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ASI Spring Chapter Conference - Sabbath School

Steve Dickman Patti Guthrie Rodney Bowes Andi Hunsaker Jill Morikone Dwain Esmond
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  • May 23, 2020
    8:15 AM
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We are in our in my late driven leadership connecting lane ministries and businesspeople to share Christ in the morning in support of the mission of the 7th day in. Good morning and happy star this welcome to our a.s.i. virtual conference here at 3 b. and we're so glad for you to join us and we're here this morning Rodney bowels and Hunsaker myself to share Sabbath school with you were very excited about the messages we've been hearing over the past couple of days and we just pray that if you have missed some of the programs that we've already shared that you'd go online and watch the ones that are already there we've we've had some tremendous blessings yesterday so we're really thrilled about this morning we're here to discuss and learn about the 3 angels messages that is the message that God has given us are in times and then time message for the world and we're wanting to understand what that is and so we hope you'll be blessed and by the meetings that we have today our schedule as of course we're having Sabbath school now there will be a break at 1015 Central Time will begin again it 1030 with our worship service and then this afternoon we'll be back again at 4 pm Central time through 6 pm for afternoon meeting and that will be our last session so we're really thrilled that you're here joining us this morning and we'd like to. Just remember the Lord here and I was thinking about the Sabbath in the blessing that it is and share this text with you as equal 21st 12 the Lord says Moreover I also gave them my Sabbath to be a sign between the. And me that they might know that I am the Lord who sink defies them if we had always remembered the Sabbath we would have never forgotten God And today our world more than ever needs to remember the Sabbath and the Lord of the Sabbath like to invite you to Bell your heads with me as we begin with prayer a loving kind and Heavenly Father we thank you and praise you for Jesus who loves us and gave his life for us who is the creator of the heavens and the earth and who is intimately connected with each one of us around the world longing to abide in our hearts and to bring us home with him we long for that some of whom will be together in heaven united as a family once again and today we pray for your blessing as we are here in this world and that you will draw very close and we thank you for the Sabbath in Jesus' precious name Amen so we're going to be having a special treat for this morning with the music and Andy I'd like for you to share if you'd be willing what we're going to be having Well this weekend obviously is a result of the pandemic that's happening in a world but you know God is good and we have a very special treat for a.s.i. specifically and I want each Yes I member to feel very loved we mar Institute under the direction of Ernest no nasty over in the nasty has produced a couple of videos for us pressure the 1st one we're going to hear just in a moment is it is well with my soul and we as 70 ad for just Christians can have the assurance that it is well with our souls and so I'd like you to enjoy this this version that they've done for us in this in this time of isolation and quarantine this music please enjoy this. By. Air. Blowing a. Hole in your line the old girl. Thought. So. We. It's. My. It. Is. You're. We hope and pray that it is well with your soul it is now time for us to travel to the Amazon jungle of one of the most remote areas in the world for our members in action if you have not heard the stories that Brad Mills has told you are in for a special treat the Amazon Basin is truly one of the most remote areas one of the front here's where there are very few people who have heard the 3 angels messages and Amazon lifesavers is one of the a.s.i. ministries that if taking the gospel to this remote area may you be blessed as you watch this members in action segment. Hello Yes Hi I'm Brad Mills and I'm speaking to here from the base of the Amazon lifesavers ministry we are right next to the bank of the Amazon River here in the city of money else the country of Brazil and we are standing in front of the school of missions I just wanted to share with you so that you can see it with your own eyes this school of missions behind as we inaugurated in the in 2015 with the help of a but of course you guys remember we've been an Asean member since 2010 working in this Amazon area bringing God's light to and reach villages in this whole region over the years we've built up the schools we have our dorms built our kitchen built our stuff house thing and then of course our school of missions and this school admissions is where we train a group of pioneer Bible workers each year people come they spend 2 to 3 months living here studying every day that they can be prepared to go out into unreached villages and plant churches taking the hope of the soon coming of Jesus and of course we still have our boat ministry we have our boats here being prepared right now which are right here and in front of us are both sides are working to go out and reach people open up villages with medical missions as we take care of the physical needs we're able to open up the doors to put in Bible workers to live in those villages and so we've been working for many years putting in people in the villages planting churches and bringing the hope of Jesus' return for example this last year we had Bible workers living in and reached indigenous village where today at the end of the year of last year we were able to inaugurate a new church in the village and now we have a small center of influence in that village with people helping with the musical lessons and classes for the young people to bring them in and continue bringing more people into the church we just want to thank you a.s.i. for all you've done in partnering with those over the years so that we can make this come true and continue shining Jesus' love in the Amazon. We're joining today Brad Mills live from the Amazon Thank you Brad for joining us today it's exciting to be a part of a spring virtual conference Brett we're here in the Amazon we're here and you know recording this but what are the challenges you're facing in the Amazon as you think about taking the gospel to the Amazon it just sounds like a big job to talk to us about some of the challenges there. Yeah it is a big job the Amazon the place it's the largest city in the country of Brazil and it actually takes up a big chunk of the whole country. For you get it for you to get an idea of what that beats we're trying to like both thousands to remote areas in you leave the city a monarch which is our capital city a big. You can travel by the boat for 30 days in still be in the state of the Amazon to get to the very last county that we are planning to reach here and it's a big big challenge just. So aside from the challenge of geography I'm sure there are a lot of other challenges in the Amazon basin as you're tempting to take the gospel there and so it would be no surprise that among those challenges God would do miracles and there would be opportunities for change as as you're attempting this impossible task tell tell us a story about somebody who's a life who's been changed by the work that Amazon lifesavers is doing there in the in that area. Sure you know and I'll tell you a story that I was personally involved in and we have the workers right now all over the jungle but I myself had the opportunity with my wife to live in front of a billet is still it was only 35 hours of both travel from the city we lived there with their boys we were working in this area doing medical care making friendships with the people and that provided is the opportunity to get bible studies and I remember one day I was sat in this little what it hut on the base of the river there studying with this family 3 of the the darters there was 12 kids 3 of them were studying with me and they called me on what was that term of endearment and they said to me one day uncle it's and we haven't prayed for years and God will send someone to teach us of bible and right then in that moment you realize the plans of God are so much bigger than we imagine the how was it possible that God brought me from Tennessee so many years ago to this jungle billet and allow me to work with the if girls and bring them the gospel and I was so excited at the end of the study to see them gave their hearts to lord it became I had been a sailor leaders in their local church and they've actually one of them has become a Bible worker and has brought many people to Christ as well so the exciting story. Just see you bring people about and they bring people of God as well. That is an exciting story Brad to know that God is at work and some of those villages are running ahead of you to prepare the way for spreading the gospel now among all of this spread you you're the founder of Amazon lifesaver ministries and you've been there for 13 years now. How has this impacted your life personally as you think about this and what are some of the needs currently for continuing the work of spreading the gospel there and the Amazon Simoneau and my wife and I made the decision 13 years ago to move to the Amazon we had one boy you must let us use one and a half our 2nd son was born here in the Amazon and I say how is it impacting our family my 2 boys that had the opportunity to be raised with an identity of a missionary and today my boys are teenagers and they still understand that their identity as a missionary and that's the best thing about it ever given me our needs are huge in right now our need really instigate our 0 out into these areas that are so far away for that we need dedicated people in also we need funding to keep bills it was running with the medical equipment with Bible studies Bibles in really just boat upkeep in in diesel to keep the money. In so that would be really one of our biggest these right now that we can continue reaching into these areas where we have now been a search have never reached or Brad thank you for sharing with us today what a blessing to know that the gospel work is going forward even and the remote Amazon jungle we pray for God's blessing to be on you and your family thank you we now have a live interview with Don of making the us and joy Kaufman. Thank you Joy for being with us today and I would like to know a little bit about you Joy I do know that you are a public health nutritionist who graduated from John Hopkins University but there's more to you than that please tell us more Thank you yes I am also a master gardener and a mom wife of 21 years and a person who loves a large Jesus Christ a man. Now you have a ministry Let's hear about your ministry and how did that get started well it started when I was privileged to go to Africa the 1st time in 2015 and God just really laid on my heart a desire to acquit our brothers and sisters of the faith with the skills they would need to thrive right where they are and it's amazing to be part of the family this family has helped us to reach brothers and sisters in fact when I speak about Africa sometimes people's eyes kind of glaze over and you know there's there's Harvell things going on I mean 25000 children die every day of hunger related diseases that's 9000000 a year and so a lot of people just they feel disempowered about what to do but I want to read you a quote from Kim a monthly donor who I met through a.s.i. and she really captures the essence of what we're doing please share She says it is easy to feel helpless regarding the poverty in the world especially in Africa but it's nice to be able to support an organization that helps our brothers and sisters become more independent and healthy well I know you brought some pictures today yes or tell lots of stories so please share exactly so if we have all these brothers and sisters in Christ we also have nieces and nephews and I want to introduce you to some of your nieces and nephews that the as I help family has helped us reach these are children after Sabbath in a refugee camp they come from South Sudan but they're living in northern Uganda and for the last few years if I has supported us in this ministry we are so blessed we hire and train local people who educate their communities so people can help themselves and by teaching the farming and the enterprise skills we do more than teach a man to fish because in many parts of the world people can learn to farm grow their food and actually be able to sustain their families in their community a man joy you have a couple more pictures can we see those the Real quick yeah let's see the video actually of the video how they will come back to fix yours Ok. I want to tell you a story there was once a village deep in the heart of East Africa passing by one can see there were lots of children and farms that stretch for miles and everyone seemed to huge grins as people drove by many past and waved to them from the villagers but there were things that lay hidden be on the site of a passage and no one saw the village or Sky region and trees looking for leaves to no one seemed to understand that no matter how hard they tried there was miles of farmland has stopped producing food years ago their soil was dying and their villages drinking water was contaminated with feces and roadside chemicals no one knew that the villages children were hungry things were getting worse children were dying now it didn't used to be this way farms do is an acronym for a recipe to an abundant life. They greedy and sour farming attitude rest meals sanitation temperance enterprise and water big radiance encourage change using education to improve the health and wellbeing of more families. I saw farms do demonstrate how effectively repair the soil and grow nutritionally sensitive props like so white and through trees I witnessed the 1st farmer fields all being used to teach a community how to grow their own 6 brand new wells were and still are nice and clean smart clean water flowed out. I watched farm student make soymilk whole grain porches and teach how to collect nutritious greens growing wild in the field and the children of these communities were not going to starve. Is a tool to meet people's needs and bring the love of Jesus to the works of his church. So the story teller in that picture was Wyatt Johnston he's an intern that was working with us and we were privileged to be able to be launching in Rwanda in partnership with the new admin to School of Medicine as soon as they opened why it will be heading back but fortunately our 30 African staff are still able to train and I want to share a picture of them teaching people about hand-washing in the context of coven so our trainers have trained over 90000 participants in over 3000 training days in the last few years while 90000 Yes it's amazing of course many of those people what we want they come back again and again because it's a transformation it's like discipleship you have to go again and again so it's we're thrilled to be able to really make a deep impact in the lives but what we need help with now and a.s.i. has committed to make as part of the offering and we're strode to be able to get some of our teams motorcycles and you might ask why motorcycles well was covered they're not allowed to go out in the vans and so they have to go out one by one but we're going to need this long term anyway because our trainers go out into the villages and one by 12 by 2 training and equipping the local people so a motorcycle is really a necessity Absolutely I love to talk about 30 for an hour trying to raise funds for a 4 so also this cove a challenge has presented our wonderful board of directors I want to give a shout out to them we decided how confirms to be a blessing to the people of North America as well as I want to share with you Donna and we'll be sharing with all the viewers on our website our farms to Wellness Guide So we've taken the acronym farm stew and we've turned it into a Wellness Guide which you can download in the show on the screen how to download that from our website just go on and you can see in about 10 seconds it'll pop up. And you can get your Wellness Guide so Princeton has recently come out saying it farming is one of the best things you can do for your health and happiness that's just the beginning we hope you really enjoy thank you for sharing with us today God bless you Donna and I both you know so I thank you very much for that inspiring interview joy and blessings on farms to now we will be hearing off 1st talk for the day and I did not know doing until last year when I met him and recognized that he was a gifted speaker because he was annoyed by the Lord when Azman is the associate director for the white Institute white state rather and those of us who have been 7th Day Adventists love Ellen White and I pray that you all get to visit the white estate at some point and now we'll be hearing from doing asthma and giving us a little bit of our history 7th Day Adventists. Precious family of God is my family of God Good morning now wish you a very happy 7 agree to in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I count always a blessing always a privilege to say anything on behalf of our wonderful Savior and so I thank God for the invitation that I received from Elder Fil but he then Steve Dyckman Sr and the Hunsaker and the other 2 other members of the team at a.s.i. who were kind enough to allow me to share this virtual experience with you this week and I pray that you've been blessed I'm encouraged by the fact that God's ministry continues even in crisis he works through crisis that we do not for sake the assembling of ourselves together you even when there is a covert 19 plague around the world we are praying that God will see the hand of the plague and that we will come out and emerge victorious and that people will be led to him even in this time of challenge may I also say a word of appreciation to a.s.i.o. on behalf of the Ellen g. white estate my director elder Jim Nix would want me to tell you just how much we love and appreciate you elder g.t. owner and the Board of Trustees would like me to tell you I think just how much we appreciate the partnership that we have with a fine sense about 2011 a.s.i. has donated somewhere in the neighborhood of $600.00 approaching $600000.00 to the work of the Elegy whitest a network that those donations have gone a long way to make available l. like visions to people all around the world and has allowed us to make available new translations of her work online and we are seeing quite frankly just an explosion of use of our online offerings at this time in the month of January for interest we had over $4100000.00 visitor. As to our website for where we saw 3600000 marks 3800000 but April has broken all records April we're death of 4100000 as well but we've also had a 169000000 search queries we've had 331000000 a.p.r. requests for a 4 page page reads for audio content Dowling books in gaijin with our apps it has really been amazing for us to see it has been the month that we've had our largest number of daily visitors our largest single day total of visitors as well we have seen that among the little our largest number of unique visitors total visitors it seems that people are searching for truth and they're finding it at the White estate and we're looking for ways to partner with any of these within the church so that we can shepherd that kind of traffic to places where people can be learned even closer to God and hopefully join his remnant church I thank you I praise you I lift you up I thank God for you because we would not be where we are doing what we are doing we're not for your kindness extended to us so this morning the 1st thing I had to do was to say Thank You The 2nd thing that crossed my mind was to make of this theme the 3 angels messages in these times. It is an interesting time to be alive and as I thought about it I said well the a.s.i. audience already knows everything I could possibly say about the 3 Angels' messages I don't think I can break any new ground for such a such a committed audience or an audience so focused on Jesus Christ and making these messages known but maybe we could use a reminder on something that I felt the Holy Spirit leading me in a place to present just such a reminder the Bible says in Revelation 14 versus 6 and 7 I saw another angel you know it we can all say it together flying in the midst of heaven what does he have he has the everlasting possible good news to shepherd debt to preach on to every nation to every kindred to every try to every tongue to every people he shouts that to get the attention of earth because the inhabitants to the cellphone gazers and the political watchers to the fire once were yours so that gossip carriers he says stop now and consider got I am to the last 3 years this angel us says we ought to respect your fear him and I respect go out and give Him glory for no other reason than his judgment has come. And we want to worship Him We want to spend time with him we all have comfort and he has presence in order before going to us to be in the presence of God on a consistent basis of worship him the 2nd angel takes aim at the false system of worship of religious confusion in our world reminiscent of that tower of baseball confusion way back in the book of Genesis the Bible says that professed Christians teaching a pseudo biblical have a kind of crazy are called out by the 2nd angel this religious system this bafflement system is fall and it is for all of the angels screams that great city because he has made all nations drink of the wine of the rest of her fornication No she may not just keep her her wine to her so she makes others drink she stands in contrast for instance beloved to the poor woman of Revelation 12 who represents the last true church not content to keep her wine to herself she makes others drink of our cross teachings and this incurs the rebel God. Revelation 18 and verse 4 tells us that there ought to be an exodus from her come out of her my people that you be not partaker percent going to replace the got judgment upon her Babylon is not it is not calling Babylon fall in the system is broken this triumphant message of the current Joel then comes onto the scene if anyone worships the beast and his image and receive receive his mark in his forehead it is or in his hand the same child think of the Lion and the wrath of God which is poured out for a mixture without mixture into the cup of his indignation this message is the dividing line there are only 2 options left to humanity your goal when God or you're against God You're either with the daughter you're with the beast but while human beings like the proverbial sands of your fall the beasts that and you're in the siren call of beastly pronouncements the Bible says that there is a small group of people who are you to receive his mark in their thinking or in their doing they stand up and they speak against his work and against his affect on the world here is the patience of the Saints Here are those who keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus up these messages all white writes the messages of this chapter can constitute a threefold morning which is to prepare the you know outcomes of the earth for the 2nd coming the announcement the hour of his judgment is going points to the closing work of Christ ministration for the salvation of men if they are also approved which must be proclaimed until the same interest in possession shall cease and he shall return to the earth to take his people home that men they be prepared to stand in the judgment the members commands them to fear God and give him. We're here who may have been and earth and the sea and the fault is of water is the result she says of an acceptance of this message is this here are the I hear of that here are they that keep rather the commandments of God and have the faith they possess the faith of Jesus Christ in order to prepare the prepare for the judgment it is necessary that men should go is that obedience is a part of our relationship with God and that we should put yes thing that power Jesus at the end of his life and in his ministry the faith oh jesus not just think in Jesus Ellen White right that was from Christ in his sanctuary in page 167 selected mess just book one page 68 she says this had Adventists after the great disappointment 844 now past and everything fall on united united we in the opening prominence of God receiving the message of the girder a jewel in the power of the Holy Spirit proclaiming it to the world their work they would have been the salvation of God the Lord would have brought my daily with their efforts the work would have been completed and Christ want to have come here to there. To receive his people and to give them their reward look at the condition of the street and angels message is looking at the condition of the 3 angels messages in these times I want you telling White might repeat I love her lament this one she were comes to us from March the March 39 t. edition of the General Conference bulletin she wrote this brethren and sisters from the light given me I know that if the people of God have preserved listen to her have preserved a living connection with him. If they had obeyed his word they would today. Have been retained Oh how sad it makes me to see the way hedging before us and to know that it is becoming more and more she might as well be reading a newspaper that is becoming more and more difficult to carry the message to the people we have not don't own 100th part of the evangelical work that God desires us to do among our neighbors and our friends ever White was concerned back in that time that the window was closing upon God's people to present his message I wonder what she might say today not as the condition of the 1st problem she mentions in selected messages book 1.6 Now that we have lost that God's people have not held fast their faith. They have not held their faith this is the 1st problem that on my site as to the reason why Christ did not come before all of the other things you talk about the break in faith is 1st but both in a statement known as she says that the 1st problem is that the people of God have it all to preserve Why don't connection with them they lose track of their faith and then they fail to preserve connection with him now I have a very simple question I'm wondering today is it possible for us in these times to proclaim a message that call so people back to go out while we do not worship God. Is it possible to have a phrase that is disconnected from the Why don't sort of thing the Bible says in John 15 Jesus says that because of me you can't do anything possible that the 3 angels message is in these times is suffering because the people of goat have broken in some ways it is their connection with him they have lost the hold that they have on me in God Is it possible can we really call people in these times to a thing that we in some places do not possess ourselves because of our broken worship relationship with God The love I believe that this part of God's message is this 1st angels message this call to worship God It is time is one of the most critical I'll powers that will allow us to proclaim the good news of salvation that the angel represents as carrying in his hand while too many and our rights are made to look at these messages and may not know them they are the picture that is concerning the lack of worship within our ranks the studies tell us that that family worsens on the climb that personal worship is on the decline and corporate worship in some places along with climate Don't get me wrong there are people worshipping mightily even now all around destruction but we have to many people and we have too many families and too many homes where God where the worship of God is no longer pride. David calls us to this worship song 96 and verse 9 of the Lord in the beauty he says of holiness more than 180 to birth 28 that was my God and I will praise my God I will exalt the all pure strength unto the Lord he says for he is good for his. And to read for every day this word your reverence for God is time she waited by an appreciation for God's goodness in His mercy do we still appreciate God got him so if the Bible says in John chapter 4 in verse $23.00 Jesus says that the hour coming to now is when when the true worship or shall work of the Father in spirit and in truth and then he says this she needs us God is good I don't think he sink it so as to worship him he's looking for shit I remember growing up in a home where everybody got up at 5 am my mother was the sergeant at arms and let me tell you it didn't matter how long you stayed up at night 5 am game everybody was up for ship all 5 of us there with my mother my father. Lord warning dollars you'll hear my voices hot to the well I direct whatever it is you do you live and I can see all of them since I was no man moment and they haven't one of us the old oh are. Shit I think I stand here today only because they worship them worship us let me put it that way it is my home worship was not optional worship was intentional worship was essential worship was critical you can get out the house without worship and I want to suggest to us that they love it that the same is true of the 7th Day Adventist church worship is not optional worship is essential in trip world to who we are as a church and I want there to clear and then fill in the proclamation of these messages especially in these times. God would have us proclaim 3 angels message is absolutely we what we are commanded the Bible says to worship God to glorify Him as God The angel doesn't give us a now he doesn't give us an option he simply says we ought to worship it is presenting though the reserving the right I don't connection with God that gives us finalising power to proclaim the solace of solemn messages it is in the time spent with God that we are nervous spiritually and taught Biblically and empowered to serve unreservedly it comes in the crucible and worship of God It is important that we become convicted of sin and we become converted at heart and we become tempted with God It is in our worship experience the 1st things will does not mince words worship is not optional worship is critical worship is essential worship should be intentional for anybody seeking to share these messages in these times with the Angel also until something else worship is not and a disservice not additional worship is foundational I know that sounds like just a play on words but what he's saying is it's not something we tacked on at the end of everything else that we do worry consolidate it all to our ability to do what God has called us to do he is carrying on as now the angel is carrying the Gospel look up and the 1st call is to appreciate all by worshipping Him so that we can be empowered to bring claim the good news of salvation I've known some words of even in this time there's a member of my church who in this time has taken her worship outside she goes out in her yard and she prays and worship outside and it has become so infection and infectious that the neighbors come from their yard and they meet her outside and then outside before she gets outside in order to worship with her then she has the opportunity to share the good news and salvation and God's warning for perishing world worship is critical. Oh pioneers were people who worship our pioneers words of in fact all my rights and testimonies volume 6047 there is nothing more needed in the work than the practical rehearsal of communion with God nothing more important than communion with God It is it was sensible their worship their worship was a visceral it was holy ghost filled and concentrated our pioneers knew how to worship higher missile rights that Obama's words free and full hollow use ascended to go up and he was more upright in praise love and adoration one believer from but from Vermont promote remark read and wrote the always fair fellows and South Korea send it while tears of joy flow freely from our eyes James White wrote that the refreshed things that seem to some of your forty's have been and I feel like as good would put them even where the cloud of grain is not got a cent from most if not all in the house and continued until after midnight our beloved Illinois in tops of 850 writes this of us of a of a certain meeting where about 2020 people were in attendance on a Sunday night something the power of God came up when I was like a minute watching it all rolls up on their feet and praise God with the well what if it was something as it was when when the foundation of the house of God was only the white of weeping could not be told from the voice of a child and it was a triumphant time all were trying to refresh I never witnessed such a powerful time before now when you're hopped up on worship might get worse and 1860 in one meeting that shames white roll that they need to lay down because the worship was so thick in the presence of got well so powerful he couldn't even stand to his feet when you worship like that you real proclaimed as message. You will take these 3 Angels' messages and body them in these times when we can't do it if our alters are broken a spirit of God came until meeting to tell told me to tell you this morning that worship should and writs and riches and all that hell of a so that encourages worship that touches and teaches that transcendence transforms worship that loves and once sent us and won't be worth that draws us nearer to the heart of God worship that call and Salant it was to deliver Goss final morning to a person world the proclamation of the 1st 2nd and 3rd angels message just oh yes it is our calling and nothing else should be allowed to occupy our focus or God says the Word of God You glory worship Him who made the heaven the earth the sea and the continent of waters Ellen White tells us that we are all in these times to hold up these messages for a God who we worship worship him. A. Minimum edible message from Pastor Duane asthma and associate director of The Ellen g. white and state worship him one powerful message on the 3 angels message is worship that loves and lifts and helps and draws us to God Speaking of worship him we're entering my favorite part of Sabbath morning worship and that is the study of God's word for Sabbath school so this is not 3 avians out of school this is v.a.s.i. Sabbath school panel here today and we're so glad that we have the privilege and opportunity to open up God's word and study we are under some credible quarter how to interpret scripture written by doctors Michael and Frank Hall saw what an incredible job they have done more 3 quarters of the way through 2 thirds of the way through Lesson Number 8 Genesis as foundation part 11 to introduce our panelists here to my left pastors the Dyckman president of a a science so glad you're here for the Study of man glad to be here today and I know that God's going to bless as we open his word play men to your left doctor and the one thing current gen vice president of a.s.i. and a student of the word and a Sabbath school teacher. So glad you're here but you do and last but not least pastor Rodney Bowers you are the a.s.i. vice president for evangelism and so excited to have you here for the study of God's word thank you so my hero I really look forward to getting into God's word together I have been last week with Lesson Number 7 language text and context how the original language and the context of the passage of facts our interpretation of scripture this week of course Lesson Number 8 creation Genesis as Foundation. Going to take a look at that and just a moment if you think about the Book of Genesis it's really a book of origins the beginning of the world we find in the book of Genesis the beginning of humanity the beginning of light and darkness and sun and moon and stars and animals and plants and fish the sack the origin unfortunately of sin but the plane and every damned put in place in the book of Genesis so we're going to explore all of that but 1st let's read our memory text will have a prayer and one jump right in Dr and you want to read a memory text I think it's John chapter one yes one of John 1124 in the beginning was the wood and the wood was with God and the wood was God he was in the beginning with the good all things were made through Him and without him nothing was made that was made in Him was life and the life was the light of men. And before we go any further in our discussion Pastor Steve you want to pray for us open up and thank you Father in heaven this morning we come to your word as humble students we know nothing we have nothing we are nothing but we come to you because you are everything you have everything and you will empower us through the Holy Spirit because you promised them and now we're just asking that the Holy Spirit would draw in their teacher minds teacher lips what to say. Honor and Glory to your name in Jesus name we pray a man's name in the book of Genesis is really foundational to our understanding of the rest of Scripture it lays as it were the framework So 1st question to kick it off here is what foundational doctrines are what truths do we find a 7th Day Adventist Christians in the 1st few chapters of Genesis. When we talk about a framework I think of this the 1st sentence tells us who's in charge. In the beginning God foods in charge in the beginning God So if we ever wonder in our lives who's in charge we just go to the 1st sentence of Scripture and it kind of clarifies for us who is in charge I also want to add that oftentimes we. Assume that some words are sort of non significant the would in the beginning is incredibly significant because if you go back to the beginning there was God. And he decided to to make earth and to make man in it and they had to make a decision in the beginning what kind of beings were going to be made and he decided to make them free free to choose and one of the was the text I like for for just thinking about God because to me the character of God is revealed in those woods in the beginning and so in the beginning Proverbs 8 versus 30 and 31 we know Verse 30 well it says that they rejoiced Before each other and Jesus speaking it says I was daily his delight. But then for those $31.00 he says rejoicing in his inhabited would and my delight was that the sons of men so God delighted in us even though they knew what we would do to it to the Godhead and so to me the character of God is revealed in those very few woods the character of God Love adopt a love for us that even though this creation was going to sin and they knew it it was a shock they loved us and made us anyway and the plan of redemption was in those very 1st woods in the beginning that's powerful so in the very beginning we see God We see his preexistence we see his love for humanity and that plan of redemption in his character what else do we see as I was looking at the lesson you know there are several things in our lessons study that really speak to us but there were some things that I just also daughter down and one was the health message and in those early chapters you know we see specifically Genesis 129 we see the diet that God gave to us at the beginning then in Genesis chapter 2 verse 15 we see the beauty of exercise God placed mankind in a garden and Steve on for us to come back. But we also see the beauty of air and water we see Sabbath rest we see the principles of health are given right there in the very beginning I want to go back to that initial text though for a moment God created a system for man's happiness God created in an environment for man's happiness the original plans of God. I believe are still always the best plans of God and if and even though man has taken a diversion. Those original plans are best a plant based diet today like you said is that the best diet science is confirming every day that that diet even in this day which we live it's more understanding of that than ever before as we look at the cove a crisis pandemic they're saying they just stay healthy eat of good diet follow these original plans God has and you'll be a healthier person. And men absolutely what about the Sabbath you reference the Sabbath but how do we think that in the beginning when there will be a scripture if someone were to ask about that the Democrats are in fact pastor about yet if we just go right there through Genesis chapter 2 we see it very clearly a very Genesis chapter 2 let's open our Bible and read Genesis 2 verses one to 3 thus the heavens and the earth and all the host of them were finished and on the 7th day God ended his work which he had done and he rested on the 7th day from all his work which he had done and God blessed the 7th day and sanctified it because in it he rested from all his work which God had created and made the 7th day very special day so rob the a lot of the world today though doesn't doesn't understand the 7th day kind of like we do You might say they say it's true we need a rest day occasionally but what's so special Why would we need to observe that day as opposed to some other day. Because God specifically set it apart and you know I want to remember Doug Batchelor gave that powerful it was a stray sion of what's happening in our world there's a green Sabbath movement so there's a concept that many people secular atheist they're looking for a rest but God has the plan and it's the 7th day sabbath not just any Sabbath I want to just share this morning I got up and I took a little walk and I think the birds sing more sweetly on the Sabbath and I agree I'm just going to say that I can't prove that I don't have scientific data but I think they do you should do a study should Now the other thing that I think is that I noticed when I walked down the road that there was this honeysuckle vine growing nearby I think the smells are sweeter on the Sabbath because God set this day apart thank sanctified it made it holy What's a holy smell versus an unholy. Even the same smell can be made holy right so it's interesting that God gave us something special to this day and those hours it's right have a special blessing that may just make me wonder who comment I know before talkative group but I want to say one little thing so you know that we obviously know this is not arbitrary and I want to just look at the 2nd giving of the 2 texts the 2nd giving of the of the 10 Commandments in Deuteronomy in Deuteronomy 5 yes. And the Lord says there in verse 15 at the end of the Sabbath commandment he says and remember that you are sleeve in the land of Egypt and the Lord your God brought you out from there by a mighty hand an outstretched arm therefore the Lord your God commanded you to keep the Sabbath the Gospel salvation from bondage in extra study one verse 13 he says speak also to the truth of Israel sing surely my service you shall keep for it is a sign between I hear you thought your generations that you may know that I am the Lord who sanctifies you the cross is a sign of redemption as much as it is a sign of creation and I think it's very important 1st know that the that the 7th day is invested with the cross just as much as it is invested with the fact that this loving God made us in His image and so I think that that that cross we have to remember and thus more the main difference being Sunday and service because the cross in it sanctification and man that's beautiful We're morph into Tuesday but let's go there because I really like this talking about the Sabbath in creation we've been talking about the importance of the Sabbath connected with creation and of course we see that specifically in Exodus Chapter 20 as well as you are the reference that Pastor Rodney in Genesis 2 we also say I love that Dr and the with the Sabbath connected with 3 damn shame in Deuteronomy 5 and then you see how the Sabbath sanctifies I love that let's go to how is the Sabbath connected to the 3 Angels' messages because a cent higher weekend talking about a aside a virtual Spring Conference in times like these the 3 engines messages how is the Sabbath connected with Rangers messages closer on c u. There's a $100000000.00 you sure go ahead so we talked about the Sabbath being a sign of of sanctification by faith yes by the faith of Jesus and obviously in Ellen White was asked several times if in fact the message of Justification by Faith I write is by faith was the 3 interest message she said it was the 3 angels messages in verity and then she defined what justification by faith was she said and this is in testimony to ministers page 456 paragraphs 3 she says what is justification by faith is the work of God in laying the glory of man in the dust and doing for men that wish it is not in his power to do for himself and so on Sabbath we are reminded that we are not all that and a bag of chips. That we have a mighty Redeemer who loved us and did everything for us and we can rest in that it's not it's not time to take a sleeper snooze and you know what not it's time to remember that we are but dust and that he is the one that that does all this for us so I hope follow up to that just a thought the world today is looking for rest. The World Today seeks for rest. But they have a difficult time finding it because they're looking in the wrong place yes this kind of arrest that we need like you said is more than just going to sleep at night but the world is aside from a covert pandemic there's a pandemic of people in our world today who have no rest they have no and they're looking for that and the answers are right here and they are in the 3 jewels message and. Why don't we look at the very clear connection between the 4th commandment in Exodus Chapter 20 and then look at Revelation Chapter 14 together so in Exodus Chapter 20 verses 8 through 11 then we find the 4th Commandment there but I'd like for us to pick it up in verse 11 because it makes a clear reference to creation for in 6 days the Lord made the heavens and the earth and the sea and all that is in them and rested the 7th day therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it and we also have Revelation Chapter 14 vs 6 and 7 and we have the. Text for this on the screen so I would like to invite you there at home to really look at this and read it with us as we look at this Revelation Chapter 14 verses 6 and 7 and he is looks like you have that one for us already Would you read that then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell in the is to every nation tribe tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship in who made heaven and earth and the sea and springs of water. So what is the direct connection it's a quote and it's directly there from the 4th Commandment So we see in the 1st in Joel's message that there is a call back to worshipping the Creator in on what happens though in our world today because most of the world does not see this as the model of how we got here. I mean reality is that most of our world today has a very low belief in the authentic account of Genesis. Of in regard to creation right that's what does that do to us in our world well I think I think one of the answers might be in that phrase in the beginning and then because that is invested with who God is and that's that's one of the things that we who is God What is he like and so I think if people understood what kind of being there was out there someone that loves us then I think they could be led to understand. Genesis and to accept the book the Bible as the Word of God But I think that there are so many different God there's all different religions all different kinds of beings who are selfish and so when you understand that there is some unselfish being out there who understands this who made us who loves us regardless who delighted in us I think that is our draw I mean I think we have to start there who is go investigate who are they what are they I think a lot of it comes down I like that Dr Andy because it's our understanding of the character of God Yes my favorite scriptures 348 says taste and see that the Lord is human and bless it is the man who trust in him so if we don't experience God if we don't know him if we've never seen someone else reveal his character well then me I might be descended from apes or I am my God might be a tyrant in the sky or he might have created this world spinning and then let it go and turn his back and just let creation work things out themselves but our God is a God of love yes or maybe one that demands a piece meant like some of the Hindu god so I think that that starting with what Being is that that we service Christians I think is crucial before we even get to the Bible because people want to have a sense of world I come from my going what am I here for I think you need to answer those life questions and who is God I think will lead you to I think the by we can say Ok let's look at John's that's where it says it's who is at this controlling So there's a there's a scripture the other morning I was reading in my devotions had me in the book The Song of Solomon which is the Love Song of Solomon to his bride go to Song of Solomon and you find there that he says something very interesting in the Song of Solomon chapter 4 and solace all is not a real big book. And oftentimes we think of it as almost a book of just Passover this is it Solomon talking about all this stuff with his bride and her flock of hairs go and you know if he didn't sound very very bright to us honestly but I found a verse that just struck me right at the hard time and this is what it says in verse 7 of chapter 4 that our art all fair my love there is no spot in the now this this goes back to the message and he that you were talking about this righteousness is by faith when I look at myself I don't see somebody without a spot Yes When I look at us even as a church I don't see an organization without spot but this is how God can see us men when they abide in Him by faith and accept His righteousness by faith we have joy because he sees us you don't have any spot that's like Romans 417 yeah it says he calls those things which do not exist you know as though they did ignite a lawyer right that he saw things that if the 2 hander That's right. That's like in the midst of by the word of the Lord the heavens were made and all of them are formed by the breath of his mouth he spoke and it was done he commanded and it stood fast that inherent power of Dr and in the Word of God that you reference the Romans for if there so let's get back to the creation account we think about in Genesis is says in the beginning God created. How do we know that there is an element today that says God created but this wasn't so involved in that creation process what was the role of Jesus was he involved in creation and what was the role of Christ in creation Well I just read the book of John John chapter one it really is clear I mean if you could read these verses and think anything else it's a puzzle to me. You know because as John's Gospel unfolds and he begins here taking us right to where we need to go in the beginning was the word Now what did Genesis say what it what was the 1st few words of Genesis is there in the video and then we get in the beginning God What's the 1st few words of John in the bin in the beginning was a little bird and the Word was with God and the Word was God now does it need to be any clearer than that because it goes on to say and the same was in the beginning with the with God all things were made by him and without Him was not anything made that was made and him was life and the life was the light of men I mean this is Jesus who came our create or the one who spoke the world into existence the one who formed Adam from the dust the one who did the 1st operation Dr and you and he did not need an x. ray machine to remove the rib and. He knew right where it was like to mix metaphors. And the 1st operation occurred there and he formed the I mean that's the god we're talking about that's the Jesus we're talking about that's our creator but he's also our Beamer and you know some reason in that same passage in Proverbs 8 which is my favorite passages in scripture there is language there that he was established and that is not he just was made at that time it was he took on a new role he stepped down from this to this and so at that point a God he was in heaven and I think that is so powerful that this thought the would step down to a new rule to become one with us to go to upon him self our infirmities and so I think that that is packed into creation as well and I think that this is a deep amazing subject the love of God is something that we'll be studying for otherwise set for eternity eternity and so the promise that is just too deep to go into at this point but we will just contemplate the take my word for and the Apostle Paul also makes it very clear that Jesus was the active element in creation as we are looking Colossians chapter one yes we read about the amazing love Jesus Christ and how he is reading those through his blood in verse 14 it says in verse 16 for by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth visible and invisible whether Thrones or dominions or principalities or powers all things were created through Him and for him powerfully clear you can't get any clearer than that and I know also. Why is it then that we can test the Word of God with the theories of man. That is a very very good question and the question is do we believe this word or do we believe that we are above the word of God Sometimes I think this is the Personally if the Word of God comes with something that maybe my heart doesn't want to take I don't want to walk in obedience toward sure I like that and you try to rationalize or are you in a way I'm not saying that's always the case but I've done that but I wore my case. So there are different views of origins right yes there is a belief in gods special creative fact there is the evolutionary theory and then there's the lesson pointed out there's a 3rd element which sounds to me like an oxymoron theistic evolution do those 2 terms go together not in my vocabulary but the reality is as I was looking at this theistic evolution is what is taught in the majority of Protestant Symon areas and therefore in the majority of Protestant churches those who have been trained in these seminaries come to the churches and they bring these ideas with them yes so what let's unpack this a bit more that concept of theistic evolution someone's watching and saying exactly what does that mean what is theistic evolution. So as I was looking at this and I was contemplating how this fits into a religious context I looked. On Catholic dot com because as many of you are aware of just over the past several decades we've seen the Catholic Church embrace theistic evolution listen to what it says concerning human evolution the church has a more definite teaching it allows for the possibility that man's body developed from previous biological forms under God's guidance but insist on the special creation of his soul Theistic Evolution is something that says yes god was involved in creation but he did it through evolutionary processes of death dying modification of species and so forth I know we're almost out of time here already one final question and was seen just have one of you jump in with a short 22nd answer talk to me about the link between Creation the entrance of sin and across someone want to jump in just a few seconds on that creation fall entrance of the cross I was just diplomatically to say that when God began the creation process and decided to make human beings. This was not a selfish endeavor to glorify Him People see that a lot of times but this was because of love he made to give the circle of beneficence that included risk of giving yourself for somebody else and so we see from creation of the cross God continue to invest himself in man knowing that we would reject him and he would end up dying yes such love unfathomable I wish we had more time and thank you Pastor Ronnie thank you doctor and he Thank you Pastor Steve when I thought you had that you joined us for the Study of the Word of God in the beginning God In contrast to atheism created alone in contrast to polytheism he rules over creation in contrast to pantheism matter had a beginning and our God your God died for you on the cross of that you could have eternal life join us in 15 minutes for divine worship.


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