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2. City Living With Country Benefits

Angeline D. Brauer DrPHMHSRDN Kyle Allen Lela Lewis
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  • April 20, 2020
    9:30 AM
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Welcome everyone thank you for joining us for a w r 360 health live I'm your host Kyle Allen it's great to be with you today and to be able to have another one of these programs we've had some really good programs the last few weeks and I want to remind you that if you have missed any of them you can go to our youtube page or our Facebook page and find them there last week's was specially interesting called doctor in the kitchen the week before that we had hydrothermal therapy and the benefits of that and then before that we also have one on how what we eat affects our community and so if you've missed any of those you can check those out on our You Tube or Facebook would be happy to have you do that and guys you know this is a very challenging time that we're all in with this coronavirus situation and we know a lot of there's still a lot of fear out there a lot of people are uncertain about life in the future but we want we hope that these broadcasts can give you some hope some encouragement and some practical ways that you can boost your immunity you can live healthier and happier so that you can have a better life I want to thank our wonderful director Dr Lila Lewis who is with us again coming live from Phoenix Arizona where it's always sunny Dr Lila Good to see you thank you nice to see you too Pastor callous not always sunny here but we don't have a fair share you get a fair share of sunshine and Dr Leila before we go on just wanted to ask you last night something very exciting happened as well right that's right we had part 2 of our medical symposium for those of you who didn't get a chance to attend we are offering continuing medical education credits completely for free category one credits 2 hours on Sunday nights and one hour on the program that you're on right now so if you haven't yet registered make sure you go to. The forward slash health fill out the registration and you can earn up to 12 hours of free c.v. credit. That's really really wonderful So those are also on You Tube They can watch the the ones from previously as well and they're very very very interesting So today's program Dr Lila an exciting program yes lots of good information coming up the title of today's program is city living with country benefits well past a cat I mean you just brought out last night so today as they simply the practical application for the medical symposium done Sunday night so that's that's where we're going Ok Well we'll look forward to that before we before we do get in today's today's program I want to have a word or prayer to open up this this time together and we also actually before I have prayer I want to introduce our other guest Dr and our Dr Angie good to see you thank you pastor Dr Leah let's get here with you and she is coming to us live from Silver Spring Maryland and Angie is the health director for the North American division of the 7th Day Adventist Church Dr Brower great to have you with us today as well looking forward to to the time together. Friends before we begin our program just one of our heads for a word of prayer and ask God to be with us and bless us during this Our Heavenly Father we thank you for the opportunity to get together today to talk about health and how we can boost our own health so that we can be a blessing to others we ask your blessing on today's broadcast and be with us as we open your work as we also look at the science behind how to. Live healthier as we as we as we go through this time we thank you and continued Lord to be with all those who are struggling on the front lines of this battle with the coronavirus and we pray that you give them strength to keep them safe in Christ and we pray. All right so Dr Lila before we get to today's topic at hand I just want to remind everyone of this verse which we often talk about it's a verse from Matthew Chapter 11 and verse 23. 0 no I got the wrong one Matthew Chapter 11 and verse $28.00 The Bible says Jesus says Come to me all you who are who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. We've talked a lot about do you want rest from all the struggles of life all the the things that we battle in this world and you have a really good acronym that not only teaches us how to have rest in the physical sense but also spiritually it's want to rest w a n t r Yes Can you just can we do a quick review of that and what that means and how it relates to our health program well you know I think it's really interesting that the principles that we're talking about Jesus actually gave us in the garden all the way back at the beginning of time these principles of cells some thought fresh water extra water every day we talked about hydrothermal therapy in the x. turn on benefits of water fresh air a for air we're going to talk about today and for nutrition we reassess that last week in a couple weeks before that and the powerful antioxidant effect that proper nutrition plays temper ends or to use moderately things that are good for us now boy those things that are harmful for us rest of course sleep the benefits of 7 hours of sleep are tremendous and we're going to be going into that later on as well exercise that's next week's topic because in addition to Temperance So we're going to be looking forward to that sunshine hope to talking about that day and that f. x. that antioxidants are in and the body's immune system has the sickly with the ultraviolet radiation and then of course the foundational principle of all of them trusting in God or trust in divine power so each one of these definitely I believe plays a role is far is our overall health is concerned physically mentally emotionally and spiritually but also I believe we began to investigate the relationship that it has of covert 90 and boosting our immune system and I think we've been surprised to see the benefits overall so I guess that would be our introduction to want rest All right well thank you so much Dr Leila could we just do a quick I know. People were on last week and some people had some questions about the topic from last week which was doctor in the kitchen I actually really enjoyed last week's program because all week I've been thinking Man I need to get more garlic in my diet and I need to get Allison. Is what I want to know that's my question for you. You know. Or you know on this. Matter and which And I did make a waffle. I mean I didn't have any garlic in it but I did do a couple of those things that we are going to. Let our looks are like very very hairs are like has Allison and you remember that term he enjoyed saying that name Allen said Allison is also in other other natural foods as well such as onions and those kinds of things that garlic is a tremendous tremendous antioxidants actually has antiviral antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties so it and that their research really is very exciting as far as Allison is from Cern We also looked at things such as lemon juice vitamin c. you know there's a lot of ideas out there as far as supplements of vitamin c. Well God has given us oranges and lemons and in even concentrated lemon juice you know you can practically speaking and we've seen this one way to really boost your vitamin c. if you want is if you're starting to feel a little bit of a scratchy throat it doesn't necessarily sound to the 1st thought that it's the best thing in the world but it actually works very well take some concentrated lemon juice dilute it down by one 3rd I would say one 3rd lemon juice 2 thirds warm water some people light just a little bit of honey with that I prefer just a little bit of salt because I tend to have a salt here taste to taste and drink that 2 to 3 times a day and you will notice your your sore throat for the most part will improve and I seen that anecdotally both in the treatments of my children but also again as vitamin c. supplements so that's just one way that you can kind of boost your immune system just as a review from last week. Thank you very much and we also talked about Ginger I remember hearing about Ginger also as a as a powerful immuno booster food as a right that's right and they make a lot of ginger Lemon teas and you can use those you can actually get the roots out if I would just go chomping down on it just because it doesn't necessarily have. Yeah exactly but as far as garlic coming back to garlic one way to really increase your garlic consumption because a lot of people just don't really want to chop down garlic cloves albeit I do sometimes that one of the better way to do it is take Arlette press press your garlic close out a little bit of all of oil maybe a little bit of salt again just a little bit put it on a piece of bread and and actually if it's very palatable you can add it to your pastas and all kinds of different thing. Now you know that's very interesting because that sounds that sounds actually easy enough that I could do that put right garlic Monteith's I think I think you could I have. Just just remember everyone though if you are eating a lot of garlic you are that doesn't help with your social distancing measures so I just make sure you keep that in mind. Well this is very very good information I know you also talk about berries and things that we can eat that will help our immunise immune system is all right and accidents that's correct but again I would just reference people to go back to the original show watch it review it and actually by watching it and you can get your seamy credit to. That's awesome so thank you so much Dr Lila and just want to remind everybody that as we go through the program today feel free to send in your questions because we are going to have a q. and a at the end of today's broadcast and so we want to take your questions and answer them live right here on the show so make sure you're seeing us and as we go through the program today Dr Lee Well I think we should jump right into today's topic with Dr Brower and on my side of the sea what what we consider a wonderful Well before we get started we wanted to show you a picture on your screen it's actually a picture from we made a lot of comparisons on our symposium between the $1800.00 pounds and our current coded 19 pandemic now this is from the National Archives it's actually a picture demonstrating what some of our institutions at the time sometimes referred to as sanitariums and other locations that tended to be a little bit more I guess I daresay progress and as opposed to some of the army camps even see that the patients are actually outside in the sunshine and they actually made recommendations that all nursing staff and providers you see they actually have most of them except a lady in the front have their masks on continuously so they were using more up to date modern approaches if you will and their mortality and relationship as far as the number of cases was significantly significantly less than the local nearby Army hospitals so today we want to further explore in a practical sense some of the principles that were utilized there in the 1918 pandemic as we did with a symposium last night but we really want to bring it home we want to make it practical so by the end of today's presentation you feel like maybe you got a little touch of the science but we also were Mabel may be able to make it practical particularly for those of you who are in an urban setting who really would like to get more of a rural effect. Tester. Yes I'm excited about this this topic today so if you guys are living in the city this is for you because you can also take advantage of what it's like to be in the country even though your you may not live in that area there are things we can do to take advantage of those benefits right Dr Lee with Dr Brandt right yes absolutely and you know what it's it's not optimal for some aspects of our health to live in a city although you know we can say that in a city you may tend to have access to health care a little bit more we know in rural areas they have less access to health care and in times of pandemic it's kind of nice to be close by to a specialist but it's not always possible but there are certainly health problems living in cities but also living in rural areas so really it's about wherever you are wherever got his place you how can you you just improve your chances for having good health. That's that's a really good point thank you Dr Brower You know Pastor Kyle I wanted to bring up and Dr Pryor wanted to bring a couple things you know we've been talking about every week a little bit about physiology or how the body normally works and we talked about if we can understand that it's kind of in one way sort of that key to help us to be in some ways disease free if we know what causes disease if we do if we avoid those things and we benefit the things that actually improve our immune system that helps our body overall and so decreases our risk of disease and in a in a large sense so how the body normally works is in this sense in our relationship to virology or viruses as we're dealing with coven 19 we have what we call inmate and unity which is kind of like the Saudis that just have no specific they don't they don't recognize oh yes this is a specific disease element it's more of a general sense and some of those cells that were specifically targeting are looking at today and relation to cope at 19 or the monocytes and the natural killer cells and as you'll remember in our symposium for the last couple events we've noticed that the monocytes in particular than actual killer cells are directly affected in the early phases decreased actually in the early phases of this viral Sendero as related to covet 19 so my question is what can we do to boost those monocytes and natural tell us as I see Pastor crowd he has a practical question for us I know he doubts Well I just was I just I know there's somebody that might be watching that's you know they're like me they're not that scientific and when you start talking about monocytes and natural killer cells so can you just what are these little things are these little like Army guys in our body that go around and. You know shoot the bad guys I mean or treat them. Is that what they're doing basically yeah I mean right now yeah inside to you right now you've got faggot sites that are just going around and giving up so that I guess my Yeah they're not wow. They're not specific we don't get into all those terminology today it's just suffice it to say for our nonscientific viewers we have specific elements that God has created that are innate that actually happen you know for example the baby that the fetus in the mother's womb has that fetus been exposed to bacteria hopefully not I and other viruses well in utero Well not very likely right hopefully not and so the body God made the body to have innate immunity if you will think that it hasn't yet learned it's going to just have it naturally and some of those are the monocytes and the natural killer cells and those 2 in particular are affected negatively their decrease as a covert one team virus affects the individuals to cope with 1000 actually staff or diminishes the body's ability to keep its immune system within monocytes and that's so if I'm blessed go on and talk about. What docking do yes or I'm so sorry I didn't mean interrupt you I just want to share a verse that came to my mind as you're sharing you know it's so incredible isn't it the way God designed our bodies to fight off infection. It's God is an amazing creator and I just this verse came to my mind and the Bible says and Psalms 139 verse 13 where you formed my in were parts you covered me and my mother's womb I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous are all your works is that it's so powerful when you think about the fact that God is the Creator gave us these these bodies that are able to fight off infection and he's given us tools now to help increase our. Ability to find all those infractions that's amazing and he knew us he knew us before we were actually warning him and at that to me is very exciting as well so we have nothing to fear right we now know that it is always with us so some of the things coming back to our 2 topics for today now that we want to get to is specifically sunshine and fresh air now Dr Brower obviously that sunlight helps us as far as improving you know there are certain things that we learned yesterday in our presentation that vitamin d. in vitamin d. deficient patients they have and looks like the early research here is to look as though it could affects negatively the ability for the body to actually fight off coded 90 so one of the studies looked at the relationship of actually supplementing patients with vitamin d. particularly if their vitamin d. was less than 25 so one thing that came out yesterday Dr Brower what we say your patients go out and get tested to they get their vitamin d. tested for particularly if they live in higher latitudes locations you know I really do recommend vitamin d. testing for just about everyone we know that a large portion of the population is at a level that's lower than the one we think is ideal I've seen some some surveys say that 60 percent of the population does not have enough vitamin d. And we're also seeing that vitamin d. is related to a lot of health problems vitamin d. is actually a hormone in our bodies that means it has a lot of responsibilities it makes a lot of things work and so when our vitamin d. levels are too low it really can put us at danger for some serious health problems as we're seeing potentially these infectious diseases and suppressing. Our immune system so it really is important I do recommend that individuals talk to their physician and asked Do I need to have my checked and go go with their guidance of their physician. Dr Lee I want to ask you a very I'm going to ask you right now I'm proud to a question because I actually picked this up the other week again we don't endorse any products on this program we don't have any sponsors or benefits but I did pick this up because you said vitamin d. was important a little vitamin d. and I just pray it into some water and drink it in the morning is that Ok. What will how many and when you say it's units are. There a lot of questions. By them and the 3 and it's a 1000 you and it's but no a flavored vend no less labor Wow You can got to know it's like right now you know. This this study that they were looking at last night showed a significant Actually I was actually very surprised as far as the decrease the amount that they were showing as far as beneficial it's not beneficial to 0 My goodness I'm getting a sore throat I'm getting a cough I'm going to go take you know $10000.00 international units of Vitamin d. Despite the show that that is it's not a treatment once you're already symptomatic it's more as a prophylactic for boosting your overall immune system and that's actually brings us to the practical application of why we need some like sunlight actually causes our body to transform and actually create vitamin c. in ourselves so getting sunlight every day is very very beneficial so I would that would be my overall recommendation to you press or crowd I don't know about your vanilla flavored vitamin c. 3. But and I can if I can that you know we have also have to be careful because it's possible to have vitamin d. toxicity as well if we're getting too much Vitamin d. that could cause another host of health problems so we need to find out again Know your numbers this is a really good principle to have know what your levels are do you really need supplementation are you at an Ok level and then. You know usually they recommend no more than 4000 I use a day and again it's best that you go by your physician's recommendations here we're not giving you medical advice to replace your physician but but you want to make sure you're not getting too much of it either thank you doctor right now I will say you guys are well. You guys are both doctors so I appreciate that both positions so 1000 i.u. I'm under the limit that's great. But I just want to ask a question though doctor Dr Angie because you know you said go get checked but right now I want to go home they can't really get checked and no one's really gone to the doctor except if they've got front of ours so what would you recommend should they just not take vitamin d. now or so we just how should they do we're sorry go ahead and well and I think this takes us back to the question of well what are where can we get our vitamin d. from we can still take that proactive and have our vitamin d. intake now we can get some vitamin d. from foods but not a lot of foods have vitamin d. naturally it's really sad and this is where you can get you know some source of vitamin d. but we know they're for vegetarians obviously that's not going to work a lot of fortified foods also have vitamin d. like cereals have vitamin d. you have to check the labels look at the nutrition labels but really take us back to that sunshine sunshine is a great source of getting light of d. as well. I'm excited she just said cereal and that's what my favorite foods thank you so much Angie for endorsing cereal on this broadcast. I will able to go back to the sunlight Ok let's go to sunlight let's let's get back to you know doctors Dr sunlight if. You know u.v. light ultraviolet radiation it comes in various wavelengths and we have you be angry b. b. and b. b. c. b. a can cause an Exxon burn u.v. is what they usually associate as far as skin cancer is concerned and movie c. usually doesn't actually reach into our actually reaches because we have the stratosphere the problem is here the sea is very very very damaging to the body and they've known for a long time for some time I should say that but it also is very. Purifies very quickly and so they've been a hospital has hospitals have been using it to kind of like as a tree it's kind of like a our purification like after a surgical procedure is over they'll have a u.b.c. machine that comes in and just kind of cleans out the place just with its pilot radiation but again people can't be in there you've got to you know shield your eyes it can be can really hurt you however there's some new research to show that again for those individuals particularly like the hospitalized patient who are coming back to be that patient that can't necessarily get outside they're actually showing that something helps far. Seems to have a direct role as far as dealing nature in the virus denaturing Kogut 19th specifically and so they have a number of research studies that are going on right now to quickly look at far u.b.c. actually as a treatment if you will to getting rid of the aerosolized virus in the air so coughing sneezing except for it's in the air for a. Period of time and Farhi b.c. seems to very quickly. The nature it or kill it if you know about changes its d.n.a. and that's that if you think about ultraviolet radiation that's what's happening in our skin and in some degrees when we end up with skin cancer I forbid we do but then people end up with skin cancer what's happening is the d.n.a. is actually be mutated by the ultraviolet radiation and so that similar effect is happening with the viruses as well so again getting outside I mean really practical and really inexpensive because far you b.c. is not necessarily on the market yet if you really want to get those ultraviolet rays and the nature of the viruses the answer is get out in the sunshine every day really truly get out Miss Sunshine Ok guys I have to jump in or NASA question Dr Leo Dr Angie you're telling me to get out in the sunshine to get my vitamin d. right to get some sunshine on my skin. You just mentioned skin cancer and a lot of people want to even wonder how much sun is too much like So how do I know how much sun is Ok do I need to wear sunscreen all the time I also read something this week saying that the number one cause of aging in the skin and the ladies are always thinking about that guys not so much but anyway is sunlight exposure so how do we know how much to get. Well you know it really doesn't take a lot of time in the sun to get enough vitamin d.. It does depend on the time a year on the color of your skin there's a compound called melanin in your skin which determines that how light or dark your skin is individuals with darker skin do you need a little bit more time if you have lighter skin less time out in the sun to get that vitamin d. But really we're seeing anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes of time in the sun maybe even 30 minutes if your skin is much darker is enough and and we're even seeing maybe even twice a week now I recommend getting out in the sun you know at least every day because it has other Sun tried has other benefits as well such as improve mood and Sara Tonin and things like that but when it comes to vitamin d. twice a week for 5 to 15 maybe 30 minutes it really isn't much now but when it comes to sunscreen it actually is advisable to use sunscreen and yes sunscreen can block the u.v. be converting into vitamin d. in in your skin but really most people don't use sunscreen the right way unfortunately and so they still get the vitamin d. but I do recommend good use of sunscreen especially if you're out there for more than 30 minutes. When So how do you use sunscreen the right the right way what you know where you know you need to apply it periodical it's just if you're going to be out in the sun for an hour or 2 hours you need to actually reapply every every so often and you you know some people don't really spread it on even Lee or in my office to cover their skin or if you're at the beach and you get jumped into the water you know beaches are opening up now in some states so you still have to reapply so there are some good uses sunscreen too but I do recommend sunscreen. And again it doesn't take very long to get that vitamin d. we have a question that's come in just now sorry Dr just a question really quick if sense someone's asking what if you're allergic to sunscreen I am allergic to sunscreen what how do we help that person well that's a good question obviously you're not going to want to end up an allergic reaction so there's other ways that you can again you still want to get your your. The best way is to try to get your hands exposed and a little bit of fear a little bit of your lower lower on offer strategies but one other way is to wear hats clothing I mean if you have an allergic reaction to something that would be one way to to minimize that but again we're going to talk in this a few minutes we want to get to fresh air so it's not just the sunshine that you so want to be able to get outside and get some benefits there is another thing that I wanted to bring up to you and Dr and you brought this up that some of our our beaches are opening up well what's really exciting is the new research is showing that a combination of heat and humidity he didn't and it was confined significantly the natures in a very quick setting the virus code at 19 in fact what the studies show and again I would refer everyone back to yesterday's presentation was that Dr Schwartz pointed out that temperatures as low as $9056.00 series Fahrenheit and humidity anywhere between 40 percent and above significantly significantly the nature coated and so some of our I know some of our beaches like Dr Angela mentioned are opening up well as you were referring actually to the ones in Florida they have a tendency to have higher humidity there with the heat so as long as we're not conglomerating together in big groups of people being out in nature actually is beneficial not just to boosting our overall well being We've talked about yesterday the well being as far as mental health is concerned but actually seems to be showing that the nature's a virus as well. Dr Leila Can I ask you a question about the humidity point in terms of in our houses is it would you advise us to use a humidifier with something that would help in the House to to combat the spread of Coppa 19 yeah we talked about that a couple times I think it was 2 weeks ago as well as far as the hydrothermal therapy section heated air again you have to be careful everything is out of the Everything's Caribbean moderation right I mean if you go put your face right in front of the humidifier you have to remember that's hot steam. I've know and I've heard myself. You know him but do yourself you know you have to be we have to be wise we have to be judicious but yes it does appear that humidity heat and humidity do you deem nature the virus so by all means that that's one of the reasons why hydrothermal therapy is that official because wet heat does seem to work better than dry heat by the way I just want to say I've been doing those hot and cold showers you guys and it is invigorating if you really want to feel good in the morning dew that 5 minute one minute 3 minute one minute 3 minute one minute routine remember we talked about a couple weeks ago Dr Lila 5313 Yeah guys it's it's so good so try it if you haven't it will boost your immunity and of also give you up up and your step as you go throughout your day. So I have a question for Dr Angie she had some really good presentations last night on what do you do if you are in the city and you know you can't get out to these we talked about we haven't yet talked about fresh air but I'll just mention it feels like you know the study that we saw yesterday with 2 hours of walking in the forest significantly increased those natural killer cells that innate immunity what can you do if you live in a large city and you don't have access to trees and nature and for you to go outside it might be that you're with you know and you know more people and more exposure what what are some opportunities for those individuals. Yeah it's really interesting you know we've seen in research they have been the researchers have known for a long time that being out in Nature has has a lot of health benefits so a number of researchers have looked at well what about if we bring nature indoors if we have plants now what about the difference between real plants and safe plants Well what about pictures of plants and pictures of landscapes and there's been quite a number of research done on this they've looked at various age groups they there was one study that looked at children who were exercising and what was the difference if they were watching a video of outdoor landscapes while they were exercising and what are all of the health benefits that they might be getting the through a number of recent published research what we've seen is that bringing plants in the house so having plants around you in your room can give you health benefits. There are things like lowering blood pressure lowering your heart rate and also giving you a better all better frontal cortex that's up front part of your brain better activity there as well. So looking at pictures of plants landscapes pictures of forests there are health benefits even just by looking at pictures and you know you can find online just beautiful scenery now so you can even just you know watch them online rather than there are a lot of people stuck at home and rather than getting caught up in a lot of videos or movies that maybe not be maybe are not as health promoting maybe watching videos of beautiful landscapes there are a lot of great videos that you can find out there so looking at pictures bringing in potted plants and and even some studies have looked at well what if I just have wood floors Eastern once just having wood flooring has has had some health benefits to now that's not to say you need to rip out all of your wood flooring right now but that's about what I'm recommending but really the whole concept is that bringing in natural elements into the environment where you are we've even seen in hospitalized patients there was one research study where patients after a surgery they were put into a room with several plants in the room and by the way they used sterile soil which I had not heard about before because it's a sterile hospital environment right they need that right after surgery and those patients who were in or Broome with surgery actually or after surgery in a room with plants did better then patients who did not have plants in their. So we're seeing that this this really could be a useful alternative Again it's not the ideal ideal is that you're out there in make sure that you're able to walk through. A peaceful forest of that you're able to see the birds hear the birds and see the flowers smell you know the the fresh air but we can bring in some us that when when it's not possible to do that safely in this than the specially during a time of pandemic you know safety is still our top priority. And you know that leaves. Me and you know that leads me to another study that was actually looking at hospitalized patients again and the relationship just having a window just having a window that was able to be open they could see the sunlight they could see outside see the trees post-operatively those patients had significantly decreased both wound infections overall health of course mental wellbeing as well so I think we're seeing something very interesting and as they kind of flip back to that picture that we showed a little while ago at 1918 pandemic you know whatever we can get as close of an environment that we can get to enabling those who are more in a hospital I setting to actually still be able though they can't necessarily go outside many cases still be able to get the benefits of the outside environment of altered by that radiation and fresh air still in there in their setting that they're in now there is one of the thing that I've taught people for years particularly those of us who live in the more heated States I live in Arizona so in the summertime we can get you know 150 degree temperatures in June 1 in people say well how am I supposed to get fresh air and sunshine you know in every room of the house you know we really would like to one of the pollutants that we actually get in our homes is called dioxin and dioxin can cause things like diabetes and different things that increases the risk of diabetes and those kinds of things and so I recommend that we need to get the dioxin out get the fresh air and sunshine and and people say well how do you do that in 115 degree weather it's too hot Well one of the ways that you can do it is make sure in the early morning hours open your windows open your when is in the very early morning hours before you're at the peak of the day you can get your fresh air your sunshine in the room and get the benefits again of trying to get a little bit of the benefit of the outside while we're still on the inside or in those places we can't necessarily be outside in rural settings. So can I ask you a question on that Dr Lee in regards to the window thing I love opening my windows in my house here it's just it's I love it but some people wonder you know especially coming to spring allergy season you've got the pollen out there. Are you suggesting that we open our windows is that so that's that's that's that's a good thing to do I am. You know not going to it's not as long as you don't have like an asthmatic attack and those that again all things and moderation right and we we could carrots are very beneficial for us correct I mean vitamin a they have wonderful benefits but if I go on a carrot tree only probably not going to have the most well rounded diet that I need and the same thing goes for any aspect of health right any one of these 8 principles if I take in excess then I'm not being an outward temperance or moderate rate of a good thing you can take a good thing and go too far and make it a bad thing so so I think we need to keep that in mind but in in essence in answer to your question yes as long as there's not some real reason to. Have us not open our windows and again that would be in a very select population group and that would be something that you would just want to talk to your doctor about specifically yes we should open our windows get fresh air and sunshine as far as possible every day. Is it is that good to have the oh sorry Dr Angie go ahead I just wanted to add to that you know what we're doing here is we're giving the principles right of sharing with you the broad principles of why these are effective and why they work but we know that there are as Dr Lila said certain populations where you know if you're going to have an asthma attack please don't do that because your safety is primary you can still get sunshine that's that's you know in other ways you know sometimes when it might be a cold day outside what about just sticking your hand outside the window if you can for a few minutes or so standing by the open door and just letting the sun hit you now for it for vitamin d. you have to get sunshine you can't get it through the glass so you do need to have that direct contact but you know you definitely want to just. For your particular case your particular situation that this is where your personal doctor health care provider really comes in very. Thank you for that point and so I just want to just to mention that because I think we don't I don't think we mentioned that a minute ago so for vitamin d. if I'm sitting by the window and soaking in the sun through the window that's not the same as if I actually go out outside That's right that's correct and that's a good point because I think sometimes I think when you get more mature and know you need to have direct access of the sun the ultraviolet radiation on the skin cell converting. To there's multiple different steps in the process of production of vitamin c. Ok Ok one question I have for you ladies for let's say at night I know there's sometimes people said oh you don't want to breathe the night air or something like that is there a benefit to opening your windows at night when you sleep. Yes there is that's right it's in Vioxx and so dioxin is a chemical combustion product that's given off when we burn plastic that's why we shouldn't burn plastic one of the reasons we should pass it it's farce and Janet but it also like I said it can cause what's called insulin resistance diabetes high blood pressure those kinds of things and that one of the times that it is at its lowest times is in the late evening and in early morning and that's one of the reasons why we talked about early morning fresh air and getting the fresh air in the homes but that that would be probably one reason why you are that before also. Well this has been very interesting information Dr something you want to add Oh I think we have some questions nice going forward we do we've had some questions coming in and so let's go to our 1st question thank you so much everyone that's been submitting you can still submit questions by the way even now 1st question is this if someone has symptoms like a cough and a sneeze do you recommend steam inhalation. Well I think again. I say everything that we need to be very moderate and we need to be careful of what we're saying so are you going to put your face right over a boiling pot of water and get steam and burn your face the answer would be that's probably not a very wise decision because we don't really want facial burns However however there are as we already stated not just cope at 19 but viruses across the board it appears at this point are negatively affected by thing that he and he and particular coated 90 so heat and humidity and that would be steam would be one way of doing that another way would be the ways that we've been stalking about as far as hypothermia therapy directly applied through a covered wet warm towel covered by a dry towel the old word some people use those foam insulation we use hydrothermal therapy again that's one of the reasons because you are elicit dating a heated humidifier and environment So in answer to the question yes but again please use moderate precautions great question thank you so much all right Bible flock box has a You Tube or thank you so much for watching us and for commenting on the questions here how often should we air out our house like during the morning and evening or more than that. So really you know at least once a day is is what is ideal now it's going to depend on Douras the Syfy quick living situation as well if we're talking about urban populations where there's a lot of pollution around or or factories nearby might be putting off you know fumes and so forth then you certainly want to be careful and maybe that's not the best way for you to get fresh air maybe bringing in plants into your home this is how you can help your your your air in general once a day now morning and evening I think is a great way to do it make sure you have crossed into lation though that you have a window open on one side and on the other side so the air is actually going all the way through that's a great question thank you so much before we get to the next question there I just want to follow up on that this is say that you know if you open your windows it's good to have screens because you know those little little mosquito guys they start coming in this time of year and I know that the people I've been staying with sometimes open the windows mosquitoes come in that I get in trouble so you just got to make sure you put the screens non the mosquitoes out and get your fresh air just a side note All right next question is the morning sunlight better than the afternoon in terms of vitamin d. very good question so when it comes to vitamin d. conversion and what your skin really needs for from the sun it's between 10 am to 3 pm that's the ideal time for that skin conversion to happen if you're using that 5 minutes to 30 minutes time frame. And the benefits of early morning sun might actually have a lot to do with no one's going and so on and has significant effects on our overall health will be talking about that in future shows pacifically regarding sleep but everything from physical health to emotional health so again early morning sunlight really does help set your circadian rhythm your clock if you will of your body and it increases your melatonin production can I ask a practical question on that Dr Laura. I mean like I tend to sleep with dark blackout curtains but then sometimes I don't get that sunlight coming in to wake me up anyway is there is there or is that recommended or should I not have blackout curtains No I actually sleep in a very very dark environment actually does your knowledge and infection. 10 pm and about $2.00 to 3 am is the peak time so you really do want to be getting those early to bed early to rise hours but again early to rise again set that circadian rhythm so you're getting that early morning sunshine and and but again this is a topic for our discussion on sleep which Dr Sleep is coming up I'm going to be very well yes I'm looking forward about when I feel convicted already so let's go ahead and Your next question have had open heart surgery and I'm a Type one diabetic hot cold showers cause the problem into the hot and cold safe with my medical conditions. That that is another one of those situations where specifically there are certain populations that I'm an obstetrician gynecologist and I it would not be wise for pregnant patients to go put themselves in a hot hot sauna or and you could be Ok the same thing goes with cardiac patients or heart patients that have a tendency towards a risk Mian for irregular heart rate that is something that you're going to want to talk to your doctor about specifically there are there I mean again that the number the the risks associated with hydrothermal therapy are very low but in those populations you need to be careful and so again I would recommend that you follow up with your physician about that and one of the coffee can point to diabetes is the the loss of sensation in our feet and in our fingers in our extremities and if we were not able to sense when the water is too hot that could cause a burn and so we really want to be very cautious about that absolutely. Ok we have a question here also from flock box once again thank you for your question my 4 year old daughter has a topic skin inflammation a eczema her inflammations are pretty bad and steroid cream is the best treatment so far are there any good natural remedies Ok if you see what's that about it's a very good question and your daughter has what I would describe as a hyper and the state pays is auto immune and as they say if we were a year and the insistent is attacking itself there's lots of different situations like. This There's a lot of different scenarios so it's far as you know natural remedies are concerned the studies that we're actually seeing and I know it's kind of interesting one of the things that happened in. 1000 specifically so the coronavirus in the latter stages we've we've talked about this a few times but the cytokine storm right now I am. Outside a kind heart you know that out so at the very end it's basically where the immune system goes well you know it's just like hyper mode and it's actually attacking its its own self so and that's where you get the damage to the little. The lower parts of the Longs and those kinds of things so there was some research and we don't have an absolute clear answer here but I'm just trying to give you an idea there in again there's not a lot of research on on hydrothermal therapy which is another reason we've been advocating for people to join the path if you will but there is some research to show that will there be actually decreases cytokines storm so in answer to your question about your daughter with eczema and the relationship with some of these auto immune diseases one of our doctors actually answered this last night as well. I I would. Not. Avoid doing hydrothermal therapy on a child if you do it much less intense I have little to open as well so I will do that on my little ones and they actually enjoy it now but will do 2 minutes 30 seconds soon minutes 30 seconds and your temperature is you've got to watch those temperatures mommies and daddies that you're hand in there and make sure and let the baby with their hand in there not be the child but again 2 and 30 seconds and that's one way that you can you can. Approach your your ex message. Thank you so much that's very very helpful Ok another question that has come in how can we overcome I know a lot of people are stuck in their homes right now can we talk about practical ways to help people know how to get outside get that fresh air get that sunlight How can we overcome the barriers to that outdoor physical activity that we're experiencing right now. That's a really great question to make this practical for for everybody hopefully I think you know 1st thing to remember is make sure you're keeping that social distancing right and which really we should call it physical distancing are you able to stay that 6 feet apart from people that you don't live with and you can stay while close to the people that you live with in your home but if they're you know strangers you pass by make sure you're able to very politely and you know as I as I walk walk around most people understand you can be nice but still kind of keep distant from each other so maintaining that if you need to wear a mask actually in some states they still require you to wear a mask or any time you sights of people that mask with you. But how do you overcome those barriers one of the. Keys that I think helps a lot of people is that it really is just one step at a time it's about putting your shoes on. Now for those of you who don't wear shoes around the house if you put your shoes on it means you're going outside right so put shoes on and open the door. One step at a time it's probably helpful it's possible if you keep your shoes by the door keep your your coat to your outdoor clothes your jackets by the door so that you are you're taking away any of those excuses or while I have to go all the way of the upstairs or you know it's just too hard or too many steps make it very simple for you for yourself now some of the barriers that I think people may face are maybe being you know well my my work if I'm working from home a lot of people may be working from home I just don't have time to new schedule or walk into your day and by the way you don't have to make it a 2 hour walk it could be even 1520 minutes even 10 minutes might be enough for your body to just decompress for you to get some of those health benefits for you to refresh your mind and and then come back in with with renewed energy so it doesn't take a whole lot of time you can also you know if you have young children can you take them with you make it an outing now making sure that you're able to control them and that they're not running up to every stranger and giving them hugs. But you know what about if you have elderly or individuals who maybe have movement disabilities can you keep you don't have to go very far it's really about getting out as much as you can and getting that fresh that sunshine on your face and on your hands for a few minutes getting some fresh air taking some. Deep breaths so it doesn't have to be a very long or a yes process. So whatever you can do to make it easy for yourself. Very very hopeful Thank you Dr and for that insight and I do hope that wherever you are you can get out on a nice walk right not to look at some shot. But mask on you guys if I need to if I don't have a mass I can use a bandana right now actually I can use I don't lot of people masks but there's a lot I do it yourself ways to make masks on line so. I come out and just get out and get some fresh air and sun and shine and it'll be a great benefit to you guys I can't believe the time has gone so fast we're almost to the end of our program today it's been a blessing thank you for joining us I just want to end our program today with a little thought from God's word and you know I was thinking about those verses that that we heard too in the middle of the program and we'd just like to share them again with you you know a lot of people are. You know it's a hard time that we're going through people are scared people are afraid not only of the virus but now a lot of people are wondering what they're going to do because they're out of work and they're not sure where the next paycheck is going to come from but I want you guys to know this God knows you he loves you be created you in fact you knew you before you were born and I just want to remind you of this powerful promise from Psalm 139 starting in birds 13 Bible says this for you formed in more parts. You covered a mother's womb I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous are your works and that my soul knows very well by frame was not hidden from you when I was made in secret and skillfully rot in the lowest parts of the earth the days for me what faction before they were sorry and in your book they were all written the days fashion for me when as yet there were none of them so friend I want to remind you today that God is your creator he loves you he will form you he knew you even before you were born your engraved on the palms of his hands Jesus died for you so that you could have eternal life and so today I want to invite you to just accept him in your heart and to make that his son to follow him and to put your trust in Him That's the last t. of the want rest Dr Love that will get to in the future but when we trust in God is our creator and our redeemer it gives us the peace the assurance to know that he is there with us and to help us get through hard times in life so many you go today knowing that the Lord Jesus loves you very much and I want to also share this final promise with you 1st Peter chapter 5 in verse 7. If you're worried if you're anxious today this verse is for you fasting all your care upon him that is Jesus because He cares for you created you He loves you he died for you and someday very soon he's coming back to take us all home to the new heavens in the new earth where there will be no more suffering for sickness or pain and will be with him forever so we want that to be true for all of us are spiritual altars just as important our physical health and so you make that decision today let's be our heads for a word of prayer as we close the program Heavenly Father thank you so much for this wonderful very practical program today help us to get out there and enjoy the sunshine the fresh air the things that you've given us that will help us to make it to help us to be healthy even in the midst of a global pandemic of Father thank You for these wonderful things and we pray that you would be with each one who is listening today bless them keep them healthy Lord we want to pray in a special way for our health care workers the people who are on the front lines keep them safe Lord as they minister to others thank you for their sacrifices and may you continue to bless them in a special way help us all to stay close to you and to remember to put our trust in you because you love us You created us in your coming soon to take us home we love you and we pray this in Jesus' name amen. Dr Lila thank you so much for your wonderful insights as always Dr Angie it's been great to have you on today. We can't wait to have you on again another future a w r 360 live Dr Lila just real quick before we go what's coming up next week we are so excited you're not going to want to miss medical symposium part 3 next Sunday night at 8 pm Eastern 5 pm Pacific again a w.r. got orgy forward slash health again that's part of our 4 part 12 hours to see any credit you're not going to want to miss and as a follow up to that our medical Monday afternoon program we'll be again looking at a follow up to the symphony the benefits of nutrition and exercise induced and the oxidant and racial disparity in the relationship of cove it might seem that this is going to be a very interesting one but you're not going to want to miss that 3 hour series so again next Sunday night and then follow that for the practical application next Monday medical Monday all right that's awesome and we can't wait to for that and we wanted by you to join us for both of those broadcasts and until then go check out our Facebook Like our Facebook follow us there You Tube you can find all these broadcasts there and thank you again to both of you today for a wonderful program and to all of you for watching we thank you we wish you health and safety and to all of our 1st responders and health care workers again we thank you for your sacrifice and what you're doing on the front lines of this will send it back until next week God bless you and always remember God loves you so long everyone.


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