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ASI Spring Chapter Conference - Friday Morning

Shawn Boonstra Patti Guthrie Rodney Bowes Mark Sandoval Andi Hunsaker
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  • May 22, 2020
    8:00 AM
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Howard my late driven leader said connecting late ministries into business people to share Christ in the market in support of the nissen of the 70s go to church. Good morning friends and welcome to our 2nd meeting of the virtual spring convention we are so glad that you have joined us today it was such a blessing last night presentations were so amazing the members in action were so inspiring and it was so incredible to see God's hand at work in all of their presentations the messages were so powerful both from Neil medley talking about medical missionary work and the benefits of the New Start plan they were incredible and we were so blessed by Pastor Doug Batchelor's message that inspired us for such a time as this this is the message that we have for this time the 3 angels message is is what the world needs to hear I'd like to invite you to pray with me as we begin today's message Heavenly Father thank you so much for the benefit of knowing Jesus Christ thank you for the power that you have given to us through the Holy Spirit that we are able to be partakers of the divine nature I pray that you will bless our meeting today that you will inspire us that you will encourage us and that you will make the gospel message more real in our lives today in Jesus' name amen and then well I want to just remind us all that the reason that we are here today is that there is a pandemic. Typically we have several chapter meetings each spring there are 8 chapters representing unions but unfortunately due to the pandemic those meetings were cancelled but we were not allowed about to let Satan defeat us and so we decided to approach to be a.b.n. who graciously allowed us to share their their venue and have allowed us to be here but you know one thing we want to take away from this particular weekend is that we're not defeated by a pandemic we're 7th day adventists Reus a.s.i. members need to remember that we have much more to fear than a pandemic that will only pickle earthly lives and we want to use this time to recommit all life to Jesus Christ we want to use this time to really search for hearts and decide whether or not we are going to cooperate with the war and in the message that he gave us for this time which includes the health message and for this reason if you'll notice our program is structured around health and the Gospel the 2 going together and you'll see today's me go through the program that we will be having several members in action their health related as well as all foods talk which will be on health and then we'll move into is a spiritual talk but the 2 go hand in hand as well ask Patty Patty what do you have to add to this this theme that we have. The 3 inches messages in times like these. I think that we are living in very unusual time Zandi and the coronavirus has given us all an opportunity to step back and reflect on some things we don't have time normally to think about we're busy traveling we're working and now we've had time to be home and I know for many people we felt like that's really. A burden and we're eager to get back to our busy lives but I think God has given us time to prepare for what's coming on our world and also to bring comfort and a message of hope to the people in our lives a man Rodney any thoughts on in times like these what is that what is that scene mean to you Well you know the message from Pastor Batchelor last night really spoke to me when we were discussing that it's time to wake up and that really resonated with me because as I look around and as I'm honest even with myself I'm sleeping and it's a time to wake up to the reality of my own spiritual condition as well as the condition of the world around us there is a world that needs to be warned and God has given us that message Ayman I think that's very important and we will we want to bring out in this time things that we should be doing differently some may lose need to lose some weight we know that this pandemic is significantly affecting people that are overweight or have obesity problems Ellen White gave us a message of health and we as we discussed in or or time this morning we will be hopefully inspiring each of you to suit yourself to recognize things in your life that you may do that will help us get to where we are able to hear the Holy Spirit and to respond to his call in our lives we also want to make sure we have a spiritual awakening What is the meaning of the 3 inches messages how does that apply. To our lives is that just something in Revelation 14 that we just say the words and we don't really know what it means so we hope this weekend and today as we go through this this program that this will not just be some ritual but don't have meaning for you Rodney why don't you take us into introduction of what's going to happen next Sure we want this to be very interactive so I'd like for you to take out your cell phone at this time we want to encourage you to study the book ministry of healing if you will just text a s i Health 258632 you can participate with us at this time we hope and pray that you will be blessed by this beautiful song. A. 3rd one. Feels learning curve. Ways. In here it was. And are. They. Doing her. Her. To. Meet a. Girl to amaze. And soon to. Swing to meet and lip. Service still Susie. Amen you know we all want the law to take a hard sensitive for of course above but we don't want to just go to the courts above by ourselves we want to take someone else with us and what we want to do now is start or members in action that's one of the best parts of a.s.i. and store 1st presentation this morning would be from even valley I don't be a nice video showing the farming work that they're doing there we're going to be focusing as I mentioned on health and wellness and truly the plant based diet is the way to go and in value has a wonderful farm and they'll be showing it to us and showing us the wonderful beautiful vegetables don't run out and eat anything but wait now and you'll see this wonderful members in action from in valley. You know we're really living in some strange times and I don't think the world has in modern times has seen anything like this happen that covers everybody you know big businesses small ministries and everything in between and people really don't know what to do in Colorado the state stay at home order came on March 26th and we were in the middle of a life style session some of the other states that federal the stay at home order had already gone on and so for that session Everyone who were to fly in and canceled and we only had 3 lifestyle gas for that session and we didn't know what the next session or the such test session after that was going to be and so but we prayed really prayed about it and we felt that God was. Opening doors for us to keep our lifestyle program going one other big biggest challenges during this time was to know what to do with the farm because we have a fairly robust farm program and we have 5 farmer's markets to supply and we did we had plans to to. You know plant the seeds and to tell the ground and to get the greenhouses going but we don't know how much to do We don't know how long the same is going to go on so again we prayed and the farm manager and us we decided let's just go on like everything's going to be Ok by June when the farmer's market starts and so they planted. Lots and lots of things you know how farmers are they see dirt in the spring and they have a seed and they just have to get that in the ground and so we planted ceilings in the greenhouse we transplanted them into the bigger greenhouses and then we planted $12000.00 plants outside our outdoor garden and then it snowed Provencher. And we don't know what the results were going to be we don't know if the those those little baby plants would survive but our farmer tells me that most of them will survive we're going to have to replant a few but not top 1000. You know the thing about organic farms is just because it's organic doesn't mean that it's nutritious lot of the soil that even grown organically are depleted and you can really taste the difference if you can taste the difference in the in the produce So here are farmer our farm manager is really mindful of mending loss oils putting nutrients in the soils and you can taste it if you bite into a tomato everybody should come here in case a tomato they. It's so good our farm also provides fresh produce to our 1st student program education program which this year is going to be July 7th through November 21st and our students will also be working on the farm learning about agriculture you know agriculture is the a.b.c. of education and we have students that come here that have never touched dirt and they come to love it they come to love knowing how our food is grown we just planted 4000 raspberries and we plan to do and you pick we have an all bed that is still producing some but we just planted 4000 new plants and we're we plan to have you pick and when people come from the outside through our place so many of them say you know this this is this is so different like there's something here you just feel the peace and that's what we want people to to feel when they come here we want them to feel God's presence we want to minister to them we want them to be introduced to Christ maybe for the 1st time for some of them and so our farm is not just to provide us with income which it does you know but also to provide food for the whole campus but also as an outreach to the community through this whole thing we have really seen God. Work and we've seen amazing provinces provinces. Of God working here I didn't Valley and the Bible promises us and it's sort of a plan to follow and it says Do not be anxious about anything but by prayer and petition present your request to God none of us know what the future holds even the near future we don't know when this locked on is going to be lifted we don't know when we're going to go back to business as usual but we can't go back to business as usual if nothing else this crisis has taught us is that things can happen so quickly and it has woken us up on campus here we realize the need to prepare spiritually individual league but also as a ministry that when things are opening up again we need to just hit it and we need to go out and reach as many people as we can and saw towards that and we're making lots of plants a go out into the community and to all kinds of things we want to do health seminars we want to do cooking schools we want to pop up restaurants we want to share the gospel. We are participating with it is written Internet prophecy seminar there is many of us who are virtual Bible workers we want to go out and meet those people because those are people in our community who are looking to God and we want to be bold but in order to do that we need the Holy Spirit and so. Our Pastor Frank for d.n.a. has challenged us to pray for the Holy Spirit to study about the Holy Spirit and that he might be poured out on us and that we might be ready. What a powerful members in action and that's what we want to focus on right now we saw the wonderful plant based food and I want to just read to you something from The Boston Globe which is not a Christian magazine it's the Boston Globe written by a physician and a Ph d. in nutrition we've heard a lot about flattening the coup but this pandemic and we talk about wearing masks and social distancing but have you thought about what really it will take to flatten the cause of these 2 figured it out they said if we want to flatten the could move protect our economy and be more resistant to future pandemics it is imperative they see that we reduce diet related chronic disease and obesity in America then they went on to talk about doing this we need to encourage a plant based diet that is not a 7th Day Adventist speaking that is a person from the Cleveland Kapiti from the cuffs and a physician from the Cleveland Clinic promoting a plant based diet as a way to flatten the close to a pandemic and we can also flatten the Qube with coronary artery disease etc Patty I know you've thought about this quite a lot tell me about something else that you've been reading about this particular issue of diet I've been really excited to see how the world is coming along and promoting plant based diet this is from The New York Times and I think it was just yesterday the end of meat is here in men if you care about the working poor about racial justice and about climate change you have to stop eating animals. And that's the message we've had for about 160 years so we praise God The world is God is just bringing this message to everyone at this time Amen Thank you Patti Rodney I want you to reiterate to a viewing audience the need to to cooperate with the Lord in change and they also want you to give the information again and anything else you want to share definitely thank you so much Andy Well 1st I wanted to say that as we're thinking about this it reminds me of a quote in the book medical ministry where it says that medical missionary work is the right hand of the gospel and then our members an action segment you know it was so compelling that as soon as the stay at home orders are lifted there will be aggressive service for Christ and again I want to invite our viewing audience to study the book ministry of healing this is a beautiful book that helps us understand step by step how we can be practical medical missionaries so again I'd like to invite you to text a.s.i. health 258632 Now we move to our members in action segment with Brian Schwartz and Dems on that Nilus talking to us about some of Brian's experiences as a physician one of the biggest blessings of being in at an e s I convention is the privilege of being able to have friendship and to be able to fellowship and I've met some dear friends through Arias I conventions did and today I have the privilege of introducing to you a dear friend of mine Brian Schwartz I couldn't spend the whole time just introduced talking about his introduction about how all those accomplishments but Brian tell us what do you do. A heart doctor a physician that can remodel soner and the whole. Brian I know you have a passion for prayer I know that you've challenged me and it's been a blessing to be challenged by my dear friend can you tell us some stories of some experiences that you've had with prayer Yeah absolutely so let me just state at the beginning that when I went into medical practice I was not comfortable figuring out how to even have a spiritual conversation with patients. Kind of just embarrassed to bring it up I didn't know how to make that transition and. It was at the very beginning of an amen conference being challenged by Pastor work family that I was was working on my heart and I realize that I need to really make this a part of my practice up to that point I would help would stop smoking programs I would go on a mission trip one or 2 weeks every year I would help with health programs that our church but my ministry was my ministry my work was my work and the Lord was just taking my heart that I needed to learn to do something different and honestly the 1st time that I was chose to pray with the patient didn't go well it was done at Wildwood by Dr De Rose where I was doing a rotation and he said are you going to do the most important part and like what's the most important part as well have a prayer with him as though yeah but the gentleman I was taking care of it had come in with a little laceration of his ear and I'd stitched up he was an older gentleman he was very hard of hearing and at that point I had forgotten his name he couldn't hear me and I was just screaming Dear Lord please bless this gentleman to help is your hill up I was just flustered embarrassed that was uncomfortable and again for the next 10 years I didn't pray with patients but inspired by Pastor Mark Finley that just by offering to have a prayer that can open the door to a spiritual conversation and I left the very 1st name and conference inspired to actually try to to do that and it's been. Radically a life changer in my practice my practice is no longer the place I go to work it's the place I go to do ministry so just as a a few examples one of the 1st one when I came back inspired this was now over almost 14 years ago one of the 1st patients that I encountered was a gentleman named Stephen and Stephen. Weighed over 300 pounds he was in his right around 40 years of age and had been living a pretty rough lifestyle Stephen King a man just worrying cut off sleeves in a leather vest a bandana around his head and he came in on his Harley Davidson and he looked the type. He was binge drinking on the weekends he was smoking when the 2 packs per day he was working down in Cincinnati so he had about an hour drive every day and just felt like his life was unraveling he won up in the emergency room with some very sharp pain in his chest which after quickly examining him then he was referred back to us to see in the office and talking to him and examining him realize that pain was not his heart and he passed a stress test but I just looked at Stephen and I. I just said Stephen you have every risk factor for heart disease your father died in his forty's of a heart attack you're over 100 pounds overweight you're diabetic you have high blood pressure your cholesterol sky high your chain smoking one the 2 packs per day you're living under an extremely stressful situation and it's shared with me as marriage was falling apart just as whole life was coming apart and I just paused and I said Stephen do you believe in God and he goes well. Particularly went to church once or twice as a kid and I said well that's Ok God believes in you and I said would it be alright if I had a prayer with you and at that point this rough guy. You know and I have been judging people thinking I should pray with the ones that look like there they might be going to church that might be prone to it but this one really was testing me and I had. Stephen and I prayed with you and got tears in his eyes and he just took my hand he was shaking and I said Stephen before I pray God has a plan to change your life and let me just tell you what God's plan is and I said God. In the Bible God gave us the very best diet if we follow his principles it will change your life so that you don't have to follow the genetic history of your father you don't have to have heart disease and have a heart attack in your forty's and I said but God's plan is eating simple food a plant based diet God doesn't want you to destroy your body through alcohol and tobacco he he wants you to lose weight into exercise you need to get into a support group a church group would be fantastic You probably need to change where you're working because it's causing so much stress and disability let me pray with you and. I just said a simple prayer largest please Stephen's life is spiraling out of control I just pray that you're getting hope and I pray that. You would give him the strength to overcome smoking. I prayed. Not to interrupt my prayer but up till this point I used to tell people you know you really should stop smoking and I realize you know what I'm just imparting good advice but it's really legalism they know they say quit smoking they don't have the power to make that change and so instead I've started shifting that the Lord would give him the power that he lacks to overcome smoking to change his diet to change his environment get back involved with the church and. In the mazing thing is that I don't see Stephen for a year I wasn't a very good doctor back then I did not send Steven to a 5 day stop smoking program I didn't get him hooked up with a chip program at our church I didn't even give him a brochure I gave him absolutely nothing I just prayed with him but he left that office he came back a year later and my nurse. She likes to jump to conclusions and Stephen had trick surgery as I don't remember him doing that she says was lost almost 100 pounds in a year so I walked into Stephen that you have surgery and Steve is like no I just did what you said in the civil Stephen what happened he says Well since the dad left her office I went on a plant based diet and have not smoked once since I left gave up alcohol I joined a church my relationship with my wife was fantastic and I said How in the world did you do that he just looked at me as well it's because you prayed for me and I believe at that point in my life or my career that Stephen was there for me to be inspired to see what the power of just a simple prayer could have but the reality is it's designed to open the door for a spiritual conversation and now that happens over and over and over again in my practice every day I don't know who I'm going to pray with but I know I'm a what the impacts going to be but I know it's going to have a powerful impact you know you challenged me to instead of because I've always just talk to people when they'll say I'll pray with you I'll pray for you and you challenge me to say Denzel don't just say you pray for him pray for him right then and I would tell you there's just I could tell stories after stories about how that has changed my experience and also my relationship with the people that I prayed with but tell us some more stories of what what you have done Yeah thanks for sharing that I became convicted as well instead of just saying you know I'll keep you in my prayers I needed to stop right now in prayer and it's got to the point that I was just 2 weeks ago at a very important high level meeting between 2 completely different health systems one of them at all religious oriented and I was there to asked to just come down and talk about our network and we were talking about some ways that we could blend the 2 and I just said you know I come from a faith based hospital system so if it's all right for a start my presentation I'd just like to have a prayer for us the reality is that God has taken me from or 15 years ago I couldn't say a prayer with a patient without being barest to where now it's become just a normal thing a min. I have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life somebody to the bad side of town but also the people that come from gated communities that is not going to get to see Pastor Fennelly are not going to get to see the evangelist that knocks on their door there are a lot they're flying around in their corporate jets that come to my office and I get to pray with them and I've had. Atheists just say well you can pray if you want but it doesn't mean anything to me and I say well I always want to and so I say a prayer with them and sometimes they'll just have to run their eyes and say nobody's ever done that again. Real quick story some people think well what if you pray with a patient and then things go really really poorly and actually just this week on Tuesday I replaced our team replaced a heart valve on a patient he'd been a patient of mine for over 15 years and he did great the next day and he went home. And then I got that call at about 2 in the morning yesterday morning just before we got ready to head here that he had died that evening and so just before I came here I called his wife and. Just. Trying to hope to be able to console and inspire her and instead she really ministered to me she said Dr Schwartz I know you're taking this really hard I know you did everything you could to save my husband Rick but I want you to know it just was so important to us the times that we came to your office and you prayed and when you prayed before this procedure I have perfect peace about it I know that he's in God's hands and it's because you've inspired us we know that you did everything I know we had a way car I know that he had a chance he was going to make this through but but just because you prayed I have peace that he's worth God wants him to be and I can live with that and I pray she says I'm going to continue to pray for you and just to see the tables turned and realize that that made an impact on a patient that was a very powerful thing so people come in and it's challenged me but now it's become the absolutely normal part of my life in the past you say in the past few seconds tell us how would you challenge or feel you know audience today yes so I'm a physician and that's kind of as in the Adventist tradition of physicians we expect that we're going to engage the spiritual health of our patients but I realize that no matter what walk in life you come from yes you're a businessman and yet you've been challenged to pray it doesn't matter what you do as a carpenter as a nurse as a physician as a teacher. If we can just integrate the spiritual side of our lives into what we do and just think gauge with people and just simply say would it be alright if I offered to pray you'll see the tears form you'll see people take your hands in more times than not they'll appreciate a man. Thank you so much for sharing that powerful message at this time we're going to hear from Dr Marks and of all Dr sand of all is the president of the pines Institute as well as the health ministry director for the Gulf states conference I have been so benefited by his ministry it has been a personal blessing in my life and I believe that this talk will inspire you to a deeper conviction that Jesus is our savior Hello my name is Mark San of all and I am the medical director of your pines Institute as well as the health ministry as director of the Gulf states conference and it is my pleasure to share with you this message untitled the work of the right arm in the last day Dear Heavenly Father Lord we thank you for your abundant last names that you have loved us so much and Lord teach us your truth today and thank you for doing so we pray in Jesus name and man. We are told that medical missionary work will have a prominent role in these last days and I want to review with you briefly what that role is health reform I was shown is a part of the 3rd angel's message and is just as closely connected with it as are the hand and they arm with the human body the right hand is used to open doors through which the body may find entrance this is the part the medical missionary work is to act it is to largely prepare the way for the reception of the truth for this time medical missionary work is the entering wedge to the work of saving souls when properly conducted the health work is the entering wedge and entering wedge making a way for other troops to reach the heart when the 30 message is received in its fullness health reform will be given its place in the councils of the conference in the work of the church in the home at the table and in all the household arrangements then the right arm will serve and protect the body medical missionary work is the right hand of the Gospel it is necessary to the advancement of the Cause of God when connected with other lines of gospel effort medical missionary work is a most effective instrument by which the ground is prepared for this sowing of the seeds of truth and the instrument also by which the harvest is reaped if medical missionary work is the right arm of the 3 messages what is the purpose of the 3 messages it is to reveal the truth to warn the world about the deception that it is in and the repair of people for the coming of Christ so how does a medical missionary work help to accomplish this purpose the only safety now is to search for the truth as revealed in the Word of God As for his treasure the subjects of the Sabbath the nature of man and the testimony of Jesus are the great and important truths to be understood these will prove as anchored to whole God's people in these perilous times so there are 3 things that will serve as an anchor to God's people now. And these are the Sabbath the nature of man and the testimony of Jesus which is the Spirit of Prophecy the health message in particular helps us to understand the 2nd point the nature of man our bodies are made up of cells 50 to 100 trillion cells in adults and we have over 250 different types of cells and each type of cell has a particular type of function your body's functions are dependent upon the individual functions of your cells and if you lose one type of cell you lose the functions specific to that type of cell with type one diabetes in the loss of ANCYL and produced by beta islet cells in the pancreas is an example but how do your cells function how do we understand that function everything that functions is governed by unchangeable laws of thermodynamics gravity blood ph body temperature and a myriad of other functions all are governed by laws and those laws cannot be changed the fundamental law of nature is the law of dependency all things are dependent upon resources outside of itself for life and function and nothing lives out of itself meaning that nothing can create the power and resources that it needs to start and continue its own function this fundamental law breeds other laws and clued in the laws of thermodynamics which reveal to us that all energy necessary for a system to function must come from outside that system in other words everything that functions must have a power source outside of itself in order to power its function this law of dependency also gives rise to the law of cause and effect from which we understand that every effect must have a cause and every cause must produce and in fact if the effect is present the cause is also present because if the cause is remove the effect must cease why because no effect can produce itself for it is dependent upon power and materials outside of itself in order to function you will never find. In effect without a cause because of this there can be no such thing as chance there is nothing that is random in the laws of God in nature effect follows cause with an airing certainty the curse causeless shall not come the will of God establishes the connection between cause and its effects there is also the law service all things both in heaven and earth declare that it is the great law of life it's the law of service the end from it Father ministers to the life of every living thing the same law of service is written upon all things in nature the birds of the air the beast of the field the trees of the forest the leaves the grass and the flowers the sun in the heavens and the stars of light all have their ministry lake and ocean river and water spring each takes to give nothing was made for itself meaning that there is no purpose in itself its purpose comes through its function this law of service shows that it is the individual responsibility of each thing to take in that which it needs and it does so for the purpose of giving away or ministering to others you need oxygen but the oxygen doesn't force its way into you you must breathe it in you need water but water doesn't flow into you you must drink it you need food but the food doesn't jump down your throat you must eat it everything in creation must 1st take what it needs and then it must use that which it took to minister to the needs of others the cells function by law unchangeable law the law of dependency shows us that the cell is dependent upon power and resources outside of itself in order to function and the law of service shows us that it is the cells all responsibility to take in those things that means for the purpose of giving or ministering to others by the production of its products hormones and saloon glucagon and so on the cells therefore must have a supply of those raw materials that it needs in order. To function and those raw materials are brought into the body through the various organ systems oxygen through the respiratory tract water and food to the digestive tract sunshine and warmth through the skin etc and then those raw materials are distributed to all the cells through the blood for the life of the flash is in the blood but every cell in the body must be regulated and coordinated in its function and every cell must have the power by which it functions just as an engine must have fuel and a spark in order to ignite the fuel similarly to live in living systems must have fuel and power to utilize that fuel the fuel and the power or the spark are different what is the power for the cells it is electricity so function as electrical units regulating the concentration of positively and negatively charged particles inside this with resulting voltage current and resistance all of which are electrical properties and what is it that coordinates the function of every cell in the body it is the nervous system and every function in the body is ultimately regulated by and coordinated through the nervous system but the law of dependency shows us that the nervous system itself is dependent upon a power and fuel outside of itself and in order for it to function the fuel comes through the blood but where does the power or spark come from it must come from outside of the nervous system it comes from the spirit and the Lord God for man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being God created the body from the dust and the spirit of man from the breath and the combination of the 2 makes the soul the functions of the soul are dependent upon each of its 2 parts and it can have no function without both parts software cannot function without hardware and hardware cannot function without software separate the spirit from the body and there is. No function of either when software is combined with hardware to make a functional computer the software doesn't cease to be software the hardware doesn't cease to be hardware each remain what they are and each are responsible for certain aspects of the computer's function but they only have function when they are put together so it is with the body and the spirit which comprise the soul we find a wonderful thing in the Bible so God created man in his own image in the image of God He created them male and female he created them you and I are created in God's image in creation what came 1st that which was physical or that which is spiritual who created all that there is God and what did he do to create it God said it was so Jesus tells us that God is Spirit and He says the words I speak to you they are spirit and they are life so it was from that which it was spiritual that everything physical was created and you and I are created in God's image we function like he functions and to us is that which comes 1st is the spiritual which then impacts the physical is thought physical or spiritual How much does it weigh what is its density how many atoms make up a thought and what and what arrangement thought is spiritual and in order for you to have thoughts you must have a spirit I want to clarify that the spirit itself cannot think thought is a function of the soul which is a combination both of the Spirit and the body but we have been led to believe that the brain has the capacity to think on its own outside of the presence of a spirit where does this idea come from the evolutionary theory which is the foundation principle of modern science teaches us that matter is self existence that it is self-sustaining that it can organize itself into complex systems that it can create life through those complex systems that matter can self regulate meaning give it self commands mutate itself and to destroy its. Elf that matter can be conscious can think and feel and have all of the spiritual capacities of animals and man the more complicated these systems are which are only made of matter the more complex the if spiritual capacities this is what we have been taught by evolutionary theory through science and as a result we believe that the brain is conscious and can think and feel we believe viruses and bacteria can mutate themselves and we believe that cells can program themselves to die all of these things and more we believe because of the evolutionary theory but according to the law of dependency and the law of service none of this can be true it is this spirit that brings these capacities to the brain spiritual information that which we believe to be truth is taken in by the Spirit and then made available to the brain through decisions when the brain takes in the decision on the electrical impulses generated that electrical impulses conducted through the nervous system to the various parts of the body which generates chemicals that the cells take in when the cells take in these chemicals that changes how they function if this spiritual information that the spirit takes in is true and fulfills the spirit's need for love then that which the Spirit gives to the body its decisions will produce exactly the electrical impulses that is needed in order to control or regulate this cells or the body so that it can function correctly. If the spiritual information that the spirit takes in his faults and does not fulfill the spirit's need for love then that which the Spirit makes available to the body its decisions when taken and by the brain will produce electrical impulses that result in the release of chemicals in a way that when taken in by the cells dysregulation their function so that they dysfunction this is how the mind creates disease in the body and it is responsible for 90 percent of diseases sickness of the mind prevails everywhere 9 tenths of the diseases from which men suffer have their foundation here let us put disease in this context is disease a cause or an effect it is an effect then can the disease exist by itself no something else is producing or causing that which the disease needs in order to exist comes from outside of itself if the source is correct the function will be correct if the source is wrong the function will be wrong there is a divinely appointed connection between sin and disease no physician can practice for a month without seeing this illustrated if he will be observing an honest he cannot help acknowledging that Santa disease bared to each other the relationship of cause and effect the physician should be quick to see this and to act accordingly teach them that disease is the result of send impress their minds with the necessity of denying self and obeying the laws of. Health. We see clearly that sin is the cause of disease diseases simply the physical manifestation or effect of sin let's look at the definition of disease from the Spirit of Prophecy disease is an effort of nature to free the system from conditions that result from a violation of the laws of health in the case of sickness the cause should be ascertained unhealthful conditions should be changed wrong habits corrected then nature is to be assisted in her effort to expel impurities and to reestablish right conditions in the system here we see that disease is not the problem but simply the manifestation of the problem it is the fire alarm in the house that is burning down it is the rumble strips on the side of the road letting you know that you are off the road diseases good not bad it lets you know that something is wrong the will of God establishes the connection between cause and its effects fearful consequences are attached to the least violation of God's law all will seek to avoid the result the disease but will not labor to avoid the cause or the sin which produced the effect the cause is wrong the effect right here we see that it is not the effect that is wrong in fact the effect is never wrong it is always right by the law because the effect always is there to manifest the cause it is the cause that is wrong and what is the cause of disease it is a violation of the laws of health it is sin the laws of nature are the laws of God as truly divine as are the precepts of the deckle the laws that govern our physical organism God has written upon every nerve muscle and fiber of the body every careless and willful violation of these laws is a sin against our Creator so violation of the laws of health is sin and sin is the cause of disease our understanding of health and disease is also tainted by the evolutionary theory of modern science modern science tells us that you can have an effect with a. Because random occurrences that happen by chance that disease is the result of chance so we talk of disease in terms of probability and risk factors that disease can only be managed because the cause cannot be found and removed that disease comes from external sources and that this solution to these extreme all threats is x. Journal measures that disease is solely a physical problem and therefore the solution is a physical solution and that the solution to spiritual problems is found internally and can be fixed by self-help methods Jesus was a living contradiction to the evolutionary theory for he was never susceptible to anything he contacted he could not be defiled or diseased he said the ruler of this world is coming and he has nothing in me and of the Israelites we are told the Lord had promised that if they would obey his commandments no disease would rest upon them the Word of God and the laws of nature clearly show us that no effect is without a cause therefore there is nothing that is random or by chance that disease is caused by sin and therefore the cause can be removed and the disease can be cured that susceptibility to disease comes from within and not outside of the individual and that the solution must address the internal susceptibility genes leading one to cooperate with God and by love obey God's laws when we use natural law and the Word of God is the standard by which we evaluate disease health and healing we are led to the conclusion that the problem lies inside of us not outside of us that we have a spirit that directs the functions of our bodies that disease of the body is a manifestation of a problem in the spirit and that the solution to the problem is a spiritual problem a solution this drives us in our patients to the gospel as the solution to their fear. Diseases when the Gospel is received in its purity and power it is a cure for the maladies that originated in Send not all this world bestows can heal a broken heart or impart peace of mind or remove care or banish disease the life of God in the soul is man's only hope we are told that to make plain natural law and urge obedience of it is the work that accompanies the 13 joules message to prepare a people for the coming of the Lord as we look at natural law and begin to see the implications of believing natural law we cannot help but realize that we have been deceived by the all pervasive system of evolution in modern science this system has found its way into virtually every educational system in every subject of study there are only 2 forms of information truth or lies and there is only one originator of each form of information God is the a rigid inner of truth and the devil is the originator of lines when you eat an apple the apple is broken down and it into its basic elements and then assimilated its brought into the body and made a part of the body Similarly when we take in a piece of information and believe it is assimilated it's brought into us and made a part of us but we can all my assimilated piece of information if we believe that it is true if we believe that it is false or a lie we will not assimilate it worship is not so much about adoration as it is about assimilation the one you worship is the one you trust the one you trust is the one whose information you believe and assimilate that information becomes a part of who you are it influences how you behave because you always act according to that which you believe so if you believe that worship is adoration and you come to God to adore him and experience a warm fuzzy feeling but then you believe in assimilate the lies of the devil you in reality worship the devil whose information your simulated not God whom you claim to adore and how. Do you know which information you have assimilated or not it will be revealed and how you act because you always act according to that which you believe the controversy at the end of time will be a controversy over worship in fact it has always been a controversy over worship we have just understood it to be within the context of religion we have not understood it to be within the context of believing alive vs believing the truth in general I believe that the biggest and most widely accepted religion in the world is evolution and the most widely accepted church is modern science and this system has opened the way for the deceptions of the Roman Catholic Church to be nearly universally accepted and past ages when men were without God's word and without the knowledge of the truth their eyes were blindfolded and thousands were ensnared not seen the net spread for their feet in this generation there are many whose eyes become dazzled by the glare of human speculations science falsely so-called they discern not the net and walk into it as readily as if blindfolded when pride and ambition are cherished and men exalt their own theories above the word of God then intelligence can accomplish greater harm than ignorance thus the false science of the present day which undermines faith in the Bible will prove as a as successful in preparing the way for the acceptance of the papacy with its pleasing forms as did the withholding of knowledge in opening the way for the its and Brandeis meant in the darky engines and the subtler forms of this system of belief have found their way into our church into our schools into our health care systems and to our world view the 3 angles messages reveal to us the truth in contrast with the error they show us that there is a master deception that is seeking to swallow up the whole world and it calls all who believe the truth to warn the world about the deception and reveal to them the true. That as many as possible can be saved that they may see their absolute need of the everlasting Gospel to save them that in response to the gospel they will fear God to love him and give glory to Him by reflecting his character in their lives that they will worship the Creator by believing in assimilating his truth including the truth of the continued authority of his law and the 7th day sabbath that they may stand in the judgment that is based upon God's law and be acquitted because they are in harmony with that law through grace and that those who are transformed by the gospel will have the patience of the Saints will keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus and the 3 angels messages call everyone to come out of all deceptions into the one and only truth of God's word and that the health message the medical missionary work is the right arm that helps to open the door so that people can see the deceptions they are in and see the truth for what it really is that they may worship God by believing and assimilating his truth that they may be prepared for the coming of Christ and the Book of Daniel was not written merely as a historical account of Daniel's life it was written specifically for those living in the last days of Earth's history and just as in Daniel's day the test 1st comes as a spiritual test in the context of a health question that is what is happening in the world right now we're in Daniel Chapter one Daniel's chap and chapters 3 and 6 are coming that test then becomes a test of corporate worship and finally ends as a test of private worship with a death to create for those who do not comply in the Book of Daniel we find that those all only who has stood the 1st test are the ones who remain faithful in the 2nd and 3rd tests the health message taught Daniel and his friends to be uncompromising with us and to preserve strict integrity in the face of subtle and strong temptations in opposition and this is the work of the right arm in the last days. Will you drink of Babylon's wine and eat its food or will you stand for principle even though it means that you cannot buy or sell or that you will die as a result will you by God's grace live the health message and the 3 angels messages so that it will be said of you here is the patience of the Saints Here is one who keeps the commandments of God and the seat of Jesus the choice is yours. If you. Can see those colleagues. You see the. Poll. You. Can. See. You. It is. It. Ily. This. Elite. You love it if. It was. Told. What. A. We chose the words to that song or we chose that song just for this particular program did you hear the last phrase therefore comfort one another with these words we're here today because our hearts are full we have a great hope in what God is planning to do and in our world and he has a message for us and we just heard an amazing message by Dr Mark Sandoval I was so blessed by that and. Rodney would you like to share with us how we can find out a little bit more definitely I want to encourage our viewers once again to take your phone and text us at 5863 to text the word a.s.i. health and you are going to be directed to the most beautiful book which was quoted several times by doctors and of all Ministry of healing that is a blueprint for us today you know our world during coven a lot of people have been really afraid of what's coming on our world and with the health issues combined with all the stress and the changes in our lives there are a lot of things that we're dealing with beyond just our health it's our mental health and the next couple of testimonies we're going to hear today are especially addressing those issues and 1st of all I want to make sure that you know you can hear Dr Mark stand of all on audio Verse dot org And now we're going to turn our attention to beautiful minds and Dr Daniel by Innes. I would have anxiety I couldn't sleep at night my son tried to end his life by suicide twice in high school I remember wondering what my life was about where I was going with the future had in store for I went through some really difficult personal things and. Wound up in my 1st bipolar as at the age of 6 where I was introduced to sex drugs and alcohol all at one time I think my earliest suicide attempt was. Definitely before the age of 6 once you reach this low and then all of a sudden suicide shows up and says hi. It's becomes about the most profound difference in giving my eyes wellness is Dr Highnesses holistic approach the intensive outpatient program really helped me because. They spend this time to really teach you so many facets of. Ground cognitive behavioral therapy to try to anxiety and stress management and like other professionals when you 1st come in the 1st thing that he wanted to know besides he wanted to play with me because I had been spiritually abused so you just. Got to trust all of us but I think the most important thing that he did is became offended this was about. Truth help true hope this was about someone's you know listen to me and understand I knew that this was a person about was more to say this is a safe place this is yes it's important for a beautiful mind as well this to be operating here in Placer County in particular in Auburn because there is such a lack of access the House says when it happened to me. There were no options the facilities now is limited. But the camp is going to fly a wide range but in the mountains people come for help he's now on scholarship. At a University of California self managing and checking in with Dr Pinus regularly. I I don't have words for that without beautiful minds I would not be breathing in right now thank you beautiful minds and thank you Dr Klein is for all the care that you've given me here and my life has changed Thank you Dr bias for saving my life as it is without a doubt. That I would not be here today if it wasn't for you I am so thankful. Not only from the bottom my heart but from my soul and spirit. That has given me back. Something that I never thought I could ever have. That is faith. Family and the love that let us. Welcome Dr Daniel bias medical director of Beautiful Minds medical and Auburn California can you share with us what makes your practice unique well. The main thing that we have found to be very effective in our mental health treatment is trying to help people address the root causes of their mental illness and so basically what that means is we look to use a very holistic approach and instead of just treating symptoms we're encouraging people to discover why they're sick in the 1st place and we've found that as people address those root causes they get much better and much more quickly and it's a much more lasting change and ultimately our goal is to point people to God as the founder of the mental wellness cult principles and as they found find that connection with with God That's where we see the true ultimate feeling and that really brings great joy in working with people that must be really rewarding I'm wondering what it's been like for you with the convent crisis and what you're seeing and patients that might be different than before. Well it's really interesting because we've seen a lot of fear going on in fact one of my patients recently said the virus is fear and I think there's a lot of truth to that and other words people are very afraid of what's happening right now they are feeling very insecure because all of the things that they've tended to trust and the things of this world they can see how quickly those things can be torn away and how quickly things can change but we believe that every catastrophe is God's opportunity and our opportunity to see him at work and so we have had the opportunity to point people to a place of security and God there has been many patients for example that I've pointed to Psalm 91 and encourage them to find that connection with the Lord to find that secret place and to find safety and security that only God can brain We've also developed many. Works ops that have been online for those people that have been largely stuck at home and we've discussed things like loss and grieve how to stay healthy in the pandemic science and religion and how to create loving relationships because a lot of people are really feeling isolated and I'm sure that's true and I'm wondering what your think if you can share a lot of the thought your vision for your practice and how here and change patients going into the future Well we have a vision to create a. Campus mental health wellness campus where we can offer things like massage therapy and the church there is having that health food capping having this spiritual resources for people to tap into support groups I'm life in health coaching and even this year we are actually remodelling a suite in our building to create a pilot Wellness Center and this pilot pilot wellness center will be a proof of concept and it is arriving just in time that we can actually help address the that potential co that crisis that is going to maybe come again this winter we're going to be able to operate things like hydrotherapy and and nutritional coaching and that sort of thing and Dr bias can you share with us what the scope of crisis and your work in your practice has meant to you personally well working with minds is the truly the greatest work that has ever been entrusted to us and I think we often underestimate the privilege of being caught leavers with God It really changes us and it gives us the opportunity to enter into the joy of the lore I want to encourage all of us that we are indeed called to all of the mental health medical missionaries Dr vinyls thank you so much I'm very excited to learn about what you're doing Thank you for joining us that was a great members in action oftentimes we do forget the mind the law does with us to our minds and now we'll hear another member in action pat our battle who will be speaking to us she is the president of c. and c. l. of l. t. Productions Incorporated and this will be a a wonderful interview that Patti Guthrie one of my co-hosts did with earlier this week. I'd like to welcome Pat Arab yto with all l.t. productions with us today Pat you want to tell us what projects you're working on currently I'd love to right now we're working on a series of short videos for social media on the state of the dead and you might think you know that's an odd topic for social media that everyone has lost someone they know or and everyone is facing death themselves so it's good for people to know what's happening each video is only 5 minutes and they're very simple they have a host white Nelson is our host and the rest is word art and graphics each one deals with just one topic out of the state of the dead like the soul because most people think the soul is an entity what does the Bible teach about the soul the Bible is the authority for these resurrection talking to the dead spirit. So we have a list of about $23.00 topics and each one of those can even be approached from different ways our goal is to show what God is like in relation to death because people misunderstand God especially because of the doctrine of eternal torment you know all the major regional religions of the world believe in the immortal soul and teach the mortal soul it's really only a very small group of Christians that don't believe the lie that was 1st perpetrated in Eden so we're really excited about educating people with these just short and to the point videos about it and I'm going to show you a little clip of one of them so you have an idea of what it's like. Go to the little town of really deal New York on a warm summer day you find the place green with visitors most of them hoping to connect with deceased loved ones in Libya they say most everyone is either a psychic or ghost or maybe a medium a witch doctor a channel or are. All of your claims to be the world's largest center for the religion of spiritualism that's a really interesting Pat and interesting and unique way of presenting the state of the dead I'm interested to know what other kinds of projects you're working on well you know our focus has always been on prophecy and history Christian history and we focus most the civically on the Sabbath and the State of the dad because those are the 2 topics that people are most deceived on at the end of time so probably many of our watchers are ready with the 7 day series which by the way is then translate it now into more than 20 languages so it's been used all over the world. We also have other materials on the Sabbath we have a d.v.d. talk called the wandering day and it's also a Sabbath and religious liberty story it's it's a story that took place in the thirty's when the League of Nations attempted to introduce a new calendar to the world and they thought that it would unite the world but the problem with that was it had an extra day in the year that wasn't part of the week so it was through the weekly cycle off by one day or so or through the year cycle off by 1 May every year and it's really an interesting story of how God stop that from happening and then also of course we focused on the state of the dead with our film hell and Mr fudge and probably many of our watchers have seen that film also it's a feature based on the true story of a man who was hired to find out what the Bible really teaches about eternal torment and you know he was pretty surprised himself to find out that the Bible doesn't teach eternal torment it teaches death that's asleep and I just like Jesus called it so we've had a lot of good response to that film too and our current project is just a continuation of our desire to try to show the world what death really is and how good our God is that's really beautiful Pat It's a unique focus you have in your ministry how you advertising or letting people know about these products that you have well of course right now everything is social media especially right now when people are at home so we have Facebook sites which are which are nice because people can respond to those and we end up with a lot of nice dialogue with people on those sites we have Facebook sites for all of our major topics we have one called time talk for Sat the Sabbath and calendars and then we also have websites and then we have our You Tube channels and the channel for that white Nelson series we call it hope after death and you can find that on You Tube if you Google that or door at Nelson or even the name of some of the videos. And by the way we would love for people to share those you're welcome to translate them your way to welcome to share them as broadly and widely as you can thank you so much that's really exciting Pat I know that you have a personal interest in the topic particularly of the state of the mind just sharing in a nut shell what that story might be sure you know like I said everyone has either lost someone they they love were all facing death and it happened in my family or I lost my husband and my 2 oldest sons a plane crash and it made eternity in heaven more dear to me and made the truth that the Bible teaches that Jesus is coming more precious and it may mean I just want to share that more than I ever had before you know experiencing that kind of grief and devastation really opened my eyes to the fact that so many people in this world suffer and. I mean you look at the refugees you look at the natural disasters you look at past Alliance and disease and then everybody suffers and everybody needs Jesus and everybody needs the hope that we have of the resurrection and you know I just really want to share that and it kind of led to him to me giving some grief seminars in churches too not that I ever intended to do that out of my own lives but I think because I know what it's like now I can connect with people and I really so much more compassion for the suffering that people endure because I'm having that kind of suffering myself and you know time passes and you learn to live with it but it's not like it goes away it's like you know for the rest of your life what it is to lose people that are most precious to you. Thank you so much Pat I'm just thinking about people right now do you are you afraid of death a lot of people are really afraid right now absolutely not absolutely not you know it's just asleep there's no pain in it and the next thing that you know if you love Jesus is you're going to see him in you're going to get to go and spend eternity with him and while I wouldn't want to ask I think if I really believed in eternal torment and then I go to heaven you media only I would want death but I love this life too but I look forward to my time with Jesus. Thank you so much for joining us today was a blessing I wish you all the best thank you it's a privilege to be here thank you for that. I want to thank you for such a wonderful interview great job and a great and very important topic one that actually makes the Gospel much more powerful with the understanding that we as 7th Day Adventists have been to be able to give people comfort that there is a God and Heaven who we've spent a week and who sorrows over the death of his people I think it's a wonderful way for us to be able to witness I want to remind us that we are here today in this studio because of a pandemic and so our next speaker will be speaking from his home Sean booster is the speaker director of voice of prophecy and when I call to invite him he said that the voice of prophecy offices were closed due to the pandemic and that he had the recording from his home he also wanted the viewing audience to know that he will look different because of his hair but you know the message is going to be very powerful so now we will hear from Sean. A.s.i. this is the real Sean bones are no help no crew I am in the studio or what's going to be a studio and I've done the lighting myself so don't send your letters of complaint to my crew just address them to me this is just me on my own so I'm hoping you're going to excuse amateur hour because I've been on lockdown just like the rest of you for weeks on end I've barely got a haircut before I made this video I mean the barber shop just opened a couple of days ago in my hair was so I hadn't been that long since in 1972nd just about pull it down and and chew on it so I barely even got a haircut in time to make this video for you and I I warn Andy this is going to be amateur hour so here it is I'm doing this on my i Phone Here's what I want to do today I want to read a favorite Bible passage many of you have heard me preach on it before then I'm going to pray and then I'm going to share for a few minutes what's been on my heart as of late but I think God might be trying to teach the remnant church so here's a Bible passage revelation 18 verse one you know this one after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority in the earth was illuminated with His glory let's pray Father in heaven we're sitting in a moment when everybody's panicking and they're not sure what to expect next you described a moment that was coming women's hearts would fail them for fear and for some people that moment is already arrived they don't know what to expect we'd ask that you teach us what you would have your church learn at this moment that we would understand that our brightest days are just ahead of us when we light up the whole planet with the glory of Jesus Christ give me the ability to think clearly and to speak clearly now for I ask it in your name Amen. Well the story I'm going to tell you is an old one I'm going to take a little risk here and I'm guessing that some of you if not most of you have heard this story at some point I think I've even heard it being told in a.s.i. circles in recent years but I want to share it one more time on the off chance that somebody listening today has heard this story and I'm hoping you'll be patient with me because I'm starting to suspect that God is taking advantage of a global crisis to teach us from the church something very important if we would just slow down and listen and I'm coming to the conviction. That what happens next in this verse history to some degree is actually up to us I mean not that much is up to was in this universe and you and I don't have a lot of say in how the history of this world plays out because we're not in control that's the point of Bible prophecy or at least one of the points of Bible prophecy it teaches us that the Kingdom of Christ is going to come no matter what anybody does nobody's going to stop that from happening not the kingdoms of this world not the determined efforts of fallen angels not even you and me I mean you could put up all the resistance you want but the moment will absolutely come when the kingdoms of this world the way the Book of Revelation goods it will become the kingdom of our Lord and His Christ it's going to happen so some things are a pre-determined but within the boundaries of what has been predetermined God has allowed us a tiny degree of choice for example it is up to you if you want to accept the terms of the Covenant become a part of the family of Christ and it's up to you how you choose to live the few short moments you have between right now this moment and either the moment you draw your last breath or better yet the the moment the Jesus actually appears in the eastern sky to take us home that is up to you some things are up to us because God values free moral agency evaluates the freedom to choose so we can affect some things. In while the Bible is clear that nobody knows the day or hour of Christ's return and Jesus will return in such an hour as you think not there is also an indication in the Bible the human eye can actually speak things up there are indications that the prophetic timeline his will ever so slightly elastic ever so slightly adjustable Let me show you what I mean from a well known passage you know this one it's found in 2nd Peter chapter 3 where Peter is predicting the 2nd coming of Christ and he says something very interesting you know this one I'll start reading in verse 10 and if you happen to have a Bible open it up and found a law here we go 2nd Peter 3 in verse 10 it says Let me get my bifocals on but the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night in other words he's coming in a moment when the world doesn't expect it they don't see it coming. The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise and the elements will melt with fervent heat both the Earth and the works that are there in will be burned up that much is predetermined that's going to happen nobody can stop it but then Peter mentioned something we can control verse 11 Therefore since all these things will be dissolved you can't change that what manner of persons ought you to be you know wholly conduct in godliness it was to this verse 12 looking for and hastening and speeding up the coming of the day of God So the 2nd coming of Christ in the dissolution of the sinful planet that's out of our control but the timing of it appears suggest there's something you can do about it if you look at the book Acts of the Apostles you'll notice that Ellen White would tend to agree with Peter of course she would and I'm going to read this passage at some length right now because it's that important it underlines the moment we find ourselves living in right now and after I've read that I'll get to an all important story from the history of our church that you really need to pay attention to but here we go acts of the Apostles Page 600 all right the church is God's agency for the proclamation of truth empowered by him to do a special work Reve been raised up for something specific. And if she is loyal to him obedient to all his commandments there will be well within her the actual and see of Divine Grace if she will be true to her allegiance if she will honor the Lord God of Israel there is no power that can stand against her and so we see again when Ellen White uses that painful word and. That you and I might be holding up the 2nd coming of Christ which is the very next point she makes she continues still actually Apostles Page 600 zeal for God and his cause moved the disciples to bear witness to the gospel with mighty power should not be like zeal fire our hearts with a determination to tell the story every deeming love of Christ and Him crucified and listen to this years the same point Peter made it is the privilege of every Christian not only to look for but to hasten the coming of the sea or so it's absolutely true there's not much in this universe that's actually in our control because we are weak and feeble and broken by sin and were virtually powerless in a universe where God's will is going to be performed no matter what anybody does but there's one tiny thing God says we can will not control but at least influence and that one tiny thing is the return of Jesus Christ. So here's what I want you to consider right now is the world is experiencing a crisis unlike anything our generation has ever faced now to be sure there are still some crises in recent past history that make this one kind of pale by comparison we seem a little soft compared to past generations right past generations had the Great Depression or the 2nd World War but for this generation this might prove to be our testing ground I don't know for sure yet because we haven't seen the end of this thing yet but this might just be the crisis of a lifetime for our generation it's starting to look like it's not ever going back to life as usual who knows what's going to happen and while I almost hate to quote irreverent a Tory is politician to you well you should never let a good crisis go to waste because well what if this right now ends up being God's way of readjusting our priorities as a remnant church what if this is God's way of getting us back on track I mean right now we've been forced like everybody else to rethink almost everything in recent weeks we've been stripped of our ability to assemble publicly and from a personal perspective working here at the voice of prophecy meeting we had hundreds of synchronised evangelistic meeting suddenly shut down because various governments across this continent started to forbid public meetings and now with the economy suffering untold damage from a national shutdown and tens of millions finding themselves out of work we have no idea if we as a church are going to have the same kinds of resources we used to have and the same ability to work with relative ease and simplicity and now that we've all been locked in our oh like everybody in the country and now that we've all had to live our lives through Skype room and even the g.c. session has had to be canceled it is no longer business as usual and you got to wonder is gun trying to teach us something because let's be honest. Unitas God's Church haven't always done a great job of sticking to the one and only thing they got ever asked the church to do and well I want to be really careful right now that I do not suggest that God caused this pandemic I I want you to consider whether or not he might not be using it to advance his own agenda and to make some important adjustments to our agenda which brings me to the story that I promised I would tell you you know I'm guessing most of you might know it this is something that was happening at the turn of last century Well Ellen White was still alive and this was happening roughly half a century after the church been formally organize organized rather in 1963 in the 1st few years after the birth of our church of Asia was and was actually doing pretty well much to the surprise of some of the naysayers who were completely against the idea of organizing the church at all so in the 807 days you had these huge avenues can't meetings which kind of resembled the big tent revivals run by non-evidence preachers like Dwight l. moody and during those years near the very birth of this movement in a formal sense in 1963. In those early years the church in North America was actually growing it about now you're ready for this 12 percent a year and it tripled church membership in the space of one decade so that would be Glenn going from roughly 1000000 church members in North America today to 3000000 by the year 2030 it's the kind of growth that would surprise us today and that's the kind of growth that most of us frankly have kind of given up on but I'll let you in on a little secret it was also the kind of growth that those people living back then in the 870 s. also eventually gave up on why because we allowed ourselves to get distracted and to be sure we were distracted by some very good and very important things things like the opening of schools and the establishment of hospitals and colleges and publishing houses all of those things were very very important for this remnant movement I mean who can argue with those things they are essential to the avenues story and the way they were designed in the very beginning they were supposed to directly compliment the work of angels the work of preaching the 3 jewels messages but as you and I know human beings have a very short attention span and the simple human race I like to say is probably the gold fish of the universe we seem to be unable to maintain any kind of focus on anything important for any real length of time and sadly the remnant church is no exception we're just as human as anybody else and before long those institutions as important I don't want to give the wrong idea they were important but as important as they were they eventually became the whole point of the exercise and public evangelism just kind of faded into the background so by 1900 within a single generation of the birth of this important movement we actually found ourselves with rapidly diminishing returns going from hundreds or even thousands of converts at a time down to tens of coppers. And then in many places down to the single digits which is kind of where we are today just like today back then we began to convince ourselves that the golden years of evangelism were now in the past and they would never come back even though even though this church was using the same New Testament methods that Bible believing Christians had been using for the last 2000 years and even though we can see through history those methods have always always always worked but instead of examining what was going wrong in those years we simply told ourselves that times that changed the people had changed even though when it comes to the biggest issues that human beings deal with I mean things like sin guilt and the meaning of life all those big important existential questions. People haven't changed they've always been interested in the very same things and God's word has always appealed to every sinful human heart well every single human heart that was responding to the prompting of the spirit that it was but we told ourselves that times had changed to people are changing we simply rolled over and accepted defeat. In it's not like the world wasn't getting ready for the final crisis back then at that moment because it absolutely was if you go back and look at the history Jesus was ready to come in fact by 1904 not long before my grandfather was born in 1904 there were 2 separate bills under consideration in the American Congress calling for some kind of Sunday law to be passed I mean folks we were this close to watching the final crisis unfold and we were this close to the fulfillment of the last half hour of Revelation 13 the moment in those years was absolutely right for Jesus to come and that's exactly what Ellen White said back in 1913 when she wrote these words in the review in her and in here she repeats the very same thought that Peter shared when he talked about hastening the coming of Christ I want you to listen to this very carefully right review and herald 1913 and honestly this is a concept Ellen White had brought up many times in the past but after the turn of last century when our growth in the church went from well explosive growth to almost nothing now she wrote this and it was an awfully awfully tragic thing to have to say she writes By giving the Gospel to the world it is in our power to hasten the coming of the day of God have the Church of Christ done her appointed work as the Lord ordained the whole world would before this have been warned and the Lord Jesus would have come to the earth in power and great glory as one of the most heart breaking things she ever wrote Jesus could have been here by now so in other words. We blew it we might be the remnant church but we blew it you and I could have been in heaven right now worshipping in the literal presence of Jesus but we blew it we threw it away we failed to seize that moment we failed to be doing the one thing that God actually asked us to do now I don't know exactly how this works but part of me wonders you know if we had been faithful in those years if we had done what we were asked if we had not been distracted and diverted I wonder would I have been born would you have been born in the earth made new and not in the middle of the heartbreak and heartbreak of the 20th century where would I have been born so historically you get a few years right before the death of Ellen White where she repeatedly repeatedly urged the church to go back to doing the one and only thing that actually matters to get back to the proclamation of the 3 angels messages and then something absolutely remarkable happens and this is one of my favorite stories from the history of the 7th Day Adventist Church our general conference President the beginning of the 1900 was a guy by the name of Arthur Grosvenor Daniels and I've often suspected that most of us just call him a.g. Daniels so that we don't have to try pronouncing that middle name with that silent s. anywhere in public and risk mispronouncing it. A.g. Daniels had the great misfortune I suppose of presiding over the divine demise of avenues to be angels and watching the remnant movement of God Stark to do window and its impact who in the world would want to be president during those years this was a time when we practically had more administrators than angels. And during those years our primary focus was on the institutions of the church and in 1909 at the g.c. session in Washington d.c. a.g. Daniels was able to report that the church was actually still growing at about 4 percent and it's not 12 percent like it was in the $870.00 s. but still pretty respectable poor percent not bad growth I mean if somebody says the g.d.p. is growing at 4 percent we're very excited that's a great number except there was a problem with that figure that 4 percent was greatly inflated by the success that the church was having overseas the number was nowhere near 4 percent here in North America in a g. Daniels at that meeting did not mention the fact that church growth in North America had dipped to just one percent which is roughly where we still see it today roughly if you want something to compare of that one percent number to the growth of the whole American population during that same period of time was 2 percent which means that the population was actually growing twice as fast as the church in those years now I want to pause and I want to say something really important because I happen to be an evangelist and there are some big misconceptions about how to gauge evangelism that are in circulation or something I got to say so let me just take a little side bar here and divert for just a moment sometimes and I want to underline the word sometimes sometimes we put too much stock in numbers and sometimes we're tempted to judge an evangelist by the number of baptisms that evangelist gets any 5 week series of meetings. Even though by the way the 5 week series was considered a lightning campaign by the earliest avenues because they pulled into town and worked the city for months at a time in fact my predecessor here each of us Richards he used to go into a city in prison for 100 nights in a row without a break so the 5 week series is really a lightning campaign and people were skeptical that you could produce results in that short of a time. Now we tend in our day and age to place a lot of emphasis on what happens in those 5 weeks even though public preaching those 5 weeks that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we're supposed to do and we try to reach is today we tend to judge individual strictly on the number of baptisms that they produce in 303540 days in we judge an evangelist sometimes even when we get nothing to support them and we treated it like a spectator an event instead of just one small piece of the evangelist excited that all of us are responsible for so sometimes I think we put too much stock in numbers and I also want to tell you this the moment is coming when you and I will get no more results we won't it's not going to produce any more baptisms but we're going to have to keep doing this work anyway because you can search the Bible cover to cover and you'll never find God saying You're only supposed to preach the message if you get results I mean listen folks know a preach for 120 years and at the end of the day he only had his own kids his own family on that arc and you and I both know that if he had stopped preaching for lack of results he would have been sinning against God. So we're on the hook whether there's a result or not this is what we're supposed to be doing all by themselves numbers are not an indication that something is wrong or something is right but back in 1909 the numbers absolutely were an indication that something was wrong and we know that because that when White said so and she pinpointed things like our love of institutionalism and our love a theological debate to some of the primary causes of our failure we were distracted and she told the Brethren would you please get back to work now this is when we get one of the most incredible stories and have an ist history a.g. Daniels b. in response to Ellen White's command go out there and do more of angels and he planned a great big conference a 5 day meeting to deliberate the problem of evangelism in the cities in the diminishing returns and in planning those 5 days of meetings he figured me in my work is the right we're going to have a big convention another committee and my work here is done after he made those plans certain on what would be pleased with them of course he got on a train and he went to go visit Ellen White in Elma save he was sure she'd be delighted with what he had done but when he got there if you can imagine this when he got there she wouldn't come to the door and she wouldn't let him in the house this is the g.c. president and she wouldn't let him in why because he still wasn't doing what God told us to do he wasn't doing eventually and he was talking about it but he wasn't doing it and so with his tail between his legs a.j. Daniels experienced a moment of divine reset and he went back to his home and actually started doing it in jail ism and that led to one of the biggest periods of church growth in the history of this entire movement which goes to prove something when something is wrong with our mission when something is wrong with the church. There's a pretty good chance it's not because the culture of the world has changed I know we love to blame the post-modern the millennial Zz now it's not going Corley because the world has changed human nature at its core has remained the same regardless of culture it's not because the culture has changed now it's because the culture of the church has changed so let me ask you this because this is really the point that I'm driving at today before I run out of time personally I'm not convinced that this crisis is the coded thing is the final crisis even though it's far from finished in who knows where this is going to go I mean we're watching our liberties being eroded by the minute and I've had a few surprises in recent days through this whole thing I don't know where it's going to go I'm not convinced yet we're looking at Revelation 13 Not yet but what if this is the moment God sends us packing like a g. Daniels because we're not doing what he has to stay do. But if this is our moment for a big reset because of recent months we've already experienced this like a practice run we've already experienced what it's like to lose our ability to meet in public and we're watching our financial resources even operate in some parts of the world I understand givings already dropped by about 40 percent we've been locked in our homes and we've had opportunities to examine our hearts and listen for the voice of God Spirit what if this is our last chance to get it right to focus on the one thing God asked us to do take a look at your neighbors right now the crisis is changing your neighbors neighborhoods are starting to become neighborhoods again I mean my neighborhood has changed people are actually thinking about each other people are putting these teddy bears in the windows so that the kids who can't go play with other kids have something to do as they walk down the sidewalk with their parents they can count the teddy bears people or change my neighbors are discovering what's really important in their lives what a shame. If the reman church doesn't do the same thing right now remember the only reason for this movement there's only one God raised up the 7th they have a history for one thing only this isn't testimonies Volume 9 This is page 19 they speak in the 7th they have of us. They have been given a work of the most solemn import the proclamation of the 1st 2nd and 3rd Angel's messages there is no other work of so great importance they are to allow nothing else to absorb the retention people are changing the beginning notes from people in social media people I've heard from in more than 30 years I got to know to day what does the Bible say about what's going on is there anything here about the market of the state what what is it that we're supposed to be learning and I came just today from people that didn't have a religious bone in their bodies just 2 weeks ago and I got this one from somebody hadn't heard from since high school 30 I want to tell you how many years she heard that I was now a believer and she sent me this now here's what she said Hi Xan So now that I have way too much time on my hands these days and with what is going on in the world I I wonder if you have any reference to the current situation I have wondered in trying to think of the messages or lessons I need to take away from this is this mother nature's reset thinning the herd and you were due for some sort of positive lives this it's everyone I have so many of the thoughts about it I tend to dig deep was stuff like this just wondering your perspective from a biblical sense no one in the case not one indication of interest in Scripture till now personal She writes time to reflect to move forward what do you think are we being punished do you think your neighbors are thinking about and talking about right yeah. They're sensing it's not business as usual they're sensing some kind of big reset on this planet and it's changing them and it's making them more interested in what we have to offer than any generation that has ever come before even up till now Evangelists the audiences I have discovered are bigger than they have been in the past and far more responsive I have watched audiences in the last few years get up out of their seats and start an older call on me hoping there would be an opportunity to make a decision basically saying would you that's enough preacher just stop or you will join the 7th Day Adventist Church that was before this crisis and now I'm getting unsolicited letters from people saying what does the Bible say it's changing your neighbors is it going to change us are we going to let it reset our agenda and our priorities I don't know about you I don't want to miss this opportunity I've spent a lot of hours in the quiet of the night reexamining my heart trying to say Lord what's next I'm ready for what's coming I want to be found faithful and I want to light up the whole world with the glory of Christ let's pray Father in heaven give us new eyes to see the world right now the way that you look at it to hear the cries of people around us and to share with them the Good News of the salvation of Jesus Christ in with our courage racing in our hearts we will go and speak to someone and tell them what we know for we prayed in Jesus' name amen. Or with. A woman Christ or. Mother who preaches bomb. My life my sister my mum the squalling girls stolen the song Little girl on the. Little. Stone would hide. When the feet to fall or with. My comfort chose my old home alone the. Love all of. Us was. One of the good will bring in. The 1st song or listening to conference live she told us of God or the serpent living with she's older and. It's just. For the by the one changing. To our last quarter mangled bodies along the way. Your one of us. Old. On i hope was a farewell at the heart. Or are. Gone. A. Forewarning. Good. News Club. And the love of your above. Board was. Well. Known. Since Kurz was a students group. For. The rush was. Nice. To. Know. This is the. Key form of slews to. Just. Live Jesus the man's Madera still. No luck. To. Hold. Up the love. Of God. What a blessing we have had this morning from Sean's message to Yvonne song what a blessing God is good I want you out there to know and I'm sure your hearts a bursting with excitement for the Gospel Shawn let us in a very heart searching sermon and we at the desk my co-hosts and I have been almost jumping out of our seats just praising the Lord this is a message for our time and we all have something we want to share with the use much more time but unfortunately we will not be able to but I want to read a quote the quote is this is taken from evangelism page 696 we may have to remain here in this world because of insubordination many more years as did the children of Israel but for Christ's sake his people should not add sin to sin by charging Garge with the consequences of their own wrong course of action Mark sound of all talked about cause and effect and so these 2 come together and so I'd like my co-host as we've thought about this we have several questions that we want the audience to think about and my co-host to think about and. Sean brought these out he says What will God have or 2 should learn at this moment what if it is our last chance to get it right. How would you answer that question Patty I won't put you on the spot but also full and I know you've got some that you'd like to give Well I've been thinking about that this coded situation is something we all say is unprecedented in our lifetime and maybe in the history of the world because the whole world has been connected and what's happening here and as we rapidly experience the diminishing of our personal freedoms it can't help but make us wonder what's ahead what's coming in our world and I really appreciated Sean's emphasis on what is God wanting to teach us right now and I think he's given us a precious opportunity a window into what's coming with the challenges but also an opportunity to get to know Jesus to spend time in the word he's removed every distraction our lives except one which is our phones and he gave us the thing that we use the most in spades so that's what we still have but I think it's a wonderful opportunity right now to prepare for what's coming the minute Thank you Patty Rodney here with us what you know again my heart is just so full of so many things that I would love to share but the one thing that really struck my heart directly was that God wants us to slow down and listen I'm reminded you know it says in Psalms be still and know that I am God and in the world where we're often so busy and clamoring for this and that in the other thing just to slow down and care for people that's one thing that I hope the church can really learn I fear that there can be people who are slipping between the cracks so to speak and I believe it's a call for us as a 7th day had with a church to really understand the value of church and it's not just a building church it is a community yes. And I just also want to add that when God gave us a message he meant for us to actually listen and act upon it and that message was given to us in our history because God wanted to have an end time people who would reflect his character or emphasis on health diet and the gospel is not accidental God wants to get to us through our minds we had the members in action on healing of the mind it's his desire that or bodies will be healed all minds will be healed and so that's why our team came up with a pledge a commitment and so I want at this time Ronnie to to give us again that information how we can can access this again we want to encourage those of you who have been watching with us to really take it seriously that we have been called to take the 3 angels messages to the world and we've seen a beautiful blend of health and gospel presentations we want to encourage you again to engage with us in a deep thoughtful study of the book ministry feeling so please take out your phone at this point text us 5863 to text the word a.s.i. health and we will reply to that message and you will be blessed. Can I please take a certain prayer I I'm going to invite you to join in prayer with me kind and loving father we're so Verd and thrilled at the same time by the Times in which we live and we pray that Jesus will draw close to each one and that we will have him in our hearts in Jesus' name mean and.


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