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The Shelf Life of a Nation Without a Conscience

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • June 6, 2020
    11:30 AM
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Let's pray Father bless us now as we open your word we want to be faithful to you we want to be in a relationship with you that is both empowering and directing so I pray now Lord do for us what only you can do as we open the word our hearts be open insensitive May our lives be properly calibrated for holiness by the indwelling love of Jesus and by an understanding of the word to the law and to the testimony so now Lord I pray guide our deliberations through the Word and from this moment on Sabbath and from our moments with you individually out into the public where we can be salt of preservative and flavor an agent for a society desperately needing the beauty of holiness guidance that that and I pray now in Jesus name Amen the shelf life of a nation without a conscience you have your Bibles this morning opening the book of Genesis Genesis Chapter 20 I want to talk with you about conscience conscience is something that God has embedded in the lives of his children as a. Reflection of his very nature the dynamic of right was never to be totally gone even though sin would seek to erase it from the experience of man conscience is a subject off discussed in the scriptures in this morning I want to talk with you about it we're living in an age where it appears that the deadening of the conscience is upon us it can be in the mysteries treatment of another person it can be in the dialogues that build around our ideologies and the polarizing elements of our tribe gatherings it can be in a fraud. A form of overextending taking advantage of other people through their ignorance there's all kinds of ways that our conscience can be violated but of course Satan is hoping that our conscience will be wrongly calibrated so that her actions have no moral speed bumps in the Book of Exodus Chapter 20 we have the 1st use of the word conscience I don't usually Swat mosquitos while I'm preaching but if the windows are open I guess we'll have to do some of that says Abraham journeyed from there toward the land of the Negev Genesis 20 verse one and he settled between Kadish and sure and he sojourn anger are Abraham said of his wife Sarah. Speaking to the magistrate of the land of m. Alexia's my sister so I've been like king of garage arson and took Sarah now I want to pause right here because this will be a story about a heathen Kings conscience but we ought to ask ourselves at this moment what about the conscience of Abraham God came to have been Malecki in a dream of the night and he said to him Behold you are a dead man because of the woman whom you have taken for she is married now I want to pause right here and I want to make it very evident that God speaks to all people that will listen Paul will talk about this in the book of Romans the god spirit is alive moving on the heart of the earth and he speaking to all some lesson some ignore. The conscious is not something given to the Christian and not given to the man or the woman who's never heard the word of Christ as a matter of fact we know Martin Luther would say it's neither safe nor prudent to go against conscience and we know Paul will declare that there will be men and women in heaven who have acted upon the light they know they've experienced a measure of freedom because through the power of God manifest in the creation of the world they've moved in accordance with the type of reverence and offer life and respect of person so conscience is not something that's just for those who've read the Bible or had Christian parentage conscience is a function in some limited measure of the revelation of God through the awesomeness of the created world and in what other way God should to choose to give spiritual sensibility to an individual some ignorant Some respond to it God shows in this night when I've been like had in his harem the wife of a man who had been promised that he be the father of a nation but had no children yet God comes and speaks in a more direct manner and says you are a dead man now there's something about the startling directness of God That might strike this is just a bit unfair. Why is it that Abraham can create this moment for a Bill Ackman a bit Aleck is the one for whom there is this confrontation we ought to take good courage here the gods that work even with those who make no profession of faith sometimes in order to save those who do. A bit Malecki is a man who apparently will not go against certain moral codes and laws and by the way were many many a in front of Mount Sinai and yet the dynamic of purity in a marriage and morality in regards to the marriage covenant is very clearly understood by this heathen King you are a dead man because the woman's You have taken she's married then of them elect Remonde straights and says. Lord will you slay a nation even though blameless verse 4 did he not himself say to me she is my sister and she herself said he is my brother in the integrity of my heart and the innocence of my hands I've done this you have to have some measure of of pity for this man in this divine warning of coming judgment for indeed 2 people have testified somewhat truly and certainly falsely about the real dynamic of their situation to each other she's my sister he's my brother I did this in the integrity of my heart that God said to him in the dream yes I know that in the integrity of your heart you've done this and I also kept you from sinning against me therefore I did not let you touch her now therefore restore the man's wife where he's a prophet and he will pray for you and you will live but if you do not resort her know that you shall surely die and all who are yours it's interesting what happens here it's as if not only is abysmal x. conscience being reinforced not recalibrated Mind you that he will become God's instrument. To remind Abraham that this is really not the right way to do business God is so patient God is so kind now in the book of Jose a chapter 4 says My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge and I deal with a lot of people and many times I'm reminding them of things they already have been taught things they already know of course I'm also dealing with a group of people for a home after a journey of study into the word things are stated and the response comes along the lines of Well that's your conviction it's not mine and mind you God makes all the allowance in the world for you to grow into a knowledge of right and wrong and indeed there is a measure of conviction that ought to be embraced personally before it's acted out we're not supposed to be walking through live carrying out other human beings dictates at the same time the failure to immerse oneself in a study of the word and I would say for 7th Day Adventists to fail to read the Spirit of Prophecy is the put oneself in dangerous ground where one is walking through life not properly calibrated not knowing how dependent the world is upon the sweetness and the holiness that makes for the beauty of holiness in other words there is a ignorance that sometimes has infiltrated our Christian experience that gives a false assurance and leaves us comfortable arm in arm with the world when indeed discomfort will be the result of when conscience is awakened. The other night the other afternoon as we made our way through steps to Christ in our Bible study or I should say our prayer sessions I was just struck with the apparent simplicity of the journey in Christ how does it work it works like this God comes along and plants in your heart the seed of eternal life the knowledge of giving us the assurance that you're a child of God that seed is been watered by the Holy Spirit and it has in it this word as it lodges in the heart has in it the principle of eternal life it sprouts and comes to life inside of you this is a good illustration for this time of year as many of you are watching your plants come up in your garden that seed will grow not because of anything that you really are responsible for but cooperating with the laws of life God takes what he put in it and makes it a miracle as that seed continues to grow it's absolutely imperative that we continue to cut cooperate with those laws of life and by the way our own Pastor Page is going to have a fantastic presentation called Re stored 10 on the character of God in the 10 Commandments during our forward to the finish can't meet and you won't want to miss it be sure to tune in the laws of Liberty James would call. Now yesterday in the midst of all the things that we need to do to be ready to actually practice some social distancing and have some organization about coming together to worship my wife reminded me that she had planted some plants in her school garden over it was murder and she was hoping I go check and see how they were doing. So not knowing whether or not I have access to water over there I took a ice chest from this church and I filled it with water and I drove over there and I took my picture and I just poured a little bit of water on all those plants because you see in the beginning of their journey they're way more fragile than farther down the road when their root system is spread in a stamp say yes for those plants to grow they needed to be placed in the dirt where they could get nutrient they needed water to be poured upon them they needed sunlight they needed some protection from the elements of of whether it be fungal attack or attack from bugs or whatever it might be but if those plants are placed in the right condition they will grow if they're surrounded by the proper environment they will be fruitful producers and defense you lay some point time when the children are back in school and they want to go pick a little cherry tomato off the vine and taste the sweetness of the gift of life in the vegetable world provided by God they'll have that pleasure but along the way there's a surrounding that they need there are conditions that they need Satan understands this and he has thus attempted to destroy Christianity by surrounding us with all of the influences of the world so surrounded are we not physically necessarily although depending on where you go yes physically you might be working on a site where every other word is blue you might be working in an environment where all the notes of music are evil you might be working in an environment where when you turn your eyes it's vile. But whether you work in those environments or not the devil has sought to surround us by making sure there's something in our ears and something before our eyes most of all something in the sanctuary of our mind that is received in the fabric of who we are because what you're surrounded by shapes what you become what you're surrounded by determines whether or not you live and when it comes to spirituality the last 5 or 6 decades have been a war on right just living the devil knows that he can surround us with unrighteous influences he can actually bend the vine and reshape it he can destroy the life of the tender plant of the gospel my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge when Paul will write in the book of Hebrews chapter Kember's 25 that we ought to assemble together all the more so as we see the day approaching he could not know how the seeds for the surroundings of the sanctuary of the mind would be under way at the end but he would be writing to the direction of the Holy Spirit in providential provision that we could be sustained by each other's prayers and encouragement the preaching and teaching of the word the discussion and study of the Bible he was making provision that God's people could actually surround themselves the right way while they were being surrounded by a technological society and a mind or attention economy yes friends this morning whether you're watching online or where you're actually in this building what you are surrounded with is once you become and it's important for us to understand this it's important that we teach our children some of us are assuming the church school will do it. Some of us think we must be about the pursuit of other things but when it comes to the direction of a a life of bent towards what is holy a preparation for citizenship in heaven it's important for us to understand what Paul wrote that all of we with under veiled faces beholding his in a mere he was writing to the Corinthians sane beholding the glory of the Lord were being transformed into the same image but he understood the beholding something else would transform you into something you don't want to be that's why it's imperative that what's going in our ears what's coming through our eyes that's why it's imperative that what we're putting on our palette that's why it's absolutely necessary that we understand if ever there was an age to surround ourselves with holy lives mean it's now because the devil is trying to bend our thinking and thus bend our being our existence into something else Alexander Pope would write vices a monster of such frightful me yet to be hated need but be seen yet stared too often in the face we 1st indoor then pity then embrace I want to think about this we've become accustom Enoch John the Baptist's What did they possess as a similarity of lifestyle they separate in themselves from the environment in which sin would lose its sense of sinfulness see that's why we teach our children that the music they listen to and the things they watch and what they read and who they associate with that's why we ourselves operate inside these parameters because slowly a seed works to conquer a fortified city. Conscience a bit Malecki had one you have one The question is Is it properly calibrated this sermon or make sense for everybody until we get to some of the calibrations that inconvenience your life I've already started to talk about one don't for sake the assembling together a summer in the manner of doing that part of your conscience is easy to turn off if you're a modern day Christian you know that's not for me no I'm too busy for that you know that's for the old people you know I've got kids I can go right down through the list I'm quite familiar with where the Spirit of God is wrestling for the freedom of the hearts and souls of his people and if there was ever a day in age in which gathering matters we should be a people who affirm it after 2 and a half months of being unable to do so being able to come into God's house is designed to be an educational and encouraging moment it is also designed to be an edifying moment for all of us as we recalibrate and recognize the devil's constant pressure to bend the needle of our lives somewhere it shouldn't be David was conscience stricken after he cut off a corner of the robe of Saul but let's go to the next chapter when consciences mentions go to 1st Samuel Chapter $25.00 David's conscience is an important part of his life if you want to be a man after God's own heart that it's important that you have the right kind of conscience a woman after God and God's own heart 1st Samuel Chapter 25 David has been rebuffed more than that he's been scorned and mocked and derided by unable he's been told in effect that he's a nobody and worse than that wrongly asking to participate in the sheep shearing festivities but when we come to the story of his deliverance from some poor choices there's a godly woman. 1st Samuel Chapter 25 I've we've looked at these stories before but when we come down to verse 31 this is what it says for Samuel 25 she's confronted him she's bad down before him more than a dozen times she's called him my lord she's talking about him being on the King or ruling as the king and she goes on to say in effect that his plan to come and destroy Nabl who's insulted his men and insulted is person his his profession to all of his other fugitive partners who had been guarding naval ship was made a lord do so and and to me and by tomorrow morning there's not one living male in his camp but she confronts him and she says my lord will not have this on his conscience the staggering burden of needless bloodshed of having avenge himself and when the Lord God has brought my lord success remember your servant David will also be conscience stricken after he numbers the fighting men David will be conscious stricken after his affair with the Sheba so much so that he will say inside of me the very the very morrow of my being the very interesting of who I am was all dried up have you ever had a moment when your conscience bothers you he answered as categorically yes what you have to find out when your conscience bothers you is it properly calibrated I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt there are many god fearing responsible Christians Bible believing sincere people for whom the devil would love to ruin their life by wrongly taking advantage of their conscience the devil would like for you to be a perpetual guilty individual without assurance and without joy because your conscience has been hijacked by a legalism and the enemy of your souls. Now there's no way for me to make it superbly simple for you to distinguish this but I will give you a few principles ignorance is the devil's best friend when it comes to taking advantage of a weak conscience and while I don't know how much time we're going to have I do know this that Paul will speak distinctly about a weak conscience in more than one place that we conscience is almost always associated with ignorance it's the failure to study to find freedom your feelings are wonderful things God gave them to you but when those feelings aren't built on the substance of strong biblical truth when they're not rooted in right or wrong from of the say at the Lord the devil's waiting in the shadows to take advantage of your conscience and there are people that walk through life for whom there is very little spiritual joy because they always feel guilty about something this is not what God wants as a matter of fact when I was reading through Psalm 86 the other day that the King James version is more bold than the New American Standard David will be crying out to God and He will be saying in effect I'm a good man when you read it out of the King James version it says I'm a holy man. There is to be in the heart of a Christian a real sense of liberty freedom and joy that you've been set free from the penalty of your sin and that the darkness of your heart is being transformed by the presence of the Light of Christ and God never intended that is people go through life always feeling guilty never good enough you are hearing under the wonderful umbrella of great Christ Grace you are living through the power empowering presence of Christ within God never had it in mind that his people go mournfully to the kingdom and he never had it is mine that is people are never free I want to tell you a person who is never free will often turn into the worst critiquer of other people. You need to understand what right and wrong is there are some people who are moved to intervene in a situation but the emotion that stirred inside of them they think it's wrong there are people talking I'm talking to you right now who think all anger is wrong and any time they start to feel angry they feel guilty yes I know that human anger doesn't do much of any good but there is also a rightly calibrated sense of right or wrong that God will bring to life at times to stop injustice that kind of anger is not wrong there are people who know the battles they're fighting in their mind and sometimes their words are controlled but they're fearful that they're not and it creates this this contorted spiritual moment in the soul Listen friends the Bible says Be angry and sin none and there are times when Christians are called to stiffen their backbone and stand up and put their face into the wind and declare right from wrong and they're not to feel bad about it there is a severe review the spirit of prophecy speaks about that's proper to give. And there are many today who are afraid of their emotions and their thoughts and while these should be subject to the Spirit of God God is never designed that we make our own journey the constant inward looking of what we're doing no it's an upward look it's an outward look it's a loving look it's a journey towards what's right and along the way God is going to move us to stand up against unrighteousness and evil. David was on the wrong track Abigail appears in his path sheet effect says you're about to act foolishly like the one that you're running from Saul David has a conscience it's calibrated to what's right and wrong and this woman is a wise rebuke or like Solomon talked about in the proverbs so her words are like apples of silver with pitchers of gold she's not out to just slap him with their words she's a wise person but she is out to get his attention and stop him from a rash act when David actually numbers those of Israel it's an act of pride it's not so much that there's something wrong with knowing how big your fighting force is there's a whole book of the Bible called numbers but the truth of the matter is David was in a battle for which pride would be an Achilles heel to him for much of his mature life Joab came to him and challenged him not to do it he did it anyway job all right and job 27 that I will maintain my insist innocence and never let go of it my conscience will not reproach me as long as I listen let's go to the New Testament for a moment take your Bibles and turn to the Book of Acts Acts Chapter 23 Paul will be recorded here by the Dr Luke in regards to conscience in accordance to conscience and it's important thing for Paul he'll write about it quite a bit Acts Chapter 23 verse one it says Paul look straight at the Sanhedrin and he said My brothers I feel filled my duty to God in all good conscience to this day turn over to Acts chapter 24 and Acts Chapter 24 is going to reference to conscience again yes I have a goal this morning friends and that's to make sure that your conscience is alive not calloused that is properly calibrated that it's not really new and that is protecting you. Acts Chapter 24 looking at verse 16 he said in view of this I do my best to maintain always a blameless conscience both before God and before men if we go over to Romans chapter 2 we're going to see Paul talking about the dynamics of those that perhaps have never heard the word of God but they have something written inside them Romans chapter 2 verse 15 it says they show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts their consciences also bearing witness and their thought sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them that's the beauty of a conscience Paul could stand up before a Sanhedrin Paul could stand up before Festus and Agrippa Paul could stand before Caesar himself in the strength of heaven because he had not the accusing voice of his own conscience highlighted by the power of the Holy Spirit in an effort to bring one into right relationship with God a conscience is a divinely given gift to protect us from ruining ourselves in a world of myriad of temptations and I want to talk about conscience and religious people it's amazing to me how the most resistant people at times to the dynamic of discussions of conscience come from religious people the farther you are on either polarity the more resistant you might be to the element of a discussion that brings a conviction whether you look at the far right or whether you look at the far left they both have something in common they've long since abandoned the element of principled truth and they've accepted it illogical truth hear me carefully it doesn't matter to me whether you're a bleeding heart this or a redneck that you get to the place where and when idiology trumps principle that you harden your conscience to what's right and what's wrong. And usually God has put us with different perspectives together to save us from the pit fall over here or the pit fall over there but as soon as we have been in the hard work of implementing principle it's easy to drift into the arms and be embraced by the dynamic of polarizing idiology and from that point forward if you're a Bible thumping Christian over here or your You're a bleeding heart humanist over here either way you're you now have a sense everybody wants to get the high ground nobody wants to be able to be accused or convicted by somebody else's words and conscience you know how important it is that your heart stay sensitive to the truth this age these last 2 or 3 months has created it's really had quite a polarizing effect on our society but it's absolutely imperative whether it's the events of the last few weeks of the events of the last few months that our conscience is able to be pricked by God so that when our attitude our actions or our words or our thoughts are going off the path of life and usually God's calibrating of our conscience will require that the people over here and the people over here actually have to love each other to work with each other because they both have disproportionately large flat sides that need the rounding out of the other person's perspective it's true in the church the devil would like to see nothing more happened than to see as completely unravel and then death an idiot logical camps where prayer and principle no longer impact the practice of life and the courtesy of true Christian demeanor good conscience is exceptionally in convenient. Good conscience will actually drive you into the path of humility and sometimes humiliation as you have to back up and say I was wrong I'm sorry good conscience will rob you of money making opportunities and sometimes latter climbing opportunities good conscience is one of the most inconvenient things to live with and tell you come face to face with your own mortality and the dynamics of the eternal good conscience is both the defense and at times it is a critique of the person and when proper calibration and focus in the Word of God So let's come back since I'm talking to religious people today let's come back and talk about religious people relating to conscience how was it when Jesus confronted the scribes and the Pharisees how was it when he called them snakes in the grass whitewashed separators by the way those were terms that John the Baptist used as well how did they receive a man who was completely pure on the inside and his actions were liberating but they did peel back the hypocrisy the inconsistency of a religious system that had entrenched itself quite conveniently on the people and quite quite casually and comfortably for the leaders is that the Romans who really who crucified Jesus or where they simply the instrumentality on a Passover on the eve of Passover without the ability to do it themselves how do you feel when someone actually puts their face into the wind and sharpens iron with you how do you feel when their faces like a flint and they explain to you that they believe that your action your attitude or your words are wrong how is it with you when some kind of blind spot all of sudden as the light shining on it I sat in a meeting the other day I didn't bring a mask there were people in the meeting who had mask on have did have did. Very early on in the meeting I was accused of being a law breaker for not wearing a mask I didn't realize the person the meeting had a bad attitude became very evident not too long after then I said if you'd like me to wear my mask I'll go get one I walked out to the car with 2 other people behind me also who didn't and mask we all came back in with our masks on what the person didn't tell me but someone else did is that the day before most of the people at me with a mask on had been in a meeting without the mask on I consider that exceptionally hypocritical I consider it an amazing double standard and inexact and it terrible poor choice because over a period of time the inconsistency of that kind of behavior will show itself to be the base moral high ground and manipulation of one who just happened to be in a different situation when they ran into me Now as for wearing the mask may God bless us as we deem it necessary and appropriate for the sake of others and for the sake of ourselves and for all the varying science which is all around it my point is not so much the math as it the individual who is out of sorts should throw this down upon me when just the day before he didn't throw it down upon those for whom he found favor and for whom there was a positive emotional give and take it just happened to be kind of a lever in the moment to suggest that somehow I was morally underneath them that day if he had held the same standard to everybody the day before and the meeting they were in that would have been Ok with me at the right time we'll have that discussion are you consistent in what you do are you principled and how you behave can anybody hold you accountable or you're an idiot along and in your idiology you're not to be bothered you are to be left alone I want to talk to parents especially when it comes to the dynamics of adolescence. Or adult ish dynamics parents you are responsible for the proper calibrating of your children's conscience God will hold you accountable they are his children if along the way you fail to do your duty they may grow up with a great sense of confidence Unfortunately Americans seem to be at the top of that it's a matter of fact I have in the back of my mind a sermon entitled Will there be any Americans in heaven there is a certain arrogance and pride in this nation that lends itself to a dynamic of being an accountable to anyone. Are we properly contending with the people who reside unto our roofs who take sustenance from our wallets who take courage from our leadership are we in a position are we in a moment where we refuse to have the dialogues that create proper accountability in the recalibrating of a conscience when a parent refuses to do this they are in effect stepping away so that the child can make their way on a journey of untroubled thinking untrammeled conscience to where they can go forward and do exactly what they want to do and we will be held accountable for marriage relationships the same there is an element of friendships as well What will God expect of us if there's a friend that sticks closer than a brother how will our interacting with each other be Willoughby the super officiality the seems to mark this age will it be the extreme with a vacuum of the Protestant belief coming straight from the Book of Leviticus Chapter 1000 by the way friends take your Bibles let's look there right now I don't want this to be passed around talking Leviticus Chapter 19 probably one the most. Famous quotes in all of the New Testament. Leviticus 19 will start with the famous verse you shall not take vengeance or say Teenie nor bear any grudge against your sons of your people we don't quote that part but you shall love your neighbor as yourself I am the Lord I hardly believe for a moment when Jesus takes this quote and utilizes it that the previous part is not flowing through the minds of those to whom he is listening the lawyer to whom he's talking what are the 2 great last go back up diverse 19 year to keep my statutes actually it's go to verse 17 you shall not hate your fellow country men in your heart you may surely reprove your neighbor but you shall not incur sand because women listen the definition of culpability is an important thing in today's discussion reading in the book patriarchs in profits writing about Eli whose sons were a plague on the face of the planet the author will state that when past all of 40 or apparent parental authority is not properly exercised to check sin they are responsible as well for the actions of those that are wrong this is not politically correct speech but it is a biblically correct speech so let us couch our words in the love of Christ and let us speak the truth as it is in Jesus but the truth of the matter today is is that in an age that wants to placate the conscience and speak comfort God is actually calling us to a moment when there are times when a husband is the say to a wife I know let's do it the other way around let's do the wife to the husband kind of like Abigail and David by the way she's the only woman that gets a that gets invited to be in a marriage recorded in all the Bible the respect factor go so high for this woman ladies. God moves on your heart and he wants you to speak up you need to follow the admonition that Peter writes when he says you should be like Sarah and do what you're supposed to do without fear what happens in this story is that God elevates a woman to a status of being requested to become the wife of a king when so often the king simply takes wife but when we're reading in the book of Leviticus you shall not hate your country men in your heart huge you may surely reprove your neighbor but you shall not incur sin before because of him you shall not take vengeance nor bear any gradual Gansa sons of your people but you shall love your neighbor as yourself you don't want to have bad feelings toward somebody you don't want to have a grudge you don't want the smoldering rot of resentment eating now who you are then you're going to do something you're going to have to be honest before God and before your fellow man you're going to have to accept the fact that I've got bad dealings towards this person I don't like them and there's a reason then you're going to have to go to God and say God I need you to recalibrate my heart towards this person I'm sure there's things about me that are as offensive to them as is this is to me and God I'm sure there's things about me that you forgive and overlook that I can't even see God I want to love them enough so I can actually talk to them. Matthew 18 is not followed because there's not much love and as love evaporates as lawlessness increases the Bible says love goes away they're there they are absolutely tied together lawlessness increases love grows cold why because the law protects love by being in a proper relationship with the author of Love in a proper relationship with the subjects of love God I need to talk to you because I've got a resentment to my parents God I need to talk to you because I've got a resentment toward my husband. God I need to talk to you because I hate that guy or I hate that gal. Most of us aren't quite that honest it's not hate it's just dislike We don't want to be roped into the relationships that actually make us grow while God uses us to help somebody else grow but life without a conscience is a terrible dangerous thing we're supposed to love each other anough to talk to each other and thus we protect the fabric of the home and thus we protect the fabric of a nation I'm here to tell you today Paul knows about we consciences he says when you buy food in the in the meat in the meat market don't ask whether it came from the temple down the road just eat it but he says if you're sitting in somebodies house and they say by the way we got this straight from the temple that was offered to an idol then you say I'm not eating anything I'm not taking my sustenance from the dark side. Yes it be a pretty inconvenient way to live but we know this that Paul will write to Timothy The purpose of the commandment is this love from a pure heart a conscience that's clear and a faith that can be seen. Why are we at where we're at in American society right now because we've watched Protestant churches abandon the prophetic role to call you to holy Live mean to actually live out the principles of God and thus we've watched ourselves polarize left and right rich and poor or whatever distribution you could put on educated in the I'm holding in my hands a book entitled The bill big sort by Bill Bishop and he will suggest that all we have become over the last 5 decades is more and more polarized and he's got a whole chapter on religion I want you to know that the Protestant churches have stumbled and fallen because they adopted business principles based on making sure that the customer is still getting what they want oh it's veiled under the dynamics of a supposed grace and if you think administrators are immune from this you better think again so if somebody wants to start a church or everybody thinks the way we suggest to such and such a way well nobody's going to talk about dressing up for your your Maker and your Lord with your best it's just going to be however you feel as a matter of fact it will not be the crisis of the end will not be precipitated. In America the crisis in the end will not be present to take in the beast will not come to life out of Revelation $12.13 on behalf of Rome. The beast will be precipitated by the absolute abdication of the Protestant principles challenging people calling out wrong challenging prejudice challenging racism challenging whatever it is that needs to be challenge whether it's graft and greed and fraud whether it's extortion and overextension. It is the Protestant churches with the Protestant principals who still believe that the conscience has to be properly calibrated but if enough homes are uncalibrated and enough churches are uncalibrated we shouldn't be surprised that a nation should find itself unhinged in regard to right and wrong with pragmatism rainin if it works do it if I can keep my base do it if it plays politically do it but that's not how Christians live and I want to assure you that when a nation loses its way its not forever before it is completely lost whether it's a had with jazz a bell whether it's the Jewish nation with Jesus it doesn't matter who it is where it is or when it is what matters is this is it like Luther before Vorm. We may trust in the mighty power of God to keep us of Liberty inwardly and peace of mind even though Liberty outwardly is taken from us but we must be people absolutely committed to the truth whether it cuts against my own life the life of my dearest beloved or my children or my friends we're in a dangerous place as a nation we've come to where fear has taken hold of us we've come to a place where hatred has the ability to ruin what could be reformed we've come to a place where if you don't think like me I'm not even going to listen to you I don't know what more illogical posture a person could have if someone thinks just like you I'd like to know what good they are do you except increase your comfort zone no wonder they rejected Jesus. He didn't think just like them praise gun. I'd like to encourage everybody listening to me to listen to the news less read your Bible more and focus on letting God speak truth to your life and if he convicts you that you're to be a pastor or a teacher and make a fraction of the little bit of money that you could make as a businessman or an entrepreneur or whatever it might be do and if he tells you to say you're sorry Do your parents do it like that product all who left home saying there's nobody on this plan I want to be around less than my dad take courage friends when he finally came to him self and God got the needle recalibrated said the only person I feel safe going back to is my dad we are locked in a battle for the soul of this nation and I want to say just a little bit Mulhern there's a revival coming false and true. There's a revival company we're not many I don't know if I want to say days weeks years I don't know what it is but we're not too far away to where finally people throw up their hands and they say it's time to get back to God. Because political maneuvering you can't fix the rot of soul that makes one man hate another for any myriad of reasons including the color of your skin but the churches should be in the forefront of practicing the ministry of reconciliation and the declaration of justice not in the way the political maneuvering says it should be done and not hijacked by the ology but actually acting out the principles of the Living Christ yes we're not a long ways away but your ears perk up the final movements will be rapid once that was all theory until about the middle of March now it's practice friends if ever there was a day that we need the deep love of Jesus to be set free in our souls is today so I my appeal is this if there's anybody listening to me here today. For whom the voice of conscience has been intensified by listening to this message get down on your knees today and say God if it's really you talking to me and I can sense it in the principles of the Bible this bit of prophecy I'm going to do it if it's not God set me free so I can't be made into a a product of spiritual neurosis but whatever you do friends let Jesus mark out the narrow way so like Luther you can say he didn't say all of this but in effect what he said is my books you can burn my life you can destroy I but the one thing you can't take from me is the freedom that I have in Christ friends God's Church is to be salt a preservative agent in this society is to be a preservative agent in your home is to be a preservative agent in your relationships and the small and I'm appealing to him May God be free to speak after these 2 and a half months where we've had a little bit less to do in some respects and maybe a little more opportunity to think about everything that what he has said that will come will come and where do I want to be on the way oh yes there's a shelf life to a nation without a cause a conscience the churches are no longer independent. There it is illogical aligned not this one not this one for whatever label someone wants to slap on it. This is still a Bible believing church acting out the principles and the precepts of the Word of God and it will not align itself left or right it will not be hijacked by idiology or political or practical pragmatism. We are being called to the noblest purest journey of the narrow way and it starts in the sanctity of my own heart my own home my own relationships and then it goes out from there and it moves a motivates me inside the civic duties and responsibilities that I feel as well but it cannot be taken over by the dark side yes perhaps Jesus will come the nation the fabric of civility is unraveling and some of what we've seen is just in evidence. That the people marched peacefully let the people communicate about injustice let us join with them when appropriate so that all people experience what all people want and only some get but may we be people of love in principle and truthful and mean and May our loyalty be to Christ 1st before anyone else and may we be men and women for whom the one thing that cannot be taken from us is the peace of Christ in the respectability of principle living if ever there was a call back to the narrow way it's today. Free with Christ within without and in relationship. To God help. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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