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COVID 19 and the Fear of Death

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, continues his series of COVID 19 and addresses fear of death. Should we fear COVID 19 or the should we fear the death it causes. What about sin? Should we fear sin or should we fear the result it causes, eternal death?


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • April 25, 2020
    12:30 PM
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Heaven. Today we are coming home. Some of us have been. Away from you for a long time. Maybe we physically have gone to church but. We haven't really been there. Today we want to come home. Maybe we physically haven't even been in church. And we've had our reasons but it's good today. To be in the house of the Lord. And in this time where we study your word. We want your work to come home. In our hearts. So bless the preaching of your word. To that end and may we. Solidified the decisions that are in the center of your will and may we even make new decisions for you during this hour. In Christ's name we pray. In. With Gil you had company is a pharmaceutical company that's not too far from here in California Forrester California our Foster City California and over the last several weeks the stock from that. The stock from that company have gone up skyrocketed because they have a drug that they believe or they believed at least would help those that were facing the diagnosis of killed in one team and had great promise of combating it so that it would not prove fatal but however. It stock fell one and incomplete Chinese trial that is a research that was done on the drug to compare to show that the did not improve the patient's condition to reduce the pathogens present in the bloodstream and also so that it was not associated with a clinical or virological benefit so the virus was not being at least in this pullin area study. Effectively care now of course the study was incomplete it was leaked according to the drug company and they say Wait Don't give up we need to have a true trial and they want their stock to go back up and they hope that this is still is the drug that would work one of the commentators on and mouth and b c speaking of this I'll see if we can we can play this clip he was talking about of and let's listen to what he said all right I'm trying so heavily on news beast and killing it well if you will kill it again in just a year I don't think is is something that's going to. Change the world but you get different drugs they work at Primm disappear you may be working them disappear the moment people come in. And what happens to society to maybe take a tally of. People don't live here. Cope with it with your death and right now Coakley feels like yes it is for you. If you knew it was a drug that made it so that the best in Jordan could die. Whatever drug that is indecent disappear maybe it's something else. That would be the task that you need to take that off the table. So if you're what he said people are not living in fear of coven one team they live in fear of death. Jim Cramer. The stock market Alan s. analyst for many years picks the stocks that go up and down and people follow him all over and he said the real fear is not covered 19 it is death now since this has come across the country over the last several weeks virtual church attendance has skyrocketed with websites and digital media recording thousands even millions of visits along with one president the downloads and the alabaster Bible manufacturing company has seen sales of its Bibles go up 143 percent over last year at this time and life y. which is a Baptist Christian book sales have seen 62 percent increase last week as compared to last year people recognize that at this point science does not have the answer and suddenly they realize they need help and where they're looking they're looking to the author of science that is God there would be no science without scripture but they forgot that fact most people have in the world and they don't realize that the actual paradigm for scientific study like some of us have studied this last week comes from passages like Daniel chapter one where they had 2 groups and they were tested remember this and all of these did in fact science did not originate in anybody judeo christian culture that's where science originated and yet they've forgotten about the origin of science and the Forgot about the author of Science Science just means to know and the one that knows everything is of course God Himself and so people are heading back to his book and they're heading back to at least online church at this point so what does the Bible say about the fear of death. What does the Bible say about it today does it have anything better to say than the drug companies right now well actually. Ask another question before that do you live in fear of death the Bible says in Hebrews chapter 2 verse 15 that humanity does struggle with quote the fear of death and that this fear makes them all their lifetime subject to bondage that's what it says in the book of Hebrews So in any given time in earth's history people have lived in fear of what death and that fear has in some sense put them in bondage but praise God The Bible also says in the same passes that Christ came to this planet and he became flesh and blood that is he had the same also genetics as Abraham the same seed of Abraham in came flesh and blood he came down into the virus infected world he came down into the darkness he identified with humanity became the same flesh and blood then the note is what it says that through death he might destroy him who had the power of death that is the devil and I think that's good news. So the biggest fear of mankind the most ubiquitous fear everybody has it is the fear of death and he came down he was born and he lived he was born to die he lived to die he died and then he rose again in fact this idea of resurrection is the core teaching of Christianity throughout the Gospels throughout the book of Acts especially the Gospels alluding to it in the future Jesus said I'll die and after 3 days all arise they seem to forget that as we studied earlier some of us that Luke 24 where they were all depressed had to give them a load Bible study beginning with Moses and the Scriptures and the prophets and all things concerning himself to teach that that resurrection was foretold and he was victorious over death several times I've gone with Pastor Jim Gilliam we go and take tour groups over to Israel and the last thing we do one of the last things we do is we go to the site of the empty 2 and we're there at the empty tomb and we talk about how Jesus came and drank of that cup of judgment for us in the Seder service there were 4 cups that they would drink in the Communion service you just have one but in the Savors Seder service they have 4 cups based on a passage in the book of Leviticus I believe it is and those 4. Actions of God He's our creator he's our redeemer he brings us out of Egypt out of all these different things those cups symbolize that but there was also a 5th cup that they normally didn't celebrate it was the cup of judgement the cup of Alija. And when Jesus came he actually drank that 5th cup he actually took the judgement on himself died and then was victorious over death now based on historical evidence alone 1400 scholars even critical unbelievers admit Jesus died by crucifixion Tacitus says it Josephus says it plenty says it all these Roman. Historical authorities say this he was buried Joseph America Thea testified that his death caused the disciples to despair and lose help Luke Chapter 24 documents that the tomb was empty the Jews even admitted this they would not have wanted to admit that that is strong evidence that it was in fact empty the disciples had experiences in which they believed they were a literal appearances of the risen Christ in fact for 40 days and accept a one he went around for 40 days talking to them studying with them encouraging them 40 days the disciples were transformed from doubters into bold Proclaimers the resurrection was there some troll thing over 100 times in the book of Acts and the other apostles they preached in Jerusalem they could have easily been dismissed if that was not true in Jerusalem and the Christian church was born and grew based on this fact the Christ died but then he rose again how many can say hallelujah is this related to having fear relating to their directly related because he had victory over both James and Paul who were skeptics were converted and there was no or no tomb that was ever a venerated Now of course no other religious figure has ever predicted his own resurrection and then accomplished it. Oh. All the other world religions were based on a founder who lived in the past and his religion is only legacy Mohammed died at age 61 on June 8th 8632 in Medina to Buddha by the way he still dead mom instilled in Buddha he's dead Confucius is dead but however Jesus Christ is alive can you say hallelujah and this is what gives us confidence in the time of coven 19 and the time when people are not really afraid to kill the 19 but that they really fear is death Christ conquered something else though and I think it's important to point this up often we talked just about the resurrection that he came from the dead but he conquered something else what was it that he conquered well knows these texts Romans 623 the wages of sin the wages of what is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord what kind of life eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord so what was that the lead to death sin and notice this what the Scriptures say the Spirit of Life in Christ we can have the spirit of life that was in Christ and thus be free from the law of one sin and death notice this we can have victory not only over death but victory also over what sin he gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ now I'm going to say something you can't have victory over one without the victory over the other you have to have victory over sin if you're going to have victory over death how many have Victor and anyone have victory over death and sometimes the reason we're close so concerned about death is because we're now we're sinning. And we know we're doing things that are wrong maybe we're doing something wrong in our marriage maybe we're doing something wrong in our life maybe we're doing something wrong with our kids maybe we're doing something wrong with our parents maybe we're fostering something some secret sin but we know about it God knows about it and we know he knows about it and so we're afraid of death and how many of you want to have victory in every area of your life and allow Christ to have victory in every area life and you can't have it but he can have it he can give you the fruits of the Spirit he can give you love he can give you joy he can give you peace he give you long suffering he can give you faithfulness he can give you self-control it is you learning about self-control recently he can actually he can take the cognitive distortions which are major majorly 10 of them when they came out of that exit experience he knew that they had 10 distortions so he gave 10 plagues to identify the distortions and then he replaced those distortions with the 10 Commandments when he went up to the mountain can you say hallelujah he took them away from the 10 distortions and replaced them with 10 commandments and what is the largest quotation from the Old Testament to the New Testament I gave it to some of people this last week to study and it says this I will write my law on your heart and on your mind I'll be your God you'll be my people no one will have to tell his neighbor because everybody knows about it all to Millie everyone's going to know about this little right now but they will. And then they'll have to decide and I go allow him to write his law in my heart and in my mind and I will allow him to blot out my transgressions and forgive my iniquity you see victory over sin is promised by God because he makes those I will statements I will write it I will do it he says it 7 times I will be your God and I and you will be my people I will write on your heart I will write it in your mind how you want God to do that that's when Romans chapter 8 in verse 3 as says that we walk according to the spirit that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us the walk not according to the flesh but according to the spirit how many of you like to look at a pathless of day that looks at the flesh versus the spirit that be good exercise. You know last week we looked at that with a group here we looked at Daniel Chapter 5 but every single chapter in the Bible you can look at that way flesh vs spirit and that's going to tell you it's going to illustrate to you where it is that you may have sin in your life and you need a savior in your life hallelujah and when you surrender in all those areas then you can say like Paul you can say like Paul says in this next in this next passage so for the Christian hope is not based on discovery of some drug that can stop cove at 19 in this particular time period it's not based on the discovery of a vaccine however great that might be for the Christian and for anyone really hope is found in the fact that Christ has conquered both sin and death and how we want him to have that victory in your life as well. That's the picture that's given now the Apostle Paul this is an early picture of him they found somewhere. Heah said this he was so convinced that he could say in Phillip in Chapter one Verse 21 and I want you to remember this phrase this is what he could say for me to live is Christ and to die is gain say that with me for me to live is Christ and to die is gain could you say that can you say that and you're really saying that what does he mean by this to live is Christ and to die is gain what does this mean what does this phrase mean was he advocating for ending one's life was he saying look just commit suicide is that what he's saying now he's not saying that he was saying what that his competence in Christ and his resurrection was so great that it did not matter whether he was dead or alive because he trusted Christ in life and he crafted him in death how many want to have that kind of confidence that kind of confidence now some of you might have felt like you know this past week someone your life you know God convicted you of something of some air and you said that I would never do that it would be like dying for me to address that in my life it would be like dying to address that cognitive distortion it would be like dying to say I'm sorry to my wife it be like dying to say I'm sorry to my husband it would be like dying to whatever it is fill in the blank Paul wouldn't say that he says look for me to live as Christ I want to bring my life into accordance with Christ life and to die is gain. God wanted him to die at the hands of the fickle Roman Emperor Nero and he was fickle revert about Nero Nero was nobody's hero except himself Nero thought he had the gift of singing when no one had the gift of listening he would go on tours to other countries representing Rome and sing and embarrass the whole nation but when you came back home he would make everybody sit there and listen to him sing if they went to sleep he would kill them he actually killed his own mother I don't know if you're familiar with this but that's what kind of made him go mad he built a ship for her he was afraid of her because she killed all kinds of people to make him Emperor and he was terrified of her he had the fear of death she had the fear of death and they both said because they all killed everybody his mother had killed his father Claudius by giving him some poison mushrooms and that killed some other people as well it was a culture of death and Nero is so afraid of his mother that he built a boat that was meant to explode in the middle of the lake that he sent around in or to the sea put her on the boat send her out and it sir nuff the boat crashes it falls apart everybody drowns but he sees one lone figure swimming towards shore could it be was it yes it was it was his mother so he sent out some assassins to have her killed and after that he can went crazy kind of went crazy and this was the guy who was going to make a decision about whether or not Paul would live or die Rome burn baby and accuse him of it and then Paul is going to have to face him but this is what Paul said in that setting in that death oriented set he said that he would demonstrate faithfulness under pressure and ultimately death if God wanted him to do that if you want me to die and go out blazing the hand of they're all doing. He died the next thing he would see would be Christ at the resurrection and the thought filled him with joy next thing all see like that is Christ so that did not alarm him secondly if God saw fit to have him abide in the flesh flipping as one verse 24 he would continue to build the Philippians up not the Philippines the Philippines the Philippines would be good to build the. Philippines up you like that's relevant you were going to fix it Ok. Build them up in the further insight and joy of their fate he says look if I die with Nero the next thing's going to be Jesus so go ahead if you want to do that Lord if you want that to happen but if I live I'm have joy if I die I'm going to Joy if I live because I want to build up some people in faithfulness towards you and that's going to be my focus you know what happens folks the reason is a reason sometimes we get depressed and anxious is we don't have that focus How have your kind of sick of focusing on yourself you know when you focus on yourself I mean that's what I do it gets more and more depressing you know but when I can start to focus on other people that's words Roy. That's where joy comes and that's what he would say when he said this I want to be able if I'm alive or further their joy and their faith and their rejoicing will be more abundant and Jesus Christ and this is why he could say for me to live is Christ and to die is gain other place he says I would like to be absent from the body and present with the Lord I would be absent from this mortal body and present with that immortal body that I will get at that last day can you say hallelujah that's what he's saying how do you want to have that kind of focus in your life victory over sin and death. You know I years ago used to work in health care and I worked in various places the hospital anybody's watching from St Joe or Benton Harbor or sick Aagot I don't know some of the people probably are retired and I work with and we would work and I remember working for some shifts on oncology and as I'd be on the an ecology Ward we'd be giving those chemotherapy drugs and people would be facing you know death but sometimes you know we'd be in settings where we were letting them know what the biopsy was and when things came back and letting them know whether they had a death sentence or not and I can remember going to the room one day with the physician seeing a patient for the patients that you know this is going to be bad news done I want to go in with me and don't you know don't smile like you normally do you know go ahead goofy back then I act a little goofy just go in there and just keep you know take a chill pill we're going to go in and this is solemn we're going to tell them we're going to tell them the bad news that they only have to look 2 months to live maybe 6 so we went to and she told Page told the pacing Yes for the patient said how wonderful That's the best news I heard all day thank you doctor turned to their spouse how little you were like what is happening and then the pain said I soon will be face to face with Christ oh this better be much better than this pain much better than the sufferer we kind of just looked at each other doctor was flabbergasted. Looked to me how could the death sentence of cancer bring joy and not fear and panic and the reason was as we learned as we listen to them that they too were both very committed believers in Christ and they had gotten the concept for me to live is Christ it's Ok if you want me to but also to die is gain Now here's the thing so that is going I don't know if I like the idea of you say you haven't convinced me and here's what convinces you here's what convince you that what I'm saying is true and I need to be even more convinced and that is by beholding Christ all the time if you want to look at Christ you want to see what he's done and what he's doing look at John Chapter 13 and go through 18 that's the passion look at what read the Gospel of Mark look at it set your mind on things above none of the things on earth are you died and your life is hidden with Christ in God So you you look at him so much that you die and you're be holding him you become more and more like him and you would like to you would like to walk and talk and be with him Hallelujah Now my grandfather was older you know he would pray in his room and he would pray and cry out to Jesus almost as if he was talking to Jesus and he had a much better conversation with Jesus than the ever had with me because I'm not like Jesus he would be talking and he was he would say often to me he said you know why am i still alive you look at my brother and I say why am I still live there must be for you boy it must be for you boys I'd rather be seeing Jesus I'd rather be with Jesus at that resurrection I'd rather be with my wife at that resurrection but I I'm with you and that must be for you you know. For me to die would be gain and to live also is for Christ and a let him make the decision for me to live is Christ to die is gain says Paul now what's the context again he was there in Nero's court ready to be judged. Now 1st he was judged not guilty and set free but he didn't know this because Nero was fickle but ultimately he would be executed but because Nero executed both Paul and Peter so what did Paul do how did he live during the setting just to review it again he prepared for both events you out east and this is what I want to say to you. This is how we have to live he prepared for both events while his life and death and he saw the joy of either joy if he were to be sentenced to death because the next to him experience would be joy filled face to face experience with Christ or joy if he were to live for he did live he'd be able to build up and rejoice with the church and Philip by how many want to live that way I want to live that way look God has people in your life maybe he has children in your life and you say look I'm going to be here for those kids I'm going to do everything I can for those kids I'm going to be there for my husband I'm going to be there for the people that are in my church I'm going to be there for the people that are in my community I'm going to throw myself into serving them every day to show them a love of Christ and me think that's a great focus so that's one focus and I'm going to have I'm going to be ready though to die I'm not concerned if I die because the next thing I'm going to see is Jesus and that's it I have my will is written down. I'm ready to go this is the picture that Paul is describing with this phrase for me to live is Christ and to die is gain to die is gain. All right let's go on now it's actually like this no you know we didn't have anything in these in the in the press recovery program did you see any of these if you saw me of these you probably get them from someone else another participant confess it right now to that you have any candy bars this week but what Paul is saying he says that when he thinks about life and death it's like having a marathon bar are a payday It's like thinking about 2 different candy bars is kind of like a person at a candy shop and he's saying look I got a choice of which candy bar I buy they're both very sweet they both are very attractive and they both are attractive alternatives have you ever been offered 2 different very sweet things are beautiful things the air can't decide you know well this is kind of His go and these are both so good I can't decide because both of them have great payoffs What should I choose I can tell he says but whatever the choice he felt like he was in a when when situation how do you want to get to that place where you feel like you're in a win win situation of course he's not going to end his own life that would be breaking the commandment and then that would not be a win win situation he was letting God make that decision as to when and where and how and what would happen and he was saying Look eat either of those is us we as a candy bar to me that I said I work in a bar. A mango to me and for that way not that I speak in respect of what he said for I have learned in whatsoever state I am there with to be what content he has great peace great peace have they was loved by a law nothing still offend them some 1165 Great Peace great peace remember Corey Tembo. She was that Holocaust survivor who saw her sister Betsy brutalized and she was many times terrible things but they would pray they would for a and they would pray od prayers and they would see how Guy was answering even the myths of torture even the myths of suffering while imprisoned by the Nazis 10 Boman her sister enjoyed relative freedom in their cell because the guards did not like the fleas that infested it and they begin to praise God for the flee because these creeps could not creep in to their lives can you say hallelujah So God sent the fleas and protected them you know and then Paul thought you know I always wanted to go to Spain it about how I want to go to Spain but I ended up instead in Rome he wanted to share the gospel with the most influential cities he wanted to stand before the Emperor and declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he was realizing this dream even though he was facing death he realized he was realizing the dream of proclaiming Christ several months ago when the coded virus hit Italy and people begin to die in Italy in many of them were in the older demographic of course there are those who are young but many of them are older and they have done many things that the Bible would say would be sends against the flesh that's going to set them up to not be able to resist resist the virus in many different ways and they were dying and there was a pastor who was among them and he got killed in 1000 and he went in and he had a fever and was short of breath and he began working there and he began going he realized that he was probably going to die and so guess what he did because you have a time when gas was over 19 until just like the very last then your lungs really go south and if the ventilator doesn't help you die right but he had time up until then guess what he did he took his by he began to walk around among the patients begin to pray for them. Begin to lead them to Christ and the doctors begin to see it these were doctors who prided themselves on not believing in God not believing in science but they saw this pastor and he was praying for these people right up to his last breath and it changed their hearts they began to ask him to pray for them they became believers they had been atheist but now they were believers and they started praying and meeting for prayer and the one described how they saw that doctor come in or they saw that pastor come in and pray for the last patient he prayed for and they all had a tear but they said this they said you know what we want to live we know we're all going to get sick we know we don't have the personal protective equipment we need we know it's probably true we're going to die I think about 16 percent of all the deaths in Italy were of health care workers same thing happening in America people getting sick so they knew that they said look we we're probably going to die we're going to get this but you know what we're going to do we're going to go out like that Pastor we're going to help people we're going to pray with people we're going to point people to a belief in God for them to live became to became Christ to live is Christ and to die was again how we want to have that experience that's the experience he had ever since Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus Christ and his cause was his focus 247247 it was his joy it was his purpose in life I want that to be my purpose Mark Twain said it this way once the fear of death follows from the fear of life a man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time and I think Mark Twain had captured the same idea a fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die and any time have you been living in fear fear that someone might find out how you really think about them fear about what you're doing fear in different ways right and use the related to what sin and death if you live that full life if you confess your sins he's faithful and just a very forgiving you sins cleanse you from all unrighteousness give you confidence and how could he have this experience collations to 20 as we're coming to a close he said this I am crucified with Christ therefore I no longer live Christ Jesus lives in me what was his secret to living with no fear of death his secret was to die so if you're afraid of death then die is what he say I am crucified with Christ therefore I no longer live Christ Jesus lives in me 1st Corinthians 1521 In fact I even die every day and he didn't kill himself to kill him so now he allowed himself to be one crucified with Christ crucified to the things of the flesh he allowed that to happen he signed the consent form and he did it how often every single day now look at the context if you brought your bible 1st Corinthians 15 look at the context of this 1st Corinthians Chapter 15 and this is the resurrection chapter in the New Testament that's why we saying that great anthem Christ the Lord is risen today how lujah So let's look at 1st Corinthians Chapter 15 and let's look at the context of this passage. Ok we're starting there in verse 19 if in this life only we have hope in Christ we are above all men the most pitiable so your confidence in Christ has a trends in this life this life is nothing it's infant decimal it's basically nothing compared to attorney Yes And so the bulk of the payoff is not what you're going to get by having a successful monetary. Income you know some people they say look I want to make a 1000000 bucks I want to make a buck I want to be a billionaire I want to do this I want to do that and you know what that's like that's like gripping on to the bright side of darkness because it's darkness all the streets in heaven are going to be gold so don't bother trying to focus on all kinds of money here it's going to be crazy when you have a look at this stuff is worth nothing what really is worthwhile is eternity can you say amen I've had people sitting in a counseling room that said to me you know I I head I had this desire when I was a young man when I was a young woman to make all the money and to be successful and now here I am 50 here I am 55 and I have all that but I have nothing else I got to the top of the hill on there's nobody there how many that don't want that to happen and that's why I says if we if in this life only we have hope in Christ we are of all men to be most pitiable but now Christ is risen from the dead verse 20 as become the 1st fruits of those who have fallen asleep were sent by men came death by man also came the resurrection of the dead for as an animal die even in Christ shall all be one made alive but each one in his own order Christ the 1st fruits and after those who are Christ's one is the resurrection at his coming then comes the end when he delivers the kingdom of God. The Kingdom to God the Father of only person into all rule in the story and power he's delivering the kingdom to who the father who's a king he's he's the king who's the dumps we are His we're his domain he said Here they are here the ones who said to live is Christ to die is gain and he delivers them to the Father and all the pleasure of those fallen angels have left are filled with the Faithful How many were part of the faithful until those slots subject to this given for he must reign till he has put all his enemies under his feet and the last enemy that will be destroyed is death and he did that is the 1st fruits and he'll do it with you and your life as well as the promise you for he has put all things under his feet but when he says All things are put under him it is evident that he who put all things under his feet is accepted now when all things will be made subject to him then the son of circle also be subject to him who will put all things under him that God may be all in all and he's basically saying it's going to happen I lived I died I rose again you are living you are going to die but you will rise again and you say hallelujah and then noticed this odd text this side text that comes next verse 29 Otherwise what will they do who are bet ties for the dead. If the dead do not rise now some people say they take that tact and they say our Mormon friends take that tact and they say look you need to do genealogies you gotta figure out who wasn't baptized or the all the dead people in your family and you get baptized for them is that the meaning of the text the meat of the text is this when they saw people die when they saw Christians die they saw that they died with such competence they saw that when they came to death they came with such confidence in Christ they were so invested in Christ it's almost as if they had seen Christ like Paul did on the road to Damascus they were beholding him they recognized him and when they died it was a dynamic experience and because of how they died they said what did they say I want to get baptized to I want to get better because look at how they died Can you see that that's what they're saying the dead do not rise at all why then are they baptized and why should we stand in jeopardy every hour why should be another was why should we what does that mean stand in jeopardy every hour danger fear frighten why should we do that we're not doing men I have firm by boasting in you which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord I die daily so he says look the secret to not being afraid of death is to die every day and we want to do this was the point if you can have victory over the fear of death you have victory over any fear or anxiety you never come up against I mean it's probably too probably true and you and I have this experience can our lives be so consumed with Christ that for us to live is Christ and to die is gain how we think we can have that experience that's what the Bible is saying you know I've been thinking about nurses a lot and physicians that are on the frontline but of course I think about nurses more because I am a nurse and this is the year of the nurse 2020 was the year that was voted of the Moors how would they know. That the year of the nurse would actually end up being the year of the nurse this is the year of the nurse going the World Health Organization and nurses are on the front lines and there's touching stories coming from around the globe of all nurses are doing something you know what they're doing they're making a statement with what they're doing and their statement is this for me to live is Christ and to die is gain they're getting up every day and they're going and taking care of people realizing they don't have the protection sometimes going into harm's way some of the testimony she died doing what she loved most caring for people that self sacrificing a lot of them have to do it he knew he was putting himself in a dangerous position going to work but he like other medical festers prepared his whole life to be on the front lines helping people this whole life he was repairing for possible death for him to live was to care for people and to die that happens again because he's on the front lines and he's helping people I saw the stories of how the nurses are there and they're becoming the very family members for people who whose family can come in they don't want them to die alone and so they become their family they're taking their i Pads they're taking their phones and they're showing them their families they're letting them talk to them and whether or not they're there holding their hands and you know what's driving them back I in the only person that can be a family for them let me go into the hospital let me go in because I don't want people to go to a crisis grave or a grave alone how many want to have that I want to have that kind of attitude as the picture that we're seeing now you know how do you do this I don't know if my son's going to like this or not but the practical step that the Bible talks about I want to show you a picture of a nurse who was baptized in a minute. That came through the depression recovery program before that I'm going to show you a picture of. The death of one of my children and this is the death Bible says that when you're baptized you're baptized into His death so there's a lot of heaven more for so thankful for Johnny. Thank you. Interesting personality for what he brings to everything. With his way to make people feel comfortable we asked. You to bring many souls to you. We have that spirit with rest upon. That would be grow into being more and more of a leader your body is made you can be more of a leader for you. To use just down for your. Spirit the way it. Is me great joy now Donnie to baptize you. Name of The Father the name of the. Name of the Holy Spirit. And I was so you know the baptism of the nurse came through our program but let me tell you something about the baptism. I want to cry out of a cry of my kids. I miss so much to me to see them die. Not so much now what happened leading up to that. There had been a young guy named Ben Krueger a real dynamic individual kind of a man's man and one of our parishioners. Sons it's our watching out. And he had gotten into an unfortunate accident and he died 20 some years. And my kids really really like talking to him and they realized when they saw that you know life is not always a search and they came to me and they said you know Dad we want to study and we want to get baptized and so what I want to do that and said you know because we don't know. What we're going to die we don't know when anyone's going to die and we want to make things right with God and that's what led to it and how do you think that was pretty sound reasoning they said look we want our lives right with God and they made that decision now here's another baptism This is Christy. Christie came to our produce called her I texted her before the service today and asked if I could show this she said fine she says her own testimony she came to a depressed recovery program and I don't want to mischaracterize or say anything that's. Not kind I'm not trying to be unkind I'm just trying to be accurate she was a handful she had had multiple suicide attempts she had had situations in her life that had set her up to feel worthless that had set her up to fill as the life was worth living that had gotten her on to multiple medications and she is a very talented nurse she's a very bright nurse and you can listen to your own testimony yourself I'm not going to do it justice the actual clip that I have I cut it down here was a 19 minute clip where she went through and shared her testimony I probably should have disowned then to you but what she realized was that even her attempts to kill herself were fruitless because they were not really addressing the issues. The issue was she needed to die to self in a spiritual way not a physical way but in a spiritual way that's what she needed and I still remember when she came I couldn't believe it when she came and said to me you know I think that I'd like to be like to be baptized I was shocked I said. What did you say and she told me and we sat there in the sun room and she talked to me about it and then she was baptized and since that time her life has been described by that text for me to live is Christ and to die is gain and you can mazing things you say actually listen to her testimony that happened it's like some of your testimony some of you have made decisions to be baptized as well I'm looking forward to those baptisms this afternoon. Some of you also might be thinking about again now that maybe you weren't thinking about it till now and if you want to talk about I'll tell you a list look at this and then I'll disclose if you are marks about this problem number one thank you for your think you. Heard the 15 percent only could be made in the only thing going for the power of God and. Number of. Your not. I prefer a little boy. I prefer her period Yeah I prefer those within your family or free from Liam father who I please pray for all of those watching you have lived with you later as a testimony of your power. Where for granted that you were to stand for your just under $51.00 Yeah it's me very truly Christina to be after all if you are in the name of the Father the name of the only for your name Of course you're. Going to. Hear you say. This is a life redeemed reoriented and it all happened because what a death and then a resurrection and a life for Christ for me alive to die is gain so I can live for Christ so one of the steps number one in the Christian walk get baptized die with him be buried with him by baptism into death Romans Chapter 6 burst for be planted in the likeness of his death and then be crucified with him that the body of sin might be destroyed done away with because remember victory over sand is related to victory over death how many want to have that victory in your life. And he said to them If anyone desires to come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me Jesus died on the cross for you and for me I mean remember this he died on across and was dialing for us you know it was it was it was a terrible ordeal in the garden the good semi is really where he died you might say crossed physically was a small thing but a separation for God and when he was there in the assembly he said My God my God why hast thou what for saken me voice like God not with you're basically dead right why is after saying the wrath of God coming on him now because of what he did but because of what you didn't because of what I did and he said Not my will he said Father Fitz possible take this cup for me that he said no was not my will but die will be done in Luke Chapter 22 remember we study this verse 43 as soon as he said that what happened and angel came and strengthen him why is it that we need to be crucified Why is it we need to die and be crucified because of the infirmity of our flesh because of our feebleness because of our disease because of our weaknesses because our strength closeness because we're tempted to obey it that is our human nature in its lust and desires were tempted to do that and this is why Paul said you know what I am crucified with Christ therefore I no longer live but Christ Jesus lives in me I die daily and he says they that are Christ's have follow this example being crucified in the flesh. So get baptized be crucified with him identify with Christ's resurrection power and be like Christ raised with him in the likeness of his resurrection saying Obama of my own self I can do nothing and all power that is given to me in heaven and earth he said afterwards and this is the picture that is given the words spoken from heaven at his baptism were precious evidence to him that his father proved the steps he was taking in the plan of salvation this man substitute uncertainty the opening heavens and the descent of the heavenly dove were assurance that his father would unite his power in Heaven with that of his son honor of the meeting as a powerful thing and rescue man from the control of Satan and God had accepted the effort of Christ to link heaven to earth and as finite man to the incident of God when he got baptized his power was length with his father's power to help other people have power how many to have other people in your life have power and we want to have your husband have power your wife Empire your kids our everyone else in your life that's it in the autumn of 27 Christ was baptized and says God anointed Jesus of Nazareth the Holy Ghost in with one and with power on the savior himself to clear the spirit of the Lord is upon me and he's anointed me to preach the Gospel to the poor so as soon as the Holy Spirit came upon him he was able to focus on others and be effective in then. And then one last one as the Christian submitted to the song where the baptism the 3 highest powers in the universe the Father the Son the Holy Spirit placed their approval on his act pledging themselves to exert their power in his behalf as he strives to honor God how he this is stuff and if that's true that's the most powerful thing ever and that's why people are baptized you know this is I baptized both of my baptized you this is based on Matthew chapter 28 and the name of the Father the name of the son the name of the Holy Spirit Man and they're pledging themselves to give them confidence and boldness that they might be faithful in life and even unto death or about you but these are powerful promises and we heard in our scripture reading today that powerful song Psalm 23 and let's remind ourselves of it as we close you get is some 23 it's the key for confidence in facing death the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he makes me to lie down in green pastures He leads me beef beside the still waters and restores my saw how many like it when he's the shepherd how many you've ever had green pastures in your life how many you have ever had still wonders how many and things that you are thankful for that God has done for you I've had many of those. Yeah a then it says well here's a reality though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death what does it say I will fear no evil for you are what with me your rod and your staff they comfort me and have you ever seen the valley of the shadow of death past a gilly when we go to Israel Malcolm took us and they showed us where the see people get down in these valleys you can't even see anything down there it's dark like there's hills and then there's a valley only We're going to get out is with the rod and staff of the shepherd and that's what's pictured here your rotten step comfort me and it's showing that as you're in that valley of Salah death you are with me I mean how many I want to believe that by faith you are with me your rod and your staff they come for me and then knows when that a service comes when you can say you prepare a table for me in the presence of mind into me you anoint my head with all and my cup runs over now this is in the presence of what that surely goodness and mercy self follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever Wow what a powerful promise I want to in today I think how many here already see what the appeal is of scripture when you see them coated in one thing culture of death. People are not afraid of covering 19. They're afraid of death. Why they fret a death. Probably because a sin in the line because they have victory over the fear of death you must have victory over sin. Then you have victory over set yourself absolutely not but is there someone who has won the victory. This is someone who's won the retrieve and is this someone who has said I'll give you the victory. Is a summons. It's Jesus and I thought about this song. I don't know I heard Willie Nelson singing in my head. I don't know if that Spears or not. But the song that he sang came in my mind I am weak. How many you feel weak. Now are strong Jesus keep me. From all wrong. I'll be satisfied as long as I walk let me walk. Close to bother in heaven we're so thankful that you took so many steps down from your throne you couldn't help but see our situation and you did not consider it robbery to be equal with the father but you made yourself of no reputation took on yourself the form of a servant and you became as a man you became obedient even to death the death of the Cross thank you for that and thank you for these who physically have taken a step forward toward you today bless their decision was each step in the future and thank you of those in their heart who have made that step either here or at home thank you that is though though we walk through the valley of the shadow in a land of death. You've had victory over the grave and we've had victory over sin and from the good things. Thank you we accept. 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