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The Third Angel's Message and the Faith of Jesus

Norman McNulty


The special calling of SDAs to give the first, second, and third angels' messages to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people.  The importance of understanding and experiencing these messages in our lives, so we may reveal and proclaim them to the world.


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • May 5, 2020
    6:00 PM
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All of you it's definitely good to be back with you again this evening and I'm looking forward to our study this evening specifically on the 3rd angels message and so just by brief way or for review the for in this 3 part series series we start by lifting up the 1st the angels message and Week one and then in the 2nd week we looked at the end of the 1st angels message as well as the 2nd in his message in The Tonight we're going to look at the 3rd in the message here's what I hope has. Has been striking the year in what you've been able to see by studying these 3 angles messages and that as. These messages are for our time and they are the most relevant possible messages that can be shared and the 1st angels message makes it very clear that these messages are heard to be given to every nation gendered time people or every language groups people group ethnic group whatever it may be age group these messages are relevant to every group based on the time we're living in. And. With the message of the 3 angels we see that it is the everlasting gospel which is the gospel of the powerful that it can change us well that the righteousness of God is not simply declared but revealed in our lives as rooms 116 and 17 describes and then we saw what it meant to fear God we went through that a she weeks ago and we reviewed it a little bit last week that the fear the Lord at the beginning of wisdom is the flee from evil sons 30 for sure we will have no guile or malice just like a 144000 to give glory to God as they have a face like Abraham and whatever we do is for the glory of God. And we saw that we're living in the hour of his judgment that's part of the 1st angel's message. And we saw that Daniel the Book of Daniel puts the focus of prophetic history between $844.00 and the 2nd Coming and the hour of God's judgment starts and $844.00 and so the amazing thing is that the 3 angels messages are the messages for our time specifically from the time of 844 to the 2nd coming the 3rd angel's message especially is the message for our time to prepare people for the coming of Jesus and then were reminded that we are to worship them and that the next of the Sabbath must admit it which isn't distinction so worshiping the beast and receiving his mark and then we saw in the 2nd Angel's messages that Babylon is fallen is fallen there is to fall the want the 1st was with the Roman Catholic Church centuries ago as they changed Sabbath the Sunday as they instituted confession to the priest among other many other traditions that go against Scripture and then the 2nd follow about one was the following Protestant churches they are the Dodgers of the mother harlot and they fell in the summer of 844 when they rejected the preaching of the 2nd angel's message so that's just their brief summary of the the 1st in the 2nd Angel's messages. It's we're going to start now by looking at the 13 tools message in this is starting in verse 9 of Revelation chapter 14 and I should mention again remember that there is 3 sections of the book hero of chapter 14 of Revelation that is the 1st 5 or so is this for of the 144000 verses 6 through 12 describe the 3 and those messages and verses 14 through 20 describe the harvest and it. It's put together in that pattern because what you see is that you have $144000.00 special very few of them out of line with the lamb they are produced by the 3 angels messages and what Chapter 14 us is bringing out is that when the 3 angels messages produce the 144000 we will have the harvest which is the 2nd time so let's look now at the 30 days most of starting in verse 9 knows what the Bible says in the 30 angels followed them saying whoa whoa whoa. If any man of worship we eat and his image never see his mark in his forehead or in his hand the same children of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels in the presence of the Lamb and the smoke of their torn some with up forever and ever and they have no rest day nor night who worship the beast and his image and whosoever receive the mark of his name here is the patience of the Saints Here they that keep the commandments of God the faith of Jesus the lets verses 9 through 12 or Revelation 14 that is the 3rd angel's message now what we see right off is that the 3rd angel follows the 1st one the 2nd angel with a loud voice and the message is very clear if any man to worship the beast in his image and receive the markets for her and it's him you're going to drink the wine of the wrath of God which is for doubt without next year now before I get into this too deeply. A lot of times the 7th Avenue as we focus on. Receiving the mark of the beast and receiving the outpouring of the wrath of God and we neglect the other part of the 3rd angel's message which Ellen White says in reviewing her away for a 190 that the message of Justification by Faith is the 3rd angel's message of verity and we're going to talk about but some people then like to focus exclusively on the element of justification by faith being the 3rd angel's message and Verity that they forget the time about reverses 91011 and these races are here by accident either and I'm for part of the 39 souls message and I promised the last week that I'm going to show you something amazing about the 13 jewels musters and that's going to be when we get to verse 12 but we need to look at these 1st 3 verses out of the 4 verses and the 3 angles message to see just why this is some port remember the 3 main tools messages are announcing that the hour of God's judgment is come and the hour of God's judgment based on our study the myth of Daniel begins in 8 $144.00 and in the hour of God's judgment one of the things that is going to be decided is going to be who will worship God or shoe will worship the beast that's going to be really one of the final of the Sherman nations of the hour of God's judgment you know the judgment of the day which started in 844 that doesn't take very long for God to finish. But one of the key things that needs to be finished is who is worshipping God and we see that those who do worship God based on the 1st angels message will worship him that made heaven the earth the sea in the fountains of waters that is a direct connection of the 4th commandment and the Sabbath message to those who worship God will be Sabbath keepers and we saw last week that in order to keep the Sabbath whole women must themselves be holy as those are of ages to $83.00 so there will be those who worship God who will receive the seal of. And the 3rd angels message says If any man worships the be. And his image now the be. Is the Roman church they are and the image when you study Revelation 13 is the union of church and state and the Beast and be imaged of the beast brings out a false system of worship and we did a whole study on the mark of the beast a few weeks ago showing but that's Sunday is the mark of the beast and so if any man to worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his forehead or it or in a fan the same children of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his and Ignatius Now there are some key things going on here again at the end of the day it comes down to who do you worship do you worship God you worship the beast now most people say of course I worship God. You talk to the people who worship on Sunday and they believe they are worshipping God and those 2 are living up to the life that they have that is true which is why the last message of mercy and Revelation eighteen's us come about come out of her my people now. The problem is that when Sunday worship is in force that becomes the mark of the beast and if you go along with Sunday worship that becomes your you that you then receive the mark of the beast if you consent to worshipping according to the dictates of the guy beast we're not to worship the beast or his image we are not to go along with the union of church and state we are not to go along with a false day of worship proscribed by the state and there will be some who receive the mark in their forehead those are those who actively advocate for this day of worship but there are going to be many who go along with this day of worship who know when they are harder and in their mind that this is the wrong date but in order shoe saved their temporal situation they will go along with this law and that will be those who receive them are in their hands you know elements of the great controversy page 6008 she says as the storm approaches a large class who have professed faith in the 3rd angels message but who have not been sanctified by obedience to the truth will abandon the ranks and join the ranks of the opposition and they will be some of the most bitter enemies of God's people you know it's interesting those who have not been sanctified by obedience to the truth and they remember Sabbath is a sign of our sanctification So if you're not living a holy sanctified life you're setting yourself up to receive the mark of the beast and abandon God's people so now here's the thing. When the mark of the beast issue comes and you see this in Revelation 13 we see it is here in Revelation 14 you read about it in the great controversy when it comes to all human appearances you will lose your ally and your money and your career and your possessions and you will lose everything that you have if you don't go along with the mark of the beast with Sunday worship and from a human standpoint it will defy all logic and reason to not go along with the mark of the beast you may want to or how something out of this could go along with such a thing we've known for years ever since our inception as a movement that Sunday is a mark of the beast and yet many will go along with it and the the bottom line is that if you are used for my thing if it will benefit you personally and will be for the benefit of your family and for you financially and for your career and so forth you know God does this but he'll understand if I compromise on this one issue if you're setting yourself up to receive the mark of the beast because when that crisis comes a logic will go will surely God wouldn't want my family to go hungry and how would I be able to provide for them if I don't go on with this law and so that is what will set up many to receive the mark of the beast now it will seem in the immediate sense the logical rational thing to do but it's going to go against what God says here's the problem. Those who receive the mark of the beast verse 10 makes it very clear the same soldier I think of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without next year into the cup of his indignation Now if you want to know what the wrath of God is which is poured out without mixture you simply go over to Revelation Chapter 16 in verse one of those and I heard a great noise out of the simple things of the 70 jewels go your ways and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the years and the 1st when and poured out his bile upon the earth on their cell annoys them in grievous or on the men which are the mark of the beast and on them which we worship as an image now you can continue to read we're not going to do a whole study on the sudden last place but an initially those who go along with the mark of the beast will simper rarely gave retain the ability to buy and to sell and she were going to have food on the table and all of that but when probation clothes and the several mosque flags start to be poured out if you have the mark of the beast you will receive the wrath of God without. Him or what it means without and sister a lot of times when God poured out his judgments now and he does this there is mercy mingled with that judgment but when the 7 last plagues report out there will not be any mercy mingled with that judgment and so one of the reasons again and I mention this last week why. God has given us this message is that he wants us to call as many people out of Babylon as possible so that they do not receive the mark of the beast now if you go to the loud cry message notice this revelation 18 you know the earth is light and with the glory of God starting in verse one and there's this loud cry that says Babylon is fallen when you get to verse 4 it's as I heard another voice from heaven thanks come out of her my people that you be not her takers Iverson's and that you receive not her of her plagues for her sons of reached into heaven and got us remember her inequity now was and remember from Revelation 13 that the dragon gave us power seat in authority to this beast who is going to receive the up pouring of the 7 last legs God doesn't want his she full to receive these plays and scripture describes this time as God strange act but remember you might be thinking man this isn't fair of God to you for out these plagues upon his created beings how could he do such a thing and be a God of love just remember that those who received the 7 last legs. A whine themselves together to make war against God's people Revelation 700 says they make war with the lamb and they are in this to chill God's people so the 7 last plagues is God's way of preventing the wicked from destroying his faithful saints and it's a righteous than just thing for him to be and a so he wants as many people as possible she do not receive the mark of the beast and he watched as many people as possible should not try to kill his people his saints those who keep the commandments of God And so that's an important facet of the 13th as message of the 13th message is given with a loud voice saying if you receive the mark of the beast if you worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in your forehead or in your hand you will receive the wrath of God court out without mixture Now here's the interesting thing the wrath of God poured out without mystery is poured into the cup of his and Diggnation now you think about this Jesus drank that. In get some and he says Father if it be possible let this cup pass from so Jesus has been hasn't drunk of this cup and he has made a possible that we don't have to drink this. But Jesus drank fecht up so that we could be saved but sadly many will choose to receive the mark of the beast them they will receive the outpouring of the wrath of God. And so they shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels in the presence of the Lamb never saw what has confused some people. In verse 11 as the smoke of their torn asunder thought forever and ever they have no rest day nor night who worship the beast and his image and whosoever receive of the mark of his name now there are those who use versa Lobban ironically enough on the Sunday keeping church just to try to prove that there is each kernel hell fire that never goes away that with it will burn forever and ever and ever throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity and I want to take you to a passage in scripture that John the Revelator is making reference to so that you understand the context and this is found in Isaiah Chapter 34 verses 5 through 10 and this is describing the destruction. Of Edam. The eat a mite's were the descendants of of Aesop notice how scripture describes this is Isaiah 34 verses 5 through 10 this is God speaking for my sword shall be behave the. Behold it shall come down upon I DIMIA and upon the people of my curse the judgment the sort of the Lord is filled with blood it is made found without messing with the blood of lambs and goats with the fat of the kidneys of rams for the Lord to have a sacrifice some bodies are in a great slaughter in the land of Vitae Mia and the Unicorn shall come down with them in the bullocks with the bulls and the lamb shall be soaked with blood in the dust made with mist and notice this is where things become especially relevant picking up and resave for it is the day of the lords of vengeance and the year of recompense is for the controversy of Zion and the streams there shall be turned into pitch in the dust there official into Grimstone and the land there or shall become burning pits no notice verse term it shall not be quenched night nor day the smoke there of shall go up forever from generation to generation additional why waste none shall pass through it forever and ever notice now the word the term to me is used to describe. The eat a my it's. In the eat a mite's were being punished for their. For their attacks on God's people but notice how it's it's mention of or Senate says it shall not be quenched night nor day the smoke there shall go up forever from generation to generation a little why waste now the territory of Eden was to the east of Israel and obviously the smoke isn't still ascending from that territory that simply means that the destruction was permanent and forever and that's what. Revelation 14 versa love and means when it says the smoke of their charm Asenath up for ever and ever the effect of their destruction and the effect of the destruction of those who receive the mark of the beast is forever and. Some of also pointed out the and in the book of Jew the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is the scribe has been destroyed with the terminal fire. And that's that's a decent argument as well although the word each terminal is a bit different than forever and ever in Revelation 14 but Isaiah $34.00 and Revelation 14 are a clear connection now that's as much as I'm going to say well I'll just say this again I mentioned this last week I'll mention it again this week we talked about the distinction between those who receive the seal of God versus those who receive the mark of the beast God calls for us to worship him but we have a voluntary voluntary choice to follow him we're not coerced into worshipping not the mark of the beasts is coersion where they say if you don't worship the way we say we're going to take away your ability to buy and to sell and will find you and we will imprison you and finally they will threaten you with death that is coercion and that is not dots of character and so those who go along with that receive the mark of the beast and ultimately God must destroy that which goes against his character of was so. I also mentioned this the ironic thing about the Babylonian gospel is that the Babylonian Gospel says we will be saved and sent him will continue to sin until Jesus comes and as the world falls apart the church is about one will come to this day and say our Gospel doesn't work we need you to enforce a law that will put people back in church so that we can turn society back around and yet God's people who have the seal of God will say you can't and force the worship of God and the Creator God it must be a voluntary choice some By the way come out of her my people because that balance sends reach heaven with the Sunday law worship God voluntarily and receive his seal so you have the seal of versus the mark of the beast and that's what the 3rd angel's message boils down to use of the mark of the beast is the church admitting our Gospel doesn't work we need to enforce a lot of people in the church whereas DOT's people are a demonstration that John's way and having faith in his power can produce his righteousness in our life so that we are a demonstration to the on the universe now verse 12 is the conclusion of the 3rd Angel's Musset and it is a demonstration that you do not have to receive the mark of the beast and that it is not in evidence notice Revelation 14 wrist off and this is one of them the Famous for us as in scripture this is sort of our marching cry or about a cry a sudden Fay Adams Revelation $1412.00 shearers the patience of the saints here are they that he the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus now this is a remarkable hers because it's in the setting and in the context of the time in which a Sunday a lot has been passed. And the Wicca have received the mark of the beast in their forehead or in their hands and they are going along with a law that says it's Ok she worship on a day that God has not ordained a soul what if the. There. After the beast and receiving the mark in the image to the beast despite all of that there is a special group of people described here where it says here is the patience of the Saints Here they that heap the commandments of God in the face of Jesus now it's interesting when you go back to Revelation 13 in verse 10 speaking of the beast power it says He that lead us in the catch to the show go into captivity he that Philip with the sword must be killed with the sword Here's the patient in the faith of the saints that she has this connection the beast power will try to lead you into captivity by following a law that goes against the log on and he will try to kill you with the sword to go along with this mark of the beast law and yes here is the patience in the face of faith of the Saints Here is a group of people who will not go along with this law even at the piano. So one of those here is the patience of a saint Shearer they that keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus the conflict is very clear these are a people who are willing to die for their space but it's interesting it goes a lot deeper than this and this is where I want to spend the rest of our study these 3 components of patience. Obedience and faith now that we're patients can also be translated into your ins here is the insurance of the saints here are they that heap the commandments of God on the faith of Jesus these 3 components faith or excuse me patience or endurance obedience and then face are 3 special characteristics of the righteous saints or of the righteous last generation who will be alive when Jesus comes and they are the 1st fruits of the harvests for which Jesus will come to receive you know Mark $420.00 she says that when the harvest is ripe immediately he put a thumb to circle so it's not as if the harvest has been ripe for the last 100 years and we're just trying to one more souls the atoms of the Christ those and I have a 1st fruits of 144000 that special group of people that are ripe and yet so that he can come and so this special group of people who have the patience of the saints who keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus that's what he's waiting for so what is it about this special group of people that. Has such a profound character want to take you through a few things and I want you to start I want you to go to John Chapter trial verses 23 and 24 John to 24 and I'm going to put it well I'm going to these verses in them I'll tell you what we're going to do here John Church while verses 23 and 24. In Jesus answer them saying be ours come but the son of man should be glorified Verily verily I say unto you accept a corner we've fallen to the ground and diet of mind of the one but if it done it bring it forth much fruit now she hears what Jesus saying Jesus is saying that his death is this seed for the harvests. Because Jesus is saying mind death or the hour is come the Son of Man should be glorified now when he speaks about being were 5 he speaking of his the on the cross and he saying that my death is like a corn of we or a seed of we that will fall into the ground and die but when it dies it will bring forth a harvest of we now the final harvest takes place at the 2nd coming of Jesus and this is what's amazing to me so Jesus Assange my death produces a harvest Now certainly you can say that those who have been righteous before the cross even we think of of all they hear is a face starting with with Abel and he resolve and you go through enough. And Moses and wives and all of the Here is a face better are mentioned Abraham that they're part of the harvest Absolutely but the for the 144000 are the 1st fruits of that heart and so Jesus saying my Jeffs is like a quart of wheat that is planted in the ground and is but then that seed comes up out of the ground and will produce a harvest in the whiteness of the seed that was planted and then as I said in Mark for when the harvest is ripe immediately he will put in the circle now Mark for Also So as for a subway then the year after the fall born of the year so the Christian can be perfect at every stage but there is a maturity that God is looking for in the mid surety is the character of Jesus especially as he is hanging on the cross. So here's what I'm going to Sheriff shirty and this to me as a very profound in this is what gives meaning to me personally and what gives me purpose as I behold Christ this is what I desire and what I pray for and what I flee for what I pray for and what I play I plead for is that Christ and His curator as he's hanging on the cross that's the scene that he planted so that he could prayer produce a harvest after the same time my prayer is that the harvest would be seen in my life and I hope that you will have that desire as well so here's the amazing thing when you look at these 3 special characteristics here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus patience or a near its obedience and face those $36.00 special qualities we can prove for the character of Jesus as he's hanging on the cross and dying we can prove but that's the seed that was planted and that's what we're going to be now so let's go now. To he receptor traverses want to the 1st thing we're going to look at as this character of having patients or near and now we know. That Jesus obviously have patience for another so here is the scribe as starting in verse one of the risks were forcing We also are Compounce about with so great a cloud of witnesses let us lay aside every weight in the sun which just so easily be said to us and let us run with patients the race that is that before thought were patients and he responders One is the same word in the Greek as Revelation 1412 and it can also be translated in urines So let us run with and you are in the race that a set before us and we see that this race that has been such a forest is to lay aside every weight and the sun which so easily be successor ensnare of the search you know I can say to each one of you who are listening to this that even I each one of us has a besetting sin that easily and snares us for a minute might be the lustful fots are looking at things on the computer or other issues that may pop up in your life for women it may be a desire for vanity and for looking like the latest fashionable thing that comes along there is any other number of sense that maybe pride maybe arrogance that maybe bitterness it may be a lack of forgiveness there may there's some specific inherited tendency that you may have cultivated that is of the setting sun and we are called to lay aside these things and run with patience or in beer and the race that is set before us and you may say How can I run with that kind of environs where I will lay aside the son's 1st few shifts looking and to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith Now let me say this a lot of times we compare ourselves among ourselves and the Scripture says that is not wise because we say well look. I realize that I kind of have a bit of a grumpy attitude issue and I can be a little bit proud and yeah sure I might have some wasa Fos from time to time in the am I have some vanity in the way I put on my appearance from time to time but you know I'm not as bad. As the alcoholic down in the gutter or the people that I see it sure I know are living double lives I'm not as bad as that So God's not going to make a big deal about my sentence but the Bible says no no no no don't look at anybody else but I will says looking on to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith of us who for the joy that was set before Him Indeed you are the cross despising the shame and a sit down of the right hand of the throne of God Now give us the word in view or is the past tense version of patients or endure and Jesus endure the cross and the 144000 who overcome the beasts in the mark. Of them and they have the same degree of patience or in your answer that Jesus has endured the cross and so Jesus is the seed planted he endures the cross and he sure he what it's like to demonstrate patience or in your arms and he's the one who in guess Sunny's sang father if it be possible that this cup pass from he sweating drops of blood he gets that upon he gets courage 3 times where he's whipped $39.00 stripes which is almost a knot to kill him and then he's hanging on the cross with nails through his hands and his heart is breaking as as the cycles are even ashamed to be around him as he sees his mother's broken heart she endures all that no less and when it says here is the patience of the Saints this is not some little Wow good job if you learned how to be patient when breakfast was running 5 minutes away or when you were running 5 minutes late at work good job you have patience it's a good start but no one is Us Here is the patience of the Saints this is saying here is a special group of people who just as Jesus was facing death on the cross in Europe patiently the suffering that he experienced here is a group of people who patiently in you are a death that 3 and remained faithful and didn't lose their Christian experience and maintain the fruits of the spirit during that challenging time. Here is the patience of the saints and he really goes on to say for Consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against themself less he be wearied in fan your minds you have not yet resistant to blood striving against Jesus the Jesus resisted the blood even to the death of the cross he endured the cross and what God is saying about his special last a people issue have the patience of the saints he said I will have a people of character maturity who have the degree of patience or endure and that Jesus had on the cross Jesus planted that seed of while he was dying on the cross and it will produce a harvest at the end of the world where there will be a people through whom the earth is a light in with the glory of the character of God and they will have in dear aunts no matter what the trial no matter what the issue because they have learned to look and of Jesus they won't be made you know I just want to make a challenge to each one of you we look to ourselves in comparison among each other chew much and we say well at least some not as impatient of those people I mean how come there is a couple times a day but now they're impatient every 5 minutes I'm a. No stop comparing yourself to other people and start looking and of Jesus on the cross as he and you're the Crossing the other amazing thing as it says he and your the cross for the joy set before him and the joy that was set before him was the harvest of those you would be saved at the sea that he planted would produce a harvest in the likeness of his character and the joy that set before us is a being with Jesus and the king and of having his care so one of us here is the patience of the saints that's a big deal. That is saying here is a special group of people to India you are the way Jesus is in you are the crops and if you ever get tired of being around. People who get on your nerves consider him because you have not yet resistant about striving incense without a powerful point now not only did Jesus demonstrate patience or insurance on the cross he also demonstrated over the it's so so here is the patience of the Saints Here they they keep the commands of John. Clearly Jesus lived an obedient wife can we show from scripture that Jesus was the demonstration of obedience on the cross while Interestingly if we understand that the land was to be without blemish and without spot meaning that the Lamb had to be perfect and he Perceptor 9 verse 14 it says how much more shall the blood of Christ through through the eternal spirit offered himself without spot now that word spot can also be translated fall offer himself without fault to God courage or conscience from dead works the serve the living God So Christ offered himself without fault as he died on the cross and then we go to Heber stem. Verses 5 through 7 and by the way one is of price offered himself without fault 144000 Revelation 14 are without fault before the throne of God if he were centers of 5 to 7 Wherefore when he comes into the world he said a sacrifice an offering that what is not but a body has stop or parrot me so Jesus sang a body has been prepared for me to be a sacrifice on the cross and burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin that has had no pleasure no notice for 7 then said I lo I come in the volume of the book it is written of me to do that I will of God Remember Jesus says Not my will but thine be done and he was given a body to be a sacrifice on the cross Well what does it mean to do the will of God Paul here and he resists quoting directly from a messianic song in Psalm Chapter 40 and I want you to give some chapter 14 out and we're going to pick it up in verse 6 and you're going to see that it's a direct quote here some Chapter 40 starting and respects sacrifice in offering the did not desire mine yours has opened bring an offering and so some offering has the not required no notice versus 70 then silo I come in the volume of the book it is written and I delight in the use I will oh my God Yea via lot is within my heart so Notice what this is saying some 40 verses 6 through 8 Jesus saying I came with a body prepared for me to do the will of nominees and some 40 makes a very clear with the will of God He says I don't like to do your will my God v.a. or yes your lot is with in my heart. So Jesus as He is dying on the cross his body is a sacrifice he's offering himself with outs or without fault because he don't lie it's to deal the will of job and the law of God is in his heart so as Jesus hanging on the cross He is the perfect embodiment of an obedient human being yes he has got he's also man and he is the perfect embodiment of an obedient human being of whom God's law is written in his heart and mind of the amazing thing as is God a saying to his last day people I will write my wife on your heart mind that's the new and from 844 to the 2nd coming Jesus goes into the house holy place and 844 but why God is found in the ark of the Testament and got a saying from the most holy place Christ the high priest is going to write his law on your heart mine that's the new covenant why that's in Jesus live the new covenant life because the law of God was written in his heart and mind and he delighted the dear enough you know I mean some something with your life. Man this was kind of like a legalism I guess we're just going to have to to do this the to go to her. Man it sure would be nice if I could have more than one woman and my wife and sure be fine if I could have us then and each of its just in the midst of all this kind of act like I don't really want to do that because I would look better among other Christians are. That's not how Jesus loves Jesus saying I don't want to do you your will oh my god yes euro has been in my heart I don't know I don't know why she follow God's law which is a transcript of got scared and got a saying. That Jesus on the cross he had this body that was prepared for him to be a sacrifice and that body that was prepared to be a sacrifice was offered like that perfect lamb without blemish or without spot or without flaw he was the embodiment of a commandment. So this is the amazing thing Jesus on the cross demonstrates in durance where patients Jesus on the cross demonstrates obedience but not only that we see here is the patience of the Saints Here they that keep the commandments of guns and by the way the so I'm Let's make this clear those who keep the commandments of God have not receive the mark of the beast they're not going along with Sunday worship they are Sabbath keepers stick to the 10 Commandments and as we saw last week in order to keep the Sabbath holy men must themselves be whole with so they're not just Saturday they are holy Sabbath keepers who have lived whole we live and heap all 10 commandments and the Sabbath as a sign of a sanctified mind so just like Jesus and you're the cross 144000 you are the mark of the beast crisis just like Jesus demonstrated the perfect life of obedience while hanging on the cross 144000 through the power of God will live an obedient life even when they are facing death just as Jesus Faith's the death of the Cross now the last point is that it says here is the patience of the Saints are they to keep the commands of God and the faith of Jesus so the $144000.00 are going to have the faith of Jesus can we show that Jesus had faith on the cross. So here we go go ations future 20 says I am crucified with Christ Nevertheless I live. Yet not I but Christ live if in me and the wife which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave him suffering and not to harp on Bible versions to heart here but some Bible translations mistranslate to say I live by faith in the Son of God is not by faith of the Son of God by the faith of Jesus so I am crucified with Christ Jesus died on the cross and as I get my wife to him I am crucified with him I am surrendered to Him fully now Christ lives in me and the wife which I live in this human bought in this human flesh with the mind that I have I now have the mind of Christ with his mind be a new Chryslers and me I now have his mind and the wife which I live I exercise the faith of Jesus because his faith is in me and the only way I can exercise the faith of Jesus is the be crucified with Christ Now the implication then as from the regime's teach warning is that if I am to live by the faith of Jesus when crucified that means that when Jesus was crucified crucified he must live by faith as well because when I am crucified I lead by his faith when he was crucified she'll live by his faith Now let's look at a couple of other points to make this even clearer on a reading some statements from desire of ages page 753 This is our ages starting pitch 753 the Savior should not see through the portals of the Team Hope did not present to him his coming forth from the grave a conqueror were to tell him of the father's acceptance of the sacrifice he feared that some are so offensive to God. That their separation was the be eternal. Christ felt the anguish which the center will feel when mercy shall no longer plead for the guilty raise that was the sense of son bringing the father's wrath upon him as man substitute that made the except he drank so bitter and broke the heart of the son about so interesting we not just hope did not present to him coming forth or Congress he could not see through the portals of the team so the only way he would be able to see through the portals of that him would be through faith now you go ahead 3 pages the page $756.00 of desire of a just it's a suddenly the glim lifted from the cross and in clear trumpet like tunes that seem to resent throughout creation Jesus cried it especially father into the hands I command my spirit a light encircled the cross in the face of the Savior shone with the glory like the sun he them bowed his head upon his breast and died so noticed he couldn't see through the portals of the team but he speaks with this message of faith that especially I kind of your hands I commit my spirit l. my goes on to say I'm in the are awful darkness apparently for 2nd of God Christ to drain the last dregs in the cup of whom human well in those dreadful hours he had relied upon the evidence of his father's acceptance here Chief forgiven him he was a coin of the character of his father he understood his justice as mercy and His great love now listen to this by faith he rested in him who met had ever been his joy to obey and as in submission he committed himself to gone the sense of the loss of his father's favor was withdrawn and was and by faith Christ was a victor So Christ's. Demonstrated faith on the cross even when he couldn't see through the portals of the tomb up the faith of Jesus now one of the things that's worth mentioning if you go to the message the way it is see a verse 21 Jesus of to him that ever cometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also overcame and sat down with my father in his throne now how do you overcome 1st John 5 or so for says this is the victory that overcome with the world even our faith so Jesus saying to Laodicea if you can overcome as I overcame and scripture says the way we over Thomas through faith the only way we can over time the way Jesus are retained is to have the same faith that Jesus had. Jesus demonstrated very clearly his faith while hanging on the cross where he could not see through the portals of its name and by faith he relied on the evidence that his father had given him prior to his experience on the cross because on the cross his feelings are saying it's over sin a so offensive the father will never take you back you're not going to come forth from the grave of Congress you've accepted son and the father wants you to be a sacrifice for humanity so that they can be saved but what you've done is so offensive you'll never come out of it that's what he's feeling the cross and by faith he relies on the promises from God's word prior God's word that having given him prior to what he is feeling right now on the cross one of the problems many of us have is that we talk a good game so to speak about faith when the going is good when things are going well when the job is going well when the pay checks coming in and when the groceries are easy to find and when people like us at church and there are any struggles going on with our friends or a church or in our family or whatever it may be we have faith in God and we're so thankful for all of His blessings but what about when you don't feel God it's the last. When a shrew trial comes you've lost a job you don't know where the paychecks coming from maybe your spouses want how many maybe you're having difficulty with your children or maybe you're having some issue a church and you don't see a way through it humanly speaking do you go to God's word and claim his promises because that's when Jesus that on the cross the faith of Jesus and God the last a few people who think live through Jakobsen much trouble and who face and death the tree in the Mark of the beast crisis and that Final Crisis of Earth's history will need a chair or maturity of faith so that when that crisis comes God will be able to say here they are. Here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the camels are God in the faith of Jesus and here's the amazing thing God is going to look to the on living universe and he's going to be able to say that everlasting Gospel within the 3 main tools messages have produced the people who fear God him give glory to him in the hour of his judgment has produced the people who worship me who live holy lives you have to serve the something in all the 10 Commandments and they have been transformed in my wife and now that they are facing a death that 3 just as I face the cross the seed that I planted on the cross that seed of wheat that would produce a fruit of a great harvest in the whiteness of the seat of Christ that was planted here they are here is the patience of the saints shere are a group of people who endure the way Jesus endure the crossed here are a group of people who have God's law written in their hearts and minds and who are living they the new covenant life as I live the new covenant life and they the commands of got here is a group of people who have the faith of Jesus that even though it seems as if the whole world is against them they have faith the believe and the deliverance by God's power through the crisis that they are facing and when God has the people immediately he will put in the circle Christ will come to gather the precious brain and that is the power of the thirteen's as message and here is the thing that I want you to remember about this is the reason why the 3rd angel's message has power it's not because it says if you worship the beast in his image you're going to receive his mark and you're going to receive the outpouring of the wrath of God That's not what gives its power the reason the 13 jewels message has power is because Jesus is the living embodiment of the 3rd angels message he and you are the cross he lived an obedient wife without spot or without fault and he exercised faith while hanging on the cross and so the 3 into. Such has power because it's not only a living embodiment of Jesus it's the living embodiment of Jesus while he is hanging on the cross and so the 13 joules message has power for adding to them because what God is saying is I will produce a people a generation at the end of the world with a tear or maturity who will become so white Christ who will look under Jesus the author and finisher of their faith that they will become like Him and hear her as he was while hanging on the cross and that's justification by faith that's right just it's life if that's the righteousness of God being revealed in our lives and so I hope that that makes sense to you I hope that it brings encouragement to you I hope it really just in whitens Eve to realize that the 3rd angel's message is the experience of Jesus on the cross that will be produced in our lives as we go forth to meet the beast power at the end of the world and so that's the experience that God is promising to give to each one of us if we have faith to believe in Him And so that's where I'm going to conclude our study and I want to thank all of you for. The saving and it's so wonderful. To have Bible studies with my friends in California reminds me future of the of the hope is when we would have us studies that have a hope and sometimes in the in the carrier groups that you know God is continuing to raise up people I wonder if you are going to experience the 3rd angel's message and be his witnesses at the end of the world I believe he's calling each one of you to be part of that so we can move forward now to taking questions any questions so. The question was us of an adjoining your book on January planning on writing a book on Revelation Yes I'm actually in Revelation Chapter 10 pray for me that I can the fish and it's difficult to. To write a book while you have a full time practice. And I can say this I mean this if you want any other good books on revelation this is a book called an enduring this isn't revelation revealed by our it's published by teach services there's a couple little things that I see differently but overall it's a very solid because it's a sources you know if you read the whole book you will know the book a revelation better than almost any of the it's. An enduring vision revelation revealed by authentic he's from Australia he's actually passed away he wrote this book in his ninety's and so it's basically the experience of this whole ministry put together and very well well done and hopefully with honest. Norman we can hear you often sorry I now can. Sorry something sometimes the internet connection can be a little bit spotty so you can hear me f.-f. Ok so the 144000 are the 1st fruits to God and Revelation 14 for justice price of the 1st 3 does this mean that there will be others with the characteristics of 844000 he will also have the name on their forehead so you know I believe that. The righteous you know this is clear that you know they're all of the righteous in the kingdom will have God's character but $144000.00 are special group 2 you have an entire group not just isolated characters here and there like most of the lives of Enoch who certainly have all those characteristics but the 144000 are an entire group at the end of the world who have this characteristics and so they. They have these characteristics so they will follow the land and serve God in the temple day and night and so they're a special people but those shoe are. Saved throughout Earth's history will will also have doubts character in the kingdom but those who die before Jesus comes won't want to have that special experience of being alive without saying. Another question. That city. More to the Vs representing in so so depression so Revelation 13 there is t.v. sets and the primary beast is the 1st beast which has 7 hasn't 10 horns and he has the mouth of a lion and. The body of a lover in the feet of a bear and that's a composite piece which represents the Roman Catholic Church state power that then receives a deadly one in $790.00 and then you have the 2nd beast which And so the 1st piece came up out of the sea that was the populated area of western Europe you have the 2nd beast which comes up out of the unpopulated area of North America and it's the 2nd beast a Protestant America that forms the image to the 1st beast which is the image of the 1st piece is Union of church and state the receipt the reason it receives a deadly wound is because it lost the power as a church power over the state when Napoleon and the pope taken captive an only want to someday law isn't forced will that one be totally healed it's healing but it won't be completely until there's a Sunday law and so the image of the beast is bringing church and state back together the mark of the beast is the sum they will because that's of the mark of the thought already that it can and force religious beliefs through the secular power that's why it's the mark of the beast because the beast claims to have power over the state of the church power and so that's the Roman Catholic Church they have power but it's the United States of America the Protestant America posse a Protestant as and that will in force the image I'm a very good question. Ok so the beast is is there likely to sink to a stick. The reach of the beast is the papacy Ok thanks if the same thing as the little horn in Daniel 7 good question and you can show that Aaron because in Revelation 13 it says the lion has a mouth speaking great things. The wine represents Babylon which of the time papacy and Daniel 7 the Little Horn has a mouth speaking great things so the little horn of Daniel 7 is the same thing as The Beast in Revelation 13 that has a mouth of a lion speaking 3 things and they both rule for 1260 years next question is there any relationship between the phrase the faith of Jesus that we study today and the testimony of Jesus in Revelation $110.00 which says the testimony of Jesus of the Spirit of Prophecy that's an excellent question they're not exactly the same thing the testimony of Jesus is making reference to the prophetic gift of God to last a church. Whereas the faith of Jesus is actually describing the faith of Jesus that he had while living here on this earth so the testimony of Jesus and Jesus speaks through His prophets and the remnant church has the testimony of Jesus and has a profit for the last days so the testimony of Jesus is different than the faith of Jesus the faith of Jesus is the faith that Jesus lived in exercise while alive on this earth the testimony of Jesus is how Jesus speaks to us and he speaks to us through His prophets and specifically for the 7 they haven't searched the testimony of Jesus of the writings of Ellen g. why. Next question this through Kathleen and Diane could you possibly explain what that she witness how she witnesses have for us and that in times briefly well the few witnesses are found in Revelation Chapter 11 and. That she witnesses represent the old and the new each customer. Of Scripture and we get that from. Variety of scripture is Isaiah 820 to the line of the testimony face fix not according to this word is because there is no y. in them so you have the witness of the Old Testament you know the witness of the New Testament. John 539 s. a search the Scriptures these are they which testify of me a witness testifies So when Jesus referred to the Scriptures he was really referring to the Old Testament but then of course the New Testament testifies of him clearly as well so but also estimate as a witness to Christ the New Testament is a witness to Christ they were burned in South cloth and ashes of their dead bodies were in the street during the French Revolution but then they are caught up to God and us around and they give testimony until the end of time the old man than he says or that she witnesses that will give us a light all the way till Jesus comes. Will the $144000.00 be higher in status in heaven you know. In us in a sanctified sense yes but remember that. Hugh who is greatest is this he who is least he who is servant $144000.00 are described as the servants of God they will be so god servants they will serve God day and night in this temple they will follow the lamb where the so ever he go if that's not a privilege that is mentioned that will be afforded shew to the great multitude or to all of the safe throughout special status for those who live through the final crisis of versus 3 next question he wrote them in the book Plan revelation by Stefan of additional very blunt with you now I do not the book is if Allah's amounts of that's called idealism where it kind of mixes historicism with Predator ism and futurism there is some truth in it but there's other things that are not true for example he says the testimony of Jesus is the testimony of what Jesus doesn't our lives and he completely ignores the idea that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy he also has some very strange ideas about the trumpets and other things so if you want to get confused read the book I'm not questioning his character I sure he's a very nice man but I do not agree with the ideas and so it's not a personal attack against him as a person I just don't agree with his theological views and I do not recommend. Another question how is the number 144000. Of. Just in the brief basic McConkey only asked question about Us military but are over it as a for a country such 144000 as described in Revelation Chapter 7 where they are described as there are 12000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel here's what we can clearly say is that the 12 tribes are symbolic because 10 of the 12 tribes were lost to posterity by 723 b.c. and you only have Judah and Benjamin left by the time of Christ Paul came from the tribe of Benjamin Christ was from the tribe of Judah and the Jews the tribe of Judah and then him and together were known as the Jews and so clearly you can't be describing literal Jews when it comes in 144000 so what I've said about the 144000 is that it makes sense that the 12 sons of Israel would describe the 12 characteristics within those false signs in the characteristics of all of them are the characteristics common to all of humanity and got a saying no matter what your background or your baggage I can take he and make you to be part of the 144000 now whether or not so here's the one thing that we can say is that 100 and 44th 1000 are symbolic in the sense that the tribes of Israel are a symbolic people of the scribes God's people if you are Christ in your Abraham see and there is according to the promise of that symbolic in the sense that the 12 tribes themselves I mean we don't have a literal tribe of Simeon for example as far as the number being literal or symbolic when I study Revelation I'm not going to come right out and say 144000 is definitely a literal number. But what I would say is that scripture describes a remnant that are saved and that the way to salvation and there are a few either be that find it and I've said it like this wouldn't be amazing if there were 144000 people on this earth right now that were just like Jesus because people try to say oh well surely the 144008 symbolic and not literal because God would only say 144000 and I'm not specifically getting that line of reasoning for say that these same people who push for the symbolic idea also will oftentimes push for the idea that we can't really overcome the way Jesus ever can and my point is is that how many people actually believe that you can overturn the way Jesus that you know if God to take 12 apostles and take the Gospel to the known world at that time imagine what he could do with 144000 people who were like him now again I'm not saying specifically the other literal but I don't think it's a great multitude that no man can number. And then what's the. End you know Ellen White also says that we shouldn't argue whether it's water or are symbolic but just try to be in the among that number because the character of 144000 is in the city edibles So I hope that you don't come away from this or thing about what I said about think about the character the 144000 stations of the St keep the commandments of God in the face of Jesus and how that parallels Jesus experience on the cross that's the most important thing. And then someone for the for founders the not so on a simple in Revelation how much emphasis should we put on the symbols for example where the woman in Revelation of given she wings of a great eagle you know she flees into the wilderness and the eagle Terry sure there. The eagle. Is. Is use the eagle is like the king of the bird so to speak it's also used to describe divine beings that time so really you can use that the eagle is actually a representation of divine deliverance and that's how I see it. And this is can we be a part of the saved multitude are we saved only if we are part of the $144000.00 here's what I would say. If you were a 7th Day Adventists if you were not part of the $144000.00 you will not be sealed the purpose for something to them is the be part of the 144000 then the 144000 will call people out of Babylon to not receive the mark of the beast and so the parable of the 10 virgins to me makes that clear the wise virgins are the 140 $4000.00 who have the extra oil on their vessels with their lamps the foolish virgins knew the truth they had the Bible but they didn't understand they didn't experience the truth as it has in Jesus and so they. They were lost and then the 144000 hear otherwise version they have the extra oil on their vessels with their lamps they don't receive the outpouring of the latter ran to give a loud cry message and then sometime after that the bridegroom comes they enter in with him to the members of the door shut but the close of probation which happens after they give the loud cry message but the full assurance come up to they were born say what a sound that Christ as I never knew so you have closed probation which is the Korean the plagues Jacob's on trouble and then Jesus comes back so if you're if you're a servant they honestly don't think that you can somehow get by like well I'll just be part of the great multitude and I won't be part of the 144000 if you're alive when Jesus comes or either part of the $144000.00 you're not saved and if you die before Jesus comes you'll be part of the special resurrection but you won't be part of the $144000.00 and then you'll be part of that great multitude which no man can number. So that's my understanding now there is some room for some differences on that and it's not a major salvation issue but the main thing is to have the character the 144000 to how the patients of the saints to keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus and remember that Jesus plants of that seed on the cross to produce the 1st fruits that would be like him and someone civil some of the administration he considered to be part of the 144000 as well you know I don't say know that I have a perfect answer to that but just remember that the mark forces that you have 1st the blade then the you're in the flow corner of the year you can be perfect at every stage so if a child is living up to everything that they know in their surrendered sure I think they could be but I do think that 144000 will be a people with character maturity and this is why many of the faithful will be taken to the grave before the sun that's possible I mean the Lord will lay the elderly in the and those who are weak and feeble perhaps we're told that that's going to happen maybe the very young that that will happen just before Jesus comes back it's a difficult thing to think about but like once you see the sun a lot of crisis you know the Jesus is about times it's going to be you know a different time to be alive for sure once. So that's 20 after I mean volunteer you get with Ok somebody offer opposing press the thank you everyone else where it's Father in heaven we thank you. For the amazing 3 angels messages that you have given to us for this time of her sister in law and I just pray that we would be faithful that we would experience the power of the everlasting Gospel that we would fear God that we would give glory to you that we would ever be mindful that we are living in the hour of your judgment and that we would worship us have an earth as in the sound of waters may we truly be out of Babylon in our heart mind and soul and may we warm the world of what is to come so that we can bring as many people with us to the kingdom and may someday soon heaven be able to say of each one of us through the faith in power of God May they be able to say of us share the patience of the same here they that keep the commandments of God in the say to Jesus in man made that they be seen they will be found is what I pray this in Jesus' name in this media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio for dot org.


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