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Don't Cry for Jesus: Warning to the Last Generation

Eric Walsh
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As Jesuis is on his way to Calvary he stops to address women mourning for him.  His message to them as the last generation of Jerusalem is a message for us now.  


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • April 17, 2020
    7:15 PM
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It's good to be here once again. We are back at the 3 jewels $77.00 s. church in Newington Connecticut once again filming in an empty church as the coronavirus pandemic continues to roll on. And we are under a stay at home orders and social distancing and this time we are seeing the curve flatten in most parts of the country and even in other parts of the world and so you know we're at a point where we're hoping to begin to see things be opened back up again but for now the churches are still closed and so we have a message tonight that will incorporate some things are about coronavirus again as we've been doing in the series but also some prophetic elements that will really visit as well as add some new things to it a message this week is entitled Don't cry for Jesus don't cry for Jesus a warning for the last generation Let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study a word I just ask the Lord that you make me a nail upon the wall rusty sorry male Lord upon a nail on acid you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ that are lost not be seen or heard instead father let us hear words of the throne room Grace prayer in Jesus name in men we're going to go to the book of Luke the 23rd chapter Luke Chapter 23 we jump into the story of the crucifixion Some call it The Passion of the Christ. And there are some interesting little tidbits that will go through here. And make some of them relevant to current events as well look 23 in verse 13 says and pilot. What it cost together the chief priest and the rulers and the people said unto them you have brought this man on to me as one that perverts the people and behold I have examined him before you haven't found no fault in this man touching those things were of you accuse him no nor yet Herod Rice sent you to him and lo nothing worthy of death is done to him pilot is making his case to the Jewish leadership that Jesus does not deserve to die in fact he 3 times makes this case. That Jesus is innocent and I think you have to realize the one of the reasons this is so important is because the entire universe is watching demons even are in the audience as this is happening and yet a pagan King says this man isn't guilty of anything in fact any sense of the heritage supposedly a representative of the more Jewish side of the society he finds nothing wrong with that this combined analysis of Christ and this verdict of his innocence is what allows him to be viewed by the entire universe it's as if the 2 of them step or confirm the step that Christ was the perfect land which is necessary to be. Sacrificed at the Passover so literally as the God of the passive a week there's an end inspection that happens and out of it pilot says this man is without fault he is perfect. Looked at the $23.00 of or 60 minutes as I was there for chastise him and release him from necessity he must release one of them at the feast and so what ought to placate the leadership part is that lesson what will do what just punish him a little bit let me beat him up well humble him we'll send him back out maybe he'll shut up all of his preaching and and all of his healing and you guys will have to worry about this guy's a watch anymore and remember that pilots job is primary function was to keep the peace the Jewish people were quite rebellious as it was his job to keep the rebellions at bay and so what he did was he would offer over a prisoner as a well as a kind of a token to the Jews to say listen let's not have a revolution here someone who you know came against Rome or we're going to send him back and and you guys can have them back just just don't do any revolutions this is one of his ideas as the stuff you're accusing him of you're accusing him of trying to say he's God or Denny's higher than Caesar or POTUS I don't see any of that next guy but when he says Listen I'll beat him up I chastise him I'll I'll abuse him and release him verse 18 of Luke 23 says and the Jews they cried out all at once saying away with this man and release on to us barabus Barabas his name by means the son of the Father his 1st name many scholars believe was Joshua Are you sure he literally had the same name 1st same name as Jesus and is the last name was son of the father so he was a type it was. A substitute in a sense of someone who the Jews could look up to as a messiah but he did not have the pure character that Christ had that verse 19 Luke the scribes in further. He says Who for a certain sedation made in the city and for murder was cast into prison this man was a rebel rouser he was a murderer elsewhere we are told that he was a thief he was a true common criminal I want you to get this in fact what they put in front of pilot in barabus or what part of put in front of Jews and barabus and Christ was a literally of the polar opposites here and unspotted unblemished land in character being and spirit in Jesus Christ is compared to one who has been completely tarnished one Jesus is trying to build a kingdom for all eternity and ruin a kingdom of sin and and eternal a universal revolution while barabus is trying to save Israel now and simply overthrow the Romans and he will do it by any means necessary Christ would not win his case by any means necessary he took on the flesh of a child he even he was mocked and abused he could have called 10000 angels yet he would not use any approach the way it is that Jesus suffered rather than strike back. Then verse in our crowd give us barabus verse 20 pilot therefore willing to release Jesus spake again to them but they cried saying crucify him crucify Him and in verse 22 of Luke 23 and he said unto them the 3rd time why what evil have you done I have found no cause of death in him I will therefore chastise him and let him go now what I want you to get is that pilot is pleading and agonizing with them leave Jesus alone I don't worry I'll punish him I'll beat him up and I'm going to let him go he doesn't deserve to die the pilot did not want to do this because his wife troubled in a dream had come to the pilot and told him not to do anything ill to Jesus but verse $23.00 says The cries to crucify him rise only higher. And they were instead with loud voices requiring that the than might be crucified and the voices of them and of the chief priests prevailed I want you to get that one of the things the Spirit of Prophecy tells in the book the desire of engines is that when the crowd is there trying to get Jesus to be crucified it isn't just the voices of men or of the Sanhedrin or of the Pharisees or of the mob it is the voices of demons Satan himself is in the crowd in human flesh walking among them and the demons in human fairness and that's why I believe it says in verse $23.00 and they were insistent with loud voices now it became a supernatural cry that pilot could not control and they began to crack crucify him just the weekend before they were crying a hole sat up Hosanna in the highest Now they cry crucify him verse $24.00 and pilot gave sentence that it should be as they required. It should be as they required verse $25.00 and he released under them him that force addition and murder was cast into prison whom they had desired but he delivered Jesus to their will pilot releases barabus and I want you to get that the sinner is released so that the innocent can be taken in many ways you and I are barabus we are the ones who have created rebellion against God We have we've committed a great sin and we are worthy not only of prison but because the wages of sin is that we are worthy of death as well but Christ is our substitute he is taken when we should have been taken by the says something profound in the end of verse 25 and says but he delivered Jesus to their will something will always go wrong in your life when Christ is the Liberty your will rather than your will being delivered to Christ when your will is not put into submission to Jesus instead you try to make your Jesus submit to what you want to do. Sometimes the church is full of people who are living any way they want and claim to love Jesus he has been submitted to their will. Verse 6 of Luke 2 and Luke verse 26 of Luke 23 says and as they laid him away they laid hold upon one side when a Ceridian coming out of the country and on him they laid the cross that he might bear after Jesus so Seidman of Sirene a Northern Africa what is modern day Libya he is there an African is there and probably an African Jew relocated under the Greeks to that area comes along and and what the Spirit of Prophecy tells us that Simon just shows a bit of concern he just shows the slightest bit of of worry for Jesus and and when he does that the Romans grabbed him a Bible says he's compelled to take the cross because I don't believe it I don't believe the 2 student things are juxtaposed I don't think it's either or I think it's both and I think Simon will saw the end in horror looked at the condition of Christ but at the same time I'm not sure he wanted to pick up a bloody cross from a man was about to be crucified and so they compelled him but he was chosen because when they looked on the face of Simon because it was signed and was concerned for Jesus mile motto could University. We have this statue here of Simon a Sirene helping Jesus up helping with the cross and we as students and alumni of that school we take it upon ourselves to believe that it is our job it is our role to assist in the work of Christ and to lift up the cross by any means necessary the 23 in verse 27 says and I followed him a great company of people and of women which also be waled and lamented that now we get a part a story we're going kind of. Really. Expand upon. The Bible says that there was a company of people but then it really points out that there were women who followed and the women were crying and who worried about what was happening to Jesus in verse 28 is as with Jesus turning on to them said Daughters of Jerusalem weep not for me but weeps for yourselves and for your children Jesus says Don't cry for me that's not a sentence or title of a service don't cry for jesus jesus listen don't cry for me there's some other reason you ought to be crying but I'm not one of them does turn said I me says Daughters of Jerusalem we not for me we are told it will see in a spirit of prophecy these women weren't concerned with Jesus they weren't crying for him as one sent by God they were crying because they decided what was being done to him was so terrible he may have even heal some of their children and they've been seen and work some of his miracles of a week for yourselves and for your children as this Corona virus pandemic has continued to explode and and we are you know seeing all of the deaths and all of the panic and fear I want to submit to you I don't believe that this thing is a punishment of sadness and in a series I mean I think it's a warning I think the Spirit of God is being withdrawn from the earth and so more and more of these things are going to happen because Lucifer Satan self will have more power to do these things I want you to get I want you to understand it as these things begin to happen Jesus is turning to you he turned to me and he said listen don't weep for me we feel as cells and for your children the Jesus pivots here and he begins the big move them back to some of the things he said in Matthew 24 but listen to what the book the desire Veda says about this he she a white says and does are they dissipate $742.00 she says. Not a few women are in the crowd to follow the un condemned to his cruel death their attention is fixed upon Jesus some of them have seen him before some of carried to him their sick and suffering ones some have themselves been healed of the stories of the scenes that have taken place is related they wonder at the hatred of the crowd toward him for whom their old hearts are melting and ready to brick and with notwithstanding the absence of the maddened throng and the angry words of the priest and rulers these women give expression to their sympathy as Jesus falls fainting meet the cross they break forth into mourning mournful wailing as they see him they begin to cry as the Scripture says this was the only thing that attracted crisis attention and all of the suffering Jesus is going to remember about now has been beaten is bleeding is this to his wearing a crowd of thorns these He's been punished he's he's weak and he's been humiliated and yet in all of that when he hears the women crying he stops I want you to get this he's not concerned for his own condition he's concerned for their tears although full of suffering while bearing the sins of the world he was not indifferent to the expression of group. He looked upon these women with tender compassion they were not believers in Him He knew that they were not lamenting him as one sent from God but were moved by feelings of human pity he did not despise this of the but it were awakened in his heart a did a sympathy for them. The Spirit of Prophecy tells us he was not indifferent to their expressions. Somebody right now is suffering this coronaviruses created a ripple effect. So now people are losing their jobs people don't know how to build a rent or not even buy food this thing has gone on so long that it has erased all of the gains of employment the United States the seeds and the housing crisis of 20072008 we are now stuck at 10 percent unemployment unheard of in the United States. There's a panic beginning to brew because we don't know where and how we're going to get help the government is setting out checks for the $1200.00 check is only going to buy food for a few weeks and you know if you live on long term and there's no definitive plan in place as to how we get out of this and somebody is at home tonight because besides the coronavirus you know people are still losing their children to murder and suicide marriages are still falling apart there are some alone tonight grieving not because they've done anything wrong but because the weight of the of what is going on inside the coronavirus pandemic and outside of it has there been grief I don't want you to know that of Jesus stopped as he was carrying the cross bloodied and beaten hungry as he had not eaten since the last supper as he was emaciated and we can if he had the time then to stop and see the pain in the grief of these women I want to tell you tonight he'll stop tonight to pay attention to your grief you will pay attention to your tears tonight you are not alone of Jesus and at his lowest point when he was suffering the most had time to stop to pay attention to the tears of these women I want to challenge you tonight he will stop what he is doing to pay attention to your situation in fact the spirit of prophecy says that he didn't despise their sympathy but it awakened in his heart a deeper sympathy for them and then he gives the warning. Daughters of Jerusalem he said we not for me but with for yourselves and for your children from the scene before him Christ looked forward to the time of Jerusalem's destruction and that terrible scene many of those who are now weeping for him were to perish with their children as Jesus there his prophetic abilities kick in and he looks at these women and he can see that as terrible as this situation is they are going to suffer something terrible in 40 years galas would eventually did the Roman general but eventually surround the city he would pull back Titus would be said and he would pull back and if you didn't understand the warnings that Christ gave in Matthew 24 as the Christians did you would know what it was time to run out of the city and you would stay but what happened was some of these women who are willing who despite all Christ had done for them and healing them and healing some of their children in the miracles they saw if in in all of that and seeing a suffered if they were converted to follow Him as Christ the Messiah he knew that the suffering they were going to have was going to be terrible so Christ had sympathy for them more than they could have sympathy for him. $23.00 in verse $29.00 he expounds Jesus says will be whole the days are coming in the which they shall see Blessed are the barren and the wounds that never bear and the paps which never gave suck he said listen it's going to be so bad when the Romans destroyed a city Jesus says the women are the people who have no children to be tortured and kissed slaughtered in the city are going to be the ones who are happiest because they will be able to die without seeing the pain of watching their children die but at Jesus the something else and Luke 23 immersed 13 he switches from the seeds of the destruction of Jerusalem to the seeds of the destruction that will come at the end of the world. And he says here in verse 30 then shall they begin to say to the mountains follow us and to the hills cover us he gives the warning that the time is coming people are not going to be able to stand let me show you we've been talking about math 24 hours jump back in for a 2nd it says and woe unto them that are with child and to them that give suck in those days pray that your flight be not in the winter and neither on the Sabbath day in Matthew 24 just like in Luke 23 he begins to to prophesied between the end of Jerusalem toggling back and forth to the end of the world because the David the destruction of Jerusalem stands as a type for what happened at the end of the world the Christians will be able to get away out of Jerusalem just as the believe it will a skate the final destruction of this world when legions finally approached in this and 708040 years after this time when Jesus is talking to these women it would be a massacre they would get inside a city strip walls and misaligned you can see what it looks like is what artist's rendition of the destruction of the temple of Jerusalem you can see as the as they were the Romans walked off with a prized possessions and his murder and slaughter everywhere the Romans were so upset they came back with with vengeance because the Jews kept having rebreather Aleutian after revolution they chose revolution when they chose chose were rabbits and revolution is all they got and they won many a battle thinking that God was on their side but all it really did was infuriate the Roman powers and remember Rome in the Book of Daniel is as represented a Daniel chapter 2 as the legs of iron legs are your strongest muscles iron the strongest metal road cross and they did they came back and crushed Jerusalem and that is they no one temple has ever been rebuilt Matthew 24 verse 21 also pivots that end of the world. Well and then shall be great tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time no nor ever shall be and except those days should be shortened there should no flesh be saved but for the elect sake those days shall be shortened Jesus is warning us in the last generation he's warning us that a great tribulation is about to come upon the earth and if you're not prepared for what's about to come on the earth you're going to be in trouble that's what Christ is telling us he says that except those days should be shortened there should no flesh be saved before the alexy those days and we shorten time will be shortened in order but elect to not suffer through the end times the question is are such times coming we've been going over this. As this pandemic is rolled on one of things that has been very. Evident is that by having everybody stay home and not going out they have watched as the pollution goes on so once that one article where in India for the 1st time in like 3 decades they can see the Himalayan mountains because the air pollution has gone down because of everybody staying at home the earth some say is healing itself with this virus and allowed us to have to hide so that the Earth can heal and as it is a crime the challenge of Pope Francis' a Sabbath for the earth and the poor and we should stop what we're doing once a week on Sundays and allow the earth to heal every week that we should take this and perpetually do it a new Sabbath this other article says some abrasion of Sunday Eucharist is a sign of the new and everlasting covenant for Christians and again they make the case you've got to go down to read some of these articles the case that in fact we need to rest on Sunday it is an imperative and because of the ecumenical movement the Lutherans and the Calvinists and everyone has folded back up under the under Rome even when you look at some of the leadership of Islam and and Buddhist Buddhism all of a sudden now you're looking as as everyone is beginning to gel with the road the barriers are being broken down the Vatican has announced that in fact the Protestant Reformation is over because they have grasped that hands with the Lutherans just as predicted in the great controversy so what's happening. They will begin now to make an argument that neither the people on the left of the political spectrum nor the right will be able to counter because the 2 arguments one on the left to save the environment one on the right to save the family and the other and return God to society and when you look at it both sides will agree that someday sacred is a good idea and a new Boston Post if you look this up this is an article that was recently published and it says at least one societal changes altered from appointing could do wonders to reinvigorate our national sense of family faith and community let's give serious thought to reinstating at least some of the time honored Sunday cocksure laws sort of a one day per week modified stay at home request such actions were to rededicate our society to a regular day of rest family meals civic associations and religious observance This is from Boston Massachusetts about 2 hours from where I live and they are putting out articles now saying hey it's time this shows us it's time and just as Jesus says in Matthew 24 and Luke $23.00 The time is going to come a great time of trouble this is the warning to us at the end of the world that a great time of trouble is coming will you be able to stand you know Christ in such a way that when this time of trouble comes you're not weeping for Christ like the women did your believing in Christ Christ and that was not asking for sympathy as he went across he was asking for faith because he told them he had to walk this road he told me that to go down this path he told them that he would be. Killed that hands of the Jews and the Romans but he also told them that on the 3rd Age rise again Revelation $614.00 says it like this. And Heaven departed as a scroll when it was rolled together and every mountain and island were moved out of their places and the kings of the earth and the great men in the Richmond and the chief captains of the mighty men and every bondman and every free man hid themselves in the dens and in a rocks of the mountains just like Luke $23.00 says here it is in Revelation 6 and said to the mountains and rocks fall on us and hide us from the face of him that sits on the throne and from the wrath of the lamb he went Jesus turned to the women and he said Listen one day you're going to cry out to rocks to fall out as he was thus he was the rat lamb that was being slaughtered but what if when that what but when the prophecy is fulfilled in the future when people are running to the rocks and cry and fall of us he won't be the lamb that is mean slaughtered he will be the lamb and that is that is not king a conqueror and it will be his wrath that they're running from or seventeen's us for the great day of His wrath is come and who shall be able to stay. With this of them you're not standing with Jesus now you will be able to stand against him when he comes again the time to stand with Jesus now look $23.00 verse $3011.00 of those interesting passages in the story of the women who are crying his father Luke 23 in verse 31 it says for if they do these things in a green tree what shall be done in the dry Jesus says that a woman listen if they all do this stuff and agreeing to all they do it right in other words if this is how the perfect level God the Son of the Living God if this is how he is treated publicly humiliated and all of these things happen in a kangaroo court what will happen to those who want repentance for Again this grace and mercy was offered to them they rejected it. If they did this to the innocent what will happen to the guilty otherwise as I like this there's a desire of a dissipate $743.00 from the fall of Jerusalem the thoughts of Jesus passed to a wider judgement and the destruction of the impenitent city is a symbol of the final destruction to come upon the world he said then shall they begin to say to the mountains follow us and to the hills cover us for if they do these things in a green tree what shall be done in the drive by the green tree Jesus represented himself the innocent Redeemer that suffered his wrath against transgression to fall on his beloved Son Jesus was to be crucified for the sins of men what suffering then for the sin of Big Bear who continued to sin all the impatient and unbelieving would know a sorrow and misery that language would fail to express of the multitude that followed the Savior to Calvary many attended him with joyful hosannas and the waving of palm branches as he rode transfer into Jerusalem but not a few who had then shouted his praise because it was popular to do so now swell the cry of crucify him crucify him for many of us the circles we live in right now it is popular to say you're a Christian and administers the same believe in the Bible the day will come when these things will no longer be popular to stand for what you believe in especially in the 7 the Sabbath will not be popular and I'm telling you that one day this will happen and and the very same people that some of us have gone to church with who of all our law who thought were true blue they will turn on us just as these people turn on Christ so Jesus says a man's enemies will be they of his own household otherwise as one Christ rode into Jerusalem. The hopes of his the cycles have been raised to the highest pitch there pressed close about their master feeling that it was a high other to be connected with him now in his humiliation they followed him at a distance they were filled with grief and bogged down with disappointed hopes How were the words of Jesus verify all ye shall be offended because of me this night. It is written I will smite the shepherd the sheep of the flock so obvious scattered wrong that Texas followed in Matthew 26 and verse 31 let me tell you some church many ways what happened to the disciples that night will happen to the church and in times the shepherd of the day the Word of God will be attacked as it already has been attacked if you go to a American college or college in Europe South Africa Australia much of the world and you say you believe in God you believe that he created the world professors and students will ridicule. We live in a time where if you believe in the Word of God and you believe what God says about more ality and moral issues you'll be ridiculed you say you believe in the stories of Scripture and you understand them to be history you'll be ridiculed and as this ridicule raises and raises many will begin to give up their beliefs in the Bible as of thus saith the Lord they will no longer believe in souls for Torah they will say we must add in science into the Bible so that we can find a way for evolution to fit into the pages of the Word of God and people will begin to deconstruct God's word to begin to still to be at the word to be at what is to be our shop or a moral compass of the Word of God that is going to begin to happen in church. When that happens there are many people who we go to church with now and I hope it's not you but how many and awful are going to pack up and leave there's going to be a great shaking and the spirit of prophecy says has already begun and many who we believe are true are going to be shaken out of this last warning that Jesus gave to these women before his crucifixion is a warning to us today that in fact if they would do this in a green tree what will they do in the dry if they were of their willing not to be good to come against the things of God as God's Spirit is removed from the earth how will they then come against the Christian and if you are not ready for what is coming this pandemic hasn't taught you that you need to be ready for what is coming upon the world I don't know what God needs to do to make you see he's right about his word if there were going to be 7 last legs that means that had to be some plagues before we are watching one of the early ones look how quickly with all of this technology battles battle we don't even have enough masks and gallons we can't get enough test all the technology to go to the moon and people where nurses are where garbage bags are trying to protect themselves from this virus matters been humble our society is fragile it's fractured you now see all that matters built can be brought down in a 2nd will you still put your trust in men I challenge you tonight what to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ make him your wrong as he goes that across you go to the cross with him and leave your your problems leave your past leave your shame leave your guilt leave your sin at the foot of the cross and you walk with Jesus after that Jesus says it like this the night yourself take up your cross and follow me. Charge of you if you only have a superficial relationship with Jesus now the church is more of a social outing if you go in the church so that you can hear the music bump and you can feel have a feel good and socialize at your friends let me tell you there is a time coming when it's not going to be enough that you are weeping for Jesus you're going to need to be walking with Jesus you're going to be have to not be the women on the side feeling bad for Jesus you'll have to be like Simon the Ceridian who is willing to pick up the cross and walk with Jesus now by the lets us know there are hints of the Bible that Simon sons become Christians roofless and I believe in this other son that was Alexander they become Christians and even in Romans It also seems the point that idea that his wife becomes a Christian that in fact signed and becomes a follower of Christ he is not there by default one Jerusalem is the steroid yet the women who are crying for Jesus like some of us private recoveries and worship services crying for Jesus I'm not ready when he comes this is the last great warning Stop playing with God take him seriously this virus was sent as a warning man cannot be trusted when you trust the living God you call on Him and accept Him as your Lord and Savior Let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for his opportunity to study your words with Thank you Father for you are better to us than we are to ourselves by the God who turned Jesus as he was walking to Calvary turn and sympathize with the women crying or Tonight there are people crying need to know that you still sympathize with them but you also still give the warning warning is that this world is not our home. And then there is the return of that same lamb that went to slaughter that day will come back as a king as the conquering lion of the tribe of Judah come to receive his own. Act pray that all will hear this will be read when Jesus returns is our prayer and Jesus is precious and all of. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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