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Jesus, the Leper, and YOU!

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg explains Matthew 8:1-4, offers hope to us all, and reveals personal details about how God has recently rescued him from one of the most horrible trials of his life.


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker


  • December 10, 2019
    11:15 AM
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God is good. And like to read a text before I get into my topic. From some 50 verse 15 it's a verse that Genie texted me some time ago. The Bible says God says call upon me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you and you will glorify me. To create purse. Before I get into my talk I just want to. I want to thank my church and I could start mentioning names Juanita Beenz Rhonda. And. And Craig Meissner the elders of my family my wife to my children to Wayne and I am sure there are many others I know I'm missing names. Of people that have been praying for me for the last as since I was annoyed to about 3 months ago. By the elders. I've had a rotten 5 months and rotten doesn't really that does not. Describe one of the trials that I have been through somewhat similar to a couple of years ago where I lost my ability to go to sleep at all kinds of struggles went on medication. And just felt like my life was coming to an end and when Lew asked me did schedule this date to speak back in Newport for November 30 honestly you know I was just putting it on the calendar by faith. Because I didn't know if I had if I'd be able to be here I'd be able to stand up again before my church family Whitehorse media of my friends out there that are going to be watching this as we're filming this today and I just want to say Praise the Lord. Praise God in heaven who has been so good to me and I know that you know people say Well Steve it's all in your head it's all in your head your blood work is fine. And that's probably true but you know the greatest battles go on inside the mine. That's where the struggle is that's where the war is that's where the devil hits he hits your mind. And then things that happen inside our heads you know they do affect our bodies that have affected mine and I'm just very grateful very thankful for the Lord's goodness and grace and mercy and compassion so thank you for praying for me so much Barbara Ray John could go on and on the shell your husband so many Thank you so let's open our Bibles and you know when people go through trials Matthew Chapter 8 when people go through trials hopefully their thick heads learn lessons that can be a blessing to others isn't that why God brings us through trials God brings us through trials to work on us work on our characters help us to learn things that we can't learn any other way. Unfortunately and he wants to teach us lessons that he can then use us in a in a deeper way to help other people. Who may be going through the same thing so that's what life is all about helping people and learning the lessons and becoming what God wants us to be so let's let's pray a prayer and then we'll take a look my my talk today is called Jesus the leper and you. Said Good. Let's pray. Dear God in heaven thank you so much that I hear and that everybody that is in this in this church is here Lord Life is a gift you know it every breath we take every impulse of joy that flows through our body and bodies at any time the ability to see and to talk and to hear and to feel and to love and to get a good night's sleep these are all gifts from God and Lord I pray that you will bless this message that you will use it and speak to our hearts and speak to those who will be watching in the days ahead in Jesus' name we pray on this. Ok I'm excited I look excited. I am excited about sharing this myth that I've never preached this before the Lord just has been speaking to me speaking to my heart and so I want to give this message to you this morning I read that there's a verse in I think it's in John 17 when we were studying our Bibles for 4 Sabbath school this morning and Jesus was praying and he said I have given you sprain a spotter and he said I have given to them which is the disciples the words that you have given me. And I circled that my Bible this morning and I thought that's what I want to do I want to just give you the words that he's given me that are in the book the words in the book so let's start out with verse one the in Matthew Chapter 8. Matthew 8 Jesus the leper and you verse one says when he was come in what's that next word he came down he came down from the mountain now that wasn't just a mountain but that was the mountain he was up on top of the mountain and now he was coming down and you can find out what that mountain was by just backing up if you back up in your Bible just to Chapter 5. First 151 says seeing the multitudes he went up he went up into a mountain and when he was sent his disciples came to him he opened his mouth and he taught them so in Matthew 5 Jesus went up on to a certain mountain which we believe was somewhere north of the Sea of Galilee in the area of Capernaum and a great multitude of people were following him and he went up on this mountain and he sat down and he spoke Matthew 5 Matthew 6 and Matthew 7 and what do we call that. We call that the Sermon on the Mount right sermon on the Mount and most of us have read Matthew 56 and 7 there are beautiful chapters teaching where Jesus is teaching the very high principles of the Kingdom of Heaven the principles that are up like it says he went up on the mountain and is in God's plan for us to get up and to go higher and higher and higher in our in our Christian life and God has high plans for us it's got big plans for us he didn't make us just to live a little measly you know nobody nothing lives God has we've been made in His image he's put a lot of time to do us a lot of energy and each one of us he loves us more than we'll know and his plan for you and for me is up up up higher and higher and higher to live a life that is that is amazing through His grace and through his through his providence and his power and His mercy you know sometimes when we read Matthew 56 and 7 and read about all these wonderful principles and teachings sometimes we believe some people have a tendency to get discouraged think well you know I I don't know if I can get up higher and higher and higher because I'm stuck I've got problems I've got chains on my life. I know I'm not what God wants me to be anybody feel that way ever. And so to me you know it to me it's very significant that after Jesus went up and gave all those principles and those beautiful teachings in Matthew $56.00 and $7.00 in Matthew 8 then it says he came down. He came down and you wonder in the Lord are you able to come down to where I am I don't know if I can get up where you are I don't know if I can make it I'm down here and sometimes we go down down down and we get pretty low and to me it's just wonderful that the Holy Spirit has orchestrated the Bible so that Jesus went up and taught these wonderful truths and then he came down to minister to a man at the bottom at the bottom so that we could learn lessons lessons that will help us when we're at the bottom. So let's go back to Matthew 8 verse one when he was come down from the mountain great multitude followed him and they followed him up they liked what he taught and they followed him down great multitude snow Why do you think great multitude would follow this maiden Well the reason is because they saw it for the 1st time they saw something in this man this man who is Jesus they saw something in his character that they had never seen before they saw. A compassion that they never saw in the fairest seas they saw a love a mercy a a a kindness and an interest in people in all the people all the multitudes whoever they were however old they were young they were sick they were well they were rich they were poor they were whoever they were they saw that this man loved everyone and they they were they were drawn to Jesus and so they followed him verse one says a great multitude they followed him now there was one man. Who really wanted to follow him but he he felt like he was shut out shut out from an opportunity verse to says behold there came. A what. A leper right here is the leper. Now lepers are people that have a disease and you know the name of that disease leprosy. Dr Krauss how many lepers have you diagnosed in your practice none yet that there's not very many lepers around priest river at least not physical lepers. Leper see. There's not a lot of it left in this world but it is still here actually there are people that do get leprosy in Africa they get leprosy some of them some people get leprosy in Asia and a number of years ago I was with my family and we were I had been invited to the island Amalekite to to speak and on one of my sightseeing tours on the island the man that invited me the pastor he took me up into onto this road and I looked down the valley and across the valley and up onto a hillside and he said there see that those group of people over there those buildings he said that's a leper colony and I could I could just barely see but I could see people walking around and they were lepers so leprosy is still here today it's a very real disease it's not fictitious and it's an awful disease people that get leprosy I mean it is just terrible it is a skin disease. And a nerve disease it affects your skin and it affects your nerves so that you don't feel anything so if you put your finger on a hot stove you won't get burned if you walk on a nail it won't bother you barefoot lepers their skin the end their flesh begins to just. Really get ugly and they lose their ability to feel so when they walk on something or touch something you know that sharp they can get cuts and gashes and they don't know it and it doesn't bother them they don't feel it so slowly but surely their their bodies began to just wither away sounds pretty awful doesn't and in Bible days if anybody was suspected of starting to get leprosy he had to go to the priest for an examination. And it doesn't matter if you were a poor person if you were a mechanic if you were a farmer or if you were the king himself if you had any hint of leprosy you go to the priest and if the priest examines you and discovers you've got it you've got leprosy then you know your life is over let's say that you are engaged to be married in a week sorry no wedding for you no wedding for you all the plans you have in your life all the hopes and dreams you know growing up and getting married having a family having children and being useful having a good job enjoying Thanksgiving with your family all of that's just gone it's all gone you have to give it a mournful cry. And the mournful Howell is high but I'm clear. Clear. And you would have to shout that so many times and till all your friends and all your family and everybody knew that you were you're gone it's it your life is over because leprosy was not only contagious but it was incurable there's no way that you're going to get over this disease it's incurable so you have to leave your friends you have to leave your family and the only other people you can hang around with are other lepers that said. No more preaching in the Philippines if you get leprosy. That's it now now that was not the worst part everything I've just described is not the worst. The fair seas call that leprosy the stroke they called it the finger of God that the finger of God had pointed to you and that God had cursed you. And given you this disease and they said it for the rest of your life now you have to live life under the curse of God on your own by yourself you are a lost man or woman. You have no hope of ever going to heaven you have no hope beyond this life there's no point in praying. No No reason no need for you to get down on your knees and pray a prayer to the God of heaven and ask for His mercy and His forgiveness and his kindness and his grace because none of those things apply to you you are a lost hopeless. Person and that's it. That's it no matter how hard you try. And how many Bible verses you may be exposed to. You're a hopeless soul and I'm not going to ask you to raise your hands Ok. But I want you to just kind of think in your mind. How many of you have ever felt that way and I wonder I wonder if I did ask you to raise your hands I don't know how many people would have the courage to raise those hands and I wonder how many hands would go up. How many of you have ever felt absolutely lost no hope there's just no point with all the problems in your life with that whatever's going on inside you you know you're just you're just too send full You're just too bad you're just too rotten. Your heart is too sinful and maybe God will save others but he's not going to save you he's not going to save you well I'll raise my hand. Not every day but for the last 5 months some of those days that was exactly how I felt and you know my conscience was telling me this doesn't make sense this doesn't make sense in fact I had a little a little piece of paper that I wrote him put on my desk in my office and I went into my office today and I found that this little piece of paper that says Jesus loves me he understands what I'm going through His grace is sufficient He will heal. And I would kep where I would and I would put this right on my desk and I would read it over and over and over and over again because I needed every encourage meant that I could get last June for reasons that I don't completely understand stresses strains I began to have difficulties going to sleep like I did a couple of years ago and I couldn't sleep I went some nights I'd sleep some but many nights I would just lay in bed and I. Lie awake all night and you know I've learned that our bodies can handle so much of that your body can handle the sleepless night or 2. But when you have 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 and this starts going on for a number of weeks a couple of months where you're just not sleeping very well maybe get a little sleep here a little bit sleep there. You know it wears on you. Imagine not sleeping for you know 4 days in a row that's happened to me if x. you and I this summer decided I'm going back to Wiemar going to go back and see Dr Natalie who helped me a couple of years ago when I did go back and I stayed there for a week hoping to be ready to come home after a week and then after a week he did some tests and he said Steve you're not ready to come home to go home so I stayed a 2nd week and after the 2nd week I took some more tests and he said Steve you're not ready to go. So he said you need to stay for the program the full program the 10 day program that starts just in a few days so I. Said Ok and I stayed for another 10 days and Dr Milly's program did for me everything that it could do and it's a wonderful program that really helps people who can't sleep and who are discouraged and they do bloodwork all kinds of things checking out your head what's going on with your body your mind your your brain hormones your your nutrition and your body and I was also put on a medication to help me sleep because I was not sleeping and I needed to sleep so sort of on a temporary basis I was put on a medication which. Being go Michelle you know a lot about called Sarah quill and that right you've worked with seroquel and I tell you no it probably doesn't affect other people like it affected me but it's an anti-psychotic and even though I was not on a heavy dose of it I tell you my head went through that. My head was just I don't know where my head was. And I was on this for probably about 3 months and it was very very difficult to get off of it very difficult but I finally decided after weaning myself a little bit little bit of work about Crouse a little bit more a little bit more on the i said decided I'm taking the plunge I think it was October 5 I said I'm done I'm done with this and for the next week or 2 weeks oh my mind was just all over the place I can't tell you know what I read recently that Americans are are living in less longer than they should they're dying earlier than other countries with all of our advanced once and technology and medical care and health care people are dying younger and you want to know one of the main reasons why are our trend is down in America as far as death it's because people are killing themselves they're committing suicide. A lot of people the suicide rate is up people are losing their minds we're in a battle for the mind and it's intense and it's not going to get any easier and it's going to get more intense as we get closer to the final conflict with the powers of evil and I tell you I was in the thick of it those of you who have been praying for me Julie told me she's not here today but she told me that 11 night the Lord just spoke to her and said I have a message for Steve Walberg I want you to Steve tell Stephen don't limit me and that's what she told me she said Steve he told me to tell you don't limit me and I thought at all you have no idea what kind of a ray of light that was for me and every time I'd see Craig he would be telling me I was I was a praying for yesterday I was convicted to be praying for you in the middle of the night. I'm praying for you and I can't tell you how much I appreciate these prayers Randy and so many of the lave so many of you been praying for me wow hi any of the office you know and I mean it was just it was a struggle like I couldn't I cannot describe it I'm not going to tell you all the dark things that went through my head I'm not going to tell you I can't I mean you don't want to hear it anyway it's some things the Bible says are you we shouldn't even speak of but the thoughts were so dark they were manning times I thought just end your life just take your life and I thought no I can't do that God You have to heal me and get me out of this so I could be a good husband to my wife and I can be a good father to my children and I am not going to give up and I never gave up never I never gave up but I was so discouraged sometimes I thought my that this is my last day this is my last day I don't think I'm going to make it through the day you know the devil he just he hits hard when you give him an inch give me a chance give him an opening he hits hard and he hit even hit me as hard as he seen you had to hit me I don't know if it was the devil himself or his demons. I just don't know but there are you know there were many many days where there was absolutely no do you know what he in my life and I don't know Dr Krauss you know there are certain happy hormones in the head or you know neurotransmitters or brain or bones that make you feel happy it's like when you eat a good meal you with your friends do something you like to do and you feel happy right did you feel happy when you preach in the Philippines sure you did and there were many days when no matter what I did I just there was there was nothing I felt like I was just a zombie. You know people who know me they said steep where there was no light in your eyes it's the light was God. The light was gone and I couldn't get it back I didn't know what to do I go jogging I'd go swimming I'd walk I'd play with my dog. Get my hot tub but there was just nothing there was no pleasure at all and I just thought bored and the devil's telling me it's going to be this way for the rest of your life it's never going to go away you're done and you're done because God doesn't love you anymore God doesn't love you anymore he's not going to help you he doesn't hear your prayers. You're done and then I would go to my desk and I could have my little paper Jesus loves me he understands his grace is sufficient He will heal me. Night after night day after day or praise the Lord within the last week and I don't really understand all of this I don't know why it took 5 months I don't there's certain things I could tell you. Increasing but I had 9 in my diet through a friend in Loma Linda nutrition professor. And working on building up my b. 12 and certain things you know but I can't really put my finger on any one particular thing still taking supplements to talk to nearly as recommended going down this densest pull and swimming. Laps in his. In the Stone Ridge pool but I don't know but something happened within the last week just within the last week where Little by little by little my appetite came back I'm off all those sleep meds I'm sleeping better my mind is improving my outlook is improving my and then I began to feel joy. And I actually started with a dream I had a dream one night and the dream was a wonderful peaceful dream and I woke up in the morning I thought boy that was a great treat and then I thought hey you know I enjoyed that tree joy it's coming back to my life even if it's just in my tree. And little by little step by step and I want to say something not just little by little step by step but text by text promise by promise prayer by prayer quote by quote What has kept me alive for the last 5 months has been relying on the Word of God it's reading about Jesus and the leper Jesus and the and the with the widow's son who died Jesus and the century and Jesus and the different people that he healed that he loved that he cared for that he had compassion on no matter who they were or what they had done and I kept reading these stories and I kept thinking to myself Lord no matter what the devil Pelz me what my mind tells me your word tells me that your good. That you are good and that your car and that your loving that you love everyone every single person that you made you love you put a lot of time into every single person every one of us God has put more time into you than you have any idea and if you think that he doesn't love you anymore or if you think there is no hope for you or if you think. That God is not able to help you in your life or doesn't want to help you that he doesn't want to or he's not able I want to tell you you're wrong your mind is lying to you your mind is telling you things that do not agree with the Bible and I believe the Lord has brought me through 2 summers ago and through a 3 summers ago and through this whole experience one big lesson he wants to teach me and to teach through me to you is that in the days ahead and no matter what's happening now we can rely on this book we can rely on these promises called to me he says and I will answer you and I will deliver you in trouble and you will glorify me now sometimes he doesn't do it right away and that was part of my struggle aboard Why is it taking so long. Why am I still in this mess and I read something in patriarchs and prophets I've been reading patriarchs and prophets I love this book and I was reading. Yesterday I think it was about the Israelites getting ready to go out of Egypt and they were in Egypt and it was time for their deliverance and Moses had come to them and said time to be delivered from your Egyptian taskmasters and But here listen to this it says the Hebrews expected to obtain their freedom without any special trial of their faith or any real suffering or hardship they thought you know. A house a time for deliverance and when we prayed God's going to just get us out here and they didn't realize. They expected freedom without any real suffering or hardship but they were not yet prepared for their deliverance they had little real faith in God and they were unwilling to patiently endure their of flexions until he should see fit to work for them. Wow And that tells me that you know when we have troubles with trials and we pray and we ask God to help us sometimes he doesn't help us right away he didn't help the Israelites right away in fact when. When he when Moses 1st told them you're going to be delivered he went to Pharaoh fare would not listen didn't care about the signs thought thought the signs were magic just like his magicians and then he made it worse on the on the on the Israelites he said all right now you have to go find your own straw we're not going to give you any straw and at the end of that little period where they were expecting to be be liberated things got worse for them. And there's a big lesson for us and sometimes when we go through trials and we've prayed we have God to help us sometimes things get worse and we have to be in those all and all those times God will use those times to teach us trust to teach us. To teach us to rely on him no matter how bad it gets and if we will do that he will hold on to us I'm convinced these last 5 months have been like the story about you know the footprints in the sand there were only 2 footprints on my summer. Because Jesus carried me. Jesus has been carrying me for the last 5 months and I just praise I praise His holy name I tell you I can't I could there was a time when I couldn't take a nap and then I took a map and thought praise God I'm getting better and there was a time when I couldn't cry and then I started crying and I thought Lord you're restoring me and just little by little by little God has been at work let's go back to the leper Here's this poor leper. And he doesn't have any hope but suddenly hope begins to string up in his heart because he hears about Jesus he heard about Jesus there was a man that healed anybody everybody he loved everybody no matter how bad off you were and this leopard the leper he thought may be healed he'll need so there was hope you know how important hope is to the human heart it's a terrible thing when you have no hope and I've been there I've been there I know what it's like to have no. And then you hope when you have no will you trust when you when you you can't trust you trust you rely on the Bible on the Word of God on the promises of God no matter what. And that's what I did and that's what the leper started doing and he started thinking maybe Jesus can heal me. But how am I going to find him. Well he heard that Jesus was in the area. And so he went to the er up to the area where that mountain was and Jesus had just come down off that mountain and the multitudes were around him and he was still teaching them and he was healing and he was he was right there and the lepers saw him in the distance. And he thought I'm going to do it I'm not I'm not allowed to do it I can't be by people I'm unclean I'm forbidden to go near a crowd but I'm going to do it anyway and in the in his vision he saw that me there was a man that man I've got to get to that man and you know when we have all the trials and troubles and struggles that we have there's only one man that's going to get us out of this one man and that man is Jesus and the leopard saw him and he moved toward him and he was so ugly and the crowd saw him coming and they moaned and they moved away and they were terrified don't anybody get near this guy don't touch him because leprosy is contagious you're going to get leprosy if you touch him verse 2 says behold there came a leper and he he pushed his way through the crowd and he fell down at his feet and he worshiped him and he said Jesus looked at this poor ugly man and everybody had scattered and he looked at this poor ugly man and this poor man looked up at him and he said Lord if you will which means if you're willing are you willing. If you will you can make me clean. 2 things he said Are you willing. And can you do it you can do it you can do it if you're with me and steps to Christ it says Satan rejoices when we doubt God's willingness and his power to save us. 2 things so ask yourself do you believe God is really. Is he willing to help you in your life does he really love you still is he willing and can he do it Ok And this is where the the devil hits hard if you hear thoughts inside your head whether it's Satan himself or whether it's your own mind telling you that God is not willing. And able to help you then you are listening to the voice of the devil and I've had many of those voices inside my head I would call it a negative mind I For months I had what I called the negative mind of God to got to get me out of this Megane of mind this negative mind is not my normal mind. I don't know if it's the Sarah quell or the insomnia or whatever it is but this negative mind is not my normal mind my mind is telling me that you don't love me that you don't care for me that you don't you will want to help me you'll help everybody else be one help me. So I go back to my little sheet Jesus loves me that's a Bible principle based on the Bible God so loved the world that gave his own son he understands his grace is sufficient He will heal me maybe not right away but he'll do it. He will so the leper put all his whole his whole life was now had Jesus feet Lord if you will you can make and what's the next word. Me clean Ok Now listen here's the battle Here's the battle right here you Few think if we think if I think the Lord means this for someone else. He means that for the Saints He means of the for the people on the mountain that are following the Sermon on the mouth but I'm down here at the bottom. And he doesn't mean me he that's the battle does he mean you no matter how sinful You are no matter how many problems you have no matter how many bad thoughts you think no matter how much of the past you have no matter how we can you are how many sins control your life does the board still love you. See that's the battle take you know the biggest battle is not with cancer or diabetes or or heart disease you know it's the biggest battle is not with these things the biggest battle is inside your head the face now it's all in your mind well yes that is in your mind this where the battle rages brothers and sisters secure mine. And we need to overcome the devils of the lies that God doesn't love us individually one by one and that he says he's not willing and he's not able to save us we've got to overcome that got to overcome that. Board if you if you will you can make me cleave you care and I said that Lord I don't know either you're going to do it it's been a long time now it's been almost 5 months my brain still not working right I still have a negative mind I'm still struggling with sleep I'm still battling these things board. But you can do. I trust you and look at verse 3. Verse 3 says Jesus you know here he's looking at this man well and everybody's watching. Well Jesus how do you relate to lepers Do you still love letters those who are under the curse of God the stroke incurable. Deadly hopeless does Jesus still love those kind of people now verse 3 has a little something there that you might admit you mind amidst it says that you know most the time when Jesus healed people he just spoke the word the century and said Lord just speak the word and Jesus just spoke the word most of the time but not this time he didn't just speak the word what did he do. Says Jesus put forth his hand and he touched him he touched him like that son says all you need touched me now you know. That was shocking because you don't touch that purpose because lepers are contagious and if you touch a leper you're going to get it or you might get it but you know Jesus didn't care about that he saw that this man was so heartbroken and so beaten down he was so hopeless and so discouraged and he had not the mat and he was down down down down at the bottom and so Jesus thought this me and he needs my touch. To be how do you. Know that he really he reached out his hand and touched and you know that man had been touched for how long the whole time he had leprosy How would you like it if Jesus came touched you put his arm around gave you a hug and said I really love you. Well that's what he did to the letter to teach us his love. And he said he touched me he said I will. Which answers the 1st question Is God willing. Is he willing and can he do it and you know why he answered the 1st question I will and then he said. Be clean I'm willing. I mean able and I'm going to touch you to make it happen. And that marvelous and you know there's nobody like that. If you can for the leper has all of his hope was that crazy and it's too bad that human nature you know we put our hope in so many other things and we have to sometimes get down to the bottom before we feel a need for Jesus and Jesus allow all. It's just so bad and so it's part of our it's part of our leprosy the leprosy of sin the leprosy of said is that we don't need Jesus Christ we're fine on our own we can live life without him. We can get through our struggles by our own power. We are not helpless. In need of a Savior. That's the attitude of the Pharisees. It's easier for Jesus to heal a leper than the Pharisee it's harder for him to heal the fairest Yes. Well we're almost done here. Because leprosy was cleansed well in desire of ages it describes this cleansing. And it says here is beautiful it says immediately a change passed over the leper. Almost like a scam you know he scanned some women. He discovered a high tech healing his flesh became healthy his nervous sensitive his muscles firmer the rough scaly surface peculiar to leprosy disappeared and a soft glow like that upon the skin of a healthy child that took its place Wow and I'm sure you know I magine that leper when he felt that touching the soul of his whole body change he probably. Up and he said. Yeah. And grabbed on to Jesus' feet I'm healed now before I finish this one more thought I gotta go I got to give to you here it's in its verse for Jesus immediately gave him instructions immediately. No dilly dallying around Jesus told him right away it says Jesus said to him see that you tell no man go your way show yourselves to the preach show yourself to the priest and offer the gift that Moses commanded for testimony to them and why did Jesus do that why do you say that right away I'll tell you what I. Think about it there's another lesson here Reason number one is because he wanted the leper to get to the priests before word got to the priest priest of what had just happened he didn't want you know what were going around you know a leper has been healed by Jesus and then this gets to the priest because he wanted the leper to get there 1st because he wanted the priest to be able to give him and them an honest evaluation and pronounce him clean so that he wouldn't wasn't prejudiced of who healed him. 2nd reason is because that was the only way that if he got to the evaluation of being clean that then he could be restored to his family and friends and Jesus wants people restored to their families and their friends. Jesus is not only concerned about arts our bodies but our souls and our relationships with others he loves families he loves friendships and I just praise God that now I can enjoy my friends and my family has a good family again. We had a wonderful time last night on Saturday I went for a long walk in the big white dog followed me home. He was barking at me on the road out there did and I convinced him and finally coaxed him over and once he found that I was friendly he tackled me. And you look at me all over and this dog was so beautiful and I tell you I enjoyed being attacked by that dogs so I braai he followed me home I said Adam said Come out here look at this big beautiful white dog praise God My my happy hormones are working in my head again praise the Lord so that's a 2nd reason he wanted to be restored his family and friends and the 3rd reason he might not you might miss this show yourself to the priest offer the gift Moses commanded her testimony to them here's my point Jesus love the priests and he wanted to reach the priests to. So he wanted the leopard to get there be pronounced clean make an offering that Moses commanded so when they finally found out that Cheesus was the one who healed him then they would be favorably impressed that Jesus was following Moses and the law. And the reason was because Jesus Christ not only loves lepers who feel they're needed for savior but he loves those who don't feel their need so much. And that's got to be you know we've got to be in one of these 2 categories here this morning l.v. we're either lepers who feel a great need for a savior and if we do there's no doubt that Jesus is willing and he'll help us and if you don't feel your need. You're more like a priest so ask him Lord help me to feel my need for you and you know what Jesus is willing and able to help the priests to he loves both groups he loves us all praise the Lord Well let me wrap this up. I don't know why I went through my trial completely I don't know why it just seemed like a week before Thanksgiving or a few days before Thanksgiving is like the cloud is lifting God way June to Thanksgiving Lou I didn't know I could preach today I feel fine. I feel fine there were there were moments when I didn't sense the Holy Spirit with me you know I had no sense of the presence of God at all no sense of the presence of God at all that's not normal for me normally when I preach I sensed the Lord with me but not for the last 4 months ago. And I've had to trust God my faith in the midst of that I crazy His Holy Name that the cloud is lifting. Thank you Craig for Continue to pray for me and all the others everybody that Cheney all of you pray for me I'm so great I'm so great and I don't know why God allowed this that he may bring in to get are allowed again I don't know I don't know I can't say I'm not a prophet but I know that I have learned 2017 I've learned in 2019 that man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. And when the time when the days ahead of us get really really dark and the devil hits you with everything he's got and he tells you there's no hope for you you're lost you can fight that with scripture with the promises I've loved you with the neighbor last. Call upon me and I will answer you I will deliver you when trouble I will be with you I will glorify I will glorify my own name through your healing God promises that he'll be with us no matter what. Whatever dark times we go through God is willing and able to bring us there and the battle here is to trust. That's the best trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. Well I'll finish with a little of that illustration Wednesday night I was driving home from Spirit Lake heading back home through Blanchard and then black back to the priest river. And in this particular stretch of 41 I didn't have my bright son and my daughter wants me to make sure that I'd never do that again. Driving in at night make sure your brights are wrong but I didn't have much of that stretch and the lights went in front of me and I was kind of a dark spot you know when you don't have your brights on and you're going down the dark eye with little or at night and it just happened so fast so fast and I only saw half of his body but as I All the sudden I was going about 60 no time to slow down how the just the corner of my eye I saw the back the butt and the back of a bit of a gigantic moose he was huge and he had walked right across the road and he was in no hurry and I was driving like this and we went like this and I saw him I saw his body right here as he kept on going so I didn't see its face and in see is 4 legs I just was back and it's gigantic and he was huge and I thought you know just another 2nd if I would have gone a 2nd slower or faster which what is it I would have got a 2nd faster when he was right in the middle that road I would apply right in to him and he would have been right through my window right on me and that would have been it's resurrection time for me I mean next thing I know would be a resurrection. And that was a very very close call very close call. I missed the moose the moose didn't get me. Praise the Lord and I want to close by telling you that you need to miss the moose and I'm talking about the devil. Don't let the devil take you down. Don't let the devil destroy you don't let the devil don't end up on the devil so missed the moose through Scripture through trusting Jesus through trusting his power he's stronger than all the moose's he made the moose's I say that right moose. That was you made the limits he's bigger than everything and we need to trust him no matter what and he'll bring us through Let's out let's power heads and pray. To your god into heaven may your name be praised how Louis. Glory and honor and power to the Lamb who was slain and Lord I just pray for everybody here for those that will watch this and hear this that you will teach us lower we were all lepers in many ways we are lepers in sin sin is like leprosy or we can't cure ourselves we can't heal or selves we can't save ourselves but you are willing and able to do it if we trust in you Lord bless all of us and thank you so much lower I just praise your name I'm so happy and so excited to be here to share this with my church family bless us all aboard we pray in Jesus name. We hope you enjoyed today's message by Steve Walberg We feel privileged to be a part of God's commission to share the gospel with the world you too can be a part of our Gospel Outreach team by supporting messages just like these with your financial gifts we strive to be careful with every dollar that we receive knowing these donations are sacred gifts to build up God's kingdom of grace and salvation to find other great resources or to donate online go to Whitehorse Media dot com or you can call us at 1878 Bible that's 187824253 you can follow us on Twitter at White Horse 7 or on Facebook at facebook dot com forward slash Steve Walberg that Steve w o h l b e r g if you prefer to contact us by mail write to Whitehorse media p. o. box 130 priest River Idaho 83856 Thanks for your support and may God richly bless your day.


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