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Christ in Crisis

Wes Peppers
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What Christ can do for us in a crisis.


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • March 28, 2020
    10:45 AM
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Father in heaven Well I just want to thank you Lord for those who have joined us today those who are watching we want to ask your Holy Spirit to be in our midst and that you would draw close to us Lord in a special way open our eyes to these precious truths that you want to reveal to each one of us so Lord as we open now the precious pages of your word and we understand the sacredness that is there the holiness the the power that is in the word because it reveals to us the person of Christ in the words of Christ which have the power to transform our hearts to transform our lives and to change us and every ask and so Lord we appeal to you today to the spirit to be our teacher and we ask Lord that you would open our eyes to a new truth and understanding that we may not of had before we ask this Lord in Jesus name. Is working on whatsapp Ok my wife's is not working for someone else it's not working for us what's up. Anyway I just want to mention that in case all right I want to tell a story and you'll see there are 1st scripture is Matthew chapter one and I'm going to. I'm going to readjust much screen here Ok and I want to tell a story you may want to turn to that passage as I'm telling the story but when I was on my way to Cuba I was the in the day or 2 before I was really trying to get a haircut and my hair had been growing out and when my air grows out I look like I'm over 50 years old and you know I just turned 40 so I really want to avoid that look as much as possible and so I wanted to get a haircut before I was going well things just kind of dragged out and I wasn't able to get the haircut on the last day I checked in with the so on several times and they were too busy and so off I went to the Detroit airport and I was I had about 4 or 5 hours layover there and so I said you know I wonder if they have some kind of barbershop or haircutting place right here in the airport sure enough they did so I went over to this place and the lady put me in line and eventually I had my turn and she gave me this haircut and she said we don't have all the right tools available and so I'm going to do my best and so she gave me this haircut and when I looked at it initially it looked fine but then I went back later and looked at it and I realized just to make a long story longer that it was the worst haircut I had ever received in my line manager saying Man Why would you need a haircut but you know we have our we all have our things and I like to preserve as much as I can but it was the worst haircut that I've ever gotten and because it was in an airport it ended up actually being the most expensive haircut that I ever paid for I would say how much I paid for it so they told me $1.00 price and after they said all it's actually this price and I was embarrassed but I paid for it so what ended up happening was that I had the worst haircut I ever had but the most price I had ever paid. So I I had a combination of the worst and the best or the most and in most cases in our lives that doesn't usually happen where you have the worst and the best coming together right but what we find in the Gospel is that very thing that is the very worst that the universe has to offer which is the human heart coming together with the very best the universe has to offer the divine God of heaven and where we find those 2 meeting together is in the life and ministry of Jesus where the son of God the divine character of God comes down and it sends to where we are as human beings the worst of the worst I mean our hearts are filthy they're deceitful they're full of sin and it doesn't get much worse than Earth but it gets even worse when you examine the human art on planet Earth and so these 2 coming together we find in the earthly life of Jesus Christ I mean that's a just an incredible thought and you we could ponder on that thought for eternity. But we're going to take a look at it here in scripture so in our 1st text I don't know Caleb if it's possible to have different people read these paths maybe some of those Maybe you and Brad and others that are in this group is that a possibility you certainly can I can read it as well they can read as well yeah let's do that just we'll alternate back just to give it a little break up here but Matthew Chapter one Verse 21323 I'll let you go ahead and read that that the chapter and verse is 232-122-3212 extension 23. She will give birth to a son and you are to give him the name Jesus because He will save his people from their sins all this took place and fulfill to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet the Virgin will receive conceive and give birth to a son and they will call him a manual which means God with us. That's a powerful thought guys I mean I know it's kind of a cliche verse that we often use especially around Christmas time but when you really think about what is comprised with that the divine Son of God became a man now we're told in a special book many of us know called the desire of ages that even if Jesus were to descend to the earth as an un fallen angel of course Jesus is not an angel but we're just kind of painting a picture here if Jesus were to take on the form of a stimulus on Fallen Angel or if he were to take the. The take on the person of Adam in the imperfection in the Garden of Eden even perfect man we're told that it would be an incense insult to the scent of dawn why because he's so much higher than even sinless man and he's so much higher even than sinless angels and yet we find that Jesus came as a man weakened by human flesh and I mean it was the lowest of the low price could not humble himself any more than what he did when he came We're told that the book of Philip in chapter 2 and so here you have gone coming in the fume and flesh and this thing is is made possible through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Bible says that he would save his people from their sins you notice the Bible does not say he would save them in their sins but from their sins and so this kind of sets the foundation for our study here today gone in the flesh and we're going to go now to our next text Romans chapter one. Romans chapter one and verses one through 6 and maybe Brad if you could read that and then maybe your wife there could read the next one Romans chapter one verses one through 6 this is exciting the sort of the vital together isn't it the Internet you're in really thrilling to me this is awesome so here in Rome and scepter wondrous is one to sit Paul a bun servant of Jesus Christ called to be an apostle separated to the gospel of gun which he promised through before through His prophets in the holy scriptures concerning His Son Jesus Christ our Lord who was born of the seed of David according to the flax and declared to be the Son of God with power according to the spirit of holiness and by resurrection from the dead to him we have received grace and apostleship for obedience to the base among all nations for his name among whom you also are called of Jesus. Caleb I'm not sure what's happening but I'm being told that other people can't tell him Ok So anyway I'm just going to tell you that but maybe that's not the case. All right a lot we've got excepting the plus people on the live stream Ok you got 70 plus people Ok oh good somebody's getting it all right let's go back to our to this text here this is very powerful it says in verse 4 that he was doing that speaking of Jesus he was declared to be the Son of God with power according to the spirit of holiness of the resurrection from the dead. Now this is this is such a powerful text because when you think of the book of Romans Romans Chapter 3 all it's sin and fallen short of the word God Romans Chapter 6 that the wages of sin is death and when the Bible says in Romans 6 of the wages of sin is death it's not just simply referring to the physical death although that is one component of it but the death that it's referring to is actually the 2nd that then we know that the death from which no man returns spoken of in the Book of Revelation. That that that is a permanent death that bring that sin brings to the life that clings to it and that death is everlasting destruction I mean it is complete and utter separation from God to the fullest degree this death Jesus experienced on the cross when he died he experienced this death. That no man has been able to suffer and it's a death as I mentioned that no person comes back from and yet what we find is that it says here that Jesus also resurrected from the dead so if there is a death that sin brings that no man can come back from how is it that Jesus was able to come back from that and it's the answer is very simple it's very powerful as well and it is that when when Christ hung up on the cross every sin that every person ever committed was hung up on Him The Bible says that Christ the King sin on the cross he became sin and he paid the price for sin and God separated himself from him and that brought to him so for for that time that Christ died on the cross until he rose from the dead the Trinity for the 1st. Time in the history of the universe and the only time the Trinity was actually broken because price was dead in the grave and only $2.00 persons of the Godhead were existing And so how is it possible that Jesus could come back from that very simply this that the right just miss which would of gone that is contained in his person was so much greater than the sin that he paid the penalty for that's what can that's an incredible thought and that the life that was in Christ was greater than the death that was in the sin that was inside of him when he took that upon himself I mean that's mind blowing and that's the only way that even Christ Himself could resurrect so the very nature of the very person of Christ as God contains enough right just in this to still bring him back from the dead even after all the sin that every human has ever committed and every age was placed upon him that must be some serious right just miss that God and His Son Jesus Christ how many can say men do that that's pretty powerful that the life that was in him was more powerful than the death of sin that also shook his heart to the point of death now if you keep reading here it says that that there is this power in him according to the spirit that is a pain but the resurrection from the dead no notice verse 5 through him we have received grace and apostleship for obedience to the faith among all nations for his name among whom also. Are the are called Jesus Christ so basically that saying that through faith I mean it goes he goes on and talks about it later not going to get into much more than this but through faith in Christ the same rights just mess that raised Christ from the dead when we exercise faith in Jesus Christ that's saying life and power and right just mess becomes ours when we believe in him and that that life can raise on us from spiritual death and allow us to sit by grace and through faith on the throne beside him that's pretty amazing and we have such a privilege to have this great that's what Grace does for us. And doesn't just forgive us for our past sins but it actually when we receive Christ it transforms our hearts and allows that right just to now be lived out through us as Christ was within us by faith for this is life transforming it is hopeful it is powerful and we then become obedient to God through that grace and through that faith in Christ which is in us and so I just want to say this is this is really. Something that all of our people need to understand and this is a message that needs to go to the whole earth and a Revelation Chapter 14 we find the very last message of God going into all these are the 3 angels messages and the 3rd angels message is this very message itself and so. You know we not only need to experience this message but it needs to flow out of our hearts and our lives into the hearts and lives of others and all of this is made possible by the power of the Holy Spirit let's keep going here on to our 3rd scripture Romans chapter 8 Romans chapter 8 and we're going to read verses one through 4 so maybe Brad I'm not sure what your wife's name is but I don't want to keep calling her your wife so what is her name. Call Nicole thank you Nicole if you would mind reading Chapter 8 verses one through 4 Sherry Rehman says there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus who do not walk according to the flesh but according to The Spirit with the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death for what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh God did by sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh on account of sin he can then sin in the flesh that the rightists requirements of the law might be so filled in us who do not walk according to the slacks but according to the spirit. Now this is very powerful because when Jesus as the Son of God the almighty one that all the angels worship when he did descend to the earth. What was he like what format did he take with the just this bright shining being that was walking around the earth No the Bible says and verse 3 that Jesus came in the likeness of simple flesh what does that mean does that mean that Jesus sinned well totally not Jesus never said we believe this is Christians but he did come in the weekend human flesh that had been passed down from generation to generation from Adam all the way down to surprise he came in that week in flesh that had been impacted by sin so Jesus took on the same nature as you and I We saw it on the same weakness weaknesses that we had. As far as physically he took those and yet the Bible says that he threw this for the likeness so simple question he condemned sin in the flesh Well how did Jesus condemned sin in the flesh what did he do does that mean that he stood up and said Sin is really bad nobody should do it yell stop doing it I'm here to save you from it no he didn't do it verbal e he didn't condemn sin verbal e but he condemned it by living a perfect holy life that's how Jesus condemned sin in the week and human flesh So in other words Jesus was able to live that life of victory in the week and human flesh and how did he do that he did that by constant and continual dependence upon his father now we don't have time to flush this out completely but the Scripture is very clear that Jesus never used his divine power to give him victory over temptations that the devil gave him. Jesus said I have a mind cell can do nothing but only I depend upon my father which is in heaven I'm not quoting him scare praising But Jesus depended upon his father to give him the strength and the power that he needed to overcome the temptations that Satan brought to him all throughout his life so in other words Jesus never used any advantage over us and his battle over temptation when he was on this or he used only that which is also available to us and that's very powerful and that's very encouraging because what that means is when the Bible says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me it really means that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us because we see that we have the same advantage that Jesus had and he relied upon his father for that strength and he was big for it so it's very very powerful even though he had still the weaknesses that we have and then he goes on and that Jesus condemned sin in the flesh so he didn't just live that perfect life but then he goes on and he says verse 4 that the right just requirement of all might be the law being the 10 Commandments might be fulfilled in us who do not walk according to the flesh but according to The Spirit So in other words as Jesus Christ dwells in us by faith he when we are surrendered to him we were willing to give ourselves fully to him he can live his righteous life through ours. And that's exciting because what it reveals is that we can have this great hope of walking so closely with Jesus that his beauty His love His character His joy can be seen in our lives by others and that is a drawing power in their lives not towards us but towards him but it is done through us as Jesus lives through us now friends I'll tell you that is a really concept to know that by grace through faith others can be drawn to Jesus as he lives out of life in office and I hope that every day we are praying that the that God would give us the Holy Spirit so that we can have that experience every day we are spending time in His Word so that the word which became flesh can become the word that becomes the reality of our lives and in our hearts through faith and Jesus wants us to have that experience have I have I reach that. Were if I reach the point where Jesus is doing that is fully through me as I would like absolutely not but I keep wrestling with gonna keep praying I keep trusting by faith that day by day he's going to become more and thrown upon my heart and less and less I'm going to be sitting upon the throne of my own heart I want more of him less of me I'm sure that if I ask you to raise your hand today you would agree with that that you want the same for you why I want to read the full statement here. And I need to adjust my ng because I can't see it because I have the pictures of you so let me just do this here. We read this little statement here this is from the book selected messages Volume 3 and it says speaking about Jesus just to help us identify with Christ when he came to the earth how was Jesus was he different the new year was the same with me well he was born with the same week then we can flesh that we have but he he came with a a born again mind in other words when we receive Christ through face and we accept Him then our minds and our hearts are born again and that's the mind and heart that Jesus had that born again mindset so he had really kind of 2 natures we had the we can flesh but also the born again so it says here some may think that Christ because he was the Son of God did not have temptations as we now have However the scripture says that he was tempted in all points like we are tempted yet without sin if this were so not this were not so sorry he could not fully identify with us the temptations of Christ and His sufferings under them were proportionate to the exalted and sinless character and were a terrible reality and his conflict in the wilderness the humanity of price was taxed as none of us will ever know as the bow do you got so many in his soul agony drops of blood fell from his poor his and moisten the sides of the earth he resisted on to blood in that hour when the fear of moral failure was a fear of death upon the cross Christ knew as no other can know the awful power of Satan some patients never was another of woman born who is so fiercely to be set by temptation and so sometimes people say oh I don't know that Jesus understands my own temptations you know I have this struggle with sexual center I have the struggle with some substance or. Some. Emotions in my heart and the reality is that Jesus understands our temptations more than we understand them and his battle was greater and more difficult than ours will ever be and yet through the same access to God that we have Jesus overcame and so that's encouraging for us because it means that by His grace and through faith when we surrender ourselves in him we also by the grace of God can overcome that doesn't mean of the Be easy I mean Jesus hung up on the cross and His heart was being torn apart and yet he still through faith resisted and it gives us the encouragement that we can as well well let's go on to our next text not trying to rush what I'm trying to keep us moving along let's go to Hebrews Chapter 2 verses 2 through 9 Hebrews Chapter 2 verses 2 I'm sorry verses 9 through 11 he was Chapter 2 verses 9 through 11 and. Caleb maybe you can read those for us or Hebrews Chapter 2 starting with verse 9 going to 11 but we do see Jesus who was made lower than the angels for a little while now crowned with glory and honor because he suffered death so that by grace by the grace of God he might taste death for every one in bringing many sons and daughters to glory it was fitting that god for whom and through whom everything exists should make the Pope the pioneer of their salvation perfect through what he suffered both the one who makes people holy and those who are made holy are of the same family so Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers and sisters. I meant that's really powerful because it very simply. Says that Jesus was made a little lower than the angels I was talking about that earlier. That Jesus would have come even as a perfect sinless Angel which he didn't and we don't believe that but if he did it would still be an infinite insult to him because he was so much higher he was so much more than the angels or man or any other created being he is the infinite eternal God He is not created he is not any of those things but we see when Jesus came to the earth that the Creator became the created I mean that's a mind blowing concept but that's exactly what happened and he was actually made and brought forth on the earth beneath all of the created beings that he himself had made I mean this is this is this is a mind blowing concept because in every other religion of the world whether it be you know Buddhism or Islam or Hindu ism or whatever and virtually every religion in the world it is man having to to step up to or a p.s. this God who is way up here for Christianity is the only religion in the world where the great high and mighty God actually steps down to be with his people I mean that's it that's an incredible concept that you only find in Christianity and that's exactly what Jesus did and why did he do that very simply says there and verse by so that he might taste death for everyone why did he step down so that he could the high I mean it's just an incredible concept but then it says all the things that he suffered he did so to bring many sons and daughters to glory and because of this because of his sacrifice and by the grace of God Our response to it he is not ashamed to call us brothers and sisters. It does not get better than what God has done for us it does not get better than what God wants to give us we don't have to search all over the earth to sign the meaning of life we find the meaning of life in the identity and the purpose of our lives right there hidden in crimes every time no doubt about it well let's let's now flip over to Hebrews chapter same chapter actually chapter 2 but we're going to go on to verse 14 and I'm going to read these here this time series to verse 14 from the New King James version I'm reading it says in as much then at the children have for taken of flesh and blood he himself likewise shared in the same so just like I mentioned earlier that the same flesh and blood the we can flesh sinful flesh that we had and which sin has impacted for thousands of years this is the flesh This is the the the person that Jesus took arm he wasn't just like God when he came he was like man and then it says that through death he might use Troy him who had the power of the that is the devil see Christ has the power of life Satan have the power of death through the life of Christ he destroyed him who had power over death the devil verse 15 and released those who who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage for indeed he does not give aid to enjoy So why doesn't he give a dangerous because they don't need their perfect. But he does give aid to the seed of Abraham was the seed of Abraham that's all of us those who are trusting in Him by faith therefore in all things he had to be made like his brother and that he might be a merciful and faithful High Priest in things pertaining to gone to make propitiation for the sins of the people for him that he him selfe has suffered being tempted he is able to aid those who are tempted how many of us are tempted today. I think we all are right we can all raise your hands and Jesus was tempted so that he could help us who are tempted so what this passage tells me is a couple of things very powerfully that he had to be made like us before he could intercede for us to see and and sometimes were tempted to think well God knows what I go through because he's gone and we have this kind of this cerebral knowledge that God knows everything so therefore he must know what I'm going through but emotionally we need to understand that Jesus understands and basically what Paul is saying here is that Jesus doesn't simply know the struggles we face because he's God knows everything but Jesus also knows the struggles we face because he himself came and walked in our shoes and endured the same struggles. And the struggles that we battle know somebody might be thinking well you know what about my battle with sexual temptation Well Jesus how can he how could he know that because Was Jesus sexually tempted Well we don't know the answer to that for sure specifically but what I do know is that the 3 temptations in the wilderness that Jesus suffered and compas every category of temptation that we can experience so when Jesus was tempted to turn the stones into bread he endured 40 days of fasting and that there were several components to that temptation which I'm not going to get into here but one of those was to appease his own satisfaction and appease his own appetite and that temptation that he endured was thousands of times stronger than any sexual addiction any substance addiction any you know personal relationship addiction any other addiction and Jesus overcame it so therefore he hasn't heard all temptations that we have which is a profound thought and so we can trust and believe that Jesus knows how to help us in our time of need in our time of struggle he knows what we're feeling knows what we're wrestling with he knows understands the emotions that we battle every day not because he's simply God and has all knowledge but because he was also a man and endured all things for our sakes. Friend That's very encouraging I don't know about you but that that allows me to identify and be in touch with Christ in a way that many people do not understand because I know that he went through what I went through personally and yet he overcame it because he did this because he endured those things it qualifies him to be merciful to us because he knows our weakness he understands that weakness but it also qualified him to be a savior to us because though he experienced the temptations he never yielded but he get had victory over them so he can be both sympathetic to me and salvation will to me because he is both man and gone and friends there's no other like Jesus that's very very powerful We're going to keep moving I've got a little statement for you here but I'll read I'm going to move my. Pictures over here and this comes from an article called The youth's instructor from July 28th 99 it says unless there is a possibility of yielding temptation is no temptation then patient is resisted when a man or woman is powerfully influence to do a wrong action we can all probably say we've had that experience or to cherish the wrong thought and knowing that he or she can do it can do the wrong action resist by faith with a firm hold upon divine power that was the ordeal through which Christ packs and so Jesus himself. Had these 10 patients and they were very you know he had this pull to to do these things but yet he chose not to and he resisted by trusting not in his own resilience and I'm in his own Constitution but he resisted by face and lay hold upon divine power and that is the key to our victory as well that is the key and how we can resist temptation not by trusting ourselves and looking at our weaknesses or our talents or our gifts but actually by faith laying a hold of the divine power he says offers to each one of us now friends that's that's amazing and that is where victory is found is by laying hold of Christ and his divine power let's look we have a couple more scriptures here I don't how are we doing Ok on time and we got started a little bit late here but we don't have too much more all right Hebrews Chapter 4 verse 14 through 16 and these texts are very powerful so maybe Brad if you could read those Hebrews for verse 14316 and this kind of goes along with that little statement I just read that helps you know how to receive that divine power. Hebrews 414316 Seeing then that we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens Jesus the Son of God Let us hold fast our confession for we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses but was in all tempted as we are yet without sin let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we May 15 mercy and find great to help in time of need. So we have a high priest as interceding for us right now when we're asleep he's interceding for us when we're troubled he's interceding for us when we're at work he's interceding for us wherever we are whatever our situation and Jesus is always praying for us Hebrews 725 Dells that he ever lives to make intercession for us and that is why he is able to deliver us from the snares of these things which we encounter on a daily basis because it says we don't have a high priest who cannot sympathize what that means is we can sympathize he's sympathetic he's merciful he's compassionate and our weakness even self contains no weakness but he sympathizes with us who do have weakness and because of this because he was faithful and he qualified himself to be high priests we can come boldly to the throne of grace that doesn't not notice it doesn't say come for example Asli. Doesn't mean with presumption with with the attitude that all because Jesus can forgive me I can just hang on to my sin over here and just take his grace anytime I want to know we have to be willing to surrender ourselves completely to him and to let go of everything that so that that separates us from him that hinders our relationship with them and when we do that we can claim the promises of God the Scripture through faith and come boldly to the throne and he promises that he will give us help in time of need so whether that's when I wake up in the morning early and I really need that help generally through the day and I pray or whether I'm in the moments of temptation where I am I may even be trembling waiting in this battle and I'm struggling in this battle and I'm shaking and I know that I'm almost ready to give in to that temptation and yet through faith I trust in His promises I look to Christ and He will render myself to him and he gives me that power in that moment whatever my circumstances generally or specifically the Bible says that we have the great privilege of coming boldly to the throne of grace at any time day or minds regardless of our situation and Jesus will give us the grace to help in that time of need friends that's encouraging Amen very very encouraging I want to read this. Statement from the book touched with our feelings by Jr's earch or desertion I'm sorry French name if you have not seen this book I would encourage you to get it it's a very rich book very very powerful and used to make sure I'm Ok good. It says here having suffered this is read actually written by a German and e.j. Wagner in a part of him he says having suffered all that human flesh is heir to Christ knows all about it and so closely does he identify himself with his children that would ever trust him upon them makes a a like impression upon him so Jesus suckers what we suffer he notes he every time we are beset with temptation he feels that every time we have pain in our hearts he feels that he experiences that he he so closely identifies with us that whatever we feel and experience he does the same he goes on and says he knows how much divine power is necessary to resist it and if we but sincerely desire to deny ungodliness and worldly loves he is able and anxious to give to us strength exceedingly abundantly above what we think he continues on and says all the power of Christ which all the power of which Christ had well in him by nature how much was that it was infinite It was the fullness of the universe he says we may have well in us by grades that's amazing so everything that Christ possess. By the grace of God we can have for he freely bestows upon us what wonderful possibilities there are for us as Christians we can truly say that we can do all things through Christ which strengthens us Brant that's very exciting very exciting indeed let's move ahead we've got 2 more texts here and not trying not to tap Terry too long but he was Chapter 7 just going on the next chapter over verse 15 through 17 this text is very exciting so maybe a Nicole if you could read that for us we really 7 verse 15 to 17. Right and it is yes that farmer evidence is in the likeness of McHugh's McCown's a deck that arises another priest to us come not according to the law of the fleshly commandment but according to the power of an endless life for he testifies you were a priest forever according to the order of McKissic. Now the other priest that's referring to of course is Jesus Jesus is the high priest we read that you can write down Hebrews 81 and 2 we just read it in chapter 4 Jesus is the high priest in heaven who is interceding for us but notice what it says that Jesus came not by the law of the flesh that come in other words not by the the deeds and actions of men but it says that he came to us in the power of an endless lights that phrase as one of the most incredible phrases to me in all the bottle because it talks about the life that is in Jesus being endless Why is his life and what's it is because his righteousness is endless his goodness is holiness is endless and the very essence of who God is is right chestnuts and because righteousness just means right doing because God is right just his life's endures forever and the Bible says that there is a power in that is the power of an endless wife and friends I want to say to the day that that gone once to plant that same power in our hearts he wants sauce to give our sins again he wants us to have victory over says he wants us to cease from sin and the only way for us to be able to have that is through a complete surrender and Christ living within when Christ lives within us. That endless life becomes owners and that is how we were able to live forever it's not just some magic potion that God sprinkles on us at the end of time that allows us to live for eternity that gives us eternal line but it is literally the power of Christ endless life and living and aunts and that's what prepares us and gives us life eternally with him that's very encouraging thoughts and that can just give us that can be given to us as a free gift today when we trust in him but friends we cannot continue to cling to that sin that the Bible says that so easily and snares because it's going to weigh us down in the end it's going to bring death it's it gives birth to death within our arts and the only way to have that life is to give Jesus that death and to give him that sin why want to turn to one more passage here 1st Peter chapter 3 I'm sorry 1st Peter chapter one. Verses 3 thru none and I'm going to read bees and this will be our last passage then I have one more statement for you by w.w. Prescott from the book I mentioned to you it's very powerful but we're going to read this 1st Peter chapter one verse says. Wait a minute I'm in the wrong book here 2nd here 1st Peter chapter 3 verses 339 All right let's let's read here he says blustered be God and Father of Lord Jesus Christ who according to his abundant mercies has been gotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead there you see again to an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and that does not fade away reserved in heaven for you. Who are kept by the power of God through faith for salvation ready to be revealed the last time in this you greatly rejoice vote now for a little while if need be you have been greed by various fronts that the genuine of your faith much more precious than gold that perishes through its tested by fire is tested by fire may be found to praise and honor and glory whom having not seen you loves the now you do not see him yet believing you rejoice with joy inexpressible receive in the end of your faith the salvation of your souls and that's actually not the passage that I wanted but it was a great passage in it perfectly compliment so let's close 2nd Peter chapter one I think I wrote down the wrong number but the passage still is powerful but jump over there to 2nd Peter chapter one and I'm just going to read a couple of verses here he says verse to Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. As his divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness to the knowledge of Him who called us by Glory virtue so the Bible says that he has given to us all things that retains a line in other words there is nothing that God has held back from us you know faith and hold even the garden God is holding out on you he knows if you eat from the proof you become like him and he doesn't want that because he wants to be over you he wants to be your slave master but here Peter says that God has withheld nothing from us he has given us all things and then a verse for by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises that through these you may be protectors of the divine nature having a scape the corruption that is in the world through lust no friends that is that Texas so powerful because he says that God wants so badly for us to be like him in character to be loving to be true to be right just he wants us to be like him in character so badly that he has number one given his likes on the cross and death for us Number 2 Jesus became a man and that man would didn't leave when he went back to heaven he still is human today he remains human for eternity but thirdly he has withheld nothing from us so that we can become like him in character we can become as Peter says protégé Kurz of the divine nature we can be right Christ we are not becoming gods ourselves but we are becoming God like in character we understand there's a difference. Satan wants us to believe that we can become Gaunts we can become our own little version of God and that's what many of the world religions and philosophies teach a day that I can become my own little gone but that's not what God teaches he teaches there is one gone but we become like him in character reflecting to who he is to the world and friends I don't know but too. There's a I fall short in that exceedingly but I'm not trusting of myself I'm trusting in Him who has the power in life to accomplish what he proposed said he would do in the and he can accomplish it in you as well but it takes faith it takes trust it takes surrender and they willingness to give ourselves completely and totally to him and them that is the key to victory and I want to read these to this last little statement to you and then to close with the story but by w.w. Prescott this book called The doctrine of Christ I found this book on the Internet and I bought it was the only copy on Amazon it's very powerful little it was a little a little textbook that he used to use and teaching in the Bible institutes but this is what he says Christ was gone manifest in the flesh and came to this earth that he might bring us to God It is this that makes Christ central and ever and Central and dominant I have a typo and every life that receives him winning trust reading from sin a list of the devotion and inspiring hope is because he is God manifest God entering into human life God meeting human needs I would add to that every human the and so when we truly receive Christ and we understand and appreciate because of the revelation of him that he gives us when he gives us that revelation of him of what he's. Truly done for us and what he wants to do enough and where he wants to take us from where we are to where he is it wins our trust it redeemed us once and it causes a birth of the of a desire to be devoted to him and it gives us a hope that we do not have but let's finish the quote here We have only told half the story of the divine love we have spoken of the descent of the Son of God from His greatness and majesty to the sores and conflicts of this or a few lines and that whole of that half as they have that half of the story is incredible until we make it clear that he came in order to lift up the human race to the heights of gone that's thrilling because it's not it's it's enough to think about for eternity to realize that Jesus left haven't came to us but the other half is that Jesus came he went as low as anyone could possibly go so that he could lift us as high as possible as it is possible for any of us to be right in the courtroom of God Himself and before we enter into the courtroom of God and self he wants to develop the character and righteousness of God in our hearts and friends Jesus has done so much and he's working so much today to accomplish that in us I think a political 16 that says he has begun a good work in you will continue and complete it even to the day of Jesus if we believe today that Jesus has begun a good working us then we can trust and totally believe he will finish that work in us and day by day as we yield ourselves to him. He will accomplish that in us and through us if we haven't believed that today is our opportunity to believe it for the 1st time and Jesus will give that to us I'm going to tell you this quick story and then we're going to have prayer but this is a sister that I met there in Cuba and the 1st Sabbath that I preached there in the church I noticed that this elderly lady was sitting there she had her head her Bible in her hands and she was reading the Bible but she have this little very primitive magnifying glass and this magnifying glass it looked like honestly the end of a glass coke bottle glass pop bottle that she had cut out and now was looking at that it was very primitive that's a little curved piece of glass and she would have her face right in her Bible she could hardly see and we did the eye glasses clinic and we date her for the 1st time her own pair of glasses and it was very exciting because she put those glasses on our eyes got really big and she says Oh she says now I can see so much better to read my Bible and it was amazing because you know Paul talks about this that she was looking dimly through that primitive glass when she put on those eye glasses she could really see and and I remember that that there was a man that was given testimony one time he was blind he says I used to not be blind but over the years I became blind after became blind I became a Christian and I gave my life to Christ and he said I had to go blind before I could really see. And friends that's true we have to have that experience of death to ourselves the crucifixion of ourselves so that Christ can live in us and we can live in Him and this precious sister had that experience with her eyeglasses but Jesus wants us to have that experience spiritually and he wants us to become that like for others around us and so I want to ask you this afternoon or morning for you California how do you want to have that experience with Jesus. How do you want him to as well in you by faith to live within you to shine through you and day by day transforming your characters and your lives back into the image that he originally created us in a man and that's how we're going to be in heaven we're going to have that same image of God in us that was in Adam that was removed from miles from sin but Jesus can reach for in a by faith that that's your desire today invite you to just by your heads as we pray together Bob and heaven we thank you so much for this great privilege and we want to thank you lord that you have given us such a rich and precious hope that through the promises of God we can become like Christ in character we can walk as he walked we can live does he live victorious as we trust in you day by day through faith Lord help us we pray we so often look to sin as our comparably also often look to ourselves as a comparable wave maybe only and so we look to you and I pray for those who may be struggling today who are wrestling with sin with burdens in their life who may be having pain and and broken nests in their hearts and their lives I pray Lord that child touch them just now that as they reach out to you by say you will transform them you will strengthen them your mold and you'll give them a new life make their make them become new creatures in you as you change their hearts from the power of your word this we pray for in Jesus name in this media was brought to you by audiotape a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen more servant leader visit w w w audio person or.


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