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Prominent and Proud to Desperate and Dependent - Part 2

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • February 8, 2020
    12:30 PM
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Well notorious conversions always grab public attention and you know sent take young Martin for example despite all of his pious attempts to live a pure life despite the noble intellectual pursuit despite all his theological study night after night he would still cry out Oh Lord my sin my sin. As is convictions of Sandeep and he thought by his own works to obtain pardon and peace he was trying desperately to find some way that he could rest his head on his pillow at night and be at peace he tried fasting he tried scourging he tried everything he knew to do he said himself if ever monk could obtain heaven by its monkish works I should certainly have been entitled to it he was so earnest and yet so desperate it is said that if he would have continued on this path much longer of self-denial and pain and agony and and his mind just never being at peace it would have eventually led to his death but the Lord lay it led him to a passage that for ever changed his life. And I pray it changed ours as well as the just shall live by faith he read the words again and again and again and they shot like flaming arrows into his soul and his heart piercing deep within melting layers of hardened guilt and fear and Martin Luther was reborn he was a new person and new man and that eventually led to the 95 theses nailed to the door that was quickly seen around Europe and as we say the rest is history. He's a brilliant theologian and expert in scriptures yet lived in enmity with God who spoke through them and we lived there at times going through all the motions knowing the Scriptures but so far from the God of the Scriptures Jim Voss Jr He was a wire tapper in the 1940 s. a very good one at that the best Some say he was a master of the art of planting taps and listening into other people's lives to dredge up dirt that he could use as evidence or leverage Jim started with the l.a. Police Department where he helped bust many high publicity crimes and scandals then he brought his town to a private detective agency where he's dropped on behalf of such Hollywood legend as Mickey Rooney and others eventually Jim's particular set of skills caught the Ivan Tori's crime boss Mickey Cohen he had worked with Al Capone and others and now is considered the king of crime in l.a. and when Cohen discovered that Voss had bagged his house for the l.a.p.d. he could have killed him but he chose not to instead he hired him to spy on the cops so Voss became a double agent of sorts he worked for the cops and for Cohen later when he was found out he was tagged a Judas with an earpiece was himself facing the constant stress of living a double life. He was miserable and empty can we ever find ourselves in that reality miserable and empty of living the double life we go to church. But during the week there is an entirely different person on the left miserable and empty and then one day Vos decide to attend a Billy Graham tent crusade on the corner of Washington Hill streets in downtown l.a. amidst a crowd of over 6000 people Jim Voss graphs and message of grace and forgiveness and according to the Los Angeles Times than Tories mobster stumbled to his feet and walked the sawdust trail and now weeping at the front like Luther he was gloriously born again and then there was Chuck Colson known in the late sixty's and early seventy's as Nixon's hatchet man he was the guy that would perform the behind the scenes dirty work where his boss Richard Nixon it was once said of him Chuck's the kind of guy who would run over his grandmother if necessary to get the job done after a rapid ascent and political power his marriage didn't failed Colston descended into deep despair and he too was left feeling miserable and empty no matter what he tried he could not find peace it's a lot to be said for peace isn't there he eventually wrote a book entitled born again and he describes that by 1972 he began to buckle Nixon was calling him into the Oval Office at all hours of the night and seen the writing on the wall Colson resigned a special counsel of the president longing to retreat into private life and just disappear from it all but the Watergate scandal only heightened this in the summer of 1973 he was visiting an old friend Tom Phillips here they are pictured years later Tom brought up spiritual things confronted his pride. And presented the gospel message that led to reading and studying together and later that summer his friend Tom asked if he could pray with Chuck after that prayer check stumbled to his car and he found himself sitting there in the driveway of his friend the lights on the house when out he was all alone and he finally broke down into a flood of emotion and tears others closely connected with Chuck tried to convince those in politics that Chuck was a changed man that he too had been born again but anybody that knew Chuck said there's no way and doors would slam phones would hang up in the last ditch effort one of his friends reached out to Harold Hughes he was a well known Democratic senator at the time and has a very outspoken Christian and so on the phone call it was stated center I have a friend who is in tremendous need and needs a friend I was wondering if you could meet him maybe come alongside of him help him along with the Lord but when he learned this friend was Colson he uttered some obscenity s. and hung up an hour later he called back and said I'm sorry he admitted to being a poor represent representative of Christ and said he'd be happy to meet him but we'd have to meet far outside of d.c. way out in the country at 11 o'clock at night Hughes was very skeptical and when they came together he asked about the newfound faith of Nick Nixon's hatchet man after 20 minutes he was got up walked across the room. And then braced Colson and said we're friends for life another glorious conversion of what I think we could say was in the Tory's center even within our own denomination. Dwayne Lemon was a professional hip hop dancer and once got into a bar fight with another Hip-Hop singer Doug Batchelor lived in a cave naked David Astrid had purple hair punk rocker he was an atheist cover Goldstein lived in a cupboard and heckled Christians in the St Sebastian Braxton was went to prison it happens all the time from dogmatic atheist to determine Ignaz tics to bright young physicians to coaches and athletes for musicians and criminals people around the world have responded to the everlasting Gospel and their lives have been transformed but when it's someone from the public eye people are either amazed or they're skeptical was Jim Voss really converted did Colston really have a change of heart What's his angle and could it happen that fast you know and I think our problem is often we confuse conversion with maturity now we know that if they are truly converted maturity will come it has to do but it takes time justification is the work of a moment sanctification is a work of a lifetime you've heard that said before right I often like to say good works are not the root they're the fruit but sometimes we think if a person is converted eat every part of their life will be cleaned up in 24 hours could it be that we've forgotten about the details of our own miserable past we have forgotten our own missteps and the incredible grace and patients of God with us. There's a 2nd message in a series that we're in tiling Paul a man of grace and grit and we're just here on the front end of this last time we looked at an element and really we're not talking about Paul just yet we're still talking about Saul but 2 weeks ago we saw how our 1st introduction of Saul and scripture is brutal and it's bloody To our horror he stands nodding in agreement and guarding the garments while they stone God's prophet Stephen our 1st look at Saul looks more like a terrorist than a devout follower of Judaism yet we cannot talk about amazing conversion stories and not include the conversion of Saul of Tarsus descriptions of Paul violent past make us uncomfortable the Scriptures attest to the depth of Paul's sinful past ACTs 22 verse 4 I persevered in this way to the death binding and delivering into prisons both men and women in fact in 3 places we have Paul describing his experience and so here is one of them continuing on in verse 5 and also the high priest bears me witness and all the counsel of the elders from whom I also receive letters to the brother and went to Damascus to bring in chains even those who were there to Jerusalem to be punished Acts $26.00 verse 9 indeed I myself thought I must do many things contrary to the name of Jesus of Nazareth this I also did in Jerusalem and many of the saints I showed up in prison having received authority from the chief priests and when they were put to death I cast my vote against them that's who we're talking about glaciers 113 the pen of Paul again for you have heard of my former conduct in Judaism. How I persecuted the church of God beyond measure and tried to destroy it when I advanced in Judaism beyond many of my contemporaries in my own nation being more exceedingly zealous for the traditions of my fathers you get the picture Martin Luther Jim Vos Chuck Colson they all pale in comparison to solve aggressive and Natori us past Augustine called Saul's conversion the violent capture of a rebel will be pictured as being like changing the nature of a wild wolf into the spirit of a lamb friends only God could do that too had prayed soul like Saul How did it happen he comments in 1st Timothy one verse 13 again referencing his conversion I was shown mercy one day mercy met the rebel Saul as he pressed toward Damascus so if you have your Bibles turn with me to this story the 1st place that we find it in Acts Chapter 9. Beginning verse one where Next Chapter 9 begin the 1st verse and there we read then Saul still breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord pause Can you sense the anger here Saul's blood is boiling he's on a murderous rampage towards Damascus he is charging out of Jerusalem with fury the same fury perhaps of Alexander the great sweeping across Persia saw his borderline out of control his fury had intensified almost to the point of no return he had blood thirsty determination and blind hatred for the followers of this heretic. Called Christ then Saul still breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord went to the high priest and asked letters from him to the synagogues of Damascus so that if he found any who were of the way whether min or women he might bring them band to Jerusalem now Damascus you see here on the map it doesn't look that far but the map is in doubt quite a bit it's just north and to the east of Jerusalem but it's some 150 miles away to get there would have required several days on foot some commentators say would take an 8 days that's like travelling from here to Winston Salem or Columbia South Carolina and according to Josephus at one point in history 10000 Jews were massacred in Damascus which is hard evidence that at one time there was a significant number of Jewish people in that city hall had the census figures and devise an aggressive plan to storm that city they're not giving away the stronghold now is in Damascus and I'm going there I don't care how far it is I have letters and we're going to get it done continuing on verse 3 as he journeyed he came near Damascus and suddenly a light shone around him from heaven and he fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him Saul Saul why are you persecuting me it doesn't say the church it doesn't say my disciples my people he says why are you persecuting me here Jesus is identifying with his people in fact hold your finger there and turned to Luke Chapter 10 I don't have this one on the screen Luke 10 verse 16 we read here he who hears you hears me Jesus says and he who rejects you rejects to me. And he who rejects me rejects Him who sent me here in x. years saying why are you persecuting me he's identifying with his people and while Saul is on this road his murderer is Journey is brought to a divine halt so all Saul why are you persecuting me now without warning in the course of Saul's life changes dramatically life can do that it times the phone call comes I got one just this week somebody has been in a head on collision they're being airlifted perhaps there's a death of a child and you're impacted forever perhaps your biopsy isn't good it looks like malignancy and that jolt knocks you flat and almost immediately your thoughts turned to God and whether in blame or in desperation your thoughts have changed for more than 3 decades it's all controlled his own life his record in Judaism was 2nd to none he was on his way to make an even greater name for himself when he stopped dead in his tracks that's often what happens when calamity strikes sometimes you're left paralyzed can't move. Can't hardly walk out of the doctor's office I know of an individuals who after hearing the diagnosis from the doctor have stumbled into the men's room and vomited and drop to their knees and sobbed uncontrollably life's unexpected jolts gripped us with such fear we can scarcely go on sometimes but for the 1st time in Saul's proud self sustaining life Saul found himself a desperate dependent on the ground bright light. To those things that happen in life that are the great equalizer as we could say. Pastor Haim minute times likes to make up words one word he's made up his solution is stick is the idea that someone always has a solution to a problem oh you just do this and solving over here and he did and it was done and taken care of solution instead but with the jolts and life when they come there is no human solution no amount of money no pill no contact nothing or nobody can bail you out. But in those moments that you find there's no place else to turn that we often look. Perhaps it's in those moments that we hear the voice of God Saul fall why are you persecuting me Saul I don't care so much about your career I don't care about your popularity I don't care about all of these other things that you care about at this moment I care about you and what you're doing to my people Saul Saul why are you persecuting me so had convinced himself that he was persecuting people of a cultic following of a false Messiah Instead he discovered that the true object of his vile brutality was Christ himself and in a moment his boldness then Ishq and don't miss the obvious fact the Lord knew him by name he knew every hair on his head he knew every vicious thought every poisonous motive the Lord knew everything about him and then in verse 5 and he saw all said Who are you Lord then the Lord said I am Jesus whom you are persecuting I imagine there were seconds deafening silence could this be had he been wrong. Now the word he uses there for Lord is really it's better translated as server so he's not really at the point where he recognizes yet he simply same who are you sir who is this is what is going on and the Lord says I am Jesus whom you are persecuting Could this be had he been wrong was all this. Have I been Does this mean and in the moment I believe in that moment his rebel will is captured his journey reversed directions his mind to turn around that would alternately transform him from the in side out. I mean that's the essence of genuine repentance isn't it the mind does a turnaround that's what repentance means to turn around to make an about face I was going that way but I'm completely changed directions now I'm going this way Saul thought Christ was dead now he's convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus was alive and to finish the verse I am Jesus whom you know persecuting it is hard for you to kick against the goes I imagine most of you're aware that goes are like prodding sticks with simple stick you sharpen on one end and to kick in rebellion would cause a greater pain from the prodding stick so the word implies Jesus is in pursuit of soul often we think of Saul's conversion as a sudden almost violent encounter with Christ but based on this expression I believe the Lord had been working on Saul for years it is hard for you to kick against the goads we can say the pricks. And how was it hard for him to kick against the goads of the pricks but one I believe there was the goad of Jesus' life and words I believe the words and works of Jesus haunted desire less Farrah's see because I believe it's very likely that saw and heard Jesus teach and preach in public places and as much as he tried to put off the ministry of Jesus as the work of the devil himself I imagine there was this Prady what if this is true. And he couldn't put that thought to bed Secondly I think there was the goad of Stephen's peaceful that Saul probably never fully recovered from the mental image of Stephen's death his stoning in fact it probably later in life inspired his own death and it wasn't just what Stephen said but it was the way that he died that haunted him no screaming no pitiful pleading for mercy no cursing no recant of his faith instead his face shone like one like the face of an angel it says and he prayed he prays. Don't hold this charge against him Father for they don't know what they are doing x. the Apostles 112-1138 says Saul had taken a prominent part in the trial and conviction of Stephen and the striking evidence is of God's presence with the martyr had led Saul to doubt the righteousness of the cause he had espoused against the followers of Jesus His mind was deeply stirred or maybe we could say pricked in his perplexity he appealed to those whose wisdom and judgment had he had full confidence the arguments of the priests and rulers finally convinced him. That Stephen was a blasphemer that Christ whom they martyred disciple had preached was an impostor and that those ministering in the holy office must be right he talked to the who's who and he was able to try and silence the voice and convince himself No This guy's a heretic but somehow in the quiet moments of the day it would come back are you sure not without severe trial that's all come to this conclusion but in the end his education prejudice his respect for his former teachers and his pride of popularity raised him to rebel against the voice of conscience and the grace of God friends there is such a thing as a conscience is called the Holy Spirit and He pricks us for our own good and says this is not best for you leave this alone don't go there don't do that yet sadly to our own detriment we become very good at quieting the voice of the Holy Spirit we callous parts of our bodies so well that we don't feel the pricks anymore and that was all but the Holy Spirit wasn't giving up kept trying kept trying kept trying as Jesus said is hard for you to kick against the good I think there was also the goad of Christians courageous faith certainly saw was confronted with the courage of his prisoners though some may have given up their face to face the vast majority who would stand firm and their allegiance to their master to Christ and their underhanded courage in the face of certain death must have goaded Saul what do they have that they're willing to die over and they have such peace in the process I don't imagine Saul could simply put these out of his mind and thus. The amazing capture of the rebel will and last the goad of seen the Risen Savior you might say will make wait a minute but what does a voice say I am Jesus whom you are persecuting it is hard for you to kick against the goad if we look at 1st Corinthians 9 verse one again a letter written by Paul he says Am I not free am I not an apostle have I not seen Jesus our Lord are you not the result of my work in the Lord simple question What's an apostle an apostle is one directly sent by the risen Jesus to preach the gospel how could Paul claim this because he saw Jesus on the road to Damascus he recognized him and it cut him to his core I know that face I know that man I even know that voice soul soul calls him by name why are you persecuting me and it turns his life upside down friend we are confronted with Jesus everything changes again as the apostles in his glorious being the light that shone if you will who stood before him he saw the crucified one upon the soul of the stricken Jew The image of the Savior countenance was imprinted for ever soul never forgot the face that he saw on the Damascus Road the face of the one that he hated so much the face of the heretic that now says Sol Saul why are you persecuting me. The words spoken struck home to his heart with appalling force in the dark and chambers of his mind they are part of a flood of light revealing the ignorance and error of his former life and his present need of the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit and in that hour of heavenly illumination souls mind added with remarkable reputed to be the prophetic records of the Holy Writ were open to his understanding he saw the rejection of Jesus by the Jews his crucifixion his resurrection his ascension had been foretold by the province and proved him to be the promised Messiah he had an aha moment this was the Messiah this was the Jesus of Nazareth this was the savior and I have been working against the Son of God so rightfully so verse 6 so he saw all trembled. And astonished said Lord one whom do I mean you know I can't hide anything from me you know my path you know my background you know what whole lord what do you want me to do I can just click my heels and make it all go away I have some serious stuff to pay for what do I do now. Friends it might seem like a point of weakness because the 1st time we see Saul in point of strength saying what I did because Saul has come to the point of surrender his direction his plans his purpose has all changed because he saw Jesus and he responds the only way he knows how to respond Lord what do you want me to do it's not about me anymore what do you want I magine there's someone here who's always been prone to being solution istic you've always had all the answers you've enjoyed success and accolades but maybe you felt. A jolt in life maybe is a diagnosis a loss a tragedy something beyond your control and it serves as a wake up call and perhaps for the 1st time in your experience you find yourself desperately dependent and in that moment you have seen more clearly that you have been living in opposition to God Perhaps like Saul everything looks good on the outside I mean Saul had full support of church leadership he was brilliant well connected passionate committed but the reality was Saul was living in opposition to God and God sent many things to work on his heart and caused him to think cause him to be unsettled to draw him to the truth I believe the Holy Spirit brought the words of Jesus to his mind I believe the Holy Spirit brought the persecution to Stephen Stephen to his mind I believe the Holy Spirit brought the courageous Christians to his mind and now Jesus knows the timing was right and who in that fateful day got arrested his attention on the road to Damascus and perhaps someone here is having a similar experience everything on the outside looks good but there is this uneasy as this 9 this lack of peace there's been a growing doubt as to your path and direction in life and perhaps is more in the Holy Spirit has arrested your attention and you can't keep pushing him away you can't kick against the pricks and maybe like Saul you're asking Lord why do perhaps you feel Jesus calling you by name John John Sarah Sarah whatever your name is Why are you running from me you think in money you will find contentment you won't. You think in success you'll find fulfillment you won't you think in entertainment you'll find joy but you won't you think you can medicate the pain to drugs or alcohol but you can't and some of you know it to be true because you tried it all and it doesn't what friends are reality is in Christ alone is contentment period full stop in Christ alone is peace in Christ alone is joy in Christ alone is purpose and meaning in Christ alone there is hope and I believe Jesus this morning is calling out of darkness into his marvelous light this morning he is offering you something better this morning Jesus is calling you by name and perhaps this morning you're tired of running you're tired of kicking against the goads of your conscience the goads of the Holy Spirit the goads of your upbringing perhaps and in your own heart of hearts you long to come home in a moment I'm going to make a call but rest assured the devil will be quick to come in and remind you of your past maybe your present your wicked thoughts your bad deeds your addictions your shame friends Saul was there in fact we can read his own account turn with me to a feed in chapter 2 verse 5 verses all of Chapter 2 is great but we're just going to do the 1st 5 verses if he's in Chapter 2 beginning verse one and there we read and you he made alive who were dead in trespasses and sins in which you once walked according to the course of this world according to the prince of the power of the air. The devil by the way the spirit who now works in the Sons of this obedience among whom also we all once conducted ourselves in the lusts of our flesh fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind and were by nature children of wrath just as the others but God circle that but God who is rich and mercy because of his great love with which he loved us even when we were dead in trespasses made us alive together with Christ by grace you have been saved friends all are dead in trespasses all have walked according to the course of this world all have been addicted to the loss of the flesh in only fulfilling the desires of the mind and in case anyone he hears feeling high and mighty Paul reminds us we all have been there we all once conducted ourselves in these ways and as we learned last time no amount or depth of sand in your past can trump the grace of God even though your past is soiled anyone can find a new beginning with God and I love this part of the verse you that were dead in trespasses But verse 4 but God who is rich in mercy because of his great love for us when we were dead in our trespasses Jesus wants to make us alive through Jesus Christ For by grace we have been saved the price is been paid the question now is are you in Christ are you surrendered are you in crisis morning I imagine for someone in an audience this size the answer is no. But maybe there is someone that is honest and says But I want to be. Maybe your prayers I believe help my unbelief maybe you're simply saying Lord what would you have me to do. That prayer I believe help my unbelief we're told that we can't be lost only under that prayer friend sanctification is the work of a lifetime and God promises to help you with that but justification is the work of a moment it is in that moment when you surrender everything to Jesus and say like Saul Lord what do you want me to do and you're willing to do whatever he calls you to do and so this morning my call has 2 parts the 1st if you want to surrender everything to Jesus if you want to say Jesus I want to be about your business not my own if you want to say Jesus today I commit to be yours if you want to surrender all to him this morning it's a simple call simply stand where you are don't stand just because people around you are standing but if that's what you want to say Lord I surrender all then stand by I told you to be 2 parts the 2nd part of this call is this and just a moment we're going to sing but as we sing I imagine again in this crowd there's somebody that needs to be baptized in rebaptized some here have already made that commitment and you're preparing and so this isn't for you you've already made that stand and I praise the Lord for that but I'm speaking to that person that still needs to make that commitment they need to give their life to Jesus. They need to make that decision to turn in a public way this morning they need to say I am choosing Jesus today I can't kick against the goads any longer I want to be prepared for baptism or re baptism now friends we all fall short and we all must ask for forgiveness but re baptism I believe is prepared for those who have divorced themselves with God is that I want you out of my life or they've just completely neglected him and have slowly walked away and they can't remember the last time they talked to him that's just not a matter of forgiveness for this thing I did last week this is something I need to be remarried to God if you will 3 baptism may even come into the search for years with your spouse everybody assumes that you're a full fledged baptized member but you've never made the decision this is for you to come when we sing maybe you've been studying for years and you know all the doctrines but you've never fully surrendered to Jesus you have a head knowledge but you don't know the Jesus behind it maybe even living a life of rebellion against God you're still coming to church but your life is far from him and this morning you want to come in repentance to turn to make that about face then you need to come forward as we seeing perhaps your teenager and you feel that you've missed that window of opportunity to be baptized and everybody else has moved on and you feel a little bit too embarrassed to come back now and be baptized maybe you've picked up some habits along the way and then perhaps you're in a relationship you know is outside of God's will perhaps you're experimenting with things that the world has to offer but you know this morning need to make a change the need to come forward perhaps or somebody here saying you know I'm not a bad person but I'm not a surrendered person and still all about me what I want what I'm going to do where I'm going to go. And you've had it that way long enough and you just feel empty you're tired of riding the fence a living the double life and you want more if you like to be fully surrendered to baptism or a baptism I invite you to come forward and perhaps there's somebody here that everything looks good on the outside but you've simply lost what you once had you can think back to a time where Jesus was everything to you you woke up in the morning and you enjoyed reading your Bible you enjoyed having prayer time you consider yourself sick with the Almighty but now it's just a distant memory that person is so far removed from where you are and you say I need to recommit to the Lord by coming forward to baptism or a baptism and say Lord I surrender all and I imagine here that someone won't come forward because they're afraid of what people will think. I don't want to be judged I don't want to be condemned from of all my peers I don't want to be found out but friends as Paul reminded us and feeds into verse 3 we all once conducted ourselves in the lust of the flesh we're all say the same way and it's not by good works that's the fruit that's not the root We're say by the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ the what will people think I like to think they'll say Praise the Lord that's what they'll think there's no shame in admitting fault and depending on Jesus Christ there is no shame in stating before the world that you are a sinner we all are there's no shame in recognizing your needs of Jesus shed blood on your behalf what is the shame in wanting to become a better person where's the shame in saying I need Jesus Where's the shame in saying I need help where is the shame in saying I surrender all Lord what do you want me to do you know the shame is saying I got this I got this The shame is in seeking to overcome on your own strength and this morning we've all stood because we want to surrender all to Jesus heavenly that's where we all stay on this morning but if you're in a place in your journey that you know you need to be baptized rebaptized I want to give you that opportunity to come forward it's not about me if nobody comes forward that's fine this is about you and your relationship with Jesus Christ and I don't want people to say to me at the door today union give me an opportunity to make a stand for Jesus so here's your opportunity your Heavenly Father we are standing here this morning because we want to surrender all perhaps we didn't feel that that to them or a baptism is something that you are calling us to do and that's fine but perhaps the Holy Spirit has pricked something within us that we know we need to turn from that we know we need to give to you that we need to have the attitude of Saul who will soon become Paul that says Lord what do you want me to do and you use this criminal in sinister man to do incredible things for you Lord it's hard for us to believe. That you could use us but you do have plans and purposes for us and they're not plans just to prosper us and give us hope and future those are all wonderful things but there are also plans to help us further your cause to further your mission and to bring honor and glory glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and so Lord I pray that each one of us myself included will surrender all to you today that whatever you have brought to the forefront of our mind we will give to you we will lay down at the front of the cross and we will leave here different than the way we came not just more committed but forgiven not just feeling better but feeling inspired not loaded down with guilt a loaded down with joy because of your incredible mercy toward your grace and your forgiveness and may that same grace that same mercy and to me to change your life. 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