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Appetite for Pandemic

Eric Walsh
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What if this pandemic isn't just about a virus? Could we have eaten our way into the most serious complications of this pandemic? In this talk we look at the importance of nutrition and lifestyle in preventing and surviving COVID19. We also look at sin as the ultimate contagion and how Christ was lifted up to heal us from the curse of sin. 


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • May 20, 2020
    3:45 PM
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Scripture reading is taken from John Chapter 3 verses 14 and 15 John Chapter 3 verses 14 and 15 the Bible says and as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so must the Son of Man be lifted up that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life our message this week is untitled appetite for pandemic appetite for pandemic Let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study your word once again Lord I ask that you make me just the nail upon the Walla rusty sorry nail Lord but upon that mail order I ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ letter was not be seen or heard instead father let us hear word from the throne room of grace so our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen a lot to cover tonight we're going to jump right into this. Numbers Chapter $21.00 not Numbers Chapter $21.00 we're going to start a verse one the Bible says and one king air of the Canaanite which dwelt in the south heard in the south heard tell that Israel came by the way of the spot. Then he fought against Israel and took some of them prisoners and Israel vowed a vile unto the Lord and said if thou wilt in deed it deliver this people into my hand then I will utterly destroy their city so Israel gets near the promised land right really on the border and it was the way that the spies would have traveled as you can see but Eric King of the Canaanites fought against them took some prisoners Israel the people were so angry that they made a vow with God that if God would deliver the people into the hand they would utterly destroy their cities. Verse 3 says and the Lord hearkened to the voice of Israel and delivered up the Canaanites and they utterly destroyed them and their cities and they call the name of the place whoremonger out of this victory comes a very strange story it's important to understand it the children of Israel and God seem to be in sync i would are would have to imagine it there were many in the house of Israel that thought after this victory they would just March into the promised land and take over but that's not what God intended to do and let me did it early in this message stick this in the reason God doesn't often give us the promised land right up front is because if we don't have to go through something to get to the promised land we won't have promised land characters we won't be purified we won't be developed and so I hear as they have this great victory they're probably ready to go in but 1st for the story pivots Numbers Chapter 21 and verse 4 says and they journeyed from the from the from mount a whore by the way of the Red Sea to a compass the land of itam and look at this and the soul of the people was much the scar rigid because of the way it was in a very pleasant way to travel wasn't a very easy way to travel it was arid it was desert it was hot there was a lot of water everywhere they just left looking into the the the fruitful. A plenty as land that was a promise to be theirs and now they're going in another direction in an arid dry land and it makes no sense and once you start thinking that God's way makes no sense most people will start to murmur and complain. And in verse 5 the Bible says and the people speak against God and against Moses we're for have he brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness for there is no bread neither is there any water and our soul Lol the earth this light bread you've got to get this so as they begin to travel remember that at night time there is a pillar of fire watching over them remember that during the day time there is a cloud guiding them remember that twice a day manna angels' food David calls it falls from heaven for them to eat and they are angry now because as they travel this arid difficult way a more dangerous route not looking into the 1st our lands of the of Canaan and the promises that they've been given they begin to murmur watch this church and as they begin tomorrow they've noticed that they're complaining shifts the appetite there is no bread neither any water and we have begun to look at what they say here our soul lamps their their being the hate that all I want bread remember in Deuteronomy they say we are we ate at the flesh pots bread to the full In other words Ah the food that God gave them didn't make their belly bust they didn't have this overwhelming feeling of c.c.a. Sion that went to pain are you are missing this thing that day they didn't have to loosen their belts when they ate the way God said eat and so they hated the food God prescribed and gained them well you got to follow me. Because this is the plight of the children of Israel spiritual Israel here in the last days many of us alone the light bread of the health message we can't stand it I've seen people mock it preachers pastors mocked our health message from the pulpit Lovat And here's the irony while we were loath our health message the world is embracing it verse 6 Numbers Chapter 21 The Bible says the Lord sent fiery serpents among the people and they bit the people much people of Israel died once again the Bible shows us a pandemic of sorts here all of a sudden because of their complaining and murmuring their questioning God in His wisdom their rejection of his bountiful of provision in the form of man a perfect food was manna and yet they complained so God And and you'll read will resume incredible things in the spirit of prophecy on us in a 2nd so just hold on so God I removed his protection they're going to the desert they're going to a land of snakes and asked where it is dangerous because they're poisonous venomous creatures and when they see me get into murder and complain God removes his protection we teach them church you start to murmur and complain against God you are you are telling him to remove his protection that's what happened to the disciples on the boat as Jesus was on the shoreline praying separated from him and began to murmur and complain that that Christ would not allow them to crown him king the Spirit of Prophecy tells us that while they were there murmuring God gave them something better to worry about and the storm came. I hope as you're going through this pandemic and coming out of the other side of it I hope you're not murmuring and complaining against God Lord sent fiery sermons I don't like says this to gifts. Chapter 4 page 41 says to punish them for their in gratitude and complaining against God The Lord permitted fiery serpents to bite them watch this church they were called fiery because their bite produced painful even from ancient and speedy death the Israel lights up to this time had been preserved from these serpents in the wilderness Don't miss this by a continual miracle for the wilderness through which they were they traveled was infested with poisonous serpents God had allowed the serpents to me held back and not touch them they didn't realize as they complained that they were literally every step they took was a step in the miraculous because every step they took the firm in the snakes the predators that would normally pick off a large group like this were being held back and constrained by God's power of the cloud by day and the Fire Pelosi by night made sure that is supper it would not get to them yet they complained and notice what I said She says that it put a bite that produced painful inflammation inflammation as a reaction by the immune system so to make this make sense to us today I want you to understand that the corona virus is a fiery virus use the definition of something that causes inflammation and then causes a rather relatively quick death that would be the coronavirus. And I watch this coronaviruses a disease of inflammation the what normally is end stage or what causes the final. Pathological movements as something called acute respiratory distress cysts and drawn a r d s and this is mediated in part by what we call a psycho kind storm in the 3rd hyper inflammatory phase which is the 3rd phase of the corona virus infection is the hyper and for amatory phrase to make that phase to make that clear so there's the cytokine storm and what that is and overreaction or and hyper inflammation that happens from your own immune system don't miss this it's not the virus that does that it is your body really acting to it's your body reacting to the virus that causes this hyper inflammation so watch this if you can understand inflammation and you understand how to prevent inflammation you can possibly treat or prevent coronavirus or at least of the bad outcomes of the virus. Make a little more play meet me put up another slide I want you to see that the 1st stage is the asymptomatic and over 80 percent of people stay here in the in this phase they don't they don't move beyond this phase the 2nd phase Stage 2 is a non severe but symptomatic and again 80 to 90 is somewhere between 80 and 90 of some as they say 98 percent of people will never pass the 2nd stage is the 3rd stage. It's the fuck every state where severe respiratory inflammation happens is called a hyper inflammatory phase where you get the cytokine storm like the serpent when it bit and it causes in from Flamma to reaction that people got probably got terrible fevers and probably suffered a painful yet quick death on the floor of the desert the virus strikes Similarly in nose who are susceptible so disease is a disease of inflammation and here just to give you some idea of what this looks like on a slide you can see here in induction phase here at a cytokines and what happens is. Immuno pathogenesis happens here you get the cytokine storm when outside a kind storm happens in response to the antigen in this case the corona virus you get capillary leakage syndrome the very capillaries that I hold your blood all the way to the end all the way into your organs that the tips of your fingers onto your skin they begin to leak and when they begin to leak and come conjunction with the side a kind storm you begin to get multi organ failure one of things that happens at the Capitol as a leak fluid comes into the lung the lungs get injured you get acute respiratory distress and room you go to cardiovascular shock then you get the blood begins to even coagulate and all of a sudden the kidneys are in trouble you want to what end organ damage and multi organ failure and that's just a general way that the side of going to kind storm works coronavirus clearly has many of these attributes that cause death it is a hyper inflammatory response. But I want you to know big part of that has nothing to do a virus but the condition of the host and if you change the condition of the host the virus has less and less power to the point where in some ways the virus can be made power less. So to virus comes in I've talked about this earlier in the series through the ace 2 angiotensin converting enzyme to receptors a virus comes in it plugs in here and when it plugs in here it is able to then get into the cell and remember a virus is not fully alive the virus once they get into the cell hijacked the machinery of the cell and then use the cells machinery that God gave the cell to be able to make and produce what a cell these m a can produce and reproduce and a virus gets in there hijacks the machinery and in a virus starts to make what it wants it be like an invading army taking over the United States and every factory every auto plant everything in America has the zine to Matta fact and produce being taken over and the enemy now beginning to produce its own products and weaponry out of it and the reason this is so significant Don't miss this is that angiotensin converting enzyme to to the receptor connected to that is also part of what we call the rain and detention aldosterone Syndrome this is critical because it is this system that does 2 things one it is imperative to the way that the kidneys function and it manages blood pressure don't miss this the reason we are seeing the disease present the way it does is if you have high blood pressure and then of course many people are on aces and intense and converting enzyme inhibitors like like. Kept a prisoner of many people on that for their blood pressure to protect the kidneys the virus then as it actually works better on some answer some argue and if you're on those medications I do because you have more receptors or maybe some change that the Bills drugs have made in your body but also even the arms angiotensin receptor blockers another class of high blood pressure medications seem to have some similar effects so is it that dies from this virus and this infection number one people high blood pressure. Kidney disease heart disease makes sense now because the virus literally hijacks one of the receptors that would normally be used to regulate these systems and now causes some form of this regulation and of course triggers hyper inflammation in the in the system so if you understand how to fight that you can understand how to fix things and that is how it gets in the body this is why these co-morbid conditions you keep hearing about are so important and here we go the virus does not work alone so I put here this is early on in the pandemic this came out of the deaths coronavirus deaths in New York the number one of the hypertension number one co-morbid condition number 2 diabetes makes sense right because diabetes affects pretty much everything affects the nerves and we're going talk a bit about how elevated blood sugars work the immune system against it. High cholesterol heart disease a coronary heart disease which really predict the condition that must exist in a sense for you to have a heart attack kidney disease dementia which many times is what we call multi infarct dementia meaning that the blood vessels in the brain the small capillaries of already been messed up and sort of blood doesn't get all the way in the brain to a little miniature strokes that cause dementia many people who we say have also times disease actually had a cardiovascular. And arterial blood arterial syndrome because many tiny tiny strokes over the years that eventually cumulatively make a person have the symptoms of dementia. We go on and on c o p d cancer of course because many of the cancers will drop your immune system and many of the treatments for cancer will drop your immune system atrial fibrillation which has to do it with causing blood clots and sometimes a is a sign that the heart's been damaged and of course heart failure as well so what does that mean well this one shows you that. If you look at the people in America most vulnerable to disease the people with the greatest health disparities are African-Americans and when you look at this in Louisiana African-Americans are 32 percent of the population 70 percent of the coronavirus deaths in Illinois African-Americans are 15 percent of the population or 42 percent of the coronavirus deaths Michigan 14 percent of the population 41 percent of the deaths in Chicago 30 percent of the population 69 percent of the deaths now many people are saying and I was fine I'm watching politicians jump up and down this isn't right the truth is the virus isn't doing anything that already wasn't in play African-Americans what as we say in our slave food presentations with Dr Columbus Battista and I that African-Americans would die sicker and sooner than everyone else in America we've already known that the virus is just highlighting the fractures in our society around race and health highlighting it in fact in New York some of the studies show that Latinos have even higher rates of death per capita than African-Americans that in some of the papers that I read so it is those who are at risk are more at risk and so disease this virus is not just randomly attacking people and taking them out I want to submit to you today that if your body is in already in a state of chronic disease and and and a state of a pro inflammatory state then the virus comes in and you are the perfect host for the virus to take out and I mean spoiler alert you are health message is an anti inflammatory message. So what else well there's a few of the key components I want to pull in one of them is this one city life and disease coronavirus severity by vitamin d. level so if you live in a city or live like most of us lives with your parents or medic in the winter time you're not going to get a lot of exposure to the sun when you see this look at this. Of those people who have critical and severe. Coronavirus disease notice the south time to percentage here is and green of those that have adequate vitamin d. levels basically of less than probably 5 percent most people are somewhat vitamin d. deficient and half or more than half in the critical column and in the severe column are a severely vitamin d. deficient you see that and it is the people who get mild to no symptoms a mild to no disease have ample. 98 percent I think that says that 98 percent have very good vitamin d. levels did you get that. Vitamin d. which is critical to the way the immune system work has now been correlated strongly with low levels people low levels getting hit with a disease people with high levels being protected from the virus I want to empower you as we come out of his lockdown that is a lot you can do so as the sun is shining and they're lifting restrictions get outside the thing that came out also today is the virus does again came out as the virus does not do well in sunlight it does not do well outside in warmth and humidity it doesn't even stay on surfaces anywhere near as long as everyone thought the c.d.c. just put out today that I by then wiping down package isn't afraid to touch everything but it doesn't actually seem to be very ill and even if it can be found there as long as they said earlier so get outside get vitamin d. boost your immune system and sunlight isn't it incredible that this is one of the parts of our health message when you do New Start the estancia sunlight sunlight itself kills the virus and gives your immune system of boost in vitamin d. So why is that important because when you look at this slide vitamin d. by race and ethnicity for us adults overall Only 13 percent regardless of your color or your ethnicity only about 30 percent of Americans have adequate vitamin d. levels but if you look over here African-Americans that number drops down to 6 percent. For whites it's a little more than 13 percent and Latino's it's even less than for African-American shockingly. So what you find is that there is across the board in this group it doesn't matter what color you are in America most of us don't have enough sunlight but it's much worse the red bar here weighs less than 20. Micrograms per milliliter you can see it's much worse for African-Americans or for anyone else and that makes sense I'm going to make it darker skin the melanin in our skin blocks some of the ultraviolet rays of the sun that would help to convert vitamin d. So you need more up to $45.00 times more sunlight exposure to get the same a lot of vitamin d. as a as like a Northern European Would this is something that the press isn't telling you you can take back some of the fear by simply following our health message getting out into the fresh air and into the sun Why look at this. He says highrise urbanist this is the article a copy from off the Internet high rise urban living and covert 1000 what are the risks and can we design pandemic proof buildings they're now saying that the joint water supply in some of these big high rise buildings the share is here re circulated here the fact that everyone has to go in and out the same way that I touch the door handles and you know not as in it doesn't last as long but I was if you touch the door handle rather someone else that and touch a face you can get a virus all of these things they're saying the cities themselves helped to cause the problem look at this is an article here from Money magazine I says this is the title Get Me Out Of Here Americans flee crowded cities among covert 19 and consider permanent moves the Americans are looking to get out of the cities sounds like something a prophet told the remnant church to do a long time ago the coronavirus main problem migration out of American cities another article I copied down here and it is that they say look there might be an exodus out of the cities What is that white tell us about the city's she said more and more as time advances our people will have to leave the cities for years we have been instructed that our brethren and sisters and especially families with children should plan to leave the cities as the way open the before them to do so many will have to labor earnestly to help open the way that's from selected messages. To 360 our cities are increasing in wickedness she says and it is becoming more and more evident that those who remain in them unnecessarily do so at the peril of their souls our vacation that's from Country Living page 9 cities and towns are steeped in sin and moral corruption yet there are lots in every Sodom testimonies for the church volume 6 page $136.00 How do you get that one timers are looking to get out of city too just because it's time to get a city doesn't mean somebody in the city isn't still a lot still vexed by what's going on and we are instructed to continue to minister in the cities no matter what but I would argue that isn't it interesting all of a sudden everyone started realize maybe it's not so good to live in the cities. And just like our health message and everyone's so many people are going Vigen and trying to live a more plant based life isn't it interesting that even now many are to start to say look it's time to get out of the cities the next thing to look at really is diet and this shows you the can connection between diet stress and inflammation remember it's a disease of information the serpent bit the spirit of prophecy says it calls that inflammation and then a sudden death the diet and stress are all connected to inflammation right diet and stress go back and forth if you have a bad diet you become more stressed and having a high stress makes it a bad diet so it's a it's kind of like a fly wheel that hurts the autonomic nervous system activity. It increases oxidative stress which is what plant foods go in and it is the is the anti accidents in plants because plants have to survive the ultraviolet damage a Rays damage from the sun so God designed them to have these antioxidants in them to keep them from being destroyed by the sun so when you eat the plant you get the antioxidants that protects against oxidative stress we need a bad diet and a stressed out at City the stress goes up an accident of stress is what goes around and damages the cells d.n.a. and causes mutations that can lead to cancer but also can mess with the immune system and trigger an inflammatory response this is. One across those factors here. Across the fact of beta activation and metabolic responses the food and of course here we get inflammation in a more inflamed you get you see the error goes back and what happens you get more stress more negative emotions inflammation the studies are showing does not just affect you physiologically having a hyper inflammatory state will affect you psychologically and emotionally. There been people who said that people in end stage coronavirus begin to have some weird psychological patterns do some research and come back on that I mean there are people talk about hallucinations and other things I'll get do some research and come back but I can tell you that there's definite correlation when you're constantly in a hyper inflammatory state it messes with your mental health and your emotional health and so we use this one famous nutrition came up with that stressed is desserts spelled backwards stressed is Dessert spelled backwards it actually works this way that the more stressed you become the better that chocolate cake and ice cream tastes and as more of chocolate ice cream and cake you eat the more stressed you become and so again it's like a fly wheel that feeds like like like a positive reinforcement constantly pushing you further and further away and it makes it so that again the coronavirus you are more susceptible to it so what else do we know about this thing well you know to think it's critical to take zinc supplements I want to submit to you if you have to take supplements take them but I would rather you rich foods and I'll show you those in a 2nd here's our innate immunity this is not specific This is the immunity that your body does without having any known something before his is why this is important innate immunity. The innate immunity shows you many different things and can and can help you to see things and what I want you to see here is the innate immunity triggers things like monocytes. Macrophages. P m n cells all of these things it triggers and these don't need to have seen. The antigen before they don't need to 17 the virus before to kill the virus Why is that important because this virus is called a novel virus meaning nobody seen it before so if this part of your immune system isn't working well this virus that no one has seen before is going to have a field day on you because the other part of your your immune system the adaptive part of your muses that was more specific won't have any antibodies specific to this virus to attack it and notice everybody now is trying to go and get these antibody tests because they want to know if they're immune but I want to submit to you that if your Muse's them is functioning right your immune system can beat this thing before it ever gets in you miss in this thing if you follow the health message you'll have an amusing system that can beat this thing before it gets in you so here look at the 2nd one when you don't have enough zinc notice and I can't get deep into this slide is a lot here but what happens is much of the processes that are supposed to happen to protect you against. Infection in the innate immunity arm of your immune system. Doesn't work without zinc it doesn't work zinc needs to be able to work as a co-factor for many of the processes that happen around many of. The cells and components of the innate immune system so the infectious agent can't get in and work as you see in the onus in a picture on the left you can see where functions correctly in a picture on the right you see red doesn't and infectious agent gets to get a foothold into the body so where do you get the zinc from well beans just one cup of garbanzo beans provides nearly a quarter of your daily zinc needs garbanzo beans chickpeas very good for you that's fine and hummus. You know obviously you can cook it and make it 100 weight it's very good as Curry on the show you why that's important later on I was talking to one of my tutor daddy and colleagues today and into tomorrow tea and I make chick peas and curry it and I said that's good good to fight the coronavirus green vegetables like asparagus and spin and spin it is very high and zinc and another compound are about to discuss discuss. In a 2nd mushrooms from shit talking to Criminy to plain white mushrooms I've talked about but mushrooms before mushrooms are friendly the friendly fungus I often known as the vegetarians meat are great sources of zinc with about 10 percent of the daily. Volume of daily need per cup nuts nuts are one of Mother Nature's healthy is all around snacks full of healthy fats vitamins and minerals including zinc and look at this which nuts are rich and zinc pine nuts pecans omens walnuts peanuts and hazel nuts. Dr Bhatti over in at Loma Linda some of the groundbreaking work around the importance of nuts and here we continue to find that not a critical handful of nuts a day are very good for you what else has ink in it whole grains of zinc in it one cup of raw oats most about 27 percent of the daily value of zinc while the same amount of cooked brown rice as 13 percent and a slice of whole wheat bread 5 percent another whole grain packed with zinc is Kima So here look at zinc in the foods that God gave us to eat the health message itself rich in zinc and will protect you lobby like that I want to take zinc supplements but zinc supplements will have all of the other healthy things that come in whole grains or nuts. Or in spinach that will also protect you because one of the things that comes in spinach along the zinc is a compound called President corseted has anti-viral and this is a plant pigment that's important to remember it actually colors the plant so it's in the red of the red apple skin as well you don't the best part Apple is actually the skin clean it by organic grown in your backyard which you have to do but question that it is in the pigment corseted has anti-viral anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that you get that anti-viral and anti-inflammatory What are you trying to beat right now a disease from a virus that causes inflammation how much corseted do you think you need you need to be eating corseted chronic inflammation can escalate and result in various diseases particularly cancer course it helps build a munity by countering the formation of excess inflammation in the body did you get that memo to fiery serpents that cause inflammation corseted I would argue I bet you and action I would say that but I would guess I would bet you that in matter it was it was full and rich with zinc and corseted. And it was able to protect them better and their immune system than anything else then watch this what is in course of 10 rich foods elderberries of a huge 42 milligrams 400 grams of edible portioned red onions 33 white onions 21 cranberries 15 members of pigment So that's why a lot of colors in these things hot peppers kale blueberries red apples. Romaine lettuce Spears spinach all rich inquisitive and why is Kristen so important it's all the things I just told you about it being inflammatory anti inflammatory anti-viral I won't get deeper into that except to say what we found is that when you have zinc and course that in rich diets which is the diet God designed you cannot get course a 10 from animal products because they don't have plant pigments in them so when you combine these things together looks what look what happens in this one here you for it see the Iowa for the zinc to get into the cell what happens in what happens is questions and you can see question over here in a 2nd slide when question 10 is present it opens up the passages with zinc to go deep into the cell Why is that important when zinc is in the cell it helps to make the immune system and the body enough to make them uses them better but when it's in the cell the virus can't hijack its machinery it's difficult for the virus to do what it does so sync is important to get in a cell but if you just take a sync tablet without eating the questin and as it was I'll just take a course of 10 tablets but you won't get all the other stuff that will now you know is there more than one thing is not just courses and there are other. This is Koku here down at the bottom there are other things that also help open up these portals when you eat a recall food plant base with lots of variety you will get zinc deep into cells and a virus will be able to get a foothold. Mushrooms clinical studies show that mushrooms have benefits that range from improved cognition that's how are you think to weight management and lowered cancer risk preliminary evidence suggests that mushrooms may support healthy immune response lower inflammation and through interaction with the gut microbes improved immune cell functionality what we now know is that it is the micro biome the the bacteria in a gut. The newly discovered organ quote unquote of the body the all of the good bacteria in the gut also plays a role into things satiation when you eat 5 high fiber foods the fatty acids going to your bloodstream tell your body you're full that are broken down by the fibers your body can break down but it also helps because so much of the receptor is for your brain function like Sarah tone and and so forth even dopamine there receptor is in your gut it actually helps to play out to make your mind body work better enhanced as your immune system and so when God put Adam and Eve out of the garden it's interesting what he added to their diet was the herbs of the field the added vegetables why because not to sit into the world you would have bad bacteria and you need food that would feed the good bacteria and that's what they're saying when you look at these things so. This article says natural is that these are research articles natural by active compounds from phone guy as potential candidate for for protease inhibitors and immune modulators to apply for coronaviruses you see that as a research in anti-viral agents from fungal anti-viral diversity mechanisms and potential applications from 2 different. Journals one from the molecules. And I don't know where this one is from but you can you can look it up these are beginning to look at this and say these foods will help protect you directly against the virus. Now so green leafy vegetables won't get deep into this except to say that in this is via You need a vitamin e. the vitamin c. vitamin a all of those are important and how it works and are all in green leafy vegetables nuts and seeds are also very important because a healthy fat some of the vitamins and minerals are better carried across the gut into the bloodstream if there's some fat around is a lot I could say about nuts and seeds and mentioned some things already but they are critical if you're going to have a good immune system and be able to stay safe from the virus but one of things I want to make sure I throw in is something called Park human comes from turmeric and cumin is an orange yellow component of to America a spice often found in curry powder so Jamaicans Indians Trinidadians a lot of curry in their foods and it's very good for you fight cancer traditionally known for its anti inflammatory effects that you see that when you dealing with a virus that is pro-inflammatory and you're eating cumin it has been shown in the last 2 decades to be a potent immune immunomodulator immunomodulatory agent that can modulator the activation of t. cells b. cells macrophages neutrophils natural killer cells and dendritic cells that have a diagram in the shows inflammatory targets module a did by curriculum and so it actually turns down the immune response in this diagram shows you how scientists are looking at how that happens cumin can also download regulate the expression of various pro-inflammatory cytokines including to an across as factor Interleukin $1268.12 chemo kinds mostly likely through an activation of the of the transcription factor n f Kappa Beta beta interesting Li However cumin at low doses can also enhance antibody responses so it's interesting it will not only turn down inflammation it will make it anybody's respond better. So if you're on a diet if you're on track human and you are exposed at a virus you're probably possibly more likely to develop any immunity than someone who is it and what we're finding in America is and around the world people are going to expose it as virus and not really later on having the immune response that they predicted some people are some people aren't in fact something like even testing positive a 2nd time which may just be some of that r.n.a. was left over and it is getting you know to pick it up as the body gets rid of it but there may be some people who because of lifestyle issues can't develop immunity long term cumin might be one of the ways that happens if you look at a diagram here children cumin is here how it helps to slow down chronic diseases caused by inflammation so that's what you should eat and a lot more I could say especially drinking lots of water. To make sure you stay hydrated see flush viral particles out your system but what food should you invoke void Well that's the answer's obvious pro-inflammatory foods. And added sugars well added sugar is a pro-inflammatory food but it directly messes with the immune system I want you to see look at the start here's how you want let's suppose the cells are supposed to act on the why bless cell approaches the toxin antigen it's a rounds it. Was engulfed a toxin to vitamin c. high levels of vitamin c.. Is Needed use it uses vitamin c. to absorb a toxin and is ready to start again so vitamin c. inside the white blood cell helps to do this if the vitamin c. is pulled into the Adams is pulled into the cell you need of concentration like 50 times higher than normal white blood cells what does that have in the white blood cell is able to destroy the maximum numbers of virus them back and bacteria when you eat sugar Snickers bar Ben and Jerry's as you call it Ben and Skerries. And you bring all that sugar in your blood sugar levels shoot up even at a blood sugar level of $120.00 which we consider normal it can it can affect how much vitamin c. the white blood cell is able to pull in and if it goes down to a concentration 13 times normal because Sugar looks like the vitamin c. in some ways at least can pass through some of the same system and dilute the vitamin c. in a cell all of a sudden a white blood cell can only destroy 25 percent as many viruses and bacteria and that's not a blood sugar level of like $120.00 imagine those people's blood sugars go to 2530400 is why diabetics get such terrible infections here it is sugar will do that how do you get what I mean sugar is that sugar in fruit No the sugar in food is fruit is bound to fiber so it is slowly released you don't get massive spikes in your blood sugar what it is like Kool-Aid Kool-Aid is sugar and most when I was growing up my grandmother would actually work to to Kool-Aid. I would say when I talk about this is like liquid liquid crack and you drink that thing and it's your blood sugar shoots up and all of a sudden your white blood cells go to sleep and you get this after that Snickers bar or after that honey bun or after that 20 or that donut or after that Kool-Aid or that sugary drink you got from Starbucks your blood white blood cells go to sleep for 6 to 8 hours they don't function well for at least likes of the 6 hours which means now if you get exposed it is a virus you know have what you need to fight sugar but not only should you do that sugar is also directly toxic as a direct toxin and it directly directly causes inflammation in the body so here's the thing that's tricky we are you always pick on Snickers bars and candy white bread white rice white flour. White flour tortillas I can go on or on high fructose corn syrup a lot of other ways that you can get processed foods ultra processed foods designed to have a long shelf life that will raise your blood sugar terribly and cause you to be more predisposed to disease what else do you need to avoid animal products and I was live here showing cuts of meat and fish and cheese and eggs a staple for many people in the world but also very pro-inflammatory how one of the pro-inflammatory compounds t.m.a.o. which is tried methyl Amien oxide is a molecule linked to cardiovascular disease and inflammatory condition. Carnitine which comes from Meet the animal muscle tissue but a lot of bodybuilders take stuff like this that try to get big you take that stuff and when he eat the carnitine that gut bacteria I talked about earlier breaks it down into a molecule called t m a but then both gets to your liver and becomes t.m.a.o. and studies show that when you go vegan or vegetarian even if you do eat animal product you can't produce the t.m.a.o. because you switched your gut flora the type of bacteria in your gut for away from the ones that can produce this inflammatory toxin the ones that can't are you getting this if you follow the health message you are protected in layers from some of these diseases certain foods such as meat appear to harbor bacteria that can trigger inflammation dead or alive even when the food is fully cooked this one this one is a shocker and the toxin from meat products a quarter pound of beef has over $100000000.00 bacteria the end of toxins exist even after the meat is cooked that's the end of toxins or what a bacteria give off so you kill you kill the bacteria when you cook at orally and then you man you're going to restaurant to eat the meat and blood is running out of it and what's in the toxin isn't that get into the kill the bacteria. Even when it's dropped into the acid of your stomach at the end the toxins Don't go away so what do they do well when the is the combination of those and the toxins combine with the saturated fat and help the end of toxins cross the gut walk into the bloodstream and that those endo toxins make inflammation happen in the body that's why meat ages people when it when people die highly of meat especially when you consider all the time when they finally as we are buds in the meat but the meat itself is going to have bacteria and the end of toxins will cause inflammation Here's what Ellen White says she says God chose to restrict the diet of the children of Israel for their good even promised them that he would take all sickness away from the midst of them if they would be obedient and follow Him fully He gave them angels food by morning by morning but what a pitiful sight do we see in the camp of Israel men and women are weeping in the doors of their tents and I heard the the pitiful cry with would would to God We had died by the hand of the Lord in the land of Egypt when we sat by the flesh pots and eat bread to the full look at what I just told you stay away from meat flesh pots and the bread sugar to the full Exodus 16 to our soul say they loathe with this light bread of numbers 215 It didn't have the cake some people are trying to be that easy kill for 9 bread us all healthy and they complain about how hard it is to choose toast because the Wonder bread to eat and just turns into sugar and the scripture is telling us here that you can't sit at the flesh pots of Egypt and live. Not the way God designed us to live what is it possible God could be so hard hearted as to to prescribe a diet for the children of Israel which could not satisfy their wants or sustain their life what that God who created man require of him that which would make him miserable and the wife says oh no exclamation point Israel had been fostering a perverted appetite which would if indulged shorten their life the reason it's so hard to get people to eat healthy is our appetites have been perverted by fast food companies junk food companies we eat hot Cheetos and and door read O's and don't bite apples and pears and grapes our tastes have been perverted and so we complain that a food god would have is eat is bad food there's All right Greg but the truth of the matter is we have been been made like Gyptian in what we want Babylon is the fine i protect and unlike Daniel and the 3 boys we were fills to stand up and eat what God has prescribed and on the ISIS here Israel had been fostering a perverted appetite which would if indulged shorten their life these are health disparities we see in African-Americans and the shortening of life expectancy in America some parts of Europe and even in Australia where watching these global pandemic surround a lifestyle disease is shut the whole well down over this virus yet they are happy with millions of people dying every year from heart attacks strokes and cancer and what goes on to say God for their good restricted their diet but they rebelled against God's requirements and thought themselves better able to choose their own food than God was to choose for them and they would not submit to God's requirement the result was disease and death in the wilderness that a 41 day. Just so will it be with modern Israel God has given them the light upon health reform in these last days that is people may reform their unnatural habits and come in to morrow into a more healthful condition where their bodies and minds might be preserved in a good condition of health for their good in this world and their eternal happiness in the next world our redeemer proposes to lead the people of God through to the heavenly Canaan if they will be led by him appetite is connected spread a process to the 3rd angel's message to health reform is connected to the 13 jewels message if we are to proclaim the message and heed the message appetite must be this be feeded God wants to lead us he says the people of God through to the heavenly Canaan if they will be led by him before complaining about what God has given us the sustain us to the wilderness of this earth and this life we will make it to The Heavenly King numbers 21 and verse 7 therefore the people came to mother when they started dying from serpent bites it's funny a lot of them study start seeing things differently funny things that would a lot of killed in Egypt as soon as they start dying or by was the Lord to heal them therefore the people came to Moses and said we have sinned for we have spoken against the Lord and against the pray unto the Lord that he take away the serpent from us and Moses prayed for the people well it was a good man vs 8 of numbers $21.00 and the Lord said unto Moses make the a fiery serpent and set it upon a pole and it shall come to pass that everyone that is bitten when he looks upon it shall live and Moses made a serpent of brass and put it on a pole and it came the pass that if a serpent had bitten any man when he beheld the serpent of brass He lived here some interesting things about this 1st of all I don't it was a once in a Bible. Very few in the Bible where God instructs anyone to actually make a graven image of anything and here's one of the few places that happens and he is the take the sting of brass and it was interesting we're talking about zinc one of the key components of zinc we've got of brass no matter how you make the brass is ink interesting so they take this the serpent most take this thing and put it on a pole and lift it up and he says when you look at it you'll live Moses made a serpent and if that if a servant had bitten any man when he beheld the serpent of brass He lived what a crazy story do you mean you look at a serpent and live it doesn't make any sense why would God use this means of healing the people why would he stop this pandemic this way there being bitten by serpents and you raise up bronze brass serpent does it make any sense. Watch this and a White says a manuscript $7589.00 she says the brazen surface serpent was uplifted in the wilderness that those who looked in faith might be made whole in like manner God sends a restoring healing message to men calling upon them to look away from man and earthly things and placed their trust in God He has given his people the truth with power through the Holy Spirit so I know why it says that health message has been lifted up like that serpent has been lifted up if you're willing to look to the health message and and believe and practice the health message and you will make all the changes overnight but if you look and believe God will meet you where you are and bring you where you need to go and you will live by the power of the Holy Ghost the stuff health message needs to be lifted up and looked upon That's the 1st thing but the 2nd thing is this they have to look in faith at that serpent and come back around to why that serpent was used in the 2nd. But you have to look at that serpent in faith trust in God last message that told a story in a wheelbarrow and how the tightrope walker was able to walk across the tightrope and he didn't and they said Do you have faith that you do it yes would you get in a wheelbarrow let him push you across the tight rope no trust me Joe get in a wheelbarrow I'm telling you many of us have Christians we have the faith anough to believe but we don't trust God enough to get in the wheelbarrow but trusting in God lower stress we talked last week about when Jesus said take my yoke upon me for my yoke is easy and my burden is all right when you trust God you take his yoke you allow him to push the wheel barrow when you're in a wheelbarrow you have no power over anything you can only stay there and trust because stress equals demands minus resources that's the stress equation here's the thing the world will give you false resources you see that don't and that's a false resource candy bar bar and ice cream that bowl ice cream it's a false resource the cigarette the cocaine the alcohol the beer do you like to drink false resource you feel better for the moment but as my good friend Whitney Phipps and I've been talking and talking about the pot a character needs to be purified He says one of the lines that he said to me this week that resonated with me is he said short term pleasure brings a long term pain but short term pain brings long term pleasure for many of us when we're going through something we're looking for a short term pleasure to make us feel better to change our mood in a moment I'm telling you those are false resources feel better but it only destroys you makes your problems worse. If you follow God and use his resources what he's given you the matter that falls from heaven the serpent a brass serpent Lay raised up on a pole he'll give you the resources you combat your stress and you while you can like I like to say when Jesus is in the vessel you can smile at the store that's the resource you want and the drug gets drunk and a need for it and passes out vomits blacks out and to 12 hours later wakes up every problem he got drunk with he wakes up with that worse he might have a DUI or a broken nose I'm challenging you reason a new start one of the t's a new start is trust in God is because you cannot truly be healthy if you don't trust God in fact none of the other components really matter if you don't trust him if you're not resting in Him If you're not willing to get in a wheelbarrow because stress all by itself will cause inflammation so David says in some 56 in verse 3 what time I am afraid to trust in the day was as when I get stressed I'm going to trust you had a patient a wonderful Puerto Rican young lady this week a Christian one of my patients and. She was anxious and stressed out about the virus and whether or not she had it and she had a she was worried about a blood pressure perfectly healthy all over vital signs perfect and you know not to speak to me now when I'm practicing medicine you have to tell me who to talk to not talk to and I said to us that are you a Christian she said yes I'm Pentecostal she said I've been reading my Bible as a young lady God sent you to talk to me today. I said I would give you 2 Bible verses the 1st one a 2nd Timothy 17 for God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power of love and of a sound mind and I said a 2nd Want to some 56 in verse 3 what time I'm afraid I will trust in the I said young lady trust God and I want every time the anxiety starts to build up in you I want you to recite the word of the Living God a promise every time I want you to fight fire with the flow of the Word of God but the time I am afraid I will trust in the inverse for some for the sick says And God I will praise his word and God I have put my trust I will not fear what flesh can do until me John 31415 in order to make the story even more clear Jesus would not leave us hanging on this story John 3 in verse 14 Jesus says and as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so must the Son of Man be lifted up that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life now you know everybody calls John 316 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life forgot set not his Son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through Him might be saved we like John 316171415. 14 difficult to understand how could Jesus be a serpent how could even be related to a serpent in any way but he said As Moses lifted up the serpent the call himself a servant but as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so must the Son of Man be lifted up how is there a connection if you understand this connection you get a vital spiritual lesson that the reason that serpent was lifted up was because what had to be sacrificed innocence was what was causing the problem here is what is where the promises Moses have been to lift the brazen serpent on the pole and make the proclamation that whosoever should look upon it should live and all who looked did live. They recovered health at once what a strange symbol of Christ was the likeness of the serpents which stung them this symbol was lifted on a pole and they were to look to it and be healed so Jesus was made in all of this. So Jesus was made in the likeness of sinful flesh he came as the Sin bearer the same a healing a life giving message is now sounding it points to the uplifted Savior upon the shameful tree voce who have been bitten by that all serpent the devil are bidden to look and live a look of alone to Jesus as your righteousness and your sacrifice as you are justified by faith the deadly sting of the serpent will be healed Christ became seen for us it's a great the in 521 For he hath made him to be sane for us who knew him no sin that we might be made the right to snus of God in him and we take some church Jesus took on sinful flesh very flesh that was killing us the space flesh prone to inflammation and disease tempted. And so easily falling to that temptation this flesh. Riddled with sin or at least the propensity to Jesus put on the flesh of human beings born in a manger but he was tempted in all points as are we yet without sin and not flesh lifted up on the cross flesh that was no light perfect flesh it was a human flesh he got hungry he got tired. He lost weight he could gain weight just like I was tempted in all points as are we when that flesh was lifted up like that bronze serpent was lifted up if you look up to him in belief you'll live because the greatest pandemic isn't a pandemic of the coronavirus it's the pandemic of sin there are many who have been bitten by the serpent Satan himself and his inflammatory bite causes you to become selfish self-centered prideful messes with you on all levels causes you to no longer want to connect to God it isn't inflammatory by that serpent that serpent Satan wants to give you let me taste some church you look up to Jesus you can be healed through faith from the State of the serpent and the stain of death and the great challenge you as we come out a lock down the church look up and live don't have an appetite for pandemic get to know Jesus Christ as your savior learn to trust him pray for the undoing of the Holy Ghost and I believe that the God of the universe was show up on your behalf and I don't believe I know he will he will come running to you if you will just turn to him look up and live let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study your word oh Lord what a strange story when Moses put a brass serpent on a pole and stuck it up in the sky up into the air and those who had been bitten by serpents could look up and live what every day you protect us from the fiery serpents of this World Cup is not to be complainers and push away your protection more and every day we get hit by things that are inflammatory of us Lord learn to look to your word. The great anti-inflammatory agents spiritual anti-inflammatory agent in the universe the word of the living God the Father God even when we have sinned and failed of us to remember that we can look up to Christ lifted up on that cross because he didn't stay on the cross you lose you went there as a sacrifice for us father got on the 3rd day you got up and walked out of the grave so any of us and all of us has access to eternal life or help us to choose you. Even if this pandemic winds up after the. Prayer in. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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