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No Lone Rangers - Part 6

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • March 7, 2020
    12:30 PM
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The Lone Ranger 1st appeared in 1933 in a radio show conceived by w x y z Detroit radio station that was owned then by George w. Trendall and the show's writer was Fran Stricker or striker may be is how you pronounce it and you might recall how it would start with trumpets. A lone ranger or of fiery horse with the speed of light a cloud of dust and a hearty. Air it is high hose no matter what. All right enough well the radio series proved to be a hit and spawn a series of books largely written by Stryker And later an equally popular television show that ran from 149-2157 the title of the show however is still used today to describe someone who acts alone without consolation or the approval of others alone or being a lone ranger now when it comes to church to missions to outreach to ministry and so we want to ask you a very basic very simple question Are you alone or do you act alone do you consult with others or do you do your own thing do you work with the church in connection with the church with the approval of the church or do you follow your own ideas in your own way according to your own schedule your own time and our series on the life of Paul we've learned many things and many lessons along the way but in today's piece we're going to look at the value of working together for the Cause of God today we're going to look at acts. Chapter 11 and we're going to see that we are stronger together that we need each other and that Lone Ranger ministry if you will is not part of God's plan in fact if you go back to the storyline of the Lone Ranger he really was himself not a loner Was he the story line goes that a posse of 6 members of the Texas Ranger Division were pursuing a band of outlaws and they were ambushed in a canyon name Bryant's gap but later an Indian named Tonto stumbles onto the scene and discovers one Ranger is barely alive and he Tonto nurses the man back to health in some versions Tonto recognizes the lone survivor as the man who saved his life when they were both children so even the Lone Ranger was not alone these types of pictures crack me up the old Westerns where they're tracking and they have to bend down on one knee and they have to put their hand in the hope print maybe they'll taste something I don't know what they're tasting for either I don't know what the hand prints are for but they can automatically know yes they were here 2 hours ago and they went west the reality is if we were made for partnership or when we were made for community you recall in creation Adam noted that all the animals had partners and so God put him to sleep and created Eve from one of his ribs as a help mate Moses he wasn't alone either if God placed him with Aaron you also recall that there was Caleb and Joshua there was David and Jonathan and later David had his mighty man all named 20 some in Alija Well he had a life. And Jesus himself said the rule by not only surrounding him with 12 and drawing extra close to 3 but he sent them out how to buy 2 in pairs no. The Lone Ranger mentality was never God's plan because he knew that there was greater power in to sort of again I invite you to open your Bibles some of you already have and we're going to Acts chapter 11 I hope you brought your Bibles with you this morning as we're continuing our series on Paul a man of grace and grit and Paul gets more of a mention towards the end of this section but we're in Acts chapter 11 verse 19 and they're reading from the New King James version I read now those who are scattered after the persecution that arose over Stephen remember we talked about even in the stoning of Stephen and the persecution that followed traveled as far as Phoenicia Cypress and Antioch preaching the word to no one but the Jews only you may recall the last time we saw Saul he had made his way to Jerusalem with I hopes of convincing his colleagues but they rejected Him just as they rejected Stephen in fact his fate was going to be the same and Saul was Ok with that but in a vision God told Saul No you need to flee the city I have other plans for you and so these unnamed disciples took saw and they lowered him in a basket and he flees to Tarsus Now various commentators say various things about how long he was there some say 5 years 6 years some as much as 10 years in Tarsus But regardless of the time Saul is away content to do the Ministry set before him there in the area of Tarsus and we don't get much explanation of what he has done very little is said yet Saul is there and he is content in the shadows if this. This is where God has sent him to go this is where he will go and until God tells him to go and do otherwise this is where he will be and so for a period of time Saul is there and about somewhere in this time we imagine Saul in his mid forty's Galatians $121.23 Give us the indication that he is laboring in the regions of Syria and Salissa proclaiming faith which once he destroyed so is not twiddling his thumbs he's staying busy in ministry so we have very little commentary of what's being done now here's the map of what we've been using here we have Jerusalem kind of there in the middle just above the bolded Moab and then up above that you see Antioch is here this is the one we're going to be talking about today Tarses is over here the expanse of the travel is really about 100 miles by the time you go around and then you see Cyprus is the island to the west and so that's the region that we're talking about an interesting only God uses the persecution of the church the persecution of Stephen to spread the gospel to do new regions often in the midst of our persecution we are wondering what is going on why is this happening but here God used something terrible to bring about something good we see again that the blood of the martyrs is seed to spread the gospel to the world and so going back to our verse reading verse 19 again now those who are scattered after persecution that arose over Stephen travel as far as Phoenicia Cyprus and Antioch preaching the word to no one but the Jews only verse 20 but some of them were men of Cyprus and Sirene who when they had come to Antioch spoke to the Hellenists or we can say Gentiles if you will Prejean the Lord Jesus and verse 21. And the hand of the Lord was with them and I great number believe and turn to the Lord now this is incredible Antioch was at that time the metropolis of Syria with the estimated population of 300000 people it was the 3rd largest city in the Roman Empire you had Rome yet Alexandria and then 3rd on the list was Antioch in fact there were some 2010 maybe as many as 60000 Jews living there in Antioch at this time and then the 3rd largest city it was because they had extensive comers you could find whatever you wanted it was known as a resort for lovers of ease and of pleasure it had beautiful surroundings there was plenty of wealth and culture there was fine arts it was a pride in City of luxury and vice morals were lax to put it mildly society Well it was very secular it was jaded in fact he was immoral and corrupt there were a cult prostitutes at the shrine of Daphne just a few miles outside of the city yet in this city we find a group preaching about Jesus I mean who is doing that well the reality is we don't know they're not saying there's a group they're preteen Jesus the Gospel is spreading but we're not told by who they don't mention Philip for Peter or Saul there's no mark Finley in the passage No Doug bachelor No names are given is simply a group of people that have relocated because of the persecution in Jerusalem and now the work is spreading not just with the Jews but it's spreading now with the Gentiles as well now we kind of skipped over rather quickly but in Acts chapter 10 in the 1st part of 11 we see God opening the work for the Gentile. That you might recall Cornelius a Gentile has a vision and Angel tells him to send men to Joppa we got to go there this last spring Elizabeth and I and we've got to go to Simon the tanner's house so they think it's not that big of a place anyway and ask for Peter at just the right time Peter had a vision of many unclean animals in the angel tell him to arise and eat and Peter refuses because he never anything unclean before but the voice says what God has plans you must not call come in or on clean and then virtually at that moment there's a knock at the door and sure enough here these men before he even goes down to the door the same voice the angel tells him here there's 3 men go with them without hesitation for I have sent them so Peter does just that he goes and meets Cornelius a Gentile and he realizes the point of the vision has nothing to do with snake sandwiches or red chips but I have to do with God has shown me that I should not call any man common or unclean and the gift of the Holy Spirit is poured out on the Gentiles and they start to speak in tongues it becomes evident that this is no longer just for the Jewish people but for all mankind the gospel to go forward to all people and who is God going to use in Antioch his people no names given no names necessary no hero but simply his people empowered by the Lord to do his work and so in verse 21 and the hand of the Lord he the hand of the Lord was with them these unnamed individuals and a great number believed and turned to the Lord you might be scratching your head asking how in this in this godless sex jaded this thrill seeking immoral society where the gods will ever get a foothold Well the hand of the Lord was with them and friends. If God's hand is in it if people are thick with the Almighty if they're convicted in what they're saying if they are in a relationship with Jesus Christ they will share and lives will be transformed people will be convicted because the reality is sin is fun for a time believes one feeling more and more empty alone isolated depressed discouraged at some point after another hangover another empty relationship another cheap thrill people are left saying to themselves is this all that there is is there nothing else to life and here we have a group of people who are able to answer the question say no this isn't it let me show you what it's all about let me show you the God that will give you life and health and strength and purpose and meaning and peace of mind and these secular people are responding to that hey I tell you you can go with me to the party not today man I'm done with that stuff what do you mean you're done with that stuff I've found something better how can I have some you sure can and it's spreading who doesn't want hope in this hopeless age who doesn't want to future when life seems futile so has a church grow in Antioch t.m.i. total member involvement because total member involvement grows the church it was not a big time evangelist it was not comprehensive 47 point plan it was every member doing something for Jesus what should I do something what is it gonna look like something pray about it might be health ministry it might be men ministry women's ministry it might be a new ministry but every member is doing something for Jesus and it is spreading now I'm not saying that we should be disorganized in the effort I'm not saying it's wrong to plan those are all good things but I am saying it is the. Overall work of everyone working together that is bringing about big results we just read a great number believe and turn to the Lord because of total member involvement and impact was being made hundreds of people sharing their faith in practical ways and you know I love most about t.m.i. who gets the credit nobody does God always deserves the credit doesn't mean he's the one to change hearts in the 1st place what happen to your city well as big of Angelus came and create this huge storm we had a mass after them nope everybody doing something for Jesus everybody having a role to play nobody been able to tell which or how or what it was just a god thing and he worked miraculously and lives were changed it's beautiful continuing on earth went to the news of these things came to the years of the church in Jerusalem why would news come to the church of Jerusalem because 3 people were baptized a long ways away no because there's this movement underfoot things are happening in this secular city we don't know how to explain it we don't know how to describe it not just Jews but gentiles and word travels and they hear about it in the church in Jerusalem and so they send somebody in who they choose just in Barnabas to go as far as Antioch continuing on verse 23 when he came and seen the grace of God He was glad and encouraged them all that with purpose of heart they should continue with the Lord or he was a good man full of the Holy Spirit and of faith and a great many people were added to the Lord I don't know about you but I think they made a good choice in sending Barnabas why because Barnabas was an encourager Do you recall in the earlier sermons how it was born of his that encouraged Saul in Jerusalem and had him introduced to the disciples when everybody else in one have anything to do with him think about Saul for a minute discouraged nobody comes alongside him and he says this isn't for me never mind. Game over and sets up shop doing something else entirely and we lose this giant of a man held up by God strengthen God's purpose and God's power simply because people would not encourage him but rather discourage him but it was Barnabas who came alongside and said hey I I think I can get an audience with these guys let me talk to them I believe you I believe your story I believe you're sincere let me go to work a little bit just give me a little bit of time I believe and you saw that was Barnabas and I imagine when Barnabas shows up here when others only would see problems Barnabas saw opportunities when others would only see negatives Barnabas saw positives I mean let's face it you go into a secular city and you convert secular people it's going to take time for changes to take effect it doesn't happen overnight they don't just go in one sided that is we're born and come out the other side and everything is perfect and fine and wonderful and dandy you don't hear the gospel for the 1st time and to shed off all of these layers of sin and all kinds of things that are happy in your life and so barbers could have seen all the short comings he could have seen all the ways that they fell short and he could have said this is a genuine This isn't legit This is a problem but what's the problem where you got this in isn't isn't isn't isn't isn't this that's no bar Mr let's read it again when he came Byron as verse 23 and had seen the grace of God who performs any kind of change in anybody's life is of the grace of God active in the life so he sees the grace of God making changes and he's what he's glad he same praise the Lord pastor they have given this up yet pastor they're still doing this activity over here Pastor they're still using this kind of language pastor I still smell this on their breath Barnes is saying I see work in them by the grace of God and I'm glad does that mean there's no more work to be done. You know that you know the things don't matter it doesn't but it means that he was encouraging He says Praise the Lord for what God is doing in this place I mean is that a wrong thing to say to somebody that still has a long way to go to say I see Jesus in you I see Jesus in what you're doing I see Fuz in the choices the decisions you're making I see Jesus in your ministry Yeah but there's still yes what about any one of us that still got some issues some hang up some problem if there's any here without sin you be the one to cast the 1st stone but largely what the church needs is not more criticism but more encouragement now don't hear what I'm not saying I'm not saying we shouldn't keep people accountable and we have God's word that tells us we need to do those things but I also don't see that in the list of spiritual gifts criticism but sometimes there are people that think that their spiritual gift is to sit back and to criticize Barnabas he says I'm going to be an encourager forget every else for a minute think about you you have the work place it's a new job it's a new boss new coworkers you don't know anything about what you're I mean you know a little bit I suppose you've been trained you've done other things similar but maybe you don't know anything about anything and you come in and you have 2 types of bosses one boss costly points everything that's wrong that's wrong right there redo it you messed up there again get it right this is too long as too short it took too much time whatever it might be and each time you just kind of feel yourself getting smaller and smaller and more and more frail gun shy scared unsure in secure but the 2nd boss never doing this before you're a natural. And this isn't you know quite perfect yet but you know this is awfully close out of a very trained by the did one is as good as this before. Hey the way you did this I got 12 other guys back here they can't do anywhere close to what you just did on this one right here good job simple question Which boss. You going to work harder for the one that believes in you that sees potential in you that builds you up or the one that constantly tears you down which when are you going to strive to impress which when you're going to decide I'm going to show up early I might even stay late I want to do a good job I want to continue to do my best yes Barnabas was an encourager he saw the positives he saw the opportunities in the midst of what certainly would have been shortcomings he didn't focus on those he didn't criticize the work and I'm convinced even today the church does not need more critics but more encouragers to mentor and build up the inexperienced to possibly influence the image or towards maturity not in a negative way but in a positive way and we can be real Sometimes you have to bear a negative message but that's when you really see spend time on your knees say Lord how can I present this negative thing as best as possible in a positive way sometimes we've been told that we where we flower with all the positive and then we hit the negative they actually say that's not the best way to go about it because we're too smart for that we know when that's coming right evaluation comes up whatever it is maybe just a boss to say I need to talk with her 2nd Ok you come in they say you know this is really great and you've been doing a fantastic job with this and this these numbers are through the roof and but are you hearing anything what he's saying probably not you're waiting for the boom to fall right you're waiting for that 13 letter word but there's this problem so all the positives just went out the window because you're waiting for the 3 letter word and here it comes and you find yourself defeated and then they really go they tell you is better off if you have to bring about a negative data brought you in here because I really need to talk to you about an area in your work performance and you just go straight to the to the chase these numbers here are lacking and I think it's a result of the. You know and I have to apologize for how I may have contributed the problem because of these other factors but you know I really think that you are a fantastic employee I really think that you have skill sets that work well with this and what you did over here on this project was phenomenal and so I think with a little course correction we can get this right and be back where we need to be will you be willing to work with me on that I can and that's then where you say all the positive because I value as an employee you're gifted you're smart you're all and now instead of it just going to gone it kind of helps you Yeah Ok We're going to get through this it's all going to be Ok for a miss was an encourager he looked for positive and then verse 23 when he came to see the grace of God He was glad and encouraged them all that with purpose of heart they should continue with the Lord don't give up continue on you're doing great Don't we all need encouragement like that from time to time you thought you were doing the right thing but then somebody came along with discouraging disparaging comments somebody came along some circumstance happened and you're wondering if you could just chuck it all in for somebody else comes along and says stick with it person of the year Hang in there we're with you you're not alone why is encouraging to see the good in what is happening are pleased with it and help it to grow and become more stable and that's really the job of those more experienced isn't it they've weathered storms they're not surprised or overwhelmed by problems they have faith in times of crisis and can bring stability and comfort to less experienced believers that's their job to say you know what I had something similar happen to me and it really shook me to the core to be let me tell you what happened let me tell you what God did let me show you what verses I claimed and let me tell you where it is today and I'm confident the Lord will do the same for you just hang in there. Church needs more encourage ers That's why we need experienced believers connected with new believers disciple and mentoring encouraging not in a critical way but a way that builds them up on the work of the Lord is doing in their lives and ministry and so verse 24 he was a good man talking about Barnabas full of the Holy Spirit and of faith and a great many people were added to the Lord so far Mrs described as a good man full of the Holy Spirit he was genuine we could say he was the real deal he was praying on his knees every day Lord use me fill me break me and then says and he had the man of faith I met his not just that he had faith in God but as an encourager I magine Barmouth also had faith in people you know sometimes you meet people they have no faith in anyone everyone will let you down don't trust anybody and I pity the person that has had such a bad experience in life that they feel like the only safe way to go is to be a lone ranger because it's a sad existence never trusting never confiding never opening up never asking for help discrediting every word that comes across your ears you know we need to have faith in God but we all seem to have faith in what God can do through his people people let us down they're human we've let people down ourselves haven't we but to have faith that God can use people I mean think about this God has an incredible message 3 angels message for the in time people get out of the way let me do this can you do a better job alright alright I'll let the angels people get out the way and let the angels do this couldn't they do a better job you know he says people I want to work in you and through you to let you do this work I'll be there I'll be helping you all along the way I'm not going anywhere but you're going to be my hands and my feet and my mouthpiece This is incredible as frail as we are. As sinful as we are with the habits that we have God says I still want to use you this is incredible God has faith in people Let this mind be in us let us trust people maybe if we haven't in a long time so our 2nd point here how did the church grow in Antioch 1st I believe was because a total member involvement secondly through the ministry of encouragement I wonder how much part of his did besides just encourage I know he did other things but perhaps that was his greatest contribution I don't know about you but there are times when I have to make a difficult choice and there are times that I'm blessed enough that I can call up my father or my father in law and say this is a situation that's happening this is what I think we should do because of these things and those things but I want to know your take on it I want you to weigh in and you know I try and be as non-biased possible lead and sometimes your feedback is no day that's the wrong thing to do Ok What should I do but more often than not they say Yep that's exactly what you need to do Not going to be easy is not going to be fun but that's you need to do because if you don't just like you said this and this and this and if nothing changes as a result that conversation one thing does change and that is I have a greater confidence I'm going in the right direction that I'm on the right path and that's what encouragement does because I've left to ourselves we can be real quick to doubt doubt doubt doubt and beyond the encouragement of others we need to be encouraged in the Lord and encouraging God's word only lord are you sure what you want me to do and he leads you to a passage of Scripture and there's the principle yet again you have this what I need to do who in your experience has given you the gift of encouragement maybe you are 1st coming to the Lord and you hoops fell off the wagon again who came alongside you. And encouraged you when that 1st ministry attempt failed when your 1st sermon was well horrible when your 1st special music was well that was interesting who encourage you to keep practicing to keep trying who assured you of the grace of Jesus and His plan and purpose for your life when you were all overwhelmed with loss and grief who stepped in to listen to walk beside you to encourage you friends is there still a need for encouragement today and sometimes people say well I don't want them to get a big head well that exists and people can become prideful but for the most part I don't know too many people have been overly encouraged Yes you can come up with examples and I can too but for the most part by and large people are insecure feeling they're a fraud or a fake and someday somebody is going to find out that they're not near as gifted as everybody thinks they need encouragement this past week we got a nice letter in the mail and this couple was just listing all the various things that have come across our plate over this last summer so you know church building program and service the conference of us health challenges in the family for kids one of them special needs you finishing up this degree all these kinds of things and they just said we just want to know that we're praying for you that we're in your corner and we support you because we know it's got to be challenging but we're we're with you we're there for you and that just touched our hearts so much to know that somebody was thinking of us and took the time to encourage us and it's not that hard put pen to paper it can be scratch paper it can be posted a note it can be whatever and put it in the mail pass it to them slip it in their pocket send them a text encourage alright we got to be done let's finish here we haven't talked about Paul yet verse 25 environment departed for Tarsus to seek who. Saul I guess he's still Soul people and when he had found him he brought him to Antioch and I mentioned before that's about 100 miles away so it was there for a whole year they assembled with the church and taught a great many people and the cycles were 1st called Christians where Antioch is not interesting so God is blessing the word Barnabas is amazed at what God is doing the opportunities are great but Barnabas recognizes in his own humility his need for help and so he travels 100 miles to Tarsus to look for Saul he can just put find my friends always is far from a or text him or whatever oh yes to physically have you seen this guy where can I look and all this kind of thing finally finds Saul and yes Barnabas has many guests but I would imagine Saul has many gifts too and they're different and they have been I magine they compliment each other and I imagine even a mentoring relationship and commentators argue over who's mentoring who and I'm not so sure it is so much Manders. And areas of encouragement I bet you Barnabas is mentoring Saul and other theological discourse and and Biblical ideas and how this is the filming of this and that I imagine Barnum is over there taking notes and together God is using them to build the church but too often we can become possessive of my ministry personally like those words my ministry because it's never your ministry you can say are ministry you can say God's ministry but my ministry that's it should never be about me. And we should be threatened by people coming in but what if they take my job praise the Lord will find you another one but what if somebody takes that job how does having me 4 times praise the Lord the church is growing well for you have to do something else so Barnabas isn't threatened he sees that he has some weak areas that somebody else could fulfill he understands that the angel that found Saul said I have a work for you to do to spread to the Gentiles now as Gentiles before him all this and I imagine this man of the Holy Spirit this man of faith is given the insight what about Saul Oh you have saw he can't be that far away he's only a 100 miles from here I'm going to find him and he does and as a result I believe God's glory is manifest in the spread of the Gospel and we see God working in Mark ways to the Gentiles and so all again while he was content where he was notice he doesn't send out his resume he doesn't shoot Barnabas an e-mail and say hey he needs some help because it's awfully miserable over here and Tarsus No he just patiently waits until God calls into something else and after some prayer he feels yes this is what God wants me to do and he responds to go help to work with the encourage or to build people up and so the 3rd thing how did the church in Antioch grow yes it was total number of involvement yes it was through the ministry of encouragement. But it was through the power of 2 to the power of 2 I believe God will accomplish greater things than just use a lone ranger I believe that's why I sent out people 2 by 2 I mean you can make the argument then you can make it today but we can cover twice as much ground and he is not worth it we'll have twice as many casualties to buy 2 of that we're going to do so when one discouraged the other can lift him up when a challenge arises another to pray about the problem and to problem solve God says on account of 2 or 3 witnesses how do you do that is the Lone Ranger know there's power in 2 that are united in purpose united in their work and united in the Lord Rod thank you for that scripture reading Ecclesiastes 49 and 10 he might say well this is what they really a wedding will be as soon as they do but it's not just talking about a husband and a wife to do are better than one because they have a good reward for their labor think about any your job you have in your house and somebody comes to help you with it it doesn't go just twice as fast as some outgoes more than twice as fast there's more reward for their labor for it they fall one lift his companion but won't to him who is alone when he falls for he has no one to help him that's what we are here is a church to help each other up again and to lie down to get a they will keep warm but how can one be warm alone there's a lot of coldness out in this world the 1 May be overpowered by another 2 can withstand him and a 3 fold cord is not quickly broken now a 2nd passes that were time to there's a 3rd Well there's you and your spouse there's you and a close friend there is you and your ministry partner you don't have a ministry partner will you need to pray about that but here's this 3rd person is the Lord God sent them 2 by 2 but if you keep reading you see the 3rd person he told them that they would never be alone and that he would be within the 3 to mark 6 for 7. And he called the 12 to him self and began to send them out 2 by 2 and gave them power there's the 3rd what power is that none other than the power of God 3 chord strand cannot be easily broken or rope so how the church grow and Hendersonville total member involvement to the ministry of encouragement and through the power of 2 or maybe we should say the power of 3 you a ministry partner and God Go visit with somebody encourage others with somebody help out in the ministry with somebody else I'll do it if you'll do it with me let's do this together oh that's because you're weak and you can't handle it no it's because I'm Biblical and I won't do it God's way we're stronger together the idea the church is God's idea to finish the work on this earth and he's given us a unique message for the world at this time do you believe them and when we band together as a body of believers with a common purpose I believe God will bless I mean they have a common purpose back then didn't they that Jesus wasn't just an ordinary man that this is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy that this was a game changer and that they needed to know about it and we have been given something in this in time that is unique that is again a game changer that the world needs to know about and what is this last day events we've been studying that in our prayer meeting just down the hill and it says in this on page 4546 is also in the testimony it says in a special sense 7 day absent been sent in the world as watchman and light bearers to them has been entrusted the last warning for a perishing world on them a shine wonderful light from the Word of God They have been given a work of the most solemn import the proclamation of the 1st 2nd and 3rd angels message is there is no other work of so great importance there to allow nothing else to absorb their attention though that strong language this is the everlasting Gospel this is the 3 angels message this. What people need to know to live through the time of the a we to have a message that needs to go to the world and God longs for us to work together to partner together as a church and with him to finish the work and it's his work but he calls us to be collaborators with him how his church and Hendersonville grow total member involvement the ministry of encouragement and to the power of 3 will be part of total member in moment what does that look like every member doing something for Jesus. I can't do much and he sent text messages of encouragement like do that does that mean you'll be involved in something. To do it Will you be a minister of encouragement I mean just look around find somebody say Lord show me who needs encouragement today we engage in the power of 3 you a ministry partner in the Lord and again if you don't have a ministry partner pray about this say Lord I want someone to go visit with Sammy the right person that we can complement each other in this way and in Antioch the disciples were 1st called Christians why because all they talk about was Christ this Christ that Christ Christ Christ by God's grace may we carry the same distinction to the world what Christ has done what Christ is doing and what Christ will do is all there in the 3 angels messages of Revelation 14 so let us boldly proclaim Christ to the world and my appeal is simple Will you join me we have nothing to fear why because God is with us you have the Father I pray that you will help each and every one here to be involved to find prayerfully if they don't already a ministry partner that they can minister with and go out to buy to really 3 by 3 as you have promised that you will be with us that we may be encouraging. One another and. Brain uses. This media was brought to you by audio Bruce a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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