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ASI Spring Chapter Conference - Friday Evening

Mark Finley Lyndi Schwartz Steve Dickman Barbara Taylor Rodney Bowes Joy Kauffman
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  • May 22, 2020
    5:15 PM
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We are in our My only driven leader said connecting lay ministries and business people to share price in the market in support of the mission of the 7th Day Adventist Church. As we began the Sabbath hours together it is my privilege to welcome you to the a.s.i. spring convention streaming live on a 3 on 3 a.b.n. and on the website it's my privilege to greet each of you and I've been asked to share briefly personally what means to me for me has become a global loving functional family in fact while I was in college I had the privilege of hearing the voice of God who directed me to Isaiah 58 since then I've had a passionate concern for the poor and for helping them understand ways to improve their health and well being at times this calling has felt quite lonely in 2015 I became a baptized member of the 7th Day Adventist Church and it wasn't until I attended my 1st a.s.i. convention in 2017 that I realized there was hundreds of other people with similar callings on their lives that had started ministries others that were in businesses and had a passionate calling through the marketplace of how to share Christ to gather this functional family is working to fulfill the calling in each and every person's life that is involved. In 2018 I had the privilege of going to Nairobi Kenya where I met our very own secretary and treasurer Philip about teased at the convention it was a beautiful reminder that we are also a global family of faith and that all of us have gifts to bring personally is I has helped me to fulfill the Lord's calling on my life through mentorship and friendship and also the financial gifts as I has helped the ministry that I leave farms to to be able to grow into 4 countries already also personally it has helped me to develop as a leader and to develop spiritually I invite each and every one of you to be part of the essay family if you've already been with us for years we welcome you home and we invite you to spend the evening with us I'd like to read one quote just to share all who would receive Christ by faith we're united to him by a tie closer than that of human kinship they would become one with him as he was one with the father Steve what does as I mean to you Joy Thank you for asking and what a blessing it is to be here with what I call my family you know I've been involved with for many years and God has blessed by challenging me so many times to get out of my comfort zone to do things I would not normally do to engage in activities and go on missions and and work for him in ways that if I were by myself I might be afraid to do listening friend maybe you're tonight going to hear about for the 1st time. If that's true I hope that you too will receive a challenge and that you'll think about what God may be calling you to do as you watch tonight pray and ask God to show you what he's asking you to do tonight we're going to be blessed by our secretary treasurer Philip Baptist he is isolated you might say at this point because of this pandemic or in but Philip is going to just say a few words of welcome and pray for us tonight Philip greeting they have size family and such a pleasure and privilege to be with you and so glad that I could come and just join you in this virtual experience I'm actually home in Maryland were on lockdown Well Steve I've been enjoying every bit of this awesome virtual event from the speakers to the music and especially the members an action I've been so inspired by the stories of lives being transformed for Christ then business people and ministry people using their gifts and talents to engage in our mission of sharing Christ in the marketplace and I can't wait to hear Mark Finley tonight I'm really looking forward to that and our world church president at Will's that tomorrow morning so thank you for this opportunity and I'll be happy to pray for us as we began this evening's program Let us pray Father God we're so thankful for your love and your blessings we want to pray that your Holy Spirit will descend on and copious showers fill us with your presence is evening and as we hear your word may our lives be transformed in May we be energized to say what can I do to make even bigger difference for you so how hasten the soon coming of Jesus we thank you for this evening bless our program to night and you this name we pray a. Lane on. The. Moon or world. War or. I got. The whole New Moon. You're. Yes although the 1st almost. 9. To. Noon. Stole with me were the who seemed a boy. Or a little boy in the World War Oman with a bomb in Wayne Rooney who died in the mid eighty's to talk with. Being a room with your war or Nicole with your warning me the honor or with shame. Or are. Born I get on the herding your world. Order with him in the with whom I will move bold in the Toronto with the old in the 2000 in the mood for ur name with the with Moon Moon mom moon financing or. The poor me. Moving. Forward. On the little of the. Little. 1. 100. New Orleans Saints with the you're. At the. I. Then in our room. Thank you Denise for that beautiful number it is one of my favorite songs actually and Shah Shalom to the s. i family we want to welcome you again to this incredible program God has blessed and I hope you've been able to participate via whatever platform the blessings that we've also received this is a virtual conference and although it's virtual It's easily recognizable one of the most important things I believe that a.s.i. is famous for is the members in action session and tonight for the 1st one we're going to look at a ministry that Nolen Edwards and his wife are engaged in in Kentucky it's called the River Red River outpost it's give me a lifestyle center they'll be producing delicious food and well you know they can tell you all about it so let's look at this members in action. Their 3 books has inspired Red River 1st one I want to see with the medicine got beautiful for this book she has a miraculous story of how God raised that God inspired model school the international ear by some and again and then I want to share this book by Robert Pierson called miracles happen every day and share stories of the stories of how God raised a very institutions all around the world you have why would you Pines in Valley we more live in Spring. But today we want to share a modern day miracle a father God raised the red river wellness in training center and we pray that our story inspires you as other stories has inspired us well Red River is a Missionary Training School located in Stanton Kentucky you know a few years ago my wife and I we were praying in 2009 s. and God to open up a way for us to do ministry and he took away our jobs and we went faith based into a self-supporting endeavor and then he began to show us about medical missionary work he began to show us about canvassing he began to show us by agriculture and how these are to be combined on the one umbrella and utilize this as a means of taking a gospel to the world sanitarium work and then my wife and I begin to realize that this is a very work that our now because we had left our well supported careers and put all into the work we realized that we did not have the resources to develop such an institution so for us it began on our knees too much prayer and an earnest It's just asking God please all we want you to prepare a way for us to be able to carry out such a ministry and then we ran across this book no medical ministry and in faith related this book you know it shares some inspiring promises and I don't need to get the point of this book and say look we want to claim these promises and it talks about how we should have a location outside of city with a water source with a land for agriculture with a sanitarium just outside a large cities with a smidgen of influence in the cities and as we began to pray we realize one particular paragraph stood out to us it says either as a gift from the owners or at low cost and we began to pray that because we lack the resources because we've given all into the work we said Lord we need to clean this promises we needed to be a gift from the owner So what happened is we put in a proposal and the proposals accepted by the person that we're looking to rent this facility from and then he lit it came back and said This is exactly why we built this property and we're going to give it to you as a gift from the owners and we're just praising God and it's rejoicing because it was truly a modern day miracle. There's a lot of wonderful things happening right now our ultimate goal is to become self-supporting we have quite a few things that we've started up already and we've already started a lamp in this tree like a light fixture in this tree and we already started selling that on Etsy we already started our agriculture program with micro greens and we're growing our entire fields we've been doing cameras and programs have been done by the work we have been linked with our local conference in our local church and we have become the evangelistic arm for the church so we've been there a lot of wonderful things in the area we thought our bread making industry and we are just located in a little location in our local city there where we want to carry out our food factory we want to carry our bread making a sort of Philip deli So there's a lot of a mournful things taking place there and we're also going to sort of i.t.c. outreach program there as well the goal in everything that we do is vandalism evangelism and eventually the plan for the future at Red River wellness and training center is we need to build our facilities we have a lot of good things and good endeavors that we have planned for the future we have some wonderful staff that has come from all around the world and we're blessed to have them there with us but the problem is right now we only have one large location we have 810000 square foot house and we do have some other smaller houses but all of our facilities are occupied now and it leaves little room for expansion so we want to open up our sanitarium which requires more structures because the building as they are now is constructed to be a sanitarium but because it's fully occupied by our staff we don't have any room so our main issue now is that we need housing so that our staff to occupy in our current sanitary me after you own housing so that we can open up the sanitarium now for our community so that there can be a means of resource and in everything that we do and we have 3 goals in mind number one it should be educational number 2 should be evangelistic And number 3 it should be profitable so those are the 3 things that we have all of my institutions and our Senate plan is one of the main means of being evangelist Dick being educational and also bringing in resources so. We really need facilities right now that we can power have a space walk our faculty so that we can carry out all the blessings in the plans that God has for us here and Reverend we have quite a few wonderful things that were donated by God's grace that is such a rich blessing because it is a $10000.00 square foot house that was donated with 10 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms it has a gymnasium with that was fully equipped we had towels in juicers in beddings and furniture has a 4 car garage slash workshop it has a barn a tractor bulldozer was also donated has already a greenhouse with all the equipment to carry out agriculture program. It is such a rich blessing that God has provided all the thing for us miraculously has its own water source which is mentioned in this book it has one of things that I didn't expect it actually has it's own natural gas so we have no gas bill we have no water bill the only bill that we have currently Selectric and once we get some kind of alternative energy then we don't have any bills at all so God has us rich to bless us and we feel so blessed that we are part of God's modern day miracle and we pray and trust that our story main spar you as I mentioned as well the story has inspired us here at Red River So what do we need from you as we see that we're trying to carry out the ministry of Christ in these last thing we want to expand our standards and we want to expand our operation we have staff that we need to compensate and obviously they carry out these functions it requires resources. And as you look at how God built the sanctuary. He could've just said let there be a sanctuary but that's not what he did he actually appealed to the people in that time to provide the resources that were necessary to build that sanctuary and the blessing is Moses actually had to put a halt to those that were bringing gifts because Moses it was too much so what am I saying we need your help we need resources we need finances we need people to come and help us to build and I pray that you briefly considered how you can go ahead and help this ministry financially we cannot do without you let's partner together part of Christ and make sure that we're doing our part in this final closing work of this earth's history. Great ministry there in Kentucky Red River outpost centers as I walked on their property I thought it's amazing what God is getting ready to do here and you know as part of what we're doing here this weekend there is going to be some project offering that will be receiving on Sabbath morning I want you to begin to pray now about how God might lead you to support some of these ministries we'll have a website up we'll be talking more about that tomorrow but just pray about that because some of these ministries are in need of support that can help them to take the next step to the next level and how God is leading them you know it's it's just a blessing there are Next members in action story is from a group called naps and it's an amazing ministry that they have all over the world where they're ministering to people who are some of the least of these I invite you to watch now and be compassionate as you see this video. Knapp's the National Association for the Prevention of starvation and that's both spiritual and physical. Has taken this global ministry to places other spirits to go and present the Word of God in a way that they will receive right now you are going to see a powerful testimony from our mission to Madagascar where our board certified medical director led a team of trained medical missionaries as they shared God's love. And planning for late constantly pushing for 4 years and she was it you know it you know when she came it was raw it was open and there was all kind of mucus in bacteria so we did hydrate their treatments with the contrast back and then we wrapped it in a charcoal cultist and we did 2 or 3 treatments and after that we prayed and her legs healed and she said it no longer itches and so we've been giving all our praise and glory to God and praises the Lord because she knows that God has healed her and she said she loves him very much. And I want. To win. Everything. So we pray for her soul to be. A little baby who is about 10 weeks old and the grandma actually brought the baby to the clinic complaining that she so scared because after the baby is breast fed the baby bomb is that food and so we told her about God who she didn't know about God none of her family did and we said we're going to pray to God that great Creator who is the only one who can kill her and then the mom came and found us in our village the next day and said the baby is no longer throwing up the baby speeding while he thank you so much can you guys please come and pray in my home so we went in prayed in her home and currently we've been doing Bible studies with her and she's been getting everyone around her village so the last Bible study we did there. 19 people in the home in which we did Bible study and they're so interested on fire they come out to the Vangelis to meetings and we know this is just going to be the beginning of something great to come so we praise the Lord British using us to be able to bring his works at that. Moment with a much. Older time. The. Load that your family will show you how even. The old was. Not. Out. There are more people that are traveling the long distance the 2 day travel to try to seek medical attention here if we have to we're going to be well tomorrow parroted promise that I would go across the river to the villages over on the hills because they're wanting medical care of him so we are going to travel there just one mother and son but her child to see and the witch doctor had placed all of these charms and stuff on the child and we asked her why and she said I was desperate my child was sick I had nowhere else to go and so they go to the witch doctor and there you have their souls being sold out to the devil. It's very hard because I'm the only physician and a lot of these people need help and they travel on days to get here. I can't see that thank. You so we need more physicians to come out here to fill. Said I don't have to turn away. From. Basically there can't be everywhere at work some person. So we need more physicians sometimes it's not just to help this company this direction we want the force of. This. School. I'm Marlo and I'm working with maps and our medical evangelism students here in the blacked out area of Alabama and Mississippi and unfortunately the poverty that we have seen here is just as great as what you've just seen in the video there are many people who want to come and join the team and help push this work further but unfortunately we've had to put our applications on hold because we do not have enough housing. But we are praying and trusting and that he will provide us with all we need to be able to build these dormitories and even more so than us God wants this work to be finished so he can come and take us home. What an incredible ministry just looking at those children brings tears to my eyes and this ministry I believe is the kind of wood that God has called the family to and we're really proud of these young people as they minister to the least of these in society in the States and abroad I believe that they do need our help. Additionally I think this ministry demonstrates something very important that we've been doing here today and discovering that the 3rd interest message must be tied to the right the Gospel and the Ministry of healing tied together so I'm very proud and pleased with the wood that is doing and just even the title you know the National Association for sausage and for the Prevention of stuff vision both spiritual and physical stuff vision so this is really what members an action is all about and joy you have some thoughts as well about this yeah it is heart wrenching to see the pictures of those children and to know that one in St children in many parts of the world sub-Saharan Africa Southeast Asia are severely malnourished and we're so glad that there are ministries light now and also like the picture rolls which are coming up next there are equipping our family a face with not only the spiritual doctrines but also the health message the picture rolls are very exciting and I have actually personally taken to one to Uganda and went to South Sudan but there are thousands and so we're going to be hearing from Rodney bows and also our leader remind me of her name Barbara Taylor Barbara Taylor who are leading this effort with the picture olds we're thrilled and they are going to share a message that will be very meaningful to you good evening Barbara I'm so glad that we could be together this evening I wanted to give you the time to share about your experience with new beginnings Thank you Thank you Rodney I'm so excited to be able to share the project of new beginnings new beginnings is probably one of the most outstanding successful so winning projects around the world. Many times many years ago evangelists would travel all over the world and they would hold evangelistic meetings they would go to different countries and they would baptize maybe 10152100 people and after one year they discovered oh they only had a few people that they had that ties that were still remaining in the church and they decided that they had to do something to keep the people grounded in the message and and a participant in sharing the gospel message in 2000 to Mark Finley joining with the members of a.s.i. Denso Nick Naylor and other board members and they decided what would happen if we trained the lay men and women of the church to share the Bible lessons in small groups and that's how they developed the program the new beginnings now new beginnings has been and successful around the world and many many many countries and once they started with a small groups they decided to go through training and they train all the different areas of the world and they when they train they set up teams of 4 people now the 4 people where the team leader who is the main speaker the assistant speaker a technician and then of course they had a poster a hostess who hosted the meetings in their home the 1st week teams of 4 people they would start out with a list of 10 names now maybe those 10 names might have been a family member a relative a work associate somebody in their community somebody that they had a burden on their heart to bring to the message and they would take those 10 names and they would pray earnestly over those 10 names for the 1st week then after the 1st week they would all get together and they would share their names and now they had 40 names and when they had the 40 names. They would pray earnestly for the Holy Spirit to impress upon the people the urgency of knowing about the good news of the 3 angels message after the 2nd week they started setting up their teams and they went to invite people from their list of names that they had and they would normally come in with maybe anywhere from $8.00 to $10.00 to $12.00 people that would respond positively to come to the home and study the Bible once they started studying the Bible the people that got involved were so enthused and so excited about what they were learning and they felt that they were being nurtured in they were being part of a family of Christ they also became very involved as soon as those people were baptized they couldn't wait to go out and share the message with others and as the small group started all over the world and they were again beginning with the newly converted people the newly converted people who were a part of the new team because once they were baptized they were on fire for the Lord they couldn't wait to let their family and their friends and their work associates and people in their community they wanted to let them know about what was happening with the good news of the 3 angels message so they would be part of the next team now maybe they were a technician or maybe they were host or a hostess but they were involved and they became more and more grounded and the message if you want to get grounded in the message you need to start a small group home Bible study the New Beginnings program is developed primarily for small groups but it's also for anyone that wants to hold an eventually istic meeting or for anyone that wants to share the Bible with others the new beginning to this just recently been updated and Rodney will. Be telling you about that to you so you can hear about what we're doing now and updating the Grex we're affix and also the lessons this new beginnings program has been such a blessing to so many people and thousands and thousands and tens of thousands of people have been baptized as a result of the new beginning small group home Bible studies in South America alone there are 90000 small group home Bible studies 90000 Just think of that that's such a wonderful wonderful thing and we need to know that as we get closer and closer to the end of time this is so vital that we have small group. Small group home Bible studies this is an opportunity you know as we get closer and closer to the end of time this is the only chance that we're going to have to share the message with others is in small group Sister White tells us that she saw envision that small groups will be vital in sharing the anti message I'd like to share with your just a couple of testimonies I have traveled all over the world and I have trained tens of thousands of team leaders to go back to their churches and set up their small groups and I can't tell you I get so excited about sharing I can't wait to share their training with others but I want to share with you the very 1st training that ever took place was in the country of Moldova now that year Moldova had a 2 percent that tism a rate Well they came and they were going to do the training that we can and wouldn't you know a Siberian Clipper came and they have a minus 36 degree Celsius and they thought there is no way these people have to walk from a very great distance to get to the church and it was so so cold and they didn't expect anyone to show up for the training well the net. Today much to their surprise the church was packed they had over 1200 people that came to the meetings and these people sat in the training all day and they were so excited and so maybe motivated they went home and they formed their small groups and after their small groups they started studying the Bible together and the next year they had a 14 percent growth in their church. Baptismal growth now isn't that amazing when we love to have 14 percent growth in our churches each year that was such a blessing I also want to share with you when I went to Bolivia. We were in Cochabamba we trained over 2700 people they came from a great great distance to be trained and they came 24 hours some of them just to come to the training but there was a general there and this general was the top general of Bolivia he was 2nd only to the president of Bolivia and his wife and 2 children they had been baptized through small group home Bible studies and every Sabbath they would come to their what they call Papa and the little girls would say oh pop up to me please won't you come to church with us and each a note and he March off and he would go to work and then every week they would pray and pray and every single Sabbath they would plead with their pop up please papa please come to church but no he would March off and he would go to his office again after about 2 years of urgent sincere prayer the little the smallest little girl said to her papa she said Papa please won't you come to church with us. Oh Ok I will so sure enough he went to church he listened and he eventually became a 7th Day Adventist and the next year he set up small group home Bible studies and they had 27 baptisms and he invited all the top people from the government to come to his small group home Bible studies and he was so excited he said Next year I'm going to have 3 different small group poem Bible studies throughout the year and this is just one of the many many testimonies that I have to share I wish I could share them all with you but God is working and marvelous ways he is winning when many souls to his kingdom and these small groups are so vital because we need to hold small groups in our churches and every single one of our training needs to be done in the churches in our countries around the world and each and everyone needs to find a team that they can bring together in their church and they can start small group home Bible studies and I can assure you the results one soul wanted God's Kingdom is worth all the blessings of the world we can never count the joy that each person receives when they have one person that gives their life to Jesus the 3 angels message is going out to the world and we need to be a part of it and share the love and the joy and the happiness of Jesus thank you so much thank you so much for sharing with us Barbara those were stories were so inspiring I could have listened to them for an hour for sure they're just incredible what God is doing and I wanted to share just a little bit at this time what our new new beginnings is going to look like I hope and pray that each of you have an opportunity to use them very soon so some of you might have used the old or new beginnings. Slides and they were in a 4 by 3 format and the format is a little bit dated at this time so we have a new format I wanted to show you you can see here the next slide shows us the beautiful new imagery of using the creation grid outline that our 7th Day Adventist Church is using you can see the 7th Day Adventists logo there on the right side for places that might not be as. Except the bow for that logo you can use it without the logo so it's going to be a really powerful thing we also have the same format that many of you are familiar with. Showing the slide and then the sermon notes right next to them is going to be very easy to use and what I really want to highlight is the graphics I am so excited we are working together with the Justinian group and they are doing a fantastic job and refreshing the graphics here is a picture of the older graphics and here is a picture of the new one and it is just a so fresh and so powerful you can see that want to show the pandemic that we are currently under and we know that these graphics are going to really touch people's lives I'd like to tell you a little bit about the other part of new beginnings new beginnings has a sister project and that is the picture rolls the picture rolls were developed because there were many areas of the world that do not have electricity some of you will recall several years ago we did what's called the total member involvement project in Rwanda and it was amazing the amount of meetings that were happening was truly incredible hundreds of thousands of people were coming to the meetings and we had one of the largest baptisms that ever occurred in the 7th Day Adventist church but many of those meetings did not have any kind of graphic support they did not have electricity and no projectors and evangelists simply stood up and read a script and we said what can we do to help people like that so we decided a little group got together and we said we need to make a picture roll that is going to illustrate the New Beginnings sermons all 26 of them in a powerful way so I want to show you just a few pictures from the picture roll project. The picture all project is very powerful focusing on the 3 Angels' messages it is all throughout you can see these picture rolls are quite large Actually there are 3 feet wide and they're in a kind of a format like a widescreen t.v. So we're trying to take these graphics to the people and let them see them we had an opportunity to get together to some of the best artwork that we have in the 7th Day Adventist Church and then we chose a company in China to produce these and these picture rolls are very special they are not your average picture roll they are made with synthetic water proof tear resistant paper and we put them inside a nearly indestructible Tube So these are going to last for a long long time so my friend and I went to China and we saw their production it was so encouraging to see that in that country where there's a lot of religious persecution and oppression that the Gospel was being produced right there in China and then being shipped all over the world we sent 7500 picture rolls around the world and I want to share with you some of the stories and show you some of the places where these picture rolls have in that up we have the 1st story is in East Africa we sent a lot of picture rolls to East Africa in East Africa we were able to use them in Ethiopia my wife and I went to Ethiopia with the t.m.i. project in Ethiopia and it was a wonderful experience to see the people's faces lighting up even though we had a microphone there was no project there are no t.v. or anything like that so I was able to. Used the picture role and it really made a great impression upon the people in Africa we have a couple of a.s.i. ministries that use these picture roles on a regular basis it's keeping to the farms and Riverside I want to share with you some stories from our pioneer Bible workers in Riverside the next picture here that you see is our team receiving the picture rolls each one of those boxes contains 2 picture roll sets and these evangelists went all throughout the country sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ sharing the 3 angels messages with people it was so encouraging Now sometimes people say well the picture role is only made for kids and while it is true that the picture role is very effective for the kids it is not only for the kids the next picture will show one of the instructors with a group of children and of course they meet under the trees as well as we had in vision and in our mind that these picture roles would be used under the trees and they have been very effective in the winning children to Jesus Christ but it's not only been kids there have also been adults that have really been blessed by seeing these picture roles and they've been used in baptism o. classes they've been used to prepare people to accept the present truth message for this time what a blessing and what they share with you a story of Mrs Well Luca Mrs Well Luca was teaching in a small village there in Africa and the kids were flocking to see the picture they didn't have television they didn't have the. Other devices to engage them and steal their attention away so as Mrs Well Lukowich sharing the kids were coming and their parents just could not keep them away there were other churches in the area but the administrators had the picture role and people really wanted to see the Gospel and it was amazing to. See how the kids were bringing their parents to the message as well what a blessing that has been another story that I want to share with you here is found in. From Craig Harding I want to read to you what he said he said between evangelism with students and our pioneer Bible workers in the field we have seen 3261 baptisms the Bible workers all have the picture roles which have helped with these results so these picture roles are on the front lines they are helping people understand the 3 angels messages there are script books they go along with it and there are health lessons so it is truly the complete message that is being presented here now let's go to South East Asia we sent 1500 of these picture rolls to a.s.a.p. ministries and here you see the by workers receiving those the next picture will show some of the pioneer missionaries getting ready to take these to Cambodia and Thailand and me and him are what a blessing it is and finally I want to share the last place is going to be in Pappu New Guinea 1500 were sent there in the original shipment and right now as we speak there is another 1500 that is on the way and the stories that are coming back from pop to New Guinea are amazing God is doing incredible things please continue to pray as these new beginnings resources touch the lives of men and women all around the world God is so good. Thank you so much Rodney I'm Barbara for that wonderful report about what God is doing using the new beginnings program the picture roles and all of those tools that a.s.i. has. Been a part of in supplying to the lay people of the world to help get this good news to the world tonight we have a very special feature we have Dan Houghton and Mark Finley on Skype with us live tonight and then it wasn't long ago in fact it was just a couple of years ago we were on stage at a.s.i. together and tell us about that project and what's happening now. Thank you Steve it was almost 2 years ago when we were in Orlando and we were talking about the the desire to place the pictures of the 3 angels the posters we had created in all the schools in North America all the the I going to classrooms and in fact if we can have the go ahead and run the 1st the 1st light for me we'll go through some of these slides the 3 angels message project which we have been working on for 2 years a little over 2 years and act began at that time when we were talking there Steve and that was to put these posters and all of the admin is classrooms and yes that happened right after that it's like conventional been going in at the 1st light up if the guys can go ahead and put that there we go Ok this was our 3 angels message project and go on to the next slide and that was the 3 angels artwork posters bridges classrooms in the go ahead to the next slide there if you will these 4 posters were created and they were actually introduced at the a.s.i. convention and then they were actually exposed to all of our teachers at the teacher's convention in Chicago just a week later and we were glad to be able to have that happen with the next slide if you will we put 2800 sets of these posters in in the classrooms in North America not all classrooms have them in but we've had such fantastic responses from all those classrooms in the course the next step that we wanted to do and you can go to the next slide was to develop a curriculum and I want you to say I'm not going to talk about the curriculum right now tomorrow we will do that but we also decided that we needed to do some other things and so we go to the next slide. Or if our objective was to empower kids or adults to share the 3 meals messages and we talked about the experiences of of new beginnings and one of the ways this whole thing started was that our friend Rusty McKeon backed Steve when you and I were on a stage together a rusty and myself and Mark were with you all 4 of us and how this really happened I just want to give a quick sketch and by the way Rusty McKee is watching from home tonight but Rusty was with us at that time and was with Mark and we actually talked about how this began and what happened is that Rusty was starting to raise the question in his hiking and biking all the things he does and in the community where he is for exercise he was actually. Finding out that the kids didn't know much about 3 inches messages as all that kind of led to something else and he was talking to our friend Greg Colson and 2 of them were talking about Nicole me and that's how this whole thing started and and since that time $2800.00 classrooms have Reus we have a curriculum and process but we said we need a proclamation element of this and so I would like just to quickly go to the next slide we developed. As a 13 part series on the 300 messages next slide let's keep moving through these quickly we wanted to match up to establish who were the least so they could be used for small groups or a short revival series or even the bands list experience and our goal is to revive an interest in our admin is the in name the 3 Angels' messages and more could be talking about that here in just a minute we want our members to make it their own to be able to share it and you know we're been Lee began to work on these new sermons in the month of August 200-1000 he wrote 13 new sermons will talk to him about in just a minute but in the production the sermon videos came together right there it's really angels broadcasting we did this in March just before the nation kind of shut down and we were very impressed with how that happened and by the way we do. A beautiful partnership with 3 a.b.n. and it's a heart Research Center 3 of you and project and we're very very pleased that that right now I'd like to have you play just a quick short. Video so you can get a little bit of experience about what the series is. Is there a point of a dented t. for God's people today there is the Book of Revelation the 3 angels messages are our Shema there are rallying point they had benefit by a community of believers that God has raised up in the divine drama of destiny to prepare a world for the 2nd coming of Christ in the book of a Angeles on page $119.00 I read this statement in a special sense 7th Day Adventists have been set in the world as watchman and light bearers to them has been intrusted the last warning for a perishing world on them is shining wonderful light from the Word of God Now you may be a 7th Day Adventist watching this broadcast watching this d.v.d. And if you are I want to undergird this reality that the message of the 3 angels is not simply something that is tacked on to Adventist faith but it's the very foundation if you are not a 7th Day Adventist I invite you to journey with us I invite you to walk with me as we go through these messages and there's only one daddy in the world that's preaching the 3 engines messages and that's a 7th heaven a church God raised up the advantage which miraculously 7th Day Adventists believe that there is Christians in every denomination Adventists believe that there is a loving God fearing people in every religious communion but we also believe that in the divine drama of destiny in the providence of God humbly we believe that God has raised up a movement to prepare a world for his soon coming and the a dent effect cation of that movement comes in this Revelation Chapter 14 verse 6 to 12 these are some of the most significant verses in all the Bible and they clearly a dent if I God's last 8 people today so let's walk through these verses together let's study them together and discover what they say. In this book of angels on page 119 that statement goes on they Adventists have been given a work of the most solemn import the proclamation of the 1st 2nd and 3rd angels message is these 3 cosmic messages there is no other work of so great importance they are not to allow anything else to absorb their attention there are nothing else to absorb their attention I just want to say that working with 3 inches Broadcasting Network is awesome is the coproduction with their recruits rolled with theirs and I just want to say we're going to skip the next there will slides because I want to cure Morgan I have time but we are launching the grand premiere of this will actually take place June the 6th little Stuart with 3 angels Broadcasting Network a pretty good up and it will also be on hope channel 3 angels Broadcasting Network full live 360 people hyped all summer long so Mark I want to move right directly to a conversation you know what did you have in mind when you're comparing the sermons were Jan when I prepared the sermons I was really struck with the fact that the 3 angels messages speak with the relevance to this generation I want to produce sermons that were Grace field filled with the love of Christ but there were faithful to the text that met the questions of this generation pointing out that ad finessed the dentity finds itself in its heart its roots in Revelation $146.00 to $12.00 you know I spent about 100 hours studying and produced 13 sermons on those just 6 verses in the Book of Revelation and I discovered as I studied more deeply that these messages speak to the heart of this generation at this time and the it dent if I who we are as a people. No Mark after that 100 hours what did you sense you know as you were writing in The Could you since the Spirit of God working in you there were many times as I was writing the sermons that I simply bowed my head over my Bible and thanked God for the insights that he was giving me there are other times that I struggled with the text consider or I want to make this is plain as possible so that pastors so that laypeople can preach these messages and so we prepare the sermons word for word we correlated them with the graphics and they can be used in revival series in local churches they can be used by Pastor is you know Vangelis to meetings in just a variety of ways stand not Mark List is go to this point what role do you see the Greenhills message playing in that in time of bins that are there right up on. You know I read it a very fascinating statement recently that I wasn't as familiar with it comes from the review and herald October 13th 1904 and Ellen White makes this observation we have received the light of the 3 Angels' messages and now we need to come decidedly to the front and take our position on the side of truth the 14th chapter of Revelation is a chapter of deepest interest this scripture will soon be understood in all its bearings and the messages given to John the Revelator will be repeated with distinct utterance that is a key statement for me that the messages of the 3 in Jos will be repeated with distinct utterance to me that is saying that in the last days of 1st history the grace field Christ centered life transformational messages of the 3 angels will move the world when you look at the judgment in the why do the 3 Angelus messages you see a God of justice when you look at the Sabbath in the light of the 3 angels message if you understand the coming crisis over the mark of the beast in the law of go on when you look at for example giving Gore to God in the light of the judgment you hear a call to self lessness in an age of self centeredness and so when you begin to look at the 3 angels messages with those eyes you see that it's God's message today that you go to the end of the earth to light this world with the glory of God. Amen Mark thank you so much to and I just want to say if we can go ahead and bring you the last picture of the 2nd coming we just want to say why are we doing this it's really simple we're doing this because we want Jesus to come and we want every admin is to get in the world is that each year Steve thank you so much Dan And Mark for that amazing report about what God has been doing in preparing this message for us and tonight we're going to be privileged to hear our next presentation that's been recorded for us ahead of time we're going to be privileged to hear elder Mark Finley and thank you so much all the family for preparing this message we joined out of family now as always I'm delighted to be with our a.s.i. audience in this virtual a.s.i. meeting for over 50 years now I've been standing on the platforms of the world sharing God's last day message in the Book of Revelation but over this last year I have restudied Revelation 14 versus 6 to 12 in the entire book of Revelation in my heart beats once again with the urgency to share God's last day message in the light of the soon return of Jesus let's bar heads to pray as we launch in to the 1st of a series of messages on the significance of the 3 angels messages for today let's pray Father in heaven give us eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to comprehend the message for this hour burn into our hearts and minds a sense that you are coming and coming soon to help us to know once again that you have a message for Earth's final hour. Tucked away in the Book of Revelation that these 3 cosmic messages speak to this generation with meaning and relevance transform our lives as we study these messages in Christ's name Amen my topic for this present ation is simply this the 3 angels messages their primacy in other words their importance their purpose what's the purpose of these messages their protection how do they protect the people of God from Arizona in the last days of Earth's history their proclamation how will they be proclaimed who will proclaim them and the power of these messages messages give it by God for this generation come with me and meet some of these early Adventists that proclaimed these messages they came from widely different backgrounds they came from diverse occupations they came from distinct religious persuasions who were they they were pastors and teachers and merchants and artisans and sailors some were young others were older but they were bound together by one central truth that Jesus Christ was coming and coming sued meat for example William Miller Miller studied the Word of God and came to the distinct conclusion from the prophecies of God's word that Jesus Christ was coming and he was coming soon to the urgency of the coming of Christ burned in Miller's heart he was a farmer from low Hampton New York a deist At 1st the d.s. believe that God kind of created this world of brought it into existence and that. Then God left the world alone be kind of wound it up like a clock and let it tick they did not believe in the supernatural they did not believe that God intervened in the world with that belief Miller became discouraged depressed for Miller death was a dark hole in the ground it was a long night without a morning but as he began to study the Bible he saw the charms of the matchless love of Christ he was transformed by the grace of Christ and the cross of Christ changed his life he found forgiveness and grace and mercy but the more he studied he became to the conclusion based on the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation that Christ was coming that he would come some time at the end of the $2300.00 days prophetic days or literal years in or around it 1st he believed $843.00 then they settled on 8 $144.00 William Miller preached in schoolhouses he preached in churches he preached in tents he preached where ever he could get an audience whatever domination invited him Miller would preach he traveled incessantly for thousands of miles by horseback by carriage often in very difficult weather conditions he spent his own money received no salary for what he was doing he withdrew his savings spent on the cause of Christ why did he do it for one reason and one reason alone Miller believe that Christ was coming and there was a message to share then there was Joseph big a sea captain from New Bedford Massachusetts. Bates was prominent in the temperance movement he believed in the evils of tobacco and alcohol and for bade them actually for a time on his ships he was interested in the health message eventually became a vegetarian Bates read a track by t.m. Prebble accepted the Sabbath earlier he had accepted the preaching of William Miller and Bates was a passionate preacher of the 2nd Advent Bates eventually sold his home to put the money into printing and spreading the had been a smash hit at one time this once prosperous sea captain had only enough money can you believe it to buy 2 cups of flour Why did he make such sacrifices because he passionately believed like William Miller that Christ was coming and he was coming pseud and he had to do everything he could to prepare a world for the coming of Jesus there was Hiram Edson from Port Gibson New York Edson like the other Advent believers look forward to for Christ's coming on October 22844 when Jesus did not come and soon was deeply disappointed turned his attention back to scripture but as they studied the saying sure they recognize that the sanctuary to be client list at the end of the 2300 days based on Daniel 81422300 days the nth shelf a sanctuary because the ends Edson believed. That Jesus Christ who would come was not going to come to earth at in $844.00 but he went into the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary in judgment before he would go and sin was so passionate about that that he began to print to preach the Word of God and to make unusual sacrifices he and his wife covered together that they would sell their wedding silver and they did why did Miller and Bates and Ira meds and make such sacrifices because beating within their hearts was the desire to see Jesus come sued then there were James and Ellen White who labored incessantly for the cause of Christ believing too that Jesus was coming Sood they traveled hundreds thousands of bios often in inclement weather made unusual personal sacrifices to of their children died wanted a very young age one in as a teenager eventually James White circum to illness and side but Ellen White continued to travel continue to preach why because like William Miller like Joseph Bates like higher medicine she believed that Jesus Christ was coming soon there is something that was beating in these Advena Sky Arts there was an urgency Ellen White directed the attention of these ads to through her prophetic visions. To the reason for their existence she directed these Adventists to the fact that the only reason Adventist existed was to prepare a people for the coming of Jesus Christ there was no other reason for their existence tucked away in the Book of Revelation Ellen White directed their attention to a message that they had been studying a message from Revelation Chapter 14 vs 6 to 12 a message of 3 angels flying in mid heaven she directed their attention to that message and as early Advena studied those 3 angels messages they sensed an urgency to go to the ends of the earth to proclaim God's last day message they sensed that this message was a protection against the errors of our time the evils that would come into the church through the deceptions of Satan they sensed the significance of that expression Babylon the Great is full on. They exist they sense that God was calling a unique movement out based on the truth of His Word to prepare world for the coming of Jesus they studied that message of the 3rd angel the mark of the beast in the seal of God and began to understand the significance in the light of the mark of the beast of the Sabbath message the 1st of those messages in Revelation 14 verse 6 says this then I saw another angel flying in the middle of heaven the angel flies with an urgent message having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those that well on the earth it's the gospel and it's everlasting it's the good news that Christ has died that Christ forgives our seeds that through Jesus power we can be free from condemnation and new again that our lives can be changed it's the everlasting Gospel to God every nation kindred tongue and people it is a universal message to go to the ends of the earth the angel would say with a loud voice why with a loud voice so all the world would know and hear fear God that is obey God give glory to God What you eat and drink and what you do the obvious judgment is come we're living in special time in this earth is St worship him a made heaven earth the sea in the fountains of waters worship the creator these messages tucked away there in Revelation that are to speak with a loud voice to an end time generation have been the motivation of the administration since our inception this is what has compelled Adventists to send missionaries around the world it was in 1874 that the General Conference met in St John Andrews to Europe Ellen White called John Andrews the Abel list name and in our ranks. Why would Andrews be the able us man in our ranks and what we have are sent the able us men to a far flung mission corner of the world Europe at that time where there were no jet planes to take you to few hours we'd have to travel by boat to get there take you weeks to get there who 1st Andrus was brilliant he spoke at least 6 languages and as Andrew spoke these 6 languages he could repeat the New Testament from memory he knew most of the Old Testament by art as well John Andrews was a brilliant scholar he was a prolific writer he was a absolutely powerful powerful preacher and a very accomplished author he wrote prolifically Why would you send Andrews Why would the General Conference make the decision to send the able this person in our ranks to a place where there were just a very few Adventists where there would be countries in Europe that had no evidence in them at the time what what motivated the General Conference to send him there why would he be willing to go his wife had died a few years before. His children 2 of them would go with him he would go as a widower there and one of his children Mary his eldest daughter would die she would get pneumonia in Europe come back to the states eventual and die but what is the motivation of all that was send advocates missionaries around the world many of them who would never return there is one reason for that throughout our history Adventist have sent their brightest and best they've traveled to the ends of the earth to proclaim God's message but there have been one reason there's only one reason for that there's one purpose for that. Like William Miller like Joseph Bates like Hiram eds like James and Ellen White Jay and injuries believed that there was a message to share with the world they believe that the 7th Heaven is church was more than just another denomination more than just another church on the religious horizon they believed that this was a prophetic movement of destiny raised up by God to prepare a world for the soon coming of Jesus Christ we've sent our brightest and our best Many of them died and never came back so there are graves of evidence missionaries in Europe in Asia in Africa in turn in South America those graves testify of a people who believe that there is a message to share with the world and no sacrifice is too great to share that message Who were these who left they were pastors they were teachers they were administrator many of them were lay people their hearts beat with the urgency of Christ 2nd coming every nerve in their body poll sated with the sense that Jesus Christ is indeed coming soon this idea of the soon return of Jesus in a world that needs to be warned has sparked a flame in ads in a scar it's and men and women and boys and girls have gone to the ends of the earth at Venice believe that God is and trusted us with a last day message to share with the world what is the primacy of this message now what I mean by primacy that is how important is this message how significant is this message. The primacy of administering as it is this something simply that is on the periphery of at of the Bible is this kind of like an elective course that you can take in college that is not necessary today or is this part of the very core the very essence of like to suggest to you that the message of the 3 angels is that the very essence of God's last a message in it's at the very core of who advocates are the Book of Revelation is the Bible's last book it reveals the plans of God it on masks the plans of sated now Revelation is not merely a book of cryptic images and mystic symbols the Bible says Revelation says in Revelation Chapter one Verse one the revelation of whom of Jesus Christ were to get it God gave it to hear he then sent it by his angel to John and John wrote it down the Book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ it is a revelation of His love of His goodness of his power of His mercy of his grace in Revelation Jesus is the dying lamb in the living priest in Revelation Jesus is the one that dies for us and he is the one who lives for us throughout the book of Revelation the theme is Jesus wins and Satan loses in Revelation chapter one you have the introduction of who Jesus is he is the one that was and is and Shelby He is the one that existed from eternity he came to earth tabernacle didn't even flesh. Modeled the love of God died the death we should have died so we could live the life that he lives but he is the resurrected Christ the one that's alive he's the one it was that is the one that is coming again that's Revelation one revelation 2 and 3 the 7 churches revelation 4 and 5 the the divine Christ who is our High Priest up in heaven the one who died for us the lamb pictured up in heaven. Revelation chapters 6 and 7 you talk of talks about the 7 seals and then we follow with the 7 trumpets and then we come to Revelation Chapter 10 chapter 12 in chapter 14 infos chapters of Revelation Chapter 101214 we saw we see the prophetic rise of God's people in chapter 10 in Revelation Chapter 10 God describes his people that would rise out of disappointment just like the early Christian church was disappointed when Christ didn't come in 31 Adventists were disappointed when he didn't come in 844 just as God raised up a divine movement in New Testament Christianity filled with the spirit to go out and proclaim his message to the world so after the disappointment of $844.00 God would raise up a movement out of disappointment we find that in Revelation 10 the prophetic rise of God's people in Revelation Chapter 12 we find the a dent to find characteristics of God's people Revelation 12 1st 70 the dragon who is the dragon Satan was angry with the woman who is the woman the church he goes to make war with the rest of her offspring the New King James says the King James Version says with the remnant of her See those that remain faithful and loyal in the last days who keep the commandments of God and of the testimony of Jesus so here in Revelation Chapter 12 you have the to identifying characteristics of God Church God would raise up a divine movement in the last days. That would be charmed by the love of Christ redeemed by the grace of Christ transformed by the power of Christ and they would be so in love with Jesus so in love with Jesus that they would desire to keep the very commandments of God they would walk in the light of His truth they would live in the light of His grace they would be obedient to the light of his law God's end time people would obey Christ not out of some legal listicle requirement to earn their way to heaven but they would obey Christ because of what he had done for them he was their Creator he was their Redeemer and he was the one that kept the law up perfectly and so in commitment to him they would accept his admonition in John 14 verse 15 if you love me keep my commandments so in Revelation 10 we have the prophetic rise of the true church in Revelation 12 we have be a den of fine characteristics of the true church God's true church would keep His commandments including the Bible Sabbath and be guided and directed and instructed by the Latter Day gift of prophecy when you come to Revelation Chapter 14 you have the message of the true church so Revelation 10 the prophetic rise of the true church Revelation Chapter 12 The identifying characteristics of the true church Revelation 14 the prophetic rise of the prophetic message of the true church now in Revelation Chapter 14 we have a message that is as important for this generation as noways message was for his generation. God raised up no to prepare the world for a flood the world would be destroyed by water no Its message was to prepare the world for that coming disaster was anybody saved who did not accept no as message did anybody get into the ark and did not at all God's message was sent by. God desired through His grace by His mercy and forgiveness to get as many people into the ark as possible and I believe that the model that God gave for the ark was a model that God would have loved to have 50 arcs 100 arcs if you could have got that many people in right know its message and one purpose to prepare the world for the coming flood so the 3 angels messages in Revelation have one primary purpose to prepare the world for the coming destruction of the world by fire and to get people out of this world alive God in Grace raised up know to prepare a world and in grace and mercy he has raised up the evidence people with a vital important message that is primary to prepare a world for the coming of Jesus His mercy is everlasting his love is infinite His grace is unfathomable his power is plenty it's God has a message to get a people ready for his return 7th Day Adventists have been raised up by God with a special message think about John the Baptist he was raised up in a special time with a special message to prepare a special people for the 1st coming of Jesus. Of God raised up no to prepare the world for a coming flood and if you raised up John the Baptist to prepare the world for the 1st coming of Jesus would he not raise up a special people with a special message to prepare the world for a special event namely the 2nd coming of Christ the 3 Angels' messages are primary Ellen White in a book called evangelism page 119 puts it this way in a special sense 7th Day Adventists have been set in the world as watchman and light bearers to them has been intrusted the last warning for a perishing world on them it is shining wonderful light from the Word of God They have been given a work of the most solemn import the proclamation of the 1st 2nd and 3rd angels messages there is no other work of so great importance they are to allow nothing else to absorb their attention now do you notice that statement. The work of the 1st 2nd and 3rd angels message is our of so great importance there is nothing else to absorb their attention another words these messages are vital not only for the people of God but they are vital to share with the world they are urgent messages for this generation at this time now we've noticed the prophetic primacy of these messages central to the plan of God to prepare people for the coming of Jesus now let's look at the prophetic purpose of these 3 angels messages our world is facing a crossroads our world is at a crisis time in their serious history not only that but every single one of us face a crisis Tibe So the 3 angels messages are designed at this crisis time with a prophetic purpose to get men and women boys and girls ready for an event namely the 2nd coming of Christ light is shining from heaven sanctuary light is shining on the Word of God on these 3 angels messages that are to be proclaim for this generation God is leading a people to deep commitment to Him This is not the call to shallow shallow coals to shallow deep coals to deep this is not to call to play games with Christianity this is not the coal to wade in kitty wading pools and pick up pennies this is the call to dive deep and. Grass the Pearl of Great Price this is not because for a foot stomping hand clapping superficial emotional religion this is the call of tap it is the cold to enter in to the glory of God's presence in the light of the judgement to prepare a people for the coming of Jesus Christ it is a call to prayer it is a call to revival It is a cold to reformation it is a call to renewed interest in witness it is a call for Malaya to see in complacency the purpose of these messages is to wake up a people of God in the light of the judgment to prepare it world for the soon coming of Jesus this message leads men and women to make eternal decisions now Revelation Chapter 14 is divided into 3 parts verses one to 5 show you the redeemed on the sea of glass in a group called the under 44000 Revelation 6 to 12 are the message that prepare that people and Revelation 14 verses 14 to 20 describe the final harvest the event that these people are prepared for Revelation 14 versity 15 says thrust in your sickle and reap for the time has come for you to reap for the harvest of the earth is ripe now notice carefully thrust in your sickle and reap why for the harvest of the earth is ripe every seed goes to harvest its harvest time and God's people. It can commit men to hear God's people who are charmed by is all of God's people who are redeemed by it's Grace God's people are transformed by his power reflects to a waiting world and a watching universe the magnificence of it is love in his greatness the harvest is ripe but not only is the harvest of golden grain ripe the harvest of glory grapes are ripe every human being makes their final irrevocably decision the purpose of the 3 angels messages is not simply to play games with religion and fill people's head with knowledge but it's still to lead people to decision for Christ and all eternity except in these messages in their full implication is the road to eternal life rejecting them is the road to eternal death wickedness will go to seed an evil will be fully developed we have yet to realize what will take place when God's Spirit has full play in the hearts of his people and the demonic spirits of spiritualism in the devil have full play in the hearts of those who have rejected God's love and grace we have yet to see what our world will look like when the Devils power of evil is unleashed and God's power through His Holy Spirit is on. One of the purposes of these messages the purpose of these messages are to prepare a people for eternity so the 3 engines message are primary in God's plan the 3 angels message have a final purpose in God's play it now Thirdly the 3 angels message is above everything else in scripture will protect a last day people from the Onslow lot of the evil that will come upon God's Church there is this conflict between the truth and full so that at end tied the devil will put every stop to deceive God's people like a whirlwind of destruction false it will sweep across the lead but God's truth is the safeguard against that falshood pull puts it this way inefficient for verse 14 and 50 he says every weekend of doctrine will be blowing every wind of doctrine evolutionary thought that undermines scripture the idea that Christ comes in some kind of secret rapture the idea that if you love Jesus is law is in significant the idea that love to Christ does not lead you to obedience but some kind of emotional feel good religion the idea that Christ may not come for hundreds thousands of years the all kind of heresy is going to come in both to the church and to the world every wind of doctrine will be blowing what is the safeguard against this heresy notice revelation 18 verse 2 this is the 4th Angel that gives his power to the 32 he cries mightily with a loud voice Babylon the Great is fallen his phone has become a dwelling place of demons. A prisoner of every file spirit in a cage for every unclean and hated bird for all nations have drunk of the wine of reform education the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her the merchants of the Earth become rich to the abundance of her delicacies revelation 18 talks about a time when the earth is going to be lightened with the glory of God but it talks about this triumvirate of error it talks about the religious powers and the political powers and the financial powers you 90 it talks about the spirits of demons being unleashed the spirits of demons bringing deception to the world what is our anchor for this only the grace of God and the love of Jesus will keep us from being enticed by babblings wine of false doctrine only an understanding of God's word only knowing his final message will keep us Ellen White in the book early writings page 256 puts it this way. These messages that's the 3 Angels' messages were presented to me as being anchored to the people of God What are these messages everybody what are they and I ain't heard to the people of God Those who understand and receive them will be kept from being swept away by the many delusions of same I want to be kept from being swept away by the delusions I say what about you is that your go and what will keep us these messages are an anchor to the people of God The latter rain of God's Holy Spirit will soon be poured out on a people that are totally absolutely completely dedicated to Jesus as that latter raid of the Spirit is poured out they will give the loud cry of the 3rd angel in the message of these 3 angels will be taken to the ends of the earth Satan will see that and he will unleash the powers of hell and bring heresy in full swing but God's people will have an anchor to the soul of the 3 angels messages thousands around the world who are honest hearted will hear this message of love hear this message of grace be transformed by God's grace and accept this message to join with the Adventist people now listen in selling white great controversy page 464 before the final visitation of God's judgments upon the earth what's that the final visitation of God's judgment upon the earth was that the 7 last plagues there will be among the people of God of the Lord such a revival of primitive godliness that has not been witness since Apostol at times so before the 7 last plagues is are poured out there is going to be a revival of God's people the latter rain the Holy Spirit will be poured out then what happens the spirit and power of God will be poured out upon his children the Spirit of God The latter rain power just like Pentecost was fueled. By the mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit at that time many will separate themselves from those churches in which the love of the world has supplanted love for God in His Word so at that time when the Holy Spirit is poured out the loud cry is given hundreds thousands are going to come into the administration is many both the ministers and people notice this will gladly accept those great truths which God has caused to be proclaimed at this time to prepare a people for the Lord 2nd coming the enemy of souls desires to hinder this work What work does the enemy of souls desire to hinder what work is it the outpouring of the Holy Spirit the giving of the loud cry the hop the hastening into God's Church tens of thousands of people he wants to hinder that who's the enemy of souls that say So what's he going to do before the time for such a movement shall come up so before the 7 last plagues before the loud cry before the latter rain before that because Satan wants to hinder it he will endeavor to prevent it by introducing a counterfeit way in does the counterfeit Cup before or after the Latter Rain and loud cry be fool in those churches which he can bring under his deceptive power he'll make it appear that God special blessing is poured out isn't that just like the devil to make it appear that God's blessing is poured out there will be manifest what's thought to be great religious interest multitude will exalt. That gods is working marvelously for them when the work is that of another spirit under a religious guides Satan will extend his influence over the whole Christian world so merely because there is some so-called religious revival merely because people feel good merely because they have some emotional form of religion if it does not lead them to a deep commitment of Christ if it does not lead them to love God's Word if it does not lead them to obedience that we can know is a counterfeit false revival no notice as this statement goes on there is an emotional excitement you think there'll be some kind of music in that motional side that wraps people that Rams people up for some emotional phenomena there is a mingling of the true in the fall so it's not all false will be a mingling of that that is well adapted to mislead yet none need be deceived praise God none need be deceived in the light of God's Word it is not difficult to determine the nature of these movements how do you determine it here you go whenever men the Glock the testimony of the Bible turning away from those plain soul testing truths which require a self-denial of the world there we may be sure that God's blessing is not bestowed what can we expect we can expect false revivals to sweep through nominal Protestantism and even in some administrators. These revivals will be based on a feel good religion they will not call to deep bible study they will not call to repentance they will not call to to manifest obedience they will not call to an understanding of the 3 angels messages but what if we read earlier the 3 angels messages are what an anchor to the Soul that will keep us from the delusions of Satan the 3 angels message is clearly revealed gods End Time Message to protect us from Satan's counterfeits now the 4th thing about these messages that we need to notice is the prophetic power of the 3 angels messages the prophetic power we've noticed the primacy of these messages they are of the imperative importance of the last days we've noticed the purpose of these messages to prepare people for the coming of Jesus we've noticed the protection of these messages that these messages are God's bulwark against deception they protect the people of God What about the prophetic power of these 3 angels messages the loud cry of Revelation the 18th chapter will propel the Gospel forward to impact the world now I want to just poor is here to notice something that I think is quite fascinating the 3 angels messages carry with them a power to convict people living in the last days of verse history of the need to prepare for the coming of Jesus I want to look at 2 movements 7th day Baptists and 7th Day Adventists. 7th Day Baptists have approximately 50000 members around the world they have approximately 5000 members in the United States and they are in 22 countries now both 7th day Baptist and 7th Day Adventists keep the 7th day sabbath there are 5 star some other differences among them they're both Bible believing people that is a similarity they both are committed to Christ that's a similarity to keep the Sabbath there's differences on health and state of the dead but the prime difference between these groups is Adventist understanding a prophetic a Dennehy based on the 3 Angels' messages now look at 7th advents there's $23000000.00 administering around the world a 1000000 people every year a baptized or more 1300000 this last year were baptized into the 7th heaven church Adventists have a goal of being in over 230 countries now we are in about 218 different countries now you look at these 2 movements one is a fledgling very small movement 50000 around the world the other 23000000 what is the major difference in these movements What's the major difference between these groups 7th Day Adventists are prophetic movement preaching a prophetic message at a prophetic moment in this earth's history Ellen White wrote in her day to a brother who was preaching at the Sabbath that he was an Adventist he was preaching the Sabbath but he was separating it from the 3 Angels' messages her. Letter to him is found in volume one of the testimonies page 20337 and this is a very interesting letter she writes As far as the Sabbath is concerned he occupies the same position as 7th day Baptists Now wait a minute Baptists believe 70 Baptists believe in the Sabbath in Genesis the Sabbath the 10 Commandments the Sabbath the Old Testament the Sabbath the New Testament where do we depart from them in our understanding of the Sabbath we see the Sabbath as at the heart of the 3 angels messages we see the Sabbath that's a call to worship the creator in the age of evolution we see the Sabbath as part of a final test over the mark of the beast that end time no listen as far as the Sabbath is concerned he occupies the same position as have the Baptists separate the Sabbath from the messages now what separate the Sabbath from what the message is what message is this Rangers message and it loses its power so if you separate the Sabbath from the messages it's going to lose its power but when connected with the message of the 3rd angel when the Sabbath is connected with the message a 3rd engine power attends it which convicts unbelievers and infidels and brings them out with strange to stay and to live to grow and flourish in the Lord you want to reach a post modern generation you want to reach intellectuals you want to reach a secular culture what does this say that there is a power that attends the 3 angels message is that in a conflict unbelievers I have seen that in my evangelistic ministry around the world in the early 1990 s. when the Soviet Union fell and communism fell. I had the privilege of preaching in the Kremlin 2 sessions each evening 6500 people each session 13000 people coming every night coming from an agnostic atheist stick some of them backgrounds intellectuals infidels unbelievers and I remember the night I met the Jew Russian general that led the Afghan invasion and he said to me after I had preached the prophetic message he said Pastor Mark I have met with a group of Russian intellectuals and we see that this message is the only message that can prepare a people for the coming of the Lord and he was thrilled with the prophetic message of. Scripture Mikhail goo goo go but show us translator came to our meetings a very intelligent godly woman and as she came the prophetic messages touched her heart and she was changed there is a power in the 3 angels messages when they are proclaimed in the grace of Christ and the love of God that transforms us we've looked at the primacy of these messages we've looked at the purpose of that we've looked at they can protect God's people we've seen the power. The final proclamation of these messages is taking place right now around the world and God is calling you to be part of this prophetic proclamation revelation 18 verse one I saw after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great authority and the earth was a limited with his quarry and he cried mightily with a loud voice Babylon the Great is full of his phone come out of her my people this 4th Angel as we've mentioned earlier is to join in this final proclamation of God's people no notice carefully for specific phrases in these verses everyone is fraught with meaning an angel comes out from heaven here is a divine message here is a message it comes from the throne of God Here is a message to join with the 3 angels message in this 4th Angel to give this message power in its final proclamation. Notice it says the angel has great authority that word for authority is power it's a word that is associated with triumph of the Prince of palaces and powers of l. the 3rd phrase the earth is illuminated with God's glory what is God's glory God's glory is His Grace God's glory is His character God's glory is His ability to change human lives so here a messenger from the heavens comes. The earth with the glory of God the Holy Spirit is poured out the Latter Rain fulls the loud cry is given and God's people seized the moment God's people take advantage of the opportunity God's people are consumed as these early Adventists were with the desire for Christ to come and they go to the ends of the earth proclaiming God's last day message with great power in the earth is alumina it with the glory of God Ellen White in the book great conversely page 606 says Thus the message of the 3rd angel will be proclaimed as the time comes for it to be given with greatest power the Lord will work through what through what through humble instruments leading the minds of those who consecrate themselves to his service the labor will be qualified rather by the unction of his spirit than by the training of literary institutions God is going to take men and women common men and women ordinary men and women is going to take laypeople. Fill them with spirit they'll be on their knees praying for revival they'll be on their knees praying for reparation they'll be asking God to help them to proclaim these messages clearly and God is going to take these lay people notice what it says men of faith and prayer will be constrained to go forth with holy zeal declaring the words that God has given them God has a message to be given to this generation God has a mission to be accomplished and God is calling you my brother my sister be part of that servants of God with their faces lighted up will hasten from place to place listen to the final glorious climax of God's people great conversely Page 612 servants of God Are you a servant of God I know you are with their faces lighted up and shining with holy consecration will hasten from place to place to proclaim the message from heaven by thousands of voices all over the earth by thousands of voices over the at the warning will be given miracles will be wrought the sick will be signs in wonders will follow the believers this is something big this is something great this is something large this is something amazing that will take place in the last days or is history by thousands of voices over the earth we will see miracles wrought we will see the sick heal we will see the message of Christ go forth with unusual power this is our destiny this indeed is the mission to which we have been called Time is running out do you sense the call of God to be part of something big for him Do you sense the call of God to be done with Laodicean complacency do you sense the call of God to be done with super officiality. Do you sense the call of God to know him more deeply to love him more supreme Lee to study His word more fully and be committed to his mission of sharing the love of Christ sharing the message of Scripture sharing the end time message of the 3 angels with the ends of the earth do you sense that call of the Spirit to your heart right now 7th Day Adventists are not simply another church or denomination they are prophetic people called for a special moment of verse history with a special message to prepare men and women for a special event the 2nd coming of Christ there can be nothing more important nothing more significant when you open your heart as those early advents pioneers did we opened your heart just now and asked Jesus to fill you with a passionate desire to share his end time message let's pray Father in heaven thank you that you're coming soon thank you for a message given in Revelation to prepare a world for your soon return Oh my father made every single one of us open our hearts right now move upon us by your Spirit lead us to know your love more fully break our hearts and repentance lead us to be so filled with your grace that we can give your loud cry of the 3 angels to prepare a world for your soon coming and come soon we pray in Jesus' name amen. Thank you Pastor Mark Finley for that amazing message talking about the 3 Angels' messages you know I I take away from this a number of points I'm thinking. Pastor Mark called us to understand that the 3 angels messages is like an anchor and when I think of that I think of a boat that needs to be secured and maybe tonight something is adrift in your life Joy What did you take away from this what are some salient points for you well past your family always some raises the point so well and he said that the 3 engines message is primary it is our purpose and it is our protection and I just want to cling to that protection in the time now Joy you have an interesting experience because you have recently come into this message and understand this message a man and you know I just want to thank you the viewers who are out there who are committed to this church and this message because there's there are 6 little words in Revelations 18 that are so precious to people like me those words are come out of her my people see I love the Lord Jesus Christ but I didn't know this message and I didn't know the truth of Sabbath I didn't know the state of the dead I didn't know so many things I'd never heard them before and it's because of people like you who are taking this message to heart and because organizations like it as I who are sharing this message that I came into this truth and I will be forever grateful thank you Joy amazing Lindy what what impacted you tonight as you heard this message what impacted you many things impacted me and I felt it was a solemn call to me. And to us as a people to recognize that we have a unique calling as a prophetic movement with a unique message different than others to call the world in and time setting this gospel is not just like any gospel it is a gospel that is powerful enough to bring on the 2nd coming and I as I listened Iraq recognize that we need I believe a greater appreciation less distraction because we have been called the quote that he used in evangelism which I really appreciated is that we are to allowed nothing else to absorb our attention and that's a quote that past a mock used a couple of times it was a solemn message a solemn call I'm going to get a little personal Now that statement says nothing else should be allowed to absorb our attention is there anything in your life that may be taking your attention away from giving full attention to this message I don't want you to answer that I want you to think about that and listening friend maybe there's something in your life that is absorbing your attention that is pulling your attention away from Christ that is pulling your attention away from this message I want you to think what that might be because in a moment we're going to ask the question what do we do about that because I believe there are many of us listening tonight who have a head knowledge of this message we understand this in fact I think I could quote this the 3 just messages from beginning to end with few mistakes I believe that I have not just that kind of knowledge but I think I have somewhat of an understanding of this message and these messages but when I have to stop and ask myself the question Am I living this message in such a way. That under the power of the Holy Spirit I am demonstrating to the world what this message is all about. I have to pause you know I'll say that one of my coworkers and Uganda she always says time is short and Jesus is coming and seriously she takes that message so serious and it's what wakes me up in the morning and Pastor Finley made this great quote he says no sacrifice is too great and he told the story of our pioneers for whom no sacrifice was too great to carry this message to the world and you know when we hear stories like that it's to me that's motivating I hope it is for all of you as well and I I would add to that. I think for myself as I listen to the message tonight it drew my attention to Revelation Chapter 3 The message to Laodicea And the reason that's significant is that. We're still here we're still here and clearly we're not supposed to be here something's gone wrong and I listened to night I felt a call to my own life to repentance and I know that others as well as they listen felt also a call to repentance because then revival and reformation comes and that's what I need in my life. So here we are the sea of new We've heard this fantastic message elder Finlay has really drilled into the depths of the 3 angels messages in the Holy Spirit has been working in my heart the Holy Spirit may have been working in your heart my friend and I hope tonight that you're able to stop for a moment and think deeply and think carefully about what God may be calling you to do what sacrifice may he be calling you to how maybe he calling you to live differently. Then you would you pray for us I'd be happy to Father in heaven we have listened tonight to past and mock preach on the 3rd enjoys message or hot so warmed and encouraged but yet there is a sense that something is wrong Father I know that I have gone astray I asked forgiveness I want to repent and I know I pray for everyone listening we want to be transparent before you we want to live lives of service to you. And not lives of luke warm this and and pride and arrogance we want to repent that we're still here and ask for revival and reformation in our lives as a result for Jesus' sake in men.


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