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The Hour of His Judgment is Come and Babylon is Fallen

Norman McNulty


The special calling of SDAs to give the first, second, and third angels' messages to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people.  The importance of understanding and experiencing these messages in our lives, so we may reveal and proclaim them to the world. 


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • April 28, 2020
    6:00 PM
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I'm going to read a statement that was read at the beginning of the series last last week and it's from just amazed Volume 9 page 19 just to remind us of the importance of the 3 angles message is that this is a time where we definitely want to understand these messages so this is just noise volume on page 19 in a special sense 7th am the 7th in the world as watchman and live bearers to them has been trust of the last warning for a perishing world on them a shining wonderful light from the Word of God They have been given a work of the most solemn import the proclamation of the 1st 2nd and 3rd Angel's messages there is no other work of so great importance they are to allow nothing else to absorb their it's. The most solemn truth ever interested to mortals have been given us to proclaim to the world the proclamation of these trees is the be our word and I said this last week and I'll say it again as we get into the study this evening you know I hear people say we need a mate. And says I'm relevant for the current generation and all of that kind of thing I hear people say that but when I read the Bible the 3 insoles messages are to be given to every nation Shandra China people or every. Every country in the world every people group in the world every language group in the world and so whether you are young or old the 3 Angels' messages are specifically for this time and if we stop giving the 3 angles messages we have lost our purpose the 7th they haven't that's where we are to allow nothing else to absorb or it's. And you know there are certain things about the 3 angles messages that are not necessarily popular with respect to the world around us but they are the very messages that the world needs and so you know I just want to challenge each one to be you whatever church you attend what every group you go to you Don't let anybody ever tell ee that the 3 angels messages are things we shouldn't be talking about right now as they are the absolute NASA Siri messages for this time now is talking to a friend last night as well. And we were remembering what it was like to have lived through 911 and. The friend I was talking to he and I were both in Southern California when the happened and you know very clearly that crisis let's you are revival among a lot of young people and we remarks that we hope and pray that the crisis we're living through now will lead sheer revival and reformation among a lot of young people as well and people of all ages because you know in the last few years this feel sometimes like things have kind of tapered off and we've kind of had a plateau and people are just kind of going through the motions such I'm hopeful that as we see this current crisis and as we get back into the Bible and we're studying the 3 angles messages that we will regain a sense of urgency of just how important is the prophetic message we have been given and some of the ads as. We looked last week to the 1st part of the 1st angels message and just by quick way of review for those of you who weren't here Revelation 14 has 3 main sections the 1st 5 years as the scribe the 144000 versus 6 to 12 describe the 3 angels most Ijaz and versus 14th rich when you describe the harvest and that pattern is there for a reason so the way the pattern goes as the you have 144000 they are produced by the 3 angels messages so the 3 angles most such as with the everlasting Gospel produced one 144000 when the 3 angels messages of her as a 6 through 12 produced the 144000 seen in verses one through 5 then we see the harvest which is the 2nd coming so it's very important to understand these messages because the 3 Angels' messages produce the harvest that will be ready for the coming of Jesus. Then we got into the for a singles message specifically and we saw the 1st angels message consists of the everlasting Gospel and what we saw about the everlasting Gospel is that the everlasting Gospel according to Romans wonders the 16 and 17 is the righteousness of God revealed not simply declared but revealed in the lives of the just a few live by faith the reason why the everlasting Gospel has so much power is because the righteousness of God is revealed in the lives of the just to live by faith then we saw what it meant to fear God So we see that in this and 1st angels message is given with a loud voice with the everlasting Gospel to every nation kindred tongue of people in a says with a loud voice Fear God and so if we briefly went through several verses you may have written them down but I'll remind you we saw on proverbs wondrous 7 that the fear the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and Proverbs 3 verse 7 we saw that the fear of the lord of that is to depart from evil in Proverbs $813.00 the fear of the Lord is the hate evoked in Proverbs 9 percent the fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom in Proverbs $1533.00 it's the instruction of wisdom and then in Psalms $34.00 verses $11315.00 which to me was the most important passage in that passage. The solace says I will teach you the fear of the Lord and when he serves I'm going to teach you the fear of the Lord he says keep your lips from speaking evil in your tongues from guile which is a description of the 144000 Revelation 14 so the fear of the Lord she chose us how to be part of the 144000 then x. the earth she is the Ecclesiastes these 12 versus 13 and 14 says let us hear the king conclusion of the whole matter fear God and he has commandments for this is the whole duty of man for God's will bring every work into judgment with that everything. Which. Of Evil So you see the fear of God connected to obedience into the judgment hour so that we briefly she started to get and she what it means to give glory to God and that's what we're going to pick up with the night my my goal tonight is to finish the 1st Angelus message and also cover the 2nd angel's message in the next week we'll cover the 3rd in those messages so that was a brief review for all of you who were here it's just going to be reminded of that briefly and for those of you who weren't here that gets you up to speed so as we continue on it will make sense so. In the 1st angel's message we see after the announcement of the everlasting Gospel and how the message is given with a loud voice to fear God then it says Give glory to him and I do want to remind you as well of these messages are to be given with a loud voice to many Something atomists or embarrassed of these messages and are not sharing them but we are to give these messages with a loud voice to the entire world so we talked about what it means the fear of God So what does it mean to give glory to Him we started talking about last week but I'm going to develop facts and more completely. In our study this evening what does it mean to give glory to God Will we talked about the 1st verse that I mentioned last week and we're going to work out again as 1st Corinthians chapter. Verse 31 so you're in your Bibles the 1st Corinthians chapter. And verse 31. And here the apostle Paul says Whether therefore you eat or drink or whatsoever you do do all to the glory of the gun so that really doesn't leave anything out you know everything that we do whether it's our lifestyle or our profession even the food that we eat and that which we drink anything that we do is for the glory of the gun and we've talked about this I think in and some of our studies but sometimes we have the wrong mentality and the administrators and. The 1st angels message says very clearly give glory to God but a lot of times we have been having a different perspective than giving the already got the perspective I'm among many in Athens as I'm as what's the minimum standard I can live by that Jesus will accept me for. In a for Jesus will accept this minimum standard I'm not going to live any higher than that and we ask a question such as Is this a salvation all issue now there's probably an occasion here or there we're asking that question is Ok but a lot of times when we ask that question it's so that we can lower a standard rather than having the perspective of giving glory to God So whatever we eat whatever we drink whatever we wear or whatever we watch the lifestyle that we have the job that we have everything that we do You should be for the purpose of giving glory to. And it's hard to give glory to God when our perspective is such that we feel like we can live by a lower standard than what scripture asks finking that somehow God will accept that. And we have the wrong for specks of all together you see God is looking for people who are safe to save who love Him with all of their heart soul and mind when we love the Lord with all of our heart when we see what Jesus as done for us on the cross when our hearts are broken by his sacrifice for the sons of that we have committed the put him on the cross our mentality changes about the life that we'll The rather than living for ourselves we live 31 we'll live for Him Our motivations change and the desires that we're living for are different so rather than trying to live by a minimum standard we love the Lord so much and we desire to give glory to him you know a simple illustration is. You know with the married relationship and some of you here on the scholar married some of you might still be single Some of you might be dating somebody but you know it's kind of funny how when you 1st start dating someone I mean you do everything you can to make the best impression possible at all times under all circumstances and you want to do everything you can to please that person on the best way possible. That you know marriages that end up not going so well people are and they stop sharing about being on selfish for the other person and. Things can be can can run into difficulty and and that happens a lot with the Christian experience as well you have that 1st love experience where you want to do everything you can because you love the Lord so much and you're not trying to earn salvation but you love the Lord so much that you want to do everything you can to please him out of your love for him but you see other people around who don't always live the highest standard and it's like well hey they give up hope for they go to such and such a church or they're part of g y c or whatever it isn't and hey they're they're eating chicken so I think I will say and rather than following what the Bible says and what the Spirit of Prophecy says. We compare ourselves among ourselves rather than having the perspective of whatever we eat whatever we drink whatever we wear whatever we do it should be for the glory of God and sorry if I'm stepping on toes on me not really I said it because it needed to be said but you know this is something that happens where we take our eyes off of Jesus and off of a heart full of love for him and we start comparing ourselves and we stop giving glory to God you look at Daniel history friends all through the Book of Daniel they didn't ask in Daniel Chapter one about the king's me in the wine which you drink is this a salvation unless you know they asked would this give glory to God Clearly it wouldn't and so they wouldn't eat or drink from the the king's table and the the experience of Daniel was the the experience of those who experience the 3 angels one of which is of getting to where you go that's one aspect of giving glory to God The other aspect of giving glory to God is found in Romans Chapter 4. So in Romans Chapter 4 this is the chapter on the face of Abraham and specifically we're going to look. And. Verses 18. Through Schwahn each. To start off Romans Chapter 4 verses 822 you know Abraham is the father of faith and this is a very instructive passage on what it means to have faith so speaking of Abraham's faith and actually. I'm going to start over 700 sorry so here it says as it is written I may be a father of many nations before him whom he believed even God who quickened of the dead and call with those things which be not as though they were so on Romans 417 Paul says of Abraham he believed in the power of John who could raise from the dead and call things into existence existence that weren't even present So Abraham believes something could happen because God is so even if you have never seen him before and specifically he believed in the resurrection of Isaac Paul says that he resolved under 17 through 19th he's speaking of Isaac uses accounting that God could raise some from the dead from whence also he received him in a figure now here's the interesting thing God didn't promise that he would raise Isaac from the dead. All Abraham was doing was putting the pieces together that it was through Isaac that Abraham's seed would be called so Abraham by face that if God has called me to sacrifice Isaac he must then be planning to raise him from the dead because God quickens the debtor raises the debt and he can call things that which are not even if they were now here's the amazing thing there had never been a resurrection before. So Abraham believed in things that God hadn't specifically promised and that God hadn't even said would happen and that had not happened before so that's part of Abraham's faith continuing in verse 18 who had yes to believe that he might become the father of many nations according to that which was spoken social I see so Abraham believe against all that was rationally humanly possible and then of verse 19 and being not we can face he considered not his own body now and when he was about 100 years old neither yet the deadness of Sirius went so not only was he passed the point of biologically being able to have children so was that why so not only did his faith have to overcome his human moment Titian his faith had to overcome serious biological limitation Now here's the spiritual application to that point sometimes I hear people say I could be a better Christian if it wasn't for my spouse I could be a better Christian if it wasn't for. We're still 11 and got saying I am the God that quickens the dead and calls things which be not as though they were in the same God that raised earth that gave the promise that Isaac to be raised from the dead that raised Moses from the debt and that raised Jesus from the dead the same God who can create a new heart in your life when that happens in your heart your faith can produce faith in the people closest to you and that's evidence that you're living a righteous life by faith so don't blame the people who are closest to you for your your bad attitude and the lack of the fruits of the Spirit in your life God is faced those people in your life so that you will have faith and that you will have the fruits of the spirit and Abraham was strong in faith he didn't consider is own body now dead nor the death of Sara as women know you know it was trunks on this this study and you know she would tell you very clearly that you don't have to be an o.b.-g.y.n. to know of the woman who's 90 years of can't have a baby and so this was a clear supernatural miracle of God then it's a promise that if a god can produce a new Brewer's. From Chu biologically in heap of the humans Abraham's 100 Sarah is 90 you're telling me that God can give you the new birth experience of conversion that's having the type of faith that is needed for this time and so then going on a verse 20 that says he staggered not the promise of God through on belief but notice us about was strong in faith giving glory to God. This is powerful so what does it mean to give glory in the hour of God's judgment it means to have faith like Abraham It means it's about we in that which everybody else does is humanly impossible and the thing that God has said about his people at the end of time is that he will have a people who will keep the commandments of God who will live obedient lives who will believe in the promises such as g $24.00 which is now to him that is able to keep you from falling and when the Christian world is saying it's impossible to overcome son we're going to be sending until Jesus comes Have you seen anybody who's perfect Have you seen anyone who's ever over Thompson got a saint consider the faith of Abraham who is strong in faith giving glory to God and in the hour of God's judgment you should give glory to God by being strong in faith and stop considering your semen and weaknesses stop considering your human baggage stop considering the baggage on the weaknesses of the people who you live with your parents or your wife or your husband or your children or whatever it is to be strong in faith and believe that if a god could give a new birth to Abraham and Sarah he can give a new birth to you and you can be a new creature in Christ Jesus and that's what it means the give way to God you are strong in faith and everything that you do in life whatever you eat or drink or however you live is done for the purpose to bring glory to. So fearing God and giving glory to Him is all about preparing the people to be part of the $144000.00 those who whose tongues will be chap from having the aisle in their mouth who will he will who will sheep God's commandments to understand that every work will be brought before the judgment but what someone you love the Lord and when your mentality is to bring glory to him you won't be afraid of the judge because you realize that your friend is on your side and you have lived your life out of love for him to bring glory to Him So what do you have to be afraid of in the judgment hour the reason why people are afraid of the judgment is because we live selfish lives where we don't fear God we don't reverence him and we're not living to bring glory to Him we're looking to try to get by through a minimum standard to pass through the pearly gates with a with a barely passing score and it's kind of like that feeling when you don't study for that examination of the school and you have the test and you will for the grade to come back and you know it's not going to be good and that's how a lot of people are in their Christian walk because we're not surrendering to the law or we don't love Jesus with all of our hearts and so we're trying to get by with a minimum standard when Scripture says no when the hour of God's judgment fear God give glory to him live through the power of the everlasting Gospel where the right just north of God as revealed in your life God is all powerful if he could do to Abraham and Sarah or if he could give them a new birth when they were past child bearing age don't tell me that he can't give you victory over whatever it Senate is in your life you know all hot to to guys I go around and speak and there's these guys and they're real like you know every other thing next and so there's one thing. And it's it usually comes down to one thing for guys it's the things they watch on the Internet I'm not going to go on any more detail than that but guys just have this tendency to get trapped in that thing you know what God can give you the victory over that he could give the tree to Abraham if you give a new birth to Abraham and Sarah he can give that if you're a year and women have other struggles and other issues whatever it is God can give us the tree and I love how Romans 4 continues after it says Abraham was strong in faith giving glory to God verse $21.00 says and being fully persuaded that what God had promised he was able also to perform Are you fully persuaded in the promises of God or do they just seem like nice suggestions that work for some people but they haven't worked for each lesson by experience and by faith God can show he that you can be fully persuaded in his promises and that you can learn by experience that God is a faithful guy that he has a loving God and that he will perform what he has said he will perform us and God may not give you a big bank account God may not give you the nicest house or the nicest car he may not even give you the job that you prefer for but there is one thing that he will give you guarantee if you by faith come to him and that is an overcoming the righteous life by faith that he has promised everyone who believes and that's the only thing that you really should want and this present life whatever else may come whatever estate you are in you can be content whether you're a abounding or your interest impulse of that from that prison and round he had seen the greatest things in life and now he's running from prison and whatever say he's and he's consents because as long as you have a righteous life by faith giving glory to God That's the only thing that matters. So. There's one other passage I'm going to take he about what it means to give glory to God This is a live chapter 17. Verses 1718. Live Chapter 17 that you can do your own study and find other concepts of that talk about what it means they give glory to God that these 3 passages 1st Corinthians 1031 and Romans 4 and then Luke 7 are the passages on the left so you know the story of the 10 lepers and how 9 rushed away and one came back this is the one leper and Jesus that came back to thank Jesus and this is what Jesus says and verses $17.18 and Jesus answering said were there not 10 clans but where are the 9 there are not found that Rich turned to give glory to God Save the stranger notice this leprosy had been healed. But he not only received the blessing of healing when he came back to Jesus he not only received physical healing healing he received spiritual healing and giving the Lorrie to God in this setting is this one laughter and by the way Jesus healed all turn for the one for the one who would receive the spiritual healing and God does they heal give blessings to everybody so to speak so that the few who appreciate the blessings and who are receive the salvation. Will get those blessings too. But. The reason why the one leper issue came back gave glory to God is that. She offered appreciation and Fanks for the blessings that God gave to him and a lot of times we take for granted all of the blessings that we receive and just think that we kind of deserve what we have and Ellen why makes a statement in the chapter pitchforks and prophets it's in the chapter on the death of Moses where she says God speaks to us by blessings bas about how Moses died and how God spoke to the children of Israel by the blessing being removed and when Moses was removed by death the children of Israel realized what they had been missing and so if given the Word of God is giving thanks to him for all of the blessings in your life and the biggest blessing that you can ever receive is justification by faith this leper it's it's. As if by faith he came to thank Jesus because He not only received physical healing when he came back to Jesus she received spiritual healing meaning he had been forgiven ifs of his sons and he was now plans and so giving the already got one of the thing that's worth mentioning about giving or to God and young back to Abraham briefly you know you may think about the pine the experience for Abraham. Verse $22.00 the next verse is therefore it was imputed to him for righteousness that's justification by faith and then verse $23.00 says now it was not written for his sake alone that it was imputed to him but for us also to him it shall be imputed if we believe on Him that raise that Jesus our Lord from the dead he was the leverage for our offenses and was raised again for our justification in other words less and this is not just the pie in the sky experience for Abraham not Abraham is the father of faith and that experience is for us also if we believe on God the father who raised that Jesus our Lord from the dead who was delivered for our offenses and was raised again for our justification and interestingly when you go to Roman 6 for his Assyrian for we see that Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father and we should be raised to walk in newness of life that's Room and 6 for so we can believe that even if our lives have been dead in trespasses and sins the same God who raised Jesus from that can raise us to live the new righteous life by faith that's what it means to give already got so hopefully you have a clearer picture now of what it means that you have already to God we're going to keep moving here so we go back to the 1st angels message of says Fear God give the glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is. Now the hour of his judgment you clearly understand that by putting the books of Daniel and Revelation together when you look at the Book of Revelation specifically it's interesting when you come you have the 1st 11 chapters you have 7 churches 7 seals and 7 trumpets and the 7 trumpets and where the lay of the sea I'm sure church and layer to see a means of judge people so we come to the last church is the Church of the judgment hour and then when we come to the end of the SEALs we see that God is waiting to place the seal of God on the foreheads of 144000 those are the ones who will stand in the judgment and receive God's seal and then you come to the end of the 7 trumpets and you see that when the sun instructed sounds in Revelation of 11 versus 15 through 19 the temple of God is open and have an adverse 19 and says there was seen in a simple the archivists Testament that's in the most holy place so the power of God's judgment has been described throughout of the Revelation implicitly and somewhat explicitly through this the church's seals and trumpets and if we see the timing for the judgment by going to Daniel 7 and Daniel 8 and we see the throne of God having wheels a fire in the judgments the books are open I'm kind of assuming that this is a better view for most of you but in Daniel maybe I should slow down a little bit here Daniel 7 you have a lion a bear or a leopard and a dreadful beast with teeth of iron and that all little horn that comes out of that 4th be east and then after those kingdoms you see the judgment and Daniel 8 you have a ram and he go and then a little horn and then you see a cleansing of the sanctuary. Very clearly with the cleansing of the century of the 2300 a prophecy which takes you to 844 so if you don't understand that we can you can talk to one of your friends here in this group who can explain this to you later but basically from Daniel 7 and 8 we see that the judgment hour begins in 844. October 28th $144.00 specifically Now here's the interesting thing when you look at the 4 major visions of the Book of Daniel and how it relates to the judgment now you have Daniel to Daniel 7 Daniel 8 Daniel 11 inch Well Daniel series you have the for teaching them starting with a how to go and it concludes with a stone striking the image and a great mountain fills the whole earth as describing the 2nd coming of Jesus and Daniel Chapter 7 you have the 4 touching them followed by the judgment and Heaven which is $844.00 Daniel 8 you have the kingdoms around he middle current followed by the cleansing of the sanctuary Daniel 11 you have all the kingdoms the scribes followed by Michael standing up at the close of probation so here is what Daniel is showing you know this connects to the 1st angel's message of the judgement hour and they are his judgment is come this is how it connects Daniel few shows us that Jesus is coming again but Daniel 7 shows us that in order for Jesus to come there must be a judgment and heaven for firsts. And Daniel 8 shows us that in order for the judgment in the heaven to be finished the sanctuary in Heaven must be cleansed Daniel love and then shows us that when the sanctuary in heaven is Cologne's Michael stands up on probation closes just before Jesus comes back now if you look at the big picture here is the fascinating thing Daniel 2 shows us that the major apocalyptic event is the 2nd coming months sometime in the future we don't know when it does Daniel 7 Daniel a shows that the major apocalyptic event at the end of the Kingdoms is the judgment of the cleansing of the sanctuary which begins in $844.00 and Daniel $11.12 which describes the close of probation as the major apocalyptic event when Michael stands up that's yet future so here's what Daniel wants you to understand Daniel wants you to understand that the focus of prophetic history is between the beginning of the judgement hour in $844.00 so in the 2nd coming that's amazing So that's where Daniel is showing us in the 4 major visions Daniel to Jesus coming again but before he comes back there's going to be a judgment that's begins in $844.00 and in order for the judgment to finish the sanctuary in Heaven must be cleansed which began in $844.00 Daniel 11 shows us that when the century in heaven is cleansed probation closes so again that the hour of his judgment begins in $844.00 and and so Daniel is showing us that from $844.00 to the 2nd coming is the most important period of prophetic history Now here's what the 3 angels message is the I want you to so listen to this very carefully. The 3 Angels' messages show us how to live but Tshwane 844 in the 2nd coming Dan The Book of Daniel the 4 major apocalyptic visions tell us 844 of the 2nd Coming is the most important period of or sophistry the 3 angels messages announce the hour of his judgment is come this is how to live in the most important period of the history of humanity and the amazing thing as and this is what gets me sometimes as in this world living in that time were the people that have been given these messages and most of us are are numb to that reality this is the most amazing time to be alive and we've been given the most amazing messages to give in the hour of his judgment. 844 is the 2nd coming that is the period of her sister to be alive we're alive in that period how do we live during that period through the living of the 3 Angels' messages we live under the power of the everlasting Gospel we believe that God can produce his righteous life by faith and our hearts and we believe that we can fear God that we can abstain from evil and that we can seep His commandments and the our works will be brought and the forgotten the judgment and we will be able to stand in the desert and that we will give glory to him in the hour of his judgment by living according to every word of God in everything that we do you in our lives will be for His glory and like Abraham we will have faith that God can take our lives that have been he doesn't trust us as incense and give us a new birth the way he gave Abraham and Sarah a new burst through Isaac and so we're living in the hour of God's judgment and we have been given the these 3 messages the messages that are of the most solemn and m. 4 and we have all of Scripture which people in the Old Testament didn't have as much richer as we have and then you show us the Apostles were putting together the New Testament we have all of us we have a spirit of prophecy which is that's less money of Jesus and we have this understanding of prophecy we should be the most on fire loving and lovable Christians at this time of her sister it's an amazing message that we have and it's an amazing time to be alive and it's a made if amazing. That God has given us so that's the this idea that the hour of his judgment is come it's not just any old little thing that's that ushers in the most important time prophetically in earth's history until Jesus comes and we live by the 3 main tools messages during that time so that's not the end of the 1st angels message a therapist judgment is coming as is and worshiped. That made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of water so the 1st angels message concludes with a call to worship so wasn't all well with it why and as believe you worship not it doesn't Revelation 13 which we studied a few weeks ago when we talked about the mark of the beast the people who receive the mark of the beast worship the beast because they receive the mark on their forehead or in their hand either you're going to worship God or you're going to worship man and so we want to be worshiping God and worship Him no notice this is that made heaven on earth and the sea and the pounds of water as I'm sure many of you have seen this before but when it says worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters many Bible scholars concur that this is a direct quote from the 4th commandment of Exodus Chapter 20 or so loving which is referring to the Sabbath this is some for a moment to turn there and I would encourage you to turn there as well as to this chapter 20. And I'm going to read the whole 4th Commandment starting in verse 8 Remember the Sabbath day to keep the holy 6 they shall fall labor and do all the work of the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God in it do you any were found with my son or the daughter of the man servant or the maid servant nor they stranger that is with him or the cabin with a stranger that is within the I guess the notice the 1st 11 For in 6 days the Lord made heaven and earth the sea and all that in the midst of there is the direct reference that seen in the 1st angels and rest of the 7th they were for the Lord bless the Sabbath day and how would it see here's what we've got a saying in the sure his name was message the hour of his judgment we are to worship him because in the hour of his judgment God the Father God the Son made from the holy place into them from the holy place into the most holy place where the law of God is found in the ark of the Testament and so it would make sense. That as God moves into the most holy place he would raise the people who would remember the day that had been forgotten by the world which is the South. So we worship God by observing the 7th day sabbath which is the seal of $900.00 now there's a few points I want to make about the Sabbath here and. I'm going to read to you a statement from desire of ages page chew 83. About the Sabbath and how this connects to the judgment or messages this desire of ages page $283.00 no other institution which was committed to the Jews chanted so fully to distinguish them from from surrounding nations as the Sabbath God designed that its observance should designate them as says worshippers it was to be a token of their separation from idolatry and their connection with the true God So here's the deal I mean the Sabbath a supposed to be a sign that we separated from the idols of the world around us not continuing on Listen to this but in order to keep the Sabbath holy men must themselves of the holy through faith they must become partakers of the righteousness of Christ when the command was given to Israel Remember the Sabbath day to keep the whole of the Lord said also to them ye shall be holy men and to me only thus could the Sabbath the same wish Israel as the worshippers of God So listen friends just because you go to church on Sabbath doesn't mean you've been distinguished from the rest of the world in order to keep the Sabbath holy We must be a holy people meaning we must have that experience of righteousness by faith where we believe that God can trans arse transform our simple limited her into the righteous life of Christ by faith and so when it says worship that means we are worshipping the Creator who promises that he can create a new heart in our lives and create a holy wife with an us and so the Sabbath a day of rest is a sign or a seal of the righteous life that we experience with God throughout the week what I found for myself is that my Sabbath experience is a reflection with God throughout the week. And maybe I've said this here before but it's worth saying again you know there's at least you kinds of evidence there is Adam must you look forward to sundown on Friday night and there's this you look forward to sundown on Saturday night and if you're looking for to sundown on Saturday night it's because you haven't connected with Jesus the way you should be connecting with him if you truly worship him and if you've been transformed into His likeness so that's what it means to worship Him It's a Sabbath experience that shows that we have been made into a holy people and that we are living righteous lives by faith so that's the 1st angel's message So basically again just to encapsulate the 1st angel's message it's the everlasting gospel which is the righteousness of God revealed as Romans $116.17 says the righteousness of God is revealed in the lives of the just or the righteous you live by faith it's to every nation gender time and people so it's not an exclusive North American only messages to the entire world it doesn't matter what socio economic class you're talking about it doesn't matter which which age demographic you're talking about it's for everybody so we need to stop making excuses for not proclaiming this there are these 3 messages to the entire world because that's our marching orders from God And it's if they be given with a loud voice not hiding out under a bushel and it's also a command a fear of God or reverence them which means that apart from evil to have knowledge and wisdom and if he parts hung from speaking guile or to see and it's to keep the commandments of God with the understanding that we're living in the judgment hour and that we're told to give glory to Him meaning that everything that we do in the lives that we live is for the honor and glory of God The name and the word of it to be strong and face so that we can. Be like Abraham who believe that got to produce a new birth in his life an unserious life and then we are to understand that we are living on the hour of his judgment which is the most important time prophetically from $844.00 of the 2nd coming that anybody could ever be alive and we are to worship Him which is the Sabbath experience. And so that's the 1st angel's message and in that show it's a powerful message but that's not all the 3 angles messages you know again I've heard some 7th Avenue say I love the gospel part of the 3 meals message is let's talk about the Gospel and it's kind of a half baked gospel that they'll share and they don't talk about the rest of the 3 of those messages but all of the angels messages are there for a reason and as I mentioned last week we know that they're streaming tools because. Revelation Chapter 14 verse 9 says in the 13 to follow the so we know that verse a 6 and 7 is the 1st angel verse 8 is the 2nd angel in verses 9 through 12 is the 3rd angel let's talk about the 2nd angel's message and this is where we will conclude this evening and the next week we will be the 3rd angels message so it's interesting the 1st angel's message if there is commanded to be given with a loud voice the 3rd angel's message is the be given with a loud voice that is not mentioned with respect to the 2nd angel's message and the message of the 2nd angel is repeated in Revelation 18 with what is known as the loud cry so when the latter rain is poured out and the loud cries given the message of the 2nd angel along with the 1st and the 3rd angel will be given with a loud cry but notice what verse 8 is. Verse 8 says and there followed another angel sang Babylon is this fall and is fall in that great city because she made all nations drink of the line of the wrath of her for one occasion now. If you notice this very carefully we have a description of Babylon in Revelation 13 which I gave a study on the mark of the beast a few weeks ago to this group. You have a composite beast in Revelation 13 that has the mouth of a lion has the body of a leopard the feet of a very is the composite beast of the nations from Daniel Chapter 7 and the mouth of the lion the lie on the line is Babylon and yet Babylon is being used to describe people around because the mouth of the Lion speaks the same things but the little horn of Daniel sevens as in the Little Horn of Daniel 7 is clearly the papacy so the people see is the scribe and time prophetic language as Babylon and so valuable on is the scribe as is fall one is fallen there is 2 falls the Babylon the 1st fall was the Roman Catholic Church they power the 2nd fall is the fall of the Protestant churches in the summer of 844 when they rejected the message of the 2nd coming of Jesus. And you can see in Revelation 17 that you have in verse 5 Mystery Babylon the Great the mother of harlots an abomination to the earth so you have the mother church and the daughter heart of it sure just that are all part of Babylon Here's one other thing that's worth mentioning about Babylon being fallen twice and the lights of the 1st ball was centuries ago on the the 2nd fall was in the summer of 844 but in the Bible we can show this. In the message to the 7 churches you know there's 2 churches that don't receive a rebuke It's the 2nd church and the the 6th church. And church which is Church of Smyrna and specifically in verse 9 speaking to the church of Smyrna Christ system I know your works in tribulation of poverty but you are rich and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not but are the Synagogue of Satan now what's happening historically as there is already a falling away in the early Christian church by the prophetic church of Smyrna which is from the time of 10231380 there's this falling away with the Roman Church the Roman Christian church and Christ the scribes the apostasy and those who were part of the part of the falling away as the synagogue or the Church of Satan and you know some may say oh no that was talking about literal Jews back in that period of time but that's not correct because then when we come to the 6th church in Revelation Chapter 3 which is the Church of Pergamon it's. In Revelation Chapter 3 we see again in verse 9 this. Christ the speaking of them he says Behold I will make them of the Synagogue of Satan which say they are Jews and are not but do I behold I will make them to come and worship before they feed to know that I love you know the church appurtenance is the miller movement and of the Son of God the same describes the the churches who profess to be followers of Christ of these would be the Protestant churches they claim to be followers of Christ but when the preaching of the 2nd coming was given the these these Protestant churches rejected the message I'm sorry this is not Paramus you get it chaps are a dream this is Philadelphia on forgiveness was the 3rd church Philadelphia is the Sixers The plan must say from afar there such Smyrna is the 2nd church that's from 102380 you have the falling away with the Roman church they're described as the Synagogue of Satan they say they're Jews they say they are of Christ of Abraham see but they're not they're liars and they are the Son of God or Church of Satan and then in the church of Philadelphia which is the miller right movement they're preaching the coming of Jesus and the Protestant churches say oh we follow Jesus we but they rejected the message of the coming of Jesus and Christ calls them The Son of God of Satan that's why scripture says in the 2nd angel's message of Revelation 148 Babylon is fall one is fallen the Roman church they fell centuries ago the Protestant churches follow in the summer of 844 now let me make this very clear in the Babylonian shirts as are the majority of God's faithful followers and that's why the loud cry message says to the people in Babylon in Revelation 18 coming out of her might sheeple that he be not particulars of it or of her sins and that he received not of replacing if the system. It's represented by those churches that are falling that the people who are living up to the light that they have are God's people but they're in Babylon and we have to run a church or to give a message to call them out so Babylon is fallen is fallen there is to falls as the false centuries ago with the Roman church state power with Ace They basically they change Sabbath the Sunday and then they take away confession to Christ by saying he confessed the priest and there's all these other traditions that they brought in where they put the traditions of men above scripture so they're the Son of God of Satan and then the fallen Protestant churches they are the Harlettes of Babylon and they endorse Sunday sacredness of the immortality of the soul that's a battle elements of the wine about is Sunday sacredness an immortality of the song of course wine is something that it's places your mind under the influence and so that's the theology of Babylon the future is about a one. Under which you're placed now a couple of other things that I want to mention here so she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication so the entire world was under the b. witching influence of this wine over this fall theology and this is the last point I'm going to make that we're down to our last few minutes here's the interesting thing when you look at the everlasting Gospel and the 3 angles messages compared to the theology or the wine of Babylon the reason why Sunday sacred mess constitutes the mark of the beast what's going against the law God think about the us Babylon is basically saying. That God's watch cannot be chipped therefore it does not matter which day we worship on. And so people go to church on Sunday rather than on the true Bible Sabbath because Babylon teaches that you can't keep God's law anyway and we're going to continue to son until Jesus comes anyway therefore this is the day we've chosen and it's what's called a really acceptable mountain being yet now and so that's the day we worship on and here's the interesting thing it's the mark of the beast when it's in force at the end of the world as. The crisis unfolds we're told inspiration great controversy and other places that the people of the land led by the Christians the evangelicals of Protestant America will come to the government and say we need a law that will enforce Sunday because we've gone away from God look how terrible our country has become like how wicked we are and it's time to get people back in the church to get us back to God But here's the implicit thing about a son Ala when the church comes to the state and the church comes to the state and by the way these are the Babylonian churches that are coming to the state power and they come to the state power and they say made a civil law that enforces religion what the church is implicitly admitting without realizing it perhaps they are implicitly admitting that they're gospel doesn't work because their gospel hasn't been able to prevent society from falling apart. And so they are saying we've got to get people in the church because our gospel isn't powerful enough to change people so we need a law from the government that will change people whereas the everlasting Gospel on the Sabbath message is a message that says Johnston everlasting Gospel is so powerful that it can change or soon a simple it of wife so that you can be transformed into the righteousness of Christ by faith and the Sabbath is the sign that you are sanctified and living a holy a wife because you have faith to believe that God can transform you so a 7th am as we say we don't need a law from the secular power to enforce a day of worship because our God is so powerful he will transform our lives but the more the beast power the mark of the beast is saying our gospel can't change people so we need the civil government to enforce the law to change people because our Gospel doesn't work and that's why you have the seal of God versus the mark of the beast that's why Babylon is fallen is fallen because she makes all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and that wine is the false doctrine that says Sunday as a sacred day and then that you don't really die when you die which opens people up to believing that their dead relatives will come back to them which they're really evil spirits and those evil spirits will tell them the Sabbath has been changed to Sunday and so that's the 2nd angel's message and here's the thing a lot of missed don't like to give them such a lot of us like to say there is no difference between us and the other church as we all love Jesus why do we have to make such a big distinction between us and there is no difference between us in fact I know people in those other churches that are more on fire for Jesus than we are and you know what that's true there are people on the other churches who are more in fire for Christ the many of us but it doesn't change the fact the theology of those churches is a fallen theology and it's an incomplete the on. And God has given us these messages to save those people so that they won't receive the mark of the beast in the Final Crisis and you may say oh I just let's just leave them alone there happy where they are right now you know how many god fearing Sunday heaping Christians have gone to their graves without knowing the power of the 3rd angel's message just could have moved amalgams under the the movement of the 3 angles messages but we were too afraid to witness it and they could have come into the church and done 10 times what we're doing because we're too afraid she to share with them the truth as it doesn't Jesus for this time what are we doing are which you are afraid to offend them when we have the message that will save them from receiving the mark of the beast and in many cases they would do a more powerful work than Word. Wasn't friends the 3 angles messages or are for this time we are God's chosen people with a chosen message and Babylon really is fallen and that is going to become very apparent the closer we get to the end of the world so I just want you to think about let's not be ashamed of this message let's give it with a loud voice let's do it with the spirit of Christ but let's make it clear that these messages are for this time we are living in the our business and we are we are living in the most important very diverse this tree and when God is the people who are empowered by the Holy Spirit to give that message for this time then I think we're going to see some amazing things happen on this earth and the fact that we're living in this pandemic right now him gives me some hope that maybe just maybe God's people are about ready to receive the outpouring of the Latter Rain because we are being transformed by the power of the 3. Must be the gospel so that's my study for the evening. Thank you everyone for hanging around til the end and listening I pray that I want just be another nice little and all and election will exercise free where you have a better feel logical understanding of what the 3 angles messages are I hope it touches your heart and you spend some time with a lot of this evening saying Lord help me to be part of the remnant not part of Babylon help me to experience the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ not the false gospel one help me to fear God In give glory to Him and to worship him realizing that I am living in the hour of his judgment and help me by the grace of God to warn my friends and Babylon in the right way and in the right time that with the holy boldness so that we can have more faithful workers and God's Cause before Jesus the searching houses are reporting we can access later so this has been recorded so I'll defer to the organizers about it yeah it has been recorded as he should be able to get it later I'm going to cost. You your just good Yes So going back to that point you said on with that hypothetical Sunday worship or that's on fire from the Lord just we didn't get that message to him is he for sure last. Now is someone who is living up to all the light that they have as a Sunday keeper. If they're living up to the lie that they have there in a safe while saving walk with God My point is that they may be in a saving walk with God but just imagine what they could be with the knowledge of the 3 angels messages how much is willing to be for God with that knowledge so the follow up then would be we would then preach to them because they want their preaching power on our side but not because if we don't give it to them they're not say yes correct however those who are in Babylon are in high danger. Of receiving the mark of the beast if the final crisis of Earth history were to come sometime relatively soon so if they were to come out now it's so much easier to come out now than the one that's the last chance that's like The Last Great Escape so to speak where you get out by the skin of your teeth you've been following the Lord and you're living up all the life that you have you're in a saving walk with him and then the loud cry goes out this is come out of her my people when you see the full truth during the Final Crisis and by God's grace many will come out at that point but it's probably fair to say that there may be some who will be lost who don't come out that if we could have reached them ahead of time maybe they would not have been so you know someone who is a Sunday keeper today and they were to die tomorrow of unforseen circumstances and they're living up all the why that they have their own to save and walk with with Christ and and scripture God refers to them in Scripture as my people so that's not that they're not his people they're just in a Babylonians system and if we could get them out now imagine yes of what number one is they can do more for God if they join this Reno's messages movement in the sum of they have a search Secondly they are at greater danger of receiving the mark of the beast if they stay in that system when the final crisis hits if they're still in that system they're in greater danger so if we can reach them now it's better the great question. Now Erin asked the question What is the best way to start sharing with Rangers messages with someone who doesn't have an a 70 ad in the background I'm assuming that you have a relationship with that person so yes 1st of all developing a relationship with with the person is crucial and you know Ellen White says Christ method a line will it will bring shrew success so 1st you know he gained their confidence and then he said follow me so you know the 1st thing you know you're you're not going to touch it somebody who doesn't have an a c. of a background the 1st thing that you talk to them about is not going to be the summit or the mark of the beast. But what I would say right now especially during this pandemic I would say you know the Bible is talked about what's happening right now is one of the signs of the coming of Christ I mean is that something you'd be interested in hearing more about and then you know you could go through. A variety of different bible studies I'm amazing facts as a good Bible study there's other things you could go through that. That go through the prophecies that lay a foundation I would start by Lange a foundation and Daniel to see if the best place to start which lays a foundation that there's going to be a 2nd coming and explain what the Bible says about the 2nd Coming and then you can build on that as you go to other chapters and then you know hopefully it will come from a long step by step but you know I have someone that I work with who is a faithful Sunday church going Baptists and. And I and I've talked to her about things through the years and an eye patch I was very frank with her recently I'm like you know I just I need to tell you some things about prophecy and I told her some things and you know I think most of you know I've recently written a book on Daniel so I gave her a copy of my book on Daniel you know great Congress he's also a good book to share with people that's why the a lot of people out of the church people have read their way into the church should never even out an aspiring the great Congress he so those are different things that you can do but yeah developing a relationship with a person is very important. Let's see. Amazing facts it is written that have both have really good studies on not. Preferential to want to the other I think either one would be excellent so. And there's probably other options out there as well let's see some of us from clef you said something interesting which is if the 3 angles messages of increased the faith of Christians who are outside of the in the church but in a Protestant church but are now in the grip of those faithful one of them powerful workers in proclaiming the 3 of those messages What's the relationship if any between what you said and what Ellen wants a misquote so this quote is apparently from Great their general conference but what's on May 24 1909 about why it has been given that the troops should go again to the eastern states where we 1st began her work and where we had our 1st experience as we must make every effort to spread the knowledge Oh yes and she says repeat those messages again so you know if you know if you understand the northeast the Northeast New England massive she says Vermont New Hampshire Maine Connecticut Rhode Island all of that man that's one of the most secular parts of the United States and you know my saying go back to that territory in Creech the masses that was 1st preached there in the $840.00 s. and it will bear fruit and that would be true of any secular place I mean Southern California has plenty of secularism to it. And so you know you're not going to finish the work with a half baked approach which is what doesn't has been doing for the last 100 years we think that we need to be the relevant church which we need to be sure but we try to be the relevant church by being you know basically a. Sunday Christian church light with a bit of a Sabbath flavor to it and it doesn't work and that's why we're still here and we need people with holy boldness who will share the 3 meals messages Ok someone else how do you approach a Jehovah's Witness with a strange message as they're very good with their Bible you know. That can be a challenge because Jehovah is wetness as are as convinced that they have the truth Some say I'm a star that we have the truth now whereas like you know some where I'm if you're in the south a lot of the Sunday going Christians just figure as long as I love Jesus and go to church that's good and so some of them might be a bit more open Jehovah's witnesses they can be reached I mean that's the message that's the be given to everyone but I mean basically it would come down to here if you're approaching a Jehovah's Witness 1st of all they have to be open if you're trying to get into an argument and us fight with them it's like going to go anywhere you're just going to argue it with each other and you'll both go back. Stewing over what you could have said better to so when the argument better and it won't really accomplish anything so if you know I wouldn't approach them from the standpoint of trying to win an argument you would hopefully try to actually gain their confidence a someone who cares about them so that they would be open to hearing from me but if you just try to sit them down and prove them wrong. That may not be so effective you know the old saying goes a man can convince against as well as of the same opinion still you know. That's what I would say about you know try to develop a relationship with them and then maybe they'd be more open to what you have to say about the Bible and then at that point is going to be important to you how you define ensure putting scripture and how you you know what the authority Scripture have. So. Often someone did ask you how do you reach an argumentative person who thinks they know the truth well I mean I would start by praying for them. And showing that you care about them that you have Christian love for them. You know it's very easy to get into an argument and. If they're argumentative I mean you might even say something of like you know why don't we just. Take an approach where we're just we're learning together we're studying together but let's not try to argument let's not try to argue she isn't let's not try to argue. And you know just let the Bible speak for itself but I mean if your argument of those well doesn't help like if you're like well see that shows that what you believe is wrong just what the Bible speaks. And I can be helpful also. This is couple of other. You've mentioned that giving glory to God if they hate evil that's actually the fear of God Not that it matters because I'm in an active sort of fear God is to hate evil but what would you tell someone who is misled on what evil is likes affording abortion even in the administrators' Well I mean. You know. The the 7 have a search the Medical Research Institute just came out with a really good the legal document on abortion and it shows that the unborn life in Scripture is considered in the same manner as life outside of the womb you know again you have to be careful about being argumentative but I mean. If you can give them a clear Bible study on on life that I like to be helpful. On. Them like this so going back to the argument of the person to showing them from Scripture or even make a difference if sure their view of the mark of the beast and I want to share what you preach but I'm. Well again I mean I think you could approach them if you have a relationship with a person they share their view on the mark of the beast you could come back and say you know. I appreciate you sharing your view on what the mark of the beast is would you allow me to share my viewpoint now again it depends on where they are I mean if you're just going to go straight into you know condemning someone's eternal hellfire so to speak I mean I'm exaggerating a little bit that you know the next had become just an argument but I'm not even sure I would start with the mark of the beast with them if you could show them the rest of prophecy for us. And someone said Are there any 3 angels message studies for middle school aged children. I don't know maybe someone else on this group does know what I would say is that you know I can make the 3 angles messages understandable for my 9 year old and 6 year old daughters now of course much year old maybe not but but the older cheer I mean I can break down the Gospel and tearing out and giving Horia him. At a level where a child can understand and I'm not going to get into the theological depth perhaps that we diffuse tonight but I can make an understandable for them so you know I don't know specifically again I know Doug bachelor house and series out there that might be helpful he doesn't since programs so you might look into that. I think you can chill are. The 3 messages to every people group whatever age group including children and it does look like someone share the length of the updated statement on abortion from the church. And then. Someone says I appreciate the point that you made regarding keeping the son in law by force vs gone through all through free will clearly show the contrast between same character and author here that's a great point so I'm glad you brought that out that the mark of the beast vs the seal of God shows Satan's character have been force not reverse as God's character of Free Will all those who receive the seal of God it will be through our free will through our choice to allow God to change us. So someone else will the train those messages and all that in them implies be revealed by the law to reign absolutely when the outer rain is poured out the loud cry is given and all 3 messages will be given with great power to the entire earth and it will be. Claimed endowments rated. And then he. Re next question What is the best way to approach them fatten a few have moved on their thinking you know there is a lot of times sadness 5th moved on so to speak they have been hurt you know there is the we in the chairs in the church there is the wise and the foolish virgins and sometimes the foolish virgins beat people over the head with the Bible the spirit of prophecy that they have shrift but they don't have the oil of the Holy Spirit if you could have the oil of the spirit if you have the fruits of the spirit of gentleness and not being a bull in the china shop so to speak having that gentleness but still living by firm conviction that's what makes all the difference so yeah unfortunately there are avenues to have turn people off because we have the truth of this range as messages we can give a clear Bible study on but we're really jerks to be around otherwise and that's not going to when people so there has to be that the fruits revealed and seen and that's that's how you can reach people who have moved on all right while you were 20 minutes after I mean that's why I get questions but I mean if people are good here that's good with me so thank you everyone so I'm looking for to next week you're not on what you're not going to want to miss next week because next week is the 3rd Angel's month that I'm going to show you some things about the 3rd angel's message but I'm critique sure you've probably never seen before and it's going to blow your mind and it's going to put Christ at the very heart of the 13 tools message and so you don't want to miss next week and if you can it's and get the recording whatever it may be but I'm excited about nexts. She used a study on the 3rd angels message it's going to be. For me the most exciting yet so if I'm so thankful that she's so many people who are joining the study and who are interested in understanding the 3 angles messages and God is raising up people who are going to not only understand these messages that lead by the power of these messages as well so why don't we go and have a go and have a a close in prayer and we can bring this study to a close so it's for a father in heaven we thank you for being with us this evening and we thank you for each person that was on the Scala on the study and we thank you for the 3 and his messages that you've given to us for this time Lord May we give these messages with a loud voice May we give them an ashamedly May we give them in the spirit and in the character of Christ may we reach a lost and dying world with these messages and may we allow nothing else to absorb and thank you for calling us to be who we are may we by your grace surrender Chea you and be used by you to be your representatives to this world so I pray that you will be with us the rest of the standing the rest of this week may be faithful and found ready when you come and bring us back again next week for next week study we just thank you we praise you create all these things in Jesus name and this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w dot audio 1st dot org.


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