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A Ministry of Healing

Richard Walton



  • March 20, 2010
    10:00 AM
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arise shine for your life has come in the glory of the Lord is risen upon you for behold darkness will cover the area and the darkness the people 's but the Lord will rise upon you and his glory will appear upon nations will come into your life and things to the brightness of your rice our message today is a story of light and shadows of divine dreams and broken promises of cities on the heel and what might have been the brief passage in Isaiah chapter sixty is not repeated dream throughout the old and new Testaments the Bible speaks repeatedly of God 's people being a light in a dark world that you chapter five verse fourteen the Lord speaks and he says to his disciples you are the light of the world a city upon a hill cannot begin Proverbs four eighteen in the Old Testament again in the writer speaks the path of righteousness is like the light of dawn that shines brighter and brighter until the full day in John eight twelve again turning to the words of the Lord Jesus speaks again to them saying I am the light of the world he who follows me will not walk in the darkness but will have one the light of life what is so important in the Bible about what in the vortex that I just shared with you in both the old and the New Testament two words are repeatedly used in dealing with Y in connection with God 's people in Hebrew the word is Paul ingrain the word is false from which we derive photography or phosphorescence falls for life what is so important in the Bible about why dispels the darkness healing properties two properties in the life you can see one of the really interesting things about both of these words is only the sincere is the context in which it appears on is not just any type of why it is shocking bright dazzling light is frequently transliterated as daunting for those of you that like to rise early I don't but I go to court a lot so I find myself watching the dog more frequently than I would like it's is just amazing sudden luminescence if you looking at it is so right it's almost painful to watch he can't look directly under you can close your eyes but still perceive there is life for that same word is used in Genesis one three in describing the sudden explosion of white color that appeared in space in the earliest recorded moments of this Earth 's history but a shoot violating in the beginning God and what God spoke and there was an absolute blackness there was a blazing inferno of the sun wind ladies and gentlemen is not a matter of reason are watching it is not a truth to be puzzled through and studied and understood it is a matter of perception there I is the word desire we instinctively see the light because it warms us because it gives us guidance because it reveals things to because we can see even if it is nothing more than our own imperfections why allows us to see what lets us see where we can improve now what is it unique and special about God 's chosen people from the of the very earliest moments of their history from the Exodus all the way through to modern times that distinguishes them absolutely and uniquely from the rest of the world in such a stunning way that they could be called a city upon a hill the city is a stunning brilliance even Gentiles with her eyes closed and since the presence of a white word knowing marks of distinguishing the things will seek our counsel something so fundamental that everybody wants to have what is it that sets God 's people apart relationship with God about the relationship with God what is it that is so overwhelming about the Lich truth espoused and live by God 's people that folks have to come to it even with their eyes closed while you're thinking about that reflect on Isaiah chapter sixty Isaiah sixty is interpreted by scholars as a messianic passage predicting the ministry of Jesus on this earth immediately want to understand what is so important about the white that he would bring to the world there are few places in Scripture Christian can more profitably look in the life and ministry of Jesus so I asked again what is it about his ministry then that drew people to him even those who didn't believe what wasn't so dazzlingly unique about his ministry that even those who didn't believe wanted to come see him and hearing great baby being him what were his second and final miracles while on this earth the second miracle Jesus ever performs even find in the gospel of John John chapter four verse forty three so Jesus came again to obtain a in Galilee the place were he made the water into wine and that Capernaum there is an official 's son was very Neil when he heard that Jesus had left Judea and had arrived in Galilee he went off to see him and begged him to come down and heal his son who was by this time at the point of death Jesus said to him I suppose you'll never believe it unless you see what signs and wonders Sarah returned the official please come down before my boy dies you can go home return Jesus your son is alive and well never had the privilege of coming out of operating room and telling the family of the gravely injured person with their son or daughter their wife or husband would be well you know what it's like to stand next to a criminal defendant the court room and stand with him when the judge and towns will a defendant rise I know what that feels like what it feels like a part of not guilty verdict for a client but I don't know what it feels like to look at family and EI and say you can go home you are so is alive and well in the last miracle Jesus performed Luke chapter twenty two verse forty nine and the disciples seeing what was going to happen cried Lord shall user sorts and one of them did at the high priest servant cutting off his right ear but Jesus retorted that will do any good what touched his ear and healed is worth noting that the Lords last miracle before the cross the last time he used divine power was to heal one of those who sought to do in the also tell presenting very important about the white Isaiah prophesied Christ would bring to this world this is a is a criminal defense attorney I get tough cases that I don't get the easy ones easy once please is easy ones don't end up in front of the jury but for the top ones that do the single most powerful tool that I had to their curious to find it's a theme a simple theme something that might make them pause before sending my client off to prison for many many years to look them in the eye and to say at the beginning of my case and once again right if he and the theme I wanted to take with them because the bottom line is Jerry's never remember anything in the middle they remember what you tell them at the beginning and what you told the console by his life by his example it seems to me that the Lord encapsulated the central theme of his ministry on this arrogant two simple words medical missionary he made it clear that he wants his followers to be the winners not just of mine but even more importantly of body if there is one way to reach everyone no matter where on the socioeconomic ladder they may have landed it is with a ministry of healing I well remember many years ago I was assisting the government of Fiji and government run health screening as for a very important reason leave the native islanders in the drops out the cynic are not used to the heavily enriched diet of sugars refined flours that they are now eating after the introduction of European civilization European culture and because of that the incidence of type one and type two diabetes in the islands is just shocking extent many times more than fifty percent and probably is in the island they don't have access to simple things like insulin and drugs to control their blood sugar and so for many people that day who were being screened for elevated blood sugar the news we had to give them was for them a death sentence answer the door of that humble little building has sitting at a picnic table with area than blood sugar meter some lancets and some strips I saw everyone from homeless people to a descendent of the royal family of 3G coming through that door because antennas were offering something nobody else was a chance to understand your health condition maybe just maybe if you have appalled him do it find a way to get access to the drugs that can keep them alive I have no medical background I'm not a doctor and really not a good medicine if I was if I was smart enough I would come here but yeah I didn't like that I had the time I was given the basic training to run that machines I volunteered some time to try to help the people of that island understand the health issues that they were dealing with and what brought them all together in that room that day was the same thing that brought people together in Jesus everybody needs physical healing of one kind or another and seller bodies or holder minds are probably not able to receive the gospel anyway perhaps that is why John the beloved disciple left is one of his final wishes for his friend and for his church the text was read for us and that I've chosen is my theme today I wish above all things the family is prospering vegan health even as thy soul prospers for one of the last living apostle as one who lived and traveled Whitfield and preacher the Lord of creation it was vitally important that a very closing moments of his life on this earth he reminds each of us of the great divine drink and what so obviously is one of the great focuses of Christ's ministry while he was on this earth so Jesus healed during his three and a half years among the seek field frequently before he preached and even I was shocked to find how much of the record of his time with us is devoted to his healing ministry one would think that his words a Santos out OH and while the redemption would be far more important to the gospel writers and recording act and the identity of the various people he healed while on this earth but for some reason in the gospel of Mark alone if you exclude the passion week in the resurrection chapters how much of the gospel of Mark is devoted to healing ministry anybody know something like seventy percent nine of the remaining thirteen chapters discuss Jesus working healing physical ills sometimes it at length running in excess of twenty versus but then again I guess that shouldn't be a surprise in describing God 's dream for his people Isaiah uses fascinating word for white dawn bright dazzling light he described things coming to the door the brightness of thy rising the very same word for why that was used at the creation of the world I suppose that is I'm a lawyer I do love words I study worth I don't believe that the writers of the Bible carelessly used words whenever other words it could've been used I don't think Isaiah woke up one morning with an old-fashioned and decided he was going to use that several times why did you use that word because I think he is pointing backwards in time to the very moments of the beginning of this Earth 's history to a perfect world a world in which medical missionaries were not meeting why because in a perfect world there was no such thing as disease there was no such thing as death because of something that I like to call the principal of return you can still see glimpses and when present in our world today for those of you that our science students are studying European universities don't understand something very fundamental to why we can all survive on this little blue-eyed world is called the Krebs cycle you think about it and we as human beings or take for instance a little yellow canaria a beautiful little yellow bird Saxony was air oxygen that is a section of its lines of oxygen Aaron is vital to survival enriches it was song in the incident back to this world at the gases poisonous to itself the plan however takes that he has poisonous to the little songbird processes it through the Krebs cycle and gives it back to the world as oxygen that the birds and again three principle of return in a perfect world and the world began with white there was no reason for a ministry of healing in a world in which there was no dad there was no need to for instance you'd be dead carcasses of other creatures because they didn't die because of that because of that diet man could live that astronomical figure sometimes a thousand years or more after the flood that discipline was lost we entered the human diet and the average lifespan dropped precipitously but then then came his chosen people the city on no they were given a variation on the diet existed in creation as it ever stopped to realize how much of the Torah the first five books of the Old Testament are devoted to basic principles of healthy living and what today we would call public health administration shocking amounts of what is considered to be the holy tax is to do this day in the Jewish faith is devoted to simple concepts like quarantine for those with disease regular cleaning and hygiene a control diet and excluded what modern science now realizes our primary contributing causes of heart disease cancer and stroke but I suppose one could argue that Moses 's simply plagiarize these concepts from some other eminent scholar of his day a short perhaps he borrowed the concept of healthy living and public health administration without attribution of course from the Egyptians who would sacrifice hundreds of slaves when they died so they wouldn't have to fan themselves in the afterlife or perhaps he borrowed it from the Canaanites were in except in public health practice at the time included offering one's children on the red-hot arms of Moloch a fertility god now that's great for population control folks but it doesn't do much for population morale that some years ago the United States government spent several million dollars commissioning a study to try to figure out why Americans were not more productive and having spent millions of dollars of the taxpayers money researchers reach the shocking conclusion that people weren't productive because they weren't happy I can't imagine the pain and was a tremendously productive workforce yeah Israel was able to kill your nation at the time just because of their monotheism enough region of the world it was mostly polytheist but because they enjoyed longer healthier happier lives to do missionary and downloading lifestyle guidelines they were a unique people not just in the belief but also in action but then again so are we or were once since eighteen sixty three add venison benefit from some simple health principles of modern medicine is still understanding the long-term implications of that but if you hop onto Al Gore 's information superhighway you can read some really amazing things I have read that Adventism 's focus I found this room peddlers of new and used ideas on that superhighway that ended dozens focus on healthy living diet exercise and medical missionary work was the product of plagiarism and therefore can or perhaps even should be ignored sure at a time when the latest studies are confirming that add venison with approximately ten years longer than the average population and at the same time enjoy up to a ninety five percent reduction in the occurrence of heart disease many forms of cancer and strokes at a time when secular filmmakers are aligning our body mind and spirit approach to life that ensures those are ten extra good years of life we have been various corners of the electronic world self proclaimed experts who decided they know how to practice law without a license anybody to go to law school so they would know where to find a law blood to do the research and actually pass the bar exam so they would know how to interpret what they found they would find it in eighteen forty one just a story to find a doctrine called fair use fair use is a complete defense to the charge of plagiarism and when fair use as defined by Justice story is applied to the alleged plagiarism bandied about by these Internet intellectuals my legal opinion is that the they couldn't even find the courtroom to file a copyright infringement lawsuit the judge would dismiss it as soon as you stop laughing by the way unlike her critics I can cite that authority if you're interested the cases versus marsh nine three forty two CCD Massachusetts eighteen forty one but then again what would I know about the topic I only authored for academic papers on theories so we have nothing to apologize for today yesterday are any day tomorrow we are a unique people with a unique message for a dark and dying world and if the apostle Mark found it important enough to devote seventy percent on his chapters to Jesus miracles of healing to what should we be focusing our attention for those of you who attended or graduated from this fine institution I offer you the sincerest congratulations my deepest respect your products one of the finest teaching hospitals in the world and on this is how to get anniversary I have never been prouder of my charge more of my face then when people who know nothing of us all other than the fact that a relative of theirs was successfully treated here perhaps by the world 's smallest variable energy proton synchrotron when they hear violent administers trainee for being part of the remarkable denomination it makes it all possible I am proud each of you whether pleasure not to the nation field has a mission field in your clinic in your practice and in your community and so for graduates of the school I encourage you to do two things first if you haven't done so already take a long second hard look at the school 's magnificent medical missionary program there was a time when I thought life could be measured in dollars and cents and laws enacted in great things done now I realize that the most rewarding part of my practice in my life is helping others one client at a time only a lawyer I can only keep my client out of jail you ladies and gentlemen you have the power to make your patient's whole in mind and body and there is nothing more rewarding than doing that abroad in the mission field for the most needy among us second two thousand you will go on tour for some reason choose not to there is a mission field the biggest mission field right in front there was a time to time long ago when my grandfather graduated from the school it was known as the college of medical evangelists and this institution turning into one in addition to spending his summers in the mission field doing volunteer work he was always proud of his face is his practice when he started his practice people told him that no one would see a doctor was so overtly religious it was predicted he would fail but he was not deterred they prominently displayed at his literature in his waiting room and would not allow secular magazines to be displayed here he shared his faith if asked and pay very careful attention to this he prayed with his patients before taking them in for surgery as a result of things that happen this practice prospered to the point where people would fly from all over the world to be operated on by the praying Doctor and hundreds of souls came to Christ including one whose son has just left is a graduate of this institution for the mission field there is nothing absolutely nothing this institution are you as individuals can do is more important than around here times and names of change but it is school ever ceases to train and send out medical evangelist it will cease to serve the reason it is here to emulate the master devoted so much of his time hereunder to medical evangelism if that part of his ministry was worth seventy percent of the chapters in Mark 's gospel is worth serious consideration before you resign yourself to the grind of daily practice and to those of you who like myself are not in the medical field I offer some thoughts first there is no more powerful sermon to be preached and how people live after going to church onset if we are to follow the Masters example if we are to live the divine dream and we have before us an simple but profoundly helpful lifestyle guidelines if we follow them we can be a healthy happy people prosperous in mind and body and we are others will notice I was proud to call the crux a friend of mine but she was not unique in this community she was one of many who live into their nineties and into their hundreds healthy happy people who have defied every actuarial guideline known to me Kings or in my case princesses and Fiji will come to learn how we do it Gentiles or with apologies to my many clients in the entertainment industry Hollywood filmmakers will come here to this field to learn what makes us different and they will turn it into a movie your lifestyle matters not just to you with your neighbors as well second we can each in our own way be part of the medical missionary work this church this institution and his people were meant to our member time and most Adventist churches had parked outside a healthy time when badness churches regularly provided health screening to their community this I have myself participate in doing that both here and around the world just because you don't have a medical degree doesn't mean you are incapable of doing your part learn the basic skills support your medical outrage in your medical missionaries in turn has once again into the Protestant denomination with the highest per capita system of healthcare institutions in the world in a few minutes I have left with you before you retire to your Pastor Robert 's message I leave you with two great stories of peculiar people with peculiar messages stories of light and darkness of defeat and ultimate triumph the first takes us far away from this time and place halfway around the world a fertile plain just east of the Dead Sea you want to follow on you and turn to the book of numbers numbers chapter twenty two so the lock son is a poor who is King of Moab at that time sent messengers to summon a lump sum as they are Maalox said at the bullets come out of Egypt they cover the face of the land and have settled next to me and put a curse on these people because they are too powerful for me perhaps then I will be able to defeat them and drive them out of the country for I know those you bless her blessed and those you curse are cursed no skipping numbers twelve but God said to Dale will not go with them you must not put a curse on these people for why for they are blast but likes on the value riches over integrity bailout and tried to defy the Lord and know anyway and ended up getting lectured by his ass the furry kind with four legs three times he tried to curse God speech you hear people with their unique health habits and their strict doctrines and three separate times the theological challenge failed as only blessings good for pour forth from the renegade prophet but many lungs finally did succeed in bringing Israel down by attacking the very thing that made them unique a little wine little dancing in Israel failed the Lord by slipping into the very human sacrifice orgies they were supposed to be saving the Moabites from by showing through their lifestyle why God 's way was the better way than an interesting look at the lifestyle doesn't matter and none of this stuff is important why is it that's what the devil always attached when he can destroy the theology of tragic failure the divine dream that never was not because God 's people lost a theological they but because they ended up acting just like the people they were supposed to be saving thing that will never happen us well someday soon we know from prophecy is a generation of God 's people will live up to the divine ideal revelation fourteen Revelation fourteen speaks in the present tense of those who knew what gave the Commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus a city on a hill a dazzling life is seeing around the world like seeing and Bangor alike and that brings me to my second story of the day to a hilltop in Southern California known as the Hill beautiful for sale in nineteen oh four for the astronomical sum of one hundred and ten thousand dollars couldn't be done the brother and said no Mrs. White said there is something about that place I have seen that place and it is a goodly place keep inquiring so Mister burden for whom the hall is named in which we regularly meet went back and asked again found that the economic difficulty the price and then dropped considerably to eighty five thousand dollars still beyond the means of the church after further negotiation as a result of a face for thirty eight thousand nine hundred dollars the church acquired what is today a world-renowned flagship institution with outstanding students and faculty and yes the world smallest variable energy proton synchrotron we have been here one hundred and five years and we can be proud working in three and one half years of medical evangelism the Lord finished his work here on earth if we really wanted to I ask you how long would it take for us to do the same from this city on this scale starting today I would dearly love to tell you how that story ends but I can only finish it with two questions why not us and why not now the spring dear Lord well every hand is now I would like to extend an old invitation one more time for everyone here who is ready to rededicate themselves to being medical evangelists at home or abroad I invite you to stand to stand and hear the word of the Lord arise shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon May the Lord added his blessing to the reading of his word in Jesus name and


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