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3. Nutrition & Exercise: Improve Your Immunity

Kyle Allen Lela Lewis Allen Lloyd
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  • April 29, 2020
    9:27 AM
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Welcome everyone to another edition of a w r 360 health live medical Monday I'm Kyle Allen your host and joining me is Dr Lila Lewis our medical director for 8 of the our 360 Health Dr Lila Good to see you again Thank You got our things are things out in Phoenix Well we're a little bit more met with 102 yesterday and how it's beginning to get warmer here definitely warmer than here in Berrien Springs Michigan but we want to welcome you once again and welcome all of you thank you for joining us today we have a very exciting program today it's called the title for today's program is nutrition and exercise how to improve your immunity and Dr Lee you know as as we've been going through these weeks of Corentin and stay at home there's been a lot of people that it's not man how do I keep my immunity up with all of the coronavirus all the coping 1000 pound Emma capping especially now as states are starting to open up and we'll talk about that a little bit later how do we really keep our immunity strong when we're going back to work and things are starting to get sort of back to normal We'll be talking about that later in the program but 1st I just want to remind everyone that these broadcasts as well as the Sunday night broadcasts are on our You Tube channel admin is World Radio a to b r 360 You can go to Youtube find it there and on our website a w r dot org slash health Dr Li Lo You had a wonderful program last night as I understand it for our medical symposium and how did it go. I think we lost Leila for a moment we'll get back to her in just one second but we'll hope to reconnect with her wanted to let you guys know also that you can find lots of other inspiring resources on our a.w. our You Tube and Facebook page make sure you check out our youtube pages lots of videos there about how you can learn to share. Your faith with others even through your cell phone so check out those videos as well as many others there she is Dr Leila Yes Right now no problem I was just telling everyone about the medical symposium that happened last night this was I think your 3rd one can you just give us a brief update on those well she's frozen again. I do want to as when she comes back I do want to tell you guys that for those of you in the medical profession we are offering c.m.e. credits for these Monday medical Monday programs and for the Sunday evening medical symposiums you can go to a w.r. dot org slash health to find out more about how to get your continuing medical education credit as well as now that's for our physicians and our doctors but also for other medical professionals we also have continuing education credits as well there she is Dr Lila. Hey no problem I was just telling everyone that they can get some medical credits some c.m.e. credits for coming to these medical Monday programs as well as the Sunday night. That's right absolutely So I guess if you can actually get up to 12 hours of category one see any credit for attending the previous shows as well as the current Now if you didn't get a chance to attend the previous symposiums or the medical Mondays goodness all you have to do is go to 8 of you are Dot o r g forward slash on your screen and you can access the archive videos and still be eligible for up to that 12 hours again of Free see any credit so it's a blessing share it with all your friends and family and again we're all learning together so again it's a blessing thank you have Oh hey thank you you know I'm not a medical professional but I feel like I'm learning every time we do these so. It's great now I want to ask you Dr Laura a question because a lot of people were very interested in the topics that we had we had many interesting topics on the program so far we talked about hydrothermal therapy hydro thermal there we talked about nutrition in the doctor in the kitchen we have talked last week about the importance of sunlight and fresh air and getting out can you just give us a quick review of last week's topic and some of the key things that we learned Well you know I think it's interesting pastor Kyle that the topics that you just mentioned have actually been headline news over the last week if you listen to some of the administration within our own federal government they've talked about humidity and heat actually denaturing another word hydrothermal they're ready denaturing the virus basically supporting some of the things we've discussed here on these programs last week we talked about again fresh air and sunshine we've read to it as ultraviolet radiation and opens days and we found that it improved our inmate in unity so again go get your regular fresh air and sunshine get the healthy ultraviolet radiation through sunlight and the fresh air and again that the studies are very clear that it improves your innate immunity and again you can go back and you can look at some of these are kind of videos if you didn't get a chance to watch them already Dr can I just give you a quick report. I have since last week every day gone out and gone for a walk in the sun because of last week's program. Ground 0 that's right walk around the neighborhood so wherever you are wherever you're listening maybe you're in a city area or a country or area wherever you are take some time 51015 minutes get out in the sun enjoy it take your family out go for a walk and it'll be a blessing to your health that's one very practical thing we learned from last week and so Dr lots of good information there but this time we have some really really important things to discuss today I believe absolutely and I'm looking forward to it again you know nutrition we've talked a few times on our medical Mondays about different aspects of nutrition but I think today's topic we're going to be really glassed we're going to learn some new things so Dr Lee a question for you you talked about the the reopening you know we have some states actually that even today are reopening some businesses I know Georgia is a few others down in the South American south we have others that will be reopening in the coming weeks. And this is up this is bringing up a lot of questions in people's minds how do I you know keep my immunity up. With all these you know people going back to work some businesses reopening what would you say to those people well 1st thing I'd say Pastor Kyle that we are Christian 7th Day Adventists on this program admin Israel radio and I think that's where we embark on this if we haven't yet asked blessing I think we can ask is less Thank you very much that is a wonderful reminder and we can definitely do that right now let's have a word of prayer Heavenly Father we thank you for this opportunity to be on the program today and we ask that you have blessed us as we discuss these topics please Lord give us guidance give us wisdom and we pray in a special way for all those who are struggling from this coronavirus disease please help them to recover and be with those who have lost loved ones and we pray also for the health care professionals on the front lines keep them safe and thank you for their sacrifice and help us now as we go through this program to learn something practical something that we can do to help boost our munity so that we can in turn be a blessing to others we ask this in Jesus' name amen amen Well in answer to your question hazard Yes we are reopening the globe and with reopening the globe it has wonderful wonderful implications socially many of us are quite ass isolated and we're tired of being isolated we want to be back with our friends and family we are wanting to get back to work from economic reasons just from an exercise that we should still be getting our exercise don't let me say that wrong but just from being around each other and in a work environment but with that on the yes the it's difficult to maintain social distancing if you're decreasing social distancing and thereby the potential exists that we could increase our risk of exposure obviously and we want to talk about ways that although we are coming back together in the process of reopening the globe we want to talk about ways to optimize our immunities so that even though we are maybe and. Increase exposure even if exposed to God willing our new system can have the best chance of fighting off the virus so I would say that would be my answer pastor Kyle as part of the dilemma that we're looking at and the specific question is how does nutrition and exercise play a role in that reopening of America. Thank you for that that's I can't wait to get to that more of that the answers to that question because it's a very practical thing what can we eat what we eat how can we exercise that will help us boost our munity in light of the reopening that we're going through soon. But a question for you Dr Lila really quick that someone reminded me we were actually very blessed to be able to give away a very powerful little book last night is that right well actually you know we've been comparing in our in our Monday or Sunday evening some posy as we've been looking specifically at the 1982001 and to Mick and the current Kogut 1000 pounds and I and we discovered that many of those institutions that existed sometimes referred to as sanitariums that sort of as the blueprint if you will of what they were doing specifically with hydrothermal therapy with fresh air with ultraviolet radiation or sunshine with actual size nutrition all these principles we've been talking about scientifically their group rant was essentially taken from a book called The Ministry of Human and me. Is that the science that we've been studying seems to support a lot of these details that we've been looking at from this book the ministry of healing written some time ago so while we are offering is for the 1st 50 people that right now on our 8 of you are helped show go ahead and share the might think you will receive a free copy of this book so I get the 1st if you hate me. Now share the link and by the way this is one of my very favorite books and it's so special to me Pastor how that we you and I are planning to write a little floor word to each one of our received gas at the beginning of the so again you'll get a forward from Pastor Kyle and myself and you'll receive this very very enlightening book so I can go ahead and share that post right now for it to provide you with that freedom and I will look forward to helping you write the forward. To these books and wow that's you know it's a wonderful book you guys I've read read it myself and I would really encourage you to to do that share they'll share the share the broadcast so you can get your special edition of ministry of healing from a w r 360 health medical Mondays because you are special family right Dr Love absolutely right all right well you know maybe we can just jump right in to to our topic today nutrition and exercise improving your immunity Dr Weil where do we start well you know I would dare say we need to start with the media you know if you know I'm not advocating we all need to sit around and watch the media all day long because you know what we're not going to get our actual size our fresh air and all the other good thing that's true but it's interesting to know that we are having a food crisis Hyson foods specifically has stated several times that we are looking at not only a local food crisis as a global food crisis now Chris they're specifying a certain type of food it's a kind it's not just an individual problem a community problem you go to the grocery store certain areas of the grocery store are completely empty and it's almost a little bit stressful it's like oh no everybody's hoarding this or that maybe I need to be hoarding it to you Well we want to give you some peace about that number one and number 2 we want to talk about the food crisis just a little bit bigger so we have an individua. A problem of how we're going to make sure we get the proper nutrients and nutritional principles that we need and of that Julie there's a community issue because obviously if certain food products are no longer available within your particular community then multiple people multiple entities are involved then we have a more countrywide problem right now you know for our for us it's here in the United States and more universal country wide problem and then we have a global food crisis and what we're seeing is the longer that this pandemic goes the further this crisis this food crisis goes so we want to know what do we do nutritionally So 1st of all we can not you know practically speaking we don't want to get into a food crisis as as stated we want to make sure our nutrients are supply to us so that we can have the best immunity and by the way if you didn't get a chance to watch last night's medical symposium we learned from doctors you know Charles Ross out it's probably better not to utilize the term boost the immunity as opposed to optimize immunity because we want to make our and the and system function the best that God has given it so that's our phrase that we'll be here till I sing today so that's not not just optimize our optimize we want to make out it would like to make it function the best it can because if we boost our immunity we could end up with things like boosting means that upping the immune system auto immune disease have loop that if we have asthma is an auto immune disease there is research to show that and it heightened over crazy immune system is actually even associated with some cancers we would like to not necessarily go crazy immune but we would like to optimize the functions that God has made our immune system work making at work God willing the best that it possibly can so that's the terminology that will probably be utilizing as we've learned from doctors you know Charles Marcel. So that was had our introduction to nutrition and then later on in the show we'll talk more about exercise Well that's exciting I can't wait so optimizing your immunity. I guess it means what what what can we do to make our bodies function in the best way. That's exactly how I would describe it and you know at several times over the last few weeks pastor how we've talked about antioxidants right I remember about specific foods that were the highest in any oxidant kind again last night I'm not going to take the time to recap everything we discussed last night and even what we've discussed in our shows previously but just for those who might not have had the opportunity of watching some of those we'll talk just very briefly about a few antioxidants specific foods that have the highest percentage what would you say Pastor Cal going to put you on the spot. For one quick 2nd. What would you guess and we've talked about it a few times so again you're just you're right it's test time I'm nervous how much if you pain paying attention. What is the. What is the number one antioxidant fruit. Very close very close or very close. It's the there is you're right raspberries is number 4 then strawberries is number then it's no that's not a very. Black Berry Black Berry's is number 2 are number one. Yes Yes You got it good job of blueberries that's what we had my children and I for our breakfast this morning. We had a wonderful strawberry blueberry snooty it was very scrumptious and also very high in antioxidants So that's one way we can not only from a very positive perspective improve our optimize our immune system but it really tastes great so mommy's grandmas out there you know make your kids' as new the one we don't want to be going to getting ice cream right now sugar has been shown that it actually decreases our name and unity it actually drops the monocytes and the t. cells so what we don't we don't want to necessarily do that but go throw that stuff in a blender add a little so why not add some ice at super simple and I promise you your children and grandchildren will love it put you on the spot do you think you could share with our viewers your very good I'm sure the recipe. Well it's pretty simple so. I have my little blender you prefer a stronger blender a possible I'm not going to necessarily advocate a specific brand of item x. is on a must powerful Unfortunately I don't have one I have a ninja but there's a lot of them out there you want one that's strong enough now. But you want one strong enough it means that this is pretty thick material if you well so and you don't want that the thing is that the closer in a consistency that you can make it towards ice cream if you was with a thicker consistency as opposed to just a drink just more of a juice the more the kids like it actually I think it tastes better that way to eating it with a spoon is a little bit more intriguing than just drinking it so there is just a personal application of one way that I enjoy my smoothies So I actually take flax flax meal it's ground up flax seed it has very high and very good a mega 3 and I mega 6 I'm sorry mega 6. And it's very good for you on multiple different levels and then I take strawberries I usually take about a cup took half and a half of frozen strawberries and almost to cut so frozen blueberries and about a cup so I use almond milk but again you're welcome to use your particular flavor preference and put it in the blender and just put your lid on it and I put some extra ice in it just to give it a little bit more of a thicker consistency blended out wash your motor This is just again a practical application if you start to smell that things are getting a little on the higher side then you probably need a little bit more fluid in there is add a little bit of water a little bit of all the knockers I know but again it's it's a very tasty. I And speaking of which I am pastor Kyle I am thrilled because Dr Natalie is our special guest today and right here's why Erika Nutley has a mini cookbooks and actually one of these movies that I've tasted it myself there at Wiemar Institute where Dr Natalie is the president of Wiemar Institute they have an amazing smoothie recipes so I'm sure Dr know they can share with us where you can get some some further actually documented recipes that taste great Dr now we thank you for joining us good to see you Dr Natalie it's great to be with you both. Welcome from from California how are things out there it's a beautiful day here in Northern California we just finished a depression anxiety recovery program and so we have a lot of people that are able later then transform them and they're on a high right now so it's exciting to say that being prepared for re-entry and motivated that's wonderful Dr Kelly I'm just wondering for those of our guests. Seen you before don't know much about we mark you just give us a quick synopsis of your work there at the Wiemar Institute Oh yeah thank you we mar Institute is actually a health center that a college as well in fact we're in a credit. Now starting a graduate college so I guess that will make us a university starting a master's our 1st Master's program this fall another master's program will be rolling out next year. But we're primarily in the health and spiritual realm and so we have a nursing program that's actually been rated in the in the top tier of Western states nursing programs we also have a great pre-med program a great prevent program natural science. And then of course we also have health care administration the business side of health care as well. An organizational leadership and then we have the ology in our theology and pastoral training program is centered in on of course the physical and mental as well as the spiritual So you know all of our pastoral students rotate through depression recovery so they can become good counselors for the mental as well as the soul and they see the role of the physical aspect as well and then they learn how to put on even health programs in their local churches and how do team up with health care resources and health care professionals and doing all of that and we also have an education program education is really should be about enhancing body mind and soul and so what better place to learn education that here at Wiemar in our actual education students start teaching our alums elementary school on day one with the right supervision there that also teaches at the college so they learn class. Management all of those things and by the time they're through they're actually great experience teachers here and we're excited about that program as well and then we have a psychology interdisciplinary program. And one that can be emphasis in education or music great music here at Waymark great musical training. And well as the psychological training we need more counselors license counselors and ever before that are good that can actually get to the root of the matter. And so that's why we have a psychology program and starting the Masters which will lead to license counseling and of course we have a new start that is our our health body program it's about diabetes and bands diabetes heart disease hypertension obesity. And just about any physical element that lifestyle and nutrition can help and our students rotate through that and we have great health professionals and physicians there in that program and then we have the mental health program we just finished with this time in covert 19 you know mental illness is going up during this whole coven crisis and these people were brave enough to come they all got tested and they were negative and they were so thrilled that they could actually be around each other. They were all negative and of course our staff being negative as well and so we were able to have a nice family group and get back to to actually. Things that help mental health. And regards to that social closeness as well the social distancing you know even before I send came into the world God said it's not good for man to be alone in this social distancing is threatening that aspect of people being more alone. And these individuals that a great job of course we tell them is not the program that works it's them working the program that works but they they work the program and we had people from their teenage years one girl was here she had been in a psych institution 9 times in the last year she spent more time in a psych institution then she had outside that psych institution just continually suicidal thoughts and what a transformation in this girl and the rest of the participants as well significant severe issues some of them young mothers. And it was just nice to see how this combined approach using nutrition lifestyle using correct ways of thinking and being able to recognize distorted thoughts and then the blessing of the Lord on top of that to see what can happen yeah it's kind of an exciting time here we are right now in our nursing students who are actually Bam from. Going into psych ospital because of Kogan one thing they're having problems finishing their clinical. But the nursing board said this would qualify for their psych rotation and they said they couldn't have a better psych rotation there just throw out this wonderful. How mental health as they said this is how it should be practice they have had some hospital time in a psych unit but now they saw this combination and they were blown away and they're all asking for jobs now. Are Dr Natalie I have the highest regard for are we my are and specifically for your depression anxiety programs I mean kids are absolutely a blessing I can say that individually and collectively and I have a question for you just mentioned then you start program then you track about sound actually at risk populations for cuz it 90. And you talked about diabetes obesity I dare say even cancer patient that these are higher risk we know as far as more severe complications related to cope in 1000 now some of the principles that we've been talking Dr Nelia Chris that's been one of our main speakers for our medical symposiums taking place on Sunday nights last night we had the wonderful opportunity discussing more detail which is what we're talking about today a practical application to nutrition exercise we see your. Experience there at New Start civically and are at risk populations how have you seen the New Start program if I if you would optimize the immunity in these at risk populations and thereby we could kind of suppose and translate that and actually scientifically present last night we can translate that into the code that 1000 situation. Yes So if we have an optimized immune system that's able to recognize the virus early and not over reacting and of course what happens as when the virus isn't recognized as a chance to grow and multiply. It's to pretty severe viral load numbers and then our immune system starts to actually overproduce cytokines to kill this thing and it ends up killing ourself. And producing scar tissue and all sorts of things in the line Steffen in those lungs respiratory distress and drum and although you might live through that cope with crisis of A.R.V.'s you usually not going to be without the need for continual oxygen and be not the same person as you were before and so this optimized immunity what we're finding out through us is that. The amazing thing is the things that help chronic diseases like diabetes nutrition and lifestyle that have helped reverse coronary artery disease that help hypertension that helps certain forms of cancer the same lifestyle principles actually optimize our immune system. So a lot of people aren't really motivated we have found that a lot of people you know they like the lifestyle that they're on they don't want to change it and it's not till their backs are against for wall that you know where they're facing dialysis or they're facing the amputation of a limb or they've had advanced congestive heart failure that a lot of times we see them at Waymark because it's like I have no other choice I'm going to die I'm going to be so helpful in capacitated and so they come here. Because their backs are against the wall but amazingly Now that cope at 19 is really a threat to all of us that thang things that these diabetics are doing in advance coronary disease patients are dealing with nutrition and lifestyle would be good for all of us to do. And this is not something that prevented disease 20 years in the future. You know Coke at 19 is going away despite the fact that we're it shut down the country pretty much it's still there are still new cases every day there's still going to be a threat we have flatten the curve but we have prolonged to the curb because herd immunity is not there and so we are all prone to getting this disease so this is a wake up call for every person whether they're healthy whether they're young or all it's time to live the new start lifestyle and it can produce immediate benefits if we're exposed to this. We are immune system can actually optimally fight this off and it can be just like a cold and it doesn't have to be something that's going to hospitalize us but if we have significant deficit in our news our lifestyle if we're not exercising if we're not on proper nutrition therefore not well hydrated if we're not getting enough vitamin d. from the sun if we're not resting well and getting good sleep if we're just on our screens and devices and not having good circadian rhythms if we're smoking if we're drinking alcohol you know all of these things that add to the burden of chronic diseases can now actually help us in this acute Kogan situation and so I hope your listeners take note this is you know you may not have Diaby to you might not have hypertension you might not have those co-morbid conditions or even if you do it's time now to get on the optimal lifestyle for all of that because covert 19 is very likely coming our way it might not be next week it might be 3 months from now it might be 6 months from now it may not even know where we got it from some surface somewhere or whatever but it is coming and and we can do something about it. Now that's a that's amazing got to know and it's really important that all of us take it I think dare say take it seriously but take it seriously because it's not just the 19 as you point out it's across the board as far as disease is concerned in general chronic disease or in our kids and acute viral Sunday so I have a question for you Dr Natalie last night we talked about particularly a study the impact of die on immunity and rest betray disease by the annals of drastic society we talked about that they came out that specifically that processed grains are carbohydrates white bread 6 cetera and increased fat consumption had a specific effect on the immunity can you share with us just a little bit in a basic form what what that means and what actually happened and how can we make that really practical to our viewers. Yes well that's a good point and you know when it comes to grains which is what your 1st question had to do with we recommend the grain the whole grain and nothing but the grain. The whole grain and nothing but the grain. Right and you know the whole grains are good for us whole grains have glutamine they help us make glue to Thio. They actually have vitamin e. in them they actually have omega 3 s. you know whole wheat bread is a good source of Omega 3 s. and omega 3 is the type of good fat that's going the modulating decrease the amount of information that occurs in our immune response and so. If we put fat on that of course and a lot of people might eat whole wheat bread but they're going to put you know butter. A large amounts of saturated fat or sugar on that bread and that's going to really decrease the positive role of that bread in fact it may be better that we not eat at all and when it comes to refined grains I actually recommend eating no grains and refined grains because the studies do show they act very much like sugar in the system and now Dr Natalie I have to ask you a question because my favorite thing to eat probably probably is peanut butter on bread and are you saying that's Ok I mean it's not good for me peanut butter on bread. It's simply the butter I mean I'm like. Well we're all wait red and no sugar. Then then I go along with that you know I have some dank they have some other nice nutrients. No I'm not going to take away your peanut butter. Whole wheat bread but as far as ever I met in a brother at the time when you might run in the coca I'd say probably not the best time. And that mean we were talking about this before we were able to have you join us and we were talking about the effect that sugar is not going to talk practically here your sex sugar has on d. and he insists them it's not optimizing our immune system can you help our viewers understand what that effect is well when we have a sugar spike actually it's been shown to affect the neutrophil. And it actually decreases the bag-O. Citic ability neutrophil actually. The fag Oh psychosis is where they actually gobble up next area but it's been shown in regards to bacteria that if we have the equivalent of even a teaspoon or 2 sugar we are going to decrease our neutrophils ability to fight bacterial infections by 50 percent and we also do or you know a couple of sodas in particular will decrease it by like $96.00 pursue. And so it's pretty significant as far as the pressing our immunity and of course if we happen to get a virus around that time this is one of the reasons why hospitals tend to fill up in January as all of this Christmas candy. Wow. That that delayed response and then getting the virus and then that incubation period by mid January hospitals tend to fill up and they have all these infections going on and it has to do with all the sugar that was consumed holiday all those Christmas cookies on Christmas trees. After pal and I have it I mean we travel but we're all doing it Agnes Well radioing Hester Kyle I know we've had discussions about John not being. I was going to ask if a donut is Ok but I probably should not. Broadcast. You know you're going to have naturally sway things this is one of the beautiful things about. You know fruit is God's dessert and sometimes you know speaking of peanut butter and putting something on that peanut butter one of the things that goes really well with that of course we throw them right here we are we can take a hike on the trail and go into a person or church but these persimmons it's better than any jelly you can find on the planet and but yet it has nutrition it's not empty calories and it's just you know when we get those fruits that are naturally sweet it actually does taste better and more refreshing then getting something out of the bakery shop where a lot of fat and sugar has been mixed in and unfortunately that's what donuts are. Fat and sugar and a little bit of fluffy white drains to go with it so doctrinally Dr Lee will have a question for you guys so let's say I'm a mom I may be a single mom's watching this pro. Graham if she has 2 kids and her kids love sweets they love the sugary this and that they put on the bread in the cereal What would you counsel that single mom who's looking to help her kids eat healthier What should she what should her 1st step speak on to the grocery store I'm a single mom and I want kids that love sweet things in fact my 7 year old little boy I have the hardest time if there's anything I mean I have like maybe I bought him a treat of a granola bar you know with the lowest lysine MacIndex I could find my little guy will manage to find it and eat the 2 or 3 that I have for all the kids you know so my kids you know they definitely have a tendency to have a sweet tooth if you will so what I try to do is try to fill my fridge with fridge we've got we talk about they had an accident 1st doctor now they talk about life blueberries and strawberries and raspberries and I try and apples I'll put applesauce just again to make it practical my kiddo the same little guy just guy he loves peanut butter we have all natural peanut butter and it takes a little bit like trying to cause you've got to sit there and go to start. Exercising though and that's. Good for s.g.i. And so you know a lot of these other brands you know you get that you get your you know your hydrogenated oil now that kind of stuff plus your sugar so we don't let it be and get the natural. I want I want get into the specific thing but anyway that right there you go but but again making it practical I'll put on a come to set up and you know again he's a peanut butter lover put peanut butter and an apple sauce all natural apples like you can make it yourself or you can you know he says lots of different brands out there that you can get now that would just be a single mommy making it practical as a busy Mommy I'm a working mommy and trying to keep my kids as healthy as I can so I guess that would be my advice to the single mom ethos there. You know there's a reason why our kids actually have a sweet tooth and it's not a bad reason good God to do this go ahead human breast milk. Is Sweet You know it's actually a lot sweeter than cow's milk and and so infants develop this way too thin they love human breast milk it's kind of has a sedating quality for them brings peace to their bodies and minds at times a great way to go to sleep when it's time to put them down the bed but it turns out that the sweeter the vegetable or the fruit is. Actually the more bioflavonoids that have the more anti-oxidants that have it actually has more nutrition we'll even measure certain new nutritious factors and these fruits and vegetables that are more commercially grown and not really pulled out right were actually limiting the positive a fact that those things could have they're still good for us even though they may not taste the best but food is grown you know when it's tree ripened you can't compare that and actually in regards to its nutritive value it also can't be compared and so the Lord wanted us to go for naturally sweet things that that he has available here on this earth and plant foods because he knew it would actually be healthier for us but the problem is mankind you know took away all the nutrition and just refined the sugar from sugar cane and then because of our sweet tooth we started to gravitate to things like Twinkie and you know Rico and I you know. And those sorts of things and then are. Corrupted and so why waste are going after those things were actually not getting the nutritive value or actually suppressing our immune system and so it requires a period of time of what we would call discipline we can actually change our taste buds to enjoy those things naturally as grown but it will take you about 4 months if you've got a really bad sweet to stay away from anything with sugar in it within 4 months you'll start to enjoy fruits and vegetables as much as you did those Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and chocolate covered cherries and ice cream but now it will be healthy for you and it will be food as grown and I can say that and from a practical sense that cynic might not testimony now I have something that I want to bring out to point number one you said something that I thought was phenomenal you were talking about. Growing our own fruits and vegetables and waiting and tell there right then you know the other aspect of the study that we looked at last night went actually side and we touched on you know super oxide mutates and we touched on a lot of that we didn't really get and have the time to get into the specific practical application of what is the best form of exercise that you would recommend Dr Natalie how how would you kind of put those 2 together could we could there be everyone can ship between being able to be out in the garden and getting a little bit of sunshine and fresh air and exercise or what is your take oh yeah absolutely it really you know it turns us into Mr and Mrs new start when we start gardening because it does require exercise you know hauling and getting rid of weeds and killing the soil as exercise and then caring for those plants and even harvesting it as exercise and also have helps brain chemistry there's a dopamine surge when we harvest the 1st that's doubles in fruits and we actually eat them and enjoy that taste. But yes it is the more moderate exercise which gardening is that the more moderate in durance exercise. You know I remember every I grew up in the north and Michigan. And every Memorial Day weekend that Sunday and Monday fall days we had to plant the garden. And I used to wonder why all these other kids they're out there at holiday time and were having to work and plant this garden you know I've appreciated that greatly since then because I know how to garden now but secondly all of that labor all of that time in the sun all of that time and fresh air and building up my endurance and doing all of those things I know has served me well through the years but you know unfortunately a lot of kids don't have the op. Brittanie to grow up where there is property or they don't even know where fruits and vegetables come from They've never seen a grow out in the field and so I would encourage also at this time interesting way you know where you found out what the government believes is essential and not essential but agriculture they actually viewed as essential. In caring for other that's why we mark didn't shut down because and we're still having our mental health programs because that's essential and so and gardening is also essential So if you're stuck at home I would encourage you to think about a plot somewhere maybe a friend might be able to give you a little portion of a plot of their garden or something and learn how to garden. And you know there's plenty of resources on the Internet to learn how to do that and we can grow just about anything we want to grow in the right conditions and and use this time to to expand and get healthier. You know that may set me to a point not to Natalie that's it coated 19th situation also and it's very sad you know I said terrible disaster but I have to say there are some blessings that have come out of it and I myself me and my children and myself we made a little garden outside we don't you know we have some property that we've been you know making it's wonderful it's so exciting to see the little plants grow and then the idea of getting to eat your own food something that others have come up with that I think is tremendous you know some of us live in the city we don't have the opportunity of being out as you said having plots of land and those kinds of things but you can go to the dollar store you can get these little pat and you can plant you must be right I mean all of us have some sort of axis even if we just have to put it on our front porch and we can get the benefits that if nothing else getting the benefit of seeing something grow if it's as you said there's a mental effect in benefit as well would you not agree Oh absolutely it actually has been shown and it's one of the reasons even in our depression anxiety recovery program we have something called Farm fund we take that to the farm and this is part of their therapy is working out there and they enjoy that you know at 1st they're kind of wondering boy you know I paid for this program. Where we were but then they don't see it as work it's actually enjoyable and then they you know there are some dope I'm a positive experiences that are having a plus we didn't mention this when we are working in the dirt and in the soil there is a type of bacterium called Michael back bacterium vacay that when we come in contact with that it actually helps us to make more serious tone and there are cytokines that actually tell our neurons to produce more sirrah tone and opening and so this is the commensurate relationship we can have with healthy bacteria that are part of that soil and that's an additional benefit that we know about and one of the reasons why it's one of the best forms of therapy. So Dr Natalie if if someone doesn't have mentioned this just a minute ago if I don't have a garden at my house or I don't really have a good way to do that what's your encouragement for someone who's in that situation try something. I would say so but also that there's something else in regards to the data it is you know if you're if you're eating a plant based diet you actually don't need much land to grow food for one year if you are inefficient gardener It takes less than a quarter acre per person per year to grow all of their food for one year that's amazing quarter acre is not much for a whole year and we're not talking about just having all of your food from that you know I think grocery stores are still going to be in existence for a while and I think there's ways that we can get there that maybe we can grow in our climate. But you know it doesn't take much to get started and so you know I would just encourage you even if you live in the middle of New York City there are some places and some watch you can even do some rays gardens you can bring in some Soleil somewhere and you've got an uncle or aunt somewhere that might have a yard somewhere that's all you need somebody that has a little yard to be able to give you enough space to give us a shot to try and you know pass a comment yes that is right you know we help change it's progressive that change and then today it's not tomorrow change it's not the next tastes change so make a change that's that's the most important takeaway right is if you've been eating after certain types of peanut butter with lots of sugar and you've been eating Twinkies and you've been eating all these different things let's make a change today let's make a decision to make a small change and tomorrow let's build on that decision and let's be encouraged with that the blessing that God is giving us let's go to the grocery store and maybe instead of running to the meat I hope maybe we run over to the produce section and we start looking at some of those produce items that maybe we haven't got worse quite so appealing that far and we start in fasting those and in just beginning Little by little and we will see a difference I I daresay Dr Leila can ask one more question on the exercise thing and Dr Natalie in addition to gardening Are there other types of of moderate exercise that you would recommend that someone does to boost their immunity during the crowbar during the scope of 1000 crisis. Yeah it's in durance type of exercises so things that will get us more set and where we can last for longer periods of time so hiking is a great thing to do and if you can find trails that are still open you know here in California I don't quite understand it but they close Yosemite they close some you know Horton trails that we scouted around and there are still trails around and there still trails that are open with beautiful waterfalls and things and so going on you know long hikes or a 5 mile hike you know the other day I went on a mile hike these things will help with insurance exercise and if there's hells along whether it is as well that makes for a positive experience and build up that in durance that's what produces the super oxide this new taste which is the thing that helps modulator me and says I'm so whether we don't kill ourselves in the process of killing the liar s. that comes on board and at that end Durant skeletal muscle exercise brisk walking bicycling swimming even running Now we did talk about how running for a marathon actually suppresses army and system but even running training to run up to 8 miles a day will actually enhance the immune system and so these are the types of aerobic exercises that produce a great response that's you have to call I think we have a few questions we want to be able to get to those yes yes let's let's look at some of those questions Ok here we go I Dion Dina says I am very confused some doctors say that you should not consume fruits because of the sugar content what is your input on that question. I have not seen that thing Ok Well a great question and it really depends whether you are already a diabetic if you are a full blown diabetic we would recommend avoiding the tropical fruits that has more of the high glycemic index so these would be foods like mangoes and bananas but berries would be great northern fruits are great apples pears any of these very there they don't have high glycemic index has and they're not going to produce that big sugar spike and then you would want to eat the whole fruit has grown you know when we make apples and apple juice and we're diabetics that's when we get that sugar spike so eating the whole group has grown would be the way to go but if you're not a diabetic and you're exercising in those sorts of things even. Those more tropical fruits can be Ok in moderation All right I love mango So I'm glad you said that in moderation. All right regarding garlic What is the optimal intake for garlic. Now go ahead Ok so we spoke about garlic last night and there was that right nice randomized controlled trial showing that if you're taking garlic or in this case when they sent since I did a randomized double blind placebo controlled trial they had to put it in capsules and so when you are taking garlic you decrease your risk of getting a cold by over 60 percent and that if you do get a call that only lasts 1.5 days instead of 5 days and the amount of Gaar like they used was a quibble went to about 4 close Garlock And so it's not a large amount but a quick want to foreclose a day can produce that type of positive Ok. I think we've been advocating that had we not had her comment we have been it also helps. We've also said it helps doctrinally with social distancing so double benefit during the cold the crisis garlic does all right so. Anyway if it's raw you know if you cook at the garlic is still beneficial and then you don't have to be concerned about social distancing and one of the advantages I have is being married to a Romanian because just about every entree starts out with foreclosed garlic. Ok so that's a slow cooking actually doesn't it still you can still get the health benefits you can still get 90 percent of the health benefits Ok not real not the ways we can make it practical correct on how he's wrong garlic so we'll let you know we're straight. That's right I remember the garlic press and the bread Yes that's right that's all right we have a question from Beth who's asking is activated charcoal useful in fighting in fighting cold in 1000. It could be useful if you know that you've been exposed to it right away and you ingested it because charcoal is actually going to bind on to organic material like the virus and then you can excrete it without it getting absorbed into your system or or going into the mucosa. And so the erratic way of course as I mentioned yesterday there's no double blind placebo controlled trials on anything with coke at this point. But theoretically it could have an advantage and they cope it 19 I'm glad the question was asked because Coke at 19 is actually very active in the got itself this is why people get nausea and they get diarrhea and they get anorexia and they even lose their sense of smell and these are very common symptoms with coke at 19 and charcoal can actually help us excrete that virus and theoretically get it out of our system quicker. I think we have one more question Dr Natalie thank you very much this person says you told us about mercury in fish is it safe to take Omega supplements and I'm guessing they're they're thinking is it take is it safe to take Omega oil supplements. Yes we don't recommend the Omega fish oil supplements there is one supplement maker that actually has patented the process and they get over 90 percent of the mercury removed it's a very expensive will cost about 240 dollars a month for a therapeutic dose of this it's called Low Vespa but it turns out if we get those long chain omega 3 s. from the plants of the waters the mercury level is far less than what low base as which is a fish oil that has the least amount of mercury as any fish oil and so we recommend if you need a long chain omega 3 s. to get it from the plants of the waters and there's a couple supplements that have that new i.q. is one of them Opti 3 is another and these are going to be you know. The mercury levels of the $100000.00 times less than what you'll find in the fat of fish and you all so in other words it's it's really a negligible amount but you will get those long chain anti-inflammatory omega 3 s. But having said that if you're on a no arachidonic acid diet that means a plant based diet and you're getting flax seed and chia seeds and spinach and all and in those type of things you'd normally are going to be pretty good at converting those over to the long chain and so you may not even need to worry about taking an Omega 3 so. Thank you from not been such an exciting exciting topic I can't believe we're already coming to the end of our show Hester countesses and such a blessing to have Dr Neal not only left and Dr Natalie again thank you for everything that you're looking at Lee and we mar Institute and before we ended we talked just briefly about next week's presentation definitely can you just tell us we didn't hear what new star even stands for we talked about some of the principles of new start we've been discussing them in our Symposium the can you just quickly tell us what that acronym stands for nutrition exercise water sunlight temperance air rest and trust in God so all the things that we've been discussing at the symposiums and in London medical Mondays again thank you so much Dr Natalie thank you for what we mark is doing and God bless your institute. I've been blessed by today's presentation I I have to and I just want to thank Dr Dudley too and thank Wiemar for their wonderful work they're doing and of course if you ever get a chance to go to their their place out there in northern California it's a wonderful spot we are Institute So thank you Dr Natalie God bless you and your work and you know Dr Lila as we close our program today I just want to let everyone know once again that that last t. that we've talked about right Lila that the trust factor. God invites us to trust him you know we've we've had so much going on during this coronavirus Kogan 1000 crisis a lot of people are out of work in fact we know that more than 26000000 Americans now are out of work and that's a high number some of you watching this broadcast you may be struggling to know how are you going to make ends meet How are you going to deal with the kids being home another day of Corentin is just like sometimes you know the frustration builds I want you guys to know today we want you to know number one that God loves you he cares about you he cares not only about your foo. Cicle health which is what this program is all about he cares about your spiritual health as well because what's most important friend is that you and I accept Christ into our hearts and are ready for his soon return and I just want to leave you with this promise today which is a good reminder that we don't have to be afraid or troubled about anything in this life because we know that Jesus is preparing a place for us in heaven Dr Amen we love this promise this is from John Chapter 14 just want to share this with you as we close the Bible says Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you that's you friend every single one of us God is preparing a place for us and the end users says if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you to Myself that where I am there you may be also so wherever you are today whatever you're struggling with whatever you may be going through I want you to remember we want you to remember that Jesus loves you he wants the best for your physical health that's why we talk about nutrition and exercise and all the things we're talking about in this program but even most importantly friend he wants the best for you spiritually he wants you to have that peace of mind that peace of mind that can only come from knowing him and from trusting your life into his hands and he promises us as we just read one day very soon he's going to come back and take us all home to be with him forever isn't that what you want I know that's what I want let's just have a word of prayer right now and invite Jesus into our hearts. Father in heaven thank you so much for this program today thank you for the wonderful things we've learned about how to have better nutrition so that we can optimize our immunity and get through this coronavirus crisis Thank you Lord for the reminder to get out and do some gardening and get some exercise I pray that each one that's listening to the program today that they would be able to take some very practical tips home with them and make positive changes for their life but more important than any of that I pray that we would all remember the promise Lord that you love us that you promised that your coming back to take us home and that you have a place prepared for us help us to trust in that promise and made that promise give us great peace in our hearts today be with those who may be struggling who may be sick those who are on the front lines as our health care workers we pray for them keep them safe and Lord help us all to put our trust in you today we pray this in Jesus' name a man. Thank you so much Dr Lila it's been this hour went by so fast Jen has been a blessing and I want to remind everybody that coming up next week of course next Sunday night Dr Li Lo We have the medical symposium Once again that's right you're not going to want to miss it again we're looking at self restraint and sleek keys to reopening the globe that will be Sunday night and Monday will be our practical application I don't want you to forget again it's a prank Oh that we've been talking about again that comparison between the 1918 pandemic and the current code that 19 this was the blueprint that many of those institutions that we've been discussing from 1800 used to again the title of the book is the ministry of healing for the 1st 50 people today that share the link of the show that you just watched you will receive a free copy plus a forward by myself and Dr Kyle again God bless you we look forward to seeing you next to 8 Until then keep safe keep well and keep happy in Jesus so you have less everyone.


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