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ASI Spring Chapter Conference - Thursday Evening

Lyndi Schwartz Doug Batchelor Steve Dickman Allen Lloyd Joy Kauffman
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  • May 21, 2020
    7:00 PM
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We are in our in my lane driven later said connecting lane ministries and businesspeople to share prices in the market in support of the nation of the city's going into search. I'm Steve and president for Adventists layman services and industries better known as a.s.i. Welcome to our virtual spring conference for 2020 we're so happy you're watching tonight your viewing us on Facebook live on wherever it may be from 38 b.n. we are very happy that you are here with us and that you can be a part of the program tonight we have some exciting things planned a lot of people ask the question what is a aside anyway Well let me say I was started as a result of some of the work done at Madison college Madison college was kind of mothered by Ellen White she knew that we needed a school to train young people to be spreading the gospel to the entire world as a result of that as I was born in 1947 is a department of the North American division of 7th Day Adventist and we strive to engage lay business people lay ministries and lay professionals and spreading the gospel to the world so thank you for coming to join us tonight it's our virtual spring conference and we're here together. Lindy would you pray for us tonight as we begin our program I'd be happy to 50. Father in heaven we are so grateful for this opportunity even though it's virtual We know that your Holy Spirit is going to bless abundantly each speaker each member an action each testimony I pray a lot in this special time of anxiety and worry and fear that the answers provided in your wood by the speakers will touch up all over this will I pray for Jesus' sake him and thank you Wendy we have a schedule for this weekend Joy Joy is by the way Joy is our one of our presidents for one of our chapters which chapter you President for I'm president of the lake union chapter and I'm thrilled to be here representing 6 of our chapters you can see in the scene behind us we have 6 chapters all representing and coming together. So Joy share with us a little bit about the schedule for this weekend what are we looking at so the schedule is going to be packed with speakers that will inspire and challenge you as listeners so we'll be here for 2 hours the seeming hope you can stay the whole time then tomorrow morning we will start with 3 action packed 2 hour sessions beginning at 8 am 1 pm and 7 pm tomorrow we'll start the Sabbath with Pastor Mark Stanley then on Sabbath morning we will be led in a worship by the elder Ted Wilson at 9 am to 1230 and then close out the Sabbath with Pastor John Bradshaw 4 to 6 pm Central Time we will invite you to look at the schedule on a.s.i. Ministries dot org And also test share like and subscribe so others can join us for this exciting weekend thank you Joy now. We're here together Lindy I mean and the I mean Lindy. Andy I mean Lindsay you have a twin sister Steve I have a twin sister and what is her name and her name is Eddie but you're not and I'm not and I'm Linda but I'm very close to. Him and He is our Vice President or Vice President. And you've been associated with a.s.i. for a while so we praise God for that but tell us tonight we've got a theme for this weekend we've got a focus for this weekend what are we talking about so this weekend we are talking about the 3 enjoys messages in times like these there are 2 parts of the notice to this one of them is in times like these these are strange times the unprecedented and the social distancing who would have thought that we would experience something like that there's a times a fear there are times of anxiety at times of questions and we want and says we are very grateful that the would of God has provided us with a message just for this time the 3 interest messages the Gospel presented in a time of the end and we have wonderful speakers this weekend and tonight we have passed a bachelor as well as Dr Neil medley who will bring in bringing to us the truth encouraging meant of the 3 Angels' messages thank you I appreciate that you're sharing with us there about the theme we we're going to invite you to our listening family to reach out to others who may need to watch this program give them a call let us know you're watching and invite them to join us Joy's got a special music yes we'll be opening this evening with a song by Margie South Sea don't rise and the song is perfectly focused it is I have fixed my mind and it's going to help challenge us to be not crisis centered but Christ centered I invite you to listen. On. The on and all. Of the moot. I. Just 10. God Keith is in the Warren was. There was. To. Say a. Good. Luck. On. Will. I has to lie. On the narrow rule. On Bonaire. War with it. Or I know Lord. He's always so. Forward. Her name. Calling. For life her. Mom. And a. Bit. Of the luck of the land the league the true problem that it. Gets. To the area. Where you have a. Man who we. Believe you know little old. Lady. Warren. Moon. Over land. Was still. Up here. You. Heard her speak that Steve is a. Lowlife. The a it. Was. Like. A way of. Only. Oh no. Oh I. One of the favorite parts of a.s.i. for many people is the section we call members in action tonight we will feature 4 different ministries and find out what's happening in the field with members a.s.i. members in action sharing Jesus sharing Christ in their marketplace joy you've attended a.s.i. for a number of years how has the member how have those members in action stories impacted your personal life well they are fantastic because when you go to sci It's like an army of engaged people that are all being called by God and challenged in their marketplace whether it's a ministry or business and when you hear the stories it just it's exciting you feel like you're part of something bigger than you and you know the Holy Spirit is at work our 1st member in action story tonight comes to us from the country of Kenya Curtis let me ask operates a company there called spider controls. This member in action section today focuses on Curtis let me and the spider control company out of Canada Curtis thank you for joining us today and have just a question for you this afternoon Curtis. First of all what is Spider controls what do you do and how are you involved in spite of controls. We design and manufacture like trying to control products for a number of different industries like. Locations aren't the specialty you call and heavy equipment and the electronic controls that we manufacture are installed in a number of different factory assembly lines and. Product that we design and manufacture here in North America and distribute throat North America and around the world now Curtis This sounds like a really high tech company and lots of high tech employees there and I noticed you have one of your employees there with you today Amber just what is your job there at the plant what do you do and so I am an assembly technician I've been here for a screen as. Well Amber so you're working with spider controls an assembly technician but what is your journey on this thing because you've not come to this point to an interesting journey and that's the story we're kind of sharing today where were you you know 4 years ago what was your life like. Already years ago I was living on the streets. Just about Mother's Day and I wanted to get clean for Mother's Day we had a dinner planned and so I did I. Mean for Mother's Day when I get an. Idea intervened in my life and made out a very different. Bristle Orde for that now so you're living on the street you're abusing drugs you get clean for Mother's Day you go out to lunch with your mother and. How does this relate to spider controls Curtis tell us what how did you get involved in this story. Amber came to visit our church in Ok And so we had gotten to know that Amber maybe had a few needs just getting ready for winter and so our church family had had the opportunity to convert house and help her get the house ready for winter and in just spending time there the day that we were helping in ambers house we could see that there was many a real desire that Amber how to make a change in her life not only to come to know the Lord but also to just make a clean break in her life in terms of her career and what she was doing and so we offered Amber a job here just to try and. See how how some of the assembly work that we had would work for and 4 years later she's here as one of our top assembly technicians have them praise the Lord for that I'm just wondering today Curtis How does a company get a culture like that and what is the culture of their company that leads you to do things like that. So Steve Irwin our motto here we do design and build electronics but we believe that we're here to do much more than that and really God is designed each one of us to be serving and giving and that's when we'll be happiest and we've experienced it in our own family serving through involvement with a.s.i. a number of other opportunities here in our local church and so on but it's something that we want to each of our employees to have that opportunity to experience that joy as well given and so this is really become part of our culture here at spider controls and Amber has been a big part of growing that culture here in our program that she's a big part of so Amber you're not just a assembly technician you're also the court nater for the outreach program there spider controls this amazing 4 years ago who would have thought but just share with us what kinds of projects you're involved in what is Spider control doing in the local community to really reach out to the local community. Well I can show you what we're working on this month and we have a code that care back and so what it is has an allowance and a mask in there and that's on hand sanitizer and we're going to make about $100.00 of these and we're going to send them to the local food bank and they're going to put them in their hampers So you're involved in. Response from Spider controls you're the outreach coordinator give me another example I mean we've got a bunch of projects are you doing one every month or how does that work. We do get we have like and Curtis. Asked us to think of any ways we can help the community so he's They have a new idea lined up for the group and I think one of the ones we did was soon as we heard about it in the problems we started gathering money after our local bank so we did a food drive and Dress for Success is a company in red you are women who are looking for work and. Printer and some ink and we added a bunch of clothing for a ladies good interviews. 10 meals at the Ronald McDonald House and gather supplies for them and then there was any mission trips at least in a part of and earnestness helped us along with that so we've done the Philippines and Ken bodie and the Dominican I'm just really impressed by all the things that you were doing Amber as well as what Spider controls is doing Curtis let me bring this question back to you as we get wind this down this afternoon how has this impacted your family I know you've been involved in a.s.i. for a number of years and you are our vice president for membership actually for a.s.i. national But how has this idea of using your business as a platform for ministry change the life and impacted your family. So through a.s.i. 7 or 8 years ago we attended our 1st day of science it's where we gained a lot of. Connections and opportunities to to just understand how a business can make a difference in the marketplace and in the world and so really it's shaped the way that our business functions and serves in terms of why we exist and what motivates us to continue being in business and not just being in business to be growing in profitable but also to be using those opportunities to serve whether it's in our local community involving our staff in that and really looking at different mission opportunities around the world and it's been just a joy not only for our family but as a staff and interior it's tighter controls Thank you Curtis what a blessing this members in action no one can say anything but praise the Lord and what good is has done is a biblical principle and writes me of a text in Romans 4 of a 17 God who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did exactly what happened to Abba is what the faith of Jesus is what Curtis that faith you put into that was inspired in him by the Lord and by the way praise the Lord our next members an action story tonight comes to us from the state of Kentucky. I'm a interest from it and I'm from Lexington Kentucky we have a small business that we make machines for the textile industry we make machines to put on buttons and snaps onto garments pants tarps. My father actually started in New York City with his father and mother. And they didn't have hardly anything but they worked really hard saved and started a little machine shop in their basement and my grandfather was very sharp mechanical. And he and my father was able to design small machines and get business that grew into larger accounts and business and eventually moved to Lexington. I think my parents placed a desire in our hearts my brother 9 we saw growing up dad's passion for sharing Christ dad took us when we were younger out sharing literature and we would go door to door and actually knock on the door and so I'd come to the door and he would offer a book and an offer for Bible study and there were times that they took him up on that offer and we would go back every week. Obviously as I grew older I realized as well that in the business they always took advantage of being able to talk to people or share a little book here or there when my father always started sending equipment out he said a lot of it he was in fact he would have opportunities to share books with the mechanics and with the owner so he's always seen that as just a way to. Pay it forward for God I mean God has basically in essence gave him or them the business the brains and everything I think through his example he showed us that whatever you can you want to give back to God you know we have on our music that's put on hold we have amazing grace and Christian music that's usually playing and I've picked up the phone before him the lady on the other and said you know what that was Amazing Grace I haven't heard that since I was a little girl my grandma used to take me to church and I've been to church I was little and it made me realize I need to get back to church just you know those are simple simple things we can do but they make an impact and with God's blessing we reach 3 people. We have placed this business into God's hands. And he brings people. And I feel like we have the opportunity and also the responsibility to let them know who Jesus is and what he has done for them in other words it's not so much important what I say but what they see in me that's important God of ragas where we are or he has helped us he has been of business the Elbagir of his. And so wherever we are we have the businesses here with what is again the way we look at our business. As we realize that God is the last whether it's to my grandfather father is in the ideas of the engineering the marketing meeting customers all that well because we're so smart. But it's God's blessing and so whether you have a you're a doctor or a lawyer are many bacteria or whatever you do I would say you know God gave you that God bless you with that and the least you can do is give back we have a sphere of influence that other people don't have we have relationships with our customers with our vendors that our pastor doesn't have and they Vangelis does not have and God asks us to take the tools right we we are not lay them down and go to church and work for him but right where we are to pick up our whatever we have in our hand and be able to Hughes that to share for him. What a powerful testimony you know the Smith family invites us to ask the question of ourselves what do we have in our hands that we can use for the Lord can we give our business our ministry our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ like they have shown and I promise you God will bless it's my privilege tonight to introduce Dr Neal in that Lee Our next speaker Dr Natalie is the president of we mark Institute he's a speaker an author a father and a lay of Vangelis. You will be impressed I invite you to listen well I know many people are struggling Dr negli has helped thousands out of the depression and anxiety and I know he has been given a word from the Lord that will speak to your heart this evening thanks for inviting me to speak on medical missionary work in the end time this is a crucial topic and it really gets to the core of why Christ has not come yet it's not because he's waiting for the next pandemic it's not because he's waiting for the next economic collapse there are reasons that have to do with God's people ourselves regarding why he has not come yet and I would like to propose that it's because his people including myself have not been following the model of what Christ did on this earth there are 3 things 3 main areas of what Christ did when he was here and Matthew $935.00 tells us Jesus went about all the cities and even the smaller places the villages he taught so education was part of it he preached the gospel of the kingdom was a major part of it and he healed this is the 3rd element much of Christianity has gotten the education part down they've gotten the Gospel part down but the healing part is something that we have viewed as maybe optional and should be put in a corner somewhere. But we need to realize that Christ actually spent more time doing healing then he did preaching he was healing every weakness the Bible says every infirmity and then he told his apostle 1st the 12 and then later the 70 to go and preach as they went around the towns and villages and the 1st thing he told them to do was to heal the sick cleanse the lepers and then he said Friedly you have received freely gifts that he didn't say those to the left of Peter and John are going to be involved in preaching and those to the right of Peter and John are going to be involved in healing he wanted all of his followers to be involved in both aspects after 863 when the health message was given to the inspired prophet the only pioneer that was a prophet she was actually shown in vision that Christ did not wish the medical missionary work to be separated from the gospel work or the gospel work separated from the medical missionary work these are to blend together the medical missionary work is actually regarded as the pioneer work if you want to be a pioneer for the Lord embrace medical missionary work learn more about it learn how to incorporate it more because this is the means of breaking down prejudice and as the right arm that's the strong arm it is to open doors for the gospel message in our churches today. I'm not sure we're quite ready to advance an exponentially taking our soul saving message to the entire world by missing this element much of our churches if they are doing healing it's not connected at all with the gospel or they are doing gospel work and not healing work and so in many ways their right arm is weathered in Christ is waiting for that to change the number one problem in all of the world is actually not Cove it the number one problem in all of the world is actually not problems with immigration or even climate change if you. Just watch the news you'll miss what the number one problem is the number one problem isn't even this battle between. Socialism and capitalism. And you know all of these things not that they're not important all of these things are important and there are truths that are critically important for us to understand in all of those areas but all of those areas sank into insignificance to what the most quoted researcher in all the world States is the number one problem. In that is lack of self-control Dr Bob Meister makes an eloquent case that this is by far the number one problem in all of the world and it does impact these other areas if we don't have self control in our life we're more likely to get coded and we're more likely to succumb to code with severe permanent damage or even death if we're not on a proper New Start program which can of course help us greatly in avoiding it as well as helping our immune system and when we take a look at heart disease the number one cause of death we know how to prevent this disease we know how it is even a lemonade it through diet and lifestyle why is it still number one lack of self-control 80 percent of cancers Harvard tells us are due to not putting into practice in our life the things that would be healthiest for us and then we have addictions at an all time high alcoholism going up sexual addictions technology addictions our young people over 80 percent actually fit the definition of addiction to technology they go on the technology to do something useful but they can't stop themselves from doing something that's not useful this is a problem and it doesn't adversely affect their performance their social life their mental health and we could go into so many other issues from rape to murder to all of the problems are not all the problems but most of the problems in the underlying world are due to lack of self control and this is why we really need both the health message both medical missionary work and the Gospel. Now I'd like to tell you a couple of stories these are just recent stories that happened that we are Institute we held a depression anxiety recovery program during cope it and that's an essential service mental health issues are actually exploding getting worse and are Cove it and one of the participants that came was an atheist she could not overcome alcoholism on her own in she had tried programs she had tried in fact 3 years earlier she had been day and she walked out saying this is not working and if you would leave God in a higher power out you'd be able to help a lot more people she was an atheist and did not like that aspect of things so how did she end up we are well she is a very successful business woman and had some clients very sharp lady and very attractive. And one of her clients told her if she really wanted success in this area she needed to go to Wiemar this client actually made the 1st call to the medley Health Solutions screener that does the screening for depression and anxiety Sarah and so wall she was with this lady the phone was then handed over to our recent participant and she went through the interview and of course during the interview she was told about the fact that this is a Christian based program she said at that point she was frustrated with her years of problem drinking. That she thought if it requires Christian principles and maybe there is something to this then I'm willing to do it but she looked at the statistics she looked at all the other programs that could be available for alcoholism and realizing that this would actually get behind the issues of alcoholism as well and why she was driving that way and mental health issues she decided to do it and also said that it was by far the cheapest program as you know hard to deal with alcoholism it requires 3 to 6 months in a treatment center often $45000.00 and even then it's not over a 50 percent chance of long term success and so she came here and we have course did the medical evaluation the mental health evaluation we actually found some things brain chemistry wise that were insightful for her to understand and then also the way we're thinking we teach them the 10 different ways of distorted thinking and towards the end of the program we teach them how the principles behind the 10 Commandments solve the 10 different ways of the started thinking one of the ways of distorted thinking is called called disqualifying the positive and it's something that even most Christians do and so I actually go through this section because I'm showing how science has shown us that the principles behind the 10 commandments if we keep them are going to help us become healthier and they'll have us live more vibrant lights so the 1st session I do is kind of a worse shot session on Friday evening I'm going over the 1st 4 commandments and we got to this commandment Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy and we read the commandments we asked them what is the principle behind this commandment. And the word that was chosen was wholly being set apart and then we went into the cognitive distortions what could be the cognitive distortion they couldn't quite figure out what the cognitive distortion would be that this commandment solves But we then went into the scientific analysis and the scientific analysis was studied not too long ago and a controlled study where we were looking at Sabbath keepers versus those who kept Sunday or did not keep any day and so there were 2 different control groups and I mentioned there's actually more Sabbath keepers in the nation and there are Sunday keepers there's more people go to church on Sunday but they don't keep the day holy and so the difficulty in the control group and then we we went through it this was actually a study that was done as a result of Dan Buettner asking the question could the Sabbath keeping experience of Adventists actually help them in addition to their diet and exercise and so in order to find this out of course we have to do a study design and we had also defined what Sabbath keeping was which was not shopping not reading secular magazines not watching or listening to news or sports programs not attending secular concerts or theatrical events not working and not engaging in commercial activities from Friday night till Sabbath night and in addition it was also looked at in regards to not only what they were not doing but what they were doing and then they put the groups together and started to do some statistical analysis they found out there was a significant co-relation between Sabbath keeping and what else. Mental health they went on to say greater Sabbath keeping was associated with more religious coping more religious support healthier diet more exercise which in turn were associated with better mental health and of course they were learning about how diet and exercise is so important in regards to mental health however pairwise comparisons show that both religious coping and religious support each had a significantly greater effect than what greater effect than diet or exercise on mental health we know those true are crucial in regards to mental health but there was something that was even more important in this study and that was Sabbath keeping. Now it did show that Sabbath keepers have bad things happen to them as well they lose their jobs they can be fired for unfair reasons they can have divorces due to a spouse that doesn't have self control they can have all sorts of bad things happen to them but when they are true Sabbath keepers they seem to be able to live above the fray it doesn't get them down it doesn't cause them to crash and start thinking of options that are the most terrible options imaginable in order to cope and so I mentioned if we're going to be teaching diet and exercise this is why we actually bring up the Sabbath because if Sabbath keeping has that much importance on mental health we want to teach them everything that can help their mental health and we also want to model it and we talk about how the next day we're actually going to even go to church. Avoidance of non Sabbath activities and the study performance of spiritual activities which is what we were doing then on that Friday night as well as what we would be doing the next day and going to church and performance of cume you know Sabbath activities were all independently associated with improve mental health but keeping the Sabbath out of social pressure duty or shame avoidance performance of secular activities on the Sabbath or electively thinking that helping people by working for them without pay on the Sabbath like painting their house these were all independently associated with an actual decrease in mental. And so it's not just the Sabbath keeping but also why we are doing it not just the social if it's very social pressure duty shame avoidance it didn't seem to help but when we were we were not doing those activities at the commandment for beds and actually performing activities that draws closer to God and closer to other believers and understanding more of his principles it was a great determinant in regards to positive mental health and what did Jesus himself say about the Sabbath when he was here he said the Sabbath was made for man we often don't think about it but the Sabbath is a health principle it's something the Lord gave us to enhance our health and if we are doing that we're actually more likely to incorporate the other new start principles in her life so when people know about the Sabbath but they don't keep it what's the issue it's actually a cognitive distortion it's a distortion called disqualifying the positive because they're thinking that if I do what I want to do on the Sabbath I'm going to be happier I don't want to follow this set of not doing things and God wants me to be happy so let you know I'm sure Eve doesn't mind if I just do what I want to do but God is saying trust me I meet you I designed you I know what's best for you and those who actually taste and see and keep the Sabbath commandment live happier lives mentally more healthy lives and so many people of wondered why is it that the prophet told us that the 3rd angel's message was the health message in verity. The 3rd angel's message has to do with this final conflict is it going to be God in His inspired writings that are over arching God a principle in life in other words the 1st commandment as I shall have no other gods before me is that Are we really going to keep the 1st Commandment and have our priorities straight or are we going to incorporate not just the Bible but the Bible and tradition Well I didn't mention about the Bible and tradition in that talk we had Sunday. Keepers there were all of the Sunday worshippers I don't know if they were Sunday keepers I don't think they were Sunday keepers we had people from all different walks of life we had the atheists there and interestingly after that message. She of course raised her hand in front of everybody and said you know I'm reading this Commandment it says the 7th day why is it that many Christians most of them worship the 1st day how did that start so that's when I went into the Council of Trent where the decision was made is it going to be the Bible in the Bible only or a Bible and tradition as far as our role of faith and practice and the Council of Trent decided since even the Protestants who are saying the Bible in the Bible only were worshipping on a day that did not have to do with the Bible that they were actually also doing the Bible in tradition. And so. And of course I did mention before that that we love Christians of all types no matter what their beliefs no matter what day they worship we want us all to embrace the principles of abundant living that Christ has given us and then I went into that simple explanation but the next morning she would let it go on the hike at 6 am where she and a lot of the other participants were hiking on their own she kept talking about if we're going to follow the only portion of Scripture that God wrote himself why wouldn't we keep the Sabbath that morning she made a commitment that she was going to follow God in all aspects of her life and she said she just felt the presence of God Here was a previous atheist now making commitments to go all the way to put it all on the altar of sacrifice and let God into her life do you think she's going to be successful in the long term resolve you that she death of there will be temptations to go the other direction there will be issues that will be trying to tempt her in regards to the reentry aspects of life but do you see why. That medical missionary work is so important for reaching people this is someone that would have never gone to an evangelistic series this is someone who would have never gone to. A traditional way of hearing the Gospel but because of the health needs what a difference was made in our life and our heart and mind was completely open she actually asked that afternoon to get baptized into Christ. Church and our pastor She's so new to everything but he said that she is one of the sharpest individuals ever that she study the Bible with he assigned her because he does counseling 3 different counseling sessions for each of our participants because there's many spiritual issues she wanted to know some of those apologetic questions at 1st but then she was very interested in reading everything that he assigned her and she was very discerning and she seemed to understand the meaning of all of that and so we know that soon she will be entering the watery graves of baptism once she fully understands. What she's about ready to do and make that full commitment. But on the other hand the Sunday keeper or the Sunday worship or who was there who is very much an evangelical. Christian more of the Pentecostal aspect of things she was also equally blown away by the medical missionary program she wanted her husband who was a physician to come at the end of the program and see what was happening in fact that physician is now wanting to rotate with me in the next program he was so excited to hear and see things and he also was blown away by the beautiful music here Waymark part of improving the mental health was him singing and those participants started to participate in that aspect because it helps the the all aspects of the brain when we're doing that and singing hymns that are uplifting and he especially after our pianist to play a special number at the end of the graduation as we all sat and in our hearts were uplifted to God And so yes the medical missionary work and the Gospel combine are powerful influences and if we accept the principle of each of those commandments We'll have all sorts of power to be able to resist the common ways of distorted thinking we're told if the Saul is to be purified in a noble and made fit for the heavenly courts. There are 2 lessons to be learned in every one what are those 2 lessons self-sacrifice and self-control we have so many health problems in this world due to lack of self control and we have so much lack of God's love in our life and that's why we're not willing to self-sacrifice but it turns out if we're willing to put our all on the altar as this woman did if we are willing to accept God's self sacrificing love in our life that will give us the power of self-control if we don't have self-control that means there's a corner of selfishness somewhere we haven't put all on the altar of sacrifice and that's why Christ healing message medical missionary work when it's done the cordons with His will will in circle this globe quickly if we just reach one soul every week and that soul reaches another soul every week within 3 years over 8000000000 people will be reached and Christ will indeed come I want to encourage each one of you to go for physical mental emotional and spiritual health to be comprehensive and lifelong and that demands the Gospel to be complete Ellen White predicted we shall see the medical missionary work broadening and deepening at every point of its progress because of the inflowing of hundreds and thousands of streams until the whole earth is covered as the water covered the Sea This is why Christ is not come we're not to this point look at what she says is going to happen and this is why we Marg's if this is why a.s.i. exists. We Marxists to train people to fully embrace all 3 of Christ's ministry methods and use his methods to bring about the loud cry that will circle the globe and the 3 angels message is intimately connected with it as well and White says the 3rd angel's message is the health message in verity May God bless you. Live. The Sun. Love. Love. Love love Syria a. Good. Old. Move the told. A leaf. Mold you. Lisa. Close. To 0. 0. 00. 0. Her. Close. It. Closely. The. Elite. Beautiful music and a wonderful presentation by Dr Neal Natalie I'm just thinking this afternoon how amazing it is that we have this wonderful Council that we have this wonderful idea that we're to engage in the work that Christ engaged in follow the methods that Christ followed and do the work that he did this amazing opportunity for us as human beings actually called to do the kind of work that our Savior did and you're here with us I mean Lindy. The twins are here but only one of them is there. Lindy you're as if position right so how do you think this medical missionary work idea you know I've been impressed that the ministry of Jesus Christ was not just preaching it was healing and it was primarily healing and I believe that Dr Natalie is spot on and I support what he said right now we're going to go to a members an action story about Wiemar Institute Hi I'm Dr Randy Givens and I'd like to welcome you to ask my members in action I'm the chief operating officer here we are as a 242 years ago we had our 1st lifestyle program in a building this just rival side me and as a result of that one of our guest coined the term new start all of you may know new star is actually a trademark product of Wiemar Institute for all that period of time people have asked Oh you have a shorter version we now have an 80 day program and it takes a long time and there's always been a demand to have a shorter version the coded virus pandemic has actually forced us to do what we probably should have been doing a long time ago and that is produce a short online program that's available and we have a short promotional video I'd like to show you now. Life is like a race. Sometimes it seems like you're carrying more weight than anyone else on the track. Your daily responsibilities work family. You keep it all together for a while. But then it just becomes too much. The race. Well. It seems endless. But then you find yourself falling. Apart so you find ways to cope so you think sometimes it just seems like it's easier to stay down than the get back up again. Whatever has knocked you down. Your health habits feelings of hopelessness. We understand. The good news is your current circumstances don't have to define the rest of your life. We here at new start online want to give you the tools to help you get back up and get going again to take one step and then another and another. Until the for you know it you're on your way toward your personal best. Because we believe the race is not really about being number one. It's about what's number one in your life. So contact us for how you can get back on track and run your race better than ever before. Because it's never too late to make a new stuff. Now. So as you can see for this program it's engaging it's like a mini version of being here on campus we have 32 hours of content we actually have a lot of cooking recipes we have videos of cooking and we think that this is going to be a tremendous product especially when people are still sheltering in place they may still be at home they could actually watch this in addition for the people who might be thinking about coming to an 18 day program we're saying listen we're Why don't you go sign up for this program watch all of its content it's 8 sessions Wong 32 hours of content and at the end of that you would have a much better idea of what our residential program looks like and then if you decide to come to our residential program we'll take all the money that you spent and we can actually then just give it back and put it toward that goal program what does this have to do with members in action and a.s.i. Well that's a really good question it turns out in the last year and a half if you take the new star guest and the depression recovering anxiety guests come here for residential programs we've had over 100 baptisms what's amazing about this is those people have paid us to allow us to evangelize them just I can't think of a better evangelistic tool than to go through a new start online program to get a really good idea in fact Pastor McIntosh does all of the spiritual applications as a different sessions I can't think about a better evangelistic tool than to use medical evangelism and we more Institute to help achieve your goal and we're thankful that you're you're joining us and we're happy to be a time members and we've been the recipients of many a.s.i. gifts and we can thank all of a.s.i. family for all that you've done for us. Jesus Christ came that we may have life and have it more abundantly and what a better way to to appreciate that than to put to support in the principles of new start I want to thank Randy Bivins and the and the people that knew stuff from having this wonderful program I know many people have been there and they've benefited and their lives are transformed by the health principals talk there we are about to have another members in action and this one will be done by 2 of our a.s.i. members Steve Dyckman a.s.i. president will be interviewing Rodney both who is the v.p. for evangelism and this is a very wonderful and inspirational. Interview And so Steve and Rodney This is your time we have here this afternoon an opportunity Rodney to share a little bit about the story of an organization that both of us love is called a light Well I g h t What is light Tell us a little bit about light and how that kind of pulls together light is a supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church that is passionate about helping every member of the church take hold of medical missionary work or health evangelism So what does a light stand for light is the lady Institute for Global Health training Ok what is the mission of light how does how does light present itself to the what it was trying to do for the world our goal is to show the ministry of Jesus Christ in practical ways. Ok so you're showing the ministry of Jesus Christ we just had this lecture talking about the ministry of Jesus Christ we we heard from Dr Ned Lee about the methods of Christ the ministry of Christ so what does what does that look like when you put it in practical terms for a training well light specialty is training we have developed a curriculum it's about 120 hours and we do it all around the world it's mainly done in churches and we have classes on health and spiritual subjects so you have these class on health and spiritual subjects and you're training people and you have this desire to activate every 7th day adventist as a missionary and spreading these principles to others so who comes to your classes we have a wide variety because our goal is for every member to take hold of medical missionary work so we have doctors who come we have special tracks for those in the health professions and then we also have a large number of people that I guess you could say the lay person those who don't have a medical training so what does a doctor learn when he comes to your program the biggest thing that many physicians and nurses have really gained is the evangelistic side of things many people practice medicine but they don't have the evangelism part they have the medical but not the missionary So they really appreciate seeing practical ways to bridge the gap between the 2. Ok so let's talk a little bit about then what does the you know the person from the Pew not a physician but person from the Pew How does that program look for them that's really fun audience to work with I've done several trainings myself and we've had people from the housewife to the mechanic to the farmer to everyone in between and it's been really fun to see people learning how to cook learning the benefits of exercise learning hydrotherapy we have a whole session on in time prophecy it's a blending of the Gospel and the health work together so as people begin to learn these principles what changes are they making in their lives people are kind of going through a new start program and they're seeing that their own health is improving and many people get really excited about starting community health clubs doing community health Expos doing the lectures in their church is reviving the health message that God has given to the church so run a what area of the world is your focus you work with a light organization and we've talked a little bit about light now and I know they've kind of divided up and they have. What you call it divisional division and directors Yes for different parts of the world what your focus area so I have Africa that's the continent of Africa a pretty big focus it's part of it and then India and Asia. So let me understand this about half of the world is is your focus for encouraging people to do this kind of trend what's so exciting is that the way we've organized it is that we have regional directors who work on the ground not traveling every weekend out of the air just a few so I imagine this this virus idea of the pandemic we're currently experiencing is kind of slowed things down a little while how are you delivering this training to church members now so for the majority of places around the world the trainings have stopped but in Nigeria we have a training going on where they're practicing social distancing all the students are 6 feet apart and it's going on with 30 students but the majority of people right now are learning online we have an online course Ok so they actually someone can go to the online course they can get this material they can get the training right there on line and finish finish the course right there on line right just go to lighting the world dot org And you can sign up today so I'm just wondering is we're kind of finishing up here Rodney you've you've worked the world with this tell me a little story about somebody's life who's been impacted by going through this training and just because we're to watch a video in a minute but I want to get an introduction to this how does this actually change people's focus well I will use this as a segue for the video because Joshua is the person I want to focus on Joshua came from India he learned about medical missionary or came to Wildwood took our course at Wildwood and he got a vision to change his entire country and so now that's what we're going to be looking at we're going to see what the course did to Joshua. In 2000 Levon your study was conducted for every 10000 people in India there are only 20 health workers that includes physicians nurses and therapist it's a big problem in India. How to prove an age of going in attending wild. And I did my 6 month program and advanced course there which was really transform and touch my life and I could see how powerful this medical missionary work could be used Rito daughter people and touching their life and changing their life and I see people coming with so much of suffering in the lives of their life have been transformed in a short time over 10 days or don't do in days and when they go back I could see such an impact and I wanted to have the same thing happening right here in India that is so much of suffering in disease people are actually dying with a sickness which they could easily prevent or Usually they can do this and it's not because the resources are lacking but because the basic knowledge is not there for them so one of our dreams as we work with life and health coaching in India is that more of this basic health care knowledge of how to take care of our bodies what foods to eat simple remedies of hydrotherapy an aside for the people who work all day and night and have tired bodies all these things that we have grown up with and we are exposed to can also be shared with them to the training of light material that way they can also live healthier lives and they will also have true and proven method that God has given us to have more whole and fulfilling lives that are free from the suffering and disease that the people here face. The train and the 2 people to become medical missionaries we have them go and establish their own center and. All the other ministries us will. Schools or Institute. Of interest to ration health care been coaching is to branch out to every state of India Newport. To make health care accessible to everyone that is in need of help. The one claims to be personally connected with our coaches that we can you will be impact their life not just on physical level even in the spiritual but also the mental aspect of. This the enormous field that needs to be reached. No one knew we could reach is crazed along the Savior mingled with men as one good he showed his sympathy for them ministered to their needs and won their confidence then he bid them follow me and that is exactly what we want to do with the help of trainees and I was sent this. I'm wondering today listening friend and maybe you're watching on 3 a.b.n. Maybe you're listening on some other device but if you're watching this story I want to ask you a question what difference can one person make when you look at what's happening in the country of India with the training that one individual received and went home with a burden to change his country it's amazing Linda you've been here with me observing this program participating in this program and we have some more special music and another speaker elder Doug Batchelor's going to speak for us here in a few minutes but I'm wondering as we're listening today and I want to ask our listeners to think about this is as they are listening as well what are you learning what is your takeaway today because this is more than just listening this is an active thing that we're doing here we're here to inspire people to do something besides what they are doing. Maybe you're listening from your home today and you're thinking I really don't know what I can do I want you to think back about what you've seen so far and I want you to listen to the rest of this program because at the end of today's program I'm going to ask these ladies here that are joining me as co-host. Joy I'm going to ask a question and I want to say what did you learn today will be what did you learn from these presentations of this like the open book quiz you can get ready for this now so what did you learn and what commitment are you going to make going forward good to listeners I want you to ask the same question to yourself what have you learned today and what commitment are you going to make going forward to Doug Batchelor will speak for us immediately following the wonderful music that we're going to hear by Jennifer Love mountain she's going to sing for us tonight you thought of us. During. The. Earth's drool on. The front to flare if you see the sun loved. The way you see she. Could Just by. Night. Glowing. With what was it. Was a little. Love. To 200. Or your early or one could. Hear her. But. This was. The. Chance. We. Each. Day. To leave. A layer. Is. Reached against the sky it's. Not when you. See. Just serve the. Least little. Blame you. Hi Friends welcome to this special series of presentations that are for the a.s.i. members and the reason this all came together is because just before this global pandemic took everyone's life and turned it into a yard sale there are a lot of regional meetings that were scheduled across the country to bring together and to inspire the a.s.i. members and others to get involved in soul winning Well of course all of that needed to be postponed and so we want to thank you scion for 3 a.b.n. working together to make these programs available now through broadcast satellite online so that people can still get the encouragement as we look forward to the time when we can come together nationally during our convention you know if you're in t.v. broadcasting something everybody understands is the phrase prime time and that's what I'd like to talk about right now is primetime primetime according to a definition is a regularly occurring time at which a television or radio audience is expected to be the greatest or the most receptive you know amazing facts as a few programs that broadcast during the graveyard shift but most of the time we shoot for primetime hours where we can have maximum input and what I'd like to share with you right now is I believe the God's people in the church is living during a prime time opportunity especially in the backdrop of this incredible upheaval in our world that's been caused by the pandemic. You know one of the greatest lost opportunities in history was back in 1274 when the brothers Niccolo and Maffeo polo. They were in China it was the great Mongol empire and they met the great cool Ican who is the son of Gingras Khan and in that meeting he was impressed with their religion of Christianity and their beliefs so when they were done with their trading there in this vast empire the kings said go back to your great high priest the pope and have him send 100 of his priests to come to our country and teach us about Jesus and Christianity. Well Nicolo in the tail they went battaile is the way we would see him a fail they went through this very difficult long journey from China came back to Venice and then will ultimately went to Rome and pled with the pope they said this is vast empire much bigger than Europe and they're pleading for a knowledge of the truth send $100.00 priests and the whole country will turn to Jesus Well they were so involved with internal battles fighting between 2 popes about who the real pope was and other wars that were going on in Europe they basically dismissed them but they persisted said you've got to send some priests in some priest this is the greatest opportunity for avenge lism in history finally they said Ok we'll send you 2 monks and these 2 friars these 2 monks went with the polo brothers along with Marco back towards the Mongol Empire and they got discouraged along the way when they entered some war torn country and by how hard the journey was they turned back one of them died on his way home no Precentor came and the whole history of the world would have been transformed if they had taken that invitation seriously you know I can read the Bible about a similar story where there is this incredible last primetime opportunity you read about it in Isaiah Chapter 39 good King has a guy I was he was terminally ill the prophet Isaiah had come to him and said Set your house in order fix up your will you're going to die well Hezekiah didn't want to die and he turned his face of the wall and he wept and he cried and prayed and and God heard his prayer and he sent Isaiah the prophet back and said I've heard your prayer I've seen your tears I'm going to add your life 15 years and as a result of that dot also gave him a sign the sun went backwards. 15 degrees and time was basically when in reverse and I won't go into what that miracle may have involved but there were some very observant astronomers in the Babylonian in Pyar and the Babylonian Empire was well you know where some of the great minds and they had understood math there and they had been involved in great building projects and there was a great deal of sophistication ingenious in that empire and they saw what happened and they inquired and to find out what was the cause for this miracle as they well it was a god Jehovah of the Jews that did this wonder because of their king he was sick and he prayed in God healed him and gave him a sign so they sent some ambassadors with the gifts and they came to Hezekiah with a message from their king and that's where our story takes up Isaiah 39 at that time Merrill back ballad Dan the son of ballad in King of Babel and sent letters in a present to Hezekiah Priya heard that he had been sick and had recovered now they sent His messengers these emissaries to find out about the God that had the power to make the sun go backwards. But Hezekiah miss this great opportunity and instead of pointing them to God like when the Queen of Sheba came to Solomon he pointed to Jehovah but instead Hezekiah took little glory to himself and he misses opportunity to listen to what happened here Hezekiah was pleased with them he was impressed if I Well that's from a great empire from Babylon they've come to visit me I'll see if I can impress them equally and it says he showed them the house of his treasures the silver in the gold in the spices in the precious moment and all his armory all that was found among his treasures there was nothing in his house or all of his dominion that Hezekiah did not show them except the he did not show them his god how tragic men Isaiah the prophet went to his a Keihin said what did these men say and where did they come to you from his guys said they've come to me from a far country they came to me from Babel and he said one of these seen in your house has a guy and Sir well they seen all that's in my house there's nothing among my treasures I've not shown them that Isaiah said to Hezekiah hear the word of the Lord behold the days are coming when all that is in your house that your fathers have accumulated to this day shall be carried to Babylon nothing will be left says the Lord and they'll take away some of your sons who will descend from you that you will be get and they will be eunuchs in the palace of the king of Babylon that literally was fulfilled with Daniel Hannan I Michel and Azariah you see it's sort of a law of life that if you have a treasure other people are going to want your treasure. And Jesus said our treasure should be stored in Heaven God should be our treasure and if we treasure our treasure people are going to say what is it that's making them so happy what is it that's making them prosperous they're going to want to treasure Hopefully your treasure is God and people are going to want to know about your god because it gives you joy it's what you value well Hezekiah valued his earthly treasure he had taken his eyes off the one who had just done this incredible miracle for him and he was focusing now on his earthly treasure and they wanted his treasure years later Babylon came back they were interested in the God of Israel they're one of the treasure of Israel and they took all their earthly treasure and carried it off you know if Hezekiah had recognized this opportunity for sharing his faith instead of the Babylonians conquering Israel Israel would have conquered Babylon with their god terrible missed opportunity right now friends we are living in a prime opportunity for sharing our faith in the world around us is asking what is going on the whole world has been turned upside down because of this pandemic it's been affected socially and medically and economically in every way you could probably devise and people's hearts are open you know they say that people are especially open to the Gospel during some key times in their life usually it's times of great transition or change one would be a birth. A death a marriage a divorce a move a crisis a sickness the loss of a job and I've thrown in a global pandemic which actually can lead to some of these other things right now the world is very sensitive to spiritual things I've got friends and neighbors that are not believers and they started asking me questions I've got some family that have started asking me questions about my faith I know people that were once walking with the Lord that drifted away and out of the blue I got a phone call and they said Pastor Doug what in the world is going on what does this mean is this a fulfillment of prophecy and what a tragedy if we should miss this opportunity to be telling them about yes Jesus is coming soon now I realize that people in the world they're going to scoff and there's even some in the church that are going to scoff the idea that this pandemic might be a sign that we've entered a new chapter and I know there's going to be plagues through history I expect we're going to come out of this other side of this but nothing's going to be exactly the same it seems like ever every time there's a major crisis like $911.00 we lose certain freedoms which all leads toward the Ultimates oppression that happens with the beast power in the end 2nd Peter chapter 3 verse one beloved I now write to you this 2nd a pistol in what both which I stir up your pure minds by way of reminder that you should be mindful of the words that were spoken of by the holy prophets that's in the Old Testament of the commandment of us the Apostles That's the New Testament and the Lord and Savior Jesus God himself knowing this 1st that scoffers will come in the last days the prophets all the new testament of said in the last days there's going to be people in the world and in the church there going to scoff at those and say Jesus is coming soon how sad. If admin a should come to the place where we're not excited about the imminent advent of Jesus there is a mobilizing inspiring truth the Bible calls it the blessid hope that we're to look forward to with Joy He's a scholar is going to come walking after their own lusts There are focused on their earthly pleasures saying where is the promise of His coming for since a father's fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation Well friends don't be thinking that Jesus has forgotten to return and that he's late I'd like to submit to you the Bible tells us Christ for told there would be the appearance of a delay prior to his coming when he gives the signs of the 2nd coming that you read about there in Matthew chapter 24 he concludes by saying if that evil servant says in his heart my Lord De Lay's is coming he warns do not think this is taking longer than we thought maybe the Lord is the later maybe he's forgotten or maybe we've got a long time we'll get comfortable down here will lead drink and be merry Jesus said if that servant begins to drink with a drunken and smite his fellow servants the master of that servant will come in a day that is not looking for him in and day that he's not aware of but the good servant if he is giving his fellow servants their meat in due season this is the meat we should be studying and sharing with others that servants going to be rewarded then right after that you go into Matthew chapter 25 Jesus tells a parable of the 10 virgins in that story it says that all 10 he got 5 wise 5 foolish 100 percent of them were sleeping just before the cry announces the bridegroom is coming but you notice what it says while the bridegroom was a deal 18 there seems to be the Lord is probably a sign the appearance of a delay. You remember there was a time of testing that happened for the children of Israel Moses went up the mountain to commune with God He said I'm coming back he didn't say exactly when like Jesus that I'm coming back he did not give us a day in the hour and they got tired of waiting and they said you know Moses was all tall mountain we can't go up the mountain maybe he had an accident we need to pick another leader maybe pick another god and during that time of delay when Moses was a delayed the Bible says they were being tested and many of them failed the test with the golden calf could be the God's people are in this time of testing right now do not be discouraged friends it's like the book havoc it tells us though the vision the lay though it tarry wait for it it will not there lay it will surely come the Lord is trying to warn us to do not think that I forgot you need to hang on and continue to believe Jesus is coming soon I do think that there are signs that God has given us no man knows the day of the hour I don't think you can predict the year but there are signs and especially as 7th Day Adventists Christians I think we all recognize what some of the signs are that the stock market gyrating up and down so that it's giving people virtual whiplash you have. A chorus of voices around the world. That seem to be calling for some kind of Sunday legislation or Sabbath legislation let me just review that all to get our attention right let me read you something here of course the pope in his in cyclical called the datto say in 2015 he said on Sunday our participation in the Eucharist has a special importance Sunday like the Jewish Sabbath is meant to be a day which heals our relationships with God with ourselves with others and with the world this is an encyclical that says we need to worry about the environment climate change global warming and maybe the world needs a Sabbath so he can let that out of the bag back there in 2015 now since the pandemic people around the world can't help but notice air pollution has dropped dramatically c o 2 emissions have dropped the people in India amazing facts has some missionaries in India they said the streets are quiet you can hear the birds singing there's no honking people in India are seeing the him away as they've lived their whole lives where they could see the Himalayas but the air has never been clear enough and so for the 1st time in 30 years people are saying what's that oh that's the Himalayan mountains. Because the water is clean they said in Venice they didn't know there was fish in the water they can look down the water so clean they can see the fish so these people are noticing these improvements listen to what the response is you can read them here's Michael Brown writing in the Christian Post the shutdown we need perhaps a Sabbath and a weekly divine rest as inconvenient as this period of in for shutdown has been it's also been a time of reflection a time of growth a time of deepening some are even referring to the shutdown as a time of divine reset and it's changing their lives for the better what if God intended for us to have a divine reset every week what if that was one of the very purposes of the Sabbath chorus this pastor is talking about Sunday the pope is saying that his global shutdown the environment is revolting from it all he says a pandemic could be nature's response to climate change earth is punishing us a separate note on Earth Day The pope said Nature will not forgive our trespasses it we're going to be in big trouble if we don't give nature a break so don't be surprised if you don't start hearing not just the benefits in the family for an enforced weekly day of rest but the environment as well. Here's one from a radical environmental proposal a day of rest this is the Baptist message magazine. Last week as environmentalists around the world celebrated Earth Day I was intrigued by the potential of a biblical solution to the problem of air pollution a day of rest the concept of of day of rest is nothing new to people of faith we're familiar with God 6 days of creation is forming the heavens and the earth and fashioning all the creatures of the air the land the sea as well molding manager his own image Likewise we know our heavenly father established the 7th day of the time of rest could something as simple as observing one day of rest every 6 days work a difference in our errands The coming from a pastor in our air quality reduce the dire ecological impacts from pollution that many scientists predicting is saying this 40 day pandemic resting What if we had 52 days a year spread out though once a week he goes on to say chick fil a has done quite well by closing on Sundays generating more sales per store in 6 days than it's 3 closest competitors combined achieve in 7 you know there'd be benefit now I frankly think these are some great arguments for Sabbath keeping but you watch and wait what date is going to be suggested Here's another one from February 26th 2020 this year earth needs a green Sabbath day every week we should take a day of rest we should not shop or drive commerce transportation and construction if it would pause everyone would risk the word entire day. Scientists have begun to recognize behind the technological Sabbath when cities in Israel shut down for the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur nitrogen oxide pollution plummets that's one day the difference one day of rest can make scientists have determined that a day of rest would reduce the carbon emissions dramatically I'm just quoting a few highlights excerpts from a whole kaleidoscope of articles people have been sending me and that I found that are coming up around the world from Christians Protestants Catholics Jews atheists environmentalist people from all over the world are saying hey maybe it hasn't been so bad for us to take one day a week for our families rest the companies rest the workers rest the environment Filipino priest Michael Valens whale a said so maybe one way to look at this current crisis does the see the planet's desperate demand for a Sabbath sation from unbridled consumerism and the parasitic activity that work becomes in the pursuit of profit when it becomes our primary goal climate lab or climate colab it's an mit collective intelligence one the emission free day per week can make a profound impact on changing the climate and study done by green Sabbath. The Boston Post Joseph Tortelli April 2020 let's give serious thought to reinstating at least some of the time honored Sunday closure laws. Sort of one day per week modified stay at home request such action would rededicate our society to a regular day of rest family meals civic associations religious observance by rededicating each Sunday as a common day of rest we could say that life in America is much more than never pausing commerce an ever grinding bureaucracy. This is just a few samples this is an opportunity for people to wake up to recognize that Jesus is coming soon not only that but you can also see and I think you should just as sort of a side note remember the pope had scheduled May 14 as a day when he was inviting leaders of the world both educational and otherwise to come together and effect I think I've got that reference here yeah pope summons world leaders a Global Compact on education is an initiative promoted by the Vatican and Pope Francis who's invited leaders of the world religions international and humanitarian organizations as well as representatives of all branches of civil society to commit to shape the future of humanity by forming mature individuals who can overcome division and care for the planet you know it's seems like. We keep hearing that echo well that date because of the pandemic has now been moved to October 11th through 18 they're going on with his global compact to reeducate the world on how we can save the planet you know friends I I just see signs all around us and there's some positive signs that should be exciting you know Jesus says in Matthew 24 verse 14. The gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world for a witness to all nations then the end shall come and right now through the Internet you know we're just praising the Lord I'm sure that a lot of the media ministries are experiencing the same thing we are here at amazing facts where we're just seeing exponential growth of interest 50 percent growth in the bible school people wanting to study the word in a lot of the online training in the the You Tubes in the websites and the studies that are going out people are suddenly taken a great interest and the Gospel is going through satellite television radio publishing the internet not to mention the live missionaries we're seeing the Gospel going to all corners of the earth there is scarcely a place on the planet we've had e-mails from in our ticket stations in Antarctica this scarcely a place on the planet that is not hearing it now doesn't mean everyone's going to believe Jesus that it will go as a witness to all nations then the end will come I think we're living in a generation that can see the fulfillment of this prophecy but if this does not excite us what is it going to take if this is not prime time for preaching the gospel what is it going to take and I'm afraid friends if we wait too long we may be losing our best opportunity Jesus said we've got to work while it is day right now I know that some things are restricted but the some of those restrictions on Church and public of vandalism they're going to be lifted but some day there's going to be restrictions that are going to make it very difficult Christ said John 9 verse 4 I must work the works of Him who sent me while it is day the night is coming when no one can work. John 1235 Then Jesus said to them a little while longer and the light is with you walk why you have the light lift darkness overtake you he who walks in darkness does not know where he's going friends now is when we've got to get the message out and let people know Jesus is coming and then you know this some great quotes in the spirit of prophecy we have no time to lose is the book of vandalism page 30 we have no time to lose the end is near the passage from place to place to spread the truth will soon be headed with dangers on the right hand and the left everything will be placed to obstruct the way of the Lord's messengers so they'll not be able to do that which it is possible for them to do now. Again page 31 book of Angelus I'm the work which the church has failed to do in times of peace and prosperity she will have to do in a terrible crisis under a most discouraging forbidden circumstances a little further down the page the days in which we live are solemn and important the Spirit of God is gradually but surely being withdrawn from the earth plagues and pandemics judgments are already falling upon the despisers of the grace of God the calamities by land and sea the unsettled state a society they forecast approaching events of the greatest magnitude you know now we have an opportunity to spread the gospel and as they begin to ease these restrictions I would say friends do all you can to share the gospel even now the so much we can do to strengthen our own faith the whole purpose of the gospel is that we come to Christ and then we go for Christ surrender fully to Jesus during these precious hours of of opportunity the doors of probation are still open for God's people but they will not always be if there's anything in your life that is not right with the Lord what are you waiting for you know I think the Lord is giving us warning how quickly the world can change how quickly we can lose our freedoms and even be imprisoned in our own homes and I think this is just a foretaste the way God's people up then don't miss that cry Behold the Bridegroom comes and take advantage of that opportunity to lead other people into the wedding feast you know I remember. Hearing a story when not years ago I remember reading this when I was a kid that in North Dakota in the middle of winter a school bus taking children home got caught in a terrible blizzard and it was white out conditions the driver kind of slid off the road into a snowbank and the bus was stuck. Well he realized that probably everyone else was smart enough to get off the road and and he probably ought to go it served for some help so he told the boy named Tony who was like 12 or 13 years old he says you're in charge it was an elementary school he said you're in charge he said watch of the other kids I will leave the engine running and I'm going to go see if I get some help get us towed out bus driver when tromping all through the snow and he disappeared not long after he left something happened and the engine stopped and Tony tried is he could be flooded or something but he couldn't get the engine to start again so the heater stopped and immediately the temperature in that school bus began to plunge to super subzero and the kids were developing ice on their breath and it was extremely cold and they some of them started falling asleep and they were freezing to death Tony realized what was happening and he went from one young student to another and he shook them and he made him get up he made the move around you talk to me said we need to sing when they fall asleep sometimes even slug him and he'd shake and say you got to get up you've got to keep moving and he continued to move the kids and wrestle the kids until pretty soon the driver came with a plough truck and and they were all rescued Tony was later hailed as a hero and he said I'm not a hero said if the truth be known. All the work I had to do to keep the others awake I was keeping myself warm in the process friends the more we do now in sharing our faith with others don't wait until you feel like you're perfect before you share your faith say Lord how can you use me now I mean all of us we can pray for God's work we can invest in God's work but there's more we can do we could be learning how to give Bible studies to others you can take the online Africa program and study so you know ways to share your faith and to do missionary work but we won't always have these opportunities Romans Chapter 13 versa Levon and do this the apostle says knowing the time that now it is high time to awake out of our sleep for now our salvation is nearer than we 1st believed the night is far spent the day is at hand therefore let us cast off the works of the darkness that's the worldliness let us put on the armor of light. Again Paul says in a few genes 5 or 16 seen then that you walk circumspectly not as fools but as wise redeeming the time you know that means making the most of the opportunity of the time because the days are evil We've got a short time left friends now is the time for us to get the message out and share the good news with our friends we need to be excited about the truth that Jesus is coming again I know it may seem like he delayed but I think we're going to find out the Lord is right on schedule that Angel is going to declare soon time will be no more you know what it says really soon the late be no longer Jesus said I will come again he's going to come again he wants you to live eternally but we need to be fully surrendered to him to come to him and then go for him and that's our prayer for you at your to mazing fact let's pray for each other the other ministries want to thank you for this opportunity to share look forward to seeing all the different ministries at the national convention let me close by prayed for you Father in heaven we just want to thank you Lord for this opportunity that we have now in these precious hours the share the gospel with the world and we pray Lord that will help recognize the different windows that you give us the share our faith whether it's with our neighbors around us in our family where we work online to be speaking up for you we know are living in just very challenging times and I pray that we can all be found faithful Lord we thank you for your goodness and we just pray for the baptism of your spirit in our lives and on the church in Jesus name Amen. He'd do the say you would say. By stirring in devious. Child of. Us who watch. Finding the hole and. She'd just paid a lot old sue him. See. Cattle Let's talk ribbons and stain feel. Good by He'd have. Told now knowing. God come and done I am told. Can cheat smile a little worse was bad man of this all those told. Since the being good have. Bought a grace beauty come a. Whole was. Like garments ha and here was a plan and feet. Paid. Did. You say. Thank you for that wonderful music just really Jesus paid it all that kind of brings the summary to our story tonight thank you very much Pastor Batchelor for that challenge and we've been talking here this evening and you've been listening and watching and I gave a quiz to my co-host here Lindy What is your takeaway Well I have 3 takeaways Steve and the 1st one I got from the testimony the m.i.a. the best members in action that could has presented it demonstrated a significant part of the food in Joe's message which is the faith of Jesus and when we appreciate what Christ did for us on the cross we see and treat people the way he would secondly the 3rd enjoys message it is a unique powerful message of quality in an n. time setting and then when that's linked with the right it is powerful enough to bring on the latter rain and the 2nd coming and we need to muscle cells deeply in understanding this message for goodly from the new stuck. Members in action taking care of all health is a witness to all who observe us and look at this joy. So my 3 points were that you have a sphere of influence I have a sphere of influence the Schmidt's in Ohio they have a sphere of influence it may be like Joshua taking on a whole nation of India this global family of faith we all have people we can impact Secondly this is prime time for you to share the love of Jesus and his health plan for abundant life with the world Don't miss this prime time opportunity 3rd by fixing our mind on Jesus just like we spoke about in the song The very 1st song we can ask Jesus to give us the gift of the Holy Spirit to fill us and give us the gift of self-control and his spirit of self-sacrifice these are the 2 powerful forces that are going to equip us to bring the everlasting Gospel to the world Steve what were your 3 points so what I'm taking away from this is that we need to be encouraging the medical missionary work we don't often do that you know we kind of almost treat that as a secondary work but it's a primary work in getting the Gospel to the world to encourage the medical missionary work secondly I don't want to miss any opportunities so I take that point away that often we're missing opportunities but I don't want to miss any opportunities certainly we need to take more risk on people people are a vital part of everything we do and sharing the good news with them sometimes means we need to take a risk with them so I'm committed to that but you know we don't just want to stop there what is your commitment to a so I started this year with a commitment to prayer and Bible study and I can't imagine doing anything other than starting every day was printed by all the studies so I commit to keep that going. Then I am committed to seeing and treating people the way Christ saw them and treated them thank you for sharing your commitment and as I've pondered this question and thought about it I think this I think all of us need to be recommitting our lives to the call of Christ to take the Gospel to the world listening friend maybe tonight something that has been said something that has been shared has impacted your life maybe you're sitting there thinking I wonder what God is calling me to do was a verse of Scripture we find in Matthew chapter 28 and he's giving a commission to his disciples and he says Go ye therefore and teach all nations the basic concept here is that all are called joined me today and a commitment to do for others join us tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock as we continue our program.


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