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Clashing View Points - Part 10

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • September 28, 2019
    12:15 PM
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Well this morning the title of the message is clashing viewpoints we call it viewpoints we could call it worldview we call it your perception how you see things and the reality is we all see things a little differently don't we we all come from different backgrounds different upbringings perhaps raised in different parts of the country and we send them to joke about this back and forth Oh you think this is cold and who typically says those statements those from the north who write this say not then compared to what I grew up with in though and back and forth there's a different viewpoint there's a different perception of what cold is and it's true you go up into Canada and it's 50 degrees and everybody is in shorts and jumping in the lake this is a very classic illustration or example of different viewpoints you've heard this before you know the elephant and all these men are blind and they're feeling different parts of the elephant and they're all describing an elephant differently we've all seen this before one says Oh it's a snake another rug No it's a spear a tree a wall a rope and which one is right there all right aren't they and they can argue as long as hard as they want to know is the wall No I found it in sorrow and they can go on and on and on when at the end of the day they're both right they just had different perspectives and they're seeing the same animal if you will from different perspectives Here's another example of people thing different letters that say you know it's in and it's a 6 No it's a 9 you get the idea this one it really has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that some of you see that it's moving in fact it's not moving is it moving for you know the body's appear like it is moving which one of you is right I don't know this probably I should've left out how about this one if you haven't seen this before this is developed in 1995 all different shapes here but you have these different letters a and b. are those 2 tiles that a and b. are on are they the same color or is one darker and one is lighter ya'll are kind of shy. This morning same color me think one is darker and one is lighter who's right who's wrong well supposedly they're the same color and I looked at that for a long time and I thought how can that be that's a gradual gradient change they're messing with me here so I myself decide to crop this picture and make it smaller Now does that look like the same color the same picture it's all still there I just cropped it but it's the same color but it's the teasing of your eyes of the shadow of this Cuban and your brain is trying to make it work as if it's fitting all these different things but it depends on the things around that you know the context of you will of this drawing of the picture of the situations that sometimes as well can affect and impact our viewpoint Well we're going through this series on Paula man of grace and grit and some of you have made little comments here and there are last one we talked about was the church in conflict and some is that all there must be some real conflict in this church and I just want to respond in fact it almost doesn't matter what I preach on people say were you trying to preach at me or are you trying to preach to sisters so and so I was just going through God's word and if the Holy Spirit is convicting you and you want to give yourself away by telling me so that's fine but I'm just going to the story of Paul but last week we spent the bulk of our time looking really at the Book of Acts Chapter 15 as the church is in conflict over the requirements of Gentiles joined the church and now in the last few verses of x. 15 we're going to pick up the story this morning and we will see not the church in conflict but to missionaries in conflict missionary in conflict I thought they just prayed all day and preach sermons and smile and they're always happy and agreeable now I already alluded to the fact that a student missionary let me tell you there were about 19 of us entente to pay and there was some conflict I did my best to stay out of the conflict we call it conflict as much as drama there was drama Yes So a class scene viewpoint. This is number 10 in this series that we're going through here but I think this message is especially important in the light of a little bit of review of where we've been and I will try and do this in brief to get started in this review where we van you will recall this is a picture or a drawing if you will of the Sanhedrin also called the council in Acts 6 verse 12 is a 71 member Jewish High Court if you will and you have the person there being tried and number 3 the main person is up at the top the High Priest number one and you have all these people on the side and the other clerks around Number 4 a pretty intimidating group and it was thought it was very probable and taxpayer probably confirmed that Saul would have been part of this group even though Scripture doesn't mention him it's highly likely he was there when they tried Stephen and you may recall that when they did try Stephen they brought out false witnesses against even and he was condemned to die and we had our 1st mention not of Paul but of Saul in Scripture when there is this stone of Stephen and Paul stands by and is guarding their garments while they stone Him and Saul is a huge opponent of those of the way and so everywhere he goes he's seeking to kill Christians as far away as Damascus 150 miles northeast of Jerusalem that's our 1st picture of Saul you also recall that he is struck with a bright light on the road to Damascus falls off his horse and what does he hear but the voice of God saying Saul Saul why are you persecuting me he's blinded he's led into Damascus and there he waits and he fasts and he prays for 3 days then and I ask comes brave and faithful and eyes and he opens the eyes of saw and delivers the words of the Lord so all your a chosen vessel of God to bear his name before Gentiles and kings and the children of Israel so we are told that polarizes then is baptized but then we also looked in this series that according to Galatians one verse. 16 and 17 he doesn't start preaching immediately but rather he goes into the desert of Arabia for 3 years where he's alone in prayer and reflection developing his theology communing with God and then after that period of 3 years in the wilderness he goes back to preach in Damascus but the church will not have it and they're out to kill Saul and so some of the believers help Saul escape over the wall in a basket and from there Saul travels to Jerusalem perhaps he can convince some of his friends on the Sanhedrin they will understand if I can just proof text them but they're completely closed to any such thing when I can just meet with the disciples but this is type of themselves are afraid to interact with Saul and so that's when Barnabas enters into this story Barnabas The encourage or comes along side of Saul and says Here let me help introduce you to the disciples Let me tell the disciples how God is working through you how you are in fact one of us and so that meeting takes place and they accept him and he's preaching in Jerusalem but the church is not happy with him there as well and so they're out to kill Saul and Saul is more than willing than to lay down his life for God's cause as Stephen did but the church says no no no we're going to smuggle you out of here and so they take him out of Jerusalem and he sets his foot to Tarsus and there Saul is for in Tarsus in that area that region for 5 to 6 years some even think as much as 10 years he's there and Tarsus living as a tent maker certainly minister in but not enough to get mentioned not in scripture anyway and at the same time the work with the Gentiles is growing especially in Antioch were gets back to Jerusalem whom shall we stand they send Barnum as he checks it out it's true things are exploding in Antioch and so when Barnabas sees the great need he says I need help and who does the Holy Spirit bring to his mind but none other then Saul and where Saul he's in Tarsus just a 100 mile walk away and so he goes and he finds find my friends no. Text message no quick phone call no Probably word of mouth Have you seen Saul of Tarsus they get together they travel back I imagine they have some great time catching up on this trip back to Antioch and then they minister there together for a whole year and the Lord blesses their ministry immensely in fact we're told that the 1st believers were called Christians in Antioch then the Holy Spirit spoke to the church and said Now separate to me Barnabas install for the work to which I have called them and so the church lays hands on Saul and Barnabas and said them apart for the work of ministry and send them away and so I imagine they planned this missionary journey where should we go Where is there some type of work established maybe we're going to go some places there's no work at all but we feel that people will be receptive and prayerfully they consider and they set out they 1st go to the island of Cyprus and then 7 other prominent cities and is on this 1st missionary journey we're told the Saul was also known as Paul everywhere they went they preached the Gospel this duo this dream team if you will the gospel according to Jesus Christ and the things that were fulfilled through Bible prophecy in Christ the way of salvation through Christ the fulfillment of the sanctuary in Christ and it wasn't just the common people but in Path follows the pro Council Sergius is converted they have audience with Him God is blessing after leaving the island of Cyprus and arriving in pergola it was there that John Mark who is accompanying them a young man at the time finds ministry to be too hard too challenging he not only becomes homesick but I imagine he says I didn't sign up for this I'm not ready for this I can't handle this so he decides to sail back home for Jerusalem and I met him Barnabas is there closest in that picture Zain and I imagine Paul's on the outside going I mean let's stop and think Paul and Barnabas continue their journey without John Mark and without his assistance walking a good 600 miles without this young man to help along the way. Despite a host of challenges they make it through the 1st missionary journey they returned to the church in Antioch and they report in Acts 1443 all that God had done don't feel like that with them and that he had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles but soon after and we look at this last week there was a disagreement within the church that was developing over the requirements of the new Gentile believers so this Jerusalem Council is called and we saw I say keep saying last week 2 weeks ago we saw how by scripture by looking at what Peter relates as what he was shown in vision and then Paul and Barnabas are mentioned standing up relating their experience of what they have seen the Holy Spirit doing in the places they have been and then finally James stands up and makes a decision that all of these agreed together and they move forward as a church and I share this review as a means to set up today after much history years literally of Minister ing together travelling around the then known world together setting up multiple churches seeing the Holy Spirit work mightily enduring hardships together knowing how each other works knowing So this is born of his strong point he's going to take care this oh I'm going to send you over to Paul and he's excellent at this yet we find next in Scripture clashing viewpoints of this dream team if you will and so if you have your Bibles I invite you to open up the Acts Chapter 15 verse 36 Acts Chapter 15 verse 36 and then we read then after some days Paul said to Barnabas Let us now go back and visit our brethren in every city where we have preached the Word of the Lord and see how they are doing let's pay a pastoral visit let's check in on them let's see how the work is going let's encourage them and verse $37.00 now Barnabas was determined to take with them John called Mark but Paul insisted that they should not take with them the one who had departed from them and Pamphila and had not gone with them to the work then. $35.00 then the contention became so sharp that they parted from one another are of a suggest let's take John Boy John Mark Paul responds No John Mark will not be going on this trip cautions for 10 tells us John Mark was born this is cousin and he stands up for him no John Mark he needs to come Oh no he won't absolutely not and here we have opposing viewpoints and they're both passionate about their business and each had remarkable giftedness and ministry savvy yet in this debate they become very emotionally charged have you been a strong disagreement with most disagreements there is one issue but several viewpoints at least 2 perhaps more the issue may be clearly stated but each individual may look at it differently based on past difficulties or upbringing highly cherished values and the rub comes because you see it differently than I do I've also noticed when mediating that usually both sides have validity there are strengths in both arguments both make legitimate points often done I mean let's look at this biblical example both Paul and Barnabas halogen it points Paul could have quoted Luke Chapter 9 verse 162 and the context is let me 1st go and bury my father let me say goodbye to my household and here's response here and says no one having put his hand to the plough and looking back is fit for the Kingdom of God Paul could have said John Mark left us high and dry midstream he's not fit for ministry and he's not coming we need people with dedication people that are going to go the distance be willing to sacrifice all and John Mark showed his colors he is not prepared or ready for that we don't want to set him up for failure he doesn't need to come Paul could have quoted Proverbs 2519 confidence in unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a bad tooth and a foot out of joint putting your trust in an unreliable. The man is like to not a broken tooth or trying to run on a sprained ankle and some you might be thinking yes but wasn't Paul the preacher of grace yes but would you loan money to a person who didn't pay off the 1st amount he borrowed from you would you let your sister's son stay in your condo in Vail if he trashed it this spring break before and so Paul is concerned about the mission which is valid and I think Barnabas is concerned about the man which is also valid and so you have opposing viewpoints I mean Barnum as he could have quoted scripture to someone else reverse one bless the Lord Oh my soul and all that is within me bless his holy name who forgives all your iniquity who heals all your diseases who read deems your life from destruction who crowned you with loving kindness and tender mercy I imagine the appeal of Barnabas was that we serve a God of 2nd chances Paul he's a God of grace so the debate is heated the contention was real the viewpoint class and both God It is a God of grace but he's also a God of justice and so you may side with Paul you may side with Barnabas but both have valid points and both disagreed with how this situation concerning John Mark should be handled Sadly another observation in heating disagreements someone usually gets hurt the more intense the heat the deeper the wounds hurtful words can be spoken characters can be brought into question motives can be assumed and analyzed and so we continue the story verse 39 then the contention became so sharp that they parted from one another and so Barnabas took Mark and sailed to Cyprus but Paul told Silas and departed being commended by the brethren to the grace of God and he went to Syria and solicit strengthening the churches Sadly this is the last time in the book of Acts that Barnabas and John Mark are mentioned but I want you to notice kind of a side point but maybe it should be the main point in the midst of something challenging and perhaps not positive God turns it around for good as now. We have 2 missionary teams instead of just one bbs and Mark sail Southwest Paul and Silas travel north on foot Cypress was a hometown of Barnabas Silicio was the home province of Paul and they had visited there on their 1st missionary journey but perhaps while he was there for the 56 or 10 years he had a group of believers there that were raised up and so we have 2 ministry teams instead of one but let's go back to disagreements before we leave this and let's look at some strategies when facing difficult disagreement because I imagine if you're human you have disagreements and you have points of conflict in your work with your coworkers with a supervisor a boss someone just this morning said we were trying to sleep and they were party next door and I went over and asked if they could turn it down at 1230 and they wanted to get in a fight with me and on and on and on and I said you know take another step and I have to call the cops and they finally turn the music down conflict you don't have to go looking for it it comes looking for you in the form of loud music next door so one thing to keep in mind when in a disagreement work hard to see the other point of view I'd also submit begin by listening most begin by assuming but that's never a good idea don't assume you know why they're doing what they're doing don't assume why they said what they said ask them listen take some time when you can sit down undistracted unhurried and listen and this might require some humility and some objectivity and an honest look at your own contribution to the problem but it's worth doing Libyans to for do not merely look out for your own personal interests but also for the interests of others using a disagreement we're only looking out for number one what about them what might be behind their response their reaction what are they going through or dealing with and is it possible that I am just the end in his will that they are deciding to take it out on I don't know but don't just look out for your own interests but also for the interest of others Secondly when both sides have validity seek a wise compromise now this isn't a call to compromise biblical to. Ruth there are times we need backbone there's certainly times to stand firm and not give a damn but we must recognize that not every hill is a hill worth dying on many issues can be worked through Don't get me wrong I admire those who stand for truth but I don't admire much those who stubbornly demand to have it their way or no way to never been never compromise never willingly and graciously seek a suitable solution you know there are times that we need to say Ok let's come up with a way that both of us can be happy let's give John Mark some minor assignment here in Antioch and see if he even filled the responsibilities Meanwhile we'll go ahead on our journey or let's take Mark and a few others also and if Mark defects again we'll have others to fall back on diplomacy solve disagreements at the table not on the battlefield and yes compromise will require me to sacrifice some of my cherished viewpoints but in so doing I won't be sacrificing the relationship yes the mission is important but so are the men and women that comprise the mission and always pains me when a church is so bent on mission that it runs over people in the process that maybe you've seen that mission is good but running over people is not good Thirdly when the conflict persists care enough to work it through rather than walk out Hollywood shows does very well all the time what do you do when you're mad you walk out you hang up on somebody is slam the door you peel out as Uli you bolt from the mayor and you quit your job in a huff friends none of those are helpful to the sea. Perhaps your tactics are more subtle manipulative silent treatment being passive aggressive making short stinging comments that are hurtful but in no way work towards a resolution folks none of these are how we should deal with a disagreement and a conflict no you work it through you stay at it and it may be some of the hardest work you will do but it may also be some of the most rewarding and yes there are times when you'll still have to quit that job but only after you've given every effort to find a solution only have you sat down on numerous occasions and listened what does it say in Romans 12 verse 18 if that is possible I mean there are times it may not be possible but if it is possible as much as depends on you live how peaceably with those that are peaceable those that are agreeable those that are easy to get along with live peaceably as much as depends on you live peaceably with all men and fourthly when it can't be resolved graciously agreed to disagree without becoming disagreeable from all we can tell Paul and Silas agreed to disagree you go your way I'll go my way but we don't find places in the Bible where Paul and other letters defend themselves at the expense of artists or John Mark nor do we find evidence of one of his licking his wounds they both get over it and they both move on in fact we have proof that Paul moved on look what he writes about John Mark he says Get Mark and bring him with you for he is useful to me for ministry praise the Lord here's another one from Paul film and verse 24 as do Mark I was stockists Demas Luke my fellow laborers folks too many people brood over past injustices you met them there are still bleeding from a wound suffered decades ago and you might be saying their thinking to yourself yes but Pastor you don't understand their viewpoint has no validity at all they were ruthless they were heartless they spent all kinds of lies about me they as Sas and they did my character and you want me to just let it go while hanging on across. Naked humiliated spat upon mocked and despised What did Jesus say Father forgive them for they have no idea they have no clue what they're doing they don't get it they don't understand the Lord they don't need to understand forgive them for they know not what they do Jesus managed to utter those penetrating words through bleeding cracked lips swollen from the noonday sun in paled on that cruel Roman cross and in the midst of his own agony he's interceding on behalf not of his friends but his enemy what an incredible model of forgiveness and folks he's our model for correctly resolving disputes I mean all to mentally it's a matter of forgiveness they don't know what they're doing so Father forgive them wow what a way to live so in concluding trying to turn over a new leaf. Various viewpoints some say my sermons are too long do you have any and healed wounds maybe those wounds surface from time to time maybe dates back many years maybe brings to mind the face of a parent or a child or a friend or former spouse a fellow employee a boss a ball coach pastor or a sibling and they wounded you and the pain is lingered all these years and just the sound of their name a picture even seen a car that looks like their raises your blood pressure my friend it's time to move on seek a solution get help from someone else if you must but get on with it whatever it takes to be free do that and perhaps in a symbolic way we can stand before Christ this morning at the foot across and look up at him and deliberately release it all folks who are living in the judgment of our I believe that the history of this earth is about to close all around us we see Bible prophecy being fulfilled you can't switch on the news and not see something that's according to scripture or the Spirit of Prophecy friends this is no time to hang on to graduate it's time to let them go in the grace that Christ has 1st shown us so in your mind's eye can you see Christ hanging there bleeding and dying and embrace his forgiveness for you and your enemy now by forgiving you're not condoning their stand you're simply leaving that to God That's his turf not yours and yes that's grace and you can offer to others because you don't deserve it either your Heavenly Father and life in ministry at home at work we can come into points of conflict with one another posing viewpoints and sometimes they can become heated and they can be sharp but Lord help us to remember in those times to do our best to see their viewpoint to seek a wise compromise to commit not to walk out but work it through and if we cannot come to a compromise at least disagree without becoming disagreeable and Lord at times it will require us to say the same prayer you did on Calvary Lord forgive them for they know what they're doing Lord help us to move forward in the Great. 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