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Surety in the Last Days

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

Anchor Point Films


  • April 25, 2020
    11:30 AM
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Hi there my name is Chan critter with Anchor Point films and my wife and I follow you travel around full time producing documentary films and and also speaking lecturing around the world on subjects like the gut brain connection overcoming depression. Can we trust in the Bible what are what's called apologetics we also talk on overcoming depression and overcoming addictions also and if you have any interest in learning more about our ministry go to our website anchor point film star com And but before we begin let's put our heads for what a prayer Heavenly Father thank You for the opportunity we've had what an amazing time we've that you blessed us with being able to come out into nature like Jesus said to His disciples come and rest awhile we've had this opportunity to come together we've looked at some prophecy we've looked at the Scriptures we've looked at our savior Jesus and we're so thankful for him Father I know for some these things may be new some of these things may be strange and even difficult but we know that when our savior Jesus came there were also struggles that the people had to wrestle with as they were coming back to the Word of God. And we pray that as we look at Jesus again this morning through your scriptures that your Holy Spirit would guide for in his name we pray Amen John Haas was a reformer and he had been preaching the gospel in his day these were still the days when it was illegal to own the Bible the Roman Church had made it illegal and John Haas was the greatest preacher of his day. He was captured by the Church of Rome but he stood firm to the end 2 of the heresies that he had clung to 2 of the heresies had to do with number one that Jesus was the only way he was the only head of the church and for that his life had to be ended he was also preaching the Word of God He was teaching that those who truly follow Jesus Christ are truly followers of gone and for this he had to lose his life but if he as he went to his death he said they gave him an opportunity to let go of his faith and just before they were to burn him are just before they were to execute him rather just before that they said Ok you'll have an opportunity if you recant if you let go of your teachings you can go free and he said I will die for the messages I have been teaching gladly gladly Can you imagine gladly willing to live 2 to yield your life for Jesus and this book can you imagine what that would be like. But that's what happened and then after he was executed some time later his friend and contemporary a man by the name of your one who sort of John Haas as we call him and John Haas was the reformer of the city of Prague it's the most beautiful city I've ever been to it's a city that was not destroyed by the bombs of World War 2 And so you have these this very old architecture that is still there today and you can go see the Reformation site of this great reformer Jerome in he had seen his friend or he he knew that his friend and contemporary John Haas had gone to his death and the time came for Jerome also to be killed the Church threw him into a dungeon for almost a year he was in a cold wet dungeon without sufficient covering to keep him warm we're told that his flesh literally began to rot off of his body it was so traumatic that finally he told them I'm willing to recant my faith then they sent him back to the dungeon again to give him some time and then they brought him forth to give his full recantation the full letting go of his faith and as he came forward as he was in his dungeon the 2nd time his memories of his friend John Haas and how he faithfully had gone to his death and how he himself Jerome had not done that he had not been faithful to his master he had allowed the torture. To sever or Sunder his relationship with Jesus and he felt guilty and he decided when I go forth I would rather die I will return to my recantation and I will tell them I cannot let go of Jesus I cannot let go of his word and so the time came and notice what we read Jerome was then brought to the stake where he was the yield his life he said Prove to me from the holy writings that I am in error and I will of Jarrett a let go of it the holy writings exclaimed one of us tempters is everything to be judged by them who can understand them until the church has interpreted them he came back with are the traditions of men more worthy of faith and then the gospel of our Savior Paul did not exhort those to whom he wrote to listen to the traditions of men but said Search the Scriptures heretic was their response I repent having having pleaded so long with you I see that you are urged on by the devil they said to him because he wouldn't let go of this his last words uttered as the flames rose about him or a prayer Lord Almighty Father he cried Have pity on me and pardon my sins for the know is that I have always loved i was true this man went to the flames for his Savior Jesus Christ could you imagine something as simple as saying I will let go of my beliefs could allow you to live peacefully the rest of your life and yet this man after being tortured the torture broke him but finally he decided I will now not let go of my Savior. Maybe you've been like your own maybe maybe you're a hoss someone who is firman and never turns never swerves from the path of duty or whether you are a hoss or whether you're a Jerome and you've stumbled and fallen the good news is Jesus will be with you even if you stumble and fall and regardless if you're a hoss or a Jerome but he said Lord you know that I have always loved your was I've always loved your truth and you remember the experience of Jesus Jesus was before pilot the Roman governor and while he's before pilot we read in John Chapter 8 in verse 33 therefore pilot therefore entered again into the Pretoria I'm cold Jesus and said to him Are you the king of the Jews Jesus answered him do you say this by yourself or did others tell you about me pile in answered I'm not a Jew among your own nation and the chief priest delivered you to me what have you done Jesus answered My kingdom is not of this world if my kingdom were of this world then my servants would fight that I wouldn't be delivered to the Jews but now my kingdom is not from here pilot therefore said to him Are you a king then Jesus answered You say that I am a king for this reason I have been born and for this reason I have come into the world that I should testify to the what to the chroot every one who is of the truth listens to my voice pilot said to him what is what. What is true but notice pilot asked Jesus he asking the question what is truth and notice what he does immediately after asking him when he had said this he went out again he asks the question what is truth and then he walks away you see that you know there's 2 reasons that people ask questions one of them is to avoid responsibility you say what do you mean sometimes we ask questions not because we actually want to know the answer but because we're trying to bring up an objection so we don't have to follow what we see is actually the direction God is pointing that makes sense that they ask questions to Jesus over and over some people actually want to know like Master what is the greatest commandment in your law and then Jesus said of that man that he was not far from the kingdom of God he really wanted to know the answer whereas other times people are raising questions not because they want to know the answer but because they're looking to accuse him they're looking to avoid responsibility and pilot asked the question he standing before the irony of the whole situation is he standing before the one human being in the scope of verse history who didn't claim he had the truth but the one who claimed he was the truth was standing before pilot and he asked the question what is truth but he didn't wait long enough to find the answer he walked away and then he walks out to the people and he says I find no basis for a charge against him so he saw he was innocent but yet he condemned him alternately later on while 1st the washes his hands of the matter but what do we see Jesus said in John Chapter 14 in verse 6 he said I am the Way the Truth and the Life no one comes to the Father except. You mean Jesus claimed to be the true what a saw and as was shared with us this morning John 1717 you may even know this text is says sanctify meaning make them Holy Sanctified them through the truth by word is what truth that I word is true what is the truth this text says the Word of God is truth so if I find it in the Bible I want to say hey if that's what the Bible says I accept it but you know it's not easy to do that I'll tell you you know it sounds so crazy to me to even say this but I learned these things back when I was in college and it was just about it was 20 years ago what a crazy thing to think about but when I 1st heard these things 20 years ago some of it I didn't like hearing you know why because it didn't fit with my lifestyle I'll be honest with you some of it annoyed me totally honest I was June tobacco I was addicted to tobacco I was living in an unhealthy lifestyle I know what it's like to have addiction and some of these things I heard I didn't like it but you know what I noticed it was in the Bible and the Bible says that the word is true and so even though I didn't like it I thought I want to follow it what a strange thing not liking something but wanting to follow it at the same time but you know what the Bible also says we saw in 1st Peter 123 you are born again not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible by the. Word of God that same word is what gives us an experience of being born again and so as that word change my life I begin to delight to do those things that annoyed me and then interesting. I didn't like him when I 1st heard him but Jesus says all that are of the truth here my boy you may not like it but if you're willing to hear it and step forward even if you don't enjoy it initially it will become one of the greatest blessings to your soul I'll bet there's somebody else here who you heard some of these things in the past and they annoyed you and you finally said you know what I'm not going to fight you Jesus anymore I'm going to go wherever you would have me to go Can anybody testify you say Yeah I've had that right looks like a bunch of you. Want to rebel. We are rebels aren't we that's our natural experience that's not unusual the Bible says that the carnal heart is in the tea against God It is not subject to the law of God neither indeed can it be and you say Cassy the Bible says we're carnal so I even try if if the carnal heart is against God's law why even try to keep it all goes on to say in the same passage but you are not in the flesh but in the spirit you see when you're in the flesh you're living by the carnal heart but when you yield your heart to Jesus changes your heart and he actually he before you hated the things have gone but when you give your life only to Jesus what happens you begin to delight to do his will he changes your heart so this taxes sanctify them through the truth by words are true no notice what songs 1942 says is says die right to snus is an everlasting right has snus and by law is the what true do you notice not only is Jesus the truth but were told the law is true does that contradict it self the law is the picture of the character of God Jesus fully lived out the law while he was on earth. So when it says in the Old Testament that the that God's wall is truth this isn't contrary to Jesus' does Old Testament told us prophesies of us Messiah that the law would be in his heart I'd like to do the I will oh God gave I law is within my heart We've already looked at that so Jesus the very core of his being was the law which is summed up not only in 10 commandments Yes it is the 10 commandments but the 10 Commandments are broken into 2 portions the 1st portion is how to love God with all your what heart the 1st 4 commandments have to do with our love to God you know you shall have no other gods before me that is to do the relationship with God you shall not have any idols that has to do with your relationship gone you shall not use God's name in vain that has to do with your relationship with God the 4th Commandment is what the Sabbath Remember the Sabbath keep the holy that has to do with your god's holy day the 1st 4 commandments have to do with our relationship to God How to Love God with all of our heart and the last 6 commandments have to do with our relationship with you who yet each other humanity and so the law is truth and it was seen lived out in the life of Jesus Christ thinking about this so we we see this picture but it notice it connects right just snips with the wall right isness with the law in the same same chapter Psalms 172 my tongue shall speak of the I word for all by commandments are what. Right just as all your commandments are right yes Miss Now here's the thing the commandments are righteous did Jesus keep all the commandments yes or no Was he right yes he was fully right yes have you kept all the commandments no see your was unrighteous So you need to be right just so to get into heaven don't you you actually do so the question is how do we obtain that righteousness will once again if we just stop sinning from here on out will we be righteous on our own no because of what the sins of the past we can't make up for the sins of the past so we cannot save ourselves it is impossible we need a righteous nys beyond what we have if you have your bible story of the Romans Chapter 9 Romans Chapter 9 we're going to begin in verse 31 looking at a group of people who tried with all of their heart to keep the law and did not succeed they didn't gain righteousness even though they were trying to keep the law Romans Chapter 9 in verse 31 Romans Chapter 9 in verse 31 when you're there would you please say Amen you can say have mercy if you have made it there alright have mercy we need a little more time Romans Chapter 9 and verse 31 Romans chapter one verse 31 look at these people but Israel which followed after the was a lot of righteousness has not attained to the law of righteousness What do you mean they were they were trying to follow the law wherefore why did they not why did they not of pain to the law of righteousness the question is asked why wherefore because they sought it not by what. They But as it were by the works a lot for they stumbled at the stumbling stone as it is written behold I land Zion a stumbling stone and a rock of offense and whosoever believes on what Him shall not be ashamed so notice this text says these people tried to keep the law they tried to keep the law they were following the law following the law following the law but they didn't gain right isness and while they were trying to follow the law they stumbled they tripped over a stone and that stone is called to him Who is that stone the Rock of Ages cleft for me let me hide myself in the well you can't use a him to prove the Bible right but 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 you can go read that later and you can see that the rock that followed them was Christ but yes that's why the him was written right because they understood that the rock was Christ so these people are trying to keep the law so they have their eye on the law ion the law ion the law and they trip over a stone because they're not looking at the stone they're looking at the law and the trip over it they tripped over Christ the Israelites weren't looking to Christ so they stumbled and fell you fall. They stumbled and fell because they were looking at Christ but then notice what it says back in verse 30 what should we say then that the Gentiles which followed not after righteousness have attained to righteousness even the righteousness which is of. So notice we need a righteousness we can't look to the law to be saved can the law save us yes or no can the law die for your sins no the law points out that you are a sinner and then once you find out you're a sinner it can help you anymore all they can do is point you to the Savior you follow so the law is our schoolmaster to tell us you've done wrong you need to go to someone to save you it's a teacher that tells you what to do but it can't save you so we have to go to Christ to be cleansed you follow but then once we realize that the law can't help us do we throw the law in the garbage and say well since I can't commit adultery my wife will understand just this few times no we don't reject the law because because we stumbled and broken to know we seek to keep the law by our faith in Jesus Christ. By faith in Jesus Christ where do we where do we get this righteousness the law isn't good enough to give us righteousness the Bible says in Daniel 9 verse 7 Old Lord righteousness belong in unto who on to the unto you who has all true righteousness it's God It's Jesus the Bible tells us that the righteousness by faith that we need is the righteousness of God We need God's righteousness now if I were filled with God's righteousness do you think that would be good enough to save me you're free to say no but do you think God has enough righteousness to save me. Yes he done right we can't say no I mean God's righteousness is good enough to say but as he fills us with his righteousness many think will he just covers us and he does cover us but he also fills us from within so that we can actually walk in His righteousness he can be give begin to give us a new path just like we saw we saw that Jesus could walk on water impossible but he could make Peter walk on water that was impossible is long as Peter looked at Jesus so too we can walk on water not literally but we can do whatever Jesus tells us to do we can do the impossible we can walk in to put steps of Jesus in Philippians chapter 3 verse 9 Paul says and being found in him not having mine own righteousness which is of the law but that which is through the faith of hooves. Christ the righteousness which is of who God by faith notice the righteousness that we need is a perfect right just this once again if I stop sinning lets say Ok here's my life my life begins right here this is the 1st day of my life I walk or nice in and I stumble I sin and I stumble I keep sinning a stumbling sinning instill some bling and then also negative here and I meet Jesus I give my life to Jesus and then and then I I don't sin for the rest of my life but once again we've already talked about the trouble is I still got all of these other things obviously you don't just come to Jesus and never sin again but but if you did you still have all these things and you can't be saved so my righteousness from here on out could never save me but the text doesn't say I need it says Paul says I don't want to have my own righteousness which is of the law but that which is through the faith of Christ the righteousness which is of God by faith so if Jesus His death on the cross he takes all of my sins to the cross so all of this portion is is dead to sin now it is actually been destroyed on the cross and then I'm given in exchange for all of my filth Jesus gives to me in response the righteousness of God So now what is my life it's filled with the righteousness of God and if we believe this and not only believe it but walk by faith in this believe Day by day believing that Jesus can give me victory over it. He can give you victory over whatever you're struggling with you may struggle with anger you may struggle with greed you may struggle with pornography you may struggle with tobacco you may struggle with methamphetamine whatever it is that you're struggling with Jesus can feel your life with his righteousness not only cleansing your past but giving you victory in the presence. This is good news this is the right to sniff of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ and we read this already but in Hebrews Chapter 1015 through 17 it says the Holy Spirit also testifies to us what's the Holy Spirit going to say for after saying this with the Holy Spirit says this is the covenant that I will make with them after those days says the Lord what is the covenant which the new covenant I will put my laws on their heart and I will also write them on their mind then he says I will remember their sins and their iniquities was no more because we've come to Christ and what has he done with this this whole section of our life is thrown into the depths of the sea it's gone you don't have to feel shame and guilt and darkness in your life for the rest of your life no God says I will I will remember their sins and their iniquities no more Doesn't that sound nice That sounds beautiful right now God promises he's going to do this but he also says I'm going to put the law in their minds and in their hearts we already looked at the prophecy of Jesus and Psalms 40 were just reviewing that that showed us that Jesus the law was put in his heart he said I delight to do that I will oh God gave I laws within my heart the new covenant is gone writing is law in our minds and hearts so that we turn from being like Chad Kreuzer who when I 1st heard these things I was annoyed by the Word of God and I'll bet several of you have felt that way at some point in your life that's not an insult if you felt that way it means you are human right that's natural but then if we yield ourselves and say yes Jesus I'm annoyed by this elicits if you're angry with God What I would suggest you do is argue with him argue with him if you want to argue with him Guess who's going to win. He's a little smarter than you are and even smarter than me I checked I chose a couple living my life like I was living and so I I did some things and end up I got sick and I wasn't feeling good and I realized man I'm fully doing that I have this because I was sinning against God and it happened more than once and finally I said hey maybe God's trying to teach me something you're right I'm a stubborn bull headed individual but I'm so thankful that I I did wrestle with God in he one he will always win if you're willing to wrestle with him but that's the trouble is what's worse than getting angry and wrestling with God is not talking to him at all if you won't talk to him or you just don't think about him or you won't crack the pages of the Bible because you might feel guilty that's that's the worst thing because because this isn't if you just shut him off you're doing what pilot did pilot was before Jesus he asked What is the truth and then he does this he walks away Jesus can't help it when we walk away from the truth but he can help it when we argue with him about the truth he can he can help that but if we just run away from it that's that's a difficult thing now God prophesies about the last 8 people that he's going to have he prophesies about is his faithful at the end of time in Revelation 14 verse 12 it says here here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the lot commandments of God in the faith of Jesus which already saw that the commandments of God the text in Psalms told us that your commandments are right just sniffs and then it says so these people have the commandments and they also have the faith of Jesus so if you mix together the commandments of God which are right chestnuts and you mix together the faith of Jesus you have the recipe for righteousness by faith. Keep the law on their own strength they don't keep the law to be saved they keep the law because they love Jesus and because he saved them from their sin and he is implanted his righteousness in their soul this is a tax this is righteousness by faith in verity or it is truly righteousness by the this is what we see here's a new translation I like how it says it in the e.-s. of the in this is actually what the word in the Greek means here is a call for what the in durance you know the King James says the patients names and that is correct also the word means patient and Durrance actually means cheerful in durance did you know that the text in the Greek actually means it points to God's people at the end of time so get this picture John is having a vision the one who wrote the book of Revelation and he's having this vision of God's people at the end of time so he's looking way down at the end of of Earth's history and God chose him a picture of the faithful of God who are living at the close of time and as as he's looking at them in his vision he says here is a call for cheerful in Duren. You may wrestle with God But if you're willing to wrestle with him and actually will yield your soul you will find a cheerful in durance as you press forward in Jesus Christ here is a call for cheerful and Durrance of the saints those who keep the command God and their faith in Jesus. So we see that God's people will be faithful through the power of Jesus and He will enable them to keep his law and Revelation $1217.00 speaks of and we looked at this also we're going to get to some new stuff in just a moment is the dragon the devil is angry with the woman angry with God's people and what did he do he went to make war with the remnant gods what the people in God's last day people will be called the remnant the remnant is used to use the lake carpet when I was in college actually Yet when I was going to Calvin I used to live I used to lay carpet in we we had when they get down to the end of a massive roll of carpet there be a little portion left over which wasn't big enough for somebody's house and what they do is they stick it on a rock called the remnant rack and the remnant rack is the leftover of the original portion and God's last day people are referred to as the remnant So in essence the remnant rack the remnant piece would be the similar dye the similar color the similar fabric the similar backing to the original it's just the leftovers and so to God's people at the end of time they're going to be similar to the faithful in the very beginning they're going to continue to preach and live the same message that the apple Apostles taught and lived out so we look at them so that they have 2 things here the remnant Here are the people who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ we're going to just quickly we don't even have time to really in detail I would love normally in a seminar we go into detail on these things but we're just going to just kind of look at some of the points here the remnant is going to recapture the pure faith of the disciples because if it's a remnant it can't be like a piece of carpet that's a total different color than the original in a different we even a different pattern that's impossible it couldn't be the real remnant if that were the case so the true remnant will recapture the pure faith of the disciples number. 2 they will have the dual characteristics of what we just read on the screen they will both keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ in Revelation Chapter 19 tells us that the testimony of Jesus is the does anybody remember the spirit of prophecy they will be guided by the Spirit of Prophecy number 3 this church will be a worldwide mission driven movement what do I mean by that in Revelation Chapter 14 versus 6 the 1st of the 3 angels messages it says this it says and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting what gospel to preach on to them that dwell on the earth and to every nation and kindred and tongue and people saying with. A loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven and earth the sea and. Springs of waters of the founts of waters Notice it says this message of the everlasting gospel will go to how many people all every nation kindred tongue and people so they will share the gospel will go forth to every portion of the global cording to Revelation $146.00 and $7.00 number 4 there will be they will call people to a total commitment to Jesus Christ they will call to a total commitment to Jesus Christ right here are they to keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus will we be faithful to the to the message of faith that Jesus presented and will we live out that faith in our own souls number 5 they will encourage people to give their bodies to him it's interesting that in 2 passages of Scripture I was chewing tobacco and you know I've said in the past I could quit tobacco at any time I could I could quit my chewing tobacco any time and I could pick up the cigarettes you see the point. I could quit chewing tobacco at any time and I could move on to cigarettes and I could quit the cigarettes at any time too and I could move back to the tune of bacco but I could not overcome the back oh that makes sense it's interesting many times we have addictions that that we maybe maybe someone's on crack and they're like Man I gotta get off the crack and so then they just become a scene of marijuana is God wanting us to move from one addiction to a lesser addiction Jesus came we're told in the book of Galatians for freedom Jesus to our Paul tells us of Jesus for freedom he has set us free Jesus doesn't want to give you lesser addictions Jesus wants to set you free and finally Jesus gave me victory but it's interesting what helped me gain victory I all I want to gain victory because I was sick of it like hurting my gums and I was sick of the smoking hurting my lungs but I couldn't quit it wasn't enough that it was hurting me I couldn't quit but one of the things that was a blessing to me was somebody shared with me a verse in verse 1st Corinthians Chapter 3 this is no it's not that your body is the temple of the. Holy Spirit the text goes on to tell us if you destroy the temple of God God will destroy you now I know we live in a time where any anything like that sounds scary and harsh to people but it's funny when I 1st heard that oh if I Destroy this temple gods in astronomy I didn't think it sounded harsh at all what hit my mind was wow. It's not only me that wants to quit God wants me to quit I didn't realize he cared about my body I thought you only cared about my spiritual life but God cares about my body and he doesn't want me to destroy my body the new testament not just the Old Testament Yes they had health principles in the Old Testament but those health principles God gave us health in the New Testament also and says Your body is to be the temple of the Holy Spirit and this is one of the things largely that Christianity has been neglecting not caring so much about the body only caring about a spiritual life spiritual life the most important thing but we can hinder the spiritual life by hurting the body you see that and so I was so thankful when someone showed me that tax I realize for the 1st time it wasn't just me that want to quit it was Jesus Christ who wanted me to quit and then by his power and grace I found the victory now number 6 they will also make a final appeal to accept the truth and we see that in Revelation Chapter 14 versus 9 through 11 actually one through 12 Revelation 14 you can write down of your writing down Revelation 14 years 9 to 12 it talks about the mark of the beast crisis and the call goes forth the message goes forth do not worship the beast nor his image neither receive his mark in NY right hand nor in the forehead so God says do not follow the mark of the beast issue and we haven't had time to go into in any detail on what that is but we normally do a message on that when we do a lot longer some of Bibles clear what it is and God is saying we have to make a final appeal to the world to say listen give your entire life to Jesus and be faithful and accept the truth because Jesus is the true Jesus is that you do say Oh then I just need to follow Jesus yes that's right but here's the thing what Jesus what Jesus. There are many aspects of what people think Jesus is you have the Mormon Jesus and if you're a Mormon praise Jesus that you're here I'm not saying that to put anybody down but there are different perspectives of who is Jesus but the true Jesus is the Jesus of scripture the standard of truth what are his teaching will I be faithful will we be faithful to our Savior Jesus and His teachings you know it's interesting one of the teachings we see in the New Testament is in in James Chapter 2 verses 10 through 12 and it tells us back to Speaking of the law in righteousness by faith James Chapter 2 verse 10 through 12 says what the standard is in the judgment the Bible says that God's people will be judged the whole world will be judged some people say well didn't Jesus say if you follow me you will not come into judgment it does but the the word in the Greek there is is the word for judgment or condemnation if you are in Christ you will not come under condemnation in the judgment but Paul tells us for we must all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ he told us that we're all going to hear before that so the question is if you are going to court wouldn't you not want to know what law you would potentially broken what they didn't tell you that would be nerve wracking when. You are you're going to go to court and we're looking to throw you in jail for what we are not going to tell you that would be horrific right the good news is God tells us what the what the the standard in the judgment is James to 10th or 12th For whosoever shall keep the whole on yet offend in one point he is what guilty of all so what's the standard it's going to be the law you'll see it we didn't read it yet though for he just said do not commit adultery said also do not kill Now if you commit no adultery yet if you kill your become a transgressor of the law so speak in so do as they that shall be judged by the what. Love liberty so notice it just tells us the law of liberty but notice most people think of the law as the law of bondage but James says it's the law of law liberty because this law is actually a law that through the power of the Holy Spirit can set us free the law itself does not set us free the law just says you're a sinner but when the Holy Spirit comes into your life that the spirit can set you free from breaking the law you follow that's was the law of liberty without Jesus without conversion without walking in the path and power of Christ the law is bondage and all attempts to try to keep our legalism but in Christ is it legal list stick to try to be faithful to my wife what would your what your friends in church say oh that guy he's just so faithful to his wife he's a legal it's not how old that guy follows God The 1st commandment he doesn't have any other gods before Him That guy's a legal if you ever heard anybody say that oh that guy doesn't steal dirty legal this that got uncovered ever legal this you never hear that and till you talk about the 4th Commandment Oh. You keep the Sabbath a large a legal list is illegal ism Why is it not legalism to keep 9 but the 4th is legalism that make any sense yes or no when when you hear that it's a copout it's just it has no basis in rationality but once again sometimes we ask questions not because we're seeking the truth but because we're looking to avoid responsibility. And so God's law is the standard in the judgment notice what Jesus said in John Chapter 8 in verse 12 then spake Jesus again under them saying I am the light of the world he that follows me shall not walk in want darkness but shall have the light of life friends as Jesus reveals why to us what we want to do he said walk in the light while you have the light less darkness come upon you. Friends let's be faithful to what's in this and you can be angry at God You can wrestle with God but don't turn from Jesus talk to him wrestle with him study it out prove prove it wrong say no no I'm a go home honest I'm going to find all this actually going to prove that the Bible says that Sundays the day to prove it prove it just like that Catholic priests that I've been I've been offering people a $1000.00 for every text they'll find on the sacred is a Sunday is a nobody comes from the money prove it and I don't mean that is an insult I'm saying just do it like you can wrestle with God Don't take my word for I'm just some guy what I say means nothing all that matters is what Jesus said is in his word this is the standard not my opinion who cares what I think what does the Word of God say so take this is your guide book that's that's my hope for you if you will literally take this book as your guide book you will be saved you will be saved but notice this this is awesome Hebrews Chapter 7 verse 22 but you haven't noticed this verse too much is says by so much was Jesus made a surety of a better Testament say wise ass oh cool. Let's try to break it down 1st of all we ask a question what on earth is a surety what we know is something that is sure something that is sure is solid It's stable it's good it's trustworthy but the words assurity here and in the Greek original language that the New Testament was written in this word surety has an interesting definition and it has to do with the law and the legal system we still use it to a very small degree this terminology now and this is a definition of it in law what surety is one that is bound with and for another one who enters into a bond or recognise and it's to answer for another's appearance in court and or for his payment of a debt or for the performance of some act and who in case of the principle debtors failure is compel a bill to pay the debt or damages the individual become a bondsman you say I still don't get what's really going on there so here's the thing we have a term a modern day term that let's say you're looking to buy a house and you don't have quite enough money your credits not good enough and you realize you don't have the total funds to do it one of the things you can do is you can get somebody else to go with you to the bank and they can what cosign that's the word surety in the King James Version of the Bible cosign So this is a surety it says that Jesus is the surety of the New Covenant in Christ the new covenant is where God writes his law in your heart and Jesus says I be your surety. What does that mean this is like you go and you don't so here's the thing the Bible says in Romans 623 for the wages of sin death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord how many of sin all have sinned and the wages of sin is what death so what payment Do you have to make for breaking the law death the you don't have enough to cover in order to live again you understand because if you die for your sins you have no hope of eternal life but Jesus comes in as we give our lives to him and he says I will sign for the debt I will sign I will promise that in the court room of heaven what is the standard in the judgment it is God's law and God says Jesus says I will come and I will stand before the the heavenly throne and Jesus says I will sign I will be your cosigner I will pay all of the debt that you cannot afford how much can you afford none of it you can afford it and Jesus promises to be your surety So the person who pledges to be your surety on earth anyway let's let back to the human example of of a cosigner someone who is a surety someone who pledges on your behalf the person who pledges surety must be able and willing to pay for the debt if you are unable to pay for it meaning if you have the money you can just pay. That's that should be the goal of the person who is having somebody calls and by the way little side note not not for Jesus but for us the Book of Proverbs tells us that you actually shouldn't cosign for people that you know that. It actually says Don't cosign for people it doesn't turn out well the Bible says so says just just avoid it but the strange thing is it tells us not to do it because people often will take advantage of us but Jesus is willing to be taken advantage of is not a heavy thought he's willing to take the chance on all of us he's willing to say listen I'll pledge for you I will die for you I will I will pay the bill so you can be saved even if you turn away from me that doesn't mean that you'll be saved in the end but he's willing to pay the bill regardless Jesus has already paid so what does it say the person must have sufficient funds to pay not only their own bills but also for the debt of those whom they promise to pay or to be a surety for you see this they must these this individual the bank isn't going to let somebody be or surety if if somebody can let's say you don't have enough money and somebody comes in to you and they're really poor too and they're like also in the bills and the like do you make a good living No Do you have any money not really. Are they going to let you help cosign a bill yes or no they're going to get out of here when I Mean Time for this right we've got other people to give money to and so no they're not going to take this the individual who's cosigning must be an upstanding citizen someone who has the finances who has the you know moral life to some capacity to at least deal with their money well and so that person could potentially cosign for you so this individual who call will call font sign for us the surety for us in the judgment what do we read about him 1st Peter 117th 1000 says if you call on him as father. No as you give your life to him you become his daughter you become his son if you call on him his father who without respect of persons judges according to each man's work notice this is judgment language pass the time of your living as foreigners here in reverence fear knowing that you were greedy deemed He bought you back with what not with corruptible things with silver or gold from your useless way of life handed down from your fathers but with the precious What blood the precious blood of Christ as of a faultless and pew or lamb the blood of Christ what a picture what a picture that Jesus he will stand in our place for us he promises us Jesus is the surety Jesus promised to pay our debts in the heavenly court room as our surety and our substitute think about this this was prophesied is said back and in Isaiah Chapter 53 is actually Chapter 53 Isaiah Chapter 53 in verse 5 but he was pierced for our transgressions he was crushed for our iniquity the pranic the punishment that brought our peace was on him and by his wounds we are why do you see what it says Jesus says I will take I will give the payment see what think in all payment some some gold some silver some something fancy No he says listen the day you can pay back your life with gold or silver with money or finances a fancy house or a nice car you can pay back your eternal life with that you have to pay with it with your life. And Jesus says I will stand with you in the judgment I will be your pledge that I will take everything that you owe upon me and that is what Jesus did on the cross of Calvary you see crisis pledged himself to be our substitute and surety and he neglects no one there is an inexhaustible fund of perfect obedience accruing from his obedience in heaven his merits his self-denial and self-sacrifice he gives those to us are treasured as incense to be offered up with the prayers of his people as the sinners sincere humble prayers a sin to the throne of God Christ mingles with them the merits of his own life of perfect obedience our prayers are made fragrant by this incense Christ's has pledged himself to intercede on our behalf in the courtroom of heaven and the Father always hears his son the you believe that Jesus is committing to be your surety if you will be faithful if you will give your life to him yield your life turn from your life of sin he can give you victory over addictions over anger over pain of abuse he can give you victory he can set you free from whatever is is held you back in this life this is the story of our Savior and this is why it is called The Gospel which means the good. Is this good news yes or no the idea that Jesus just forgive sins and then allows you to live in sins is not good news you know why a magine some pork poor lady beautiful woman has an l. no good alcoholic husband he beats her he beats the kids he gets drunk every night and he just lives a worthless life and then someone tells him you can just give your life to Jesus he just accept you as you are and that's true he accepts you just as you are in your addiction in your guilt in your shame don't try to get better to come to Christ you can't get cleansed to go get clean uniquely Rice to clean you that's good that's good news that Jesus except you just as you are but it's not good news that he leaves you just the way you are is it would it be good news to the wife if they tell this this poor man Listen God forgives you any school if you just drink in yourself and beat your kid and children is that good news to the family yes or no not at all the good news is that God can actually Jesus's I'll stand in your place I'll take your place in the judgement but I'll feel you ascend my Holy Spirit into your heart so that the righteousness of God can live out in you I can help you to find victory change your life you know what I don't even want to smoke anymore and by the way I don't chew tobacco either God can give victory over both he can separate us from our and listen you think all because that's because Chad you know he's strong Ai has a lot of willpower No I can do it Jesus gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ we're told back to our verse of the surety Hebrews $722.00 by so much was Jesus made a surety of a better Testament that Testament is the same word for covenant He has made a surety in the New Covenant in the new covenant He pledges to put his wine your heart to give you victory to wash away your sins of the past but also to give you strength to walk in the law and when you stumble if you fall Jesus is there to pick you back up. Every single time and he has a surety and he says in the end I will stand in the judgment seat now the Bible if you actually study it we don't have time to go into it the Bible reveals that we're actually living during the judgement hour you don't have to take my word for Don't take my word for it all but this is what we see in Daniel Chapter 8 is a prophecy there correlated with Revelation Chapter 14 together the scriptures they did tell us that we're living in the time of judgment that God is calling us to give our lives to him fully and in this judgment we can have a surety in Jesus Christ if we will continue to keep our eyes on Christ keep our eyes on him you know I think about this and I think of my Savior Jesus and we're going to close with 2 stories that apply very very particularly to this message one of them is a story of during the reign of terror right near the last decade of the 700 during the reign of terror where you see Christianity has gone so far from its roots such terrible things had been done done in the society and what ended up happening is that it turned into atheism society turn atheistic in France that's why France is still very secular today but what happened was they actually started atheistic government in France and they were executing people they were killing people they were beheading them with the guillotine in this particular man by the name of John Pierre was was cast a new into a dungeon awaiting his execution. And John Pierre as he's waiting his death he is the night before he knows he's going to be executed the next day and I don't know if you know what it's like but I've had times in my life where I was so stressed out there's times you're so stressed that you can't sleep but I've also had times where I was so stressed I didn't feel like doing anything but sleeping because I don't want to think about it so sometimes we have different experiences right and John Pierre somehow some way I'm guessing it was the latter one that he was so stressed he actually ended up we're told that he just fell asleep just and then went to an unbelievable deep sleep he was out that very same night his father had been captured and he too was thrown into the dungeon he comes in the dungeon with the a little bit of the moonlight shining in and there's there's multiple bodies sleeping on the ground and he he crawls over them and as he looks to his amazement he sees his own son in this dungeon with him as he sees his son he looks at him you think should I wake him up should I talk with him in his last few hours of life and and then he looked at him and he looks so peaceful and thought man I don't think I want to wake him up to the horror of what's coming soon upon him of this let him sleep and as he was looking at his son he was thinking Man I wish I could do anything I would do anything anything to save the life of my son he looked to his son and and finally the thought hit him he thought why don't I why don't I just I got it we have the same name when his name is called I will take his place that's exactly what he did the next morning when the name of son was called he went forward and as he was brought to the arraigning table with the list of names to be executed this soldier was looking down he he said. What is your name Joan here you don't hear age 37 looks up an old man he says this isn't right he says the name is right I'm 73 he said ask silly mistake and cross it on plus $73.00. Joan Pierce father went to the scene he humbly knelt down put his head in the guillotine and the cleaver dropped and 2000 years ago your name was called and my name was called and Jesus stood up and took our place. You may have heard the story the old story of a little country school house that was filled with young boys it was all boys at the school one room schoolhouse but this wasn't any normal country school this was a school of absolute derelicts these boys were little rabble rousers they were rebels they were they couldn't keep a teacher in the school they could not keep a teacher at all they tried over and over they get a new teacher and and some would make it 6 months the best could make it a whole year but most could only make it several weeks to a couple months these kids were terrible and they got a new teacher and everybody figured to be just the same but this new teacher came in and and he was just kind of a skinny guy and and they looked at him the 1st day they were there they're all sitting in there and they're in their chairs and and the teacher is there and they look at this skinny guy and and one of the bigger boys just started to laugh and he's like look at this guy he's not going to be here a week and the teacher went up to the chalkboard and he began to write his name on the chalkboard and one of the kids threw a. Spit was on the old chalk board teacher looked at it and then in turn around just kept right his name he had been told about and when he finally wrote his name down he turned around and said. I've heard it said that you boys don't like the rules your teachers give you is that true yeah we hate these rules and I can't stand it none of us like it he said Ok I'm not going to give you any rules this year they started shouting you know this is great I like this guy is all right. And he said I'm not going to give you even run one rule what I would rather have you do this year is we're going to allow you to be in charge in you get to make the rules this year and they said yeah this is great this is awesome and so then what happens is he said Ok who wants to go 1st what do you want the person role to be and one of the one of the boys that I am sick of it when I'm trying to talk in class and somebody talks over me so how about if somebody talks over you in class if they don't raise their hand we give them 5 licks with a hickory switch and the teacher saying it while that's pretty harsh but he said Are you sure and all the class yelled yeah and he said Ok we'll write that down our right for not raising your hand and talking out of turn you get 5 licks with grease which And I did any anything else and he went off on another one and another and finally the one of them said I am so sick of people stealing my lunch How about if you get caught stealing a lunch you get 10 licks with the hickory switch and the teacher say man this is harsh these kids are way harsher than I would have been and he said are you guys sure 10 licks for that and yeah I was sick of it and he said Ok 10 licks with a grease which he wrote it down and then finally they said all and then he said Now who made these rolls and they all said waited and he said so when are we going to foam and he said right now and then they all went silent. And he said All right you're welcome to talk as long as you raise your hand so if you have any questions or any statements you like they just simply raise your hand in for the next several weeks you would have thought you were in a classroom of angels they were incredible and several weeks into it when lunch time arrived on a given day Tom one of the big farm boys opened up his sack lunch and he resists and he said teacher somebody has stolen from my lunch. And if you just said no maybe maybe you've lost here you've missed misplaced or maybe dropped it on the way to school and any said no no no no it's not gone look at this sandwich and you can see the big bite marks out of it someone's been eating my lunch and sure enough he has the evidence right there you can deny this one and he said to the class all right nobody's going to eat lunch until somebody confesses who who ate from Tom's lunch and I don't know if if you're that kind of person but some of us when the teacher is looking for the culprit you feel like you did it even if you didn't write your own man everybody's beginning to hang their head low feeling guilty even you know just by being an association by being in the same room with the center. And. Took a little time and then one of the smallest kids in the class young Pym with his head hung low raised his hand and he said. Teacher I did it and the teacher said to him Why did you do this you know better all right everybody you know the rules we're going to go outside to the stump outside and we need to give him you know the rules 10 licks with a hickory switch they go outside and in the teacher said the young Tom The boy who who was a lunch had been stolen he went to Tommy said Tom You go find a stick about a long about about a stick as my finger and you bring that bag while I go out to the hickory and so he went there and he found a hickory stick and he brought it back and it was it was a little longer than a a long it was a little thicker than the finger you can imagine but he brought a bag and said Here you go teacher this will do and the teacher said you know you know the rule Tim take your coat off take your shirt off and put your hands on on the stump right here and Tim began to unbolt hole his his large oversized red plaid coat that he had always wore Nobody ever seen him take it off even in the summer was very strange. And finally he he took his coat off as as as it went to the ground they could see this this filthy what once had been a white t. shirt but now it's just stained and and just filthy but they could also see how skinny he looked in that thing and finally the teacher said to him you know they will take the shirt off and he said Teacher please can I just leave my shirt on he said no you know the rules take your shirt off said Tim grabbed hold of his shirt and pulled it up over his head and when he pulled it up and dropped it to the ground the children gasped. They could all read it right there they were all the marks of abuse the bruises the scars from the no good alcoholic father they could also see every rib every bone of his body seemed to be sticking out at them and they looked at him and when Tom saw this tears began to stream down his cheeks and he said teacher you don't have to do it I forgive him I forgive him you you can just let him go and the teacher said. That's not the rule we in this class have to abide by the rule and he said no teacher please don't do it I have forgiven we don't have to do this and he said no we have to go through this put your hands on the stump and Tim put his hands on the stump and he was crying at this point and the teacher said to him I think you're doing why did you do what you knew the rule and in tim said i was just so hungry just so hungry and Tom said please don't do a teacher and the teacher raised his arm and Tom jumped out and grabbed the arm of the teacher and he said please don't and he said. We have to go through that and Tom said just a minute you can do it but just wait one moment. Big farmer this big farm boy lifted up he pulled off his coat lifted off a shirt and you could see the strapping young back the muscular young back of a young farm boy and he reached his arms around young Tim and he said Alright teacher you can administer the punishment you see Jesus knew that we would not be able to take the blow. And Jesus did not want to live for eternity without you and so he bore our sins and he carried our sorrows with His stripes we are healed friends Jesus loves you he is the center of everything he is the center of your life even if you don't know it he still loves you even if you denied him even if you cursed him even if you lived a life completely contrary to him he is pleading out with the father saying don't do this I will take the blow I will take what she deserves I will take what he deserves I will give my life for them just give them time there's hope there's hope for them friends there is hope for you there is hope for me and my Savior Jesus Christ do you know my lord do you know my Savior Jesus Christ give your life to Jesus friends when you go home don't let go of the word spend time daily with Jesus. There's no time it's too late in our history to to let go of G.'s we need to spend time daily even if you start off with 5 minutes a day start somewhere start somewhere and work it up to 10 and 20 and 30 minutes maybe an hour a day spend with your lord jesus some you go for the neck but spend some time daily with your Lord and you'll draw nearer to him you'll draw closer to him your love will deepen you'll begin to love the ways of Jesus and say Jesus whatever you asked me to do you've sacrificed so much for me Jesus all sacrifice anything for you how many of you want to say Jesus I want to be willing to sacrifice anything for you if that's your desire would you stand just now where you are to say Jesus I want to be willing to sacrifice anything for you that's my desire I see what you've done for me with all this for me what then for the friends be faithful go forward walk in the truth walk in the light as he is in the light press forward with your savior Jesus let us pray Heavenly Father I'm so thankful for Jesus Lord that He gave all that he knew that we could not bear the burden alone and he said I will be there surety I will take you to court I will stand behind but beside you I will stand before my father in plead your case and my father always hears my voice Father help us to yield our lives. If someone here maybe there's someone right now you say I'm struggling with the sin maybe you're struggling with the sin maybe it's pornography maybe it's addiction maybe it's some other issue that you alone know but you're struggling with it and you say Jesus I need you I cannot do this without you I've tried Jesus I need your strength Jesus would you help me overcome would you raise your hand if you say that's me I need your help Jesus raise your hand where you are just now the put your hands on Jesus ease your hands Jesus help us to walk with you day by day Father I pray that if if we are angry with you that we come to you with our anger we talked to you and that you would heal us that you would heal the broken heart and that you would bind up there. Jesus help us you who are altogether lovely but Help us Lord we have such a love for the things of this world help take our eyes off of this world in rivet them upon your son may we spend that time daily May we walk in the message that you've called us to walk in these last days that we would be a part of your faithful. Draw each one of us nearer to you in the name of. A new. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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