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Getting Through Life’s Toughest Times

Mark Finley
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Some time or another a mighty storm will blow across the landscape of our lives. The waves will roar. The winds will be fierce and we will wonder if we have the strength to make it through. Often storms surprise us with their suddenness. We have no choice when the storm will come, its intensity or its duration. We do have a choice of whether we focus on the storm or on the Master of the sea and sky. Christ is with us in every storm and reaches out His strong hand to lift us above the waves and take us from the stormy seas of life to eternity’s sea of glass .


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • February 17, 2019
    12:00 PM
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Father as we open your word Today we pray that you'd guide us open our hearts speak to us through your spirit as the text is read and Xposed and expounds it did we pray that the very Word of God inspired by the Spirit given by Jesus indicted by god would be with us today burning in our heart and changing our lives in Christ's name Amen every one of us in our lives some time we're going to pass through stormy waters we are not yet standing on the sea of glass we are on a storm tossed seas and at times the waves are high in the winds are fierce in the night is dark now we don't know when the storm is going to come and we don't know the intensity of the storm how strong it's going to be neither do we know how long the storm is going to last but we don't know this the storm is on its way now that need not fear its grip us with fear that need not frighten or terrify us because all the story although the storm is on its way we know the master of the wind in the waves now there is a wonderful story in The Gospel of Matthew that encourages us when we face stormy waters and I invite you to take your Bibles and turn to Matthew the 14th chapter Matthew Chapter 14 and we're going to be studying this morning verses 22 to 23 as we look at this passage it's helpful to understand the background of the passage. Jesus has preached all day and you find that in the earlier parts of Matthew chapter 14 and as Jesus has preached all day the hungry multitude cries out for food the disciples urged Jesus to dismiss the crowd and go to so they can go and get something to eat Jesus takes 5 loaves and 2 fishes and multiplies them and feeds the $5000.00 at this point Jesus is at the pinnacle of his popularity the crowd wants to make him king the crowd is urged on by the disciples who want a position of prominence in the new kingdom Jesus recognizes that if he gives the crowd their wishes there will be revolution in Palestine they'll be bloodshed and death and so to prevent the crowd from rioting to push for him to be keying Jesus quietly and commandingly dismisses the crowd the disciples lingered the scripture in Matthew Chapter 14 verse 22 says this and if you have your Bible and I hope you do hear at Living Hope this is a Bible study hour we come not to hear the word of man but we come to hear the Word of God and hear in Matthew Chapter 14 verse 22 it says a mediately Jesus made his disciples get into the boat and go before him to the other side so Jesus gives an immediate command now we get a little nuance on this from John 6 because in John's 6 verse 15. John's Gospel indicates that although Jesus gave an immediate command the disciples did not obey immediately John 6 and verse 15 the Scripture says Therefore when Jesus perceived that they were about to come and take him by force to make him King So you see what's going on here Jesus just multiply the los of the Fishes the disciples urged the crowd on they say anybody that can work miracles like that can lead us against the Roman armies even if some of our soldiers are wounded Jesus can heal them even if we need food Jesus can multiply loaves and fishes he is our king so Jesus perceives that he departs to a mountain by himself alone no verse 16 is interesting when evening came his disciples went down to the sea so when you look at Mark Matthew 14 it says Jesus immediately told them to go that was the end of the afternoon about 4 o'clock or so the sun did not set the disciples lingered they are they did not know media immediately obey Christ's command and during the time they were lingering the storm on the Sea of Galilee was building had they gone a media Julian obeyed Christ they would have avoided the storm when Jesus impresses your heart to do something do that thing for Christ because doe Lay can be deadly. When in your prayer life you're praying and you're seeking God in the Lord impresses you to take a step in think whatever that step is listen to the voice of God be sensitive to the voice of the Spirit Ellen White comments on this passage in desire of ages page 379380 says this The disciples had not put off a mediately from the land as Jesus directed them they waited for a time hoping that he would come back they wanted him to come back they wanted him to reconsider becoming king I continue they had left Jesus with dissatisfied hearts they were more impatient with him than ever before they murmured because they had not been permitted to proclaim him king they blamed themselves for yielding so readily to his command they thought that Jesus if they would have tried to persuade him more would have allowed them to accomplish their purpose now there has that in seed to do what Christ said immediately there delay put them in a position where they would be right in the center of the storm their murmuring their complaining their unbelief their failure to see the miracle before their eyes of the breaking of the bread all of that led them into a storm where they would learn deeper lessons of faith had the disciples grasp the promises of God and saw him as Messiah and by faith launched out as he said they would have not had to face the greater storm God loves you so much that if you fail to learn the lessons of think in the storms you are going through now. In his gracious mercy and goodness he will allow you to go through greater storms in the future to teach you the lessons of thing that you fail to learn now I want to learn the lessons of faith that Jesus is teaching me now don't you I want to be a good student in the School of the Living Christ Now notice what the Bible says about Jesus Matthew Chapter 14 verse 23 the disciples to lay the disciples hesitate the disciples have their own preconceived ideas of their future Matthew 14 verse 23 when he sent when he had sent the motor tubes away he went up on the mountain by himself to pray and when evening had come he was alone there what was Jesus praying about what was on his heart what was in his mind that night Jesus war per was praying for his disciples his disciples were impatient his disciples were misinformed they long for Christ to establish an earthly kingdom they desired position they desired prominence they desired prestige that's what the disciples wanted they failed to understand that before honor comes you military before the throne comes the cross before sainthood comes servanthood before rising high we must Paolo before we ever into the kingdom of heaven the kingdom of heaven must enter into our hearts before we ever walk through the gates of glory the living Christ must walk through the garden gates of our hearts. The struggle for power the struggle for prestige the struggle for position is not merely a struggle that took place 2000 years ago it takes place in families it takes place in businesses it even takes place in the church and it takes place in church board meetings but Jesus leads us to servant to Jesus leads us to you military Jesus leads us to reach out in compassion to serve not to seek position not to seek honor not to seek prestige age they delayed in following Christ's command hoping he would return and reconsider his refusal to become king while they waited a storm was brewing on a dark when stripped windswept see that would test their faith to the limit do you lay at Christ's command I repeat places us in vulnerability to Christ's to greater temptations when we know what Christ wants us to do and fail to do it because of our own preconceived ideas and personal desires it's extremely dangerous they were on the sea Jesus was on the mountain notice Matthew chapter 24 Matthew Chapter 14 verse 24 Matthew 14 and where to look there verse 24 Jesus is alone on the mountain he's praying for them is disciples are on the stormy sea when you and I go through stormy seas the incredible good news is that Jesus is praying for us we are on his lips we are in his mind we're on his heart the sea may be stormy. But the one who is the commander of when did see and rain has us on his heart has us in his mind these praying for us Matthew Chapter 14 verse 24 Notice Jesus is there verse 23 in the mountain alone but the boat was now in the middle of the sea tossed by waves for the wind was contrary now in the 4th watch of the night Jesus went to them walking on the sea what time is the 4th watch of the night the Jews have divided the night into 4 watches sunset in Palestine was at 6 o'clock so from 6 to 9 at night is the 1st watch 9 to 12 at night is the 2nd watch 12 to 3 is the 3rd watch 3 to 6 is the 4th watch so it's the 4th watch of the night it's someplace between 3 o'clock in the morning and 6 o'clock in the morning more likely about 4 o'clock in the morning it's the darkest part of the night the waves whip the way the wind whips the waves into fury the boat is being tossed upon the sea now it's very fascinating if they set sail in the evening at about 6 o'clock and if this is about 4 o'clock in the morning how many hours on the sea had they been travelling in Toyland if they set sail about 6 and if this is 3 for cock in the morning how long had they been on the sea about. About 9 or 10 hours how far had they traveled on the sea in that 9 or 10 hours we'll take your Bible keep we're going to come back to Matthew 14 but take your Bible and turn back to John 6 because we have to guess the Bible tells us how long they had traveled during that period of time and this becomes a very significant point now notice John the 6th chapter and we're looking there at verse 19 so when they had rowed about 3 or 4 miles they saw Jesus walking on the sea and drawing near the boat so they had wrote about 3 or 4 miles the Sea of Galilee is about 3 to 4 miles across typically you could cross the sea of Galilee in rowing that distance it no more than 2 and at most 3 hours so as they're going out on the sea they've been on the sea now 9 or 10 hours on a journey that should have taken them 2 or 3 hours the wind has blown them further south and so in the wind they are struggling they are rowing they could have made it across shortly but the wind blows them south they're no longer closer to the destination when they started their weary they're tired they're exhausted they felt they could battle no longer Now there are times in life when you battle and you battle and you battle and you say I'm so tired I'm so exhausted I can't fight any longer that's the way the disciples felt the storms rage all around us and sometimes we get so exhausted with the battle that we feel we cannot fight any longer but here is the incredible good news although they were out of sight of land they were not out of sight of Jesus. Although they could not see him he could see them where was Jesus during this time what was he doing during their intense struggle he was praying for them he was asking the father to increase their strain to give them courage to go on Jesus knew what they did not know Jesus knew the cross was coming Jesus knew that the nails were coming through as a Ends Jesus knew the crown of thorns was going upon his said Jesus knew that the Romans would crucify him he knew the fear that would seize the disciples heart Jesus knew that a much greater storm was coming so we allowed them to go through that door Jesus was preparing them for the storm in the future is there a storm coming in the future in our generation that is relentless in its fury is there another storm coming in our day could it be that Jesus lets us go through trials of Faith today to strengthen the muscles of our faith to prepare us for the storm that is coming in the future I read in a book called reflecting Christ page 311 a storm is coming relentless in its fury are we prepared to meet it we need not say the perils of the last days are soon to come upon us already they have come we need now the sword of the Lord to cut to very soul and marrow of fleshly lusts of appetites and passions so Sometimes God allows us to go through storms today sometimes the winds blow sometimes the rains fall to prepare us for the greater storms that are coming tomorrow. The disciples saw the storm Jesus saw them their eyes were fixed upon the waves Jesus' eyes were fixed upon them to the disciples everything seemed out of control but in the midst of the storms of life Jesus was still in control are you going through some storm he has not for seeking you in heaven sanctuary he's praying for you are you going through some storm you wonder where he is you cannot see him but he sees you in the storms of life he is there in Matthew Chapter 14 verse 25 and 26 in our story the Winsor are fierce the waves are high Jesus there in the midst of the storm sees his disciples Matthew 14 verse 25 and 26 the Scripture says now in the 4th watch of the night Jesus went to them walking on the see it when the disciples saw him walking on the sea they were troubled saying it is a ghost and they cried out in fear now the word fear in verse $26.00 is a very very strong word in the English language it says they cried out in fear in the Greek language it says they were terrified they were terrified they were shaking with fear they were filled with anxiety they were terrified now here is the problem the disciples feared what they did not know you see they thought that what they saw was a ghost or an apparition. Belief in evil spirits was very common in 1st century Palestine the idea of ghosts and goblins and phantoms was widespread now these disciples had spent years with Jesus but yet in a time of fear their own emotions overwhelmed them and they could not think rationally and they thought that this might be a phantom the unknown often creates fear when they see Why are we afraid it times why does worry give us knots in our stomachs Why does worry give us headaches Why does worry keep us from sleeping at night why does worry bring out anxiety there are 2 reasons why fear is fear c fear is an emotion that sweeps over us and there are 2 great reasons why we fear the 1st reason we fear is we fear the unknown we fear what might come for example what if I do have cancer what if I do have to go through chemotherapy What if I do have to go through a bone marrow transplant what if I'm in the hospital for 3 months between life and death see what if that lump on your arm is cancerous what if that heart problem requires quadruple bypass surgery what if that diabetic condition leads you to a diabetic coma see so we fear the unknown we project the worst in our mind let me give you another example of how fear plays havoc with our minds every wife will resonate with this it's 530 at night your husband typically is home from work. If he's ever a lady call he's going to call you somebody said market not realistic it's 8 o'clock at night my husband's home from work not home all right whatever time it is you choose the time don't the preacher choose the Ok so let's suppose it's he's supposed to be home at $630.00 or will compromise let's Mosey suppose we are at $630.00 he always calls you if he's going to be late $730.00 not home 830 not home no phone call how are you going to feel as a woman if your husband has told you he's going to home at 630 for supper he always calls you if he's not and it's 830 you begin to project on your mind and on the window of your mind fear and you begin to think was he in a terrible accident is is is there is some pileup on the highway so you begin to project fear what about this illustration gentlemen your company is making severe cutbacks the economy has turned around and people are being laid off and you begin to think if I am laid off how can I make the mortgage payment Ok to make the house payment another words Fear often comes with the. You have a teenage son he's 13 years old he's gone on a camping trip with the church and you say Call me when you get there he calls you when he gets there you say you know son just give me a call every day let me know how things are going 3 days go by the 4th day goes by and you haven't heard from your son you begin to call the leader and the leaders cell phone is out how you feeling as a mother if you've gone for days without hearing from your child you begin to fear then you read on the news that there's a terrible storm that has come in that area where they've been mountain climbing. And then some school group has been caught in the midst of the storm and somebody has died when you begin thinking is this my son is this our school group c. fear of the unknown Gryphus us now there's the 2nd reason that we fear it's not only the unknown but it's the known some of our fear is never a come to reality but some of our fears to come to reality what if there was an accident what if your boy was lost what if the disease is malignant So there are 2 great reasons for fear one we fear what might happen and we play the what if game the 2nd great reason for fear is the reality that what might happen has in fact happened but there is an answer to fear you see fear is an emotion faith is an attitude and focus is a choice fear is an emotion faith is an attitude and focus is the choice we fear the unknown or we fear the reality of the unknown faith does not deny the existence of a stormy sea faith believes that the Christ who is walking on the stormy sea will take my hand and get me through the storm. So faith rather than focusing on the waves and the what ifs or the reality fate focuses on the one who has conquered it conquered every storm the one is conned every see the one who took Peter by the hay and took him through what is faith faith is trusting God as a friend well noone knowing they don't never do me any harm knowing that his strength is to get me through whatever I have to deal with that's what faith is so Faith says I can face the unknown things says I can face the deepest trials in life because my hand is in the hand of the Living Christ you know let me give you an example of faith another word for faith is trust that you have absolute trust in God no matter what happens in your life I'll need to go to for these treatments I was telling you about and I was talking to one of the owners of one of the clinics are going to be and one of the treatments I'm going to do is a complementary treatment called a hyperbaric chamber treatment they use that to build up the immune system that use that to strengthen the bones etc It was typically originally used for divers who needed to decompress when they were coming back but they're using it now for amazing met they're getting amazing medical results with it and so here's my friend told me now that this hyperbaric chamber is about 31 inches wide it's about that wide and they put you in there and yet and it's closed and there's a little acrylic thing you can see out and they seal it and you're in there for an hour and so I said to my friend you know I don't know about this it's a little Koester phobia you know when you're in that thing he said mark the problem is not claustrophobia The problem is trust and I said What do you mean he said here's the problem it's when we put you in there it's impossible for you to get out no way. You can't get out we put you in there and we lock that thing and you're in this chamber so he said it's not a matter of cost or a phobia it's a matter of trust do you trust the person that put you in is going to get you out do you trust them because if you do not trust the person that put you in there is going to get you out you're going to panic inside because you cannot get out on your own the storm you're going through you can't get out on your own. What is faith faith is trusting the one who allowed the storm to come that he is going to take your hand and get you through that storm see fear is an emotion faith is an attitude of trust and focus is direct is a choice to place your confidence in the one whom you cannot see the Lord Jesus Christ who is going to get you through your storm now in the midst of the storm the the raging in the raging waves Peter cries out take your Bible Matthew 14 verse 28 Peter cries out and Peter said Damn look hard verse 28 if it is you do command me to come to you on the water and he said. He said Come Peter did not allow his fears at this point to overwhelm is faith so we lose focus faith leaves us out of the boat faith leads us to walk on stormy seas with jesus faith leads us to face the winds and the rains with their eyes fixed on the master the wind in the Lord heaven and earth faith triumphs over fear thief overcomes the obstacles faith enables us to walk on the stormy seas Have you ever noticed the many times in the Bible that Jesus says come Matthew 11 remember Jesus is come unto me o. you the do what are burdened and heavy laden and I will give you rest Jesus says in John 6 and verse 37 Him that cometh to me in no wise cast out and noticed how the Bible ends with the invitation to. Revelation chapter 22 there in the stormy waters of the Galilee Jesus says to Peter come step out of the boat take a leap in thing if Trust me Peter I'm not going to allow you to drown revelation ends with this marvelous passage in Revelation chapter 22 verse 17 in the spirit in the Bride say what come and let hear him who hears say what come in let him move thirst come into ever desires let him take the water of life freely Jesus says Come step out of the boat and Peter flings himself into the jaws of death in the face of the housing wind Peter does not allow his fears to paralyze him What are your greatest fears what are your greatest fears what do you worry about the most. Christ is greater than our fearless Christ is bigger than our doubts Christ is larger than our questions Christ invites us to come to him on the stormy seas of life when Peter kept his eyes focused upon Jesus he walked on the water but something happened to Peter and what happened to Peter often happens to us. They thought led him out of the boat but in the midst of the storm Peter lost focus let's go back Matthew 14 verse 30 in the midst of the storm Peter lost focus when Peter kept his eye fixed upon Christ and His Word and His power he walked on water when he focused on the waves in the treachery the treacherous situation he was in he sank You see we either look at our difficulties from an earthly perspective with our human reason in weakness or we look through the eyes of faith at the promises of God Matthew 14 and you looking that verse 30 see at 1st Peter was looking at Jesus his fear gave way to faith and his faith led him to focus but here he loses his perspective he loses his focus verse 30 but when he saw the wind was boisterous he was afraid and beginning to sink in cried out Lord save me now I notice Peeta begins to sink beneath the waves when we are dominated by fear we sink and the sinking of our spirits is the result of the sinking of our faith did you get that. When we are dominated by fear we begin to sink and the sinking of our spirits is the result of the sinking of our faith we fear when we forget now here are 2 amazing passages to ponder but can you say with me we fear when we forget together we fear when we forget once again we fear when we forget let me give you the biblical evidence of that Isaiah 51 Isaiah 51 we fear when we forget Isaiah the 51st chapter Speaking of Israel and you're going to look there at Hurst 12 and 13 well we need a reversal 11 as well verse 111213 of Isaiah 51 so the ransom to the Lord shall return and come to Zion with singing with everlasting joy on their heads they shall obtain joy and gladness and sorrow and sighing shelf We away that's focus its focus not on the waves its focus not on the wind its focus not on the darkness of the night its focus not on the sickness its focus not on my fear notice what it says it says focusing on the day that the ransom to the Lord come to Zion with seeking an everlasting joy and sorrow and sighing flee away now 1st well I even I am here to comfort you who are you that you should be afraid God says Who are you that you shall be afraid of a man will die and of the Son of man to be men like grass in other words God says I'm holding you in my hand and the worst thing that can happen to you shouldn't die. But one day you're going to walk on sea of glass one day you're going to rejoice in Zion with singing then he says verse 13 and you forget the Lord your maker you going through this stormy sea you're going through this difficult you're going through this trial you forget the larger maker he's stretched out they haven't see laid the foundations of the earth you fear continually every day because of the fury of the oppressor when he's prepared to destroy you and where is the fury of the oppressor you see God says I'm your Creator I'm your make her case reach this 2nd text Psalm 43 Verse 5 let your fear give weight if they and less faith bear in your heart a new focus a focus on the Lord the master of the land in the sea some 43 Verse 5 notice what Scripture says and remember when you lose focus you begin to sing and the sinking of your spirit says because the sinking of your fee some 43 Verse 5 David raises this question why are you cast down on most In other words why are you so discouraged why is so depressed why you so filled with fear why you cast down all my soul and why you disquieted within me why are you so anxious why you trouble hope in God for I shall yet praise him the help of my countenance and my God. When Peter began to sink beneath the stormy sea there is only one thing that saved him it was not his skill as an experienced fisherman that saved him it was not his knowledge of the Sea of Galilee that saved him it was not his wisdom in solving problems that saved him it was not his ability to swim back to the boat that saved him. The scripture is plain bath you $4014.00 verse 30 now you notice in the passage there are 2 cries there is the cry of fear in the cry of Thief The 1st there's the cry of fear in Matthew Chapter 14 when they cry out in verse 26 they think it's a ghost and they cry out in fear but when you come to verse 30 when he saw him he saw that the wind was boisterous this Peter he was afraid and beginning to sinking sinking beneath the waves the dark cold waters are pulling him down the waves are beginning to crash all around his body he's going under it's dark it's cold it's wet he cries out see the 1st cries the cryosphere 2nd cries the cry of faith you can either cry out of fear you can cry out think if you cry out of fear you're going to be troubled disappointed discouraged down hearted dejected if you cry out of faith your spirits will soar Notice it says he cried out saying lowered save me and then the Scripture says No Matthew is writing this from a 1st hand experience Matthew was a witness to what was happening Matthew sitting in the boat and any seeing this scene play out before him now he doesn't write it when he's in the boat his parchment would've got a little wet he writes it later but Matthew's in that boat and this is not something that Matthew was told it is something indeed that Matthew experienced notice what it says verse $31.00 and immediately Jesus stretched out his hand and Gaudium and he said oh you of little faith why do you doubt. I love it immediately Jesus stretched out his inability when Peter cried out Jesus immediately responded Jesus is there in the storms of life he's there when the waves are high in the night stark Now Jesus cries out Peter cries out Jesus reaches out Peter cries out Jesus reaches out when we cry out Jesus reaches out when we cry out in our weakness Jesus reaches out his strength we cry out in our frailty Jesus reaches out is enduring light when we cry out in our utter inability to solve our problem Jesus reaches out we can have absolute confidence that Jesus never turns away from those who cry out and see his arm is strong to hold us up turn to some 20 verse 6 underlined this one write it on a card memorize it you may not needed today but you are going to need it to morrow Psalm 20 verse you're looking there at Psalm 20 verse 6 now I know some 20 verse 6 that the Lord saves his anointed as a child of God Are you one of the anointed of Jesus indeed you are now I know the Lord saved his anointed some 20 verse 6 he will answer him from his holy heaven with the saving strength of his right hand some trust in Jerry it's in some in horses but we will remember the name of the Lord our God verse 9 save Lord May the king answer us when we call what we call. It did you notice what Jesus said to Peter though he said oh you of what little faith some people look at that passage and they say Peter only had a little thing I say to you a little faith is better than no faith at all. You say a little faith is better than no faith it reminds me of Jesus' statement remember when Jesus said If you have faith as a grain of what mustard seed a mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds in Palestine. When we exercise the little faith we have our faith in Christ power to get us through the storms of life will grow into a mighty force that enables us to work on stormy seas if you have faith of the grain of mustard seed you'll say to this mountain move this mountain a difficulty this mountain of problems this mountain of trouble you'll say move it it will move see if you only have a little faith if your faith is really really small trust Jesus with the thief you have exercise the faith you have and when you exercise the faith you have that faith is going to grow and grow and grow notice this point Peter had enough faith to get out of the boat but he didn't have enough faith to get through the storm Peter had a nothing if to get out of the boat but he didn't have enough faith to get out get through the storm G.'s defense often allows us to walk in the storms of life with the little faith we have to grow our feet do you think Peter's faith group that day do you think by going through the storm Peter's faith was strengthened that day Jesus often allows the storms of life to blow upon us to increase our faith see if we would believe more we would doubt less. When you say that with me if we believe more we doubt less again if we believe more we doubt less the business of faith is to resolve our doubts so we place confidence in Christ and Christ alone imagine the scene imagine this see Peter and Jesus walking here and in here and on a calm moon would see with stars shining like diamonds in the sky Jesus the centerpiece me still Jesus is calmed the troubled cds calm their troubled hearts Jesus is spoken and his Lord of the land and sea then when rain the moon shines again the sea is like a sea of glass with not a ripple upon it and Jesus and Peter together here and here and work back to that boat the elements were out of control but Jesus was in control the boat was out of control but Jesus was in control the disciples emotions were out of control but Jesus was in control in spite of the Devils attacks Jesus is in control of your life in the safety and security of the boat look at what the disciples exclaimed last verse Matthew 14 verse 23 here it is faith has triumphed over the storms of life Jesus the Lord of wind and rain and sea has come the storm in their troubles hearts in Matthew Chapter 14 last verse in this passage. Verse 33 then those who were in the boat came and worship Him saying Truly you are the Son of God What a day it had been for them they cry out Truly you are the Son of God within a 24 hour period they saw Jesus take 5 loaves and 2 fishes and most supplied feed 5000 if that doesn't amaze you want to know what would within a 24 hour period they saw Jesus walking on the water if that doesn't amaze you I don't know what would within a 24 hour period they saw a Jesus come a storm on the Sea of Galilee If that doesn't amaze you I don't know what would in a 24 hour period they saw Jesus pull Peter up and walk back to the boot if that doesn't amaze you I don't know what would know there are 3 vital lessons in the story here they are number one Christ allows the storms of life to come to every one of us no human being living in the stormy waters of earth will get from here to glory without going through a storm you're either going through a storm right now or you will go through one lesson one Christ allows the storms of life to come in order to strengthen our faith and reveal his power not to drown us God allows the storm Jesus allows the storms of life to come to strengthen our faith reveals its power not to drown us Number 2 Christ governs the intensity of the storm and the duration of the storm number 3 Christ reveals himself in the midst of the storm it's in the storms of life we see a most clearly we feel his presence most markedly and we experience is power most dramatically he sees us through. The storms of life today so one day we can walk on the sea of glass with him tomorrow he leads us through the stormy seas to the sea of glass on eternity's peaceful shore in prophetic vision John see these Another see in prophetic vision John see this not stormy seas but come see this Revelation Chapter 15 Injun speaks about those those who've been through the storms of life today he speaks of those who go through Earth's last storm here is the incredible good news Jesus will take you through the storms of life today here is the incredible good news Jesus a guide to safely to heaven sure here is the incredible good news the dragon will roar in the last days the beast will threaten in the last days the false prophet will deceive in the last days but with Jesus one day will walk on the sea of glass revelation the 15th chapter we're looking there at verse 2 and verse 3. And I saw something like to see of glass no stormy seas here no winds blowing fiercely here no waves engulfing us here are good till boat not crashing on the rocks here I saw something like a sea of us mingled with fire and those who have victory over the beast over his image over his mark and over the number of his name standing on the sea of glass having the harps of God seeing the victorious song a Moses in the servant in the song of the Lamb saying great and marvelous are your works Lord God Almighty just entering your ways when we stand on the sea of Goddess and look back over the stormy sea of life we will say just ensure your waves so Lord every storm and I went through is worth it all the winds that I faced were worth it all the waves that I face are worth it because now standing on the sea of glass on eternity shore where the winds will no longer be. Dead Crawford was a successor to David Livingston he spent 32 years of his life in Africa as a missionary he died of a terrible infection in the heart of Africa and he wrote in the fly leaf of his Bible these words I have read them to you before I read them often his dying day he wrote these words in the fire leaf of his Bible I cannot do it alone the waves dashed fast and high the fog in the mist said he and the light goes out in the sky but I know in the end we need to shout when Jesus and I. A coward wayward and weak I change with the changing sky today I am so brung so strong and brave but to morrow I may be too weak to try but Jesus never gives up and the end wait to show when Jesus and I in the storms of life he is there though the outward body perishes day by day our spirit saw. To be renewed in him and we saying Lawrence it is well it is well it is well with my soul. 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