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Testimony of Becoming a Missionary

Jason Sliger
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The way God has answered prayers after deciding to become a missionary.


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • April 25, 2020
    11:45 AM
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You know we live in really uncertain times I'm sure you've heard a lot about that recently and this morning I wanted to share with you how God has led in our lives. As you just heard used to pastor here in Michigan conference and now we're planning on heading to the mission field to. Work in Papua New Guinean that have been a Sprint to missions in order to share with you a little bit of the journey that we've gone through that has brought us to this point but before I do that one should be a test of Scripture and it just kind of sets the tone for us this morning and then we'll have an opening prayer. If you have your Bibles you go to some step to 67 and this isn't verse one I was reminded of this passage just a couple of weeks ago Bible says this may God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us again it's a great period of praise specially in the times that we're living in today God to Grace is to us bless us make your face to shine upon us and I know there are many people that are you know going through some challenges when it be through health or finance as. A great prayer to pray that they've has here but what you know is why do the praise this prayer in the next verse 2. He says that your way be known on the earth and you're saving power among all the nations and I find its passage as fascinating to me as Dave is not just praying for for blessings just to be blessed he's praying that God will bless him so that he in turn to let the nations know about God's goodness in his life thus resulting in verse 3 let the people praise you oh God it's so this morning I just want to encourage you some of you may be going through tough times pray that God's blessing be upon you so that you can share that blessing with somebody else so they God's goodness can be known through all of the Earth several years ago when we made the decisions to make this transition we prayed and we said Lord give us a testimony that we can share that will give honor and glory to your name and God have to that prayer and I'm going to share that with you this morning so if you see if you can head to name a star and. Father in heaven we are grateful for all that we can gather together here in this digital world we thank you Father for giving us these tools that enable us to keep connected and father has we've assembled ourselves together on this Facebook page to worship you this morning and in this different way we ask that your Holy Spirit would come into our homes wherever we are at sitting in front of our computers that he would impress the message the thoughts in our hearts right where it needs to be and that Lord we would be drawn closer to you and that whatever challenges we may be facing in our lives right now these challenges would be a means of drawing us closer to you. In our faith and Healy depend upon you more. So Father we ask now that you it grace us with your presence and that you would speak to our hearts when we ask it in Jesus. So 10 years ago I was sitting in my living room and visiting with a good friend of mine and we had done a lot of evangelism together at that time I was working with amazing facts doing by proxy seminars and he came to visit us in our home one day to tell us about a transition that was coming up in his life Carl and I had done some evangelism before he was a gifted by the worker and what had blessed him with the ability not only to convey the faith but to win souls into the kingdom of heaven and now Kyle was here reading transmission into the mission field as a missionary with an innocent year missions I was intrigued with what would what would cause somebody of his position he was assigned after by the worker to leave his position and go to the mission field to a place where you know the culture you know the language didn't know much about it and so he came to my house to share with me this story and it was very fascinating to listen how the Lord led him to this point in his life but what really made it impact was when he the end of his visit he opened up his laptop and he showed me a 3 minute video. Outlining the need for missions and a need for missionaries in that video there was a lot that was said but one thing that really resonated with me was the 3000000000 people in the world who have never even heard the name of Jesus uttered Now if you want to appeal to the heart of an evangelist you tell him that there are 33000000000 people who don't even know that she's exists never heard the word of God let alone of a 7th they had that and as I sat there and watched that video I remember my eyes beginning to get hot as the tears welled up in my highs and I was thinking Lord this is such a massive need in the world to hear the Gospel and the good news that you have given to us so many people out there that are just launching one more light and more troops and and I didn't really feel at that time that God obviously you know I'm calling me to go into the mission field but that was the beginnings where the Lord started placing this burden upon my heart. After that the Lord transitions me into Pastore a work in the Michigan conference in didn't mean that time we picked up several missionary friends we would have them come to our districts and present what was going on in their in their respective fields we picked up several missionaries that we started supporting financially we read lots of missionary biographies during that time in the white mist just continue just continuing to impress the need for missions upon our hearts I had reason in my mind during that time that I was your typical person that was equipped to go to the mission field I wasn't a doctor I wasn't a nurse I wasn't a dentist I didn't have anything any skills in the medical field I wasn't a teacher and so my mind I didn't really feel like it was something that I could do not have easily since then I've changed my mind on that but I kind of reason did away in a little over a year ago my wife came to me one day and she's an adult reader of the admin is from 2 missions magazine get it every month and she needs cover to cover and one month a little review ago she picked up the magazine as she was reading it through and in the back of the magazine. There was a little add on the last page for the top 5 mission calls that they had and she looked through those top 5 mission calls and one of the top 5 mission calls was for a pastor's family to the Highlands of Scotland Northern Scotland it just that if Syria a city you know she showed it to me it was in when she was trying to bin Laden harm or anything like that and you both had a passion for missions she says she said hey look at this you know they're just they're calling for Pastor family to Northern Scotland as missionaries I was like that's that's fascinating but I didn't give it a whole lot of thought the next month she's reading through the magazine again she comes to the to that last case top 5 mission calls and it's there again to the Highlands of Scotland a cough or a test or a family for 5 or 6 months this went on in under notes to me in in the course of that 5 or 6 months my wife began to pray that the Lord would place a burden for missions upon my heart now she always wanted to be a missionary growing up she wanted to be one of those unique Carmichael's that just lived with the people and died with the people and let you know when to mission field. And so she she always had that desire is a she started praying and just Lord if it's your desire for us to go to the mission field either put this on Jason's heart or give me peace about you know us not God She didn't say one word to me about that credit she was praying in and out of all the premie quests that were answered then I'm going to share with you this morning this is probably the most powerful of how God can change a person's Heights December a year ago not this past December but the December for 2018 I was sitting in my bedroom having my morning devotions and I had just recently got a new Bible. And I was going through this new Bible in my devotional time in the morning. And I have this meaning through the Gospel of Luke Luke Chapter 11 was where I was at that particular morning and I picked my Bible as you do each morning you know having your morning devotion and I started reading what left off the day before and I was going to Luke Chapter 11 a just read through that chapter and what I like to do is I like to find promises kind of my spiritual Harvey if you will whenever I find a promise in the Bible I always undermine it in blue so that it's very easy for me to find later on and claim in my presence but he still is so as I was going through Chapter 11 I came to verse not knowing which is a fungus that you have heard many times Jesus says and I tell you ask and it will be given to you seek and you will find not in the door will be open to you for everyone who has received an answer the one who seeks lines and to the one who knocks it will be open and as I was going to this chapter I just I started praying and said Lord you know speak to me through your word I do I do this oftentimes in my prayers crying or my devotional time as I read through the Bible I pray and ask God to talk me through that as of Scripture and what he wants me to take out of it for that day and as I was praying through the Lord it's hard to describe this but when it happens to really understand it not only had it happened to me a couple of times but it was a very clear a very distinct impression in my mind telling me that it was time for our family to start knocking on the door of missions. And I prayed about it for a little while with the Lord and I just had peace with that that this was something that the Lord wanted us to start investigating and start knocking on various doors when I would go tell my wife I had finished my devotional time and shared with her what I had discovered and of course she was she was ready to go she was happy to do that. So that afternoon I went down into my office in my home and I composed composed an e-mail to. An inference emissions asking us for some more additional information on this project in northern Scotland with with that hike in the Highlands and I get an email back from John Baxter he's a friend of ours he was. Trying to recruit me missionaries at the time and he said you know this is great we're so excited that you're interested in missions we would love to talk to you more about this he said right now it's really difficult for us to get work permits for Americans in u.k. but nothing is of in is impossible for God and and so I'm going back right away I said hey you know look. I guess I should have told you this but I had British citizenship and my stepfather is a tradition because of that I got my citizenship through him and in this shouldn't be a problem and I'm sitting there in my office thinking to myself The Lord is already working this thing out for me he's already opening the doors he's already leading us in a positive direction Scotland is where the Lord wants us to go no if you haven't heard in the introduction we are not going to Scotland will be going to Papua New Guinea and I'll share with you how that but our early felt like the Lord was opening doors for us to go to Scotland so im a email John back in and he says hey you know why did you come down my office I'd love the time to do a little bit more about missions and just you know a little bit more Quite a quite so a couple of days later we go down to the office your variance frames we're back 2 hours away of Muskegon Michigan. And we sit down and you know we're going to have this great meeting about missions as you walk in the front door John is having a little impromptu meeting in the hallway there with 2 other people the president and the international ill director and he introduces me to dances Jason used to work with amazing facts is an evangelist is a pastor here in Michigan conferences here to talk about missions and and that was really about it was a cordial little introduction and then we went down to John's office to wait for him to finish his meaning and come down there and spend some time with us now under us to meet it as they were talking the 3 of them the president can read sign he said to John's that you know Jason might be a good fit for the good ol a project in Papua New Guinea they're in the process of building a training center there right now I kind of think of like an after arise kind of thing that's being built out in the middle of the jungle to equip the local Good dollars going to Guinea and with the necessary tools to be able to share their faith with other people and so you know Conrad said with you know Jason's background and pastoral work and evangelism this might be a good fit so John comes down to his office and we just had this great meeting you know we feel like we're with our people he's passionate about missions we're passionate about missions are his great conversation and then he drops this bomb on us he's like hey have you ever thought about going a pop through New Guinea as missionaries and I look at him out like Papua New Wife I mean that like it wasn't even our my radar image I don't read Mission stories of people in the you know down in that area you know Upper New Guinea and various other places but it was it just wasn't even on my radar I mean I had this this this focus of going to Scotland you know I felt like I'm already opening doors of my citizenship and all of their behavior or thought about going to pop or New Guinea as missionaries. And he started to tell us a little bit about it and my wife leans forward in her chair and she's like tell us more this is really interesting is and I looked over at her not like I thought we had already talked about this that we were heading in the direction of going to Scotland and now she's interested in this kinds of opportunity Guinea and I felt like the whole conversation got hijacked and to be honest I was having a little righteous indignation because I was focused on Scotland was the place that God was calling us at least that's what I thought at the time. So we had this conversation about going to. The 2 New Guinea as missionaries and all of that and it will in our meeting in John's as well I want to give you some more information about a couple of projects and you can take it home look it over and I said Yeah Ok You know I'll take it home we'll pray about it and and see where the war goes all the meat all the time I was thinking in my mind yeah we're going to Scotland is where we're going to go and I don't know if you've ever had this happens you where you are you tell somebody that you pray about it or you think that you pray about it but you've already made the decision in your mind what you're going to do it's really not a good place to be in so we went home and we had like 3 or 4 different projects that we were praying ogress potential places we started throwing out applications doing all of the people were doing background checks checks and psychological analysis not the kind of stuff to see if we'd actually make it in this deal in all this time for 3 months for training Lord where he was to go to missionaries and I didn't hear anything from God I didn't hear a single word from him about where he wanted us to go and I'll be honest I got a little discouraged and I'm like here we are you know family we're really to leave our family behind to go to a foreign land to serve as missionaries and the Lord's not even giving me any you know him answer to my friends and I'm trying to already want to go but I realize looking back now that the Lord was doing something in my heart during those 3 months changing me from what I thought I knew was best to a point of spiritual desperation to know that the Lord's will in my life instead of what I thought was the best for us and my family. So 3 months or pray no answers from the Lord and in the next in the course of that time you know we've been talking about these various projects within and him one time John said listen I'm going to I'm going to contact the missionaries that are over an upper New Guinea building this training center right now I'm going to contact them find us a lord from ation about what they want to do with this training center and I'll send you the more information is just morphine a prayer and so my great you know it sounds good to me and I never heard anything from him for over a month sort of thinking maybe this is just not the place got wants us to go but in the meantime we get an invitation to come down to the office here in Berrien Springs for one week of orientation and this is where they extend to you the official call to become a missionary and where you accept that call it's also where you decide where you're going to serve as a missionary as well and you do a bunch of training with you for this one so we're excited you know doors are just opening or knocking on various doors and large opening doors for us and we just feel like there's answered prayers except for this one prayer where. It's so we block out a week of our time taking weeks vacation we leave our district our Trichuris don't know what's going on and we go down to various brains for this week of mourning. And we show up on Monday morning to our 1st class and we're we feel like we're in heaven we're like with our people they're just they're passionate about missions there's all of this great information and they're telling their own personal stories because most people they're in office and served in the mission field themselves and we're just had a great time learning all of this wonderful information and then we find out that the next day on Tuesday they want us to tell them where they we're we feel like the largest calling us to serve as missionaries and you know if there's nothing like coming to the end of the road and not having anything in hand and so we are we go home and even my wife and I am we put the kids to. And we've been praying a lot as I mentioned over his 3 months I don't train by myself in a plane by herself we train together and then lot of prayer and so we are like less a spend a little bit more focused time praying together tonight and asking the Lord's leading in our lives now at this point my heart has completely changed in that 3 months from what I thought the Lord was calling us to do I'm on my knees desperate to just you know Lord what is your for our family where do you want us to go and not care where it is I just want to know where you're leaving us to you know I didn't want to put a mat on a wall and throw a dart at it and say that's where we're going to go I want to know specifically where the Lord was leading us so that when we get there we need hard times we can look back and say The Lord has led us here. So we're just praying together responding this time in prayer in my mind I pray this prayer in prayed out loud because I probably didn't have a baby but I prayed in my mind and I said Lord John John still has not done any information back John Baxter still has not gotten any information back from those missionaries up New Guinea. Asking for some more information about the project. And I just prayed I said Lord if you if you want us to go to papa and again if that's we want to go that's fine but have these missionaries get in contact with John and that will be an indicator that you're leaving in a in that direction so I pray that prayer my mine and my wife says you know listen you've got a thought they Tomorrow we've got a lot of classes we've got to go through my conversations and thinking we need to do so let's go to bed and get a good night's sleep tonight who just leave in the Lord's hands so that's what we did led to then and in the middle of the night or actually was early in the morning I woke up and I vividly remember this dream that I had in the middle of the night. In this dream we were led to import Morris b. which is the capital opera. And will walk you through the airport going down to the baggage claim very sick let down bags and when we get there the missionary steamer Lauren Erickson the missionaries that are working will be there right now we're there to welcome us to the country and in the last thing I saw in this dream was Lori the wife coming to my wife and throwing her arms around Midori and giving her this big bear hug you know like welcoming us to the country just excited to have a spare kind of thing and then I will go. Now I don't know about you if you can relate to me on this but that I can and it had crazy dreams at night you know when when we wake up in the morning I tell my wife the things that I've dreamt the night before we just spent some time juggling together because I kind of had these are his dreams and he couple of months ago I dreamt that I had long hair you know and that I was in a stylish chair getting my hair styled You know and you know I guess it's a balkanized dream. But you know I had these crazy dreams and Syria and having this dream of never had anything like this happens when you let like this before that were in popular Guinea and I didn't want to trivialize this thing so I just kept it to myself I didn't say anything to my wife about this dream that I had we just got our things together got ready for the day and we went down to the office for our next day of classes so we're sitting in our classes room you know in the morning and around 10 o'clock they invite us to come into this side room with about 7 or 8 other people where we could discuss placement in where we would go as missionaries. So we walk into this room and it was a great meeting these people just want you to succeed so we walk into the room and they've got about 14 options on a whiteboard where they think that we could serve as missionaries and I'm thinking to myself there had only 14 places I just need one place and so we are working through this chart that's on the wall and if there's some places that were very clear that the morgue was not leading us to and so we raised these various things by the time we got to lunch time there were 3 options on the board 2 in Africa and one was up through New Guinea I want you to notice that Scotland completely completely fell off the radar. And so we break for lunch and we're going home and I tell my wife about this dream that I had the night before in a prayer request that I pray now I forgot to mention as. Well we were having the meeting going through the chart on the wall at various places I asked John Baxter I said hey John have you heard anything from Stephen Morey Erickson about the training center over there and prune a guinea. And he said Yeah I actually got an e-mail from them last night and I sent there and I thought to myself Man this is crazy man I mean I just prayed the night before that it's on war and wanted us to go that direction and really getting that he would have Stephen Laura get in contact with John and even him like that night I probably will I was praying or something I don't know and so we're driving home after this experience and I tell my wife about the prairie quest and the dream about the 2 New Guinea and all that kind of stuff and we just felt like the Lord was lining up some fencepost for us you know it wasn't like a lightning bolt from heaven it wasn't like a you know an audible voice or anything like that but it seemed like the Lord was leading us in this direction gives you fenceposts new lease kind of idea of where the fence is going. So we go back to the office and we stay on them look we feel like the Lord is leading us going to uproot Guinea and and we begin to pray me say Lord Ok We're going to step out in faith in this direction and now we're asking you to confirm the call for us that this is where you're leading us to go give us confirmation and so we pray that prayer and we go to our next class same day we go to our next class and our next teacher Believe it or not was a missionary in Papua New Guinea we spent a half an hour and were just talking about what it's like to serve as a missionary what right you know we felt like the Lord's already confirming this thing we got home that evening same day Tuesday night my wife emails her family and says we've accepted to college go to Papa New Guinea as missionaries and her uncle emails from back almost instantly and he says I've always been intrigued by missionaries in Papua New Guinea I'm so thankful you guys are going there he said I wish I would have gone there when I was a young person and he has since then given us $10000.00 towards our mission project praise a lord and we just feel like the Lord is confirming the call we get an email back from Laurie a day or 2 later Laurie Erickson just telling us how she's looking forward to meeting us and that they're thankful that we're going to be coming over there to work with them. And then I logged on Facebook and I noticed that she was getting ready to travel back to the United States Merrick and this was interesting because I knew her daughter was getting married but that wasn't for another month but I noticed that she was in the airport she was getting ready to come back to the United States it's kind of interesting Friday morning the last day of our orientation I'm sitting in class and I'm taking my notes for class whatever and then a pops up on my computer telling me that I got an email from Lauren Erickson Now I noticed was a check your emails in class but I had to do it and I clicked on the email and it was Laurie saying Hey Jason are you doing your wife still unburying Springs I'm still here if you're still here we would love to meet you guys. And I'd just sat there in my class in a the in a myself this is just unreal and I mean like you might not think this is amazing but I think it's amazing that God brought us from Muskegon Michigan to Berrien Springs and Laurie Erickson from popular Guinea to Barry and springs on the same day for our schedules and our schedules overlapped for 15 minutes and so we set this time up for 15 minutes to be able to talk with one another and we're waiting for Lloyd to show up and my wife and I are classes or waiting for a show standing in like this side room and looking out the front window and sure enough here she comes walking past coming into the front door and I got is like Witness I did not set this up this is just the way it happened long live and watch out of this side room that we were in to go say hello to more she's walking out in front me I'm walking behind her as she walks out of this side room to say hello to Laurie Laurie throws her arms around my wife she gives her this big huge bear hug She's rocking back and forth and I'm looking into the face of glory and tears are coming down her face I can hear my wife sniffling on the other side so I know she's crying as well and I'm standing there in the doorway thinking to myself wait a 2nd I've seen this before and it's like all of the puzzle pieces start coming together and I'm like This is just crazy I've never had anything like this in my life happen before watching this dream that I had the night for a couple of days before not 4 more is b.s. and Barry's brings Michigan. So we finish up that meeting you know that story we're just so happy to meet them and we go home and I want to kind of wind things down and these few points here in this is for me this is then the most incredible part of the journey. Tuesday the next week so that happened on Friday where we met Lori and next week on Tuesday we're still I'm still praying I'm in my morning devotional time and Tuesday morning and I'm starting to interview or had this before Rican to have my spiritual buyer's remorse where you make a decision and then you're like was that really the right thing to do you start questioning yourself Son him and having my devotional time and I'm just being real with you here this morning and I'm thinking to myself What in the world did I give myself into and I'm talking to the Lord about this and I'm looking at for those of you that from the you with if I'm missionaries they have a monthly goal that they have to reach of you know people that give money every single month to support their project and then they have a launching goal that gets them to the mission field for the initial launch over there and Papa New Guinea is light the 2nd most expensive place that they send missionaries so it's just this astronomical in my mind at that time is astronomical amount of money to get us to the mission field and sustain us over there $100000.00 to get us there $7600.00 to sustain us month after month and I'm not making that much money just isn't enough why not all of that is project related expenses so I'm trying I'm talking to what I'm like what this is just a massive amount of money and I don't know where in the world this thing is going to come from and I just having this real conversation with the largest kind of talking it out with him. And as I'm as I'm talking with the Lord I'm praying a passage of Scripture comes to my mind in in you're familiar with this and I think this this particular passage is relevant very relevant. In a time of reliving arena right now if you are starting to look instead for. And verse 19 you know this past well he says and my God will supply every need of yours according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus and so I take out my Bible and I and I underline that promise you know and I know I did improve and I and I come I think I'm just like the George Mueller's did you know and I said Ok more you said that you would provide all of army in your calling us to go to pump to New Guinea this amount of money is not an issue for you it looks like a massive Mount Everest to me a spirit to Mount Everest but for you it's no problem and so I clean this place a lot you said that you will give it to us if it's your will and putting this problem in your hands it's no longer my problem is your problem you do with it as you see it is I finished my devotional time with a lot of close my Bible and about 45 minutes and how or so later I'm watching on to the end of my flight like with my trash can taking my trash out and you know put my trash can down I walk over to. My mailbox and I open up my mailbox to take out my manager and there's one envelope in there and this is the 1st we're going to close with a couple of miracles here that happened in our lives in the last year since a person opened up my mailbox and there's one of all up in there pull the number look out and it's history of an across the top now I'm sorry to say this but I instantly thought promotional material you know there when raising whatever may be and my but then I looked down at it and I noticed that our address was handwritten and it was addressed to my wife Midori slight Well you don't for wife's mail you know and we open up each other's mail so I'm standing there at the end of the driveway. And open up this letter pull it out and he or his grandmother had just passed away about 3 months prior to this at the age of $103.00 degrees more than the actual southeast so she passes away and I open up this letter and I'm reading it and it's really a telling us that her grandmother and grandfather had had a trust with 3 again and that they were settling this trust and that my wife was one of the beneficiaries of that trust and then he would be getting money in the amount of $7500.00 Now I know that doesn't sound like a lot of money but you have to remember that just a few hours prior to this I was battling this thing with the Lord impressing father 1st this is a lot of money I don't know where this money is going to come from and in Cleveland means for 19 and then a few hours later I'm standing at the end of my driveway and I have $7500.00 in my hand and I don't have I don't have any idea that that money is coming now you start working backwards and ask yourself you know how did all of the timing and nothing work I mean how did I get that that piece of mail to my mailbox on the very morning that I was struggling with this particular struggle and train that prayer in claiming that promise I mean it just it blew my mind that God was able to do that so you know I come back to the house and I open my Bible. And walked in there from 3 b.n. I went to my wife and I said read the highlighted promise and then be taxed emblem 3 the end we were just reach joisting that the Lord is confirming the call that we're going in the right direction. So then we began to pray and we found out that it usually takes missionaries they go to pop to New Guinea 2 to 3 years to raise their funds to go and we don't want to do that you know we've we wanted to get over there is spin as we can I mean the training center is being built new wanted to get over there and and be able to start using this thing and start doing the work and so we started training to say Lord how do you want us to do this and we've got very strongly impressed then God wanted us to leave our job my job as a pastor and draw ourselves into full time fundraise so that's what we did in June last year 2001000 we let the mission conference and know that we would be terminating my employment and we were going to throw ourselves into full time fund raising so once we made that decision he prayed for 3 things that God would sell 3 things so that we would have money to live on we prayed that God would sell our house that God would sell our Prius my little pastor beater car and that God would sell our vintage Airstream trailer that we use that can't meetings here in Michigan so we specifically started praying for these 3 things that God would sell these 3 things so that we would have money to sustain ourselves when we were raising funds to go to the mission. So one Sabbath morning before I left my district. I let my kind of geisha know at this point that we were going to be going to the mission field so they all knew that that was happening Saturday afternoon after Pollock I was talking with one of my church members. And she said You know Pastor you know what you should do she said since you can't take all of your stuff with you to the Mississippi and you should have a yard sale and buy the church members over and you can raise some money so well from your stuff and get some money to be able to survive on and help with your mission project I said you know that's a great idea I think you know we should do that and I started listening are all of these things that we needed to get rid of before we go go to the mission field you know we had you know typical house here in America we had to rise to have car garage the whole Barnea we had all of this stuff there's just there's no way we're going to take it to the mission field we had to get rid of. And in mentioning these this list of things that we need if you're a I mention our Prius my car and as soon as it came out of my mouth there is a trick to understanding right next to her she looked at me she said Pastor I'll buy your Prius a little and I said You buy my Prius she said yeah buy a Prius and I walked over a little bit closer to her and I looked at her I know said not now let me get this straight you want to buy my trees she said yeah I'm going to buy a p.c. says I've been trained about buying your treats and I'm like you been praying about buying my Prius this guy I didn't trade about selling my Prius and she said I just felt very awkward about you know asking the pastor he passed a can I buy your car she started so she said to pray and if the Lord wants me to have the car then he'll open up an opportunity for me to purchase the pastor's car and so I like to tell people that the Lord sold my Prius on the sack. And in a on top of that she said pass it you keep the car as long as you need it and when you're done with it just let me know and and I'll take it at that point I mean what person who buys something from you tells you to keep it as long as you need it and then give it to me it's just it was amazing how the whole thing worked out so boom there goes our Prius it's gone we're thinking oh lord phrasal or we go to Michigan can meeting in June of last year use our trailer for the last time bring it home pretty it up we put on Facebook a family comes from the state a state south from us and then she become ugly look at it go away they come back again they offer us a cash deal big pay for it they pay the same amount for what the now what we bought it for they give us what we what we buy it for if you don't if you know anything about trailers you just don't sell because it's trailers for the same amount that you want them for we had a trailer for 5 years things broke on it we have 3 kids in it I mean but the big gave us what we bought it for and I'm just like praising the Lord there goes out the driveway Thank you Jesus whom the trailer is gone so we have some cash to be able to survive by now and we're just we're just praising the Lord because the Lord is providing for us and then we have this house houses are not as easy to sell as cars and trailers we had this house and we're like Lord we need to get out from underneath this thing because we just can't afford our mortgage payment when we don't have any income and so we're trying to get rid of our things get out of the house clean it up so we can get it on the market and sell it so we don't have his mortgage payment that we have to pay more. So we're in the midst of doing this we don't have the time to sell our belongings we're just giving them away we don't have time to put it on Facebook marketplace and Craigslist you know do you aren't we just don't have time for that so we're just giving stuff away and I remember this day I will never forget this day by God's grace as long as I live I'm sitting in my kitchen at a folding card table my kitchen table was gone or dining room chairs were gone our living room was empty our couch was gone there were dust bunnies all over the place there are boxes all over the place it was just chaotic our kids were losing their minds because they're out of schedule and just running around going crazy and we're in this crunch we get to be out of our house in a week and I remember sitting there kind of like hand in head moment talking to my wife thinking to myself What in the world have we gotten ourselves into we're both suffering from mental fatigue so many decisions that need to be made and I'd be honest I was kind of a local for me and I was sitting there at my table and my phone rings and I pick up my phone and it and the caller id it says Junichiro Now if you don't know Jim it's of his the president here in Michigan conference and when he calls you answer that phone call you know doesn't matter what's going on you just kind of your your life and you have to the phone call so I pick up my father I walk out on to my back deck and I slide my answer the phone Hey Jason How you doing this is all image of a you know everything's going fine and we're doing great how are you know it is conversation is all there and he says hey listen something's come to our attention is I got the Treasury here something's come to our attention we want to talk to you about Mike Ok you know this sounds like an interesting conversation. He says has come to our attention. That for 3 and a half years and 3 years for 3 of the past 3 years we have not paid you the correct amount of money I say Ok just maybe that's why I've been having a difficult time making some of my mortgage payments or other bills you know whether. He says you know it's come to our attention that we have a pain you the correct amount of money and he says we want to make that right and I said Ok he said so we're going to be sending you a check for $818000.00 I don't drop my phone on the ground and I'm like. I'm like then you have any idea how much this is going to help somebody who doesn't have an income right now is that what we're just so thankful we can help you we're glad we found the problem and now we can make it right and we will be getting a team in the mail and I didn't have anything else the sending What do you say after something like that and I you know I hang up the phone and I I walk back into the house and I'm just kind of with you know days you know like this is just surreal you know and I tell I tell my wife to do it I said you know he found this discrepancy you're going to be sending us all this money and she just aren't sweeping and I'm standing there thinking to myself $3.00 and a half years ago or 3 years ago the Lord started a savings account for us that I didn't know anything about and every month the Lord was socking away however much money it was in that little savings accounts. You know what had happened was we had moved districts from one district to another and they didn't adjust the cost of living when we came to new district and and I believe that God providentially blinded some ways eyes to that adjustment 3 years ago at that at that time and then God providentially let the blinders fall off of somebodies eyes and they found inconsistency and brought it to the appropriate people and they made it Russell for 3 years they got God had a savings account that he was sucking money away into to provide for our needs during this time but we didn't know it when we decided to step out in faith and you know terminate our employment but the Lord came through and we had experience after experience of the experience for the past year of God's providential provision for us in ways that we just could never have even imagined and I want to tell you I've been in ministry for over 15 years I was a Bible worker I was a pastor I've been an I was an evangelist now I'm doing I'm gay do mission work and I you know I've done all of these things and for 15 years in ministry I have never experienced God the way that I have in the past year my Malaysian ship with him has been deepened in the way that I could never have even imagined And so yesterday yesterday afternoon we got a phone call. And yesterday was one year one month and 5 days from the day that we had decided that we would go to Papa New Guinea as missionaries Ok so one year one month and 5 days later it was yesterday we had a phone call from our supervisor telling us that we are fully funded to be able to act in fact we're more than fully funded you know our cut runneth over for us to be able to go to the mission field to serve as missionaries and I want to bring you back to something because it usually takes missionaries to the 3 years to when raised going to pop to New Guinea the Lord did it in one year one month and 5 days and he could've done a quicker probably if I had and more in tune with him and it's just we just stand back and we're like we're just amazed that this is steerage on Mount Everest in our life just completely disintegrated in front of God and His provision. And I share with you one more little miracle and then we'll kind of wrap up our time together as a Bible passage and Johnson you have a great stream there. But about a month ago we were praying that that the Lord would get us into train to be able to go to the mission field all if the missionaries have to go through 3 months of training before they go after the mission field and they only do that training once a year if you don't raise a certain amount of your goal you don't get accepted in the summer training so you have to roll over to the next year and we didn't want to do that so we were praying and just Lord we really want to be able to go to the mission field so please let us be able to get into training so we can go sooner rather than later and. In about 3 months ago our our supervisor had encouraged us to start praying for significant donors that would Dhoni on a monthly basis is so we prayed month after month Lord please send us a significant donor that will help move this thing along so that we can go in a timely fashion you know about legacy said about a month ago I was looking at having our financial situation where we were at is ours our fundraising goals and we were just under $1000.00 in our monthly pledges to reach the goal to get accepted into training just under a 1000 or so the $916.00 there needed to raise in monthly pledges to be accepted into training that was on a Sunday so I made some phone calls or tied to some potential you know ministry partners that we've partnered together with us financially and there was a few donations that came in and we were just praising the Lord for that and then the next day I get a phone call. From our supervisor telling us that we had been extend we were that a donation had come through that we were except that into into training that they were giving us a formal invitation to come to summer training and then she told us the amount of that one monthly pledge was $1000.00 a month that this person was pledging they gave before I was looking at our financials at $916.00 the next day she tells us you have a new donor that's come through today they're pledging $1000.00 a month you are now accepted into training to be able to go to the mission field sooner rather than later and it was just like I can't believe this and you know I don't know this person I've never met them. You know I don't have any connections with them at all of the going to you know now that they're part of our our team well it was just I stood there and I thought to myself you know this is totally a God thing but there is no way that I could have done this in a in this time that this timeframe that the Lord has given to us so I wanted to share these experiences for you because one day I was preaching a sermon before I had left my district and I was serious story about George Miller George Miller was an incredible ministry as many of you know they have documented 50000 prayer requests that George Mueller has had answered and 30000 of those 50000 per request they say have been answered either in the same day or the same hour that they request so just a tremendous men of prayer you can read these these stories of biographies about George you know and I was preaching about him one morning and I was telling my congregation about George Miller and his great man of faith in prayer that he prayed and on a whim I told my congregation I'm tired of reading these stories I'm tired of reading is these nice stories about these missionaries who God isn't great things for I'm tired of reading incredible answers to prayer I'm tired of reading stories about George Miller I want to experience there is myself. And when we made that step in stepping out of the foot of faith believe it following God's providential meeting in our lives I can look back now and I know that there's more to come but I can look back now and say that it is such an incredible experience just putting your life completely in the hands of God are some of us may be struggling right now in our financial situation in our in our health in in family relationships and personal relationships whatever it may be I don't want to encourage you that these are opportunities for you to have it out with the Lord in your prayer closet let him work in your lives so that he can give you a powerful testimony that you can share with others that will bring glory and honor to him and build their faith and your faith in his abilities in John chapter 4 Jesus is with the woman at the well is you know at this point he has. She has left to go tell the city about what she's experience with Jesus' disciples come back with food and water that they went to the city if I may offer to Jesus and the bias does this immersed 34 Jesus said to them My food is to do the will of Him who sent me and to accomplish his work. Jesus said that doing the will his heavenly father was more important than his physical sustenance the food that he ate she don't encourage you ime I know that there are many of you there and then whole crew are doing the will of God in your life and I pray is the Lord that there are people like you that that are doing the center just praying and hassling Lord what would you have me to do and following the Spirit leading in your life but if you haven't done this yet I want to appeal to you this morning to throw yourself publicly upon a guard and say Father I want your will in my own life to be more important to me then my physical sustenance the food and water that I drink that keeps me alive I want your will in my life to be more important than the air that I breathe I wanted to be all consuming that I am constantly day by day walking in the center of your will and I want to encourage you to sporting that as you do that you will not be disappointed so wherever you are right now in your homes I want to encourage you just your barrier ahead of me as we have a closing Word print make that commitment to the Lord Lord and throw myself helplessly upon you I want to be in the center of your will if it means a drastic change in my life as it was for the sliders so be it if I'm in your will right now to keep me there if you have something in store for me in a couple of years prepare me for that time let's just just make that commitment this morning what I'm through most of helplessly upon you keep me in the center of your will and let me see your providential meetings in my life to build my faith and to give me a story to share with others on the power of God working on behalf of men which about ahead of me as we have. Father in heaven we thank you that you are a god who doesn't stand aloof and some straw man in the celestial sky that just sends orders to this earth and expects us to fulfill them but then you are God who wants to walk with us that you are God who wants us to experience you in a deeper way and father who we pray that this morning as we just refocus our commitment upon you and your wilful our lives Lord we want to stay in the center of that we also withdrawing ourselves helplessly upon you Lord we do not want to trust our own wisdom we don't want to trust our own thinking what we think is right we want to trust you more and so we pray that you would continue to lead us if you have a new transitional for us coming up prepare us for that transition Lord if we're in a place right now where. You want to stay where you don't want to be you want to take a someplace else move us there father or if we're where you want us to be keep us there more but keep us in the center of your Will we pray and move us that we might be a mighty movement for a year it Perry other hearts that day may be ready when Jesus comes to take it thank you for all that you doing on our behalf we ask you in a merciful and not meaning of genes in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon later the w.w.w. audio verse or.


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