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Issues of Racism from a Genocide Survivor’s Perspective

Phodidas Ndamyumugabe
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Dr. Phodidas Nydamymumugabe, Professor of Religion at Weimar College, shares his perspective of racism in his own country of Rwanda. How can people of the same country who share the same color skin have racism? Dr Phodidas addresses this issue.


Phodidas Ndamyumugabe, PhD is a professor of applied theology and biblical languages at Weimar Institute, in California. He has a wide experience in church planting and preaching in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Dr. Phodidas’ heart is in missions. He has organized and conducted more than 100 evangelistic campaigns.
He survived one of the most tragic events that took away the lives of more than a million people in the east-central African nation of Rwanda. He also worked in the same region as a preacher and a counselor, dealing with the aftermath of the genocide.
Dr. Phodidas is married to Jacqueline Basime and they have three sons.


  • June 5, 2020
    5:45 PM
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With evening everyone have to serve and this is a. Great opportunity for me to be able to stand before you those who are near and those who are far away it is a privilege to be able to speak at this moment and I have an interesting topic as it has been announced its Christian true identity no room for racism no room for racism and I have a scripture that I want us to read in the 1st theater chapter 2 verse 9 through 10 say you are a chosen generation arrow your priest toward the holy nation his own especial people that you may proclaim the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light who ones who are not a people but are now the people of God who had not obtained the mercy but now have obtained mercy this is a very important passage to me and I would tell you why it was the end of a Near the end of my sermon this evening I will tell you why this is probably one of the most important passages in my life and I don't know about you but maybe as we end you you will also realize that it is a very important one so when I read this passage it's not just another reading this is an ng I know what is going on in the country I have been asked to speak on this topic and I know that there are so many people in this country probably even across the world I've been receiving some song. Some video from different places of the world people are trying to comment on what is going on and some have been called me they think I'm just is a part of the group that is rioting or part of the group that is somehow I'm being affected with what is going on and you might have to experience the same too and people all across this country some are probably sad others are angry I was not happy with what is happening what has happened recently and I know many people have reacted to this in a very constructive way and some of them very powerful men politicians and and religious people and I highly appreciated most of their reaction because they are very constructive and helpful. But I also chose actually to talk on this. As of course I was requested by positon Christian true identity no room for racism and I'm talking about a Christian it's a topic that is not easy to be dealt with by the way when I was trying to read about it some people even preachers Sonoma most of them don't want to preach on this because the reality is. It is a very sensitive topic but it is not sensitive for people who love God. Yes it is sensitive because there is something you want to address but it is those so a very important one to talk about is fishing in times such as. This but one of the things that makes this topic very difficult is that sometimes the very rare. It's a very rare case that is going to be neutrality. When you talk about this there is often a tendency to even have the science yourself and think you are talking about God when you are actually talking about yourself right and the people who listen and they also have the preconceived ideas and and they say what is he going to talk about on this particular topic and so I need the Holy Spirit of God to be able to speak through me. You know what. One writer you must be might be familiar with him in the name of the team. He has a lot of books even in our library and one of the books he has written is. Shall we keep silent issues dividing our church and one of the chapters in that big book Big Book he says there is the title is our Amazing Race and grace there is a tendency that everyone even though we join Christianity and we become men and women of God We tend to think that God is on our side and he is of our kind one day I was in the Philippines and I rode on the bus and I you know just you find yourself in such a place where you know nobody literally and you go to the supermarket you know in the Philippines that are some of the biggest supermarket in the world I was in Europe in America I haven't seen such a big supermarkets like the ones I saw there and now somebody meet you and say hey have you met your brother. And I said no just realized that he was actually talking about enough we can American. Whom he saw somewhere but because there were only need to Africa to black people then he thought that must be my brothers have you met your brother and who is my brother I mean I know I'm here by myself right and now what I was strange is not actually what this friend told me it was actually what one of those so-called brothers because we are all brothers in man we are all brothers and sisters were t. he told me I had not met him but he said you know what my brother Jesus was. I say wow that's an interesting thing what do you mean Jesus is a black so you know they tried to describe him differently but Jesus was black regionally he was actually black but anyway this is not the only case black people think he was black and white with Jesus why and of course Asian do we think he was Asian and you know I was talking with someone who would say no you know what the 1st man was actually like a child is this what do you mean you would be like Chinese Is it because you if you want to create God should not could not have created a white person to be the 1st and he could not even have created a black person to be the 1st and I said tell me now how do you explain this he said you know what because when I saw you wouldn't be the most 1st time. And the saide Glaxo here is I wouldn't be the 1st at all and so if you are well known of the black one say the black one was going to be the most her side and the same is said No no no no no no no no no no you know it is actually is a for God to create a need 1st because of from the Chinese the right in between who is the alone not so black and not black and not why then you can burst to black and white so everyone tries to take God as his bone and he sings actually you know even when we are Christians you think God is black or white or his yellow or whatever you think he is but the truth is there is no question ology with God there are men and there is no discrimination we are all His children so it doesn't matter for God The color of my skin the silence of my nose the height of my head or whatever it is just gone sees me as his child. And so the passage we read is a very interesting one it says you are a chosen generation erode your priesthood a holy nation his own special people that you may proclaim the praises of him who called you out of that list into his marvelous. Life where it's a very important topic. My intention this evening though is not going to be to talk about wrestling I'm not very much excited about the topic I'm excited about the opera I want to talk about the people of God and men. The people of God in their identity and in the process you Manda standard there is no room for rest of them if you are a man or woman of God regardless of your color your height you are just still. And let me just give you a little bit of background to the passage with just read you know this there is no doubt it is the apostle Peter Peter the true is right who wrote actually this gospel that carries his name in fact the very 1st verse he sees Peter in a post of Jesus Christ he wrote this letter to a group of Christian kids throughout the northern area of Asia Minor where he may have previously preached the Gospel of Peter wrote to a group of people that probably included both Jews and Gentiles if you look at it very well because there is the place versed one actually he says his address in his letter to the l a and people who are strangers and saw you can't write people to a letter to a people even in their own country and then calling them l. And if you are not talking about something else these are strangers on earth and so he was writing to both Gentiles and Jews of the Jews speaking to to to this group he says he calls them to live a life that is the wall of the of their calling among the surrounding culture in this letter he spoke much of persecution when you read this whole letter you will actually realize that he is talking about persecution which actually gives us an idea that this was the time prior to his own persecution maybe persecution was going on obviously but he had not been crossfire and so. You will see that. Nero was threatening in prosecuting the Church of God This is probably around the a.d. $66.00 to $68.00 and he made reference men references to suffering in the prosecution in this lesson which actually indicate what was going on but what is important in this verse actually it is that according to 1st Peter verse I mean chapter 2 verse 20 he says when you do good and suffer if you take it patiently this is commendable before God to this you called because of Christ awful suffered for us now let me tell you we live in a church where people don't want prostitution right it's a time when we came even when you suffer you think it's actually terrible and it is kind of a curse it is not of God's will at least in our days it's never God's will but the reality is Paul is saying no I mean Peter and saying no look you may be suffering but if you take it patiently whether you are suffering for the I mean when you are suffering and justly It doesn't matter this is the reason why you have been called there must be a secret in suffering and so. Actually this piece or according to Peter has been called the 2nd job or the job of the New Testament. You know job the story of Job right job who suffered who endured suffering and death and justly he suffered for no reason obviously because I mean at least in the way he understood that it wasn't because of the films and yet he pieces and was faithful and God So it is like Peter is actually saying that there are things we are in control of but there are things we are not in charge of we can choose the people to us 1st later when we can choose to be faithful to God We can choose actually to live a life that is pleasing to God which in truth who can be our friend and who cannot but we will not be able to choose whether people will hate us or not they can hate and we will not choose whether they can be problems on our way as we journey to heaven they can happen but in all of those things he says we must remain faithful and there we must remain faithful So the main point is the people have lives and eyes of about 3 and a half years with Jesus to witness these miracles he saw his suffering and the way it was painted by those who is supposed to love him right his own children the priest the status in the Pharisees the religious people of his time those who are supposed to love him and he saw how Jesus of all things patiently and kept a loving and he called them for repentance and so he learned the lesson that those who follow Jesus must thank you 5 themselves as Christ. Sun to silence them in their hearts believe us can leave and act as Jesus desires during their short life on these on this planet Earth that's according to 1st Peter chapter 3 verse 14 through 18 but but but how does that happen in this because as the describes it actually Peter says well this can happen because of Jesus becoming the focal point of those who live here or when you love him he is the focal point and since he was victorious you and I can be victorious Well if we lose sight of him then there is no way because there is no reference but he Jesus is the focal point for ordering all lives in the midst of trials and tribulations then it is possible for us to be able to leave a life that is safe for despite what is going on right believe and can always to cling to this Jesus in the hope that they will these things will come to him in the right even I mean is suffering and so he says but you are a chosen generation and you are not anybody's right a royal prince to their holy nation his only special people picked in your people Wow That's very interesting and brothers and sisters are me to tell you today that we know that injustice and just suffering is one of the greatest problems that greets the hearts of many people today and you can see what is happening around even in this country but that is probably a very small glimpse of what happened around the world I believe there are people there are places where people can not even real. There are places where people can't ride or they can't March because marching itself is going to cause more problems and and so when something terrible happens you just move on and cry and then go to your room and then sleep and then forget no politician is going to come out and say North Korea for what I have and and so I'm saying today we are witnessing what is happening around the world an injustice of all kinds and suffering and in terrible times of as a prophesied right and so when how can these things actually when these things happen there is something that takes place even those who see the believe in Jesus as a possible Lord and Savior sometimes. There is bitterness there is frustration there is uncertainty of whether or not Jesus is still in control and sometimes there is hatred. Even among Christians and you start looking at each other as if you are enemies and you wonder if and then you say they add. We shouldn't be the case for those who love Jesus too often in those most difficult moment of our lives confusion reigns while contentment disappears and questions arise while prayer prayer life drop and you spoke of been praying because you are just wondering what is going on but we need to remain faithful steady and firm knowing that Jesus is there in control and then and nothing changes with him and he has never a problem is a world without trouble never in fact when there are not trouble no problem that is when a Christian should say what is going on what is happening Well let me tell you. We are living I used to live in a place where there was there was a factory and just my house was I was living in the in the. In a house where there was a factory next to it was very dated my windows were always black because of the smoke that came from the factory and what happened then the engines were running and running and running and running and I was used to everything and I was the sitting and finally you know during Christmas is going there was no law noise and I went to sleep and I could not sleep now I had the room it in this room it was with me and then I realized that he also could not sleep what is going on way or no sleeping and he said I don't know. Myself I can't sleep I don't know what is happening and after quite a long time maybe around 1 am he says you know what I got it I know why we can't sleep I say what the engines are not running no more noise because with so much used to noise that actually when there was no noise me said something was unusual but anyway for us the Christians are the point I want to make right here when there are not trouble when there are no problems we should rather ask ourselves what is going on because this world is the world of travel problems in just now I know some of you may not well understand me because you are living in a country where everything is beautified and but but no no no it's not the beautiful as we think it has been actually what happened recently is probably a sign or maybe what is happening in their home because they are seeing taking place right now and we don't know what is going on in our home. Children being persecuted have been torturing why and while maybe or you know and I know what's what is going on is not always good for everyone but the point is we are saying that with a time such as this happens it's not a time for us to be angry or to be actually to feel like we are so much 2nd we should rather know that this is actually the situation of the world and of course this is not what we want to take place but the divil is there and is acting until Jesus comes and think it's finished this thing to take place now they may change it if tables they may shift today they're acting this way to more of a can act or the other way but the reality is they are always going to be there until Jesus comes even though that's not what you want so Peter says but you are a chosen generation royal priesthood a holy nation now let me tell you what Peter is actually saying he is saying we are a special people not just is special name not is the description right when you look at Peter 1st Peter chapter 2 verse 5 earlier he said you also as the leading stone are being built up a speech or out a holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ and then when you go to verse 9 he says you are a chosen generation Royal Priesthood the whole nation and he is all a special people it's not just about a name it's about what we do a people m.-l.. Who we are that is here and you people group you are a chosen generation. Notice that all the most the millennium names which used to be applied to Israel of old are actually being used here do you see that chosen generation royal priesthood holy nation his own especial people this is actually what Peter is reported repeating and you can see that passages taken from examples Chapter 19 verse 5 through 6 this is actually what is quoting and of course the Septuagint I mean I don't have the time to explain that but the greatest and the Septuagint the 2 engines is the Greek Old Testament and the most resistance is the Hebrew version is the Hebrew one of the o.t. and is quoting exactly what is there when he says you are a chosen generation in the Royal Priesthood his quoting exhort us 19 now therefore if you will indeed a big my voice and keep my covenant then you shall be a station treasure to me about of all people for all the earth is mine and you shall be to me a kingdom of priest a holy mission these are the words which you shall speak to the children of Israel this is God speaking to Moses and I want to emphasize on the very 1st 2 letters a little bit but you are a chosen generation who may say day you but you wow why this thing but you when he says but you know maybe that means his comparing his actually creating a contrast between what he just said to what is going to say In other words there is a group of people have just mentioned and then there is another group and when he says the all. They cannot be you know if there are no laws a because they think but to you that means there are other people right and this is they are different from you or you are not the same m.m.. They are different from you because of one thing you are a chosen generation in other words there are those who have not been chosen right you are a chosen general and for anything you are different in terms of eternity Fallujah you are different you are not to say to all gentlemen on the one thing you know oftentimes we miss the point that we are different because we you know something we suffer like everybody else suffers we get sick like everybody else gets sick but we are not anybody we as a show says but you are a chosen and not is this one he is not saying you are a royal priest or the holy nation his own special people because of who you used to be before becoming who you are today no no no it is not because of your avg bringing Not because of your job graphic Wallach location on this planet not because of your parents not even because of the color of your scale or the height of your head or whatever is just because you have been chosen m.l. And so I believe in no what actually he agrees with what Paul says indecision chapter 2 verse 8 and 9 where he says For by grace you have been saved through faith where by grace. So you are a child of the new generation it is only by grace it is not because of your marriage you did not marry that there's nothing you've done but you know or know what a privilege we have of in time we are mistaken as individuals. You know somebody tells you that I'm a 4th generation is the have you heard of that with the voice and then say you are come actually 4th generation right and that no no no you must be a child and generation not of all of the generation no I don't know what are you just saying you are continuing what your grand great grandparents did or you are standing on your own as a child than a member of the chosen generation we should understand we are not anyone we are not anyone once chosen you are not anybody you cease to be who you used to be in the past and you become someone else chosen generation Royal Priesthood the whole nation you know there is something very interesting noticed chose that generation the word generation in Greek means again north and Ghana was actually it doesn't only mean generation it can also actually mean kind of freeing or race. In other words you can translate this you are a chosen rate so when we talk about rest of them then our race is measured be based on this there are a limit chosen race some not anybody don't be mistaken about me now people may look at me and they think I'm just anybody maybe black or white or Hispanic or Latino or whatever but I am a special because I know in me you may not know me but I am a different person or no. Any other identity you may give yourself you being mistaken is not about the title I may have been a society it's not about the color of my skin it may not even be has nothing to do with the family where I come from what matters is who I am in Jesus because he has chosen me m.m. And so I'm a new chosen race. And I just became that race because when Jesus chordal the Bible the passage says he called the route of blackness and so we became a different race altogether. Different people different people. We used to be chosen refers to we are today what we have become and not what we think not we just not just what we know because sometimes we are on some of us we know we have more spirit than we know what to put them into practice right we just know we are certain that the need we know we are Christians we know we go to church on Sabbath we know we agree with this we don't live there are conservative whatever you may call yourself but it's not about what you know it is about who you are a man we are chosen generation chosen race chosen refers to who we are once chosen we become who we were not in the past different from who we were in the past not it's what verse 10 says that once you were not a people but now you are the people of God I like that contrast not is that actually the 1st people have no article the 2nd people has an article. He is not saying one of your ways that people now if he said You are the people you is special people in particular people you were just you were not a people because those who call themselves the people when they don't know Jesus they're just a people or they are not even the people because there is no I mean you on nobody when you don't know Jesus Christ with all due respect for those who don't know Jesus but I have to tell the truth you are No one if you don't know Jesus of the past oh no not if he says once you are not the people but now you are the people of God There are people that mean there is a very specific type of the people of God And so we become special in the eyes of God and it should be as well in the eyes of the world when we become we become followers of Jesus Christ and some of. After having been chosen and saved we still identify ourselves unfortunately just old identity that that one fortunate I continue to be African random and this pacifically who 2 or Tutsi. And you continue to be why so he's tiny or just. Cheney or ren and we brag about who we are and our families and our backgrounds without actually knowing that before we come to the full knowledge of Jesus we are not anybody we should have left behind because Peter says once you were not a people but now you are the people of God we were nothing until we came to the knowledge of Jesus Christ Now let me tell you one thing actually the danger of the problem with identifying ourselves with who we used to be there is a problem when we take these rational differences in the world the rest are differences whatever you may call them you know them you can listen to them you know it is actually a problem a serious problem and I think I have a value because of this it is a very serious problem if you out I would just share with you a few stories when I became I was just a little boy I grew up in a village in the countryside of Ronda and everybody just looked like me until I started travelling I remember actually going to well I was in Europe once and when I want I went to Europe was a long time ago I was just the very young and for the very 1st time I saw actually thousands and thousands of people who didn't look like me before I sold stories to people who moved around and I knew these are people who don't look like me and I wondered even how their skin was. Then I'll see everybody just around me look like and I was wondering And finally tonight I remember actually Well some of the things were strange even the way they greeted me it was like strange because some of them did this and when they did this they waved their fingers I thought they're actually calling me because this is what we do when you're calling somebody back home and I went and when I went somebody ran he had to run and I remember meeting someone this is not the person I met but he had the physical deformities this is not the one I want to put in a picture of anybody but but anyway this person had some physical deformity and when I looked at him I thought it was very fine and I looked to this person I was very kind to him I was very sorry I looked his normal looking at this person a while and I was just holding myself what is wrong. For him now he was a couple but both of them had similar problems and I was just the story but then to realize interesting as I'm looking at them very carefully but I would worry for them they're also looking at me very carefully and they are for him for me and I wondered where there is a story about me for me I'm sort of because I see they have problems and then somebody says there are 3 of you because of the way you look you don't look like them so it's wow you mean they think I have a problem yes I have I said this is amazing I'm 30 about them and they are still really about me. You see how cheap these things are you actually when you are white or when you are black Now this is if you haven't left America and go to Africa or Asia you may not understand what I'm talking about but just go there to a remote place and then you will realize that the way you used to think of yourself is actually no the way people think of you they were just in you are maybe your eyes are not know what or maybe your hair well I was once in the nation country country I went to and then I was an evangelist I said no I got to go to the villages and preach like the t.c. I we have here and I remember going and there I was knocking from house to house now I happened to go to a place where there was no African probably was there are there now I would call couldn't I was going doing a good job and every time I knocked her out the very person who came to see me looked at the door immediately and ran away and I went to the what I remembered would Jesus say is that when they chased you in one city then you need to shake given the dust of the feet of you and I said Never mind I'll continue until finally actually when I had a chance to be welcomed in a place and they had seats and we sat down and I started teaching the Bible and kids were just looking at my hair just watching my head and they thought it was a problem now I never saw to my hair is a problem I thought it was a good one but they thought it was a problem but at the same time when I looked at them I was also curious to see how they look like the cheap cheap things. We are not necessarily physical beings just just as human being we are not we must we may be special in our own eyes with our own people when they look at us they think oh wow but it is interesting that when we need all from our own corner and go somewhere people will not necessarily see as the way we think we are there we just think we are different and so this is actually what is not interesting about holding. Ratio differences right and. The 2nd problem actually the 2nd problem with holding on to this world racial differences is that actually when you judge people on the basis of these differences it's actually satanic diabolic why why am I saying this let me tell you the Devo you might not have the experience this and I want to praise God for you guys if you haven't experienced it but allow me to tell you I have gone through the wars and I know what these things mean when you look at somebody who has been created in God's image and you think actually he is not because he doesn't look like you he doesn't even deserve fully and I know what I'm talking about I'm not just reading the Bible I know what this means this is satanic it's the divil walk in when somebody looks at you and feels like no he doesn't look like me and so he's inferior or he goes to a nice stream where he thinks you can't even live this is what the devil and you multiply the difference sometimes with the skin color and with the No he doesn't look like you because this is not like you and when the skin can work you have the same skin right then that shouldn't be an issue then we'll go to the size of the north. Like in Rhonda you have a small no you would be in trouble let me tell you one thing today well you will be amazed when you come to Rhonda if you lived there maybe probably not today but if you lived the last several years ago. You would have been identified either as a Tutsi or as the Hood and so depending on who you where because truth were being hunted down you would probably have been killed because they would say oh what kind of not the group like the 2 cannot and there was a you must be a tutu and they will kill you well I know there is a town where the master Madonna you know the Madonna the city of Mary Cutting to the Roman Catholic people with just hunting down the tooth. I don't look like them. But they would say the typical Tutsi has just very straight all and the small one and so that becomes a problem. And they found a Madonna who was actually you know the if she had to straighten all this he did that through the through with a much that the they at the stake you just you see how far hatred can lead somebody and racism that was a terrible situation and so gentlemen this is how far the devil can lead people I think it is demonic when I see people and I think I'm superior to them just because of the way they look and they are different from me just because of the color of their skin just because of the height of their head all they did the size of their no that doesn't make sense it is the devil working and when he can't use that then he will go down and even look into your language and say you speak a different languages and you will be killed because of your language. And you will be there but you will be called like animals where I come from the used to call of cockroaches this is you cockroaches and you will think you are actually cockroach and then they said there was a time they call do snakes and when they see you and they say in the car. Imagine you think it's actually and we reached a point where we said we have something to do with this and it was no nothing to do with Ray but and a matter of fact imagine even though you thought initially you were so handsome and Ok you feel you have no problem but a time came because they were looking for people with a little bit of if you are cold or straight you just have to make sure you try to change yourself as to move like those who are hunting you down so that they don't kill you but you can change yourself when they can find the differences in the language they will find the differences in your religion even to the point that even brothers and sisters when they reach such a time they can hate each other that's our resident walk the devil walk that way he's not only going to see oh yes these are Hispanic these are African-American he's not only going to see all of these are whites these are black he will go all fired up and if you are all white he will find a different and he will be hatred on both the different and so you can see out cheap these things are and so that's why the Bible the Word of God Peter right and you are a chosen generation rodeo priest who the holy nation now there is and Gentlemen allow me to tell you that actually we are called to for a purpose to be a whole initially and we are not just called as individuals right we are called to be a special race aspiration nation. In other words we make up a different race altogether an aspiration nation called by God or men in other words when you move somewhere and you find not been you say yes this belong to my missionary man now I'm not saying you shouldn't be American you shouldn't be rocky and I mean the British or run the show Congolese or Kenyans whatever you want to call yourself it is a fine but above all you are the chant of God Amen and so when you see somebody who believes like you then you should know that this is of my kind not necessarily the one who looks like you just because of your physical stature those who are chosen are not merely individuals selected one by one and left in a celestial but a tribe consolidated a holy nation not from the same common physical distance not even from the same geographical location but because of the one who called as we become a millionaire a holy mission and the reason is that we may proclaim the praises of the one who called us out of darkness into his mouth full of light and there is the word that I like a royal priesthood you know why we call the royal priesthood and what does it mean the royal priesthood where. That is the word but lay on Iraq he was here not so but still a union at home a royal priesthood some people have tried to struggle a lot with the the meaning of this what does it mean royal priesthood and some of them have seen like it actually is the kingdom of priests. Is that what you mean the kingdom of priests we make up a kingdom of Prince. Or it can also mean actually kings and priests. We are acting than the priests not teaching them of priest we are priest about living in a teaching them all we are killing the priest at the same time and this actually makes sense it's Ok there is nothing wrong when you go to Revelation one verse 6 and Revelation 510 Actually the Bible God says that we have made as the king than the priests to his God and Father as well that's what Jesus did He has made of kings and priests to his God and Father but there are also those who see the meaning of the bus to Lilian here or tilma that it is the priesthood serving Jehovah betting for the priesthood serving getting anywhere in the world just like you can say that is the royal palace or a royal family a family belonging to the king well and so we have Prince belonging to the King and this makes more sense we are not any body this doesn't just as well and I believe that the other meanings are very important too because we are not just there to serve we asked serving the teaching and we asked serving in the kingdom of art in m.m. And so ladies and gentlemen this is a very special I believe it is a privilege we are not any body we are the priesthood being our king we are his own special people that we may proclaim the praises of him who called us out of darkness you know we priesthood in Jesus Christ and it is actually Jesus being the cornerstone you know he becomes everything to us and so we are and our identity is given value because of who we represent and that is Jesus Christ by the way without him we are nor body and we are nothing that is why I always say well you may think you are somebody if you don't know Jesus. But you are not but not because you have no value you have value because God created you on his own image when you have denied Jesus you are nobody in a way that your value is the very temporal one anything you may achieve what you want to achieve in this life but even when you have achieved you haven't achieved anything you may achieve the highest a detention you can ever think of all wow I was watching a sermon recently somebody and them was recommended to me and this sermon was very exciting and I like actually to sermons I've I've been disappointed twice someone with the preaching in the say well I should invite this person to speak in interventionist the company I was trying to organize and then I kept watching his sermons and watched now he was young and I not only can very exciting preacher and guess what then all of this started in another video I thought him very old he couldn't stand up preaching staring I said What is it the same person he was almost dying no here only here is is this the same person preaching and then after a few days I heard that he wasn't that this is all we are in this life and then recently actually this week my family and I have been watching a sermon I mean somebody very exciting he was highly you know qualified this FISA argumentative and trying to prove that Jesus is a lot but guess what he died actually like 23 weeks ago. It I said my wife said no what. Do you mean it is there isn't tied with all the funeral because we're trying to go through the sermon but then we saw one now this scenario of the program what is this and this is what the life life is all about on this planet you may become the president of the nation you may become whoever you want to become in life but without Jesus your story in the here and now nothing more but those who trust in Jesus and who love him know our story doesn't end here in man because we are not anybody we know we are serving a god a living God And even when we die there is going to be life after this life in men and so for him just allow me once again to call your attention upon these words you are a chosen generation a royal priesthood a holy nation is on a special people you are not any body you are the son you are the sons and daughters of God and when we accepted Jesus as the pass on the Lord and Savior we ceased being just black or white we see being being just Asians Latinos or whatever we become the children of God and our identity is made meaningful by the fact that we have accepted Jesus Christ not whether we are poor or rich we know we belong to the the Kim the creator of the universe whether we are educated or not educated we are not anybody we know that our identity is not based on what we used to be or what others may see but whom we have believed in we are a people with a public I want to finish when I read this passage you are a chosen generation I told you at the beginning this is not just the usual practice because the passage I read. God reminded me of this passage when I was in a time when people thought I was nobody I was being hunted down like animals I know some of you have heard of this testimony or you've read about it it's fine but there are others out there who are probably haven't heard of anything and even when they repeated by the way even the verse I was reading you have heard about it several times but we are repeating but allow me to tell you when I was just desperate and and hiding like just a nun a more by the way even animals are free sometimes I had no freedom at all not even the freedom of an animal because I was hunted down and when I was discovered they asked me to dig a hole I mean the grave for myself to be buried in because they said We are tired you should dig 1st by the way it's so strange because you know you're going to be killed why should you dig anyway why don't you let them keep but I dug and I dug and they dug and then God reminded me of something as I saw all these people how poor they were without knowing God at all I noticed there was a difference even though I had been praying I said Lord you can give me wings and I will fly on if there are no wings you can bring sun and these people will be skated in the run because they knew I was nobody then time came when I realized their ignorance about who Jesus is and who God's people are I said I've got to tell them something and I believe I asked them if they could allow me to actually say something before I die. And they allowed if I can. Anyone who wants to borrow my book out give it to him for him to read you have a chapter in your book but I am it's a useless when I realize that these people are ignorant because the recent time when they were mocking God and one of them was praying you know they were killing 2 things they say we are not the same you are truthful we are Hutus and yet we are actually even physically sometimes not different and so someone said no we're going to pray for these people have killed in that state lot of good about who you are and about your people and then they allowed me to speak of course there was a discussion because one of them said no he has nothing to teach us in another one say no let him teach him teachers we don't know what he's going to say and they were divided and they were about to fight and the one who said let him talk he had my Bible said Can I get that Bible the other guys say no he is our enemy but their enemy not at all he is the enemy can teach us anything in the law and say he is our enemy but we don't know what he's going to say let him stick and finally the guy who finally they were divided and they were about to fight and because they were about to kill each other one of them said No listen instead of killing each other let me suggest one thing those of you who don't want to listen you see if you close your ears those of you who want to listen to you sit down and listen and after that to kill him and I stood up and this is the passage I read you are a chosen generation royal priesthood I wasn't referring to them I was telling them I said No Listen there are Hutu among you who are not here with your home you think they are hopeful but they are the children of God and there are 2 pieces you are killing but they are not Truth is you think they are because they are not anybody they are the children of the Living God Now I can't preach the same sermon because it's not the time for the. But one thing I realized as I was preaching about this telling them that they are fighting the devil side as opposed to those who belong to God they were with him and wiping out their tears and crying and some of them trying to talk to each other and I told them I said Now I'm not big in your pattern if you want me to I'm going to Deacon other graves and I'm ready but allow me to say the closing prayer before because I knew if you are the Son and Daughter of God Nothing will just happen to you unless God wants it to happen they didn't allow me to finish the sentence they all shouted I don't think it's because of them because they had not repented this child is a no if you kill this person this is glad to be a point they had realized who I all not because of who I am really but because of who Jesus is that we can give such a person or how I wish everyone would actually understand the that we can kill somebody create on the image of God. And how I wish everybody would realize that those who don't know Jesus that we kill. But those who know him they would never kill him and how I wish all of us. Those who listen to me as I'm thinking we would actually belong to belong to the priesthood m.-m. to this King the priesthood royal priesthood it shows them Generation and be able to be on the side of God all the time and where the killers went and he hid me for about 2 days and finally they you know they chased me out of there how but God was here with me now ladies and gentlemen allow me to tell you once more we are not anybody if we have accepted Jesus as a person the Lord and Savior we should actually keep trusting in Him and know that whatever happens to us we should be faithful and we should never look at people in the eyes of the submissively in the alleys of racism because they really read that as a value is the rest of those who have given their life to Jesus their man may God bless all of us that is my prayer for you and for myself in Jesus' name. I think we should if you came after these words we can kneel down in a time when this country is going through it time will tell. Because many people are angry sad and their right to be angry their right to be sad but the reality is there really enemy we are fighting it's not necessary the policeman No not at all it is the devil and if the devil doesn't use the policeman he will use the politician if he doesn't use the politician he will use your own brother in your own house then he will kill you he doesn't have to use the whites or the black. He can use the black to kill another black he can use the wife to kill another wild This is the reality and so let's pray for this country let's pray for people to come to the full understanding that the more. We enemy we are facing is the devil and be able to give our life to Jesus and of course let's pray that this chaos will also come to an end. Let's nail down and then say a prayer I will ask everyone to just say a prayer in his own heart just just for a few seconds maybe 10 seconds and then I will close with a prayer God in Heaven the creator of the universe the creator of mankind I want to praise you for this opportunity you've given me to see these words in a very weak way as a human being just one among others with a similar problem sometimes but as the child you allow me to speak to my fellow human beings friends those who listen to me tonight so that we may come back to the correct understanding of what we are involved in once we accept you Father we see as being war we used to be in the past black white yellow whatever we represented in the past we become your race we become a royal priesthood we become holy nation we become your peculiar people people you've chosen to proclaim your praises and we become the Children of Heaven who are waiting for Jesus to appear on the clouds of heaven Lord I pray that this will be. Just engraved in our Help us to be able to understand this I know people out there with facts one day it is this group that is going to have a problem this group is going to hate this this group is going to hate this but help us to understand as your children the most terrible enemy we are faced with is the devil who uses anyone as long as he allows him. To use him but I pray that you will bless those and help us to be your representative and to be able to bring about peace where there is no peace and love where there is a lack of love in be able to give to create hope where there is no hope just as we proclaim the praises of the one who called out of darkness into the marvelous light may you dismisses with your laugh and they pray at the same time that you will console you will comfort those who are right now worried about this to wish and those who are suffering not only those who are right at the rioting but even those in their home right now who are wondering what is happening in their lives because this is the persecution going on help them to lift with their eyes the Paul your father and know that their deliverance will only come from you may you bless us bless this country and stop these things that are going on bring about peace father and bring about love if this is possible and if not help us realize that you are coming to put an end to all the in the name of. 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