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6. Medical Experts Answer Your COVID-19 Questions - Part 2

Kyle Allen Lela Lewis Roger Seheult
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  • May 11, 2020
    2:45 PM
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Welcome to our 360 health life medical Mondays it's really good to be back with you again we're glad to have you for this final program today which is going to be very exciting looking at your questions of follow up with our medical experts on your questions about coded 19 it's been it's been an exciting series of programs we've had over the last several weeks and I want to thank Dr Lila Lewis who has been just a wonderful host of this program and our medical director for a w.r. 360 health coming to us live from sunny Phoenix Arizona Dr. Harry didn't see you I didn't see it you know and as it's sunny out there today it is wonderfully sunny outside yesterday hey by the way Dr Leila we were just thinking we would love to hear from our viewers where they are so if you could just send us a message tell us where you've been viewing these medical Monday programs from we would love to hear from you. And share with us maybe something that you've been blessed by something that has helped you in your life something you've learned from these programs we would love to hear it and we hope you've been blessed by the way thank you guys for sending in your questions we have so many questions Dr Lila today we're just full of questions and we've got a wonderful program here that we've planned for you and Dr Roger who some of you know has been with us before he's going to be with us again today and we're very grateful to have him with us I want to just remind everyone that all of these programs the medical Monday programs and the symposiums Dr Low which have been happening we had the last one last night is that correct that's correct and. I'm sorry I had They're all on the You Tube page for advocates what radio so if you'd like to watch them again go back to our You Tube Check it out make sure you follow us on You Tube like us on Facebook and so you can stay up today. On all of the latest programs and we have a new program starting next Sunday Dr Lee was I correct that's correct level up we are looking forward to that program and we'll be continuing to have health programs on during the week we'll let you know this coming week what day that will be as well so we're very excited you know one of the big questions that's coming and it is continuing medical education credit as we all know we had seen the credits up to 12 hours for these medical symposiums and our medical Mondays and you today is the final day to get your credit so if you have not yet turned in your evaluation form please make sure and do that again go to 8 any Wired dot au Archie health that's 8. $104.00 a slash help make sure you graduate stirred and fill in your evaluation credit today so we went for a trip and again it was 2 hours of see any credit for Sunday nights and one hour for the last several Mondays I wish I could fill that out and get credit but I'm not a betting person so I can't but hey if you're about to call make sure you do that and take advantage of it right that's correct that's right well before we go any further Dr ly think maybe let's have a word of prayer and invite the Holy Spirit to be with us start this program. Evilly Father thank you so much for the opportunity to be here today with Dr Lila and thank you for these programs that we've been having the last several weeks for medical Mondays for a w r 360 health we pray that you would bless our program today please help us to be able to share relevant information that will be a blessing to someone today and help us all to continue to stay healthy and to keep ourselves in top shape so that we can serve you better and make good decisions on for our lives so that we can be a blessing to others so we invite you to be part of this program in a special way pray this in Jesus' name amen and. Thank you so much Pastor called you now has your call we've been talking about God sometimes people refer to them as simple remedies they're really not simple quite frankly they're actually quite complex and the reason that people refer to them as simple is because they're simply attainable let's face it would be is the acronym want rest we've talked about internal water but mostly extra water with hydrothermal therapy and the effect as far as prevention and I dare say treatment of coke at 19 fresh air open space proper nutrition we use the word teeth for temperance but really it's self restraint or self-control to keep away from those things that are harmful to listen to us moderately with wisdom with common sense things that are good for us raster sleep actual size ultraviolet radiation or sunshine or ask for sunshine and then most importantly trust in God and we've seen that these scientifically profound simple principle do have an effect as far as our immune system it optimizes are in the end system so we've been very excited to find these principles that we've also been excited to see that when we look back at the 1918 pandemic and we find that these principles used back then these same principles by 7th Day Adventists institution sometimes referred to as sanitariums actually do work today so that's been a very exciting adventure many many questions have come in about these topics and that's what we're looking forward to talking about today and I just want to add Dr Leila one of the things that I have really been blessed by is we've looked at each one of these topics is just thinking about how God really wants us you know God wants what's best for us I think is is really a theme that I've been getting and in every in every one of these topics it's about making good decisions so that we can not only be healthier for ourselves but also be healthier for our. People as well and he wants us to have you know the acronym is want rest once us to have rest and I just want to remind us as we begin today of that verse where we get that acronym from and that's Matthew 1128 where Jesus says Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden there's a lot of people that have been heavy laden during this cold in 1000 crisis is that right well that's right they're saying we've all had an effect on our lives for sure asks the financial a fax to how physical How severe mental anguish that is such a rise in anxiety and depression it's affected all of us it really has and so you know with that being the case how much more are these principles needed now than ever before and Jesus says if you're labor come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden that's that's you friend that's every one of us Jesus says I will give you rest and we hope that these principles we've been going over have been a very practical demonstration of the rest that God wants to give us as we follow is principles of health thank you so much Pastor and now we want to address your questions I'm excited to invite my good friend Dr Roger Schweller out he is an intensive this pulmonologist works in the intensive care unit with coven patients on a day to day basis and has been one of our main expert presenters in our medical symposiums on Sunday night so Dr Schwab we have some questions as far as basic statistics for hope in 1000 Can you just very briefly review for us again 3 basic phases or categories if you will echo the 1000 that you helped us delineate to begin our discussion for today. I think Dr Saltz Mike is a little beauty there. We go sorry no no you're good so thank you very much Lisa for having us on for having me on so the 3 phases are basically a way of just discussing this and a little bit more since way Phase one is before you get the infection and that's where we institute isolation or distancing things of that nature phase 2 is after you get the infection but before you have to go to the hospital in phase 3 is when you end up at the hospital and you know there's been some studies recently that seem to indicate that the number of people who have been exposed to or infected with Corona virus is much greater than we had anticipated based on an a body testing this is where we actually test for the body's immune response against the viruses that are just checking the virus itself in this situation. Some some tests have shown in New York up to a 3rd of the people walking around New York City may have been exposed and so. In terms of what how many people actually are getting significant symptoms is going to be proportionately less than what we've been talking about before if those numbers are correct but it seems as though about 20 percent of those who are symptomatic anyhow are needing hospitalization and eventually intensive care in some cases and even the ventilator. So that this is this is sort of the funnel where you have a lot of people at the beginning and then a few people that end up in the intensive care unit so as you just stated I just want to make sure that our viewers understand that that question so as you I heard you state the president of the population that actually end up in a severe situation would be about 20 percent how many of those recounts are this severe cases what percent of those actually go on to to recover. Well there was a study that was published in. From New York City that looked at that and of the people that were being admitted to the hospital 22 percent of those died just being admitted to the hospital and so those that were admitted to the intensive care unit and put on ventilators according to their numbers 88 percent of those died so this is obviously something that you want to try to avoid is you want to treat this infection treat this illness before it ends up at the hospital and has your how i think you had a question I saw you I didn't raise your hand I'm going to ask you know I did I was just thinking you know at this point in time we have I just saw this morning about 80000 deaths in the United States from code 19 and but a lot of states are on the downward trend in the cases I saw even in New York this morning Governor Cuomo said just a sober 400 new cases I think you know daily now so the cases are going down. Some people are wondering you know you talk about testing anybody testing should I go get a test should I still be worried about that and how does that happen I think that's a question a lot of people's mind I know people I've talked to anyway yes so the no I don't think you should get an antibody test and less doctor orders and and that's the way it currently is standing at this point so the question is who should be getting antibody testing Well I've had a number of patients who have are outpatient they feel they've come down with the illness and they want to know Well the interesting aspect of this is that I will get an x. ray or get a c.t. scan and I will see that they may have been full traits and it will be helpful for me to know if this was in fact due to covert 19 or is it something else that I have to pursue with further testing and so that might be a situation where I get an antibody test to see if something that you had 2 months ago was in fact scope at 19. So let's let's continue with our questions our of our viewers to 90 percent of the patients end up on ventilators due and 90 percent of patients who end up on ventilators do they die well based on the the data that was coming out of New York City it was around 88 percent for those that were over the age of $65.00 on the ventilator it was closer to 97 percent which sounds like a very high number realize that those numbers did not include patients who were on the ventilators at the time of the closure of the study because they didn't know which category to put them in so they could only do the ones that had either survived or had not survived so those numbers may change as things go on the other thing that I want to also caution over interpretation of those numbers is that that was a health care system that was just overwhelmed with patients coming into the hospital and so you're not going to get the best care when the health care system is overwhelmed so that's not to see that's not to say that everybody who comes down with covert 19 in the hospital in any place in the United States is going to have that obviously there's going to be differences between New York City and any other place in the United States but those are some sobering numbers but the good news is the reason that we're here today is to talk about these principles of how that you can do right now at home so hopefully you never become part of that 20 percent that needs to be hospitalized or increase your risk of ventilator so let's go on quickly through some of the other treatments is Rendez severe as approved by the f.d.a. the Food and Drug Administration a good or a bad choice Dr Scholl's. Well if it's a great choice to use it's actually one of the medications that we now have that has the most data to back it up and that's because there was a prospective controlled trial that was conducted the one that was there was there's actually 2 trials there was one in China that never got to be filled they never got to the amount of patients that they needed and so the fact that they couldn't reach their end points is not a surprise the study that they did here in the United States and this is indicative of every prospective study that they do is they have endpoints the 2 endpoints were mortality but even higher end point was time to hospital discharge or time to improvements and like any good prospective study they have to make sure that they peak an independent data review board peaks in at the data half way through the study to make sure that if there is a difference that they stop the study and that they don't give out any more placebo because that would be unethical and and give everybody the medication Well that's exactly what they did and they found that they had reached that endpoint when it came to time to recovery there was a much shorter time to recovery in the group that got the best of air and then the arm that got the Ramdass of air they also noticed the a trend toward a mortality benefit which probably would have come to fruition if they were allowed to continue the study to the very end so that's amazing data the problem with Ramdass of error of course is that this is not a medication that's widely available Fortunately Gilliatt the company that makes it has donated 1500000 vials of this medication or dosage of this medication and they're being distributed right now into the United States and hopefully around the world they're going to ramp up production but this is the problem that we have is that I've had a patient in my intensive care unit but we wanted to start her on rentes of air we don't have them disappear at our facility most hospitals as of this taping don't have it there was one hospital that had it we wanted to transfer our patients to their hospital to get it. But it would only be available for people who are on the ventilator and so the question is as you know if you were to give Rem death severe to a patient where would it be the most helpful at the beginning of the course or at the end of the course we're on the run and of course that is. You know we can we can imagine where that is but the problem is is that we only have such a few dosage of that medication going to give it to the sickest patients but it may be by definition in those patients that it's not the most efficacious Yeah so ethical dilemma and challenge how much face should be put in the idea of a successful vaccine a lot of questions came in about that proposed so many different ideas and possibilities as far as the vaccines are concerned well there are so many different types of vaccines and they're not around yet so it's a hypothetical. We always try to under promise and over deliver will have to see the best thing that we can have to go on is past records you know there are some great. Great vaccines that have worked really well for viruses in the past and there are some vaccines that really haven't worked at all for viruses in the past if you look at measles mumps rubella we've got great vaccines for those and they work pretty well when they're given HIV hasn't really worked at all r.n.a. virus and unfortunately corona virus is also an r.n.a. virus so hopefully we don't go the same way as we've gone with the HIV vaccine pastor crap yeah quick question I've heard 1st of all I saw a news story this morning that said that the w.h.o. has identified over 100 different types of vaccines for grown a virus that have been are in development which is I thought was a huge number but but anyway that was interesting the 2nd thing I was going to ask you is. I've heard people say even Vice President Pence has said or a doctor found she from the White House the task force has said things really won't get back to normal until we have a vaccine. And so they're they're doing this operation warp speed thing I think some people have heard about which is that tried to try to get a vaccine as quickly as possible 1st of all doctors well do you think that things really will get back to normal fully until we have a vaccine number one and number 2 how soon do you think it will be before we get a vaccine Yeah I agree with that statement because the real issue here is that you've got a fire assess and that virus in any human body wants to spread to another human being the only thing that's going to stop that is if that person around that person so if you can imagine a wall of people around that person the virus wants to jump into the and so any one of those people in that circle around that person if 6070 percent of the people around that person have antibodies to that virus that are effective if Iris isn't going to spread it's going to stay it's going to it's going to die basically that virus is going to die and that person and your are not number which is the amount of people that one person can affect is going to go to less than one and the virus is going to burn out of this pair that's that's essentially what we need to have happen the question is how do we get those antibodies in that wall of people around that one person and there's only 2 ways either the infections already been in those people or they've got a vaccine and that's really the only 2 ways you can have this and that's why of course the public health depend community was initially can tiredly depending on hoping for herd immunity but the good news is we will have this is an amazing topic that we're discussing right now I'm looking at all of our wonderful other questions our very 1st program for level is on this very topic so I want to come back to this because it is and it is a very important and very timely question for sure and we do have to my question yes hasn't really quick just so everybody because I thought some people may not have been with us in the beginning level up Dr Lattimer our program that's come out this coming Sunday at 7 pm. Am Eastern you're not going to want to miss it it's that quarantine dilemma and the very topic that we are discussing is the specific Lee one of the aspects I should say of that is this issue of the vaccine antibodies herd immunity is it a political to us and looking at history looking not just in the last 100 years the last several 1000 years looking back at the who've gone apply again all the way back actually into the Old Testament to find out is there some other information that we can learn from the past as far as quarantine and eat in an antibody situation Ok let's precede our next question regarding unconventional therapy what dose of intravenous vitamin c. are you currently using Dr Shu out in the intensive care unit. One gram of i.v. q. 6 hours. I got it he said that it very succinctly Ok well let's go on to some really practical in kind of exciting information about hydrothermal therapy now I want to come back to this idea for our viewers the big picture sometimes they can get really bogged down with the trees but we don't see the big overview of the forest so we're talking about again simple but complex principles and risk talking specifically about the w. or water x. terminal water treatment hydrothermal therapy pester ca you had a comment you wanted oh I just wanted to say I just just go before we move I know we're going to move quickly to hydrothermal therapy but on the vitamin c. it's still a good idea for our viewers to take vitamin c. on a daily basis to build up their immune system as am I getting you guys right we've talked about that in previous Yes I do agree with that and I believe Dr Shaw agrees as well yeah well. What would be the recommended amount of vitamin c. for someone to take daily I or only recommend actually some people depends on who you listen to some people was say 2 grams and. It just depends on who you who you listen to Personally I say you know one gram a couple times a day is probably the best the best method but Dr Scholl's I don't know what your preferred method is. You know I haven't really looked at the oral dose I'm used to using the intravenous dose in the intensive care unit and again we don't have great data for Kovan 1000 we do have good data for sepsis we do have relatively good data for A.R.G.s and this is very similar to what's going on in covert 1000 patients I don't want to get too much into that because that would it's going to eat up a lot of time here but oral dose Yeah I've heard the same one to 2 grams really there's not a lot of downside to taking vitamin c. I'm not giving vitamin c. because I have good data that shows that it's going to work although there is some it's more along the lines of we've got good data that shows it's not harmful and it may be beneficial so it's good and along those lines of not being harmful let's delve into hydrothermal therapy which again it sounds not been found to be harmful but also been shown to be in beneficial when the basic premises are physiological changes that take place and hydrothermal therapy contrast showers and even compress treatments onto the chest we really don't know and here's the thing let's give a good big picture about hydrothermal therapy it's not like we've been studying this thing for the last 100 years this is something that science is kind of left behind it's something that we've done 100 years ago we certainly did it during the 1918 pandemic but we we and actually there was a number of very high profile physicians like your reg and and Kellogg who are using this but we dumped it back in the thirty's and forty's when with the discovery of penicillin all these antibiotics for randomized placebo controlled trials and things of that nature and yes it was being used but it really hasn't been studied to the level that we should be and so a lot of these questions today unfortunately are going to be asking about all the things that we would normally be asking about medications there are mechanisms we don't have those answers for hydrothermal therapy we have some guesses but we don't know for sure so when you ask what's the. Pathophysiology we've got to go back and see where do we leave off and what did we know at that time. There was a psychiatrist named your egg who used malaria to heat up patients who had neuro syphilis and he noticed that when they got fevers they got better well he actually cured a few patients a number of patients actually with malaria and then cure their malaria with quinine sulfate and for this he got the Nobel Prize in Medicine and what was the basis of this clearly the malaria wasn't curing the patient it was the fever and so we have good data actually in vitro data and in vivo data that shows that fever just a high temperature activates monocytes and increases the amount of tumor necrosis factor that they secrete And so it it enhances the immune system is that the only thing that increasing the temperature does I doubt it I think that's just one of those things in cannot control Iran listening rinds inside square money temperature we talked about this last night this question King and again I continue to be a question was the core body temperature go for hydrotherapy in again along the lines that there's just not much research out there for us to go on. So if you recall we have defined what a normal temperature is just let's just back up a few a few spaces here and say well what is a normal temperature we don't have a normal temperature we have an average normal temperature 98.6 But if you're 99.5 like I was a number of days ago when I was walking from the parking lot it's a clinic and they have to check my temperature before I go up stairs I was $99.00 That was certainly above the average temperature but that's not considered a fever $100.00 is considered a fever so even when we're talking about a distribution of patients all of which have different set temperatures to be able to say that this is one particular temperature that we have to be at to say that we're doing good hydrothermal therapy already we're running into a problem so I don't know what that temperature is people can make up temperatures they can say 103 they can say a 103.5 in terms of core body temperature but have we done the studies to say is 102 just as good 101.5 We don't have any of those studies past or how you had a comment you wanted to make I can see in your panel Well I was just no I'm It's Ok I was just going to say I know some people are wondering the going back to that program some of the practical formulas for hydrothermal therapy and that maybe can we just recap that really quick. We have that coming out in our next few questions about waste a good question now we can go ahead and address that right now so there are several different types are actually coming into the practical application right now. Of hydrothermal therapy and we can talk about those very briefly right now and so we've talked about the contrast showers hot and cold contrast shower and again we've shown several times that it's 5 minutes in Pastor call you tell us because you know now because you do it on a daily basis when I do and fact I did it this morning 5 minutes 3 minutes 5 minutes one minute. I think you could call for too long. I can't believe I failed the final test 5 minutes what. 3 minutes one minute 3 minutes one minute as I write so I have minutes hot one minute cold rain minutes one minute cold 3 minutes hot one minute cold it's important to end on cold on that's for your contrast rather as we often say that that's more along the lines of in phase one you can do it in any one of the phases they use about the time you're Phase 3 you're probably not feeling so great that's barely able to stand after that long except. It's far as other options we have the contrast to that Shasta Why does your mother be chest compression sometimes referred to in the past as fomentations we have recommended anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes depending on how you're doing it and you'll remember that there's different types of ways there's the thermos for which is just simply diff there before makes different options and it has some waste option you can actually leave it on there for up to the 20 minutes and then it turns up on its own but if you don't have that option you can use a microwave we talked about that usually heated up 4 or 5 for a treatment for 3 minutes and then you leave it on the chest for 5 minutes you need to have someone helping you know most likely you'll need someone to help you because you repeated 3 times and then end with a minute cold ice red. Now again different people do it different ways and then we have the bat that's my favorite Actually my kids' favorite it's route so again different people do it differently in my recommendation again it's the same process it's easiest for my brains remember the 513131 and people just do it straight for after 15 to 20 minutes again I'm hot and then end on one of cold but again I prefer to do 513131 so that would be and just in essence pastor Kyle can think of practical applications but let's talk doctor doctor shrugged does it make a difference if one has an empty versus closed down that during hydrothermal therapy and if so why you know so when I go into the spa or inspire me to hop whirlpool and. It's going to cause days of dilation you're going to get a lot of blood going to your skin maybe you've experienced this where you get out of the spa and you feel dizzy and that's because your vasculature has Vai's or dilated and when that happens not enough blood is getting to your brain and you feel dizzy you feel like you're going to fall down well just imagine what happened if your stomach and your your viscera was dilated as well with blood vessels that's going to even exacerbate it so it's best not to have food in your stomach that's causing blood to be shunted away from the basket you're into your abdomen you're going to probably feel nauseous and you're not going to feel very well in terms of your stomach and etc So best to do this if you're going to eat and do a hydrotherapy treatment best to do the hydrotherapy treatment 1st or if you're if you really need to eat it's make sure you're doing it and waiting an hour or 2 after you eat to do this kind of treatment. And there's another reason to write Dr Shroff that sometimes and not only is it do you feel like you need a rest after a good hydrothermal therapy but there's actually some benefit to show that resting after a particularly chest type of thing will there be is that official Yeah you want to rest your immune system is doing its work you don't want to be taking energy away from that best to rest excellent Well I think we're going to go to our next of our simple principles and specifically in regard to fresh air our opens face you know we talked about some of the amazing benefits Dr Shaw you gave us such a wonderful overview on the open space benefits and this question came and specifically kind of blending hydrothermal therapy and open space do you think infusing essential oil with spruce or mentoring hydrothermal therapy would be beneficial based on some of the research that you pointed out as far as open space and pine and those kinds of things it could be I think if I wanted to stick to the scientific rigors in those studies they used a Nokia oil which is a Japanese cypress tree and so when they analyzed that essential oil there was something called Alpha pine eans and beta Pines in there and so these these are some of the same substances that are in the forest when you go in to do forest bathing there's a whole thing called forest bathing and there are actual compounds in the air that you can measure. And these things have been shown to be helpful to increase natural killer cells but the other aspect of this that they found when they went actually into the forest that they didn't find when they were just infusing the essential oils and that was the cortisol levels in the urine were lower statistically significantly lower when you were actually in the forest environment as opposed to being in your hotel room in this case with the alpha pines infusing. The nominal sum pastor how are you going to do some forest bathing just thinking about that going into the forest and doing my hydrothermal showers that might be kind of interesting but you know I think that that's a really good and by the way cortisol that's the hormone that's associated with stress is that right her and her act so to have lower cortisol levels means that you're more at peace more relaxed Yes and that's not only that but those cortisol levels are associated specifically with receptor is on the immune cells that shut them down. Interesting so lower cortisol higher immunity Yes Wow that's incredible go out do some water bathing in the wealth anyway it does in the it get some exposure to those who want to exactly maybe go on a wonderful walk and benefit yourself with your exercise and so then maybe where. We clear the bathing when we talk about forest bathing it's not has anything to do with water you're just a mercy in yourself in the in the. In the fight of sites they're called that are in the air and I'm yes the ideal would be you know if you really wanted to be debating thing if there happened to be some hot spring somewhere but I'm just kidding yes we would definitely want to be able to get our at you regular exposure to fresh air and opens face Ok let's talk about nutrition nutrition and again it's a very very important component as far as our entire well being physically mentally emotionally and I daresay spiritually as well this question Cain and and the question was What are the effects of garlic on the immune system. Thank you John Well there are many effects of garlic on the immune system I can tell you about one there's a substance called alum in Allen and that is a substance that is converted into Alice sent by an enzyme that's also in the garlic cloves but is sealed off from it when it's not broken so you may try to smell a clove of garlic and you might not smell anything but as soon as you break it and you break the cell the enzyme starts to immediately work on Alan and turns it into a substance called Alice 7 and Allison is a very potent antiviral antibacterial anti parasitic and it keeps that's why garlic when it sits in the ground nothing touches it right as soon as a thing tries to attack it it's going to be completely immobilized so girly does have a number of. Properties to it you know it let's let's go back to the big picture level there's a lot of vegetables and roots that have many beneficial effects on disease if we go back to the very beginning remember what was given to Adam and Eve before there were diseases it was fruits and nuts and it's only after they send them were kicked out of the Garden of Eden that they were given vegetables to ease and that was because there was diseases and so on it shouldn't be a surprise to us to find that a lot of the antidotes and things that are helpful are things that were added to our diet after the wars diseases that we have to take care of and Allison is also and things like I mean and then again fame kind of idea and so when I think that we've been talking about Layla is concert crisscross certain which is a zinc I own a 4 and I think it's been implicated in and hopefully getting zinc into the cells and helping with chronic virus guess where that is found its founding capers and onions in very high concentrations. So again these these are quite beneficial and you know I just want to make a plug for gardening you know many of us are having a little bit more time at home and soon to be probably diminishing as we are about to go back to work in different capacities but again you want to get your exercise you want to get your exposure to sunlight and have good proper nutrition one way to do that is of course gardening Well let's look at our next question garlic powder I'm just going to quickly address this because I'm a big garlic fan as Pastor Crile knows I recommend raw garlic how often pastor call. Once a day no don't. Really pay for especially when you're starting to feel a little bit of a little funny or a close of garlic a day and you want to do that and there's a reason it's because of what Dr Scott was just talking about the conversion to Alice and Alice and great opportunity as far as garlic powder is concerned I would just quickly say. It's always better to do fresh and raw than dried or cooked but again anything is better than nothing so you use what you can handle let's put it that red right dark and we were raw Yes take a rock for you know get your garlic press press it press your 3 close put a little bit of olive oil maybe just a little dab assault on a piece of bread and you're good to go and then later remember that one and later there's no side effects at all especially when we're talking to each other on them Exactly exactly and it does help with social distancing in person that's absolutely you get the benefits Ok How often have doctors what would you recommend fasting that question did come in. Well you know fasting has been shown to improve the immune system there was a study that came out that was sort of a sentinel study that was done about 4 or 5 years ago out of us c. in conjunction with their college department that showed that in patients getting chemotherapy if they had fasted before the chemotherapy that it would I think the term that they used was completely rebuilt their immune system in such a way that it was it was amazing it was a publishable paper in a number of ways I think that's the tip of the iceberg I think there's no question that fasting. Is a way of detox a fine if you're if you're not. Eating you're having to burn through not only all of your glycogen stores right through your brain then going to start to switching to burning fats and we know that fat obviously stores fat soluble toxins and when that fat gets released you're going to be releasing those toxins and getting rid of those that is you're using specific pathways metabolic pathways you're doing a beta oxidation a fatty acids using your mitochondria and electron transport chain and in doing that you're you're sending signals to your body that you're doing more of a a catabolism type of metabolism that has benefits for your immune system so how often should you do it I guess is the question well I know people that do it once a week they'll pick a day of the week and they'll say that this is the day that the just going to have liquids for instance or water and they and they fast the day there's other people that do it they do intermittent fasting so essentially they do it every single day they take advantage of the fact that they're sleeping for about 8 or 9 hours 7 or 8 hours a night and so they will eat their dinner in the evening time as early as possible and they'll have breakfast as latest possible so they extend those hours and so every single day they're having a little bit of a fasting period and some of the research shows if you can go for 17 hours of intermittent fasting that you get many of the benefits these immunologically have actual longer term fast so that is very interesting so 2 meals a day might actually be something that we want to wear I know is that something has to how you want to comment I just want to say I know that you've shared this with me before Dr Lila and I found it myself if I eat if I eat supper earlier in the evening of verses later I end up sleeping better and I feel better in the morning and so that seems to be something that might help even if you can't go you know do a full fast giving yours your system that breaks so you can sleep well may actually end up helping your immune system as well. Yes absolutely and I actually do do a fair amount of fasting during the week at least once not twice per week and I've noticed and again this is just anecdotal evidence I'm not giving you a great study as just myself but I have noticed that I have a significant improvement in mental clarity and I dare say I use the opportunity to spend my time when I feel that hunger kind of coming on to Reminds me hey I'm fasting I'm specifically fasting and praying for something in particular so it really can be our well rounded approach to holistic health physical mental and emotional and most importantly spiritual uplifting opportunity but let's go on to our last question for the nutrition section and I want to move on speaking temperance to keep ourselves in a temperate passion in all these aspects of life last question for the nutrition section is what do you think about the morning that leaves. Dr Schratt. Well I understand that it has some benefits in terms of the leaves in fact my father just gave me some seeds to plant said hey plant the seeds and use the leaves they're very very good. I don't know I have to look more into those leaves I understand that they have a lot of antioxidants properties to see exactly how much there are that's important for coping 19 I am beginning to learn more and more and understand more and more and be convinced that it's the antioxidant properties of substances are going to be very beneficial for patients who are struggling with cope at 19 why number one because we're seeing patients with large b.m.i. is cardiovascular disease diabetes patients who already have problems with oxidative stress and also if you just look at the pathways that we know to which is an enzyme reduces the things that cause ots ahead of stress and increases the things that reduces oxidative stress so when you get rid of a do it the virus binding you to get a lot of oxidative stress. Thank you so much I want to go to Temperance now you know we talked a lot about the effect of self restraint self restraint meaning you know I I need to control the things that might not be good for me I need to avoid those things and old terminology that was used actually during the 1900 pandemic by the early if you will the Temperance Movement was the word temperance to avoid those things harmful to us and he is moderately things that are good for us well one of the things that we could talk about as something to be using south restraint right even be as far as the attrition is concerned a boiling snacking picking the times of our eating avoiding those harmful foods that might not be so good for us and an increasing the any oxidants and things that are beneficial for us so there's a lot of ways that we can incorporate self restraint but also one area we definitely want to have self restraint in is our addictions there's a lot of people suffering right now as we said at the beginning pastor Kyle a lot of people suffering from depression anxiety the social distancing has mentally had at a profound mental effect people are turning to substances we learned last night young people are turning to they being and drums and a higher degree right now and so the question has come in what if I can't stop my addiction. Where do I turn if I have nowhere to go how do I get rid of this addiction problem well you know I want to thank the person that asked that question because that's a very real question and it's a very honest question and the 1st thing I would I want to tell that person and if you're struggling right now is that. There is hope and the fact that you're asking that question tells me that there is hope because you're feeling that you want to change if you didn't want to change you wouldn't question so the 1st thing I want to tell you is there is hope for you and I I can tell you from my experience as I struggle with things in my life I know there's times when you are feeling like you just can't change but the reality is that God God gives us so many promises in his word that tell us that even when it looks hopeless from our perspective even when it seems like we can't overcome these addictions God is able to do something powerful in your life I just want to share a promise a couple of promises for for the individual that ask that question and for anyone who's struggling to know how to overcome their addictions you know we talked about this actually last week we referenced a verse from 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 verse 13 Paul says he's talking to people he's talking to us about temptation which we could include addictions in their right and he says no temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man but God is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able. With the temptation will also make a way of escape that you may be able to bear it so the 1st thing I would say is God is able friend no matter what you're struggling with there is hope. Don't give up on that hope and believe that God is able to make a way out for you and so you've got to look for that way out we've talked about on this program different things we can do decisions we can make that can help us find that way out of addictions that we're struggling with right Dr Lila we're talking about making those decisions but the 1st they want to tell you is there is a way out and God is able to help you find that so don't give up hope the 2nd thing I want to tell you is you may be struggling with with guilt because you're like man I think I've been struggling with this alcohol addiction or been struggling with this. They ping addiction or pornography addiction or whatever it might be but God wants you to know that his forgiveness is for you that freedom that we get from knowing that he forgives us and Abel's us to be able to overcome and I want to remind you of this powerful promise from 1st John chapter one verse 9 that tells us if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness So he is able to not only forgive you but to cleanse you and to change your heart so I guess that's what I would say to that I don't know if you have anything to add but I just wanted to encourage a one final thing Libyans for 13 tells us I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. No matter how weak you are no matter how weak you see yourself to be Jesus is able to give you strength and. If you need help if you're searching send us a message will try to provide some resources let us know if you're struggling we would like to try to point you to some resources to help you and the 7th Day Adventist Church who again our institutions we've talked about the 1900 and it Terry I'm sick and have been teaching these principles of health for a very long time and we do have a number of programs that we will be happy to refer you to and those will be on the Ada you are dot au Archie forward slash House as well now there was a statement that came in during the program and a question actually came and for that statement the scene was we can never have too much South control or too much South restraint or temperance whatever word you want to call it how do you integrate that with God being in charge is essentially it sounds to me at least to the to the person who wrote this question that the concern was that it sounded as though this was me doing the work as opposed to God doing the work any pester How how would you answer that question that's a really good question and you know the 1st thing I would just say is that. We are saved by grace alone you know the Bible tells us you know to ignite you're saved by grace alone through faith that is not of yourselves it is the gift of God right so so the gift of salvation is a gift but God works in our our lives in our decisions and our choices because he wants us to to to he wants to change our hearts and you know we can't do that on our own Dr Levi I'm reminded of Jeremiah the book of Jeremiah Chapter 13 verse 23 says this can an Ethiopian change his skin or a leopard it spots. Don't write of the Ethiopian can't change a start a leopard and change of spots Well neither can you do good who are custom to doing evil in other words we can't change our selfs you know I can't change my heart myself right but God promises us in another verse in his he kill 3626 he says I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you I will remove from you the heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh and as. Jesus says I will do that Amen so God promises to do that for you he says I will put my spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws and even the desire for faith Dr Leila comes from God That's right we can't claim any credit on our own for anything that changes in our lives it's all because of what Jesus has done but when we make we have to you know we're not robots God gives us choices to follow Him in faith we still have to make that choice and I just want to read one of the thing one of my favorite authors. Wrote a book called steps to Christ and encourage you to read that book if you get a chance it's a wonderful little book and in this particular book it tells us how to have a relationship with with Christ and how to overcome in areas of our life and I just want to read this one passage here. The author is talking about feeling feeling discouraged because you can't seem to overcome the things in your life listen to what she says hear your promises and resolutions are like ropes of sand even if you guys been there. You cannot control your thoughts your impulses your affections the knowledge of your broken promises and forfeited pledges weakens your confidence in your own sincerity and causes you to feel that God cannot accept you but you need not despair what you need to understand is the true force of the Will this is the governing power in the nature of man the power of decision or of choice everything depends on the right action of the will so Dr we've been talking a lot about making good choices and this is a gift that God has given to us it's not a self righteousness it's a gift from God to be able to choose the things that are best and by His grace alone as as we make those choices His Spirit works in us gives us a new heart. And changes us from the inside out that's right and so it's God that's doing the work it's not asked we don't have to be wary that somehow it's us being in charge of something in speaking of which he does give us the choice to to He gives us the option of choosing to follow His grace and His power and one of the things we have the option of choosing is our sleep or rest what time should we go to bed you know it's tempting to stay up later these days and get up later because we don't necessarily have to be in the office at the same time that we used to have to be what is the best time to go to sleep Dr Schweller what would you say the best time to go to sleep would be when you feel tired and if that time is not good enough then you've got to shift your circadian rhythm to the place where it is so don't try to go to sleep if you're not tired you're just going to be really irritated and try to the in bed and try to fall asleep you're going to get concerned about that and you're not going to sleep and it's going to cause a whole bunch of problems so that the time to go to bed is when you're sleepy and if that's not a good time or if you want to try to go to bed earlier then you've got to turn off electronic devices not expose your eyes to as much bright light and you'll go to bed earlier sounds good now if we need to get we need to get hours before midnight nights of course the ideal How many hours before midnight to 3 What would you recommend as far as possible. You know let's look at some of the hard facts so 78 hours of sleep per night is what you need and try to figure out what you need to do in the morning before you've got to leave for work and just back calculate and so you know 8 hours let's say you have to get up at 56 while you should be getting to bed around 9 or 10 and getting your 7 or 8 hours of sleep and if you're not fall feeling sleepy at that hour then you already know your circadian rhythm is too far delayed and you need to advance it in a way to advance it is to expose your eyes to bright light in the morning. Around 76 or 7 o'clock in the morning and maybe take a little bit of melatonin shut down in terms of bright lights 891011 o'clock at night and another way to it's actually early morning exercise so again getting that early morning sunshine and also early morning exercise is a great way to get your circadian rhythm kind of switched back to an earlier time and yes pester Co We discussed it last time you too can change your coffee because I do and I know that you can't hear All right well we're going to go on to exercise because we do want to get through the rest of these amazing principles Now we've talked about it's been kind of interesting we've talked about the importance of getting exercise in a daily basis the best forms of exercise tend to be a doctor's right what would you say the best form of exercise he had the stuff that you would normally do in your backyard working around using different muscles and you're exercising in bursts it's cardiovascular this is this is the best so people who do a lot of of one particular exercise are going to wear down one particular type of joint So you want to be doing cross training if you will and gardening and doing stuff in your backyard is very good. Excellent now a number of people have written and of the following question and we want to see it carefully because we don't want to give the idea that we're not purporting exercise but there are certain types of exercise excessive exercise that actually can not be immuno optimizing but just the opposite we talked about marathon runners for example and doctors you know even talked about powerlifting in weightlifting is this a good form of exercise are not in excess of course so this would this would fit perfectly a under the heading of temperance so not doing things too extreme because that can cause problems that can cause more oxidative stress damage d.n.a. all sorts of things and so yeah I mean running 26 point one miles is is can be excessive obviously there's a whole as a whole area of people that follow that and there's a and there's a drive to do that sort of thing so the question is is that healthy and is that really what God intended the body to be doing. And of course again I just want to make one more plant for being out in the garden and working around the yard again you're getting the benefit of not only the physical exercise the sunshine but you're actually productive in your work as well yes tester don't really I like to run so but doctors want running 345 miles a day that's not going to cause that negative effect that's going to be beneficial disciple Recto hearing that yeah I don't have a specific mile cut off I'm sure it's different for different people if you were doing 0 before and now the saying you're doing 5 that's probably too much but if you can do in 2 or 3 or 4 on a regular basis I'm sure 5 your body could probably handle just fine and there could be beneficial effects from from that physical exercise daily Yeah we know though that if people over exert themselves and I've seen it myself in patients who have done a lot of very hard and heavy lifting they'll come in with muscle breakdown that will put them into renal failure. People have died of running marathons so this is the type of excess of work that we're talking about that's probably not very healthy for people but the cardiac benefit of a good erotic exercises is always a benefit as well pester Crouse so again but Dr Short sat in moderation temperance or self restraint is a wonderful blessing in many different ways but we have one more principle that we forget to the foundational principle of all the others and that is sunlight or we call it altered by that radiation because of course there are some I provides us with u.v. rays so the question came and sunlight exposure for lighter skinned people the recommendation was made last night for 15 minutes what about for those individuals who have non-natives again. And we really don't know exactly how much sunlight they need to remember all of this discussion about sunlight on the on the flip side of this we are risking issues with some damage alter violent radiation damages scan I mean we've known that we put sun sun tan lotion on at the Beach writes to prevent skin damage and we even have a special lights that can actually show you skin damage and so we really have to take this again in moderation this is something that would fit under the category of temperance if you've got a perfectly fine vitamin d. level then there's really no reason to be going out unnecessarily excessively into the sun at the same time you know there is quite a large amount of people who have vitamin d. deficiency and that's a really important thing especially now when we're talking about covert 19 and so it would be a reasonable thing to do to get your vitamin d. levels checked to find out where are you where are you in your in your vitamin d. levels I still think though that even a moderate amount of sunlight on a regular basis is not going to be harmful and probably better how much it's going to be individualized thing. Well thank you so much Dr Shroff We always appreciate your expertise in so many different areas you know the question came and actually in relation to last night's discussion about the 7th Day Adventist community in particularly admin is health studies the agonise health won an avenue to studies as Dr Hart pointed out last night as well as the blue zone information indicating that 7 they haven't as who've been following these principles who are since the 860 s. have been shown to have a 7 years longer life expectancy and again they're a faith based community it's not just the water we talked about again hydrothermal therapy fresh air open space proper nutrition using things temperately self restraint resting actual size sunshine if it's a faith in God or trust for trust in God that really I believe Pastor cryo puts everything else on top of it well how can we have this power pester how can we have trust in God to incorporate all of these other principles into our life and thereby improve our health holistically physically mentally emotionally and spiritually Well you know we've we've talked a lot about this over the last several weeks of our programs Dr Lila and the 1st thing that. We want everyone to know is that God loves you he wants what's best for you that's why he's given us these principles right these want rest principles he wants us to have. A good healthy happy life and not only for this life on earth but to be ready for heaven for eternity he wants what's best for us and so I think when it comes to having trust we need to trust that God wants what's best for us and he is able to work in our lives to help us to make those good choices you know. I think a lot of people are wondering how can I make good decisions how can I how can I. I guess what is the practical effect of of trusting in God look like and how can I make these decisions in my life to help me live a better life and I'm reminded of the verse from Philippians chapter 2 in verse 13 which tells us that it is God who works in us it says it is God who works in you both to will and to do His good pleasure so you know God is the one that is working in our lives to help us to make those good decisions so that we can. As you're always talking about our frontal lobes right Dr Weil you know how how when make a good decision it helps our frontal lobe. Right and yeah I have no I was just I was just going to say that when we choose to trust God to trust. In him to put our trust in him allow him to work in our lives so that we can will and do His good pleasure he gives us the ability to make better decisions I think Dr Williams You've mentioned before that it's like a muscle is that right now the frontal lobe is sort of like if you think of a muscle we actually size our muscles our muscles get it they're able to pick up heavier things are able to do more things in the same thing happens with the frontal lobe where we make decisions for right and for wrong you know I'm impressed with the Book of Proverbs I try to reproduce every day Solomon being a wisest man who ever lived I daresay have the best person in front of low tend to follow God's leading and telling him what to do and what he shouldn't do and that's my goal for my life and I believe that should be all of our goals and what they sickly happens is God the Libyans to 13 tells us that God gives us the will to do His good pleasure but he leaves the decision to us that's why this is ours are we going to act on that will power grace whatever word you want to call it that he's given us and to make those decisions I've got a candy bar sitting in front of me or I have an apple or perhaps a strawberry with high antioxidants in it what is my choice that I'm going to make let's say I choose the strawberry I choose the blueberries my frontal lobe not only has my physical health affected specific lean my immune system is improved Actually my frontal lobe functions better than it would after eye candy bar and thereby the next decision that I've come up with I've got gives me the will God gives me the grace to do it but I'm faced with the decision of which way I should go and I'm more likely because my frontal lobe is functioning better to make better choices and around and around in a positive sense we go and I believe Pastor Kyle that this is why again like we said last time last week as the people who look up and they see oh God we have waited for him and he. It will save us as they say what arms stretched out and why looking out to the heavens as Jesus returns that their name Christ's name his character is written in their foreheads because they have chosen to follow him they've chosen to follow the will and the power that he's given them so I just want to encourage all of our viewers this is not something we can do on our own we don't have to worry about that God gives us the grace and the power to follow His Will His perfect plan for our life it's up to ass to make that decision and I guess at Pastor Caliph you could give us closing prayer and ask God to bless our viewers as they make these decisions at this time I will I will definitely do that I want to read one final thing Dr Leaver before we close because it's right on the right is what you were talking about and I just want to close with this before I pray this is from that same little book friends that I'd encourage you to check out it's by Ellen White called steps to Christ the same author by the way that wrote the book mystery of healing which we were offering on a previous program but just like you said Dr Laura as we make those decisions right to do to make good decisions for our own health God gives us that strength as we make those decisions he is the one who is giving us that strength to to make those good decisions to strengthen our frontal lobes so that we can have his name written on our foreheads so his character can be in us Amen so this is what she says everything depends on the right action of the will the power of choice God has given to men it is theirs to exercise you cannot change your heart. And friend if this is you if you feel today you've been struggling with an addiction you've been struggling with making good choices I want you to listen to these words before we pray you cannot change your heart you cannot of yourself you have to God its affections but you can choose you can choose to serve Him you can give him your will he will then work in you and man to will and to do according to His good pleasure there is that verse Thus your whole nature will be brought under the control of the Spirit of Christ your affections will be centered upon him your thoughts will be in harmony with him is that your desire I know it's mine Dr. I think Jesus wants to give that gift to all of us and friend if you're watching and you want to have Jesus come into your heart today you want to surrender your life to him you want to surrender your will to him you want to make decisions that will honor him in your body and in your mind I would just invite you right now as we close to to buy your head with me as we close this program together Father in heaven today we thank you for this beautiful promise that Lord though we cannot give We can't change ourselves Lord many of us have struggled with addictions we've struggled with making good decisions lord you've promised us that even though we can't change ourselves as we give you our wills as we allow you to work in us to will and to do your good pleasure Lord you are able to change us to give us that new heart to put a new spirit within us to help write your characters on our hearts so that we will be more like you and that we will have the power to make good positive decisions in our lives. Father we pray for that and I pray for anyone out there today who may be struggling or give them strength give them power to overcome whatever they are dealing with help them to make good positive decisions as we all want that rest that you long to give us Lord and Father most of all help us to be ready for that day when you come in the clouds of heaven help us to surrender our hearts to you so that on that day when you come we'll be ready to meet you but until then help us to make good decisions to follow you in every aspect of our lives Father thank You for this promise we love you we pray this in Jesus' name amen amen Dr Leo It's been wonderful and we want to thank you for your tremendous leadership and all the wonderful advice we've been getting on these programs and again for those of you that have been watching thank you for watching thank you for being a part of our programs on medical Mondays and keep tuning in next Sunday level up Dr Lila right next Sunday level up with Dr Marc then ran Dr Steven Lee you're not going to want to miss sent the current team to lemme and I do want to say a special shout out to our gas from 5 different continents South Africa and North America Europe Asia Africa God bless you and again until next time stay tuned say happy stay healthy and stay well and always remember God loves you that's right God bless you friends.


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