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Dealing with the Demon of COVID-19

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, continues his series on the COVID 19 pandemic. COVID 19 has been dubbed a demon, Pastor Don points out a more deadly demon that we all face and shows by the scriptures on how to deal with it. If you are blessed by these programs and sermons and wish to give, please donate at www.weimarchurch.org and click on the donation tab.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • May 23, 2020
    12:45 PM
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Dealing with the demons of covert 19. You know recently I've been thinking about demonic activity and so I just kind of looked up demons and covered 19 and it shocked me the number of news articles that are talking about this but what else so shocked me was that these news articles were much. More present in 3rd world countries in Africa then in Western countries we sometimes don't want to talk about demons may they don't exist or the devil doesn't exist and that's of course the devil's greatest ploy that we would think he does not exist and in looking at that. Friend of mine recommended a resource to me actually a speaker who I I don't know personally but Conrad vine from administration to our missions and he and others work together on a on a deliverance ministry manual and I want to just give a shout out to that because that week it's about a 100 and some pages as I read through it this week in it it was a great blessing. It an excellent resource. And I think that that you may want to take advantage of that resource after you listen to the sermon today so let's pray together and then ask the Lord to bless and guide us today but I don't have a lord. We we of our own selves can do nothing or whatever we do will lead to nothing and so we plead for your presence to be with us today not only in this message but in our very lives as we as a nation and as a world. I've had feelings of vulnerability and. They remind us that without your power without your sustaining power none of us would even be alive because in you we live and move and have our being whether or not we believe. If we're on the loose you still sustain us in your mercy and if we believe you are sustaining us and so help us to remember that today and there you are the God who desires to rescue the perishing in Christ's name we pray in Ok so let's get into our passage today and we're going to look here and Mark Chapter 4 Mark chapter 4 and Mark is like one of my favorite Gospels because it has the word immediately again and again and again how many were like something to get done immediately and the right things done rapidly Well this gospel is for you then in fact if you are struggling with demonic forces in your life this is that especially a good gospel for you because it talks about it a lot of times in these various stories so we'll look here in Mark Japp her for and we're going to look here in verse 35 will start in verse 35 there you see it on the screen and on the same day when leaving had come he said to them let us cross over to the other side. You know the kind of sounds ominous as well the other side the far side the country of the gadda remains is the other side it tells us in Chapter 5 in verse one and the gatherings were part of a larger conglomerate of nations are cities that were called the cop a list documenting tentpole as being the city in eastern Palestine that were formed by Pompei in 63 b.c. to leave Caesar was up in Spain and Britain and other places but Pompei was down there and he was conquering these that he was setting up these kingdoms or these cities as a showcase of Roman and Greek gods and Gadara was the original capital capital of this League of Cities and so the get a remains were in the capital city of that accomplice which was a showcase of the gods of the Romans and the Greeks. You might say the heathens and the Jews would say they were heathen would say they were unclean and you can see the cities there right along the Sea of Galilee have pos and then get Daraa and then Palla and all of these different cities only bet shay on the other side but some of us of Prabal too and those cities where the cities of the cop list this was the far side and as they were traveling they left the multitude Jesus had been if you look there Mark Chapter 4 you see that Jesus had just told all of these parables parable of the Mustard Seed of the growing see that the sour and the parable of the soils and all these seeds. All of these parables and he was essentially talking to the Hebrews of the Jewish nation and he. Decided to get away. Someplace to rest that he want to go somewhere where nobody 1000000 how many of you ever want to get away from work and you want to go somewhere nobody knows you and when to get away from all your e-mails you want to go away from all of the stressors and so I said I want to go to a place where nobody knows my name nobody knows me Nobody knows us and will dismiss away there and we'll go to the other side the Great when the storm arose as they were heading that way and the waves beat a little boat so it was already filling and if you've ever been to the Sea of Galilee. Which I've been privileged to be there a few times it's actually quite shallow it's pretty big but it's kind of odd in that you can have a windstorm that comes up this rapidly out of nowhere can be just call and this comes up Adam nowhere and some people posit different reasons for that they say that the cold on the top of Mount Hermon mixes with the mc mixes with the warm and it causes the storms of what not and so they had a storm that came in the boat was filling up but he was in the stern asleep now you know I was asleep right he was worn out for ministry and here we are so worn out from ministry that something was going on but normally make wake anyone else up but you were just so tired you like. This is how tired he was and they all came and said I am teacher do you not care that we are perishing the unit care the euro's a rebuke and when it said of the sea Peace be still in the wind ceased and there was a great call now that word rebuked and the Book of Mark is all we use anywhere else the book of Mark one Jesus is speaking to a demon. And this now pulls away the screen if you will then really helps us understand what's happening. He was getting up and saying Now let there be peace as a general statement you know a light peace love joy peace really into that let there be peace not some light subjunctive platitudes just some kind of general statement No he was saying you be still there was a present imperative and he was saying Be quiet he was speaking directly to the wind now you think us that when he was speaking to the actual wind the oxygen now he was talking to the person behind the when and if he's and tells us that the devil is the prince of the power of the air and we know from Job Chapter one in job have to do that if Satan so desires and God allows he can make when come from 4 different directions and a tornado pushes over job's house and so he's speaking directly to the when that had been whipped up by the Devil who was trying to take away Jesus rest and also take away the rest of his disciples as I just heard wonderful parables about faith as a mustard seed and all these different things and they have a wonderful ministry going on with Jesus and now the devil doesn't want that to continue very fascinating the storm has been caused by a demon doing now again in our Western culture we think you know it's not demons is that even the devil this is exactly what the devil will want you to think there is no devil there's no demons but when you talk to people mother parts of the world that are a little bit more than maybe in touch even with the Word of God They often see things this way. Next we're going to be talking about science falsely so-called I'm going to talk about how science we put all our eggs in that basket and. It's not helping us much recently have you noticed that. And yet we we are committed to and I'm not against science and I believe science comes as a result of the word I'll talk about that next week but and I'll show you that but I'm just saying that many times we don't think about things in these terms but notice how this author put it while appearing to the children men is a great physician who can heal all their maladies he will bring disease and disaster until populous cities are reduced to ruin and desolation even now he is at work in accidents and calamities by sea in the land and great conflagrations that is fires in fierce tornadoes in terrific hail storms and tempests floods Cyclons tidal waves and earthquakes in every place and allows in ways and forms he that being the devil is active in fact it's sometimes he causes diseases and then takes them away and then arresting interesting have you heard anything about fires recently in California at least I have all last the last several months the government shut down everything all the power grid because of fires we had all go out and buy generators people didn't they know exactly what to do about it it was a kind of a a once in a lifetime thing we thought but then now we have everything shut down and in 6 weeks people have not been out and about who ever thought that would head people lost all their jobs people lost this and lost that and then there were tornadoes recently heard about the tornadoes recently in Tennessee and then there were quakes and we say oh it's just natural causes. No well might be natural but there's something super natural behind the natural is what this author is saying and I happen to believe the same thing if you read the scriptures you have to believe that or else your dice and slides flies and you're you're you're just you're just cafeterias Bible person this is taking a little here but not over there the Bible talks about a supernatural great controversy between good and evil and it's been going on since the 1st part of time and it talks about and I need to study this with you maybe I'll do this coming up soon. And talks about how the battle is being won by God and as it's being won by God the devil gets bored more desperate and he takes any opportunity to wreak havoc Revelation 20 tells us all about how he'd like to study Revelation 20 at some point the point is we've got to remember that there is a great conversely that got is winning in that great kind of Percy but as he begins to win more and more the delegates more and more excited Satan is exercising his power he sweeps away the ripening harvest and famine and distress follow he imparts to the air a deadly taint and thousands perish by the one pestilence these visitations are to become more and more frequent and disaster is I'm not trying to scare you today but most people are already scared so I don't need to do that you already realize but what I'm trying to help you do is understand what you're seeing and if you understand it you will not be as fearful. And that's the whole reason that we have a church and that's why we study the Bible because in the Bible God pulls back the curtains and helps us understand not only who he is and where he is and what he's doing but who we are and where we are and what we're supposed to be doing we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities and against powers and against the rules of darkness of this age and against spiritual hosts of wickedness and we need to remember that that's what's going on actually right now in the world around the world in and I'm precedented way in that everybody knows it because of media and because of communication what was the underlying issue but he said to them Why are you so fearful the issue of fear how many have had fear and anxiety of the last few weeks of the year but not just fear he goes on how is it that you have no faith so fear comes from a lack of what faith when we're fearful it's because maybe we haven't been faithful are maybe we don't know that he's faithful fear comes from a lack of faith fear due to a lack of faith in fact in Matthew chapter 6 Jesus talking about fear and anxiety says why are you worried you can't add even a cubit to your stature you can't feed yourself you can't call yourself and then he talks about all those things he says oh you of a little faith and in that particular passage it's face chloro we need to have faith faith faith faith faith. It's not something you just have it once is something that develops and grows and what he's saying to them Look I just spoke to you Faith comes by hearing here and by the work they heard the word they were living by the words so to speak and yet their faith was so fragile that in the storm it was gone and these are you might say Kristen's he's talking to these are disciples these are not pagans he's not yet to the heathen land these are people that working right next to Jesus you can say they are part of his the lead committee maybe the revival and reformation committee I don't know you might say they are at the center of everything. They're not off somewhere else they're right in the middle of things and they're having fear that comes from one a lack of faith so he was not just going over there to get a rest he was getting over there to reveal to them that they had no rest he was not just going to get a nap he was helping them understand that they did not have the type of experience they needed with him I think that Jesus kind of broke this story is not just for the demoniac it's for the disciple the wicked are like a troubled sea when I cannot rest there is no peace say of my God to the wiki and that text is applied to the disciples in the book deserve ages the wiki unlike the trouble see look you could be working as a Pastor Don at the we were church and be wicked you could be the minister of music and be wicked Now don't get me wrong not all wicked just a little wicked how much we can does it take to be wicked just a little bit. Just a tiny bit. I don't believe the Bible teaches that people are totally possessed they sometimes are partially possessed you know you have different things that are going on in your life are you fearful Do you lack faith could you be dealing with demons in your life that's that's the question they could covet 19 be revealing the actual demons that are in your own life the demon of fear the demon of a lack of faith dealing with the demons of cope with 19 gold in $1000.00 resting the demon virus little demons death and biting dogs how we picture disease priests reveal how the coronavirus crisis is on less intense demonic activity Pentecostals are in a spiritual war against the coronavirus an ethical and Africa as are some political leaders and. You've all know all. Then says beware of humanity's inner demons these are all interesting articles which I don't have to go through except to point out that there. Are 19 with a demon and then saying it's revealing the inner demons What kind of demons the new code crisis domestic abuse rises worldwide they're worried in this country because they're getting so few calls but they don't they know that doesn't mean there's not domestic abuse people at home they're locked in together they have big problems and they have nowhere to go and solutions and they're taking it out on each other had them maybe they're snapping them to the press or they're demonstrating anger and maybe you're in that situation I read a story about someone else who who went to the store was making eye movements of different things to try and let someone know they were being abused and someone picked up on it and sure enough and that's happening and if that's happening to you today we're praying for you and looked Checa how we're friends check up on your relatives don't be afraid to call for help. Because people the underlying demons of unforgiveness rage anger that maybe have been percolating and not fully dealt with only can be dealt with by Jesus they begin to percolate and the demon comes out pandemic drives alcohol sales and raises concerns about substance abuse what's happening now is all kinds of people are turning to the drinks they are buying more alcoholic beverages than as unprecedented I mean I think that's a great thing for your immunity that's the worst thing you could be doing but people are doing because they're stressed they're fearful they have no peace they don't have Christ in their life and so they are fearful and they don't have faith and they're turning to something that can take it all away that turning to the spirits when they really should turn to the Holy Spirit and some people are going back into addictions that got out of them because they're afraid not just to be pointed out that to be pitied not just to be harangued but helped officials worry about potential spike in overdose deaths and look over $1000.00 panic people's lives are coming to an end because it's so fearful that was their self medicating they overdo it what happens when the world mixes Kovan $1000.00 anxiety and productively they talk about all these as pandemics go in 19 a pandemic anxiety already an underlying pandemic and Pernod a fee a pandemic and those are all coming together with free subscriptions being given by various pornographic sites to help p.p. decrease their their stress in various countries such as Italy and other places it is not decreasing stress to get into Prague pornography it's only exacerbating it and these 3 there's an $11.00 worldwide increase in porn consumption. Coronavirus porn anxiety when 3 pandemics converge and so the devil is taking all of these different things swirling them together in a tornado activity to try and take people down and I think it's comforting to at least know that that there's a great controversy but Christ will win and everyone who is with him will be on the winning team and we want to come to Christ really establish your life with me want to come to Christ again today go with 19 stress and anger go in one teen unemployment and suicide and they all these demons are coming together but I was fascinated to see as I was reading this week all of the statements that are made not just in scripture which there are many of them especially in the Gospel of Mark as I mentioned but also in the writings of an early 7th Adventist prophet one who actually lay the foundation to help the administrators and many others get through the Spanish flu crisis of 1980 and using the principles there of hydrotherapy and fomentations hydrothermal therapy hot and cold treatments 7th Day Adventist during that time many of them as they follow those principles did not die from the Spanish flu and the people they they also help did not die as well but she also understood something else about the spiritual battle that was going on and she has a lot to talk about demons and she actually seems to mention the demons by a name that could be manifest in your life where you like to see what she talks about. She talked about the demon of strife she talked about the demon of intemperance do you think intemperance has driven people to die during this particular time they ate too much they drink too much they smoke too much and too much smoking is just one cigarette and they're not prepared when the overwhelming tornado comes strife that's an anger at home mess that I messed up by Alliance intemperance selfishness that's where you go when you buy all the toilet paper and belt let someone who has that even if they say they have diarrhea you say no I don't care. So this is selfishness greed when try make some money off of this I'm going to get people when they're down ambition jealousy passive. Unkindness darkness hysterics always getting attention throwing yourself around and different things. Say tannic imagining this that's where you're saying you know what I think everyone's out to get me you walk around suspicious all day you're imagining things you stir up things because you're imagining things in your own mind may not even be there you're not telling yourself the truth in the telling anybody else the truth heresies appetite wine liquor see actually uses the word demon associated with each one of these things how would you like to have a list of that would you like me to send you the list or just. Just email me or or get in touch with a fascinating study I only have time to go through right now they feared exceedingly and they said to one of the who or in the King James what manner of man is this that even the wind that and the c.e.o. pay him. So here they are they're like these are the disciples we're still talking about who haven't even gotten to the heathens yet but we're talking about the heathen disciples that have fear and they have faithlessness and they have demons in their life that the sons of thunder James and John have demons in their life that the demon of anger that Peter had demons in his life you go through all the disciples and they were dealing with various demonic things in their life and Jesus was didn't give up on them he's trying to work with them just like he doesn't give up on you who look so good in church but really are so bad in some way I'm talking to myself here folks so they said Who is this that even the wind and sea obey Him Now they knew where that was from Psalm one 10728291 Psalm 107 goes through various things that God delivers you from is a great song but it ends by this talks that it has a section dealing with those that are at sea then they cry out to what is to say next what is a next on a screen they cry out to the walk the Lord in their trouble he brings them out of their distress as he calms the storm so that its waves are still they thought of this text and they said wait a minute the person that's with us what manner of man is that with us if the Lord and they use that lowercase already not g. lowercase o. d. but they use Yahoo way with this is the Lord God. God is with us a look at this from it in the midst of the storms of life when it looks like he's not there and you're overwhelmed. He's there he's in the boat and he's not just in the boat as some kind of unhelpful entity he is the Lord God Almighty can you say amen to that. Sin is destroyed our peace while self isn't subdued we can find no rest the masterful fastens of the heart no human power can control so if you don't have peace it's what in your life itself and it's the mask will pass of the heart which no human power can control don't think you're going to learn I'm a saint it's wrong to learn don't think you can learn some kind a method to read a script your thoughts to get you through it then say I'm going have c b. C b t and elemental p. and q. or s. than x. y. z. that might be useful but it will not free you completely no human power can control it we are as helpless here as were the cycles to quiet the raging storm what does it say you are as helpless as the disciples were and the disciples were fighting against a storm that was led by his to the demon So how do you think we need the Lord and that's what it says the Lord was with him and he used peace to the Bill of Galilee and spoke to the words of peace to every soul however fierce The Tempest those who turned to Jesus with the cry Lord save me will find deliverance how many want to say that Lord said may. Even sorter when he's talking to Peter which is Lord save us 2 words Lord say if you take one step toward the Savior my friend you will find his arms open wide he is there with all power in the midst of all hell to help you and that might be even in your own mind your own mind do you need deliverance today as a Christian as a disciple not we haven't even talked about the heathens yet. As a disciple of Christ as a believer do you need deliverance Today everybody has. Them crap Lord save me and if you're struggling to say Lord I believe help my unbelief I have face but help the lack of faith I have what's the underlying issue of fear it's lack of faith faith is another word Pasteur it's believed is the same word and greed Lord I faith will help my lack of faith tell me what your faith to it increase crying out then they came then now were getting into when he came to the other side then so he dealt with the disciples. He starts with the church members 1st doesn't begins at the house of the Lord the big problem in the world is not necessarily the heathens it's the church why has Jesus not yet come but the church has not prepared themselves so after he deals with the church then he is the heathen then they came to the other side of the sea to the country of the cannery means that I'm clean country the tent cities built to showcase the power of the Roman and Greek gods in fact of the demons that come to Demon Ville after they had addressed the daemon and saying who had power over demons and they got there and when he had come out of the boat immunity their man him out of the tomb was a man with it I'm plain spirit by the way tubes were also unclean so he was an unclean place you shouldn't test dead bodies or bodies or be near them it's on the Old Testament and he was an unclean spirit who had his dwelling among unclean tombs and no one could bind him nothing would change in other words he had be put in all these various units. You know you probably put him in a psych unit put him in a prison put him in a jail you probably restrain him because he had often been bound with shackles and chains and by chains that than the change had been pulled apart by em in the shackles broken in pieces and no one could tame him and always day and night he was in the mountains in the tube crying out and doing what cutting himself with stones This is a picture let me ask you a question there's a bible talk about cutting yourself that doesn't fact in Deuteronomy 14 a says you are the children of the Lord your God You shall not cut yourselves nor save the front of your head for the dead there's a connection in the Bible between cutting and debt again Leviticus 1920 so now making the cuttings in your flesh for the dead nor tattoo any marks on you I am the Lord now let me ask a question in America today are there more tattoos being given today than there were 50 years ago it is now the most popular thing to have tattoos even in the Christian church and I want to ask like I'm kind of like on the wild side of a little tattoo my head my shirt just come down here but you can see it might just have a little tattoo saying you know I have and by the way if someone has that then that reading the Bible and I'm not trying to make it worse it's actually a cry for help someone is a tattoo someone cutting themselves it's a cry for help and when Jesus looked at his demoniac he's not looking at just in judgment he did not come to judge the world but the that he might save the world he did not go from the east to the west from Jerusalem over to get a raise because he hated the gatherings he went there because he loved them no don't don't miss that notice. Someone that's looked at someone studying cutting says this When someone is cutting that means they're dealing with self unforgiveness sometimes they're dealing with self resentment they're dealing with self retaliation they're dealing with self anger they're dealing with self violence the dealing with self murder the dealing with self rejection they're dealing with self accusation they're dealing with guilt they're dealing with anxiety they're dealing with death cutting is always a mayday signal up I'm anxious. I'm guilty up I don't know how to numb the pain I have a little release that comes from the indoor friends of cutting myself but it's not a sweet total release it's only a little bit those songs written about I just listen a friend of mine let me listen some songs the other day and I listen to the songs that actually tie these 2 together just like this and really it's a cry for help that's a cry for oh those wretched beans dwelling on the place of graves possessed by demons and bondage in them controlled passions and loads of lust represent what does it say represent what what humanity would become if given up to say tannic jurisdiction anybody in this room or in my hearing would begin cutting themselves just like that demoniac if they're not surrendering to Christ everybody would do that. And so don't look in judgment of the people you already found out you have some demons in your life we just went through that and just because they don't have total ascendancy doesn't mean you're not in trouble and just remember this there but for the grace of God go I. You know the economy everything has changed rapidly in just 6 weeks but you know what in your life spiritually things kids very rapidly just like that if you fall away from the Lord if you're not following him day by day you can become just like that demoniac in 5 days. So how does Jesus relate to this man how does he relate to him and when he saw Jesus from afar he ran in to worship him and he cried out with a loud voice say What if I do do with you Jesus son of the most high God I implore you by God that you do not torment me and. I could go into this so the most I got in that manual I told you from. Dr vine it goes into that that's very interesting it's a technical term used only and in Daniel's have to 7 Son of Man and allude to sometimes in the New Testament also in the Book of Enoch of he was a apocryphal book but it called the Son of Man or the Son of God was the one that helped people get free of deeds and that was ubiquitous in their mindset and he said You are the one that's able to get me out of demons I implore you by God that you do not torment me for he said to me I'm come out of the man unclean spirit and then he asked him What is your name and he answered and said My name is legion for we are many and he begged them earnestly they would not send them out into the country. Now a large herd of swine were feeding there near the mountains so all the demons begged him saying something to the swine that we may enter them and once Jesus gave them permission then the end clean spirits went out and into the swine there were about 2000 and the herd ram violently down the steep place into the sea and drowned in the sea so those who fed the swine flood and they told it in the city and in the country and they went out to see what it was that happened. And then they came to Jesus and they saw the one who had been demon possessed and had had the legion of demons sitting clothed and in his right mind and they were afraid everyone noticed this when people are hurting themselves when people are doing all the demon things we solace that most people don't say oh you know it's selling is wild out so is the state they don't care too much but when someone gets converted people always get afraid all you're becoming too holy man I'm already patch you you're hanging out with these freaks from the church I mean honestly I don't care if you're going to hell but you're going to have and they get worried that so many friends back when I was a number of years ago that I was going the wrong way they never said anything of me till I got converted they're at Columbia what happened to you what's wrong with you really you know what they're not so worried about me they're worried about surrendering themselves together they're afraid that maybe something needs to change in their life and there was the untamed demoniac now controlled the terrorizing they want to act now at peace the naked man now clothed now by the way always always when you're going the wrong way there's a decided usually change and in dress you start going on the dark side you start wearing dark stuff if you wear stuff at all remember he was naked but if you're going the wrong way you're going to wear stuff that signals that it signals that the hand of hydrotherapy thank you the technological Levite Dr Kay thank you so. It's signals then so we you know if you're a parent watch your kids if they start putting on stuff they know they shouldn't be putting off and you've told them that their whole life they start putting out what is that it's a marker. It's not going that way and sometimes they'll start wearing stuff they didn't even know what it's about thought and some of the day that I don't know what that means there's a little something that said you know that good and bad are equal equal that they're just the same the there's not one they're just equal. I mean does that make any sense good and evil equal but there's religions that actually teach that So look when you go in the wrong way you start wearing the wrong things and you start drinking the wrong things start eating the wrong things and you're destroying yourself and these are all markers. But notice here in this passage Jesus how Jesus relates to this person. First of all let's review he crossed the sea to expose the lack of faith among his own disciples so don't think if you are a demoniac type person doing those kind of things that Jesus is just looking to you always think people always think did well you talk to me why are you telling me what to do if you heard someone say that why do you tell me what to do I could do what I want oh it's obvious they can't but. The Christian has been told what to do so many times by God if they're surrendered that that's that's normal live out their life with them and tell me what to do I don't know how to speak I don't have to walk so 1st of all he deals with that Secondly. Jesus cross the sea to reach the unclean gathering so if you think Jesus of care about you here's a picture of a story where he not only is with his own people he crosses the sea to go where the unclean are he goes you might say into the cold did my teen Ward with the demon disease and the demoniacs. Jesus heard his silent cry was a silent cry he came he ran he worshiped him. Another words he made some kind of move the God knew that he needed help it's almost like someone with domestic violence and they're trying to silently scream for help and he sighed and whenever he sees even a hint that you want his help and you're open to it he is going to help you and that's what he's done he's gone over there and he sees that this man isn't trouble he doesn't react to his craziness but he reacts to his need. Jesus spoke directly to the source of the problem the demon in his life in this case the demons legions of them and don't think it's just the demoniac that has legions of demons I went through the demons of the disciples. But he speaks directly just as he had spoken to the sea Jesus allowed the economy and get this what he allowed the economy of an entire country to experience melt down for this one said. I hear it all the time. Oh I heard the last few weeks were let in all Qana may go. To this for a few people that really are not that great anyway they didn't take care of themselves and there's no I'm not trying to get into a political discussion here but I just want to point out. That the pigs in that culture that was like the bank. They raised the pigs who had piglets who had more piglets and then they they put the resources in the piggy bank and this was their economy. I mean it wasn't just 2000 pigs I didn't look it up that's a lot of money even today one just said it was the pigs the pigs could add. A blistering to the economy all for one or if you read Matthew to Del mony ex. Jesus allowed the economy of the entire country to experience a meltdown for this one man but also for them because it was a mercy to the owners of the swine that this loss had been permitted to comply on them it was a while. Mercy. Why they were absorbed in earthly things and cared not for the great interests of spiritual life just really I've got all these jobs lined up to make it all this money by the way it's coming arresting all the money people made to spend on things that really are not that essential they all got shut down recently to go to the bar you can't go to the movies you can't go by sports team. All this has been laid bare headed they care not for the interest of spiritual life Jesus desired to break the spell of selfish indifference what is spelled that they didn't think in. That they might accept his grace but regret and indignation for their temper lost one of their their eyes to the Saviors mercy they begin picketing maybe you don't stop this don't you see the economy is going down. Who cares about that person what about my paint chip. They have pretended financial ruin and determined to be free from his presence those who had crossed the lake with Jesus told all that what had happened the purpose of the night and how the wind and see it been Still they say wait a minute wait a minute only to the what a minimal we wait before you start freaking out about the economy why he is so powerful he stopped the wind and the waves this is God. If he could stop the wind and the waves he'll take care of you. Secure your finances. But the demon of financial. And economic success. Was so strong their words were without effect. Terror the people thronged about Jesus beseeching him to depart from them and he complied taking a ship at once to the opposite shore now if you read the book of Revelation. It's you know what's going to bring the final conflict and hence God's people come CERN's about the economy. That's going to be and guess what God's people are going to have at the end method they can't buy they can't sell and the only thing they have is Jesus. And he saves them. I mean it's kind of interesting. By the way. Some of you listening may be here because people have broken their piggy banks to help you out. And have money but they wanted the financial meltdown to help you Jesus is a representative of the riches of all have been that were poured out for you. This coronavirus maybe has alerted you to the fact that you are tied. To the economy. And to the filthy lucre. In fact the left a church and relationship history is pictured like this rich and increased with goods a wretched poor pitiful Macon and blind sounds a lot like a double whammy AK. Not realizing they. Are that way just like the demoniac was not realizing he was that way and Jesus is standing at the door knocking he says be all I stand at the door and knock I want to deliver you and they're rejecting deliverance for Suppose that well how many don't want to be in their picture. This is a pass it's not just for the demoniac but for the disciple but notice what happened to this disciple the words penetrated his darken mind a marvelous change had come light had shown into the mind of the morning and his eye and were beaming with now intelligence he had been restored to reason this was a depression recovery program everything had now changed in his mind. And when he got into the boat that is when Jesus got to the boat he had been dealing possessed begged him that he might go with him and might be with him he said look I want to stay with you I want to stay here in this wonderful little person recovery program you're running here in the gatherings Why don't you stay will start a clinic and what does Jesus say. When we have it on line school to get trained you can leave the program. It doesn't hit. However Jesus did not permit him but said to him something very careful what did he say go home to your friends and tell them. Just tell them what great things the Lord has done for you and how he has had compassion on you. Part of his treatment. Was not to just see the love of God how he came from the far side to his side not just to see all these things we went through but part of his treatment was to take the very things that he had been doing and talk about them in a different way I used to cut but now I believe in the one who was cut into for me I used to bleed but now I've accepted his blood into my life I used to think about what I was wearing to get attention but now all my attention is on him and he covers me with his robe of righteousness everything changes. And suddenly the demoniac becomes an essential worker. I'm of you want to be essential workers for God It doesn't take much. And yet it takes all Soarin during the god crying child Lord save me Lord deliver me Lord deliver me from the demon all the demon of the demon is of. No demon in the book of Mark and no battle throughout the Bible between Michael that is Jesus the archangel and the devil his angels was ever lost Jesus won every single battle in he will win every single battle all the way to the end. And the question is will we let him well with the. Departed. And he begin to proclaim him that the couple is all that Jesus had done for him. And every one bar. Later on of the Gospel of Mark. So the Jesus went back and there was a great harvest of belief later on several chapters later and then after Pentecost there were thousands that came to the Lord all because of the testimony of someone who never went to the seminary. Who never had all the opportunities of any of the many of you listening today never had any of those opportunity you know education will not save you learning will not save you money will not save you oh only Jesus can save you. Only Jesus can say and a basically boils down people listen to you oh yeah it's really interesting he said but what happened to you tell me about what happened to you while I was lost but now I'm filing blind but now I see God saved my life and he continues to save my life I told some of you my own story you need to be a specialist in your own story what was my life like before Jesus what happened when Jesus came in and what is he doing in my life now then you become an essential worker. Now listen to a sermon on this passage by Conrad Vine who I mention after I looked at his manual I listen to it I couldn't find a sermon directly on this but I listen to one of his sermons because I don't really know what I want to see what it is like. And I listen to it and he ended with an interesting story that I will end with read. And this is a story. You know he talked about in the concluding his message he talked about how if you ask an American if you ask American how it is that the Soviet Union fell they'd tell you you know it was because Ronald Reagan worked with the pope and they together they work together and they had messages and then and then Ronald Reagan spent all kinds of money the economic might of America did a big huge arms push and that's what led to the fall of the Soviet Have you ever heard this. And World Com read in some of the sermon I think was it right they say that if you ask a Russian They won't tell you that it's not just because a politically and they told a fascinating story about a guy named Alexander Solzhenitsyn I read his books years ago having to read his books what nobody has read his books it's very sad Ok Alexander Solzhenitsyn was a grew up under communism was born in you know during when the communists came to power in 1970 basically the same time we were in situ was built 1977 Spanish flu as well. And he was an atheist a card carrying atheist he didn't believe in God or anything like that but somehow for some reason he was put in the prison camp like him exactly Hal probably because he was speaking out and subway against the excesses of government so he was put in a concentration camp and he was there and he got skin cancer and he was about to die and he had to be treated so it was in the hospital and while I was in the hospital he tells a story about a Jewish doctor who came and led him to Christ this Jewish doctor had also been an atheist and believed it all but somehow. Someone had witnessed to him and he just was a new new convert and he said you know I need to tell someone this is one guy one Jewish doctor I need to tell someone about Jesus because he had a sense that someone's going to kill him they didn't like him because they thought that you know he had converted to Christianity and they want to get rid of him in this concentration camp because they didn't believe in Christianity and he realized that people are going to kill him so he stay in the hospital for like a number of days he's still quarantined because you thought I was going to die. And it is have a strong impression I need to tell someone about the christ to accept it because I never really told anybody and he told Alexander Solzhenitsyn who was an atheist at the time. Solzhenitsyn writes about and says fall in operation I'm lying in the surgical ward of the camp hospital I can't move I'm hot I'm feverish but nonetheless my thoughts are not dissolved into the lure him and I'm grateful for Dr Boris Nikolayevich Kornfeld who is sitting beside my cut talking to me all evening the light has been turned out so it will not hurt my eyes he and I and there's no one else in the ward. Fervently he tells me the long story of his conversion from Judaism actually atheism secular Judaism to Christianity sharing his what his testimony I'm astonished at the conviction that the new convert and if they are of his words. Later that very night that Dr was killed just like he thought it would be someone found him in the hallway and he never probably even knew what hit him but the bludgeoned him to death and he died that was his last conversation his last conversation was sharing Jesus with Alexander Solzhenitsyn. It's so impacted Alexander Solzhenitsyn that he became a Christian. And he wrote a book called The Gulag Archipelago a series of books and he came to American electorate at Harvard he went all over the place and everybody read his books and he already has books back in the Soviet Union and they begin to see that in the Soviet Union things were not right that there was tyranny that there was an overstep by government and that those camps and how they had been isolated and Koren 1000 into the camps and controlled was wrong and if you ask a Russian why it is at that system fell saves they'll say it's because of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and if you ask Alice that Alexander Solzhenitsyn would say it because someone shared their testimony with me the last words of that Dr were the 1st words for Alexander Solzhenitsyn. And your testimony. Can be used by God to totally change someone and care what you've done or what's been done to you I don't care if you've cut down care if you've had lack of faith and if you've heard all those demons we talked about what every year and you're still alive if you're listed I mean a and God wants to die not only deliver you but wants to use you to deliver others how many of you want to be delivered from the fear and anxiety or whatever the demon is in your life. I would have a deeper faith I want to cry out Lord save me. Because if you do present or as you do. He will save you and I will save you here usually to read that a couple this and be a. God bless us as we. Address the demons that have been revealed during the time of code in the n.t. there's reasons. We might have questionings. We might have doubts. But we don't want to. Or we believe. Help or are doing. Strike the most those who did the demoniac as you did the disciples. Lot of state come for the you are in the ship with us. But you never lost the battle. May we put our lives. Them to your a. Folie today. In Caesar's name we. Man. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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