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COVID 19 and God’s PPE (Protective Personal Equipment)

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church,focus on the need for personal protective equipment, not only against the COVID 19, but against a deadlier disease of sin.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • April 24, 2020
    4:30 PM
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Covered 1000 and God's personal protective equipment and as you know the. Country and d. the world has been kind of shocked by a novel virus that is one there's no treatment for and this fear has gripped the entire world going around the world and as that is happen never recognize that the disease goes through different phases and they believed that the hospitals would be overwhelmed and as a result of people getting sick from this disease thankfully their projections have not been as accurate or maybe that's a harsh way to say it they don't seem to be as accurate as initially thought at least here in America there seems to be anough room in most hospitals still a horrendous thing but another problem was that as people went to the hospitals they thought maybe they would not have enough ventilators and looks like they did at least to this point have enough dental leaders but also they said maybe they will not have enough personal protective equipment in fact this has been a big problem not having enough personal protective equipment not enough masks not about goggles not on the face shield the boots suit. And this is been something that has worried him and there's been an urgent plea that's gone out. For protective equipment for us health care workers fighting covert 19 protect us so we can protect you in urgent plea for personal protective equipment how to donate supplies where is my personal protective equipment we need it for all workers now you might wonder what is this maybe you don't work in health care maybe you understand what personal protective equipment is so let me just show you a little clip here of personal protective equipment this is someone putting it on I'm going to show you how they take it off at the end but personal protective equipment here it is. On here any music but you can see should be some music coming out. She's putting on her mask. And this is this mask number one it's going to end up like with 3 masted you know. You think maybe it's over now it's not just beginning because this virus is sneaky to get in anywhere and I want to make sure it has no interest. She put on that thing over her hair the virus loves to hang out of hair and. That's why there's no barbering and everything's kind of shut down. And. So. Tying it up many times they have 2 people that help each other so they don't miss any steps but this is the only thing I could find. Readily and that was a really long. Just starting putting the 1st set of gloves on it's going to be several 2 sets of gloves. The 2nd set of gloves. People that are dentists you know they've all kind of been shut down except for emergency there are close to people's mouths that's very dangerous and so they don't they're not doing too much work except elective things now putting the suit on the Sudan over. Over what has already put on. And. Then there's going to be boots that are put on as well we don't see those but she reaches down. Now comes the 2nd set of gloves 2nd set of gloves this virus is dangerous can't let anything get close to you. Now you know you put all this out is pretty hard to use the facilities that you need to do that so many of them are having a hard time with the. You know with that it's. Ok Now putting this thing around the Chen around the neck so nothing sneaks in there the virus is deadly it can get and it's very troublesome. And so they're making sure doesn't get anywhere. Now this is not quite done yet we need now protection over the eyes and again another another caps and this is this is the protective equipment personal protective equipment they're talking about and you can see if you have to change is a couple times a shift or if you go into different patient rooms it can be something else now I think this is the 2nd set of gloves might be the 3rd I think it's 2nd. And then come the goggles is going to be goggles because if it gets into the lacquer all ducks it gets into the eyes and they can sneak in there a lesser problem. Don't you think we should have the same feeling about the virus of Sind be protected right we're going to make that transition in a minute but we're 1st of all looking at personal protective equipment that's needed. All right again Arlene is there welcoming our own we're looking at personal protective equipment Ok again some more things over this over the feet and then another mask another mask. It's got to be kind of hot in there it's got to be kind of hot. And then. Then beneath the goggles we've got to have some goggles. All right my friends that is personal protective equipment how many of you can understand now why they might run short they have numerous layers they want to make sure that virus doesn't get in and there are there still are they're still trying to catch up with masks and and with gallons and with gloves and with goggles and with boots and there's different companies now that are all trying to catch up just in case they need this equipment and here you see the sign get us personal protective equipment and there's this appeal there to help out now we want to shift now a little bit because just like there's a sort is of personal protective equipment. There's not really a short of as of personal protective equipment and God's spiritual armor but there's a shortage of people actually putting it on we want to talk about that tonight and to talk about that we're going to go to the book of the fees ins and in the book of fees and we have this wonderful a pistol that actually talks about fighting against the virus of Sen fighting against the novel virus that said there's no cure for there's only one cure and that's the blood of the Lamb That's the only cure but it's still deadly. And so deadly then it says and Hebrews Chapter 9 then it's appointed to man wants to die then the judgment people still die but they're insured eternal life and so the problem is sin verse chapter 2 verse one it says that they were dead in trespasses and sins and they walked verse 2 according to the course of this world according to the prince of the power of the air the spirit the now works in the children of the sons of disobedience So in other words there is sin and it's going to cause death because of the trespasses and who is in charge of it the prince of the power of the what the prince of the power of what. Of the air are most heard some from from out there in their living will is heard you say it the prince of the power of the air it's just that same thing you know this novel virus is blown about by air and sin it's pictured here as the devil being in charge of it working in the sons of disobedience so you know there are people that have come that have totally not protected against the virus and they're passing it on these are the sons of disobedience spiritually speaking their dead in trespasses and sins they don't even realize they have sinned they don't even realize that what they're doing is trespasses because their mind their conscience is gone and then we didn't realize sometimes that they're spreading the deadly virus of sin this is why it's so important who you hang out with is the people you're hanging out with they accepted Christ they have on the full armor of God the lest of the flesh fulfilling desires of the flesh or of the mind and by nature of their children of wrath So in other words they're they're just ministering to their own flesh. The flesh is the sins of the Flast the lust of the eyes the pride of life so this is the problem and they walk as other Gentiles walk in the vanity of their mind so their mind just messed up and their actions are messed up and this is the problem this is the pathogen that's going around having the underside of the understanding darkened having their understanding dark and being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is within them because of the blindness of their heart who being past feeling had given themselves over the last 70 isness to work all on cleanliness with greediness So this is a hopeless situation these are people that are in in trouble and they're causing trouble they need in pensive care unit therapy but they may not even know it. And this is the this is the problem that Paul is writing about to those in f. assists and they are pictured as being the old man which is corrupt according to deceit the lusts and the list them out and being liars people that are struggling with anger and sin not they Another be angry and stand out and don't let the sin go direct them kind of summarizing these text so people that have angry that's not a holy righteous anger and they're letting it go they have bitterness they have resentment that's the picture given here of the problem fornication unclearly mis covetousness filthiness foolish talking and jesting So these are like dirty jokes. And jesting that is related to the same thing these are this is the picture of the problem of the virus of scent in all its manifestations in the book of its seasons and. Whoremongers unclean covetousness and idolaters So then what is the solution we see what the problem is and what is the solution in this warfare that's going on. The notice recognise that in Christ the battle is already won look at a season chapter one verse $2322.00 and vision chapter one verse. 19 let's start let's look at that 18 that the eyes of your understanding may be enlightened that you may know what is the hope of this Colling and what are the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the Saints and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe according to the working of his mighty power which he worked in Christ when he raised him from the dead and see them at the right hand in heavenly places far above what far above what. All principalities and powers and might and dominion and every name that is named not only in this age but also in that which is to come and he has put all things under his feet and gave him to be head over all things that is the church which is his body the fullness of him who fills all in all what's the same God came down he came into the Mits Christ came down in the midst of the virus infected send infected. You know populous of humanity. He he was he was totally without sin and yet he took sin upon him and he died for you and me and he rose again and he was victorious and he was talking to haven't and he lives and in what heavenly places where does he live in heavenly places he's victorious over everything in Clooney whatever the physical viruses or whatever the spiritual viruses or whatever the pathogen is he is victorious over it all can you say man out there. You see someone said it here can say Amen just text me if you're saying him and so he is victorious now I don't know about you I know a few years ago I wanted to watch a sporting event not that I'm really that much into sports but I wanted to watch a sporting event and I wanted to see it and. And I missed it because I had more important things to do than actually go to that but they taped it for me they taped a sporting event for me and I happened to hear from someone else that they won the game they had won the game so I already knew that my friend and his team had won the game but they wanted me to watch it but you know as I watched it even though I saw some plays and some moves that looked brutal even though I saw some things that looked like Oh man it looks like they're behind even though I saw some things that look like man it doesn't look like they're going to win I has something in the back of my mind what was I knew I knew that they had already won the game and that gave me a different way of looking at things so likewise. Here today we have confidence that the battle has already been won the war has already been won there might be battles that might seem to be lost but the war's already been won Christ has already won the victory he's already won the battle can you say hallelujah and that gives us a Perceptor specter of and keeps us competent in the midst of our own warfare Number 2 it says in our strategy for a solution don't give place don't give place to the Devil In other words I think the word there I didn't look it up again but years ago I did it means an opportunity I think it's the word Stratego don't give a strategic foothold don't give an opportunity don't give even one portal of entry for the devil to come and take you out you know when that nurse was putting on her personal protective equipment she didn't leave any avenue for the virus to get in she didn't just have one set of clubs she had 2 sets of gloves maybe even 3 she didn't just have one mast she had a couple mass she didn't just have one suit she had 2 suits she does she covered her head 2 times she put her goggles on she did not want to have one entrance for the enemy so the strategy number one is to recognize that in Christ the battle is already won or the war is already won and he's been races at the right hand he's above all principalities and all powers and all rulers and by the way it's set in a text that has been given to the church. He's been given to the church right I mean how many want to be in the church I want to be in the church if he's victorious and he's been given to the church I was out to be in the church of that's where victory is that doesn't mean that doesn't mean that he's not victorious everywhere he's victorious everywhere he's victorious in any corporation he's victorious in any and any any country any nation he overrules He is sovereign but he especially has given to the church that's why it's important to be in the church that's important we had search even though there are social distancing the church in your home is very important having church why do you think it is I made a message for tonight because it's important to realize we're in a battle don't take off our personal protective equipment don't live give place number 2 to the devil number 3 recognise and replace look at this and if he's in chapter 4 these are the strategies that it brings forth and there's many times it's put this way and let us look at one passage that kind of summarizes it let him who stole still no more you see that so you recognize what you're doing wrong and you replace it but rather let him labor working with his hands for what is good that he may have something to give to his need so instead of stealing the person's working and he's giving no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth so don't say things you shouldn't say but what is for good and necessary edification so you recognize you're saying things wrong with your mouth and you replace it with something good that he might impart grace to the hearers and I was reading just in with some of this week the Luke chapter 3 were talks about. Thank you one of the Levites got me some water from the sanctuary. I have like you so much I was talking with some of this week and I noticed something I never noticed before in Luke chapter 3 a talked about how to prepare for baptism it's interesting it says there were 4 different groups that came out the 1st group that came out you know they said we were Abraham's children he said Look you little vipers who wanted to flee from the wrath to come bear fruits worthy of repentance you actually can just say that you do something you need to be having evidence fruits of repentance you say you have faith without works that's dead right so then the 2nd group comes out and he says they say what must we do and he says Look share your food and your clothes with someone else that's not is it enough to just get your clothes right and your food right Sarat was someone else and there's this recognize and replace and the replaces always doing good to others go back here to if Eason's chapter 4 and verse 30 Do not grieve the Holy Spirit by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption let all bitterness wrath and anger in evil speaking be put away from you with all malice and what do you put in place of that but be kind to one another tenderhearted forgiving one another even as God in Christ for gave you can you see the principle number one recognize that the war is already one number 2 don't give place to the devil number 3 when you recognize something's wrong take it off and replace it. Take it off and replace this is your personal protective equipment but then it goes into this says that you do those fundamental things put on the entire army are not army but armor of God Why is that because just like Christ Russell against principalities and powers it says this If Eason step to 6 verse $124.00 we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and against powers and against the rulers of darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places and so what you see is only a little bit of the problem you know you might be talking to some of the say what's the problem with you today I have a headache and that might seem like the truth to them but then you give the maybe some pain medication that doesn't do anything if I may go and they've given him or I And guess what happens they they go in and they recognize that the truth is they don't just have a headache they have a tumor you see so you can have partial truth not the whole truth and the thing is many times the things we're struggling with we think are just things we're struggling with but behind the scenes sometimes where the recipient of the very attacks of the devil job was an attack under attack by the devil he didn't know it but he was allowed to be attacked for the glory of God Remember that person that went blind in John Chapter 9 and they said why did this happen so as to show the glory of God Sometimes we go through situations people ask me why is this happening I don't know if I can give a full answer but I know that in some places it says in Psalm 119 before I was afflicted I want to slip I want to stray but I've kept your word. Before I was afflicted I did not know your statues but I know them so sometimes. The curtain is pulled aside and we realize that we're wrestling as a part of the great Conversely we wrestle not against flesh and blood but he gets prince of Pallies and gets powers of its rulers of darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places let's go on and see what happens so what should we do than go to this passage what does it say in a fees in step to $6.00 therefore verse 13 take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand indeed evil day and having done all to stand stand there for so a look at this in other words is talking about something that says you know most of the times as you're going through life and maybe you've seen this to be true most of times things are pretty normal but have you noticed the last few weeks things have not been normal and in fact it seems as though we're living n. an evil day where there's a virus that's causing us to see things we never saw before things that have had not happened for centuries in England they were talking about how the queen usually has a certain things done for her birthday but that wasn't done they still last time they missed that was 200 years ago or they say you know the churches were never closed for 800 years and they've always been open 800 years that never happened and now that happen we're talking about living in a time period when things have happened that have never happened before things have shifted and what it's saying is here says these evil days will come and when the evil day columns take up the whole all honor all armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to stand stand there for. And then it gives us what we should do by the way says a stand several times it also says at the end it says at the in the verse 13 says Stand stand stand also at the end of verse 14 so at the beginning of verse 14 so stand it says in verse 11 stand it says in verse 13 stand it says verse 14 so the soldier here is here is and to win the battle he has got to stand his ground. He's not going to retreat he says standing there why is he standing there because he know knows that Christ has won the war right he's in a battle but he knows the crisis won he recognizes that and he stands there that's number one number 2 what happens number 2 having your lawyers Gert or your waist girded with truth what does this mean well this girl of this skirt underneath here was actually the thing that went around the Lloyd's Here's the Lloyd's right here and they actually had a cloth that would go between your legs and it would come along and you know says in one place the Bible whoa is me for I am on done you want to have your lawyers Gert tight when I have them you know girl with truth and this belt of truth this. This waste that was good with truth that actually. Held all the other parts of the armor in place that wasn't there the nothing else held together if you don't know the truth if you don't understand the truth and accept the truth nothing's going to make sense you're going to have no protection at all sanctify them by the truth die word is truth you need to know the Word of God and the word is the basis of freedom right. That's the whole idea the knowledge of truth. As truth is the bait I guess I'm asking the question question someone says truth is the basis of freedom and that's not true truth is not the basis of freedom the knowledge of the truth is the basis of freedom we get this point it's not enough to say that truth is the basis of freedom truth doesn't matter and less you know it having a better situation and then later on he said if I really want to know the truth I would have know what to do you have to have a current understanding of truth truth has to be present truth for it to be worth anything you know the slaves were released by the Emancipation Proclamation. And Abraham Lincoln gave that proclamation and the truth was all the slaves were free but some states didn't tell the slaves were a couple of years later a year and a half later they were free that was the truth but they didn't know that they were free so they weren't free not enough to say truth is the basis of freedom you've got to know the truth you've got to have the truth in your mind it has to be present truth I think there need to be an amen come in and keep me courage out there text me let me know you're listening is that a good point and yet you need to know the truth and you find the truth of course in his words all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for correction for reproof for instruction in righteousness that the man of God might be perfect might be totally equipped how many of you want to not just know about the truth but how do you want to know the truth and that's the whole idea personal protective equipment is to stand but don't just stand there stand there Gert about with truth well it's go on having Next the what does it say having put on the breastplate of righteousness is this true about all these different things God provides Of course he provides the personal protective equipment but you have to put it on you have to stand and you have to put it on you know that nurse that was all sitting there but she had to put it on put on the breastplate of righteousness Psalm 1522 he that walketh uprightly and work with rights in this and speak with the truth in his heart so. It's not your righteousness it's something you put on who's right says it is it is not your righteousness it is Christ righteousness it's what he has done it's what he will do it's not what you can do as what only he can do through you the breastplate of rices Now this of course protected the heart and protected the lungs protected all the vital organs and it was protected protection when engaged in battle not in turning and running the breastplate was the brusque play it was not the back play and so you had to be fighting as you're going forward you're fighting and that breast plate is protecting you as you're engaged in battle if you're not engaged in battle and you say oh I just want the righteousness of Christ for myself and I'm just not in engaged in the battle and or if you're turning from the ballot you're not in the end gays in the field of the theater of grace in the battle for souls you're not protected how you want to be protected I mean going forward into the battle when you're right and when you're truthful you don't have to turn away and run you don't have to hide because the truth is with you resist the devil the book the Bible says and he will flee Jesus did not flee from the devil when he was tempted he did not flee in the wilderness Finally he had victory he had victory over the devil through the Word of God and the devil fled how we want the devil to flee how we want the devil to go away that's the whole idea. Number 3 what's next have the feet protected with the Gospel of Peace verse 15 says having your feet shod with God When I look at this guy's feet here there look to be like sandals on here and a look doesn't look too protected really to me but you know I've seen I looked at some of the Roman. Footwear they had spikes on the bottom and they were they would make you stand your ground they were designed to make sure you didn't slip because you're supposed to stand supposed to stand you're supposed to stand remember that for so leaven. For supporting stand stand how can you stand if you have you know flip flop side we got a lot of flip flop flip block right Christians they got there and did not really stable on their feet how many have ever been worn the wrong kind of foot where a member once I was asked to go play basketball for the very 1st time I I went into the gym and I was wearing cleats and had these spikes on the bottom because I never played basketball for my life and I one of the people is like they said what is wrong with you as a cleats were on the you know they were some of my people from Academy if you're watching you might remember that text me and tell me that you're watching this so you know you've got to have the right kind of foot where you've got to stand another time I was down in the river down in the American River and I said Man I don't want to get my shoes way because. I want to just walk through the river I was a bad decision I wanted to the river I didn't have firm footing and there was some slippery mosque covered rocks and guess what happened boom I fell over so likewise you know I sometimes have watched hockey and we watch hockey games and it kind of kind of makes me laugh when they get in a fight in a hockey game because they're fighting with each other and they've got skates on and they fall over and they can't really fight because they can't stand and what it's saying here is that you need to have your feet protected as you're going forward in the battle as you're standing as you're going forward in the battle and yet their feet protected with what the Gospel of Peace What does that mean while that means that you have a certain peace when you're under god spell the Gospel when you understand that he's already won the battle like we said or rather I keep saying battle he's already won the war you might be in the battle but he's won the war and you're under his spell you're under his banner you're under his insignia then your feet are protected you can plant them firmly You can. You can stand your ground you can have peace in the midst of the battle great peace have they would love dialogue and nothing cell offend them so you have God's law you have his gospel but they don't understand the gospel without a say in the law is that true you can't understand the gospel with understanding the law because the last shows that you're a sinner and that you need grace and you get that grace from Jesus right law without the law not the law you wouldn't know you would know what sin is and you would know you need a grace and you and know you need Jesus do away with the law there's no one sin and there's no need to Grace and there's no need to Jesus so long gospel always go together so understanding this. Protects you as you move forward I like that text and Colossus to 6 through 8 as you have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord so walk he in him rooted and grounded and established in the faith as you have been taught pounding in it with Thanksgiving that's a peaceful warrior that someone who's accepted Christ the Messiah Jesus has saved them from their sins his name's we call Jesus he's a saint of her ascends and Christ Jesus the Lord he directs everything there under his spell under his direction how do one have your feet under his direction under his orders this is God's personal protective equipment. Number 4 having the sealed of faith I love this one seal the faith they used to take their their shields and they would put them in water made out of leather they had the insignia on them so they knew when they saw one of the shoulder away that's my from my guy he has the insignia of our leader and they would put that down why would they put it in water because they would the enemy often would take their arrows and dip them in oil and then light the end of the Arrow and then they would shoot them at them or somewhere else because if they could start a fire it's kind of hard to fight against the enemy when your armor is on fire right so you have the shield that was dicked. The shield of faith that was dipped in the water of life you might say faith again is the Word of God Faith comes by hearing hearing by the Word of God but it's also a gift it's a gift the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace longsuffering faithfulness and Revelation 14 it says we have the faith of Jesus he actually gives us his faith this is Jesus are sealed He's our c.e.o. He's our protection from the fiery darts of the devil and by the way faith that does not work is dead right that's what it says and James have to tune verse 4 and verse 7 say look I have faith you have no works it's dead so faith is a dynamic living faith that faith that shield worked it was actually strapped to the arm I'm not going to justice because one time a soldier fell apart it was very embarrassing I was talking in there actually the right arm fell off of my soldier and so I started preach a sermon on the importance of the right arm and right arm ministry but anyway so if you look at it here if you look at my soldier it strapped on to him it's almost like a part of his arm a face is something that has to it's dynamic it's moving it's protecting it works it protects it connects it's powerful and it's protective versus the fist thing the 5th. Aspect of our armor personal protective equipment the helm and. Salvation let's read about it and take another words again you take it take the helmet of salvation upon you not it's not enough to know about salvation it's not enough to say the truth set you free you've got to know the truth it's not enough to know about truth you need to gird yourself with the truth you see he provides it but you've got to put it on you've got to realize that you're in a battle you've got to realize that it's dangerous do you think of any times where people went into battle and they said you know what I don't think I need my helm and you think of any stories like that and with a little guy named David and he went up against to get alive he didn't think he needed a helmet but he needed a helmet salvation same word for health so 0 and then also so physical health and redemption health understanding. Salvation and salvation of course comes from God the assurance of the outcome the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord again back to that he has won the war we're in the battle we're in the battle we might die. Because the wages of sin is death and we might die because we're in a world of sin it's a point man wants to die but we have assurance that even if we die we have what it turn a life through Jesus Christ our Lord a powerful thing you know that has 2 eyes 2 ears 2 holes in your nose and one mile that's 7 like a 7 fold avenues to your to your brain you need to guard the avenues of of the brain you know when they're fighting against this virus What are they saying don't let it get into your eyes it will get to those mucous membranes will take over some of the cells in the viruses not replicating and it'll migrate damn back through your nose into that you know through the electrical duct system back to the back of your fan x. and down into your throat back into the mucosa and then it will get down and go down into your lungs so guards your eyes gadgetry ears you know I'm not sure how that would be but there's some connectivity there guards your guards your nose guards your mouth that's why you have the goggles on that's why I have that stuff on because that virus will get in and is saying the same here but it but most spiritually Be careful what you're listening to. Be careful what you're listening to be careful in what you're you're putting in your nose don't smoke physically you're smoking if your vaporing What's it going to do can go down in your lungs it's going to kill the silliest so you get rid is going to be pathogens that the have to be fought against your munity is going to go down you can't fight off the virus be careful what you're doing with your mouth don't put stuff in your mouth that you shouldn't have your ears your eyes spiritually speaking and physically speaking guarding the Had guarding the avenues of the soul whatever you eat whatever you drink whatever you do do all to the glory of God and what is say in Romans Chapter 12 verse 2 I beseech see therefore by the mercies of God that you present your body as a living sacrifice holy acceptable God which is your reasonable service and be he not conform to this world to be transformed by the what really knowing of your mind this is putting on the helmet of salvation that you may prove what is that good and perfect and acceptable will of God how we want to have that experience this is the personal protective equipment of God we have that song we sing here God be in my head and in the Anky done to be in his. And in my Loki God being in my mouth and in my eyes speaking Oh go on be in my heart and in my hand stand. That's the home of salvation Garvey guarding the avenues of the soul he has provided everything for us has he has he provided for us he's provided prophets they were called the years they could see things that we can add see he's provided those that can listen for this. He waxes us morning by morning he gives us the the tongue of the learned that we should know how to speak a word in season to him who is worried Isaiah 50 verse 4 he will wakens us we hear him we say Speak Lord your servant hears Yes a soul ideas and he helps us know what to speak to set your mind on things above not on Earth for you died Oh it really starts out verse one if then he be raised with Christ set your mind that's your mind on things above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God set your mind on things above not on earth are you doubting your life is filled with Christ in God So this is the whole idea of setting your mind on things about this is the harmony of salvation and remember what to say in Colossus have to to verse 10 you are complete in Him Who is that head of all principality and power we have to have that mindset hammer you want to have that time with Christ every day where you strapping the helmet on remember how that lady put out what she put on her head she put on a mask then she put on something else and then she put on a suit and then she put on another mask right and then she put on another thing and then she finally put another mask on and goggles and I mean that took her quite a bit of time. But she didn't she one of the guard the avenues of the soul that's all we need to do so this is our 5th piece let's go to the next one our next one is what the boy Ok here comes having the sort of the spear all the others were protective in a sense I guess you could do some head butting in elbowing with your shield but this is an off into the as well as defensive aspect Hebrews 412 the Word of God is sharper than a 2 edged sword it discerns between the thoughts and the intense of the heart so the Word of God The Old Testament and the New Testament you use those and they help you understand the thoughts and the intense of the heart to help you understand how to protect others protect against others and defend yourself and it gives you. The Holy Spirit the sword of the spirit where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty there is freedom when you have God's weapon with you the soldiers back then they carry the weapon with them everywhere the they did they never just put their sword down I guess this guy did he he has a he has a spear but I should get a sword for my man here but they never put their sword down they always had their sword and they a sword was not made out of stainless steel back then it had to be sharpened as iron sharpens iron so they would sharpen each other swords they would be talking to each other spiritually if you want to be Saarc you need to be memorizing scripture having other people practice it with you sharpening the sword of the spirit and using it in witnessing don't let it get rusty Jesus' example when he was in temptation when he was in temptation What did he do he quoted the word of God He quoted the Old Testament. And was able to resist into the conflict with Satan and we've already mentioned it finally same how to do what because he stood he stood his ground he was fighting with the spear same had to had to leave and like I said that sword was used for everything cooking splitting wood cutting rope all kinds of thing the store it was used for and the Word of God can be used in all kinds of ways it's not just for church it's not just for church it's for when you're at home it's for when you're at work it's for when you're at school it's for when you're doing your work to say you're a dentist you need to sort of the Spirit as you're working in someone's mouth let's say that you are a surgeon you need the sort of the Spirit as you're there in the operating room let's say you're working with your kids you need to sort of the Spirit this is the. Protective personal protective equipment that God has in mind and finally as we look at this is something else that's very important after it says take the sort of the spear which is the Word of God says in verse 18 look at it with me says in verse 18 praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit being watchful to this and with perseverance and supplication for all the saints I look at this it's not enough to have all the armor of God you've got to stay awake I don't care if you have all the personal protective equipment on if you go to sleep there's going to be problems you know watch and pray that you enter not into temptation Jesus said to His disciples take heed watch and pray you know not when the time is you don't know when you're gonna come in contact with the virus you don't know when you're going to come in contact with that evil day you don't know you got to stay awake and can you stay awake on your own none of them. You know he talked to the disciples about supporting one another the Roman soldiers they always had people that would stand watch in the different watches of the night some of them would watch while the other slept and they were protect each other praying not just a lot of praying with other people praying always it says the best armor is useless unless the soldier is awake with his armor tightly on and this is so true when you're dealing with spiritual warfare how many want to have other people praying for you when you're not praying how we want to pray for other people as well you know it's very interesting when I was looking at this personal protective equipment that usually like that 1st thing we saw they usually had 2 people putting that aside and they haven't put it on because they want to make sure they're perfectly protected but I did find a video of them taking it off and let me show you this this was personal protective equipment. For Ebola and him arrived at fever viral they had to have a body it says you have to have a body and the Describe what they had to do they came into the room and he will dispense alcohol gel into your blood hands which should not touch the dispenser and alcohol white can we tentatively be used but must be disposed of as has a does not is the one guy's watch and the other guy now notice next the foot were stepped out of the booze removers may be available if you touch the booze then you must alcohol gel alcohol might be clogged hands as before. There are a lot of virus getting anywhere assuming that the front to the face shield is contaminated remove the face shield slowly and away from the body and dispose of as hazardous waste the gloves again notice. Remove out 2 pair of gloves 1st that I love them as they as you said he loves last time this doesn't they'd say these people don't have as much as that 1st lady but still there's the Super Bowl Hood backwards away from the face is this person doing this lawsuit this is a person who knowing this a lot of the waste is this person doing this alone no they have someone else watching why why you never can be demure pursuit and role going to hear and dispose of safely variance how to dissuade watching under prayer right watching one another watching out for that you're not just the only soldier there are other people you've got to help other people with their personal protective equipment very fast on the whole gentle hands as per step one. The front are taking up the respirator ease contaminated grasp the front outer part of the mask and pull away from the face once the bands are away from your face remove the mask and head in it and dispose of as hazardous waste Wow How many think we should be this careful in a world of said about said remove club while using the planning inside out technique notice that the gloves how they take the gloves are and dispose of as hazardous waste God's personal protective equipment very very powerful hands fairly with soap and water now washing drawing and applying alcohol gel do not touch your face or other body parts until you have had a shower wash and then after all that the staff member is take a shower and change and how to change because into a fresh uniform how much you want to be praying for the people that are working for us on healthcare. How we want to be praying for them. How many want to be helping one another personal prayer for one another that's what it says right here look at verse 18 praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit be watchful of the sin with all perseverance and supplication for what does it say next for what for all the while all the saints 2nd Corinthians one person 11 Paul was burdened beyond measure above strength couldn't even measure it he was going to warfare and he had the sentence of death and himself it says in verse a and he thought that many thought he was going to succumb to you know the thoughts of in the in his life perhaps or being killed by the the power of sin but guess what it says in verse 11 says you also he was resisting he was resisting in all things we said before but this is you also helping with prayer that thanks may be given by many for the victory that Paul experience so praying for one another praying for one of the is a huge part of the personal protective equipment James 5 the prayer of the righteous man James 17 that righteous man is Jesus and in Hebrews Chapter 7 verse 25 it's in say 1025 but 725 it says he ever lives to make intercession for us how many of you can see the beauty here of God's personal protective equipment Wow God has provided everything but remember something he's provided but you've got to put it on you've got to accept what Christ has done how many want to accept that Christ has won the war and you want to accept that victory. How many want to accept him and his robe of Rights and snus how I accept his belt of truth and want to accept his helmet of salvation I want to accept and put on the sort of the spirit how we want to just not talk about the truth but know the truth have present truth how many want to enter into the battle not turn how we want to stand and want to have that peace that passes understanding as your feet are solidly rooted in the in an understanding of the Gospel the gospel of peace may God bless us in these times of sordid shortage of personal protective equipment not just physically but spiritually and may we put on the full armor of God there's no sort of age in God's church he's the head of it he's provided personal protective equipment for each of us and let's put it on and go forth in the strength of God into the battle during these evil days Let's pray together Father in heaven thank you so much for blessing us with the full armor. The panoply of grace as the song sang at the beginning panoply everything pan panoply everything in this pandemic we need the panoply of the personal protective equipment God thank You that you've provided not only the victory but what we need to be in the battle as we go bless each person that's listening plus each person is watching. The Christ go with Egypt. Right now. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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