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COVID 19 and Family Worship

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, gives us an message about the importance of family worship especially during this time of the pandemic.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • April 18, 2020
    12:30 PM
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Than Heaven Lord we're so thankful today that we could come together to praise and to preach and to pray and we're looking forward to the Xoom call coming up in just a few minutes before that we want to talk about worship So join us. Have your presence enter here in this space in every home and every heart in Christ's name Amen you know during this time of sheltering at home I thought about how it is that people are now having to focus back on the family focusing back on the family and and this should be a time of revival in your home where we're involved in worship so I want to talk a little bit about it you know within the thread of the there's a family relationship. Jesus The only be gotten son of the father you see it's a family relationship let us make man in Our image God's love can't be separated from relationship and in the fiefdoms $314.15 the father of our Lord Jesus Christ of whom the family in heaven and earth is named so there is a sheltering at home this happening above and the sheltering home here from the family 2nd God decided to share the love of the family in heaven with the family below our fellowship 1st John $13.00 is with the Father and with his son so we want to do his will on earth as it is in Heaven God deals with the human race through the family as goes the family so goes the church as goes to church so goes the world this is a time of revival and reformation in the home you have been mandated to stay at home take advantage of it have a river you don't have to go out shopping fact I don't want you to go you don't have to go to the movies get back his clothes you can't go to the bar you can't do anything else and why not take advantage to have a revival of family worship Romans 512219 humanity is represented by one and 2 Adams and the heads of the family are to represent and train the family Genesis 123 in you are on all families of the earth so be blessed so as when his family so the other families will be blessed numbers the word family used to use 100 times and that's a number from the book in numbers 100 times Zechariah 121214 the households were specifically mentioned there Abraham the father of all who believe Romans 411 And Peter to you and your children. 1st current the in 714 Paul the faith of the parents established the children's faith and this is a time for revival of marriage relationships of family relationships why not take advantage of sheltering at home to make the home the true shelter it's to be of God's cause of his purpose Timothy was reared in a Godly God fearing family I saw the faith that was 1st of all in your mother and then in your grandmother and now in you 3rd family worship is our duty just what 2414 now therefore fear the Lord serve him in sincerity and truth and put away the gods which your father served on the other side of the flood and in Egypt and serve you the Lord and if it seems evil ones you to serve the Lord choose you this day whom you will serve whether the gods which your father serve those on the other side of the flood or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you do well but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord look at you know what's been happening in this country over the last few weeks we've recognize what's essential and what's not essential well maybe we haven't got of all right Pantelion something we definitely have said some of the Idols some of the things that took all of our time were simply not essential they've all been shut down. I mean some of us may be worse of sports not available some of us maybe worse of celebrities not available so most worship entertainment only available on the Internet. You see what I'm saying and here they're crossing over they're crossing over into the George and Exodus 20 verse 8 through 10 you know the Sabbath commandment Remember the Sabbath day to keep it only 6 days out the Labor Day and I work with the 7th day of the several or they got it when I do any work out of those sun or they died early man some of the major nor even the strong winds are that is within the I Gates and other words Family Worship is to guide not only you but your visitor may be here at home and you have a stranger in your gate because of what's happening year to lead out in family worship even though the stranger in your gate does the or don't let the stranger bring danger. Lead out in worship saying Praise the Lord and maybe some will get converted the stranger that is within your gate Jeremiah 1025 Pour out by fury on the heathen notice this text poor of Die fury on the heathen and families that do not call upon my name you know you're like a heathen if you're not calling upon God's name to family worse if you're not having family worships It's just like wait a minute you're like someone who doesn't even know God Number 2 what role the Joshua pay play in terms of leadership is almost 100 years old here as for me then my house for me and my house look Dad's out there leaders of homes. You need to have worship before you have worship you need to get up before everyone gets up I was up a little early this morning some of you are still in bed maybe I was in your pajamas I've been up I've been praying my wife said What are you doing I said I'm worshipping I'm going to lead worship with the church family yes she'll be up soon no Staso is 100 years old when he says in his style talking about what we will do 100 years old we're going to do this we're going to do that my family will keep having family worship just what 2431 and Israel serve the Lord all the days of Joshua and all the days of the elders that out lived just so on we will serve the Lord inclusive in the original Hebrew translated worship in many places we will worship the Lord He is a worthy worth ship he is worthy to be praised we will serve God it's our whole way of life. Revival and reformation every day and family and worse of all the members of the family center in the Father He is the law maker illustrating in his own manly bearing the sterner virtues energy integrity honesty patience courage diligence and practical usefulness the father is in one sense the priest of the household laying upon the altar of God in the morning and evening sacrifice and the wife and children should be encouraged to unite in this operation and also engage in the song of praise just like we did this party so their coming together evening and morning sacrifice morning any sacrifice so you have words of when in the morning and the evening and by the way it's not bad at noon as well if you have that result and blessings to the family you're kneeling down you say Oh God forgive to me for what he did Lord you gave your life for him oh lord. Forgive me for what I did forgive me how I act hastily or whatever it is morning and evening while it's to be a delightful duty Matthew Henry who wrote a commentary of the whole Bible actually for his family worship's he wrote this commentary to leave out words and to add to the whole Bible with his kids and if there are 4 houses be houses of the Lord we shall for that reason love home wrecking our daily devotion the sweetest of our daily divide delights and our family worship the most valuable of our family comforts the church and the House will be a good legacy nail be a good inheritance to be elect your children after you want a powerful witness from Matthew and Ray So what are the details of duty what is our duty number one daily instruction the best thing to do with Family Worship is probably a so Craddock approach to question and answer not just once a week but every day of every week diligent conversation instruction from a loving heart you should teach your children to delegate when you when you lie them when you rise up when you walk or on the way and you still teach the word teach their means to cause them to want to know it's in the hip file form to fall means it's causative it means you teach in such a way that you'll go I can't wait for worship again don't make a dry don't make it stale don't make it long don't make it boring make it interesting you know if you don't have something interesting say don't say too much. Cause them to want to know he who doesn't praying as like a roof without a home without a roof Psalm 118-1415 singing in the 10s of Israel the Lord is my strength and song has become my salvation the voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tabernacles of the righteous in the right hand of God valiantly but the word of Christ while he originally in all. Wisdom and teaching admonishing one of them in Psalms in him as in spiritual song seen with grace in your heart to the Lord in a put these things to music I accept that this will be there but the word of Christ well in you richly in all wishes dumb and teaching warning others in songs and him and spiritual song singing with grace in your hearts to the so put these things to music say about them all day other examples you know that song and Jesus grew and wisdom and stature and favor with God and man teach it is very simple want to goes like this. And Jesus grew in the kids answer and Jesus grew in wisdom and wisdom and Jesus group and Jesus grew in stature and stature Hendry's this group and Jesus grew in favor with God. So I actually saying both parts but you could just do with your family and just roll it back up and learn that song and others that I word is a lamp and to my feet and others that I could sing right now but because of time I'll press on. You gotta have a plan moms and dads what's the plan you need to have a Bible every child that can read can have a Bible every child child should have a hymn book and other tools that point to the Bible maybe the Old Testament the Mornington versus maybe the New Testament in the evening 10 verses goal is to read the whole bible through the Bible in the spirit of prophecy the conflict of the ages series where should you hold your family worship in a place where you won't be interrupted hopefully phones turned off ask everyone do you need to go to the bathroom Usually when I start worship everyone has to go to the bathroom for some reason this triggers the bladder response so try to get that done 1st just nuts and bolts when in the morning in the evening the manna came at a certain time it came in the morning for daily consistency how Bible based plain in meaning personal testimony loving concern interesting illustrations they must pay attention here each over the instruction of the Father and intent and attend to no understanding prayer not too long a natural but Solomon voice repeat after me at 1st teaching them to pray teach something pray. Simple but not shallow not self centered adore Christ to confess your sins thank him and pray for others people other people as well singing the whole hymn book the scriptures in the back as you go through the hymn book there's a place right there in the hymn book at the back that has all the scriptures to go along with every verse and you can be teaching about the various verses of the stories of the hands tell the stories sing heartily as to the Lord even if you're alone sing Harley. 6 motivations and let's finish with this the motivations for your family were his number one eternal salvation for you and your children you might save yourself or some of the 4 and those that hear you a good conscience when you're older I did not I did not you know I did not. Shy away from declaring the whole counsel of the Lord Acts 2027 Matthew him remember he wrote that calms are we have taught you God's word children we have rustled for your soul we have lived a god for an example before you you did not see in a similar piety but you did see him as a nun famed faith you know that we 1st set the kingdom of God in this house and is right isness and you know the Christ was the center of this home we have prayed together we have saying together we have talked to a few children turn from this light and insist on walk in your own way we can only pray that all your Bible study praying and saying I will not rise up against you in the Judgement Day Wow what a testimony rubber ball 9 not believe that one of you will dare meet me at the tribunals of Christ in the mountains in Iran strike a state he said So number one eternal salvation Number 2 a good concept number 3 great assistance for child rearing in adulthood as well initiate the child at the opening. Or the mouth of his path and then how good and pleasant it is for brother into the well together and unity singing together Psalm $133.00 that song of ascent and we've been studying the songs of ascent that deal with all the problems you're going to face and your family there's a liner to see how to have people look up desire to being God's presence combat complacency escaping error developing persistence restoring joy resting in grace tasting the fruits facing past traumas deep forgiveness victory over addictions trusting the promises unity with others and finally unity with got this is a great series of him still learn and study it deals with everything in the face of your family by the way there's a sermon series you can look on we March towards media we got kind of stopped in the middle because of kilobit 19 but we are going through the songs in a sense some of you actually e-mail me thus what are you going on where you going to start that series again you're studying what if you called me and said look I personalized it just for myself and that was such a blessing to be the here that you're taking these things to heart and seeing is as they sang praises with gladness and that is until there was rejoicing having joy in the heart number 5 Remember the shortness of time for sake not the assembling of yourselves together and so much more as you see the day approaching Right and that's kind of hard to do right now except in your home you know your home is a church to come together maybe have enough you could make to have more worship services than we could have here you could have a greater revival than even coming here and others I mean when we don't want to come back but have that revival of home number 5 love for God and His Church. Just as you conduct yourself in your home life you are registered in the books of Heaven he who would be a Saint in Heaven must 1st become a saint in his own family if fathers and mothers are true Christians in the family they will be useful members of the church and be able to conduct the affairs in the church and society after the manner in which they conduct their family concerns look at that what you're doing right now is you have another course some of you maybe haven't been home together for years maybe people haven't been there for years and you're now able to go back and actually maybe do things right where you did him wrong before do things right again or deepen things what a great blessing and it will help not only you but your family and the church and society parents let not your lives and be simply a profession but let it become a reality it's a great book by the way ad then this tome page 317 if you like to read it now this nothing more important I want to just I want to say that this morning you might think what he's going so quickly that's because I want to pray with you those of you who are church members are going to be signing into zoom right now you should have the link and you're going to sign in Leyland is already standing by the sign in if you can and we're going to pray together as a church family going to go off the air here we're going to pray together though. And I guess we can go on the air here oh no are you going to go on the air here Ok So yes please tell you tell everybody else and we're going to pray together but nothing's more important in this family worship and prayer Commander Rick Husband it's a great name for a husband isn't it. He was one of those people that went on that fateful trip of the Challenger I think it was the name of the space shuttle and he said this if I became an astronaut astronaut the last my family my life would have been worthless and before he went for that Columbia I guess it was called before I went on that fateful. Trip with the space shuttle Columbia where all the astronauts died you know what he did and what he did and it's written about in his by of his wife Evelyn what he did it is a bosal from February 1 2003 include the following words to his daughter Laura it's landing day and hopefully it's good weather I'll be landing today in Florida I'm certainly looking forward to seeing you Matthew and Mama Rector read from Laura's devotional book and when he finished he pray for Laura Ok Laura I won't be long before I see you I love you very very much I'll see you in just a little while love you bye bye he never made it home he died in that crash but you know what he did before he had left he taped a series of family where sips for every day he was gonna settle every day he was gun that I'm not going to be there with you to watch this videotape was the family were suggests what those guest of those children and many other people now watch they watch those family were seats but Dad These are so boring. I remember back in September of 2001 September 11th when there was another day that kind of change things kind of like this virus has changed a lot of things and those twin towers were attacked and there was a lady there was a lady who had slipped away from the fate in a matter of fact. She had been reading the bible of the spear prophets but she remembered how our father had read the testimonies every morning for family worse and he thought these were so boring so boring she was sitting in Iraq to send one of those towers and they came to our office they said better get out. I didn't say you better you just stay here that the bill he's been hit by a plane you don't need to get out because this is been proved in and they're just going to put out the fire to stay where you are we'll take care of it but she said to her friends know you better get out we better get out right now they said why I read about this I heard about this with my little girl we got to get out of here and they look at her and they try to calm her down she says no we got to go finally they listen to our and all the people are awfully begin to run down the stairs they ran down the stairs they got out they got outside the building nothing had happened they looked at her she said let's keep running they kept running one block 2 blocks and then what happened tower fell that tower fell that's what saved your life was save the life of those others her family or sit your mom and dad might not have done it perfectly my think it's boring you might think it's not helpful but it saves that young lady's life so give them a break. Try and support their parents don't give up what you're doing is finally porn or subpoena more. Or subpoena even while yourselves or. This media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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