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What Do Seventh-day Adventist Believe?

Mark Finley
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Recorded Live from the Living Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church. A special Christmas themed sermon. have you every wondered what Seventh day Adventist believe? Check out this recorded church service.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 7, 2019
    12:45 PM
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Father in heaven. Thank you for the blessing of this service thank you that the spirit is here we don't have to ask you to send your spirit because you've already sent it thank you that the angels of heaven are here walking up and down these aisles thank you that beyond what our eyes can see our ears can hear our hearts can really understand or minds can breathe and Christ is here through the divine Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts may we have open hearts to receive the blessing that heaven has for us in Christ's name Amen in December of 1940 during the 2nd World War Mrs a Egads b. of Niagara Falls sent a package a Christmas gift to her daughter who lived in Prestwick Scotland now during those days of the war it was extremely dangerous for American ships to sail the North Atlantic they were always trying to avoid German submarines that would torpedo them and so as this ship carrying both passengers and large amounts of mail to American citizens who lived in Europe traveled the North Atlantic it was torpedoed by a German submarine and began to saying sink the boat actually was crushed to pieces and many lives were lost but something very remarkable happened. Mrs Gadsby's Christmas gift that was sent to her daughter in Prince wick Scotland was floating on the waves as it floated on the waves the t'ai took it to the beach in the exact city where Mrs Gadsby's daughter lived in present Scotland now the label was remarkably preserved and the gift was not damaged at all as somebody walked down the beach they saw this gift yes it was waterlogged Yes The paper was wet but they picked it up and saw that the contents were not damaged so they took the gifted their hand and they said Here is the address let's deliver it 2 days after Christmas that young woman received her Christmas gift from her mother it brought or such hope such encouraging Mint during the conflict of the 2nd World War in Europe it just Boyd her spirits do you think an angel may have guided that gift do you think God still guides his children today in conflict in challenges and difficulties the hand of God guides us in remarkable ways he did that 2000 years ago for the wise men that follow that star it was at another time of conflict and they brought up another gift it was at the time of the Roman speed spear and the Roman lash it was at the time of dominant Roman military might. In these wise men came they came bearing gifts to the Christ child we look in on that story at Matthew the 2nd chapter as you take your Bible and turn to the Gospel of Matthew it's important to understand the difference and distinction of the Gospels let's look at the 4 gospels just momentarily the Gospel of John was written specifically to exalt the divinity of Christ so John's Gospel is written to maximize the fact that Jesus Christ is divine Luke was a physician he wrote largely in parables in store remains to convince you of the wisdom of Christ Mark was a very practical kind of guy and so he writes about the humanity of Christ Matthew's Gospel was written to the Jews and it takes the Old Testament prophecies and tries to show from the Old Testament prophetic word that Christ is the Messiah so everything that's happening in Matthew Scottsboro is focusing on he brings prophecies from the Old Testament and when we look at Matthew Chapter 2 and reading their 1st one into Remember what Matthew strategy is Would met remember what Matthew is doing he's trying to take Old Testament illusions and Old Testament phrases in Old Testament prophecies and demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that Christ is the Messiah we take our Bibles and we begin at Matthew Chapter 2 and we're looking there at Matthew to verse one. No to end verse 2 now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king behold wise men came from the east to Jerusalem saying where is he who had been born King of the Jews for We've seen his star in the east and I've come to worship Him Now you've read that story on numerous occasions you have seen Christmas stables and manger scenes with the wise men there but there are deep spiritual lessons in that story that come echoing down the stream of time that speak to us at this time and this place now notice. What Matthew is doing he's using some allusions he when he speaks about the wise men coming from the East he is Jewish congregation would understand that because there are 3 specific distinct prophecies in the Old Testament that his Jewish population would have understood let's briefly look at them we go to numbers the 24th chapter and the 17th verse every Jewish child by the time they were 12 memorized the 1st 5 books of the Bible Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy So every Jewish child by 12 would have memorized this passage numbers 24 and we're looking there at 1st 17 I see him numbers 2478 but not now I be a hold him but not near a star shall arise out of Jacob and his scepter arise out of these real. The Jewish rabbis understood that this passage was a prophetic passage speaking about the coming of the Messiah they knew that so they would have known that wise men would be following a star from the east these Jewish leaders also would have understood Micah 5 Verse 2 so take your Bible and turn to Micah 5 Verse 2 because Matthew is drawing from the Old Testament prophecies to demonstrate that the coming of the wise men was a fulfillment of that prophecy and should be evidence that Christ is Messiah so we turn to the little book of Micah and you're turning there to Micah chapter 5 and you're looking there at verse 2 and notice how scripture describes again this prophecy coming that would be familiar to the Jews Micah 5 Verse 2 but you Bethlehem after Rakta now it's Bethlehem Ephrata that's in Judah though you are little among the thousands of Judah yet out of you shall come forth to me the one who is ruler in Israel whose going forth a bit of older or from everlasting So the Jews would have understood that wise men would come from the east to a place called Judah they would have understood that Christ would be born in Bethlehem now there is something else they would have understood you may not be aware of it but there is a prophecy of the Old Testament saying that the Gentiles would come from the East they would bear golden frankincense Now notice in Isaiah Chapter 60 verse 5 Isaiah Chapter 60 verse 5. What is Matthew trying to do he's trying to demonstrate from the Old Testament that Jesus is the Messiah King that he is the desire of the ages that is the fulfillment of all of Israel's dreams that is the consummation of all of Israel's hopes that he is their savior their deliver their Redeemer and their kid a what is Matthew trying to do he's trying to demonstrate that this Jesus is the deliverer of all of Israel when we come and accept Christ it's not because there is some electrical impulse that flows into our hearts or comes up our spine it is rather on the solid prophetic evidence that Christ is the Messiah the Deliverer the Redeemer the savior the one that can change our lives Isaiah Chapter 60 Look at verse 5 in the beginning of verse 6 then you shall see and become radiant in your heart shall swell with joy because the abundance of the sea will be turned to you the wealth of the Gentiles should come to you the multitude of camels shall cover your land the drama deeds of Midian f.-a all those from Sheba shall come they shall bring golden incense they show proclaim praises of the Lord if you understand that prophecy fully the Gentiles would come the kings would come and come with camels that have golden incense this is an allusion as well to the messiah now who were these wise men that came from the east where were they actually from why did they travel so far what are the deep abiding lessons in their story well let's go back to Matthew Chapter 2. The prophecies of the Old Testament revealed that they would come Matthew Chapter $21.00 thing we know from verse one it says now after Jesus was born in Matthew 2 verse one in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king behold wise men from the east came to Jerusalem now that word wise men in the original language is magic what English word do we get from magic. The word magician so there is some people that have the idea that these were like magicians that were sleight of hand Words change meaning over the centuries the magic I were a very high class they were not necessarily those that purport form sleight of hand it is true that some of them were a Strollo jurors who studied the stars not astronomers but astrologers But this class of magic I were a high priestly class that were extremely wealthy in the nation and they were advisers to the kid so picture these advisors to the king coming now how many wise men do we typically picture that came to the manger how many wise men. Why do we say 3 The Bible doesn't say 3 because there were 3 gifts but really I want you to think of the fact that this is probably a mythical story that only 3 came when you see them on camels why they were it 5 Cers to the king they were of the highest class they were traveling through a very dangerous area where there were many many robbers they never would come with just 3 they came with a very large caravan they would have had servants they would have had body guards there would have been a strong large number that came from the east no notice the Bible says that they came from the east way or was the East it is likely to remember that prophecy that we read in Matthew 2417 that was from them an apostate prophet of God Recently the archaeologists have done some digging in investigating and came from an area by Aleppo in between Aleppo and car commish actually in Syria. That was at least 400 miles from Jerusalem how long would that have taken it would have taken at least 3 weeks but more likely 5 or 6 weeks so I want you to picture in your mind this caravan coming across the desert following this bright luminous star which may very well have been angels guiding them and coming to seek the messiah now what led them to do that who were these men they were honest hearted they were seekers they were not content with what they had they were studying these prophecies of the Old Testament they would have had access to some of the scrolls of the Old Testament they also were studying history they looked out at the Roman Empire Emperor and there was this messianic expectation so they studied prophecy they studied history and they were seekers they were in to supporting the coming of the Messiah Now historically at this time most of the early Roman historians were writing words like this and I want to go to Sue Tony s who's a very famous Roman historian he says this there had spread over all the orient toward the east and old and established belief there was fated that time for men coming from Jacob to rule the world was there see they were looking for something they were looking for some divine guidance Divine Direction Tacitus another prominent Roman historian writes There was a firm persuasion that it is time. They would grow up powerful rulers and rulers coming from Judea and they were going to acquire a universal Empire here's what I want you to see this morning the wise men were seekers they were not taking life as normal these wise men were studying prophecy these wise men were looking at the scripture these wise men understood the times they had a passion in their heart for the coming of Christ they were reading the secular literature of the day like Tacitus and soon Dhoni Yes and they were saying as we read the news of the day there must be the coming of the Messiah they were students of prophecy they were seekers of Christ they were intice of painting the coming of Christ now the wise men from the east were on a started seekers after truth they pored over the ancient writings of their philosophers they studied the Old Testament prophetic Scrolls they were thoughtful observers of the current events and God honor their faithfulness and gave them divine guidance when we come to Christ with an honest heart desiring to follow his way wanting to understand His word looking for direction in our life he gives us the promise of guidance this morning you may be looking for guidance in your life you may be at the crossroads of some decision in your life the testimony of the wise men is seek God's will and He will guide you he does not lead or leave us in perplexity he does not leave us in confusion he does not lead us to wander along in the darkness he promises to guide us some 32 verse 8 take your Bible please some 32 verse 8. The God that guided the wise men still guides wise men and wise women today who seek Him You may be uncertain about your personal future you may wonder about a job change you may be thinking about a movie in your whole life you may be thinking about a major decision in your life in a relationship God guided the wise men and that same God has not fallen asleep in celestial slumber notice what it says in some 32 verse 8 Can we read it together Psalm 32 verse 8 reading together I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go I will guide you with my I do not be like the horse of the mule how many want to be like mules to know I should Knesset question don't be like the horse of the mule what with or they don't have any understanding they got to be harnessed by a bit and bright oh God says don't be like that come to me he says I'm going to give you guidance I'm going to give you direction you're not left alone Isaiah 58 verse 11 somebody says I need guidance with my children they're entering the teen years we all need guidance when our kids enter the teen years some 58 verse 11 somebody says I need guidance in a relationship I need guidance I'm a senior in high school and I need guidance want to do with college somebody says I need guidance in my career something Isaiah 58 verse 11 the God that guided the wise men will guide you Isaiah 58 verse 11 I love this passage the Lord will guide you occasionally sometimes. Isaiah 58 verse what 11 the Lord will guide you sometimes the Lord will guide you maybe the guide who will guide you what all ways are continually I love that word New King James the Lord will guide you what everybody continually what's continually mean what's that continually It means that he never fails in guiding you when you seek Him He never fails in guiding you when you seek it and it says he'll satisfy your soul in drop it in other words when your soul is empty and when you come to seek him he gives you that guidance Heaven's star illuminated the darkness of the eastern sky and guided the wise men to Jesus he still illuminates our darkness he's still lights up our nights he's still chases away the in key blackness that looms before us we're not left alone to flounder in the ignorance of our ways God still guides God still directs God still leads God still grants wisdom and insight and knowledge to those that seek Him Now the wise men of the east set out on a faith journey they didn't know where their journey would end but they knew who they were following very often we set out on a journey of faith and we're not sure the end game we're not sure where this journey will take us but we know God is leading They didn't know where the journey would lead them but they knew they were being divinely led often in the journey of faith we have there is an uncertain future God does not reveal to us. What's going to happen in our lives in a month what's going to happen in our lives in 3 months what's going to happen in our lives in 6 months God reveals a nuff for us to have the light to follow in it today and then when we get there there is more light some people wonder and they get so worried they get so bent out of shape they get so anxious or nervous who it's going to happen in my life in 6 months what's going to happen in my life in a year now look when you come to the program tonight at 5 o'clock I'm speaking in faith when you come to the program tonight at 5 o'clock it's going to be dark when you get home right go right and you get in your car and you turn on the lights of your car right the headlights right how far does that do the headlights shine in front of your car how many feet do they shine approximately somebody help me or how many 30 feet I take jewels vote 30 feet in front of the car so I'm on this old country road it's dark it's snowing it's icy The road is windy and I'm going to a Bible study that's 5 miles down the road but I've got a problem no street lights on the road and my 1st headlights on my car only showing how far in front of me body about 30 feet but it's dark way down there so I'm not going down there is start way down there because my forehead lights don't don't don't shine that far down the road what are you telling me what I what I do everybody if I keep driving the light so it's going to be aware in front of me the wise men knew if they stopped following the star the star wouldn't keep going God only gives you light a little way in the front of your journey. And as he gives you confidence and you follow the light that he's given you the light the star will keep moving the star will keep moving and he'll keep guiding you let's turn back to our story and Matthew Chapter 22 lessons from the story so far this morning lesson number one Matthew use the old Ted and testament prophetic evidence to demonstrate that Christ was the Messiah Lesson number 2 God guided the wise men from the east men of noble birth in that caravan and he guides us the journey was costly The journey was dangerous the journey was fatiguing the journey was lengthy The journey was time consuming but the rewards they got for the sacrifice that they made were life transformational the journey of faith changed them they were never the same again and they told the story of Christ over and over again when we step out in fit in a faith journey with Jesus we are changed would we make an extra sacrifice to labor for Jesus were changed when we are on selfishly give our time and our energy that think the journey may cost us something that may faith journey may be for teaching that faith journey that we give time and energy and effort to Christ work as we set out because we know God put it in our heart to go on that journey of faith where we are in selfishly give our time learning energies our finances we are changed when we look beyond herself to minister to others and to bless were changed. No as the wise men came with that caravan into Jerusalem see Jerusalem at that time maybe at 50000 people so I want you to imagine this sentinels on the wall of Jerusalem Look they're coming look the caravan is coming who are they they're wise men they're kings from the east look at them they're coming with treasures now the wise men come and we don't want to miss this they do not go to Bethlehem 1st they likely had not fully understood Micah $52.00 at this point no notice what it says in verse one now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king behold the wise men from the east came to Jerusalem so obviously they're thinking the temple at Jerusalem the Chicago manifest in the Temple it must be that the Messiah is going to be born there he's going to be born in Jerusalem and it must be that on every lip of the Jews there will be the birth of the Messiah if we as Gentiles are studying about the birth of the Messiah certainly certainly the Jews will know so they come they believe is coming will be the center of every conversation but they are a stunning sht amazed perplexed at the indifference of the Jewish leaders these wise men from the east seek in vain for information regarding the birth of the new foreign king they cannot understand they cannot understand that tithes paying Sabbath keeping health for reforming admonition to use are not more excited about the coming of the Messiah. These Gentiles are perplexed about that they can't understand the callousness they can't understand the indifference they can't understand this of the chosen people of God you know some time ago we received an interesting message at the headquarters of the advantage church. A Muslim leader in a large Muslim country who had a national radio program of all the Middle East begins studying the prophecies of the Bible in Cape became convinced that Jesus Christ was coming soon he contacted the headquarters of the admonition and he said look I have been broadcasting on the radio to all the Middle East that Jesus Christ is coming he's coming soon can I meet with an Adventist leader we flew a single senior leader to that country they met quietly in a park and walked together and the that was the 1st meeting then there were multiple meetings with many other Muslim leaders something is going on in Islam today you hear about the radical is luck but I can tell you stories 1st hand stories of Muslim mole is getting dreams that Jesus Christ is coming and as the result of that they need to prepare their people but this particular Muslim leader when he walked with this administrators in the park he said to him I have a question for you yes what's your question do 7th Day Adventists believe that Jesus Christ is coming and the Muslim the advocates Leeson all we do and then he said I have another question to believe is coming soon what will we do then he said this how soon do you believe because we as Muslims believe that is coming very very very soon the wise men came to Jerusalem and as they did they lived in the blazing light of the Old Testament prophecies the Jewish nation lived in the blazing light of the Old Testament prophecies. And when the wise men came they found spiritual apathy because of their apathy they failed to discern what was really going on can you believe it the Messiah was born in a small village called Bethlehem 6 miles away and the leading Jewish scholars who were students of Scripture were arguing about religious politics and they missed that the Messiah was born 6 miles away they missed the heavens were looming it with the glory of God in his stall are and they missed the divine Son of God was in the shadow with arrows and they missed it could it be that the Holy Spirit would be poured out in our church and God's Spirit moved powerfully and we miss it we miss it are we that different than those Jews in that day could this ever happen to us could we become indifferent do we face the danger at times of apathy do we speak with our lips but if the transforming grace of Christ in our hearts can our business lead us to apathetic complacency in the light of eternity is it possible that the signs of the coming of Christ are all around us and yet we miss it now the Jews were indifferent but yet Herod was much more than indifferent there are 3 groups in our story there are the indifferent apathetic complacent Jews but then there is angry Herod we need to look at Herod this morning. Because the truth of the matter is there's a little bit of Herod in all of us Matthew Chapter 2 we're looking there at verses $3.00 to $8.00 when Herod the king heard these things he was troubled and all Jerusalem with him and when he had gathered all the chief priests and scribes of the people together he inquired of them where he was to be born so I want you to get the seen all of Jerusalem now is talking about these wise men from the east and all of them are talking about why they're there and they begin to talk about the coming of the Messiah Herod is concerned because he is the king of the Jews so he calls it if a king at his Jews is going to be born it's going to rival his throne so he calls the wise men to get he calls the Jewish scribes together and says look you tell me something you guys are the students of prophecy you know about the Messiah you know where he's supposed to be go in front be born find that out for me so I can go worship Him Oh yeah go worship him that was not Harry's intent at all oh so reluctant really the Jewish leaders open prophecy to explain it to Herod the king now notice we see this here they quote Mike is prophecy in Micah 52 about Bethlehem Herod then says he calls the wise men now he says look when you go search diligently verse 8 for the young child and when you have found him bring him back to me that I can come and worship him now his great desire was of course to destroy Jesus see Herod was the king of the Jews but he wasn't Jewish by birth Herod was an evil might and he married Mariani Mariani was a Jew of the Hasmonean line so he marries her now Herod wasn't all bad. Herod in fact there was a famine once in Israel and Herod melted down some gold plates from the temple to feed the Jews who were in famine Herod tried to in great she ate himself to the Jewish nation that's why Herod spent 20 years building the tabernacle he spent that time building that tabernacle that's why he did that but Herod had one thing flaw in his character Herod was an extremely suspicious man and anybody he thought would seize his power he tried to protect it when Mehdi army his wife became too popular because she was a brilliant woman he had a recess unaided he had 2 sons and as long as they were under his thumb he was Ok but when they became in his early twenties they showed great leadership ability and he had them assassinated both his sons 5 days before his death his 3rd son who was going to take over the throne he had him killed Here's what Herod state of floor was Herit state of floor was the desire to control with power now that led Roman a Emperor Augustus to bitterly claim this it is safer to be herons pig than it is to be a son that I mean you read that written history Herod's carnal unconverted heart led him to insecurity you know any person who's threatened who threatened his position threatened parents position was a rival and he needed to be eliminated you see it's the carnal heart that thinks evil of others. I mean Jesus thought the best of other people isn't it but it's the carnal heart is the carnal nature in us that causes us to think evil about other people it's the carnal heart that looks position more than self sacrificing service it's the carnal heart that strives for supremacy it's the carnal heart that wants position and power it's the carnal heart that fails to appreciate the contribution of others it's the carnal heart that wants to dominate and control and you know what the truth of the matter is it's a little bit harridan every one of us if you're thinking oh that person has a little bit of Herod in them look a little closer there's a little bit of Herod in this man there's a little bit of heritage in that woman so important over there because I want to point out what you see a point at me Pastor. Don't we all have a little bit of Herod in us and the only solution to that little bit of Herod is getting on our knees and saying Jesus make me a humble servant Oh Jesus I don't want to be like the Jews who in the midst of eternity becomes so indifferent and callous and apathetic I don't want to be like heretic who wants to dominate and control oh Jesus give me a tender heart and the spirit of a servant now it's no surprise that Herod slyly taught it to kill Jesus it's no surprise that ruthless Herod would see anyone who would be called the king of the Jews is a serious rival who needed to be eliminated as no surprise that the insecure power grabbing controlling arid would want to assassinate a Jewish child you know. A.b.c. gave a special news report on medical research on how Harry died you know there's a principle that says whatsoever a man or woman sows they're going to what reap heretics sowed ruthlessness and hatred and kill those around him and he died in pain as an old man suffering lonely Here's the medical report I'm going to read the medical report of Herod's death from a.b.c. news medical researchers Herod was a ruthless man who died a miserable death more than 2000 years after Herod the Great circumvent aids 69 doctors have now settled on what killed the king of ancient Judea he had chronic kidney disease complicated Listen to this by a very painful uncomfortable case of maggot infested Gang Green on his genitals absolutely horrible he died one of the most painful deaths you can imagine he died a lonely bitter old man kindness begets kindness gentleness begins gentleness love begets low of back to the wise men after their disappointing to Jerusalem where they met the callous indifference of the chosen people of God when they met the power crazed carnal hearted crafty power hungry power hungry Herod the star appeared again and their hearts were renewed Matthew chapter 3 verse 11 Matthew 3 Verse 11 the wise men the wise Matthew 3 Verse 11 of Matthew 2 for a solution I was going to chapter head was in Matthew 2 verse 11 when they had come into the house they saw the young child. See in verse 10 it says when they saw the star they rejoiced with exceeding great joy they were incredibly joyful they hadn't seen the star for a while but now they see it again it begins to lead them they go to Bethlehem verse 11 when they had come into the house they saw the young child with Mary his mother they fell down and worship him and when they opened their treasures they presented gives to him gold and frankincense and myrrh what a different response to Jesus this wasn't the response of careless indifference or apathetic complacency this wasn't the response of of of of self-centered importance this was the response of adoring worship this is they beheld the Christ child the Messiah King they saw a Christ as the one prophesied in ages past they saw the Redeemer the Deliverer the Savior they were overwhelmed with wonder they were amazed with His grace than his goodness you see there are only 3 responses to Jesus that's all there are we may respond like the Jews with indifference we don't rebel but we just complacent and apathetic and unmoved we may respond like Herod we want to be the king of our own lives controller own lives fearful to surrender to His Lordship it will mean we may want to sit on the throne of our own lives let it rather than letting him sit on the throne of our life the problem with Herod is he never would surrender the Through thing or we may respond like the wise men in adore it wonder in praise in amazement at his grace it's mercy and it's good this they brought to him 3 gifts what were the 3 gifts they brought gold it what else frankincense and what else merc with their gifts they gave themselves away. You see gold in the ancient world was a gift for a king you remember the story of the Queen of Sheba and she visits Solomon and what does she bring gold the interesting thing about gold too is that when Herod rebuilt the Temple in Jerusalem it took 20 years in the most holy place of that temple he placed the gold on the walls of the most holy place so gold represents the highest allegiance to the kid it represents the giving and some rendering of all of our material possessions It's surrendering the ownership of everything we have to have so when the wise men came with their gold and they played it at his feet they came saying we acknowledge you as above all King we acknowledge you as King of Kings and Lord of Lords we are not holding anything back we are surrendering all to you. Then they brought next frankincense How was frankincense use frankincense was used by the priests in the sanctuary it was used as you see as they sacrificed animals you can only imagine the stink you can only imagine the smell because this animals were sacrificed in the court but the blood was brought in and sprinkled before the veil and when that happened every day and the blood was applied to the horns of the altar of incense you can imagine the stink and the smell certainly the Saints were had to be had to be cleaned but when you see when you have the incense it perfumes and the incense represents the perfuming presence of Christ as the great high priest and so when they came and gave that frankincense they were saying Lord we acknowledge your king but we knowledge that you are our priest your intercessor then they came with Mer How was Murray used Do you remember any statement about murmur in the New Testament you remember that when a nigga Demas in Joe's Verma Thea anointed the body of Jesus what did they use to annoy his body murmur so represents the sacrifice the death of it is often brought together in debt so when these came to lay their gives at the feet of Jesus what were they saying they're saying Lord all of our material possessions are yours Lord we're not holding back anything from you they were saying Lord all of our worship is yours they were saying Lord we give you all of our service we give you our sacrificial love we you died for us Jesus you are our King Jesus you are a High Priest Jesus you are a sacrificial ward. The wise men came that Christmas Day guided by the store to a simple manger and they knelt there saying Ward we don't want to be indifferent and callous and complacent like the Jews we don't want to be power hungry like Herod we don't want to defend the territory of your own heart or do all we have is yours Lord we're giving it all to you this last year to me and I traveled with Paula Natasha to Tanzania our host was Pastor Lucan Di Oh and pastor who can dial told me a story that deeply moved me about a refugee camp in Tanzania we were speaking in the ones and from the ones that we were sending via satellite to 4000 locations and one day we were traveling with past who can die are our host and he said Mark he said I visited a refugee camp there are 500000 Burundian refugees in Tanzania the refugee camps are horrible you fight for survival Gnome very rarely is any money distributed in the refugee camps the refugee camps in the rainy season are muddy There's no running water there's no electricity there's no indoor toilets and people have to exist sickness is rampant in the camps malaria is terrible often you'll see little boys with distended bellies in the camps often you will see in the camps heavy cases of malaria children dying in the camps. When the United Nations delivers food the average refugee camp in Tanzania exists on 17th the average person in the refugee camp exists on 1700 calories a day but often they barter the food to get some needed commodities the average American has 3600 calories a day and I witness in one of the refugee camps just to show you how scarce food is reported this that when the u.n. delivered the food and 112 year old boy was taking it home another 12 year old boy tried to rob the food the 2 boys got in a fight over that parcel of food and the one boy kicked the other boy so bad he killed him over a small parcel of food in the refugee camps you fight for survival you try to survive your body is thin I'm a sheet it passed through can dial visited one of the refugee camps in a group of our Adventists came to him there were 20 or 25 maybe 30 of them and they said pastor here is our ties here is our tie and he said but but wait a minute you're so poor you're fighting for survival I know that there's no currency in the camps where did you get this tide How do you do this and this is what they said Pastor every week and opacity Here's our offerings to every week we do not eat for one day and we take our food the little bit we have and we sell it we sell it every week so that we have enough both for our tides and offerings because Pastor we don't want to hold anything back from Jesus the wisemen came and they gave their all. They gave to the newborn king gold representing all of their physical possession they gave to him frankincense representing all their worship they gave to him for representing their self sacrificial life that was poured out. They came to worship him as King as worship him his priests. As worshipped. As their dying say. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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