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COVID-19 according to Hebrew 10:25

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, discusses Hebrew 10:25, and what should our response should be with the current shelter in place order. Is the government really taking away our first amendment rights and should we rise up against the government?


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • May 30, 2020
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven thank you today for waking us up for a wonderful day here in Northern California beautiful weather and thank you for protecting your word that we can study today bless us we come in Christ's name Amen Hebrews tested 10 verse 24 and 25 will be our focus this morning Hebrews Chapter 10 verse 24 and 25 and let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works how we want to stir up some love today and good works not for saying we have some of ourselves together as is the manner of some but exhorting one another. And so much more as you see the day approaching so beautiful text how many would agree that assembling together in worship is something positive especially if you see the day approaching right now this text as been all over the news. Our the lives he was $1025.00 there it is worse to be together again there it is again make going back to church part of normal faith he was $1025.00 is the church not essential he rues 1025 free in Christ Christ it defies. They closures Latino churches offer 10 Hebrews 1025 a justification North Rock Baptist keeps its doors open because of Eve ruse 1025 the reverend here writes also that he was 1025. Om calls for people coming together this time multiple churches defy state orders and parishioner test positive and let me ask a question is. This the purpose of Hebrews 102425 The guy is. Or does he Bruce 102425 actually is it to be a political action text that we use to defy government and public health officials is this really the purpose of the text. And I think it's a great text I fully believe in assuming together I could probably more than your average guy go through the benefits of assembling together that I teach a course called religion and health or I believe I spend several lectures going through all the scientific data about longevity about mental health benefits about physical health benefits about emotional health benefits and about spiritual benefits I think I could probably talk about it a long time and those of you that in my classes know that's true however it is against the purpose of these this particular text I do not think so. So what we're looking at a text like this what do we need to do. We have to ask questions about any text not just this text and the one question we can ask is will the entirety of the reading of scripture sustain the position or taking Does the in tire Bible if we believe it to be a source of authority say this. I do not think so I will give you some examples from Genesis Exodus Leviticus Jeremiah Daniel and busy kill I could give many more but maybe this gives you a few 1st of all and Genesis data 3 also go back further let me add there is an additional tax let me add that Revelation Chapter 12 here av war and heaven and they were all assembling to gather but assembly together was not the only thing that needed to be considered in fact there was a group of individuals who were causing a somewhat of a spiritual coronavirus and heaven they wanted to wear the crown and Son of God wearing the crown on this guy named Satan said look I'm going to get everybody on my team finally Michael said we need some social distancing we need a little core in Simi and they kicked him all out a kick them all out he was not saying I don't for saying the assembling together as is the manner of some fellow angels that are a pos date no he said Hero Genesis Chapter 3 same thing happens same comes down to earth he temps the 1st parents they get cross wire with what God it ask them to do and it says in Genesis chapter 3 verse 24 that for the sake of protecting the purity. Of Garden of Eden and not perpetuating life for those who are in rebellion he drove them out of even says he drove them out the word there was a garrison which means to divorce. It was actually a legal separation and that legal separation would only be reversed if they got rid of the plague that was in their heart Exodus $32.00 verse 7 you can look these up by let you just maybe take a screenshot if you're at home x. it is Chapter 32 verse 7 actually 33 verse of and it should be I believe in Exodus 32 you had what was called the Golden Calf a church they came together and they said let's worship the calf and stead of the Lamb let's worship this god of Egypt rather than worship God Moses went up he was on the top of the mountain they didn't know where he was and they said well this is go ahead we'll just put some pressure we got to get back to worship let's get Aaron on our side and this dissembling together is really important so they assembled around a golden calf and they worship the golden calf and they worshiped each other and they did many different things and what happened as a result of what happened there had to be a differentiation between the Levites or this is how the Levites came into for Actually it had to be a differentiation between those who were faithful and unfaithful and actually God himself moved the tabernacle out into the wilderness the tabernacle of what was it called congregation and that was coming together for a sec not the assembly as is a man Osama except in this case and he moved the sanctuary out of the wilderness and says You really can't come unless you have a complete conversion and how we think is kind of interesting live it is Jeff the 13th or 15. We're looking at this tech teachers $102425.00 and saying Is this a text that matches the rest of scripture should that top priority be assembling together as Together Well I think it's very important but there are always stipulations in the Leviticus Chapter $13.00 to $15.00 God is in charge there's a cloud over the children of Israel leading them by day and there's a fire by night and he gives them rules. In the bit of his 13 through 15 What are these rules if someone gets leprosy if someone gets a disease a plague do they maintain their standing in the camp know where they have to go they have to go outside the camp how many days they have to go outside for 7 days if that mitigation does not work they have to go off for 7 more days and back they have to keep staying outside the camp until what happens until the leprosy is gone as decreed by the pastor who was the priest as well as the physician no separation between the physician and the pastor at that time just as in Jesus' day there wasn't and in Jesus' day did they still have this yes a leper had to cry out I'm calling him I have coded positive stand back kill because there's. I was downtown the other day and some of actually doing that it created quite a distance between them and other people go very positive the Leviticus 13 through 15 will not go along with this idea that was in the newspapers all yesterday what about 0 I and Daniel I love this tax you probably like it go with me to Jeremiah chapter $29.00 and I'm verse temp. Verse 11 is one we like I know the thought and I think so or you said the Lord thoughts of peace not of evil to give you a future and I hope and then you will call upon me and and go and pray to me and I will listen to you almost sounds like a church service you'll call upon me you come and try to me only problem is it have to read the rest of the sampler. This is a problem many thousands of people use or we might say misuse the Bible for their own little political agendas and one of those 10 for the Sat the Lord who said it the oil after is 70 there are completed and babble and I will visit you perform my good word towards you and cause you to return to this place you know that place was the now called the sanctuary 7 days or quarantine 70 years 70 years you think you had a hard with 70 days 70 years so does this sex for sake not the assembling of yourselves together as is the manner of some is almost as you see the day approaching can we apply it to this standard of Throughout the Bible not working not working for us Daniel Chapter one Daniel was taken captive they didn't set up a synagogue in Babylon for Daniel and his captive Daniel Chapter 9 he actually knows about that prophecy in Jeremiah chapter 29 but notice this in is the Q All of this text I mean when I 1st found it about 30 years ago I thought it was very exciting Izzie kill Chapter 11 and verse 16 they're for. Thus the Lord God although I have cast them far out among the Gentiles and scattered them among the countries yet I shall be a little what does it say next to them sanctuary for them in the countries where they have gone and we think this is a beautiful Take it did not have to go to the Temple in Jerusalem to have sanctuary with God no matter where you were and you know what over the last number of weeks there have been sanctuaries little sanctuaries little home gatherings where people God has been present there in fact the Ministry of this church has expanded exponentially on line due to the technological Levites and where are those things being watched in little sanctuaries all over and I would contend that I have bases alone there has not been a forsaking together of assembly there has been an assembly together sir it's been a different situation but it still has occurred and has God showed up has God done anything for you in that little sanctuary at home think of my friend Curtis and his wife Janine and I watch how they're having their little sample school in their church at home and people discovering all kinds of litter surprises that they were leaving to the Levites before then they themselves now are stepping up and God has not for saken his people during this time of course you want to come back together of course the something to larger congregations of course but we can't say that he was 1024 and 25 has not been fulfilled during this last 70 days just impossible to say. Perhaps this text also as I was preparing to pray a prayer for our zoom graduation several weeks ago for the college here this really struck me Solomon was praying and dedicated in this prayer dedication and in this predications 1st kings Jeffs a notice what it says. He's talking about the temple being dedicated this place and you know. And then verse 29 if they are in some other place they pray toward this place but the notice verse 37 when there is a famine in the land pestilence how many have ever heard of a pestilence recently or blight or mildew locusts and by the way the locusts are coming the cicada is this supposed to be some weeping across the country soon or grasshoppers when their enemy the seed is in the middle and there are cities whatever plague or whatever sickness there is and then notice this whatever prayer whatever supplication is made by anyone and by all your people Israel when each one knows the plague of his own heart and spreads out his hands or the temple. Of this is what struck me about that look. The biggest problem we've had recently is not the plague of coronavirus the biggest problem we have is a plague in our own hearts and God can help deal with that even if we just pray towards heaven where he is so number one does the entire Bible sustain the position that this has to be a political action text I think I demonstrated to you absolutely not. So please read the Bible not the newspaper secondly will a reading of advent of history sustain justification for dismissing public health and government directives ever go to such an issue on the basis of the sex of my friends sadly the answer is actually for me joyfully No I was almost as what about progress in what temperance movements now you know there earlier than this one out on temperance movements and they and I They fought against excesses of drinking and and and prohibition said and and they were activists and we need to be that going to fight them Ok this is well meaning I believe I like activity how we like activity I mean action is a love life we we need to be active but think about this argument for a minute prohibition and temperance What were those movements meant to do increase the public health Ok so if you want to follow that logic then used to be saying we got to be very careful about the health of society if we want to be active in some sense right does that really match up during the Spanish flu did 7th Day Adventists pick out against the government say open our churches and I can find in an ad in a sister you know not buying it anywhere nowhere what about the cholera epidemic in the 18th forty's. You're not going to find any political action against the government and even today epidemics like cholera and other places Zambia bans church services as cholera epidemic hits the nation 2018 Catholic News Service and you might be surprised the Catholics and the administers of grief how they can say no but why did they agree because it was a what public health issue the arts diocese of Lusaka has canceled all church sponsored programs until further notice the 7th Day Adventist church also has canceled all church meetings advising members to worse of from home was is a conspiracy was a film and of Revelation 13. Is all the world wondering after the feast Now that is trying to avoid cholera so a little bit different so look I do not believe as a student of Adventists history that you can use that text he was 102425 in this way because of prohibition and the temperance movement do I believe that there are times for pro political action absolutely absolutely but there are also times for public health action this is from the pen of Ellen White and early ads on this plane near and prophetess of the early had been a church when Lord Palmerston was premier of England it was at one time petitioned by the Scottish clergy to appoint a day of fasting and prayer to avert cholera he replied cleanse and disinfect your streets houses and promote cleanliness and health among the poor and see that there are plenty of Lee supplied with good food and raiment and employ right sanitation measures generally and you will have no occasion to fast and traffic as this is that May that. L.-y. was against fasting and praying you can read or write and it's not true but in this particular case you can fast the pray all you want but it doesn't replace the mitigation or public health efforts and then finally she concludes this quote of of Lord Palmerston North where the Lord hear your prayers while the seas preventives remain I'm heated I think that's kind of interesting. So. Those that we have to go back to search for fasting and prayer over and against public health this is if you're an avid go do that you would not be in keeping with the own history of your old church we want to be advantages no we. Say Ok another reading assignment I might give some of you who are still struggling maybe you have just invested yourself and the evangelical hoopla over Hebrews 1024 and 25 I would recommend that you read testimonies for the church volume 6 chapter 49 Read the whole thing read it all I'm going to excerpt it is this morning. By some of our brother many things have been spoken or written that are interpreted as expressing and taken ism to government and law is a mistake of us to lay ourselves open the misunderstanding it is not wise to find fault in to what what is done by the rules of government that's not our work to attack individuals or institutions we should exercise great care lest we be understood as putting ourselves in opposition to civil and I might say also public health authorities it is true that our warfare is aggressive but our weapons are to be found those found in a plane with us say as the lore our work is to prepare a people to stand in the Great Day of God We should not be turned aside to lines that will encourage controversy or arouse and Tegan ism and those not of our faith I mean that's pretty good counsel pretty good counsel so. Now there is a difference if there was a situation that develops where you are being persecuted for obedience to God's law clear the stay at the law or that's totally different and in the same article in the same chapter in testimony of I am 6 that point is made when the authorities command us not to do this work that is of proclaiming the 10 Commandments when they forbid us to proclaim the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus then it will be necessary for us to say is that the Apostles Weatherby right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than one to get jeje where we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard. So if there is persecution for the love God has there been persecuted for the love of God over the last 70 days with the public health directives across America absolutely night you might say it's uplifting one of the mouse out not killed you might say hey fact as a matter of fact you know they're actually helping people not die. Now you might say also while they didn't have the right evidence and this and that but that don't get hard to judge them too harshly they listen to several scientist and maybe they overdid it. I don't know about you but if they overdid it as my family and someone was saved instead of not as a result I'm Ok with that I'm Ok with that number 3 could the context of Hebrews itself bring clarity concerning the actual meaning and application of this text Now this is a novel idea actually look at the book itself and try and figure out what the text means now in the context of all scripture but here is a self how many excited let's look at Hebrews itself to try to remember and figure out the meaning of what he resists say and it isn't a good idea so let's look at it now as a question when was the book of Hebrews written. Thank you so much for those responses of course what would I expect there's nobody here but me basically the cameras so when was the book of Hebrews written it was about 60. A.d. $65.00 what was going on at that particular time with the Hebrews the Hebrews energy bruiser that matter what was happening with all that. They were where were the living and there were many of them women in Jerusalem and this book was written to them and what is about to happen to them. What was going on well there was a group of zealots who had not followed the Messiah but had stayed there and they were agitating against the Roman authorities and you can read all about this in Luke 21 you can read all about this many different places and what was he was saying about the place and focus and worship at this time what was happening 1st of all Titus was about to come down and tidy things up for Rome he was about to say look as anough as another already in fact there's an entire arch called Titus arch that. Details this if you go on the tour to the Reformation sites with me sometime with slurred will be next year will take you right through this arch in Rome we start in Rome and it shows right here you can see the trumpets the silver trumpets you can see the placards right those things they have a look a little trying as it does of the placards or standards of the different places of Israel and then you can see the menorah from the temple and the temple was destroyed in 8070 and all of the elements of the temple that they could take within the room they took to Rome and they had a huge triumphal entry at the decimation of the temple and in fact they started trying to advocate again to kick the Romans out and find the Romans got so upset they razzed the temple ground and they said you can't even call it Jerusalem anymore and for centuries it was called something different now let me ask you a question why was the book of Hebrews written and why was the book of Hebrews read it was because they could not as symbol together as is the manner of some because the Day of Judgment had come for them. And before that happened what was God saying he was a look get together now because pretty soon you can't get together that's the context of this text that's the context of it and in fact it had a much better answer than I've been hearing Emma newspapers I read about 30 of them yesterday and no one had this answer because they had never read evidently the book of Hebrews itself they just thought good line I'll put it in and I'll whip up my parishioners or whoever I'm trying to encourage with this text but look at Hebrews chapter the. First one now this is the main point of the things we've been saying what kind of point. Is not a tertiary secondary the same as a point of primary point this is the main point of things we've been saying we have a high priest can you say hallelujah who is seated in Jerusalem now maybe the New Jerusalem who is see that the right hand of the throat of the majesty in that have ends. A minister of the sanctuary and the true tabernacle What's the Lord ever acted and not man for every priest is appointed for gifts and sacrifices therefore it is necessary that this one also have something to offer for if he were on earth he would not be a priest says there are priests to offer get the coins of the law who serve the copy and the shadow of the heavenly sayings and so he has a more actual administrate because he's in what building. Heavenly sanctuary so Hebrews answer to this 1st 2nd yourself elf or say gathering together this manner of some and so much more you see the day approaching was that day's going to approach your temples going to be trashed and guess what there's still something left behind the heavenly sanctuary and wherever you are you can look to the heavenly sanctuary just like in 1st cases that look to where the sanctuary is if you're in another country and now says in the New Testament look to the heavenly sanctuary point people to the God of the heavenly sanctuary preach the doctrine of the heavenly sanctuary be a sanctuary focused people that's the point of he was 102425 I suppose but not only that Hebrews has other chapters. And what about Hebrews Chapter 12 look there with me you lose you have to toil wonderful text for you have not come verse 18 to the mom that may be touched that burn with fire and blackness and darkness and Tempest and so the sound of the Trumpet of the voice of words of those who heard it beg that the word not be spoken in them anymore or they could not endure what was command and if so much of beast tough the mountain it would be stoned or shot with an arrow there was some serious coin seen in that situation then come to that mountain any more and so terrifying was the sight that Moses said I am exceedingly afraid internally but you have come to Mount Zion and the City of the living God the one heavenly Jerusalem to an innumerable company of angels to the general assembly and church of the firstborn who are registered where. In heaven to God the Judge of all to the spirits of just men made perfect to the media the New Covenant What's it saying in Hebrews there is coming a time when your church is not going to be open it's going to be cast down you can't go there anymore the synagogue is gone it's Raz by the Romans you can't ever get there again you're not going you're not going you're not going but there's good news. There's a sanctuary in heaven and God is still there and there's an innumerable company of angels and they're still there and you're registered in that book to read if they're not there and by the way not only is the temple left behind another words there's still a temple in heaven there's also a day that's left of what esle point he restore in 4 Why don't you do this when we can worship wait a minute remember 2 things that remains there for a Sabbath tese most for the people of God The remains of Sabbath keeping there remains a sanctuary and there remains as saying yes and at the end of Hebrews Chapter 10 There also remains a 2nd counting. I think that's pretty good those are very good doctrines. Salvation the Sabbath the sanctuary the 2nd coming was one of the thing I might note since we're studying this little topic this morning Are there differences between denominations and religions concerning the importance of building other differences theological differences Well let me just show a couple pictures there are some people that will fight to the death over who's on the Temple Mount. How many ever heard of this they think the Me shall inherit Jerusalem. And are willing to fight with make Ms for that. Though they won profit by the way that the allies the They've actually talked a bunch of Kristen's into that the ology as well there's all kinds of people so if we're not a friend of Israel we're not a friend of God And we've heard this has huge drives much of the litigious are written by the same people that are profile profiling Hebrews 102-4251 those news articles but let me ask you this how many giver heard this rendition them a shell inherit their number their one and the words are not united going to fight over some of the postage stamp area because you somehow have missed the point that Christ came and that he's in the heavily sanctuary don't fight over there it does say we must we must gather together and we are within this Is there a difference in theology that we must keep in mind before we get swept away as another one look at this how do you notice these places before how many have actually gone the picture pilgrimage to these places maybe not but if you were a Muslim you certainly would go on a high. To Mecca in fact you'd be encouraged to go there at least once whether you lived in Indonesia or if you lived in Saudi Arabia or wherever you lived you have to go a least once if you can afford it and it's related to your salvation actually what about what about the Priscilla can roam there any any benefit to going there. As a matter of fact according to the algae of a particular church there's a great benefit in that in fact the entire city was rebuilt for pilgrimages in fact everything about Rome is built to comes directly to the key to the entire theological system and it actually is made like a key the interests to Rome because St Peter is there and he's the keeper of the keys and if you go there you can get even now I mean if you want to sign up even now September 8th to October 12th 2020 you can get a planetary indulgence at various The silicates and also at Rome and what does that mean that means you can not only advance yourself but others that may have died from the terrible pits of hell and out of Purgatory and into everlasting life because you actually went and physically sat in that building and you went through that door when I was when I was most recently on my pilgrimage to Rome with my Protestant tour group I show them this door and this door only opens every so often when you do go through that door you're guaranteed so many more years taken off the things that are happening to your relatives Islam requires that all Muslims are a financially and physically able make the highs at least once so let me ask you a question dear friend is your theology really the same as the people that perhaps your identifying with maybe you need to look at them more closely now let me close with this let me closer by the way has this been an interesting study for sake. Stir up love and good works. Forsake not the assembly gathers is a man of some and so much more easy that they project so Hebrews Chapter 10 if you study it closely it starts with this whole idea that sacrifice is a metal Testament sanctuary no longer needed verse one through 5 What is the Christ verse 6 through 12 and where does our focus need to be Christ in that heavenly sanctuary Hebrews Chapter 8 verse one Hebrews Chapter 12 because he's on the move so don't for a 2nd the 7 together as your matter is the manner of some Was there a temple that was going to be in place at that time no has to be something else and what should be the focus at that time. Look at verse 2524 says but stir up love and good works for saying that the assembly together is the manner of some and so much more as you see there protein right so our focus should be doing what stirring up love and good works as we focus people on what sanctuary the sanctuary in heaven let me show you some interesting quotes by the way Daniel 814 What's it say under 2300 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed now for those of you maybe not familiar with that prophecy it is a prophecy that actually is the longest Bible prophecy and it starts way back in 50600 years before Christ and if you add that up it comes down to about 18431844 time period and. The whole idea of that prophecy is this cleansing as you know under 2300 days until the sanctuary because now if you like clean things. I think in this time people are talking about Clinton's hand sanitizer why she is like a daily 14 text so cleansing things like that and the whole point of this text is God is in heaven and in a special way and the 1840s began a movement of cleansing and he wants to cleanse everybody so that all the social isolation things can be taken al the way and Guy can be direct with his people in that heavenly sanctuary how many looking forward to that go through all the walls of mitigation all the different things because he says you know what I would that I be with you I want you to be where I am by and so that So if that's what God is doing it any is doing it and I could definitely show you that from the prophecies he's going to have of people I'm earth that are doing the same thing he's doing in heaven he's cleansing heaven they're going to be cleansing for so you know maybe. This could help us with our focus today and we think that would be good help us with our focus today because this is that I will be done On earth as it is and him so here on this campus we help clean out people's coronary arteries can you say men were cleaning out the corners we help them clean up their diets so they don't have hypertension we help them clean up their diet so they're not obese we help them do all those different things and guess what all those things are doing getting rid of the co-morbidities so they can fight off infections like any virus that comes can you say hello and how we would be a part of the solution not a part of the problem this is a Hebrews concept can you see it as they have a century applied here and now and now we want to help people clean up their thoughts. Pressor recovery program anxiety recovery period mental health you know when you look at what Christ is doing and who is in the healthy century it helps with a lot of distorted thought some of you ever had distorted does the Size Me and those need to be cleaned up I think this is good now this quote just totally I just love this quote and close it I say one more after it but this is a Nestle Esko here it is look at this the government under which Jesus lived was corrupt and oppressive on every hand were crying abuses extortion intolerance and grinding cruelty the Jesus have a good situation terms of the government how do you think he could a really got big time into picketing against the government yet the Savior. Attempted What does it say no civil reforms he attacked no national abuses nor condemned the national in a meeting he did not interfere with the authority or administration of those in power Wait a minute then they get the memo on social justice doesn't he understand that he needs to be an activist he was an activist but at a much more powerful levels and getting swept away into political rallies or placards known as what it says He who was our example he who was what our example cast aloof from earthly governments not because he was indifferent to the woes of man but because the remedy the what the remedy did not lie in merely human or an external measures so he goes wait a minute I want to really be a part of a solution not a part of the problem. I don't want to get involved in political action. As that my focus my kingdom is now this world else I would fight I would think of Jesus he would have won but that was not his all idea. To be efficient and we want to be efficient the cure must reach man individually. Individually and must regenerate the heart and how many think this is the key let me ask a question over the last several weeks when people have been scared was coronavirus Have you had any witnessing opportunities open up that you never had before have people in your house and in your family ask you questions I never asked. Have you been able to individually reach people have you seen hearts being regenerated that's where your focus should be you have a chance to go down and pick it versus have a personal Bible study what should you do well let's put it this way maybe you go down to where the picketers are and try and take up a Bible study there because it's obvious that they're trying to get answers in the wrong place but they're trying to do something they're trying to do so that I don't question their motives they're trying to say hey maybe extort will force maybe we can get someone to say you know this and you've got to do that and you've got to have Exparel pressure on laws and fighting that look I found the isn't. That doesn't same Theobald hearts but you might find some honest hearted people there how many of you want to adapt this principle. Stirring up one of a good word. A last quote less good I promise guys last one it is Revelation 14 to us so here is a picture of God's people at the end here's the patients the Saints Here they they keep the commandments and have the faith of Jesus the faith of Jesus. Leads them to obedience to the faith that is the commandments in the context of patient in Durant patience that word patience is hoop opponent in great which means under extreme pressure so under extreme pressure What are these folks going to be doing they're going to be sharing the 1st 2nd and 3rd angels message that's their focus their scaring the 3rd angel's message. And notice what is coupled with this Revelation Chapter 18 verse one through 4 there is something about plagues there's something about pestilence is there that's a part of their work no that's what it says after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven and a great authority and the earth was illuminated with his what with his glory so that 3rd angels message is joined by this 4th Angel and there's a glorious Xplosion of glory that is character and he cried mightily with a loud voice verse to babble in this fall has fallen as become a dwelling place of demons a prison of every foul spirit your cage for every unclean and hated bird for all the nations have drunk of the one of the wrath of reform acacia in the kings of the earth they committed fornication with of the merchants of the earth have become rich for the abundance of her luxury and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her my people. Lest you what less you share in our sins unless you receive of her what play there will be plagues at the units. And we're supposed to be saving people from those playing and how do we do that. By giving God glory and pointing to the heavenly sanctuary and pointing to his salvation and pointing to his 2nd coming to him pointing to his Sabbath day that's what Hebrews is saying and that's what Revelation also teaches and this last quote look at it. If you adopt this way of looking at things what happens the way to be most happy is to seek to be a blessing to others stir up love and good works when men and women give themselves whole into this work the earth will be one Silv of the glory of God. How we what had happened and we want to them and how many can see. As an easy something new about Hebrew September 24th 25 and I hope that as we go forward we'll be of the most happy people in a most horrendous time will be the most focused when people are most frantic will be the most clear when people are the most confused not for our own glory but to give God glory to stir up love and good words for 2nd not the assembling together as is the manner of somebody so much more as we see that not only the day of judgment has come it is passing and his 2nd coming to just on the horizon. Let's pray Father heaven thank you so much today for the blessing Bible study and prayer is to keep our focus on the main. Jesus I pray. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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