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Pandemic of Persecution - Part 2

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

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  • May 2, 2020
    12:15 PM
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The pandemic of persecution part 2 Let us pray Father God we thank you once again for bringing us into this place we thank you Father for allowing us this opportunity to study a word in history and prophecy ask Father God to make me just the nail upon the wall a rusty sorry mail order Department mail or to ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ Lord let Eric waltz not be seen or heard is that Father God let us hear a word from the throne room of grace this is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen Revelation Chapter 6 The world will jump back to will build a little bit back up from where we left off last time there's so much I wish I could go into but in a 2 part piece there's a lot that I can't and there are some deeper spiritual messaging that I find to these verses that I want to share and so I'm not going to get into this as if it was a revelation seminar but really more kind of what I call a sermon are where we kind of blend a sermon in with the seminar so Revelation 6 and verse 7 says and when he had open the 4th Seal are the voice of the of the 4th Be say Come and see and I looked and behold a Pale Horse and his name that sat on him was death and hell followed him with him and power was given unto them over the 4th part of the earth to kill with the sword and with hunger and with death and with the beasts of the Earth this is we still we talked about this being the church during the Dark Ages and the persecution of the faithful during this time through programs like the Spanish Inquisition. And the desire to destroy the heretics to put unquote heretics in Europe and eventually even around the world. One of the things that we highlighted last time is that here where it says in verse 8 of Revelation 6 it says that they to kill with the sword and with hunger and with death and the word for death there is thought not to use the word I mentioned last time is also the word that Marvel Comics use to create the villain phantoms he's the got Greek god of death and so here it says that you are to kill with death lot of times us that's translated pestilence and since we're in the middle of a pandemic a pestilence it is interesting that this is embedded in this church which would have been the church that would have existed around the Church of Revelation Chapter 3 of fire Tire and Sardis which will come back to later on so this is where we are in the story where the people of God are being persecuted it is a terrible time and the world went so far backwards that we still to this day call the time when the papacy rule the world with almost complete. Around the world complete power we still call that the Dark Ages we talked last time about how Galileo the great astronomer was actually. Taken in front of one of these tribunals and put under house arrest and died it was a time where science and information and progress were completely stifled but it was predicted in the scripture Paul in 2nd thought that's alone eons Chapter 234 and 7 speaking of what we described last time as this little horn power said Let no man deceive you by any means for that day shall not come except there come a falling away 1st and that Man of Sin be revealed the son of perdition who oppose it and exalt himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped. So that he is so that he as God said in the temple of God showing himself that he is God for the mystery of iniquity death already work only he who now let us will let until he be taken out of the way Paul says listen even right now there is working underfoot and what was it was Paul really referring to the idea that as we study 2 to 4 horses of revelation that after the white horse the 1st horse which only lasted till about $100.00 a.d. that afterwards quickly and swiftly paganism would slip into the church and begin to take hold of the church and eventually the church would go from a white horse to a black horse after the Red Horse of the influence of paganism and under the black horse the church gained the papacy gained complete control and then under the pale horse where we land today the church now has political and religious power that's what Paul is warning them of way back when he wrote to the Thessalonians Revelation 69 and 10 says that when he had opened the 5th seal asunder the altar of the souls of them that were slain for the Word of God and for the testimony which they held they cried with a loud voice saying how long the holy and true let's not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth and we talked last time about how the blood of Cain called out of the blood of Abel sorry called out to God when he was the blood of Abel called out to God after his brother came had killed him this is symbolic imagery stating that one wouldn't wouldn't when the righteous are slaughtered by God he hears and sees it all so what happened this time period moves forward there's certain things that begin to happen one of them is the Protestant Reformation as Martin Luther. On October 31st interesting that that that that date and now holds other meaning but as he stood there over 500 years ago and he hammered his 95 pieces into the wall of that church he began what will he actually continued what was a great reform movement against many of the false teachings and doctrines of the church at the time and this to me and as you study this thing is the time when his blood begins to cry out when those who have been put in under false trials and tortured persecuted and slain now hundreds of thousands of them at least that's a conservative estimate now as the as the as the Protestant Reformation comes forward what they died for was justified people like the Walden seas and others who suffered at the hands of the Vatican in the papacy under the times of the Dark Ages and ultimately what happens to when this time at around the time when. Of that witness as that as the 7 Seals move through and you get to the 6 seal one of things that happens in 798 as birth year arrests Pope Pius the 6th and as you can see here in this picture and this was of took away the temporal power from the Vatican I want you to understand before this they had political and religious power but the French after the French Huguenots had suffered would talk more about them in a 2nd a 2nd under the rule of of the Vatican it's as if Napoleon a couple 100 years later looking back to see it realizes that this type of rule is not good and he any. Turned Italy into a republic and and wants Europe to be led a different way there's a lot more to going to pack from that but what ends up happening however is that that is a wound a deadly wound as we'll see it's called later on that is received by the papacy this deadly wound changes everything because it is the beginning of the end of the persecution of the Dark Ages. And so some say well those dark ages the it didn't really happen and they argue it but here the pope apologizes for killing Protestants after 500 years and this is from the trumpet Journal the pope aims to end the biggest split in Christendom a development that would radically expand the prestigious and reach of the Catholic church so the pope says we're sorry we killed Protestants all those years ago and the pope comes forward because the pope as we're going to see is trying to bring the world back together under the dollar's as somebody article goes on I sense some other thing that says. The trumpet has long said that the Catholic Church would play a major role in unifying Europe once again the only unifying authority which the coming 10 nations of Roman Catholic Europe can accept is the Pope of Rome now from herbut arms and he wrote that back in 1961 and playing through the magazine but they say now even back then Mr Armstrong saw the potential religious unity and political unity to be linked this was even before the Vatican 2 Council the famous Catholic meeting that revolutionized the church's approach to outside groups and began laying the groundwork for the type of unity the church is seeking now they quote here and they say the nations of Europe want to go together yet they are competitive against each other they distrust each other this is before the European union was formed the Common Market is knocking down the chief competitive barrier trade and that's what the European use common market does he wrote in that same article another serious barrier has been religion Protestants have been unwilling to submit to the thought to the authority of the pope. But that barrier to his fast crumbling but you see what he said there he said this back at night is why I believe they're quoting back to 161 everywhere there is a relaxing of Protestant opposition against the Roman Catholic Church there was a deadly wound we talked about in 798 that is being healed and this is being spoken of a by from the trumpet magazine today both economic and religious barriers to a united Europe a greatly weakened he wrote The Pope is the one political leader who can demolish the political barrier and then he says The stage is set the stage is set all that is needed is a new fear for their common safety from Russia now this was written during the time of the Cold War But I want you to notice that he says that the pope is the one political leader even though the pope is supposed to be a religious leader the quest to heal the wound is a quest to bring the political power back to the Vatican. So he goes on the article goes on and says the super state that the European Union elites want to create is not possible without some kind of common heritage which is why we set see it on the brink of collapse today only the Catholic church can provide that heritage having close relations with Europe's major churches is a necessary precondition as Mrs Armstrong pointed out that is already in place so that the writer from the recent articles is saying all this no major religious group in Europe opposes the Catholic Church I want you to hear this church no major religious group in Europe opposes the Catholic Church or the Pope in principle there are there are merrily a narrowing number of doctrinal disagreements now to say not only is the pope want to bring the political side of this all together I say this but if some pick pictures from the Capitol but that it to the headquarters of the European Union and how that all of the Catholic imagery as if the Catholic Church is the official Church of the European Union but not a sin and that's the political side they're also saying from us from a doctrinal side that there are merely and narrowing number of doctrinal disagreements in other words from a from a from the a logical standpoint the differences are going to fall away the question is if the illogical differences fall away who's the ology will you be left with 1963 in the midst of the Vatican 2 Council the plain truth reported today the time is ripe is all they back in 1903 today the time is ripe according to the official Catholic views for making a final effort to unite the church bodies of the Christian world. The mighty problem of achieving unity is twofold 1st it involves reconciliation of the Orthodox schism that officially commenced in $1054.00 and divided the churches in the east Greece Russia and Balkans and the Near East near from Rome 2nd involves restoration to the Roman communion of all Protestantism all of Protestantism which developed from 1517 on where they said listen we've got to get the Orthodox churches back and we've got to get Protestant churches back what's interesting is that is one Orthodox Church they don't mention a couple one of them is Egypt and the Coptic Church and also the Ethiopian Orthodox Church which when you read a great controversy it speaks to the central Africa and the fact that deep down and out in Central Africa Sister White tells us that they were Can they continue to keep the Sabbath so they would do there was a desire to pull this off back it's not it's not. It's not a coincidence that it was Italy who invaded Ethiopia and tried to colonize it because Ethiopia had held on to much of the Bible through that had been it had been. Splintered a bit but but the saga truth remained there and a reverence for scripture remained there that the Vatican did not like and so Mussolini tried to take the o.p.o. but otherwise than that they said they have to get all of these Orthodox churches and is an interesting many of the Orthodox churches fail to communism including ultimately even Ethiopia fell to communism after Haley Selassie departure so come communism seems of swept in and there's those who believe that Communism is allowed to go in to certain places in order to remove orthodox religion sort of the Catholic Church can have a place inside of those nations and you can do more study on that but if you look at the Orthodox churches those are the countries that were much more likely to become communist under the Soviet power. The 1st problem the reconciliation of the Orthodox schism is nearly resolved the only real exception here is the Russian Orthodox Church which is a tool of the Russian government and therefore less keen on submitting to Rome the 2nd divide is almost resolved as well look at this of course there will be holdouts who will not return to Rome voluntarily listen to this last sentence This article says these would have to be dealt with after a strong political union is in place this magazine says that in fact those who will not fold under Rome once there is political unity again and of and no badly worn has been restored and the temporal powers of the Vatican have been put back into place when that happens then vote who disagree according to the words of this author they will be dealt with pandemic persecution will come back once again see what happened there in the dark ages happening again now the author says Today we see an economic crisis fear of terrorism and fear of Russia all pushing Europe together Meanwhile the Catholic Church has already made great headway toward unity with Lutherans full unity would not just be of interest to religious people it would have real world a geo political implication as Mr Aris Armstrong wrote the stage is set I want to understand it although I know some don't don't understand this kind of preaching I don't want this kind of preaching the reality is that what has been prophesied is coming to pass and will get more into that now because not only is the time of persecution coming but there is a decided effort to erase the persecutions of the past and I can't read all of this but from the journal the article the Guardian's Ari. Historians say Inquisition wasn't that bad. For centuries people were burned at the stake stretched to death or otherwise tortured for failing to become Roman Catholic but of research released by the Vatican is right the Inquisition was not as bad as one might think I would love for you to read that entire article as they make the case that in fact really it was only of are only a few 100000 people that actually not not millions I don't give those 10 people 10800008 speaks to the nature of this beast the nature of this beast that will one day again speak like a dragon once the wound is healed so this idea now they're going to do and go back and pretty up the history and say Yeah it really the Spanish Inquisition wasn't that bad is a shocking thing one of the examples of this is the the French Huguenots who left from France and fled to amend the North America and South Africa I've been to in South Africa to the museum and a monument to where they landed and of course we have them we have not societies in South Carolina and on other parts of the Eastern Seaboard but a large number of French refugees began to arrive in the Cape after and that's the Cape of South Africa after leaving their their country as a result of the edict of bloop. 1685 which revoked the edict of nots in 5098 that I gained that it granted religious toleration to Protestants and so it was Louis the 13th and Louis the 14th which brought great persecution to the Huguenots all of a sudden there was a push and this is what happened and if you read the story of a Huguenot it was a horrible persecution and yet now they would say listen what happened Baghdad wasn't so bad Revelation 13 says it like this I stood up on the sand of the sea. Saw a beast rise up out of the sea having 7 heads and 10 horns upon his horns 10 crowns upon his heads the name of blasphemy again this is the little horn power. This is the Pale Horse Power And The Beast which I saw was like unto a leopard in his feet well as the feet of a bear in his mouth as the mouth of a lion and the and the dragon gave him his power in a seed and great authority the hared of the beasts of Daniel 7 are a pile together to create a conglomerate which speaks to the Pagan a background from Babylon Greece and Pagan Rome that ties into this new beast but it says in verse 3 of Revelation 13 and I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and then he says and all the world wondered after the beast and all the world wondered after the bees after it was healed the question we've got to answer before we get to some of the lessons from all of this is has this wound been healed we know 1929 Mussolini restored temporal power to the Vatican City and a pope became a political entity and a religious entity at which time he could receive. Diplomats United States banned that there was a law in America against sending diplomats in order to respect the 1st Amendment of the Constitution for separation of church and state how do you send a diplomat to a religious political power when we don't mix those 2 things together. But I want to submit to you that things change pretty quickly here's a picture of the pope and President Barack Obama laughing and says that the topic take what you need and leave the rest why atheists love Pope Francis the pope ignites and President secular excitement and this week us crowds coming to see him this is when he visited Philadelphia and this week u.s. crowds coming to see him will likely be infiltrated by many non-religious admires the Bible says that all the world wondered after the beast even atheists would come will come and respect him one of the one of the one of the brightest minds of what the law disagree with them heavily on many things is um H.B.O.'s Bill Maher who has his own t.v. show I don't I don't watch it real but I've seen a show many times and he is a die hard anti religion guy I made a documentary called religious In other words that if you're a Christian a Jew a Muslim it's ridiculous it's religious yet he sings the pope's praises every I'm saying the pope's praises is a former Catholic I think it's fair one of his parables a Catholic and he was raised partly in Catholic schools and yet he who hates religion and God speaks well of the pope all the world wanted after the beast and of course John Paul the 2nd a scene here with Nancy Reagan and Ronald Reagan and a formal visit and all of a sudden promised that America would once not send a diplomat now the presidents of this great nation even Bernie Sanders and others they want to go and sit at the feet of the pope they want they want the the blessing of the pope on their political. On their political moves and so to the wound that existed when finally America reversed this the ban on sending. Diplomats to the Vatican is almost as if that was the final piece of the wound healing. Now the world sees everything different in fact in this pandemic you can see from this article here my father Joseph De Wallace written April 9th just a few weeks ago of 2020 it says pandemics the pandemic unites Christians in prayer but Francis leads a global recitation of the Lord's Prayer from the life of the up epistatic palace at the Vatican March 25th 2020 the pope and the Orthodox Anglican and Protestant leaders who joined him for the prayer implored God's mercy on the matter amid the coronavirus pandemic I want you to understand as this pandemic rolls on and the ones with the world's fear rolls on they will use this as an opportunity to try and be even more ecumenical and bring the world to religions together it is happening as it was predicted the wound has been healed and here is the truth if the wound is healed well the beast begin to act as she used to well this is a quote from the book the keys of this blood by Molokai Martin administered to quote his book a lot this is one of the people he helped translate the Dead Sea Scrolls the strong Catholic author of the good of the Jesuits and the final conclave the name of the book is The keys of this blood the struggle for Old Dominion between Pope John Paul the 2nd Mikhail Gorbachev and the capitalist west he says in that book and I'll quote it with some. In the eyes of bracketed here of groups like advocates Baptists and Evan genital sex on bracketed their regard and respect for democratic principles impose upon them the obligation the religious as well as the civil and political obligation to defend every person's right to be wrong every person must have the right not only to believe in a hell of the Damned and Heaven of the saved. Every person is of the right not only to believe in the hell of the Damned and having to be saved every person must literally be assured the right to choose or over heaven that obligation carried to the extreme not only sets the minimalists apart from John Paul it sets them against him as well that you know the fact that we believe in America based on the 1st Amendment of the Constitution that you should have a right to choose how you worship a where you spend eternity according to Malakhov Martin that sets any of us who believe that against the Pope 2nd paragraph says it sets it says it sets them apart from the Holy Father because democratic principles can never take precedence over divine revelation whose divine revelation the pope's no one can be forced to believe in heaven or hell or to choose the one over the other Nevertheless it is axiomatic for John Paul that no one has the right democratic or otherwise to him or wrong as preached to 87 of that book no one has a right to choose them all wrong here is the thing church if the more wrong one day is that you don't keep Sunday holy according to what is written here you don't have the right if you don't have the right how did they deal with those in a pastor in a dark age is there any inquisition during the the banishing of the Huguenots how would those who are on the wrong side of Catholic morals how are they treated all timidly they were persecuted tortured and put to death the question during this pandemic now is will this happened again. The book The Great controversy page 565 other White says it like this she says the Roman Church is far reaching in her plans and modes of operation this is set long before the 2nd Vatican Council of $860.00 of $163.00 and a White says she the Roman Catholic Church she is employing every device to extend her influence and increase her power in preparation for a fierce and determined conflict to regain control over of the world and yet to reestablish persecution and to undo all that Protestantism has done Catholicism is gaining ground upon every side see the increasing number of our churches and chapels in Protestant countries look at the popularity of our colleges and seminaries in America so widely patronized by Protestants look at the growth of ritualism in England and the frequent their defections to the ranks of the Catholics these things should awaken the anxiety they should awaken the anxiety of all who prized the pure principles of the Gospel goes on in a great controversy page 571 on the right says the Roman Church now presents a fear front to the world covering with apologies just as we just read one covering with apologies her record of horrible cruelties she has closed their self and Christ like garments but she is Unchained unchanged every principle of the papacy that existed in past ages exists today the doctrines devised in the darkest ages are still held let none deceive themselves the papacy the Protestants are now so ready to honor him is the same that rule the world in the days of the Reformation when when men of God stood up at the peril of their lives to expose her iniquity. She presents is the same pride an arrogant assumption that lorded it over kings and princes and claimed the Parag that is of God Her spirit is no less cruel and despotic now than when she crushed out human liberty and slew the saints of the most high so we go back to Revelation Chapter 6 I want to show you where we are now Revelation 612 says and I beheld when he had opened the 6th Seal and lo there was a great earthquake the sun became black as sackcloth of hair and the moon became as blood in the stars of heaven fell on to the earth even as a fig tree cast her untimely figs when she s. when a she is shaken of a mighty wind verse 14 says and the heaven depart as a scroll what is rolled together and every mountain and island were moved out of their places here's what I want you to get church we are between Revelation 613 and Revelation 614 that's where we are right now the all of those signs and I was going to go through them tonight starting at the Lisbon earthquake of $755.00 and ending with the stars falling in $833.00 and it was even another time 1906 all of these signs showed that in fact the the would be delivered and the time of the end would start and we are living in that space and we're going to fill in the space between $13.14 in terms of what we need to do tonight but don't just look to revelations that look at Matthew $24.00 verse $29.30 it says immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened. And a moon shot not give her light and the stars shall fall from heaven and the powers of em shall be shaken all of that is going to happen and then what happens verse 30 speaks to what's about to happen next church and then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn and they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory church the next thing if you look at Revelation 6. 13 and 14 I'm asking 242930 the next thing that happened is the 2nd coming of Christ where we are but if you go to the 7 seals something happens that is where I want to focus on tonight something happens as you go into the 7 seals when you get to Revelation Chapter 7 in verse one it says and after these things I saw 4 angels standing on the 4 corners of the earth holding the 4 winds of the earth that the whip should not blow on the earth nor on the sea nor on any tree before the time comes when when the wicked run to the rocks as we talked about last week and save fall on us and hide us from the face of Him that cometh who shall be able to stay and ask the question because of the wrath of the Lamb God something happens the Spirit of Prophecy tells us more on this we'll get to that a 2nd but he's for Angel's holding back the 4 winds of strife it is stuck in the middle here of the 7 seals Why to tell you what has to happen these forums are ready to let the winds of strife blow Revelation 72 says and I saw another angel ascending from the east of the seal of the Living God crowd of the loud voice of the 4 angels to whom it was given to her Earth in the sea saying hurt not the earth neither the sea you know the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads Don't miss this. In between the verses that we just talked about in Revelation 613 and 14 in Matthew 242930 in between those verses before the 2nd coming happens there's a ceiling that must take place in fact a 5th angel is sent to stop the 4 angels from letting go of the world has become so wicked that it's time for a raft to come Jesus sees this and another angel comes in mercy because God's remnant must be sealed How's that happen well it happens it says they must be sealed in their foreheads remember that the mark of the beast will get into that tonight but it happens in the forehead and in the right hand but the seal of God only happens in the forehead Why is that relevant because all who will be sealed or saved in the last days are going to have to make a choice. If you get a mark in your hand it means you're a follower that's what that means in the market beast but when you when you make the decision to follow God There is no doubt defacto way to do it you must choose it and this is what the frontal lobe is for it sits right behind the forehead bone it is often called the prefrontal cortex of the brain it is the part of the brain where reasoning happens decisions are made where we think in fact is where our personality in our characters sits this is what the devil wants to destroy the great controversy really boils down to the battle for the frontal lobe of the minds of the world. Who'll reign supreme in the minds of the people this is why the Bible says that we are to have them this mind in us that was also in Christ Jesus it is the frontal lobe this part of the brain that's why there's so much push and we'll talk about this more next week so much of a push on for drugs and alcohol. And other addictive substances that take you out of your right mind is what a Bible says that the drug will not inherit the kingdom of God because you must be able to choose factor so relevant that in Isaiah want to verse 18 as it's come now let us reason together say at the Lord the Ascend be since be a scarlet they shall be as white as snow though they be red like crimson they shall be as wool How does that happen you've got to be able to reason that's why the devil wants you intoxicated he wants you dumb in the mind he wants you thinking about what's on tick tock and what's on what's on Facebook and what's on instagram he want you distracted with Netflix and and the secular music of the day you want your mind absorbed in the petty shallow foolish things of this time why because you're between the verses Jesus is about to return and you've got to be sealed in your mind but if your mind is occupied would foolishness you won't receive the seal back and Paul speaks about this he says it as if he's a sick seventies. And take the helmet of salvation. And the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God that you get that when Paul speaks about the putting on a whole armor of God Salvation is a helmet why because helmets protect your frontal lobe it is that part of your brain where you are saved whether you even choose God where you believe God is where faith is nurtured and righteousness is my faith if you can remove or disagree tax in terms of moral connectivity the frontal lobe from the Spirit of God you will be lost so you need a helmet of celebration look at a Bible says he's the $113.00 and whom he also trusted after that you heard the word of truth the gospel of yourselves ation and who also after that he believed you were sealed with that Holy Spirit a promise what sealed you the Holy Spirit why is the Holy Spirit sealed because it is the Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth it is the Holy Spirit that transforms the character we ought to pray not just to the Holy Spirit but for the Holy Spirit because it is the Holy Spirit that's why so many companies false doctrines in our anti Trinitarian doctrines that destroy these things because if you can destroy any understanding of the Holy Spirit you won't have you won't be able to be sealed without the Holy Spirit. Fact fees and for speaking to those very people who speak against the Holy Spirit verse 37 grieve not the Holy Spirit of God whereby you are sealed on to the day every damn thing that means we are redeemed so it's not just. It's not just. That we make a choice we are redeemed Howard Dean Well I don't I wish I had more time to get into this tonight but I want you to understand that the people of God are redeemed because we have a belief we have a faith from our front of hope a belief in not just the righteousness of Christ but in the power of his blood to wash away our sins there are many in the last days were going to be lost because they question they cannot believe that the blood has the power to cleanse them of their sins yes even inside the Adventist Church there are many in admin and we're going to try and work their way into glory when they have to believe their way in and we believe that belief will take care of the action I'm not saying you can sin your way into heaven either but I am saying that many are they have not forgiven they don't believe they've been forgiven by God for the sins they committed sometimes 304050 years ago and so they're trying to find some other way to to expunge that record that was why the Protestant Reformation was fought in the 1st place because you can't pay had. A fee and be moved from purgatory into Heaven you can't pay an indulgence and and get. This your sins absolved you can't go into a booth with a man and he take your sin from you know your sin must be washed by the Blood of Jesus Christ grieve the Holy Spirit if you believe any other way is a seal of redemption you've got to believe you've been forgiven in fact if you don't believe that the power of God is able to end the blood of Jesus Christ is able to forgive you you give demons power in your life. Jesus went to the cross and he went to the cross and His blood is sufficient but you've got to believe it and this is one of the great last day tests that is often not spoken about that many are stuck waking up in the middle of the night worrying I'm I think given you've got to trust God got to trust him because you have been sealed into the day of redemption you have been. Redeemed how I love to proclaim it redeemed by the blood of. His child and for ever I. Had a wife as I like this a letter 126898 for me as the Bible Commentary by him for she says What is the seal of the Living God which is placed in the foreheads of his people as a mark which angels but not human eyes can read for the destroying angel Must see this mark of him should you get that the seal of the Living God isn't simply that you keep the Sabbath it is that you've been redeemed redeemed from what a life of sin the sins of been forgiven you've got the Holy Ghost power now so you don't live like you used to live like Paul says you're a new creature in Christ Jesus you're a new creation and a White says when you get 173-1000 or 2 she says just as soon as the people of God are sealed in their foreheads it is not any seal or mark that can be seen but I settling into the truth both intellectually and spiritually so they cannot be moved just as soon as God's people are sealed and prepared for the shaking it will come indeed it has begun already the judgments of God are now upon the lamb to give us warning that we may know what is coming I hope you hear it as church Ellen White makes it clear here. This see a lot let's go back to the text and then we'll what will finish up this passage of the of the Spirit of Prophecy is a powerful reminder it says that as soon as the people of God are sealed in their foreheads it's not a seal or a mark that can be seen it is a settling into the truth and most of us think that that means I've studied him as if I'm studying for a board exam and after medical school or for the Nursing boards or I'm studying for my Bar Exam of I'm a lawyer so I want to examination the teachers must pass we think that understanding the doctrine that way is simply what it means that is important don't ever let anybody tell you that understanding a doctor is not important that's the intellectual side but there's a spiritual side and the White says it's not just intellectual It's a spiritual settling into the truth so that so they cannot be moved did you get that if you only get the intellectual part and you don't get the spiritual part if you don't understand what it means to be washed in the blood of the lamb if you don't get what it means that have a and abiding relationship with Jesus if you cannot sing with fervor and authenticity What a Friend We Have in Jesus all our sins and grieved to bear it spiritually you have not been connected to the Lamb of God when when the time of trouble comes when difficulty comes you'll be shaken out as soon as God's Will a seal of a prayer for the shaking that will come then she says something profound she said in fact the judgments of God are now upon the land to give us warning why because the shaking as already started watch this I've been saying this since the beginning of this whole pandemic and all of the sermons we've been given I keep saying that this coronavirus is warning. This is a warning that we may know what is coming as the Spirit of Prophecy says why is it a warning because all of a sudden we found out that all of the things of the world that we put our trust in are fragile that they break easily and America the richest nation in the world what all of our pomp and pride it is pandemonium in and chaos in our in our in our response to this virus all over the world no more sporting events the food chain is broken down is the threat of mass starvation around the world because of this virus all of these things happening to humble us everything we thought was for sure has been erased it's warning it's a warning especially to the Church of God that it is time to get ready you know it's time to be sealed because one of things that the spirit of prophecy says about the seal is that we are to be molded even now our minds are being molded either to receive the seal of God or the mark of the beast right now you are receiving that mold so I challenge you understand the warning as we jump back to Revelation Chapter 6 says something profound revelation 69 says and when he had open the 5th seal I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the Word of God for the testimony was the l. word is already and he cried with a loud voice saying How long oh lord and wholly untrue that's doubt not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth and white robes were given to every one of them and it was said unto them that they should rest yet for a little season under their fellow servants also and their brethren that should be killed as they were should be fulfilled right this is that's the text that we've been reading but I want to go deeper into that text this Texas that listen you got to wait a little while this morning are going to die but when you go here it says in white robes were given unto them. The the Greek word for rope is Stoli it's a it's a word that means a full covering like from head to toe like like a full covering and the Bible says that this is given to them white robes given why because they came to great trial and tribulation characters were perfected and that is represented that they have the character of Christ in fact they were given a white robe compare that to the church of Laodicea white robes Revelation 3 it says because they are says I am rich and increase Revelation chapter 3 verse 17 because I say as I am rich increase with goods and have need of nothing and no is not the dollar wretched and miserable and poor and blind and make it I counsel the to buy of me gold tried in the fire that obviously Richard look at this and white Rayment the Dalmatian be clothed and at the same of that nakedness do not appear and annoying dyes I sow the Dolma see as many Look at verse 19 as many as I love Jesus says I rebuke and chase and big zealous therefore and repent Don't miss this when speaking. To those that would survive the dark ages they are given a Why room this is at the time the church at Dyea Tyra Sardis maybe you can match those up however you want to match them up but is that those of those coming out of dark ages allowed to see it represents the church of today of now not the Church of the dark ages and all the Church of the dark of those that are white and you read a star started though that that kept their robes those and those that got separated they want to vent being given a white robe look at this the Church of the last day is told that they must by their rule their white garments what why would you have to buy a white garment now when they were given there is because a verse 17 as you say I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing. You see church the pandemic of persecution has a purpose the trials that we're about to go through as a church even before. The 7 last plagues fall and all of those things happened the trials that we're going through now serve a purpose they are to show us our need yes our need because we don't realize that spiritually we're miserable or poor blind and make it isn't it crazy that you just call somebody poor and make it and tell them to buy something in the next verse after you buy something if you're poor and make it but it worked by here is a powerful word what is really being said is that there's something you've got to give up that's what happens when you do a transaction and you buy something you give up something in order to receive something so clearly you can't buy the Gospel you can't buy salvation what is it that must be given up what is being given up here is our arrogance and pride you've got to let go of it self-righteousness La-Z. fair lacks a days ago attitude toward spiritual things some things have to be given up your worldliness your desire for popularity and acceptance in a world gone mad you've got to get rid of it fact what Jesus says verse 19 is that he loves you so much. That he will allow us to be rebuked and chase in other words the trials the pandemic of persecution the difficulty that you are going through right now and some of the difficulties that we're going to go through they are allowed so that we will repent they are allowed to that will come back to God fully and wholeheartedly So we will understand our condition and once we truly understand our condition we can buy because then we understand our need for Christ as I see it and sometimes gives people everything they want. There's a lot of people in the world that are turning from God the most are those with the most in fact Isaiah says it like this is their 55 years once as well everyone that thirst is coming into the waters and and he that hath no money Cami buy and eat it come buy wine and milk without money and without price wait a minute he says Listen and Listen if you can buy without money without price in fact yes and verse 2 he says Wherefore do you spend money for that which is not bread What is bread bread is the Word of God Why are you spending effort and time with that which won't feed you spiritually and he goes on and your labor for that would satisfy of not hearken diligently on to me and eat that he that which is good and let your soul the like itself in fact miss incline your ear and come on to me here and your soul shall live and I will make an everlasting covenant with you even the shore mercies of David what do you buy and what do you get for free you get into a covenant relationship which means you get credit Bibles as an Abraham believed God and it was credited to him for righteousness you don't have anything really to offer credit you get to buy based on I'm sure mercies of David what does that mean it means that that as the gospel says to grace and mercy you will grace you will get what you don't deserve and mercy you won't get what you do deserve God is going to give you what you don't deserve what you've got to buy it how do you buy it through faith believing you get credit so that you can purchase righteousness is by faith James one and verse 2 says my brother in. Count all joy when you fall into diverse temptations knowing this that the trying of your faith work of patients that you get that it is the trying of your faith we're going to go through difficulty church because our faith must be tried to develop patience here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and of the testimony of Jesus Christ how do you get that patience you get it to trial verse 4 of James one says but let patients have a perfect work that you may be perfect and entire In other words that you get your white robe wanting nothing goes on in verse 5 James Lee says if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God give it to all men liberally integrated not and it shall be given to him You don't think you have what it takes ask God for the wisdom ask God to empower your frontal lobe the part of your brain it is being molded to either receive the seal of God or a mark of the beast I ask God to give you wisdom where does wisdom sit it sits in the frontal lobe let him ask God to give it to all men liberally and a brain is not and it shall be given him let him ask in faith to get it its faith nothing wavering but he that waiver those like the wave of the sea driven with the wind and toss for let not that man think that he shall receive anything of the Lord if you get it you can't buy it if you don't believe if you don't have faith you won't get anything from God verse 8 makes it clear a double minded man is unstable in all his ways double minded man is unstable can't try and oscillate between the seal of God and the mark of the back and forth with the mark of the beast is not yet Sunday laws but as I've talked about it that's not what it is it your molding your mind receive the mark of the beast you are molding your mind to be separated from God to receive what the world gives you. So I do this as a Matthew 5 and verse 10 Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness but there's the kingdom of heaven less are you and men shower of vile you and persecute you and just say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your award in heaven but so persecuted they the prophets which were before you persecution will purify our souls it is it was persecution that was the the blood of the martyrs was the was the seed of the church it grew the church revelation 8 verse one says the when he had opened the 7th seal there was silence in heaven about the space of a half an hour I'm going to finish this talk on the 7 seals and on to the pandemic of persecution with this verse and I will give a couple to Melun white be done but but I want you to get this once the people of God are sealed their silence in heaven when Jesus steps out of the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary he takes off his priestly robes and puts on his kingly robes and when he leaves Heaven to come to earth silence there because all the angels everyone follows him here during that time the last iteration of persecution will happen we'll talk about I want to 2nd it will go to the time of Jacob's trouble that is going to happen but I want you to understand the Day is coming when Heaven will be silent Why will it be silent it will be silent because Christ is coming to get you and the wife says this in Christian experience and teaching page 100 I saw that the 4 angels would hold the 4 winds until Jesus work was done in the sanctuary and then will come the 7 last plagues these plagues and rage the wicked against the righteous they that they thought that we had brought the judgment of God upon them and that if they could read the earth of us the plagues would then be stayed. A decree one 4th to slay the Saints which cause them to cry day and night for deliverance this was the time of Jacob's trouble then all the saints cried out with anguish of spirit and were delivered by the voice of God the 144000 triumphed their faces were lighted up with the glory of God he's coming to get you church and when things on earth see in the darkness when the people of grog God cry the loudest the voice of God spoken of by Paul the voice of God the shout of God and the and and the voice of the archangel shall be heard at Archangel as Christ himself and all of a sudden will be delivered at the darkest hour oh I will finish with this last quote I will I said this Christian experience in teaching but you want to preach he says God has shown me that he gave his people a better cup to drink to purify and cleanse them it is a bitter draft and they can make it still more bitter by murmuring complaining and repining but those who receive it thus must have another draft for the 1st dough for the 1st does not have its design effect upon the heart and if the 2nd does not affect the work they must have another and another until it does have its designed effect or they will be left filthy impure in heart I saw that this bitter cup can be sweetened by patients in durance and prayer and that it will have its designed effect upon the parts of those who thus receive it and God will be honored and glorified I challenge you church not to receive the bitter cup that is coming upon us as this pandemic has shown do not receive the bitter cup with murmuring complaining and repining receive this bitter cup with patience in durance the races not to the stronger to the swift it's a he that indoors. Let us pray Father God we thank you for so opportunity study a word in these prophecies of a lot of this message would reach the right people Father God we would all realize that we are in between the verses and the Lord you are soon to return many of us tonight are going to difficulties hardships but lord you've given us these things to purify us Lord because we've got to buy white garment as a church and leave and then we have nothing to buy it with so we've got to learn to believe you we've got to trust you Lord that you are able to deliver us from San and that you can forgive us from sin and it Lord you don't keep bringing our sin back up so Lord help us not to do that help us to walk into these last days understanding the power of the blood not only as a billet to give us strength over sin the fact that eradicate sin in our lives completely past present and give us strength to get over us sitting in the future more of the persecution the difficulties and the trials mount up and pile up a lot of us remember that you love us so sometimes or you're lucky you allow these things but you we're never left alone to deal with. Each of us to. Cultivate a relationship with Jesus Christ that is meaningful and. One that will last the sings the seeds of. Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you'd like to listen to more sermon. Visit b w w audio verse or.


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