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If you had Just One Page of the Bible

Richard Davidson



  • October 15, 2005
    3:00 PM
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will join us to continue our study about the sanctuary this afternoon and afternoon we want to experience new I hope some new excitement about the sanctuary doctrine of the overall titles I gave us this afternoon made it sound a little boring and in retrospect I would like to change it once you send it in it's too late but I was given the assignment to come and to share not only about the sanctuary but about hermeneutics is what they told me principles of how to interpret the Bible and especially the sanctuary and especially dealing with some of those issues where people in recent times have rejected the sanctuary doctrine and the principles of interpretation of how to how to get at that that situation but I can't bear to do that for more than an hour I know for me the sanctuaries got to be positive stuff experiential stuff not just a theory about why it's not as though the way and so the first hour together we're going to just this more celebrated of the sanctuary as I believe sanctuary is not just as I said last night it's not just the doctor to be believed it's a experience to be had sanctuary life and then for those of you that are into the heavy step of asking questions and wrestling with the why's and wherefore 's of the sanctuary and that he wanted just dig into the nuts and bolts of the principles that underlie it you can stay the last hour and on those who want to go on home and get a nap you'll have a you will have fulfilled your seven afternoon sanctuary obligations known out of okay so I am subtitling this first hour together if you just had one page of the Bible now let's set the scene okay we are looking at the signs of the times that seem to be picketing all around us natural disasters and the waters all of those things which should clue us in getting short while this is good to be for real one of these days are better wake up in the Sunday law will be passed and we go to find out that there is a bounty out on our head for those who claim to believe in the Sabbath day and one of these days there's going to be a knock on our door with a policeman there to take you to jail because of your faith if you were going to plan for that moment when you'd be better off prison and you knew they would let's take your precious Bible there and you might be able to get away with just slipping one page of the Bible that you had carefully chosen to photocopy in advance and slip into that secret close which page would you choose now before you start salivating about all those wonderful promises that you want to be sure you have I'm assuming you have all those already in your memory you don't need those pages and all the ones that John three sixteen and without all that the glorious promises you can go start away and so I'm looking for a page that you would choose that has the whole story of redemption on one page in detail just allusions so what I'm insisting you include on that single page on making it harder I knowledge that I wanted to be tough on you this afternoon standards are high for Angels clothes before you head off prison time trouble it needs to have in detail creation sent the coming of Jesus is death his resurrection his ascension the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost time his high priestly ministry in the heavenly sanctuary the pre- Advent judgment starting in eighteen forty four the second coming of Christ still with me the millennium and the new all on one page in detail which page would you choose Andrews I think he bruises got some pages it would have many of those I'm not sure it would have all of them Daniel sets of pages it would have a lot of those things that's for sure I don't think would have all of you know Stephen sermon that's that's filled with many of those points I agree but I don't think it has all of those in detail explicitly yes relations well that's it that's a pretty fast sweep of the history of salvation is the right I think though that noble millennium there doesn't have the creation of the Excel seven yes John one again another sweeping and this is need to hear all these ideas of the sweeping passages of Scripture I know of only one tech him all all of those that I've mentioned you could prove you wrong if you can show me another one although I'll be the first to become a believer but it is you photo copyright from the table you can get it all on one page and the chapter of the Bible and is surprisingly enough it's a chapter what you know I teach Old Testament so you know where it's going from right the chapter the Old Testament and it's in the most unlikely book where you might find such a thing it's the book that trips up most Christians that start reading the Bible through they get through Genesis odds are great stories the pager are clinging to accident and what a fantastic guide it is a lettuce out of Egypt and they get to the book of Leviticus sanctuary sacrifices sacrifices lie alive everywhere and he stopped reading and say what maybe I'll start next year Leviticus trips up more than make it through and most of them don't even get into the chapter on talking about bucket about the twenty third chapter of Leviticus now some of you were just headed on the tip of your tongue I can see that you are ready to say that if I had just one page of the Bible or I have just one table study to give people or if I just had one sermons are preached this is the text that use because I believe here in this chapter in prefiguration in advance God gives the whole Celine of the plan selfish and he encodes it in includes it in the actual festivals is so that as ancient Israel every year we went through this yearly round festivals they would in any thing experience the whole plan of salvation becoming through no of we have to spend just a couple minutes on hermeneutics principles of interpretation because we are now living after the cross and say it's bound to come up what do Christians do with these feasts today are these feasts what we should be keeping should we still be keeping these fees there are some administrator vigorously promoting and saying in essence if you're not keeping the face you're not keeping all the statutes and judgments God really need to be keeping over the weekly Sabbath at the annual fees as are others that will say if you mention the feasts and should I and don't even talk about what's the truth about the observance of the feasts and we'll get into that the pictures of beautiful picture of the plan of salvation here but I I I guess a better deal in just this little hermeneutical issue I believe that Leviticus twenty three answers that question for us and let's see how it does turn with me to Leviticus twenty three this free chapter that summarizes the best God 's festival calendar in the Old Testament times when you open a book and read the introduction do you usually expect that you will turn the next page in your mind the second introduction books don't usually have two introductions but Leviticus twenty three has two reductions already mentioned get your antennas up saying when something unusual about this notice is reversed to while the first one is just of the Lord spoke to Moses saying and here's what God says starting the first two species of the children of Israel and say to them the faces of your which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations these are my feast as introduction now look at verse three and tell me which these is he introducing six days shall work be done seventh day is a sabbath of solemn rest holy convocation you shall do no work in it it is the Sabbath of the Lord in all your drawing the weekly Sabbath right legally savvy he introduces the phase studies slips in the weekly Sabbath the notice verse four is the second introduction these are the feces of the larger holy convocations which you shall proclaim at their appointed times and now the rest of the chapter is talking about the annual saps the the annual festivals why to introductions why does God separate the weekly Sabbath from the annual festival 's Sabbath of the Lord he calls the weekly ones from these other convocations while the two introductions don't tell us just get there are spiritual antennas of Satan is different here there's something to be learned in this chapter by separating these two out when you get into chapter just to get to the end of God 's descriptions of the festivals you get to verse thirty seven God gives us the clue thirty seven thirty eight are the principal by which I choose whether or not to keep the festival 's today for the these are mandatory today as they were for Old Testament times were thirty seven these are the feasts of the Lord which you shall proclaim to be holy convocation so this is not the annual feast is just followed after listing all those annual fees these are the feasts of the Lord and what does it say the purpose of those feasts is read on these are the feasts of the Lord to proclaim to be holy convocations in order to what offer sacrifices offered offerings made by fire to the Lord burn offering great offering sacrifice during offering anything everything on its own day but was the purpose of the annual festivals to offer sacrifices but then you get the first thirty days and it says out how much of the gods is in addition to the sadness of the Lord that we saw earlier the Sabbath of the Lord that was the weeklies and noticed according to verse thirty eight the weekly Sabbath not only inextricably to the sacrificial system it doesn't say in addition to the Sabbath the words which are given in order to offer sacrifices know that the line like that regarding the Sabbath does this in addition to the Sabbath the Lord and your guests in your vows in your free will offerings all of those are things that are not linked to the sacrificial system to hear the point and that's trying to make the principle is trying to make is trying to say these annual festivals are linked to the ceremonial sacrificial system they were to come to the Temple in fact they had to come to the temple in order to keep these vessels they couldn't keep it in their own they had to go to the temple they had to go in order to offer sacrifices it was part of the sacrificial set Aaron Munoz is the worst the Sabbath wasn't really offered sacrifices on San Miguel number twenty nine describes the sacrifices that were offered but they weren't that was was not laid was not given in order to do that that wasn't his basic purpose to have his remember was pointing to creation it came into existence before sin it wasn't part of the ceremonial typological that's why I believe Adventists have rightly chosen to tell the world about the weekly said but not to insist that we keep the ceremonials was the ceremonial service were part of the ceremonial law that pointed forward to Christ they were the eyes and pointed forward to Jesus the anti- when Jesus came as the nth of type as the fulfillment of the types were now living in the reality not in the cream of the reader and so Adventists have taken the position that the festivals the annual festivals are not mandatory for Christians now it's true these festivals also floated backward they were Jewish holidays pet Passover for example was the holiday and keep it helps inviting a raspy voice your sonar I have the strength is that but also I know that if we get warmed up too much you may have to turn it on again I realized that eventuality Passover for example was a memorial of the coming of age I was a commemorative quality like Fourth of July for us Jewish holiday civil holiday sale of Tabernacles it commemorated their time of being in the wilderness for forty years and they celebrated it by coming and staying in booths for a week every every year and if we has spiritual Israel wish to plug into our Jewish heritage or Jewish Christians wish to plug into their Jewish heritage no harm done back I've been doing it for thirty years but because I have to because it's mandatory that Christians at this Christians keep the descendent you see the careful distinction of trying to make weekly Sabbath yes to be the test that the final time will we be faithful to God to worship on his day because we trust even though we can prove it by our senses which is the day to worship God since we're doing is that love him but he does not say that the Jewish festivals are still to be observed today to my view some of you may disagree with that I'll be happy to dialogue with you when you have a question answer during the second hour so I'm not promoting here we got to keep the feasts I hope you get that message neither am I saying that one who chooses to take the opportunity when these he's come along to meditate on their spiritual significance is inappropriate and doing as as I see at these festivals are wonderful times not mandatory for us to keep the times when we meditate upon what kind upon which they pointed what God has done to which they pointed that's why I screech the service morning Thursday was Yom Kippur and even though added us believe that since eighteen forty four every day has been at the typical Yom Kippur we been living in the day of atonement every day in cell one zero one Yom Kippur comes along I can plug in a special way to think about the meaning of the Potomac of the good news judge so I believe there's that fine balance position in Scripture that does not promote these conveniences mandatory thing for Christians but neither does it denigrate the festivals of something not worthy of being you experience free with Rihanna on her radar that's the estimate for limited hermeneutical stuff now let's get into the incident dig into the meat of this check let's see how this one chapter gives us a panoramic view the whole plan a selfish well the Sabbath weekly Sabbath journey dimension the Sabbath is kick this into remembering creation God 's whole work of creation itself seventy seven is is there a start but let's start with verse four convocations the yearly convocations no as a teacher I would be greatly appreciative of having something to jog our attention here so we just flip this around and were not to spend a lot of time on every verse such as when you do the big picture so that you go back and fill in the details yourself but the first festival came on the first month which is the month of Nissan please do not spell it with two asses and seesaw and it's the fourteenth day of Nissan it comes in the springtime and according to the Scriptures here for day verse five fourteenth day of the first month at twilight is the Lord 's Passover here is how so or in Hebrew it's called SI has what I'd like us to explore is how Jesus fulfilled these these typological feasts precisely to the teen ran Jesus you recall it his lords the Lords supper with his disciples that he was tried and convicted taken to Mount Calvary and it was the fourteenth day of the month fourteenth day of Nissan when that when he became the Passover lamb to die for us and what time of the day did Jesus die three o'clock in the afternoon the ninth hour wasn't no wait a minute verse five says Lisa my version here on the fourteenth day of the first month at twilight the Lord 's Passover son doesn't go down at three o'clock in the afternoon I happen here but if you look in the margin or if you have and what was marginal references it'll say literally for the Lord twilight will save literally between the two evening between two easy to go back to understand what was happening in Jesus day the first evening started at three o'clock in the afternoon it's when the evening sacrifice three o'clock in the afternoon was the first evening the second evening came at sundown the so between the two evenings was between three o'clock and Sunday so when did Jesus die three o'clock just as the first silver land was being killed in the Temple courtyard Jesus Hassell and Christ's right time still today in Israel the low group it still kills the Passover lambs of the Jews because according to the Jewish understanding and bring lambs to the Temple slay them and there's no temple so how can you kill the festival Ansley can do it there's a group of other men and women up in northern Israel central Palestine which are more called the Samaritans you remove the Samaritans and Jesus in the Samaritan woman in only one of the psych are there well it's like our Jacob 's well is to live around there today is not four hundred and fifty five hundred or so left today and they still offer the sacrifice of the Passover at this time and one of times when I were there in Israel it was at the height of the intifada you know the battle between the Arabs and the Jews but they did have guns yet as the Arabs still had only the stones in the sticks in the Molotov cocktails so it wasn't quite as volatile as it is now still dangerous enough and we wanted to go Israeli authorities discouraged greatly in the Arab taxi drivers even wouldn't take us up those dangerous roads where they the stone throwers would would bash in their cars or break the windows are or come out and locked the car flipped over Garnet and other terrible things were happening and to see past and so we went to a lot of red tape to get special permission to go through my wife was not too anxious to go up because of the danger and also because he just didn't want to see what you see like twisted her arm harder and harder harder her arm is actually easier to do with the near taxi driver status wouldn't go I knew we had to bring out some pretty big you know some pretty famous pictures on American bills in order for them to say well maybe will take you to a group students that rented three taxis and they drove at least eighty miles an hour up the winding roads with big arrow flags all over you know what the Muslim paraffin ale over their car so no one would mistake is for Israelis of security people or anything is through their made it to the top of Garrison just out just in time for past were about the only two are estimated through that year there were more Israeli policeman of their car guarding the place and there were tourists and it wasn't a pretty sight watching fourteen lands was precious little lands being held by the children in all their little pet and then selects the sled of their throats and slaps them slumping into the arms of priests and then Silvano ticking off the skin of the animal and is a glory site my wife was so mad that I made her come in and speak to me for a week after that unlike issues but today but on the way home we finally talk through the layout week later we finally realize why were both so so grossed out why Jim would you I you make an offer these I was suddenly struck both joining the about the same time now because sin is that I see is that I think I'd have to find some way to break through our feeble minds before the cross human minds to help us see how awful singers that class the life of the innocent land took us a lot of time to work through but when I learned that night beyond that when I saw these fire pits fourteen fire 's and they hung up the lands thereto most over the fire according to Exodus twelve years most over the fire but not one phone was supposed to be broken and all the organs were supposed to be there most of the roasted whole to how you do that the only way to do it is the way that Israel did it for fifteen hundred years in the Samaritans are still doing it they put a stick this way holding animal open the animal the opening of this and put his stick like this this and so over every one of those fire was aware roasting across so that Israel for fifteen hundred years as they saw the Lamb of God Passover roast they saw their Savior die paying the penalty they discern the fires of divine wrath percent and the innocent animal talk with the user so that they could go free I saw a visual aid of the cross is worth going Bob Garrison for me to get that picture of what God tried to reveal in every way he could his people I'm thankful we are now going to sacrifice anymore most of you know I've got one of the other window that's a bit but I believe you see those lands again eventually some different text that is why Oprah but that they imply at the customer raising and are now light applies this to that God is not called any of those animal suffering day he's going to idly give a special reward to those animals that that he used to show us the awfulness so guys can reverse the curse and I'm looking for to see exactly how that's can work out some hassle came right on time Jesus hung on the cross just as the Passover lamb was most over the fire on the crossbows fifteen hundred year as you go further into Leviticus twenty three we noticed that on the fifteenth data these of unleavened bread started and so first up days fifteen to twenty one seven days of unleavened bread leaven being a symbol in Scripture of what I'm leavened bread Jesus is the bread of life provided a sacrifice was totally sent us not an ounce not a molecule not a banana of sin and was free from fermentation of sand and so there's unleavened bread transfer his perfect sacrifice of the game and seven the number of completion it was a complete sacrifice once for all that was good for eternity is in the lessons of past now with Donna verse ten speak to the children of Israel and say when you come into the land which I give you and reap its harvest you shall bring a sheaf of the firm fruits of your harvest to the priest and he shall wave the sheaf before the Lord to be accepted on your behalf on the day after the Sabbath okay the fourteenth day of Passover was when the landfill the fifteenth day was the first Sabbath of the Passover week the Royal sample and in the sixteenth day was the day after the Sabbath Jesus dies here Christ in many rest on the Sabbath than on the sixteenth was this wave she's offered as firstfruits away she felt right bar and the priest would take that barley sixteen day waiver before the Lord as the guarantee that the rest of the harvest is currently was going to be ready what happened on the sixteenth day after Jesus early in the morning the great earthquake and Jesus first through the portals of the tomb and there he was in the garden is Mary came looking for a and all she sees is what she thinks is a Gartner she turns that Gartner is living what we've done to my Lord and she just needs to hear one word from the Gartner regard their she recognized his voice to cast out seventeen she became the first herald the resurrection which meant what she did when she heard the ordinary in my link all so thankful to know that he was alive and Jesus says of her in some versions really slaughter some English versions say don't touch me that's not what the Greeks that Jesus never reminded of people touched peoples touch the Greek says most of the modern versions put it this way to detain me don't hold that because I'm hitting my father and he ascended to the throne of God the heavenly sanctuary before God 's throne he waved the wave sheaf of his resurrected by the father said it's enough a sacrifice the perfect sacrifice and I have accepted the entire human race when you and Jesus became the guaranteed a pharmacist harvest of all of you and your friends are gone on before us there died when he comes again we will be raised already glorify who will be raised to meet the Lord in the air harvest is sure Jesus fulfilled right best asset and the accompanying events going more quickly now to the second major period of time the third month to some of the seed bun I don't think there's a car by that name yet save on the sixth day of C5 it was fifty days after the day after the Sabbath fifty days after Passover you notice it's described here in verse fifteen you shall count for yourselves from the day after the Sabbath the David you brought the sheaf of the wave offering so be completed until fifteen days and great to work fifty is Pentecost sword fifty so Pentecost sequence alone chart hear the wave sheaf was Christ's resurrection and his ascension 's first dissension on the day of his resurrection on fifty days later came at Pentecost or in Hebrew it's called shadow which means feast of weeks my left-handed scrawl question yet this is this is the this is the month first month I'm not really listening to feast on just given about their first month this is the third month which is the month to see von at Israeli three major feasts times but they had different events that happen in some a try the number be too confusing okay what happened at Pentecost according to this text for seventeen you shall bring from your habitation to wave loaves of two tenths of an Eva shall be of fine flour they shall be baked with leaven their firstfruits to the Lord Pentecost they were to take these two logos they were to be made with fine flour the rabbis tell us that in Jesus day they had seven different since it never made lower the automakers lower with more finely sifted but in Jesus they existed in one minutes of entering finer sift and then a finer one final one final until the Senate gave the most the most fluffy flour against a lot of the right word to use out of you I thought if I have a big bread and while never but I watch my wife and she always get that special fluffy flour of the right-wingers finally sifted flour of the that the worker and anyway the point is the branch is scrumptious as best as you can possibly give the guy a why does it have led what is this what is what is usually eleven represents sin anyway are offering to God Bransfield said now it's your economy came home to me meditating on this on this typology here at the very best that we can kid is always pictured with their natural even if the acts are correct the motives are impure or are filled with sinful nature or have on unknown sins we don't even know about you we can never bring to God something good enough that he can accept us on the basis of our works that write the words are never good enough to save us we would need a Savior who were true and so even at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was poured out and the hand was as good as humans can give the guy still wasn't enough it still is filled with in so the picture has to add one more singing in order to teach the gospel in verse teaches us about what we give to God and we given the test we have the spirit of the work said is to give our best but even the best we can trust and that is righteousness for us so what can we trust in notice the picture here in verse eight nine nineteen and twenty eight to sacrifice one kid of the goats as a sin offering that was the normal offering that was offered for all these festivals and here's the new part and two male lambs of the first year as a sacrifice of peace offering and the priest shall wave them with the bread of the firstfruits as a wave offering before the Lord with the tail lamps can you see the picture of what happens in the courtyard there the priests waiting to those inbred and with them covering them each moment is covered by a way so what is the basis of the acceptances of the loans believe the gospel was taught here that we are accepting our best efforts are never acceptable to make us righteous before God is only on the basis of the two loans PC Tools sheets into loaves is the first Pentecost the first help me out here we give you a hint when was the first Passover agent out of Egypt where were they fifty days later Sinai you can actually figure to the very day third month six days a month they were at Mount Sinai God giving the law from outside the city will deliver the balloons in Scripture represent the table 's yes Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that Chris is on the mountain I went and got sprayed the word out of his mouth and had a shaved like to sign so the background the first Pentecost was not Sunday night when you see back and you start linking the Pentecostal we usually think about and asked who you know the Pentagon the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples put up with Mount Sinai you start seeing amazing bankruptcies of the parallels are logistic a lot on Mount Sinai to Mount sheet King says in Exodus was quaking good acts to the upper room room started shaking you go to Mount Sinai and outside it was on fire go to the upper room cloven tongues of fire on Mount Sinai God wrote his finger on tables of stone according to the New Testament covenant he writes the upper room is his finger to finger of his spirit by the way is in Matthew chapter twelve Jesus says if I do this in the spirit of God has come upon you provided us by the spirit of God and Luke Luke's version of it he says if I do this by the finger of God finger in the spirit are equated to test Jesus my self drawn on Sinai he writes allowing his own finger on tables of stone here in the upper room he writes his law on the fleshly tablets Barnhart the new covenant and finally went on Sinai he incorporates his people as his company he is church 's Old Testament church and in the upper dictates the disciples those there were gathered there and makes in his New Testament church is the parallels asked to use the typical experience but we we need to just spend just another minute on Pentecost when you think of the word Pentecost they just do free thinking your mind think of Pentecost who comes to my first unity Holy Spirit okay mistake that the one I was looking for was Holy Spirit it's true that unity happened in at Pentecost but it was the moment to moment when the Holy Spirit was poured is that really the ultimate meaning comes I used to think so but you know the text tells us differently the text tell us if you dig deep Pentecost is much deeper than Holy Spirit I like to challenge you with the statement you might not take too much you come out of Pentecostal background but I like to suggest that Adventists are the true Pentecostals that we are so I put it be full Gospel Pentecostals explained that it asked to the Cisco asked to quickly accepted to we find it says in verse one when the Day of Pentecost had fully come that was fiftieth day or all of one accord in other tongues of fire came and Peter starts getting his sermon at the end of his sermon here's what he says verse thirty three thirty two and thirty three this Jesus God has raised up of which were all witnesses therefore being exalted to the right hand of God and having received from the father the promise of the Holy Spirit he poured out this would you now see something happen happen and the pouring out of the Holy Spirit was the earthly sign of what was at the he was exalted as priest K as the new milk has a day after the order milk has Melchizedek priesthood in fact Hebrews chapter one describes that as an anointing with the oil of the Holy Spirit Hebrews chapter one and bursts nine speaking of the time of the Ascension is as you have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness therefore God your God has anointed you with the Ohio of gladness more than your companions Jesus was ascended he ascended after forty days remember and then ten days while the disciples were in the upper room up in heaven or celebrate a life describes this in the first chapter of acts of apostles as a great inaugural celebration I like to call it the greatest inaugural bash in the history of the universe know how many millions of Bush 's spin on his inauguration inaugural ball the last time it was too much some thought when the politics of that but the one that Jesus will celebrate will be the costliest inaugural celebration in the history of UNIX after all it cost there's ten days of celebrating it at the end of those ten days he will be anointed he was anointed as priests came how did that take place how was the priest Jesus and the Old Testament times we have an actual eyewitness remembrances that a release that are already uninspired remembrance of that in Psalm one thirty three that's on that you may sing about sometimes the behold out good and how pleasant it is when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity and goes on to say it's like the oil upon the head is slowed down upon the beer and it would take around for like this would they would close up it wouldn't even cut this part and so just be hollowed out and could fill with oil into the special perfumers oil that was only made for this occasion wonderful aroma you can read the recipe and enough in the Pentateuch and at the appropriate time the report of the oil before the oil upon whose head was the first high priest and is likely while upon the heads up or down upon the beard human errors at the hands of his garment can you picture this picture this in what might have been like when Jesus was anointed with the oil of gladness the oil of the spirit with heavenly shofar idea what that would be filled with oil can you see on the fiftieth day of Pentecost the oil pouring down upon Jesus had down upon his beard off his robes and down under the ground at an stop I lost from heaven to earth and on the way between heaven and earth it was at her with the disciples received on Earth Wesley person sign of the descending while the sign they had a high priest in the heavenly sanction the good news for the beheading mediator to mediate for them to cover for their sins and to leave them in the light of sanctification greatness and so the disciples went out with our yes they were filled with the Holy Spirit but you know the Holy Spirit doesn't ever point toward himself as the Holy Spirit always like to to Jesus being redundant Jesus final message in John fourteen seventeen the Spirit testifies me that's why I call advanced full Gospel Pentecostals we believe in the pouring out of the Holy Spirit we believe in the early rain and the latter rain but we don't get hung up on the Holy Spirit we can focus upon what the Holy Spirit points to which is Jesus our height raised in the heavenly sanctuary Pentecostalism they miss the point evidence of the privilege of sharing the gospel cost of them were sometimes it can get as excited about it was the Pentecost as we have more to share and they have to share effectively give you an opportunity to get excited about going to ship very quickly now Pentecost Holy Spirit and the inauguration of Christ 's high priest that's the spring festivals became an fulfillment right on time now and the fall yet the seventh month this is the one two three and the first day of the month was feast of trumpets the Jews call the next call it today Rosh Hashanah that was a week ago last Thursday Rosh Hashanah first day of the seventh month and Seventh-day Adventists believe that this pointed forward to the time over so what happened on this time this is when the trumpet was lower than the shofar was blown to call the people to Yom Kippur to get ready for Yom Kippur for ten days the shofar would blow and I like to wake those of who may be enjoying their sound sleep here is works every time now that's one thing about having a shofar you can just blow it when you when you get bored me when everyone's getting whereby when you say the least nature they wake up the sound of the stroke for and this is going to the synagogue today this everything in Rosh Hashanah it was called to judgment and administered leave the low shares those basically those ten years before eighteen forty four there was a call that went out to the whole world William Miller preached that here's a Millerite present in America Joseph Wolf reached over in Asia and in the Middle East the concept recent down in South America I've been intrigued by going to different places around the world and find finding that this was being preached by people I never knew preached for example down in Australia there was a group was aboriginal profit that was even Christian that role is kindly team just before when war started preaching about the judgment visit on Eskimo prophet was a Christian and you know that Jesus but started preaching about the judgment about the Sabbath just in the years before eighteen forty four and in Scandinavia it wasn't allowed for adult preachers to preach and so the children broke out into preaching mode and started crying out the hour of his check is a great and that awakening that slept the entire world preparing them for the coming of Yom Kippur we call it the first Angels message and then the seventh month the tenth day of the month Tishri is young people David told and as you know as we discussed this morning since October twenty two eighteen forty four Jesus has been engaged in the work of syndicating his people the good news of Yom Kippur we talked about smart and when that's finished will be there the windup of Yom Kippur what happens at the end of the tone and Leviticus twenty five says the Jubilee child that will blow and we know what that is it's the sounding of the trumpet of Michael PRK is described in first Thessalonians for the fulfillment of the last of the great trumpet the shofar blowing calling the deck to live and second coming is described in this business chapter and then comes the leading of the scapegoat out into the wilderness right and how was that fulfilled Revelation twenty what is the morning as Satan is slipped to spend a thousand years contemplating all the method he made on the third and then at the end of the millennium a final festival takes place when we called out the one that hasn't yet been fulfilled the feast of Tabernacles exactly the fifteenth day the twenty second day is called Vasotec or the Jews call it circles and this will be the end of the millennium when we can experience are being taken into our harvest home the new Jerusalem comes down from heaven and God cries out to John behold the hacker I know as I said earlier I don't believe it's mandatory for anyone to keep many of these pieces today but if you do want to keep one and its optional is one I recommend if you want to celebrate one it would be the feast I probably would have had the courage to say that with such forcefulness if it weren't for the fact that the young pastor doing my devotions one day I came across statement patriarchs and Prophets page five forty five forty one contracts and profits five forty five forty one Roland White writes well would it be as you can say that keep the festival well what if they gave a good idea while fun for the people of God the present time they now do have a reason tabernacle sends a team that these the tabernacle but Kathy's the tabernacle because it's still morning over one plug-in door to our rooms great joy in advance experiences coming soon find by solar and wind suggested camping through one way to be in James White when he gift introduce the camp meetings in IP I understand it come open of the Iowa OpenOffice Bible no singing hymns they get up there and save time and I need introduce the feast of Tabernacles in the camper about seven days during that time seven to ten days they did about what is likely Southern California Nevada campaigning anymore do they attend a camp meeting into a weekend thing maybe here there was a while so you know if this can happen and we better do it now I'm a little taste of feasts tap system just give you home taste utilities tabernacle starts this year is next to you invited me right on time so if you choose to experience the joy sanctuary joy of these the Tabernacles I like to schedule saver of what it was like Jesus syllabus rather do the whole thing save some freedom to starting next Tuesday I went it was the taste of these the type 's well are you eligible it says here Leviticus twenty three for the wedding get your you finally have permission to distill the most feeling of these the tabernacles for a few minutes rated at our right any objections objection overruled okay so I know Judge Leviticus twenty three it says in verse thirty nine on the fifteenth day of the seventh month when you gathered in the fruit of the land you shall keep the feast of the Lord knows it doesn't even mention it here what name of evidence in verse thirty four calls at the feast of Tabernacles but later just as the fleas and Jesus day when you said let's go to is only one piece it was the greatest thing going so since they shall come for eight days and celebrate the feast and eight mentions here first forty two you shall dwell in booths for seven days all who are native Israelites shall dwell in booths on appraisals like problem any native Israelites around know a few of you have a little Jewish blood in your I don't have any of when about Galatians three twenty nine if you be Christ's you are Abraham 's seed and heirs according to the makes us all spiritual Hebrews right so we all have the right plenty to our heritage and to keep the feast and so let's get your timesheet let's go back and to celebrate the feast savor a little of the Hebrew joy vigor and enthusiasm of the feast as it wasn't Jesus let's go to thirty A.D. was Jesus last piece of tech and let's go to Jerusalem to get your Time Machine space machine we had to Jerusalem in fact this is mentioned in the spirit of this we're all a group of pilgrims different groups of pilgrims that are on our way to Jerusalem under making get out of your stupor now I can just invite you standup all of us stand and imagine that you're coming from one of the parts around Jerusalem in fact I recognize some of you you were in it Jericho is diligent in your coming from Jericho this is must be your family from Jericho glad that you're on your way to the phase am glad to see this group and is a group of gentlemen from this health on Toshiba will mail you been a long way traveling on Phil glad you made it here had the reasons great or as a group I see a group from I think I'm just from bit from the north up until Dan even traveled for two weeks or so cabin and singing and enjoying it we had a good time traveling all right and there's another group you're from the listing what's left the the West from John K all right this group from the rest of his group in the south and east of North nest we didn't mention it right but we all made it you got to get the feel of it were marching world were on our way to Jerusalem to sigh can you feel that the thing about it that's what they did when they were heading to Jerusalem right we got a good song with describes that code were marching to Zion and you don't have to turn to for twenty two as you know the first verse without turning an old handle plates because he couldn't have a piano when you're watching the Jerusalem they get into an a cappella go come we love the Lord and Ladd are joys being all alone Joy and saw announced we go to court join a Don no sway court may you around the throne and dust around the throne where my income I wear Maharishi to design beauty and well-being at it I wear my seeing awkward as all that you will city and by some strange twist of evidence we all arrived at the same time on one of the seven hills around Jerusalem we looked at her some white marble walls in temple and cool is that they do there that white world figure was the evidence and yes you guessed it it's a shofar and he is calling us to the feast but you know I love to blow this thing so we made her that the students at Andrews once were vacant schools unless professors and non- are we going and making books out of those three points and so the book they chose for me that I wrote supposedly was entitled so far so good and the subtitle was a guide to tooting your own horn no data put me back a few weeks bluntness but I have a right back at it just like I can help it and when I pulled the shofar your responses to being with the children of Israel did Jesus thing after they heard the call of the shofar they would all cry out we practice this morning I threefold hosanna 's leather gloves in the rate of the roof off with hearty hosannas not Pentecostal style Old Testament style which was more vigorous than the Pentecostals I think him him and he him him and he is in all you know and in twenty three branches of palm branches and other branches and bring them and build blows well I have to be prepared I got my comprehensive and go get one now know you can do it on Tuesday the fourteenth thing you can I don't think with my brother here who happened to go home he lives five minutes away and he cut one of his precious fraud so that I could hold on it all I can do this in Michigan these things don't exist in Michigan so I have the homework bomb threat California the Great Lakes are many things one of them is to have the opinion as everyone cutting on branch building over a beautiful booth so that would all be dwelling on your and then throughout the week cutting extra conferences that way saying what would we shout at all well all night long as the cities would go on and on it down in a promise that ghostly form in the next ten minutes and yes wonderful food will get the deck and just imagine it over everyone of us is one of these on branches and that we are in our booth okay and act Leviticus twenty three our trusty guide I do you have a favorite command I know everyone has favored promises if they were command of the Bible was a little strange but for you your time of my favorite command is Leviticus twenty three and verse forty knots as usual take it for yourselves on the first day the fruit of beautiful trees branches of palm trees now we can trace levels of the brook is now here's my favorite command and he shall call him before the law or seventy and I command you can say you have to make you shall try the roast at last night there were ninety one of these days would not set aside for us to rejoice the best of all of us ever rejoice seven days it says in verse forty two you shall dwell in booths for seven days wipers forty three that your generations may know that I made the children of Israel dwell in booths he pointed backward when the children of Israel were living in booths there in the wilderness and tense and will in which God covered them with his book the color of cloud and fire but it also pointed forward according to Amos chapter nine verse eleven you look it up later it says that when the Messiah comes he will restore them to obtain it uses the same work that you domicile was going to come and be exact when Jesus came over John chapter one verse fourteen and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us they look at the margin doesn't say twelve it says both among us tabernacle among Jesus became flesh tempered on what was Jesus born herself to figure that out we give you two texts from which you can derive the data that you need to figure when Jesus was born I think it exact date but I give it a time of year is the detects first Chronicles chapter twenty four and Luke chapter one just like those two texts or on paper you can figure out the rest of the Gideon ahead here's Hannah here's how to figure Luke chapter one tells us that Zechariah was a priest represent Reiser Zechariah and Elizabeth John the Baptist Zechariah was a priesthood says he was of the order of him I just heard twenty four courses of priests and applied to according to first Chronicles twenty four was the eighth order of priests eight one and according to the Mishnah and the tall mode in Jesus day each one of these orders serve for one week in the Temple except during the time of the high priest when they all serve so they started in the springtime beginning of the beginning of Nissan that means when Zechariah was there it specifically says in Luke one but he was there serving with his course of prey so we know that that time that he was there so that means eight weeks after the beginning of the spring that year and any add two more weeks to for the week for the weeks that they were all serving a Pentecostal pastor work that takes you if you calculated out into modern calendar talked about the middle to the end of June when Zechariah was the Temple the Angel Collinson says hey Zechariah was in the sky to get pregnant and this is what we will instruct on your story he finally believes in God through Dave Rowley Angel says tell Zechariah Zechariah go home right away the great is very definite on this right away he goes home serving persons with double at the end of June last week of June was the Pittsburgh now how many months later that Mary the same chapter what one says six months later she takes us to the end of December right around the twenty fifth of this are eight December twenty five is a great day we just have the wrong event instead of saying Merry Christmas you should turn to one another and say happy conceptions and preconceptions that's when Jesus was conceived around Christmas time around the feast of life the light of the world became flesh that you count of full gestation term of nine months and it brings you to the end of September which is the normal time for these hacker 's so Jesus was born at this time until I invite you to turn to one with great joy and safety one Mary Mary Grace is legitimate birthday this time of year Merry Christmas okay that's what we got to celebrate his birthday the failure of his birth that gets it exactly but sometime around the now but they do have tabernacles Jesus tended to spend a couple of quick pictures there were two main festivals that took place beside eating guts and bring all the wonderful food and you can eat all you can hold in all the great food just enjoy yourselves the starting next Tuesday no diets after next to get one we were you have to be on and I have just nothing cooler than in July enjoy those rich glorious foods bring up the ridge of the glorious foods that God has given us here there's lots singing all the rest they read the Torah through every seven years and read the whole tour the tabernacle 's time if you have anything else that you can start right after this meeting start reading Genesis one gigabyte by anybody in the next week next is you get into Deuteronomy a great activity you could do the space to talk about any of us to think so I just pay for close on the first one was the water ceremony it took place early in the morning and I won't bore you with another shofar blast but God told the priests to wake up the sleeping saints who were sleeping on the health sciences about a million and a half of Jesus day according to Josephus account in the shelf article of the people woke up on the hillsides to see the priest carrying a picture of an picture silver picture down the weight of the golden goblet is not silver gold and gold half carrying get down to the pool us alone there he actually pools along the choir started singing from Isaiah chapter twelve therefore with joy shall ye draw water from the wells of salvation any carried that picture up to the to the altar of burnt offering and there was another pitcher filled with grape juice he would pour the water in the grape juice together had mingled together in a special spout went down under the Temple subterranean channel and flows out to the east is a sort right right float out to be easy to the pool to the kindred River and then float down the Kittery River Delta the wilderness you to the tenancy the loss I have every morning and all during the last week of the Tabernacles the people were dazzled by this spectacle in the last appraisal as a means of recycling stupid people that you know what it means you know the water that came out of the rock were celebrating a water poured out of life they say only understood what a great edges anymore the great jazz remixes together and go down a law spot they are measured on estimate questions we don't know him always done it this way perhaps putting a few words increase now that I don't visit exactly that is possible the last thing you were pouring grape juice water together with dazzling silence on Jesus voice to be heard breaking if any man thirst let him come unto me and out of him will flow rivers of living will just a few weeks later he hung on the cross he cried out interest and he bowed his head any guide and the soldier took a spear is sitting inside and out of his side flowed water and blood mingled down costs they flow down to the lowest center on earth do you and brought by beautiful picture the Rabbi said if you've never seen the water ceremony you don't know what it is to be happy and as Christians we can say if you never tasted the river of the water of law I don't know what it is to be happy to submit water in the moonlight ceremony was just a spectacular every night there were these two giant lampstands in the courtyard of the women there were seventy five feet high and the priests children the PJs you know would climb those those tall lampstands with fifteen counts of oil pour into the tops of the staff and take a big torch and all in the rabbis wrote down their eyewitness testimony said that every courtyard in Jerusalem was with us and the Jews knew it best the Messiah he was driving a white Jews to overcome the Romans that take over the world so we quit buying lamps were lit every night and Jesus never spoke that last one is because he was more than the light of the Jews and he waited until the pain we ceremony of the feast on a tank this is a were taken the booths down when you go home as the as the sun was about to rise that eight morning the priest once again with the blowing the blasts of shofar horn made their way over to the edge of the Temple Mount to the section there were the Golden gate was they waited watching for the sun to rise just before the sun came up over the horizon they said our fathers worshiped with their backs to the Temple and their faces to the rising Sun in Washington but Lord I is are on you know will turn around time just trying to lose they turned around the first rays of the sun would gleam down upon the white and was at that moment Illinois that Jesus broke the site are emboli just as I lie to you can see that Jesus fulfilled partially the imagery of these the tabernacle but you know the only fulfilled and partially in his first coming because as we see here the ultimate piece of Tabernacles is yet to come I like to put it this way there's a chance meeting in the promise is coming so and there's got to be the light ceremony there except not just a couple of measly seventy five foot lampstands in the court of the women it says in Revelation twenty one the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its like underwater ceremonies going to be there but I just a measly pot of gold pot of water says the river of living why flowing well and the waving of palm branches will be there read about it Revelation chapter set we in the same way Albrecht again these the tavern 's new Jerusalem will come down and supporting mentioned and the voice will say behold the tabernacle of God is in developing these silver table they'll be miles long and it will have my centerfielder see the very reason it is a white but there in early writings of the all the fruit from the tree of life in the manner at all the precious Bruce is already heaven knows how to make some delicious looking to sit down at a table and Jesus will gird himself with the servants apron and he will service fees just one question left will you be there like another Bible the last two chapters of Revelation are are written in the language of the feast of Tabernacles you read it sometime in light of what you hear these few minutes you'll see the Tabernacles jumps out at you everywhere in this language of revelation twenty one twenty two in the final tale of the Bible is written in the language of the latter ceremony notice Revelation twenty two and verse seventeen dollars and twenty two seventeen the Spirit and the bride say come and let him who hears say that Henry thirsts come and whoever desires let him take the water of life except that waterway today everything in our Jewish brothers and sisters shortly after Jesus died thirty four years later the Southwark Temple destroyed and they saw their kingdom disintegrates the national dreams about and they were sent as hunted victims into the Diaz for around the world for nearly two thousand years for many of those years our Jewish brothers and sisters have kept these fees and prisons or in case or in mountain hideaway 's they somehow always when they have finished keeping a feast of Tabernacles all those thousands of years tradition tells us that they would turn to one another in the deceased and say next year jurists next year keep this east which is what you like to join me in making a similar choice by the grace of God that we could choose that not one of us will be missing and feasted tabernacles in the problem if this is your choice I'd like to just turn to your neighbor just say I grace of God next year the new trust in that certain things okay let's easily come next year although it could happen very soon next year the new Jerusalem could you make a covenant with one another here that you desire to close up the session next year new jobs in the daily guard hits for prayer father I thank you for all of these festivals on one short but not so short page in the Bible you have given in advance the whole plan of salvation we seen the fulfillment of each step as it is unfolded and now we're poised for the last steps there were one lonely for heaven guy were lonely to come and celebrate the marriage supper of the land East Tabernacle Street and you've heard our declaration we can we can to bring this about on their own but by your grace you heard our choice we choose to accept this water of life everyday rest of our lives and to buy by your grace to be there and I can't really promise the Lord so we want to just to hear our prayer and then hear one more shout that great shout that will be the redeemed shout for eternity the hosanna and all the people said I was closer and closer


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