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ASI Spring Chapter Conference - Sabbath Afternoon

David DeRose Brian Schwartz John Bradshaw Denzil McNeilus Donna McNeilus
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  • May 23, 2020
    11:30 AM
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We're in my lane Jane later said connecting writing industries and business people here priced in the market in support of been missing and this is something just. Welcome to the virtual spring chapter meetings for a.s.i. we have been inspired been blessed and encouraged by all those great speakers testimonies missions and actions and beautiful music that we have received so far in this program and unfortunately this is our last last meeting it has gone very very rapidly and I know that you've been blessed as much as we we have been blessed be here but before we start we'd like to start with the word of prayer let's buy our heads our heavenly Father want to thank you for the privilege of knowing you for the privilege of being able to tell others about you and your soon return Lord blesses as we talk about your work in your ministries but Lord most of all we pray that all honor glory and praise will go to you and you alone and help us to be inspired to do more to tell others about you and your soon return Plessis Lord for us in the name Amen amen. I fit the soul of the. Dude from. Shore tender. Love a liver. Rest. Evolution or. Carver has a months to. Chandigarh lose her business I stand to her lose the war on serve to. Kill all good. Things still learn to live it for the Lord is to. Hand. Because Yorker. Silicate is Elizabeth. Says a whole. New. Holder was to. Large large for. This it. Was there's no. Sleep. To. Love to just sit. Still. Says it is the world is still. Sluggish. It is to. Love. Still. This. Isn't it. It is it is good it is lucky little. Girl it is elated. Little. It is still love it. This. Was. My name is Denzel McNeil is some from God Center Minnesota and I am a banker by trade me is busy being a businessman I thought that my 1st job was to make money and give to the church and let the professionals do the work I didn't realize that there is a whole opportunity of sharing Christ in your own marketplace and so I just get inspired by my own brothers and sisters that are involved in the business they're doing not just giving money but they're giving you need give it you need a sports church you need to give your money because that's part of that's part of who you are but the real focal point is what are you doing besides giving your money that's where it really comes down to where you sharing credits were you given your own personal Bible say where you'd be involved because that let's face it. Doesn't your money because he has it all right. When he needs us and what we need to do is be giving not just of our money but of our time. We're a family owned bank so we're a community bank and we mainly focus on small businesses our main focus here is to take care of our customers and to be a light in this community or for Jesus I believe the Lord is using this business I believe that we as business people have an opportunity to share Christ where we are and I believe every person is put in a position to reach people that no one else can reach on the banking side people tend to be a little more vulnerable and I discuss in my financials and so all the let their guard down a little bit but that can filter into other types of discussions obviously religion would be a component of that because we call these divine appointments these opportunities. Are I feel that if God calls you into a place where you are working with a public platform. Oh sure increase in a marketplace can't just be and meaning it has to be a lifestyle and what we do as a family I always make it a point of when a customer asked me How are you doing because that's kind of a standard after a while I'm doing fantastic was going to get better and they'll say well how does it get better and fantastic and I said well the Lord's coming and so I know it's a large company it's going to get better than that or another person last well how are you doing and I said I'm very blessed a customer say to that and he goes that's right you're Christian I really would like to talk to you about your faith community can we meet and talk about your faith and so just by answering questions like that in a way that creates opportunity for opening the doors I think is very very important for us to open doors to be able to share the gospel of. Our friend delight Hildebrand's as the best piece of what you share Christ it's like a disease and there is no cure because you want to do it over and over and over again this is such a joy. Well done and does all that was just a fabulous intro to our members in action segment one of my favorite ones that we don't even have to move right here doing it live so Denzel that was just really warmed my heart but just give me some examples of how you've been very intentional in your business to set up the way to share Christ but Brian you know we just built a new corporate office as you saw in the video and and what we've done is we've made that a intentional way we want to use everything in our office to be able to witness to Christ so our work the literature that we have in our offices all lead to Christ plus a other thing that I've learned in all these ideas we actually got from other e.s.i. members committee as I conventions but one thing I did learn is that when you go into a customer's office or someone comes in your office they want to find some Tom common ground so they always want to look around your office and see what they can see that they can talk about and ask you about so what I did when I built this new office is designed it so that no matter what you point to everything on in my office can lead to a conversation about Jesus that's actually I know I haven't been to the new office but in your old office I remember seeing things from mission trips you know as well opinions in Thailand and different places so it's one of these things is designed to spark an interest and generate a question yeah can you tell us examples of how your clients or people who have come into the bank have actually responded to these things well it's interesting showing like like here I have money from different countries that I carry in my in my Bible to remind us that money is not really in that important because it's just really a piece of paper about the one from Zimbabwe buzz them Bobbie one is very interesting because it's $100.00 trillion dollar bill and the worst part about this was in 1978 the exchange rate was 2 Zimbabwe $1.00 to $1.00 us dollar and now I bought this for $0.20. Do If You Knew money in the meeting to don't put your trust in the film money it does it does do that but also it gives an opportunity I mention that I always try to lead with a question like I've been blessed and one time I was talking to a customer I said I've been blessed and he said I would like to learn more about your your faith and we have lunch and we have we've now had about a series of about a half a dozen lunches since that time and we've been able to talk more and more about our our faith and got into some very deep theological discussions and it's been a real blessing so you can actually engage with a client who comes to you for a loan or for a business banking need and actually wind up getting Bible studies Yes yes you can that's incredible very powerful the way that you guys are using your ministry and Ali you've been cooped up at home for the scope of you've been dealing with us that you found ways to do ministry during this time yes Brian I actually have and God is good you know it doesn't matter if you're at home or if you're in business he has a ways that we all can witness and Anyway a couple of months ago actually in January we had built a barn out on our property and my husband and I decided we wanted to use this for him and so we started a while Miss club anyway we did all our advertising on social media and a normal barn Well no no it doesn't have animal Senate Ok so we specifically designed it for people outreach exactly everything that we do is intentional actually what happened was we were given Bible studies in our home and that's another whole story and we got so many people that were coming that we ran out of space and so we actually when we decided to build this barn we built a spot big enough to hold Bible studies because it was we grew our home that's incredible we did anyway back to our wellness clinic you know when I prayed about this I just asked God that he would give us 5. 55 guest and I thought to myself Oh if I could get 5 guess I would be so excited and I remember when the people started coming in and there were more than 5 deaths I was just praising the Lord I couldn't believe how good he was to us anyway as we gave to the priest and Taishan the people that me for it stands I gave my testimony to them I said I'm telling you the reason why that we are doing this is because new start work for me and I want you to have the same health that I have and so we've been doing this up until the covert came in and then we had to stop but we plan on reviewing again and you know with recipes and helping them to learn that there are better ways for better health it's just a gift from God so there's nothing more powerful than taking what you've learned to put in your own laws in this area that with your neighbors and your community and that's what you've done that's exactly right absolutely and you know thank you for allowing me to tell you a little bit about this well you know I was inspired by someone when we were having our winter board meeting at Battle Creek Michigan I heard Patty Gunn 3 talk about what she was doing at her home in community and I told my husband I said you know what if Patty's doing now why can't we be doing this at our home and so I had the permission from our church board and the support of my family that helped us put this together and Patty you have been an inspiration to me and you know we're going to be having an interview that does involve Patti and it also involves her husband and he is with us via Skype thank you for being with us today. All right we're going to sift to another interview here live on the stage here in a aside I'm really happy to have Todd and Patti half and half so Todd you may not be able to tell but you were seated right next to your wife we've been here all week and we're happy that even though you're in California you can be here on stage with us and Todd is an orthopedic surgeon up in Northern California and I know that he and I both served as presidents of the Abbotts medical evangelism network and I know that he's been really involved with sharing Christ and his practice through prayer and other means but what we want to ask you Todd is that how has this slowdown with coded we know that California was one of the very 1st states to slow down and then lock down how has this affected you personally your practice is slow down you can't go to church you've just been locked down how has that affected you. Well I can still go to the I can see I saw that in the hospital when people break things so I still have some work to do and what it has like many people it's given me more time to reflect and study to realize where we are in time I've appreciated a lot of the presentations and the a.s.i. meetings here for that purpose a lot of good material it's also given us time to put our finances in the Lord's hands and realize this world is not our home we've heard some of that as well and then gauge with ministry and some of the ministries I'm involved with now in addition to a man having a spider library and Ellen g. white audio so both in print and then audio and these are resources that are important for Adventists as we proclaim the 3 messages we need to understand our history what our pioneers have studied out from 844 through 888 and beyond and so that's why a.p.l. exists to help in that and I've been participating with that since our friend your friend Dr Brant Bishop passed away he started that ministry. So that's personally what I've been doing enjoying time with the family we still can go on walks and so there's still things to do Ok so you've had the opportunity to still treat a few patients and especially if they're broken Ilam or an arm or a leg professionally that holiday you noticed with your patients that when you engage with them are are things different now than they were just a few months ago well I think as we've heard others talk about there's interest that's deepening and people realize something is going on in the world that's different. And so I have more time because I have fewer patience things are starting to pick up now but I still want to value that time and yes you know we both were inspired through a man I think you 1st and then I was listening to you and inspired to start praying with patients but now that really takes another takes another depth or another level and because we do have more time we can actually talk. You know a little more in-depth about what's going on some of the health issues that affect immunity and so we can get into spiritual things as well because people are depressed or they're having family issues so we've shared some of those things and I know from doing some of ours with you before on prayer that you're up in California where there's a lot of the gnostics than New Age or it's not like we're in that the Bible Belt or prayers almost not only accepted but very welcome. You're finding a renewed opening it sounds like to try to talk about spiritual things have you been using any resources that actually give to your patients that can point them to if they answer biblical Yes I'm going to be giving out that little booklet the great hope. A man has produced this handout on of unity to page and see the 1st page and probably put it up as an image there is the science of The Times has put out a code that $900.00 special edition the talks about immunity but then also talks about spiritual implications how you deal with stress and then where we might be in time some of the end time themes that introduces people to start thinking about that and then not also refer people I still do this and I've been doing this even beforehand but life and health network produces programs such as diabetes and done you may have heard about before and of course diabetes is a risk factor for a total of 19 infections as is obesity and there are also treatments that are available such as hydrotherapy there's a course on the life and health website that's been very popular. Tens of thousands of views people wanting to prove their how to stimulate your unit so it's been an exciting time to engage not only with patients but also with colleagues and even the people who can only who are you know what are we going to how do we have unity with their immunity you know so I've been much more proactive in Florida materials to people. You were familiar with but this is new to them Well I just want to thank you for what you're doing I don't know too many or earth people surgeons who are talking about diabetes and obesity and lifestyle issues like you've been able to do with your practice so thank you very much I'm going to turn to Patty here than just ask her question so you've also walked up to northern California and had a lot more time on your heels I'm sure this is affected your ministry to the community that the you that is with her was that you've found to still stay engaged during this time I walk for miles and miles every day and I watch for my neighbors and lots of other people are out walking too. It's been really wonderful because the level of conversations we're having has has deepened and there have been lots of opportunities in interacting with them and inviting them to my home as soon as we're safe to do so there's 3 things that have happened during coven for me when I felt that God has given us time to study and learn our message and prepare for what's coming he's given us a window of time and it's been a huge blessing I'm really appreciative for that couple of things I'm convicted on one of the things I've been reading counsels on health and Ellen White's counsel about you know soon there will be no work done but medical missionary work and she also talks about home sanitariums so I won't share any stories on that but God is opening my heart to those opportunities and that's an exciting journey and the other thing I've been impressed with as the store shelves are clearing out that we may need food. Some day and so time tonight we've got knockout to try our garden again and we're trying to defeat the go 1st in the squirrels and the bears and the deer and also keep keep up with it and addition there's a nearby high school that has a garden that has been run down and our our former retired pastor is going to start a community garden there and I'm really excited about that so well so you've really changed the way you're thinking you're being in touch with all about reaching your community even under these tough times and you guys have had a fabulous outreach and even an impact and so thank you so much for what you're doing and inspiring all of us. It is my privilege today to introduce our speaker Dr David duros not only is he visitation but he's also the president of compass health consulting incorporated He's also an author and a pastor Dr Rose thank you for sharing with us today if as a physician I could only have a single remedial agency What should I choose some might say well if there was such a thing just a super potent antibiotic that would kill every bacterial infection but others would say well I mean there's all kinds of deadly viruses and other things what would be even better if you could just have a single remedial agency it would be some universal vaccine if such a thing existed I know even mentioning vaccines was I will say no no no you need something like surgery surgery that is a single remedial agency the company things you could help with surgery and then still others would point to something in the mental health arena but actually there's something that's even more powerful than all those things if I could have a single remedial agency I'd like to suggest to you that the best thing I could choose is rounded a little book called counsels on health page 28. The influence of the Spirit of God is the very best medicine for disease heaven is all health and the more deeply heavenly influences are realized the more sure will be the recovery of the believing invalid the influence of the Spirit of God the very best medicine I really believe that and I know that may sound like a cop out because you say well you're a physician how could the influence of the Spirit of God be the very best medicine we want to try to probe that succinct statement and we want to look at it in terms of something that is gripping really the world today it may be visiting your own home it may be present with you right now is fear a lot of fear in our world today we want to see how fear interfaces with this great remedy the influence of the Spirit of God Why do you look at fear healing and then believe it or not the heavenly sanctuary fear healing and the heavenly sanctuary now when I was jogging down my nose praying about what should be presented that fits in with the theme of its event I wrote this down I said there's no way that I could do justice to talking about fear healing and the heavenly sanctuary just for a point of reference I recently preached to 7 or 8 part series on fear not and we'll get to some of the high points from that in just a moment. I preached another series several messages on the sanctuary and what it tells us about healing How can I in a short span of time do any kind of justice to this topic of fear healing and the heavenly sanctuary Well I'm not going to focus on being comprehensive of course but I want to give us 7 life changing principles that relate to our whole person health the 1st one is what I've shared the Spirit of God the influence of the Spirit of God is the very best medicine but my 2nd point is equally important and is this fear abject fear is one of the most destructive elements when it comes to the whole person health God does not want us to be overcome by abject fear by by by being consumed with fear they say Well that may sound obvious but let me just talk as a physician just for a moment if you have fear that is perpetuated it messes up your neural hormonal mechanisms your neural hormonal systems in your body it ramps up stress hormone levels it raises blood pressure it raises blood sugar it increases risk of heart disease it suppresses your immune system so the message is abject fear fear that is perpetuated is undesirable. This is such a powerful spiritual concept when I was preaching that series on avoiding fear I was captivated by the King James Version of the Bible because over 60 times that uses the phrase fear not fear not now we're not going to look at some sixty's scriptural references but I do want to look with you at just a couple the very 1st reference in the Bible where it says fear not comes to us in Genesis Chapter 15 the context is Abraham has heard the call of God He has left Earth of the Kal these He's following God going to a place of which he knows not along the way Abraham has lied to the pharaoh of Egypt he has become entangled in battles defending his relative lot and now he could rightly fear the the heathen nations that were in what we would call the promised land he could fear his own shortcomings and in Genesis 15 chapter one in 2 it says after these things the word of the Lord came to a broom in a vision saying Fear not a broom I am by Shield and the exceeding great reward. And so right now I believe one of the things God wants us to focus on is we're talking about this comprehensive view of health in these 7 key points God does not want us to be overcome by fear he wants us to know that he is our shield he's my shield he is my exceeding great reward I do not need to be afraid no I don't need to be afraid of the things that are coming at me in my environment they may not be enemy nations it may be an enemy virus it may be an enemy landlord I hate to call any person an enemy but you understand where I'm going with this it could be that you're out of work the point is fear not that's the message the very 1st time it's articulated in the Bible but then I want to look at the last time this phrase is articulated it's in Revelation Chapter one The context again is a is a concept has become familiar we've been hearing a lot about quarantine an isolation Well John the disciple finds himself isolated from the other believers he's on the Isle of Patmos and in Revelation Chapter one Jesus appears to him it's could seem from a human perspective that God had forgotten him how did he get into this situation how was he cut off from all those that he loved how was he away from all that gave meaning to his life he's no longer involved in active ministry in the church in Revelation one Jesus appears to John and as you look at that description Revelation one we see Jesus revealed himself in the midst of the heavenly sanctuary we're getting there but it says this when John saw him Revelation one verse 17 on word when John saw the revealed Jesus it says He says I fell at his feet as dead I fell at his feet as death. And he Jesus laid his right hand upon the saying and to me Fear not I am the 1st and the last I am He that liveth and was dead and behold I am alive forevermore a man and have the keys of hell and of death so God speaks to us throughout the Bible it's an amazing study I challenge you to do it look at the occurrences of this phrase fear not and God is telling us Don't be overcome by fear Don't be overwhelmed by fear no matter how scary things are God is present with us and he reminds us of that as he speaks to John in the Book of Revelation but our 3rd point as we look at these principles that can transform our health the 3rd point is that although abject fear is undesirable and God is trying to free us from it fear does have an appropriate place now let's talk from the medical end of things to be unafraid of things that we should fear is actually very dangerous you say Dad to drugs all these people are worried about this covert 19 I have no fear at all yeah I'm 70 years of age I'm obese I have high blood pressure and diabetes everyone saying the you know these are really good things yes I'm taking prednisone on immunosuppressive drugs but I'm not worried and I'm going to go right into my sick family members room yeah they're coughing they've been diagnosed with covert 19 I don't need any personal protective equipment now there's possibly some people viewing this or saying what faith I wish I had faith like that but more than likely most of you are thinking this is extremely presumptuous it is good to have fear were fear is appropriate some years ago. We had the privilege of having a wonderful dog German shepherd by the name of Jay sir and Jake's are with Fearless now so you're being very inspired to say that's what I like a dog whose fearless chaser was not even afraid of cars this became a problem one day as I was out running with him what do you think he did he ran right in front of a car I mean it happened so quickly a very obedient dog I tried to call him but it was too late he was hit by that car me fortunately he wasn't killed he survived but. Fear appropriate fear is actually a desirable thing and effect if you think back on it maybe some of the best decisions you've made in life were partly occasioned because of some healthy fear maybe you prefer the word respect but fear is not all bad in fact the Bible speaks about an appropriate place for fear Joe put it this way in Job 28 verse 28 he said Behold the fear of the Lord that is wisdom and to depart from evil is understanding in Proverbs 8 verse 13 the wise man put it this way the fear of the Lord is to hate evil pride and arrogance see and the evil way and the fro word mouth do I hate so there is an appropriate realm for fear to fear those things that are contrary to God's nature to fear evil but here's what we've learned in medical research fear can be a good motivator in the short term but in the long term it's really not all that great this far as helping us live a healthy lifestyle. Many of you if you have any background and in the medical world or just have lived very long you've probably had whether was a patient or a relative or maybe it was even yourself you had a scare you got afraid because of some medical condition classic one of heart disease let's say we'll call him Ralph Ralph has been having chest pain he's a smoker he could care less about how he eats but he's a hard driving executive and he just doesn't have time really to even see the doctor yeah the chest pain has been there for a year or 2 it gets worse when he exert himself but I mean it hasn't hurt him yet well you know how that story plays out one morning he's laying in bed he has this crushing sense of pain on his chest a cold sweat and fortunately he has the presence of mind to roll over in bed turn to his wife and say Honey I think I might be having a heart attack well 911 call you know the whole routine right go several months down the road and it's a totally different guy he's in cardiac rehab he's had his and you have plans he's got his stents and yet he's still afraid I mean could I have another heart attack and he's quit smoking he's changed his diet dramatically. But what happens a year later or 2 years or 3 or 4 I mean that fear of heart disease Well you know I'm not a heart disease patient anymore that's in the past and I can have you know a cigar for a celebration and maybe I don't have to be so careful with my diet and exercising every day I mean I'm a busy executive I mean. I knew that back then but I never you following along what we've seen in the medical research is fear can motivate you in the short term but it is not a good long term motivator by the way this isn't playing out in our society as fear levels ramp up people are willing to put up with a lot that they're willing to to hunker down but after a while I mean if the fear seems well maybe a little bit misplaced maybe I don't need to be that scared then we change our our attitude towards certain lifestyle decisions so fear can help you make changes in the short term but what is more powerful in the long term are things that we value maybe we could even say things that we glory and things that we we really rejoice that we really own with our whole hearts years ago when I was taking a class in health behavior change as part of my training my master's training in public health I remember us looking at this dynamic how disease and fear of disease was not all that motivational in the in the grand scheme of things but what was really powerful the research showed is things that affected the way we looked things that affected the way we felt things that affected the way we function and why because these things are things that we value Well you say interesting but what does all this have to do with fear and healing and the heavenly sanctuary Well that's where we're headed because our 5th point is the sanctuary actually provides this balance between fear. Appropriate fear and something that we can truly value and glory in turn your Bibles if you will to that last book of the Bible again I'm going to Revelation Chapter 14 Revelation 14 for those who've looked at the structure of the Book of Revelation this is not just 7th Day Adventists these are scholars outside the 7th they have been as church have made the same observation but the very heart of the Book of Revelation the very focal point is found in what is called the 3 angels messages in Revelation 14 verse 6 we read that message of the 1st angel and let's pay careful attention to it in light of what we've been looking at the far I saw another a change will fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach on to them to dwell on the earth and to every nation and kindred and tongue and people say with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters it's interesting in the context of the everlasting Gospel the everlasting good news we hear this cry to fear God Now I know as we talk about fearing God and we put it side by side with something in and a person in whom we glory give glory to Him and worship Him right we often tend to simply say Well fear is about respect and reverence. But I'd like to suggest to you understood from the context in which the Book of Revelation is written which is a sanctuary context the sanctuary actually provides us an insight into how we balance fear and glory and worship in God and it's this if you look at the very center of the sanctuary it's the most holy place and in that most holy place we have a revelation of God when we talk about that most people think well that's the she kind of girl she kind of glory that the visible presence of God that was manifested there but it's more than that the 10 Commandments themselves reflect the glory and the character of God because really when summarized right Jesus himself said in so many words you could summarize the 1st 4 commandments as Love to God the last 6 as love to our human brothers and sisters love to God love to man the 10 Commandments are an expression of God's character love just like John fell at Jesus' feet as one dead when he saw the glorified Jesus in the sanctuary so it is every place in the Bible where we as human beings catch a glimpse of heaven we are overwhelmed by our unworthiness it happened to Isaiah during his call vision the temple was always me I'm undone it happened of Peter with Jesus in his ministry on this earth when he recognized till he was he fell at his feet he said Depart from Me I am a sinful man it is natural for us in our sinful flesh we see a clear view of God to be overcome by fear. But we can glory in God because of the gospel because of the good news and the amazing thing about it the amazing thing about it is that those same 10 commandments that condemn us in our humanity that point is to Jesus as a savior do more than that they also show us the happiest way to live they show us the way God has created the universe all of God's laws whether they're contained in the 10 Commandments or his laws of our physical being or for our own good and that brings us to our 6 point in our 6 point is simply that the sanctuary is not just about a work that God does for us he does that by the way look at 2nd says Saloni in chapter one sometime we see this image of God's judgment put side by side with God saying that he comes to be glorified in his things God is invested in saving us from sin not just from the the penalty of sin but saving us from the results of sin and this 6 point is that God wants us to cooperate with him in this work of sharing the fullness of the gospel which talks about God's full character the beauties of God's character and let me just share with you a very succinct statement there's so much that I could share but it comes to us from a source that has inspired me over the years and it has to do with something very very powerful Let me read a statement for us again from this book counsels on health and it reads this way counsels on health. 548 I actually give you a medical ministry page to 41st before we give you that councils and health reference medical ministry page 240 well connected with other lines of gospel effort medical missionary work is a most effective instrument by which the ground is prepared for the sowing of the seeds of truth and the instrument also by which the harvest is read that just stop there we talk many times about health ministry being the entering wedge but this statement is saying that health ministry is also the instrument by which the harvest is reaped medical missionary work if we are involved with this whole person care if we are taking on this priestly role that Jesus has in the sanctuary for his people we will be engaged in a work that includes not only teaching not only preaching but also call includes ministry to health needs of people and all me give you that statement in councils on health page 548 the context there if you look at it is actually the 3 angels message is she speaking to a physician couple and she says something interesting she says the work will now be more difficult than it would have been a few years ago but if we take up the work in the name of the Lord barriers will be broken down and decided victories will be ours in every way possible we must seek to bring souls under the convicting and converting power of God I share that with you because I believe more than ever God wants us as a church and as church members as conferences as unions to take to heart how God wants us to combine healing ministry with ministry to the souls the the spiritual needs of people around us today. In conclusion I want to leave you though with a 7th message from the sanctuary and that is when they sanctuary was set up in the midst of the Hebrew encampment Jesus told his people that he wanted to spank sure he so that he could dwell in the midst of them the key to healing is to be in the presence of Jesus and the sanctuary points this to that great truth the God that was physically present with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden on this planet is again going to be physically present with his people on the earth made new we can take courage today we don't need to be overcome by fear but there is an appropriate place for fear God is calling us to embrace a lifestyle message ourselves not motivated largely by fear but largely motivated by glorifying Jesus in our lives and in our ministries check out again 2nd sessile audience chapter one I just alluded to it but but catch that where there is something fearful puts died by side with God being glorified in his saints and then realize that God has a special calling for you and me he wants us to be involved in healing ministry for our communities it may seem the best days are behind us but God says they're not at least we're not done he wants us to embrace his call to be priests ministering to people physically mentally and spiritually May God bless you as you catch that vision. She is. Still raging. No the it's not. Marked with some hearts of pain we then scrub but with a grin her mood in saying that it's gone a little too. And truly is of most detail here is lowering her. Mood each from. A full blown. Will be a man who needs a moment. The which the news whole business card on the fine look her. God is working his. Room disaster to do no very he still raw in your soul really. Rolls. He he looms it's still wrong there'll be a beauty broom and. His limbs controlled the last follow me from the school then it will change with him and. He'll be viewed. Sometimes. Just. The old we have to. Do lists 2 lists. We asked his Cod Steve. It's when the fire is floating he is still. Being used. And from the pun. To restore. The muddied. Whole. Issue. Which seems spawn 5 look. It's just. Not is. Dishonest still. Holding he's still Ron story. And not be her old Mitchells keep those who need soul will be beauties. He is still. Hold the list come on just believing it will change with time. There will be. Bonus sun in this book says it will change which. Will be. Our next members in action is the lineage Lage is a group of as the a young people who are passionate about reaching young people by producing high quality production. In 1939 Ripley's Believe It Or Not wrote about a school in Madison Tennessee and included its amazing story in a long list of unbelievable things they reported that it was the only college in America that was self-supporting meaning it operated without external funds income or endowments the remarkable story goes back in 1904 when per team again and a Sutherland started a school that was the ridge really cold that Nashville agricultural and normal Institute. Here in Madison Tennessee just 10 miles north of Nashville one of America's most remarkable and innovative schools started be a Sutherland and Percy McGann resigned their jobs from Emmanuel missionary college and moved down to work in the South in 1904 they were here on the Cumberland River with Ella white on the morning star boat only broke down Ellen White and Mr Palmer went ashore and saw 412 that was the sale it was overgrown full of stones and rundown but Ellen White commented that she has seen the place in a vision and thought they should purchase it the 2 teachers. And Percy McGann were dismayed for they did not think the place looked promising or told but they decided to trust the wisdom of Ellen White and moved ahead and purchased the property it began its 1st term with 11 students but quickly grew and under the guidance the educational philosophy of this school was established. Madison sought to educate the whole person body mind and soul instilling in students a spirit of self-sacrifice service and a love of the simple frugal life using the large property that I have students who work on the land ensuring that they could pay their way through making it a self-supporting institution if students did not have enough money they were not turned away but encouraged to work their way through school the teachers did not have high paying salaries and staff and students would work together every day for 5 hours. The focus of Madison was to be different athletics and sports programs were not included but instead there was a strong emphasis on mission work the purpose was to train self-supporting domestic and foreign missionary workers and teach us the education given at the Madison school is such as will be accounted a treasure of great value by those who take up missionary work in foreign fields many more in other schools were receiving a similar training we as a people would be a spectacle to the world to angels and cement. As Madison expanded it began to plant satellite schools and institutions all across the country by 1914 there were 40 schools with a 1000 students in 1947 the self-supporting entities formed the association of 7th Day Adventists support the institutions or. Once a year they would meet me at Madison for a self-supporting work as Convention laying the foundation for the annual convention that continues to this day in 1979 the name. Changed through reflect a more diverse membership to Adventist Philemon services and industries and it is a powerful mission driven organization that has been responsible for some great projects over the years. Unfortunately the school would sadly closed in 1964 and the reasons are complex and many Madison pioneered a self-supporting work not to be confused with independent ministries Ellen White spoke strongly in favor of the self-supporting work saying in the book Welfare Ministry a 64 there was a large field open before the self-supporting gospel worker self-supporting work was and is to work harmoniously with the organized work and the collaboration between these 2 entities to make the gospel work doubly effective. When I was growing up if you wanted to study history or do research on a particular topic there was really only one option that we can and that was to read a book and I never really said much so we decided to create a resource that would translate this written information into the language of today. My name's Adam Ramadan and my name is and we're the co-founders of lineage journey back in 2016 I'll be going to great controversy and I was really struggling to find any relevant video resources that I could use that and we must study for the site its approach out and about the possibility of making some videos on the Reformation. So we started filming the end of 2016 and in 2007 See we released $48.00 videos that covered the period of the early church all the way through to the end of the reformation then in 201819 released another 52 episodes on church history these have now been viewed all over the world in over 100 countries covering about 50 different languages and we have over 3000000 views online these videos have been used as a resource in both secular and Christian schools as well as several church nominations across the globe using Bible studies study groups as well as playing for the general congregation they also make a great online evangelistic tool where people are able to share that and we've seen them go into countries or we ourselves can go countries that are Muslim countries where the Christian message cannot go one of the challenges we have though is that amongst our team of almost 10 people we are all volunteers on this project sacrificing our time effort and energy in order to make these resources together just to put things in perspective Linnaeus episode as well as the filming take an additional $2.00 to $3.00 days and post production there's a lot of time and sacrifice that this team has made putting $100.00 episodes together thank you for taking the time to watch this video we really appreciate that thank you for your support of the ministry so far may God bless you and we ask that you continue to keep this ministry and our future plans in prayer. 8 men Wasn't that amazing those the videos are going all over the world and what I especially appreciate is that our young people are doing this it's amazing what young people can do but he can also use others too and you know we're going to have a video up coming that is about Harvard hills and then we're going to have a live interview with the president of Harvard Hill's Academy. Madison College was established in 1904 under the direction instruction of Ellen White God directed them to a piece of property there that they really didn't even want to have because it was rock and the fences were broken down in the equipment was rusty somehow God has this sense of humor he takes the things that look like they can be used for nothing and he makes something out of that and I think that's what he wanted to do it Madison because he wanted to show if you can do mission work here you can do it and it was not beautiful when they went there but it was beautiful because of what it produced young people who knew how to go out and earn a living with their own hands and share the Gospel at the same time. At Madison college one of the things that was evident from the beginning is that they had to earn their own way. They sold eggs they milked the cows and make butter they farm the land and whatever they had that they had grown that's what the. Because they knew it had to be self-sustaining if they were going to keep self-supporting they had to do self-supporting it was the template for the program that the best appointing institution including Harvey Hill have adopted at Harvard Hills Academy the institution has several major companies we have the educational work and the educational work we believe should include practical hands on training there for the industries that we also have Harvard has Academy owns a $49.00 bed nursing home that 49 bed nursing home is a fully licensed and accredited facility in the state of Tennessee to provide care for senior citizens who need more care. It could be. An outside of a nursing home we have Harvard Hills Bread of Life vacancies where we bake bread and cookies for both the school and the nursing home and students are involved in that work and then we have a pretty extensive agriculture program I would building greenhouses as we speak and growing vegetables year round as those kids are involved in all of the industries that we have in schools these are the ministries that help support the school we also have a radio station on campus it's really an outreach to our community but it's all to a training tool to help young people in addition to the practical training through the industries where vocational classes in auto mechanics woodworking and digital photography and medical missionary and food service teaching them these vital skills that they need for everyday life it's an opportunity for people to learn how to serve other people how to be responsible about to be punctual have be dependable how to be good at their job and how to be a service debate and I grew up in a public sector where all academic I did not have a problem with in a book or in. Politics and I had to apply that to other things I cannot. It was because that practical application was made. Hubby has. Practical application along with the academic how it can be swung from your mind to the high and so our goal is that I still live where they go in the mission field I would have a continued want a higher education is that they would be rooted and grounded and close enough to the Lord that they would be able to sustain and setbacks and this school to be quick in them that whichever direction based on their passion of what they like is when God called them. This fear prophecy talks about an army of young people who have been rightly trained if we're ever going to have an army of young people rightly trained we're going to have to have institutions that are training right not only are we training students. To go out and spread the message carried along with them but now we are all over the world we have students here from. 16 different countries I believe that God has a plan. For the work of education around the world and it is to establish schools like Harvard Hills Academy in every country of the world. I'm here with Steve Dyckman the president of Harvard Hills Academy and Steve I saw in the video that that impressive video that you have students from 16 countries is that correct we do have probably a little over half of our student body is international students interested mazing That is amazing and how are you handling this pandemic in your in your school well very interesting question dental because as you know there's a lot of most schools have closed down yes and what we did at the beginning of this is we said look there's a lot of these students that we just can't send home to their countries because their countries were closed 1st of all and so we put together a plan to shelter in place as it were and to kind of isolate our campus and based on that we went to the local department of education in the local health department and talked about what we were planning to do kind of get their blessing to operate that way and we do reduced our class sizes down we made the class sizes you know less than 10 and the students were not in a regular classroom setting they were doing most their studying their dormitories So it was a totally different format and we weren't even meeting for Vesper services in church services we put the students in small groups but it had a very interesting dynamic to it because the students actually began to engage in this process more Ok you know it was normal the student come and sit in chapel some would pay attention some might not you know that's the normal for a teenager right well when you're in a small group it's harder because you're actually part of a small group and so they actually began to engage more and we found that this pandemics actually a blessing to us because the students began to have a questions about spiritual thinks they 7 really is you know we want to know more about you know we know this world is kind of in disarray here but we see something's happening we have some question. About that and so they began to ask questions and they began to study for themselves so it just it was a powerful experience for us God blessed and even though we had a pandemic we also completed the school year even reason it's such a blessing Steve how do you see harbored hills in the future well that's a really good question because as most of you know we could be headed back to another pandemic and you know this fall this could come back who knows what's going to happen but in any event I believe that God has a plan and his plans for education are the very best plans you can possibly follow and so our mission our goal at Harvard Hills Academy is to focus on studying God's plan of education following that plan to the best of our ability and letting God take care of the future you know we have done some things though that are interesting we've paid a lot more attention to what's growing in the garden and we've planted a lot more things on our farm and we as staff are getting out and working with the students making sure that those vegetables are well well cared for because that may be our food source you know and so we've been able to do that it's just been a really has been a blessing in the midst of a crisis we've had so many blessings I've just been so grateful for him and Steve in 30 seconds you've spent 30 years why do you do this. Dental you know I will tell you this 1st of all it was a calling that God put in my life and he has not released me from it yet there are days when I might wish for that but let me tell you just a few days ago as we ended our school year we went down on the Sabbath afternoon to the to the local creek and we had a baptism in 7 of our students took a stand for Christ and they said yes he's going to be Michael my God too so you know that's the reason for me Amen Amen thank you. What a blessing for me to have an opportunity to share with you I'm grateful that God has made this time that you've made this time and that as we gather around the would of gone God will encourage us and speak to us we're going to ask him to do that pray that his would comes alive during this time and I sure hope you are doing well what an oddball time that is for Planet Earth right now. I want to take time to talk about what I see as some of the prophetic implications or at least how I think I believe with all my hot dog is allowing us to look into the future a little bit and he's saying to us you know what I wrote you about Revelation Chapter 13 that's really true and now you know just how quickly it can be fulfilled so we're living in exciting times let's pray that God gives us an unusual and unusually clear focus right now let's pray Father in heaven we come to you in the name of Jesus your son we thank you for this opportunity given us of heaven and we pray that you would speak and that you would be good help us now do you Lord we pray speak through our hearts guide us by your Holy Spirit that is our Priya in Jesus' name amen I grew up in a small town beautiful town population right around $5000.00 for a small town there was an unusual geographical feature 2 Rivers met in that town that didn't happen everywhere the Waikato River the longest river in my home country of New Zealand and the White Powder River they converged at an area still known today as the point I basically grew up on the banks of the Waikato River my bedroom was 535 feet from the river bank. 163 meters you saying bolts could have run that distance in a right around 15 and a half seconds so it's not 5 Now there were 2 houses between us and the river but we just climbed over a back fence and then walk down a neighbor's driveway and there we were. There it was a huge part of my life growing up I learned to swim in that river my friends and I played the climb the trees paddled canoes to climb the trees swam we fished for eels I rode for the rowing club it was a huge part of my life and if ya me right now to list my favorite places in the womb anywhere on the banks of that strip of river that ran through my hometown would be right up near the very top of the list of course Rivers loom large in the Bible we could think of the River of Life spoken of in Revelation 22 we'll see that in the earth made new the Bible speaks of the great river Euphrates of course the River Jordan way Jesus was baptized and there is another river you find it in the book of his eco Now much of the book of Ezekiel involves the prophet speaking very strongly with reference to Judah. Comes on the scene to Jerusalem had been attacked by never could it's almost the end of the line for Judah. And Izzy kill catalogs Judas great sins and sinfulness it's e.q. who's given the vision of sun were ship taking place inside the temple God himself speaks of the abominations taking place judgments are given against the surrounding nations then you remember that God of Appeals to Judah a new hot also will I give you and a new spirit will I put within you and I will take away the stony heart out of your foolish and I will give you an heart of flesh and I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and ye shall keep my judgments and do them beautiful gone pleading with this people and promising them a restoration is the he wrote about the Valley of dry bones what God would do in placing his spirit and his people and bringing them back to life and before the end of the book of Ezekiel there are several chapters go into great detail about the Temple in this God speaks about true worship also about the role of the church in its last days and so look at this with me will look at a river of a river found in his eagle Chapter 47 the chapter starts like this in verse one it says now follow with me we got a little reading to do afterward he brought me again unto the door of the house and behold was issued out from under the threshold of the house Eastwood for the forefront of the house stood toward the east and the waters came down from under the right side of the house at the south side of the old. Now the waters were initially ankle deep those 3 then they were waist date then they were too deep for is equal to negotiate without swimming and so let's pick it up now in the 7. Now when I had returned behold at the bank of the river with very many trees on the one side and on the other then said he and to me these waters issue out toward the east country and go down into the deserts and go into the sea which being brought forth into the sea the waters shall be healed and it shall come to pass that everything that lives which know that with us whoever the rivers shall come shall live and they shall be a very great multitude of fish because these waters shall come then. For they shall be healed and every thing shall live within their of a cometh and it shall come to pass that the fishes shall stand upon it from end get I even unto and. They shall be a place to spread forth nets their fish shall be according to their kinds as the fish of the great sea exceeding many but the my airy places they are often the Matias they are all shall not be healed they shall be given to salts and by the river upon the bank they are all of on this side and on that side shall grow all trees for meat whose leaf shall not fade neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months because they was his they issued out of the sanctuary and the fruit thereof shall be for meat and the leaf thereof for medicine and you are familiar with those words a familiar with those from the Book of Revelation John co-opted those. River flowed out of the temple It flowed into the sea the waters of the sea would be healed. The waters of the sea would heal that salt water became fresh water the creatures in that water would all thrive the fish they were in would be plentiful the trees growing on the banks of the river would be fruitful and the fruit would never fail and so what could this be what could God be talking about flowing out of the temple bringing health do everything it contacts turning salty water into fresh water bringing a life and abundance with it wherever it. Goes when you start discussing the book of Ezekiel you can get some really rather interesting interpretations but over the years many commentators maybe even most commentators have agreed that these was his reprise in listen these waters flowing forth represent the gospel of cry so think with me now God is seeing a time when the Gospel flows from out of the temple and brings a healing healing to the lad healing to the whoa healing to those who will be healed but we noticed in those 11 that some places the Maya replaces the Matias would not be healed we see today that God sees a time when the should will carry the gospel to the world and that gospel message would be a message of healing and hug the River represents the Gospel being taken to the world it Bob the church. And so friend of God we understand together the church is to be a place of healing a place of the hope like a river it is to bring a healing influence that's what the Gospel does and the church is has been raised up to share the gospel you can see a river even in an arid place and it leaves behind itself a ribbon of green green trees covered in healthy foliage line rivers even in the driest environments and of course that river would then provide irrigating water that can turn the most unlikely places into 3rd tile productive lens you have traveled in arid areas and marveled at how arid and how rocky and how desperate an environment is but just add water hit east out of San Diego drive towards the Imperial Valley that's in a desert you understand just add water and the Imperial Valley produces billions of dollars of green stuff punch that grow crops that grow and harvest that's what the church is called to be because that's what the Gospel does just like a river we take the Gospel everywhere and we are to bring alive too often the. That is not the case you and I both know that rivers don't always follow the script to tell you about a boy who was in my year in high school went swimming in the river didn't come home they found his body a couple of days later way downstream another student my school spent 2 agonizing days searching for his little sister she had gone swimming in the Waikato River and she never came back out he swam got rid of a daze up and down and in and out of course a great big river. Young man who lived over the back of the house dived into the river and broke his neck it was shallower than he thought he survived made a tremendous recovery but was as you can imagine impaired as a result of that mis ad in other words a river something that brings to life and so many blessings and at times deliver bad news or even do so much common and you know why that is so what that depends on it depends on the focus of the church or let me put it this way it depends on the type of message the church is bearing now the guesswork is being taken out of the equation for you and me because God has given us how much in all of this he has shared with us the privilege that is ours Jesus said long ago I will make you fishes of Man Jesus said I'll give you a job I'll give you a task yours is to go there for and reach or teach all nations make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you we get to Revelation Chapter 10 there is a tremendous time of disappointment but God say is you must prophesied again and if we one did what the message was that we should take the world we don't have to wonder a moment longer because God tells us in Revelation Chapter 14 starting in verse 6 I know you are as familiar with this is I am but we are going to read this I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven a messenger having the everlasting tell me what that is the everlasting What Ok I may jump ahead of myself here but you are going to stay with me I know you. If I were to ask you what the everlasting Gospel is what would you tell me you know I know what you would tell me you would say I'm a Bible student and I know what the everlasting gospel is and so I'm going to challenge your thinking right now what is it oh well that's easy fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come what you tell me to be terrified no pastor I'm not fear God reference God little bit of holy Fios that you too far adrift but really reverence lend your life down before God Here is an omnipotent magnificent God He is awesome and all inspiring and so alive laid down before we give glory to Him we live for His glory His glory is to be seen in us it's judgement time we discussed that we understand we are living in the time of the investigative judgment there is something happening in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary right now really we need to understand that is something in our favor because God said Jesus is in heaven for us it's good news we have an advocate not a prosecuting attorney. Not the hanging judge but Jesus in Heaven is our friend and he knows we need help in this judgement time because of what we are. All right is that it no no no of course it's not and worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters can you tell me what that means well sure if you are a Bible student you would recognize that John quoted Moses who is quoting dog who said Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy and he went on to say that God made the heavens and the earth and the seas and the fountains of waters so they're in Revelation is a a mind an injunction It's simply saying would ship Jesus the creator has the creator enter into the 7 experience down here in the close of time is there more in the Gospel they have a lasting gospel sure there is because there's a 2nd danger will battle on his fall and his fall and come out of false worship we do we want to worship God what did I say in spirit and in truth is there more yes a 3rd angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man will shoot the beast and his image and receive his mocking his forehead or in his head the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and we wonder what could that possibly mean well we've studied our Bibles and so we understand this has to do with worship and not being caught up in false worship not receiving the mark of the beast but instead receiving the seal of the living God And now we ask ourselves the question what's the everlasting Gospel Well what can you possibly mean by a question like that we just went through the everlasting Gospel didn't we I mean certainly we did but. He is where I want to prod your thinking right now because it would be unfortunate if even one of us. Glided into the very last days of history and miss the point and the point is this I saw another angel messenger fly in the midst of heaven where everybody can see having the everlasting tell me gospel what the Gospel the gospel is the good news and I want to go through this good news with you in fact we'll do it right no we can go to one of the most outstanding recitation of the Gospel in the Bible or summaries of the Gospel in the Bible in 1st Corinthians 15 the great resurrection chapter and it begins talking about a spiritual resurrection Moreover brethren I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you which also you have received and wherein you stand by which also you are saved if you keep in memory that which I preach to you unless you believe in vain Paul said this is what's going to save you here is a gospel message and this is it the story for I delivered unto you 1st of all that which I also received Ok Paul what was it how that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures he not only did it but it was prophesied way back then. And that he was buried Oh yes he was in Joseph new tomb and that he rose again the 3rd day according to the Scriptures so that was process prophesied as well they went down to the they went down to the gun and who you're looking for why see the living among the Did he is not here he is resin and that is the Gospel story but it's not over. After that he was seen of the sea fasts then of the 12 and then of the $500.00 and some many others besides Now Paul says the gospel is this story Jesus the soon less but less Lamb of God died on the cross the holy perfect one for we and the holy imperfect ones he bore our sins were separated from the father as a result he was named to be sin for us so that we might be called the right chestnuts of God in him we got to come back to that you know we are not. Jesus there was laid in that 2 room and he could not be held in there they said to watch a Roman soldiers outside what was that against the power of God Himself Jesus came forth from that too went to heaven he is coming back soon the gospel you know what we cannot afford to do we cannot afford to confuse the idiosyncrasies and I'm not counting this the aspects the little. Identification points of the 3 angels messages and somehow believe that the Moc of the beast issue is the gospel it's not unless as it helps to explain to him use a day tough fatten up the message of the gospel as found in the Word of God I wonder sometimes if a half as much energy was given to preaching the gospel as is given I'll be careful here as is given to how things sometimes about the sins of certain churches we might even be further ahead though you didn't hear heresy I have preached on the subject of Revelation Chapter 13 more than 200 times and of God will give me the days in which to do it I will preach on that subject $200.00 more but if the focus of all your messages all your freaking all your publication all your proclamation isn't Jesus which Jesus Jesus Christ crucified dead buried and risen again if Jesus doesn't show up we would be better off keeping our mouths shut. And why am I so insistent about this because I read some wonderful counsel one day and you are familiar with it I would be surprised if you heard even very simply but this was it this was written by someone for whom I have a great deal of respect several have written to me inquiring if the message of justifications by faith is the 3rd angel's message and I haven't said it is the good angels message in there it is ladies and gentlemen if you take everything from and I saw another angel down and the faith of Jesus and boiled it down. If you distilled it you know what essence you would take away every one who says out of a compressed 3 angels messages is this just defecation by faith salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone don't let your preaching be Christ less Don't let your believing the Christ last Don't let your experience be crisis and I know I've probably even said it myself I've said among those who have said it boldly then don't sit in does about Jesus because we want to hear about last day events we want to hear about prophecy we want to hear the 3 angels message as if you are hearing the 3 ages messages and not hearing Jesus then you need to run because Christ is in the midst of the 3 and his message is what's not going to knowing what happened in 1904 unless you know that Jesus is your advocate with the father unless you have faith in Him unless you have been washed in the blood what is yet another day to you and that day isn't going to help your neighbor are you going to spring it on your neighbor a neighbor you've got you don't even know about the investigative judgment. Neighbor do you know that your day is all wrong neighbor do you know that your book is all wrong and your neighbor Wayman may well look you in the face and say I know about any of that but I know that you're all wrong when you understand what I'm saying now not saying either or both and both and both and they has never ever been a more important time in the history of the church that now for standing up and sharing Jesus with the world this is good news people fail to understand the wonderful message of a right shifts ness by faith this is what God has given to justification by faith you. Righteousness by faith it is the same thing Jesus was made to be sin for us so that we could be made the right Ches ness of God in Him I come to Jesus Christ all I have to offer him is sin and Jesus says that's all I want let me have your sin no I will give you my right shifts ness and in that moment the suna receives the right shifts ness of Christ that Cinna is a saved person God looks at that Cinna and he says this is my child now I know what happens some of those who have developed the spiritual gift of nervousness they start to say oh hold on a minute now that synod doesn't know everything well that would be right that Cinna is an Ok in perfectly well that would be right no how many children do you know were born running born tying their shoes born riding a bicycle without training wheels. How many how many children do you know were born feeding themselves with a fork Oh no then you're born as a beautiful baby a perfect baby at least mine by wives ours were perfect babies. And then what you're alive then and feed then and you take care of them and you grow them ladies and gentlemen I want to tell you my theory is this we are Ok way out here and we're Ok way out there but somewhere in the middle we are missing the idea of growth we are telling people you've got to be already 65 inches tall and muscle bound before you can call yourself a true Christian which can not be true you are a true Christian the moment you take hold of Jesus Christ by faith Now here's a life it starts to flow through you when I was a kid had some friends who invited me to a Baptist Youth Group and if you're in the group and you messed up you got it wrong you sat on that chair now I shouldn't call it an electric chair because that has unfortunate connotations but it was a chair that had a big bettery underneath the wooden seat and some wires on it and you had to sit there while they pressed the button and it would zap you right in your rear end now they want to 2 guys who could hang on and ride that thing I know what I would do that. When that but was pushed the Elektra city flowed it hit you there but it went all the way right on through your body you felt it everywhere this is what happens when Jesus gets hold of your heart this is why the 3 angels message just justification by faith that Angel it's all about complete dependence on Jesus that's what it's a valve not merely intellectually but with your heart with your life God is offering you something the likes of which you might never have experienced before you might never even heard about it before we come to Jesus Lord take my hog I've nothing to give you just my sin he says it's all right because my strength is made perfect in one in weakness he says Take this it's my right just as you say but I'm so unworthy he said That's all right you hang on to me yet electricity is going to flow through yeah my blood is going to flow through you are you going to start to grow you want to come back from that you're back from the dead you are going to wake up you are going to develop you get bigger and this and that and you will develop and that's because Jesus is living his life in you let me ask you friend How's that working out for you I'm not asking you what your theology is like I'm not asking if you've got your fundamentals lined up I'm not asking if you know from this date to that date I am asking do you possess the righteousness of Christ and does the righteousness of Christ possess you Jesus is to be our righteousness a theory about Jesus isn't righteousness having read about Jesus isn't righteousness but possessing Jesus and you know why this becomes Suggs so so so important. Because we read servants of God with their faces light up and shining with the holy consecration will hasten from place to place to proclaim the message from heaven miracles will be wrought the sick will be healed signs and wonders will follow the believers the message will be carried not so much by argument as by the deep conviction of the Spirit of God and people will not be able to argue with what they see and what will they see I shall read boy revelation 18 the one because as we talk about the 3 angels messages we cannot afford to forget the 4th Angel in Revelation 18 in verse one and up to these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth was alight and with his glory the earth was lit up with a manifestation of the character of Jesus and how was the earth lit up it was lit up as the character of Jesus was seen in God's people you see the church is this cried as as as as being like a river that's the gospel but the church takes the gospel message a river that makes it rough places plain salt water clean fish multiply strong and they're alive and they're vital it gladdens everything context you understand the Gospel does that our message has got to do that it's got to reach people's hearts it's got to shape Jesus it has to present a crucified risen sin potting soon coming Savior my friend if the message is all stuck in here we are missing if it's intellectual We are missing if we claim to possess the Word of God but we're still critical and the hot and mean and dry then the message hasn't got through to us Jesus wants you to possess. Hin in a way that he affects your life his transcendence is seen in you'll be this is the privilege that is Alex the message of the 3rd angel is that of justifications by faith Paul said I don't want to have my own righteousness which is of the law he wrote to Philippians he said I want to have that which is through faith in Christ the righteousness which is of God by faith can you imagine God giving that to you and me can you imagine God doing that in your life you ought to be able to say he's done it no I'm not asking you for false modesty now this sort of well I don't want to say I'm saved I don't want to say. You don't understand it if that's your response when Jesus comes into your life you have every right to say yea verily you must say Jesus lives his life in me and the critic who says well why are you not enough yet or even when you become that critic give listened to the devil the accuser of the brethren and you saying Why am I not Mother Teresa. Why my not living like John the Baptist you are not going to forget that Jesus said the experience of the Gospel is like seed planted in the ground what comes up 1st the blade then the ear You cannot eat the corn actually is wheat he was referring to but that's Ok you can't eat it yet you can go and get a green cone that tassel is still all white has and browned up it as no good to nothing but then the full corn in the ear then the harvest harvest time I scurry it's good you eat that corn train here's what we're doing we're coming to Jesus we're recognizing the theory and his message is the everlasting Gospel and we're not forgetting the gospel the Gospel Jesus came in live the perfect Son of God came and lived. He bore our sins he went to the grave but the great could not hold and he ascended to heaven and he is coming back that Jesus must live in your hot now our experience in its last days has to be an experience of Justification by Faith remember justification and pot and it is being said one in the same thing cleansing by faith receiving the righteousness of God by faith not some half hearted thing not some pale imitation but something that will cover us and cleanse us and purify us and see us in Revelation 18 this one that's what God sees you Jesus shining out of you you being used by God to light up this planet with a manifestation of the character of God is good to have the theory but we must have that Jesus is as well I want to pray with you it's too late in its history to miss this let's pray Father in heaven recent events show us that these prophetic things that we've been talking about and believing about the so long a real but it is too late now in the history of the earth to have a Christ Christianity a dry faith a dysfunctional Christian experience bless us Lord that the messages of the 3 ages the message we have to bear the will will be filled with Jesus so we can say you know what a message is its justification by faith it is receiving the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ being changed more and more into His image so one day soon the world will look and say I see Jesus as I see Jesus and then if you would check out how much you can make it happen Father God. Lead our possession of the gospel be as though a rebel. It's flown out of the sanctuary in us taking a life to the world when you do that load we ask it of you prayerfully believing in Jesus name come on and say With me now a man and a man God bless you. I am. A min doesn't that bring back wonderful memories when we were actually at an a.s.i. convention all together with our a.s.i. family makes me long for heaven and you know we've had a spiritual face here and we hope that you've been blessed because we've been blessed also but you know the 3 angels message that's what it's all about that's why we're doing what we're doing and you know if you have a Bible close by I would invite you to open up your Bibles with me to Revelation Chapter 14 and we're going to be reading verses 6 through 12 the proclamations of the 3 angels. Then I saw another angle flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people saying with a oh out not a quiet loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship Him who made heaven and earth the sea and springs of water and another angel followed sane Babylon is following this fallen that great city because he has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication then a 3rd angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any one worships the beast and his image and receive his mark on his forehead or on his hand he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out full strength and to the cup of his indignation he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment a sense forever and ever and they have no rest day or night who worship the beast and his image and whoever receives the mark of his name here is the patience of the Saints Here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. All I can say is hey man you know Denzel we're getting ready to wrap up here gone very quickly very quickly tell me how you are going to use this 3 angels messages even more determined to witness for him back at home. Well you know Donna. One thing that I've been just so passionate about and what's been so amazing to me during this this 3 day time that we've been together is the amount of work of everybody working together I know those of you that cannot see behind the screen and see the dedicated camera operators people who help help with the food or people that have helped in the back back. Room that have done all the editing in the prose work and all the work that has gone into this to make this Prague program possible and the dedication of these men and women that want to see Jesus come and what what really a pet has made me passion is to see that their commitment and their takes everyone working together to share the gospel and I just want to recommit to be more direct more a more loud voice so to speak of sharing the gospel because in times like these we need to do everything we can now to tell about our soon coming savior that's right and Brian how about you have been struck with 3 things just throughout this weekend and especially today I bless me. One observation that I was really struck with and it came out very well with the interview Harbor Hills is you know what we have thought isn't really all that need anymore seem like Old 1000 things simple remedies getting back into gardening and can you imagine academy where people can actually do work their way through school a man those things seem like they were passed 50 years ago and all of a sudden they're back in vogue all of a sudden these things of the Spirit of Prophecy have been pointing to us make perfect sense and it's like this was written not for 100 years ago it was written as if it was written for our very day right here right you know on the. And there's the 2nd thing I reflect on is just personally this has been covered has given us the time to really just slow down pause and refocus from our very busy lives really to put things back into perspective this caused me personally to just say what is in my heart that is limiting me by from being used by the Holy Spirit really as you read this passage I'm really struck by by the fact that the 1st Angel's messages with a loud voice and the 3rd Angel's messages with a loud voice you know I've been tiptoeing around too long just praying with patience that are interested doing little things here little things there but in this time in earth's history this is the time to be bold to boldly go forward and proclaim the 3 and those messages that's what we've been called to to do a 3rd thing that strikes me as a Revelation 13 just the chapter before the 3 and those messages in verse 4 it talks about that they worship the dragon who gave authority to the beast and they worship the beast and all the messages that we've been studying these past 3 days we've been hearing that the 3 angels messages are about Who are you going to worship and it says here who is able to make war with him and I believe the answer to that question we've been raging war waging war down through this past 150 years who is going to in that war the answer is in Revelation 14 verse 12 which you just read we end the war how do we do that that answer is in Revelation 12 verse 11 and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony and they did not love their lives to the death. We are in strange times unprecedented times we have never faced anything like this before and yet it appears that all of the Spirit of Prophecy all of these Bible prophecies are focusing on our age we have the opportunity to be that final generation I believe that God has the desire and then that God plans to put on the greatest demonstration of what the power of the Gospel that we just heard John Bradshaw all talk about he's going to do that with the human race when it's at its worldly physically and spiritually weakest point in our Earth history and yet the Gospel is so powerful that he's going to captivate each of our hearts every 7th day adventist is called to proclaim this message to the world and it's about time and so Steve thanks for joining us at the booth it's it's been an amazing 3 days here honestly as I have experienced this event together you know we we said it's going to be virtual Well it's been real to me and I hope it's been real to those of you who are home and watching from home because it's been real to me I've heard these messages and they have they have stirred my soul for something more they've stirred my soul to say what you know what am I doing what am I going to do the question we're trying to answer here tonight for ourselves I hope is the question that you at home are asking yourself as well as you're thinking about this as you've pondered these messages we've heard I was listening to John Bradshaw here and it's not about us it's not about what we can do it's about Jesus and it's about his right just ness and thankfully he has a big enough rope to cover me up he has a big enough rope to to to put it over me and I look then to The Heavenly Father just as if Jesus were standing in front of me so praise God for that you know this 3 angels in. Yes it's just though for such a time as this is really I think a significant theme and when I say that I just want to kind of go through my own experience here at this this event. We have we read it right we in fact we read it here tonight so we've read this message we have prayed about this message we have heard it in the prayers you know as we have done this we prayed about it we've lectured about I've heard lectures about it I've heard sermonizing about it and I've listened to those things have to listen to that instruction that nothing else is to absorb my attention and what I am thinking is that I'm kind of like dental he's asking this question what's standing in the way of God really using me like he wants to so my prayer is Lord help me to know what's standing in the way Lord help me to understand what it is in my heart that might be something that would not allow you to fully use me because the day we're living in calls for I believe 100 percent in the not 90 percent even not 60 percent not even 99 percent but God wants 100 percent of us to to be that demonstration to the world like Brian was talking about this generation of people that is sold out to Christ in such a way that the world looks and says they're live in it they're living it not on their own power but through the power of Jesus in men and so tonight my friend as we are here together I want to just say if a couple of things one is I would say thank you for watching thank you for listening throughout the weekend I want to say thank you that you have joined us and we're praying that each person listening that their life has somehow been touched that they're awakened spiritually to a need they may never have known before if that's you my friend I'm going to invite you to do something about it. I'm going to invite you to ask Jesus to help you. And so tonight is we in this conference together I think the appropriate thing is for us to fully submit ourselves to our Heavenly Father and to Jesus when Jesus was ascending from this earth headed back to heaven after his 3 and a half years here and working with His disciples He made a call to them and that call we find in Matthew chapter 28 and he was getting ready to leave and it says and Jesus came in verse 18 and spake unto them saying All power is given to me in Heaven and Earth Go ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father in of the Son and of the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even to the end of the world we find Isaiah under the call of God in his response and Isaiah Chapter 6 verse 8 was here am I Send me let's pray Father in Heaven Tonight we are grateful to you you have sent your Holy Spirit and answered to our plea and now we pray for each listener Tonight we pray for ourselves that will be fully and completely dedicated to your work that will let nothing be more important than this message that needs to go to the world in Jesus' name we pray Amen. My friends we're just hoping and praying for you that you too will be transformed by the power of Jesus Christ and that your life will become a testimony for him. Why. Why.


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