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Pandemic of Addiction

Eric Walsh
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People are dealing with the fear of the Coronavirus and the lock down differently. Some are not dealing with it well. We look at some of the ways that individuals are mis-handling the current situation and how God can help them cope.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • May 9, 2020
    12:15 PM
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It was pretty Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study ordered and to review key issues of our times Lord once again I ask that you make me just the nail upon the wall or rusty sorry nail or bit upon that nail or I ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ Lord Eric was not be seen or heard instead father let us hear a word from the throne room of grace as our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen when I go tonight and have a lot to cover in this message so we're going to get right into it to Mark Chapter 5 Mark Chapter 5 a one of my favorite Bible stories it is I had it we were doing a Bible we're doing a worship at our house and one of the. Preteens that was in our group. Told us that she liked horror movies and so we studied these verses because I said I want you to see. The closest thing the Bible has to a horror movie story and this is it Mark 5 in verse one and they came over unto the other side of the sea into the country of the Gadarene Zz and when he was come out of the ship immediately there met him out of the Toulouse a man with an unclean spirit who had his dwelling among the tombs and no man could bind him no not with chains because that he had been often bound with fetters and chains and the chains had been plucked asunder by him and the fetters broken in pieces neither could any man tame him and always day night and day he was in the mountains and in the Tombs crying and cutting himself with stones the Bible here gives us the story of a man who has been so stricken with demon possession. The demand has been driven to live in the tools and the symbology not only the reality but the symbology of this tells us that this man was in a dark and lonely place I don't know about you but I don't like cemeteries especially not at night time they're there quiet sometimes really too quiet this man hid in the Tombs because there he and the demons were unmolested he was left alone there battling his demons and the Bible tells us that when people try to control him because he would come down out of the tombs and scare people and and by that I mean he was like a wild animal with no clothes on and he was. He was he was out of his mind completely the Bible says that even when they did bind him would fetters and chains and that he was able of pluck them loose and that they would break the chains indicating that under his demon possession he had a super power or super strength I should say and then the Bible says no man could tame him they tried to control him and no one could and in the Bible says he would cry and tubes by him selves crying cutting himself with stones I'm sure you know that there is even to this day this phenomenon of her people cutting themselves with stones verse 6 after Jesus gets out of the ship as man Rand runs out in verse 6 as something powerful. It says when he saw the Jesus of far off he ran and worshiped him I just use it when I'm in the make any sense here's a man possessed with demons cutting themselves crying no one can tame of but when he sees Jesus he's drawn to Jesus and he falls and worship him and let me tell you as we're about to see in the next few verses what one of the things that's happening is the demons inside of him were recognized Christ isn't that powerful the Jews couldn't recognise who Jesus was the Romans couldn't recognise who Jesus was but the demons inside this man remember Christ from the time when it all lived in harmony and peace before Lucifer as rebellion. Verse 7 says and cried the man cry out of the loud voice but it wasn't the man speaking the demon speak spoke What have I to do with the Jesus the Son of the most high God I have George the by God that thou torment me not for he said unto him come out of the man now unclean spirit and he asked him What is your name and he answered saying my name is legion for we are many and one of the And one of the synoptic gospels that actually tells it a demon requests not to be cast into the abyss into the holding place they did not want to be tormented I want you to get as church I don't care what demon is messing with you they are subject to Christ so much so that the Legion these many demons when they run into Christ they beg him how how to deal with them because he had the power to bind them to verse 10 and he was sought him much that he would not send them away out of the country instead verse 11 says there was some Her great herd of swine feeding and all the devils that you see it would have been said they were certain that all the devils were sort of they asked them hey send us into the swine. That we may enter into them so Jesus gave them leverage 13 says an unclean spirits went out entered into the so on and heard ran violently down a steep place into the sea and there were about 2000 slime and they were choked in the sea they drowned in the Sea This is one of the fascinating stories of the life of Christ in all of the Bible Jesus gets off the ship is a cost and by this man and when the story is over the demons that were in the man are in unclean pigs and they run to their death in the ocean will come back to the story but I but I want to tell you that there are many people in America and yet they are around the world that are in a similar situation to this man in fact this live shows a cartoon with the Statue of Liberty with with needles in our arms and it says the United States of addiction and you could see in the background and I suppose with a capital building whatever it would have with Zs coming from as if they're asleep and the Statue of Liberty is crying out for help why is this happening because in our country in America for those lift listening who do not live in our country we have a major pandemic that the coronavirus is making worse it is a pandemic of addiction and despair we are watching people die of preventable diseases related to drug overdose drug abuse alcoholism mental health issues and suicide we are watching these things happen and in fact America is in trouble because while all of the attention is on the coronavirus there is an effect on the mind that has not been taken into consideration look at what some and some of the experts say is a pandemic of despair suicide rates have increased 35 percent the United States between 19992018. The c.d.c. reports these rates are were elevated even higher among the medical profession compared to other professions isn't that interesting those of us in the medical field have an even higher suicide rate it appears likely that the cause of Cove in 1000 pandemic will lead to an increase rates of mental health problems and this one expert Sondra. A doctor at the Boston University School of Public Health says we must recognize the pandemic that will quickly follow the coronavirus pandemic and that is one of mental and behavioral illness what are they going to say 3 months into the coronavirus pandemic the country is on the verge of another health crisis with daily doses of death isolation and fear generating widespread psychological trauma federal agencies and experts warn that a historic wave of mental health problems. Historic wave of health mental health problems is approaching he look at the list depression substance abuse post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide just as the initial outbreak of the novel coronavirus caught hospitals unprepared unprepared the United States mental health system vastly underfunded fragmented and difficult to access before the pandemic is even less prepared to handle this coming surge. What kind of things are we seeing well there's a wave of despair I want you to see this this is domestic violence is one of them in fact I read an article that in France under the lockdown they the only one a few places open a pharmacy there code words a woman can go in and say to let them know if she's being abused at home by her her partner or significant other We've seen a rise in domestic violence in the use of opioids and we'll talk more about drugs in detail in a 2nd but but opioids are drugs that are taken the are drugs of a skate and fed a means and cocaine a drugs of adventure but opiates are drugs of a scape alcoholic liver disease and and suicides are on the rise and I'll pause here because this thing about suicide has been one of things that has been tough I lost of a teenage family member to suicide and then it is it has been really wrenching for me that something like that could happen and even recently a good friend of mine. Someone I know who was studying to be a nurse. Who had had some at difficulties in her life had turned a life around it was going to school I'd been witnessing to her about Christ regularly and sharing a Bible with her and I left her I moved away from California and and kept in touch writing letters of recommendation which she needed I'm only be called by some of the nurses I used to work with that she had taken her own life. Let me take some church the thing cut me to my core I want to give the details of how it happened or what happened except that it seems she may have been a bit isolated and bullied at school was not accepted by others as easily she was actually a very sweet girl and very helpful and very smart brilliant I love to spending time with her when we were at work but this is what we the times we live in. And we live in a time that since God has been extracted from society it's difficult for a lot of people to fill the void that life will create and we live in a time when just as those that legion of demons How did. The Gadarene cutting himself into stones in the Tombs I challenge you to think about this differently but but but to day there are our demonic influences challenging people to harm themselves I remember there was a study I read and I think there's even a documentary around it or a show or something about people who jump from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and of all of the dozens of people who have jumped from the bridge I don't remember how many it is a slight handful that have jumped from the bridge and survived the suicide attempt what was interesting the one gentleman that I heard his story says that as soon as he let go of the bridge the desire to commit suicide was gone but you'll hear it again in fact every one of those who survived the jump to that to trying to kill themselves every single one of them all said as soon as they let go and this is been supported by some of the literature that in fact suicide is a weird thing that if you truly try to do it it is not just an attempt and you do something expecting to lose your life that many times that individual as soon as they go beyond the point of no return seemingly the desire to kill yourself disappears one part of that may be the mental illness that is connected to suicide but as a Christian I have to believe that is a spiritual component to that the demons that have been messing with you. As soon as they think the task is done they step away long enough for you to regain control of your senses and realize you don't really want to die and I don't maybe it's conjecture on my part but I want to submit to you that in this time of the spear we ought to be praying for one another we ought to be supporting one another we ought not leave people in hurting and we need to reach out to those who are in pain I challenge you church to find someone who's having difficulty during this coronavirus and help support them and if someone is truly considering suicide they need to call a hotline and have get some help and at the same time reach out to family members and. Professionals that they might know that might be able to help and here's why one of the things about suicide it is ultimately true is that it is very it's very selfish the pain left behind by those who have to deal with the aftermath is a pain that words can barely describe and yet it's because people were hurting. That I get into this so one of the things were to slow for me as it was out of course as opiates you can see here America outpaces. How much opiates we take when any other country Canada 2nd Germany is 3rd Australia makes the list down there at the bottom Belgium does the Netherlands Spain is at the bottom of these are all of the top opiate using countries in the world if you look here this is us opioid overdose deaths on this graph. If you're just listening and you can't see this from 1999 to 2007 this number has like tripled. In a number of opioid related deaths that are happening in this country and I've had patients that it has happened to and I can tell you it's a terrible thing when someone overdoses on drugs and so how does all of this happen we talked about the frontal lobe and some of the other sermons on that we've done on that when we talk about the seal of the Living God But but again it's the frontal lobe it's the part of the brain where reasoning happens that the devil wants to get to why because reasoning is connected with salvation come now Isaiah 1000 says Come now let us reason together say of the Lord to your sins be a scarlet they shall be as white as snow though they be red like crimson they shall be as Will and when I worked in addiction medicine my training time I should say in addiction medicine at a veterans hospital at Loma Linda University in Loma Linda California I'll never forget the time I spent in the goose in the groups as these veterans of American wars were were overcoming different types of addictions powerful strong resilient men trying to put themselves back together I have great respect for them in fact I found that many of them know Christ better than many of us who have gone through some of the things they've been through but I would have a chant that they would say if you listen my sermons you've heard this before but I want to chance that I would say in a group is God made the human heart so big that only he can fill it. God made the human heart so big that only he can fill it and I asked one of the veterans what does that mean he said listen there's a god sized hole in everyone's heart you try and fill that hole with drugs or alcohol all but sex food you become addicted to that thing you'll never know peace until the god sized hole in your heart is filled with a God we talk to want to previous messages about the body temple the body is like a temple in the sanctuary we talked about the fact that the most holy place in the sanctuary if the body is like the sanctuary the most holy place is the frontal lobe is where reasoning happens of the holy put most holy places where the Chicago in a drawer e of God would fall and is the part of you that must be protected as well if he isn't $617.00 like the verse we just read earlier says and take the helmet of salvation you're to get up here to protect your brain that means you don't just let anything influence you to to take away your sobriety Bible makes it kill clear b b b sober be vigilant for the adversary the devil like a roaming lion walketh about seeking who might divide our you've got to be sober in fact Proverbs 23 says I like this in verse 31 people say well the Bible says you can drink wine a little wine for the stomach say Jesus turn the water into wine he will skip Proverbs 2331 and 32 what a bible says Look not look not valid pon the wine when it is read it when it gives his color in a cup when it moves itself a right at the last it bites like a serpent and stings like an outer the Bible says and what what Solomon is describing in verse 31 is the process of fermentation what he's describing is that when it turns from grape juice to alcoholic wine you are not to touch it why because it bites like a serpent and stings like an adder. Poisonous In fact if you keep reading on and proverbs it says. Let your eyes will behold strange women meaning that your judgment disappears and all of a sudden you'll deal deal with people you're not supposed to deal with you'll lay with people you would never have laid with you put yourself in dangerous predicament because you are intoxicated and what happens is that when you drink alcohol the release of a chemical in your brain called Gabaa which is an inhibiting chemical in terms of behavior it is inhibited so you're in the Bishan is inhibited meaning you begin to just flow and you begin to take risks and chances are your judgment is taken away so alcohol becomes dangerous on many levels so the Bible forbids it says don't even look upon it verse 31 of Proverbs Chapter 23 but the serpent bites as you can see here because cirrhosis of the liver one of things one of the one of the diseases of the spare we talk about in America now is the damage to the liver by alcohol because people are drinking so much that they're damaging their level of course kidney failure is connected to heart failure is connected to it. And if you can see as a damage the brain functions so in the immediate run you lose the ability to judge to make good wise judgments because of what happens with gabble you get intoxicated and your guard goes down and here's the funny thing about getting drunk whatever problem because because out all works more like the opiates it's more of a skate drug than it is an excitement drug you know people usable days but when the problems is when you use this as scape drug I want you to get this church where you this escape drug to escape life's problems when you sober up the problem is still there in fact a lot of times only worse. So alcohol is dangerous a lot of people say Well alcohol is good for you know it's not the alcohol it's the reserve very rich or all and the other compounds in and the other. Any accidents and fight of chemicals and nutrients in the grape especially in the skin of a Great that is so good for you it's not the alcohol part of it it's all of the other stuff you can eat grapes and get the same effect in fact if you're healthy the alcohol won't really give you any benefit at all it just gives you risk just one glass of wine a night increases the risk of breast cancer in a woman alcohol increases the risk of a soph a geo cancer and or Ok and it causes of course of the liver problems may contribute to cardiovascular disease in fact most would argue it does and so why would you drink something that has all those risk factors to try to escape something else of course the devil is in play and. So courses move to even towards marijuana have a picture here of some of the great rappers Redman Method Man Snoop Dog and others here at the end they have a thing here the best we song. And advocate for 20 hip hop mix because for 20 years like marijuana day in the world and so they have all the songs because they it's almost like they worship marijuana and singing to it going all the way back to the Rastafarians and reggae music. As if the devil has figured out a way to get people to really want nice things by making these things culturally popular in the movies and in the music. But what is still is that marijuana use and addiction are most pronounced in America's young people of those going to rehabilitation for marijuana addiction 45 percent are under 21 years of age and when you go up to $24.00 it's 55 percent it's a young person's thing that older people aren't smoking but one of things I want you to get is that marijuana also inhibits gamma if you drink alcohol and smoke marijuana you can suppress Galba for a long time and and really imperia judgment this is chronic marijuana use and higher dosages are found to correlate to greater incidence of psychosis and schizophrenia used to say if you start smoking marijuana before the age of 18 your lifelong risk of of psychotic illness goes up we now know look there's a little poster I have here and it says marijuana induced psychosis is real the science proves it people must know the risks they're not telling you this c.n.n. has a specials on medical marijuana they're not emphasizing this enough in my opinion they've got to tell people that in fact there is a risk in smoking marijuana that you can actually go into a psychotic Phase I have seen this with my own 2 eyes as a physician multiple times young people high sometimes marijuana brownies and into 3 times What's this supposed to go into an acute phase of psychosis once when I was doing psychiatry in medical school and he. Diversity in Miami one young man came in so messed up he was urine it right in front of all of us and we fell down and began to worship his grandmother high he was no longer even high What was scary is the psychiatry said in the last joint it's what was like 02 weeks earlier but whatever day laced it with and whatever it was in the marijuana itself blew the boy's mind permanently. And the reason this is going to happen more and more is because they figured out a way to make the tetrahydrocannabinol into t.h.c. the active psychotropic substance and marijuana more potent it was 3 percent and you know 2030 years ago now they have samples as high as 25 percent so that the chances that someone predisposed to getting a psychosis is actually higher today than ever before but I want to change the spatial and time perceptions increasing accidents it decreases memory so you're looking for you know you're looking for an advantage in life and it's actually taking away your memory in it one of the things that's relevant during this Corona virus outbreak is there's some evidence that it might relate to the immune system something what it's a great anti-inflammatory but that's because like steroids like prednisolone it actually lowers your immune system so you don't get the same inflammatory response the problem with that is if you're exposed to a virus might this actually make it more likely you get very sick and you can see I put a does a collage of all of the movies Reefer Madness Caddyshack Cheech and Chong that is a Dave Chappelle movie all these movies and they promote the use of marijuana and you've seen some of my presentation about talk about the science that if a young person watches a movie and sees certain things as more likely that it will they will try it so we see an epidemic of drug use and drug abuse now. But marijuana is different from all of the drugs because it works backwards and during this time of coronavirus and the lock down a lot of people are trying to escape their problems there a sauce I read something where people are using marijuana as a way to just to to ride out the the lockdown and of Corryn teaming But marijuana is different from all of the drugs all of the drugs work on what we call an eye in the picture you can see the priest an optic side of the nerve cocaine all these need to come here and push dopamine out like crazy when I want to work on the posts and haptic side what I mean is it messes with some of the receptor and by messing with those receptors what happens is. It actually changes the way you respond to life when you're not high on marijuana it means in other words it makes life less pleasurable in general and so it creates a problem and something called a motivational syndrome and it's why you see some people start smoking marijuana and all of a sudden they have no ambition no drive to do better in life is because the pulse a nap that receptors have been damaged so the normal dopamine release that comes from get an a on a test or doing well in sports or whatever that thing is that is affected by this all of a sudden you don't get the dopamine rush that you don't get the pleasure used to get from it you no longer want to do it and because of the same for the same reasoning marijuana is a very strong potential gateway drug because if this happens to your post and optic dopamine receptors and you take cocaine you're going to get a higher high than you would have gotten if you had never done this. Of course we distilled the ability opioid epidemic I don't focus too much on this except to say that while we're talking about a coronavirus for years now we've been dealing with over 100 you know on average over 130 people dying every day in the United States because of opiate. Overdosing. And there's so much I mean there's so much data even on here about opiates 2000000 people had an opiate use disorder in 20182000000 people far more people. Negatively impacted by opiate addiction in 2018 and coronavirus so far in 2020 yet to be truthful we're not doing a whole lot to try and reverse this and this is one of the studies I was talking about 2012 study shows that movies influence teen sexual attitudes and behaviors. Research as long as stablish the teens to watch movies or listen to music that glamorizes drinking drug use or violence states that tend to engage in these behaviors themselves and of course that the same thing is true for sex and sexual behavior and it's what Ellen White says if he's in 6 and verse 12 man is contending with foals that who are stronger than he and she cause if he's in $612.00 we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against Prince of polities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against wicked spirits in high places the fees in 6 and verse 12 and let me submit to you that this addiction that we have even a food addiction We'll talk more about that and another sermon but one of the reasons that it happens is because there are different there are people who are designing drugs designing food designing everything to get you hooked Why do they want you look to keep the money circulating on the financial side but from the spiritual side they want the devil want you hooked because once you're hooked to something on Earth is difficult to get hooked on what is heavenly and this is what the drug and alcohol up of Demick is done. Created a nation where many full of shame and guilt over their addictions they are powerless to do anything about it Satan sits back he understands our physiology he knows how we work he will expose us to those things that we will become addicted to this is why Solomon says don't even look at the wine because a certain percentage of us if we start to drink wine will can that will develop a problem with alcohol How does Paul say in Romans 7 and verse 8 Paul says for verse 18 so Romans 7 verse 18 says for I know that in me that is in my flesh dwelleth no good thing for the will is present with me but how to perform that which is good I find not for the good that I would I do not but the evil which I would not that I do now if I do that I would not it is no more I either do it but sin that dwells in me Paul describes addiction from the spiritual angle here the good I would I don't do it but evil which I would not that's what I do even when you know cocaine is bad even when you know heroin is bad even when you know that cigarette is bad you keep going back to the cigarette back to the heroin back to the cocaine back to the alcohol verse 21 says it like this I find that a law that when I would do good evil is present with me For I delight in the law of God after the inward man but I see another law in my members that's in my flesh warring against the law of my mind and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members listening verse 24 says all wretched man that I am who shall deliver me from the body of this death Bible says that in our flesh there is a war going on on against our mind one of my great mentors Dr James Col. A quote is something he said in health in temperance day many years ago at our church in California he said that your body will conspired to kill you if you give your body everything it wants your body will conspire to kill you every craving for a Snickers bar or a glass of wine or a beer every one of them as it damages your body it is your very body that cries out for it that's why Paul says all wretched man that I am who shall deliver me from the body of this death you've got to understand that your body your flesh is working against you not just in this life but in your eternal life that's why we are not to walk after the flesh but after the Spirit why because the drugs of abuse they target the brain's pleasure centers is dopamine as numbers don't mean as release when you eat food you see just a few molecules release but this is what happens when you cocaine in fact lab rats once they've tried cocaine will starve to death going after cocaine that's how adults how the devil he uses these natural relatively natural substances cocaine heroin from a popular plant alcohol from grapes they come from natural sources they might fermented a process a little bit but the devil has figured out a way to use those things to hijack the normal pleasure systems in the brain given to us for survival that's what it is and if the stages of addiction look like this the 1st stage is you discovered at the age it produces pleasure so I remember when I was a kid growing up here in Connecticut in Bloomfield and one of my friends we were just like in the 6th grade to try to separate and we were to ask you know how does a cigarette when you're walking back from school how does a cigarette make you feel like a I don't know I get this buzz you know I feel like a buzz that's you know if you know I'm sure you've heard older people say that and I just feel so good but after a while the buzz disappears. And what you have to her is the mood swings so you have a bad day at work that glass of wine and I was when i'm at work I'm always shocked if we're having a tough day at work how many people say man I want to I want to you know I want to vomit can run more after vodka and coke after work I want to I don't know what he drinks I'll drink what I want to I want some tequila whatever it is I mean at 10 o'clock in the morning then you're so stressed out that you think in after hour 12 hour shift all you can think about is what alcohol you going to have why because when you're sad when stressed you start to scrape a mood swing and age it will produce this mood swing to make you feel better but it's very superficial as I said earlier all of your problems don't disappear because you change your mood you just feel different about your problems but after a while you become preoccupied with the mood swings so you keep going after this the substance that gives a tube and by the 4th stage you become obsessed with the agent the mood swing may no longer be present and here's when you truly addicted let me say how tough it is and that's why I don't I'm not a judge of out of attics I don't judge them because I understand the moral component of drug addiction happens in the 1st stage when you were not an addict and you were looking for pleasure in a place you knew might give you danger but body end of it when a person is obsessed with a mood swing or an addict you have to understand a person who smokes a cigarette will run outside into the cold to smoke a cigarette because smoking a cigarette now after all those years of addiction it actually just makes them feel normal they have no more buzz very little or no mood swing that is addiction my friends you use the substance just to feel normal and that's why it's so difficult to break addictions. So one of the things that is plays into this is stress of some kind of stress equation based on the definition I have to stress equation read stress equals demands minus resources so where the devil does he give you false resources he gives you alcohol as a resource he gives you marijuana and cigarettes and you think you can manage your stress with false resources the problem is if it's not a real resource it will not help your stress in fact it will make you stress worse by increasing your demands the demand to go and spend $5.00 or more for a pack of cigarettes or a body alcohol or a DUIs you get related to alcohol it just increases your demands making your stress worse in the long run and here's the irony so you get to you go running more to the Falls resources to try and get away from the stress of false resources causing in the 1st place and now you're in a flywheel you're in a trap of addiction you gotta learn to beat stress without substances chemicals food or a specific behavior is how people get addicted to many many things like gambling even even lower demands and increase your resources because God gives you real resources God gives you the resource of prayer as my Jesus says Lay your yoke upon me Jesus as my my my yoke is easy and my burden is light Jesus says listen I have to take our burdens he'll carry our burdens he will give us a reprieve you've got to call on him so he dollar of prayers of prayer calls me from a world of care and bids me at my saviors throne to make all my wants and wishes known in seasons of distress and grief my soul has often found relief how is my full found relief by the return of the sweet hour of prayer you see there's a god sized hole in your heart church. If you try to manage your stress with substances behaviors food you simply become an addict and increases stress but if you put your resources in God in His Bible promises and calling upon his name you will get real relief remember your god does not own a 1000 cattle on one hill your God owns the cattle on a files and heals and even if you're addicted even if the guilt and the shame of it has creep into your life and you're hearing this message I want you to know that God has a plan for you and he can build you back up we've been told through evolution and all of the modern science is that somehow we don't count that somehow we're just. A bunch of accidental organic material that's come together so we have no purpose but that's a lie and I don't care how far into addiction or drugs you've gone if you're willing to make steps back to Christ he will come running towards you how do you beat stress then I'll give you a few verses here and I'll give you a little strategy on how you can overcome different addictions proverbs 17 in verse $22.00 says a merry heart do a good like a medicine but a broken spirit dries the bones I want you to start with a positive attitude I want you to stop focusing on all that is wrong begin to look around at your life and all that is right look at the people who love you look at your children look at the fact a God is providing for you but you still have the ability to reason with God meaning you still have the opportunity to be saved but you still have your freedom to so many things I could go into all of the good things you've got to focus on as thing and have a merry heart because it will begin to heal you Satan want you to focus on your problems and your shortcomings because they will keep you in no in the flywheel of addiction. Bosses like this the Timothy 2nd of the 17 for God has not given us a spirit of fear of power and of love and of a silent mind I want to challenge you church knows listening will have these problems I want you to understand that the opposite of fear is not just courage if you know we often think of it out we were biblically the opposite of fear is love because the Bible says that perfect love casts out all fear I challenge you to stop focusing on the fact that you failed or what's gone wrong I don't even think you ought to keep focusing unnecessarily constantly on the traumas of your past I would rather that you turn your eyes upon Jesus look full in his wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace if you can look to Jesus Spears spared to take away that spirit of fear and you have power love and a sound mind Romas 12 verse 2 says it like this and be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God Your mind is to be transformed let me say something one of the things that's happening now as we are sitting in Horenstein many of us is this is an opportunity for us to focus on God spend time with him go for nature walks a sing the hymns together as a family watch renewing our mind now don't worry about what's on Netflix renew your mind in fact we've been wasting our money on a lot of things I say 55 and verse 2 says wherefore you spend money for that which is not bread. And your labor for that would satisfy if not hearken diligently on to me and easy that which is good this is not simply talking about physical food this is spiritual food we spend a lot of money on bad spiritual food that will never fill us up just like they said for God or. Of the there's a god sized hole in each one of us and unto lest we make about minds to fill the god sized hole in our hearts with the with the God of the universe with his love and with the spirit we will chase bad bread all of our lives well back to mark 5 to our story after the storm 2000 of them about run into the ocean and are choked to death Mark 5 in verse 14 says this and they that fed the swine fled and told it in the city and in the country and they went out to see what it was what it was that was done and look at verse 15 of Mark 5 says and they came to Jesus and see him that was possessed with the devil the god was possessed and had believed it of demons and had the Legion sitting listen and clothed and in his right mind and they were afraid did you hear that church they saw the man sitting know that nobody said no man could tame him let me say something if there's something in your life that seems it cannot be tamed some passions some addiction you have I'm telling you that you must submit that thing to Christ Jesus. You can tame it just like he tamed this demoniac with the legion of demons he's sitting tamed closed and the cold represents the man was naked just as the scripture reference as many times as the Church of late to see it was poor and blind and naked and did not realize that they were in need of so many different things and Jesus says that the Church of legacy is to buy of him gold tried in a fire and white Raymond that might be close a close here represents his what Jesus robe of righteousness just as the prodigal son's father puts a roll on him to cover his sin and is now closed what am I telling you church if you had an addiction problem if you sunk deep into drugs depression you had all of those problems I'm submitting to you that not only can Christ pain you mean he can give you victory over what has been binding you the other thing that Christ would do he will put a roll of righteousness upon you why is that relevant because the sin that the world wants to point out in you Christ will cover and he was in his right mind I remember many when I was working in addiction medicine many of them would ask me if drugs damage a brain can I have a get a can I have a get my mind back can I get my brain back the way it's supposed to be is a verse that says that God will restore unto you the land of the locusts of taking and I believe that if you are willing to follow the avenues health message and study the word in and be one in Christ your mind can be healed but when the people saw this man sitting there clothed in his right mind they were afraid verse 6 he says and they and they saw and they that saw it told them how it befell to him that was possessed with the devil and also concerning the swine verse 17 says and they began to pray him to depart out of their coats it was like Jesus you need to get out of here man we have seen nothing like this and you killed all our pigs get out. Verse 18 when he was coming to the ship was Jesus about to depart you know have been possessed of the devil prayed him that he might be that he might be with him the one that the devil was cast out of when he's healed he says Listen yes I just want to stay with you we all ought to be like that I just want to stay with you Jesus 1st 1000 how be it Jesus suffered him not but said unto him go home to your friends and tell them how great things the Lord have done for you and have had compassion on you and he departed and began to publish in the couple this how great things Jesus had done for him and look at the last part of this and all men did Marvel this man was the Freddy Krueger the Jason of their day to all of the crazy I don't know what a clown The name is another scary looking movie but I'll watch that stuff I'm way too chicken but children are afraid of this man villagers would avoid that path where he was in the Tombs Can you imagine what he Clo That is right mind groomed walks into the town to begin to say I met a man named Jesus and he has freed me from the demons that bound me church somebody has come out of addiction it come out of a life of sin of abuse of shame of trauma whatever it is and you have been dealt with by Christ let me tell you something I want to give you a lot of purpose during this pandemic I want you to understand it whatever it is that God has given you victory over he is now calling you to help others get victory over he wants you to use what he has done for you as a witness and so that you can strategize and so that you can tell others look God delivered me he can deliver you because the devil wants them to stay and shame Look at us 1st pretty and 6 I want to read verse 9 and 1011 says no you not the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Be not deceived neither fornicators nor dollars nor no i dollars no adulterers nor a feminine nor abuses of themselves of mankind no thieves nor coverages nor drunkards nor of violators nor store sinners shall inherit the kingdom of God The drunk the Bible says will not inherit the kingdom let me say something I mean out of ever drank but when I read this list I said Lord have mercy on me how could I have received how could I ever make it into the kingdom I read this for one of mother's messages in the series but I want to make the point again in verse 11 Paul then says that a Corinthians and such were some of you but you are washed but you are sanctified but you are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus by the Spirit of God Such were some of you church I want you to know it doesn't matter where you've been a what you've done God is concerned about your future what are you willing to ask God for now what direction are you going to in life God want you to move forward with him and I know we're in the middle of a pandemic I'm not a coronavirus is scary but I'm challenging you church I'm challenging all those who would listen to this that you can put your past behind you my God says that he will take your sin cast into the sea of forgetfulness and he will remember your sin the noble are not as a powerful bible promise and if he forgets his sin why would you keep remembering it challenge you. Lissa horrible is the sin and then he says some of you but such were some of you past tense victory can be ours I challenge you in a time of pandemic of addiction and despair I challenge you to reach out to the hand of the Living God I challenge you to get back into the Word and into prayer spend time with God. Don't focus on your sin focus on your savior turn your eyes upon Jesus and I'm telling you that the more you focus on Christ the more the things of his world will become unimportant and fall away because you don't have to live in despair and you don't have to be addicted Christ can set you free just as he said is the money and free let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study a word or 2 thank you that you still set free those bound in the captivity of mental addiction and mental despair those that are bound in self harm addiction and self abuse Father God I pray that someone who heard this will know that just as you liberated the Gadarene the Lord you can liberate them but they've got to turn their eyes to you they've got to run to you about to fall down and worship you just as the Gadarene did Father God we ask that going forward. We all would accept you as Lord and Savior. And live. This is our prayer in Jesus' presence. 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