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1. Doctors in the Kitchen

Zeno Charles-Marcel Kyle Allen Lela Lewis
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  • April 13, 2020
    9:30 AM
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Welcome once again to our next broadcast of a w r 360 health live we are so glad that you joined us today and thank you for being with us that was a wonderful video recapping some of the activities that your has been doing with free medical clinics around the world and we hope by God's grace to do our next one and any sometime in the next year so I want to welcome once again our very own medical director Dr Lila Lewis thank you Dr Lila and you have somebody very special next to you today and I have a very special guest and why don't you introduce yourself what is your name speak at. Name is no rye and she's 9 years old and she's going to service my assistant this morning and the doctor in the kitchen Well Hi Mariah It is really great to have you to be a doctor Leila's assistant. Secretary but she is my little sweetheart about him and wonderful and we also want to welcome our very own doctors you know Charles Marcel who is one of the associate directors of health ministries for the General Conference of the 7th heaven a search for doctors you know glad to have you with us today also has you to be here joining us from Maryland. Where we're glad to have all of us here today's topic is doctor in the kitchen and also answering your questions q. and a I know you're looking for to that well before we get anywhere else I just want to share a verse as we start off which is kind of our theme verse for your $360.00 health and you know the Bible wants us. To prosper and to be in good health God wants that for us and in 3rd John verse 2 The Bible says Beloved I pray that you may prosper in all things and in health just as your soul prospers friend that's what we want for you and that's why we're doing these programs because we want all of us to experience that health that God wants us to have and Dr Li Lo We had some very exciting programs just the last couple of weeks last week it was on the benefits of hydro thermal therapy and the week before we were looking at what I eat affects me and you and if you've missed any of those programs you can go to our you to page a w r evidence for radio and find them there to watch those programs from previous weeks but Dr Lee I should also mention or maybe you want to mention what happened last night if people want to watch that as well yes last night we had an amazing symposium it was on hydrothermal therapy for physicians by physicians we hadn't and like I said it was an wonderful panel Dr Xeno was one of our guests there as well so if you didn't get a chance to watch it live last night you can go to a w.r. dot au argy forward slash health and watch really good information but you're right Patrick how we learned some good principles on how to actually put our implementing hydrothermal therapy so if we would like we can demonstrate a couple of those things with Dr Xeno as well. Absolutely and we have some questions on that just to recap from last week before we do I think I'd just like to have a word of prayer to open our program and then we can get right into some of those questions and those demonstrations let's pray Heavenly Father thank You for this opportunity today to have this program of your 360 health we ask that you would be with us and help us to learn something new so that we can have better health ourselves and also help those who maybe may be struggling I pray that more of you would be with our world right now as people are suffering from this virus endemic Please continue to be with our healthcare providers on the front lines and everyone who is suffering from this disease and we pray that it would turn people's hearts to you we ask this in Jesus' name. Amen All right so Dr Lila you've got some some practical things to show us we had some questions that came in about wanting to just recap some of the ways that we can do hydrothermal therapy at home maybe it's through the shower through those those towel. I don't want I don't know what you want to call and tell treatments that we talked about last week and then also I think footbaths So can you lead us through some of those practical ways that we can do that a whole while while I'm getting together some of the equipment for the fat that's because that's what Mariah and I are going to show doctors Xeno Could you talk to our viewers just briefly as far as hot and cold showers are concerned who kids who go shows these the some things go. Contrast charts simply because what we're doing is we're using hot water for one part and then cold water the other are so how you do this is actually very simple. You do know all the hot water in your shower obvious you can stand it Ok And over time black and go hotter and hotter but you don't want to burn yourself see that is how you can stand it and you do there for 3 minutes and then you turn on to the cold as cold as you can go right and you do that for about 30 seconds then you go back to the heart for 3 minutes then walk to the older for the seconds and then back to the heart and then back to the coli and the cold Great Well this does is the heart. Reason is your temperature a little bit Ok and then the cold actually causes the skin to tighten up and then get the blood vessels become constricted and so it lots in the heat so after you do have a culture where you actually feel warmer in the cold and the need to just end with the heart and walk out of the out of the shower stall again after that of course you should do a vigorous. Towel right right your hair and everything you don't want to get chilled right buttons on one of those and you're good to go now this is a wonderful tonic that you can do every day if you don't have to do this because of coronavirus or rhinovirus or any virus or any bacterium you do this it will help you to be more resistant you are you know system more resistant to any of the things that come your way as far as we can tell so far no we're going to be doing some research on this to be able to be to be sure who will help with all different kinds of things but the research already shows one beautiful study done from the Netherlands that show that over 3000 people who went through a system like this just will have a cold showers and the amount of reduction in missed time for work was 30 percent among these people so so they have let any percent less time away from work simply because they were doing these these procedures right and even though they got ill some of them it was just not sick enough for them to do have to miss work and they are affect their lives that way so. This is something that is very useful for everyone and anyone deals be careful you don't want to put the show up to heart to bring you right and you don't. You don't want to spoil yourself but over time you'll be able to get hotter and hotter hand colder and colder. And that contrast is what makes a big difference thank you so much time now now we are going to talk to you about footbaths as well as we talked a little bit last week there was an old term and terminology some people used to use the word fomentations I prefer hydrothermal therapy this again is a thermal for it's actually the newer versions are much easier to utilize than the older ones of course it has your cord but it just has one button you can adjust the temperature you put it up I would say go as high as you can plug it into the wall it will last for 20 minutes you can take this particular thumb a 4 again allows you to put a wet washcloth but tween your scan and a vinyl pad so you don't have to worry about burning yourself you're going to lay that right on the middle of your Chad just bring it all the way up to your neck and bring it down to your abdomen you'll plug it in just like my assistant Mariah is doing and you'll turn that on if you have someone to assist you this is very helpful So Mariah is going to take we we do this at home she's used to doing this we do this actually 3 times a day we have our little teapot go ahead Mariah pretend that you're pouring in our hot water into our bucket you can see these buckets are very simple but the hot water in the bucket now you're going to want to decrease the Champix sure you do not want to scald your feet for diabetics and people with peripheral vascular disease you want to be especially help careful that your temperature is not too hot you place that on the floor so the a hot can the feet can go in the hot bath that will last for 5 minutes at the end of 5 minutes. You have been in you can see there is actually I can hear you would add water to that and you put in your iced bath for 30 seconds if it's a child or if you can one minute for an adult on the ice bath then back to the heat for 3 minutes back to the ice for one minutes back to the heat for 3 minutes ending on the cold water for one minute during this process if you're able to keep the hydrothermal pad on the chest you can also have your at the end of your 15 to 20 minutes of the heat you take your ice bath and you do it quick rub along your chest again we talked about this more extensively last night so for those of you again who did not get a chance to watch last night and the science behind why this works why this boost your immune system and why it actually helped in the 1918 influenza outbreak and we are proposing again more studies to be able to study this for co that 19 but we do believe it will have a benefit based on the studies various related studies so far so again that's just to recap doctors Ino and Pastor Kyle specifically on hydrothermal therapy and thank you Dr Zena for talking to us about hot and cold showers as well so Dr Leila doctors you know thank you I just want to some people have asked just because you know we've talked about some formulas here you talked about the best doctor Lila doctors you know you talked about the shower again we're saying 5 minutes hot I see a similar pattern of hot time it's not that cold. This hot one minute being here that right through the world. That 513131 Yeah Ok so there you go folks that's you know they used to say when you go to the airport you know the 311513131 that's your. That's your formula for the hot cold whether it's a shower or in the foot bath now a question has come in someone's asking is this all I need to do to prevent myself from getting coronavirus do I still need to take my do the other things that we've talked about I so need to I mean is this a is this a panacea this whole doctors you know why don't you answer that question because I know you have a crate passion for that for that answer here you know this is not a panacea for all of the evidence that we have even from the Spanish Flu It was the hydrothermal therapy was used but it was used in conjunction with all of the other things you know back in those days that also had social distancing they also have for routine isolation and all of those things so all of those things are not exempt this is just an adjunct to your immune system the more robust in being able to fight should you get in. Contact come in contact with them with the coronavirus go hand washing by the way you can consider that I don't there be as well writes a washing your hands your hand that you're not but in your hands or your mucus membranes that is of on your face and eyes and nose all of these things and they're still in vigor right even though he had 230 you know. I could come back to that question you know it really leads me to our theme of these meetings that we talk about that acronym want rest and there are 7 other principles we're just talking about water right we're talking extra water of course we need to take entered all water we need to increase our water consumption at this time as well but there are 7 other principle. Air right want rest air or nutrition we talked about the doctor in the kitchen today and we also talked about it a few times back. Temperance again to utilize those things that are good for us in moderation and avoid those things that are harmful for us Rast actual size sunshine and trusting in God So we definitely do not want to think of this as a panacea as you stated and doctors you know have stayed. Oh very very that's a very good answer and and you know I can't I guys I can't wait to try to tell one I mean I think that it was my new system I can't wait to try. Now someone has also asked the question what if I don't have a lot of. They don't have a lot of water. And they just do if they can't do the full 513131 thing if they reduced that is that Ok they still get a benefit absolutely yet for sure I mean you know I think that someone asked the question the similar question last show you know do what you can do and doctors you know can you tell us just there was a study that we were talking about last night just to show the benefits for the hot sauce for example with the Finland group yes and people just going into the sauna and going over into the into the cold into the ice water that was very helpful. Even if you just did it once Ok. First session so we have to be flexible we can improvise the key though is you know some people if they just say Ok in the sun and sit in the corner crack the window so that you can breathe and still have the sun the car gets heated up that is heat Ok and even dry heat is helpful once heat is better but dry heat is also a before so don't feel if you're somehow deprived you can do it and Mary Mary and me actually really quickly Mariah Do you mind giving our. Our little machine over there all quick so we were talking about moist heat that came up last night in our presentation and you know when I was a young girl my grandmother used to always have a humidifier in the room I remember that I'll say if those of you watching had that happen with your grandmother as well but she always had a humidifier when I would get sick Well you know what that would be humidified air would it not of course you want to be careful you. Humidified air couldn't burn you could it not it's hot hot water you know it's still so we don't want to get burned but again that is very beneficial So again you can get these at Walgreens or different drugstores except you know I also I saw a study this week Dr like doctors you know about how they're looking at viral transmission rates are lower at least in this one study in more humidified air anyhow months on that yes I can part of what it is is that the particles in the with us my dear actually take on more or to morrow them and because of that sitting on the water they become heavier and so they will they will not the it will still float as far away from the from the source as if they were really very interesting well thank you guys for this very helpful information on recapping hypothermic therapy I just want to say there's one side effect you might experience if you in your family start doing these on call showers you might hear more spontaneous singing because when it goes to cold you won't hear it. Anyway. Just wanted to warn you of that but it is a very wonderful thing to wake you up and your immune system. So Dr Li Lo We're going to go ahead and transition we have some other questions that have also come in just in general about this pope in 1000 people are still wondering you know what. Should I be scared about what's happening we've heard so many people we've heard so many stories over the last few weeks of people going into the hospital young people even passing away. What are some of the key things again this is just a very pertinent question how do we keep ourselves out of the hospital and keep ourselves healthy during this time well that's an excellent question and that of course has kind of been the theme of our overall shows over the last 3 weeks but again antioxidants we'll be talking about that again just a little bit later as we talk about the doctor in the kitchen a little more but again just to recap we talked about some of the nutritional aspects you really want to keep your gut flora we talked about those healthy flowers in the that we want to keep our gut flora healthy so one of the ways that we can do that again coming back to nutrition we want to really this the studies are very clear across the board is not just for immune relationship to viral Sundowns but across the board as for everything from cancer to bacterial infections you name it auto immune disease as a plant based diet fruits grains not some vegetables as far as possible are beneficial and definitely improve your immune system so that's just one aspect but again every every of every one of the 7 doctors definitely benefits our overall health and I'm sure Dr as you know has an additional one for us as well. Yes maybe maybe you could suggest a couple of things 1st of all you want to avoid nutritional inadequacy in other words you have to have a good healthy diet and the and the healthiest is a plant based diet because it will give you all of the things that you need if you if you're smart in your article. That some people who believe that they're going into a vegetarian diet or they're going to have or whatever well you know if you had to if you had some cola than you have some french fries hand you have some cuts oh well you know that's that's the really going to but that's not a healthy diet you see so you want to have something that is that is healthy and biased you want to avoid the stations and the deficiencies that are most important for your immune system. Apart from the the big things in the food so to speak would be vitamin c. vitamin d. vitamin e. folic acid and also some of the minerals like zinc and copper and these things you can get from your diet if you have a combination of course of fruits grains vegetables with humans or beans nuts and seeds and green leafy vegetables this will take care of most of your nutritional issues. You need to have some omega 3 fats or people talk about omega 3 s. a lot so omega 3 fats you find these are nuts and seeds as well and these things will do you much good and no you know I you know we were trying to talk about the doctor in the kitchen perhaps this is the time just to show a few of these things that doctors you know talking about would that be Ok pastor Kyle. Sure Ok Well one of them right here and my assistant can help me here so we have here doctors you know you're talking about again the more the more natural that you make your plate look again the last processed the more healthy and of course we have broccoli here Dr Xeno can you tell us what's so special about broccoli you talked about full of cast it in some other elements just now but let's bring we talk about broccoli as far as the immune system is concerned Ok broccoli has multiple compounds that we usually think of as being cancer fighters as a matter of fact it's not just broccoli but all of the cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower and Brussels sprouts and things like that and cabbage the oil are in the same family and they're they they have antioxidant properties that make them excellent good for being able to boost the activity in our immune system I don't like to see it boost the immune system or see some things that might get the wrong idea but but to strengthen the way the new immune system will act when we have to use it in response to infection or other kinds of problems like cancer and we also have some of the antioxidants you talked about some of the vitamins that you just mentioned again being antioxidants we have here as our demonstration we have Mariah What does this tell. Rads Berry is anyone rasberry is do we not we have raspberries we have strawberries really it's your north west berries you have of course our blueberries very high in antioxidants again you know if it's easy to x. fact. That we need that we need supplements but you know what we can go to the produce section of our grocery store and get really a lot of what we need to really improve our immune system would you not agree doctors you know I agree and I tell people a colorful fleet is usually a healthy people so well because God has color color coded our food and each color actually has the different set of phytochemicals and the different complement if you will of of nutrition so when we have a colorful plate if we can do that we actually do better to make sure that we have all of the different and the Austins that are part of it and don't forget that even though we're talking with the various There are some things that are. Not as exotic as various such as just simply groups the grass is very high in antioxidants and the citrus fruit you know the regular orange and that tend to remain in the. Grapefruit they also are in antioxidants of the Don't forget the common things as Absolutely and you were talking about vitamin c. you know I have my children eat 2 to 3 oranges a day you know again oranges are her a very high source of vitamin c. so we cannot go wrong with the foods that God made for us at the beginning in the Garden of Eden Now I also have sitting here in a doctor's You know it could be pulled up on the screen that would be wonderful I also have on our table for demonstration we have some grains and we have some of them so I have someone told us here. Right here we got some wonderful beautiful lentils and we have some sesame seeds and some oh doctors do you know so special about the 3 things we just talked about as far as the immune system that's concerned Ok all of these actually in New. And Hansing. Ok now we can get into the chemistry of it but let's just let's just talk about you do this and what you do is you're able to have your body resist infection and resist injury and help in the resolution of injury. So you know we can talk about the Greens and and the flavor of it's in there you can talk about the Greens and the phytochemicals that may be there but here what we're talking about we're trying to hone in on the circuit these things also are helpful for the even system. Thank you now there's something here that I have a tendency to add to most many of my recipes Mariah actually makes in a mazing scrambled tofu in the morning and one of the things that we use is nutritional yeast to give it a little bit of a cheesy not a flavor Well nutritional yeast has so Lenny on it and so let me you know it is another immune modulator in improver so you can and it also is enhanced with vitamin b 12 and different things as well but nutritional use just a great additional taste if you will to to many of your foods and many of the plant based recipes will call for this but it also actually is beneficial to the immune system with a limb so that has one additional benefit and then we have one more thing that my assistant is trying to show go ahead and raise that up for us and what is that. Gaar lack Yes garlic now does mommy have us eat several clubs of garlic a day sometimes. Yes. You know what I think about one of those looks let's say but yes it is true mommy does what I do and I get everyone has their own little way of doing it but Allison garlic as it has Allison in it Allison has been shown and sample studies to have anti-viral anti-bacterial properties and it so in an anti-microbial properties so what we do is you just take a close you obviously pull off the husk off of it there's various devices that you can use to get that accomplished and then I take a garlic press and all press. I do several close knit 2 or 3 clothes a couple times a day at a faster cow mentioned before it does help with social distancing as well so it's probably not the worst thing in the world and when I take that I add a little bit of all of oils a little bit of just a little salt and on a piece of bread or toast and it's actually quite good when she Samer I asked she's sort of convinced we haven't completely convinced around that on the. Car like that again it's a wonderful thing and again these are just simple things you don't have to go to a doctor's office God has created I would dare say in our own garden God willing and our kitchen and the grocery store a lot of things that can actually be to us as a doctor in the kitchen so that we have our assessment docs Hester Kyle. Yes I have a couple questions here for you guys as I listen to your presentation which is really great I'm excited to actually go down to the kitchen and make some food although I can't cook but for. The. Questions I just have just as a as a person and non-medical person you go into the grocery store right and you see all these berries and fruits and different things that you're talking about strawberries blueberries raspberries you see the organic section you see the non-organic section how do I know is it worth it for me to get organic versus not organic because sometimes you look and it's it's it's kind of overwhelming all the choices and prices is it really worth it how should I navigate that. That's a really good question I do believe there is some benefit with organic foods you know there's a lot of pesticides particularly on bananas they do do what they do they try to keep the tyrannical is and those things off and so they do have a lot of pesticides on them the problem is as you've already kind of mentioned there is there is a financial strain and some people have a particularly right now as we're in a cope with 1000 financial crisis not only a medical crisis but really a financial crisis the big question as we need to get the very big colors on our plate likely said we need to have the fruits the grains the not the vegetables on our plate every time we eat and if that's a different if that's a question of am I going to just go get my Fredo was or am I going to get some healthy food and is it going to be healthy food versus organic food I believe there's probably a good better best and if we could really do the best in all ways we probably would all have our own gardens and be able to grab anything our Ghana Clee But again as we're working towards healthy change I like to tell people change is progressive health is progressive such that the change I make today is not tomorrow's change it's not the next day's change that's not the next day's change so let's keep that in mind I think as we as we proceed forward. I don't not that does not have very much I think can do anything really that the idea is you do the this to camp of the circumstances that you have that in those circumstances involve your focus your pocketbook and the in both what else is available for you for your vote for your total it for that's right and some places around the world many of our viewers has to call you know come from globally and some of the things that we're talking about right now may not be accessible to them so just like doctors you know said go to get what you can get but try to keep it as varied and as holistic and plant based as possible. Well that's that's that's helpful information I really appreciate it and wow I never thought about Terentia was on my bananas that the take and it's a whole new level. I love bananas but I've been looking now. I think. I have another question that's come in so you guys talked about doctors you know you actually talked about a few different things you talked about vitamin c d 3 zinc you mentioned a few different vitamins and minerals and how they can come from these these foods that we can find in the grocery store and in our kitchen. Is it do I need to supplement the foods that I'm eating from the grocery with these vitamins that I can buy in the bottle or sometimes I know you can buy strips like a spray I actually been taking us for a version of vitamin d. lately just because I heard it was good for immunity is that when you did do those things as well as getting those fruits and vegetables from the grocery what you guys think Ok 1st of all. Food the way foods are. Harvested and one after the it's not exactly the same as how they were 100 years ago so there's evidence that Foods today don't have the same your traditional company as they did 100 years ago so that's that's one argument the stairs therefore we might need to supplement again. If we're speaking about specific kinds of supplements for the most part if you if you go back to what I said earlier is to avoid inadequacies right voice deficiencies this we know for sure if you have deficiencies and it is their experiences that will if you have an adequate amount you know that your immune system will function well the question is should I take more. To help me out again specifically in the case of vitamin d. it is difficult to get you know vitamin d. in your diet alone Ok vitamin d. is a hormone it's also a bargain but it comes because of exposure to the sun so people who live in places where they don't get enough sunlight these individuals have a tendency to run with low amounts of light and in the in their blood and for these individuals they will need to supplement their vitamin d. in order to get in. And that's a really good point because there are some at you know back again we talked about the Gault of the the got associated lymphatic tissue and there are some people who have various gastrointestinal diseases that make we call it the fat soluble vitamins the d a k e e vitamins it makes them it makes it very difficult to absorb those vitamins things such as Crohn's and all sorts of colliders and some other things as well so again it's it's person dependent. Just like doctors you know said We need to make sure we're getting a whole well rounded diet but there are individuals that supplements are beneficial for. Can you just review that in the Gulf because some of the some people may not have been with us for that program I think that was very interesting Ok so for those of us who didn't get a chance to see that show what we looked at is several studies actually coming out of China and what they showed was that the. The actual coded virus the Veyron as I should say normally we do the nasal friend so the swabs up the nose in the back of the throat and what they found was in will harm China that's quite a number it was actually somewhere between 15 to 20 percent of patients still had positive viral on zorch posted by runs in their stool days after they were cleared they were negative from their name and Jill swab and so the idea was in fact it was published in 2 journals of the gastro in a journal gastroenterology twice the last one was February 27 and then it came out and I think the American College of Physicians I think came out with a question that it looks as though that this could potentially have a fecal oral transmission and it needs to be studied much more in depth but the scientists were Can concerned about that and what that means is as that it can be transmitted not just as we sneeze we know that it's transferred by respiratory droplets there's no question we know that but that it could also be transmitted in other ways for example someone uses the restroom doesn't wash their hands adequately touches the door knob except touches food and we eat at those kinds of things but what it also is the dated was that there are certain receptor is in the got these aids to ring factors which have a high concentration in the gut that it was showing an increase uptake of the virus of the code and so that just told us the importance that we need to keep our gut flora. Are we talked about the healthy flowers and the guy that we need to keep our natural got Flora healthy and that is one of the reasons I believe we talked about yesterday the 1918 lessons learned that one of the things that the sanitariums were doing were were various yogurt and different things I'm not advocating and you know but the point is is that they that the goal was to get the got Flora healthy that natural fact Tyria and they got healthy so that the ability of the gall the lymphatic system would be able to function better and thereby the theory was and it is at least by these scientists was that it would it would it decrease the risk of if you were exposed to the virus of actually acquiring it so one of the things that we talked about in our previous show was making sure that we're getting a lactobacillus in our diet that healthy natural bacteria and one of the ways you can do that of course says yogurt we we can also decrease our meat consumption because me again creates an acidic environment which makes it a not healthy environment for our natural bacteria to grow and and we can also take probiotics we talked about that free throw and post biopics so that are just a few things that we've recapped from some research that we've looked at a couple of weeks ago lactobacillus is link you very much I was saying lot of a service is. Not developed when you go and then probiotics that have lived life to the service actually seem to work for the best. There's also a specific kind of extract from a green tea extract who are the g c g So this is also very helpful for immune support and it's been shown to be helpful for Michael for. Quick thank you so much doctors you know darkly quick question Dr Lee can you can you just recap that provided that you had recommended on a previous program there was one that you had mentioned to us and shown us Yes actually it's listed on our site I believe and it is a pre pro and post my attic and the studies that I saw on it actually demonstrated some very good results in fact it was specifically looking at Matheson resistant staph or yes and necrotising in your choli Yes sometimes this is stated again with a change and got Flora and c. death a c l And all of those seem to have a specific decrease in that particular probiotic and again it's listed on our website awesome thank you guys so much you know I have one other question going back to the garlic that we saw just a few minutes ago Dr Len and actually also I know that we've some people talk about Ginger and basal oregano different herbs like that. Doctors you know or Dr Lila whichever one of you would like to answer this question but what is the evidence for garlic or ginger or Fazl to be effective in helping build our immune systems like the. Really want to go you want me to start I hope. Well you know there have been many studies looking at her garlic hand looking at the space business specifically one of the compounds in garlic that have these properties and the Allison that got a little mention before is a very big one and the way by the way just if you don't know when the doctor's indicators not just the food that's there but how you want to prepare it in the case of garlic. Garlic there's better when it's when it's smashed or crushed as opposed to sliced and the reason is because the way God packaged the the chemicals in the garlic. They have these little very small bags that are kept away from each other and when you smash it they mix and that's what gives you the all the active compound of course if you have the raw garlic and it should have you smash it in your in your mouth so to speak and that will give you some of the properties as well but the study is looking at cancer for instance Now there was one study in China looking at for 7 years people have raw garlic twice a week there was a decrease in lung cancer in those patients who who have the garlic. Compared to those who did not and other things the equal there was a 44 percent decrease in the incidence of lung cancer so our I mean this is a significant thing right. In the end this isn't some years ago they looked at their compounds in garlic they found that there were about 27 different. Organic sulfites that are part of what makes garlic what it is they found that in the laboratory these compounds were very active against Bill Glasgow Marcel's you know blastoma is a very aggressive form of brain cancer. They're found in there in London a King's College using twins they looked at healthy. Healthy twins about a 1000 healthy twins women and what they found was that those who had the Allison compounds more abundant in their diet they actually had less problems with osteoarthritis and hip joint osteoarthritis in particular and just till around this off it's not just garlic that has I was and it's also onions of course and leaks and shallots and Charles all of these have been in the also the entry to the properties of garlic are important people who have garlic have less coronary artery disease lower blood pressure and for the men there's a decrease in the in the risk of having prostate cancer there was a study back in 2013 that demonstrated that people who were using more of the I was in compounds I was in foods like garlic had less prostate cancer. That is saying and you have a couple of other things our pastor Kyle on in relation to Allison and you also had asked the question as far as sage and ginger I found a study just along the same lines of what doctors you know was saying it was specifically in regards to both sage and Allison and it showed that influenza a and b h x to be or herpes simplex virus even if the cold sores on your mouth and even viral pneumonia were decreased with Allison and also with Ses and basal so even a tri be won with decreased the the overall recovery rate with sage and basal. You think Alice and I thinking of someone I know any. Allison the compounds and garlic right Ok yes and that was a general we mention that in baseball any any comments on those 2 yes Ginger the signs give you as in by the way the garlic because you're saying too but Ginger is a good. Food for for nausea for instance especially in ladies who are pregnant it helps to decrease the the morning sickness etc Additionally it's an anti-inflammatory so it decreases muscle pain and soreness and things like that also osteoporosis being is the priest with. Bill also shown to be mildly anti-diabetic people who have used ginger over time I see a decrease and in one particular study there was a 10 percent decrease in fasting blood sugar and a concomitant. 7 percent decrease in the hemoglobin a one c. which is a test that sees how things are going over 3 months and you know also is helpful for in the gesture. And motion sickness for people who who use about. One about of a gram also of ginger power here. With meals they tend to have less in the gesture and as a matter of fact it can actually speed up. The transit of who from the stomach so people who have problems with indigestion you know being sluggish this can help them to move things through and as we get older some things we need help with that and ginger certainly helps it is also in terms of menstrual cramps. This is helpful lower cholesterol also it has some effects on cancer in particular breast cancer and ovarian cancer it's been shown and age related brain problems like memory loss and so on it seems that people who have more ginger in their diet they tend to do better with their never especially in the seen it all of this along with the effect of improving your immune system I think we have a window where we see. I read a while what you want and they're right thing Janet are right here as as they are discussing now this is a study I wanted to tell you about the Journal of pharmacology 2007 and I know people named Genter too so we got to ensure. That there are. Enjoyed these are your friends so this study actually came out in the Journal of pharmacology published in 2017 and what it showed was I thought this was phenomenal again we're coming back to of course our discussion being the immune system specifically as related to the viral syndrome of coded Now Chris coded $1000.00 has only been around sense maybe November December time but what this study actually showed again is respiratory send social virus which is a respiratory disease usually happens when children are s.b. herpes swine flu any even human norovirus again coronaviruses we call it as you know says where it transmitted from animals to humans vice versa so well so is a human or a virus all of these and swine flu even were significantly significantly affected by Gen. Sure and this again was the Journal of pharmacology multi site trial so again as doctors you know said gender definitely has a role to play and there are a lot of herbs a lot of herbs in your kitchen that have similar results we just don't have the time to talk about each and every one of them that oregano and they sell say many of them have very good properties and and again they have scientific evidence that there's some anti-viral properties to these herbs that God made in the Garden of Eden Can I mention something a little yes yes something is something people ask how much of these things should I take well if you use that was has the spices you don't really need very much in order to change the flavor of the film and that should be part of what keeps us in check we don't want to overdo it. Just a little bit is usually you know we're talking about gram quantities right not pounds quote If you said you know a. Little of any of these it would be worthwhile multiple tablespoons we're going into something else that's not exactly what you're looking at especially if you're if you're conscious of those around you with the garlic question now yes I think that's. You know that's the sign of they started social distancing from that and what. Is art. And to our friends and Gilroy California which is also known as the garlic capital of the world if you've ever been there you can actually get garlic ice cream which I don't know if any of you have said trying that but the ice cream might negate the effects of the garlic but anyway. Hey guys this is been so interesting thank you both for your tremendous information I had no idea there were this many doctors right down in my kitchen I mean that's. Right you know I mean it's incredible don't even have to leave the house hey we've got some questions that have come in and I want to ask our team to put them up on the screen now so people have been watching asking questions Dr Lee doctors you know 1st question here from don't Laurence she's asking where do you get the heating pad that you told us to put on our chest where can we go now so you can go to I just do a quick Google search on thermo for th e r m o p h o r e it's made by Battle Creek and it's again there and no association with the cooperation of the company except to say that. That it does seem to be an avid option again you do not have to use that for your hydrothermal therapy you can do it with paper with towels like we talked about in previous sessions but again it's a great option for those who would just like to plug something and be a little easier but again you can get it on Amazon you can actually get it on Walmart I think it's $55.00 again try to get the largest size possible because you'd like to cover from your neck down to your abdomen so they make 4 different sizes get the largest size and then it can be used even for your children etc You know these are more please go ahead. All of these all of these electronic devices usually have a breaker switch and what people tend to do is they want to bypass that switch you know sit on that or you have to pay for something that is there for your protection so that in case you're using it then you fall asleep. You will not burn yourself so don't bypass the breaker please for your lamps and that's a good point great point Ok so thermal for and that's filled teenage boys try to see hard. P 8 o r e and we can what's that on the website again and you know we just want to make sure our viewers understand we have no affiliation with any of these corporations or companies again and I guess our viewers information very good information thanks guys Another question is coming from Karen who is a good friend of a w r doctors you know this is not a thermal therapy question but if one did have coded I've heard that it is a good idea to take deep breaths several times a day even if it isn't comfortable to do so and to stretch your arms up with your hands well above your head and to do so our whole reputations that can you comment on that doctors you know whether or not that's true a quick comment this is helpful to do any time even if you don't have good 1000 infection the reason is most of us don't dig enough deep breaths now to speak with a qubit issue it probably isn't going to give you any extra him than it would for anybody else and the reason is because the places that are being spoke to so to speak are of The View are these a very small and then the periphery of the lungs and just by stretching yourself you probably wouldn't wouldn't open those up but taking good deep breaths will should if you do open up some of those that are higher up in the tree that. That will be closed Yes that's a good idea when you write your yes right here right now you have shown what to do. Well then you aren't going to work and that opens up about. Ok would you feel better already nice filk bark go on or percent I'm ready for another hour of this all right here and we go. Great next question from Kirk I have acid reflux and cannot eat citrus for vitamin c. What can I eat especially since we're dealing with COPD 90. Dodges you know and it's how you were made it was actually as well but sometimes even the citrus of the tomatoes can cause reflux I see doctors you know trying to answer as well you know. I would ask the person if they can tolerate t.v.. And if they can tolerate temperance and I know that's a it's a it's a result of the United States and I don't know if that person is from the United States but even a couple of the little seeds of time really. They're very small but they live with wait and see what you take supplements in that case doctors you know yes but they were not for that I would probably use one of the fizzed or chewable vitamins because if it's just going to be swallowing just it was the same as sticking with the this it was Ok great question and thanks for the answer Daisy is asking how can we avoid these coronavirus the coronavirus by handling money I guess because people are you know passing money back and forth and it often has you know can be very dirty. Yeah the current corona virus can actually stay active on surfaces for some time longer than what we originally anticipated how to handle money that that's going to be I think a probably a person to person a question some people are proposing particularly for immunosuppressed patients to really even packages and different things that come in and just to take your bleach water and wash them off obviously you can't wash off the dollar bills you might lose your dollar bill and that might not be the best thing in the world so I think that that's going to be a true independent personal question you could try using your debit cards or your credit cards and try to wash those off as well but there is there is something else. Many people use gloves when they're handling money and that might be something to do and when you take the gloves off you don't you don't just take it off the regular way you make sure that you don't touch the inside and your hand doesn't touch the outside of the gloves Ok so maybe on the next show you can still people how to do this. The other the other thing is over the violet light actually can deactivate viruses so if you have a black light at home planet you might want to put your money under there for a few minutes and that's it take care of this rocky the virus and there is not answer I'm sorry go ahead. You know go ahead it's all right oh no I see that we're running out of time we're almost to the end of our show aren't you are almost to the end and up I just up I just got another question that's come in it's on the screen how do we how do we consume gender we talked about using gender or someone wants to know how to eat it and they just you want to. That's pretty hot if you do that we think they're custom to doing it then then they probably will like it oh but you can you can squeeze the ginger and you know there's a juice that comes. And you can put that in beverages and you can put it in your food or you can chew it as as was mentioned as well as you can get the ginger powder and it's not as it's not as good as using the the ginger and Christians are itself but that's it's more palatable when you get it in both. And I think you're saying a dark if you don't read what you make non caffeinated gender teas as well yes it's very nice in the evening especially. You know Dr doctors you know we have an interesting question that's just come in from many of John Henry and he's asking doctors you know who is your favorite son. This might be a. I don't know if heard question. You know Thank you Pastor Cal This has been a very exciting exciting show Thank you doctors see no Hazar Qadam remarks for us. Yes I do I want to really think both of you guys for being with us today this has been extremely beneficial I can't wait to get down to my kitchen here and not that I'm going to cook but I'll ask my friends to cook or actually can cook but just to eat some wonderful things that will help boost my immune system very exciting to do that thank you guys for the wonderful information and you know I just want to tell everybody that's watching you know we're living in tough times and we are all stuck at home where we're we're not living our usual routines not going to work not even going to our schools but you know this is a time when we can really take time to seek God in a new way and I want to remind you also that if you're afraid if you're scared maybe you've been dealing with some anxiety I know mental health has been a major issue for a lot of people who have been stuck inside for so many weeks I want to remind you that God loves you friend and that all these things we're talking about the things you can eat things you can do the hypothermic therapy those are all important but the most important thing you can do for your health really is that last t. of the want rest which is trust in God and to remember that he really does love you and he is coming so soon to take us all home I just want to leave you with a couple of verses of encouragement as we close this program today to remind you to not be afraid but to trust in God's love for you Isaiah Chapter 43 in verse 11 of my favorite verses in the book of Isaiah says this but now this says the Lord who created you. And he who formed you oh Israel fear not for I have redeemed you I have called you by name you are mine and I also want to share from 1st Peter chapter 5 in verse 7. Casting all your care upon him that is Jesus or he cares for you you know we just came through the weekend when the world celebrates the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and we want you to know that Jesus loves you and he invites you to cast all of your care all of your fears all of your worry you have those over to God he doesn't love you friend he's right there with you whatever you're going through today and he promises to give you that rest of body mind and soul that you so that all of us so desperately need I want to thank you for joining us and before we close I just want to have a prayer of blessing over you that God would bless you in a special way Father in heaven thank you so much for this program today we've learned a lot about the the the wonderful doctors that you've given us in the in the foods in the grocery aisle and in our kitchens that can help boost our immunity thank you for these wonderful tools that you've given us lore of these natural remedies and thank you also for the hydrothermal therapy treatments we can do to boost our immunity I pray that for each one who's watching today that you would encourage them that you would build up their health more you want us to prosper and be in good health that's your will for us and so I pray that you would be with each one who's watching whatever they're struggling with maybe there are some who may be struggling with their own a virus flees give them health and and restore them to health the with those who may be struggling with other diseases or maybe financial struggles more maybe family struggles maybe maybe there's some depression struggles or anxiety I pray that they would be able to cast all of their fears all of their cares on you because you more care for us and you've promised us that when we do that you will give us your peace thank you for what you've done thank you Jesus for dying for us and for the promise that we have of eternal life and healing forever with you we thank you Lord and we pray this in Jesus' name and. Women want to thank Dr Li who have doctors you know for this wonderful program and we look forward to seeing you guys again and if you missed any of the previous programs Remember you can find them on or a w.r. You Tube channel also or other programs we've been doing lots of content there Dr Lila next week we've got another one coming can you tell us a preview of next week absolutely I want to tell you about 2 things actually 3 things for those of you watching you are eligible for continuing education and continuing medical education So again both are symposium an hour Monday mission medical mission Mondays are eligible for c.m.e. credit category one credit for free through the University of Arizona if you'd like to learn more please go to the Web site a w r dot au Archie forward slash health and you can register the same thing goes for next Sunday we're going to have an amazing symposium on you're not going to want to miss it specifically on ultraviolet radiation and open space and we're going to follow that up with Monday our medical mission Monday is going to be Dr air Dr air what role does that play in coded 1000 you're not going to want to miss these presentations and again John miss out on the free c.m.e. credit as well so thank you God bless and we look forward to seeing you again next week all right thank you Dr Lila God bless you doctors you know thanks for joining us God bless you all and remember God loves you.


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