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Covid and the Little Time of Trouble

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

Anchor Point Films



  • May 9, 2020
    12:45 PM
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I there this is champ cruiser with Anchor Point Salem's you're going to be listening to a message that I had shared for Advent hope it's specifically a moment to California but we're sharing it on the soon conference and if you have any questions or comments or even suggestions or messages that you would like to hear more information about please contact us at our website at Anchor Point Silm stock no spaces the word point in film stock come in contact us and you'll be able to contact us their blessings Well good morning we're really happy to be here we wish we could be there with you all in person obviously not and not something that is possible right now but we're very happy to still be able to do this over you know zoom at this point but I'm going to share with you the message here coronavirus and speaking in the context of the last days now as we look around the world and in as I talk to different people I was even talking to a young man who I would not have expected was thinking about. I would have expected that he would be thinking about the news and looking around the world that this time and as I talked with him he was talking to me about what was taking place and it surprised me that he as a young man would be interested in the news and so forth and as you look around the world right now whether it's politically we see things taking place whether it's in the natural world we see famines for to potentially taking place in Africa right at this moment a plague of locusts that are ravaging parts of East Africa right now they're talking about starvation maybe doubling in this portion of the world to around 250000000 people maybe moving toward starvation apart as a result of the locust plague but also as a result of the side effects of Corona virus not from the disease itself but from all that's taking place politically and even with the food system today and you know but looking at people in general not necessarily Christians just society in general in the United States maybe you've seen in the news that coronavirus may prompt a migration out of the cities we're told when an interesting thought noticed a good sized survey was done nearly one 3rd of Americans are considering moving to a less deaths densely populated area because of the novel coronavirus outbreak according to a Harris poll survey released Thursday 2 paragraphs down it says by the numbers 39 percent of urban dwellers said that the Cove in 1000 crisis has prompted them to consider leaving for a last crowded place according to this survey it's interesting that in the midst of this crisis that people are thinking of moving to the country and these aren't necessarily straight lays conservative Adventist or anything like that these are just humans who are who are looking at what is taking place in the you know major metropolitan areas in. Hey man this maybe this isn't really the safest place for a human to live and so they're actually considering moving away moving on to a less populated area and it's interesting they seem to have a fear and Jesus said that in the last days Luke 2126 men's hearts would be failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are to come upon the earth so people are are realizing that there are things taking place people are nervous there you know some people who are struggling financially a person terrible stories about a a mother who didn't know where she was going to get food and she took her 10 year old child and they went and they jumped off a bridge together what a sad story and I can only imagine that she didn't have many family and friends because surely surely good family and friends would help out but there are certain people who feel so desperately alone but the reality is that Jesus can give us holp in the midst of these trials that are taking place now looking Why would these people consider moving out of major metropolitan centers I mean when you look at it this is from The New York Times just looking at the Cove in 1000 outbreak and where the the centers of the area that are being the most affected you can see for instance here in New York state southern New York the New York area there and the city there greater New York area the area that is is the worst hit in all of the United States no question but then when you look at upstate New York other than maybe Buffalo to the west and just northeast of there and in Rochester most of upstate New York has very little cases now in part because there's not very many people there but in a place like New York City things can really take off we were actually told it's over 10100 years ago we were told that cities would be centers for because of the the fall here because of the unhealthy dwellings and even though today we may have you know better. Ventilation systems than they once had yet still having this many people right on top of each other has a serious effect you look at California you see the same thing that the the city areas the urban areas are the most affected when you look at you know the eastern portion of the state in the northern part of the state that are more rural have very very few cases and once again they have very few people makes sense Same thing with Michigan you've probably heard that Detroit has just been ravaged with this disease but you see that it's a basically a disease of the lower half of the the lower peninsula of Michigan and then as you get up into the rural areas there is much less Now the disease will probably be continue to spread regardless over time it just takes longer for it to spread but we see that people are looking at these kind of things and nearly 40 percent of city dwellers are saying then maybe I need to consider moving out of the city I mean those are incredible numbers this isn't like 1015 percent this is 39 percent literally people who are in urban areas or think he maybe I should move to the you know at least out of these this major city area that I'm living in and you may have also seen this is a great title of an article vegetable seeds are the new toilet paper and if I would have shown you this title 6 months ago you would have probably had a very different interpretation of what does that mean vegetable seeds are now the new toilet paper but now toilet paper means something very different to us now I know exactly what it's like myself as we've gone into grocery stores and literally there's no toilet paper people cared more about toilet paper than they cared about food obviously at the beginning of this crisis but now vegetable seeds on line are selling out like crazy actually multiple companies have had to shut down multiple times multiple seed companies on the Internet and to restock to clean the the facility that they're in because people are just buying food like crazy there. They're having these coronavirus gardens or Victory Gardens as some people are referring to in this situation and they just can't keep up with people wanting to grow their own food and actually I see this as actually a very positive side effect not that they're running out of seeds per se but it's wonderful that in not that you would want this disease I don't want this at all I wish it weren't the case at all but it is what it is and it's causing people to begin to think about the simpler things of life things that bring the joy to the heart the research actually I've shared I believe add to hope in the past on some of the research on gardening and that and what it does for the mental health and physical health it's fantastic and so in this situation people are turning to the natural things of life and finding the blessings that come along with it and also in this situation they're not just looking for peace they're looking to grow their own food because there are talks of there not being enough food right now there is in some areas there are some portions of meat shortage is not totally people aren't they're talking about a protein crisis as if meat is the only way to get your protein which is not the case but regardless now yes typically you can still get seeds in the stores but people are having this sense that maybe I need to even prepare some my own food this this was given to me a number of years ago by the emergency room physician this is from The Economist and the title of this article is some hard talk about towns and it says it isn't just an urban myth life in a city really is getting more dangerous and the sources this isn't this is nothing to do with coronaviruses As long before it and the sources apparel are not just human ones like muggers and reckless motorists a report by the un habitat and agency responsible for human settlements says the number of natural disasters affecting urban populations has risen for Ford since 1075 they're telling us that since 1075 there's. In a 400 percent increase in natural disaster specifically targeting city areas these urban areas now this is this is really quite incredible and we actually were told that as we got toward the end of time more and more cities would begin to suffer with natural disasters and these kinds of things and we see it now now even you know the Economist magazine they're noticing this very same thing they're looking at this and we were told about the prophecies in the cities what do we see Let this is this is very interesting I find this fascinating and I had to study this out it says Let all those aside from last event speech 95 but all those who would understand the meaning of these things read the 11th chapter of Revelation read every verse and learn the things that are yet to take place in the city's read also the scenes portrayed in the 18th chapter of the same book so what are these 2 chapters talk about and I had read them before I'd studied them before but hadn't seen the real picture of what would take place in the cities to me I just saw a Revelation 11 as a historical experience that took place in France during the French Revolution and how the Bible there were there were some laws that were suppressing scripture od that atheism moved into the city of France it talked about a city that was spiritually called Sodom and Egypt and Sonam we can clear understand clearly understand the depravity the moral licentiousness that took place in this city as they turned away from Dawn So you have this city that is called Sodom and spiritually Egypt Egypt had to do with how you know like you look at the the pharaoh who said. Who's your God I don't follow your God I don't believe in your god this is the skepticism that you would have seen in Egypt so it was a city that became to be very immoral and number 2 it began to be on top of that atheistic or skeptical and so we're told that these chapters are a picture of once again what would happen at the end of time that cities would become more immoral and more skeptical but also in the midst of all of this city there began to be great persecution that took place and so this is it was a persecution of religious people and part of it was because the church had become so corrupt the Catholic Church become so corrupt that the people just turned away from God altogether they instead of saying hey we need to reform they said no reform let's just get rid of God altogether if this is what God is all about we should just get rid of him and follow reason rather than following you know some some god and so they made him out to be fictitious and then they had their goddess of reason but we look at these things we see Revelation Chapter 11 go study it out Revelation chapter 18 and it tells us in Revelation Chapter 18 is the fall of Babylon and then there is a financial crisis that takes place there's a financial crisis that takes place and Revelation chapter 18 and it doesn't seem to be the issue of you are not allowed to buy or sell that's in Revelation Chapter 13 that the market at least prices we're going to get more into that but this seems to be more that people are not coming to buy and sell they feel bad I wish people were coming in buying and buying from us that's that's the picture we see in Revelation Chapter 18 now and we'll get more into that in just a little bit now as we go forward here we're going to look at still thinking of the city like the city of Paris France we think of this great city spiritually Sodom and Egypt we see that what happened in that city spiritually the law. Lost their connection with God Now that being the case do we see that living in a city can actually affect your theology let's look at what the research is now a subset of substantial study let out by 57 researchers in 20 different countries so this is seemingly a international phenomenon in 20 different countries revealed that people in rural or natural environments are more likely to believe in God and city develops and this probably comes as no surprise but research actually bears this out we were told that as we get toward the end of time this is what's going to happen we're going to become more and more like what happened in France during the reign of terror or the French Revolution this would take place on greater a greater degree on a worldwide scale in the cities of the world and but do does living in the city or living in the country actually affect your theological understanding or your belief system in general this is a fascinating study that was done by the Barna Group and participants were asked several different questions in a poll. And in this poll what they were done what they were asked was if you if your beliefs offend somebody or hurt their feelings it is wrong do you believe this yes or no this is the question Do you agree with the statement if your beliefs offend someone or hurt their feelings it is wrong now what they found is that those who reside in the city were 6 times more likely to agree with this statement what an incredible thought that people were more likely to agree with of the idea that if what I believe offend somebody else than what I believe is wrong now that being the case what an interesting time in reality if I believe something that offends somebody else then I reject my own beliefs think about it well 1st of all you think what we shouldn't offend people and I agree we shouldn't intentionally offend people. But did Jesus ever offend somebody notice in John chapter 6 and verse 56 it says He that eats my flesh Jesus said in drinks my blood dwells in me and I in Him You think well that's pretty but 9 I mean that couldn't offend anybody could it right and in John chapter in the same chapter a few verses later in response to this he asked the people when Jesus knew in himself that his disciples murmured at it he said unto them does this offend you what Jesus had said. Saying you need it in my flesh and drink of my blood that offended the Jewish people that were in his community the people right in front of them were literally offended by what he said Now is it possible to believe something and teach something that offends people not should we intentionally you know should I go out and try to hammer people over the head with the Bible or be angry and mean to them absolutely not we should be Christ like in all things but if I reject my own theology My own belief my own belief in the Word of God because it offends somebody else I would have to deny Christ and not to mention the fact that it's thoroughly irrational to believe that if I offend anybody by my mil leaves that my beliefs are wrong think about it if you believe in evolution you might offend a creationist yet if you believe in creation you might find in evolutionists so do they both reject what they believe because they might offend somebody you understand the point that this is a belief that cannot be lived out it is totally irrational I don't say that to be pejorative to be insulting it's just a fact that you can't live that way nobody actually could so we see that this affects So this would mean young people who live in the cities would be more likely to reject their own belief system because it offends somebody else one an interesting thought so let's go for now here is a concept that many times as is misunderstood when we're reading through the Bible and reading through the Spirit of Prophecy one of the things is there's a difference between the time of trouble and a little time of trouble although I don't know if it's ever actually called Little time of trouble I think it's more referred to that just colloquially by Adventists but this and this is the distinction right here in this particular statement in early writings Here's how you can differentiate the 2 she tells us the commencement of that time of trouble here mentioned does not refer to the time when the plague shall begin to be poured out so this is the commencement but to a short period John just before they are poured out while Christ is in the. Sanctuary at that time while the work of salvation is closing trouble will be coming on the earth and the nations will be angry yet held in check so as not to prevent the work of the 13 Joe at that time the latter rain or the refreshing from the presence of the Lord. Will come to give power to the loud voice of the 3rd Age and prepare the Saints to stand in the period when the 7 last plagues shall be poured out so what do we see here so there's a time prior just prior to the commencement of the time of trouble and that time period Jesus will still be in a sanctuary he's still pleading the case of his people and at that time there will be troubles will be difficulties but the Gospel will still be going forward in friends I'm not saying we're in the little time of trouble either I don't think we're even in that for surely not in the time of trouble yet we maybe maybe we're moving into the little time of trouble I don't know but the reality is there are 2 separate events one of them it's difficult to buy or sell but not impossible to buy or sell and we need to raise our own provisions We'll get to that but the other time we have to sell our house we've to sell everything we have to flee to the mountains we if if we have that opportunity there are 2 different situations in the prior one the Holy Spirit is being poured out the Gospels going forth with power and. By God's grace we need to be seeking the Holy Spirit Now you may have heard it's it's funny in the midst of this we forget how difficult times have been in the last few years for other people in a.b.c. news tells us that our federal report says 27000 shattered us damage records for natural disasters I would even hardly remember them that just 3 years ago you had the the most financially destructive natural catastrophes striking America ever within the year 2017 incredible So we see these things taking place around us and these are all signs they are they are symptoms of what is coming they're like birth pangs right this is what we see there not necessarily the ultimate fulfillment of the other time but they're giving us a perspective even secular people are thinking maybe I ought to change something about my life because things are not seeming to be truly safe and you know I share this verse in. Almost every sermon that I preach lately not trying to beat a dead horse it's not a dead horse it's a powerful god it's one of my favorite concepts in Deuteronomy 624 it says the Lord commanded us to do all of these laws all of these statutes Why did he ask us to do his laws for our good always that he might preserve us alive as it is this day so what does this say it says that that the Lord commanded us to do his commandments for our own benefit so when he asks us to do these things he's asked actually every command he has is actually for your good it's not just for him it's not arbitrary it's actually meant to be a blessing for us and we're also told that God desires our happiness so the fact that God says that in in the last days that we should begin to move out of the large cities to smaller towns preparatory to moving to a secluded place among mountains part of this must be actually for our own good and for our own happiness so let's look into this so who is happier according to research people who live in the city or people in the country statistically by the way the General Social Survey that has been conducted since 1972 to 2012 reveals that those who live in large American cities are statistically the least outby people and it goes on to say it also reveals that people who live in small towns or rural areas are the happiest people in America here's a chart that actually shows you on the left side of the chart there you see places with just over half a 1000000 people to 8000000 people are statistically the least happy people in American it works its way up basically other than one outlier there it works its way up to the happiest people are those who are in the most the least populated area I should say that would make the most sense so once again all God's commands are actually for our good and the reality is a lot of what God tells us commands us by nature we actually don't like it we. I don't like it some people do some people just love the country other people I grew up in the city you know and and many people don't actually love it but the good news is with the Gospel God can change our heart to love the things that we once hated and actually hate the things that we once loved now not hating people you understand but we're told this nothing tends to restore health and happiness as a living amid attractive country surroundings God made these things to be a blessing to us and for us now but you may be saying Chad if if if all Adventists number one probably all events will never do this but if they did if they all moved to the country who's going to reason people in the cities are the gospel going to be his shed are shared with the world I mean this this could never happen you're forgetting that well that's a great question what were we told we were actually told this how to deal with the situation we're told by an Angel the cities are to be worked from outposts said the messenger of God Shall not the cities be warned that's the question people are asking today yes not by God's people living in them but by their visiting them to warn them of what is coming up on the earth and that just sounds so crazy doesn't it I mean think about this I think about this how many people are warning people of what is to come upon the earth. How many people actually do I think and I think of myself I think have I actually been warning people of what is coming I know it's coming and I'm see I see it happening I saw this coronavirus you know as other people going on nothing's going to happen I could see clearly this is a guy you can see where it was going because when you know prophecy and when you look around the world and you keep your eye on geopolitics and these kind of things and when you look at the medical world as I regularly do you can see things coming where other people maybe are looking at it and so I see it but I need to be warning people and so that's one of the reasons I feel a burden to share this message because I know it's not always popular book God is calling his people he won't force you he doesn't force anybody God is a gentleman but he can change your heart if you're willing to allow him to work on your heart even in issues like this and you may have heard you may have seen that young educated people are moving into farming now this is kind of an interesting thought for the 2nd time in the last 100 years more young people are getting into farming and 69 percent of new young farmers are college educated who would have thought who had thought that you know college educated young people are instead of going into the tech industry or the medical industry or whatever it is there are many of them are now going into farming I don't mean the majority by any means but more than usual for the 2nd time in the last 100 years and they're finding great blessings in this there are there are people who are going in starting tiny farms many farms of an acre acre and a half and actually making a fantastic living off very small pieces of property and there's basically 3. Different occupations that I know of that we were told that would be beneficial for the last days to actually help us to be a blessing and to financially sustain ourselves one of them is the medical work the medical ministry praise the Lord obviously. Speaking to have been hope you we know all about that right that that that is something that that's one of the great works of the last days we also know coal porting is one of them and the. 3rd one that we're told in this little time of trouble this commencement of the time of trouble is agriculture that self sustenance or self sustaining and actually to make a living with other people because when you look back through the fall of of financial systems like the Wiemar Republican Germany the people who did fine during the financial catastrophe of Wiemar Republic back during the the 20s you see were the peasants who had land while the money was was evaporating while the deutschmark went from like 7 marks to the dollar to like. $4000000000.00 marks to the dollar within a couple years or a few years and so so as you know daily the inflation was just skyrocketing people couldn't afford things but the farmers those who lived off the land they could always good decent wage a decent amount of money for their simple food because everybody always needs food and we're told these are 3 of the main works that and also trades we're told are beneficial for the last days so we see these things now as we go for. Revelation 13 for 17 this is the other buying and selling difficult in the last days it says and that no me and my buyer self save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name and so in this context this is where you are forced if you will not receive the mark of the beast you can buy and sell and many people think of that we think well at that time our bread and our water will be sure and it absolutely will we're promised that but there's a difference between that and the issue there in Revelation 18 for 17 where it says for in one hour or so great riches is come to know this seems to be 2 different distinct areas that we're talking about so Abraham Lincoln fastening I really appreciate some of the founders of our country wasn't quite a founder he was later on but Abraham Lincoln said population must increase rapidly more rapidly than in former times and ere long the most valuable of all arts will be the art of deriving a comfortable substance subsistence from the smallest area of soil these guys were very perceptive very they had a very long view of Earth in the world and what would take place and speaking of this now we were told this l.-y. told us that we should learn to raise our own food especially for the last days the people should learn as far as possible to depend upon the products that they can obtain from the soil. But you might be thinking Chad you're forgetting something we're told not to store up food for the time of trouble and that's true or not to store food from the time of trouble that's absolutely right here here's the quotation the Lord show me repeatedly that is contrary to the Bible to make any provision for our temple temporal once in the what time of trouble so notice sometimes this quote is used to say you know you shouldn't grow your own food or are you shouldn't store up enough food for a time period but notice it's not talking about today because look at the context is talking about the time of trouble I saw that if the Saints had food laid out by them or in the field in the time of trouble when sword famine and past still uncertain the land it would be taken from them by violent hands and strangers would bring their fields then will be the time then will be the time for us to trust wholly in God and He will sustain us I saw that our bread and water will be sure at that time and that we shall not lack or suffer hunger for God is able to spread a table for us in the wilderness if necessary he could send Ravens to feed us as he did to feed Alija or rain manna from heaven as he did for the Israelites So you say There it is we shouldn't store up any food and for the time of trouble here's the thing we have statements like this specifically referring to the time of trouble but if we try to apply that to today. Where could we get in a little trouble Ok So says you are to depend wholly upon God in the wilderness Well 1st of all I'm guessing most of us don't live in the wilderness under the trees or in a cave right and secondarily I'm guessing when you're hungry you don't sit down and just say Alright God I'm ready for the Ravens to come send them my way I'm not going to the grocery store so if we tried to apply this to today we would get we would get some serious you know inconsistency and the Bible says if a man doesn't work neither does he neither shall he eat right and so this is not talking about right now this is talking about the time of trouble because this does not contradict the next quotation we are told here again and again The Lord has instructed there that our people are to take their families away from the cities into the country where they can one raise their own provisions where they can raise their own food provide for themselves for in the future the problem of buying and selling will be a very serious one many do not see the importance of having land to cultivate and of raising fruit and vegetables that their tables may be supplied with these things and I've got to tell you. These quotes sound crazy. Right I mean who really does that who actually raises their own food I mean yes some people have a few you know to cumbers and tomatoes and so forth but who actually prepares for these things right we prepare for retirement because we believe someday we're probably going to retire and by the way I think you should prepare I'm not negating that but I don't know anyone who actually I know of somebody I don't know them but I know of some people that do it but I've never met them I've just heard they do but who really actually lives out these quotes and so here's the thing I'm not saying you need to today run out and be crazy and go do these things no but we're told the time is coming and we're actually told again and again The Lord is instructed our peoples now our people that they should get out of the cities and begin to raise their own provisions for in the future the problem of buying and selling this does not contradict the other quotation if you were to raise your own provisions living in the northern portion of the United States you would have to store up for the whole winter and today many people would say that's hoarding but it's not hoarding we're actually told that God's people should begin to do this to learn to grow their own food I realize as I even think about this it seems extreme and I think that's why nobody actually does it plus it's a lot of work you understand that but the time is coming where we're told that we need to prepare for these events you probably heard this quote This is just one of those ones that is just touching the earth has blessings hidden in our depths for those who have courage and a will and perseverance to gather her treasures fathers and mothers who possess a piece of land and a comfortable home are kings and queens and that beautiful you can be a king and a queen of your own domain What a beautiful thought Now another reason for moving into the country in raising food and doing gardening or agriculture is it trains you to be a witness to other people you think oh isn't that just hiding in the woods and not sharing your faith notice what we're told about what this will do they should be constantly learning how to secure a variety of treasures from the earth the food of our. Food from the earth the people should learn as far as possible to depend upon the products that they can obtain from the soil in every phase of this kind of labor they can be educating the mind to work for the saving of souls for whom Christ has died you see this issue of country living isn't to keep us from sharing the gospel it's actually to move into the country get in touch with nature see what it's like to depend upon God for everything and as we do having a burden as we see that seed planted in the ground it reminds us of the of the Gospel seed that God is implanting in our hearts every single day as we have our devotions and then it begins to store our hearts that as this seed begins to grow we want to share the fruit of the Gospel God is blessing us with the fruit of the truth of the Word of God with other people I want to share this message to prepare other people for the soon coming of Jesus Christ so this is not about hiding so that you can't share with people or or Oh and you know make sure that nobody knows where you are the reality is is the government knows where you are folks. It's silly I mean even if you moved away out into the country if you are some land there's a deed with your name on it they're not wondering like where's Chad's house or know where that is right it is it is to be a blessing for you spiritually it is to spend time doing agriculture to change your own heart and to learn to depend upon Jesus more than ever realizing that everything we do is really from our Savior you know but I want to be also very serious about this were to move guardedly to be careful about all of this some people can become fanatical she says Let there be nothing done in a disorderly manner that there should be a great loss or sacrifice made upon property because of ardent impulsive speeches which stir up an enthusiasm which is not after the order of gone that a victory that was essential to be gained shall for lack of levelheaded moderation and proper contemplation and sound principles and purposes be turned into a. Defeat So don't just get terrified and think well I mean I need to run out into the country and go buy something way out and and you can't get a job and and then in several months you go bankrupt and you think this whole country living thing is insanity well it can be if we don't do it in a wise way that's why we need to pray we need to move guardedly we mean you do need to move patiently seeing the hand of God knowing when it's time for you individually it's not the same time for everybody I had a desire for more than a decade prayed about it saw looked prepared and it took like I said more than a decade to actually find a place so I I don't believe that if everybody had better hurry up and get out real next week and make sure but we move as we see God leading make sure there's a way to make a full you know living out there or some way that you can yes you need to be able to sustain yourself in some way don't just run out and then be over the top now we're told this this is another balance so she also tells us but ere long there will be such trifling confusion in the cities that those who wish to leave them will not be able we must be preparing for these issues this is the light that is given me so there's going to come a time where people who they will wait and they will wait and they will wait until it is too late so when there's a balance between the 2 some people you know who are just scared and nervous all the time they're the people might overdo it and other people say oh all the signs of the times these you know they've always said Jesus is coming they've always said this and he hasn't come I thought he was going to come 80 years ago and he didn't come so there's a balance between the 2 where we're we're seeing the events taking place around you. And we're seeking God we're spending time with Jesus daily we're be holding him and as we do we're allowing Him to guide us by the power of His Holy Spirit you may have this one last quote so we're going to read you may have read this before it says so with the great majority of the best and noblest men of all ages read the history of Abraham Jacob and Joseph of Moses David in a life show study of the lives of men of later times who have most worthy fulfilled positions of trust and responsibility the men whose influence has been most effective for the world's uplifting how many of these were reared in country homes they did not spend their youth in amusement I think about how country this is to much of the way I was raised forced to depend upon their own resources they learned to combat difficulties and to surmount obstacles they gain courage and perseverance they learned the lessons of self reliance and self-control sheltered in a great degree from evil associations there's nothing wrong with sheltering your kids actually we're told here that's a virtue to shelter your kids from evil and evil so yeah but which had been then they run off and become you know go off into the world sure that happen sometimes. And how many people who grow up not being sheltered run off and do crazy things and I mean Happens all the time right so it happens both ways but I think they're less likely when they're lovingly shelter not when they're all it's is scary out there it's evil and those people are evil know when you lovingly show them all these commandments are for your good they're from God He loves you he wants you to be happy and so it says they were satisfied with natural pleasures and wholesome companionships they were simple in their tastes and temperament in their habits steadfastness in resisting evil imagine having a steadfastness in resisting evil that made them a positive power for good in the world friends God wants us to have this experience he wants our children if you're ever going to have children someday. This is a blessing that you can give to them a legacy that you can hand to your children teaching them to learn self-reliance and self-control teaching them agriculture which makes them more likely to be faithful to God research shows to to continue believing in God God has given us these opportunities so I'm going to give you some practical steps in closing what number one. Begin to have a garden and you say Chad I live in an apartment and I can't I don't even have any soil around me you know well you could even grow something in a container you can later I was just at I don't Lowe's Home Depot one of these you know construction type stores or whatever you call them and they have they have pots with tomatoes in the matter literally design so you can literally they're all ready to go all you need to do is set the thing in your porch and 0 in time you water it or whatever and and in time put it on the sun and you'll have some tomatoes and if you say Chad I don't even have a fortune I can't even do that well you could get a little herb garden that little potted Herb planter that you can plant in your window so everybody can begin to start some of these things you don't have to you know have to run out of mediately And you know go crazy but you can start with a few things and you may find the blessing of I didn't put this is one of the points but we're told teach people how to make bread and when they learn they will begin to want to move to the country. It's interesting how simple things make people want to become more independent and last dependent upon the system in the world that is around them number 2 read the book country living and when I say book you're thinking of you know a 700 another 700 page book No it's 32 pages you could read this thing in 2 days easily in most people could simply read it in a day this book is literally stirring to the soul yeah it's a compilation you can go read the context of the quotes Also if you'd like to but very packed and it's very balanced it even says don't go crazy don't run off don't just listen to some speech and run off and buy something and then and then regret that you did it no it is about connecting with God seeing his movement seeing the guiding of the Holy Spirit. Spend some time in nature even if you do live in a city drive off and go off 5 you're in Loma Linda there you know I know many folks would have been home although probably probably many of you aren't there at this present time but regardless you can go off and you go off into the hills there you go up to Big Bear go off to the mountains and are if you live somewhere else just find a city park even a park with trees and nature around you just getting out in nature is is just a fantastic experience for your mental health for your happiness and for your physical health also and pray that God will show you when to move the time will come I can't tell you when the Holy Spirit will guide you I'm not the Holy Spirit I just look at the texts of Scripture the Spirit of Prophecy and I look at these things and I say Ok God lead me and some day a 5 you live long enough he will probably be leading you to I would imagine and be willing to pray even if you're terrified of it even if you hate the idea even if you're angry about every word I've said so far I hope you know but regardless pray about it say God I see there are some statements about this I see the Bible prophesies about these issues and father I'm afraid I'm nervous I don't like the idea I hate the idea I don't want to be away from target whatever a story you love or whatever but pray about it simply say but God You show me when the time is right and spend time seeking Jesus we read earlier about the Latter Rain spend time seeking Jesus in the latter rain the Bible says and 2nd Riah Chapter 10 verse one ask you of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain so the Lord shall make bright clouds and give them showers of rain to everyone grass in the field so what do we see here. I just want to challenge you we are living in incredible times and there are also exciting times as we're even seeing the people of the world beginning to have a mind. That wants to get back to the simple things that God has given to us people considering moving into nature into the country so I want to challenge you begin to. Pray more Also I hope you're already spending time with Jesus every time I preach I challenge people to spend time in personal devotions with Jesus beholding him on the cross Jesus grew up in a country home you and I may not have so we may have to learn our A.B.C.'s agriculture is called a b. and c. of education I didn't learn my A.B.C.'s So I have to learn it now and that's it I'm literally doing it you know other than Cove it I'd still be travelling like crazy but nevertheless I want to learn my A.B.C.'s God can help us Jesus learn the simple things of life we may have to learn them as adults because we didn't learn them as children but friends Jesus is coming there's going to be a ladder rain where the Holy Spirit is pouring down upon us and that we have a joy to share the gospel with other people just as zeal to spread it that the former rain where the was at Pentecost the Holy Spirit was being poured out lives are being changed miracles are taking place and so too will be at the end of time as the latter rain begins to pour down the Spirit will come down upon us friends we need to behold our Savior they receive the latter rain after beholding Jesus on the cross and then seeing the resurrected Lord and we to as we behold our savior Jesus and we behold him in the sanctuary above our resurrected Lord the Holy Spirit can begin to come down upon us we understand the message of righteousness my faith as we understand that is stirs our souls is a part of that last way to let Latter Rain movement also and God is calling us to live a simpler life for our lives aren't filled in consume nonstop with media and the things of this world but that we become more in touch with nature. And the God of Creation creation we can worship that God of creation so friends I want to challenge you maybe try some of these things out and out pray about it and see Jesus and the Holy Spirit in these last days let's close with a word of prayer for heavenly father we are so thankful for your love we thank you that you care for us and Lord I know there's all kinds of things in this advent message that when I 1st heard them I mean I wasn't maybe so open to them actually certain things straight up annoyed me and I didn't want to follow because I had things in this world that I loved the father I'm also thankful that you didn't give up on me at that point but that you allowed me to go through some trials and tribulations that caused me at some point to look up to the one who created me that you helped me and more there's many areas of my life that you need to continue to work on but Lord I pray that we will become more unified with your will in way I pray that your Holy Spirit rain down on us as a church I also pray that people would not be fanatical about these kind of things and go do something out of out of absolute horror and fear but they would rather step by step move cautiously move guardedly seeing the leading of the Holy Spirit seen your direction your providences and that they will only go as you lead them. Draw each one of us nearer to your son for Jesus' name in this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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