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Of Love and Revolution

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • June 10, 2020
    2:30 PM
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Greetings once again we are still in the pandemic as we begin to unlock the world and as the pandemic has begun to seemingly recede now that is Talk of resurgence now we've seen a whole nother pandemic jump on the scene a pandemic of. Protests and response. To injustice and violence and some of that has been phenomenal in bringing attention to some of the horrible things that are happening in the country and at same time there's been a lot of worry and fret over whether or not violence would take over. So not all pandemic some bad in that sense if we can pandemic our way out of injustice but. Times are just changing so fast and so tonight. Once again we're in Newington. Connecticut the. 3 Angels Church and we are going to deal with. Subjects related to the current protests and the current injustice of scripture reading is taken from Matthew chapter 5 starting in verse 43 says Have you heard that it hath been said. Love thy neighbor and hate that in the me but I say unto you love your enemies bless them that curse you do good to them that hate you and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you a message tonight is in title of love and revolution of love and revolution the Christian response to a world of injustice Let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to go into your word once again Lord I need to be made into just a simple sorry nail. Hammer that nail into the wall using your Holy Spirit and then hang upon that nail a portrait of Jesus Christ I do not need to be seen or heard tonight instead Father God we're asking for the Holy Spirit to be felt and for the words of the Lord to only be spoken is our prayer in Jesus' precious and holy name Amen so we are going to start from the Book of John Chapter 18 Bible says when Jesus had spoken these words he went forth with his disciples over the book brook a kedge and where was a garden into that into the which he entered and his disciples Judas also which betrayed him knew the place for Jesus oft times reported the other with his disciples Judas then having received Judas then having received a band of men and officers from the chief priests and Pharisees come of the other with lanterns and torches and weapons here in the garden of get 70 Jesus has brought his the cycles he asked them to watch with him for a while is the cycles fall asleep Christ in this garden has the weight of the sins of the world laid upon him as the eye denies his sweat is no longer a mixture of sodium chloride and water is sweat begins to have the presence of hemoglobin as he begins to sweat blood Christ is weighed down and he is agonizing what the father asking him that if it was any way that this cup could pass from him. Then he would allow that if the father would allow it to pass but the Spirit of Prophecy tells us that as Christ is there in the garden the angel that stands in front of God who took the place of Lucifer is ministering to Christ and explaining to him what is at stake and all of the millions of lives that would be saved by what Christ is going to do and Christ the sides to drink the bitter cup of persecution of humiliation and of death while he is in the garden one of the 2 old Judas Iscariot 30 pieces of silver has sold himself for the right to be tree his master at the Last Supper when Jesus warns Judas that this is what he would do the Bible says that Jesus tells Judas whatsoever that would do is do as quickly and the Bible says that as Judas leaves he enters into darkness not just because he goes into the darkness of the night but a Bible also tells us that Satan enters into him Judas now is beyond the point of any return and he gets this band collects his money and the officers from the chief priest and Ferris's and they come with the lanterns the Bible says and torches and the last word there in John 18 and verse 3 is they come with weapons they have come with an army to capture a carpenter Matthew says this. Matthew 26 verse 47 says and while he yet spake Lo Judas one of the 12 came and with him again a great multitude with swords and staves from the chief priests and elders of the people now he that betrayed him gave them a sign saying whomsoever I shall kiss the same as he hold him fast not only does he come with his great multitude in a store swords and staves from the chief priests and elders but a but a Bible tells us in Matthew Chapter $26.00 in verse $48.00 that Judas is going to betray Christ with 8 kids. Verse 49 and forthwith he came to Jesus and said Hail master and kissed him the Bible does not say the Jesus rejects this kiss from Judas Judas kisses Jesus probably on the side of his face as a greeting that's supposed to be a greeting of warmth Jesus knowing his intentions in verse 50 says Friend where for art thou come and literally the only answer Judas would have been able to give is that he came from darkness because that's the last time he's mentioned that's what he went into the Bible says then came they and laid hands on Jesus and they took him John give you some different details John 18 and verse 4 says Jesus therefore knowing all things that should come upon him went forth and said unto them whom seek ye They answered him Jesus of Nazareth Jesus saith unto them I am me and Judas also which betrayed him stood with them and assume that as he had said unto them I am he they went backward and fell to the ground before Jesus could be identified fully identified as the men are coming towards him. The script it tells us that seemingly with our thought Jesus is able to draw all of them down. And this was a warning to them that they were not dealing with a normal man that it was David t. that they were now trying to capture John it's Universe 7 says it like this then I asked the them again whom see and they said Jesus of Nazareth Jesus answered I have told you that I am he If therefore you see me let these go their way that the saying might be fulfilled which he spake of spake of them which thou gave us me have I lost none so as they come he draws them back and they say look at what we're looking for Jesus I would imagine that somewhere in here is where Judas would have kissed him on the cheek and and the Scripture tells us that Jesus in this dark moment comes to the defense of his recently sleeping disciples 11 as listen it's me you want let my disciples goal the prophecy was fulfilled that he would lose none of this disciples Johnny teen verse 10 then Simon Peter having a sword drew it and smote the High Priest servant and cut off his right ear the servants name was Malcolm's. The story gets interesting Jesus has already thrown his men back Judas betrayed him with a kiss there's an army here to get him the high priest servant Melkus is standing there and Melkus is watching the whole thing there are some Bible commentators who say that maybe Judas was standing behind Melkus And so Peter Jew is sort of to go after Judas but instead the High Priest servant there are others who argue that maiming hide someone who wanted to be the high priest one day you couldn't lose an heir and be a priest or be maimed and be a priest and so go back to the Book of Leviticus So maybe Peter went after his ear so that the servant of the high priest could not good no longer seek being a priest but I know you can look at this a whole lot of ways as to why Peter did this but it really boils down to this Peter wanted Christ to step up in this moment and fight a violent revolution against the powers that be Peter thought that he could draw the sword in fact what's interesting is when you study the spirit of prophecy and even many of the Bible commentaries the motivation of Peter and Judas are not that different Judas start out by betraying Christ he would force him as head and he would have to become the messianic King in the line of David that they were expecting who would destroy the Roman Empire and sit on His throne and reestablish Israel to its former glory but instead what happens is that what happens is Jesus is allowing himself to be captured. Peter's motivation is not that different than Judases he swings the sword thinking that by swinging a sword and getting violent that now Christ would have to step in and become violent himself and that Christ would now throw off the yoke of bondage that the Roman Empire had put on the Jews and and I want you to remember it was a crushing defeating a form of oppression that the Romans put on the Jews at the time in fact it was one of the most of the Roman Empire was under most oppressive empires organizations and governments in all of Earth's history Christ had grown up watching this injustice seeing how horribly treated Jewish the Jewish people were and here now Peter thought for sure if I strike at mouth as this will begin a revolution and we can overthrow the Roman Empire cast out these degenerate immoral men who stand in the place of religious leadership and Christ can elevate to his throne Can you imagine what a flickering light of the torches shining sharp sort of Peter comes down on the side of mouth this is head on the right side maybe even Peter was striking to kill him but he catches only the pin of his hair just the cartilage part and off comes the ear can you imagine is that here in the darkness mixed with the branded light of the torches flies off in the end hits the ground and bounces a couple times. Matthew $26.00 verse $151.00 says this and behold one of them which with Jesus stretched out his hand. Drew a sword and struck a servant of the high priests and smote off as their John give you the details that his name was Melkus and it was his right ear and I believe John did this sort of people good people would be able to confirm the story of the healing even though John doesn't mention it then said Jesus on to him put up again by sword into his place for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword Jesus says something incredible right there if violence is the way that you want to make change violence is how you will suffer the Talking to do when I run a public health department of violence as a contagious disease what I have found of the violence begets violence and that's what the studies show we are working with gang impact and young people in Los Angeles and it was living in Pasadena and all the Dena where the bloods were in Pasadena and the Crips went out to Dina and between the 2 groups there was a cycle of violence and on the only way based on some research out of the University of Chicago that you could actually stop the violence in some of these neighborhoods was that you had to have interrupted and you had to look at it the same way you do case. Identification for diseases like tuberculosis it's the same principle of violence you've got to find the case the person who was injured and stop them interrupt them from doing the next round of violence so it does not escalate it is literally like that like a talking about doing for the coronavirus violence must be interrupted it has to be stopped or as violence will simply beget Violet's. There's a listen if you take the sword you'll perish with the sword 1st 53 think is that how that I cannot now pray to my father and he shall presently give me more than 12 legions of angels. Jesus don't you understand Peter do you think I need you to defend me if I wanted to right now I could pray to my father and he could send 10000 angles if you remember the story of Hezekiah and the King of Assyria when he was coming against them there were 185000 soldiers of the Assyrians waiting to take the capital city of Jerusalem and take Judah and when Hezekiah laid out the letters from the King of Assyria and prayed one angel of God just warning Joel in one night wiped out 185000 men what would 10000 or 12 legions of angels do crisis and as I am in no danger that I do not accept the 1st 54 of Matthew 26 as this but How then shall the Scriptures be fulfilled that thus must be Jesus' approach was to understand the prophecies related to what was going on at the time let me tell you something George but all the craziness that's going on in the world and the justified response to injustice as it has been happening in America for a long time all of that the anger is justified all of the demands for change are justified but the Christian does not respond like everyone else because the Christian understands and I mean no not becoming violent not becoming revolutionaries and not let any other contagion in the equation the contagion the virus of hatred letting that not seep into your spirit not allowing it to take you over because if you allow the person you say is oppressing you to turn you into I hateful person literally you've allowed them to take the most valuable thing from you and that is your soul Jesus understood the prophesy. If you're going to make it through as the world now begins to focus on racial injustice in the United States if you're going to make it through this time you've got to remember to prophecy and understand that all of these things are prophets and I've been saying this is the pandemic started Matthew 24 and verse 7 says that nations shall rise against nation and the Greek word there is ethnos ethnicities a rise against ethnicity but the Bible says Jesus speaking in Matthew 24 verse 8 he says with all these are the Beginning of Sorrows meaning that this is just the beginning you can't get too caught up in verse 7 or you won't make it to verse 8 and 9 of Matthew 24 and verse 9 is the one that says that tribulation and persecution are going to switch and turn all to the people of God Jesus as a matter of 26 and verse 54 How then shall the Scriptures be fulfilled that thus it must be John 18 a verse 11 then said Jesus on to Peter Put up your sword into the sheath the cup which my father has given me shall I not drink it Jesus understood oppression he understood being taxed unfairly as a Jew he knew it was like to see Roman soldiers take advantage of the Jewish people he watched his people suffer under bondage as they had gone all the way back to them to the Midianites the Moabites the Phillis time the Assyrians the Babylonians the meads all the way back here Jesus knew what it was like for his people to suffer and here in a time when he has the ability to shake things off cry says no because prophetically. And in the context of the great controversy there is something bigger at play one of the things I can tell a lot of people of these last few weeks is we wrestle not against flesh and blood if you're black the white man is not the enemy and if you are white the black man is not the enemy it is not a flesh or blood that you are fighting against you are fighting against Prince of polities against spiritual wickedness in high places the devil himself is at work to turn met again some men and the draw us into a destruction that want to keep us from the task at hand Jesus knew he had to go to the cross he couldn't stop and fight a revolution in the meantime let me say something I'm not saying that we don't fight injustice but I'm telling you if you become a revolutionary right now you will miss what's about to happen as Christ is about to return and I can tell you that because I became a revolutionary if you listen to my sermons you know that it was a time when I was looking for meetings by the all African peoples Revolutionary Party studying what the Nation of Islam and going to hear Louis Farrakhan speak out it was a time when I was sitting at the feet of the Rastafarians because I was trying to find my worth it my race and I can tell you flesh will fail you black flesh white flesh yellow flags red flags flesh will fail you this is why the scripture says Do not leave only are a flash if you think that your ethnicity identity your language or your or your country of origin is going to make you somehow worthwhile or makes you better than someone else you have lost the spiritual battle already. Christ as I got a drink of this cup walk because he was about to go to the cross and instead of just liberating a few 1000000 Jews in Palestine at that time Christ was looking at the countless number of millions of people that he was going to liberate that had begun at the time of Adam all the way through till now price all of them and their permanent eternal liberation Christ and I got to drink that cup let me taste something Christian that's the crypt because that's the cup you've got to drink if you're drinking the wrong cup if you want to fight this revolution you're going to miss out on a great revolution when the kingdom of this earth Babylon itself will fall and did devil as Isaiah tells us he speaks about Lucifer as he talks about the destruction of Babylon and in the book of Isaiah the same things that happen now when Babylon falls the devil's empire is going to fall and there will be an opportunity for true liberation because the chain that binds us the most is the chain of sin. Chapter 22 and verse 50 says it like this to show you what Jesus did here it is and one of them smote the servant of the High Priest and cut off his right ear Jesus answered and said suffer he thus far and he touched his ear and healed. Here's Jesus about to be dragged and beaten here he is just recently recovering from the anguish of having the sins of the were rest upon him and watching as the cycle sleep when he asked them to watch and pray here is Jesus now knowing that a cross and the path of the cross would be a painful humiliating shameful one where he would have to suffer the separation from his father knowing that the devil was going to have a field day messing with him in this process bringing to his memory all of the things that a devil wanted to remind Christ of like the fact that the rebellious nature of the people that he was now going to die for can you imagine as Lucifer whispered into Jesus there why would you go through it is for this wretched planet of people Jesus knew what he was about to go through but he says to Peter have you suffer you this thus far we've come Disfarmer and you still don't understand what's going on and in order to make his point he touches the high high pre-service mouth this is ear and it is healed some people argue to do is pick up and put it back on to be touch it in every group don't think it matters what matters is what he touched them how close was left standing there holding his right pin on his right ear healed by a man Malcolm's had come to destroy I want to guarantee you or at least I would propose to you that Malcolm is eventually was changed he probably came a follower of Christ at some point and what Jesus is trying to show is in the last recorded miracle before he goes to the cross what he's trying to show you is even your enemies deserve your kindness even your enemies deserve to be healed. It was Jesus as in Matthew chapter 5 verse 38 you have heard that it has been said and I for an eye and a tooth for a tooth but I say unto you that he resist not evil but whosoever shall smite the on the right she turned to him the other also and if any man will sue the the law and take away by coach let him have the I cloak also and whosoever shall compel them to go a mile go with him Twain and this is what the Roman soldiers there compel them to go a mile with them and slap them on the cheek he said listen just turn the other one let me just and when I was in that phase where I was so angry because of the racism I experienced I used to look at the Texans and he's a text that are weak How can anybody expect you to be oppressed and suffering and take beatings and and give away your possessions to people who are already oppressing you this made no sense and is part of the reason that these Christian idiology but we're part of the reason I started to look elsewhere to find meaning and purpose in the struggles that I saw going on around me what in in relation to race and ethnicity but Christ has given you the power to be liberated from the oppressor here because as long as you make up in your mind that you are not going to give them your anger or your hatred but allowing them to think they are taking more advantage of you as long as you steal it back from them with kindness and love you decide. Your enemy that's what happened in a civil rights movement. Matthew 5 and verse 42 says give to him that ask the and from him that would borrow of the turn down not away you have heard that it has been said that was that love thy neighbor and hate the enemy look at verse 44 but I say unto you love your enemies bless them that curse you do good to them that hate you and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you Jesus says listen I know it's easy this is what they say love you love your neighbor and hate your enemy but Jesus says what I'm telling you is the opposite you ought to do good to those that hate you for hate Donald Trump and hate it with a passion according to words of Christ if you're a Christian you ought to be praying for Donald Trump for more than one reason one because if you view him as your enemy you ought to be praying for him and to Paul tells us that we have to pray for those in power but not just him the governor the mayor you ought to be praying for the if you're black and you you can't stand up to those that are now being a coming forward as whites of promises Klansman neo nazis we ought to be praying for him if you're white and you can't stand up to the black lives matter movement or you can't make sense of of some of these other groups that are marching and protesting are you praying for them that is your Christian duty and in fact as I said in the one of the previous messages as a Christian we should meet anybody any way in fact the church should be the place where the world sees the love of God in action race and ethnicity is secondary to our spirituality. The fact that we belong to the kingdom of God Matthew 545 says that she may be the children of your Father which is in heaven for he make of his sun to rise on the evil and on the good and send the rain on the just and on the unjust Jesus a listen a god is not impartial even the people that are just even though even those that are evil he causes them to get sunlight and rain it means that God treats them kindly you are to as well Matthew 5 and verse $46.00 as it like this for if you love them which love you what reward have you do not even the publicans the same and if you sleep salute your brother not only what do you what do you more what do you more than others do not even the publicans do so for us $48.00 be therefore perfect even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect Christ calls the Christian into a revolution of love and I know this is difficult because it is emotionally draining to see images of people dying and it unjustly. To see poverty miseducation. And whole groups of people being taken advantage of for some is frustrating for those often in a position a better position in society so often frustrating to see people in a worse off situation complaining when you think you know all they've got to do is is work harder and pull themselves up by their bootstraps but Christ as if you can't love your enemy and you can't do good to them if you're not praying for the people who are not on your side you're not meeting the mandate of Matthew 548 that you want to be perfect even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect I will give my full testimony here but I'll close out this message by saying this I was far far more. Stressed and shackled when my constant thought was on my enemy and retribution for those I saw as my enemy because really they're not my enemy we wrestle not against flesh and blood but something powerful happens in the love of Christ touches you when I was truly converted and I began to see the world as it is and got pulled off the scales from off my eyes so I stopped seeing human conflict the same way and I began to realize that Satan is orchestrating these things to draw people away from God's love and service to their to their fellow man and him divide us up into groups and and we get pride saying you know you know the character of the Bible look like me and not like them and we we start to get our arrogance from that and we don't realize that Pride goes before a fall and arrogance goes before destruction as the presence as it says in Proverbs and so the devil wants to make you think that somehow you are better off than the other person you are you're more civilized you're you're more you are more you're more developed You're more evolved even and what the devil get you like that that is literally the same he had in heaven thinking that he was a better than God and if you allow that sentiment to run through and course to be a vain Zz it will destroy you spiritually so I challenge you church challenge us to not live in the emotion of the moment and I'm not saying we don't get involved and try to make this world a better place absolutely the church should be involved in that as individuals and collectively but I am saying that you ought to remember it where you are in the stream of prophecy and you've got to remember that no matter what happens you've been called to be an ambassador of the Kingdom of the Living God You do not represent a group here 1st you represent God's Kingdom Christ. But Peter took that sword and chopped off Malthus's ear Christ if he wanted to could have called his angels and freed himself and destroyed the Sanhedrin and Pharisees and the Roman empire he could have brought them all down to nothing and Satan would have won and we'd all be lost do not in search of temporary revolution lose eternal salvation love is what God has called us to do even when it's painfully difficult for prayer for you as we go through this and that you find Christ in all that is going on in the world and then you are able to share him with those in need of Him Let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word we thank you Father God that you put these truth into the word this is not easy stuff Lord I want to be angry a part of me that that want to hate and ascribe blame to others the Father God if I let that part of me take over and I begin to forget your goodness in your blessings Father God if I think it that I was your enemy when I sinned and yet you loved me all the way to the cross so Father God any enemy that may come against me I must love and treat kindly and pray for them so Father God I am asking now that your people would accept with power the move of the Holy Spirit in these dark times to be servants to love everyone especially those that hate them to bless those that curse us. Father God to do good to those that. Despitefully misuse. This is our prayer in Jesus person. In. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leader visit w.w.w. audio verse or.


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