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When God Fights Your Battles

Mark Finley
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Pastor Mark Finley gives biblical truth and hope when you find yourself struggling as a christian with the trials of life.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • October 13, 2018
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven. As we open the Word of God We prayed that you would come and speak to our hearts this morning take our minds away from the wanderings of the earth and give us the message from heaven that you've prepared for us this day in Christ's name Amen it's time for a Bible Quiz is ready for your Bible Quiz How many promises are there in the Bible how many press several. How many promises are there in the Bible. 365 there's one for every day of the year well it's more than 365 somebody said 7000 it depends on which or 30 you read now let me give you some numbers the last author I read said there are approximately 8810 promises in the Bible in the Old Testament he counted 7706 if you question his count count them New Testament 1104 wonderful promises next question in the quiz What is the chapter in the Bible that has the most Bible promises it I see blank looks on the face of my country. Deuteronomy 28 has a 133 promises in it our trust is never misplaced when we trust in the promises of God since it's impossible for God to lie he stakes the honor of his throne on his promises his promises are secure is his throat his word is his certain is heaven itself His word is eternally true and when the challenges of life seem overwhelming to you and me we can cling to the promises of God Francis have or go with a noted him brighter. And she loved the Word of God She loved the God of the word she was 43 years old and she was dying now Francis wrote those great hymns like take my life and let it be my gave my life for the and she was 43 years old and she was dying and she asked her nurse to get her a Bible and to read Isaiah 42 and verse 6 and if you have your bible this is the request of a dying woman who wrote so many of the hymns that are in no and she asked her nurse go get my Bible read they have 42 verse 6 a marvelous promise of God dess her nurse read that powerful verse in Isaiah that wonderful promise as they have 42 verse 6 the nurse read The Lord have called to you in a righteousness and will hold your hand I will keep you and give us a covenant to the people as a light to the Gentiles Francis and stop stop Read it again her nurse read I have I have called you in righteousness Francis said Kong I will hold your hand holding my hand I will keep you and then she made that marvelous statement where she said and she could hardly speak she spoke up a with a whisper she said cold holding my hand then she said Capt I can go home on that I can go home on that I can go home on the one that calls me and go home on the one that holds my hand I can go home on the one that keeps me I can go home and that within minutes she closed her eyes. In the sleep of death and waits for the resurrection of Christ with the hope in her heart that she was cold and that God was holding her hand and that she could go home on that the Israelites when they wandered any Gyptian bondage. Clung to the promise of God that bondage would not last forever that the slavery of the Egyptians would not last forever that the oppression of the evil one would not last forever that one day based on the promises of God they would go home now what kind of promises did Israel have when they were wandering in the wilderness what kind of promises did they cling to oh those deliverance appeared impossible although they suffered under the lash of the oppressor although they didn't have visible evidence at all long of relief from bondage deep within their heart in their fabric of their being they long for Canaan they longed for a home they longed for a promised land and they had nothing but the a pressures lash they had nothing but the snap of the whip they had nothing but bondage and slavery and oppression but they clung to the promises given to them by the prophets Isaiah 6 verse 6 and rather Exodus 6 verse 6 and 7 Exodus 6 verse and 7 what kind of promises the Israelites hang on to in the wilderness what kind of promises got them through their bondage what kind of promises kept their faith high in that period of oppression Exodus Chapter 6 we're looking at verses $6.00 and $7.00 God says to Israel they're in the middle of bondage they are filled with oppression the Egyptians are pushing them on every cave and to work more and more they are weary they are tired their backs are aching they see no visible signs of Deliverance nothing of came in and Moses says to them in Exodus 6 verse $6.00 and $7.00 therefore say to the child of Israel Ah. I am the Lord I will bring you from under the a burdens of the Egyptians are rescue you from bondage or redeem you with outstretched arms and great judgments take he was my people I'll be your god then you shall know that I am the Lord who brings you out from the burdens of the Egyptians What a promise what a god he is the God that lifts our burden sees the God that rescues us from bondage he's the God that delivers and when Moses proclaimed this message to the Israelites they must have been filled with hope the story of Israel being delivered from the bondage of the Egyptians It's the story of the point of salvation you and I are under the hand of the oppressor we are in the enemy's a land we have the lash of the tyrant whipping us day by day and beating us into submission but the promise of God rings true he is the Jesus that will rescue us he is the Jesus that will deliver us he is the Christ that will come in our bondage and free us he is the one that will take us to the promised land now God made a promise to Abraham in Genesis 15 notice the precision of the promise of course this is before Israel goes into captivity but God made a promise to Abraham in Genesis Chapter 50 the promises of God are true even when those promises seem illogical even when those promises seem impossible of fulfillment what God says is so even if it doesn't seem to be so because the God declare that declares it to be so will make it so Genesis You're looking there at Genesis 15 and we're looking at verse 15 and 1st $13.14. Then God says to Weyburn or Abraham knows certainly that your descendants will be in a stranger it's a lie and another words Abraham you have a son Isaac and he'll have Jacob and they'll be 12 sons and one of them will be Joseph and Joseph of the town into a foreign land he's going to be a slave and your people are going to be slaves Abraham I want you to know this that in generations to come your people are going to be in bondage your people are going to go through oppression now note it's God's telling that to Abraham but look what he says No your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs and will serve them and they will afflict them 400 years now God says that generations before it happens he makes a very precise promise that they will be there only for 100 years what a prediction now notice also the nation whom they serve I will judge and after would they will come out with great possessions no I can imagine that during the 400 years a bond sure. That Israel clung to that promise all they had were the promises of God to cling to there are times in our life when we walk through dark valleys there are times in our life when we walk through difficult experiences there are times in our life when the clouds of despair are around us and we have little to cling to except the promises of God but the promises of God are enough the promises of God God is serial through their bondage for 400 years God's promises give us hope God's promises bring us joy God's promises put a light in our eyes God's promises put a smile on our face because God's promises are true the Bible says that the nation verse 14 whom they serve God's going to judge and they're going to come out with great substance God to create it and it came to pass God promised it and God made good on his word God said to Moses after Moses wandered 10140 years in the wilderness is over 100 years old God says Moses let my bow down to Pharaoh and tell him let my people what go Pharaoh was reluctant to do that and gods and plague after plague on the Egyptians broke the back the bondage and Israel left miraculously delivered when God miraculously works in your life deliverance does not mean that there are no difficulties anymore miraculous deliverance doesn't mean freedom from difficulties. But even when God miraculously delivers you and begins to lead you in a different direction he does it in the most merciful way possible so I'd like to spend some time this morning studying with you the Exodus the point at which is free o. leaves Egypt bondage comes to the Red Sea and God opens that sea in they go through the other tie we're going to study that small slice of Israeli history and say to ourselves How's God speaking to us through His Word in this story our story begins in Exodus the 13th chapter Exodus the 13th chapter Israel has been called for me Gyptian bondage and we start with Exodus 13 beginning with Verse 17 the plagues have been poured out upon Egypt Pharaoh finally has agreed to let people go the scripture says in Exodus 13 verse 17 then it came to pass when Pharaoh had let the people go that God did not lead them by the wind of the Philistine though that was near for God said last perhaps the people change their minds when they see war and turn to Egypt that's an interesting phrase every phrase in this story is incredibly important the shortest distance between 2 lines to 2 locations is not always a straight line God could have let Israel directly through the land of the Philistines to the promised land that was the shortest distance it was a straight line. But there were at least 600000 Israeli men not counting women and children most estimates are that there were 2000000 Israel lights I want you to imagine that this is not any small group of 15 or 20 people you've got to take 2000000 people and take them out of Egypt you've got to feed them in the wilderness you've got to have water for them there but in addition to that these Israelites come out with herds they come out with cattle they come out with large amounts of livestock sheep and goats now God is not going to allow them to experience more than they can and he's not going to allow them to do that I want you to think about them they are weary from decades of back breaking work they're down hearted because of their trials their helpless tribe they don't have weapons or very few no weapons or warfare they're slowed on their journey by the women in the children they have. No fermentable army so they are a collection of weary pilgrims of 2000000 the Philistines are a major army and God knows that if he leads them through the land of the Philistines the Philistines going to attack them decimate them in take them as slaves again so God does the most merciful thing possible and he leads them through the rocky Riviere once he leaves them through the desert he leads them through another way God is leading your life in the most merciful way possible you say I'm going through trials you should see the ones you would have gone through if God wasn't leading you. He's leading you in the most gracious way possible now the scripture says in Exodus Chapter 13 verse 19 now the 1st point in our story is this when God leads us we are not free from difficulty when God leads us we're not free from trial was God leading the Israelites did they have evidence of his leading did he give them the pillar by day and the pillar by night in the cloud by day did God do all that put did that but it did God's leading mean that they were free from oppression in trial not at all oh so if you're going through any trials in your life it does not mean that God is not leading you it means that he's leading you in the most gracious way possible in the most merciful way possible to develop faith in your life and deeper trust in him now in Exodus the 13th chapter the 19th verse in our story the Bible says In Exodus 13 let's pick it up person 18 so God led the people if you have a pen and you're circling the word lead in your Bible God's leading them they have trials but he's leading them they have difficulties but he's leading them they have challenges but he's leading them God led the people around by the way in the wilderness of the Red Sea when they were in the wilderness was he still leading them are you going through the wilderness is he still leading you sure and the children of Israel went up in an orderly ranks out of the land of Egypt and Moses took the bones of Joseph with him for he had placed the children that's Joseph at place that should have Israel under a solemn oath saying God will surely visit you and you should carry my bones up from here with you now this is significant Joseph is 110 years old when he dies his body is in bomb in some coffin in Egypt. But Joseph believed that Egypt was not its Joseph believed in the promises of God that one day they would be delivered from the hands of the impressor oppressor Joes of sense that Egypt was in his who and he knew that the sojourn in Egypt would be temporary Joseph's dying cry was this this world is not my home children of Israel when you leave don't leave me behind in Egypt don't leave my bones here don't leave me with a ring in the say in the dust of the oppressors when God moves powerfully to deliver Israel take my bones with you don't leave me in the land of Egypt take me to Canaan it is say it's the cry of every believe for is a logging for a job I don't want my bones bleaching in some dirty old dusty to when Jesus the cry of my heart is Jesus take me home take me from the land of bondage take me from the land of oppression see Joseph's cry is the cry of humanity We're tired of the oppression we're tired to be beaten down every day we're tired of the struggles of her the cry of the human heart is no more suffering no bardic no more death the cry of the human heart is no more cancer no more heart disease the cry of the human heart is no more bombs the drop that destroys cities the cry of the human heart is no more famine the cry of the human heart is no more children with the standard bellies no more aids the cry of the human heart is lowered take my bones home see Joseph reveals the cry of all humanity. Chapter 14 verse one the Bible speaks to us the Old Testament stories are ancient but they're ever true they're old but they're ever new chapter 14 verse one now the Lord spoke to Moses saying speak to the children of Israel that they turn and camp before p how to between Migdal in the sea opposite Beth safe in you shall camp before it by the sea as many of you know I'm interested in etymology etymology is word study you look at a word you say we had that word come from what's the origin of the word let me give an example take the word Sabbath the word Sabbath comes from a Hebrew word bot. The last part of that word comes from the word Beth like Bethlehem Beth is house of his bread Bethsaida Beth is House of Satan is fish Beth as as the is mercy and Beth is House of mercy so Jesus the Bread of Life was born in Bethlehem the house of the Baker Jesus called Peter James and John by the sea side of Bethsaida the house of fish to be fishers of men Jesus came to bet the house of mercy so Beth is the last part of off the a middle of the is is Abba so house of dwelling place of Abba is what Father shuck comes from an old Persian word sayit here aged eternal everlasting So for the Hebrews the Shah Baath was the eternal sign of the age of everlasting Father see that shit up now when you come to pee here doth I look at Commentary if it comes I checked the Hebrew nothing significant check commentary to commentary but I knew there has to be something here what is this p hero I found an old book I had in my library called x. gleanings from Exodus by a guy going to Indra pink and he goes into some of the old commentaries and they discovered the meaning for the word p hired us and here's the meaning of the word a place of Liberty a place of Liberty a place of Liberty a place of freedom now what's bad deal what's this me do here that's easier that's a place of refuge or a fortress so God takes them from oppression and bondage. He takes them from the lash of the whip of the oppressor he leads them even through trial or difficulty to their p. had us their place of Liberty where they will see his miracles worked in their behalf that's what God has done for you and me in Christ he's taken us from a place of bondage he's taken us from a bear in the oppressor he leaves us through trials in difficulties to our place of Liberty where he works miracles and on our behalf we're going to open the Red Sea so we can go on to the promised land in Jesus Christ our Lord for every one of us Jesus is our place of Liberty Jesus is our place of freedom Jesus is the one who is the ultimate deliver the story of Exodus is your story it's the story of my story it's the story of the Church of God leading a people into the promised land he frees us from the hopeless despair of our oppressor Satan and he breaks the bondage he delivers us when we cannot deliver ourselves His goal is to get us to the promised land at any cost to ourselves now his goal is to be that strong tower that place of refuge that sense of liberty to us now Israel comes to that place of peace have camping at the base of the mountain just before them the Red Sea Pharaoh recognizes that Moses is not going to lead them out into the wilderness for 3 days a worship he recognizes that they're gone for good his army generals and cabinet convince him if you let them go Egypt the mightiest nation in the world will be filled with embarrassment you've got to go get them. You've got to bring them back so Pharaoh leads an army of 600 of his most fierce warlike chariots to go after them and take them back he gathers other chariots with him and he has this mighty army of thousands now imagine it 2000000 slaves wondering in the desert and they are the armies of Egypt coming to oppress them and bring them back to slavery and back to captivity as the Bible describes the story we read it in Exodus 14 1st $3.00 to $8.00 4th will say of the child of Israel their be wielded by the land the wilderness is closed them in then I got says will harden Pharaoh's heart so that he will pursue them and I will gain honor over Pharaoh and overall his army that the Egyptians may know that I am the Lord and they did so now I am troubled by this expression the Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart why would God want to heart in anybody's heart why would God want to make a person not sensitive to his fois let's study the expression of the hardening of the heart in the Bible what is the hardening of the heart how does a heart become hardened and can my heart or your heart be ardent Let's see if we look can see the deeper meaning of this we go back to Exodus Chapter 8 verse 32. And we're going to look at 3 passages in scripture that describe the hardening of the heart Exodus Chapter 8 verse 32 this gives us a little different picture in Exodus 8 verse 32 the scripture puts it this way but Pharaoh hardened his heart at this time oh so neither would he let the people go now what does it say here who hearted his heart Pharaoh hardened his heart can you think of anything more dramatic to get Pharaoh's attention than to bombard Egypt with the 10 Plagues could there be a more dramatic you think when the rivers turned to blood when the frogs covered the land when the flies destroyed the cattle when the sun scorched the crops when the darkness covered the land when the firstborn of all of Egypt was killed you would really think that Pharaoh would have said enough God I surrender who hardened Pharaoh's heart in this passage Pharaoh hardened his heart some $95.00 per say what does God say to you to meet what God said Israel Psalm $95.00 Verse 8 what does it mean to harden the heart how does the heart get in the heart and what does it mean that God hardens the heart sub $95.00 verse 8. God says to Israel he's speaking through David and God says in some 95 per seat do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion and as in the trial on the day of the wilderness when your father's tested me improved me Israel also hardened their hearts and God says do not do what harden your hearts Now how is the hard hard Hebrews chapter 3 verse 13 explains it. Hebrews chapter 3 verse 13 is a very clear passage on how the heart is ardent. And we're going to look at verse $12.13 to get the picture the where brother and this is Hebrews chapter 3 verse $1213.00 be where brethren less there be in any of you an evil heart of an belief in deep parting from the living God but exhort one another daily while its called today lest any of you be hardened through the deceitful news of sin so how our hearts hardened seein is deceitful and when we didn't lack to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit as he can fix us Art's become ardent when we compromise our integrity and do wrong when we know we ought to do right our hearts become ardent when we compromise the convictions that God has placed there in our hearts by his word and we turn our backs on the word our hearts because. If I know that the Bible Sabbath is Saturday in any way I choose my own way if I know that God is calling me to give my body to him in the temple the Holy Spirit and I just turn my back on that if I allow the deceit fullness of seeing in to give me pride and arrogance and a critical tongue you see every time we compromise art becomes art Now does that mean that we are negligible for the voice of the Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts certainly not God is so mercifully keep speaking to us again and again and again but here's the problem with Pharaoh he came to the point in his life where he missed hearing not God whispering to him but God shouting at him he missed hearing. That God was bringing deep convictions and the obvious evidence that should have warmed up his art that obvious evidence was neglected by God a compassionate loving god. Reaches out to us moment by moment revealing our Grace revealing his grace he reveals his mercy is forgiveness his goodness but our response to God's action determines whether our hearts are Arden's or not now is some time scripture describes God's permis if will like you didn't exit is far to his heart Pharaoh's heart being hard by God sometimes scripture describes God's permissive will as that which God allows us to do the choices he allows us to make another words in Almighty God allows us to make choices that determine whether our hearts are open and receptive in that way God hardens our heart God hardens our heart by own lowing us to make the choices of what happens in our life Oh I pray that my heart would always be sensitive to the moving the Holy Spirit I pray that I would always hear that still small voice within me that I be sensitive to what God is saying to me in the choices that I make now our passage today tells us 5 things about faith let's look at them we go back to Exodus the 14th chapter the armies of Pharaoh are bearing down on the Israel they hear the thundering hoofs of the chariots horses they see the sun dancing off the spears and shields of the Egyptian warriors in Israel comes to the Red Sea in the south there are mountains they can't flee to the south. In the north there is desert before them is the Red Sea and behind them are the Egyptian army has our story tells us 5 things about. The 1st thing it tells us is that faith is required at each step of our journey that God leads Israel out of Egypt by faith God leads them through the wilderness by faith but faith does not end at the Red Sea faith is required in the Christian life and every step of our journey there will never be a place for I can say I have arrived I no longer need faith every day Faith is a momentary experience Exodus the 14th chapter the 9th and 10th verse so the Egyptians pursued them with their horses and chariots Now notice what Israel does Israel begins to cry out verse 11 they say to Moses because there are no graves in Egypt have you taken us away to the wilderness you are going to kill us here we will they're going to just capture us they may bring us back but it would be don't die you should have left us alone 1st well that we may serve the Egyptians for it would have been better for us to observe the Egyptians than to die in the wilderness amazing how quickly we forget amazing how quickly we forget had God led them miraculously out of Egyptian bondage was God mercifully leading them but to pair who out of the place of liberty but they are now they have another trial and what happens they forget they forget one of the greatest ways to maintain thing is to review your life and see how God is legit. And to look back over your life and say I see step by step by step how God has led me he is not going to leave me now the Egyptians are breathing down my throat it appears that there is no way out or through the Red Sea is before May but I praise God by faith is mighty to my mighty deliver they it's so easy to forget what God has done for us it's so easy to forget is abundant blessings it's so easy to have a complaining spirit undertrial it's so easy to focus on today's problems rather than yesterday's providences it's so easy to let worry and fear and anxiety overwhelm us rather than live in calm faith grasping the promises of God Every single one of us have choices to make every day will I live by the promises will I live clinging to God's goodness and God's mercy will I let what's going on around me with their me up and make me a small complaining person Oh will I soar above that by the faith of God and praising his name as believers we're not exempt from trials but God through His divine purpose in it all oh will strengthen our faith through trials the 1st thing about faith the 1st lesson about faith the Sav this morning is this faith is necessary at every step of the Christian life there is no time that you and I can say we don't need faith anymore a 2nd lesson about faith has to stand still before it ever move forward. Faith has to stand still before it ever move forward let's look at here Exodus the 14th chapter we're looking there 1st for 13 Moses said to the people they're all complaining they're all critical of Moses of leadership they're all saying we should have stayed back in Egypt so what does Moses say Exodus 14 verse 13 he says 4 things and Moses said to the people don't be afraid to stand still see the salvation of the Lord which is accomplished for you for the Egyptians whom you see this day you shall see again no more forever the Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace Now notice what he says 1st he says Do not be afraid now the King James Version says fear not if you trace the little 2 words Fear not through the Bible they appear again and again and again in fact what's God say fear not don't worry put your anxiety at my feet I've got this one don't worry about fear not is one of those great expressions uttered through Scripture fear not is what God said to Abraham in Genesis 15 when he led him from a land that he didn't know to a new land fear not is what God said to Joshua he said Fear not Joshua Joshua 8 and do not be dismayed fear not is what God said to get in 300 when they had to face the masses God said to Gideon fear not fear not is what God said through David to Solomon fear not is what Jesus said Remember Jesus said Fear not Little Flock it's your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom and remember what Isaiah said take your Bible please and turn to the book of Isaiah you'll find it here. And I say and Isaiah says it he says fear not in what be strong fear dot. Is and be strong don't you love these 3 are not expressions in Scripture where here God speaks to his people and constantly God is saying to his people don't fear Don't worry Isaiah 35 verse 4 as a 35 verse 4 God is constantly saying to his people say to those who are fearful hearted anybody fearful hearted here today and God speaks to you say to those that are fearful hearted be Strug do not fear behold your god will come this applies both to the 2nd coming of Christ it applies to the 1st coming of Christ and applies to whatever fear you have today you see fears paralyzing fear holds us in bondage worry is crippling it consumes our energy anxieties saps our vital force but God speaks to us he spoke to Israel God said Fear not and doesn't the Bible say in 1st John 418 perfect love casts out what fear we can be secure in jesus love we have to live in perpetual fear and be dominated by worry over whether Jesus can deliver us from the bondage of seen slavery of the evil one the Egypt of this world may pursue us the enemies may attack us the forces of help they want to destroy us but Jesus is a mighty Savior Jesus says to you today fear not now notice the 2nd thing he says in our text in Exodus 1413 What's the 2nd thing God says in our text. God says what stand still What's he saying when he says Stand still rest in my love rest in my care take comfort in my compassion rejoice in my goodness glory in my grace you will see the salvation of God stands still it's like Jesus saying to you and me come unto me or you that are burdened and heavy laden and I'll give you rest Jesus is saying I've got this I've got this don't let your stomach be tied in knots over this thing don't worry about this thing to worry yourself sick don't let it paralyze you Jesus says Stand still rest in my grace rest in my love I've led you out of Egyptian bondage I've led you from the lash of the oppressor I've led you to the borders of the Red Sea you think I'm a let you drown Now stand still these is the notice what he says here what's the next phrase the Lord will do what what's the are going to do for us the Lord is going to fight for us we'll get over there in Exodus 14 the Lord's going to fight for us I'm so gee glad that I have a mighty warrior it's going to fight for me aren't you glad for that mighty warrior says the Lord is going to fight for you that's verse 14 the Lord will fight for you now in my work I travel a great deal aren't you glad when somebody has your back very occasionally I am placed in situations that can be life threatening some time ago I was asked to go to a country where Americans were being persecuted badly. I was going to be there for about 3 weeks it was an extremely difficult time I had to go by myself nobody else could go with me and at that point the church felt that they needed to send a small security team ahead the situation was extremely dangerous and so a security team went reviewed the situation they planned they knew where the hospitals were when I went into that country I've not told this story in public one time they knew where the hospitals were there was a helicopter waiting to get me out if we needed to get out I met with the head of the security team and he said I'll be with you but nobody will know I'm here if I tap you on the shoulder you're in big time trouble I got to get you out here quickly every morning I met to get a security briefing on what was going on there were times it was very very very difficult I knew in that instant that if trouble came which it well could have that I was going to get out of there quickly I knew that there was somebody that had my back I knew that I could relax and do what I was sent to that country to do without I knew God was with me I knew 10000 angels were with me but boy it was nice to have a few visible people around. You say Where was your faith it was in the God who sent those people to be around me. That's what my faith was. But I will tell you something it is a wonderful thing to know you're not alone it's a wonderful thing to know that God's going to fight your battles for you you're not alone you've got the best body guard in the world Jesus sent him as your guardian angel and he never leaves you and never for 6 years you've got a wonderful Savior who has his eye upon you who knows every trial and difficulty you go through. We've got a lord that says I will fight your battles for you I've got your back and you need not fear now you remember too the 3rd thing I want to share with you about Faith is this God said to them stay and stay oh the Lord's going to fight for you then what did he say he said Hold your peace remain calm don't go running off on your own your efforts are not going to accomplish this your strength is insufficient for battle Jesus says trust me but there's another thing about faith and it's this faith moves forward without having all the answers you see the answers come as we move forward faith moves ahead not because it sees the solution but because it has absolute confidence in the God who has the solution there is a marvelous statement in patriarch's in profits that says this the obstacles that hinder our progress will never disappear before doubting spirit and belief whispers Let us wait till the obstructions are removed and we can see our way clearly but faith courageously urges in advance hoping all things believing all things I love that one sentence patriarchs and prophets beach to 90 the obstacles that hinder our progress will never disappear before a whole ting doubting spirit Moses leads Israel down toward the sea and they step in the waters before they part if you wait to step out for God before every difficulty. Is removed your lack of faith will keep them from the waters from parting I have people tell me will pass to Mark I want to make a decision for Christ but you know I've got this problem or that problem or I want to I want to keep Sabbath but I got this problem that probably won't be faithful untied but I got this promise that you keep waiting and you can have the problems forever as long as the devil sees you not move and make the decision you want to move make those problems are going to come up but when you step out in faith by the grace of the Living God he'll part those waters for you when you move ahead to do what God places in your heart to do God opens the waters of the Red Sea you know if we would have waited to build this building until we had all the money in our hand you would still see a piece of dirt on here we had to step out in faith on a $4000000.00 project when we had 50001st we had nothing that we had 50 $1000.00 God calls you when God puts a dream in your heart when God puts a conviction in your soul when God moves upon your spirit to do something for a head 1st you stand still in his presence and bathed in His goodness and be strengthened by his might but there comes a time that you step out by faith there comes a time that you move forward for Jesus and know that he is going to open that see for you now faith trust God at times number 4 when Trust seems illogical think is not sight inside is not thing when Moses stretched out his hand over the sea. And God said to him move forward that was the most illogical thing possible that's what faith is all about think is not sight and sight is not faith Moses endured seeing him lose what Invisible Faith is believing faith is trusting faith is clinging to the problem promises of God when you cannot see do I understand fully everything about the plan of salvation and how a loving God is going to save a sinner like me no but I believe do I understand how Jesus could not only save me by His grace but transform me into His likeness No but I believe do I understand how God will take us through the crisis ahead with the evil forces ripping this world apart and take us safely Oh no but what I believe do I understand how God will open the heavens and deliver us from the bondage of evil and take us to the cause of glory No but I believe do I understand how it will never get bored through the ceaseless ages of eternity No but what I believe why because of the promises of God when guilt fills your heart not only because of what you've done but which because of what you have not done for all the neglect in your life and when you see yourself standing before God trembling and saying how can I ever be say you can still believe believe these are Savior believe that your redeemed by His grace believe you're justified by is. When you say God however going to get me ready for the 2nd coming of Christ I know so many deficiencies in my life you may see yourself. But you can still believe in His grace and His power and what he can do when you see evil triumphing in the world if you believe Moses said to Israel move forward in faith it's time to believe in the promises of God His forgiveness is Grace is Mercy is love in power it's time to believe move forward that one of us think about faith faith claims the victory before it experiences the victory faith claims the victory there are many people that can sing the doxology when everything is going well. The most important people in any church or the positive people people believe God is moving in that church because when you believe it God does it when you believe that the church is disunified it's going to be disunified But you believe you got wonderful people different backgrounds different cultures different understandings but that God is melding them together into a movement a fraternity of love a fellowship of believers that is going to move Northern Virginia for Christ God does it because we believe it we see it in our mind and got accomplishes that reality and I will tell you something this church has been raised up by destiny by God and God's going to do something in Northern Virginia through this group of believers you are not here by accident God didn't bring you here for nothing God's going to open up the Red Sea before us and there will be churches Pyatt and throughout Northern Virginia because of the way God uses you God faith claims the victory faith rejoices in what God has done in the past because of what he's going to do in the future many years ago George you were that giant a thing who built orphanages throughout Bristol England fed thousands of young orphans mule was traveling through. From England he was traveling through the North Atlantic came up through the Atlantic Ocean and he was going to an appointment that he had made in Newfoundland and you had prayed about this appointment a great deal and he really believes that God had opened the doors for this appointment and as they were about 3 days in this old steamer from shore a dense fog came in and the boat couldn't move so you went to the Captain he said Captain Look I really. I really want to be sure that the boat's going to get there within the next 3 days because I have an appointment to speak and the captain said No way absolutely impossible. Says the captain Captain that I might have to find another means of transportation because I know God wants me to be there the captain said look I don't know what you're talking about but this ship is not going to be there Mueller says let's go down to the chart room and pray I want to read you what the captain the captain recorded this story later he said I looked at that man of God and I thought to myself what lunatic asylum could that man of come from I never heard of such a thing Mr Mueller I said Do you know how dense the fog is no he replied my eyes not on the density of the fog but on the living God who controls every circumstance of my life. Captain he get down on his knees and prayed one of the most simple prayers I muttered to myself that would suit a children's class where the children were not more than 8 or 9 years old. The burden of his prayer was something like this oh lord if it's consistent with my will please remove this fog in 5 minutes you know the engagement you made for me God in Quebec on Saturday is going to come back here and I believe it sure will. Captain when he finished I was going to pray but he put his hand on my shoulder and told me not to pray 1st he said you don't believe God's going to answer anyway Secondly I believe God has already answered there's no need or whatever for you to pray about it I looked at him and you were said Captain I knew my lord for 47 years there has never been a single day that I failed to gain an audience with the king get up Captain and open the door and you'll find that the fog is gone I got up in the fog was gone and. Now you tell some people that the captain says to some scientific mind and they'll say that's not according to natural laws No The captain says but it's going to spiritual laws because the God whom you were served was omnipotent the God that led the children of Israel from you Gyptian bondage and delivered them from oppression and lead them as mercifully and graciously as he could through the trials of life is your God the God that opened the Red Sea is your God the God that Save the Children of Israel and lead them into the Canaan land is your God He is the Christ that forgives us he is the Christ that delivers us from the lash of the oppressor he is the Christ that takes the burdens off our shoulders he is the Christ that works in our life to break the bondage of sin He is the Christ that takes us through to the promised land this is our Jesus wherever you are in the journey of faith is going to take you through wherever you are in your wilderness wanderings if you believe and trust him he's going to take you through whatever Red Sea stands before you that appears impossible to open this sky. This God is going to open that sea for you to the glory of his name and one day in Canaan land we'll sing his praises for ever and ever and ever God fights our battles for us to pray together father we bow our heads in quietness there may be somebody here that they're going through a real challenge with their faith the Red Sea is before them the enemy is pouncing upon them but today they just want to lift their hand and say Jesus I believe I believe you're going to fight my battles I believe going to take me through this difficulty Lord I'm extending my hand up right now in faith this pastor prays for me would you just lift your hand in faith you're going through some difficulties some challenge and God's going to deliver you may put your hand down if there's somebody here that you've looked at your past and you feel condemned by it not only by what you've done but why what you haven't done and you want to walk out of here with peace knowing that Jesus says to you my child I am leading you move forward in your life don't linger in the past you want Jesus to give you calm and that experience would you just lift your hand you may put it down is there is somebody here today that you are struggling with something that maybe nobody else knows about but it's kind of tying you up in bondage and you need to live or inspire the living Christ would you just raise your hand and pray for you father in the quietness of this moment you are speaking to Hearts in the quietness of this moment you are moving where there are red seas before us. And the enemy is a lashing us help us know that Jesus will fight our battles help us walk out of this place filled with hope where we've failed in the past forgive us not only for what we've done but for what we should have did Father help us know that you're a mighty savior that your grace is for us send us from this place today with that assurance and aboard were at dispositions are not sweet unkind word tongues often don't speak words of hope where our attitudes are not right where the habits of our life tie us up in bondage send us from this place with that Red Sea open today send us from this place trusting the living Christ we believe father not because of who we are but because of who you are we believe not because we are worthy because you are lead us through the Red Sea to the promised land we cry out with Joseph we all want to be in that promised land don't we have our bones in the dust of the earth but take us home to glory we crave the Christ. And. Go and take on the world in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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