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Adam Ramdin
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Our identity as Adventsits in this time.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA



  • April 4, 2020
    10:45 AM
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But other have a lot of reports that thank you for your goodness and your mercy allowing us to see this day we thank you Lord for the privilege of this technology that we can communicate with different believers in various parts of the world at the same time and we're 2 of 3 are gathered around internet connection to get a lot of we know you are the in the midst of us and we pray that you would speak to our hearts and speak to us now in Jesus' name amen if you have your Bible if you open it's Exodus Chapter 2 we're going to start there today Exodus Chapter 2. And take some time to meditate upon this story I want to share with me before we go into that story though that I read on the New York Times a short while ago the New York Times has a long comprehensive article about these 2 sets of twins maybe you have read the story that were born in the country of Colombia one set of twins was born in the northern part of the country to a rather. Less well to do family another set of twins was born in the city or got up and then they were born 2 sets of twins 2 or 300 miles apart no connection to each other whatsoever but there were some complications at the birth and so both sets of mothers had to go to the hospital and while they're in the hospital they're on probably the same ward and both sets of mothers with 2 sets of twins 2 sets of identical twins where in the hospital something happened though while the twins were in the hospital one of the nurses picked up one of the twins and the other one picked up a looks when and when they put the twins down in pseudo crib or the the incubator wherever it is they work they switched over the twins unknowingly sometimes when babies are born they and look very similar and so the twins got switched over to mothers when the 2 sets of twins were better then took their twins told not knowing that they had taken a poll in another woman's baby as the twins grew up in their homes they grew up not as identical twins but they grew up asked for eternal 2 in what we call the opposite of identical twins meaning they were twins born on the same day from the same mother they thought but they did not look this 8 there's some interesting stories about their upbringing about how even know they you know they were they were they grew up in the same hole even though they grew up in the same family people of the group in the same neighborhood there was a difference is in their characters and their personality that manifest right from the bare restart one of them wanted to study the other one didn't want to study one of them was not going the other one was. Quick tempered and they kind of maybe thought it was a little bit strange that the 2 sets of twins were so different but they didn't really give it much lol I'm going to pick up the story a little bit later on I just wanted to kind of leave that story with you some of you may know the story some of you may not but it's a fascinating story about how 2 twin really came to grips and really found their identity and that's a subject I want to talk a little bit about today and that is our identity in the Book of Exodus we have the story of Moses Moses is one of my favorite characters in the Bible in fact is my favorite character in the Bible I just like the story of his leadership and how he demonstrates immense courage in leading God's people from Egypt to the borders of Canaan and how he led people for 40 years through the desert and the characteristics he demonstrated most is the way that he was born he probably wasn't sure you know he may have his mother had a plan for his life or he may about a plan for his life but that's time he was born he was what an incredibly time where the people who got there were born in slavery Moses mother was a slave his father was a slave his grandparents were slaves and his great grandparents were slaves Moses was born at a very hard time in Israel's history not only were they slaves but there was a lawyer at the time with the Pharaoh said that the baby boys who were born to this they had to down the month that the midwives were introduced were commanded to kill the baby boys at birth but fortunately some people say the good people disobey bad laws they didn't listen to this law or of the king and they broke the stool and they let the big boys be born and Moses' mother was no different Moses was born for the 1st 3 months he was given at all and everything was Ok but as it got bigger as it got noisy as he got louder they had to come up with a plan and if you're familiar with the story you would know that Moses mother she made a basket of green and she didn't watch it together she doth it with pitch so make it waterproof she put it in. The ribbon I and every day she put most is in the room and I want to keep safe and he's all the system Miriam would go there and peek through the reeds and watch and make sure that he was Ok Well one day this happened and as Moses was there in the basket Pharaoh's daughter came down to the river and she saw the little basket in the water with the baby boy she put Superman 2 together if she got 4 and she realized that it was a he mother who was trying to say something hot was touching in the lore of either hot was touch and she said What can I do and then at that point Miriam jumps out of bushes or says Do you want to have someone to look after them up and like sometimes maybe sports clubs do today with a load of players who will know that scene and mostly it was loaded back to his mother even though it was rightful mother load back to his mother and she had 12 years to look after the son the Bible says an Exodus chapter to Exodus stepped into and 10 is the earth I want to read it says there are bursts and and the child grew and she brought him unto Pharaoh's doors I can just imagine how Moses' mother would have felt when the child was 12 years old and after she had raised him and put everything she could into her child knowing that it will go into the palace of barrack now she takes all flesh and blood and hands him over to Farrow's daughter she can see the opulence she can see all the palaces and the gods that are on display she and so into this environment and the Bible says it is and she and he became her son and she called his name Moses and she said because I drew him out of the water Moses is about the age of 12 and the Bible says He was taken to pharaohs house and thats it. We don't hear anything for the rest of Moses' teenage years we don't hear anything from Moses 20 we don't get any Think about hope how Moses lived in his thirty's and we don't hear anything about how Moses lived in his or those 3 forties 32 I know actually it's almost almost 4 decades of the story is 23rd and it's 30 those almost 3 decades of mobiles is life we don't hear anything about this like the biblical record is signed it doesn't say anything we can put 2 and 2 together and oftentimes preachers will say that he he trained in the universities of higher a lot of Egypt he would have learned military skills he would have learned how to marshal men he would have learned how to be a great military and political leader we could assume all that based on what a Pharaoh would have learned fairy when training would have lurked at the time but the Bible record really does not say anything it just says that most this went to pharaohs palace and there in pharaohs. He was the next. 28 years of Moses life site however however we can conclude you know sometimes you don't read the story but you can read what happens and you conclude what happened before we can conclude what did happen in Moses' life based on who he is when he pops up back on the scene at the age of 40 at the age of 40 in verse 11 Moses suddenly reappears Like I said we haven't heard about his teenager and his twenty's or thirty's but now at the age of 40 Moses all of a sudden reappears on the scene and now we can see what type of person he is we can conclude what he might have been doing over the last. 20 or 30 years the Bible says in an Exodus trip that were those 11 it says there and it came to pass and it is there is that when most of us grow up he's a grown man he went out to his brothers and looked on their burdens and he spy and Egyptian writing Hebrew one of his brothers see I reckon Moses struggled with identity when he was growing up there in pharaohs he was told by his mother your Hebrew he was told by his mother you're one of the Israelites he was told by his mother we have this is not our whole we are one day going to go to another country he was told all these things by his mother and he goes out and sees an Egyptian who has grown up with now and in most of his life beats in one of his Hebrew is wright brothers and the Bible says He gets angry he gets so angry he's not sure how to contain or process or funnel his anger and what does he do the Bible says that he 1st 2 of you looked this way and that wait and when he saw that there was nobody he killed the Egyptian. And hit him in the sand to Nazis and kill the Egyptian except the person that he saved then the next day the next day or so a few days later he sees 2 he was fighting and he goes and tells them to stop fighting and they look back at him they look back at him they say Who are you. Who are you to judge us what kind of man are you to judge us are you going to kill us like you killed the Egyptians and that point Moses gets scared he realizes that now people know that he has killed an Egyptian a few days earlier the word spreads amongst the and the Israelites the word spreads amongst the Egyptians and sooner or later it reaches the ears of fear of that Moses who was actually he has killed and Egyptian in defense of the Hebrew and Moses mask of really all his life the imo as I think most may have had good intention of Moses still struggle with who really was and he struggled with how God was going to implement his plan of delivering these people I believe most may have thought that maybe it was through military might Moses may have thought it would have been to his skill as a leader that he had learned at the University of Egypt Moses may have thought that God was going to use his human capabilities that he had learned in in the in the classroom and used to aid the deliverance of God's people but when most is pops up at the age of course the we can realize he's a man that still has not yet learned to control his passions he's a man who still has not yet learned to control his character he is a man a still is a little bit not quite sure who he is he kills and Egyptian What was is is a murderer and they have to flee for his life and it's interesting because when Moses flees later in the chapter of believers in verse 20 or 22 know its inverse. 19 as Moses has fled and it is going to happen to the desert and the Bible says He goes to the well and and the the young ladies who we helps they go back to their father and it's interesting what they say they say paid to act as 19 I'm just crazy and say that we were held today by this kind of man who was this kind of man they say oh we were helped by and. Help and Egyptians interesting a few verses previous Moses is rescuing his brothers who I deep rooted but now as he's wandering in the desert to a random stranger they look at him and they assume you're an Egyptian your education. Is most you see. The Bible now doesn't tell us too much about Moses for the next few years of his life the Bible tells us that he gets America the Bible tells us he has a few children but the Bible really doesn't say much else about Moses over the next few verses he gives merit to the poor and then we pick it up later on in chapter 3 in Chapter 3 The Bible says that Moses kept the flock subject wrote his father in law and then it says there in verse 2 and the angel of the Lord appeared to him in the flame of fire you see from Genesis sorry for Exodus Chapter 2 verse 10 Motors is 12 to Exodus chapter 3 verse to Moses is 80. Between these very relatively short chapters I mean verses in the Bible we have Moses going from Egypt 12 to the age of 80 and we just have one instance of him popping up where he murdered a man at the age of 40 now at the age of 80 Moses reappears on the scene as God comes to him in the form of a burning bush that will not now we can find out what kind of man are you now knows what have you done with your forties what have you done with your fifties what have you done with your sixty's and your seventy's what kind of man are you now Moses at the age of 8 seat you see it growing if teenagers is 20 in your thirty's forty's fifty's or 60 to 70 is 75 we don't have really any think about Moses like we just have to consider as if we are Moses murdering an Egyptian and now we have Moses at the good thing Bush both of those descriptions tell us who Moses was over the previous 3 decades or so Moses comes at a burning bush and the laws of Moses Moses I want you I want you. To deliver my people and it's interesting how most of the response back to got is interesting the responses that Moses gives to God because initially he says he says there and both. God comes I'm sorry and exercised to reimburse them and the law says I have seen the affliction of my people I have heard their cry by reason of the taskmasters and I am come down now to deliver on the hands of the Egyptians and bring them up out of the land into the good land now therefore Bursa night behold the cry of the children of Israel the 1st 10 now therefore I will send you to Pharaoh that you may bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt most just gets a commission by I got at the age of 80 go and get my people and tell Pharaoh to let them go Moses responds in verse 11 and he says. And. Who am I that I should go now this is different when Moses was 40 about a heart attack the previous motives like hate as a gypsy killing and like to people I'm going to kill you and I and he does kill it now at the age of 80 Moses has learned we can assume by how most this comes back to God that Moses has learned the lesson of humility Moses has learned the lesson that he really isn't anything special Motors has learned a lesson they have to depend on God for everything in those decades of silence of his life his forty's fifty's sixty's and seventy's in these decades of silence Moses has learned the required lessons to lead God's people and he says Who am I that I should lead them you see most. Moses in those decades of silence now reveals who that he who he is is the same with us today it's in the days of silence where not much is happening now like when we're just going about our regular daily routine when we just go and either go you know that the poor ingroup scene of like if those days that really reveal who we are sometimes or at lot I want to do something great I want to show who I am and I am at this grand event where I want to stand on the stage or I want to do this and also not who you are. In the quiet days who you want in the decades that aren't written in the Bible who you are in the years when there is silence written about your life is going to determine who you really are and what I bring you out into a little when we have to do something for me up likely then it will be revealed who you really are. At the age of 80. Mozes now shows that he's learned the lessons that he needed to learn earlier he's learned his lessons God tells him what people have been acceptable to eat and he now has a self realisation He's not arrogant he doesn't mean your sense of self importance most is now this is who I might and I should go and then verse 14 of the same chapter verse 14 he says you know who my going to say set me and wants us to and Moses say that I am but I am has sent you and gone tomorrow I got up and said listen say that I have sent you and then God tells him what to do he says go and gather the children of the elders and tell the elders I'm going to deliver to people then you going to go to Pharaoh then you going to go to Pharaoh and aspect or to deliver my people and Sarah is going to say no and then I'm going to show some signs and wonders and Pharaoh still going to say no but then he said Benchley going to say yes and you're going to lead my people got spells out in detail exactly how it's going to happen and still Moses is like. Can you give me a sign please can you give me a sign please God I want to have a sign to not as I got to the gate So no you're right on the ground of Moses it's wrapped up the horses throw you out on the ground and Moses throws us out of the grab it becomes a circus. And then God turns it back to run again and got most right here but still Moses is now I mean in some ways I think he's frustrating got a little bit but also in some ways he's really not trusting it himself actually what evidence of what evidence apart evidence that God is leading him very different to Exodus Chapter 2 and verse 1112 and 13 where he goes and kills an Egyptian most is now I believe ready to leave because he doesn't even trust himself to speak words let alone bring the people out of Egypt and Margaret is the most point man in your show you put is not going to show pulls it out is let is a liberal hand put put it back and put it back out and now the hands clean most is does all these things and then he still says but I I can't speak that language very well and look at the k r since your brother Aaron he is going to meet you and take it back to Egypt and then you can go to Pharaoh and speak Moses now has learned the lesson of selfish trust in these decades of silence Moses has truly learned who he needs to be you know who we are in the days of silence will show in the days of crisis and I believe there are some crises coming ahead for us personally and for the world at large and who we are in these days of silence who we are in the days when not much is happening who we are but we're just going to our everyday routine. Will be revealed will be revealed in a day of crisis you know an exodus just before the go ahead to enter the struck before and there we read in verse 18 I believe most is has now settled somewhat you know he leaves Egypt because he invites an Egyptian all repeat group he goes to the desert and they say you know Egyptian he comes up to God and was like Hey go get my people and now in chapter 4 and burst 18 the Bible says and most of us went and returned to object of his father a lot and said to him let me go I pray you and return True my brothers my people in Egypt and let me see whether they are yet alive and Jeff Ross said to Moses go in peace Moses now and you could say as settle in what and who his identity is in Jesus Christ because I need to go back to my people I need to go back to my right that's not the Egyptians not the ones I spent 28 years with no not then I need to go back to my rhetoric who don't live for 12 years with those of my people now I have settle that's my people now I have settled in my identity and the key point is this when Moses understood what he meant if he was as he was then settle on what he's calling what some of us want to know what our calling in life is but we have not yet come to the foot of the cross we have not yet put ourselves in God's Word and figure out what our identity in Jesus Christ is most is now settles what is the Egyptian is Ybor with the this is the that is your son affair with your son of a slave Moses I need to go back to my people with his sense of identity came a sense of his calling and what was his now goes forward with purpose to fulfill his mission you know. It's interesting as Moses goes back to watch is an interesting parallel with Queen Esther with Queen Esther just to divert slightly with Queen Esther she goes and becomes a queen in the palace of the king of Persia. She does not tell him that she's a heap more dk I says Don't tell him. She hides her identity in order to pass the test become the queen and while she's married he has no idea she's even but then you know the story is a crisis the children I mean the bit that the Jews are going to be killed and it's at that point where Esther now comes out so to speak reveals what her identity is who she is and she says those are my people and it is then that the Bible says that now you come to the kingdom for such a time as this she then is able to help deliver her people but it's interesting in the story of Moses and the story of Esther that understanding about one's identity is it is twins again with a sense of calling and mission. Identity and purpose identity and mission they go hand in hand and when Moses is in the desert he's probably wandering around in the desert for 40 years looking at the sheep and if you've ever been to a desert you know how desolate it is if you ever flown across the African continent all of us to hire a desert you look out your plane and you just see sent you fry the 2 more hours you look at the plane you see more sent you fly you get out of that hour you still see more sand if you float across to the Far East to just look out is sand sand sand Moses was in this desolate place but it was they in the whiteness it was there and a solid sheet where he's removed from the comforts of life that Moses was able to reflect on his life he's able to reflect on who he is and he's able to reflect on what he's supposed to do I don't know about you but here in England as I mentioned at the beginning of the of the message Life is very different now to what it was in the month of February or January life is changed immensely people are now like you know it's interesting you know a few weeks ago people would make fun of people homeschooling but in England all the schools are closed everyone is old school and that you know about 4 weeks ago people that did gardening go home oh that's just that's a little bit weird why you got it when you can buy bitched will so cheap now the garden centers household out of seed everyone wants to be a gardener now you can even buy flour in the shop with everyone is turned into the world has changed overnight people are going back and doing the things that in a sense we used to do and I think it's very interesting to so watch the world changed so much we don't live in such a complex world anymore at least from day to day now just wake up and do the bidding and maybe do your work online if you and life has simplified so much and I'm not sure exactly how much the lockdown as a California just quite kind of a state a whole whatever or is a real place but people's lives have simplified and we're not going. Into the gym that we're not going to go to the places our cultural entertainment that we may have used to do we're not meeting with family or friends like we used to we have to maintain social distancing from people at all times we can't drive the places we want to go I'm not sure about over there but I know over here people's lives have slowed down people are walking to the grocery store because they don't want to use their cars that and life has slowed down immensely and in a time when wife slows down you know we're not even having church anymore the church is up close with church has moved online and at a time when life has slowed down use the time when life has slowed down to solidify your identity in Jesus Christ it within the decade of Moses like when his life slowed down the comforts of the palace were taken away that diet he used to we had changed his entertainment changed his spare time changed what he did with himself the clothes he wore everything changed it was in those decades when Moses really settled into Watts and I'm not sure how long this Corona situation is going to go on in the world but I suspect it's going to be a couple of months rather than a few weeks and in these days abseiling it's it's important I believe that we take the time to spend with God we take the time to settle what our identity is we take the time to realise what our purpose is and like you know sometimes we have a grand idea of like your motives to each there was no grand military campaign God didn't say most just go there to Egypt you know marched up all the strong young Hebrew man go makes a machine you'll go make some saws go make some spears go make some bowls and carols and get some swings and then marshal the people together to lower your military medals and only the man. God doesn't say that God just simply says Moses I want you an incredibly gifted man an incredibly gifted man and crabby intelligent man Moses All I'm asking you to do is walk into pharaohs Palace stand in front of Pharaoh and say Let my people go if Moses had been 40 years old most would have said is that all is that all you want me to do but at the age of 18 Moses is like I don't even of a can do that I'm going to sure I can do that just walk into various palace and say Let my people go you know sometime today when we think about our like we think about it back I want to do something pretty grand for you God and now lives here and I'm sure over that now in a time of lockdown in a time when we can't travel so much what does it look like to be a Christian now what are you looking at now maybe being a Christian or just simply picking up the groceries for the elderly neighbor you hat maybe being a Christian now just calling a neighbor who doesn't have family nearby and checking in and being a Christian and letting your light shine in the days weeks and months ahead is going to look vastly different to what it looked like 3 months ago. It's almost going to be like living in the desert the most is this is a witness in the midst of Egypt and we have to settle into a new reality and realize that it's going to be the little and the simple things in our Christian experience that's going to show I remember when I was working as a bible working in Hawaii several years ago when I was working there in Hawaii as a bible worker you know that young man you growing up you want to you know preach and do campaigns and and all these are the things I never preach it but you always want to be the preacher and I went to work as a bible worker and my job in the county in the evangelistic series the evangelist that campaign was to be one of my workers and right my and my duties were to drive from the tent meeting every night to go about 9 miles away and pick up this old lady bring that into me and the end of the meeting the next they will pick her up the next day drop pick her up drop or a pick her up drop a mike but I want to preach No no well pick up your name what I what no not. When it would rain Hawaii you know sometimes it ranged from the weather my job was to stand at the door of the tent hold of big golf and relish and run out in the rain or when someone drove up to come to the meeting but the a writer on how to run the ball not a lot no no take the umbrella the person reading them. Indra I actually drop to a job because the lady dropper I'll bring the people into the set make sure they drop something we've got these grand ideas as to what being a Christian looks like and God says no no no no no no no no no what I want you to do is this mode is like God do you want me to lead your people out of Egypt through military fanfare. No I don't and it's going to take you 40 years to humble yourself and realize that all I want you to do is to walk in front of Pharaoh and say Let my people go it's going to take you 40 years to learn the humility that all I needed to do is just to say Let my people go you know being a relevant Christian now in these days of solitude during this crisis is going to look vastly different to what it looked like in years or days or weeks gone by. I'm not sure about you but. When you're sat home there's more time to ourself these days than we used to have. It's more time that we have of quants there's more time is less this tractions or less places to go and I believe it's important in these quieter days and weeks and months ahead to use the time Well one of the biggest tragedies of this Corona situation where the biggest tragedy is going to be those who lose their lives and people that will use luck and that's you know we see the numbers dying every day and look sometimes fail to realize that these are people people who are dying and that's going to be the biggest tragedy but for those of us that may not touch personally whether it's not us or not any family or friends that you know the biggest tragedy for us is if we go through this time of stay on hold that we go through this time of lockdown and we haven't grown any closer to Jesus Christ and we haven't figured out who we are and all I'm done is binge watched stuff on t.v. or online if that's all we do and we don't settle into who we are in Jesus Christ we don't really focus what it means to be a Christian we don't realize it is the little things that count that are important in this time if that's if we don't do that then we'll have lost an opportunity that's been forced upon us that we have no sense not no control over I believe now is the time to set limits on maybe your technology maybe to set limits on your t.v. usage if you do watch t.v. or to set limits on you that uses or to set limits on your phone usage so that you can have a solid shoot that most of us had when he was in that desk because there's one thing that we still have that he didn't have in days gone by was to keep us connected and that is good because we can do things like this but there are times when we need to disconnect completely and say God on this aspect of your Sabbath day or on this evening I'm just going to disconnect from the world and I want to spend time with you when I bought it with news you know some people I don't know about or work over there but I'm sure it's exactly over there some people are obsessed with the news right now they're watching all the time that read in the statistics it seemed the rate of infection is seeing the rate of deaths seeing the rate of spread it comparing America with Italy America with Spain America look at the charts look at the graph and it would drive you mad spending all your time doing that take some time away from the news. We can just cut off from that and say God speak to me show me who I am let me calm myself down let my put my fair aside let me put my trust in God and we trust that he will be the got who will deliver me during this time you know Moses Chapter 12 after the 10 last plagues and after everything spin this Pharaoh then System oses and most Exodus Chapter 12 he basically says he said let's get out if he says Moses get out I don't know when you go out there with your people Exodus Chapter 12 and this is you know Pharaoh stalkings and what was in many ways they would have probably known each other Exodus Chapter 12 and he wanted the Bible says and fair he called the Moses an Arab I consider rights you forth from among my people is almost like a system or there's a Moses you don't want to bust we thought you were maybe 4 or 5 decades ago we thought you might be one of us but get you away from my people and you go with your people out there into the desert and go out with the children of Israel and go serve the Lord as you said and save your flocks and herds and all the rest gook you and your people you see Moses lived at a momentous time in earth's history when the people of God went to some great changes they moved from Egypt. Cain we also I believe are living at a momentous time in earth's history we're living at a time when we can actually see prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes the chapters of Matthew 24 and the books of revelation we are literally seeing being fulfilled before our eyes this is a momentous time to live and if we are moving from an earthly Egypt to a heavenly came and it's important for us to know who we are in Jesus Christ to happen our identity in him settled and I'm calling and up purpose and mission sure injuries when our identity is crystallized it gives us a sense as to where we're going in the beginning I started with the story about the 2 sets of twins in Colombia Well they didn't see each of the growing up until they were born in the late eighty's several years ago one of the twins who lived in the country who always wanted to have an education his mother could never afford an education in fact is the regrets he says now that you know the last conversation he had with his mother before she passed away he was he was kind of berating there and telling our office the wide he never had an education and why you never went to school and he could never wonder why he always wanted to go to school but his mother thinks. He moved down to see if he got a job in a butcher's market and then one day came when there was a lady from an accountancy office that went to the butchers office the bison meat and she saw the mandate and she said firstly why is my colleague who works as an accountant working double shifts in a bunch of doctors she called out to him and he ignored her because she called the wrong make you call Willy his name I really was hawr. She takes a sleepy picture of them on her phone and a few days later at work she shows her colleague Well it she says I'm going to Scott and he looked at the pictures that yet. Doesn't look just like me so a few days later he goes to the butcher shop and he starts talking with you the man met and I start to have a conversation the conversation goes from wanting to know they say look if you look just like me do you look just like me Wow Isn't that amazing but as I started to talk they then said you have any brothers you have any sisters I want to get us a brother got some sister got some brothers and sisters I got a 20 I got a Twitter oh wow show me the picture of your twin and as the boat showed each of the picture of a twin brothers they look at their phones and they go quite well my brother looks like your brother and your brother looks like mine. One thing led to another there's a whole long story article in The New York Times it's the next thing read it sometime one thing little enough and the 2 sets of brothers meet up 2 sets of brothers meets up and they get together and and they start to compare notes and you know it's interesting because the one who wanted to be educated in India in the kind of sad in some way the one who wanted to be educated in the countryside never got that opportunity and if he had been with his real brother he would have got it and the one who kind of was a misfit in the city home he kind of clicked in general with this brother straight away and today I believe I'm not sure if it's still today but when I read the article the 2 sets of twins were living together in the same house and they you know that story turns out pretty well when they kind of understood their identity better both of the ones you felt out of place in their birth families that weren't really their families when they really kind of processed through that it helped them in their identity in a lot. For us today like most it's important that we find out what our identity is in Jesus Christ and we sure are in him as to what our a good city is it was during a time of solitude during the change of pace that Moses wrestled with himself with his identity with his purpose and his calling and it was then that God gave him gifts go and tell my people to come out and I just want to appeal to you who are watching here wherever you are sat in your homes in different parts of California or maybe further afield during these days of quiet with the governor said you have to say our whole journey is time when you have more time for self reflection used time to reacquaint to deepen to solidify to refocus your relationship on Jesus Christ and I actually thought how can you use nice headache What does being a Christian look like today when I can't do what I normally would do what you may do now is things that are much more simple than you would have done before but it was show who we truly are if we have the humility of Moses at the age of 80 who was willing to go and just ask the people to leap I pray I pray that in Jesus Christ you may find your identity in him and I want to ask you where you may be with your South Pole or your sat in the garden already you may be listening to this tree as I pray now over the next few minutes to take a moment to pray to God to commit your life to him to commit your purpose to him to commit your identity to Jesus Christ that in the name in hate. You may be found and that during these days of sight. You may solidify who you are that when the coming crisis truly comes you may reveal a beautiful Christ like loving Christian aspire head as we close with the word of prayer Father in heaven wherever people may be listening I pray that you would be there in their midst Lord we thank you for the privilege that we have under unusual circumstances to still be able to spend personal time in your word and still in this format to be able to corporate lean worship together Lord as Moses found in the days of silence who he was Lord speak to us while this things are some of us listening to wrestle with this temptations that we have in the days of sites give us victory Lord where we are weak give us a sense as to what a Christian what a 7th Day Adventist What does it look like to day in to day's work that we may be a light shining for you in the time when it's incredibly difficult bless us Lord I pray Lord it be with the and even hope some of school in Long Island I pray Lord that you would bless the leaders I pray Lord do it tonight then with your Holy Spirit that they would continue to provide this much needed and vital ministry there in California I pray know that you and bless them in their personal lives and be with those you regularly attend and that may you keep the community of believers alive and strong even if it's just by our airwaves right now. And they as a community there may be able to make a difference in the lives of those they come in contact. We thank you lot and we pray all of these things in Jesus name. The same this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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