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Five Steps to Spiritual Victory

John Bradshaw


You can experience spiritual victory in the place of spiritual failure. Join Pastor John Bradshaw for “Five Steps to Spiritual Victory” and learn how sin can be defeated in your life.


John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written



  • April 25, 2020
    3:30 PM
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Thanks so much for joining me we're going to pray together and ask God that as we open the Bible His Holy Spirit works in a way that speaks to us in a way that we never forget you know when you open up the Bible it's an opportunity for transformation to take place for God to work miracles of Divine Grace let's pray that he does that right now and we pray Father in heaven we're grateful that we can be with you at this time we thank you for your presence for your very real goodness and so we ask you Lord to speak through your Would don't let us be the same at the conclusion of this time together bless us according to your perfect will I pray we pray in Jesus name a man the man was a bully that's really what he was any grown man who'd pick a fight with a teenager is a bully now you could call the teenager in question naive you might call him an idealist a dreama with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 people on the entire planet no one would step into a boxing ring with a heavyweight champion of the world for example and think that he has a chance but here he was just a kid he being put in this place minutes before he walked out to face the bully his own brothers had remonstrated with him in fact they insulted him it seems he Mata got a bad deal from his brothers with some frequency based on how he replied to them he said What have I done now. But we know how this story ends one little stone went up in the air and that giant came tumbling down it was an unlikely victory except of course the one thing God was with David David's victory over a 9 feet tall giant in the Valley of the law shows us that God is the God of victory and that when he gets into a situation when he is allowed into a situation victory follows we could think the other about Gideon there's 300 soldiers and the victory they won over a 1000000 not described as being as numerous as the locusts and given what's going on in some parts of the world right now that is a very graphic statement the Bible says that the Midianites temples will without number as the sand by the sea shore in multitude only a fool would enter into a battle with odds like that someone didn't lose you or someone guided by God and under the aegis of the Holy Spirit empowered by God Gideon was victorious and so today I want to talk with you about victory not victory over and not victory on the sports field spiritual victory victory over the ultimate enemy picture e of sin. And we should want to talk about that the Bible is very clear about the deadly nature of sin Isaiah wrote that sin separates from God Paul wrote that the wages of sin is death Sin is an intruder and into Lopa It's like a virus let me tell you how these viruses function these things that are so small that if bacteria had. Bacteria wouldn't be able to see most viruses there that small like sin which often goes undetected people failing to recognize it for what it really is viruses are a collection of organic matter that are able to self replicate they're a piece or a strand of genetic information usually d.n.a. or r.n.a. in order to replicate they infect cells and to hijack those cells to produce viruses reproducing as it were themselves they bind to cells and integrate into the cells of. Way done that sound like what sin is lying sin came here to this world and attached itself to the human family infected people who became Kerry is and transmit is of the virus of sin. We were infected we can changed and there was only ever going to be one successful treatment against that virus the Bible tells us plainly in 1st Corinthians $153.00 that cries died for our sins and it says that he did so according to the scriptures according to the prophecies according to Genesis 3 and verse 15 according to Isaiah $53.00 Jesus died for our sins sin causes death and Jesus said. Let me die that dead so that anyone who believes in me can receive eternal alive Jesus was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world Matthew wrote in his gospel that Jesus would save his people from their sins Matthew one and verse 21 so I want to look at a Bible passage with you this is Paul writing to a group of believers who had their problems and I need to turn here so I can read it with you he was writing to a group of believers who had come out of an old life and he shows us what that life was like This is 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 and we start in those 9 Know you not that the un righteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God be not d.c. neither fornicators nor idolatrous nor Delta or is nor if them in it nor abuses of themselves with mankind nor thieves nor covetous nor drunkards nor revivalist nor extortion as shall inherit the kingdom of God That is pretty clear and you don't want to miss any of that moral impurity Adalah Tree people fooling around on their spouses and do you think there's some of that going on today you know there is plenty of it and Paul says plainly people practicing that will not inherit the kingdom of God. No To be honest with you a culture is still a fairly easy target we know it's wrong society knows it's wrong however in truth that 7th commandment reveals our hypocrisy as human beings because that sin happens everywhere and goes unnoticed unchecked under abuse often but as soon as the governor of the state does it it's the crime of the century a Hollywood a lister nobody seems to care but a religious leader and we suddenly find our moral compass it is a wondrous double standard of course the standard ought to be that sin is sin and therefore wrong all the time irrespective all the it is carrying it out but before we look down this is at the Marley challenge to that list Paul gave even includes covetousness Now that's getting a little close to home for some of us now it includes idolater laws and while that's definitely the person who bows down to an image it might also be the person who idolizes a sports team so let's not think that this is only about the other guy here. But notice what Paul writes to these folks he mentions he and the immoral and drunks and extortion is some translators use the wood swindlers here he reads them this list of sins and then he says to them in verse 11 and such were some of you but you are washed but you are sanctified but you are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and bind a spirit of Al God Did you catch that and such were some of you you were like that but you are not like that now you be cleansed and Paul isn't just calling them new he is saying that day ah new and that is God's plan for all of us so let's understand something here God can give you a new hot he can make a new creation out of you in other words those promises in the Bible not merely platitudes all best intentions the Bible means what it says when it speaks to us about sin and its remedy the plain of redemption contemplates Al complete recovery from the power of Satan so now let's look at 1st Corinthians chain and verse 13 you might be able to recite this by heart if you cannot then make sure you can by the end of this day the Bible says they have no temptation taken you but such as is common to man but God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able but will with the temptation also make a way to escape that he may be able to bear it there is according to the Bible a way out of every temptation that's precisely what Paul wrote and I know how hard that is for some people to believe. A person gets so deep into lost it's impossible to think that it's even possible to live without that sin in your life you're so angry or you're dishonest or you're an alcoholic or whatever it might be and you think there is no way out. But he is God saying to a group of people you know you used to be like that but you are not now God says there is a way of escape from every temptation the Bible says and Roman 6 in verse 11 reckon you also yourselves to be did indeed under sin but alive under God through Jesus Christ our Lord this is God giving a hope to every person alive you can change you can be a new you don't have to stay chained to your old ways you can be everything God wants you to be but I'll tell you this you begin talking about this and you make a lot of people as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking jazz I can't figure out why but there are many people who don't want to talk about obeying God as though it is a dirty word it's not sin is a dirty wood death is another one of course if you think that you can obey your way to heaven you are dead wrong obedience was never the root of your salvation the cause of your salvation God never says go along the bay Oh wait of the until you figure it out and then I'll save you instead God makes Korea that obedience becomes an inevitability in the life of the person who learns to love Jesus more and more it was Jesus who said and John 1415 if you love me keep my commandments but why. Numerous translations render that those if you love me you will keep My commandments Jesus was not saying if you love me go along prove it to me by keeping my commandments he was saying if you love me something wonderful is going to happen in your life going to keep my commandments. Is and never. In the life of the one who loves God and grows in grace and apple tree is going to produce apples a pear tree will produce is a believe in Jesus will manifest the food of the Spirit because the Holy Spirit is alive and active in your lives. So how can we experience a bidi and I'll give you 5 steps not including these in any order of importance necessarily And I'm not pretending that there are only 5 steps but I'm going to give you 5 no a couple you can predict a couple you might not we can look at others later Here are some things that you can do if you are looking to grow spiritually and experience victory rather than defeat 5 steps and we are predicating all of these upon a simple idea that idea being that you want to experience victory in your life if you don't want to you want those folks who say God doesn't expect me to give up this particular sin Well you won't you might say God doesn't demand that I would agree he doesn't demand it he promises it I will do a new thing in you God said to Isaiah in Isaiah 4319 if you don't want to you will rise as high as your desires if you know want to experience liberty you will discover that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you could all think exceeding abundantly more than you can imagine All right what do we study in our 5 steps to spiritual victory we start at number one and here it is read the. By law the human mind is like a sponge and it soaks up what if you expose it to the mind is like a hard drive on a computer and you get to program it when you hear the sound of a baby laughing that brings you joy when you see a puppy you smile when you look in the rearview mirror and you see a police car you get nervous these are natural reactions to situations your mind going to a certain place based on how you have programmed your mind one way or another if you read the Bible you are going to have a closeness with God you are going to program your mind with God's principles when you read the Bible you will think of heavenly things your frame of reference for life is going to be the would of dog how powerful is that instead of fear you be thinking courage because you read where God said be strong and of a good courage in Joshua one in verse 9 instead of getting weak in the knees when a coworker makes a such an inappropriate suggestion you are going to remember a dose of saying how then can I do this great wickedness and sin against God Genesis 39 and verse 9 the Bible becomes the unda gooding of your life that's what it becomes if you want to think heaven's thoughts Good heavens communication in your mind and it's easy watch you just pick it up and then you read it. Feed on it you think about it instead of playing Candy Crush on your commute pull out your Bible and read a few chapters instead of listening to the radio listen to somebody reading the Word of God Paul wrote to the Corinthians and he said basically that by be a holding we become changed you find that that's a sort of a pair of. Ways of 2nd Christine chapter 3 and verse 18 if you behold Christ in the word you will become like Christ that's how this thing works you get the wood of God out of the pages in your mind. Mold you and remake you and let's not make the claim that the Bible doesn't work if you are not reading the Bible of course you're not going to experience God's power and God's close presence if you want to not drinking in that power and if you are not languishing luck Shiria things a bit would if you are not the luck Shiri aiding in his presence and I say this knowing that not all God's people read the Bible people who have gone to church for years can still be biblically illiterate Get Reading get your children reading and by the way it is written children's ministry mind place with Jesus has an excellent children's Bible reading program do your kids a favor him reading the Word of God you get in touch with us say I want journey through the Bible for my children all my grandchildren all the children at church all the children's study rooms at church yet I'm reading the Bible let me tell you something speaking of children we are anguished all of us because so many of our young people leave the church and that happens right across the spectrum of Christianity but I'll tell you about someone that you have never met are you ready he is someone you have never met. You have never met a young person to lift a church while having a meaningful old daily devotional experience it just doesn't happen reading God's word brings God's power in your life because it brings God's presence in your life that happens whether you are 70 or 27 or 17 or 7 you know that God spoke and the world came into existence and that's because there is creative power in God's Word that same creative power is resident in God you return would receive that in your life and the same power begins to work in you as work when dog hung the sun in the sky unleash that power in your life read God's Word 1st about 5 steps to spiritual victory the 2nd of our 5 steps to spiritual victory it's an easy one and you must be able to guess what it is it is I heard somebody say it is say it again we might all hear it is pride. You cannot be surprised to hear me say this pray so many people don't or they pray hap hazard or Ha Ha diddly you want to pray like you mean it and wait with me here for a moment. I appreciate that there are books written about prayer I'm all for that and you can go to a weekend retreat and learn about prayer and maybe that so that you can so that you can crank up your prayer life and get it really humming along I'm all for that and I don't want you to think that I'm against that in any way but you don't have to read nothing but the Bible if you want to figure prayer out read the Lord's Prayer read what Christ said about prayer read the model prayers that you find in the Bible and there are many of the powerful prayers just communicate with God pray in a morning before you start your day pray before you check your emails pray before looking at Facebook cry have something to say to God praise him confess your sins tell him what you're thankful for do as Jesus already told you and ask God to give you the daily bread tell him what you need pray for others pray for your family both are sick. Church leaders for your country fold a missionary pray and pray for spiritual strength prayed for deliverance from the thraldom obscene. Crave for victory when now you are experiencing defeat prayer is a connection it is opening your heart to God as to a friend it is opening up the lines of communication so you can hear God speak to you when he speaks to you I read recently in a wonderful little book called The Open Door the open door a book of experiences of young people who would sell Christian books and in this book the open door was the story of a young man who was selling Christian books and was having a hard day and those days a hard because he was counting on his sales to help him get through college No he was at a truck stop and he felt as though God was telling him to knock on the door of that particular pot truck but he was resident. Resident you watch enough of these and you'll learn some new words whether they're in the dictionary or not let's try that again he was resistant about doing so in fact he thought it was a bad idea but the impression to knock on the door of the truck was so strong that he dead he felt as though God had been talking to him he not Turns out he connected with the man he'd been a church member the driver of the truck had one speed in a church member grew up in the church but as he got older left his home country started to drift away so that now he was way out there but these 2 connected friend bought some books read them. Connected with the church in this area obviously own volition he was baptized and he came back to faith in Christ come on and say Amen and that's because our young man was a praying young man and was accustomed to talking to God when God spoke to him he was therefore able to discern God's voice. Back to faith in Christ that's why Abraham went forward to sacrifice I sacked because he knew it was gone voice him to do so that's how powerful prayer is you get to know God's voice and you will find that God will do an onset of prayer certain things that he wouldn't do if you didn't. Think we've got Jesus making extravagant promises to us. And you shall receive think about that. John 514 and 15 this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything according to His will He hears us and if we know that he hears us whatsoever we are asked we know that we have the petitions that we decide of him now remember we don't pray x. betting that prayer will get us off the hook expecting that prayer will always get us out of hardships. Christian believers have prayed and have been martyred Jesus prayed as he died on a cross bad things can still happen but we don't pray just so we can avoid bad things pray in the shopping list man God isn't Santa you don't sit on his knee and ask for a shiny red bicycle expecting it to be under the Creole the tree on December 25 we pray so that dog will can be done in our lives you might pray for a shiny red sports car and discover that what you needed instead was a job at chick fil a write. Your own money getting some properties set. Responsibility we pray so that God will be honored and glorified and that we might reflect his character. To the world next point and you must not be expecting this one our next point 5 simple steps to spiritual victory is are you listening now. Well in fact we could broaden that look yourself I'll tell you why you know how people talk about being hangry you've heard that hangry it's a portmanteau a combination of hungry and angry it's not a medical term but maybe it should be because if you're not taking care of yourself if you're getting hungry it works like not getting enough sleep except instead of being hangry you're getting soon gree you can get scratchy and miserable and the world suddenly is not a happy place all you need is an apple or a sandwich fruit in the Garden of Eden got us into this mess we call sin and might be something just as easy that can get you out of it from time to time eat well. Eat food that is good for your brain I'll add to that let me broaden this get some exercise when you're sluggish it's all a lot more difficult clear your mind get the blood flowing blow out the cobwebs get out in nature breed clean air in nature get some sunshine remember that your body is that temple of the Holy Spirit we are not our own we have been bought at a price no no you're not going to get me wrong I'm not talking about eating your way into heaven but here are good reasons the Bible tells us not to defile the body example many good reasons let me give you one the phenomenal book of Daniel contains some of the most profound prophecies in all of the Bible Daniel 2 with the image representing the rise and fall of Nations Daniel 7 where God repeats that and in the largest upon it Daniel 8 and the judgment Daniel 9 and the 70 weeks prophecy Daniel $11.12 with a close up view of events but where did it all start it started with Daniel and his friends purposing in their hearts that they would not be filed themselves with a portion of the king's meat nor with the wine which he drank this man's body was God's property and he developed into a spiritual giants as God blessed him and gave them a mind unlike any other mind because that mind was given over to God Now let me give you point number 4. 5 steps to spiritual victory. I just talked about how you want to take care of yourself physically and emotionally for that matter may broaden that out a little more the point is this point is get some sleep now you might not expect me to say that I thought he was going to talk about no wait a moment why is he suggesting not to get some sleep you know what if you are as you have you had your eyes open lately all over the media there is talk about how important it is to get adequate rest the experts tell us we need to get 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night may be you can slide by on 6 but these folks who say I can get by on 4 hours of sleep a night no you cannot. Medical expert is going to tell you you are killing yourself I'll get by on 5 you might be able to do that once or you might have enough to do when you were 21 years old and in college but you cannot do it now if you're much older than that and if you are a kid develop this good habit and it will keep you well let me tell you why when you are tired you get to cheat tetchy is a very technical term taken from the Greek would Ok you understand what I mean you get scratchy you get short you get up. You get impatient things rub your fur the wrong way you can keep Let me tell you something that I think is one of the most amazing things about the entire East a story Jesus was arrested on Thursday night he didn't get any sleep all the next day he was tortured and abused basically the bully and he didn't crack even though he hadn't had a wink of sleep he was strong. Now clearly he was able to do that because he was very closely connected with his father in heaven I'm not going to suggest to you that if you have a strong connection with God You can skimp on sleep because you can on God might work a miracle in your favor here and there brain get rest otherwise you start to unload on people get rest otherwise no you get in a road rage out there just because somebody put their brakes on get rest because if you're not you are snapping at the person at the checkout in the supermarket get some rest I'm reading I'm praying I'm doing this and that but I keep on messing up I tell you what my plea go to bed read God's word before you sleep and then sleep soundly and you do that a night 293 these people who say oh I can't do that I do my best stuff at night well get out that habit if you want to be spiritually successful you will discover that getting adequate rest will really help you know we have we been point 1.2 No no no no point one read the Bible point to pray point 3 look up your health point for closely related to that get enough sleep at no point 5 We are wanting to be spiritually successful point 5 is surrender. Reserve the glee to God God is simply asking you to yield to Him Paul wrote to the Romans and he said in Romans $6.16 Know ye not that to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey His servants you are to whom you obey whether of sin unto death or of the Bt and under righteousness is your experience has already taught you that you are too weak to be victorious over temptation. But that's Ok In fact it's an old Trubel law. On 2 week and I can say we are to week in 2nd Corinthians chapter 12 and verse 9 God shows us that his strength is made perfect in weakness so if you bring your witness to God He will united with his great strength making one new person out of the combination of to see efficiency and those 15 if you are under the misconception that you need to straighten yourself up fix up your problems before you come to God you need to disabuse yourself of that idea right away the key to victory is Sorrento Christ listen to me No you can read the Bible until the cows come home but if you read it with out a surrendered a heart God is still unable to do in your life the work that he wants to do you can pray until you have calluses on your knees but without a surrendered heart without praying the prayer that says Not my will but die will be done you are going to be the same old person you will before but with calluses on your knees you surrender and he would you surrender and God does his work and you surrender and God will take over in your life and do what you could never do. There are heights you are going to reach that right now you cannot imagine but the problem too many people have the mistake too many people make is that tendency to try people think to themselves If I only do a little bit if I only try a little harder if I could only remember to bite my tongue that is a recipe for the worst kind of disaster and I will tell you why because not only do you fail and you do but you realize that you are a failure you fall short and you realize the impossibility of what you are trying to do and then you might despair of ever being able to be a true Christian if you're honest you say to yourself this doesn't work but the problem is that instead of taking the right approach from then on you take one about least 2 devastatingly bad approaches one of them is this you try and try and you pray and pray and you foster and Foster and you try and try and you fail and fail and then you say this just doesn't work and so you decide that you will always be the spiritual failure that you are come on now you know I'm speaking to some hots today you are damned to stay stuck in your sins and you accept that and that's a disaster. A 2nd devastatingly bad approach is that you then go to the Bible and say all these passages that say that sin in really all of that all of these passages that say I need to quit indulging in sin all of these things that say sin is so bad and so serious they really don't mean that you might say How can they say how can they mean that when I have done my best and I'm still failing left and right people do that and you know them you know them you might even be one Beldin shading the meaning of some of the plainest statements so that go and sin no more is taken to mean go and sin a little less or go and sin but don't feel quite so bad about it listen friended you don't have to read cost of the Bible if you are failing thank God for that it means you have to see you know weakness and now you can do something about it and there's actually a 3rd good devastatingly bad approach that you might take when you realize your best efforts on getting you to where you want to be and go forth in fact the 3rd is when people say just keep trying hard and maybe harder than ever before. Why would you think anything is going to change if you are taking exactly the same failed approach to sin as you always have it just one change and the 4th devastatingly bad approach is that you decide in your heart that it's just not worth it and that you'll never be a true Christian not thing could ever be further from the truth Manesar was a thoroughly wicked man who became a child of God Nebuchadnezzar was the last person you'd expect to be saved but you are going to see him in heaven King David was a trainwreck unless you have a better description for someone who is a serial adulterer who's a lack of faith in God landed not only him but the nation of Israel in some disastrous situations James and John were known as the sons of Sunda for crying out loud Peta couldn't keep us out of his own mouth and denied Jesus boldly declaring I would rather die than you and we know that all of these people came to have a genuine experience and the reason for that is that they figured out what I'm about to tell you remember Israel at the base of Mount Sinai they said to God everything that the Lord says we will do. No no no right intention perhaps you want to be in agreement with God but their method was catastrophic they should have said. We do it if we could but we just cannot so Lord we are going to need your help in fact we are going to need you to do it we'll give you our will we are willing but we need your power we need your presence we need you to do it in our lives and if they had said that then never would have been a golden cough so random friend you read where the Bible says bless you know the poor and odd and you say my search history reveals that I am not pure and high so you go to God and you say Lord this cannot go on but I can't fix it I need you to do that I'm willing and so I am asking you to work in my life what do you think God is going to give he is going to change your heart and change your life now does that mean that the temptation is gone never more to reach No of course not so when it comes back you go to God again and you say I will fall without your deliverance and these chains are going to break and you are not going to be stuck in some of those places where you've been stuck God might say to you delete this or that and then you say by your grace I will which you might not even be nobody days ago and you do the sensible things that you need to do but you lean on God to do what only God can do and then God says you don't speak to your spouse respectfully or to your parents. And now you pray Lord when I open my mouth take my heart take over my vocal chords you have my permission to produce appropriate words in my speech and that's what happens now you are going to have to wage a stone hard battles with self but when your selfish self strives for the supremacy you call on the Lord Jesus Christ just like Peter when he was sinking into the Sea of Galilee law would save me and he will it's what he does. Some of us I'm gonna be saved from potato chips some of us have got to be saved from Prague some of us are going to be saved from immorality some of us have got to be safe from impure languages language I guess I don't know too many impure language is but we got to be saved some of us from n.p.r. lend which some of got to be safe from you name it of course one challenge comes when you don't recognize sin as sinful Why can't I watch this why can't I drink that why I cannot act this way but that's why you pray and read the Bible you give God a chance to talk with you about that and he will and if you are genuine You will soon be on God's program and not your own the other big issue in this is this is truly problematic is when people try to find out how much sin is Ok to have in their life can do this in this in this even though I've given up that and that and that it's a lot like asking your dinner guests how much poison they would like in the desert let's keep our focus in the right place. If you are saying how much can I do bad attitude because you're saying what can I get away with if you are saying look at my weakness then you're not looking at God's strength if you are saying. I think I'm almost there you're measuring yourself the wrong way. You don't want to focus on your sin no you don't take me out of context. You identify this is going to go and I want to gone out of my life and you go to God but you don't need to obsess about that worry about that let it why you down you've given it to God and it is God's problem now instead of looking at your sin you are looking at your savior. There are examples of people in the Bible who looked up towards heaven and saw Jesus there we've got to do that let's keep our focus in the right place dog asks us to grow. An oak tree doesn't reach maturity for decades but in the meanwhile it grows and that's where our focus has got to be on growth and by the way you put a seed in the ground add some water put a little good growing condition it put it in the sun we'll take it out the sun give it a little food give it a good soil it's done to grow it's just what happens you bring the baby home from the hospital you don't say to the baby no grow and stand back and watch. You feed the child you exercise the child you don't on the child you feed the child civil child grows that's the law of this thing when you were brought home from the hospital you couldn't tie your shoe lace you couldn't drive a car you couldn't walk or run you did not know the square root of $49.00. 7 The time came though when you could do all of those things but you still couldn't find a plane and you couldn't ride a unicycle and there were still times that you lost your balance life is about growth you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and when you do you receive the righteousness of Jesus Christ you are given his righteousness and you didn't receive it because you had arrived at the place even though it was at when he walked with God you received it by faith and then you started to grow and you hung on to Jesus surrender friend that's the key here surrender to Christ remember it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure that's Bolivians to 13 and remember that he who has begun a good work in you is faithful to perform it until the day of Jesus Christ that is Bolivians one and 6 God will do in your life what you cannot sin does not have to mosty you you don't like it when it does shame doesn't have to ruin your life guilt doesn't have to dog your steps you can live with and Tegra t. before society and before God can make a new person out of you 5 steps to spiritual victory read the Bible pray look at yourself get adequate rest surrender everything to Jesus. Told the story before the fellow was. Enjoying the ocean off the coast of New South Wales Australia and his yacht bad weather I think a mosque broke he sent out a mayday signal it was received but no one knew where the boat was and there he was off the coast way out there drifting emergency services knew he was out there somewhere couldn't find him. Both already did something interesting they are asked in the coming airliner this plane passenger planes to look out for them then and there was an Air Canada triple 7 with I think about 270 people on board it had been flying at 37000 feet drop right down to about 5000 the captain said to the people on the aircraft would you look out the windows and see if you can spot the stricken man is a little boat he's out there somewhere like a needle in a haystack the passengers will like this up to the windows looking for the fellow and one of them saw him I think I see him there is another one confirmed it that's him the pilot took the coordinates relayed them back to shore they send somebody out there pick the man up it's interesting his mother said I had been praying for you but he was a lost and he couldn't get home. But he called out and help came from above and that last man was a found man that stricken man was a saved man that drifting man was homeward bound Come on friend Jesus is coming back soon he's coming back the people in whom he sees his image reflected we can't manufacture that we can't concoct that. But we don't have to god will do in us what we can't do for ourselves by the grace of God You may experience spiritual victory do you want that. Deal want that friend I think you do and we're going to pray now not just telling God that we want it but thanking God because we are claiming it right now Come on let's pray our Father in heaven. You've said that we would hear a voice behind us when we turn to the left and when we turn to the right saying this is the way walking in it all but lord too many times we have wandered off the path. And so now I pray that you take my hut take each odd friend you want God to have your hot if you do would you raise your hand wherever you are. I want you to have my hot you've got to have my heart you've got to own my life well that's our prayer now lead us in that way I pray give us spiritual victory we claim that we believe that we claim that truth they think Jesus we pray in Jesus name. Amen thanks for joining me may God richly place you and keep you.


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