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COVID 19 and the Laodicean Church

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, continues his series on COVID 19. He draws valuable lessons correlating our current pandemic to the spiritual condition of the end of time church.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • April 18, 2020
    12:30 PM
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Father have a lord so we're so thankful that we can still connect through technology and it's not the same and that's why you came down here you came and lived among us you dwelt among us you grew up your lives you died he rose again you're coming again but today we come as close as we can to one another but we're also aware of the the. The core in teens that we're in your day and that we're in the Old Testament and through our Christian history and we recognize the public health issues so give wisdom to the leaders of our nation to public health officials across this country and on this campus and in any location where people are listening or watching now and drawing near us as well drawing near Also those that are struggling with Kovan one thing I think of Dr Hamill just got a text there in Michigan faithful servant of yours for many years we have with him and many others that are suffering more we just ask that you send the angels to draw near and we promised if we confess your name among man which we do right now we confess that you are the Christ we confess that we believe in you we confess that you are our Savior our master and our friend we confess to you that you promise to confess our name before the angels or before the father confessor nay before the Father and then he can also send the angels that are ministering spirit to those areas of salvation so we do asked that those ministering spirits those angels around each Helman each heart as we open your word in Christ name it. Carbon 19 and the latest c in message. One is talk a little bit more my Some people say Man Can we talk about something else could kill the 19 yeah we can win when it's over but right now there's a lot of people hurting there's a lot of people that are wanting information there's a lot of people searching the Word of God like they never did before and as I thought about this I realize that the fear of this deadly virus that's gripped the world continues to grip the world in some places where it looks like it went away now the numbers are increasing again it appears that there's a 2nd wave and we are crying out to God We need help what can be done that's what people are saying now we want to flatten the curve. I've been enjoying listening to the almost daily or weekly. Instruction that Dr Roger swell has been giving and this last week Dr Ned Lee and Dr swelled and some others were on a special program that looked at what can be done what can you do what can we do to address this pandemic and they looked at the different phases the phase the before there's an infection and then there's a fade 5 days after infection so when you have symptoms you know early with Scilab bad nobody knows. But you're passing the virus that's why it's an unusual Corin team situation where they're asking people to look otherwise healthy to stay home. And people are getting very antsy about that by the way and then 7 days later many times there is an admission to the hospital people get worse they have shortness of breath and they have adult respiratory distress and drum perhaps in the i.c.u. and they go on a ventilator and so this is kind of the progression and what can be done well the one idea is we need to get more ventilators we've got to get more personal protective equipment medication and maybe develop a vaccine and one of the things that we've been talking about and what Dr swell was talking about is another thing we can do before we go to the hospital is to increase or robust our immune system the immune system instead of having 20 percent go to the hospital maybe have 15 percent have 85 percent of people that are able to push that away and if you would like information on that go to our website t c I we Mark dot com a whole bunch of videos there for New Star dot com They have them on a playlist there as well and follow that as well on how what you can do now and also this next week coming out is a new set of videos on hydrotherapy that's narrated by Dr Natalie that's going to help you as well so all of this is coming up we're trying to help you at this particular time what you can do now. In a. Journal in the sum that ministers called the end of this review April 17th a good is not the image of the perfect enhancing our tool kit against covert 19 you'll notice there that it says in the byline that on Easter Sunday April 12th there was a special presentation this last week health ministries of the General Conference here best pathway to health which we were supposed to have a big event in Indianapolis that we canceled and then a says we are institute a lifestyle a lifestyle health education and others Dr Another was on the symposium and it was watched by many people from many different walks of life and then it said this walk could hydrotherapy play a role lessons from heaven its institutions during the pandemic and it looks at you know different institutions we're going to come back to that in a minute but basically it's talking about the idea of having hot and cold treatments and I thought what about the lay of the sea in message is connected to hot and cold is I wish that you would be hot or cold. And I want to look at that spiritual connection the minute I 1st of all reviews the physical connection because you know we're told that our sermon should have a large element a practicality. Right and so I want to talk a little about the hot and cold just in case you missed that symposium what they're discovering is that fever and thermal regulation of immunity actually is helpful if you have a fever within certain parameters what's all covered a little bit later it actually helps cook out cook away the things that are harming you eat it turn up the heat the presence of fever in adults with influenza and other viral respiratory infections that has been shown back in 2016 to be efficacious or something that's effective fever management evidence 1st is current practive this particular article from 2012 says that fever exerts an overall adverse on the growth of bacteria and the replication of viruses in other words fever limits bacterial growth fever it limits virus replication that virus gets in that little fact thing that covers it it gets in there it hooks into your cells and starts to replicate using that and when you have a fever it helps stop that I would that you be hot hot the Bible says it and we're looking now physically at that it all cell stimulate the immune system when you have a fever the body knows wait a minute who something's Adnan I need to get the t. cells I need to get the w.b. sees the white blood cells the t. helper cells the p. killer cells the baby cells a little bit later I need to get them all engaged and this happens when you're fevers between 104 and 104 Fahrenheit so when you have that feeling goes after them this is what it says and I'm not making medical recommendations although I'm going to I'm a nurse. I'm under a doctor's orders right so I'm not making a medical. Recommendation right now but you may want to check it out. You might want to check out the fact that a fever at certain levels is not all bad and this is why you have a fever to actually take care of the passages and by the way they looked at the viral load yield as a function of temperature this was looking at the polio virus and you notice at 353-637-3839 extension 40 that's centigrade that's going up to about 104 degrees notice what happens the lower the temperature the more viral load but the higher the temperature starts not going out those viruses very interesting that he is helpful to notice here same thing with the polio virus in this particular paper so that when the he is not kept at that level like up there says $37.00 the virus starts to load starts to come back and so actually he helps do in the virus. Temperature regulates in f.. Alpha work what's that Kappa Kappa Beta dynamics that punctures through the timing of the aid to trance descriptions was that mean the. These natural killer cells. Or rather these proteins they help regulate gene expression and the production of certain immune cells so they're like the precursor to the cells and they notice that these in calf of b. activity tends to slow down the lower the body temperature is but when the body temperature is elevated over the usual $37.00 degrees centigrade or $98.00 point sense Fahrenheit it tends to become more intense So if you're fever goes up advance it's like says women make more of those cells make more of those those natural killer cells make more of those things that are needed to fight after the virus of the infected I would say we need heat all right not many hands today a lot there are a whole race or a. Baby text me say I hear you pass it down or send me an e-mail to put my phone to grow wanted to still like to somebody out there I'm still like I'm talking to myself today but you have just go ahead and text me send me some love Ok So yes we want to have that temperature go up now that's hot I wanted you behind all right now what about cold what about cold the research continues the effect of cold showering on health and work a randomized controlled trial they've discovered that after you have the heat you if you fall out with cold now how many of you have just started doing this now because of cover 90 look my wife has said there will laugh and at home she's with the family They're laughing they're pushing each other right now because they know what I'm going to say I never wanted to do this you'd always like I'm in the shower because why don't you in with call them like that would be the end for sure and I would never do it because I like he now by the way he he does he just to this for you dare he. Does stimulate a lot of natural killer production and stuff so we just cover the research so you know I was doing well but she would get in the shower you know and at the in her sound be cold now is it was cold because it kind of screams all that Alec that because there's this big huge jet I know to most information but how many of you've ever taken a shower Ok so anyway and I just didn't want to go through that pain but in this situation this situation I now have joined my wife the only thing I don't do is scream I'm very manly about it comes on I turn a dance very cold has the math on my neck is supposed to hit right about here right here and then down try it for 5 seconds 10 seconds build up to about 304-050-6090 seconds notice what assess are 30 seconds 60 seconds 90 seconds and 30 consecutive days now when you do that notice what happens there is a 29 percent reduction in this particular study of absence from work because of sickness look at that I mean whom people after this thing that if you ever get to go back to work which we hope you do your employer is going to say technical jargon for you come in a hot cold shower there may be to put that in their policy books because this is so powerful now here's another study immune changes in humans during cold exposure effect of prior heating and exercise the study suggests that despite popular belief that cold exposure can precipitate a viral infection they have found that that's not true fall in core body temperature lead to consistent notice this consistent mobilisation of circulating cell so you get the cells in circulation 1st they gotta get out there you heard the story about Oliver Cromwell when he was lord protector and he said you know what we need your money we need more help for the church and he says we don't like these idols in the churches anyway let's get the Saints into circulation so. They took the Saints and they melted them down and they put them into the circulation I don't know if that's a good plan now but we need some money in circulation now Amen so that's what he did and that's what the body needs to do secondly as those cells were in circulation remember how those the hot gets the nester killer cells out there and starts them active but sometimes there's some natural killer cells that are kind of lingering on the sidelines they're just they're not doing what they should do and the cold somehow sakes and stimulates them and they're like they get into the fight I was thinking need everything fighting against the past ability of any kind of virus infection bacterial disease or pathogen. All right give me some love text me let me know the listen here Kiss is kind of hard Ok All right thank you dear message sent was fireworks great good food boom thank you Ok I see that you love me all right given the 2nd list and increase it in case sells I mean it's hard to preach to nobody but I feel the love here Secondly not only is there an increase that in case sells but there's white blood cells and granular sites and monocytes begin to respond Dr go one covered this with me the other day on one of our total community immunity videos and these grand lights come out and these monocytes come out those monocytes then are made into into mothers and Dr Kay 0. Macrophages that's it Amano size he gave me the thumbs up our technological Levite he gave me the heads up and those macrophages The ones are like can you remember the whole Pac-Man that game they come and they just. May be good in stuff I know we don't have a children's story so I'm trying to make it interesting for the kids and they eat those things and this is what happens when you die I only have hot but you have what I would that you be hot and cold physiologically this is true now let's move to the spiritual lesson for today I hope I have your attention. The Laodicean condition we just read the Laodicean message now in the Book of Revelation there's this there's a certain number of sevens and the 1st 7 is the 7 churches Afa Smyrna all these different churches going down to lay of the sea of The Last Church before Christ comes lay asked means people Desilva means to judge this is to judge people the hour fear God and give Him glory for the hour of his judgment is come one way to read that text or a lesson 14 verses x. is that Christ is on trial the Judges on Trial The Bible says the father just as oh man but it's put all judgment in the hands of the son right and so one thing is to look at at him and look at what he's doing what he's done and there's a certain truth to that but there's also a truth that God also is a judge to let me ask you question. Let me before I ask a question let me just go through this remember we had Phase one infection phase 2 sentence Phase 3 admission were certain to breath in a r.d.s. than that which is adult rest with very distressed and Rome and then intensive care unit and usually there asymptomatic even though they are nearly terminal as I've read the reports from Italy as a rather reports from New York as I've read the reports from around the country these people that are getting covered one teen they actually have a very low oxygen saturation before they even know what they're talking and then suddenly boil they are dead and that's what makes this so troubling and what in the world all these symptoms we never picked up on it and that's why you have to be aware of things before and this is the problem with Laodicea they're rich and they're increased with goods the Bible tells us and they don't realize that they have a real problem going on. They are wretched poor pitiful naked employees and they don't even know it they don't even know it they don't even realize them and then not only that they're about to be vomited out there about to be destroyed. Now because see the parallel a small parallel between you know what we're experiencing physically in the nation and spiritually here of late a sea of. And they don't seem to realize it's amazing now look at this interesting quotation from earlier had been a spy near Ellen White also claim to have the prophetic gift and. I think as we read these things you'll see that she did the restraining Spirit of God is even now being withdrawn from the world hurricane storms Tempus fire flood disasters by sea and land follow each other in quick succession science Marcus Well science what's it say science seeks to explain all these how many you've heard that on the news we're going to have double blind tests we're going to have triple blind tests we've got to be everybody's got to be blind to make sure we test this right so we have all these double blind placebo study tests and all this stuff right we can't do anything until science tells us to do something. Right now I'm all for science by the way without the Scriptures without the Scriptures there will not be science because science originated from chapters like Daniel one Daniel one who has said test your servants for 10 days to see whether or not you know they're fair and in flesh and all those different things right and that was actually a scientific study in fact the New England Journal of Medicine and other people have noticed that actually that's the all the scientific study so science actually came out of Scripture we just lose track of that when did we lose track of that by the way I was reading a book this last week and it was tracing where it was that the ministry got separated from the physicians you know when it happened the French Revolution happened 793-1998 right then and that's when they separated between one another but they never were like that before you think about science basic science you think about the father of physics who is that Isaac Newton think about the 5 by other chemistry it's probably also Isaac Newton he was doing something behind the scenes you think about the father of the bacteriology in understanding microbiology and it's Louis past year and he was a Christian all these different people I could keep going with that but the point is science without God you might say 6 to explain all this the signs are sticking around is telling of the near approach of the Son of God and there is a tribute to anything other than the true cause. Well that's the true God man cannot discern the Sentinel angels restraint the 4 winds that they shall not be blown until the servants of God are sealed but when God showed that his angels loose their wins there will be such a scene of strife as no pen can picture look with me in Revelation Chapter 7 let's read that as to what's happening Revelation Chapter 7 and let's look at the 1st 4 verses Revelation Chapter 7 those of you here give me some love by making me know that you're looking up stuff I know that it's easy to just be technological Levite here revelations have to 7 verse one through 4 after these things I saw 4 angels standing on the 4 corners of the earth holding the for winds of earth that the Earth should not blow that the rather the wind should not blow in the earth on the sea or on any tree and I sat another angel I saw another angel ascending from the East having the seal of the Living God and he cried with a loud voice to the 4 angels to whom it was granted to harm the Earth and the sea saying do not harm the Earth this sea or the trees till we have seen are the servants are got on their foreheads and I heard the number of those who were sealed 144000 so look at this men cannot discern our call excess men cannot discern the sense of the angels restraining the 4 winds that they should not blow until the servants of God are being seen so what does this me when you see a pestilence when you see a play I'm not saying this is one of the 7 last places was my sermon on coven 1007 last plagues I'm not saying this is one of the 7 last place but it certainly is a pass on how integrated is a pestilence. As a pestilence and why did that happen well whenever the Lord is not defending you with ever the angels are not around you whenever you're not asking for their protection. You are vulnerable and and and that's what's happening in this particular text in Revelation 7 but there's something that triggers that what triggers it the fact that there are some saints that are being sealed can you say amen So there are somebody somewhere doing something right and at the end of get this phrase at the end say with me the sealed will be revealed can you say that with me the sealed well are be revealed there will be a revival and reformation of true godliness and the sealed will be revealed they'll be patient they'll be obedient that has the face of Jesus they're not going to get upset easily they're not going to get all up and apologize or about anything they're going to be cool they're going to become and they're going to be helpful to other people in the time how many you want to be a part of the sealed that are being revealed Ok let's go on our quote very interesting quote now look at this. With that I was written look at this seriously look at the screen here it is to those who are indifferent at this time Christ warning is this because they are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I will do what I will spew them out there it is there's a hot and cold treatment but notice what it says next May Be real with me there on the screen if you're at home so I know you're listening read it with me the figure of spilling out of his mouth means that he cannot offer up your prayers or your expressions of love to God What is you here that if you are not one hot or cold he cannot offer up your prayers or expressions of love the God So this is a serious business just like I said about the physical issue of hot and cold being serious because it helps you fight off things Prayer is the breath of the soul prayers the breath of the soul and when you are not hot and you are not cold you have no breath and the church Laodicean church or is pictured as having severe sharpness of breath and we are following me he cannot enjoy your teaching of his work or your spiritual work in anywise he cannot present your religious exercise with the request that grace be given you do I have your attention this got my attention. We need to be hot or cold and I talk to people if they will you know being cold that's as bad then them in the text lukewarm is what's bad and we're going to look at them the minute we look at them the minute I mean we're talking with Elder Gillie about this if you're watching him text me but I remember talking with Pastor Gilly and he says you know we need hot drinks and we need cold drinks and he got me thinking oh what's he talking about because we had a lady see a message says we need hot drinks and we need cold drinks the midst of I don't know I don't know you know I don't know but I studied this out finally took the time and I started out hot throughout the whole Bible and cold throughout the whole Bible now cut the curtain be read back she continues that was we need to be hard of course when we're not Harlequin what happens our prayers are not ascending our ministry is not affected could the current be rolled back could you discern the purposes of God and the judgments that are about to fall upon a do world could you see noticed noticed this look at this Could you see your own added to heaven if you've noticed anything about your attitude over the last few weeks during the covert crisis how many of you know something about the attitude of others could you see your own attitude you would fear in trouble for your own souls. And for the souls of your fellow men earnest prayers of heart rending anguish would go out to heaven so what should you be doing right now there's a pestilence if there's a plague earnest prayer of heart rending anguish to go to heaven you will to wait between the porch and the altar What does that mean as a sanctuary metaphor isn't it between the porch and the altar confessing your spiritual but backsliding so what it was you do if you want to get hot or cold you've got to go to the sanctuary to figure that out yet to the porch on the altar how many going to go to the Saints with me when I go there the so I can see what happens now before we go there Oh good good to hear from you the rears family as comeon glad you're watching it Esther look you've got fire next year thing very good watch out Todd and Patty good temperatures good up there Ok just a man all right hey spread the love Guy thank you so much to see your libby revealed thank you Amos Well Ok we're back now. So. Let's look at this the judgments of got about of all the let me ask you a question I'm going to ask you the question that was asked by this editorial by the leader of a of a I think it's a Presbyterian seminary is this a judgment is the world under judgment was a question of this minister not of the 7th Day Adventists the nomination this is another denomination is the. Under. Under judgment that's the question that he's asking and let me just read to you I took some notes on the article but I didn't put them on the screen Listen to this is the word under judgment is cut in 1000 a kind of pestilence. He warns when he says through Jeremiah that Judah will be played by the sword famine and pestilence it's hard to read it any other way he says and then he gives his reasons our city streets are silent there is no longer the voice of the bridegroom or the voice of the bride not even the wailing if you will do Jeremiah $730.00 for many merchants have closed their doors in the shops of many craftsman have gone quiet the music of harp is to musicians and that concert halls and theaters throughout the world are empty revelation $1821.00 through 24 cities are and are soundscapes and silent cities are cities under verbs discipline in Scripture churches to our soundscapes and places of assembly now they are empty and still we should ponder the possibility writes that the laird has had enough of our trampling on his skirts and so has put into our new moons and our feast days Isaiah Chapter one Verse 10 to 15 how many of your understanding what he's saying he's asking the question is this a judgment of God then He says this is a pretty good business some will say the virus didn't do well this the response of the virus did my friends in Michigan the governor did my friends in California the governor did it my friends other places Donald Trump did my friends other places the Democrats did the Republicans did. Or maybe in China the black people did their target shutting down the restaurants for black people present this is are coming out people are pointing fingers at each other people that sneeze just near hear someone sneezed the neighbors call the police as an act of terrorism judgments are being made pestilence and shut down has produced a situation looks awful like a judgment he continues a biblical proportions and then this part of the article got me and I want to share with you about why he posits here s. one part of the the answer to the question is to clarify what judgement mean. What does judgment mean Jasmyn includes punishment percent but as my colleague explains the author writes It also involves get this important point here in valve unmasking expert with your testing and clarification God judges to uncover what's hidden at the bottom of things so sometimes a judgment is given not to destroy not a final judgment but to reveal what's underneath the where the world revelation is apocalypse apocalypse this means the resilin let me ask you question has the last 3 weeks your cell revealed anything about people in this country has a revealed anything about your own life as a revealing thing in your life as it was revealed was one of the Levites hears is is comes slippin to me what does it reveal anything about you as a revealed anything was a real I only have a frozen chosen here a few of them and I'm trying to thaw them out what was it was to me. Ok we need to be able to grow our own food. Yeah and that's not going to happen quickly as a final moment will be rapid once and that a food now so we so but in the future maybe you need to be able to grow your own food be a little less dependent anything else what else are you learning from this anything else what's being revealed have any of you seeing an air of your life thats been revealed where you or your family either physically emotionally mentally or spiritually and that prepare that you have enough toilet paper now did you have enough mass now that you have enough open you know that you have whatever it is have you has anything been revealed where you realize you are now ready you were not ready for this if you would only know 2 weeks before if I only want a melon that right so when he goes to the article I don't mean to preach a sermon here as thing but I'll just tell you about it you know he does next he says I think it may be a judgment and then he goes through all the 10 Commandments in his article he says idols are being revealed nonessentials movies sports celebrities the image of God the idolatry that's taking the place of God in our lives is being revealed We're taking his name in vain we have the name of Christianity but live as though he doesn't exist and then he says this number 4 we have a 247 economy and we don't have a Sabbath we need a Sabbath I want to one day he's probably going to choose eventually but he's thinking about why don't we bring the samples back the other early we we seem to want to protect them but do we really honor them does not kill us how can we as a nation say that we're keeping that we have abortions we have wars we have innocent blood that shalt not commit adultery he stops what about our sexual norms what about our purity What about the biblical definition of marriage has our nation begin to jettison all those things and could God be allowing us. Experience of pestilence to wake us up that we're rejecting his was or could he woke us up to reveal those who are keeping his law on other words are we living in a time when God wants have the sealed be revealed are you in the process of being sealed Are you ready to be revealed that's the picture here's the god's diagnosis to play to see if you're under judgement layoffs the people under just you have the virus of sin it's not outside the church it's inside your church you don't recognize the infection you're in why is they isolating yourself in-doors from others with others who are infected so yes this lensing and they're all together they're inside and they're all infecting each other with a Laodicean is I'm not hot they're not called the prayers are going nowhere the ministry means the thing and yet they think it means something this is a bad situation this is a bad situation very bad situation and you're not allowing Jesus the master he has even have access to the problem this is the picture now of the world but of the church that outside the church it's inside the church and the appeal of the message is rather be anybody sealed and well i have anybody that could be revealed and the answer is yes he's going to have a he's going to have a group of people like that will come back to the minute the only hope in the message is to let Jesus then allow him to cover you with his robe of Bryce's you need personal protective equipment you need not you're a rebel Rice is that any stiff from you but you need what only he can provide his Rob of righteousness so by your works you get out of this is only by his faith his only by the faith of Jesus and can you have the face of Jesus. Yes if you open the door. And we want to open the door you allow the Holy Spirit to help you see this I I have protection. There as you put your trust that is gold his face now your faith his faith and then it grows and then what happens you then become hot or cold you again become hot and cold how much you want to be hot when you leave in the message today I mean because when you live in the masses I have learned stand with that means let's look at it because you're a woman neither cold nor hot I will spew you out of my mouth how does one become cold or hot let's go to the sanctuary members says you're supposed to be weeping between the porch and the altar that was all that was the admonition right where was the porch in the sanctuary where was the old was there or said Ok the eastern part of the sanctuary you're supposed to not be heading east but was towards the words where those were the most elite places and your crying and your coming there 1st altar again another would you have to go back where you 1st saw the light you gotta go back to Jesus and there's hot and cold in the courtyard let's look at the hot and cold in the corner we need hot cold hot and cold treatment in the corner number one the altar of sacrifice is Christ's fervent love he came he lived it he died he rose again and he did it all for you he didn't have to do that his love for you made him break all courting he came out of heaven he came down through every single barrier to meet you where you are and he died for you. Whether you know it or not I read a story this last week about a teacher who was a Bible teacher and is trying to get the attention of this class the class didn't seem to be fathoming while Jesus had done they were very cavalier they thought it was just a general education it was a small some small college somewhere they just took the class because they had to take a class and he was saying how am I going to get their attention in the one guy in the class who is a very very a very muscular football player quarterback in fact but he also was a theology major. Not a school like ours they didn't understand the nonessentials of sports but anyway this is for he said I need your help do you think you could do 300 pushups I don't know I've done 200 I do 200 every night what do you think you do 3 and I maybe I could yeah I think I could Ok because I'm an experiment I'm going to I need your help tomorrow so he comes for the experiment the next day and the teacher brought in a whole bunch of donuts for the class again not only Mark sample that's a total burgers but he brings in this very delectable don't answer right and he brings them in and he says Ok I'm going to give a donut each of they all upset they all excited yes the Bible teacher finally has it he finally understands what's going on and we need donuts so he goes to the 1st person you want to don't yell take it Ok Johnny do 10 push through her she wants it done so just pay the price gets it done next one same thing 3rd when I don't think I want to done it that's Ok you don't have to have a donor but he's going to do the pushups anyway so just leave the done at there although I have next person well that I can do my own pushups I'm the leader of the basketball team I'm just as strong as he is also but no you can't do that the rules are he doesn't well I don't want one I don't have to have it just leave it there and so forth throughout the entire thing pretty soon Johnny starts getting worn out he's done $200.00 he's done to 50 and now people are realizing that he's having to pay the price whether they take the donut or not then the pay the price even though. They Some are rejecting it someone walks by and they realize that Johnny's started have sweat stains that wear out he's starting to really hurt and so walks by and want to come in the class and say don't come in don't come in because I see the Johnny is struggling and then it goes on and on and pretty soon Johnny Johnny can't do it anymore and there's not a dry eye in the place and the boys crying because they realized that Johnny really really was hurting and the teacher walked up and said well good well done going to faithful servant Johnny you see that's what Jesus has done for us at the altar of sacrifice he's paid the price whether or not we accepted he died for you whether or not you accepted or not he died to pay the price so you could have a sweet existence so you can separate him and he with you and don't you think that a god like that is worth loving don't you think that. And that's why we need to go back to the altar of sacrifice because Jesus paid it all all to him I o. sin had left the chrism staying but he wasn't what it is now and that's the next thing in the courtyard there's none of the hot cold hot treatment of the cold dream and you go from the fire and then you go into the baptism I will die on myself I'll live for Christ yes it takes your breath away I used to live this way but now I'm going into the cold waters of baptism I'm going into the labor experience I'm having that treatment from God that says I'm doing things just pull a new way and I'm going to resurrect from those cold that cold grave to be hot again and if you haven't had that cold experience how many think now is the time to do it I mean think that now is the time to dedicate your life to say I fairly understand what you did for me and I want to die to myself just going to take all my breath away just like when you get in the cold shower. And facts are going to be dependent as you're underneath that water on the person baptizing you and it's like saying my breath is dependent on you my rice is the penance I am crucified with Christ I'm no longer living Christ Jesus lives in me I'm going to have both the hot and cold treatment of the outer court I don't want unclean things anymore I'm leaving the unclean meats out there I'm moving to the Lamb of God to take away the sins of the world I want to be cleansed I want to be living for Christ but that's not all you move next into the holy place hot and cold treatments in the holy place is there anything hot in the holy place John 653 and 63 talks about Jesus he says you know unless you eat my body and drink my blood you know. You're not going to have any part of my words our spirit and their life John 63 so you can see there at the altar. Are not the altar at the table of show but what you have you had those 2 stacks you might say it's Sabbath school and church I don't know but you've got to look I'm going to feed on God's word and I'm also going to death going to be hot bread it was replaced every Sabbath I'm going to have that hot loaf I mind zoom this week but I I feel that hot treatment of that wonderful breath but that's not enough I want that cold treatment also that grape juice that was symbolizing Christ blood I want that hot coal treatment how many want that gold tree. And you know what does it say your words were found and I ate them and they became the joy and rejoicing of my heart that was a delicious meal but then what to say in Luke 24 when Jesus gave the you know Bible study can concerning himself. What did they say at the end of that Bible study what do you remember what they said Derg not our hearts what did they say Did not our hearts within us as we open the Scriptures to us Look this is the hot experience when you know Jesus when you receive Jesus when you had that out of court experience then you have to keep that alive and how do you keep that alive how do you keep hot you're reading God's word Look there's no better time than the shelter at all with Jesus right now this is his house outside was that outer court inside is like his living room he's got his table with the showbread he's got his lamp stands there to put the light he's got an instance there it's like it's like his living room go into his living room this week and feast upon his word have that hot and cold treatment I'm going to do that today that's not all that we see there saw 141 person to I love this song I can't remember it directly so I'm going to actually look it up Psalm let my prayer be incense I know it starts like that but I can't remember the rest of it I actually wrote a song last night to remember it and I can't remember one song that's not good but. At least I tried so someone 41 and 1st to let my prayer be set before you as incense the lifting the lifting up of by hands as the evening sacrifice what was happening with Laodicea there neither was hot nor cold what happens as a result their prayer is not ascending but what's the picture here. Let my prayer be set before you as incense the lifting of my hands in the evening sacrifice will how does that happen verse one live I cry out to you make haste to me given to my voice when I crash to so little if you have not been praying you haven't had a prayer life you don't have a hot experience that incense experience where your hot coals from your prayer life are going over into the very presence of God What do you do you cry out maybe go out into the lives of many go some place and spend some time crying out to god us a picture that's given here and then solve 5517 that's morning noon and night do this as well and then 1st tussling 517. It is the idea to pray without ceasing also mentally we're supposed to have a prayer life that's just like breathing right in and out in and out what makes a prayer alive hot when you don't pray for just yourself when your prayer leads to something else you're praying for those who are out of Christ you're praying for those that don't yet know him you're praying not just for yourself that's become the right of me to look at yourself alone you're the inspiration to others pray but then seek to answer your prayers say God use me about use me in this way use me however you want to use me what's next what is the Cold War is a call we had a little lose in the cold there with the flag and of grape juice but look at this Matthew 516 what's Matthew 5616 says in Windows as much as a let your light so shine before men that they May 1 see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven another words to have a hard experience you don't just eat the bread you share of bread. You don't just pray you intercede for others you with them before and then your light shines before man and they begin to understand more about God and that oil that was cold when it was put in comes of flame and you begin to burp you don't just have cold you don't have oil you burn it you don't just have your devotional life for you you have your devotion life for others you don't just pray for yourself you pray for others you don't just study for yourself you study for others how many people on your street do you know how many the people in your family their last do you know if you don't know them if you're not working with them you're not working for them and you're you're you're not having the full experience you're look warm Matthew 1042 this is where it specifically talks about look at Matthew Chapter 10 pursuant to again this is repeated in all the gospels right here Matthew Chapter 10 and 1st 42 look at this Matthew Chapter 10 verse 42 and whoever gives one of these little ones only a cup of what kind of water can the water and the name of a disciple assure lesson to you he shall by no means lose his reward several times throughout the scriptures it's about the snow being cold but being put down for the harvest can ultimately come several times cold this medicine is something positive I know there's many that say it's negative but in this case it's positive What does attack say I will that you be one hot or cold. And in this case cold means to be service to others to bring them a cool drink those who were in need he would give a cup of cold water and would quietly place his own meal in their hand how many want that experience of being not just a hot drink but also a cold during this is the hot and cold experience of the holy place but let's face it onto the most holy place and cold in the most holy place what happened in the most holy place this is where God's law was kept inside the ark it says in John Chapter 1510 that Jesus perfectly kept the Law He was like a human ark and that's what he wants for us he wants to write his law not on stone but on our hearts not just on the wall but in our very inner being the largest quotation from the Old Testament into the new is Jeremiah chapter 31 verse 29 to 34 repeating the Hebrews 8 repeated in Hebrews 10 and he says I will write my law in your hearts I will write it on your mind you will be my people and I be your god no one had to tell his neighbor anymore because everyone will know me and your iniquities and your transgressions I will I will blot out I will I will I will I will not my will but that I will be done and when you allow him to do that because you've been at the 1st altar knowing what he's done for you because you now are living for him and now you're allowing him to put that finishing touch on you he feeds you he feeds you with manna when manna. We've already talked about that and I guess that was another series that's the one I did for new start but manna and Allman honey was that hot meal from God I'm going to have that burning experience but the something more. You see when we have the experience God wants us for we have love in our hearts fervent love fervent love the bible talked about it a was a Samsung of Solomon a most of a he meant flame in another words we have that zest right zest Oh says the word for hot in Greek we have zest in our life because God's laws are in an ardent mind but there is there water there is there are called treatment you have to go to is equal temple the final and it is equal temple guess what came right from the very throne room of God What came right from the very throne room of God his own remember there was a stream of water that came right from the very throne room of God Jesus died for a broken law. It died for you guys for me and when he died blood came out and water came out and in it and it went all the way down symbolically from the Temple all the way down the key drowned Valley all the way down bringing life forever it went and it went down to the deadest of the Dead Sea and the bride healing what brought healing. Hot and Cold mingled together was Jesus hot was he cold do you want to be hot if you want to be called what is the stream source under the threshold of the temple towards the east the water was flowing from under the right side of the temple south of the altar so it comes from the right side of the altar and it's coming down and we can talk about the right hand and we can talk about. What that means it means literally medical missionary work the last thing that happens. We accept Jesus we're justified we're sanctified and we give Him glory they see our works and glorify the Father in heaven they glorify God in me Galatians chapter one the verse the last verse but notice there's an element of medical missionary work acts of the Apostles equals visible at the River of the river of healing is a picture of the work which God desires to accomplish through his will through his charge that his name may be glorified see justification saying amazing glorification the wide opposite of what God has wrought through his people to bring a blessing to the World An example would be just as whom God made a fountain of life to the ancient Egyptian nation it was a result of the integrity of his life that the whole people were preserved another example of a Daniel through Daniel God save the life of all the wise men of Babylon you see these people are sealed and then they could be revealed how they want to be sealed and reveal to us the picture that's given I wish to tell you kind of inspiration says that soon there will be what does this say read it with me know where the Don In minister aligned but medical missionary work now look down what in ministry aligned you think you're going to be an itinerant evangelist you're not going to be you're not going to be an itinerant evangelist unless you have medical missionary work as a part of that you think you're going to be revivalist some revival Reformation mission is not going to happen unless you have medical missionary work as a part of it it's not going to happen you think you're going to be a musician not going to happen unless you have medical mystery or that you think you're going to be a pastor. No you're going to be a disaster unless you have medical missionary work with. Guess what happened here we mark we would have been shut down completely for guess what happens on this campus we have medical missionary work going on medical missionary work you know what before another crisis comes every part of this campus and every part of every one of God's schools would be linked with medical missionary work are you taking a degree this not related to medical missionary work Think again my friend it's time to understand that you need to be hot and cold and part of that is not just a practical aspect of hydrotherapy it's being a medical missionary work how many want to be in medical missionary work for the master you're saying what should i do worse should I go How should I train myself if I were you I'd look as fast as I could to become essential to God God we're a lot about what's essential What was the number one thing on the essential list health care workers right now is the number one thing that's essential and it's almost as is this quotation from Ella Why is now present truth it least it was for the last 3 weeks yes let's go back a memory lane as we're closing and then look forward to the future code 19 hydrotherapy my play a role and they look back at this review articles Hutcheson City Minnesota at least 120 people on campus were exposed to the flu this was back in 1800 all housed on the same roof so much for social distancing although 90 of them develop symptoms not a single person developed the money or died why because they knew hot and cold treatments physically there were no medications available at the time they all lived one most in the nation 10 to 20 percent were dying What treatment are they good a regular diet bedrest hydrotherapy and the patients were required to remain in bed and follow social distancing for up to a weekend to recovery. But this next one really got me south Lancaster Junior Academy which is kind of a junior college notice what happened is south south Lancaster and this I hope wakes you up if you're a young person thinking about what God Calling you to do if you're an older person in life and say How can I read to myself I believe we're living in the end times I believe there's there's a judgment at least the sense it's revealing whether or not I'm hot or cold notice what happened in South Lancaster while the majority of cases were of a mild type some were very serious and would have been the only result of the tallis that read this with me but read it with me but hydrotherapy treatments up why by what does it say next what to say next student hands on the direction what are physicians rot marbles in the spirit coverage of the most difficult cases Well most happening in the school everybody was a medical missionary was a student for medical missionary not just the teachers and we think we need a revival of that present truth doctors who had patients dying day by day marvel at the fact that in a large and crowded dormitories with practically no professional nurses in attendance we had no fatalities for ourselves when tribute under God to the fact that we put in operation the methods of treating the 6 which for years had been part of our denominational believe how we think we need to get back to the core teachings of the nomination how we think we need to get back to the pillars how we think we need to get back to the basics to the fundamentals we need to be one hot or cold because if you're hot or cold you're sealed from the sealed will be revealed. Not only are we grateful for the recovery of our sick what we believe look at this underlying it I believe that we believe the experience we have passed through as a school has deepened our faith in these God given principles if there was ever a time where I believe that the 7 am of the church as the writers to be and is now if there was ever a question in my mind it's gun how many you can say Amen to that and notice how it says as many as I love I do what I rebuke and chase and be zealous same word for hot it's the same root Hot be zealous be hot and therefore and do one repent what's I mean to repent change your mind about something have you change your mind about anything during this message or during this last few weeks because changing your mind these to changing your heart look at the streams power coming from his equals 476 the volume of the Testament Christ came as the great physician to heal the wounds as sin and made in the human family and his Spirit working through his servants in parts to what Sensex suffering human beings a mighty you think we need is a mighty what you say next healing power that is efficacious for body and soul how many want to have that a mighty healing power that is efficacious that means effective for one body and soul in other words we need hydrotherapy hadn't called in fact they're doing studies right now in several hospitals Dr Nelson Dr stanky if you're watching God bless and we hope that bears fruit and even right here Dr Ramirez going to be doing a study that documents that for people that look to science and we do as well we don't mind peer reviewed articles we have many of them coming out here and that's going to be done. And because we need not only ministry to the body but also to the soul in that day says the Scriptures there will be a found open to the house of David to the heavens of Jerusalem for San and uncleanliness this is Speaking of through that fountain that came from Christ sigh but it's going to be a revival of the gospel a revival of the faith in Jesus an obvious how we want to see that reviving your own life and a revival of that very 1st altar that's the picture that was with us founding contain look at this the waters of this fountain really with me contango what mud this and all properties that will heal both physical and spiritual infirmity. Look we need not only the science we need the Scriptures we need the Savior and from this fountain flows the mighty river seen in his equals is aware that river go all the way from the top all the way to the bottom all the way down to the Dead Sea and I want to show you this this picture this reminds you of something that's been happening in the news have you notices have you seen this of any watched and seen any pictures like this anybody what's happening here whatever the health care workers are being applauded the sealed are being revealed let me explain what I mean we live in an interesting time we're actually told by the printer and as press that many people in our church will leave and many others will come in and guess what I think happened I think these kind of people are being revealed I think they're being revealed why do I say that they're the 1st part of the latest in message and answer the angel the church allayed it seems right this is verse 14 These things says the Amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of there are a lot. The beginning of the what crew some got somehow in the later deceased in time period there's going to be a focus I'm creation there's going to be a focus on creation did God create Did he create the earth in 7 literal days how many think he created 7 literal 24 a person our church has restated that no less general conference a just a hero of that and I notice that I'm petty and sour watching the. Father died and he was like a great mighty force for creation and at the end of time God can have a people that talk about creation but they also are new creations and this is the thing that struck me this week and I mention him a great service I mention again now does religion influence epidemics whether the burn in God Evolutionary biologists may need to pay closer mind to religion that's because religious beliefs can shape ski behaviors in a way that evolutionary theory would not predict particularly when it comes to dealing with disease fascinating evolutionary biologist writing at a stray Meg's ample of this he says that he can't wrap his head around because he's an evolutionary biologist an extreme example of this is once someone tends to the sick risking infection and at least in earlier times death as a result of behavior the doesn't make much sense from an evolutionary perspective particularly if the sick person is not one of your relatives Oh I'll have Aleutian is crumbling these things says the man the beginning of the creation of God People are open to creation because they are not really convinced by evolution What does evolution teach at its core survival of the what. Fittest Well then why rush off a person evidently didn't have a strong enough immune system why we want to pass on their genetics anyway but nobody's saying that our day are the day Matt Not many as least the nurses the nurses and the doctors and they're going to taking care of people and they're revealing in their hearts the love of The Creator in this article very interesting the Christian traditions set by the example of Jesus is healer stands out among all the religious traditions helping the sick was one way to ensure a trip to heaven so risking death for the diseases for the diseases spread was encouraged other religions and promote such extreme all truism all sorts of self sacrificing love self sacrificing love is what's going revealed and what needs to be revealed by the sealed that's really where the rubber meets the room to Jesus reveal his love for you and will you reveal his love to others. The beginning of the creation of God For the love of Christ constrains us because we thus judge that if one died for all then we're all dead and that he died for all that they would listen not him for living for themselves but under him which died for them and rose again and when did he die what was he doing when he died was he hot was it cold he was both he was giving drink the water that were cold he was he was ministering to people what was he doing medical missionary work he was teaching he was preaching he was healing but what he did most was healing and when he had the ultimate expression of raising some of the dead Lazarus they said kill him kill him but he poured out his life even after that right. On the cross for you and me was Jesus hot was because he was how many want to be like Jesus and that's why clothes were for his for no a man after the flesh we know no way no man of the flesh another was not living by the flesh the flesh is lukewarm. He may though we have known Christ after the flesh is now his Forth No we him no more therefore a lot if any man be in Christ. He's a new creature old things have passed away behold offering. Become new. How we want that to happen in your life and we want that to happen and so miles of life and that's the message of the latest in church to the masses and what we need to happen that's going to happen we've got to stop socially isolating spiritually isolating physically Iceman ourselves from who from Jesus he's standing at the door he's knocking does that mean in your rush in your poor pitiful you naked sublime you neither hot nor cold here but to be destroyed open the door and we want to open the door and is there a promise you open the door yes you're going to have a most holy place meal with Jesus our self would you use up with me I'll give you of the living water and all the leads you and all guides you from this day forward as a Day of Atonement people most holy place people who have had the hot and cold treatment of the outer court the hot and cold treatment of the holy place and the hot and cold treatment. Of the most holy place let's ask God to lead us let's follow to heaven thank you thank you for what you've done thank you for what you're doing Thank you that your purpose was to seek in say the last like me and like everybody watching and that you prayed to pay the price whether they accept it or not but we pray God I pray God that I will more deeply accept it and everyone watching today will accept what you've done not only what you're done but what you want to do wash us and maintain us in that hot cold experience of the holy place and ultimately that true expression of the sealed the hot and cold experience of the most holy place make each we've come to that time where the where every member is called to be a medical mystery doesn't matter if they're a physician or a nurse it's every member may we understand what that means for us in our current context maybe it means helping someone who is sick in our family right now maybe it means whatever it means apply the messes we pray make us new creations renewed creations with a guide us. Our great hope. In Christ and move right I'm in. This media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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