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08- Creation: Genesis as Foundation - Part 1

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • May 23, 2020
    9:45 AM
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Before May 23 2020 another fantastic lesson study this time on one of my favorite topics the story of creation and how it's a foundation of our entire Christian belief system but before we get into that we want to focus on mission this week our global feature is actually an animated mission story good for all ages check it out. Little Agnes grew up in beautiful countryside in southern Poland a big green forest stood on one side of her house a green meadow with pretty white daisies and pink and purple wild flowers stretched out on the other side of the house. Loved nature but she was easily frightened she didn't like the dark strangers were scary her family had cats dogs and chickens but she was scared of them she was especially terrified of moving cows and godly gobbling turkeys Fortunately no cows were turkeys lived in her house. But a flock of turkeys did live in the yard of a farmhouse that she passed on the way to school. Loved school and she loved walking to school one morning she skipped along the road to the village and turned the corner to school a few steps later she saw thumping that filled her with horror she stopped in her tracks dozens of godly gobbling turkeys were wandering on the road the birds were enormous and they made a loud scary racket. Agnieszka look to one side of the road a rushing stream she couldn't walk through it she looked to the other side more godly gobbling turkeys were walking in a ditch and strolling in the adjacent meadow she couldn't walk there she looks beyond the meadow the gate to the farm house fence was open and the yard was empty the turkeys had escaped from there. Was trapped she couldn't go to school because of the godly gobbling turkeys she couldn't go home because then she would be late for school she sat down on the road to hide from the turkeys God help me she prayed opening her eyes she saw an elderly man riding a bicycle toward her the man wore a dark gray clothes and a dark gray cap his bicycle was dark gray he was coming from the direction of the school. Fearlessly entering the flock of Cobley gobbling turkeys he energetically waved his arms and shouted. The turkeys gobble even more and made a frantic dash toward their yard feathers flew and the screech of the Goblin gobbling turkeys was deafening what. I was surprised that the stranger wasn't scared of the turkeys she had never seen him before but she wasn't afraid he looked sort of familiar as the old man rode past or he said kindly It's all right now. Dropped open in amazement she looked at the turkeys gobbling gobbling back in their yard she looked back at the road to wave at the old man he had to subpoena heard Agnieszka happily ran to school she wasn't even late the turkeys never invaded the road again Agnieszka has always remembered God's answer to her frightened prayer now the mother of 2 children she tells them how the stranger scared away the turkey I don't know whether he was an ordinary man or an angel. But I know the victory came from God I was able to survive the turkey with God's help. Now great as the global mission is and how wonderful is we get to be part of that world movement our portion of that field here in the Michigan conference is assigned to us by the Lord and today we have a special guest we have Pastor Bob Stewart here to talk about some of the mission that's going on inside of the Michigan conference welcome to Sabbath school pastor Stuart thank you it's good to be here now I called you Pastor Stewart because you are but you have a much longer title now you are if I'm not mistaken the associate director of the ministry of apartment for multi-ethnic Ministries is that correct that's correct Now that's a mouthful tell us what exactly that what is multi ethnic ministries what does it entail Well it involves taking care of our overseen the ethnic churches or groups that are in Michigan there's a lot of refugees or immigrants that have come into our state and we have a number of them that are spread out mostly in the lower. Lower part of Michigan Ok so when you say groups and refugees what give us a sample what what are some of the what are some of the groups that are here in our territory well over in Warren in the Detroit area we have the Christians that come from Iraq and Iran and then we have Romanians there and in the Detroit area and we also have over in down by bear in springs we have Malawians and Zimbabweans we have Indonesians we have Filipinos we have Laotians we have. Rwandans Congolese and also Burmese Wow So you are so that you just rattle off a bunch of different groups from not just different countries but literally different continents and sort it all represented here are all those groups assimilated to English where they've been a lair a long time and they're just culturally background or they still speaking their native languages like how how how does this work some of them like the Cal DNS to a large degree. Or they're better assimilated here but more of our or some of our most of our recent. Refugees for instance the Burmese and the the Rwandan speaking or Cura one speaking refugees are acclimating let's just say in fact I had one of my elders when I was over in Grand Rapids tell me that he said Pastor when we 1st come here for the 1st 2 weeks all we want to do is go home really because it's so different there's such a cultural shock for them in some of those you're saying are still in that transition they're still fresh enough to the experience that they're acclimating as you say yes yes it's hard for us to understand if we were to put ourselves for instance into say Russia or the Middle East as a immigrant or refugee and we would have to learn their language and understand their filing system or their their protocols for being citizens or doing things it would give us an idea of how tremendously confusing and difficult it is for them Wow So what are and would probably be easy to list off some of the unique challenges they face like you just mentioned language and protocols and assimilation only but are there any uniqueness is within those cultural groups that give them some advantages when it comes to their community of faith do they have any unique is that maybe we could look to and say hey that's really great what you guys are doing you know Cameron That's one of the reasons that I fall in love with this particular work because in my work especially with the cure of wanton speaking the people from Rwanda and Africa and all I found that they emphasize family like it used to be in 100 years ago in America but family is very important and even though it's a cliche that has gone around for many many many years takes a village to raise a child that's definitely the way it is for the Cure one and speaking in the Burmese and all most of them there is a strong. Infosys on the importance of family and loyalty there and I think we can learn a lot from them in that Ok so there they do have the advantage of some of those cultural expects spectate of family closeness and communication whatnot but what about some of those Let's go back to some of these unique challenges they face what are some of the most pressing issues that they have to deal with that we may not be we might take for granted on any notice but they're faced with a regularly. I noticed when I began to work with. Many of them come over here with degrees whether their teachers or nurses or even doctors there's one that I know of that has a Ph d. in pharma pharmaceutical work but when they come over to America those degrees are not valid and so unfortunately most of them in working in the factory jobs whether they're educated or not and most of those jobs are low pain so as a consequence they're living from week to week paycheck to paycheck they're trying to figure out. How to navigate this system this society we live in and of course for those that come from the equitorial areas like the Burmese or the. Difference they are really shocked by the whether it's a belief I came from another place that is the I'm still shocked but I can imagine that's got to be challenging for sure but but the main thing is is that even when they're here for a while well 1st of all when they 1st come here are usually well all the time they are sponsored Usually it's the Catholic Church or the Lutheran Church. The Bethany Christian Services or Samaritan this is the Lutheran and they sponsor them they bring them in they set them up in the house they give them a stipend for the 1st 3 months I think it is and they help them to find work but after that after that 3 months or so they are on their own and they do still continue to provide services but it's not quite as intense of as it is in the 1st part so many times the people who have been struggling with that not quite got a handle on it are kind of falling through the cracks and that's where our local churches come can come in to come under underneath them and help them out quite a bit well which segues to the question I was in asking again we have to go for time but in the time that we have remaining What are some tangible ways what are some practical things that. Church members or local church congregations or the rest of the conference here in Michigan do to help to get to assist them in that assimilation process are getting their feet out of them are helping their churches to expand and to thrive what can we do to help. That's a good question. Take for instance our present situation with the coronavirus there are quite a number of them that have lost their jobs because they were factory jobs and they were you know closed down with the governor's. Order and so they are some of them are receiving. Unemployment but some of them it's very difficult for them to navigate how to apply for unemployment even our own Anglo people sometimes have a struggle with that and so they're struggling sometimes with food needs and one of the things that we've worked with the community services director here at that conference is that we're going to do a food drive we're going to be sharing that with people that are in need of that now I don't want you to I don't want our viewers to be left with the impression that they're just totally needy people they're actually actively reaching out to their communities as well Ok so many of the people that we are going to be helping in a few weeks here are going to be people in their own community that are not Adventist that they're going to be seeking out that have those same kind of needs as well fast even from their perspective need looking for ways to minister to others right even in this time that's right that's fascinating with Bob we have to go but thank you so much for the work that you're doing God bless all the efforts in the multiethnic ministry phase as you've rattled off so many of them it's hard to even put your mind around what's going on but clearly if I could say just one thing to our viewers that if you want to have some kind of a ministry for your church I would encourage you to look around your town or your city and find out if there are some refugees there that are in need and think about. As as missionaries that God has brought over here to America that need our support at this time I think you will be richly blessed as you interact with them and provide Amen thank you for being with us I was going to rob. All right so we've seen our global mission feature we've had our local conference interview here with Pastor Bob Stewart of the multi ethnic ministries and now we don't want to ever forget that all ministry is supposed to be inherently personal So here's yet another testimony of how the Lord is working through the lives of dedicated individuals right here in the Michigan conference. The. Mining machinery I'm a massage therapist and I work from home which gives me the ability to be able to set my own hours and pick who I would like to see and not see the way that I use that to witness to others is by just starting right off with asking them can I pray for you because I feel that not. Who knows the bottom better than the one created and so I like to invite Jesus to come and put his hand on mine and to guide my hands as I work with them but it also then opens up the door and they know that I'm a Christian that they have anything in their heart that they want to share and I get to witness for Jesus most people are extremely happy that I am willing to pray with a minute actually puts him in the city East especially those that have never had and start before they just totally relaxed and they're not afraid anymore I have had the standing with this lady she came in she had received one of my his certificate and came in Burma sized and we built up a friendship and over time I think it's probably about a 3rd or 4th massage when I just felt the Holy Spirit prompting me saying ask her she would like to study the Bible ask her she'd like to study the Bible and I'm always trying to dismiss that cause I don't know why. But she's very active in the church that she goes to but I asked her and she was more than happy to stay she told me she didn't really know what was in the Bible and when she reads the Bible she doesn't understand it and so we started studying the Bible in fact recently we just heard this out in the change of the Sabbath so she's very she's under tremendous conviction and she's kind of just toying with those ideas what do I do you would do with this you know because she is so active in her church because she knows and see. The Sabbath is real and that it wasn't change that got special day oh she's so appreciative of what I'm doing she just thanks me all the time for showing her things in the Bible that she never knew was there she used to be able to you know just pick it up and try to read it and it would just be just empty she's read through the Bible I think she said 2 or 3 times and just it just feels just empty to her to she said I want to have a relationship with Jesus the way you have around because I can see it is real and it's alive and I never felt or have that relationship with him before I would say little or every opportunity in the world is full of broken people and they're all around you just. Ask I heard the opportunities and I'm saying well he is holy spirit will promise you every time and you we ask him to prompt us and make sure they leave here in that still small voice don't shut it out because he will speak to you he will tell you reach out to that person reach out to this person maybe it's just a smile one day and maybe there's another day knows that they're down ask him Hey Are you Ok do you would you like to talk our share or promise or something and there's just so many different ways to be able to reach them and where you are it doesn't have to be just in a side room with people from one. All right Pastor Howard we have come to the lesson study element of our saddest program and I am particularly excited about this week in fact is going to this week and next week because both these 2 weeks we're talking about lessons $8.00 and $9.00 here Genesis as foundation the story of creation and how it's so fundamental to our entire paradigm of faith and there's such I'm going to tell you right now there's a lot of rich stuff we're not even come close to taking away all that we could from this rich study that's right we got to dive into it but oh yes we course we have our memory verse and we've been challenging putting it challenge out so we're going to have you check out the submission for this week's memory verse and we're thankful to have you keep sending them in and more than that memorizing the memory or a Venn So check it out this is Kalamazoo junior academy and they're going to receive the memory verse today from Sharon $11.00 to $4.00 in the beginning was the word in the Word was with God in them and us in the beginning not on these unique and not here not me. In here was my right and I think my. Good morning church family Schieffer And you're here to say the reverse John one was. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with and the Word was God he was interviewing with. All things were beneath you and without him nothing was made that was made in you was life and the life was like John one went through for example. All right so Pastor Howard we've had our misreport we've had our memory verse the only thing lacking is a word of prayer and then we can dive into this week's lesson study how can you lead us in prayer let's pray Heavenly Father we are so thankful for the word of truth and as we have had the blessing this quarter of going over and being reaffirmed in how important the word is to our faith experience we pray the Holy Spirit that inspired the authors of Scripture would guide us today in our study give us a practical understanding Lord that will that will continue to build our faith and trust in you when we ask and prayed in Jesus' name he meant Amen. Yes lesson 8 Genesis is Foundation part one you know I'm thinking to myself that our viewers may be you know what we're studying scripture and interpreting scripture and have we moved on to a quarterly on creation. And so that may be a question that comes up a why why creation in the middle of the study on the others also for the senior weeks why are we taking 2 weeks to focus on this one story in the Bible well and I don't know about in your experience but I've had friendships of people have different perspectives on the Bible and creation specifically and I hear things sometimes like well I mean I guess you could read it that way I could read it this way or maybe it's not even a literal is it really but the real importance is later of the scripture and it's kind of a dismissive nature when it comes to even Christians when it comes to the story of creation so well they are going to act that I looked this up and you can find it in a way could be the article on the what's called the stick evolution that is evolution that has basically that God used the process of God directed evolution and in fact that's what this lesson is really intending to an address is is theistic evolution something that can really be taken from a plane reading of Scripture and you know it may sound crazy to some of our viewers if we wait a minute you know I mean. The Bible says God created it isn't that what everybody believes but Eugenie Scott who's the director executive director of the National Center for Science Education here United States of America said in one form or another theistic evolution is the view of creation taught at the majority of mainline Protestant seminaries this isn't in the churches this is taught to the pastors who teach the churches. The again let me say that again theistic evolution ism she says is the view of creation taught at the majority of mainline Protestant seminaries and it is the official position of the Catholic Church Well if you just take the friends of the Catholic Church alone that's a $1000000000.00 adherents and a structure that spans the globe teaching this as fact and it mentioned mainline Protestant not just churches but similar areas Hooty So this is a huge issue even inside of the Christian church it's very because you would think like oh the nonbelievers they're the evolutionists and creationists are those who believe the Bible but there's a massive wealth of even Christian believers who struggle with this question of or engines in the story of creation and have come to some I believe not just different but biblically inconsistent and in fact faith destroying conclusions with the istic are Lucian So this isn't well that's understandable to a degree for somebody who holds 2 of you higher critical higher critical view of inspiration where you don't believe the whole Bible is inspired you know in the author's gonna mixed in their own then you can weave some of that in but it's especially alarming is the word that comes to my mind in the 7th Day Adventist Church where we claim as a church not to hold in to higher critics of very high regard the scriptures are this is the Word of God the inspired word of God All of it and anyway the view we hold of scripture. Is not a higher critical view and yet it has crept at this idea of the stick evolution has crept into our own church not in an official way no it's definitely in the conversation that's right yes it is and so one of the things the lesson highlights just right there on Sabbath afternoon study are all the things that are impacted by a variation of understanding because I you know I've had people say well what difference does it make really Ok whether it's 6 literal days or a long periods of time or whatever but the end it lifts off and we can't quote it all here's a domino effect it is a domino effect of it listen if like the nature of the Godhead you know the truth about the Sabbath or the great controversy the picture of the origin of evil salvation and redemption the flood the covenant the Word of God itself the character God the nature of humanity marriage stewardship I mean it goes on and on and on the dominoes don't stop when we when we have a difference of perspective on this origin story where it ends up is greatly divergent and it changes our entire faith platform that's right the origin story it lays the foundation for everything else and then you if you take that out of the picture then it obviously effects everything else in that domino effect just one after the other and so the lesson the whole purpose of the lesson this week is to take a look at scripture and ask Is this a viewpoint the istic evolution that we can draw from Scripture or description or support the plain reading of the text in Genesis Now that's a very important point and I hope you call it what you just said that that the lessons in for Sister week this week is not necessarily to go point by point and debunk evolutionary theory or even theism The question is What does the Bible itself say about its own origin story do Bible writers after Moses refer to it as an allegory or a metaphor or simply spiritualize it away or leave open the door too long or is there a consistent picture from Genesis to. Ation of a singular view of a literal creation process and just as Moses outlined it in Genesis chapter $12.00 and $3.00 so that's what we're going to be looking at today so there's a lot we are not let me be clear there's a lot we could be touching on this week that we're not going to because we want to stick to that simple question What does the Bible itself reveal about creation that's right and the lesson moves right away on Sunday's lesson into Genesis 11 and as we were talking earlier not Genesis 11 through 3 right there in the very 1st sentence him to just take what the Bible tells us it says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth so you have God existing in the beginning in the beginning God was already there well already even before that it presumes there was a beginning that that's the beginning of the whole story of humanity and God's relationship our fall the redemption all that process had to start That's right it didn't George and then morph out of a long there was a point where it wasn't and then it began and God said it in God's word says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth that's right and in our memory verse Harkins this week where it says speaks of Christ and it says Through him all things were created and all of Him all things were made without him nothing was made that was made so you have gone 1st in the beginning and then subsequently after him comes everything else and so the interesting thing about that is it addresses some of the in fact the lesson brings this out and I highlighted this on Sunday the. 1st paragraph there on Sundays lesson kind of midway through says the greatest questions of philosophy regarding who we are why we are here and how we got here are answered by the 1st sentence of the Bible the very 1st sentence and these are the quest people ask across the board why do I exist how did we get here did we go to the limit of questions that are answer right there in the existence of God So in the beginning so no again not just the existence of God but the activity of God in every ating So God existed and there was a beginning for our world here just as the Bible continues to say and he's the one who determines it's beginnings he's the one who activated our life and the story of the Bible is meant to be read as though there was a starting point and God initiated that's right in the reason I brought up the existence of God Well the lesson as a thought question there at the bot of the page on Sunday and it asks this What difference does it make to know that you were created by God. And we've got to be brief on this what we're discussing in evolutionary theory people who hold to that he will have an atheistic worldview often try to argue for morality and try to offer our you know what right and wrong and purpose in life but the reality is there if if this if everything is a result of an evolutionary process there's it's random there is no purpose right there is no meaning there is no more rally right and wrong it's all chemical process biological processes but there is no intent of when you take God out of the picture when you take a creator out of the sure it just it just came to be right and so there's 2 seismically opposite I mean like tectonic plate differences viewpoints of how the world came in to be either it was through the random natural processes with no supernatural divine it or it was as creation says but between those 2 extremes many Christians have tried to as we've talked about you know in fact entire Symon areas entire denominations have devoted themselves to a what you would call a hybrid between the 2 that there is a God and He is love and he knows my name and he cares for me and there is purpose at the same time that God used to use the process sees of random and predation and long errors of time and disease and does it all of which brought us into what we have now so stick evolution as you referred to it a god driven evolutionary process is trying to take these 2 worldviews and cram them together and we've talked about this before too but I respect the fact that. There are those who are diehard Lee committed to either one of those camps will in their all honesty say there really is no company between those 2 right you either are on the Hamp of evolution or the camp of creation. But that middle ground grayish blur really kind of takes away from both of the distinctive features right you either have this one or this one absolutely makes me think of a statement that Richard Dawkins made Richard Dawkins is a well known atheist author of The God Delusion and you just see that is how simply no address we get here but he feel you know once Christian whatever and he and he became in fact the evolutionary theory that won him over One him from Christianity he makes a point in an interview in the book in the in the movie rather expelled which is on the creation evolution debate he says in that movie that interview there is a kind of science defense lobby or an evolution defense lobby desperately wanting to be friendly to mainstream sensible religious people and the way you do that is to tell them the religious people that there's no incompatibilities between science and religion and so he starts out by saying there are some in the field of science who want to win over the Christians and so they they tell him that there is. Evolution in Christian York are compatible and he goes on in the interview to say but if I were put on trial and somebody asked me in a court of law Dr Dawkins how his evolution has evolution impacted your Christianity has it taken you away from he said absolutely it absolutely has because they're incompatible and he said other would be the worst kind of defense that this scientists science lobby could call but his whole point is just what you were saying in the lesson brings it out as well these things are not compatible we're in the I don't know what political or other reasons but people are going for compatibility and then as we go through this lesson we're going to see that that from several aspects of Scripture that they're not compatible on Sundays lesson 2nd paragraph in the last part of the paragraph makes this point Darwinian eval. It is contradictory to scripture in every way and attempts by some to harmonize it with the Bible make Christianity or rather make Christians crazy any look silly Yeah like Are you serious it seems like such a super old statement say like why it's not silly we're going to try to compromise we're going to try to but the reality is as you play the tape to the end you start to unwind the threads of all those connective tissues you realize there is no harmony between the 2 you're either evolutionist or you are a creationist and you can respectably be either one I respect you for denying the faith or if expect me from harming but there this mythical middle ground just makes everybody look silly as were atheists will say the same thing to Christians will say the same thing pick a side and we have to understand again coming back to our lesson for this week what does the Bible actually does the Bible leave room for that or that I am going to USA The reason it makes a Christian look silly is as we're going to see through this lesson you have to deny some of the plainest statements of Scripture in order to hold that view right in order to get there you gotta break some other stuff so let's take a look at this this week is powerful stuff Well we move into the lesson goes into talking about the days of creation and this has been a point of contention in this whole debate that there are those in the theistic evolution camp who say who are trying to put the 2 together say what I believe the Bible says about creation but I don't believe that it was a 6 literal days and I'm guessing they would be comfortable if it just stopped in Genesis $11.00 in the beginning God created them well good and then don't ever get into the details of how or when or where but the problem is the story goes on a verse 2 in verse 3 in verse 4 and it makes some pretty incredible claims that are hard to you know tear apart right when all the way through and then in the lesson quotes from. Just the 1st 1st year there are verses there again picking up a Genesis one in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth the earth was without form and void the darkness was on the face of the Deep in the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters then God said Let there be light and there was a light and God saw the light that it was good and God divided the light from the darkness and God called the light Day and the darkness he called night so the evening and the morning were the 1st day. Yeah well even mean there are several important points I think we can spend most of our time just on Mondays less alone about the importance of this day declaration but you recognize 1st of all this the 1st time well obviously this is the 1st time anything's been talked about in the Bible it's the very opening pages but. It defines in its own terms what a day is because you have people saying Look day could be. Could be thousands or even millions of your billions you know but the Bible itself when it introduces the term day it defines it by saying you know that unit of time that has an evening and notice an evening singular evening and singular morning so 2 parts constitute one day and evening part in the morning part dark in the light makes a single day right and now let me pause and energetic in our discussion when we've been talking about interpreting Scripture and you know hermeneutics in that the goal of interpretation is to come to the understanding of what the author meant you've got to put yourself in Moses shoes what do you think he was trying to write there was all kinds of figured if things he could have use or symbology that he could use or my feeling about him Sajan Moses today were like oh this is so you meant there are these long indefinite periods of time it's like turn Didn't I write down I talked about the sun went down in the Sunday month or evening and morning and it's a day and the 1st day and the Bible again introduces us to the term day and by defining In fact that's what God called a day you know notice that there was no such thing as a day before this happened so the very 1st time there was a day was when a Day was created and God himself defined the term as being that unified time with an evening this and a mourning period where you highlighted that in the mass and Monday's lesson says that in the 4th paragraph it says it is interesting that God Himself designates this name yom the Hebrew name for day for the 1st unit of time ya more day is defined with the phrase and there was evening and there was morning. So straightforward and you know the Bible goes on to say in the chapter that God made the 2 lights the light to rule the heaven and the light in the Heavens want to rule the day want to rule them right right as sunlight you have moonlight and we know how a day works right now we see the sunlight in daylight we're like Oh we're back that's from the original All right so I mean they were to define They were there to help to know all this is when the baby starts and ends with the revolving of planets and whatever what we know how that works and so this I don't know how the scripture could be more plain and well into even doubled down on that then that's just day one then of course we know there was a day 2 and a day 3 and 4 and the lesson brings out this important point about the cardinal numbers being used right in the very next paragraph above the 7 days of creation are to be understood as a complete unit of time introduced by the cardinal number cad one followed by ordinal numbers 2nd 3rd 4th etc This pattern indicates a consecutive sequence of days culminating in the 7th day so think about that saying so you had that one that we just looked at in the very next day there was another one we called the 2nd day and it's definitive article the 2nd day in any time in Hebrew language where there's a day with an ordinal number 1st day 2nd day 3rd day it's always understood to be exactly what it means a literal 24 hour period with an evening and morning a day so Moses directed by the Holy Spirit shows appropriate language try to educate what he was trying to write so there's an old wound there were 6 days and then the 7th day God rested right and so to me this as again were our burden here this week is to look and see what does the scripture actually say about now if you want to jettison that entirety you can do that but to try to weave into it like Why no it says day but I think it means no the Scripture itself reveals what it means because it gives us these limiting terms that can only mean what it is well and one of things we're going to bring up in our discussion in a little bit is you know that the reason for this is that people are trying to. Trying to find acceptance in some scientific viewpoints and we brought this up before but science is an observation by if finite being of infinite work a man studying the work of God I mean it I can't even if this is this pales in comparison to have your 5 year old watch you working on your the engine on your car doing a brake job and being able to ascertain and draw everything out of that that you're just going to be a limit to understanding right and so is it well the scientists looked at the data he can see with his late night eyes and so he's got it figured out right I'm sorry it doesn't quite work that way yeah but but again we can those are getting away from right what does Scripture say exactly our task today is looking because it isn't yours and we're talking about that you know the Bible says in the book of Hebrews by faith we believe that the worlds were framed by the Word of God So the things that exist are not from those things that do appear and. There's a level of faith in any belief system. Of belief system faith go together but any any religious kind of if you tell me where do you live your life at all there's got to be some level and that level for the Christian is the apostle Paul says Romas $1017.00 that faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God. The Christian believes what the Bible says right anyway so and so we don't know what the exactly what does the Bible say about this topic of creation right that those were 6 literal In fact I remember in the discussions recently in 7th heaven to church they were talking about because there's been a belief since we caught a fight or belief since the 1980 but even before that Adventists have always been literal creationists no doubt about it because the Word of God says so but in recent terms recent years decades there's been a kind of a move to be more open to other theories and maybe have and so there was an effort by the General Conference of 70 Abas to reaffirm our. Creation so instead of just saying we believe the Lord created by the world just as the Bible says they wanted to make sure to insert terms like and you can find these and statements of beliefs all over the place now literal consecutive contiguous 24 hour days just as we know them now including It even goes on and on and on because because even you take the reason for that language is right because people have kicked to think that what literal days and then says I'm Ok with literal days they but they happened they happened this is literal arrows are they Ok no no no let 24 hour period Ok but they didn't happen all sequence no contiguous they share the same board you know we had to find an excuse we I mean exactly what it says right and so you can find that in our final belief number 6 about creation there's a very clear statement that 77 is hold that the Bible position is exactly what it says in its plain reading that God created in 6 literal consecutive 20 Well let it move on to the Sabbath I mean if this is connected right here the 7th Day Adventists you. If there is not a literal 7 today what are we. So is what are we not turning right you are faith that you have the 7th day in the Bible says in Genesis God rested on the 7th day yell that he blessed it he said that they a part for worship and we see it reiterated in the Commandments in fact the Commandments tell us very explicitly that there was a day. 24 hour period and we know that because that did Jews kept at 24 hour period and observed that which was to come memory the day in the beginning that God rested thus the 4th Commandment begins with the word Remember remember the Sabbath day to keep it whole in on it and I it's time to inseparably to creation and how does it end for in 6 days the reasons were very good in the 67 days because God Himself established that in the beginning there was a literal beginning just like there was a literal God and he didn't just have a day he had the 7th day that he set apart in the lesson brings this out on that. For that 7th day the Lord did something different on the other 6 days he reviewed his work he qualified it as good he didn't say it was partially good except for maybe the 6 Day War in the middle of it he said it was good that it was not good for man to be alone but he fixed it right but at the end he said it was good in fact at the end of day 6 he looked at everything is that it was very good so it was good good good very good but beyond that on the 7th day the lesson brings out in this here at this about 3 different things that the Lord does for the 7th day distinct from what he did for those other good day yes the 1st one it's out invent Genesis chapter 2 verse 2 is that he rested and I want to bring this up. Consistently throughout the Bible and the writings of Ellen White you'll notice that it refers to that 1st Sabbath as the Sabbath which the Lord rested and then he gives to man right and we can go into a whole study about this but you know man didn't have 6 days of labor in the sabbath day of rest he was brought into existence on day 6 he witnessed and he communed with God while he did his own resting but it was after the sabbath day when it was finished he is able to give it to man because he had already done his resting right so for in 6 days the Lord God created and then he rested on the 7th day so if God didn't rest on any other days but he did on the 7th day Secondly he blessed the 7th day now he thought the other days were good but this one he blessed where he didn't do the other days and thirdly God sanctified it set it apart made it holy right so the Sabbath is distinct from the other days in several important ways if there was any day of the week that you could say is the Lord's day it was the day that he rested that he exemplify that he blessed that he sanctified and then gave to us as a gift that's right now we have the example throughout Scripture and one could argue for example we talked about Exodus 16 and the gathering of the manna and it was very clear that there were God treated the whole week 24 hour periods this is the 6 day Friday there was twice as much manna on the 7th day every recurring 7th day they were to honor God on the Sabbath and somebody may say well that's just how God can you know that is his 1000 Year rest or whatever how he communicated to man but when Jesus himself came to the earth yes as the example in the model he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day as his custom was I mean the whole idea of God in the flesh modeling he was modeling Sabbath observance in his entry much of his minister exactly in his ministry did not consist of freeing our minds from the. Simple view we had held over centuries no no he doubled down and he went into and he said no I'm going to continue to keep this in fact he exemplified it in his own Sabbath keeping his own customs and habits and he would go so far as to say that he was the Lord of the Sabbath That's right yeah and the Sabbath was made for man in the context of you know pointing back to creation it reminded me of a statement so I included here in our notes Peter some prophets and you'll see it on the screen this is crystal clear. Ellen White wrote the assumption that the events of the 1st week required thousands upon thousands of years strikes directly at the foundation of the 4th Commandment it represents the creator as commanding men to observe the week of literal days in commemoration of vast indefinite periods Incidentally the title of this chapter is taken from is the literal week. She continues this is unlike his method of dealing with his creatures it makes in definite and obscure that which he has made very plain it is infidelity in its most insidious and hence most dangerous form its real character is so disguised that it is held and taught by many who profess to believe the Bible. I mean you know she is more punches to us you know that is a plain It's a plain statement because the testimony of scripture is plain yet cannot be controversial and if we how the devil to move us so easily off of the plane statements of Scripture There's nowhere where he won't move us for so so creation story as the Bible lays it out in Genesis one. Obviously has an immediate impact on the Sabbath day because it was part of that creation story right but there are other things that are just as plain and clear that derive from that literal reading of Genesis that are still a political to our lives today marriage being one of them right that's right one of things a lesson brings up his marriage and a couple passages we propriety should take a look at here Genesis 126 to 28. We can begin there if you have that I do b. right Genesis one verse 26 through 28 Then God said Let Us make man in Our image according to our likeness let them have dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air over the cattle over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth so God created man in his own image in the image of God He created him male and female he created them then God bless them and God said to them Be fruitful and multiply fill the earth and subdue it have dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves on the earth Ok now we're going to build on that with Genesis 2 and then we'll discuss a little bit Genesis 2 verse 18 the lesson all also brings up for say 18 and then we're going to read verses 21 to 24 Genesis 218 says in the Lord God said it is not good that man should be alone you just referred to this and I will make him a helper comparable to him going to verse 21 it says in the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam and he slept and he took want to his ribs and closed up the flesh in its place then the rib which the Lord God had taken from man he made into a woman into a woman and he brought her to the man and Adam said this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh she should be called a woman because she was taken out of man. Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and they shall become one flesh. Now that passage is referred to in. Of course you see it in the origin story the picture of man and woman and what the Bible design should be but I think it's especially important that last verse verse 24 which we're going to see in a moment because Jesus actually quotes from that as if it is a real thing in fact me we have a list I just go straight there Natalie 19. And I say that because you know some people read the story and they ridicule the idea I took a rebel of him and he put it this is obviously figurative Jesus did not treat it that way and Matthew Chapter 19 and verses 3 through 6 can you want to read that we're sure the fair sees also came to him testing him and saying to him is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife or just any reason and he answered and said to them Have you not read that he who made them at the beginning made them male and female and said For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and the 2 shall become one flesh so then they are no longer 2 but one flesh Vera for what God has joined together let no man separate. There's a lot that can be said here yes thinking about the order of the Jesus as he you know this is one of those passages have you not read it it's a very excuse me it how many times it uses used to be a fun study how many times do we find Jesus saying that phrase Have you not read well in the implication is don't you believe what it says it's not not just have you not read it but the implication is why are you asking me this question you know later it's his reply to a fear radical or hypothetical like a big philosophical question he answers with well didn't you read right and from people who are well educated in the scripture Yes exactly so like that my point again is more than just reading Jesus believed and taught the plain a plain of Scripture right though it is says it right there that's why it was they understand it plainly and you apply it do you expect them to be saying oh yeah but to take in the rebel and all that kind of figurative and everything out he expected them to take it just as it reads exactly and before we go on to the discussion part of the reason that the lesson is bringing this out I wanted it to share this is the lesson shares it on up Wednesday in the 1st paragraph and this isn't a news necessarily to those who are watching today but it says the last decade has witnessed enormous changes in the way society and governments define marriage many nations of the world have approved same sex marriages overturning previous laws that have protected the family structure the comp that comprises at its center one man and one woman. This is an unprecedented development in many respects and it raises new questions about the institution of marriage the relationship of church and state and the sanctity of marriage and the family as defined in Scripture This is why we're looking at this and the story here in Genesis really gives us a clear picture of marriage yes it does and one of the things that that same lesson brought out of the in said Scripture is unequivocal that this relationship is to take place between a man and a woman who themselves originate from their father and mother also a man and a woman that's right so it's not just this 2 as a model that you can differ is when it says Be fruitful and multiply there's a biological necessity that there be a man and a woman and then when it says on or your father or mother it assumes that your father and mother were single man a single woman who came together to make you and you in turn will it's a continuous cycle that God set up much like the days cycle he built this relationship to be in perpetuity a foundation of society Well this is a loaded discussion because it strikes at practice of some individuals and some people have labeled it as being insensitive or writing. And certainly people have been insensitive to to all kinds of things sure Ok but the point here is that we're looking at what the teaching of Scripture is and the bottom line is there are. And we're not trying to be insensitive here but the homo sexual relationship is not ideal for man in scientific studies have shown that. Neither is perverted heterosexual relationship so we're not trying to make this is a homosexuals versus heterosexual it is them in a monogamous relationship the God established in creation if it were trying to say is so clearly written in Scripture in I'm not going to look up the text what we just read from Matthew 19 and Jesus said Have you not read and but in that same passages you go on to verse that passage you go into verse 8 and he says you know God because the hardness they said basically said to Jesus Well listen How's Moses allowed to let us get divorced and Jesus said Moses because the hardness of your hearts permitted divorce but from the beginning it was not so and that phrase what Jesus is saying when he says from the beginning it was not so is that God made an allowance but that allowance was not the ideal his point when he says from the beginning it was not so was to say in the beginning before sin we have the picture God's perfect picture his perfect ideal and we have a perfect ideal of marriage and marriage was not instituted by anybody but God and it was part of the whole origin narrative in marriage originated with God It was a. Holy union that God sanctified right and you bring up an important thing about God's allowance vs his ideal right how in the beginning when in Jesus reverse of that you bring up your bringing up because Jesus brought it up to his listeners in those days he would say but in the beginning it was not so or have you not read that in the beginning God established that the creation story reveals not only the nuts and bolts of how we came to be but also the the the broader picture of the ideals that God revealed for humanity how he I think of the marriage relationship I think of even food right. If we didn't get into it in this lesson we don't have time to go into it now but does God in the Bible allow the eating of meat Yes but in the beginning it was not so and and incidentally in the New Earth it won't be so exactly and how about the allowance for Israel to have a king God did allow it but it wasn't his 1st call and in fact he said it's going to be a bad thing if you do so just because the God doesn't wipe us off the face of the earth for violating these things doesn't mean it wasn't part of his original intent and his grandest ideal that is revealed in that scripture that well and remain there you're saying there's original intent and what have you but the Bible speaks prohibitively against homosexuality it doesn't against eating clean meats it's sure you know what I'm saying so even that's it doesn't allow it and so he got it she like it certainly So that's what I'm saying is my point here is that just like creation being a literal 7 day week and marriage being established by God as a holy institution these are things that were built into humanity's framework in that 1st story in the Bible that if we as Christians detach from if we separate ourselves from the literal nature of the days the 7th day sabbath the heterosexual dog missed marriage all of a sudden the ripple effects the domino effect of that though we might profess to be Christian it wreaks havoc on the faith downstream Absolutely in fact there's a fascinating statement on this in the book great controversy and the setting of the statement is the French Revolution where where atheistic France was fighting against everything religious and between marriage and the sacredness of it and the week you know if one day we could sell it we. And Ellen White quote She's actually quoting from serve Walter Scott in the book great controversy if eans for demons is the demons had set themselves to work to discover a mode of most effectually destroying whatever is venerable graceful or permanent in domestic life and of obtaining at the same time an assurance that the mischief which it was their object to create should be perpetuated from one generation to another let's pause and just make the point these men if demons are thinking you know how going to really wreck humanity what can I do to just really mess up domestic life and humanity and and not only mess it up but how can I make sure that it keeps happening over and pet to a bit yes. If demons that set themselves to work etc doing this they could not have invented a more effectual plan than the degradation of marriage and that's a powerful statement yeah and they really wanted to undo society as a whole take out and really see that happening that's you that's happening in not everybody perceives that to go away from God's ideal plan is never good idea right and that again is not to say that God can't be merciful for people who grow up in circumstances in less than ideal you know situations of course but clearly the Lord knows that it is best for humanity to have that one man one woman relationship with a being children be fruitful and multiply and raise them in the fear of the Lord and society as a whole would bear the benefits of that relationship if we were to hear to what God has said and what our goal as Christians is not to see how we can get the Bible to fit how we are absolutely is to see from the Bible what we should become and by the grace of God you know allow him to restore that image in us and that moves us to our last. Last point and last but certainly not least not at all as man in the cross and you know some people are you getting into this and say you know look creation evolution and you have your views I have my views what's the big deal as long as we uplift Christ you know it does sound so dice it like I don't want to get the weeds of that either Let's just agree to disagree on that but when it comes to and they'll say that all this shit on a refrigerator Jesus write the Bible wasn't written to teach a science that wasn't teacher and to teach is history it was there to give a salvation a picture of Jesus so what do you have Aleutian even theistic evolution really do to Jesus in the plan of redemption Well let's just think about it shouldn't take more than a few seconds to really kind of debunk this isn't a license that platitude might sound that we articulated a minute ago the reality is that if you take separate creation from Redemption and treat one is mythical if the other is literal you've got a big problem again right because for instance the Bible testifies that it was Jesus who is the. Agent of creation right so he's the one who created us in His image he's the one who set the days and weeks into motion he's the one who set up marriage he's the one who and those were all ideals before Genesis 3 records the fall but wait a minute you even think of the Ok of a creator creator is establishing a platform in a system of whatever it's all harmoniously to benefit the creation right so it's not like we're going to allow throw marriage in that this whole picture is his this is you want to be happy you want to be fulfilled this is how you do it breaking it what with evolutionary theory whether it's completely atheistic or theistic whatever you want to call it it's still built on the same platform of long periods of predation and crew and death and disease and corruption and violence and it's just not at all pretty it's not a grotesque right and we're going to say that you know because the Bible makes simple statements like that sin leads to death that's right you know we see it in creation we see it in the original count right he also seems to do in the new tax actually affirmed by the New Testament writers like the Apostle Paul that there's a 12 punch of sin leading to my one man sin of the world and death for his right and Book of Romans they're clear affirmation of the right but in the evolutionary mindset death has been around for a long time in fact that this air is not only necessary it's been official we get better through the process of dying and decay and violence and predatory behavior the fact kind of grotesque world actually makes a better world right and we're getting better through this process which we if you're just tuning in we don't believe no no is not what we have it is part and parcel of evolutionary theory Absolutely and so you have this model if this self-contradictory model where death and disease and crime and all kinds of horrible things were slowly making the world better and then God steps in at some point and says Now this. This is in and I mean in fact it's so bad I'm going to save you from that sin by sending my own son to what Yeah in fact we take the play the tape at the end and if the evolutionary model of human suffering actually creates improvements in humanity that sin and the resultant effects are actually a benefit to mankind then Christ interrupting that. Beautiful process with his redemption would actually be a hindrance to our advancement in both it's horrific there's no there is no way the impediment and you cannot blow in these 2 together where you know that the statement that come comes to my mind one of my absolute favorites from the book Education Page 15 talk about the plan of redemption notice how ties in the work of Christ to his being creator and the creation account to restore in man the image of his maker to bring him back to the perfection in which he was created to promote the development of body mind and soul that the divine purpose in his creation might be realized this was to be the work of redemption this is the object of education the great object of life the whole purpose of God's redemptive plan is to bring us back to that creative ideal and if there was no creation and there is no ideal then the other years we did not know how lifting Jesus and honor in Jesus and buying into any level of evolution use to rip the power from the curry atr who spoke and it was who commanded the stood fast the end of all the things that creation could undermine redemption itself is fundamental So the creation story is tied in extra quickly to the rebuilt story both of which are centered in Jesus Christ and the well. A concluding statement we were looking at this now than the lesson brings up a part of this and the lesson did the same thing I tried to do and that is to truncate the statement but I'm going to share the whole thing from testimonies volume 8 page 258 it speaks so much to this point today God has permitted a flood of light to be poured upon the world in the discoveries of science and art but when professedly scientific men reason upon these subjects from a merely human. Point of view they are sure to err the greatest minds if not guided by the Word of God become be willed in their attempts to investigate the relations of science and Revelation we talked about that this is the 5 year old trying to understand all Dad's working this is like oh I can't figure it all how well of course you can't you're looking at the work of God Yes. Continuing on. The Creator and His works are beyond their comprehension and because these cannot be explained by natural laws Bible History is pronounced unreliable those who question the reliability of the scripture records have let go their anchor and are left to beat about upon the rocks of infidelity when they find themselves incapable of measuring the creator in his works by their own imperfect knowledge of science they question the existence of God and attribute infinite power to nature in true science there can be nothing contrary to the teaching of the Word of God For both have the same author a correct understanding of both will always prove them to be in harmony truce whether in nature or in Revelation is harmonious with itself in all its manifestations but the mind not enlightened by God Spirit will ever be in darkness in regard to his power this is why human ideas in regard to science so often contradict the teaching of God's word now I want you to take note in their mark that no one time to she did a great science no she literally said science is fantastic the problem is because we God is not he calls God the author of Side Zachary The problem is that our flame bites a comprehension are limited perspective we can we think oh well the scientists are on this with science and as though science is something fully in our pocket a tool that we are completely over deaf talked about how many times scientists have had come to a new understanding Oh look a spider has 8 legs. So the idea. Is that science is it limited me there is creation it's our limitation we can't get our minds and arms fully around God or His creative power or his even Copernicus was imprisoned because he things he said scientifically everything doesn't revolve around the earth exactly and then they came to understand that he was right right so science is a never been a fault science is just our way observing but we have a limited perspective what we have to trust is that God from his perspective on high has given us accurate history and deep insights that praise the Lord we have the privilege of being part of and studying now and throughout eternity that's right so I'm excited and I'm excited we have another week to talk about this is more for you to remember we are going to get another week of friends I hope that you can see already that we're excited about the fact that the Bible is trustworthy the Genesis story is accurate as God has given it to us and it has incredible implications in applications for our lives today so we want to be faithful to that word and its application in our lives and that's perhaps for prayer Heavenly Father thank you so much for another rich study thank you for giving us a word to study and Lord help us to appreciate it more and more help us to regard it as it is sacred testimony from the very throne of God and as we seek to reckon. With these great themes and to reconcile some disparate misunderstanding parts of some people have Lord help us to be gracious help us to be humble help us to be willing to go where your word leads us and most importantly Lord help us to seek to be like Jesus as we get to know Him more and more.


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