvary 's cross my God Mike I want you forsaken me no recorded brothers and sisters when it seems that not even God is listening on hang on Jesus went through it for you and for me Jesus died to reconcile us to the father Jesus love for us is all-encompassing Jesus is love for us is fully compassionate love Amanda 's five -year-old daughter had cancer a pastor he said that the very moment we found out we didn't harm and he said to view this through the backdrop of Calvary 's cross because Calvary 's cross settled God 's love for us and once that was settled we can handle everything we can handle everything it's Martin Luther commenting upon this woman situation said this woman through the sack of his own promises at his feet and Jesus couldn't stipple Jesus couldn't step off the react to God according to your feelings not reactive not according to your circumstances or the reaction of others towards you which is one of the biggest problems seek God 's goal is to fit you for eternity that's his goal to fit you for eternity no matter what your remember our text in the beginning God sees again from the beginning steps in and out of time well you remember our woman that had the issue of blood for twelve years God every doctor everywhere she can't find healing and finally she was not Jesus if I get if I can only touch the hem of his government and finally you see this woman crawling through the crowd on her hands and knees because of the push and oppressive the crowd is so much she can't get there any other way and she finally she finally does is able to reach up and touch the edge of the garment and she sneaks he begins crawling away she she doesn't want to be noticed and all of a sudden Jesus who taught me what you are not to be silent is not good trust me while the disciples in all the sadistic crazy thing because if you been in those situations in those countries I mean the press of the people could this be suffocating but he had something else in my daughter daughter he called he had never called anybody that of all of his ministry daughter all while there's a David Smith said had she been suffered to steal away she would've lost the chief blessing of her life she would've gained a feeling of her body but lost the healing of personal fathers there's a couple of statements that I've drawn here one is God never leads his children otherwise they would choose to be led if they could see the in from the beginning and assert the glory of a purpose which they are fulfilling as coworkers with all that has perplexed us in the providence of God will in the world to come be made plain the things hard to be understood will then find explanation the mysteries of Christ will unfold before us where our finite minds discovered only confusion broken promises we shall see the most perfect and beautiful we shall know that infinite love ordered the experiences that seem most try now for the God is the only being in the universe with hindsight what we wanted the gift of hindsight no twenty twenty hindsight is twenty twenty is it what's better than that in twenty twenty isn't really that great a site dodges perfect because God stepped in and out of time and set off for for you this is exactly what you need at this moment all in over here this is exactly what you need at this moment to grow YouTube to draw you closer and closer and closer and fellowship with every act of God as your best in my every so I ask you this morning when you covenant with God even if one your family your business your health is totally out of whack for thirty seven chapters in your life you don't hear a word from God when you covenant to trust God when your boat is sinking and Donna seems to be asleep will you covenant to trust God when like David you're told you're going to put a needle roller ever thirteen more years are pursued like it on when you trust God Martha married you ask God please help my brother my sister my child my loved one God stays away the Loveland we choose to be like the Cyrus Venetian woman even if you call the dog even if everybody in church said leave your bothering us the smart we choose to stand alongside God you believe in grab a hold of him how many of you this morning will say yes Lord I will do that no matter what by your strength by your pal I will grab a hold in an


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