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How to Survive the Coming Economic Collapse: 3 Financial Secrets the World Does Not Know

Mark Finley
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How will you survive the coming economic collapse? Pastor Mark Finley shares a sermon message on three financial principles to survive an economic collapse. The banks of Heaven are full and the Bible gives us truth so we can plan for the future. The stock markets might fail, the banks may fail, but Jesus is a firm foundation for the people of God. The second coming of Christ is near and God wants you ready for what He has planned. What will you do? Watch and listen as Pastor Mark Finley speaks and teaches from the word of God.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • May 23, 2020
    11:30 AM
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We're just beginning to experience the long term effects of covert 19 or the corona virus we're beginning to experience those effects on our personal lives and the lives of our families the short term consequences of course were thousands of people dead hundreds more sick and they were bad enough but there are significant additional factors or consequences that society now faces. The economic impact is hitting families with full force some of the unemployed during the crisis are now going back to work but yet many of them have been living paycheck to paycheck and they are facing severe shortages financially credit card bills are high they wonder out of pain with the high interest rates some people are struggling to pay their rent others have car payments or other payments to make the entire world economy is on extremely shaky footing and many economists are wondering how long this is going to last to it last year 2 years 3 years many businesses have been forced to shut down as the result of the lockdown some of them will reopen under tremendous financial difficulties and others of them may never reopen at all in one report given by a prominent financial expert he said since many people living paycheck to paycheck we may see far more bankruptcy's than we have seen in a generation now the coronavirus has really thrown many families into this financial dilemma unemployment rates in the United States have reached an all time high at 16 percent and they are growing Europe's gross national product dropped nearly 15 percent in the 2nd quarter of 2020 alone one report indicates that the u.s. in Euro Zone's economies could take until 2023 to recover from the impact of covert 19 coronavirus according to a new report by the consultancy firm. Kinsey and company now what is this simply mean practically It means that more people will be out of work it means more country companies will go bankrupt it means that more families will struggle under enormous financial distress it means that more countries will struggle to provide basic services for their populations No the poor and the underprivileged are going to suffer the most since they're dependent on daily funds that they make from their working that particular day daily wages they have no savings accounts they're going to be an able to provide even the essential of life one of the most dire reports that I've read recently really a shocking report came from the United Nations David Beasley who's the director of the UN's Food Program he said this he said I predict that there will be wide spread famines then he said there are no famine shed but I must warn that if we don't prepare an act now to secure access to to avoid funding shortfalls and disruptions to trade we could be facing multiple famines no notice not one or 2 multiple famines of biblical proportions within a few short months that was reported in New York Daily News April 22 2020 no notice David Beasley is not necessarily a religious man but he calls these. Famines a biblical proportions now why well it's very simple if the oil market goes bust or there's a glut in the oil market if indeed the trade of the world is disrupted if the developed nations cannot supply aid to the developing nations then people who are already living hand to mouth are going to experience very very serious disaster is famines this is what Beazley predicts could very easily happen now how do you survive personally a economic crash now obviously governments have responsibility to provide for their peoples but what about personally how do you how do you personally deal with these economic issues many years ago in fact 560 b.c. well over. 2500 years ago the wealthiest man in the world was a man by the name of crochets Crozier this was the king of Lidia from 560 to 547 b.c. and so Croche is was one who is responsible for minting gold coins that had some kind of standardized purity so they were well known in the world so you know crochets had these palaces he threw lavish bank words he was one of the wealthy he was the wealthiest man in the world and so solemn who is a Greek philosopher came to current shoes and you know crochets want to say to him who saw and tell me who is the happiest person in the world you know it crushes had this big ego and he had shown Stalin his palaces he showed him his golden utensils his wealth and as a result of that Croche is just was so amazed at Sahlins response and this is what someone said Sal and said crochets you cannot tell if a man is happy until you see how he dies and if when he is dying he looks over his past life and sees the good he has done he will then have satisfaction so Crozier's I cannot tell whether you are the happiest man in the world but let me tell you a story and he told a story about a mother who stood by her son's dying bed praying for sun and she said son you must be at peace and a happy in death because as you look back over your life look at the good you have done so saw and said. Crochets call me when you're dying and I'll tell you what the of the happiest man Crozier's his own son has died tragic deaths in profit can see their wealth did not protect them Crozier's his own king that was destroyed there was something wrong with crushes value system is value system was based on materialism and things Norman Cousins editor of the Saturday Review wrote something 40 years ago that has real relevance to our world today and this is what causes it we are so busy buying that we've failed to realize that there are some screws loose in our society the foundation is cracking we might be just investing our money in the wrong places crochets did not learn the lesson he thought wealth brought happiness. Norman Cousins had it right that our foundation of society is cracking there are moral screws that are loose in this society and maybe just maybe we're investing our money in the wrong places the Bible presents eternal financial principles that make sense it reveals financial secrets that the world does not know it encourages us to re of 1000 you wait our priorities to seek the turn all rather than the earthly God's word leads us to make investments that will pay off in the long run now here are 3 eternal principles from scripture when you get feeds in your brain whether you have much or little you will rejoice in God whether you have wealth or poverty you will were to be at peace where you are Principle Number one except the eternal truth that Christ is the creator of this world and he is the owner of everything in it and we are stewards now David's words about God in some 50 David writes at a time of unusual need and if you take your if you have your Bible I pray that you will take it just now you know that this is Bible study hour this is the hour that we hear the Word of God speak to us 3 eternal financial principles at a time of pin Demick when we are experiencing financial reverse number one some 50 verse 10 to 12. God speaking to David for every beast of the forest is mine and the cattle on 10000 hills are mine I know all the birds of the mountains in the wild beasts of the field are mine if I were hungry I would not tell you for the world is none God speaks he is the current ater of the Weren't the world indeed is here is Psalm 1004 verse 24 and 25 David responds to God's ownership of the world David responds to the fact that God is the owner of this world we're looking at some $10.00 for verse $24.00 and verse $25.00 oh Lord David responding to the fact that God created the world that he shaped it he fashioned it that he owned it someone over for verse 240 lord how manifold are your works in wisdom you made them oh the earth Don't miss this the Earth is what what is it full of your post sessions. This great and wide sea in which are innumerable teeming things living things small and great I love that phrase the earth is full of your possessions Why is this earth's gods its is because of twofold 1st God created the world what Adam and Eve see and they lost Dominion sated became the prince of the power this world Jesus speaks about that John 12 Satan became the prince of the power the air of fusions 2 and. They lost Dominion when Christ died on the cross of Calvary he read deemed this world back so this world is twice Christ's he created it and he redeemed did we find that in Isaiah Chapter 43 Verse one I say in Chapter 43 Verse one the 1st financial principle that the world does not know or understand is that God is the creator of the world God is the Redeemer of the world everything in this world is he is we are never owners we are always stewards will talk about that as we go on to say in 43 Verse one but now Thus says the Lord who created you o.j. Cup and you formed Jew Oh Israel fear not for every deemed Jew I have called you by your name you are mine so notice verse one fear not says the Lord I have created you He forms you fear not 2nd reason of fear not for I indeed have redeemed you God's the true owner of the world by creation and by redemption everything we have is a gift of grace. We are we are stewards of goods intrusted to us by God we are Christ's He created us the world as he is he made it in the 1st place he shed his blood to redeem it now understanding this concept that Christ created us in Christ 3 deemed us that makes all the difference what we have is not our owed all the possessions of this world are is notice. Deuteronomy Chapter 8 verse 18 there are 2 passages in the Bible that especially begin with the word remember the 1st of course is remember the Sabbath day to keep it all so we remember that all time is sacred to God It's not that we keep the Sabbath on the 7th day and do what we want the rest of our time keeping the Sabbath is an acknowledgment that all time is God's But the 2nd remember is all material things are God's. Notice Deuteronomy 8 verse 18 and you shall remember the Lord your God for it is he who gives you power to get wealth so when we keep the Sabbath we remember that all time is God's when we're faithful in our tie that offerings we remember not that the 90 percent is ours we can spend whatever we want after the tide but that all possessions come from God Remember that it is the Lord your God that gives you what what's the next word power or ability to get wealth the talents we have to make money whatever those talents are come from God Every breath we take comes from God He is the one who opens doors of opportunity for us to be able to survive economically he is our provider He is our sustainer He is our supporter what we have is a gift of grace that we can never forget that he's our creator he's a repeat everything we have is here is because He created us and he read deems us now if we are not owners how does the Bible describe who we are 1st Corinthians Chapter 4 verse 2 acts Romans Corinthians 1st Corinthians Chapter 4 Andrew looking there at verse 2 1st Corinthians Chapter 4 verse 2 it says there is. More over it is required notice not it's nice if it happens it is required in stewards to be found thankful so I am not an owner I am a what everybody you got it I am not an owner I am a steward Now what is a steward a steward is one who manages another's property another's finances another's Thayer's So if I understand that I'm a steward of God and the economy crashes and I have to re-evaluate my priorities and I I have to get along with what I have as difficult as that is I recognize that I'm not an owner I recognize that I am a steward I recognize that although I will do everything I can to improve my economic condition for myself and my family that I need not be stressed out frustrated anxious worried because I know that everything I have is a gift of God and one day Christ is going to come and redeem me and I'm going to live in a land of plenty in abundance where there is no economic pre-provision now God freed steward Godfried Davis rather wrote a biography of the Duke of Wellington and in writing that biography he makes a very very fascinating statement and this is what Godfried Davis said he said I found an old account an old ledger that showed how the Duke spent his money it was far better a clue to what he thought was really important than reading letters or speeches let me ask you this. If after somebody after you die somebody got your credit account records to write a biography of you what would those credit card records show what would they show about where you placed your priorities how we handle money reveals much about the depth of our commitment to Christ that's why Jesus talks so much about money and how he wasn't a fundraiser but $1.00 6th of the Gospels including one of the every 3 parables talks or touches on stewardship Jesus dealt with money matters because money matters now for some of us it matters too much now look principle number one here is the 1st financial secret that the world does not know I am a steward everything I have is a Gift of God's grace principle number one Jesus created me Jesus redeemed me the world is he is and he entrust me with some gifts of grace possessions as I go through this world here is the 2nd principle the 2nd principle is this believe that the christ that created you the Christ that redeemed you cares for you and he is going to provide for you he is not going to let you down all the riches in heaven back up the promises of God a pandemic does not wipe out those promises look here Philip in chapter 4 verse 19 2nd principle believe that Christ created you and redeemed you he cares for you he is going to provide for you you're looking there at Philippi it's chapter 4 and you're looking at verse 19. Read it together wherever you are so the congregation are ready to read let's go for verse 19 and my God Paul says shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus now it doesn't say My God is going to supply all your wants some things you want may never take place but it says My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus you know years ago when we used to travel a great deal I would always exchange my money that I was going to take when I was going to Europe particularly in those days in Europe early earlier on in my travelling eventually stick ministry and I would exchange it for travellers checks we don't use travelers checks as much anymore but those travellers checks were backed up by the Bank of America around the world if you will was the traveler's checks you had the numbers so you could replace them very easy replacement was if somebody stole your cash you couldn't replace it so it always straight travelers checks I take a few $100.00 a traveler's checks and you sign the traveler's check at the bank then there's a place in the bottom when you give the traveler's check to the merchant say $400.00 you have to sign it there the merchant accepts it because it's backed up by the riches of the Bank of America but I have got good news for you. For Libyans for 19 is are travelers check on the road of life that is backed up not by the Bank of America but by all the riches in glory here Philip in chapter 4 verse 19 my God shall supply what all your needs according to what his riches in glory Do you believe that my brother Jesus said in Matthew chapter 6 Matthew chapter 6 take your Bible please and turn to Matthew chapter 6 and we're looking here here is this 2nd financial principle the 2nd financial prince who is the Christ the created you the Christ the Redeemer shoot cares for you and he'll meet you need here Matthew chapter 6 we're looking there at verse $31.00 to start Jesus says therefore do not worry our work do not worry don't be over anxious Jesus says Do not worry saying what are we what do we drink what do we wear for after all these things the Gentiles seek your Heavenly Father knows that you have need of all these things no don't misunderstand me worry is an emotion that is natural when you go in for a crisis so there is nothing wrong to have the emotion of worrying what becomes problematic is when we worry becomes crippling when when your anxiety is like a noose around your necks drank all your life so the emotion of worry is going to come upon all of us times but we. Focus not on the emotion of warre but we focus on the promises of God and the promises of God are the antidote for that worry so we look at verse $31.00 don't worry saying What shall we what shall we drink or what your we wear for after all these things the Gentiles that's the even seek you haven't a father knows that you have need of all these things if he knows that we have need of all these things what's his promise influence for 19 eyes shell supply all you need now notice seek you 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you how many of these things all these things will seek you out 1st if I place the kingdom of God 1st in my priority list 1st in my prayers 1st in my Bible study 1st in my giving If that is my priority God says I will take care of you now I want to assure you that a pandemic does not eradicate the promise is of God Kovac 9 t. has not a raise the assurance of God's eternal Word the coronavirus need not cause us a crisis of confidence in God's ability to solve our problems or provide for our needs it can lead us to deeper faith if you lead us to greater trust it can lead us to more secure confidence in God I meet our greatest challenges now look my brother look my sister does the Bible predicted in the Book of Revelation Chapter 13 1st 17 then a time is coming when we cannot buy or sell is that in the Bible. Is it there in Revelation 13 will there be a group of people that live just before the coming of Jesus that will be translated from earth to heaven without seeing death who face the greatest time of trouble in the history of the world will that happen it will do you think that God is going to get us ready for that just with a snap of the finger you don't become a world champion Olympic weight lifter by lifting one pound weights once a year that doesn't happen right these guys are learning to press their weights and press their weights if you are going through a challenge now economically if you are facing difficult financial times God is preparing they have deeper faith and greater trust for the times ahead and I can assure you that God comes through the times of crisis I have seen that in our own family I was not brought up in a 7th Day Adventist home my mother was a Catholic my father was a Protestant but my father became a 7th Day Adventist he was the 1st in our family when he was 33 years old at that period of time dad lost his job because he decided to keep the Sabbath in addition to that he was making in those years which is very little today and so it's hard for me to compute but. In those years which was 70 years ago for dad when he became an adult and instead dad was making $160.00 a week he lost his job. Got 3 part time jobs was making $80.00 a week and he decided to be faithful to God not only in the Sabbath gift of time but it may be in returning to high now we did not have very much growing up as a family I did we did not have the luxuries of another families of other families but I did have a father who had confidence in God and I can often remember Dad quoting Philippians 419 we wondered how we would survive and that would quote like God shall supply all your need according to the riches and glory he is dead now but I can still remember that he would quote Matthew 633 he'd say to me Mark seek you 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you the very essence of Christian life is trust it's trusting God with our finances trusting God with our health trusting God with our time trusting God with our very lives it is faith that the living Christ who has provided salvation through His grace and power and through His Holy Spirit will fulfill his promise to meet our needs it is trusting even in a global pandemic that will touch our lives with the grace of his love we trust God in trying times and it gives God the ability to do what he promises to do in a fish in chapter 3 verse 20 take your Bible please and durned to a fish in chapter 3 verse 20. When we trust it gives got the opportunity to work a miracle when we trust it gives God the opportunity to do the extra ordinary when we trust it gives God the opportunity to fulfill his promise in efficiency 3 Verse 20 now under him who is able What is he everybody hears what he is able now under him who is able what does it say to do what to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think now and to hear lose a bill to do exceedingly abundantly are both all that we could ask or think the Bible makes a remarkable predictions about in economic crash or in the last days of various history but we serve a God who is able to do a birth what we could ask or think and take his children through crisis now here's the 3rd principle here is the 3rd principle the 3rd principle is this choose to reorder your priorities in view of the coming of Jesus now what was the 1st principle number one Acknowledge that you're a steward that he's the owner that is the creator Redeemer of the world and everything in it it says Number 2 the the one isn't a Acknowledge the 2 is a b. believe believe that the Creator and Redeemer of the universe can care for you see choose to reorder your priorities in the light of the coming of Jesus Christ as I mentioned. The Bible makes some incredible predictions about the last days of her sister now the greatest treasure that we can have is the Pearl of Great Price that's the greatest treasure Jesus offers us abundant joy inner peace lasting satisfaction the fleeting pleasures of this world are sued to pass away when our happiness or contentment or security comes from our material possessions when coming calamity takes place when there is a sudden economic collapse when that happens we're left discouraging down hard and depressed because we lose what we put our life into but when our faith is saying create in Jesus in our eternal treasures or in His Word we are secure the apostle James reveals this coming crisis in the last days of economically James the 5th chapter James Chapter 5 Now notice what the Bible says the Bible predicts a coming economic collapse I will show you that both in the book of James and in the Book of Revelation where looking 1st at James we're looking at the 5th chapter of James we're starting there with James Chapter 5 in verse one come now you rich weep and how weeping and how it had to some very pleasant does it why rich people should be weeping and howling they should be happy but wait a minute the miseries that are coming upon you your riches are corrupted in other words a southern side an economic collapse your garments are more 3 to your gold and silver are corroded. Put very simply your riches are corrupted all the material things that you spent your wealth on they are gone their sudden collapse your garments are more theat all your fancy clothes is gone gold and silver all your your investments are gone their corrosion will be a witness against you and will eat your flesh like fire you have heaped up treasure for the last days now notice what the Bible says it says that the things that you have placed your emphasis on all of these material possessions are gone if a life teaches us anything it teaches us that our material possessions do not produce happiness I read an article on people who have won the lottery or thought hard. About Lord if I could only win the lottery I hope you are not buying lottery tickets but have you ever thought Oh Lord if I just could win that thing man there goes my piece of Bill there goes my house payment that's I'm rid of that there goes my car payment you think what I can do and I would give a little bit to the church of a lot of people but oh lord help me win the lottery look there's an article that was written just November 19th 2020 it's it's called the lottery curse victims 7 people who won big but lost everything now that title really attracted the lottery curse victims 7 people won big but lost everything it describes the devastating results the devastating results just 7 entire families who've won the lottery family relations deteriorated number one lavish spending replace frugal living greed consumed their joy in very often drugs or alcohol abuse followed. The story is told of one family who won the Irish sweepstakes no dad was a steam fitter he worked in a factory Johnny was 26 years old crates on docks in Tim was going to night school so when Dad one this lottery he split the money with his kids within one year one of his boys spent their money on race horses in betting on the race horses lost it all became an alcoholic within the 2nd within that 1st year the 2nd boy spent his money on the parties and women and so forth and he became an alcoholic the father and mother argued over the money and she got accused her husband of not giving her a fair share they went to divorce court and she then labeled this money and let me read to you what she said about this money she said it's the devil's own money it's the devil's own money now there's nothing wrong with having money but when money has you there is something world you missed There's nothing wrong with having money but when money has you there is something wrong there's nothing wrong with having wealth if you look at the Bible there were some very wealthy people Abraham was a very wealthy man in the Bible and Joseph had unusual responsibilities and control a lot of wealth in scripture there are wealthy people who use their money for the advancement of God's cause in order to stay in that it's a gift of God But when that becomes your obsession when that becomes that for which you live then that strangles you now the Book of Revelation describes a coming economic collapse we read that in Revelation the 18th chapter. Revelation Chapter 18 we want to spend a little time this morning and Revelation the 18th chapter and Revelation chapter of. The Bible says starting with verse one and after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven now this is the 4th Angel that joins the messages of the 3 angels that are given in Revelation 14 to prepare people for the coming of Jesus Christ after these things I saw another range of them down from heaven having great authority that's great power the earth was illuminated with His glory and he cried mightily with a loud voice saying babbling is full and is for all and it's become habitation of demons in a pretty prison of every file spirit in the last days of verse history the Holy Spirit will be poor and out with Pentecostal power again God's people God's people will indeed. Be transformed by his very grace to give his message to the world now look at Revelation the 18th chapter revelation 18 verse 17 so vis loud cry message goes out to the ends of the entire Earth as this message goes out to lead men and women boys and girls to Christ there is a triple Union an economic union a political union a spiritual union of full sued to enforce the mark of the beast but the wealth and lavishness that takes place in the Bible says in Revelation need teen verse 71 hour is great riches come to nothing one hour is great riches come to nothing another words here's what Revelation 18 predicts that and the last days of verse history there will be a union of political religious and financial powers this great triumph of error led by seated will try to enforce a unified world government it will try to enforce an economic boycott on the people of God it will try to enforce a single common day of worship on the 1st day of the week under the sun god all that will take place but God will act and that which 1000000 tries to accomplish will not be accomplished in one hour great riches come to nothing what is God showing us in all this our only security is in Jesus Christ our only security is in the Word of God Our only security and times of difficulty in times of trouble in times of hardship our only security is absolute trust so if God is leading you to deeper trust if God is leading you to deeper confidence in him now it's because he's getting you ready a for a crisis that is going to break upon the world. Now we can learn from crisis is in the Bible there are times in the Bible where there were great crisis and God sent us a message the Bible says that the lessons in the stories in the Old Testament are examples written for us upon whom the ends of the world are going to come so if there is an economic crisis coming in the future if there is a time of church and state coming in the future if there is a time when the enemies of God's people rally round to destroy God's people in the future where can we find in the Old Testament a lesson of a time of peace then a great time of conflict when God's people shook because there was trouble disaster coming that would destroy everything that they had built up I say of the 6 chapter take your Bible please interred to Isaiah Chapter 6 a marvelous illustration of the last days of Earth's history to understand Isaiah Chapter 6 I must give you a background of Isaiah the 6th chapter it is the year when King Asya reigns and as King Asya reigns and I didn't say a Chapter 6 a sigh I had rain for 52 years I say I get a sigh I had rain for 32 years now notice Isaiah Chapter 6 verse one in the year that King Asya died I saw the Lord sitting on a throne ha and lifted up in the train of his robe filled the temple Look friend. This is I had rained during his reign the nation had prospered during his reign desert areas were reclaimed during his Ranger rule walls were fortified the nation expanded its territory Judas' process parity was largely due to a science faithfulness to God but as I had die I get the picture there's a period of peace there's a period of wealth but then as I and dives and as dies the enemy is approaching and the enemy is going to destroy everything that Asya built up for 52 years but as the enemy approaches all of his real shakes all of Israel Trimble's death is certain for them but I say in chapter 6 verse one says in the year the king of Zion died I saw the Lord sitting on his throne high and lifted up in his train filled the temple what is Isaiah the prophet saying at the time as high as death God is still on the throat God still reigns God still has control God still is some of her. In a time of 19 pandemic God is still on the throwed at a time of coronavirus God is still on the throne what is God's appeal to you God's appeal to me that no 1st except the fact that he is creator and redeemer except the fact that everything you have is a gift of grace 2nd to really believe believe that you will care for you believe they don't never let you down believe that he will supply your needs Thirdly choose to re-evaluate your priorities because we are going into the deep waters as we prepare for eternity we are coming to a period of time in earth's history where every earthly support will be cut off we're coming to a time where we will have to trust God in trust him implicitly re-evaluate your priorities reevaluating your finances Rian Falla you wait your time in the light of the coming of Jesus recognizing that according to Revelation Chapter 18 in one hour they are riches come to. Know for sure that the God that redeemed you the one that created you the one that is with you today will be with you tomorrow and the next day after that and the next day after that and for ever this is a call to our hearts it's a call to recognize that this world is he is it's a call to recognize that he is our Creator He is our redeemer he gives us the ability to have a job he gives us the ability to make money. And when there is an economic collapse he is the one that will provide He is the one that will never let us down we need to go through some hardship and difficulty but he is there because God has an ultimate goal and his ultimate goal is to get us ready for heaven and whatever it takes for God to get us ready for heaven whatever that takes he's willing to do it because it's more than our temporal prosperity it's our eternal salvation there is a time coming when riches will come to naught but at that time we will have the Pearl of Great Price the greatest treasure of all in fill our hearts he will strengthen us for the time ahead reach out just now to him whoever you are reach out to him Do you need to re-evaluate your priorities you need to re-evaluate your time in need to re-evaluate how you spend your money do you need to re-evaluate where you place your priorities of what's important to you as we pray now why don't you head to see Jesus I trust you I trust let's pray Father in heaven teach us deeper trust teach us greater faith help us to know that you are creator and Redeemer that you will supply or needs and help us to know that all eternity we have to be with you to enjoy the riches of Heaven help not the toy dream pleasures and the cheap imitations of this world to be so attractive to us that we miss eternity thank you ward. That you're by our side the chill take us through our way this pandemic of the coming time a difficulty that one day we can see your face in Christ we believe in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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