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Deliver Us from Evil

Conrad Vine
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Conrad Vine

President of Adventist Frontier Missions



  • September 16, 2016
    10:45 AM
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Father God Today we we coming to your house and Lord we we've just come through what for some has been a wonderful week but father for many this is been a dreadful week Father we've just entered a new year and as we look back at 2014 it seems that the world kind of stumbled over the finish line and 2015 father we've seen the scourge of a boat in Africa we've seen the scourge of tensions in this nation here we've seen the scourge of war in the Middle East's on planes dropping out of the sky in Southeast Asia and so today Father as Jesus taught us how to pray we say with the new Us Deliver Us From Evil father as we come into your presence this morning I pray that you will indeed continue to deliver us from evil speak through me today father may my words be your words may your spirit speak to each of us this morning in the name of Jesus I ask. In September this year I was in the Philippines the island of Palawan which is a long pencil like Highlands on the western side of the Philippine archipelago and I spent some days in the mountains there where we have some missionaries and up in the mountains that animism work for Spirit says prevalence. As you go to sleep at nights and I was there just for the rice harvest you hear these these drums going through the nights and those drums they beat about 65 beats of minutes and they kind of get into your system before you know your whole body is kind of quivering in rhythm so these drums and these drums are not for musical purposes those drums are calling up certain spirits to help with the rice harvest and when you are up there in the mountains you see holy man is that called and their job is to dance and selves into a trance and invite spirit possession. And you see. Doing this and others a coming up I'm blowing on Tim like this and what they're doing is they're inviting spirit possession and the Before you know it that man is spirit possessed for a short period of time and then the game is for as many villages to see how many men does it take to hold this guy down and so spit possession is viewed as a Sunday afternoon entertainment in that part of the world and on coming out of the mountains I felt kind of Ok it's a long trek up into the mountains and it's a steep trek out of the mountains and a few fields on the way out so I trashed my backpack one stage it never made it home to bury in springs and 2 days after coming out of the mountains I was sitting in a missionary's the logistics base down in the lowlands and I felt this heavy pressure come on to my shoulders and I was sitting at the desk in this this pressure was pressing me down and down and down and then it felt like my whole chest was caught in a vise and my chest was being constricted like this of the. Horn and. Then these pain starts coming across my pa back and I kind of sank to the floor and can George as a you Ok I said maybe this is I don't know I don't know what it is it maybe it'll just pass and so I was so I sank to the floor and I said maybe I'll just go lie down for a minute so I'm going to drag myself inside my room where there was a cot so I lay down on the cot and I was gasping for breath it felt like there was an elephant sitting on top of me. You know you you kind of think is this a heart attack I was going on here you don't quite think it in so calmly is that I can assure you. And I was lying on the bed gasping for breath I eventually cracked Jesus save me Jesus save me and the precious started to go and the pressure starts to go but I could still barely breathe. And so my mission he said Will let's take you to the hospital and so we got into the car he kind of lifted me into the car and we drove it was Mitch merely a 100 yards but for me that was a 100 miles we drove to the public hospital lab and he kind of carried me in and and it's a kind of hospital where even if you're death's door they say join the queue and I said this guy is dying good a doctor please see him and they said well join the queue so he said well we're not staying here so we drag me out to the car with jokes no longer spittle a private hospital which has no half a mile away and you dragged me in and he went to the 1st door that said Dr on it and he dragged me into the room there was somebody there having a consultation and he said to this lady you know that so she upped it as we say in England and he pumps me down from the doctor and he says this man is dying to treat him and. The doctor turned out to be a pediatrician. So. Anyway she looked to me and she says what's wrong like I can't. Breathe. And he wasn't very nice. And I felt kind of embarrassed you know to put in or out like this. And so. She said Let me take your heart so she put a stethoscope on my chest and she said Well your heart's absolutely fine she says absolutely nothing wrong with it she says why can't you breathe as I don't. She will lie down will take an e.k.g. so I lay down on the couch there and 2 nurses came into the e.k.g. and they took my shirts off I was lying there gasping for breath and then the 1st nurse's face appears overnight this and she says you from America. Yes she says would you take me to America. No she says I'm very nice. No she says you have a wife I said Yeah she said That's no problem no problem just take me to America I said just do the e.k.g. and she put the things on me and then another nurse came beside me and she put another does electrodes on my left arm and I heard this other voice saying she says I'm pretty she says take this American I said just to the e.k.g. and the e.k.g. turn absolutely fine so you'll be glad to know I came home single from the Philippines. While. By about late that night I could breathe properly again the pain was gone the the pressure on the chest was gone or came home to the states and spoke with my wife badges and she said well she says you've just turned 40 which is a polite way of saying you why not go have surely she said and if I check your health insurance policy your supposed to get an annual checkup and you know how do one so when you go along for your annual check up so I went to the fly on your checkup and I told. The person there and they said well let's do an e.k.g. and they said no your heart's fine and they said let's do a stress test and I said I've got a lot of stress and she says you get on the treadmill and we put some electrodes on you we check your heart rate and you lung capacity and she said you're absolutely normal in your heartbeat to 60 beats to a minute you're pretty healthy. So he said let's send you for a c.t. scan if I get it right I think it's a c.t. scan and so I went up to the hospital and. And then I had an e.c.g. scan and all the scans and every scan came back saying you're basically healthy there's nothing wrong with your hops and so. As I reflect on that experience out there in the Philippines Well when I come home to the States every test comes up blank there's up see nothing wrong with my heart I've been wondering what was going on out there because I was living in a part of the world out there even if only temporarily where the spirits are very very active spirits are real active and they are oppressive. In our western worlds we've been shaped over time by the Renesas aunts the reformation of the Enlightenment and the result is that our Western world view is basically a rationalistic in a scientific world view wishing that there is no reality but to be beyond the natural the material universe if something cannot be measured it does not exist and whether we like them not to this western world view the rational scientific world view it has directly impacted Western Christianity you don't have to read very far in modern theologians to realize that the stories of Jesus casting out demons in New Testament are viewed at best with a sneer and at worst with downright mockery there's a very famous theologian William Barclay Maybe you've read some of his commentaries on Romans and when William Parkway who is a well renowned theologian I have some of his books on my shelves at home when he writes about Jesus causing out demons he says that Jesus came not to cast out demons but to eliminate pain which is kind of softens the message from the gospels Jesus came to eliminate or to defeat pain and by implication Jesus himself was a victim of primitive superstition and many people in the West today assume that stories of demons are simply nothing more than primitive superstition. But if you believe in demons and demonic attacks that there's something wrong with your head that So you are to be pitied and yet the irony is that while when whilst many Western Christians are moving away from the understanding of the reality of Satan and his fallen angels I Western world is drowning in the occult. If you go to Barnes and Noble today and you look for the Bible section it's only know so large but you look for the spirituality section or the occult section and it outnumbers greatly in terms of numbers of books the Christian books and bonds and Noble you don't know how it's look very much modern t.v. cable t.v. or movies from Hollywood to realize the idea of superheroes and people with special powers and people traveling across time is prevalent in what Hollywood pumps out and our children are being raised in an environment in which they we they may they may be taught by the world around us to mock the idea of God and His angels and Satan and his angels but they are being raised in an environment where a cultic themes and imagery are all around them so the Western skeptics may mock the Christian portrayal of Satan and his demons but the reality is the Western world is and is kind of hooked on Satan and his and his fallen angels. So this morning we're going to 1st look at what we read in Scripture then we're going to look at what we can proclaim from Scripture and then were guns look at what we will practice from scripture in response to the reality of demons so the 1st thing we read in Scripture is that it is a fatal misconception to assume that God's people are immune from the attacks of Satan that scriptural message is loud and clear if you are in the kingdom of God You are a special subject of Satan's attacks. We may look in the Bible at some famous examples most famous of which was Job Now job was directly house by Satan would you agree with me read Joe chapter one where God gives permission for Satan to personally attack job and Satan is permitted to attack job his children all die his wife turns on him his reputation is shattered his his cattle his sheep his goat says camels are stolen and finally Satan is given permission by God to attack a job within his physical body and want to arm a modern physician and my mate might look at job and said Gee you just have boils all over you the reality is that yes there is a physical manifestation of boils but there is a satanic cause for those boils in the same way that when when the disciples puts a boy to Jesus suffering from epilepsy Jesus recognized that beyond the physical symptoms of epilepsy there was a satanic cause for that epilepsy Satan was given permission to how us Joe would know stage to be read that Satan possessed job but we do realize that Satan was allowed to to to a house job the turning point in the attacks on Joe by Satan came and we see this light on the screen here I mean job 42 in verse 10 the turning point for job. Was when it says then Job $42.00 tend to look restored the fortunes of job when he had prayed for his friends prior to that it's the only prayers we read of Joe by his prize for his children in chapter one but when Job starts opening up his spiritual concerns to praying for other people who are not related to him that's the moment which gods live his job from satanic oppression or Harrison's. When Joe was stopped focusing on his own difficulties started to intercede for his friends and was primarily concerned for the spiritual well being of others rather than his own spiritual well being at that moment God to live a job from satanic harassment. That kind of harassment is not unknown among Christians today. In 96 I went to Azerbaijan to a region called in the kitchen Thomas Republic which is flows easily off the tongue not given as we used to call it and there were 2 western Adventists there myself and a guy who now lives in Tennessee it was a region of about 3 quarters a 1000000 people x. communists all Shia Muslims and I went and stayed with him on my 1st night in a small Soviet apartment block and the next morning I couldn't get out of bed you may have never experienced this yourself but he'd had the same experience on his 1st morning as I as I woke up the next morning it felt there was a ton of bricks just holding me on not that I couldn't see that ton of bricks but it was real and I lay there on that bed I couldn't move my arms I couldn't move my legs I knew I wasn't paralyzed there was a 1st holding me down on that bet. And it seems to me at the time that maybe Satan doesn't want us to be here it was only through crying out to Jesus Christ that I was able to get up from the bad and a year later there was a church for the 1st time ever in that region of a 100 x. Muslims you say praise God for lots Satan knew what was going to happen and he was doing his utmost to stop the kingdom of God from going forward the next pass the next person look at in the Scripture his house by Satan was the pastoral poem self but I didn't mention this much last week as I was talking of the conversion of so. But perhaps a great is a possible to have a lived we read in the scriptures that he enjoyed constant demonic harassment during his Apostolate ministry and say Where do you get that from or the next slide on the screen it tells a 2nd Clinton's 12 in verse 7 Pearl says he talks about in 2nd Clinton's 12 and 2nd Corinthians 11 talks about the physical reality of being an Apostle that he was shipwrecked and stoned Beetson and danger from friends and danger from enemies alike supposed talks about the horizontal dimension which he can see in the life but the 2nd thing 12 talks about the spiritual dimension of being an apostle and it talks about the fact I know of one whose quotes are prince of the 3rd heavens we say what is he talking about there will the Jews believed in 7 haven't the God who else in the 7th Have they had a form of mysticism called mark of a mysticism or cover is a chariot like a light you went to heaven on a chariot and that was 7 gates in the 7 heavens and you had a scroll with 7 seals and to get through each of the gates to the next level of heaven it's a break one of those scrolls we find a scroll with 7 seals don't we revelation but this time it's not us trying to reach God this time is God reaching down to us with the 7 it's the 7th seal breaking open to reveal the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ but in 2nd Clinton's 12th Paul discusses the vertical dimension of his life as an apostle his revelations from God but He also discusses the negative spiritual. Being an apostle says even considering the exceptional character of Revelations therefore to keep me from being too elated a thorn was given me in the flesh a Watt a messenger of Satan to torment me to keep me from being too elated and that word messenger is actually the word angle loss from where we wish we normally translators angel so God allowed sakes and the the every it's interpretation of this text we're trying to spiritualize it but the obvious and literal interpretation of this text is that God allowed overt demonic harassment on the Apostle Paul throughout his apple stall at ministry. Why would God allow this because at the end of that sentence it says God allowed us to keep me from being too elated. The guy with the high Ivy League education the brilliant mind socially well connected God gave him allowed Satan to harass Paul in order that Paul might remember his daily dependence upon God. That his Christian life is Christian experience grace from God well came from God and the Pope could not minister in his own strength but he could only minister in the strength of God the next person we find in the scriptures we read in the scripture is the Apostle Peter and in the famous dialogue of Matthew 16 Jesus told His disciples about his impending death in Jerusalem and Peter took Jesus to one side and read in Matthew 1622 we read that pizza began tribute Jesus saying God forbid it Lord this must never happen to you and then responds Jesus recognized that it was not Peter speaking here but it was Satan and so the next slide on the screen we read what Jesus said to 2 Peter Jesus said to Peter get me I me Satan you are a stumbling block for me for you are setting your mind not some divine things but on human things there is no record that Peter was ever possessed by Satan but he allowed Satan to influence his thoughts and his words if only temporarily and in this instance when pizza rebuked Jesus and said No you're not going to Jerusalem to die Peter was saying the same thing to Jesus Satan did in the 3rd wilderness temptation where Satan said to Jesus you can have a look lorries and kingdoms of this world without the necessity of Calvary if you bow down and worship me when Peter said to Jesus you don't need to go to Calvary it was the same temptation to Jesus and so Satan Peter was even if unwittingly he was speaking the words of Satan and when we directly contradict or notify direct teaching of Jesus Christ we are also lying Satan's take temporary control of our minds not words and we need to be serious about what we say to people. We need to ask ourselves when somebody asks us for counsel or advice. On my going to directly contradict the teachings of Jesus am I going to kind of finesse them so that somebody's got an out and out clause from what Jesus really said when I shared the gospel with somebody and my sharing the gospel light or my sharing the full gospel with them the other person we find in scripture read in Scripture who was possessed by I say who was actually Judas himself and John records in 6 John 67 See the fact that Judas was in fact possessed of a demon who he didn't the next slide on the screen from John chapter 6 in verse 17 after Jesus has spoken about himself as the bread of life and and so forth most of the followers of Jesus leave Jesus and Jesus tuns the 12 aside are you going to leave me as well and the 12 say No we're staying with you but Judas has a problem Jesus answered them did I not choose you the 12 yet one of you is the devil the word there is a loss devil diabolical is an adjective we get from that the word means devil or slander there is no record of Jesus Christ evident even Judas from demonic possession Jesus healed everybody who came to him seeking relief from demonic possession or house mint but Judas never came to Jesus and asked for deliverance in fact in the upper room just before Judas went out and betray Jesus and shortly thereafter he hanged himself we read there in John 1327 that off the judge Judas had received the bread Sates and entered into him and so one of the 12 was demon possessed and Jesus never delivered him he's live it everybody else who came to him for healing but Judas never asked Jesus Christ for healing the 12 so he did not suspect it you might say that Judas was the equivalent today of a highly respected nomination treasurer. Actually possessed of a demon possessed of Satan according to John 12 and nobody suspected it the lesson of the life of Judas is that unless somebody turns to Jesus Christ for deliverance there will be no deliverance and people around may not suspect that someone is suffering from demonic harassment or possession only Jesus can see that but if we do not turn to Jesus for deliverance we will not experience that Deliverance So this is what we read in Scripture about certain characters in the Bible who are how rust by Satan job is a good example Paul is a good example Peter is a good example of someone who gives tempi control of his mind and thoughts to Satan when he starts expressing thoughts that are opposite to what Jesus has just been teaching and Judas is a good example of someone who professes to be in the kingdom of God but was actually possessed by Satan so what then do we proclaim from scripture. Well the scriptures teach that behind the scenes of earthly affair as the invisible supernatural forces for good and evil engage in a cosmic welfare for the allegiance and ultimately control of every human being and 6 verse 12 now scripture reading the Scriptures teach the existence of a literal personal devil one square Lucifer eyes I forked $1412.00 and now named Satan the accuser of the brethren who was once the highest ranked a most beautiful angel in heaven is equal $2815.00 the scriptures teach that Satan explains to morrow Phil and took a 3rd of our lowly angels with him into rebellion against God Revelation $124.00 and that's at the conclusion of that 1st were in heaven sakes and his angels was literally and physically ject it from heaven eventually coming down to planet Earth relation 127 through 9 the scriptures teach that Satan and his fallen angels who call from this point on demons continue to this day in 2015 in waging ruthless war against the kingdom of God and oh it is good and worthwhile in the universe relation 1213 through 17 and the scriptures also teach in the Book of Revelation Chapter 16 that during Earth's final days that is today Satan will send for 3 demonic spirits who will deluded control the overwhelming majority of the powers and inhabitants of our world to fight against God Almighty in the battle of Armageddon and they will persecute God's faithful people the scriptures reveal that at the end of time that there will be an upsurge of demonic activity worldwide and we deluding ourselves if we don't think that is true the scriptures teach that Satan will bring about an overwhelming delusion again of time to deceive if possible even the very elect of God and those who do not love the truth and notice the 2nd Clinton's true verses $9.10 he doesn't say that the deception will come upon those who will not come upon those who do not know the truth per says the deception will come upon those who do not love the truth there's a difference. Those who love the truth as opposed to those who merely know the truth the Scriptures teach the 1st names will tempt full inhumanity they make attractive to us sins of commission 1st John 3 for sins of omission James $417.00 and that they turn to and torment fallen humans the scriptures teach that the 1st is of evil that way down humanity are so powerful that we in our own own unaided humanity are powerless to withstand those forces of evil we cannot fight against the forces of evil on our own yet the Scriptures teach in the 1st Christmas story the arrival of the Kingdom of God sets but direct confrontation between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan and John chapter one verse 5 says that the light is shining in the darkness in the darkness did not overwhelm it or did not overcome it and I love that verse because John uses the present tense is the light is shining that means the light continues to shine today the light of Jesus Christ continues to shine today in the person of His saints you and I here this morning and the darkness could not overcome it the one we are secure in Jesus' sake may attack the gates of hell made attack but they cannot prevail the scriptures teach that 1st John 3 Verse 8 the reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil's work now I was buying a suit on Monday night with a couple friends from here and we went down to South Bend and and knows a guy there who was serving and he said what to do on the preacher and what you do on a preacher and what you do on a preacher there are 3 preachers you find suits and so I am a lay preacher he said I want to test your knowledge of Scripture he said what does jump $316.00 say so. That's a pretty easy task isn't it and says Ok I'm going to test your knowledge scripts you want to jump 317 say so last pretty easy as well so we quoted it for him that God did not send a science world to condemn the world but that through Him The world might be saved the car now I know your preachers so we got a pretty good deal from that guy his real Buddha lawsuits together and we tend to think of Jesus coming into the world to save us that is true but John also says and 1st John the reason Son of God came was to destroy the works of Satan. It wasn't just to save us from sin it was to destroy the works of Satan and in his 1st summit Nazareth Jesus declared that he had come and I quote now to pro-create proclaim release to the captives that is to deliver the victims of satanic harassment and possession now the scriptures teach that while and I'm quoting Feagin $612.00 here our struggle is not against enemies in flesh and blood but against the rulers Remember that would rule us against the authorities against the cosmic powers of this present darkness the gates the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms those rulers when he compared them with Romans chapter rates you realize that post talking about phone angels when Pearl goes on a Roman structure 80 says from convinced that neither death or life will angels as a good angels will rule lose those a fur an angels no things presents no things to come no powers No Height no depth no anything else no creation will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord this is wonderful news brothers and sisters the demons cannot separate us from the love of God They may try they may try to discourage they may try to depress they may try to divert they may try to deny our faith but according to the Apostle the demons can never actually separate us from the love of God the scriptures teach that Jesus Christ has never lost an encounter with Satan period than the heavenly were before the creation of this world when Jesus that the armies of having the gates Satan leading the the at the armies of the rebellion Satan lost that war and he was cast out of heaven when Jesus met Satan in the wilderness after 40 days of fasting and prayer once again Satan was defeated and he was driven from the presence of Jesus that thereafter Jesus went around in Galilee and Judea delivering the captives of Satan and setting them free why could he do that he said that you cannot central strong man's house and plunder his goods less 1st you to bound up the strong man. And in the wilderness the showdown in the wilderness Jesus of bound up Satan was now liberty to deliver the captives of demons and the Bible also teaches in the final conflict between good and evil. Christ will once again triumph over Satan and Satan will not many because from the presence of God or driven from the presence of Jesus but Satan will be one of the 1st to be cast into the lake of fire Revelation 20 verse 10 the scriptures teach us today the good news that Jesus Christ is the savior of mankind Philippians 320 for us citizenship is in heaven above from where we are expecting a savior the Lord Jesus Christ that He is our savior his not just a teacher he is not just a healer Yes you may believe that Jesus was the one the most gifted teachers of human history and many people believe that Jesus was a great teacher if you ask a Buddhist I would say that he was a great teacher and he's an ascended master People have all kinds of ideas of who Jesus was today but the Bible teaches us that beyond being a teacher and a healer he is our savior and it is precisely because the evil we experience today has a satanic origin that we cannot overcome that satanic evil by simply having better Christian education more complete parenting skills carefully nuanced g.c. resolutions or more efficient local church programs these have no impact on the reality of evil in our lives our greatest enemy of the human race is not ignorance and I greatest need is not education our greatest enemy is humans is not poverty and I greatest need is not economic development our greatest enemy is humanity is not social division and I greatest need is not social reconciliation our greatest enemy as human beings is not disease and I greatest need is not the Affordable Care Act. Our greatest enemy as human beings is not pro-government and I greatest need is not a revolution our greatest enemy is not Bodum and I greatest need is not entertainment our greatest enemy is not have an i Phone 6 and I greatest need is for i Phones 7 rather the scriptures teach that greatest enemy is evil a personal malevolent being called Satan and his fallen angels and I greatest need is a personal savior called Jesus Christ that is our greatest need and that savior in Scripture is the man from Nazareth the scriptures teach that Jesus Christ called Hebrews 13 a verse state is the same yesterday today and forever the scriptures teach that Jesus Christ has been given 40 in Heaven on Earth and therefore according to Hebrew 725 Jesus is able full time to save those who approach God through him because he always lives to make into session for them somebody should say a man we have a Savior who is able to say for time those who come to God through him regardless of what sake has been doing in our lives we have a savior and his name is Jesus Christ so well then how can we practice these truths from scripture Well firstly we are to pray daily for deliverance from Satan now. You probably learned the Lord's Prayer when you were very young and as I go around the world some people have different versions of Lord's Prayer some people say and live are us from our debtors I learnt. And forgive us our debts as as we forgive our debtors we learn single and. How does it go and forgive those that trespass against us as we forgive those who trespass against us and there are different cultures have got different ways of expressing the Lord's Prayer but there is one sentence that never changes in any culture as this sentence and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. I've never come across any variation about one line from the Lord's Prayer Jesus taught us to pray Lead Us Not Into Temptation and live for us from evil Now a few lines before that Jesus said give us this day our daily bread by implication this is a daily prayer for Christians and Jesus taught Christians that we are to pray on a daily daily basis that God might indeed Deliver Us From Evil and that's what the King James says Now I'm a literal translation of Deliver Us From Evil It goes like this deliver us from the evil one Jesus does not command us to pray for deliverance from evil as an abstract concept you know to live me from the evil of my bus being late this morning to live me from the evil of sleet falling from the sky as I'm rushing to work Jesus to not tell us our commanders to to pray for for difference from the general evils of living in a fallen world Jesus says quite literally and deliver us from the evil one that's a literal translation of what Jesus says Jesus commands us today that we pray on a daily basis that God might deliver us from the daily attacks of Satan on our lives on our persons we are to pray that prayer daily God deliver me from the attacks of Satan Revelation 12 and 1st Peter 5 indicate clearly the identity of the attacker of Jesus' disciples Revelation 12 I don't have this text for you but the famous verse where the apostle John reveals that density of that attacker So here's the great dragon who was thrown down the ancient serpent who was called The Devil and Satan the deceiver of the whole worlds he was thrown down to the earth and his angels were thrown down with him. We are to pray daily for deliverance from Satan's attacks and there is implicit within that command to pray a promise isn't there why would Jesus commanded us to pray for deliverance from satanic attacks if God is not in a position to respond positively when we pray to God deliver us from the attacks of Satan we pray to the only one who can deliver us from the attacks of Satan and the only one who will deliver us from the attacks of Satan implicit within that prayer is a promise from God that when we turn to God in humble prayer God will hear those press the 2nd thing we have to do is we have to stand firm in the armor of God and the New Testament we find that crisis already defeated Satan and efficient 1923 that every conversion even today demonstrates that Christ has supremos for Satan we find that the existence of the church today is proof positive that Satan's power of this earth has been broken member the time of Noah how many righteous people existed on planet Earth. One Noah alone was righteous and today there are millions of people around the world who claim Jesus Christ as Lord maybe over a 1000000000 people today claim Jesus Christ as Lord the existence of the Body of Christ today is proof positive that Satan's power has been broken although he is a defeated foe Satan is still dangerous and we are to resist and not attack no where in the scriptures are we commanded to attack Satan and his demons but we are commanded to stand firm and when Satan attacks us we are we're told this is how you respond to Satan's attacks of the next slide on the screen shows us a feature in 6 in verse 11 in Perl right faces put on the whole armor of God so that you may be able to stand to Gates the wiles of the devil you see the verb better stand the next light on the screen is a fusion 613 he says there take up the whole armor of God so that you may be able to withstand on that evil day and having done everything to stand firm on the next slide Feagin 614 starting with the command stand there form and fasten the belts of truth round your waist and put on the breastplate of righteousness 3 times the Apostle Paul commands us to stands now imagine you're in the infantry in the time of poll and if you are being commanded by your commanding officer to stand with a shield in front of you is that an offensive posture or is it a defensive posture. It's a defensive posture we ought to stand when we're tapped by Satan but we're not to go out there looking for demons to cast out nowhere in Scripture are we commanded to go on prayer works to name and claim a city or a district for God and to pray that all the demons be cost out nowhere does that command appear in scripture but we are commanded in this battle against spiritual principle is to put on the armor of faith now the shield of faith and the armor of God have the shield of faith and to stand firm we're not sure on the way God gives us a breastplate he gives us no covering for our backs if we run from the attacks where we're vulnerable to Satan's attacks we are commanded to stand with our face to the photo confident that Jesus will indeed give us the victory in how do we put this into practice in our lives while in Acts 19 the next lie upon the screen when Pearl was an effortless which was a center of a cultic activity just as much of America is today the center of a cultic activity we read there in Acts 19 verse 17 through 20 when this became known to all the residents of aphasic us that is the sons of ski Va trying to cast out demons and the demons attacking the 7 sons of Stephen beating them up when this became known to all the residents of f.s.s. both Jews and creaks everyone was all struck a name of the Lord Jesus was praised also many of those who became believers confessed and disclosed their practices a number of those who practiced magic collected their books and burnt them publicly when the value of these books was calculated it was found to come to 50000 silver coins so the words of the little grew mightily and prevailed. The still truth about this story here is that we can cooperate with God in getting rid of Satanic influence in our lives imagine your life is a city and town hall and the hospital and the central plaza are clear of crime but crime takes place in the side alleys in the back roads away from the glare of the public eye and in all of our lives we have those areas that are on public display the seem to be clean and pure and under the rule ship of the Kingdom of God but in each of our lives we have those back alleys and side alleys where we have yet to surrender sovereignty to God and it is in precisely those areas that we are opening ourselves up for the attacks of Satan now those side alleys they may be attitudes of bitterness or hate toward somebody it may be unresolved differences with people from the past it may be actively watching stuff on the Internet or playing violent games it may be being abusive to your children or your spouse it may be using addictive substances engaging in pornographic or pride or spiritual selves fish and sea gossip and slander then many many areas there are many many back alleys that may exist in our lives and the Church of f.s.s. gave us an example of what we do when we want to clean up our lives we get rid of those things in our lives we go home today from church and we ask ourselves the question is there an attitude of my heart is there word of my tongue is there a deed of my hands is there something passing my eyes that I cannot give to God as a living sacrifice what parts of my life today can I not give as a living sacrifice to a holy God and probably we all have a few things in those nooks and crannies of our lives the Church of after says the people that they burnt the things that came between them and a holy God and I suggest you go home and burn something. Prime suggesting that we go home to our homes today and we had to maybe a self inventory and ask ourselves where are those notes and crannies of my life where I harbor attitudes an engaged in activities that do not bring honor and glory to God Those things need to be put away otherwise those are open invitations for Satan to enjoy our lives let me give an example I was once ministering was a gentleman in my church who was. He'd struggled with weight his entire life he was almost crippled and in desperation he books himself some C.D.'s and the idea behind behind the C.D.'s was you fell asleep and you played the C.D.'s yourself as kind of a form of self-hypnosis Now these messages being implanted into his brain and I didn't know about this at the time and so he could see stopped being able to sleep and he'd wake up in the middle of the night cursing Jesus and he'd come to church and the middle of a church show is he would because seeing Jesus from top of his voice what's going on with this guy and so I'm with a group of elders restarts and fasting and praying we went to visit with him and we said to him Brother Soandso what's going on in your life tell us what have you been doing recently he said well you know I've been doing this I've been doing not we looked around the house he travelled around the world there were various occult symbols disguised as tourist gifts sitting around the house or said Well brother you probably want to get rid of those from the house physically so I can't as well why not will I can't what will I not to I physically can't get rid of them will just walk to the mantel piece and put it in the trash will take it outside it took maybe 3 or 4 hours for him to muster up the courage to take those things off the mantel piece and put them in the trash he said and what have you been watching or listening to what you've been putting into your mind. And I said Ok these are the cassettes I've been listening to and my cursing of Jesus Christ occurred soon after I started listening to these in my sleep these health self-hypnosis cassettes and he said well in that case you need to get rid of these things well I can't why not I need them no you don't need them you you have to get rid of them he said well you get rid of them now he said you have to get rid of them you have to reach across your bed and pick those up and put them in the trash until you do that you will never be free of this demonic harassment we spent 2 days with that gentleman before he could physically put his hands out and take those D.V.D.'s and put them in the trash he was delivered from that point on from from these waking up in middle light cursing Jesus coming to church and cursing Jesus but it took 2 days of fasting and prayer and I can tell you the atmosphere in the house when they say it was heavy it was heavy it was a heavy atmosphere and once the stuff was cleared out of the house the atmosphere changed instantaneously he was a brother in the church a church officer who had unwittingly allowed Satan to enter his home in the guise of doing good in his attempt to control his weight but Satan attacked even under the guise of doing good Thirdly we have to turn to God in prayer and fasting when under satanic attack the next slide on the screen Matthew 17 verses 14 through 21 and describes the occasion with Jesus just being transfigured on the Mount of Transfiguration and the and he comes down to the valley and the 9 disciples of down where they've been fighting among themselves over who was the greatest They were jealous of the 3 that went with Jesus to the mountain and they've been separated from Jesus characteristics of many disciples today and my father brought his child to them presenting his epilepsy. But Jesus recognized that beyond the epilepsy there was a satanic cause that epilepsy wasn't a physical cause so as in Jesus repeats the devil and he departed outs of him but is the child and the child was cured from that very hour then came the disciples to Jesus apart and they said Why could we not cost him out and Jesus said unto them Because of your unbelief for value I say unto you if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed usual Saints this mountain remove heads to yonder place and it shall remove and nothing shall be impossible into you how be it this kind as in this kind of spirit go without go if not out except by prayer and fasting Jesus counsel the disciples that when you are faced with a demonic attack you are not to try and dialogue with the demon you not to try and dialogue with demons know his name some people would suggest today you are not to try and identify from the demon his geographical territory that he controls or the person that he controls or the spirit that he controls you know people today will say that Jesus says when you're faced with the presence of a demon you do not dialogue with the demons but you turn to God in prayer and fasting that is a Christian response because on our own we cannot fight those demons the sons of Steve are let not to their own they were beaten up by that demon in f.s.s. we turn to God with prayer and fasting we find that when Jesus was about to confront Satan the wilderness What did he do for 40 days he prayed to the fasted when Daniel was struggling in Daniel 10 because the 70 years were up. And the new king of Persia Cyrus had yet to send the Jews back home again even though the prophecy of Jeremiah 2925 being fulfilled what was Daniel doing for 21 days he was praying and he was fasting and Jesus appears to Daniel reveals that behind the scenes while you were praying and fasting there's been a struggle going on against the Prince of Persia and the princes of Greece those demonic spirits with control over those regions we find that when Esther when God's people are under attack in the story of Esther even though the Book of Esther is the only Bible in the book by book in the Bible where the word God is not mentioned clearly this was a satanic attack why because of Haman it had succeeded in Limon ating the Jewish race then the Messiah could not have come because the Messiah was going to be the family of Abraham and of David So this was a satanic attack and how did s. to call the people to respond 3 days of prayer and fasting when Samuel met with the people of Israel made suffer defeat and the Ark of the Covenant to be taken by the Philistines remember that story when the ark of actually came back to Israel the people of Israel came scared and said what happened and Simon said this happened because you worship the astronauts of the Molex in the bails you worship the gods of this land and my version the Bible calls those gods I'm goat demons some versions of the tribe Bible literally call those false gods goats demons if you have seen a picture of of Satan like um a man with a goat's hind legs the Bible actually says in 3 places it calls these false gods goat demons they are living demons who the Israelites were worshipping and Simon says to the people Israel you've been worshipping these demons masquerading as our strength spells and m o x now to free yourself from demonic oppression we're going to have a corporate day of prayer and fasting as we look through. In the Bible John the Baptist before he engaged in mission before he came across the Jordan to preach he was on apostle Fost of wild locusts and honey. So we find throughout the Scriptures that whenever God's people are engaged in encounters with Satan prayer and fasting of the means that God has ordained by which his he will be glorified and His perfect will will be done that's what he's saying conclusion this morning the biblical worldview is that there has been a fall and the human race is broken and wounded the biblical world view is that the evil in our world is bigger than we are it is basically of supernatural origin and Satan is behind or evil and our struggle today is not against human 1st as of evil but it is against spiritual principles and powers and it is precisely because of the enormity of this vast evil that we need a personal savior to save us the Bible tells us in the fullness of time God so loved the world that He sent His Son Jesus Christ the one who was anointed with the Holy Spirit on God's power to free us from the dominion of Satan Acts 1038 says this God anointed Jesus of Nazareth the Holy Spirit and with power he went about doing good and healing we were oppressed by the by the devil for God was with him later after Jesus ascended to heaven the entire community disciples was filled with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and that's filled with heavenly power the only church in Gage in 3 basic activities they proclaim the gospel they healed the sick and they delivered Satan's captives and today we want to proclaim the gospel maybe heal the sick but we've forgotten all about living Satan's captives but that is what the early church did Jesus was very clear on why he came to earth Luke for verse 18 he said he that is God has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind to release the oppressed and to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor Jesus did not come easily to teach life style or ethics he came to deliver us from Satan and so Jesus commanded us each day to pray and deliver us from the evil one. And the fact is the fact we can pray this prayer with the promise that God will and leads to live us from Satan is good news indeed it's wonderful news because satanic oppression leads nowhere except death. Just recently as you know I was an herbal northern Iraq. And I lay down the 1st night. In the hotel was empty so myself an American friend from Lincoln college and we lay down then the streets were empty and Isis was just down the road and he said to me said what happens of ISIS comes to town so well I guess I'll come to town I was trying to get to sleep at this stage I said well they'll come to town I guess he says and what happens if they come to the hotel I so when they come to the hotel they'll probably put a pistol for sepsis desk and say where you Westerners and he'll say because you want to save his life there in this room here there's the key they'll come upstairs and they'll kidnap us and I will probably appear on c.n.n. not for reasons that you want to be here on c.n.n. he says What are you going to do about it should remove hotels or says no we're not going to move any hotels tonight we're going to ask God to send his angels to protect us then we turn over we're going to go to sleep and so we prayed. And we claim the promise of some 3478 that the angel Lord what you've done about them fear Him and live with them the next verses beautiful taste and see that the Lord is good happy are those who take refuge in him when you taste the protection of God and His deliverance from the forces of evil you can indeed sleep easily at night. That is what we did that night or Bill my preference of us is those we turn these matters over to God and clean our lives up and turn to God with fasting and prayer that we will indeed taste and see that the Lord is good that it is a blessed thing to take refuge in him that we may be able to sleep easily not beds at night Deliver Us From Evil says Jesus and that is my prayer free choice of us today May God bless us as we live lives in the kingdom lives that are on the satanic attack that lives that of the promise of having the practice action may God bless us in this coming week Amen. 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