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Why Christians Fail

Mark Finley
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"Millions of people make New Year’s resolutions each year but after a few months lapse back into their old habit patterns. Why? They are attempting to place the new wine of the gospel of grace into the old wine skins of their old lifestyle. There is a better way. New hearts open to the changes Christ’ calls us to make, filled with the Holy Spirit, produce lasting lifestyle change.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • January 5, 2019
    12:00 PM
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It's weird open the Word of God Let's pray Father in heaven we are so thankful that in the New Year we can have a new view of Jesus open our eyes so that we can see open our ears so that we can hear open our minds so that we can understand open our hearts so we can receive your message for us today in Christ's name Amen did you make a New Year's resolution this year how many you made how many of you thought about making a new year's resolution and ask if you made one how many of you thought No come on more of the view than that thought about making a New Year's resolution you know each year millions of people make New Year's resolutions and year after year the polls indicate that the resolutions are pretty much the say I was looking at some of the polls of New Year's resolutions that people made and here's what they were I want to exercise more I want to lose weight I want to quit smoking I want to eat more healthy in 2018 though the pollsters were shocked because at the beginning of 2080 and it carried over into 2019 although it was not the number one choice it 2018 the number one choice for a New Year's resolution was this I want to become a better person now the pollsters were pretty shocked at that because previously the polls that said you know I want to lose weight I want to quit smoking but but this one I want to become a better person now the resolution is certainly a noble one but here is one of the big problems most people who make New Year's Revolution as Aleutians never have a revolution. They never change very much at all they don't find either the motivation or the inner strength to achieve their goals now Jesus puts his finger exactly on the reason for this and he presents a radical solution and if you understand the solution of Christ it can make a dramatic powerful difference in your life understanding Jesus' teachings on what it makes to make lasting changes in your life will make a difference this new year for you if you want permanent lasting change Jesus points the way as we look at the New Year it's a clean slate and we ask ourselves the question how can I be a new person in the new year how can some of the undesirable traits of my character be transformed by the grace of God How can my impatience become patients how can my gossip become positive statements about others how can my selfish desires become an unselfish passion how can my exaggeration of the truth always become honesty how can I become the person I really desire to be the person I really want to be the person I've really long to be but that person that never seems to have the strength to achieve it now take your Bible and turn to Matthew the 9th chapter because we're going to look at Jesus' solution to the new life Matthew the 9th chapter and we begin there with the 9th verse Matthew Chapter 9 and we're beginning with the 9th verse. Then as Jesus passed on from there he saw a man named Matthew sitting at the Tax Office and he said to him Follow me and he arose and followed him and so it was says Jesus sat at the table in the house that behold many tax collectors and sinners came and sat down with him and his disciples and when the Pharisees saw it they said to His disciples What is your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners now for Jesus to call bath you was a stone doing for the Jewish mind they considered tax collectors as the lowest of the low in the Jewish mind the tax collectors had sold out to Rome they were traitors they betrayed the Jewish ideals for self aggrandizement see they were merely employed by the enemy in the Jewish mind a tax collector was someone that you didn't even talk to because the tax collector was working for the Roman government to squeeze as much money as he could out of the Jewish population so for Jesus to even think of for Jesus even to consider for Jesus even to call Matthew as one of his closest followers and disciples really riled up the anger of the Jewish population and particularly the fairest sees now for Jesus to go to the house of a tax collector. And for Jesus to sell a ship and eat with other tax collectors was worse even yet now it was in this context that Jesus gave 2 parables it was in the context of the feast at Matthew's house with all these other tax collectors now it's in that context that we come to verse 14 and you're looking at Matthew the 9th chapter and in these 2 stories Jesus contrasts the old way of thinking with the new way of thinking he contrasts the old way of frustrated defeat with the new way of Korea's victory he contrasts the old way of struggle with the new way of triumph we begin with Matthew the 9th chapter verse 14 in 15 we start with verse 14 that the disciples of John came to him saying why do we in the Pharisees fast often but your disciples do not fast and Jesus said to them Can the friends of the bridegroom mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them but the days will come when the bridegroom will be taken away from them and then they will fast so in the context of this. Pharisee discussion in the context of Jesus eating with the Pharisees and having a great feast with rather Jesus eating with the tax collectors the Pharisees say well why aren't you disciples fasting you see to the Pharisees religion was the sum of duty it focused around obligation and Jesus had to change that old way of thinking he had to change it into dynamic new way of thought you see there are about 6000 Pharisees in Israel and they spent their lives trying to rigorously observe the commands of the Torah Now according to one Jewish scholar there were 613 commands that had to be followed 613 there were 365 negative commands one for every day of the year and there were $248.00 positive commands that was supposed to correspond to the bones in the main organs of the body the Pharisees fasted twice a week they usually fasted on Monday and Thursday they did this as a as a matter of superior piety and holiness and their whole life was trying to convey to keep these 613 commands so the whole life of the Pharisee was this effort this battle this struggle and for them religion was this attempt of being defeated again and again and again because they could not possibly keep these 613 Cummins So their life was one of failure is one of frustration but then it was one of a so called pride arrogance and superior holiness for what they were doing so they were depressed over what they couldn't do but arrogant over what they were doing based on the general population. Jesus knew that there needed to be a radical change in the thinking of new testament the leavers if they were going to live the joyful positive affirming Christian life that he desired Now Jesus uses this illustration and you notice that in Matthew Chapter 9 verse $58.00 he says the days will come when the bridegroom will be taken away and he says can the friends of the bridegroom or his long as the bridegroom is with them there is a time to fast but there is a time to rejoice What was Jesus saying here when he used the bridegroom illustration the Jews would have known this go back to Isaiah 61 Isaiah 61 and verse 10 in the parable parable will begin making sense to you Isaiah 61 and verse 10 every one of the Pharisees would have understood I say is a statement and Isaiah 6110. Jesus had said he was the bridegroom and the Prophet Isaiah said I will greatly rejoice in the Lord where is our rejoined seeing everybody where is that is it in our strength is it in our righteousness is it in our piety I will greatly rejoice in the Lord my soul will be joyful in my God does your religion make you depressed or does your religion make you joyful in God If your religion only depress issue there is something wrong with that religion notice what it says my soul shall be joyful in my God why because he's clothed me with the garments of salvation he's covered me with the robe of righteousness as a bridegroom deck's him self with the ornaments and as a bride adorns itself with jewels So what does Jesus say he is saying the bridegroom is come in it's a time of rejoicing it's a time to rejoice in grace it's a time to rejoice in mercy it's a time to rejoice in the pardon of seein it's a time to rejoice in the new power it is the time not to scrupulously on your own fail and fail and fail again it is the time to change your focus and change your way of thinking from your frailties and your faults and your mistakes to Jesus what Jesus is saying is I am the bridegroom not somebody says Is there a time to fast sure there is a time to fast but fasting never achieves superior righteousness the reason we fast is not to earn righteousness from God There may be 3 reasons for fasting in this new year you may want to fast 1st you may want to fast so that the mind will be clearer in discerning God's will that's a reason to fast. It may be well to spend time skipping a meal and fasting to spend more time with God that's a reason to fast to spend more time with God in a busy life to take that hour and pray fasting can be beneficial as we seek God and fast and pray for our loved ones our relatives and those that don't know Christ Fasting may be beneficial as we pray for our community so fasting does have benefits that is not Jesus' point here at all here's what Jesus point is in Matthew 9 when the fairies are arguing about fasting in Jesus' association with sinners Jesus is saying he's the bridegroom he can clothe you with the robe of his righteousness get your eyes off who you are and to who he is let him clothe you with his righteousness rejoice in his glory in his goodness there is a time to fast but there is a time to rejoice the bridegroom is come and he is introduced the Kingdom of Grace and what Jesus is saying here is this you can never live in the kingdom of glory in till you 1st lived in the Kingdom of Grace Now notice what I did not say I did not say you could never live in the kingdom of Corey until you believe in selfish and by grace there is a difference between intellectually believing in South Asian by grace and living in the Kingdom of Grace and that's what we want to take a look at this morning what does it mean to live in the Kingdom of Grace see the point of Christ here is that the Messiah has come in that you need a new way of thinking a new attitude a new way of seeing with new eyes he's talking about rejoicing in his salvation rejoicing in his love rejoicing. That we can see in Christ the loving character of God revealed so Jesus uses to illustrations in Matthew Chapter 9 So let's go back to Matthew night a look at the 2 illustrations that Jesus uses Now these illustrations are going to seem very strange to 21st century Americans but they were not strange at all to Jesus' population in his day to 1st century Jewish minds Matthew Chapter 9 verse 16 Jesus says no one puts a piece of an shrunk cloth on an old garment for the patch pulls away from the garment and the tear is made worse no one puts a piece of un shrunk wroth on an old garment now in Bible times fabric was made either of one of 2 things wool or cotton Now if you take wool Now you know I. Suppose that my wife is travelling and I'm not an expert at washing clothes Ok so that's not my skill that's not my greatest expert and let's suppose that I don't look at the little tag in my jacket that says dry clean only and I look here at this woman jacket and as I see it I think Man there's a spot here there's a spot here there's another spot here I think what I'm going to do is throw this in the washing machine don't laugh at me please so I take my jacket and I throw it in the washing machine now when it comes out it doe longer fits me it fits Joshua over there. Or it's ready to go to the Goodwill for a 10 year old right what happens if you take in a wool in the jacket and throw it in the washing machine what happens it shrinks Ok so what Jesus is saying here is this if you have an old garment he is saying that Judaism is like an old ragged garment you're trying in vain to live up to 613 rules at all these things are doing is killing you that's what you're trying to do and what Jesus is saying to them unless you have a new way of thinking all the resolutions in the world are going to end up in failure because if you take a piece of cough that's wool and you try to patch it into the garment that's the old garment and you wash that garment the wool is going to do what shrink and it's going to rip the garment further so what Christ is saying is this if the old garment needs to be patched and you take a new piece of unsure wool and you cut the piece that needs to replace And so the new piece into the garment the patch is going to rip away the garment going to be ruined what we need is not a few years resolutions we don't need a few patches put into our lives to chit to make change in our lives follow me closely here we don't need to replace one bad habit with one good one the issue is not the habit the issue is fundamentally the change of thinking inside it's a new way of seeing things it's a new way of viewing the Christian life see to overcome to undesirable habits in your life we don't need to try harder we need a fundamental change inside. The struggle we face in the Christian life is not the struggle to overcome some sinful habit in our own strength it is the struggle to surrender that habit to Christ and let Him through His Divine Grace and Power change our lives in his book The Life of victory pastor Mead Maguire attends this earnest prayer and he says Christ the fullness of all blessing to abide in your heart to be your strength your righteousness your everlasting helper to give you power to obey Now Jesus continues his discussion here in 1st 70 so take your Bible and let's look at verse 70 nor do people put new wine into old wine skins or else the wine skins break and the wine is spilled and the wine skins are ruined they put new wine in new wines begins and both are preserved in Biblical times when you stored wine it usually was stored in goat skins and what they did was after the meat of the goat was eaten they would clean out the inside the head of course was cut off they would tie the legs up and then the way they would clean it out sterilize it and then the wine would be placed into that old goat skin new goatskin. The goatskin would be pliable as the wine for minted the Goatskin would expand with the wine but ultimately the goat skin would become so rigid so inflexible so hardened that if you take new wine and put it in a old goat skin when the Wian xpand it would break the goat skin and the and the wine would come out so what Jesus is saying here is this you cannot take the wine of the Gospel and merely poor it in to a person who has old ideas of righteousness by works that what if the wine of the Gospel is going to make a difference in your life you do not struggle trying to overcome evil habits by making New Year's resolutions because that is only going to lead you down the path we have defeat you overcome by opening the heart to the living Christ and the struggle in the Christian life is not with habits the struggle in the Christian life is to stay connected to the living Christ so the power of His grace flows into your life so the power of His goodness flows into your life so the love that comes from Jesus in heaven comes into your life Jesus continues here and he says very clearly that if you want to live in the kingdom of glory understand what it means to live in the Kingdom of Grace this is revolutionary see in this is exactly what Jesus meant in John 17 verse 20 and 21 take your Bible turn over to Luke rather 17 Luke 17 verse 20 and 21 before we ever go to Heaven's Kingdom. And this was a shocking statement see hoops 17 is a lot about the 2nd Coming of Christ incidentally is Christ coming Sue is Christ coming soon as a pastor Finlay believe Christ is coming soon. In spite of what some may say Pastor Finley believes a crisis coming sooner than you think now back to my text he that has ears to hear that I'm here with the spirit as the church is all right where they are in Luke the 17th chapter now Luke 17 describes the 2nd coming of Christ the kingdom of God that is coming and is coming soon but notice what Jesus says in verse 20 in verse 21 he says Luke 70 verse 20 and 21 now when he was asked by the Pharisees when the Kingdom of God would come he answered and said to them the kingdom of God does not come with observation nor will they say see hear or see there for the Kingdom of God is within you what is Jesus saying there the kingdom of God is within you what he's saying is this through my spirit I can live in your life I can crush on every idol in your heart through my spirit the Kingdom of Grace can live within you you can have a radical change in your life by my Spirit and you can live today in the Kingdom of Grace to prepare to go to the kingdom of Gori so what Jesus is dealing with with the Pharisees when he talks about that the the new wine he's talking about the wine of the Gospel he's talking about fully in love with Christ that is so deep being charmed by is loved by transformed by his grace that it radically changes you in the things that you once did you no longer to sire to do. The things that you once loved you no longer love not because you've struggled and battled it's I have to overcome this I have to overcome this it's because Christ has placed in your life a new strength he's placed in your life a new power he's placed in your life new desires somebody came to Dwight Moody once they said Pastor Moody I don't like your religion and Moody said That's very interesting what don't you like about my religion I don't like your religion past and we want don't you like about it well you can't go to dances pastor moody and that's why I don't like your religion you can play cards pastor moody That's why I don't like your religion you don't gamble anymore past a movie you don't drink wine I don't like your religion as to Moody said I go to all the dances I want I can play all the cards and Gamble all I want I can party and drink all I want oh I like your religion but there's one thing Jesus changed my life and I don't want to do those things anymore I have absolutely no desire absolutely no desire when the living Christ enters into your life he changes you from within side all positive lasting change in our lives comes when the wine of the gospel of God's grace so fills our hearts and lives that the Kingdom of God is within us this was the revolutionary power of the New Testament the power to do God's will is not our will power say that with me the power to do God's will is not our will power once again the power to do God's will is not our will power some people think what I need is more willpower only if I need more willpower what we need is not more willpower more God's power see. What our will that what is our will that's our choice when our will or our choice in our desire to do right is merged with God's Will Heaven's power flows into our life to make lasting changes so the function of the will in overcoming is not the choice to battle against sin the function of the will in overcoming is the choice to surrender that see into Christ to allow his power to come into our life Jesus won't yank that attitude out of your mind Jesus won't yank that sin our your life but if we are willing to come to him the new wind of the gospel will flow into our lives and he will make us new people now there are 2 powerful promises in Scripture that I want to look at right at this point one of the Old Testament in the New Testament as Chapter 26. As chapter 26 rather 36 as 36 and we're looking here it is e.q. Chapter 36 verse 26 and 27 as equal 36 verse 26 and 27 How does change take place that is permanent and lasting in the Christian life as Chapter 36 verse 26 and 27. I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you I will take out the stone and heart of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you'll keep my judgments and do them who is it that gives us a new heart do we recreate our hearts when he says I will give you a new heart who is that Jesus Who is it that puts a new spirit that's a new attitude in our minds who does that Jesus who takes away our hard heart of flesh who does that Jesus notice verse 26 I will give you a new heart I will put a new spirit within you I will take out the stony heart of your flesh notice verse 7 How does he do this I will put my spirit within you and what does he do he causes us to walk in His statutes he causes a sickies judgments and do that the living Christ enters our life and makes changes in our lives that are not possible for us to make in and of ourselves no notice Hebrews Chapter 10 verse 16 Hebrews Chapter 10 and you're looking there at verse 16 Hebrews the 10th chapter one powerful promise in the Old Testament one prophet promise in the New Testament Hebrews 10 you're looking there at verse 60 the emphasis here is not on our new year's resolution it is not on our strength or our will power it's on God's power it's not what he does inside of us it's the miracle of His grace that he accomplishes within us we're looking here at Hebrews the 10th chapter of the 16th verse this is the covenant Hebrews 10 verse accts Deen this is the covenant. That I will make with them after those days says the Lord I will put my laws in their heart who puts his law in our heart Jesus what does it mean that he puts his law in our heart it means that he places in our mind the desire to do His will because we love to do His will therefore duty becomes a delight and sacrifice a pleasure because we have new motivation we have new desire now he has done something inside of us versus the I will put my laws in their heart so we love to do right in their mind so we know what to do I will write them Jesus says Come to me this new year and let me write my law in your heart let me create within you desirous let me create within you a new understanding see when the law of God is in our minds and we know its will and when it's in our heart so we love to do is Will obedience springs forth from within all lasting change comes from within the fruits of the Spirit are produced by the Spirit the fruits of the Spirit are produced by the Spirit the reason so many people's New Year's resolutions fail is because people have the power to carry them out they're trying to put a new patch on an old garment the trying to form new habits with rolled out attitudes they're trying to pour new wine a new lifestyle into a way of thinking Now maybe this illustration will be helpful What is this a banana a brought my lunch in case the preacher preaches too long no What's this a banana what kind of tree produced this banana what kind of tree produce this banana What is this look closer what is this a grapefruit what kind of tree produce this did a grapefruit for g.-d. produce this banana. Why doesn't a great fruit tree produce bananas why doesn't a banana tree produce great fruits was this pair What kind of tree produce that did the pear tree produce a pear to prove that it was a pear tree did the pear tree produce a pear in order to become a pear tree why did the pear tree produce a pear. Because it was a pear tree why did the banana tree produce a banana because it was a banana tree why did the grapefruit tree produce a grapefruit. Why do Christians produce good works in order to become Christians because they are Christians see our good works the fruits the fruits of the Christian life are not to prove that we are Christians and not turn on our way because we are creating the reason let me put it this way the fruits of the Spirit in our life are produced not in order for us to become Christians but because we are Christian all of the good works of our life come from within and not from without They are produced because the living Christ lives in our heart and radically changes our life somebody says Pastor Mark help this to become very practical for us I want to outline some very specific steps that you can take this year that I'll make a radical difference in your life and if you understand the next few moments of this Bible study it's going to make a difference somebody here is going to be changed somebody here is going to be touched by the grace of God there's somebody here that you've been struggling with something all this last year and you said only if I had some keys to have victory. Only if I could be a different man only if I could be a different woman I don't like some of the ways that I am I don't like some of the things that I've done I want to give you some very practical steps and we're going to begin in the book of a theme chapter 2 of fish and chapter 2. Was it mean to have the new wine of the Gospel flowing into your life what does it mean to have not only in patch on an old garment but an entirely new garment What does it mean to live in the Kingdom of Grace we're looking at a fish and it's the 2nd chapter and we're going to start with verse one the fish in chapter 2 and we're going to look there at verse one and onward because the Apostle Paul describes this change that I'm going to give you some practical steps the fusions to and you he made a live who were dead in trespasses and sins What did Christ do for us he did what. Made us alive what were we previously dead in trespasses and sins in which you once walked according to the course of this world according to the prince of the power of the air who's that Satan the spirit that now works in the sons of disobedience among whom also we all now notice the 2 words we all once conducted ourself in the lust of the flesh what does that mean it means the pro Pensa ts of the natural heart where the guiding direction of our lives fulfilling the desires of the flesh in of the mind and were by nature the children of wrath what is me in a child of Wrath we are under the judgment of God by nature so our natures are fall'n Jeremiah 17 verse 9 says the hardest deceitful above all things and desperately wicked I say a 646 says all my righteous as filthy rags so what Paul is saying here is don't try to cover up with sanctified works a corrupt heart a good knowledge who you are acknowledge your weakness acknowledge your frailty acknowledge your but your inability without Christ to live the godly life. Then he says verse 4 but God who is rich in mercy can somebody say Praise the Lord what is God rich in is rich in mercy because of his great love with what you loved us when we were dead in trespasses and sins he made us alive together with Christ by grace you've been say you've been raised up and made to sit together in heavenly places so Christ finds us where we are he has mercy upon us through his power he lives us up to sit in heavenly places so we can reflect his loving character why her 7 of them in the ages to come he might show the exceeding richness of his grace in his kindness toward us in Christ Jesus For by grace you've been saved through faith it's not of yourselves the gift of God Not of works lest any man should boast but what disgrace to Grace saves us from the guilt of sin and deliverance us from the grip of said Grace saves us from sins penalty and it saves us from scenes power grace saves service from the follies of our past but gives us victory in the present grace is so good that it Abel's us to triumph over the Prince of Palin isn't powers of hell so he says verse 10 not of works less anyone should boast but look at verse 10 for we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works we are His workmanship so when we understand grace and we live in the Kingdom of Grace we walk rejoicing in Christ His Grace fills our hearts and he works in us to accomplish in us that which we could never accomplish in ourselves now you see this word workmanship this is a wonderful word some of you know that I'm interested in word study use the word says work we are His workmanship Now here's the Greek word for that listen carefully and see if you can think of an English word the Greek word for workmanship is or Yemen or Yemen. What's an English word like. Not quite. The word poem the word poem through God's grace working in us he's writing a poem for the whole universe about your life of how great how much he loves you and what the grace of God has done in your life you are God's poem that he is writing before the whole universe he changes us from within side that he writes this pulm this poem about his goodness in our life now here is an incredibly good news this grace is for all c. Grace changes us grace transforms us grace makes us over again now you may be wondering how can I experience this change in my life how can this practically take place I'll tell you how it won't take place it won't take place if you primarily focus on your faults and failures we acknowledge our faults and failures but we do not focus upon them it will not take place if you battling your own strength to overcome neither will it take place if you hopelessly give up and say this is the way I am and nothing can change it now here are 3 very practical steps that you can take this new year to live in the Kingdom of Grace are you ready for that are you ready for the number one recognize the utter futility the absolute impossibility of overcoming without a radical change in your life no patchwork quilt will do and you can't put new wine in old wine skins so you have to dismiss the idea from your mind that I'm going to battle this thing and battle this thing and battle this thing until I overcome you acknowledge your utter futility the absolute impossibility of overcoming any character deficiency. And making any lasting meaningful change in your life you get rid of the idea that I can put old wine a can put new wine in old wine skin Secondly if you want lasting permanent victory you focus on what Christ has done for you he has saved you by His grace His mercy is for you his pardon is for you His grace is for you His power is for you rejoice in his successes for you and do not language in the dungeon of despair over your failures get out of the dungeon of despair don't language there Ignaz I'd sure weakness acknowledge your frailty acknowledge the utter futility of overcoming without him but focus on what he has done not on what you cannot do focus on his power not on your weakness focus on his strength not on your frailty focus on his goodness not on your badness Thirdly choose time to spend in his presence let him know that you want to know him better tell Jesus that there is nothing more important to you than the relationship that you have with him open your heart to His Love daily and let love and power from heaven sanctuary flow into your life you'll notice remarkable changes you see the new year lies before us and Christ invites us into His presence for a year of new beginnings if you knew that you had only one year to live what would your priorities be this year if you knew that within 12 months you'd be dead if you knew that. What changes would you want to make in your life this year what changes with your family what changes in your attitudes What changes in deep down inside would you want to make you know when you face a very challenging situation at times you really adjust your thinking a number of years ago we were on a preaching a tenner in Romania it was probably Nover 2525 years ago we were going to city after city after city preaching going to the next city and often in these a 10 or is there exhausting you have to fly late at night and we came to a small Romanian town where we were going to fly out of that town to the next town if we took the train it would be about 7 hours and we decided to fly it was an old Russian plane and I mean older than old certainly not a jet prop plane I think it had to propel as I hoped it did and the seats were all broken down so we squeezed into this old Russian plane and we began going down the runway it was snowing like anything I looked out the window I could hardly see and the point stalled on the runway so here we are way out in the country some place it's little tiny airport it's snowing like everything the point stalls halfway down the runway and I'm sitting there thinking Ok Lord should we get off this point what should we do that I saw a truck come out and as the truck came out an old man got out with jumper cables now this is the truth he got with jumper cables they open the hood of this plane and they put the jumper cables on to jump that thing. In that moment my whole life flashed before me. Had I said who heard I want to be sure my heart's right. Was that plane going anywhere without any power now incidentally they jumped the plane and we took off and I'm here today but I thought about that I could have wished that plane to go someplace I could have wanted that plane to fly I could have desired that plane to fly I could have prayed that that plane would fly but there's one thing if that plane doesn't get any power that plane is not going anywhere right unless the power of the Living God flows into your life and mine we're going to slip back to those old habits that we had I long to share in my life to see with new eyes not see with what I can accomplish not see the works that I have done I want to see with new eyes I want to see Jesus anew and afresh and let him transform my life so I can be the man that he wants me to be how do you feel about it how do you feel about do you want to say Jesus all I want is not to vainly struggle in defeat oil I want is for your grace and your power to change my life there's that wonderful song it's an 8th century song and Irish song be though my vision oh lord of my heart let's take our hymnals and turn in saying Be thou my vision banana trees produce bananas not in order to become banana trees but because they are banana trees Christians produce good works not to prove that they're Christians but because they are Christians. The banana tree has its roots deep in the earth to get nourishment. Our roots are in Christ where he nourishes us to produce the fruits of the spirit this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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