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Paul’s Challenging Church - Part 16

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • June 9, 2020
    10:25 AM
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Well today my sermon title might be a little unnerving when the church gets ugly Have you been in a church before where it got ugly I hope not but maybe you have some war stories that you could share Have you ever been into a church where you just automatically feel not welcome it's always an interesting thing the things that we think the questions that we ask when somebody comes into the church that we don't recognize Well who is that well maybe you could say hello introduce yourself and find out what are they doing here I imagine they're coming to terms like you are well I've never seen them before it well was that their fault. Well they took my seat well thank you for saying good for them how nice of you and ironically it can really just be a few people it's even better when it's the entire church but how we interact with those people that we've never seen before that we don't know you know I'm sorry I don't know if I'm in or you know met you before are you from this area or something can make a whole difference all the difference it always amazes me how it potluck people that have not been to this church before will oftentimes eat by themselves that should never be the case and I know that human nature we are drawn to people that we know and we haven't seen our friends we want to share this with them or that with them I get that I understand that but there is a hierarchy here and that is the visitor the guest comes 1st so we can make them feel welcome we want to put out a welcome mat not a not welcome mat and maybe you've had experiences in churches where you automatically felt not welcome nobody greets you at the door nobody says Glad you're here do you have plans for lunch you find a seat and some says oh I'm sorry that saved after moving 3 times and you finally settle into a place and maybe before the service even starts you're wondering what am I doing here I'd rather be somewhere else anywhere else I've heard stories of individuals in other churches that for their 1st time they're going to go to a church this church never been in one before took them months to get up the courage to go many times they would go and drive by and go home and drive home sometimes they would actually park the car and on the day this individual came in he sat in the car trembling for like 20 minutes before he got out got the nerve to get out and walk into the front door does that make anybody a little bit nervous I mean we have guests here every week which one that may have been the case for them and maybe we were just too busy happens as pastors to I. Number one district I went to 1st Sabbath in this church didn't feel altogether welcome But that's Ok and we stayed we were kind we were friendly I preached a sermon sat down at a table I found out later who it was who's the head elder and his wife that came sit by me and for the next 40 minutes they continued to pepper me with questions he primarily I felt like I was being interrogated 1st about my sermon why I said this why he didn't say that he was challenging why I had become a minister my call to ministry and every answer that I would give him you would shake his head and say no no no you're not called to ministry and then I had become part of that conference long before but there was this tragedy a plane crash and so my father became the conference president there in Georgia come on and so he's out as a political maneuver why are they sending you here to try and correct us and I just went on and on and on and I just couldn't wait to get out of there and I remember getting in the car thinking I don't want to come back to this church ever again I don't want to work with this person yeah I got the feeling real quick that I was not welcome now I better tell you the rest of the story just because through the course of time there we became very good friends by God's grace we did some wonderful ministry together and that church I I believe grew leaps and bounds again by God's grace not just in membership necessarily but just in their maturity and their friendliness and all kinds of things and when we parted ways years later we both wept about it we both grew from that experience but I'll tell you that 1st have it I was ready to be done I was ready to be done I felt that you're not welcome and typically our human response when we're not welcome is just throw up our hands and say fine I'll take my toys and go play somewhere else. If I'm not going to be appreciated here I'm not going to be like here I'm not going to be received here I'll go somewhere else Paul had a similar experience I believe when he came to Corinth and we're going to look at that today and the sermon title as I've mentioned when the church gets ugly or I have here when Paul is challenging church I guess I didn't get those coordinates I'm sorry same idea but this was a real challenge for Paul when he went to Corinth and just to remind us it's been a couple weeks now since we talked about Paul but last time we saw Paul ministering in Athens and his sermon on Mars Hill in Acts Chapter 17 to some intellectual elites and there he uses fancy reasoning and sophisticated arguments that appealed to their intellect and philosophy and reason and so on and he quoted their thinkers and their philosophers and in the end accepting 34 said some admin joined him and believed it was an overwhelming number but some joined and we praise the Lord for that for the few but we also looked at this quotation from ministry of healing as experience the apostle Paul and mean the philosophers of Athens has a lesson for us in presenting the gospel before the court area up against Paul met logic with logic science with science philosophy with philosophy I magine had fun doing it he had the pedigree to pull it off the wise of his hearers was astonished and silence his words could not be controverted but the effort bore little fruit few were led to accept the Gospel henceforth Paul adopted a different manner of labor and it says he avoided elaborate arguments. And discussion of theories and in simplicity point men and women to Christ as the savior of sinners that's what we learned last time and it reminds me of people that say Well Pastor I don't know how to give a Bible study I've never given one before oftentimes those individuals give the best Bible studies because of the simplicity of it all as they just relate their own experience and what the verse says they're not trying to impress anybody and go around and around and around and confuse them no they're just very simple very straightforward and oftentimes get better results 1st Corinthians to one of 5 as Paul writes to them says I brother when I came to you did not come with excellence of speech or wisdom declaring to you the testimony of God For I determined not to know anything a minute among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified and so this is on the lips of Paul much later but he's talking about that time when he came to Corinth and how somehow his delivery changed yes there was some Or there were some that came to a knowledge of the truth but I wonder how many would have if Paul would have used a simpler means and method finishing the verse I was with you in weakness in fear and much trembling and my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power that your faith should not be in your wisdom of men but in the power of God And so what it Paul learned in Athens Polar in the power is not found in human logic in scientific arguments in philosophy in being able to quote all their well known authors No it's found in books or ignores it found in books such as how to reach the postmodern want to one that's found the simple presentation of the Gospel and Reliance not on human cunning but the power of the Holy Spirit to convict and convert and so later to the Romans Tony Violet me to accept are 18 now so we're trying to pick up our story of Paul and his missionary journey and the end of Chapter 17 he has left Athens and so we pick up the story now in Acts chapter 18 and we're in verse one Acts Chapter 18 verse one we read after these things Paul departed from Athens and went to Corinth. And he found a certain Jew named Quilla born to punches who recently come from Italy with his wife Priscilla We'll get to them in a meant moment but let's just get a context of Corinth Here's a map that we have been looking at Athens up there in the top left and not too far to the left is Corinth I know it's a little bit small there but Athens and Corinth are just some 50 miles apart it's like going from here to Spartanburg it's a little distance but it's not terribly far and here's another picture near Torrance was on a narrow strip of land called the many in dismiss or the isthmus of Corinth you see water there on both sides and here's another satellite view and this arrow shows were ancient Corinth was and so typically ships one load on the east side of that is this and reload on the west side and there was a sophisticated road system that would transport goods across land here even small ships were transported on wooden rollers why because this little bit of land could save them a 200 mile distance around this part of the land or to go all the way around that part of Greece in fact even Nero attempted to build a cut through a canal similar to the Panama Canal but it was too challenging a project and it was abandoned until more modern times but that was on their minds but because of this location this was a main highway where you could find just about anything that you wanted it was very conveniently situated with easy access to all parts of the Roman Empire it was a great commercial center controlling both commerce moving by land north and south as well as by sea east to west Corinth was also considered one of the leading cities not only of Greece but of the world it was culturally diverse it was home for various people groups Greeks Jews Romans travellers from every land they all. All thronged the streets each intent on business but also pleasure or great athletic events in the Greek Empire there was the Olympic Games we've all heard of those the pathy me in games and there was many in games Corinth being on the as many in dismiss hosted as many in games which took place every 2 years and so you would have wrestling you'd have track and field you'd have weight lifting and in fact there was even an event called Singing And if you know your history you know that Nero like to himself be part of the singing of events and sometimes he would saying for an hour as much as an hour and a half and from what I'm told Nero was not a very good singer in fact people would pretend to pass out so they could be carried out and not have to listen to Nero but ironically if you know anything else about Nero he always won the competition because anyone who. Would be no more and heads would roll and so a lot of this you know you see that the theater for the outdoor games here behind it would be for the indoor and maybe some of the singing events were there I'm not sure you have the temple to Apollo so there in the middle with all the columns around it and that one there's parts of that still standing in fact here's a picture of that the city was almost wholly given up to idolatry Venus was the favorite goddess the Goddess of Love and fertility and the worship of Venus was connected with many demoralizing rites and ceremonies Corinthians had become conspicuous even among the heathen for their gross in more reality and that's all I'm going to say about this however there are many other gods Here's pictures of ruins of the Temple of Apollo built on elevated plateau behind that Rocky Hill is that they called the Aqua Corinth had other holy sites Aphrodite's had a temple up there on the Aqua. Corinth as well and so when you think of Corinth you think of some very elites being served by peasants you're thinking of cultural diversity you're thinking of sporting events you're thinking of large crowds markets full of whatever you could desire you're thinking of many temples to various Gods much of which were connected to the base rituals and immoral practices that was the Corinth that Paul walked into picking it up here again and verse 2 and he found a certain Jew named tequilla born to Pontus and who had recently come from Italy with his wife Priscilla because of Claudius had commanded all the Jews to depart from Rome and he came to them so because he was of the same trade talking about Paul he stayed with them and worked for by occupation they were tent makers So Paul came and he began making tents and why was there a market for tents and such a sophisticated city you might ask well when the thousands would come for these games they would need a place to stay and many of them opted for tents and one stay on the outskirts so they could take in these events and so he 1st meets a quill and Priscilla he stays with them and they share this common trait and a year and a half later they would depart together and in his letter to the Romans he later speaks of them in this way he says greet Priscilla and equip my fellow workers in Christ Jesus. Notice they weren't paid by the church they were not supported by the they were young professionals committed to Christ dedicated to Christ who had a burden for Mission whose hearts burned for a mission and they obviously made a big impact because Paul refers to them later and in fact if we pause for just a moment even Paul the greatest evangelist of the New Testament is seen here as a self supporting minister of the verses bear this out 1st Corinthians 412 and we labor working with our own hands being reviled we bless being persecuted we endure another place 1st testimonials to verse 9 for you remember brother in our labor and toil for laboring night and day that we might not be a burden to any of you we preach to you the gospel of God independent taking care of his own funding his own financing another place 1st Corinthians 11 verse 7 did I commit Sanin humbling myself that you might be exalted because I preach the gospel of God to you free of charge I didn't ask anything of you I was self-sufficient I labored on my own I made tents I took odd jobs so I wouldn't be a burden to the cause another place x. 20 verse 34 yes you yourselves know that these hands have provided my necessities and for those who are with me now granted Paul wasn't fully independent we have other instances where the church shows him support and he's very thankful of that and he receives that but I think it's a value for us to see that Paul did not want to be a burden and was willing to do whatever it took to spread the gospel. William Carey was one of the greatest missionaries to India and he cobbled shoes for a living but his passion was to give millions of Hindus the Bible in their own language and he said it this way I cobble shoes to pay expenses but soul winning is my business but you like them I cobble shoes to pay expenses but soul winning is my business if every Christian would take on this mentality with a church be a different place oh no pastor we put money in the offering plate when it comes by that's your job and a pastor possibly do everything that needs to be done well I don't get paid anything do you need to get paid anything has the Lord blessed you are you telling me I need to use some my own money for God's Cause I know it's been done since all the way back in New Testament times probably before that even and so I think of the beginning of the church greatly benefiting from self supporting ministries people who are able to support themselves but have a burden and a passion to spread the gospel I think of somebody that I knew that was a doctor I was telling someone about it just this week and he has a doctor had a Bible study every Wednesday night in his office and as he would meet with patients not everyone would he had invite but if he had a spiritual conversation felt impressed he would say you need to come to my Bible study Well where's your Bible study is right here in the waiting room of this very office Ok What time is every Wednesday night come we'll feed you and he would do exactly that his wife would cook much of the day and provide these wonderful meals and people would come and get a free meal and a Bible study and it was all on his done something that he long to do in fact was his passion I believe he still does it today you know other independent ministries I think you've heard of a few 3 a.b.n. remnant publications. Fletcher Academy incorporated How about as I or g y c Maranatha one day church projects amazing facts share him I mean all of these are self supporting ministries doing a great work in partnership with the church and here you have Paul here you have a quill and Priscilla as part of that and in x. 16 we met Lydia a seller of purple in the city of Tire as she was a had a large home she helped establish the 1st church in Europe we can say and so here Lydia is a young professional who supports herself and finances the church and the gospel is being is going forward is being preached because of these individuals I praise the Lord for young professionals retired professionals people with a keen mind for business they use that for ministry and to spread the gospel and they don't wait for someone to say hey we have this position to offer you will pay you if you do this they just feel the calling of the Holy Spirit and they come alongside the local church and they say hey would this be a blessing it sure would but we don't have the funds for Don't worry about the funds for I'm going to take care that part I just want to help in the work of God and I believe the church has has grown in wonderful ways by many of these independent ministries no fanfare no big to do but out of service to their Lord and Savior they feel like he has equipped them in unique ways that they can do something for him you might be sitting there thinking. Again is now with the churches for you know the church has its role certainly but perhaps funds are lacking. I've been in many a churches where that was the discussion for a long time not to say that we are you know have more funds and we know what to do with we have a very responsible their funds here too but I'm talking about some of these small churches where you have 20 members and to scrounge up $200.00 where's the money going to come from perhaps leadership is lacking in the local church perhaps the vision is lacking and at times perhaps the church is dysfunctional and so for that we have to look back a poll situation we left off and verse 3 let's pick up in verse 4 of Acts chapter 18 and he Paul reason in the synagogue that's where you started with God's people he reasoned a synagogue every Sabbath and persuaded both Jews and Greeks praise the Lord. Inside us and Timothy had come from Macedonia Paul was compelled by the Spirit and testified to the Jews that Jesus is the Christ maybe he was leading up and this was the big punch that he wanted to give them but when they opposed him when the 2nd they opposed who they opposed Paul Who's the they the people in the synagogue the people in the church they oppose Paul and they blasphemy and so Paul shook his garments and said to them your blood be upon your heads I am clean from now on I will go to the Gentiles and he departed from there into the house of a certain man named Justice one who worship God whose house was next door to the synagogue Now this is interesting Paul preaches the straight gospel he has rejected they blast theme the people in the church kick him out they give him that you're not welcome get out of here we don't want you here we don't want your message here and maybe Paul even knew that would be their response because he's been at this a little while but notice he doesn't avoid that local church he doesn't write them off. He says I have to give them every every opportunity to understand the truth of the gospel you know the 1st few times I read to this I thought oh Paul how a little bit of a bad attitude does it ever strike you that way kind of a fine throw your hands up his blood be on you in your shoulders I'll take my toys and go somewhere else and he marches off you know stomp stomp stomp stomp and he goes to the house next door and slams the door from the last play as I've been reading this this week I don't think that was the response that we get from Paul I think Paul is laboring with them he's seeking that they understand and they come to a place where they have rejected what he says this is what I want to give you every opportunity and so I'm going to respect where you are it's on your head now and I'm going to leave I'm going to go all the way right there you know where I am you know where you can find me you know my email address you know my cell number 30 steps away if you have any questions I'm still here that's an entirely different attitude when I 1st saw it when I read this and then as we continue on the unthinkable happens over say 8 then Crispus How do you like that name the ruler of the synagogue. Somebody pretty important I'd say believe in the Lord with all his household and many of the Corinthians hearing believed and were what baptized why oh who is this happened this is a huge breakthrough this is somebody prominent in the church and they now believe and they've come in and they're baptized and notice what we read later I thank God that I baptize Christmas this is wonderful all this is amazing this is this is huge and I want you to also see something that can slip by you awfully quick but these 2 verses are very close together in Athens it said some men joined the church accepting 34 but in Corinthians or in Corinth I should say it says many believe and were baptized 18 verse 8 there is a different approach he's not trying to be also his case being very straightforward and many are believing and are baptized and then we have something here that seems well procurer verse 9 now the Lord spoke to Paul in the night by a vision Do not be afraid but speak and do not keep silent for I am with you and no one will attack you to hurt you for I have many people in this city and so he continued there a year in 6 months or year and a half teaching the Word of God among them this also sounds a little bit abrupt in the 1st reading of this while the son you know you have this big great breakthrough and now there is a vision of God saying Hang in there don't give up the Apostles page 249 says the hatred with the Jews had always regard the apostles was now intensified their conversion and baptism of Christmas had the effect of exasperating instead of convincing these stubborn opposers So now they're all the more upset he's gotten one of our own and so they're filled with hatred and it's only intensifying for Paul says they could not bring arguments to disprove Paul's preaching and for lack of such evidence they resort to deception and malignant attack they blaspheme the Gospel in the name of Jesus and in their blind anger no words were too bitter no device too low for them to use whoa the church just got ugly. And we can't we can't go up against what he has to say but we know we don't like what he has to say and so we're going to run him out of here on a rail and there's nothing too low for us have mercy they could not deny that Christ had worked miracles but they declared that he had performed them to the power of Satan and they both of the affirm that the wonderful works wrought by Paul were accomplished through the same agency I mean is pretty low pastor Satan is behind you and you preach it is Jesus who worked miracles Satan was behind him too and you are all a mess and we want all of you gone and you know you can understand how this would make a huge uproar in the community. And so says though Paul had a measure of success in court yet the wickedness that he saw and heard in that corrupt city almost disheartened him I can imagine the depravity that he witnessed among the Gentiles and the contempt and insult that he received from the Jews cause him great anguish of spirit even the great apostle Paul got discouraged at times he wasn't invincible and how could you not be discouraged the gentiles I mean they have so far to come and the church is hostile accuse him of being empowered by Satan and says this as he was planning to leave the city for more promising field and seeking earnestly to understand his duty the Lord appeared to him in vision and that's what we have what we just read may we should read it again now the Lord spoke to Paul in the night by vision Do not be afraid but speak and do not keep silent for I'm with you and no one will attack you to hurt you for I have many people in this city so he says Ok Lord I'll stay and they be somebody is listening to this and they've had enough they've been maligned they've been attacked character assassination they pull out every stop and you say I've had enough I'm over it I'm leaving this ministry I'm leaving this church I'm going to just leave it all behind I don't need this but maybe God is saying no I need you I need you to stay right where you are and you trust me because I'm going to be with you. I'm going to deliver you I'm going to keep you safe I'm going to give you success I need you right here and so Paul says Ok And he continues there for another year and a half teaching the Word of God among the people you know those verses to me sound a lot like this verse same promise God gave to young Jeremiah probably a teenager they will fight against you but they shall not prevail against you for I am with you says the Lord to deliver you Jim I 195 you have been discursion ministry then up against a hostile church have you been among people that seem so far from spiritual things and you thought certainly the Lord doesn't want me to stay here and I imagine that's what Paul saw Because says Paul stay there don't be afraid don't keep silent because I'm here I'm with you and I'll protect you and you might say well I don't see the Lord giving me any visions Maybe not but maybe it's a bible verse he led you to maybe it's a conversation maybe it's a sermon maybe it's this one I don't know maybe it's all the above over the course of the last few days and God is trying to get your attention to assure you that His will that you stick with it and he'll make it plain and so he does that to Paul he stays there year and a half and fair process he's not just preaching but he's visiting he's encouraging the sick he's going from house to house he's comforting the afflicted all in the name of Jesus Paul stays not because of his trust in his skill to speak and reason no he stay in full distrust of himself and complete trust in the Holy Spirit to win the hearts and minds of these people that I don't know how it's going to work but you brought me here I imagine later Paul would remember this very experience. You know we can look back and we can see more in totality what God did I imagine this is what Paul wrote to the Corinthians church 1st Corinthians 2 verse 9 I has not seen nor ear heard nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love him I had no idea that this would come together that way I had no idea that God would work this way I had no idea that this would happen and explode I thought there was no hope for this temple as great as shake the dust off my feet he said that to the disciples I was raised to him myself friends it's always God that gives success in the work it's always God that goes before us it's always God that follows up behind us it's always God that moves mountains always God that uses challenges to advance his cause I may not see how your ear may be telling you something different your heart may falter at times but the reality is you cannot begin to imagine the incredible amazing mind boggling things God has in store for you if you'll simply trust him does that mean it'll be easy maybe we should just keep reading verse 12 when Galileo was pro Council of Acacia the Jews this is the church again with one accord notice how they can unite against But anyway Jews with one accord rose up against Paul and brought him to the judgment seat saying this fellow persuades men to worship God contrary to the law so Galileo was a noted Roman jurist and here's a case where the church is taking Paul to court to the Roman authorities and saying persecute this man we hate him we don't want him we want him gone if you want to kill him that's fine with us but notice how Galileo responds. Verse 14 and don't miss how this begins and when Paul was about to open his mouth part what's Paul going to say well we'll never know but he was about to open his mouth he was about to say something he was about to defend himself he was about this Have you thought of this have you thought of that he was about to get himself out of he could and when Paul was about to open his mouth Galileo said to the Jews if it were a matter of wrongdoing or wicked crimes that's the 2nd table of the law I remember last week. There would be reason why I should bear with you but if it is a question of words and names and your own law in reference to really that 1st table how you worship God look to it yourselves for I do not want to be a judge of such matters pretty good example of separation of church and state really and he drove them from the judgment seat he said look this is between you I'm not going to get involved in these matters he hasn't broken any laws of the land and he says you need to leave my courtroom 1st 16 he drove them from the judgment seat 1st 17 then all the Greeks these would be the Gentiles took sauced the knees the ruler of the synagogue another key church person look at it what they did is the crowds now they took saw things that the ruler of the synagogue and beat him before the judgment seat but Galileo took no notice of these things I said what I mean for the 1st time in Paul's ministry the mob turns in his favor and I find it extra interesting how Ellen White responds to this she quotes the same verse we just read and then she says Thus Christianity obtained a signal victory Whoa a signal victory Paul does not even have to open his mouth. God does it and that shouldn't come as a surprise because God always does it and sometimes we forget that it's his work start to finish we just look for the lean of the Holy Spirit and we follow the spirit but I imagine there's someone here that needs a signal victory in the name of Christ now goes on to say in verse 18 so Paul still remained a good while I mean when God gives you a signal victory you don't just up and leave so you continues to work and labor for the people there how long we don't know a good while by magic there's somebody here that needs a signal victory in the name of Jesus Christ and maybe you're about to open your mouth you're about to fix it you're about to take care of it I know it needs to be done I'm about to do it but maybe God says No no I don't want you to do this be still and see the hand of the Lord your God Maybe there's a ministry in struggling funding is not there Human Resources are slim the way forward looks bleak and you need a signal victory in the name of Jesus Christ maybe it's closer to home it's decision time you feel the Lord lead you to that school but the finances again are not there you're not sure how you're going to get the funds to complete dismissal her even and you placed it before the Lord and you feel he wants to you to remain there but you need a signal victory in the name of Jesus Christ perhaps and it's an ugly custody case and the possible outcomes break your heart I've heard of cases where the child is spanked and verbal abuse at the name of Jesus is even mentioned in the home lord where are you in the midst of all this and you're crying out to the Lord you're saying I need a signal victory in the name of Jesus Christ I need to do something for this young person I can't do perhaps you've been laboring with your adult children that's a top your prayer list. But they're involved in things that concern you as a parent and you desire them to have a closer walk with the Lord but you feel trapped knowing what to do and you need a signal victory in the name of Jesus Christ maybe here there's a marriage is struggling and things seem all overwhelmingly challenging everything seems wrong forced mechanical You need a signal victory in the name of Jesus Christ maybe it's your own experience with the Lord seems like you're just trying water that you're going nowhere the fire's gone out the passion for ministry for the church hurrying your own Bible seems to be absent you need a signal victory in the name of Jesus Christ with friends wherever you are whatever your circumstance no this I have not seen nor ear heard nor have entered into the heart of you the things which God has prepared for you who love him he has a plan beyond anything you can see behind the lie the devil may be telling you God has a plan for you and is better than you can even imagine keep trusting keep moving forward keep praying and see how the Lord will work for you like Paul you may not even need to open your mouth in your own defense and so yes the Gospel moved forward in this heathen sin filled hardened Corinth because of a small few who are willing to give their all to Christ and to the further into the gospel and by God's grace God raised up a powerful work in Corinth and he can do that in hopeless sin filled sex jaded morally twisted Corinth with a dysfunctional church and then turn into a functional church is there anything in your life that's too hard. That God can't bring about a signal victory in the name of Jesus Christ I mean Jeremiah 3227 Behold I am the Lord the God of all flesh is there anything too hard for me No absolutely not a few verses before our Lord God Behold you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm there is nothing too hard for you so I don't care what you're struggling with there's nothing to hard for got I don't know how I'm going to get past this you will just claim the power of Jesus Christ he'll give you a signal victory why don't even know what to say maybe you won't even have to open your mouth Luke one verse $37.00 this is out of the Christmas story Elizabeth barren for God nothing will be impossible Matthew 1936 but Jesus looked at them and said With men this is impossible there are impossibilities and who are they with their with men there with women there with people like ice but with God all things are possible do you need a signal victory this morning Deuteronomy 20 verse 4 for the Lord your God is he who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to save you is the God of the Old Testament the same God in the New Testament is the same god in 2020 and he'll give you a signal victory today some 3 Verse 8 from the Lord comes to live rence I like that verse 2 and 1st Corinthians 1557 Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ and so again I ask you need a signal victory this morning then ask. Trusting that he hears you and that his plan is above and beyond what you can even imagine or think or comprehend Do you have any father as we've been following for some time now the journey of Paul he starts out so brazen so in need of humility he needs time away in the wilderness he needs time for you to work on his heart he involve himself in ministry in the knees pulled back out and every step along the way we see how you continually building and molding his character to better honor and serve you and Lord we're no different we come to you a mess and every challenge along the way you're longing to teach us something to grow us to stretch us that we may trust you regardless of what comes our way that we can sing through it all I've learned to trust in Jesus and so here in Corinth another chapter of Paul's life where he learned to trust amidst some of the hardest criticisms but through it all you raise up a group of people the Corinthian church for Your glory Lord whatever we're going through today may we learn to trust in Jesus may we learn to trust in you that you will bring us through to a signal victory not in of ourselves but of Jesus Christ we pray in Jesus. 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